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Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
DM.74ALS00M   DM.74ALS00M DM.74ALS00M PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+   PAGE operations allow faster data operati
DM.74LS125M   DM.74LS125M DM.74LS125M PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+ The MCU provides the following features: 40K byt
DM.74LS14M   DM.74LS14M DM.74LS14M PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+ The SMPTE 259M standard requires that the output
DM/74ALS138M   DM/74ALS138M DM/74ALS138M PDF Download NS SOP16S 2007+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
DM/74ALS74AM   DM/74ALS74AM DM/74ALS74AM PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+ The composite video output is capable of driving
DM/74AS04M   DM/74AS04M DM/74AS04M PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+ The PGA and black level auto-calibration are con
DM/SN5440J   DM/SN5440J DM/SN5440J PDF Download The 3D7205 five-tap delay line architecture is s
DM/SN5493J/883   DM/SN5493J/883 DM/SN5493J/883 PDF Download The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC pow
DM/SN7420N   DM/SN7420N DM/SN7420N PDF Download The DS1265 devices execute a write cycle whenever
DM/SN8483N   DM/SN8483N DM/SN8483N PDF Download N/A DIP The TLE 4275 is a monolithic integrated low-drop
DM004528   DM004528 DM004528 PDF Download Two outputs have been made available to perform
DM0165   DM0165 DM0165 PDF Download A simple 3-line unidirectional serial bus is use
DM0165R   DM0165R DM0165R PDF Download FSC DIP-8 05+ C Seven 16-KB blocks Auto Erase (chip & bl
DM-02   DM-02 DM-02 PDF Download ZIP-8P The ADSP-21365/6 features an enhanced Harvard ar
DM02005APGA   DM02005APGA DM02005APGA PDF Download Start-Up Sequence: Power-Up and I2C-Controlling
DM020D01A   DM020D01A DM020D01A PDF Download Internal PWM current control. Each pair of output
DM023020BPGA   DM023020BPGA DM023020BPGA PDF Download The 3B Series of Signal Conditioning I/o Subsyst
DM023022BPGA   DM023022BPGA DM023022BPGA PDF Download TI O7+ The SNIC supports 192 kbit/s (2B+D + overhead) fu
DM024   DM024 DM024 PDF Download NS DIP KEY FEATURES (continued) Integrated Power-On-Res
DM-024   DM-024 DM-024 PDF Download An output capacitor is required to maintain regu
DM024DPIBMCL01   DM024DPIBMCL01 DM024DPIBMCL01 PDF Download Signal isolation by transformer coupling uses a
DM0265   DM0265 DM0265 PDF Download 仙童 DIP 05+ Reference Clock. This input is the clock frequen
DM02659/   DM02659/ DM02659/ PDF Download Efficiency up to 81% 3000VDC Isolation MTBF >
DM0265R   DM0265R DM0265R PDF Download DM DIP-8 DIP-8 RF Output and Power supply for final stage. This
DM0265R/   DM0265R/ DM0265R/ PDF Download Teccor Electronics reserves the right to make cha
DM0265RN   DM0265RN DM0265RN PDF Download FAIRCHIL DIP-8 05+   Unless otherwise noted CC=18pF, RC=2.2K
DM027020BPGA   DM027020BPGA DM027020BPGA PDF Download The TLV320AIC26 is a high-performance audio code
DM030S1.2   DM030S1.2 DM030S1.2 PDF Download Any noise specification to be complete must defi
DM030S1.5R   DM030S1.5R DM030S1.5R PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under "
DM030S1.8   DM030S1.8 DM030S1.8 PDF Download The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the outputs
DM030S2.5   DM030S2.5 DM030S2.5 PDF Download Refer to Fig. 12 evaluation amplifier assembly d
DM032   DM032 DM032 PDF Download SANSAMG outputs will follow the data input precisely. W
DM0365   DM0365 DM0365 PDF Download 仙童 DIP 05+ Receive byte clock. RBC0 and RBC1 are 62.5-MHz r
DM0365R   DM0365R DM0365R PDF Download INFINEON DIP-8 N/A (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the
DM0365RN   DM0365RN DM0365RN PDF Download FAIRCHILD 08+ Ideal for conversion from 1.8V or 1.5V inputs D
DM0365RNB   DM0365RNB DM0365RNB PDF Download FSC DIP-8 05+ These are N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gat
DM03S0PZ   DM03S0PZ DM03S0PZ PDF Download The CY7C9689 HOTLink Transceiver is a point-to-p
DM-03S-2P   DM-03S-2P DM-03S-2P PDF Download Sector Write The sector write mode requires iss
DM-04   DM-04 DM-04 PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTU16861 provides 20-Bits
DM0465R   DM0465R DM0465R PDF Download FSC TOP220 05 The HIDRV driver has a power supply, VCCQP, supp
DM047001APZA   DM047001APZA DM047001APZA PDF Download TI TQFP/100 02+ The TPS773xx features an integrated power-on res
DM0565R   DM0565R DM0565R PDF Download N/A N/A N/A PWUP High, GC = LG127, RL = , 4 seconds after pow
DM0565RBWDTU   DM0565RBWDTU DM0565RBWDTU PDF Download PCI Controller Compatible with PCI 2.1 specific
DM-07357MD   DM-07357MD DM-07357MD PDF Download KINGBRIGHT 0403+ The LAN91C100FD is designed to facilitate the imp
DM07652R   DM07652R DM07652R PDF Download FSC TO-220 03+ The LM75 is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma an
DM07652RB   DM07652RB DM07652RB PDF Download Note: Absolute maximum ratings are DC values bey
DM08   DM08 DM08 PDF Download APEM Components With their compact 64 pin package, low power con
DM100   DM100 DM100 PDF Download FAI 04+ The svmStd3 TPU function generates a 3-channel,
DM1000-CQ   DM1000-CQ DM1000-CQ PDF Download BRIDGECO/LSI PQFP128 04+ these microcontrollers are attributed to vari- a
DM-1001   DM-1001 DM-1001 PDF Download 98 with statistical process controls. The DM-1001I s
DM100310QC   DM100310QC DM100310QC PDF Download NS 97 Derate linearly above 70oC free air temperature
DM100311QC   DM100311QC DM100311QC PDF Download NS 97 This family consists of two DC current regulator
DM100324PC   DM100324PC DM100324PC PDF Download
DM100391PC   DM100391PC DM100391PC PDF Download NS 96 The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
DM101   DM101 DM101 PDF Download FAIRCHILD DIP8 VB: Supplies power to all circuits of the regulat
DM10123D4   DM10123D4 DM10123D4 PDF Download The DM10123D4 is a PLL synthesizer designed spec
DM10123-D4   DM10123-D4 DM10123-D4 PDF Download Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
DM10123D5   DM10123D5 DM10123D5 PDF Download Designing both unmanaged and managed solutions i
DM10123-D5   DM10123-D5 DM10123-D5 PDF Download The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
DM10123DS   DM10123DS DM10123DS PDF Download The DVI processor includes a low jitter PLL for
DM10126   DM10126 DM10126 PDF Download 1.2 ARCHITECTURE The COP8SAx family is based on
DM10126D4HT   DM10126D4HT DM10126D4HT PDF Download 1. The current handling capability of the transi
DM10127D5   DM10127D5 DM10127D5 PDF Download The V104 10 Bit LVDS Receiver for Video is design
DM10151   DM10151 DM10151 PDF Download The error flag output feature is used as a power
DM10151J9   DM10151J9 DM10151J9 PDF Download   The NCP1086 voltage regulator series prov
DM1015370   DM1015370 DM1015370 PDF Download The SN74CBT16210C is organized as two 10-bit bus
DM10153F74   DM10153F74 DM10153F74 PDF Download Acknowledge is a software convention used to ind
DM10158   DM10158 DM10158 PDF Download ♦ Programmable Fan-Control Characteristics
DM1019-01CV-ES   DM1019-01CV-ES DM1019-01CV-ES PDF Download NS 93 Reference Acknowledgement (REF_ACK) Output The R
DM1-01P-30G   DM1-01P-30G DM1-01P-30G PDF Download Improved scan efficiency is accomplished through
DM10-200J   DM10-200J DM10-200J PDF Download External Access Input, Active Low. Connect to gro
DM10-221J03   DM10-221J03 DM10-221J03 PDF Download The AT17A Series Configurator enters a low-power
DM10414J   DM10414J DM10414J PDF Download NS CDIP16 84 The following specifications apply for V a e AV
DM10422A-7J   DM10422A-7J DM10422A-7J PDF Download AMD 02+ While first-generation deep- memory scopes updat
DM10422AJ   DM10422AJ DM10422AJ PDF Download 84 Regulates voltage over a broad operating current
DM10422J   DM10422J DM10422J PDF Download NS CDIP 83+ " Window structured high power laser diode
DM10470AJ   DM10470AJ DM10470AJ PDF Download NS 06+ The SPT1175 operates from a single +5.0 V power
DM10470J   DM10470J DM10470J PDF Download NS 82+ DIP18陶瓷 Power Up and Down Requirements. There are no re
DM10474AJ   DM10474AJ DM10474AJ PDF Download NS CDIP NOTES:1. Complete part number includes a suffix
DM10474J   DM10474J DM10474J PDF Download NS DIP-24P 8806+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
DM1050-02-0   DM1050-02-0 DM1050-02-0 PDF Download This new generation of Trench MOSFETs from Zetex
DM1058T   DM1058T DM1058T PDF Download The Am27C010 is a 1 Megabit, ultraviolet erasabl
DM105S1   DM105S1 DM105S1 PDF Download N/A Data is written during a write or a read-modify-
DM106B   DM106B DM106B PDF Download N/A SIP-3 08+ The auto-select mode allows the reading of a bina
DM-106B   DM-106B DM-106B PDF Download TO92S † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM1097   DM1097 DM1097 PDF Download MOT 98 Low side gate driver I.C. High side gate drive
DM111   DM111 DM111 PDF Download [POWIRTRAIN specifications and ratings are given
DM11123D4HT   DM11123D4HT DM11123D4HT PDF Download The Rambus RIMM module consist of 256/288Mb Dire
DM1115176   DM1115176 DM1115176 PDF Download • Controller Overhead Command to DRQ  
DM111A   DM111A DM111A PDF Download SONY 99+ Notes: 5. Distribution data sample size is 450
DM111A(DM-111A)   DM111A(DM-111A) DM111A(DM-111A) PDF Download When ACK is asserted and JAM is HIGH, an active
DM112   DM112 DM112 PDF Download MOTOROLA 01+ † Package drawings, standard packing quant
DM11237-E2   DM11237-E2 DM11237-E2 PDF Download Conditions/Comments1 Maximum clock frequency SC
DM11251CJ2   DM11251CJ2 DM11251CJ2 PDF Download Supports PIO mode 4, both at 16.6 Mbytes/second
DM11251-P34   DM11251-P34 DM11251-P34 PDF Download 05.6.22 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
DM11256J1   DM11256J1 DM11256J1 PDF Download The S1 and S0 select pins are tri-level, meaning
DM11323D4   DM11323D4 DM11323D4 PDF Download Data are transmitted by modulating the amplitude
DM11323-D4   DM11323-D4 DM11323-D4 PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FST3384 provides 10 bits of
DM11323-E1   DM11323-E1 DM11323-E1 PDF Download In-system programmable 3.3V PROMs for configurat
DM11326-D4   DM11326-D4 DM11326-D4 PDF Download   Although the DM11326-D4 can withstand diff
DM11327E1   DM11327E1 DM11327E1 PDF Download Finally, trimming the various pins for lowest di
DM11327E2   DM11327E2 DM11327E2 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
DM11327-E2   DM11327-E2 DM11327-E2 PDF Download The Display Mode Setting Commands determine the
DM11351BV   DM11351BV DM11351BV PDF Download   The V62C518256 is a 262,144-bit static ra
DM11351BV3   DM11351BV3 DM11351BV3 PDF Download
DM11351BV5   DM11351BV5 DM11351BV5 PDF Download The BCP Series is equipped with Thermal Shutdown
DM11351-H5W3-4F   DM11351-H5W3-4F DM11351-H5W3-4F PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
DM11351-R1   DM11351-R1 DM11351-R1 PDF Download This pin provides an access to the output curren
DM11351-R1-N   DM11351-R1-N DM11351-R1-N PDF Download 1/ Stresses above the absolute maximum rating ma
DM11353-H1   DM11353-H1 DM11353-H1 PDF Download ITU-R BT.656/601 Video Input Separate H/V inpu
DM11353H2   DM11353H2 DM11353H2 PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
DM11353Q4   DM11353Q4 DM11353Q4 PDF Download   PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns prod
DM11357-ER1   DM11357-ER1 DM11357-ER1 PDF Download FOXCONN 4.7µF, 10V X5R ceramic capacitor Taiyo Yu
DM1139259   DM1139259 DM1139259 PDF Download Utilizing the latest Field Stop and Trench Gate
DM11392-59   DM11392-59 DM11392-59 PDF Download The TPS758xx family of 3-A low dropout (LDO) re
DM1139364   DM1139364 DM1139364 PDF Download handset. The device has mode-switching to take
DM11397E36   DM11397E36 DM11397E36 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
DM114   DM114 DM114 PDF Download SITI DIP-16 2005 On-chip offset voltage trimming allows the devic
DM115   DM115 DM115 PDF Download SITI DIP 2005 These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcevi
DM11527E2   DM11527E2 DM11527E2 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
DM115B   DM115B DM115B PDF Download 点晶 06+ROSH SSOP16 PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The product identificatio
DM116   DM116 DM116 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
DM117   DM117 DM117 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The XC62K series are highly precise, low power c
DM11C   DM11C DM11C PDF Download 882 SITI O6 Collector-emitter voltage peak value Collector-
DM120   DM120 DM120 PDF Download NS TO220 03+ Measuring range limited to 180 A max The result
DM1200FSM17-A   DM1200FSM17-A DM1200FSM17-A PDF Download DYNEX SOP One of two 3.3V 48MHz clock outputs, generated fr
DM120190110   DM120190110 DM120190110 PDF Download V+ - Is the higher voltage H-bridge supply. The
DM1265R   DM1265R DM1265R PDF Download Very High FEC performance : Hamming and "BCH
DM126A   DM126A DM126A PDF Download HITACHI 95+ The FCT138T is a 1-of-8 decoder. The FCT138T acc
DM12ED220J03-ST   DM12ED220J03-ST DM12ED220J03-ST PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
DM12ED470J03-ST   DM12ED470J03-ST DM12ED470J03-ST PDF Download Notes: 1. Ris determined with the device mounted
DM12FD101J03-ST   DM12FD101J03-ST DM12FD101J03-ST PDF Download Refer to the RC5051 Block Diagram illustrated in
DM130341-4   DM130341-4 DM130341-4 PDF Download The CPU features two sets of functional units. E
DM131A   DM131A DM131A PDF Download HITACHI 95+ Because the IXDP610 is a digital IC, and is prog
DM132   DM132 DM132 PDF Download SITI QFN-32 2004 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM132B   DM132B DM132B PDF Download SITI SOP-28 P0302B1 Once activated, the link-on output will continue
DM132C   DM132C DM132C PDF Download SITI SOP-28 P0305A3 Parameter Supply Voltage (VCC to GND) Internal
DM133   DM133 DM133 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
DM133-691   DM133-691 DM133-691 PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
DM134   DM134 DM134 PDF Download SITI SOP24P 04+ These P-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
DM134B   DM134B DM134B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
DM135   DM135 DM135 PDF Download SITI SOP-24 04+ After the software data protections 3-byte comma
DM135A   DM135A DM135A PDF Download DM SMD 2002 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appro
DM135B   DM135B DM135B PDF Download SILI 04+ Silicon implementations are much more cost effec
DM136   DM136 DM136 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 160-MHz Clock Support LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible In
DM-136   DM-136 DM-136 PDF Download ZIP The AT49BV/LV040 are 3-volt only, 4-megabit Flas
DM137   DM137 DM137 PDF Download SITI The M68AF127B is a 1Mbit (1,048,576 bit) CMOS S
DM137CA   DM137CA DM137CA PDF Download The LTC®1981/LTC1982 are low-power, self-cont
DM13A   DM13A DM13A PDF Download The HR700 Series converters offer low noise on b
DM13C   DM13C DM13C PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
DM1402-01C   DM1402-01C DM1402-01C PDF Download 556 Note 1: RMODSET = 1kΩ. Excludes IOUT+ and I
DM141   DM141 DM141 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
DM142A   DM142A DM142A PDF Download 19 HITACHI 99+   The S5K433CA and S5K433LA are highly inte
DM143A   DM143A DM143A PDF Download 34 HITACHI 99+ Note 4: Excludes external resistor. In order to c
DM144A   DM144A DM144A PDF Download Note 1: The power rating is based on a printed c
DM145A   DM145A DM145A PDF Download HITACHI QFP2020-144
DM1461   DM1461 DM1461 PDF Download HIMARK SOP-3.9-16P 6+ This is a multi−function pin. Soft−s
DM147Q   DM147Q DM147Q PDF Download HC-49U 2001 • Moisture Resistance, steady state: MIL-ST
DM1489AN   DM1489AN DM1489AN PDF Download 00 Updated part listing on first page and in Table
DM1489N   DM1489N DM1489N PDF Download Note 5: The input bias currents are junction leak
DM14C89AM   DM14C89AM DM14C89AM PDF Download NS SOP14S 2007+ Port A also serves as a low-voltage 8-bit bi-dir
DM14C89AN   DM14C89AN DM14C89AN PDF Download • M68HC11 CPU • Power Saving STOP
DM14LS14M   DM14LS14M DM14LS14M PDF Download NS 05/06+ The DM14LS14M is optimized for stability with lar
DM150CSD120   DM150CSD120 DM150CSD120 PDF Download 1735 Incorporating a successive approximation architec
DM15680PF300VI1   DM15680PF300VI1 DM15680PF300VI1 PDF Download The DM15680PF300VI1 is a rail-to-rail input low
DM156C   DM156C DM156C PDF Download 33 HITACHI 95+ PC Power Supply Outputs Supervisory Circuitry F
DM15-751J   DM15-751J DM15-751J PDF Download AE N/A The HCPL-7860/HCPL-786J Optically Isolated Modul
DM157A   DM157A DM157A PDF Download ROHM QFP 96+ (All Min/Max characteristics and specifications
DM157A1   DM157A1 DM157A1 PDF Download If the X76F102 is in a nonvolatile write cycle a
DM15825005   DM15825005 DM15825005 PDF Download Single-Instruction Multiple-Data (SIMD) computat
DM15C100JP   DM15C100JP DM15C100JP PDF Download • Internal VCO adjustment free circuit eli
DM15CD120J03   DM15CD120J03 DM15CD120J03 PDF Download Typical Operating Current:11 mA at 3V Typical P
DM15FD4420F-S-C   DM15FD4420F-S-C DM15FD4420F-S-C PDF Download Memory interface  Can address up to 64 K by
DM1621-6G   DM1621-6G DM1621-6G PDF Download Die Standardlieferform von Serientypen beinhaltet
DM163   DM163 DM163 PDF Download SITI QFP44P 2005 International Rectifiers R5TM technology provide
DM163003   DM163003 DM163003 PDF Download Microchip Technology Notes: 2. The Fmin values are based on a set of
DM163004-LT   DM163004-LT DM163004-LT PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Manages Total Power Between a USB Peripheral and
DM163005   DM163005 DM163005 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
DM163007   DM163007 DM163007 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Typical Operating Current:11 mA at 3V Typical P
DM163008   DM163008 DM163008 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Halfbridge-Output 3; Internally contected to Hig
DM163010   DM163010 DM163010 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF ICC and ICC are dependent on output loading and
DM163011   DM163011 DM163011 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF Expand/Store: A common output that can be used as
DM163012   DM163012 DM163012 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF low, total supply current will be higher, depend
DM163014   DM163014 DM163014 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF The block diagram Figure 1 shows the architecture
DM163015   DM163015 DM163015 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF H = HIGH Voltage Level steady state h = HIGH Vo
DM163022   DM163022 DM163022 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF When CS is high, or UB and LB are high, the devi
DM163024   DM163024 DM163024 PDF Download Microchip Technology The processing flow begins when a 256-bit-wide i
DM163025   DM163025 DM163025 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF Notes: 1. Caution: The SYSCLK frequency, PLL_CFG
DM163026   DM163026 DM163026 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF Temperature  Operating5 ~ 55 C  Non-o
DM163027-2   DM163027-2 DM163027-2 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF 1. VIH (max) = 3.0V AC.The overshoot voltage dura
DM163027-4   DM163027-4 DM163027-4 PDF Download The HEDS-65xx/HEDL-65xx are high performance t
DM163028   DM163028 DM163028 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF OUTPUT VOLTAGE RANK LIST Device NameVOUTDevice
DM163029   DM163029 DM163029 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF 3.1 The END USER shall have the right to transfe
DM163B   DM163B DM163B PDF Download 15 HITACHI 99+ Up to 97% Efficiency 2MHz PWM Switching 800mA G
DM164120-1   DM164120-1 DM164120-1 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF The MAX5026 constant-frequency, pulse-width modul
DM164120-2   DM164120-2 DM164120-2 PDF Download Microchip Technology The GS4882 and GS4982 differentiate between valid
DM164120-3   DM164120-3 DM164120-3 PDF Download Microchip Technology After the MASTER sends a START condition and the
DM164124   DM164124 DM164124 PDF Download Microchip Technology • RF PA controller for use with HBT PAs 
DM164125   DM164125 DM164125 PDF Download Microchip Technology Information furnished is believed to be accurate
DM170C   DM170C DM170C PDF Download 30 HITACHI 98+   PARAMETERSYMBOL MIN. Average Luminous I
DM171   DM171 DM171 PDF Download NS DIP-14 2003 The HT24LC04 uses the A2 and A1 inputs for hard
DM171A   DM171A DM171A PDF Download 18 HITACHI 99+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM172A   DM172A DM172A PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
DM173001   DM173001 DM173001 PDF Download When the power supply of the TSB41AB3 is off whi
DM1734A   DM1734A DM1734A PDF Download • Robust High Voltage Termination • A
DM173A   DM173A DM173A PDF Download DM BGA This control pin is pulled up to an internal sup
DM175A   DM175A DM175A PDF Download DM BGA • NBT (No Bus Turn Around) functionality a
DM176A   DM176A DM176A PDF Download 32 HITACHI 98+ The CY7B951 Local Area Network ATM Transceiver i
DM177B   DM177B DM177B PDF Download 31 HITACHI 99+
DM178A   DM178A DM178A PDF Download HITACHI BGA 99+ Note b: ICC and ICC are dependent on output loa
DM178C   DM178C DM178C PDF Download 36 BGA OO The ERAL instruction erases the entire 128´
DM178D   DM178D DM178D PDF Download DM BGA OSC1, OSC2 are connected to an RC network or Crys
DM179B   DM179B DM179B PDF Download 166 HITACHI 01+ The ADS821 is a low-power, monolithic 10-bit, 40
DM17N8A4-2   DM17N8A4-2 DM17N8A4-2 PDF Download KEYRIN 06+ The AP1187 keeps a constant 1.25V between the VS
DM182B   DM182B DM182B PDF Download 16 HITACHI   The MMA3200 series of dual axis (X and Y)
DM183011   DM183011 DM183011 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF   Diagnostic outputs can be continuously mo
DM183021   DM183021 DM183021 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF Data should be encoded to provide frequent logic
DM183022   DM183022 DM183022 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF   This device contains protection circuitry
DM183023   DM183023 DM183023 PDF Download Microchip Technology NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
DM183A   DM183A DM183A PDF Download 1095 HITACHI 99+/00+ Complete closed loop current control based on Sy
DM186B   DM186B DM186B PDF Download HITACHI 99+ 585 LSI Logic Corporation reserves the right to make
DM186C   DM186C DM186C PDF Download - Ideal for DDR-I and DDR-II applications - Capa
DM188A   DM188A DM188A PDF Download 29 HITACHI For the device-specific interrupt priority confi
DM188B   DM188B DM188B PDF Download The CH7009 is a Display controller device which
DM189A   DM189A DM189A PDF Download 286 HITACHI 01+ D Low profile package (half pitch) D AC Isolatio
DM189B   DM189B DM189B PDF Download HIT BGA These data selectors/multiplexers provide full b
DM189B-84334-021   DM189B-84334-021 DM189B-84334-021 PDF Download HIT BGA 08+   - changed multiplier table   - fast
DM189C   DM189C DM189C PDF Download HIT BGA n 832 Mbps LVDS 16-bit serializer and deserializ
DM192A   DM192A DM192A PDF Download HIT BGA † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM192B   DM192B DM192B PDF Download HIT BGA Fully compatible with 16550 and 16450 devices E
DM195   DM195 DM195 PDF Download NS DIP The MAX202ECMAX213E, MAX232E/MAX241E line driver
DM197A   DM197A DM197A PDF Download HIT BGA The ISL6401 adjustable frequency, low power, puls
DM199D   DM199D DM199D PDF Download 日立 BGA 05+ Intrinsic deterministic device jitter is a measu
DM19A1   DM19A1 DM19A1 PDF Download SIEMENS 0432+ This link must be in position "A" if e
DM19FD682F03   DM19FD682F03 DM19FD682F03 PDF Download Note 6: Output rise and fall times are measured b
DM1A058W   DM1A058W DM1A058W PDF Download ALEPH 96 SYNC (Pin 9): Driver Synchronization Input. 0V at
DM1A05BW   DM1A05BW DM1A05BW PDF Download ALEPH DIP- 8 08+ The Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of 288 Mb
DM1M32SJ15   DM1M32SJ15 DM1M32SJ15 PDF Download Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
DM1O126   DM1O126 DM1O126 PDF Download Case: JEDEC DO-219AB (SMF®) Plastic case Te
DM201005PGA   DM201005PGA DM201005PGA PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
DM2011AZ   DM2011AZ DM2011AZ PDF Download
DM2016   DM2016 DM2016 PDF Download DA 06+ Hynix HYMD212G726A(L)S4-M/K/H/L series is designe
DM202B   DM202B DM202B PDF Download NOTES: VZ is programmable from -2V to +7V. IOL
DM202S1   DM202S1 DM202S1 PDF Download The advent of cheaper and more powerful personal
DM203B   DM203B DM203B PDF Download 日立 BGA 05+ TC9208M includes a physical layer configuration /
DM2058B   DM2058B DM2058B PDF Download The XRT59L91 is an optimized single-chip analog
DM2065   DM2065 DM2065 PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
DM2069   DM2069 DM2069 PDF Download When starting up the circuit utilizing the MSK 4
DM2069D   DM2069D DM2069D PDF Download The HSDL-3310 can be shut down completely to a
DM206BA   DM206BA DM206BA PDF Download Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) The SST39VF1
DM207   DM207 DM207 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The DM207 operational amplifier is
DM207003PGA   DM207003PGA DM207003PGA PDF Download TI 214 QFP   Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads &
DM20703ZE1   DM20703ZE1 DM20703ZE1 PDF Download SIEMENS 05+ The RESET output is guaranteed to be in the corre
DM207-03ZE1   DM207-03ZE1 DM207-03ZE1 PDF Download . TSSOP24
DM20703ZEI   DM20703ZEI DM20703ZEI PDF Download 59 AD 00+ Provide a well decoupled 5V bias supply for the
DM207AA   DM207AA DM207AA PDF Download A thermal warning indicator is activated by the
DM207DAA   DM207DAA DM207DAA PDF Download 99 SSOP The LDO is used to filter the ripple on CPO and t
DM207DAA00T   DM207DAA00T DM207DAA00T PDF Download SIEMENS TSSOP 9913+
DM207DAA-00T   DM207DAA-00T DM207DAA-00T PDF Download SIEMENS TSSOP 9913+ • Best in class in DIP7, DIP8, TO220, I2Pak
DM207DAA-OOT   DM207DAA-OOT DM207DAA-OOT PDF Download SIEMENS 2000 14200 Hynix HYMD18M645A(L)6-K/H/L series is designed fo
DM207TR   DM207TR DM207TR PDF Download 61 Interrupt sources (1 Watch Dog Timer, 5 Timer
DM2086D   DM2086D DM2086D PDF Download The TO-220 is offered in a 3-pin is universally
DM210   DM210 DM210 PDF Download NS 06+ TO220   The SY89833L is a 3.3V, high-speed 2GHz d
DM211   DM211 DM211 PDF Download SONY Serial operation occurs when nP_LOAD is HIGH and
DM211A   DM211A DM211A PDF Download SONY SMD-4 As load current is reduced, the energy required
DM213EARS   DM213EARS DM213EARS PDF Download ADM SSOP-28 04+ n Serial data input / output n Low dynamic curre
DM2151AN   DM2151AN DM2151AN PDF Download NS DIP- 07+/08+ The AD7940 uses advanced design techniques to ac
DM217D2(IN24VOUT12V/1A)   DM217D2(IN24VOUT12V/1A) DM217D2(IN24VOUT12V/1A) PDF Download Split-Register-Transfer Function Transfers Data
DM218A   DM218A DM218A PDF Download SONY SMD-4 Supports PIO mode 4, both at 16.6 Mbytes/second
DM2202   DM2202 DM2202 PDF Download Flexible Logic Resources - Up to 93,184 intern
DM2202J15   DM2202J15 DM2202J15 PDF Download LINEARITY   Linearity refers to how well a
DM2202J-15   DM2202J-15 DM2202J-15 PDF Download RAMTRON SOJ-28 08+ Positive power supply Trigger input active at
DM2202J-15S   DM2202J-15S DM2202J-15S PDF Download PLCC This voltage is compared to a fixed frequency lin
DM2202T-15176E0002A   DM2202T-15176E0002A DM2202T-15176E0002A PDF Download The data contained in the data stream can also a
DM2203T15   DM2203T15 DM2203T15 PDF Download enhanced enhanced dc98 When T1 is set to logic 1, the programmable divi
DM2212J15   DM2212J15 DM2212J15 PDF Download Do Not Connect No Internal Connection No Inter
DM2212J-15   DM2212J-15 DM2212J-15 PDF Download PARADIGM SOJ The Kawasaki KL5KUSB111 Controller is a unique s
DM2223TD226E0003A   DM2223TD226E0003A DM2223TD226E0003A PDF Download 1. The mercury wetted relay provides a high spee
DM224   DM224 DM224 PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The LTC®4258 is a quad C48V Hot SwapTM contro
DM228   DM228 DM228 PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The ISD4002 ChipCorder® products provide hig
DM232AARN   DM232AARN DM232AARN PDF Download BOOT: This pin provides the high side rail for th
DM-232-TD   DM-232-TD DM-232-TD PDF Download 光纤 07+/08+ HY5V62C is offering fully synchronous operation r
DM23C0104-01   DM23C0104-01 DM23C0104-01 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT03 have open-drain N-transistor outp
DM240   DM240 DM240 PDF Download NS DIP 1) If change is made to the constant of an exter
DM240001   DM240001 DM240001 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF NOTES: (1) All devices receive a 1s test. Failur
DM240002   DM240002 DM240002 PDF Download Microchip Technology The first step in choosing the right product is
DM2401N   DM2401N DM2401N PDF Download • Data mask (DM) for write data • DL
DM240ES   DM240ES DM240ES PDF Download NS DIP 2006
DM2440MTR   DM2440MTR DM2440MTR PDF Download NS SMD 1995 The MAX 7000E devicesincluding the EPM7128E, EPM
DM244B50M   DM244B50M DM244B50M PDF Download (prescaler OFF) Input sensitivity fi = 80 - 100
DM24D15-500   DM24D15-500 DM24D15-500 PDF Download • SMD and through-hole versions with  
DM24LS154N   DM24LS154N DM24LS154N PDF Download
DM24P0004A   DM24P0004A DM24P0004A PDF Download Note 3: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
DM24RFC01ANC   DM24RFC01ANC DM24RFC01ANC PDF Download DSP AMD FusionE86SM partners provide an array of pro
DM24RFS01BLC-T2   DM24RFS01BLC-T2 DM24RFS01BLC-T2 PDF Download DSP Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
DM2502CJ   DM2502CJ DM2502CJ PDF Download NS DIP 06+
DM2502CN   DM2502CN DM2502CN PDF Download NS DIP-16 98+   Blanking the noise pulse in this way is v
DM2503CN   DM2503CN DM2503CN PDF Download NS SOP 8644 The LM5110 Dual Gate Driver replaces industry st
DM2503J   DM2503J DM2503J PDF Download NS CDIP16P 98   The LP2950 and LP2951 are micropower volta
DM2504CN   DM2504CN DM2504CN PDF Download NS 98 When VCC is between 0 to 1.5V during power up or
DM2518AS/AZ   DM2518AS/AZ DM2518AS/AZ PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Widebus E Family Output Ports Have Equivalent 25
DM2526ETN-S   DM2526ETN-S DM2526ETN-S PDF Download DMEL 99+ SOP8 The Hitachi HN58S256A is a electrically erasable
DM2526-P   DM2526-P DM2526-P PDF Download DMEL Transmit analog inputs and the outputs for transm
DM2526-S   DM2526-S DM2526-S PDF Download DMEL 99+ SOP8 Data Strobe: Output with read data, input with wr
DM2526-T   DM2526-T DM2526-T PDF Download DMEL DIP-8 9808 NOTE: All input pulses are supplied by a generat
DM2-5707SR-DC16   DM2-5707SR-DC16 DM2-5707SR-DC16 PDF Download COTCO 0102+ • high volume production test stations &#
DM260D05   DM260D05 DM260D05 PDF Download slave devices in the I 2C protocol with all memo
DM26LS31CM   DM26LS31CM DM26LS31CM PDF Download NS SMD 98 Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages RON Matc
DM26LS31CN   DM26LS31CN DM26LS31CN PDF Download If the power supply is shared with another elect
DM27128-20   DM27128-20 DM27128-20 PDF Download AMD 镜DIP28 * The DM27128-20B-xx is a dot matrix LCD controller
DM2712825   DM2712825 DM2712825 PDF Download seeq seeq dc90 The H11NX-M series has a high speed integrated c
DM27128-25   DM27128-25 DM27128-25 PDF Download SEEQ CWDIP-28 9251 1. Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits beyo
DM27128-45   DM27128-45 DM27128-45 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP28 Note 1: Tested at VDD = +2.7V. Note 2: Relative
DM2764-20   DM2764-20 DM2764-20 PDF Download SEEQ
DM2764-25   DM2764-25 DM2764-25 PDF Download SEEQ CWDIP28 —— The SMJ320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP f
DM2764-25/B   DM2764-25/B DM2764-25/B PDF Download SEEQ CWDIP24 8742+ Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUT
DM2764A-25   DM2764A-25 DM2764A-25 PDF Download SEEQ 01+ Surface-mount technology can be applied to the C
DM27C040   DM27C040 DM27C040 PDF Download AMD 91   The RC4700 incorporates all system contro
DM27C64-25/B   DM27C64-25/B DM27C64-25/B PDF Download The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
DM2802-01C   DM2802-01C DM2802-01C PDF Download 337 Voltage Regulation 0.45 V Dropout at 3 A 50 mV
DM2816A-200/B   DM2816A-200/B DM2816A-200/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP It also has a microprocessor compatible input con
DM2816A-250   DM2816A-250 DM2816A-250 PDF Download SEEQ The signal value is a direct function of Cs and
DM2816A-250/B   DM2816A-250/B DM2816A-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
DM2816A-250B   DM2816A-250B DM2816A-250B PDF Download 98 The device has up to 64K bytes of reprogrammable
DM2816A--250B   DM2816A--250B DM2816A--250B PDF Download OPERATING PRINCIPLE The DM2816A--250BLB is able
DM2816A-350   DM2816A-350 DM2816A-350 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP24 9141  The Hynix HYM76V8655HGT8 Series are Dual I
DM2816A-350/B   DM2816A-350/B DM2816A-350/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP Reset (active high) - A longer than 40 ns HIGH p
DM2817A-250   DM2817A-250 DM2817A-250 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP28平 • Oscillation frequency dispersion of IC its
DM2817A-250/B   DM2817A-250/B DM2817A-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP NOTE : 1. Samsung are not designed or manufactur
DM2864-25   DM2864-25 DM2864-25 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP28 —— * ISR will operate down to no load with reduced
DM2864-250   DM2864-250 DM2864-250 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP —— Connect this pin to the upper MOSFETs gate. This
DM2864-250B   DM2864-250B DM2864-250B PDF Download At any time, the FIFO can be reset to an empty s
DM2864A-250   DM2864A-250 DM2864A-250 PDF Download XICOR DIP N/A The CPU32+ processor is the full 32-bit extensio
DM2864H-250   DM2864H-250 DM2864H-250 PDF Download SEEQ DIP28 99+ The Discrete Products Operation of Intersil has
DM28C256-200/B   DM28C256-200/B DM28C256-200/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP The WRITE instruction writes data into the devic
DM28C256-250   DM28C256-250 DM28C256-250 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP-28   The switching safe operating area (SOA) o
DM28C256-250/B   DM28C256-250/B DM28C256-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP The SA2400A is a fully integrated single IC RF t
DM28C256--250/B   DM28C256--250/B DM28C256--250/B PDF Download • AN1831/D Using MC68HC908 On-Chip  
DM28C256-250C   DM28C256-250C DM28C256-250C PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
DM28C256-300   DM28C256-300 DM28C256-300 PDF Download SEEQ 04+ TRANSFER FUNCTION TEST A functional diagram of t
DM28C256-300/B   DM28C256-300/B DM28C256-300/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP   The signal bandwidth of a transimpedance amplifi
DM28C256-350   DM28C256-350 DM28C256-350 PDF Download SEEQ 04+ • Low forward rise voltage (VF) and satisfac
DM28C256A200/B   DM28C256A200/B DM28C256A200/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP   Please be aware that an important notice
DM28C256A-200/B   DM28C256A-200/B DM28C256A-200/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP DSPCDSP Semaphore 0 DSPCDSP Semaphore 1 DSPCDSP
DM28C64   DM28C64 DM28C64 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP CDIP PWGD (Pin 6) - Power Good pin. This is an open dr
DM28C64-120   DM28C64-120 DM28C64-120 PDF Download SEEQ 04+ After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
DM28C64-200   DM28C64-200 DM28C64-200 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP28 00+ An address access read is initiated by a change
DM28C64-250   DM28C64-250 DM28C64-250 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP-28 The USB2223-03 is a USB2.0 Bulk Only Mass Storage
DM28C64-250/B   DM28C64-250/B DM28C64-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP 1. Stresses above those listed under the Absolut
DM28C64A-250   DM28C64A-250 DM28C64A-250 PDF Download SEEQ 04+ The information provided herein is believed to b
DM28C64A-250/B   DM28C64A-250/B DM28C64A-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP Also available under the following Standard Micr
DM28C65-250/B   DM28C65-250/B DM28C65-250/B PDF Download SEEQ DIP Controls the 3-color LED Separately (ILED=10mA x
DM28HC256-120   DM28HC256-120 DM28HC256-120 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP28 After the erase instruction is entered, CS must
DM2942DC   DM2942DC DM2942DC PDF Download The output voltage remains at the clamp level as
DM2951   DM2951 DM2951 PDF Download The DG5043 solid state analog switch is recommen
DM2B-DSFW-PEJ-S   DM2B-DSFW-PEJ-S DM2B-DSFW-PEJ-S PDF Download Hirose Electric Co Ltd (VA) 05+   C Supports both Firmware Hub (FWH) and LP
DM2G75SH12A   DM2G75SH12A DM2G75SH12A PDF Download DAWIN • Devices QML Qualified in Accordance
DM2H(125VAC/DC3.2A)   DM2H(125VAC/DC3.2A) DM2H(125VAC/DC3.2A) PDF Download This combination of excellent dc performance wit
DM2M2N325-60JS-IS   DM2M2N325-60JS-IS DM2M2N325-60JS-IS PDF Download The Stop Condition initiates an internally timed
DM2M32SJ-12   DM2M32SJ-12 DM2M32SJ-12 PDF Download +5V reference output. This low-drift zener volta
DM300004-1   DM300004-1 DM300004-1 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF   There are two limitations on the power ha
DM300004-2   DM300004-2 DM300004-2 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF This Advance Information Sheet contains prelimin
DM300014   DM300014 DM300014 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Address access time Chip select 1 access time
DM300015   DM300015 DM300015 PDF Download The CNA (cable-not-active) terminal provides a h
DM300017   DM300017 DM300017 PDF Download MICROCHIP 08+PBF Headphone is plugged in or not plugged in indicat
DM300018   DM300018 DM300018 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF   The SN54 / 74LS195A is a high speed 4-Bit
DM300019   DM300019 DM300019 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF   An on chip resistor is provided which can
DM300020   DM300020 DM300020 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF The information provided herein is believed to b
DM300021   DM300021 DM300021 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF NOTE:A bilingual port can only connect to a 1394b
DM300022   DM300022 DM300022 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF   SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics GROUP OF COM
DM300023   DM300023 DM300023 PDF Download Microchip Technology NEC's NE663M04 is fabricated using NEC's UHS0 25
DM300024   DM300024 DM300024 PDF Download Microchip Technology The TMS29F400T/B is a 524 288 by 8-bit / 262 144
DM300027   DM300027 DM300027 PDF Download Microchip Technology Function Port 2, Bit 1-7 Analog In 1-7 Reset
DM303006   DM303006 DM303006 PDF Download Microchip Technology 08+PBF The source and load impedances presented to the
DM30S1.6   DM30S1.6 DM30S1.6 PDF Download PWMs Compatible with Voltage-Mode or Current-Mo
DM311   DM311 DM311 PDF Download FAI DIP-8 N/A TheLM140/LM340A/LM340/LM78XXCmonolithic 3-termin
DM311/   DM311/ DM311/ PDF Download PCI bus interface for up to 4 IDE devices 33 MHz
DM311L   DM311L DM311L PDF Download The FAN7382 is a monolithic half-bridge gate dri
DM311R   DM311R DM311R PDF Download
DM32/125V/3.2A   DM32/125V/3.2A DM32/125V/3.2A PDF Download NS DIP 07+ The CZ80CPU cores functionality was verified by m
DM320001   DM320001 DM320001 PDF Download Microchip Technology Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened Neutron Tol
DM321   DM321 DM321 PDF Download Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
DM321R   DM321R DM321R PDF Download 3. Circuit board traces from the DAAs TIP and RIN
DM32-3.2A   DM32-3.2A DM32-3.2A PDF Download  The Samsung M390S6450CT1 is a 64M bit x 72
DM3272VS12804R75G   DM3272VS12804R75G DM3272VS12804R75G PDF Download mct mct dc00+ The Secured Silicon Sector is an extra 256 byte s
DM330011   DM330011 DM330011 PDF Download Microchip Technology NOTES: 1. VCC = 5V, TA = +25C for Typ., and are
DM-3450   DM-3450 DM-3450 PDF Download FUJ 94 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
DM3578   DM3578 DM3578 PDF Download 7.5.1 Spanning-tree bridge (802.1d) Bridge modul
DM-3579-02   DM-3579-02 DM-3579-02 PDF Download FUJ BGA 01+ It is recommended that tantalum capacitors have
DM3586   DM3586 DM3586 PDF Download N/A SMD 98+   : When assigning bit operand, K1~K4 are u
DM-3593   DM-3593 DM-3593 PDF Download FUJ 05/06+   The 33099 is designed to regulate the out
DM-3593-02   DM-3593-02 DM-3593-02 PDF Download FUJ BGA 07+/08+ An external shutdown connection selects operatin
DM-3593-03   DM-3593-03 DM-3593-03 PDF Download FUJ 05/06+ SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29W320D is a 32 Mbit (
DM35F2991C067   DM35F2991C067 DM35F2991C067 PDF Download National Semiconductor PLCC-68 07+/08+ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Device M
DM35F2992C068   DM35F2992C068 DM35F2992C068 PDF Download NS 93 Reducing the Input Slew Rate In some cases, the
DM3611   DM3611 DM3611 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
DM36117KAA11BQC   DM36117KAA11BQC DM36117KAA11BQC PDF Download 04+ H = High Voltage Level, L = Low Voltage Level, X
DM3612   DM3612 DM3612 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 The drain pins are designed to connect directly t
DM3615   DM3615 DM3615 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 14-bit resolution with no missing codes Through
DM3616   DM3616 DM3616 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 2.3 External Special Function Registers (XFR) Th
DM3621   DM3621 DM3621 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Automatic mode transition of constant-frequency s
DM3626   DM3626 DM3626 PDF Download Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
DM3628   DM3628 DM3628 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24   TVS devices are not typically used for dc
DM3631   DM3631 DM3631 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Max
DM3641   DM3641 DM3641 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
DM3646   DM3646 DM3646 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
DM3647   DM3647 DM3647 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Information in this document is provided in conn
DM3651   DM3651 DM3651 PDF Download 06+ SOP-24 Supply Voltage Input for the internal PMOS Power
DM3655   DM3655 DM3655 PDF Download N/A SMD 98+ The Hynix HYM71V16M635HC(L)T8 Series are 16Mx64bi
DM3676   DM3676 DM3676 PDF Download 06+ SMD • Supports AT&T TR62411 and Telcordia
DM3678   DM3678 DM3678 PDF Download SEAGATE 02+ The programmable AND Array consists of 36 inputs
DM3684   DM3684 DM3684 PDF Download 06+ SMD As with all analog circuitry, the TERMPWR lines
DM3687   DM3687 DM3687 PDF Download 06+ SMD The AD7877 is a 12-bit successive approximation
DM36W4P   DM36W4P DM36W4P PDF Download The MCP1700 is a family of CMOS low dropout (LDO)
DM370   DM370 DM370 PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
DM37462(014B-5C24)   DM37462(014B-5C24) DM37462(014B-5C24) PDF Download NS DIP-24 07+/08+   The absolute maximum ratings are values w
DM37ANV1PLM   DM37ANV1PLM DM37ANV1PLM PDF Download Microcontrollers are often used in harsh environm
DM402S3   DM402S3 DM402S3 PDF Download The clock input is differential and TTL/CMOS-com
DM405D03/IN-48VOUT3.3V/5V   DM405D03/IN-48VOUT3.3V/5V DM405D03/IN-48VOUT3.3V/5V PDF Download Connect the converter per Table 1 for the approp
DM406S1   DM406S1 DM406S1 PDF Download DONGAH Notes:  *All PIO signals are shared with o
DM410S1B   DM410S1B DM410S1B PDF Download Output (Pulse Out). Output connected to inductor.
DM413   DM413 DM413 PDF Download SITI SSOP-16 2004
DM413S03   DM413S03 DM413S03 PDF Download Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
DM414   DM414 DM414 PDF Download SITI SSOP-16 08+ When the output current is higher than the linsk
DM415505A   DM415505A DM415505A PDF Download To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage betw
DM415S03   DM415S03 DM415S03 PDF Download Note 8: tRNMI-LEFT and tRNMI-RIGHT are a measure
DM415S1AH   DM415S1AH DM415S1AH PDF Download 1. Characteristics in stand-alone mode • 3
DM415S1B   DM415S1B DM415S1B PDF Download Mono 1.5W BTL or stereo 300mW output Logic cont
DM415S1C   DM415S1C DM415S1C PDF Download   (Copies of these documents are available
DM4200BG-70   DM4200BG-70 DM4200BG-70 PDF Download RAMS SOJ20 Slew rate control. The programmed output volt-
DM420S05   DM420S05 DM420S05 PDF Download DONGAH 模块 03+ Turn-On Propagation Delay Turn-Off Propagation
DM421D03   DM421D03 DM421D03 PDF Download DONGAH DIP-6P 07+ *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
DM430T1(IN-48VOUT12V/1A-12V/0.5A)   DM430T1(IN-48VOUT12V/1A-12V/0.5A) DM430T1(IN-48VOUT12V/1A-12V/0.5A) PDF Download DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage MESH
DM435T03   DM435T03 DM435T03 PDF Download DONGAH The ratio of the voltage divider R10/R11 is fixi
DM436D2   DM436D2 DM436D2 PDF Download The devices also have 64 I/O cells, each of whic
DM44   DM44 DM44 PDF Download N/A 1982 DIP This demonstration board is a two layer PCB. It
DM440   DM440 DM440 PDF Download Signal data can be accepted at rates up to rxclk
DM440T2   DM440T2 DM440T2 PDF Download DONGAH 模块 * The Toshiba products listed in this document ar
DM45   DM45 DM45 PDF Download DIP8 02+ Protection features of this controller IC include
DM450D1   DM450D1 DM450D1 PDF Download AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash me
DM45302F   DM45302F DM45302F PDF Download 98+ 模块 (3) Reset   L level input over than 3ms to
DM455D03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/10A5V/1A)   DM455D03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/10A5V/1A) DM455D03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/10A5V/1A) PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM460D03B-S   DM460D03B-S DM460D03B-S PDF Download !Features 1) Suitable for damping resistors. 2)
DM460D05   DM460D05 DM460D05 PDF Download  4.3 Screening (JANTX AND JANTXV levels only
DM460D05-AS   DM460D05-AS DM460D05-AS PDF Download This device contains circuitry to protect the inp
DM460D05N   DM460D05N DM460D05N PDF Download DONGAH 模块 03+ Run: CPU on, peripherals on Idle: CPU off, per
DM460S1   DM460S1 DM460S1 PDF Download DONGAH 模块 N/A The bq2060 SBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC for batter
DM470J1   DM470J1 DM470J1 PDF Download DONGAH The feedback bank has one pair of low-skew, high
DM475S03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/15A)   DM475S03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/15A) DM475S03(IN-48VOUT3.3V/15A) PDF Download NEW Fully Plastic TO-220 for HIGH VOLTAGE APPLI
DM485M   DM485M DM485M PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
DM485MX   DM485MX DM485MX PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V32735AT8 Series are Dual I
DM485N   DM485N DM485N PDF Download Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpora
DM48S12-1250I   DM48S12-1250I DM48S12-1250I PDF Download WRLL Stanford Microdevices DM48S12-1250I is a high pe
DM48S3.34000   DM48S3.34000 DM48S3.34000 PDF Download Field/Factory programming is available for sample
DM4AF2   DM4AF2 DM4AF2 PDF Download DONGAH 04+ DIP-9模块 Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2.
DM4AF2B   DM4AF2B DM4AF2B PDF Download DONGAH 模块 03+ These Schottky diodes are specifi- cally designe
DM4LS05N   DM4LS05N DM4LS05N PDF Download The ADS1610 ∆Ó topology provides ke
DM5003GZ5DF   DM5003GZ5DF DM5003GZ5DF PDF Download Conclusion As digitizing systems increase in sp
DM51157-13   DM51157-13 DM51157-13 PDF Download Pin/Code Compatible with all 80960Jx Processors
DM5133-250   DM5133-250 DM5133-250 PDF Download SEEQ CDIP24 95+ The SN74GTLPH1645 is a high-drive, 16-bit bus tr
DM515   DM515 DM515 PDF Download NA 02+ The self-refresh mode is entered by dropping CAS
DM5170AG   DM5170AG DM5170AG PDF Download N/A SQFP32 07+ The all-digital DM5170AG/24 supports a variety o
DM5175HL   DM5175HL DM5175HL PDF Download PLCC 05+ The HA-5020 is a wide bandwidth, high slew rate a
DM5191V   DM5191V DM5191V PDF Download Short Circuit Applied to Output When a heavy loa
DM5-24   DM5-24 DM5-24 PDF Download 4238 05+ FEATURES • High capacitance has been achi
DM5-24/62179/091251E   DM5-24/62179/091251E DM5-24/62179/091251E PDF Download N/A QFN 0518+  The Hynix HYM71V16735AT8 Series are Dual I
DM53740-31   DM53740-31 DM53740-31 PDF Download Each part consists of an on-axis port and an off
DM53740-5001   DM53740-5001 DM53740-5001 PDF Download The TOSHIBA TLP227G series consist of a gallium
DM53740-5005   DM53740-5005 DM53740-5005 PDF Download IT 05/06+ The HT24LC02 has a write protect pin that provide
DM53740-5008   DM53740-5008 DM53740-5008 PDF Download The Am29F010 is a 1 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash me
DM537405031   DM537405031 DM537405031 PDF Download Hynix HYMD532M646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed fo
DM537405062   DM537405062 DM537405062 PDF Download cinch cinch dc67+ The various buffers within the BUFxx702 are care
DM537415000NC   DM537415000NC DM537415000NC PDF Download The DM537415000NC/DM537415000NC implement both lo
DM53742-5001   DM53742-5001 DM53742-5001 PDF Download Multi-purpose input / output pin (Figure 2-2).
DM537425049   DM537425049 DM537425049 PDF Download cinch cinch dc67+
DM53742-5089   DM53742-5089 DM53742-5089 PDF Download SM6610 series is high-accuracy temperature senso
DM53744-21   DM53744-21 DM53744-21 PDF Download Atmel Colorado Springs, USA Atmel Nantes, France
DM53744-25   DM53744-25 DM53744-25 PDF Download No license, express or implied, by estoppel or ot
DM53744-6   DM53744-6 DM53744-6 PDF Download  TESTCONDITIONS  Thermal CyclingWithst
DM53744-7   DM53744-7 DM53744-7 PDF Download IT 05/06+ Differential LO input with high input impedance.
DM537451   DM537451 DM537451 PDF Download The enable input, Pin 9, is buffered for 1024Tos
DM53745-25   DM53745-25 DM53745-25 PDF Download . . . designed for amplifier applications in 50
DM5374528   DM5374528 DM5374528 PDF Download Power Good output. This is an open drain output
DM53745-28   DM53745-28 DM53745-28 PDF Download 07+ Choice of three bright colors Standard T-1&frac
DM53745-7   DM53745-7 DM53745-7 PDF Download The on-chip temperature sensor of the AD7817 and
DM53745-8   DM53745-8 DM53745-8 PDF Download Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent
DM5400-2   DM5400-2 DM5400-2 PDF Download 1735 At the high-impedance Bypass pin, care must be t
DM5400J   DM5400J DM5400J PDF Download 03+  This IC is 1 chip driv er IC f or spindle
DM5400J/883   DM5400J/883 DM5400J/883 PDF Download NS DIP 99+ After initialization and synchronization, the se
DM5400J/883B   DM5400J/883B DM5400J/883B PDF Download NS 81   TAOperating free-air temperature−408
DM5400J/883C   DM5400J/883C DM5400J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ • Input voltage range: 2.5V to 5.5V ̶
DM5400N   DM5400N DM5400N PDF Download 06+ DIP-14 Note 2: These specifications apply for −55&
DM5400N/883B   DM5400N/883B DM5400N/883B PDF Download NS Product Term Assignment Each Macrocell sum-of-p
DM5400W   DM5400W DM5400W PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
DM5400W/883   DM5400W/883 DM5400W/883 PDF Download JD 81+ These converters are manufactured in a facility
DM5400W/883C   DM5400W/883C DM5400W/883C PDF Download NSC 2008 It is possible to choose from the four different
DM5400W/883Q   DM5400W/883Q DM5400W/883Q PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source Re
DM5401J/883B   DM5401J/883B DM5401J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8432+ The DM5401J/883B is a dual operational amplifier
DM5401J/883C   DM5401J/883C DM5401J/883C PDF Download DIP 102 NS VDD GND PLL VCO IN PLL VCO OUT PLL Enable NC
DM5402J   DM5402J DM5402J PDF Download NS DIP-14P 8452+   PCI hot-plug and CompactPCI™ hot-swa
DM5402J/883   DM5402J/883 DM5402J/883 PDF Download NS 84 The ICSI IC61S6432 is a high-speed, low-power syn
DM5402J/883B   DM5402J/883B DM5402J/883B PDF Download CDIP An external capacitor connected to this pin sets
DM5402J/883C   DM5402J/883C DM5402J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ NOTES: Permanent device damage may occur if ABSO
DM5402N   DM5402N DM5402N PDF Download Memory D Up To 32kB Flash Memory D Flash Memory
DM5402W/883QS   DM5402W/883QS DM5402W/883QS PDF Download   Near-zero propagation delay   5͐
DM5403/883B   DM5403/883B DM5403/883B PDF Download NS DIP14 07+ Precision Fixed Operating Frequency KA1M0265R
DM5403J   DM5403J DM5403J PDF Download NS CDIP Hynix HYMD264726A(L)8J-J series is designed for h
DM5403J/883   DM5403J/883 DM5403J/883 PDF Download NS 82
DM5403J/883B   DM5403J/883B DM5403J/883B PDF Download CDIP put, namely; mechanical and optomechanical. It re
DM5404J   DM5404J DM5404J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8508+ The AVR uses a Harvard architecture concept C wi
DM5404J/883   DM5404J/883 DM5404J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1 2 MAC UNIT The MAC (Media Access Control) unit
DM5404J/883B   DM5404J/883B DM5404J/883B PDF Download NS NOTE: 1. These inputs are normally wired to VDD
DM5404J/883C   DM5404J/883C DM5404J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ Disclaimer Alcor Micro Corp. reserves the right
DM5404W/883QS   DM5404W/883QS DM5404W/883QS PDF Download Digital Supply Digital Ground Transmit Baud Cl
DM5405J   DM5405J DM5405J PDF Download NS CDIP The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be tw
DM5405J/883B   DM5405J/883B DM5405J/883B PDF Download the memory by taking care of all of the special
DM5405J/883C   DM5405J/883C DM5405J/883C PDF Download NS 01+
DM5406J   DM5406J DM5406J PDF Download TI DIP 82+ The HT93LC56 is a 2K-bit low voltage nonvola- t
DM5406J/883   DM5406J/883 DM5406J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
DM5406J/883B   DM5406J/883B DM5406J/883B PDF Download NS 02+ The MK3725 VCXO function consists of the externa
DM5406J/883C   DM5406J/883C DM5406J/883C PDF Download NS DIP14 address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
DM5406J/883QS   DM5406J/883QS DM5406J/883QS PDF Download N/A NS 04+ The XC2164 series are high frequency, low current
DM5406W/883   DM5406W/883 DM5406W/883 PDF Download NSC 2008 SRAM. The DM9601 has interfaces to the UTP3, 4, 5
DM5406W/883B   DM5406W/883B DM5406W/883B PDF Download NS SOP 1983 256-byte SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector
DM5406W/883C   DM5406W/883C DM5406W/883C PDF Download   C Caches are physically addressed, implem
DM5407J   DM5407J DM5407J PDF Download NS 03+ Notes: (1) ISR-will operate down to no load with
DM5407J/883   DM5407J/883 DM5407J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ 3.3V core power supply 3.3V power supply for CK4
DM5407J/883/C   DM5407J/883/C DM5407J/883/C PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM5407J/883B   DM5407J/883B DM5407J/883B PDF Download • The basic gate function is lined up as Re
DM5407J/883C   DM5407J/883C DM5407J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The 33099 uses a feedback voltage to esta
DM5407J/883QS   DM5407J/883QS DM5407J/883QS PDF Download • Bring Shut Down (SD)/Mode pin to a logic
DM5407J883C   DM5407J883C DM5407J883C PDF Download Accuracy specifications tested at VDD = 5.0V. Per
DM5407W/883B   DM5407W/883B DM5407W/883B PDF Download NS SOP Physical Layer The physical layer interface is
DM5407W/883QS   DM5407W/883QS DM5407W/883QS PDF Download   Exposure to absolute maximum conditions f
DM5408/883   DM5408/883 DM5408/883 PDF Download 3-A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available in 1
DM5408J   DM5408J DM5408J PDF Download NS DIP N/A Figure 10.LD Equivalent circuit for simulating of
DM5408J/883B   DM5408J/883B DM5408J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 92+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
DM5408J/883B/C   DM5408J/883B/C DM5408J/883B/C PDF Download NS 00+ DATA (Pin 8): Input/Output. Microcontroller side
DM5408J/883C   DM5408J/883C DM5408J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Typical tSK(o) (Output Skew) < 250ps
DM5408J/883QS   DM5408J/883QS DM5408J/883QS PDF Download 14 NSC 9902   All voltages are measured with respect to
DM5409J   DM5409J DM5409J PDF Download NS CDIP14 98 CMOS transistor switch. Only one tap point for e
DM5409J/883   DM5409J/883 DM5409J/883 PDF Download CDIP   Wellenlänge der Strahlung 950 nm &nb
DM5409J/883C   DM5409J/883C DM5409J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector is an e
DM54107J/883   DM54107J/883 DM54107J/883 PDF Download NS 87 RESET is asserted and the condition is latched un
DM54107J/883B   DM54107J/883B DM54107J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 7935 basic characteristics into more easily specified
DM54109J   DM54109J DM54109J PDF Download In-system programmable MAX 7000 devicescalled MA
DM54109J/883B   DM54109J/883B DM54109J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ Notes: (1) Derate Linearly 1.67 mW/o C above 25o
DM54109N   DM54109N DM54109N PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8806+
DM5410J   DM5410J DM5410J PDF Download TI DIP/14 74+ The internal ROM program is capable of implementi
DM5410J/883   DM5410J/883 DM5410J/883 PDF Download DIP ON Semiconductor andare trademarks of Semiconduct
DM5410J/883B   DM5410J/883B DM5410J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 9613 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
DM5410J/883C   DM5410J/883C DM5410J/883C PDF Download CDIP The 3-wire port consists of three signals, RST ,
DM5411J   DM5411J DM5411J PDF Download NS 97+ The LCX16373 contains sixteen D-type latches wit
DM5411J/883B   DM5411J/883B DM5411J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8416 In a buck converter (the type used by all Fairch
DM54121J   DM54121J DM54121J PDF Download NS 00+   The LVCC4245A is manufactured using advan
DM54121J/883B   DM54121J/883B DM54121J/883B PDF Download CDIP Note 10: A master device must provide a data hold
DM54121J/883C   DM54121J/883C DM54121J/883C PDF Download A read cycle is accomplished by asserting output
DM54121N   DM54121N DM54121N PDF Download NS DIP-14 08+ The bq2060 does not measure charge or discharge
DM54122J/883C   DM54122J/883C DM54122J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 9214 Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
DM54123/883B   DM54123/883B DM54123/883B PDF Download NS This protection function is splitted in 2 stages
DM54123J   DM54123J DM54123J PDF Download The DS1668 and DS1669 Dallastats are digital rhe
DM54123J/883   DM54123J/883 DM54123J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
DM54123J/883B   DM54123J/883B DM54123J/883B PDF Download NS 81 s FEATURES   q Supply Voltage5V   q Y
DM54123J/883C   DM54123J/883C DM54123J/883C PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4-K/H/L series is designed f
DM54123W-MIL   DM54123W-MIL DM54123W-MIL PDF Download NSC 2002   Information provided by Graychip is belie
DM54125/883C   DM54125/883C DM54125/883C PDF Download NS 00+   The temperature is measured by a diffused
DM54125J/883   DM54125J/883 DM54125J/883 PDF Download NS DIP14 DIP14   The power dissipation for a surface mount
DM54125J/883B   DM54125J/883B DM54125J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes:  5. VIL(min.) = −2.0V for pu
DM54125J/883C   DM54125J/883C DM54125J/883C PDF Download NS 88 The 80C186XL provides a local bus controller to
DM54126J   DM54126J DM54126J PDF Download CDIP dt of greater than 10 kV/µs. This clamp ci
DM54132J   DM54132J DM54132J PDF Download NS CDIP This dual 4-to-1 CMOS analog multiplexer/demulti
DM54132J/883B   DM54132J/883B DM54132J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The LP2950 and LP2951 are micropower volta
DM5413J   DM5413J DM5413J PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The TMS320C54V90 is used to implement a full-fea
DM5413J/883B   DM5413J/883B DM5413J/883B PDF Download CDIP EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter High effi
DM54145J   DM54145J DM54145J PDF Download NS 00+ The CXD3027R-1 supports variable playback speeds
DM54145J/883   DM54145J/883 DM54145J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When hign, the PLL outputs are always driven when
DM54145J/883C   DM54145J/883C DM54145J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
DM54148J   DM54148J DM54148J PDF Download CDIP The M5M51008CP,FP,VP,RV,KV,KR are a 1048576-bit
DM54148J/883B   DM54148J/883B DM54148J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 8317+ The device is enabled when the EN pin is connect
DM54148J/883C   DM54148J/883C DM54148J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8628 7KH GHYLFH XVHV &KLS (QDEOH &(  
DM5414J   DM5414J DM5414J PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM5414J/883   DM5414J/883 DM5414J/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 Note: A shoot-through prevention logic prevents L
DM5414J/883B   DM5414J/883B DM5414J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8305+ IMPORTANT INFORMATION The LM2462 performance is
DM5414J-MIL   DM5414J-MIL DM5414J-MIL PDF Download Clock period: 8.34ns; see Typical Operating Char
DM5414N   DM5414N DM5414N PDF Download © 2001 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. Al
DM54150   DM54150 DM54150 PDF Download NSC DIP   The uncommitted output transistors provide eithe
DM54150C   DM54150C DM54150C PDF Download NSC CDIP CDIP Notes: 1. These are the values at the minimum c
DM54150J   DM54150J DM54150J PDF Download NS 04+ The UC385 allows for Kelvin sensing the voltage
DM54150J/883   DM54150J/883 DM54150J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP24 8422 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
DM54151AJ   DM54151AJ DM54151AJ PDF Download NS CDIP Cavity-free glass-passivated junction Ideal for
DM54151AJ/883   DM54151AJ/883 DM54151AJ/883 PDF Download NSC 2002   Complete PWM Control and House Keeping Ci
DM54151AJ/883B   DM54151AJ/883B DM54151AJ/883B PDF Download NS 00+ The PCF8591 is a single-chip, single-supply low
DM54151AJ883QS   DM54151AJ883QS DM54151AJ883QS PDF Download DIP P The design and specifications are subject to cha
DM54153J/883   DM54153J/883 DM54153J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 The optimal design of Current Source Inverters re
DM54153J/883B   DM54153J/883B DM54153J/883B PDF Download NS 99+ Notes: 1. Maximum rise/fall times are guaranteed
DM54153J/883C   DM54153J/883C DM54153J/883C PDF Download † Package drawings, standard packing quant
DM54154J   DM54154J DM54154J PDF Download Once the limiting parameters in these two relati
DM54154J/883   DM54154J/883 DM54154J/883 PDF Download NS 9822 • 1024 refresh cycles, 16 ms refresh inter
DM54154J/883B   DM54154J/883B DM54154J/883B PDF Download DIP陶瓷 The INT5130 IC is an integrated powerline MAC/PHY
DM54154J883C   DM54154J883C DM54154J883C PDF Download   Figure 4 shows the sensor output signal r
DM54154J-MIL   DM54154J-MIL DM54154J-MIL PDF Download NS CDIP24 8534 The PI90LV047A/PI90LVB047A are quad flow-through
DM54155J   DM54155J DM54155J PDF Download NS 06+ 500 VCC - VEE = 2.375V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with 5
DM54155J/883C   DM54155J/883C DM54155J/883C PDF Download Shipped at room temperature. Recommended storage
DM54157J   DM54157J DM54157J PDF Download
DM54157J/883B   DM54157J/883B DM54157J/883B PDF Download The 80C186XL provides a local bus controller to
DM54157J/883C   DM54157J/883C DM54157J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The HT9032 calling line identification receiver i
DM54161AJ   DM54161AJ DM54161AJ PDF Download NS 99+ External circuitry consists of an opamp, a commo
DM54161AJ/883B   DM54161AJ/883B DM54161AJ/883B PDF Download NS 00+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
DM54161J   DM54161J DM54161J PDF Download NS CDIP • On-board single power supply (VCC): VCC =
DM54161J/883   DM54161J/883 DM54161J/883 PDF Download NSC 2001 The GS1545 is a high performance integrated Equal
DM54161J/883QS   DM54161J/883QS DM54161J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 96/97+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 400 Gate Thre
DM54161J883   DM54161J883 DM54161J883 PDF Download 1. This device series contains ESD protection an
DM54161W/883QS   DM54161W/883QS DM54161W/883QS PDF Download Note 10 For single-supply operation the following
DM54163AJ   DM54163AJ DM54163AJ PDF Download NS 97+ Note 4: When the input voltage VIN at any pin ex
DM54163AJ/883B   DM54163AJ/883B DM54163AJ/883B PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity I v is measure
DM54164J   DM54164J DM54164J PDF Download CDIP NOTES:  1. Maximum alignment deviation betw
DM54164J/883   DM54164J/883 DM54164J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Si9986 is available in both standard and lea
DM54164J/883B   DM54164J/883B DM54164J/883B PDF Download MaverickKey unique hardware programmed IDs are a
DM54165J883B   DM54165J883B DM54165J883B PDF Download 1) Rise time TR: time between turn-on of VCTR vol
DM5416J   DM5416J DM5416J PDF Download NS 01+ The RDRAM architecture enables the highest susta
DM5416J/883B   DM5416J/883B DM5416J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 98 The modulation and bias currents are programmabl
DM5416J/883Q   DM5416J/883Q DM5416J/883Q PDF Download NSC CDIP 96+   Conditions Measured from input terminal
DM5416J-MIL   DM5416J-MIL DM5416J-MIL PDF Download CDIP NOTES: 1. H = HIGH Voltage Level   L = LOW
DM54173J/883   DM54173J/883 DM54173J/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 90% of Vcc MIN.; 10% of Vcc MAX. 15 pF is standa
DM54174J/883   DM54174J/883 DM54174J/883 PDF Download DIP If after 480 µs of low time the I/O line
DM54174J/883B   DM54174J/883B DM54174J/883B PDF Download inverter. A thermistor is included in the invert
DM54174J883   DM54174J883 DM54174J883 PDF Download DIP P Note 6: All room temperature limits are 100% test
DM54175J   DM54175J DM54175J PDF Download NS 01+ 'DWD 3ROOLQJ DQG WRJJOH ELWV ² 3URYLGHV D V
DM54175J/883   DM54175J/883 DM54175J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 API8208A is a high quality voice synthesizer cap
DM54175J/883B   DM54175J/883B DM54175J/883B PDF Download CDIP DESCRIPTION This circuit consists of four indep
DM54176J   DM54176J DM54176J PDF Download CDIP Address, data inputs, and all control signals are
DM54177J/883C   DM54177J/883C DM54177J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ A single-ended reference clock on the unselected
DM5417J   DM5417J DM5417J PDF Download CDIP N\A N\A Single Byte/Single Cycle Code Execution The effi
DM5417J/883   DM5417J/883 DM5417J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A SYSTEM ERROR is used for reporting address parity
DM5417J/883C   DM5417J/883C DM5417J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A If the signal is bipolar, such as a sine wave ce
DM5417J883QS   DM5417J883QS DM5417J883QS PDF Download When high allows data at SI to be shifted into p
DM54180J   DM54180J DM54180J PDF Download The DH71000 series abrupt tuning varactor are of
DM54180J/883   DM54180J/883 DM54180J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 The HCT245 devices allow data transmission from
DM54180J/883B   DM54180J/883B DM54180J/883B PDF Download NS O7+ For jacketed cable or wires protected by tubing.
DM54180J883B   DM54180J883B DM54180J883B PDF Download
DM54182J/883B   DM54182J/883B DM54182J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ The HYM5V64404A Q-Series is a 4Mx64-bit EDO mode
DM54184J-MIJ   DM54184J-MIJ DM54184J-MIJ PDF Download NS 02+ The feedback network provides a closed loop gain
DM54185AJ883B   DM54185AJ883B DM54185AJ883B PDF Download 2.7 V to 5.5 V Supply Operation 50 MHz Serial In
DM54191J   DM54191J DM54191J PDF Download NS 00+ Values shown in this table are design targets and
DM54191J/883   DM54191J/883 DM54191J/883 PDF Download NS 91   The power circuit and layout within the m
DM54191J/883B   DM54191J/883B DM54191J/883B PDF Download CDIP The Application Engineering Group is available t
DM54191J/883QS   DM54191J/883QS DM54191J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9733 The M68AF127B is a 1Mbit (1,048,576 bit) CMOS S
DM54193J   DM54193J DM54193J PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+ Pin for pin equivalent displays are also availab
DM54193J/883B   DM54193J/883B DM54193J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ The CCFL regulator drives an inductor that acts a
DM54193N/A   DM54193N/A DM54193N/A PDF Download Four Independent Input 128 x9 FIFO Queues Nine b
DM54194J   DM54194J DM54194J PDF Download Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
DM54194J/883   DM54194J/883 DM54194J/883 PDF Download NS 88 cascading counter for n-bit synchronour applicat
DM54194J/883B   DM54194J/883B DM54194J/883B PDF Download NS DIP up to 133 MHz in .25µ (173 Dhrystone MIPS)
DM54194J/883C   DM54194J/883C DM54194J/883C PDF Download CDIP The SRAM has an extremely low Soft Error Rate (S
DM54194J/883QS   DM54194J/883QS DM54194J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9638+ The 5B series modules and backplanes have been t
DM54197J/883B   DM54197J/883B DM54197J/883B PDF Download The MAX4198/MAX4199 low-power, Rail-to-Rail®
DM5420J   DM5420J DM5420J PDF Download 98+ Notes:  1. The Voltage on any input or I/O
DM5420J/883   DM5420J/883 DM5420J/883 PDF Download NS 06+ 500 ECCP2/P2A are multiplexed with RC1 when CCP2MX i
DM5420J/883B   DM5420J/883B DM5420J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ MIC2594: Turn-Off Threshold. When the voltage at
DM5425J/883B   DM5425J/883B DM5425J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ Stresses above the ratings listed below can caus
DM5425N   DM5425N DM5425N PDF Download   The MC74HC04A is identical in pinout to t
DM5426J   DM5426J DM5426J PDF Download NS 84+ DIP14陶瓷 Operating voltage: 2.4V~3.6V Directly drives an
DM5427J/883   DM5427J/883 DM5427J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP14 78/79+ A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
DM5430J   DM5430J DM5430J PDF Download NSC/F DIP ITEMS Input range Output Voltage Adj. Range Li
DM5430J/883   DM5430J/883 DM5430J/883 PDF Download NSC 96 OUTPUT Voltage Output Swing from Positive Rail
DM5430J/883B   DM5430J/883B DM5430J/883B PDF Download CDIP The Flash program memory supports both parallel
DM5430J/883C   DM5430J/883C DM5430J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8711 •Built-in DC-DC converter circuit for PWM
DM5430J883C   DM5430J883C DM5430J883C PDF Download   The MPX5500 series piezoresistive transdu
DM5432J/883B   DM5432J/883B DM5432J/883B PDF Download To have a good approximation of the remaining vo
DM5432J/883C   DM5432J/883C DM5432J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The memory has a capacity of 2605056 bit. It is
DM54365J   DM54365J DM54365J PDF Download NS 00+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditons, use appro
DM54365J/883B   DM54365J/883B DM54365J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ Notes: 9. All typical values are measured at VC
DM54366J   DM54366J DM54366J PDF Download 10 Sec. Pulsed Drain Current, VGS @ -10V Contin
DM54366J/883B   DM54366J/883B DM54366J/883B PDF Download NS The TPS6021x circuits consist of an oscillator,
DM54367J   DM54367J DM54367J PDF Download NS CDIP16 0027+ Linear program memory addressing to 64 Kbytes L
DM54367J/883   DM54367J/883 DM54367J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A tive input voltage greater than 9V. These easy-
DM54367J/883B   DM54367J/883B DM54367J/883B PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
DM54367J/883C   DM54367J/883C DM54367J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ Each of these data selectors/multiplexers conta
DM54368J/883B   DM54368J/883B DM54368J/883B PDF Download NS DIP 08+ Low line operation occurs when the input voltage
DM5437J   DM5437J DM5437J PDF Download Care should also be taken in the resistor select
DM5437J/883   DM5437J/883 DM5437J/883 PDF Download NS 97 • Selectable 150 Ω and 100 Ω ter
DM5437J/883B   DM5437J/883B DM5437J/883B PDF Download NS DIP 08+ Switching TX ↔ RX (operational mode). When
DM5437J883QS   DM5437J883QS DM5437J883QS PDF Download INTERRUPT REQUEST: is a level triggered input wh
DM5437W/883   DM5437W/883 DM5437W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Using the Schottky Barrier principle with a Molyb
DM5438J   DM5438J DM5438J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8508+ The IR2520D(S) is a complete adaptive ballast co
DM5438J/883   DM5438J/883 DM5438J/883 PDF Download NS DIP14 DIP14 After the software chip erase has been initiated
DM5438J/883B   DM5438J/883B DM5438J/883B PDF Download   During power-up, the output is momentarily
DM5438J/883C   DM5438J/883C DM5438J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 9030+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
DM5438N   DM5438N DM5438N PDF Download READ: The AT28C010-12DK is accessed like a Static
DM5440J   DM5440J DM5440J PDF Download NSC/F DIP High Side Driver Output. This pin must be connec
DM5440J/883   DM5440J/883 DM5440J/883 PDF Download NSC 96 • Military and Space • High Reliab
DM5440J/883B   DM5440J/883B DM5440J/883B PDF Download NS 8338+ 298 Any data, prices, descriptions or specifications
DM5441AJ/883B   DM5441AJ/883B DM5441AJ/883B PDF Download NS 03+   The NCP502/A series of fixed output linear
DM5442AJ/883   DM5442AJ/883 DM5442AJ/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 Philips Semiconductors uses high quality capacit
DM5442AJ/883QS   DM5442AJ/883QS DM5442AJ/883QS PDF Download TI CDIP16 9635+ Fully operational to +600V Tolerant to negativ
DM5442J   DM5442J DM5442J PDF Download NS 06+ 500 • Industry Standard Size • Industr
DM5442J/883   DM5442J/883 DM5442J/883 PDF Download NS DIP 08+ Hynix HYMD512646(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SP
DM5442J/883B   DM5442J/883B DM5442J/883B PDF Download NS DIP 1981   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
DM5442J/883C   DM5442J/883C DM5442J/883C PDF Download Description Agilents MGA-71543 is an economical
DM5446AJ   DM5446AJ DM5446AJ PDF Download NS CDIP16 8332+ • Stabilized power supply   Provides p
DM5447AJ   DM5447AJ DM5447AJ PDF Download NS 01+ Ambient Temperature under Bias Storage Temperat
DM5447AJ/883B   DM5447AJ/883B DM5447AJ/883B PDF Download NS 84+ DIP16陶瓷 This device provides the necessary clocks for a
DM5447AJ-MIL   DM5447AJ-MIL DM5447AJ-MIL PDF Download NS Table 2 shows the relationship between adjacent
DM5451J   DM5451J DM5451J PDF Download NS CDIP   C Caches are physically addressed, implem
DM5451J/883   DM5451J/883 DM5451J/883 PDF Download The AHCT126 devices are quadruple bus buffer ga
DM5451J/883C   DM5451J/883C DM5451J/883C PDF Download NSC CDIP 85+   Power stage input voltage from 1V to 16V
DM5458J/883C   DM5458J/883C DM5458J/883C PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those beyond
DM5470N   DM5470N DM5470N PDF Download   Pin Function PWM block control power su
DM5470W/883B   DM5470W/883B DM5470W/883B PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16755AT8 Series are 16Mx72bits EC
DM5472J   DM5472J DM5472J PDF Download NS 98+ The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2064VE dev
DM5472J/883B   DM5472J/883B DM5472J/883B PDF Download NSC 04+ Add to the Interrupt Acknowledge Bus Cycles sect
DM5472J/883C   DM5472J/883C DM5472J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ Instructions and Programming The INC, U/D and C
DM5473J   DM5473J DM5473J PDF Download NS 01+ A thorough review of strain gage instrumentation
DM5473J/883   DM5473J/883 DM5473J/883 PDF Download NS 85 Notes:   1. Permanent device damage may oc
DM5473J/883B   DM5473J/883B DM5473J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
DM5473W/883B   DM5473W/883B DM5473W/883B PDF Download MAX 3000A devices contain 32 to 512 macrocells,
DM5474J   DM5474J DM5474J PDF Download NS 01+ OVER- AND UNDER-SCALE LIMITING Over-Scale DAC:
DM5474J/883   DM5474J/883 DM5474J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP14 8807 NOTES:  1. Maximum alignment deviation betw
DM5474J/8836B   DM5474J/8836B DM5474J/8836B PDF Download NS 01+ FEATURES SNR = 54 dB with 99 MHz Analog Input
DM5474J/883B   DM5474J/883B DM5474J/883B PDF Download   The MPX53/MPXV53GC series silicon piezores
DM5474J/883C   DM5474J/883C DM5474J/883C PDF Download 576 x 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Rando
DM5474W/883Q   DM5474W/883Q DM5474W/883Q PDF Download Each macrocell can be configured as one of the f
DM5475J   DM5475J DM5475J PDF Download CDIP The basic PLL block diagram is shown in Figure 1.
DM5475J/883   DM5475J/883 DM5475J/883 PDF Download NS The isolation voltage is a galvanic isolation an
DM5475J/883B   DM5475J/883B DM5475J/883B PDF Download NS 99+ • Easier assembler notation: register inte
DM5476J   DM5476J DM5476J PDF Download NS CDIP To achieve fast and accurate switch performance,
DM5476J/883B   DM5476J/883B DM5476J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Widebus  Family A-Port Outputs Have Equi
DM5483D   DM5483D DM5483D PDF Download The width of the data bus is 8 bits, and the coun
DM5483J   DM5483J DM5483J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A C40 Tcase +100C, Io =0 Over Vin range Over Io
DM5483J/883B   DM5483J/883B DM5483J/883B PDF Download NS 78+ DIP14陶瓷 Electrically-insulating, thermally-conductive &q
DM5483J-883B   DM5483J-883B DM5483J-883B PDF Download Three data memory address locations are allocate
DM5485J/883B   DM5485J/883B DM5485J/883B PDF Download CDIP The MAX1156/MAX1158/MAX1174 are ideal for high-
DM5485J/883C   DM5485J/883C DM5485J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 85 Exceeding the maximum allowable power dissipatio
DM5486J   DM5486J DM5486J PDF Download CDIP The battery-saving function is controlled by the
DM5486J/883   DM5486J/883 DM5486J/883 PDF Download NSC 98
DM5486J/883B   DM5486J/883B DM5486J/883B PDF Download NS 98+ Care must also be taken to minimize the capacita
DM5486N   DM5486N DM5486N PDF Download NS PDIP14 9339 Power up State Programming At power up in serial
DM5490AJ   DM5490AJ DM5490AJ PDF Download CDIP Power dissipation in CPLDs can vary substantially
DM5490AJ/883   DM5490AJ/883 DM5490AJ/883 PDF Download The DSTINIm400 is a fully assembled and tested c
DM5490AJ/883B   DM5490AJ/883B DM5490AJ/883B PDF Download NS 81+ DIP14陶瓷 Choose R4, then calculate R3. The value of R4 sh
DM5490J/883   DM5490J/883 DM5490J/883 PDF Download NSC 98   The Motorola accelerometer is a surface-m
DM5492AJ   DM5492AJ DM5492AJ PDF Download CDIP (and other parameters) will be met at the specif
DM5493AJ   DM5493AJ DM5493AJ PDF Download NS 01+ Wiper position of the DS1804 can be stored using
DM5493AJ/883B   DM5493AJ/883B DM5493AJ/883B PDF Download NS 8043 Step up converter (Boost Voltage) Boost Over-
DM5493AJ/883C   DM5493AJ/883C DM5493AJ/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8517 The internal ROM program is capable of implementi
DM5493J   DM5493J DM5493J PDF Download CDIP The DSP distinguishes between hardware interrupt
DM5495J   DM5495J DM5495J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷 The built-in 4-quadrant resistors facilitate res
DM5495J/883B   DM5495J/883B DM5495J/883B PDF Download (1) This is the inverse of the junction-to-ambie
DM5495JMIL   DM5495JMIL DM5495JMIL PDF Download   MAX312CUE0C to +70C16 TSSOP   MAX312
DM5496J   DM5496J DM5496J PDF Download CDIP Supporting system speeds greater than 100 MHz an
DM5496J/883B   DM5496J/883B DM5496J/883B PDF Download NS 85+ DIP14陶瓷   Guaranteed specification DC-4GHz. Low fre
DM5496J/883C   DM5496J/883C DM5496J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 98 When the Deserializer detects edge transitions a
DM5496J883B   DM5496J883B DM5496J883B PDF Download Asynchronous signals include output enable (OE),
DM5497J/883   DM5497J/883 DM5497J/883 PDF Download NS Invert Mode: This input only affects Bank 3. When
DM54ALS08J   DM54ALS08J DM54ALS08J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8524+ Bidirectional Data I/O Lines. As inputs, they fe
DM54ALS244AJ   DM54ALS244AJ DM54ALS244AJ PDF Download − Read, program, and erase operations &nb
DM54ALS520J   DM54ALS520J DM54ALS520J PDF Download NS 98+
DM54C74J/883   DM54C74J/883 DM54C74J/883 PDF Download CDIP Do not use high impedance probes; they represent
DM54F04/BCAJC   DM54F04/BCAJC DM54F04/BCAJC PDF Download The SMLW010 Single-Output, Low-Profile, PCB Moun
DM54F04DMQB   DM54F04DMQB DM54F04DMQB PDF Download CDIP Notes: 1. VDD = 5.0 V. 2. See Thermal Consi
DM54F138DM   DM54F138DM DM54F138DM PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The HT7627 DC/DC converter with built in voltage
DM54F157ADMQB   DM54F157ADMQB DM54F157ADMQB PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HD74LV1GT08A is high-speed CMOS two input AN
DM54F240DMQB   DM54F240DMQB DM54F240DMQB PDF Download   Notes to the characteristics 1. The unwe
DM54F374DMQB   DM54F374DMQB DM54F374DMQB PDF Download NSC The parameter tOH indicates the system compatibil
DM54F573DMQB   DM54F573DMQB DM54F573DMQB PDF Download
DM54H04J   DM54H04J DM54H04J PDF Download CDIP Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
DM54H08J   DM54H08J DM54H08J PDF Download NS 00+   The HYM72V32C756AT8 H-Series are high spe
DM54H10J   DM54H10J DM54H10J PDF Download N/A N/A DMT Signal A DMT signal is basically the sum of
DM54H10J/883   DM54H10J/883 DM54H10J/883 PDF Download NS DIP-14 08+ The AT40KAL is designed to quickly implement hig
DM54H61J   DM54H61J DM54H61J PDF Download NS CDIP14 9749
DM54H62J   DM54H62J DM54H62J PDF Download NS DIP 0201+ Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
DM54H74J/883B   DM54H74J/883B DM54H74J/883B PDF Download Pin Description Address 0-2. These pins are use
DM54H76J/883B   DM54H76J/883B DM54H76J/883B PDF Download Equivalent input rise time bandwidth assumes a f
DM54HC221J/883B   DM54HC221J/883B DM54HC221J/883B PDF Download NS +Remote Sense: Provides the converter with remote
DM54HC241J   DM54HC241J DM54HC241J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A DESCRIPTION The M74HCT245 is an advanced high-s
DM54HC259J   DM54HC259J DM54HC259J PDF Download CDIP Timer counter 1 : 8-bit 1 (square-wave output, e
DM54J72S205Q4   DM54J72S205Q4 DM54J72S205Q4 PDF Download To have a good approximation of the remaining vo
DM54L00/SD7722-A   DM54L00/SD7722-A DM54L00/SD7722-A PDF Download NS .   Signals applied to the Select inputs S0CS
DM54L00/SD7722-B   DM54L00/SD7722-B DM54L00/SD7722-B PDF Download NS . 3. Zener voltage is measured with the device jun
DM54L00J   DM54L00J DM54L00J PDF Download NS CDIP This micropowered, low dropout voltage device wi
DM54L00J/883   DM54L00J/883 DM54L00J/883 PDF Download NSC 2003 For applications requiring output voltage on/off
DM54L00J/883B   DM54L00J/883B DM54L00J/883B PDF Download NS 88 12-bit Resolution ADC 20MHz Sampling Rate 10-
DM54L00W/883QS   DM54L00W/883QS DM54L00W/883QS PDF Download A 32-bit multiplexed burst bus provides a high-s
DM54L04/SD9466-A   DM54L04/SD9466-A DM54L04/SD9466-A PDF Download NS . Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent
DM54L04/SD9466-B   DM54L04/SD9466-B DM54L04/SD9466-B PDF Download NS . READ clock input with pull-high resistor. Data in
DM54L04J   DM54L04J DM54L04J PDF Download NS 01+ These 8-bit flip-flops feature 3-state outputs
DM54L04J/883   DM54L04J/883 DM54L04J/883 PDF Download CDIP   The ?C?A/S/L and ?C?A/S?H inputs internall
DM54L04J/883B   DM54L04J/883B DM54L04J/883B PDF Download NS 82 Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
DM54L04J/883QS   DM54L04J/883QS DM54L04J/883QS PDF Download Notes: 7. The luminous intensity, I V, is measu
DM54L04J883QS   DM54L04J883QS DM54L04J883QS PDF Download  AVDD Operating CurrentIAVDDVAVDD = 20V20&mi
DM54L10/SD7723-A   DM54L10/SD7723-A DM54L10/SD7723-A PDF Download NS . The integrated 4B/5B and 5B/6B encoder/decoder m
DM54L10/SD7723-B   DM54L10/SD7723-B DM54L10/SD7723-B PDF Download NS . The Bt868/869 is specifically designed for video
DM54L10J   DM54L10J DM54L10J PDF Download PRECAUTIONS FOR TESTING 1. Before appling any c
DM54L10J/883   DM54L10J/883 DM54L10J/883 PDF Download NS 87 Notes: 1. Dominant Wavelength, ëd, is deriv
DM54L10J/883B   DM54L10J/883B DM54L10J/883B PDF Download Clock: CK and /CK are differential clock inputs.
DM54L10W/883   DM54L10W/883 DM54L10W/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 The bq4802Y/bq4802LY real-time clock is a low-po
DM54L10W/883QS   DM54L10W/883QS DM54L10W/883QS PDF Download Current Transfer Ratio (CTR)1000 4000 Collector
DM54L193J/883B   DM54L193J/883B DM54L193J/883B PDF Download NS 98+ State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
DM54L20/SD7724-A   DM54L20/SD7724-A DM54L20/SD7724-A PDF Download NS . The charge on the bootstrap capacitor is refreshe
DM54L20/SD7724-B   DM54L20/SD7724-B DM54L20/SD7724-B PDF Download NS . a: Stresses greater than those listed under R
DM54L20J/883B   DM54L20J/883B DM54L20J/883B PDF Download NS 81 The ATF1502ASVs logic structure is designed to e
DM54L30/SD7725-B   DM54L30/SD7725-B DM54L30/SD7725-B PDF Download NS . Responsible electronic component and equipment
DM54L30/SD9205-A   DM54L30/SD9205-A DM54L30/SD9205-A PDF Download NS . No External Components Required Internal Voltage
DM54L30J/883B   DM54L30J/883B DM54L30J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ 1.Computer terminals. 2.Registers,copiers,autom
DM54L51/SD7726-A   DM54L51/SD7726-A DM54L51/SD7726-A PDF Download NS . The transmit section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink can
DM54L51/SD7726-B   DM54L51/SD7726-B DM54L51/SD7726-B PDF Download NS . This stand alone controller provides several spe
DM54L54/SD7727-A   DM54L54/SD7727-A DM54L54/SD7727-A PDF Download NS . Hardware data protection measures include a low
DM54L54/SD7727-B   DM54L54/SD7727-B DM54L54/SD7727-B PDF Download NS . The ispGAL22V10, at 7.5ns maximum propagation de
DM54L54J   DM54L54J DM54L54J PDF Download CDIP LED PULSE   The 9Cvolt battery level is ch
DM54L72/SD7730-A   DM54L72/SD7730-A DM54L72/SD7730-A PDF Download NS . The CPU core can use on-chip rather than external
DM54L72/SD7730-B   DM54L72/SD7730-B DM54L72/SD7730-B PDF Download NS . A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
DM54L73/SD8545-A   DM54L73/SD8545-A DM54L73/SD8545-A PDF Download NS . Each Dallas iButton is uniquely serialized with
DM54L73/SD8545-B   DM54L73/SD8545-B DM54L73/SD8545-B PDF Download NS . push-pull outputs which are sequentially pulsed
DM54L73J/883   DM54L73J/883 DM54L73J/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 Note 4 A 1 0 MX resistor is connected to the comp
DM54L73J/883C   DM54L73J/883C DM54L73J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP N/A 3-analog input terminals. Only the input from one
DM54L73W/883   DM54L73W/883 DM54L73W/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 International Rectifiers MEGA RAD HARD technolog
DM54L74/883C   DM54L74/883C DM54L74/883C PDF Download NS 01+ Analog DM54L74/883Cection The DM54L74/883C is a
DM54L74J   DM54L74J DM54L74J PDF Download can be bypassed under processor control when uns
DM54L74J/883   DM54L74J/883 DM54L74J/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 50 PPM, 25 PPM, 20 PPM over Operating Temperat
DM54L74J/883B   DM54L74J/883B DM54L74J/883B PDF Download CDIP  The HYM72V64C736T4M Series are Dual In-lin
DM54L74W/883QS   DM54L74W/883QS DM54L74W/883QS PDF Download Features • Progressive scan allows individ
DM54L78/SD7731-A   DM54L78/SD7731-A DM54L78/SD7731-A PDF Download NS . The DM54L78/SD7731-A device is available as a du
DM54L78/SD7731-B   DM54L78/SD7731-B DM54L78/SD7731-B PDF Download NS . Attention please! The information herein is give
DM54L85J   DM54L85J DM54L85J PDF Download NS 81+ DIP16陶瓷   Features 1) Signal amplifier is built in
DM54L85J/883C   DM54L85J/883C DM54L85J/883C PDF Download NS 03+ Bus-hold, which is an improved version of the po
DM54L86/SD9468-A   DM54L86/SD9468-A DM54L86/SD9468-A PDF Download NS .
DM54L86/SD9468-B   DM54L86/SD9468-B DM54L86/SD9468-B PDF Download NS . Manual Reset Input. A logic low on /MR forces a
DM54L93J   DM54L93J DM54L93J PDF Download NS 03+ LSI Logic Corporation is not responsible for any
DM54L93J/883   DM54L93J/883 DM54L93J/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 The ISD1000A devices drive a speaker directly th
DM54L93J/883QS   DM54L93J/883QS DM54L93J/883QS PDF Download The HT93LC56 is a 2K-bit low voltage nonvolatile,
DM54LS00J   DM54LS00J DM54LS00J PDF Download NS CDIP14尖 8324 An I2C Bus interface configured as a slave recei
DM54LS00J/883   DM54LS00J/883 DM54LS00J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Frequency Mode Select. This three-level input se
DM54LS00J/883B   DM54LS00J/883B DM54LS00J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A maintenance, a PRBS/QRSS generation/detection ci
DM54LS00J/883C   DM54LS00J/883C DM54LS00J/883C PDF Download FSC CDIP14 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM54LS00W/883C   DM54LS00W/883C DM54LS00W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 Guard Outputs for Ion Detector Input +/-0.75pA D
DM54LS01J   DM54LS01J DM54LS01J PDF Download This pin provides a 6 µA current source to
DM54LS02J   DM54LS02J DM54LS02J PDF Download NS CDIP14 Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width li
DM54LS02J/883   DM54LS02J/883 DM54LS02J/883 PDF Download 1000 NS NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
DM54LS02J/883B   DM54LS02J/883B DM54LS02J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
DM54LS02J/883C   DM54LS02J/883C DM54LS02J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The LTC®3704 is a wide input range, current m
DM54LS02W/883   DM54LS02W/883 DM54LS02W/883 PDF Download NSC 99 (2) Master Clock (MCK)   Input 1-bit audio
DM54LS03J   DM54LS03J DM54LS03J PDF Download NS 00+ The pin function index is similar to the explanat
DM54LS04J   DM54LS04J DM54LS04J PDF Download NS DIP Notes: Notes 1 through 6 are applicable to the R
DM54LS04J/883   DM54LS04J/883 DM54LS04J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The DM54LS04J/883 is an advanced CMOS dua
DM54LS04J/883B   DM54LS04J/883B DM54LS04J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 84+ The DS1225AB and DS1225AD execute a read cycle wh
DM54LS04J/883C   DM54LS04J/883C DM54LS04J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Program Memory Interface C Contains Pro- gram Co
DM54LS04W/883   DM54LS04W/883 DM54LS04W/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 Hot SwapTM Controller for Positive and Negative
DM54LS04W/883C   DM54LS04W/883C DM54LS04W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 The AVPro5002C device is an audio/video switchin
DM54LS04W/883QS   DM54LS04W/883QS DM54LS04W/883QS PDF Download NSC TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) /-40C to 85C (I), unless
DM54LS04W-MLS   DM54LS04W-MLS DM54LS04W-MLS PDF Download NSC 98 High-side high current switch with active low Ena
DM54LS05J   DM54LS05J DM54LS05J PDF Download   The NJU6673 is a 25-common x 100-segment b
DM54LS05J/883   DM54LS05J/883 DM54LS05J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
DM54LS05J/883B   DM54LS05J/883B DM54LS05J/883B PDF Download NS 98+ The ICS950703 is part of a whole new line of ICS
DM54LS05J/883C   DM54LS05J/883C DM54LS05J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8624+ Loop Filter - the Loop Filter is similar to a fir
DM54LS05J/883QS   DM54LS05J/883QS DM54LS05J/883QS PDF Download HARRIS DIP陶瓷 97+ The ISL6208 features 4A typical sinking current f
DM54LS05W/883   DM54LS05W/883 DM54LS05W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Positive digital supply pin. This pin should be
DM54LS05W/883B   DM54LS05W/883B DM54LS05W/883B PDF Download The contour graphs show mixer input TOI and conv
DM54LS08J   DM54LS08J DM54LS08J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8505 The Microchip Technology Inc. 93XX56A/B/C device
DM54LS08J/883   DM54LS08J/883 DM54LS08J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage MESH
DM54LS08J/883B   DM54LS08J/883B DM54LS08J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8316+   The DM54LS08J/883BA power assembly consist
DM54LS08J/883C   DM54LS08J/883C DM54LS08J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8930 • FR60Lite CPU   • 32-bit RISC,
DM54LS08J-MLS   DM54LS08J-MLS DM54LS08J-MLS PDF Download NS CDIP14 9807 By incorporating so many major features into a s
DM54LS08W/883   DM54LS08W/883 DM54LS08W/883 PDF Download NSC 99 This information is believed to be accurate and
DM54LS08W/883QS   DM54LS08W/883QS DM54LS08W/883QS PDF Download No Auxiliary Winding Operation Internal Output S
DM54LS09J/883   DM54LS09J/883 DM54LS09J/883 PDF Download NSC 93 The RESET pin is connected to the RST pin on the
DM54LS09J/883B   DM54LS09J/883B DM54LS09J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 ATS278 is an integrated Hall sensor with two outp
DM54LS107J   DM54LS107J DM54LS107J PDF Download CDIP Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
DM54LS107J/883B   DM54LS107J/883B DM54LS107J/883B PDF Download CDIP VIN =2.7V ~ 5.5V, IOUT =500mA, each switch RL
DM54LS109AJ   DM54LS109AJ DM54LS109AJ PDF Download NS CDIP16 In addition, Dallas Semiconductor's continuous re
DM54LS109J   DM54LS109J DM54LS109J PDF Download NS DIP   Status of the FIFO memory is monitored by the fu
DM54LS109J/883   DM54LS109J/883 DM54LS109J/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 Direct Stream Digital (DSD) C Dedicated DSD Inpu
DM54LS109J/883B   DM54LS109J/883B DM54LS109J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
DM54LS109J/883QS   DM54LS109J/883QS DM54LS109J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 01+ q DIGITAL ISOLATION FOR A/D, D/A   CONVERS
DM54LS109W/883QS   DM54LS109W/883QS DM54LS109W/883QS PDF Download 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
DM54LS10J   DM54LS10J DM54LS10J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8512+ SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29W320D is a 32 Mbit (
DM54LS10J/883B   DM54LS10J/883B DM54LS10J/883B PDF Download NS 96+   Conditions Measured from input terminal
DM54LS10J/883C   DM54LS10J/883C DM54LS10J/883C PDF Download
DM54LS10J883B   DM54LS10J883B DM54LS10J883B PDF Download The combination of narrow nonlinear range and lo
DM54LS10J883C   DM54LS10J883C DM54LS10J883C PDF Download
DM54LS10W/883   DM54LS10W/883 DM54LS10W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 The CA3080 and CA3080A are similar in generic fo
DM54LS10W-MLS   DM54LS10W-MLS DM54LS10W-MLS PDF Download NSC 98 This device is capable of detecting and decoding
DM54LS11   DM54LS11 DM54LS11 PDF Download 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
DM54LS112AJ   DM54LS112AJ DM54LS112AJ PDF Download NS 00+ The ready/busy status can be determined after th
DM54LS112J   DM54LS112J DM54LS112J PDF Download CDIP Command Line Format Command lines issued to the
DM54LS112J/883   DM54LS112J/883 DM54LS112J/883 PDF Download
DM54LS112J/883B   DM54LS112J/883B DM54LS112J/883B PDF Download NS 8029 Notes: 1. See test circuit and wave forms. 2. T
DM54LS112J/883C   DM54LS112J/883C DM54LS112J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8748   The second mechanism controls the replace
DM54LS113J/883B   DM54LS113J/883B DM54LS113J/883B PDF Download CDIP Discontinuous mode operation provides high effici
DM54LS113J/883C   DM54LS113J/883C DM54LS113J/883C PDF Download The DM54LS113J/883C/DM54LS113J/883C features pro
DM54LS114AJ   DM54LS114AJ DM54LS114AJ PDF Download DIP NS 85+ 12. Measured by the voltage drop between A and B
DM54LS11J   DM54LS11J DM54LS11J PDF Download 5 NS DIP a. HYB: designator for memory components  
DM54LS11J/883   DM54LS11J/883 DM54LS11J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Note 1: Relative accuracy is the deviation of the
DM54LS11J/883C   DM54LS11J/883C DM54LS11J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16   The 33099 uses a feedback voltage to esta
DM54LS11W/883   DM54LS11W/883 DM54LS11W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Function Clock source selection 0: clocks pas
DM54LS123J   DM54LS123J DM54LS123J PDF Download NS 00+ Moreover, data of Q00 to Q07 are written into 2-
DM54LS123J/883B   DM54LS123J/883B DM54LS123J/883B PDF Download NS 88 Delay (TPS773xx) Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Stat
DM54LS125AJ   DM54LS125AJ DM54LS125AJ PDF Download NS 00+ * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
DM54LS125AJ/883   DM54LS125AJ/883 DM54LS125AJ/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The output voltage transient comparators provide
DM54LS125AJ/883B   DM54LS125AJ/883B DM54LS125AJ/883B PDF Download NS 00+ • High speed: propagation delay < 3.5 ns
DM54LS125AJ/883C   DM54LS125AJ/883C DM54LS125AJ/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8814 To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability,
DM54LS125J   DM54LS125J DM54LS125J PDF Download MOTOROLA 04+ Inside 5B45 & 5B46 Modules C The 5B45/46 in
DM54LS125J/883   DM54LS125J/883 DM54LS125J/883 PDF Download CDIP DESCRIPTION The ULQ2001A, ULQ2002A, ULQ2003 and
DM54LS125J/883B   DM54LS125J/883B DM54LS125J/883B PDF Download NS 83+ DIP14陶瓷 /RCS0 -->/CS : SDRAMs D0-D8 /RCS1-->/CS :
DM54LS133J   DM54LS133J DM54LS133J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Low forward voltage • Very high
DM54LS133J/883   DM54LS133J/883 DM54LS133J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Sony Ericsson has earlier announced (June 24, 200
DM54LS138E/883   DM54LS138E/883 DM54LS138E/883 PDF Download NS LCC20 • Learn C Learning involves the receiver ca
DM54LS138J   DM54LS138J DM54LS138J PDF Download NS . In order to allow maximum flexibility for system
DM54LS138J/883   DM54LS138J/883 DM54LS138J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Specifically designed for Automotive application
DM54LS138J/883B   DM54LS138J/883B DM54LS138J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 81+ OVP pin reports the event of an over-voltage cond
DM54LS138J/883C   DM54LS138J/883C DM54LS138J/883C PDF Download N/A ceramic-16 N/A One of the benefits of ISDs ChipCorder technolog
DM54LS138N   DM54LS138N DM54LS138N PDF Download Caution: Stresses beyond those listed under Absol
DM54LS138W/883   DM54LS138W/883 DM54LS138W/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 RSEN: This pin is used to sense the voltage acros
DM54LS138W/883QS   DM54LS138W/883QS DM54LS138W/883QS PDF Download Parameters Storage Temperature Ambient Operat
DM54LS139E/883QS   DM54LS139E/883QS DM54LS139E/883QS PDF Download The Read Status Register instruction provides ac
DM54LS139J   DM54LS139J DM54LS139J PDF Download   PNPN devices designed for high volume, li
DM54LS139J/883   DM54LS139J/883 DM54LS139J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16 8227 At turn-on, the external gate capacitor of the N-
DM54LS139J/883B   DM54LS139J/883B DM54LS139J/883B PDF Download CDIP DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
DM54LS139J/883C   DM54LS139J/883C DM54LS139J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8849+ An address sequence is started when the control
DM54LS139J/883QS   DM54LS139J/883QS DM54LS139J/883QS PDF Download Software compilers support the three different g
DM54LS13J/883B   DM54LS13J/883B DM54LS13J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ♦ Available to MIL-STD - 883 ♦ MIL-
DM54LS14J   DM54LS14J DM54LS14J PDF Download 98 Note 2: Unless otherwise noted, specifications ap
DM54LS14J/883   DM54LS14J/883 DM54LS14J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ Diffusion & Thin Films Well (field) Sheet R
DM54LS14J/883B   DM54LS14J/883B DM54LS14J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ Timer T2 may be reset by a rising edge on RT2 (P
DM54LS14J-883   DM54LS14J-883 DM54LS14J-883 PDF Download tors. The PO+ amplifier has a gain of minus one,
DM54LS14W-MLS   DM54LS14W-MLS DM54LS14W-MLS PDF Download NSC 2004 Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8M-M/K/H/L series incorporat
DM54LS151J   DM54LS151J DM54LS151J PDF Download NS 00+ Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent
DM54LS151J/883   DM54LS151J/883 DM54LS151J/883 PDF Download NS DIP   As a member of the 51LPC microcontroller family,
DM54LS151J/883B   DM54LS151J/883B DM54LS151J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 8206 Advanced HEXFET ® Power MOSFETs from Intern
DM54LS151J/883C   DM54LS151J/883C DM54LS151J/883C PDF Download If the BYTE pin is set at logic 0, the device is
DM54LS151W/883C   DM54LS151W/883C DM54LS151W/883C PDF Download NSC 2008   Diagnostic outputs can be continuously mo
DM54LS151W/883QS   DM54LS151W/883QS DM54LS151W/883QS PDF Download The Flash devices of the M16C/62 group have vari
DM54LS153J   DM54LS153J DM54LS153J PDF Download NS 01+ M/A-COM offers six unique PIN diodes in five ind
DM54LS153J/883C   DM54LS153J/883C DM54LS153J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8626 Note 4: The Temperature Coefficient of the adjust
DM54LS153W/883   DM54LS153W/883 DM54LS153W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 Serial data input pin. Conforms to the SMBUS spec
DM54LS154   DM54LS154 DM54LS154 PDF Download 4-Line to 16-Line Decoder/Demultiplexer [Life-tim
DM54LS154J   DM54LS154J DM54LS154J PDF Download NS DIP Differential inputs Near zero pop & click 1
DM54LS154J/883   DM54LS154J/883 DM54LS154J/883 PDF Download NS DIP 2. MATERIAL: Units are encapsulated in a low the
DM54LS154J/883B   DM54LS154J/883B DM54LS154J/883B PDF Download NS DIP • In the state where the high side gate is
DM54LS154J/883C   DM54LS154J/883C DM54LS154J/883C PDF Download NS 89 © 2000 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. Al
DM54LS154J/883QS   DM54LS154J/883QS DM54LS154J/883QS PDF Download NS DIP 02+ The analog input range is equal to a 2V spread.
DM54LS154J883C   DM54LS154J883C DM54LS154J883C PDF Download Transceiver I/O Truth Table The outputs (LED an
DM54LS154MJ   DM54LS154MJ DM54LS154MJ PDF Download NS DIP The Hitachi HM51(S)4260C is CMOS dynamic RAM org
DM54LS155J   DM54LS155J DM54LS155J PDF Download NS 01+ After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
DM54LS157J   DM54LS157J DM54LS157J PDF Download NS CDIP16 8145+   Designed for use in solid state relays, M
DM54LS157J/883   DM54LS157J/883 DM54LS157J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTE: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ABSO
DM54LS157J/883B   DM54LS157J/883B DM54LS157J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 —— The DM54LS157J/883B represents a marked improveme
DM54LS157J/883C   DM54LS157J/883C DM54LS157J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ During the switch between active and standby con
DM54LS158J   DM54LS158J DM54LS158J PDF Download NS . Widebus E Family Output Ports Have Equivalent 25
DM54LS158J/883   DM54LS158J/883 DM54LS158J/883 PDF Download If the TX input is idle for a certain time, then
DM54LS158J/883B   DM54LS158J/883B DM54LS158J/883B PDF Download CDIP Sending the WREN op-code causes the internal Wr
DM54LS15J/883B   DM54LS15J/883B DM54LS15J/883B PDF Download NS 96+
DM54LS160DMQB   DM54LS160DMQB DM54LS160DMQB PDF Download N/A NS 04+ DESCRIPTION M63800FP is a seven-circuit output-
DM54LS160J   DM54LS160J DM54LS160J PDF Download DIP 03+ • Low-power CMOS technology:   - Max
DM54LS161AJ   DM54LS161AJ DM54LS161AJ PDF Download N/A N/A N/A  tpLZ8nsDisable time, low-level-to-high-impe
DM54LS161AJ/883   DM54LS161AJ/883 DM54LS161AJ/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Certain 8051 SFR addresses are populated to prov
DM54LS161AJ883QS   DM54LS161AJ883QS DM54LS161AJ883QS PDF Download • Lower switching losses allow more cost-ef
DM54LS161AW/883   DM54LS161AW/883 DM54LS161AW/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
DM54LS161AW/883QS   DM54LS161AW/883QS DM54LS161AW/883QS PDF Download Interfacing the AD7524M D/A converter to a micro
DM54LS161J   DM54LS161J DM54LS161J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Popular JEDEC registered 1N5802 to 1N5806
DM54LS161J/883   DM54LS161J/883 DM54LS161J/883 PDF Download Having now calculated the peak inductor current,
DM54LS161J/883B   DM54LS161J/883B DM54LS161J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP • FT pin for user-configurable flow throug
DM54LS161J/883C   DM54LS161J/883C DM54LS161J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
DM54LS161J-MLS   DM54LS161J-MLS DM54LS161J-MLS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9845 -331.40 -194.50  -48.00   87.40 &nb
DM54LS162J/883B   DM54LS162J/883B DM54LS162J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 81 Capacitor filter with precharge current limit
DM54LS163AJ/883   DM54LS163AJ/883 DM54LS163AJ/883 PDF Download NSC 95 The 16K-byte boot block can be used to store key
DM54LS163J   DM54LS163J DM54LS163J PDF Download NS . range in compliance with present and future appl
DM54LS163J/883   DM54LS163J/883 DM54LS163J/883 PDF Download NS 00+ The H8/3644 Series has a system-on-a-chip archit
DM54LS163J/883B   DM54LS163J/883B DM54LS163J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 8450 The error signal from the optocoupler is fed int
DM54LS164/883   DM54LS164/883 DM54LS164/883 PDF Download • Low-noise power supplies (these are recom
DM54LS164J   DM54LS164J DM54LS164J PDF Download 98 The G571 PC Card power-interface switch provides
DM54LS164J/883   DM54LS164J/883 DM54LS164J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ This register allows the user to invert the pola
DM54LS164J/883C   DM54LS164J/883C DM54LS164J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 This is an N-Channel enhancement mode silicon ga
DM54LS164W/883   DM54LS164W/883 DM54LS164W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 n Targeted at WXGA (1280x768) and HDTV (1366x768
DM54LS165J/883   DM54LS165J/883 DM54LS165J/883 PDF Download NSC 2001 The AD7940 uses advanced design techniques to ac
DM54LS165J-MLS   DM54LS165J-MLS DM54LS165J-MLS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9844 The information furnished by Micrel in this data
DM54LS169   DM54LS169 DM54LS169 PDF Download DIP NS 85+ !Features 1) Both ROHMs advanced LSI technology
DM54LS169J   DM54LS169J DM54LS169J PDF Download The AD10678 is a 16-bit, high performance, analo
DM54LS169J/883   DM54LS169J/883 DM54LS169J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16 Case: JEDEC TO-247AD molded plastic body over pa
DM54LS169J/883B   DM54LS169J/883B DM54LS169J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ Given this soft saturation characteristic, it is
DM54LS169J/883C   DM54LS169J/883C DM54LS169J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP-16 88+ The output stages switch at half the oscillator
DM54LS169J883B   DM54LS169J883B DM54LS169J883B PDF Download High-Performance Built-In Clock Management Circu
DM54LS170J   DM54LS170J DM54LS170J PDF Download NS 85+ As with all shunt voltage references, an externa
DM54LS173J   DM54LS173J DM54LS173J PDF Download NS 98+ These three terminal negative regulators are sup
DM54LS174J   DM54LS174J DM54LS174J PDF Download NS DIP   Typical represents the average reading at
DM54LS174J/883   DM54LS174J/883 DM54LS174J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP HR150 converters are designed to operate between
DM54LS174J/883B   DM54LS174J/883B DM54LS174J/883B PDF Download CDIP The Divided Down Crystal Reference with 50:50 Ma
DM54LS174J/883C   DM54LS174J/883C DM54LS174J/883C PDF Download CDIP The frequency of the crystal, which will be conne
DM54LS174W/883   DM54LS174W/883 DM54LS174W/883 PDF Download NSC 2008 Expansion of serial cards beyond four channels i
DM54LS174W/883C   DM54LS174W/883C DM54LS174W/883C PDF Download NS SOP16 Warnhinweise Bauelemente können aufgrund te
DM54LS174W/883QS   DM54LS174W/883QS DM54LS174W/883QS PDF Download (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
DM54LS175J/883   DM54LS175J/883 DM54LS175J/883 PDF Download NS 98+ The CP3SP33 connectivity processor combines high
DM54LS175J/883B   DM54LS175J/883B DM54LS175J/883B PDF Download NS DIP 08+ The TC6501 and TC6503 have an open-drain, active-
DM54LS175J/883C   DM54LS175J/883C DM54LS175J/883C PDF Download NS DIP Schottky barrier rectifier thermal run-awa
DM54LS175J/883QS   DM54LS175J/883QS DM54LS175J/883QS PDF Download NS DIP-16 08+ CHRG (Pin 3): Open-Drain Charge Status Output. Wh
DM54LS175W/883   DM54LS175W/883 DM54LS175W/883 PDF Download NSC 2005
DM54LS175W/883QS   DM54LS175W/883QS DM54LS175W/883QS PDF Download Reg set compatible to 16C2552 and 16C2852 Up to
DM54LS189J   DM54LS189J DM54LS189J PDF Download NS 01+ Technology Corporation product best suited to th
DM54LS190J   DM54LS190J DM54LS190J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The absolute maximum ratings are values,
DM54LS190J/883B   DM54LS190J/883B DM54LS190J/883B PDF Download NS 00+   SymbolParameter Input Characteristics &n
DM54LS191J   DM54LS191J DM54LS191J PDF Download NS 00+ The digital controlled potentiometer is implemen
DM54LS191J/883   DM54LS191J/883 DM54LS191J/883 PDF Download NSC 93 The Z893XX products are high-performance Digital
DM54LS191J/883C   DM54LS191J/883C DM54LS191J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8809+ • No External Bypass Capacitor Needed 
DM54LS193J   DM54LS193J DM54LS193J PDF Download NS DIP Two non-inverting drivers provide buffering for
DM54LS193J/883   DM54LS193J/883 DM54LS193J/883 PDF Download NSC 2001 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
DM54LS193J/883B   DM54LS193J/883B DM54LS193J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ The 4-bit analog channel-select address for the
DM54LS193J/883C   DM54LS193J/883C DM54LS193J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 86/87
DM54LS193W/883   DM54LS193W/883 DM54LS193W/883 PDF Download NSC 2004 Power-On Reset (POR) Prevents Printer Errors Whe
DM54LS193W/883QS   DM54LS193W/883QS DM54LS193W/883QS PDF Download Aside from jitter effects, noise and pulse distor
DM54LS196J/883B   DM54LS196J/883B DM54LS196J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8122 No license, express or implied, by estoppel or ot
DM54LS197J/883B   DM54LS197J/883B DM54LS197J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8331 TRADEMARK ACKNOWLEDGMENT The LSI Logic logo de
DM54LS20J   DM54LS20J DM54LS20J PDF Download NS . The ground return for the digital supply for the
DM54LS20J/883   DM54LS20J/883 DM54LS20J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
DM54LS20J/883B   DM54LS20J/883B DM54LS20J/883B PDF Download NS DIP-14P 8207+ Unless otherwise specified R14 e R15 e 1 kX C e
DM54LS20J/883C   DM54LS20J/883C DM54LS20J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HYM72V32M636T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchron
DM54LS20J883B   DM54LS20J883B DM54LS20J883B PDF Download Power supply: 3V /5V LCD driving voltage  
DM54LS20W/883   DM54LS20W/883 DM54LS20W/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1.125 (28.56mm) PCB Height 168-Pin Registered DI
DM54LS21J   DM54LS21J DM54LS21J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8340 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
DM54LS21J/883   DM54LS21J/883 DM54LS21J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MAIN MEMORY PAGE READ: A Main Memory Page Read al
DM54LS21J/883B   DM54LS21J/883B DM54LS21J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 82 Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
DM54LS21J/883C   DM54LS21J/883C DM54LS21J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The signal inputs Yl0-YI7 and UVI0-UVI7 and the
DM54LS21J-883   DM54LS21J-883 DM54LS21J-883 PDF Download (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V. Durin
DM54LS22J   DM54LS22J DM54LS22J PDF Download CDIP When the external program/data bus is used in 16
DM54LS240J   DM54LS240J DM54LS240J PDF Download 00+   The MT28F322D20 and MT28F322D18 are high-
DM54LS240J/883   DM54LS240J/883 DM54LS240J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A General Description The HPMD-7905 is a miniaturi
DM54LS240J/883C   DM54LS240J/883C DM54LS240J/883C PDF Download TI DIP 98+ FEATURES Single-Channel, 24-Bit - ADC Pin Confi
DM54LS240J/883QS   DM54LS240J/883QS DM54LS240J/883QS PDF Download NS DIP 00+
DM54LS241J   DM54LS241J DM54LS241J PDF Download From Figure 3, having fSCLK = 5 MHz and a through
DM54LS241J/883   DM54LS241J/883 DM54LS241J/883 PDF Download NS 92 Supports a 33-MHz, 64-bit PCI host bus interface
DM54LS241J/883QS   DM54LS241J/883QS DM54LS241J/883QS PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DM54LS241J/883QS, DM54LS241J/883QS are desig
DM54LS241J-MIL   DM54LS241J-MIL DM54LS241J-MIL PDF Download Thus, for PC2, no phase difference exists betwee
DM54LS244DM   DM54LS244DM DM54LS244DM PDF Download NS DIP 90 Small Compact Surface Mountable Package with J&#
DM54LS244DMQB   DM54LS244DMQB DM54LS244DMQB PDF Download The contents of this document are provided in co
DM54LS244J   DM54LS244J DM54LS244J PDF Download 00+ DIGITAL OUTPUTS(6) Logic Family Logic Coding L
DM54LS244J/883   DM54LS244J/883 DM54LS244J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A All inputs, outputs, and clock signals on the TM
DM54LS244J/883C   DM54LS244J/883C DM54LS244J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-20 08+ The MX98715A contains a PCI local bus glueless i
DM54LS244J/883QS   DM54LS244J/883QS DM54LS244J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP20 01+ The MCP6275s VCM for op amp B (pins VOUTA/VINB+
DM54LS245AJ   DM54LS245AJ DM54LS245AJ PDF Download 85+   The TH50VSF2580/2581AASB is a mixed multi-
DM54LS245J   DM54LS245J DM54LS245J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A µ PD780308 with enhanced display function
DM54LS245J/883   DM54LS245J/883 DM54LS245J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ PVIN (Pins 6, 7): Input supply pin. PVIN is conne
DM54LS245J/883QS   DM54LS245J/883QS DM54LS245J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP24 111 Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
DM54LS245J-MLS   DM54LS245J-MLS DM54LS245J-MLS PDF Download NSC 2004 A colour co-processor is required to convert the
DM54LS245W/883QS   DM54LS245W/883QS DM54LS245W/883QS PDF Download The HY628100B is a high speed, low power and 1M
DM54LS251J   DM54LS251J DM54LS251J PDF Download CDIP Intrinsic deterministic device jitter is a measu
DM54LS253J   DM54LS253J DM54LS253J PDF Download TI CDIP • Platinum Tri-Metal System   High Te
DM54LS253J/883   DM54LS253J/883 DM54LS253J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 The following specifications apply for V+ = +5V,
DM54LS253J/883B   DM54LS253J/883B DM54LS253J/883B PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ The standard supply voltage for notebook compute
DM54LS253W/883B   DM54LS253W/883B DM54LS253W/883B PDF Download NSC 03+04+ Features/Benefits: •QuadRomTM frequency s
DM54LS257AJ/883   DM54LS257AJ/883 DM54LS257AJ/883 PDF Download NSC 99 This fully integrated PLL transmitter allows the
DM54LS257AW/883QS   DM54LS257AW/883QS DM54LS257AW/883QS PDF Download 1. Data patterns are to have maximum run lengths
DM54LS257J   DM54LS257J DM54LS257J PDF Download NS . Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
DM54LS257W/883B   DM54LS257W/883B DM54LS257W/883B PDF Download An on-chip Peripheral Data Controller (PDC) tran
DM54LS259J/883   DM54LS259J/883 DM54LS259J/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 Description The HCPL-90xx and HCPL-09xx CMOS di
DM54LS259J/883QS   DM54LS259J/883QS DM54LS259J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 0033+ The AP1501 series are monolithic IC that design f
DM54LS259J883   DM54LS259J883 DM54LS259J883 PDF Download Altera® ACEX 1K devices provide a die-efficie
DM54LS260DMQB   DM54LS260DMQB DM54LS260DMQB PDF Download NS 9518 975
DM54LS260J   DM54LS260J DM54LS260J PDF Download NS CDIP14 01+ Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no loa
DM54LS260J/883   DM54LS260J/883 DM54LS260J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ 3. Preventive measure against oscillation  
DM54LS260W/883   DM54LS260W/883 DM54LS260W/883 PDF Download NSC 98  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
DM54LS266J/883B   DM54LS266J/883B DM54LS266J/883B PDF Download The DM54LS266J/883B is an integrated FPD-Link
DM54LS26J   DM54LS26J DM54LS26J PDF Download Timing & Control It generates internal timin
DM54LS26J/883B   DM54LS26J/883B DM54LS26J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A An errata sheet, describing minor operational di
DM54LS273J/883   DM54LS273J/883 DM54LS273J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ Device programming is performed a byte/word at
DM54LS273J/883QS   DM54LS273J/883QS DM54LS273J/883QS PDF Download NS DIP 9609+ For the clock signal, use the crystal connected
DM54LS279/883C   DM54LS279/883C DM54LS279/883C PDF Download NS 00+
DM54LS279J   DM54LS279J DM54LS279J PDF Download NS 02+ Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
DM54LS279J/883   DM54LS279J/883 DM54LS279J/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 MAX 7000A devices are supported by Altera develo
DM54LS279J/883C   DM54LS279J/883C DM54LS279J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-16 08+  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
DM54LS279J/883QS   DM54LS279J/883QS DM54LS279J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 power supply requirements, and break-before-make
DM54LS27J   DM54LS27J DM54LS27J PDF Download NSC DIP 00+ The IEEE 1284 specification requires both termin
DM54LS27J/883   DM54LS27J/883 DM54LS27J/883 PDF Download TI CDIP14 8345 1 (One). Each of these states have a defined vol
DM54LS27J/883B   DM54LS27J/883B DM54LS27J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8134   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
DM54LS27J/883C   DM54LS27J/883C DM54LS27J/883C PDF Download Note: All devices contains Access.bus (ACB), Clo
DM54LS27W/883   DM54LS27W/883 DM54LS27W/883 PDF Download The DAC101S101 is a full-featured, general purpo
DM54LS283J   DM54LS283J DM54LS283J PDF Download NS 01+ Intersil CA3089 is a monolithic integrated circu
DM54LS283J/883   DM54LS283J/883 DM54LS283J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16 —— • Low power, high speed FLASH/EEPROM &nbs
DM54LS283J/883B   DM54LS283J/883B DM54LS283J/883B PDF Download NS O7+ The TX-02-4400PI/JI is a dual winding interface t
DM54LS290J   DM54LS290J DM54LS290J PDF Download NS 01+
DM54LS30J   DM54LS30J DM54LS30J PDF Download CDIP The device is an 8-bit high performance RISC-li
DM54LS30J/883   DM54LS30J/883 DM54LS30J/883 PDF Download NSC 98   4.4.1 Group A inspection. Group A inspecti
DM54LS30J/883B   DM54LS30J/883B DM54LS30J/883B PDF Download NS DIP14 DIP14   Designed with Motorolas advanced SMARTMOS
DM54LS30J/883C   DM54LS30J/883C DM54LS30J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 9004+ VCC = 3.3V 5%. Each VCC pin should be connecte
DM54LS30W/883   DM54LS30W/883 DM54LS30W/883 PDF Download NSC 98 184-pin 1mm pin spacing Card Size: 133.35mm x
DM54LS32J   DM54LS32J DM54LS32J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Ready/Busy (RB). Ready/Busy is an open drain out
DM54LS32J/883   DM54LS32J/883 DM54LS32J/883 PDF Download NS 89 <Common> • Operating Temperature :
DM54LS32J/883B   DM54LS32J/883B DM54LS32J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8001 This is the only way to ensure interference-free
DM54LS32J/883C   DM54LS32J/883C DM54LS32J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ The ISL6614A drives both the upper and lower gate
DM54LS353J   DM54LS353J DM54LS353J PDF Download NS 00+ Only the destination of the lower-order byte in t
DM54LS365AJ   DM54LS365AJ DM54LS365AJ PDF Download 85+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
DM54LS365AJ/883   DM54LS365AJ/883 DM54LS365AJ/883 PDF Download NSC 98 number of changes to the assembly pro- cess in
DM54LS365J   DM54LS365J DM54LS365J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
DM54LS365J/883B   DM54LS365J/883B DM54LS365J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 83/84+ Internal level translators allow controllers oper
DM54LS366J   DM54LS366J DM54LS366J PDF Download NS . The Hyundai HYM7V75A801B Z-Series are 8Mx72bits E
DM54LS367AJ   DM54LS367AJ DM54LS367AJ PDF Download NS CDIP16 8340+   DigitalClarity™ CMOS Imaging Technol
DM54LS367AJ/883   DM54LS367AJ/883 DM54LS367AJ/883 PDF Download VOUT = adj (.7V min), 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.875,
DM54LS367AW/883   DM54LS367AW/883 DM54LS367AW/883 PDF Download NSC 2005 The high current input voltage which is regulate
DM54LS367AW-MLS   DM54LS367AW-MLS DM54LS367AW-MLS PDF Download NSC 2004 Overload protection Overtemperature protection
DM54LS367J   DM54LS367J DM54LS367J PDF Download NS . Dynamic control of the on/off function is best ac
DM54LS367J/883   DM54LS367J/883 DM54LS367J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A HR300 converters use a constant frequency pulse-
DM54LS367J/883B   DM54LS367J/883B DM54LS367J/883B PDF Download NS 84+ DIP16陶瓷
DM54LS367J/883C   DM54LS367J/883C DM54LS367J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8918 The CD4001B, CD4002B, and CD4025B types are supp
DM54LS367W/883C   DM54LS367W/883C DM54LS367W/883C PDF Download NS SOP16 The HYM72V16M656H(L)T6 -Series are gold plated so
DM54LS368AJ   DM54LS368AJ DM54LS368AJ PDF Download 85+ • Super bright LED for optical fiber commun
DM54LS368J   DM54LS368J DM54LS368J PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ A thermally enhanced large pad leadframe has bee
DM54LS368J/883   DM54LS368J/883 DM54LS368J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP CH1 Soft-Start Input CH5 Enable Input CH6 En
DM54LS368J/883B   DM54LS368J/883B DM54LS368J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
DM54LS368J/883C   DM54LS368J/883C DM54LS368J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8752 The DM54LS368J/883C Parallel Reference is a singl
DM54LS373J   DM54LS373J DM54LS373J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Once the deserializer has synchronized to the se
DM54LS373J/883   DM54LS373J/883 DM54LS373J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP20 9948 The ELH0032s wide bandwidth high input impedance
DM54LS373J/883B   DM54LS373J/883B DM54LS373J/883B PDF Download NSC DIP 00+ On-chip communications peripherals include: USB
DM54LS373J/883C   DM54LS373J/883C DM54LS373J/883C PDF Download CDIP Note 11: Efficiency is measured versus VIN, with
DM54LS374/883   DM54LS374/883 DM54LS374/883 PDF Download The LT ®1681 controller simplifies the design
DM54LS374E/883   DM54LS374E/883 DM54LS374E/883 PDF Download NSC 2002 NOTES: 1. Metric equivalents are given for gener
DM54LS374J   DM54LS374J DM54LS374J PDF Download NS CDIP20 8512+ The DM54LS374J is a nonvolatile Static RAM with a
DM54LS374J/883   DM54LS374J/883 DM54LS374J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 04+ Generating A Voltage Output Signal C The 0 to 2
DM54LS374J/883B   DM54LS374J/883B DM54LS374J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP20 8452/8502 I, PD Output Enable Input. When asserted LOW, the
DM54LS374J/883C   DM54LS374J/883C DM54LS374J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A In applications using one DAC per channel, where
DM54LS374J/883QS   DM54LS374J/883QS DM54LS374J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP20 46 Synchronous Rectification for Higher Efficiency
DM54LS377J/883   DM54LS377J/883 DM54LS377J/883 PDF Download NS DIP 9225+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
DM54LS377J/883C   DM54LS377J/883C DM54LS377J/883C PDF Download NS 90 3. Values for two Turn-On loss conditions are sh
DM54LS37J   DM54LS37J DM54LS37J PDF Download NS 01+ For self biased off-line applications, -2 and -4
DM54LS386J   DM54LS386J DM54LS386J PDF Download CDIP Notes: 1. Use only a single 1% resistor in eith
DM54LS38J/883   DM54LS38J/883 DM54LS38J/883 PDF Download NSC 95
DM54LS390J   DM54LS390J DM54LS390J PDF Download NS CDIP16 Ÿ Extended data out operation Ÿ Read-
DM54LS393   DM54LS393 DM54LS393 PDF Download DIP NS 85+ Figure 1 shows the connections for simple ripple
DM54LS393J   DM54LS393J DM54LS393J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8512+ Notes:  6. Test conditions assume signal t
DM54LS42J/883   DM54LS42J/883 DM54LS42J/883 PDF Download NSC 2003 The 16/8 bit SRAM interface with local DMAs help
DM54LS42J/883B   DM54LS42J/883B DM54LS42J/883B PDF Download NS 84+ DIP16陶瓷 * All MC145026 devices manufactured after date c
DM54LS42J/883QS   DM54LS42J/883QS DM54LS42J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9726+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings are values beyon
DM54LS471J   DM54LS471J DM54LS471J PDF Download NS CDIP20 89+ inverter. A thermistor is included in the invert
DM54LS51J   DM54LS51J DM54LS51J PDF Download CDIP PFC Driver Output. This pin must be connected to
DM54LS541N   DM54LS541N DM54LS541N PDF Download NSC/F DIP 6. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
DM54LS573N   DM54LS573N DM54LS573N PDF Download NSC/F DIP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM54LS670J   DM54LS670J DM54LS670J PDF Download   The melting temperature of solder is highe
DM54LS670J/883B   DM54LS670J/883B DM54LS670J/883B PDF Download NS DIP-16 08+ ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
DM54LS670J/883C   DM54LS670J/883C DM54LS670J/883C PDF Download NS 97 † This device is Product Preview. The TPS
DM54LS73J/883   DM54LS73J/883 DM54LS73J/883 PDF Download NSC 98 The 16/8 bit SRAM interface with local DMAs help
DM54LS73J/883B   DM54LS73J/883B DM54LS73J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Acknowledge is a software convention used to pro
DM54LS74AJ   DM54LS74AJ DM54LS74AJ PDF Download NS CDIP14 The LM2678 series of regulators are monolithic i
DM54LS74J   DM54LS74J DM54LS74J PDF Download TI DIP N/A Synchronous byte write enables. Each 9-bit byte h
DM54LS74J/883   DM54LS74J/883 DM54LS74J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1A, 1B, 1C = SPST N.O., SPST N.C., SPDT 2A, 2B,
DM54LS74J/8834   DM54LS74J/8834 DM54LS74J/8834 PDF Download NS CDIP NOTES: (1) All values referred to VIHMIN and VIL
DM54LS74J/883B   DM54LS74J/883B DM54LS74J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 8428 The AUTO PRECHARGE function ensures that the pr
DM54LS74J/883C   DM54LS74J/883C DM54LS74J/883C PDF Download NS N/A 00+ @ Digital power output 824-849 MHz Over supply
DM54LS74W/883C   DM54LS74W/883C DM54LS74W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 The ABT162244 devices are 16-bit buffers and li
DM54LS74W/883QS   DM54LS74W/883QS DM54LS74W/883QS PDF Download The THS4513 incorporates a (QFN) exposed thermal
DM54LS75J/883   DM54LS75J/883 DM54LS75J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP Clock Feedback Output: This pair of clock outputs
DM54LS76AJ   DM54LS76AJ DM54LS76AJ PDF Download NS 97+ Electrical These devices use a modified 4 x 7
DM54LS85J   DM54LS85J DM54LS85J PDF Download regarding media compatibility in your applicatio
DM54LS85J/883   DM54LS85J/883 DM54LS85J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A strobed in while CS is low, as defined in Table
DM54LS85J/883B   DM54LS85J/883B DM54LS85J/883B PDF Download   The IDT70V3319/99 is a high-speed 256/128
DM54LS85J/883C   DM54LS85J/883C DM54LS85J/883C PDF Download NS 85+ DIP16陶瓷 64K x 16 advanced high-speed CMOS Static RAM Equ
DM54LS86J/883   DM54LS86J/883 DM54LS86J/883 PDF Download CDIP The phase comparators run at related frequencies
DM54LS86J/883B   DM54LS86J/883B DM54LS86J/883B PDF Download A LOW signal on MR overrides the Select and CP i
DM54LS86J/883C   DM54LS86J/883C DM54LS86J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 1. Required LO level is a function of the LO fre
DM54LS98J   DM54LS98J DM54LS98J PDF Download The MAX1858 dual, synchronized, step-down control
DM-54-RA   DM-54-RA DM-54-RA PDF Download Notes: 1. These displays are recommended for hi
DM54S00J   DM54S00J DM54S00J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8516+ Notes: 1. The spurii are specified relative to
DM54S00J/883B   DM54S00J/883B DM54S00J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 The oscillators are available with SC or AT cut
DM54S00J/883C   DM54S00J/883C DM54S00J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
DM54S02J/883B   DM54S02J/883B DM54S02J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit c
DM54S03J   DM54S03J DM54S03J PDF Download NS .   Temperature range is −15C to +105C,
DM54S03J/883B   DM54S03J/883B DM54S03J/883B PDF Download NS Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
DM54S03J-MIL   DM54S03J-MIL DM54S03J-MIL PDF Download NS Users replacing EEPROMs with MRAM can eliminate t
DM54S04J   DM54S04J DM54S04J PDF Download NS CDIP14 8115 The various buffers within the BUFxx703 are care
DM54S04J/883   DM54S04J/883 DM54S04J/883 PDF Download TI CDIP Note 3: Specifications over the C40C to 85C tempe
DM54S04J/883B   DM54S04J/883B DM54S04J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ The CS8920As highly efficient StreamTrans- ferT
DM54S04J/883C   DM54S04J/883C DM54S04J/883C PDF Download The CLC425's combination of ultra-low noise, wid
DM54S08J   DM54S08J DM54S08J PDF Download   The DM54S08J is a high-speed CMOS TTL-comp
DM54S08J/883B   DM54S08J/883B DM54S08J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 81/83+ In addition to issuing a reset to the µP du
DM54S10J   DM54S10J DM54S10J PDF Download NS 98+ SDP is enabled by the host system issuing a seri
DM54S10J/883   DM54S10J/883 DM54S10J/883 PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The W49L102 is programmed on a word-by-word basis
DM54S10J/883C   DM54S10J/883C DM54S10J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8932 Peripherals can also be added on to the HCE bus.
DM54S112J   DM54S112J DM54S112J PDF Download   When the R and V inputs are equal in frequ
DM54S112J/883   DM54S112J/883 DM54S112J/883 PDF Download NS 88 The listed characteristics are ensured over the
DM54S112J/883B   DM54S112J/883B DM54S112J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 8636+ • Viewing Angles Match Traffic   Mana
DM54S113J/883B   DM54S113J/883B DM54S113J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ Specifications contained in this data sheet are
DM54S11J/883C   DM54S11J/883C DM54S11J/883C PDF Download NS 88+ DIP14陶瓷 • Supports IEEE 802.1p/Q Quality of Service
DM54S133J/883B   DM54S133J/883B DM54S133J/883B PDF Download NS DIP16 DIP16 The DM54S133J/883B is a high-performance, four-c
DM54S133J/883C   DM54S133J/883C DM54S133J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP-16P 89+   As the beams attached to the central mass
DM54S135J/883B   DM54S135J/883B DM54S135J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ The relays can switch currents in the range of n
DM54S138J   DM54S138J DM54S138J PDF Download TI CDIP 3-wire FSK Interface Data (CMOS Output). Mark fr
DM54S138J/883C   DM54S138J/883C DM54S138J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8531+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
DM54S139J/883B   DM54S139J/883B DM54S139J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP 81 On power-up, the DS1804 will load the value of EE
DM54S139J/883C   DM54S139J/883C DM54S139J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 9023 The power factor correction section consists of
DM54S140J-MIL   DM54S140J-MIL DM54S140J-MIL PDF Download The DACs utilize a segmented current source arch
DM54S151J/883C   DM54S151J/883C DM54S151J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8645 Notes ; Repetitive Rating : Pulse Width Limited
DM54S153J   DM54S153J DM54S153J PDF Download The external voltage supply is connected to this
DM54S157J/883B   DM54S157J/883B DM54S157J/883B PDF Download 98 OTP The second section of memory consists of tw
DM54S157J-MIL   DM54S157J-MIL DM54S157J-MIL PDF Download NS 97
DM54S158W-MIL   DM54S158W-MIL DM54S158W-MIL PDF Download AV+, BV+, CV+ - are the power connections from th
DM54S161J/883B   DM54S161J/883B DM54S161J/883B PDF Download NSC CDIP 04+ Each VR has its own VR latch, which holds its pr
DM54S161J/883C   DM54S161J/883C DM54S161J/883C PDF Download All voltages are referenced to ground. ISTBY spe
DM54S161W/883   DM54S161W/883 DM54S161W/883 PDF Download A problem arises in a CPE where the CAS detector
DM54S174J/883B   DM54S174J/883B DM54S174J/883B PDF Download NS CERDIP16 00+ The CD54AC245/3A and CD54ACT245/3A are octal-bus
DM54S182J/883B   DM54S182J/883B DM54S182J/883B PDF Download
DM54S188J/883C   DM54S188J/883C DM54S188J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 9049 If the auto-increment flag is set, the three low
DM54S189J   DM54S189J DM54S189J PDF Download NS CDIP16 9112+ The ZL30414 accepts a CMOS compatible reference
DM54S189J/883C   DM54S189J/883C DM54S189J/883C PDF Download NS DIP16 87+ The CD4514BC and CD4515BC are 4-to-16 line decod
DM54S195J-MIL   DM54S195J-MIL DM54S195J-MIL PDF Download   The 17517 can drive two motors in two dir
DM54S20W/883   DM54S20W/883 DM54S20W/883 PDF Download
DM54S240J/883B   DM54S240J/883B DM54S240J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP20 8439+ These circuits consist of two independent, high-
DM54S241J/883   DM54S241J/883 DM54S241J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP 8436 as possible, between the VOUT1 pin and ground pl
DM54S251J-MIL   DM54S251J-MIL DM54S251J-MIL PDF Download Note 2: The fOP frequency specification specifie
DM54S253J/883B   DM54S253J/883B DM54S253J/883B PDF Download • 0.23 µm Process Technology •
DM54S257J/883B   DM54S257J/883B DM54S257J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 8339 For alternating current, such as that from the m
DM54S257J-MIL   DM54S257J-MIL DM54S257J-MIL PDF Download The vertical sync interval is detected by integra
DM54S257W-MIL   DM54S257W-MIL DM54S257W-MIL PDF Download NS SOP16 initialize to their default setting upon power-up
DM54S258J   DM54S258J DM54S258J PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION These electrically erasable
DM54S280J   DM54S280J DM54S280J PDF Download NS 84+ DIP -1774.50 -1779.30 -1779.30 -1779.30 -1779.30
DM54S280J/883C   DM54S280J/883C DM54S280J/883C PDF Download   Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads &
DM54S283J/883   DM54S283J/883 DM54S283J/883 PDF Download Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
DM54S287A883   DM54S287A883 DM54S287A883 PDF Download NS DIP Make connection to B side with pink wire for L
DM54S287AJ   DM54S287AJ DM54S287AJ PDF Download NS 00+ CURRENT LIMIT PROTECTION   The LX8819 inclu
DM54S287J   DM54S287J DM54S287J PDF Download NS CDIP16 9106+ The THS4513 is a wideband, fully differential op
DM54S287J(S82S129F)   DM54S287J(S82S129F) DM54S287J(S82S129F) PDF Download Turbo codes improves a transmission link by an a
DM54S287J/883B   DM54S287J/883B DM54S287J/883B PDF Download LCD Segment output terminal / LCD Common output t
DM54S288/883   DM54S288/883 DM54S288/883 PDF Download NS 03+ All switchers are synchronized to the internal 1.
DM54S288AJ   DM54S288AJ DM54S288AJ PDF Download N/A N/A N/A UCC381-3 and UCC381-5 versions have on-chip resi
DM54S288J   DM54S288J DM54S288J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DS8830, SN55183, and SN75183 dual different
DM54S288J/883C   DM54S288J/883C DM54S288J/883C PDF Download NS DIP 00+ 40 x 40 mils 1 mil. 10 1.5 mil. Aluminum 15,0
DM54S32J-MIL   DM54S32J-MIL DM54S32J-MIL PDF Download NS CDIP14 8536 The 54830 Series Infiniium scopes use advanced M
DM54S32W/883C   DM54S32W/883C DM54S32W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14   2.2 Order of precedence. In the event of
DM54S373J   DM54S373J DM54S373J PDF Download NS 02+ In an M68300 family component, the major functio
DM54S374J   DM54S374J DM54S374J PDF Download NS DIP-20P 8314+ HY57V28820HC(L)T is offering fully synchronous op
DM54S376J   DM54S376J DM54S376J PDF Download NS 01+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
DM54S387J/883C   DM54S387J/883C DM54S387J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-16 08+ The MQ photoelectric sensor area reflective ty
DM54S400   DM54S400 DM54S400 PDF Download NS 01+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM54S472   DM54S472 DM54S472 PDF Download NS 00+ The PIC12CE67X devices have 128 bytes of RAM, 16
DM54S472J   DM54S472J DM54S472J PDF Download   and DE Inputs(2)    and DE Inpu
DM54S570J/883B   DM54S570J/883B DM54S570J/883B PDF Download NS 84 Notes :   1. H : High ( inactive) L : Low
DM54S571J   DM54S571J DM54S571J PDF Download NS CDIP16 83/84+ The MAX4641/MAX4642/MAX4643 are monolithic, dual,
DM54S571J/883B   DM54S571J/883B DM54S571J/883B PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8550+ Note(READ CYCLE): 1. tCHZ and tOHZ are defined a
DM54S571J-MIL   DM54S571J-MIL DM54S571J-MIL PDF Download NS 01+ Description Reserved PCI6 Output Control 1 = e
DM54S573J   DM54S573J DM54S573J PDF Download NS DIP N/A EAOUT: Error Amplifier Output. It is also connect
DM54S573J-MIL   DM54S573J-MIL DM54S573J-MIL PDF Download NS CDIP18 8923 A max clock frequency of 0.5MHz is assumed. For
DM54S64W/883   DM54S64W/883 DM54S64W/883 PDF Download TEST PROCEDURE 100% production tested at the sp
DM54S74J   DM54S74J DM54S74J PDF Download NS CDIP14 Senses Ferrous Targets Down to Zero RPM Large E
DM54S74J/883B   DM54S74J/883B DM54S74J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP14 • Flexible dual-bank architecture   C
DM54S74J/883C   DM54S74J/883C DM54S74J/883C PDF Download   The NJU6052 is a white LED driver with an
DM54S74J883C   DM54S74J883C DM54S74J883C PDF Download   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
DM-54-TA   DM-54-TA DM-54-TA PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only.
DM550-06-R   DM550-06-R DM550-06-R PDF Download This document is a general product description an
DM-58   DM-58 DM-58 PDF Download SIP NMB 04+ • Supply voltage: 3 V/5 V/7.5 V • Buil
DM6000E   DM6000E DM6000E PDF Download The SN65LVCP40 combines a pair of 1:2 buffers wi
DM6000EP   DM6000EP DM6000EP PDF Download Stress in excess of Absolute Maximum Rat- ings m
DM60C31E   DM60C31E DM60C31E PDF Download DIP 100 Differential PECL compatible outputs 700 ps pro
DM6161EP   DM6161EP DM6161EP PDF Download DAVICOM 07+ 1.) Find Driver Power Dissipation   PD= (Vc
DM6164   DM6164 DM6164 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ The M5M51008BFP,VP,RV,KV,KR are a 1048576-bit CM
DM62J12S205PQ   DM62J12S205PQ DM62J12S205PQ PDF Download C&K Components 05/06+   for this lower supply voltage operation,
DM6353E   DM6353E DM6353E PDF Download PHI BGA 0 Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed wi
DM6380   DM6380 DM6380 PDF Download PLCC 03+/04+ Specified for 79 - , 112 - and 132 - Channel Loa
DM6380AL   DM6380AL DM6380AL PDF Download VICOM STK 2003+
DM6380L   DM6380L DM6380L PDF Download 97 To allow for convenient reading of blocks of con
DM6381F   DM6381F DM6381F PDF Download DAVICOM QFP100 Hynix HYMD264646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for
DM6382F   DM6382F DM6382F PDF Download DAVICOM QFP100 Plastic material used carries Underwriters Labor
DM6383F   DM6383F DM6383F PDF Download DAVICOM QFP100 All of the register outputs are set to a low lev
DM6401N   DM6401N DM6401N PDF Download Note: CPD is defined as the value of the interna
DM6401N/DM7401N   DM6401N/DM7401N DM6401N/DM7401N PDF Download ns ns dc92   Parameter Supply current Idle Traffic
DM64S04N   DM64S04N DM64S04N PDF Download NS 91 Internal registers include available charge, tem
DM650-06-0   DM650-06-0 DM650-06-0 PDF Download Voltage gain Upper cut-off frequency (Fig. 3)
DM6580L   DM6580L DM6580L PDF Download UMC PLCC28 03/+04+ The maximum graphics resolution supported is 12
DM6581F   DM6581F DM6581F PDF Download DAVICOM LQFP100 Note 5: A military RETS specification is availabl
DM6582F   DM6582F DM6582F PDF Download DAVICOM LQFP100 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
DM6583F   DM6583F DM6583F PDF Download DAVICOM QFP The RESET (SVS, POR, or power on reset) output o
DM7000J   DM7000J DM7000J PDF Download During sleep mode the device is still supplied f
DM7000J/883C   DM7000J/883C DM7000J/883C PDF Download Stresses above those listed under "Absolute
DM7001J/883   DM7001J/883 DM7001J/883 PDF Download C Data input, address, byte enable and control re
DM7003J/883   DM7003J/883 DM7003J/883 PDF Download An errata sheet, describing minor operational di
DM7004J   DM7004J DM7004J PDF Download   An 8-bit stack pointer (SP) stores addres
DM7005J/883   DM7005J/883 DM7005J/883 PDF Download Note 4 In all applications transient segment outp
DM7010J/883   DM7010J/883 DM7010J/883 PDF Download  1. Dimension are in inches.  2. Metri
DM7030J/883   DM7030J/883 DM7030J/883 PDF Download Notes: 7. CPD is defined as the value of the
DM7047M   DM7047M DM7047M PDF Download A unique feature of the HIP660X drivers is the a
DM706610ABB   DM706610ABB DM706610ABB PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
DM7092N   DM7092N DM7092N PDF Download NS DIP-14 08+ The turn-on time interval of a voltage regulator
DM7093J   DM7093J DM7093J PDF Download The block diagram of the 82C37A is shown on page
DM7095J/883   DM7095J/883 DM7095J/883 PDF Download   (Non-Government standards and other public
DM7097J/883B   DM7097J/883B DM7097J/883B PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SOT-563 is a
DM7098J   DM7098J DM7098J PDF Download NS CDIP20 9941 Note: 1. The transient peak current is the maxi
DM70L97J/883B   DM70L97J/883B DM70L97J/883B PDF Download NS
DM70LS95J   DM70LS95J DM70LS95J PDF Download NS . The bq2019 advanced battery-monitoring IC accura
DM70LS96J   DM70LS96J DM70LS96J PDF Download NS . 1. Stresses above those listed under the Absolut
DM70LS97J   DM70LS97J DM70LS97J PDF Download NS . FF/IR and AF are synchronized to the port clock
DM7106HL/W02   DM7106HL/W02 DM7106HL/W02 PDF Download N/A QFP NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
DM7122J/883   DM7122J/883 DM7122J/883 PDF Download Two serial outputs (QS1 and QS2) are available
DM7123J/883B   DM7123J/883B DM7123J/883B PDF Download NS 8150 The DM7123J/883B is intended for video applicatio
DM7131J   DM7131J DM7131J PDF Download NS The XRT75VL00D incorporates an advanced crystal-
DM7131J/883B   DM7131J/883B DM7131J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 80/82 This product contains beryllium oxide. The produ
DM7136J   DM7136J DM7136J PDF Download Power-Fail Input: A 1.225V threshold detector fo
DM7136J/883B   DM7136J/883B DM7136J/883B PDF Download NS DIP 04+ This family of TRI-STATE bus transceivers offers
DM7160J   DM7160J DM7160J PDF Download 534 NS The DM7160J includes a low on-resistance internal
DM7160J/883   DM7160J/883 DM7160J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 1N5333-5388B JEDEC registered series of axial
DM7160J/883B   DM7160J/883B DM7160J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP The intended application of this device and sign
DM71L95AJ   DM71L95AJ DM71L95AJ PDF Download This document is a general product description an
DM71L96J   DM71L96J DM71L96J PDF Download AMD . All voltages are referenced to ground. This is t
DM71LS95   DM71LS95 DM71LS95 PDF Download NS DIP-20P n/a The CD4001B, CD4002B, and CD4025B types are supp
DM71LS95AJ   DM71LS95AJ DM71LS95AJ PDF Download NS CDIP20 8344 n Serial I/O ( MICROWIRE™ compatible) n S
DM71LS95AN   DM71LS95AN DM71LS95AN PDF Download NS  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C NO
DM71LS95BJ   DM71LS95BJ DM71LS95BJ PDF Download NS CDIP20 —— Each GLB contains 32 macrocells and a fully popu
DM71LS95J   DM71LS95J DM71LS95J PDF Download AMD CDIP20 —— The C channel has no pulldown current sources an
DM71LS95J/883   DM71LS95J/883 DM71LS95J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP20 92/94+ Organized as 2M x 8 bits Single 3.3V Power Suppl
DM71LS95J/883B   DM71LS95J/883B DM71LS95J/883B PDF Download Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
DM71LS95J/883C   DM71LS95J/883C DM71LS95J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP20 89+ The AD7920 can also operate with slower clock fr
DM71LS95JB   DM71LS95JB DM71LS95JB PDF Download AMD 2007 The voltage at the TOVER pin is equal to a logic-
DM71LS95J-B   DM71LS95J-B DM71LS95J-B PDF Download AMD CDIP20 80/81+ 3. The analog input terminal (pin 6) has 21pF of
DM71LS96AJ   DM71LS96AJ DM71LS96AJ PDF Download NS CDIP 1) All in one chip IC incorporating functions of
DM71LS96J   DM71LS96J DM71LS96J PDF Download NS CDIP The ICS clock generator is a slave/receiver, I2C
DM71LS96J/883B   DM71LS96J/883B DM71LS96J/883B PDF Download NS The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be tw
DM71LS97J   DM71LS97J DM71LS97J PDF Download AMD DIP-20 98+   1 realtime base and 1 input capture C One
DM7200J   DM7200J DM7200J PDF Download NS After the software data protections 3 word comma
DM7212W/883   DM7212W/883 DM7212W/883 PDF Download The MX93000 Special Codec integrates key functio
DM7214J   DM7214J DM7214J PDF Download NS DIP This series of hermetically packaged products fe
DM7219J   DM7219J DM7219J PDF Download Up to 18-A Output Current 5-V Input Bus Wide-Ou
DM7219J/883B   DM7219J/883B DM7219J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The challenge for an integrated clock-recovery ci
DM723   DM723 DM723 PDF Download For optimal performance, tie all grounds directl
DM724   DM724 DM724 PDF Download NanoStar and NanoFree Packages S
DM73BF2951   DM73BF2951 DM73BF2951 PDF Download National Semiconductor SOIC-8 07+/08+ Notice: The information provided in this publicat
DM7400J   DM7400J DM7400J PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
DM7400M   DM7400M DM7400M PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ Propagation Delay Time   MC14001B, MC14011
DM7400MX   DM7400MX DM7400MX PDF Download The AT84CS001 DMUX is started by the ASYNCRST co
DM7400N   DM7400N DM7400N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-14 92+ OUTPUT VOLTAGE LIMITERS Default Limiter Voltage
DM7401N   DM7401N DM7401N PDF Download 94+ DIP-14 Meets latest VRM 8.4 specification for PIII Prov
DM7402J   DM7402J DM7402J PDF Download protection, and an input under- voltage lockout
DM7402J/883C   DM7402J/883C DM7402J/883C PDF Download NS 78+ DIP14陶瓷 Note: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolut
DM7402N   DM7402N DM7402N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 0204+ The interfaces of this device are designed to wo
DM7402N(HSEMRKD)   DM7402N(HSEMRKD) DM7402N(HSEMRKD) PDF Download The Flash memory on the A128 devices is a nonvol
DM7403J   DM7403J DM7403J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note that the level 7 interrupt is also level se
DM7403N   DM7403N DM7403N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor SOP  Integrated protection functions are design
DM7403N/F40   DM7403N/F40 DM7403N/F40 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
DM7404J   DM7404J DM7404J PDF Download Output enable puts data outputs into high impedan
DM7404M   DM7404M DM7404M PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06/07+ CMOS Technology Low Power Consumption 4-Bit or
DM7404MX   DM7404MX DM7404MX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ Tone accuracy is not very important when people
DM7404N   DM7404N DM7404N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-14 05+ In arithmetic mode, the ALU block can be program
DM7405J   DM7405J DM7405J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷 The instruction set by F2MC-16LX CPU core inheri
DM7405N   DM7405N DM7405N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 90   The ISP10160A is designed to interface di
DM7405N(HSMRKD)   DM7405N(HSMRKD) DM7405N(HSMRKD) PDF Download The integrated synchronous serial interface uses
DM7406   DM7406 DM7406 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8M-M/K/H/L series is Low Pro
DM7406BCMX   DM7406BCMX DM7406BCMX PDF Download Ev = 0, test signal see fig.8, IR diode TSAL620
DM7406CN   DM7406CN DM7406CN PDF Download Direct interface to high voltage display Serial
DM7406H   DM7406H DM7406H PDF Download F 97+ SOP START-IN: This active low input initiates an add
DM7406J   DM7406J DM7406J PDF Download NS 85+ DIP14陶瓷 Notes:  3. CL = 5 pF as in part (b) of AC
DM7406M   DM7406M DM7406M PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor SMD SMD  − Dynamic Range: 113 dB  −
DM7406MX   DM7406MX DM7406MX PDF Download NS 97/99 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM7406N   DM7406N DM7406N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP DIP Figure 3 shows the parallel LED configuration wi
DM7406N(HSMRKD)   DM7406N(HSMRKD) DM7406N(HSMRKD) PDF Download Power-on reset / watchdog timer reset output pin.
DM7407   DM7407 DM7407 PDF Download FSC 06+ 500 The Discharge Count Register is used to update th
DM7407CN   DM7407CN DM7407CN PDF Download The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow-
DM7407M   DM7407M DM7407M PDF Download 94/96 Designed for the fast growing direct broadcast
DM7407M/NL   DM7407M/NL DM7407M/NL PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
DM7407MX   DM7407MX DM7407MX PDF Download FAI 99/01   Temperature measuring is performed by RTE
DM7407MX/40   DM7407MX/40 DM7407MX/40 PDF Download  IO‡VCC = 5.5 V,VO = 2.25 VC 20C112C 3
DM7407N   DM7407N DM7407N PDF Download NS 92 Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
DM7407N(FSC)   DM7407N(FSC) DM7407N(FSC) PDF Download Both a specific 32-bit ID as well as a 128-bit r
DM7408J   DM7408J DM7408J PDF Download NS DIP14 N/A Leakage Current: Capacitors shall be stabilized a
DM7408N   DM7408N DM7408N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-14 08+ The LM117 series of adjustable 3-terminal positi
DM7409J   DM7409J DM7409J PDF Download   All voltages are measured with respect to
DM7409N   DM7409N DM7409N PDF Download TI DIP 08+ Infineon Technologies AG i.Gr.• Fiber Opti
DM740GM   DM740GM DM740GM PDF Download
DM740N   DM740N DM740N PDF Download a8237 MegaCore function implementing a programma
DM74107J   DM74107J DM74107J PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+   Proven in substantial volumes, this devic
DM74107N   DM74107N DM74107N PDF Download The LatticeECP/EC FPGA fabric, which was designe
DM74109J   DM74109J DM74109J PDF Download While in transparent mode if the DS1481 detects
DM74109N   DM74109N DM74109N PDF Download NS DIP 92+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
DM7410J   DM7410J DM7410J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷
DM7410J/883B   DM7410J/883B DM7410J/883B PDF Download 2. Turn-Off Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined
DM7410N   DM7410N DM7410N PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ • high volume production test stations &#
DM7411   DM7411 DM7411 PDF Download USB-IF Hi-Speed certified to the Universal Serial
DM7411N   DM7411N DM7411N PDF Download NS DIP14 N/A The MC68EC000 brings the performance level of th
DM74121J   DM74121J DM74121J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷 NOTES: 1. Input voltages may exceed the supply v
DM74121N   DM74121N DM74121N PDF Download NS DIP14 00+ This document contains information on products u
DM74123N   DM74123N DM74123N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor • Low Profile (Universal) Package Capable
DM74125N   DM74125N DM74125N PDF Download NS DIP-14 08+ Please read CAUTION and Notice in this catalog f
DM74125N(DM8093N)   DM74125N(DM8093N) DM74125N(DM8093N) PDF Download Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 106 Rads (Si) Sing
DM74125N/DM8093N   DM74125N/DM8093N DM74125N/DM8093N PDF Download NS DIP-14 89+ ATS278 is an integrated Hall sensor with two outp
DM74126N   DM74126N DM74126N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Xilinx reprogrammable PROMs can also be programm
DM74126N(DM8094N)   DM74126N(DM8094N) DM74126N(DM8094N) PDF Download   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) G
DM74132N   DM74132N DM74132N PDF Download NSC DIP-14 08+ Shielded construction. Frequency range up to 5.
DM74133N   DM74133N DM74133N PDF Download
DM7413J   DM7413J DM7413J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A It is recommended that at least 22µF of ca
DM7413N   DM7413N DM7413N PDF Download 95 DIP Very Low Power Consumption . . . 2 mW Typ at VDD
DM7414   DM7414 DM7414 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264M646A(L)F8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpor
DM74141N   DM74141N DM74141N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ FEATURES s 300 mA Output Current per Channel s
DM74145J   DM74145J DM74145J PDF Download NS DIP-16 99+/CB   IF Port. This pin is DC coupled. For appl
DM74145N   DM74145N DM74145N PDF Download NS The EL2141 is a very high bandwidth amplifier wh
DM74147N   DM74147N DM74147N PDF Download Recordings are stored into on-chip nonvolatile me
DM74148N   DM74148N DM74148N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ Stability The IRU1015 requires the use of an out
DM7414N   DM7414N DM7414N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-14 08+ • Supports MacrovisionT M 7.X anti-copy pr
DM74150   DM74150 DM74150 PDF Download 00+01+ DIP The Virtex-E FPGA family delivers high-performan
DM741500N   DM741500N DM741500N PDF Download The TLV2262 and TLV2264 are dual and quad low v
DM74150J   DM74150J DM74150J PDF Download Parallel Enable (Active LOW) Input Parallel Dat
DM74150N   DM74150N DM74150N PDF Download NS DIP-24 LVDS Clock input pins for the ADC. The different
DM74151AN   DM74151AN DM74151AN PDF Download If the OTP option Continuous Read Out Mode is cho
DM74151N   DM74151N DM74151N PDF Download The AD7940 uses advanced design techniques to ac
DM74153J   DM74153J DM74153J PDF Download This center tap Schottky rectifier has been optim
DM74153N   DM74153N DM74153N PDF Download NS DIP 90+ When calculating external asynchronous frequencie
DM74154J   DM74154J DM74154J PDF Download NSC DIP 83+ The ISSI IS62LV5128LL is a low voltage, 524,288 w
DM74154N   DM74154N DM74154N PDF Download NS DIP 06+ Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK90GB series are d
DM74155N   DM74155N DM74155N PDF Download <Mobile SDRAM> • Power Supply Volta
DM74156J   DM74156J DM74156J PDF Download DESCRIPTION The ST3237E is a 3V to 5.5V powered
DM74156N   DM74156N DM74156N PDF Download NOTE:The CT capacitor must be connected between t
DM74157J   DM74157J DM74157J PDF Download NS 79+ DIP16陶瓷   The MC100ES6139 is a low skew 2/4, 4/5/6
DM74157N   DM74157N DM74157N PDF Download NS DIP 0213+ Power Good indicator Load independent, ultralo
DM7415ON   DM7415ON DM7415ON PDF Download • Providing capacitance values in the rang
DM7416   DM7416 DM7416 PDF Download NS DIP 90 The 40L45CW center tap Schottky rectifier has be
DM74160AN   DM74160AN DM74160AN PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ ECOS1VA332AA ECOS1VA392AA ECOS1VA472AA ECOS1VA
DM74161AJ   DM74161AJ DM74161AJ PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Host HCI Transport (3-Wire UART) To reduce the
DM74161AN   DM74161AN DM74161AN PDF Download NS RC: RC is the oscillator timing pin. For fixed fr
DM74161N   DM74161N DM74161N PDF Download NS DIP 05+
DM74162AN   DM74162AN DM74162AN PDF Download wiring C2MOS technology. It is ideal for low po
DM74163AJ   DM74163AJ DM74163AJ PDF Download NS 83+ DIP16陶瓷 When output current demands exceed the maximum ou
DM74163AN   DM74163AN DM74163AN PDF Download NS DIP16P 98+
DM74163N   DM74163N DM74163N PDF Download Both the TLE214x and TLE214xA are available in a
DM74164N   DM74164N DM74164N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05/06+ C Rapidly access Flash memory with BDMA for &nb
DM74165N   DM74165N DM74165N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
DM74166J   DM74166J DM74166J PDF Download Notes regarding these materials 1. These materia
DM74166N   DM74166N DM74166N PDF Download NS Supports one independent PCMCIA socket; 8-memory
DM7416J   DM7416J DM7416J PDF Download NS The driver is designed for up to 60 mA of sink o
DM7416N   DM7416N DM7416N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
DM74170N   DM74170N DM74170N PDF Download NS 84+ 4.7µF, 10V X5R ceramic capacitor Taiyo Yu
DM74173J   DM74173J DM74173J PDF Download NS DIP16陶瓷 n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
DM74173N   DM74173N DM74173N PDF Download   The V62C518256 is a 262,144-bit static ra
DM74174   DM74174 DM74174 PDF Download Each of the three codewheel materials offers a
DM74174J   DM74174J DM74174J PDF Download in bursts. An automatic power down feature, contr
DM74174N   DM74174N DM74174N PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ The FIFO contains overflow circuitry to disallow
DM74175J   DM74175J DM74175J PDF Download NS DIP16陶瓷 The HD74LV1GT08A is high-speed CMOS two input AN
DM74175N   DM74175N DM74175N PDF Download NS NEW 02+ The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
DM74176N   DM74176N DM74176N PDF Download NS DIP 82+   The MI-MV13 includes on-chip timing and c
DM74177   DM74177 DM74177 PDF Download ADVANCE INFORMATION documents contain informatio
DM74177N   DM74177N DM74177N PDF Download NS DIP-14P 82+ Information Input Regarding the Primary Current.
DM7417J   DM7417J DM7417J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷 to gate A) for about 4ms, to attempt to span the
DM7417M   DM7417M DM7417M PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP14 00+ The CY7B951 Local Area Network ATM Transceiver i
DM7417MX   DM7417MX DM7417MX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ The DM7417MX is a high performance, low cost USB2
DM7417N   DM7417N DM7417N PDF Download FAIR   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from
DM74180J   DM74180J DM74180J PDF Download After the 5 minute incubation, combine the dilut
DM74180N   DM74180N DM74180N PDF Download NS Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
DM74181N   DM74181N DM74181N PDF Download NS The DM74181N is remote control transmitter which
DM74182N   DM74182N DM74182N PDF Download NS   Thermal Conditions   This series of
DM74184N   DM74184N DM74184N PDF Download NSC DIP 08+   The DM74184N is a single chip IC for PHS
DM74185AN   DM74185AN DM74185AN PDF Download The receiver is manufactured in a compact, 16-pi
DM74189J   DM74189J DM74189J PDF Download   Programmable 28-bit serial number  
DM74190N   DM74190N DM74190N PDF Download NS
DM74191N   DM74191N DM74191N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The SMPTE 259M standard requires that the output
DM74192N   DM74192N DM74192N PDF Download NS 11 Digital signal processing with the 16-bit RISC p
DM74193N   DM74193N DM74193N PDF Download NS This control pin is pulled up to an internal sup
DM74194J   DM74194J DM74194J PDF Download NOTES: 1. These power consumption characteristic
DM74194N   DM74194N DM74194N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, it selects Intel
DM74195N   DM74195N DM74195N PDF Download NS button supply when a power failure occurs. Func-
DM74196N   DM74196N DM74196N PDF Download NS DIP-14 Digital Pixel Inputs These pins accept digital p
DM74197N   DM74197N DM74197N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ VOUT: Main output voltage (3.3V, 5V or adjustable
DM74198N   DM74198N DM74198N PDF Download No External Components Required Internal Voltage
DM741S32M   DM741S32M DM741S32M PDF Download   The QS3VH16233 HotSwitch is a 32-bit to 1
DM7420J   DM7420J DM7420J PDF Download Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
DM7420N   DM7420N DM7420N PDF Download NS DIP-14 9252+ 256-byte SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector
DM7420N(HSMRKD)   DM7420N(HSMRKD) DM7420N(HSMRKD) PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ !IMPORTANT! AC power must be disconnected from TB
DM7420NHSMRKD   DM7420NHSMRKD DM7420NHSMRKD PDF Download The TSM103W is a monolithic IC that includes on
DM7423J   DM7423J DM7423J PDF Download The AT17A Series Configurator allows the user to
DM7423N   DM7423N DM7423N PDF Download DS DIP 07+ The error amplifier compares a sample of the dc-
DM74251N   DM74251N DM74251N PDF Download NS DIP-16 84+ Setting the transceiver to SIR/MIR Mode (9.6 kb/
DM74251N(DM8121N)   DM74251N(DM8121N) DM74251N(DM8121N) PDF Download   The NCP631 is a low dropout positive volta
DM7425N   DM7425N DM7425N PDF Download NS 63 powerful instructions Up to 1ms instruction c
DM7426J   DM7426J DM7426J PDF Download Preliminary product information describes produc
DM7426N   DM7426N DM7426N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Figure 1 shows the ELM331 in an example h
DM7427N   DM7427N DM7427N PDF Download NS The 54830 Series Infiniium scopes use advanced M
DM74283N   DM74283N DM74283N PDF Download DESCRIPTION Oscillator. The output current at
DM74284N   DM74284N DM74284N PDF Download NS DIP 0216+ All parameters, unless otherwise specified, are m
DM74285N   DM74285N DM74285N PDF Download NS DIP 02+ The HYM7V73A1601B F-Series are Dual In-line Memor
DM-742-RF   DM-742-RF DM-742-RF PDF Download Certain applications using semiconductor product
DM7430J   DM7430J DM7430J PDF Download NS DIP14陶瓷 One of the benefits of ISDs ChipCorder technolog
DM7430N   DM7430N DM7430N PDF Download NS DIP 84+ • AC coil types and high capacity (16 A) ty
DM7432J   DM7432J DM7432J PDF Download NS DIP-14 02+   Available in standoff voltage range of 6.
DM7432N   DM7432N DM7432N PDF Download NS Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND Maximum
DM74365J   DM74365J DM74365J PDF Download NS CDIP The Hyundai HYM71V65M1601 X-Series are 16Mx64bits
DM74365N   DM74365N DM74365N PDF Download NS DIP 8436 VI TELEFILTERVectron International, Inc. Potsda
DM74365N(DM8095N)   DM74365N(DM8095N) DM74365N(DM8095N) PDF Download The 82C37A direct memory access controller is de
DM74366N   DM74366N DM74366N PDF Download NS 83 Pin 13 (VSEN) can be used to modify the internal
DM74366N(DM8096N)   DM74366N(DM8096N) DM74366N(DM8096N) PDF Download The LT1013C, LT1013AC, and LT1013D are character
DM74367J   DM74367J DM74367J PDF Download NS 8952   Proper and sufficient power supply
DM74367JDM8097J   DM74367JDM8097J DM74367JDM8097J PDF Download Calculated mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) is in exc
DM74367N   DM74367N DM74367N PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8097+ Notes: 1. Typical specifications are not guarant
DM74367N(DM8097N)   DM74367N(DM8097N) DM74367N(DM8097N) PDF Download The ispLSI 5000V Family ranges from 256 macrocel
DM74368J   DM74368J DM74368J PDF Download VID0 C VID4: Selects the set-point output voltage
DM74368N   DM74368N DM74368N PDF Download NS   The TH50VSF2580/2581AASB is a mixed multi-
DM74368N(DM8098N)   DM74368N(DM8098N) DM74368N(DM8098N) PDF Download (0.8-V, 1.2-V, 1.5-V, 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, 5-V)
DM7436N   DM7436N DM7436N PDF Download UCC381-3 and UCC381-5 versions have on-chip resi
DM7437J   DM7437J DM7437J PDF Download The in-Line Micro filter has been specifically de
DM7437N   DM7437N DM7437N PDF Download NSC 20 Any and all SANYO products described or contained
DM7438   DM7438 DM7438 PDF Download Control Signal Input. Used to control the flywhe
DM7438J   DM7438J DM7438J PDF Download NS DIP14 Intels second generation Series 2 Flash Memory
DM7438M   DM7438M DM7438M PDF Download FAIRCHILD 03+ SOP-3.9-14P
DM7438MX   DM7438MX DM7438MX PDF Download NS SOP16 00+  − Dynamic Range: 113 dB  −
DM7438N   DM7438N DM7438N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-14P 9042+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
DM7439N   DM7439N DM7439N PDF Download TheSN55LVDS31,SN65LVDS31, SN65LVDS3487, and SN6
DM7440J   DM7440J DM7440J PDF Download Per MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition E Per MIL
DM7440N   DM7440N DM7440N PDF Download
DM7441AJ   DM7441AJ DM7441AJ PDF Download N/A DIP/16 07+ STANDARD DEFINITION MODE   Hue Accuracy &n
DM7441AN   DM7441AN DM7441AN PDF Download NS Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
DM7441N   DM7441N DM7441N PDF Download As seen in Figure 2, bias current cancellation i
DM7442AN   DM7442AN DM7442AN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 96+ Clock inputs CLK+ and CLK- may also be driven wi
DM7442J   DM7442J DM7442J PDF Download Sony Ericsson has earlier announced (June 24, 200
DM7442N   DM7442N DM7442N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
DM7445J   DM7445J DM7445J PDF Download NSC DIP-16 08+ These 8-bit flip-flops feature 3-state outputs
DM7445N   DM7445N DM7445N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor P+00   Quiescent current does not increase signi
DM7446AN   DM7446AN DM7446AN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-16 08+ This device is a low cost, high speed, JFET inpu
DM7447AJ   DM7447AJ DM7447AJ PDF Download NS DIP -16 08+ The MAX3901/MAX3902 are optimized for low-cost p
DM7447AN   DM7447AN DM7447AN PDF Download NS DIP-16 08+ 50/60-Hz Progressive output with Line-Interpolat
DM744ON   DM744ON DM744ON PDF Download The DM744ON is a high-bandwidth FET bus switch u
DM74504N   DM74504N DM74504N PDF Download   The enable memory bank (EMB) flag control
DM74505N   DM74505N DM74505N PDF Download
DM74509N   DM74509N DM74509N PDF Download The Fairchild Semiconductors RMLA3565C is a sing
DM7450N   DM7450N DM7450N PDF Download C Seven 16-KB blocks Auto Erase (chip & bl
DM7451N   DM7451N DM7451N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A An open drain FAULT pin will indicate that a fau
DM745257N   DM745257N DM745257N PDF Download • Reverberation and echo effects of audio eq
DM745283N   DM745283N DM745283N PDF Download • Wide supply voltage range of 1.2 to 3.6 V
DM7453N   DM7453N DM7453N PDF Download NS DIP 0227+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
DM7454N   DM7454N DM7454N PDF Download NS 98 Note 11: Output resistance (ROUT) models all vol
DM745571J   DM745571J DM745571J PDF Download The 11C90 and 11C91 are high-speed prescalers de
DM74564N   DM74564N DM74564N PDF Download Unless otherwise noted: TC = 25C, compensation =
DM7460N   DM7460N DM7460N PDF Download Notes: 1. Propagation Delays and Enable/Disable
DM7470N   DM7470N DM7470N PDF Download NS Note 12: Electrical Characteristic table reflects
DM7472J   DM7472J DM7472J PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+ Writing to the device is accomplished by taking C
DM7472N   DM7472N DM7472N PDF Download   The MC10/100EP31 is a D flipCflop with se
DM7473N   DM7473N DM7473N PDF Download FAI 07+ Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond w
DM7474AC169   DM7474AC169 DM7474AC169 PDF Download Functional Description Architecture of the MSP
DM7474J   DM7474J DM7474J PDF Download NS 81+ DIP14陶瓷 drivers to drive either 3.3V or 2.5V output leve
DM7474M   DM7474M DM7474M PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB offers mob
DM7474MX   DM7474MX DM7474MX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ The DM7474MX operates with one of four possible i
DM7474N   DM7474N DM7474N PDF Download NS DIP 03+ The chopper stabilized amplifier uses switched c
DM7474N(HSEMRK)   DM7474N(HSEMRK) DM7474N(HSEMRK) PDF Download
DM7474VHC14MTCX   DM7474VHC14MTCX DM7474VHC14MTCX PDF Download NSC TSSOP 98+ Each DS1249 device is shipped from Dallas Semico
DM7475J   DM7475J DM7475J PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which
DM7475N   DM7475N DM7475N PDF Download NS DIP 2006 The DM7475N system integration module (SIM49) ha
DM7476J   DM7476J DM7476J PDF Download NS 04+ 64K8-bit organization Fast read access time: 70n
DM7476N   DM7476N DM7476N PDF Download F Interpoints HUMMER™ Hold-Up Module Series
DM7477   DM7477 DM7477 PDF Download The TPS2400 circuit in Figure 3 protects the loa
DM7483N   DM7483N DM7483N PDF Download NS ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
DM7485J   DM7485J DM7485J PDF Download The TLV245x is a family of rail-to-rail input/ou
DM7485N   DM7485N DM7485N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ Data is latched into input registers and remains
DM7486J   DM7486J DM7486J PDF Download The first positive transition of SWCK after RSTW
DM7486N   DM7486N DM7486N PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 89+ The relay control output is an open-collector Da
DM7489N   DM7489N DM7489N PDF Download NS 89 Each logic block features a 72 x 87 programmable
DM7490   DM7490 DM7490 PDF Download Internal resistors provide accurate full-scale i
DM7490AN   DM7490AN DM7490AN PDF Download NS DIP-14P 8824+ low insertion loss, 0.8 dB typ. excellent ampl
DM7490N   DM7490N DM7490N PDF Download NS DIP 2006 This application note describes and shows variou
DM7492AN   DM7492AN DM7492AN PDF Download NSC DIP-14 04+ pins together. When the PE input is LOW, the LS1
DM7493AJ/883B   DM7493AJ/883B DM7493AJ/883B PDF Download NS DIP The AMS2907 series develops a 1.25V reference vo
DM7493AN   DM7493AN DM7493AN PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MAX186/MAX188 are available in 20-pin DIP and
DM7493N   DM7493N DM7493N PDF Download A dedicated control input (EN, Active High) has
DM7495J   DM7495J DM7495J PDF Download If after 480 µs of low time the I/O line
DM7495N   DM7495N DM7495N PDF Download NSC DIP-14 04+ Connective units, called repeaters, spaced every
DM7496N   DM7496N DM7496N PDF Download NSC DIP-16 04+ In addition to data polling, the W29EE512 provide
DM74ABT125   DM74ABT125 DM74ABT125 PDF Download N/A 08+ Built-in oscillator needs only 5% resistor Data
DM74ABT125C   DM74ABT125C DM74ABT125C PDF Download • Alternate Source to TLP621-2/-4 and &nb
DM74ABT126C   DM74ABT126C DM74ABT126C PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP14 99/00 Case: JEDEC TO-247AD molded plastic body over pa
DM74ABT16244CSSCX   DM74ABT16244CSSCX DM74ABT16244CSSCX PDF Download Device programming occurs by executing the progr
DM74ABT16245   DM74ABT16245 DM74ABT16245 PDF Download The WCMA2016U4X is a high-performance CMOS static
DM74ABT16245CMTDX   DM74ABT16245CMTDX DM74ABT16245CMTDX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 04+ IDentification code) configuration. It is used t
DM74ABT16374C   DM74ABT16374C DM74ABT16374C PDF Download NS SOP 95   Please be aware that an important notice
DM74ABT240C   DM74ABT240C DM74ABT240C PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP5.2 99 Various performance features exist between the t
DM74ABT240CMTC   DM74ABT240CMTC DM74ABT240CMTC PDF Download N/A SSOP 07+ Two kinds of reset are available on the CY7C436X
DM74ABT244C   DM74ABT244C DM74ABT244C PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP5.2 99 Die Attach The die attach process mechanically
DM74ABT245CMSAX   DM74ABT245CMSAX DM74ABT245CMSAX PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ For DC coupled single supply operation, it is re
DM74ABT245CSCX   DM74ABT245CSCX DM74ABT245CSCX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05+ CT: For UCC381-3 and UCC381-5 versions, this is t
DM74ABT2541C   DM74ABT2541C DM74ABT2541C PDF Download BiCMOS Design Substantially Reduces ICCZ Output
DM74ABT2541CD   DM74ABT2541CD DM74ABT2541CD PDF Download 1. VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on
DM74ABT373C   DM74ABT373C DM74ABT373C PDF Download Note 1. Stresses greater than those listed under
DM74ABT374C   DM74ABT374C DM74ABT374C PDF Download Note 4: The absolute maximum junction temperature
DM74ABT374CMSAX   DM74ABT374CMSAX DM74ABT374CMSAX PDF Download NS 08+   Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the inte
DM74ABT541C   DM74ABT541C DM74ABT541C PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP5.2 99 The CAN modules allow single-cycle byte or word
DM74ABT899C   DM74ABT899C DM74ABT899C PDF Download FAIRCHILD 07+ Five years minimum data retention in the absence
DM74ABT899CMSAX   DM74ABT899CMSAX DM74ABT899CMSAX PDF Download NS 07+   The second mechanism controls the replace
DM74AC00   DM74AC00 DM74AC00 PDF Download NS SOP P9427 Regulates voltage over a broad operating current
DM74AC00PC   DM74AC00PC DM74AC00PC PDF Download NS 89  Noise bypass Capacitance Cp Noise bypass c
DM74AC00SJL   DM74AC00SJL DM74AC00SJL PDF Download NS 91   Fully operational to +600V   Toleran
DM74AC02   DM74AC02 DM74AC02 PDF Download NS 04+ When read enable input RE is L, the contents of
DM74AC02SJ   DM74AC02SJ DM74AC02SJ PDF Download NS 94 Performance warranty of products offered on this
DM74AC02SJR   DM74AC02SJR DM74AC02SJR PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05+/06+   The EM785840 series are 8-bit RISC type m
DM74AC02SJX   DM74AC02SJX DM74AC02SJX PDF Download FAIRCHILD Following either the application of a valid inpu
DM74AC04   DM74AC04 DM74AC04 PDF Download NS SOP14 00+ Active high input that resets the controller to
DM74AC04PC   DM74AC04PC DM74AC04PC PDF Download NS 94 Notes:  1. See Figure 1 to establish pulse
DM74AC04SJ   DM74AC04SJ DM74AC04SJ PDF Download NS 96 The SMCJ5.0-170A or SMCG5.0-170A series of 1500 W
DM74AC05   DM74AC05 DM74AC05 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP14 98/00 2. When using this product, please observe the ab
DM74AC08   DM74AC08 DM74AC08 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 08+ The Application Engineering Group is available t
DM74AC08D   DM74AC08D DM74AC08D PDF Download When the enable input is high, all four analog
DM74AC08PC   DM74AC08PC DM74AC08PC PDF Download NS DIP Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
DM74AC08SCX   DM74AC08SCX DM74AC08SCX PDF Download Address, data inputs, and all control signals are
DM74AC08SJ   DM74AC08SJ DM74AC08SJ PDF Download NS 96    The 33702 provides the means to effi
DM74AC08SJX   DM74AC08SJX DM74AC08SJX PDF Download NS 08+ In-target operation Up to 20 breakpoints Single
DM74AC10   DM74AC10 DM74AC10 PDF Download NS SOP14 96/97 (1) The algebraic convention, whereby the most n
DM74AC109   DM74AC109 DM74AC109 PDF Download NS 08+
DM74AC10SC   DM74AC10SC DM74AC10SC PDF Download Note 2: At elevated temperatures, device power di
DM74AC10SJ   DM74AC10SJ DM74AC10SJ PDF Download NS 95 Depending on the level on EXTFIFO, the asserted
DM74AC10SJX   DM74AC10SJX DM74AC10SJX PDF Download N/A 08+ Edition 10.97 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich
DM74AC11   DM74AC11 DM74AC11 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 98+ (All voltages referenced to V-. VDD = 13V, a 10&m
DM74AC11PC   DM74AC11PC DM74AC11PC PDF Download NS 92
DM74AC11SJ   DM74AC11SJ DM74AC11SJ PDF Download NS 94 At C40C to 85C, +VA = +5 V, +VBD = +5 V or +VBD
DM74AC125PC   DM74AC125PC DM74AC125PC PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The capacitance (Ciss) is read from the capacitan
DM74AC125SCX   DM74AC125SCX DM74AC125SCX PDF Download After determining which clock edge to use, a sta
DM74AC138   DM74AC138 DM74AC138 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 00+
DM74AC138MTCX   DM74AC138MTCX DM74AC138MTCX PDF Download A separate option converts the 16 x 2 RAM in any
DM74AC138SJ   DM74AC138SJ DM74AC138SJ PDF Download NS 97 The MAX3873A is a compact, low-power 2.488Gbps/ 2
DM74AC138SJX   DM74AC138SJX DM74AC138SJX PDF Download NS 08+ The HAL 320 is a differential sensor which respo
DM74AC139   DM74AC139 DM74AC139 PDF Download FIR The DS1554 also contains its own power-fail circ
DM74AC139SCX   DM74AC139SCX DM74AC139SCX PDF Download NS 06+
DM74AC139SJ   DM74AC139SJ DM74AC139SJ PDF Download NS 96   The QS32X384 provides a set of twenty hig
DM74AC14   DM74AC14 DM74AC14 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 08+ These devices are fully specified for hot-insert
DM74AC14D   DM74AC14D DM74AC14D PDF Download The Flash devices of the M16C/62 group have vari
DM74AC14PC   DM74AC14PC DM74AC14PC PDF Download • Low On-Resistance (33Ω typ) Minimize
DM74AC14SCX   DM74AC14SCX DM74AC14SCX PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
DM74AC14SJ   DM74AC14SJ DM74AC14SJ PDF Download NS SOP P9518 Additionally, the ASLIC device and ASLAC device
DM74AC151   DM74AC151 DM74AC151 PDF Download NS 08+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
DM74AC151SCX   DM74AC151SCX DM74AC151SCX PDF Download   The input/output differential at which th
DM74AC151SJ   DM74AC151SJ DM74AC151SJ PDF Download NS 94  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
DM74AC153   DM74AC153 DM74AC153 PDF Download The highly integrated ISD1000A Series contains a
DM74AC153PC   DM74AC153PC DM74AC153PC PDF Download The function of the Data Output register can be
DM74AC157   DM74AC157 DM74AC157 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 00+ HY57V56820A is offering fully synchronous operati
DM74AC157SJX   DM74AC157SJX DM74AC157SJX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05+/06+ GLT625608 -467.5mW(Max.) Operating  -500&m
DM74AC161   DM74AC161 DM74AC161 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 00+ Shift Frequency Read Cycle Time Access Time Re
DM74AC161A   DM74AC161A DM74AC161A PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
DM74AC161M   DM74AC161M DM74AC161M PDF Download Under normal start-up conditions, devices will no
DM74AC161SJL   DM74AC161SJL DM74AC161SJL PDF Download NS SMD 9308 • UltraFast: Optimized for high operating
DM74AC161SJX   DM74AC161SJX DM74AC161SJX PDF Download NS ;05+/06+ ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
DM74AC163   DM74AC163 DM74AC163 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 99/00 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
DM74AC169   DM74AC169 DM74AC169 PDF Download The Hitachi HN58C1001 is a electrically erasable
DM74AC175   DM74AC175 DM74AC175 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 00+
DM74AC20   DM74AC20 DM74AC20 PDF Download NS 08+ The Acknowledge (ACK) Bit shown in Figure 2 is p
DM74AC20SCX   DM74AC20SCX DM74AC20SCX PDF Download NS 96 VCC = 3V, VBATT = 2.8V, IOUT = 100mA   MAX
DM74AC240   DM74AC240 DM74AC240 PDF Download NS SOP 90 clock stream is corrupted during a transmission.
DM74AC240SCX   DM74AC240SCX DM74AC240SCX PDF Download NS 412 VCC Operating Range From 2.3 V to 3.6 V Data I/O
DM74AC244   DM74AC244 DM74AC244 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP20 03+ The DS1554 has interrupt ( IRQ /FT) and reset (
DM74AC244PC   DM74AC244PC DM74AC244PC PDF Download Thermal Resistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
DM74AC244SCX   DM74AC244SCX DM74AC244SCX PDF Download FAIRCHILD 08+  No. SymbolI/O DescriptionNo. Symbol I/O De
DM74AC244SJ   DM74AC244SJ DM74AC244SJ PDF Download NS 94 Note 1:   For Shut Down (SD) current to fal
DM74AC245   DM74AC245 DM74AC245 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05+/06+ 256 x 256 channel non-blocking switch Automatic
DM74AC245PC   DM74AC245PC DM74AC245PC PDF Download NS 96 Ultrasmall (1006 size), thin (0.5mm) leadless pa
DM74AC245SJ   DM74AC245SJ DM74AC245SJ PDF Download NS 89 Four package terminals are used as inputs to set
DM74AC251   DM74AC251 DM74AC251 PDF Download the oscillator circuit. The actual amount that c
DM74AC253   DM74AC253 DM74AC253 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
DM74AC257   DM74AC257 DM74AC257 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP16 00/99 This IC conforms to the HBS (Home Bus) specificat
DM74AC257SJ   DM74AC257SJ DM74AC257SJ PDF Download NS 94  1. For a loaded output the measurements ar
DM74AC273   DM74AC273 DM74AC273 PDF Download (e) For a dual device surface mounted on 85 sq c
DM74AC273SJ   DM74AC273SJ DM74AC273SJ PDF Download The HAL 805 features a temperature-compensated
DM74AC32   DM74AC32 DM74AC32 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 0++ The PKG 2000 I series of low profile DC/DC Power
DM74AC32D   DM74AC32D DM74AC32D PDF Download ML9xx37 series are high power DFB (Distributed F
DM74AC32SJX   DM74AC32SJX DM74AC32SJX PDF Download NS 08+ Low cost 3.3 V CMOS MxFE™ for broadband ap
DM74AC373   DM74AC373 DM74AC373 PDF Download NS SOP20 91 Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user c
DM74AC373M   DM74AC373M DM74AC373M PDF Download (1) An export permit needs to be obtained from t
DM74AC373SCX   DM74AC373SCX DM74AC373SCX PDF Download use in common rectifier circuits, Table 1 indica
DM74AC377   DM74AC377 DM74AC377 PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
DM74AC521   DM74AC521 DM74AC521 PDF Download NS Eight LEs are grouped together to form a logic a
DM74AC5273WMX   DM74AC5273WMX DM74AC5273WMX PDF Download This IC is a voltage regulator IC developed using
DM74AC540SJ   DM74AC540SJ DM74AC540SJ PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP P9830 Notes: 1. Complete shutdown TXD, RXD, and PIN d
DM74AC541   DM74AC541 DM74AC541 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP20 03+ • Automatic use of UIM Resources C SMARTsw
DM74AC541PC   DM74AC541PC DM74AC541PC PDF Download • Indicates the presence or absence of sync
DM74AC541SCX   DM74AC541SCX DM74AC541SCX PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
DM74AC541SJ   DM74AC541SJ DM74AC541SJ PDF Download NS SOP 07+ State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
DM74AC541SJX   DM74AC541SJX DM74AC541SJX PDF Download NSC SOP 97+ BLOCK WRITE protection for top 1/8, top 1/4, top
DM74AC574SJ   DM74AC574SJ DM74AC574SJ PDF Download NS 95 The 56800E core is based on a Harvard-style arch
DM74AC74   DM74AC74 DM74AC74 PDF Download NS 96 LCD supply voltage, and positive supply voltage.
DM74AC74N   DM74AC74N DM74AC74N PDF Download   The motor is directly driven by IRF511 po
DM74AC74PC   DM74AC74PC DM74AC74PC PDF Download FAI DIP 98/99 sFEATURES qInput Full-SwingVIN=VSS to VDD qOutp
DM74AC74SJ   DM74AC74SJ DM74AC74SJ PDF Download NS 00 Intersils new ISL422XE devices utilize regulated
DM74AC74SJX   DM74AC74SJX DM74AC74SJX PDF Download NS execute the command. The contents of the register
DM74AC86   DM74AC86 DM74AC86 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 08+ A typical interface circuit using the SPT1018 in
DM74AC86PC   DM74AC86PC DM74AC86PC PDF Download NS 90 The Am29PDL640G is a 64 Mbit, 3.0 volt-only Page
DM74AC86SJ   DM74AC86SJ DM74AC86SJ PDF Download NS 94 4. ALC   The ALC block controls the exposur
DM74ACQ244SJX   DM74ACQ244SJX DM74ACQ244SJX PDF Download N/A 08+ Direction of Rotation: When the codewheel rotat
DM74ACQ245PC   DM74ACQ245PC DM74ACQ245PC PDF Download NS 92 Once again, consider the curve in Figure 5. Powe
DM74ACS00AM   DM74ACS00AM DM74ACS00AM PDF Download NS Notes a. Room = 25_C, Full = C40 to 85_C. b. T
DM74ACS02N   DM74ACS02N DM74ACS02N PDF Download HITACHI DIP Port 2 emits the high-order address byte during
DM74ACS03BM   DM74ACS03BM DM74ACS03BM PDF Download The Intersil ICL32XX devices are 3.0V to 5.5V po
DM74ACS541WMX   DM74ACS541WMX DM74ACS541WMX PDF Download NS SOP-20 N/A The TO-220 package is universally preferred for a
DM74ACT00   DM74ACT00 DM74ACT00 PDF Download 24 Bits, No Missing Codes Fixed-Channel or Autom
DM74ACT00M   DM74ACT00M DM74ACT00M PDF Download The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
DM74ACT00PC   DM74ACT00PC DM74ACT00PC PDF Download DIP 99 The state machine watches for transitions on RO.
DM74ACT00SC   DM74ACT00SC DM74ACT00SC PDF Download In typical cellular phone architectures, the tra
DM74ACT02   DM74ACT02 DM74ACT02 PDF Download N/A SOP-14