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Features 1) Synchronous rectification enables high efficiency 2) Built-in charge pump circuits for operating output power MOS 3) Built-in variable reset circuit 4) Built-in power MOS Tr requires fewer external components 5) Mute circuit built-in 6) Built-in thermal shut down circuit 7) SSOP-B16 package has a smaller board footprint
  Ground referenced outputs   High PSRR   Available in space-saving TSSOP package   Ultra low current shutdown mode   Improved pop & click circuitry eliminates noises during   turn-on and turn-off transitions n 1.4 C 3.6V operation n No output coupling capacitors, snubber networks,   bootstrap capacitors n Shutdown either channel independently
The COP888 family of microcontrollers uses an 8-bit single chip core architecture fabricated with National Semiconduc- tors M2CMOSTM process technology The FR32-0004 is a member of this expandable 8-bit core processor family of microcontrollers(Continued)
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
FR300DX12   FR300DX12 FR300DX12 PDF Download The HFBR-5710L offers maxi- mum flexibility to
FR301   FR301 FR301 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ slave devices in the I 2C protocol with all memo
FR301-FR304(BULK)   FR301-FR304(BULK) FR301-FR304(BULK) PDF Download Note 8: VIHCMR minimum varies 1-to-1 with VEE. V
FR301-FR304(T/B)   FR301-FR304(T/B) FR301-FR304(T/B) PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
FR302   FR302 FR302 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ The FR302 is organized as two 5-bit bus switches
FR302-B   FR302-B FR302-B PDF Download These transceivers typically draw 910µA of
FR302-BP   FR302-BP FR302-BP PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
FR302-T   FR302-T FR302-T PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
FR303   FR303 FR303 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold
FR303B   FR303B FR303B PDF Download Oscillator Master Clock (CMOS Output). For cryst
FR303G   FR303G FR303G PDF Download GULF DO-201AD 2007 The Hynix HYM71V16M655B(L)T6 Series are 16Mx64bit
FR303-T   FR303-T FR303-T PDF Download
FR303T/R   FR303T/R FR303T/R PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may caus
FR303-TA   FR303-TA FR303-TA PDF Download n 1 µs instruction cycle time n Eleven mu
FR304   FR304 FR304 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ The device has low power dissipation with a 40-m
FR304-B   FR304-B FR304-B PDF Download Note 1: The input undervoltage lockout has 430mV
FR304G-TR   FR304G-TR FR304G-TR PDF Download All protective features of thermal shutdown, cur
FR304T/R   FR304T/R FR304T/R PDF Download   The TC58512 is a single 3.3 V 512-Mbit (5
FR305   FR305 FR305 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ The MLX90247DSG sensor IC is integrated togethe
FR305-FR307(BULK)   FR305-FR307(BULK) FR305-FR307(BULK) PDF Download I ARM720T Processor   ARM7TDMI CPU  
FR305-FR307(T/B)   FR305-FR307(T/B) FR305-FR307(T/B) PDF Download • 64 8 RAM • 16-bit auto reloadable
FR305G   FR305G FR305G PDF Download GULF DO-201AD 2007 The SynchFet family of Co-Pack RAD-Hard MOSFETs
FR305RO   FR305RO FR305RO PDF Download sanken sanken dc0542 The DU (Dont Use) pin does not contribute to the
FR305-T   FR305-T FR305-T PDF Download DIODES 06+ • This product function as level shift trans
FR305T/R   FR305T/R FR305T/R PDF Download The 1:4 demultiplexed digital outputs are LVDS l
FR306   FR306 FR306 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ Notes: 1. Specifications measured with one outp
FR306G-01   FR306G-01 FR306G-01 PDF Download Notes: The gain for the unmatched device in 50
FR306T/R   FR306T/R FR306T/R PDF Download READ: Read strobe indicates that the processor i
FR306TR-ND   FR306TR-ND FR306TR-ND PDF Download TC9208M provides evolved CoS with four levels of
FR307   FR307 FR307 PDF Download MIC DO-27 2008+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
FR307F   FR307F FR307F PDF Download The ISD5008 series is also ideal for playback-on
FR307G-TR   FR307G-TR FR307G-TR PDF Download   This is a diagram of a typical application
FR307-T   FR307-T FR307-T PDF Download Diodes Inc (VA) Receiver Enable, Active Low Shutdown Control,
FR310   FR310 FR310 PDF Download The TPS203x family of power distribution switche
FR31-0001   FR31-0001 FR31-0001 PDF Download M/A-COM The information provided herein is believed to be
FR31-0002   FR31-0002 FR31-0002 PDF Download M/A-COM 44 input lines: • 24 input lines carry th
FR31-0003   FR31-0003 FR31-0003 PDF Download M/A-COM Invert Mode: This input only affects Bank 3. When
FR31-0004   FR31-0004 FR31-0004 PDF Download M/A-COM The SC16C2550B is pin compatible with the ST16C2
FR31-0005   FR31-0005 FR31-0005 PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
FR31-0006   FR31-0006 FR31-0006 PDF Download   At high switching speeds, parasitic circu
FR31-0007   FR31-0007 FR31-0007 PDF Download The device integrates complete interfaces to ster
FR31-0008   FR31-0008 FR31-0008 PDF Download (For a single-phase input unit) An example of t
FR31-0009   FR31-0009 FR31-0009 PDF Download Timer counter 5 : 8-bit 1 (square-wave output, e
FR3100-2TR13   FR3100-2TR13 FR3100-2TR13 PDF Download NA 02+ The ispLSI 2096VL is a High Density Programmable
FR310N   FR310N FR310N PDF Download Access to internal peripherals is accomplished i
FR3-1R5   FR3-1R5 FR3-1R5 PDF Download 3 1. The MODE switch is set to LEAKAGE. 2. Connect
FR32   FR32 FR32 PDF Download FCISEMI All parameters characterized at 1GHz unless ot
FR320   FR320 FR320 PDF Download IR SOT-252 Address Inputs: Provide the row address for Activ
FR32-0001   FR32-0001 FR32-0001 PDF Download M/A-COM Notes: 1. Pins B3 and A2 have identical capacita
FR32-0002   FR32-0002 FR32-0002 PDF Download M/A-COM The UC3823A,B/3825A,B performs fixed frequency p
FR32-0003   FR32-0003 FR32-0003 PDF Download M/A-COM Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning
FR32-0004   FR32-0004 FR32-0004 PDF Download M/A-COM • Fully Compliant to IrDA 1.1   C 4
FR32-0005   FR32-0005 FR32-0005 PDF Download 1.1 Program Memory Organization The TLC154/155 h
FR32-0006   FR32-0006 FR32-0006 PDF Download Piezo Speaker Driving Analog Audio Signal Input,
FR32-0007   FR32-0007 FR32-0007 PDF Download The MSP430F12x series is an ultralow-power mixed
FR32-0008   FR32-0008 FR32-0008 PDF Download • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
FR32-0009   FR32-0009 FR32-0009 PDF Download   Shown in the lower graphs are sample calc
FR3303   FR3303 FR3303 PDF Download IR T0-252 05+ The high-side driver is designed to drive low rD
FR3410N   FR3410N FR3410N PDF Download The AD7524M is an 8-bit multiplying D/A converte
FR3504   FR3504 FR3504 PDF Download 1. Test conditions unless otherwise noted: 25&or
FR3505   FR3505 FR3505 PDF Download The ADC0832 multiplexer is software configured f
FR3505PBF   FR3505PBF FR3505PBF PDF Download N-channel enhancement mode logic level field-ef
FR3704   FR3704 FR3704 PDF Download IR TO252-3 2004+ R2 (pin 3)  The reference resistance is con
FR3704Z   FR3704Z FR3704Z PDF Download IR TO252 05+ Device Protocol The X76F102 supports a bidirect
FR3706   FR3706 FR3706 PDF Download  The HY62UF08401C is a high speed, super lo
FR3707Z   FR3707Z FR3707Z PDF Download IOR TO252 Function Clock source selection 0: clocks pas
FR3709Z   FR3709Z FR3709Z PDF Download 2008 Third Order Intermodulation Distortion   (
FR3711   FR3711 FR3711 PDF Download IR TO252-3 2004+ SE: 1 W to 25 W, BTL: 4 W to 50 W operation poss
FR37112   FR37112 FR37112 PDF Download • 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and adjustable output ver
FR3711Z   FR3711Z FR3711Z PDF Download IR TO-252 06+ The device can readily control keys over graphic
FR3715   FR3715 FR3715 PDF Download 1.3.3 Bit-Level Control Bit-level control over
FR3910   FR3910 FR3910 PDF Download IR 120000 Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
FR3A   FR3A FR3A PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ Read The Read operation of the SST39VF160Q/VF16
FR3B   FR3B FR3B PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ Address, active High. In word mode, these 21 inpu
FR3D   FR3D FR3D PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ The ISL6227 dual PWM controller delivers high eff
FR3G   FR3G FR3G PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ NOTES 1Temperature range from C40C to +85C. 2Op
FR3J   FR3J FR3J PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ All devices are 100% production tested at +25C an
FR3K   FR3K FR3K PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC4075 is an high speed CMOS
FR3K-T   FR3K-T FR3K-T PDF Download We constantly strive to improve the quality of a
FR3M   FR3M FR3M PDF Download VISHAY DO-214 2008+ The 96MB Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of s
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