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  The 556C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes the use of the recommended footprint on a glass epoxy printed circuit board to achieve a power dissipation of 225 milliwatts. There are other alternatives to achieving higher power dissipation from the SOTC23 package. Another alternative would be to use a ceramic substrate or an aluminum core board such as Thermal Clad™. Using a board material such as Thermal Clad, an aluminum core board, the power dissipation can be doubled using the same footprint.
BRIDGE input. This input is used to set the Bridge_Aware bits located in the Vendor-Dependent register Page 7, base address 1001b, bit positions 6 and 7. This pin is sampled during a hardware reset (RESET low). When the BRIDGE pin is tied low (or through a 1 kΩ resistor to accommodate other vendors pin-compatible chips), the Bridge_Aware bits are set to 00 indicating a non-bridge device. When the BRIDGE pin is tied high, the Bridge_Aware bits are set to 11 indicating a 1394.1 bridge compliant device. The default setting of the Bridge_Aware bits can be overridden by writing to the register. The Bridge_Aware bits are reported in the self-ID packet at bit positions 18 and 19.
  The D8224/5903 are 3.3V high-speed 9,437,184-bit (9 Megabit) synchronous SRAMs organized as 256K x 36 / 512K x 18. They are designed to eliminate dead bus cycles when turning the bus around between reads and writes, or writes and reads. Thus they have been given the name ZBTTM, or Zero Bus Turnaround.   Address and control signals are applied to the SRAM during one clock
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
D820   D820 D820 PDF Download CHMC DIP-8 92+ • Untinted non diffused lens • Util
D8202   D8202 D8202 PDF Download INTEL CDIP If, after the ISL6118 has latched off, and the fa
D82021GC   D82021GC D82021GC PDF Download The intended application of these devices, and t
D8202-6   D8202-6 D8202-6 PDF Download Architectural Flexibility - Enhanced architectur
D8202A   D8202A D8202A PDF Download INTEL DIP 07+   TOSHIBA continually is working to improve
D8202A-1   D8202A-1 D8202A-1 PDF Download INTEL DIP These two blocks accept inputs from the referenc
D8202A-3   D8202A-3 D8202A-3 PDF Download INTEL DIP SA/SB/SC Directly connected to the motor, these
D8203   D8203 D8203 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ If after 480 µs of low time the I/O line
D82031   D82031 D82031 PDF Download INT 36 Application information  Applications tha
D8203-1   D8203-1 D8203-1 PDF Download INTEL DIP 05+   Please be aware that an important notice
D8203-15   D8203-15 D8203-15 PDF Download 93 The contents of the offset registers can be read
D8203-2   D8203-2 D8203-2 PDF Download INTEL N/A DMA REQUEST: The DMA Request (DREQ) lines are in
D8203-3   D8203-3 D8203-3 PDF Download 81 This device combines four popular functions, Pow
D8203L   D8203L D8203L PDF Download Lead Pull: 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) for one minut
D82043C   D82043C D82043C PDF Download The receiver section performs the serial-to-para
D8205   D8205 D8205 PDF Download INT CDIP16 7749   All minimum and maximum specifications ar
D82050   D82050 D82050 PDF Download INTEL N/A Internal fixed off-time, PWM current-contr
D82052N7001   D82052N7001 D82052N7001 PDF Download   The SMA series is designed to protect volt
D82062-05   D82062-05 D82062-05 PDF Download INTEL DIP 00+
D8207   D8207 D8207 PDF Download CHMC ZIP 05+ Note 6: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
D8208   D8208 D8208 PDF Download Couples AC and DC signals 0.01 % Servo Lineari
D821   D821 D821 PDF Download The Power Trends PT6670 ISRs are a series of con
D8212   D8212 D8212 PDF Download NEC DIP DIP The MAX4785CMAX4788 family of switches feature in
D82123Q2001   D82123Q2001 D82123Q2001 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The activation energy of the failure mechanism is
D8212-B   D8212-B D8212-B PDF Download AMD DIP Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
D8214   D8214 D8214 PDF Download INTEL DIP
D82155N7502   D82155N7502 D82155N7502 PDF Download BGA平钢 The primary function of the ENDEC unit (Figure 1
D82157N7002/VRC507421   D82157N7002/VRC507421 D82157N7002/VRC507421 PDF Download Built-in overvoltage protection prevents the outp
D8217A   D8217A D8217A PDF Download INTEL DIP-28P 07+/08+ Use crystal or cera-lock filter manufacturers re
D8218   D8218 D8218 PDF Download INSTEL 96 This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
D82188   D82188 D82188 PDF Download INTEL DIP Note A: All Characteristic data in the above gra
D8219   D8219 D8219 PDF Download INTEL DIP
D821K20Z5PH52L2   D821K20Z5PH52L2 D821K20Z5PH52L2 PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
D821K31Z5FNAAEM   D821K31Z5FNAAEM D821K31Z5FNAAEM PDF Download I/O2 bit toggling. Please see status bit table f
D82222-002   D82222-002 D82222-002 PDF Download NEC BGA N/A The SDA pin is bidirectional for serial data tra
D8223   D8223 D8223 PDF Download INTERSIL DIP淘 07+ Each DS1249 device is shipped from Dallas Semico
D8224   D8224 D8224 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP
D8224B   D8224B D8224B PDF Download AMD DIP N/A The ARF Series EMI filter has been designed to p
D8224L   D8224L D8224L PDF Download INSTEL 93   The values for the equation are found in
D82250N7   D82250N7 D82250N7 PDF Download 2000 The D82250N7 and D82250N7 are synchronous SRAM de
D8226   D8226 D8226 PDF Download INTEL DIP 05+ As shown in the block diagram, the TV-SAM compri
D8227   D8227 D8227 PDF Download CHMC DIP16 NOTES 1Full Scale Range (FSR) is 3V. 2Guarante
D8227P   D8227P D8227P PDF Download CHMC 92+ Oscillators VCO Crystal oscillator PLL FM sig
D8228   D8228 D8228 PDF Download INTEL DIP DIP • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
D8228-12   D8228-12 D8228-12 PDF Download The Am79C988A Quad Integrated Ethernet Transceiv
D82284   D82284 D82284 PDF Download AMD DIP 05+ This is an OPEN-TYPE built-in DVP04AD-H, and the
D82284-10   D82284-10 D82284-10 PDF Download 82 Multi-function Input Zero (0): If MODE = L (m6
D82284-12   D82284-12 D82284-12 PDF Download INTEL N/A The SONIC (Figure 1-1 ) consists of an encoder de
D822846   D822846 D822846 PDF Download   The on-chip 500pF supply decoupling capaci
D82284-6   D82284-6 D82284-6 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ Synchronous Operation. 2 Stage Pipelined operati
D82284-6-8   D82284-6-8 D82284-6-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP18 00+ The D82284-6-8D employs a hysteresis of 25% of t
D822848   D822848 D822848 PDF Download int int dc96 The Philips 28L198 Octal UART is a single chip C
D82284-8   D82284-8 D82284-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ put, although this does improve transient respon
D82284AD   D82284AD D82284AD PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ 3. Power consumption figures assume device is dr
D82286-10   D82286-10 D82286-10 PDF Download The device powers on in the read mode. Command
D8228-75   D8228-75 D8228-75 PDF Download The D8228-75 provides a full range of protection
D82288   D82288 D82288 PDF Download INTEL DIP 05+ Features include soft-start, input undervoltage
D82288.   D82288. D82288. PDF Download ITH (Pin 3): Error Amplifier Compensation Point.
D8228810   D8228810 D8228810 PDF Download VCC2 is the positive supply voltage pin for the t
D82288-10   D82288-10 D82288-10 PDF Download 98 • I2C-bus standard and fast mode compatible
D8228812   D8228812 D8228812 PDF Download WR 17 WRITE-a low-to-high transition   on t
D82288-12   D82288-12 D82288-12 PDF Download 87 * Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maxim
D82288-18   D82288-18 D82288-18 PDF Download B4-pin serial interface BKey scanning (6 4 mat
D822886   D822886 D822886 PDF Download 4. Design your application so that the product i
D82288-6   D82288-6 D82288-6 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ When using the board as a stand alone unit or wi
D822888   D822888 D822888 PDF Download This series includes Auto-Track™. Auto-Tra
D82288-8   D82288-8 D82288-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP DIP Current path for the external reference resistor
D82288A-10   D82288A-10 D82288A-10 PDF Download INTEL DIP 01+ 1. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
D82288A-8   D82288A-8 D82288A-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP 01+   3.5 Marking. The part shall be marked wit
D82289   D82289 D82289 PDF Download INT supported. Software-configurable for Internet e
D82289-8   D82289-8 D82289-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP In FM mode the FM mixer, the FM RF-AGC and the 1
D82289A-10   D82289A-10 D82289A-10 PDF Download Cellular - CDMA/FM/JCDMA Output Power-11-8dBm O
D8228B   D8228B D8228B PDF Download AMD DIP N/A The LM1117 is a series of low dropout voltage re
D8228C   D8228C D8228C PDF Download NEC DIP N/A Complies with USB Specification Rev 1.1 & 2.
D82308   D82308 D82308 PDF Download 04+ The power switching characteristics of Advanced
D82308GN002   D82308GN002 D82308GN002 PDF Download QFP 03+/04+ (VDD = 5V 5%; VSS = 0V or -5V; fCLK = 2.0MHz, ext
D8231   D8231 D8231 PDF Download INTEL DIP Chip Select : Enables or disables all inputs exc
D8234HC   D8234HC D8234HC PDF Download The A128 devices have six communication interfac
D82353N7   D82353N7 D82353N7 PDF Download CISCO N/A 1999 The Preliminary designation indicates that the p
D82358N7-00-B6   D82358N7-00-B6 D82358N7-00-B6 PDF Download NEC • IDT54/74FCT240/241/244/540/541 equivalen
D8237   D8237 D8237 PDF Download NEC Each data transfer is initiated with a Start con
D8237-5   D8237-5 D8237-5 PDF Download A rising edge on PWM initiates the turn-off of th
D8237A   D8237A D8237A PDF Download INTEL DIP40 The return side of the external inductor shall b
D8237A-2   D8237A-2 D8237A-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP40 Multiply Accumulate Unit for fast signed multipl
D8237A-4   D8237A-4 D8237A-4 PDF Download   Reel Options: 3,000 per 7 inch reel/8 mm
D8237A5   D8237A5 D8237A5 PDF Download INTEL CDIP-40 9546 Two different interfaces are supported on the net
D8237A-5   D8237A-5 D8237A-5 PDF Download INTEL DIP 07+   The most common application for charge pu
D8237A5PC   D8237A5PC D8237A5PC PDF Download amd amd dc82 The oscillator is programmed with two resistors
D8237AC-2   D8237AC-2 D8237AC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP Freescale Semiconductor reserves the right to ma
D8237AC5   D8237AC5 D8237AC5 PDF Download Reset: A low on this pin resets the microcontroll
D8237AC-5   D8237AC-5 D8237AC-5 PDF Download N/A N/A 03+   The D8237AC-5 is a high-speed 16K x 36 bi
D8237AD-5   D8237AD-5 D8237AD-5 PDF Download NEC 85+  3.3V version of PI49FCT805/806  Extre
D8238   D8238 D8238 PDF Download INTEL DIP Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Provide Bus In
D82403GD001   D82403GD001 D82403GD001 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ The D82403GD001 and D82403GD001 combine three d
D82409S1302   D82409S1302 D82409S1302 PDF Download NEC 9929    The RC4700 processor family brings a
D82425   D82425 D82425 PDF Download Life Support Applications These NEC products a
D8243   D8243 D8243 PDF Download NEC DIP DIP Prescaler provides additional divide-by-4 functi
D82431GD001   D82431GD001 D82431GD001 PDF Download A 1% resistor must be connected between this pin
D82434S1022   D82434S1022 D82434S1022 PDF Download This datasheet contains new product information.
D8243AC   D8243AC D8243AC PDF Download NEC DIP This pin is for optional offset control. When co
D8243AC-2   D8243AC-2 D8243AC-2 PDF Download DIP 100 NEC 1A Output Current Capability Input Operating V
D8243C   D8243C D8243C PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ The control bit settings are SG0 = 1, SG1 = 0 an
D8243HC   D8243HC D8243HC PDF Download NSEC 85 • Dual Voltage Detection and Reset Assertio
D8243HC/C   D8243HC/C D8243HC/C PDF Download DIP 100 NEC The HT761X is a CMOS LSI chip designed for use in
D8243HC-2   D8243HC-2 D8243HC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP N/A The D8243HC-2/D8243HC-2/D8243HC-2 low-power, low-
D8244   D8244 D8244 PDF Download INTEL   9k/10k   SD Dont care Dont care D
D82456Q2001   D82456Q2001 D82456Q2001 PDF Download NEC BGA 01+ • 1-of-4 bi-directional translating multipl
D82485N7001   D82485N7001 D82485N7001 PDF Download • This catalog has only typical specificat
D824G   D824G D824G PDF Download NEC SOP N/A These values are defined in stable state. During
D82501   D82501 D82501 PDF Download INTEL DIP N/A When exiting the power-down mode, the applicatio
D82501AD   D82501AD D82501AD PDF Download INTEL N/A The TTL level LOOP pin is used to perform loop-b
D82502   D82502 D82502 PDF Download INTEL DIP 07+   The IDT71V2576/78 are high-speed SRAMs or
D8251   D8251 D8251 PDF Download AMD DIP N/A Now we can examine the value of < f, ( C &aum
D8251/A   D8251/A D8251/A PDF Download Capacitance of Schottky diode quads is measured
D82510   D82510 D82510 PDF Download INTEL 04+ The buried macrocell is very similar to the I/O
D8251A   D8251A D8251A PDF Download INSTEL 88 Note : 1. * : These pins are not used in this mo
D8251A/B   D8251A/B D8251A/B PDF Download INTEL DIP 03+ • Two control modes can be selected.  
D8251A-5   D8251A-5 D8251A-5 PDF Download INTEL DIP Three 16-bit general-purpose timers are included
D8251AB   D8251AB D8251AB PDF Download INTEL CDIP-24 97+ R1 (pin 2)  One of the two resistance input
D8251AC   D8251AC D8251AC PDF Download NSE 83 DATA (Pin 8): Input/Output. Microcontroller side
D8251AC-2   D8251AC-2 D8251AC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP NOTES: (1) Spurious-Free Dynamic Range refers to
D8251AF   D8251AF D8251AF PDF Download The LM4953 contains advanced pop & click cir
D8251AFC   D8251AFC D8251AFC PDF Download NEC NEC DIP The LM74s 3.0V to 5.5V supply voltage range, low
D8251AFC(9546M5001)   D8251AFC(9546M5001) D8251AFC(9546M5001) PDF Download NOTES:2944 tbl 04 1. Stresses greater than thos
D8251AFC/AC   D8251AFC/AC D8251AFC/AC PDF Download NEC 06+ 500 Supply of this implementation of Dolby Technolog
D8251AFC-2   D8251AFC-2 D8251AFC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP 0448+ Model WS81. The WS81 donut shaped 100 ohm RTD e
D8251APC   D8251APC D8251APC PDF Download NEC DIP 96+ pins 2 & 8 connected See application schemat
D8251AS4087   D8251AS4087 D8251AS4087 PDF Download The DS1330 devices execute a read cycle whenever
D8251B   D8251B D8251B PDF Download 87 The TC57 is a low dropout regulator controller t
D8251C   D8251C D8251C PDF Download 83 Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
D8251H   D8251H D8251H PDF Download AMD N/A The LCX245 contains eight non-inverting bidirect
D8253   D8253 D8253 PDF Download INTEL DIP24 04+ NOTES: 1. VCC = 3.3V, TA = +25C, and are not pr
D8253/L2265636   D8253/L2265636 D8253/L2265636 PDF Download
D8253/LF   D8253/LF D8253/LF PDF Download AMD DIP
D82530   D82530 D82530 PDF Download INSTEL 95 The D82530 series of three terminal regulators i
D82530/-6   D82530/-6 D82530/-6 PDF Download 120000 INTEL 2005-2006 Max. UnitsConditions  VVGE = 0V, IC = 250&m
D825306   D825306 D825306 PDF Download DIP Analog terminals Audio clock signals Clock and
D82530-6   D82530-6 D82530-6 PDF Download INTEL DIP 3. Specifications are guaranteed over the given t
D82530D   D82530D D82530D PDF Download int int dc88 If a 1Cwire device is present on the I/O line it
D8253-2   D8253-2 D8253-2 PDF Download N/A DIP 96 The AP1187 keeps a constant 1.25V between the VS
D8253-3   D8253-3 D8253-3 PDF Download   combination with the antenna damping AGC
D82535   D82535 D82535 PDF Download • Burst mode operation • Auto &
D8253-5   D8253-5 D8253-5 PDF Download AMD DIP   Previous attempts at suppression of impul
D8253-5/LF   D8253-5/LF D8253-5/LF PDF Download AMD 2007 Intrinsic deterministic device jitter is a measu
D8253-5B   D8253-5B D8253-5B PDF Download AMD CDDIP24 All parameters having min/max specifications are
D8253A   D8253A D8253A PDF Download NEC DIP The design of the cavity in the pcb, on which the
D8253AC   D8253AC D8253AC PDF Download NEC DIP Note 2: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
D8253AC-2   D8253AC-2 D8253AC-2 PDF Download DIP 100 NEC Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
D8253AC-5   D8253AC-5 D8253AC-5 PDF Download DIP 100 NEC The MAX6323/MAX6324 microprocessor (µP) sup
D8253C   D8253C D8253C PDF Download INTEL CDIP24 —— The customer¢s voice sources are recorded s
D8253C2   D8253C2 D8253C2 PDF Download   3.0   TJ ,TSTGOperating and Storag
D8253C-2   D8253C-2 D8253C-2 PDF Download NSEC 0003 A high-side p-channel MOSFET and a low-side n-ch
D8253C2A   D8253C2A D8253C2A PDF Download Serial Interface The D8253C2A supports a bidire
D8253C-3   D8253C-3 D8253C-3 PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ common mode range is that of the CA3080 differen
D8253C5   D8253C5 D8253C5 PDF Download The functional block of the MX98905 consists of
D8253C-5   D8253C-5 D8253C-5 PDF Download NSEC 86 The Philips 28L198 Octal UART is a single chip C
D8253D-2   D8253D-2 D8253D-2 PDF Download
D8254   D8254 D8254 PDF Download INTEL DIP 05+
D82542   D82542 D82542 PDF Download INTEL CDIP   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
D8254-2   D8254-2 D8254-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP Two outputs have been made available to perform
D825421   D825421 D825421 PDF Download The TTL level LOOP pin is used to perform loop-b
D8254-5   D8254-5 D8254-5 PDF Download DIP24 Features • Enhanced V2 Control Method 
D8254A   D8254A D8254A PDF Download INTEL DIP 1. Ground / thermal vias are critical for the pr
D8254A-2   D8254A-2 D8254A-2 PDF Download INT DIP
D8254C   D8254C D8254C PDF Download NEC Positive input voltage for the regulator. The in
D8254C-2   D8254C-2 D8254C-2 PDF Download NEC CDIP-24 CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absol24ut
D8254C-5   D8254C-5 D8254C-5 PDF Download NEC 91 • An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instru
D8254HC   D8254HC D8254HC PDF Download NEC DIP The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
D8255   D8255 D8255 PDF Download INT DIP DIP *Note: Insert the threshold level suffixes for VC
D8255-2   D8255-2 D8255-2 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+   GENERAL DESCRIPTION  NJM2567 is a l
D82555GC-104   D82555GC-104 D82555GC-104 PDF Download NEC QFP 03+/04 • Optimum instruction set for controller ap
D82558   D82558 D82558 PDF Download INTEL 0030+ Data-Rate Synchronous DRAM Applications Spread
D82559   D82559 D82559 PDF Download Out (pin 7)  This is the main timing chain
D8255A   D8255A D8255A PDF Download 89 5mV/sec Analog: Up to 4x Digital: 1/256 to 64x
D8255A(KS-21760L1)   D8255A(KS-21760L1) D8255A(KS-21760L1) PDF Download Layout Considerations A sufficient number of ho
D8255A/A-5   D8255A/A-5 D8255A/A-5 PDF Download INTEL CDIP 1. Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb-fr
D8255A/B   D8255A/B D8255A/B PDF Download INTEL CDIP40 I²C uses a two-wire serial interface, compr
D8255A-2   D8255A-2 D8255A-2 PDF Download 91 The power input for the core logic is designated
D8255A5   D8255A5 D8255A5 PDF Download INTEL DIP/40 08+ 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC.2. Fm
D8255A-5   D8255A-5 D8255A-5 PDF Download INTEL CDIP CDIP STM1403C. VOUT is driven to Ground when SAL is
D8255A-5B   D8255A-5B D8255A-5B PDF Download AMD 86 Lead free product Leadless chip form , no lead d
D8255AB   D8255AB D8255AB PDF Download INTEL DIP The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for era
D8255AC   D8255AC D8255AC PDF Download 2007 The Erase Suspend/Erase Resume feature enables th
D8255AC2   D8255AC2 D8255AC2 PDF Download The MT88E45B is a low power CMOS integrated circu
D8255AC-2   D8255AC-2 D8255AC-2 PDF Download 86 3.1.2 I2C bus I2C bus operation is only selecte
D8255AC-2/5   D8255AC-2/5 D8255AC-2/5 PDF Download The TLE 4275 is a monolithic integrated low-drop
D8255AC5   D8255AC5 D8255AC5 PDF Download Number of channels: 8 Resolution: Selectable 1
D8255AC-5   D8255AC-5 D8255AC-5 PDF Download 93 LP PACKAGE:   Thermal Resistance-Junction
D8255AC-52   D8255AC-52 D8255AC-52 PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
D8255AD   D8255AD D8255AD PDF Download NEC N/A Notes:  3. Test conditions assume signal t
D8255AD-2   D8255AD-2 D8255AD-2 PDF Download NSEC 85 The PI74FCT860T series bus transceivers provide
D8255C   D8255C D8255C PDF Download NEC DIP40 2007+ Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
D8255C-2   D8255C-2 D8255C-2 PDF Download 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
D8255C-5   D8255C-5 D8255C-5 PDF Download
D8255HC-2   D8255HC-2 D8255HC-2 PDF Download INTEL CDIP-40 97+ Noise filtering of temperature reading for fan c
D8255L   D8255L D8255L PDF Download NEC N/A N/A Flash Memory Plus SRAM Reduces Memory Board Sp
D82562ET   D82562ET D82562ET PDF Download Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding
D82564GD002   D82564GD002 D82564GD002 PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
D82564GD-002-LM2   D82564GD-002-LM2 D82564GD-002-LM2 PDF Download NEC NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
D8257   D8257 D8257 PDF Download INTEL DIP Interfaces to Electrical Cables/Backplane or wit
D8257-2   D8257-2 D8257-2 PDF Download INTEL • 35 I/O pins, including nine high-current p
D82575   D82575 D82575 PDF Download int int dc91 The XRT75VL00D incorporates an advanced crystal-
D8257-5   D8257-5 D8257-5 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ Notes: 1. Within-Device skew is defined for ide
D8257AC-5   D8257AC-5 D8257AC-5 PDF Download Certain applications using semiconductor product
D8257C   D8257C D8257C PDF Download NEC DIP-40 98+   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
D8257C2   D8257C2 D8257C2 PDF Download These diode-transistor optocoup- lers use an i
D8257C-2   D8257C-2 D8257C-2 PDF Download NEC DIP 8336+ The MCP1701 is capable of delivering 250 mA with
D8257C5   D8257C5 D8257C5 PDF Download Information furnished is believed to be accurate
D8257C-5   D8257C-5 D8257C-5 PDF Download 85 ♦ 640kHz/1.2MHz Current-Mode Step-Up Regul
D8257D-2   D8257D-2 D8257D-2 PDF Download NEC 85+ The next concern is getting the input signal to
D8257G2   D8257G2 D8257G2 PDF Download 96 In addition to the column address, A10(=AP) is u
D82584N7002   D82584N7002 D82584N7002 PDF Download Thermal Considerations The obvious advantage of
D82586   D82586 D82586 PDF Download INTEL PLCC 05+ The four high order bits define the instru
D82586S1001   D82586S1001 D82586S1001 PDF Download NEC QFP   As the beams attached to the central mass
D82586S1002   D82586S1002 D82586S1002 PDF Download The EL5420 is available in the space-saving 14-pi
D82588   D82588 D82588 PDF Download INT DIP DIP Junction Temperature Calculation: TJ = TA + (PD x
D82588A   D82588A D82588A PDF Download   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
D8258B   D8258B D8258B PDF Download After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby
D8259   D8259 D8259 PDF Download INTEL CDDIP28 Single-chip main motherboard clock generator &n
D8259-2   D8259-2 D8259-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP Note 1: The deviation parameters, Vref(dev) and I
D8259-5   D8259-5 D8259-5 PDF Download 11 INTEL Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
D8259A   D8259A D8259A PDF Download INTEL CDIP28 99+ The HIP6601 drives the lower gate in a synchrono
D8259A/BXA   D8259A/BXA D8259A/BXA PDF Download AMD N/A • Function, pinout, and drive compatible wi
D8259A/LF   D8259A/LF D8259A/LF PDF Download AMD CDDIP28 COMBINATORIAL I/O In combinatorial mode the pin
D8259A2   D8259A2 D8259A2 PDF Download 88
D8259-A-2   D8259-A-2 D8259-A-2 PDF Download The ISL6527 makes simple work out of implementing
D8259A-2   D8259A-2 D8259A-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP 16-Bit Monotonic 5-V Rail-to-Rail Output Fast S
D8259A-8   D8259A-8 D8259A-8 PDF Download NEC DIP N/A device is updated. This feature does not have to
D8259AB   D8259AB D8259AB PDF Download AMD P 12 For the multi-bit delta-sigma ADC, programmable g
D8259AC   D8259AC D8259AC PDF Download 87 *The maximum junction temperature rating of the
D8259AC2   D8259AC2 D8259AC2 PDF Download 8. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
D8259AC-2   D8259AC-2 D8259AC-2 PDF Download NEC 96+ Theory of Operation The ADNS-2001 is based on
D8259AC-5   D8259AC-5 D8259AC-5 PDF Download Power On Reset Application of power to the D825
D8259AD   D8259AD D8259AD PDF Download NEC   Although the Motorola accelerometers cont
D8259C   D8259C D8259C PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
D8259C-2   D8259C-2 D8259C-2 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Hynix HYM71V16M635HC(L)T8 Series are 16Mx64bi
D8259C5   D8259C5 D8259C5 PDF Download The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
D8259C-5   D8259C-5 D8259C-5 PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ Notes. The SM5009 series reduce crystal current b
D825IAC   D825IAC D825IAC PDF Download Addresses and data needed for the programming a
D825P1B0N   D825P1B0N D825P1B0N PDF Download   The IDT72V205/72V215/72V225/72V235/72V245
D8260G1   D8260G1 D8260G1 PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D82674GD-022-LML   D82674GD-022-LML D82674GD-022-LML PDF Download NEC QFP208 Single amplifiers are available in SOT-23 package
D82676GJ003   D82676GJ003 D82676GJ003 PDF Download TOSHIBA 03/04+ GTLP is the Texas Instruments derivative of the
D82676S1004   D82676S1004 D82676S1004 PDF Download Member of Texas Instruments Widebus Fami
D8271   D8271 D8271 PDF Download INTEL DIP HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 63 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
D8271-8   D8271-8 D8271-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP 2kV using HBM method. The ST3237C is a transcei
D8272   D8272 D8272 PDF Download INTEL DIP A resistor can be added from the RESET pin to gr
D82720   D82720 D82720 PDF Download INTEL DIP The digital control block takes the comparator i
D827201   D827201 D827201 PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
D82720GD-001   D82720GD-001 D82720GD-001 PDF Download • rectifiers   - high frequency recti
D8272A   D8272A D8272A PDF Download INSTEL 96   The crystal oscillators should be fundame
D8273   D8273 D8273 PDF Download INTEL DIP N/A A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
D82734   D82734 D82734 PDF Download INTEL CDIP The TAP controller is fully synchronous to the T
D8273-4   D8273-4 D8273-4 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpo
D8273A   D8273A D8273A PDF Download INTEL N/A The LT1013 devices can be operated from a singl
D8273AC-5   D8273AC-5 D8273AC-5 PDF Download INTEL DIP
D8273S4615   D8273S4615 D8273S4615 PDF Download int int dc92   (Note 8) (Continued) The following spec
D8274   D8274 D8274 PDF Download INT The D8274AK (NTSC) and D8274 (PAL) are 250,000/
D8274(SOCKET-PULLS)   D8274(SOCKET-PULLS) D8274(SOCKET-PULLS) PDF Download Enough current should be supplied into the VCC l
D8274-8   D8274-8 D8274-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP CURRENT SOURCES, IREF1 AND IREF2 Zero-Code Outp
D8274C   D8274C D8274C PDF Download • IF system switch   38.9 MHz is sele
D8275   D8275 D8275 PDF Download INTEL CDIP Notes: 1. See test circuit and wave forms. 2.
D8275-2   D8275-2 D8275-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP   - Wiper Movement Control. This input provi
D8275C   D8275C D8275C PDF Download DIP 100 INTEL * This is a stress rating only and functional ope
D8275G   D8275G D8275G PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The Am29LV256M is a 256 Mbit, 3.0 volt single po
D8276   D8276 D8276 PDF Download 00 Data is written during a write or a read-modify-
D8277   D8277 D8277 PDF Download INTEL DIP No Glitch on Power Up Supports Hot Insertion Lo
D8279   D8279 D8279 PDF Download NS 03+ The D8279 is a low voltage, NPN Silicon Bipolar
D8279-2   D8279-2 D8279-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP 30ms Pulse, Vin-Vo=3V, Io=1.5A f=120Hz, Co=25&mi
D8279-5   D8279-5 D8279-5 PDF Download INT cdip cdip This document contains device specific informati
D8279AC-2   D8279AC-2 D8279AC-2 PDF Download DIP n Available in 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V, and
D8279AC-5   D8279AC-5 D8279AC-5 PDF Download NEC 04+ dt of greater than 10 kV/µs. This clamp ci
D8279C   D8279C D8279C PDF Download NEC DIP 00+ A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error occurs whe
D8279C2   D8279C2 D8279C2 PDF Download NEC DIP40 0337+ The P8xC557E8 contains a volatile 2048 bytes rea
D8279C-2   D8279C-2 D8279C-2 PDF Download DIP DIP (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
D8279C--2   D8279C--2 D8279C--2 PDF Download 1. Pastikan komputer dalam kondisi mati dan tidak
D8279C5   D8279C5 D8279C5 PDF Download Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
D8279C-5   D8279C-5 D8279C-5 PDF Download NEC DIP N/A   The D8279C-5 is specifically designed to
D8279D-2   D8279D-2 D8279D-2 PDF Download NEC 0805+ Master) generate TCLK (Transmit Clock), the inte
D8281   D8281 D8281 PDF Download INTERSIL This circuit amplifies the difference between th
D82814S1001   D82814S1001 D82814S1001 PDF Download SIE BGA N/A Four different schemes are shown in Figures 2, 3
D82818S1002   D82818S1002 D82818S1002 PDF Download Internally fixed or adjustable output modes 250
D8282   D8282 D8282 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP This document is a general product description an
D8282A   D8282A D8282A PDF Download NEC DIP FC-AL Features In addition to the high-perfor-
D8283   D8283 D8283 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP   This device contains protection circuitry
D8283/A   D8283/A D8283/A PDF Download INT (known as dioxin) < 2 ppb. In the lists thems
D82830GC-021   D82830GC-021 D82830GC-021 PDF Download TQFP100 08+ This output is an open collector stage which req
D8283A   D8283A D8283A PDF Download INTEL DIP Space critical applications benefit from the int
D8284   D8284 D8284 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP When designing with FRAM for the first time, use
D8284/A   D8284/A D8284/A PDF Download INT The AVR core combines a rich instruction set wit
D82846   D82846 D82846 PDF Download The HYM72V64736T8 Series are 64Mx72bits ECC Synch
D82846-001   D82846-001 D82846-001 PDF Download NEC 06+ QFP The 60320 uses burst-mode charge transfer method
D8284A   D8284A D8284A PDF Download INTEL CDIP18 95+/97+/98+ The SAB 80C515/80C535 is a stand-alone, high-perf
D8284A-1   D8284A-1 D8284A-1 PDF Download INTEL DIP are performed. In the slow-memory interface mode,
D8284AB   D8284AB D8284AB PDF Download INTEL STK 2005+ The HY29DL16xs sector erase architecture allows
D8284A-B   D8284A-B D8284A-B PDF Download AMD
D8284AD   D8284AD D8284AD PDF Download DIP18 To validate the data transmitted from the bq2022
D8284Q   D8284Q D8284Q PDF Download AMD 0029 The HYM72V32M656AT6 Series are gold plated socket
D8286   D8286 D8286 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP The complete PLL consists of a prescaler, a digi
D82860GD001   D82860GD001 D82860GD001 PDF Download NEC 06+ QFP Driving SNOOZE low, programs the device into the
D8286-2   D8286-2 D8286-2 PDF Download INTEL DIP SYNC/MODE (Pin 2): Combination Mode Selection and
D8286A   D8286A D8286A PDF Download INTEL DIP DESCRIPTION The M74HC4017 is an high speed CMOS
D8286D   D8286D D8286D PDF Download NEC DIP The 32K x 8 Radiation Hardened Static RAM is a h
D8286G   D8286G D8286G PDF Download The XPLA3 architecture follows a simple timing m
D8287   D8287 D8287 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP The LM129 and LM329 family are precision multi-c
D8287A   D8287A D8287A PDF Download AMD DIP *Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyon
D8287D   D8287D D8287D PDF Download NEC DIP条仔 VREFL Lch Voltage Reference Input Pin, AVDD &n
D8288   D8288 D8288 PDF Download INTEL CDIP CDIP 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC. 2.
D8288-10   D8288-10 D8288-10 PDF Download DIP20 98 room temperature. For a complete description of f
D82883S1001   D82883S1001 D82883S1001 PDF Download NSEC 0042 The TC650/TC651 acquire and convert their juncti
D8288-8   D8288-8 D8288-8 PDF Download 88 overvoltages below this level will not cause any
D8288A   D8288A D8288A PDF Download INTEL CDIP-20 97+   LX2201 support two types of Li-Ion batte
D8288B   D8288B D8288B PDF Download INTEL DIP   Surface mount board layout is a critical
D8288C/D   D8288C/D D8288C/D PDF Download This chip, when properly assembled, displays cha
D8288D   D8288D D8288D PDF Download INTEL N/A Separate byte enables allow individual bytes to
D8289   D8289 D8289 PDF Download INT/NEC CDIP CDIP The memory cell outputs Q and Q use ground and V
D8289-1   D8289-1 D8289-1 PDF Download INTEL DIP Besides the ac-coupling capacitors C1 through C4
D8289A   D8289A D8289A PDF Download INTEL DIP The MAX1124 is a monolithic 10-bit, 250Msps analo
D8289D   D8289D D8289D PDF Download INTEL N/A 1. Connect the device as follows: source to E, g
D82908N7502   D82908N7502 D82908N7502 PDF Download NEC BGA N/A The function of the Data Output register can be
D8291   D8291 D8291 PDF Download INT DIP DIP The bq2019 advanced battery-monitoring IC accura
D8291A   D8291A D8291A PDF Download INTEL DIP (2) PRNU is defined as the worst case deviation o
D8292   D8292 D8292 PDF Download INTEL CDIP-40 81+ The ISP2100A PCI interface supports the followin
D8293   D8293 D8293 PDF Download INT stream. EEPROM emulation (bit or byte alterabili
D82930N7003   D82930N7003 D82930N7003 PDF Download NEC NEW 02+ The FSA4157A features very low quiescent current
D8293-10   D8293-10 D8293-10 PDF Download 陶DIP28   XXXHXXXXXXHigh-ZNoneSnooze Mode Note8. X
D8293-3   D8293-3 D8293-3 PDF Download INTEL CDIP-28 97+ Crystal input, Nominally 14.318MHz. Crystal out
D82936Q2001   D82936Q2001 D82936Q2001 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ STATIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic
D8293A   D8293A D8293A PDF Download INTEL DIP Low distortion operation is ensured by the high
D8294   D8294 D8294 PDF Download INTEL DIP40 00+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
D8294A   D8294A D8294A PDF Download int int dc87 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D82A303   D82A303 D82A303 PDF Download Third, and this is important, use two separate r
D82C284   D82C284 D82C284 PDF Download INTEL DIP N/A Reference Voltage: This output biases to VCCC1.42
D82C28410   D82C28410 D82C28410 PDF Download INTEL P 23  tpZL15nsEnable time, high-impedance-to-low-
D82C284-10   D82C284-10 D82C284-10 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ If the CVBS input signal is to be decoded using
D82C284-10/12   D82C284-10/12 D82C284-10/12 PDF Download INTEL DIP18 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS™ with built
D82C284-10/883   D82C284-10/883 D82C284-10/883 PDF Download INTEL N/A ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
D82C28412   D82C28412 D82C28412 PDF Download 1. Large output current300mA max. 2. High ripple
D82C284-12   D82C284-12 D82C284-12 PDF Download INTEL DIP &ontroland safety devices for airplanes, trai
D82C284-18   D82C284-18 D82C284-18 PDF Download
D82C284-6   D82C284-6 D82C284-6 PDF Download INTEL DIP A refresh operation must be performed at least o
D82C2848   D82C2848 D82C2848 PDF Download INTEL CDIP18 97+ The demodulator demodulates the I and Q channel
D82C284-8   D82C284-8 D82C284-8 PDF Download INTEL DIP 06+ † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed unde
D82C2848(82C284-8)   D82C2848(82C284-8) D82C2848(82C284-8) PDF Download INTEL CDIP18 9752   ICCSupply currentVCC = MAX,All outputs di
D82C288   D82C288 D82C288 PDF Download AMD Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D82C28810   D82C28810 D82C28810 PDF Download INTEL 50 CDIP NOTES: 1 pin #10 = pin #19(internally connected)
D82C288-10   D82C288-10 D82C288-10 PDF Download INTEL 06+ The TFDU6108 is an infrared transceiver module
D82C288-10/12   D82C288-10/12 D82C288-10/12 PDF Download INTEL A block erase operation erases one of the devices
D82C28812   D82C28812 D82C28812 PDF Download INTEL CDIP20 98+ Literature Distribution Centers: USA/EUROPE: Mo
D82C288-12   D82C288-12 D82C288-12 PDF Download INTEL DIP 07+ STR73xF family combines the high performance ARM
D82C288-12/8   D82C288-12/8 D82C288-12/8 PDF Download INT 49 Instructions, addresses, and data are clocked in
D82C288-6   D82C288-6 D82C288-6 PDF Download INTEL DIP These receivers adopt the all-in-view positionin
D82C2888   D82C2888 D82C2888 PDF Download INSTEL 97 rising edge of the CLK pin. On the falling edge
D82C288-8   D82C288-8 D82C288-8 PDF Download AMD DIP 06+ DCD2#/GP62 SIN2/GP63 GND RI2#/GP10 CTS2#/GP11
D82C37   D82C37 D82C37 PDF Download Serial-test information is conveyed by means of
D82C37AC-2   D82C37AC-2 D82C37AC-2 PDF Download DIP 100 NEC 13. Crosstalk induced jitter is defined as the a
D82C41   D82C41 D82C41 PDF Download This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and
D82C43   D82C43 D82C43 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The UART transmits data, sent to it over the per
D82C43AC   D82C43AC D82C43AC PDF Download NEC DIP 9601+ To enhance the flexibility and function of the cl
D82C43C   D82C43C D82C43C PDF Download 86+ The D82C43C contains two separate UVLO com- par
D82C43C/-2   D82C43C/-2 D82C43C/-2 PDF Download NEC The marketing status values are defined as follo
D82C43C-2   D82C43C-2 D82C43C-2 PDF Download NEC N/A Important Information and Disclaimer: Informatio
D82C43CY   D82C43CY D82C43CY PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ The SCAN926260 integrates six 10-bit deserialize
D82C43D   D82C43D D82C43D PDF Download INTER DIP Edition 1998-04-08 Published by Siemens AG, Ber
D82C43G   D82C43G D82C43G PDF Download NEC SOP-28 97+ These devices consist of four independent volta
D82C43HC   D82C43HC D82C43HC PDF Download NEC DIP The alternative devices are the recommended repla
D82C43S0025   D82C43S0025 D82C43S0025 PDF Download R = , see Figure 3 R = 50 Ω (RS-422), see
D82C501   D82C501 D82C501 PDF Download INTEL CDIP20 ——
D82C501AC   D82C501AC D82C501AC PDF Download NEC 416 The automatic gain control maintains a signal lev
D82C501AD   D82C501AD D82C501AD PDF Download INTEL DIP 07+ The IRU1261, using a proprietary process, combine
D82C501ADSZ451   D82C501ADSZ451 D82C501ADSZ451 PDF Download int int dc92 Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
D82C501AD-SZ451   D82C501AD-SZ451 D82C501AD-SZ451 PDF Download INTEL DIP-20 08+ Electrically isolated: DBC base plate 3500 VRMS
D82C501SZ046   D82C501SZ046 D82C501SZ046 PDF Download The D82C501SZ046 adds new features to Call Progr
D82C501SZ080   D82C501SZ080 D82C501SZ080 PDF Download The D82C501SZ080 is designed to replace a single
D82C51A-2   D82C51A-2 D82C51A-2 PDF Download NEC N/A Latchup immunity on the TMS27C512 and TMS27PC512
D82C51AC   D82C51AC D82C51AC PDF Download Maximum ratings are DC values beyond which the d
D82C51AC-2   D82C51AC-2 D82C51AC-2 PDF Download The contents of in this specification are subjec
D82C51AFC   D82C51AFC D82C51AFC PDF Download NEC DIP N/A The six decade counter is synchronously incremen
D82C53   D82C53 D82C53 PDF Download NEC DIP Pixel select C Selects between one or two pixels
D82C53-2   D82C53-2 D82C53-2 PDF Download NEC DIP All formulas are simplified. Refer to the last p
D82C53C-2   D82C53C-2 D82C53C-2 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The D82C53C-2 device is protected by U.S. patent
D82C54   D82C54 D82C54 PDF Download AMD DIP24   All voltages are referenced to ground (GND
D82C54/B   D82C54/B D82C54/B PDF Download DIP 102 HARRIS Advanced, Integrated Speech Synthesizer for High
D82C54-12   D82C54-12 D82C54-12 PDF Download HAR DIP NOTES  1Typicals represent average readings
D82C54-2   D82C54-2 D82C54-2 PDF Download AMD DIP • high frequency rectifiers, output  
D82C54AC-2   D82C54AC-2 D82C54AC-2 PDF Download Addresses and data needed for the programming a
D82C54C   D82C54C D82C54C PDF Download 100KEP circuits are designed to meet the DC spec
D82C54C-2   D82C54C-2 D82C54C-2 PDF Download NEC DIP   The 33996 directly interfaces with microc
D82C54HC   D82C54HC D82C54HC PDF Download Specified by design. Not production tested. Sam
D82C55   D82C55 D82C55 PDF Download ★Original and new, Special price! ★Original and new, Special price! 05+ An integrated ADSL-compatible line driver is use
D82C55A   D82C55A D82C55A PDF Download INTEL DIP N/A
D82C55A-2   D82C55A-2 D82C55A-2 PDF Download NEC DIP 2002 HY57V56820A is offering fully synchronous operati
D82C55AC   D82C55AC D82C55AC PDF Download NEC 528 DIP40
D82C55AC2   D82C55AC2 D82C55AC2 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
D82C55AC-2   D82C55AC-2 D82C55AC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP 02+ Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
D82C55AC-5   D82C55AC-5 D82C55AC-5 PDF Download DIP 100 NEC Notes: (i) See Safe Operating Area curves or con
D82C55AEZ   D82C55AEZ D82C55AEZ PDF Download NEC 07+ The MK1491-06 provides more functionality in a 2
D82C55HC   D82C55HC D82C55HC PDF Download NEC DIP Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
D82C57C-5   D82C57C-5 D82C57C-5 PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ This product has been designed to meet the extrem
D82C59AC-2   D82C59AC-2 D82C59AC-2 PDF Download NEC DIP Address inputs Bank select address Data-input/
D82C59C-5   D82C59C-5 D82C59C-5 PDF Download 82 The D82C59C-5159/D82C59C-5259 have address latchi
D82C5O1AD   D82C5O1AD D82C5O1AD PDF Download INTEL DIP Floating-Point Operations Four Internally Decode
D82C79AC-2   D82C79AC-2 D82C79AC-2 PDF Download NEC 0448+ The SY58620L is a low jitter, high-speed transcei
D82C84   D82C84 D82C84 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
D82C84-10   D82C84-10 D82C84-10 PDF Download DIP Positive Supply Voltage. +5V Digital Circuit Gro
D82C84-12   D82C84-12 D82C84-12 PDF Download DIP This series of products offers a positive and a
D82C84-8   D82C84-8 D82C84-8 PDF Download DIP the device has a Sector Protect function which
D82C86G   D82C86G D82C86G PDF Download The PWM signal is the control input for the driv
D82C88   D82C88 D82C88 PDF Download 未提供 N/A Under-Voltage Lockout The under-voltage lockout
D82C88-12   D82C88-12 D82C88-12 PDF Download INTEL/HARRIS 464 CDIP The TSOP22..YA1 C series are miniaturized receiv
D82C88-8   D82C88-8 D82C88-8 PDF Download AMD 86 The Cypress series of network circuits are produ
D82C89   D82C89 D82C89 PDF Download V.253 commands V.80 (H.324 software-stack -compa
D82JCTUPCIUAV   D82JCTUPCIUAV D82JCTUPCIUAV PDF Download The MicroMonitor is a precision temperature-compe
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