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The AIC111 IC design specification serves to provide product development teams with a guideline for how the AIC111 IC is specified and programmable options that are available. The document outlines a top-level block description of the IC along with system specifications and functions. Individual block descriptions and target specifications are also outlined.
  Unless otherwise stated, VCC=18V, RSET=15k to ground, CT=1.5nF to ground, PKLMT=1V, ENA=7.5V, ELECTRICAL   VRMS=1.5V, IAC=100µA, ISENSE=0V, CA Out=3.5V, VA Out=5V, VSENSE=7.5V, no load on SS, CA Out, CHARACTERISTICS VA Out, REF, GT Drv, C55oC<TA<125oC for the UC1854, C40oC<TA<85oC for the UC2854, and
Note 1: Power dissipation is 500 mW when mounted as recommended. Derate at 4.0 mW/C for operation above 25 C. Gen Note: Exceeding the Absolute Maximum Ratings may damage the device. Gen Note: Parameters with min. or max. values are 100% tested at TA = 25 C. Gen Note: Ripple rejection is @ 60 dB when f = 400 Hz, CL = 10 µF, CN = 0.1 µF, input noise = 100 mVrms, VIN = VOUT(TYP) + 1.5 V and IOUT = 30 mA. Gen Note: Output noise is 0.13 ~ 0.23 µV/ Hz at 1 kHz when CN = 0.1 µF.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
F730   F730 F730 PDF Download The RUN/SS pin provides soft-start and optional t
F7301   F7301 F7301 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Input bus select / I2C clock input. The operatio
F7303   F7303 F7303 PDF Download 97 In addition to the high-speed converter and vers
F7304   F7304 F7304 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
F7305   F7305 F7305 PDF Download IR O7+ • 1500 Watts for 10/1000 µs with rep
F7306   F7306 F7306 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ Pin Description Address. The 15 address lines s
F7307   F7307 F7307 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ Power supply voltage   VDD = 2.3 V~3.6 V O
F7309   F7309 F7309 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ 5. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
F731018GJU   F731018GJU F731018GJU PDF Download BGA Notes: Œ Repetitive rating; pulse width li
F7311   F7311 F7311 PDF Download IR These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistor
F731136/AX   F731136/AX F731136/AX PDF Download TI QFP- ERASE/PROGRAM STATUS BIT: The device offers a sta
F731136B/AX   F731136B/AX F731136B/AX PDF Download TI QFP- A burst write access to an active row is initiat
F731136B/P   F731136B/P F731136B/P PDF Download NQRTEL QFP- Interpoints HUMMER™ Hold-Up Module Series
F731136C1/A   F731136C1/A F731136C1/A PDF Download TI QFP- High and low band filters are included to shape t
F731136D1/A   F731136D1/A F731136D1/A PDF Download TI QFP- Pin Description Motor Supply Voltage Control Lo
F731136E/AX   F731136E/AX F731136E/AX PDF Download TI QFP- The internal circuit is composed of 2 stages in
F73127APAG   F73127APAG F73127APAG PDF Download General purpose pin 4 General purpose pin 3 R
F7313   F7313 F7313 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ The M54/74HC4020/HC4040 are high speed CMOS 14/
F7314   F7314 F7314 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ slave devices in the I 2C protocol with all memo
F731486GJU   F731486GJU F731486GJU PDF Download 99 n Higher gain to match LM126X CMOS preamplifiers
F731497AGHU   F731497AGHU F731497AGHU PDF Download FUJITSU BGA 07+   One or more of the following United State
F7314Q   F7314Q F7314Q PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ ter File, which includes the control and status
F731532APGE   F731532APGE F731532APGE PDF Download The LVT574 and LVTH574 consist of eight edge-tri
F731541PGF   F731541PGF F731541PGF PDF Download TI QFP 07+ MSL1 = unlimited floor life at <30C / 85% Rela
F731567A/P   F731567A/P F731567A/P PDF Download HP O7+   The period required by the retransmit ope
F731567AGDF   F731567AGDF F731567AGDF PDF Download TI BGA 07+ Isolated Hermetic Package, JEDEC TO-257AA Outlin
F731587DGHZR   F731587DGHZR F731587DGHZR PDF Download DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
F731589DPGE   F731589DPGE F731589DPGE PDF Download TI 07+ Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit
F731590/AX   F731590/AX F731590/AX PDF Download • Robust High Voltage Termination • A
F731590/P   F731590/P F731590/P PDF Download Other features include an active-low, power-OK ou
F731590A   F731590A F731590A PDF Download An optional feedback resistor can be placed betwe
F731590A/P   F731590A/P F731590A/P PDF Download CISCO BGA N/A • TTL-Compatible 5-Bit Digital Output Volt
F731590AGJM   F731590AGJM F731590AGJM PDF Download TI BGA 03+ • Ampelanwendung • Hinterleuchtung
F731590AGPG   F731590AGPG F731590AGPG PDF Download CISCOSYSTEMS BGA BGA Organized as 4,194,304 words by 16 bits Single p
F731590DGNP   F731590DGNP F731590DGNP PDF Download TEXAS BGA BGA All of the bytes in the chip must be verified to
F731590EGNP   F731590EGNP F731590EGNP PDF Download CISCO SYSTEMS 98+ BGA The configuration EEPROM RESET/OE and CE pins co
F7316   F7316 F7316 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+   This deadtime should allow for the turn o
F731648APGE   F731648APGE F731648APGE PDF Download CHIPS 2007
F731651AGGUR   F731651AGGUR F731651AGGUR PDF Download TI 07+ Fig. 5A represents an additional pull down resis
F731651GGU   F731651GGU F731651GGU PDF Download TI 07+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
F731651GGUR   F731651GGUR F731651GGUR PDF Download TI 07+
F731652A   F731652A F731652A PDF Download The processor also integrates four complete data
F731653GGW   F731653GGW F731653GGW PDF Download TEXASINS BGA Full compliance with the USB Specification v1.1
F731672/P   F731672/P F731672/P PDF Download BGA FUJ 00+ During steady-state operation for a typical swit
F731675GFN   F731675GFN F731675GFN PDF Download TEXAS INS BGA PLL1, CLKA, and CLKB each have multiple registers
F731678APGE   F731678APGE F731678APGE PDF Download TI QFP/144 01+ Product of input modulation: f = 44MHz, Df = 214
F73168APGE   F73168APGE F73168APGE PDF Download 100% production tested. 100% production tested a
F731690ADDT   F731690ADDT F731690ADDT PDF Download TI also be used independent of the HALT or IDLE mod
F7317   F7317 F7317 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The C6701 includes a large bank of on-chip memor
F731723CGGURE   F731723CGGURE F731723CGGURE PDF Download The MAX5236/MAX5237 precision, dual, voltage-out-
F731727APAG   F731727APAG F731727APAG PDF Download TI QFP/64 01+ Two-Wire I²C Serial Interface Supports 400
F731727APAG-0119   F731727APAG-0119 F731727APAG-0119 PDF Download TI 01+ • Fast Page Mode Access Cycle • TTL
F731727PAG   F731727PAG F731727PAG PDF Download TI QFP/64 01+ This document is a general product description an
F731739G/P   F731739G/P F731739G/P PDF Download TI BGA 02+ The CIP 3250A is a new CMOS IC that contains on
F731742BPTR   F731742BPTR F731742BPTR PDF Download TI 00+ erase operation completion. Ready/Busy pin (RY
F731745   F731745 F731745 PDF Download The Fairchild RM3182A line driver is the compani
F731745/AX   F731745/AX F731745/AX PDF Download ships. Data for left and right channel output is
F731745A/P   F731745A/P F731745A/P PDF Download below). In this mode, data is transmitted on the
F731745AGGZ   F731745AGGZ F731745AGGZ PDF Download CiscoSystems O7+
F731745AGGZ-980C   F731745AGGZ-980C F731745AGGZ-980C PDF Download 5. This product is not designed to be radiation
F731745AGNP   F731745AGNP F731745AGNP PDF Download N/A BGA The FETKY™ family of Co-Pack HEXFET® Po
F731791CPBK   F731791CPBK F731791CPBK PDF Download TI The TTL level LOOP pin is used to perform loop-b
F731791CPBKTEB   F731791CPBKTEB F731791CPBKTEB PDF Download 5. Turn-Off Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the
F731791CPBK-TEB   F731791CPBK-TEB F731791CPBK-TEB PDF Download TI TQFP1414 0149+ If the 3-wire port is used, the master provides o
F731807AGLM   F731807AGLM F731807AGLM PDF Download TI BGA 07+
F731815AQHQ   F731815AQHQ F731815AQHQ PDF Download BGA • True dual-ported memory cells that allow
F731816/AX   F731816/AX F731816/AX PDF Download The F731816/AX executes a read cycle whenever WE
F731816/P   F731816/P F731816/P PDF Download   Designed for PCN and PCS base station appl
F731821APGE   F731821APGE F731821APGE PDF Download TI QFP When LE is LOW the latches store the information
F731823/P(SBM1210)   F731823/P(SBM1210) F731823/P(SBM1210) PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M48Z35/Y ZEROPOWER® RAM is
F731828EGGVR   F731828EGGVR F731828EGGVR PDF Download TI   Serial Data present at the input is trans
F731828FGGVR   F731828FGGVR F731828FGGVR PDF Download TI/ERICSSON BGA 06+ The differential inputs provide a full scale sel
F731849PGE   F731849PGE F731849PGE PDF Download 7. The CH1817 DAA as is meets or exceeds the &nb
F731856BGHM   F731856BGHM F731856BGHM PDF Download CiscoSystems O7+ The SONIC (Figure 1-1 ) consists of an encoder de
F731856BGNP   F731856BGNP F731856BGNP PDF Download CISCO SYSTEMS 98+ BGA NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release and
F731861AGHF   F731861AGHF F731861AGHF PDF Download BGA BGA Actually the extremly high input impedance is i
F731861AGLM   F731861AGLM F731861AGLM PDF Download N/A BGA On power-up, the DS1804 will load the value of EE
F731864A/P   F731864A/P F731864A/P PDF Download TI BGA 02+ Programmable versions of the PT6700 and PT6720 s
F731874AGHH   F731874AGHH F731874AGHH PDF Download 01 The current consumption of the VCAs will be dire
F731874GHH   F731874GHH F731874GHH PDF Download TI BGA 06+ Parameter Supply Voltages   Positive Suppl
F731886BPZ   F731886BPZ F731886BPZ PDF Download 00 64K8-bit organization Fast read access time: 70n
F731891PDV   F731891PDV F731891PDV PDF Download CISCO QFP 00+ the performance for a wide range of applications
F7319   F7319 F7319 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The CP3SP33 connectivity processor combines high
F731957AGKP   F731957AGKP F731957AGKP PDF Download CRSCO BGA 00+ Notes 1. Device is considered as a two terminal
F731957BGKP   F731957BGKP F731957BGKP PDF Download CISCO BGA 0636+ Ruotare il selettore su OC . Quando lalimentazi
F731993APGE   F731993APGE F731993APGE PDF Download TI 07+  AVDD Operating CurrentIAVDDVAVDD = 20V20&mi
F7321   F7321 F7321 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ DRVOUT: (gate drive) The output drive for the boo
F7321B   F7321B F7321B PDF Download PHI 03+ SSOP-5.2-20P Electrically isolated: DBC base plate 3500 VRMS
F7322   F7322 F7322 PDF Download IOR O7+ READY/BUSY: Indicates status of the internal WSM.
F7324   F7324 F7324 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ Description The 14.22 mm (0.56 inch) LED dual d
F7325   F7325 F7325 PDF Download
F7326   F7326 F7326 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Input or Output Voltage (DC or Transient) (Refere
F7328   F7328 F7328 PDF Download IR O7+   OSC1, OSC2 are connected to an RC network
F7331   F7331 F7331 PDF Download IR SO-8 04+ The design is based on an ARM7® microprocess
F7335D1   F7335D1 F7335D1 PDF Download IOR SOP 07+   The Header word is a 4 bit Manchester cod
F7338   F7338 F7338 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ • High speed CMOS logic hex non-inverting
F7341   F7341 F7341 PDF Download IOR   Maskable Interrupts on all I/O pins 8-bi
F7341Q   F7341Q F7341Q PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ 2 channel 8-bit timer/counter operation (indepen
F7342   F7342 F7342 PDF Download IR SOP-8 05+ Protect Register Enable (PREN) The PREN instruct
F7343   F7343 F7343 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes: 1. Dimensions A and B are datums and T i
F7353   F7353 F7353 PDF Download IR O7+ Over recommended operating free-air temperature
F7357   F7357 F7357 PDF Download (4) The products and product specifications desc
F7358D   F7358D F7358D PDF Download SE: 1 W to 7.5 W; BTL: 2 W to 15 W operation pos
F7379   F7379 F7379 PDF Download IR SOP-8 04+ Sector Erase and Bulk Erase The Page Program (P
F7380X   F7380X F7380X PDF Download The sequence of the burst counter is determined b
F7389   F7389 F7389 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Three video anti-aliasing or reconstruct
F73SP   F73SP F73SP PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
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