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RT pin provides oscillator switching frequency adujstment. By connecting a resistor (RT) from this pin to GND, the nominal 200kHz switching frequency is increased. Conversely. connecting a pull-up re- sistor (RT) from this pin to VCC reduces the switching frequency.
The GLT44016-40J4-15 re-timer accepts serial data from the CML pins, performs clock and data recovery on the bit stream, optionally scans the data for the comma patterns, Byte- Aligns the data on either disparity comma pattern, and de- serializes the data. The data is then fed into the receive FIFO, where clock compensation, and optional channel alignment are performed. The parallel data is then resynchronized into the Transmit FIFO using the local reference clock, serialized to this local reference clock, and sent out to the differential CML, XAUIcompatible TX pins.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
GLT007D   GLT007D GLT007D PDF Download SINKA SOP-24 08+ The change in output voltage due to a specified
GLT012S   GLT012S GLT012S PDF Download SINKA SOP-40 08+ Note 6: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
GLT1108   GLT1108 GLT1108 PDF Download DIP-8 96+ Single supply: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial
GLT1114   GLT1114 GLT1114 PDF Download DIP The VSX60 Series are dual output converters with
GLT1404   GLT1404 GLT1404 PDF Download 2008 The 3K bytes of static RAM are used for temporary
GLT1503   GLT1503 GLT1503 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HIP6602B is a high frequency, two power chann
GLT1505   GLT1505 GLT1505 PDF Download Device operation. The GLT1505 is a complete step
GLT1701   GLT1701 GLT1701 PDF Download • High to low side isolation of 1000V R
GLT1702   GLT1702 GLT1702 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When input power is +29 dBm, heating in the Tx f
GLT2000   GLT2000 GLT2000 PDF Download SMD SMD The Write-In-Progress (WIP) bit is a volatile, r
GLT2000DL   GLT2000DL GLT2000DL PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
GLT2001DL   GLT2001DL GLT2001DL PDF Download   The FPM transmits and receives data at th
GLT2010   GLT2010 GLT2010 PDF Download SMD SMD The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
GLT2023DGG   GLT2023DGG GLT2023DGG PDF Download Specifications provided in this document superse
GLT24-5/12/12   GLT24-5/12/12 GLT24-5/12/12 PDF Download This device is designed with discrete diodes for
GLT25608-15T   GLT25608-15T GLT25608-15T PDF Download The input/output logic timing diagram is shown i
GLT25608-70F   GLT25608-70F GLT25608-70F PDF Download cases, when the signal is interrupted, the audi
GLT41008-40J3   GLT41008-40J3 GLT41008-40J3 PDF Download 97 SOJ After detecting an over-discharge, the IC discon
GLT41016-30J4   GLT41016-30J4 GLT41016-30J4 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available 225 mW Rati
GLT41016-30TC   GLT41016-30TC GLT41016-30TC PDF Download G-LINK SOP 2000 The TLV2252/4 also make great upgrades to the TL
GLT41016-35J4   GLT41016-35J4 GLT41016-35J4 PDF Download TI SOJ 00+ This circuit is used to design inductive proximit
GLT41016-40J4   GLT41016-40J4 GLT41016-40J4 PDF Download GL SOJ-40P 6+   Since the 1996 model year, North American
GLT41016-40TC   GLT41016-40TC GLT41016-40TC PDF Download G-LINK SSMD 98 All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
GLT41108-35J   GLT41108-35J GLT41108-35J PDF Download GLT 98 5018 The buffer/driver is composed of two 10-bit sect
GLT4110835J3   GLT4110835J3 GLT4110835J3 PDF Download GLINKE SOJ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
GLT41108-35J3   GLT41108-35J3 GLT41108-35J3 PDF Download GLT SOJ 99 The HY29DS16xs sector erase architecture al- lo
GLT41108-40J3   GLT41108-40J3 GLT41108-40J3 PDF Download G-LINK SOJ40 04+ SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS 3  Propagation De
GLT41108-40TS   GLT41108-40TS GLT41108-40TS PDF Download 98 TRANSMITTER The transmitter accepts logic level
GLT41108-45J3   GLT41108-45J3 GLT41108-45J3 PDF Download GL SOJ The constant-frequency, current-mode PWM architec
GLT41116   GLT41116 GLT41116 PDF Download Peripheral Features D 34 I/O Pins D Additional
GLT41116-35J4   GLT41116-35J4 GLT41116-35J4 PDF Download Address Inputs: Provide the row address for ACTIV
GLT41116-35J4.40J4.30J4   GLT41116-35J4.40J4.30J4 GLT41116-35J4.40J4.30J4 PDF Download GLT SOJ40 07+ The MOC306X-M and MOC316X-M devices consist of a
GLT41116-40J4   GLT41116-40J4 GLT41116-40J4 PDF Download GALVANTECH SOJ 1999 The SSTV16857 is intended to be incorporated int
GLT41116-40TC   GLT41116-40TC GLT41116-40TC PDF Download GLINK TSSOP 2000 Soft Start is achieved when a power converter r
GLT4116-35J4   GLT4116-35J4 GLT4116-35J4 PDF Download For latest specifications, technical questions a
GLT4116-40J4   GLT4116-40J4 GLT4116-40J4 PDF Download 2007 An export permit needs to be obtained from the c
GLT41208-35J3   GLT41208-35J3 GLT41208-35J3 PDF Download 1/ Shall be performed any time after screen 10.
GLT41216-40TC   GLT41216-40TC GLT41216-40TC PDF Download G-LINK TSOP 00+ DECODER AND RECEIVE FILTER PCM data is shifted
GLT41308-50J3   GLT41308-50J3 GLT41308-50J3 PDF Download Note1: The control pins, CE, TxEn and Bands shal
GLT41308-50TS   GLT41308-50TS GLT41308-50TS PDF Download Case: SOD-123, Plastic Plastic Material: UL Fl
GLT41316   GLT41316 GLT41316 PDF Download TSOP40 Conditions IO33 Pad Library Provides Interface t
GLT41316-35J4/40   GLT41316-35J4/40 GLT41316-35J4/40 PDF Download G-LINK 06+ 500 s Memory mapped I/O s Multilevel Low Voltage De
GLT41316-40J4   GLT41316-40J4 GLT41316-40J4 PDF Download GL SOJ Notes:  5. LL disables outputs if TEST = M
GLT41316-40JA   GLT41316-40JA GLT41316-40JA PDF Download G-LINK 06+ 139532
GLT4131650TC   GLT4131650TC GLT4131650TC PDF Download glink glink dc99
GLT41601616-50J4   GLT41601616-50J4 GLT41601616-50J4 PDF Download 2007
GLT416016-50J4   GLT416016-50J4 GLT416016-50J4 PDF Download G-LINK SOJ42 04+ Pins 3 & 7 connected See application schemat
GLT416016-50JA   GLT416016-50JA GLT416016-50JA PDF Download G-LINK 2000 3200 Note : 1.All voltages are referenced to VSS = 0V
GLT4160169-50J4   GLT4160169-50J4 GLT4160169-50J4 PDF Download N/A SOJ-42 98 The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory
GLT4160L04-60TC   GLT4160L04-60TC GLT4160L04-60TC PDF Download The ZL50018 is a maximum 2,048 x 2,048 channel no
GLT4160L04G-60CT   GLT4160L04G-60CT GLT4160L04G-60CT PDF Download N/A N/A 07+ True digital audio amplifier (TDAA) is a new par
GLT4160L04G-60TC   GLT4160L04G-60TC GLT4160L04G-60TC PDF Download The operation mode of the M5M51008C series are d
GLT4160L16-50J4   GLT4160L16-50J4 GLT4160L16-50J4 PDF Download GL SOJ42 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion   (VD
GLT4160L16-50TC   GLT4160L16-50TC GLT4160L16-50TC PDF Download GLT 975
GLT4160L16-60J4   GLT4160L16-60J4 GLT4160L16-60J4 PDF Download GL 01+ A precision delta-sigma digitizer is used to mak
GLT4160L16-60TC   GLT4160L16-60TC GLT4160L16-60TC PDF Download GL TSOP 0436+ PLL bandwidth is affected by loop filter compone
GLT4160L16P-50TC   GLT4160L16P-50TC GLT4160L16P-50TC PDF Download GL TSOP 03+ The GLT4160L16P-50TC GLT4160L16P-50TC is a single
GLT4160L16S-50TC   GLT4160L16S-50TC GLT4160L16S-50TC PDF Download Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b.
GLT4160M04-70TC   GLT4160M04-70TC GLT4160M04-70TC PDF Download GL TSSOP The D package is available taped and reeled. Add
GLT4160N04P-100TC   GLT4160N04P-100TC GLT4160N04P-100TC PDF Download GLT TSOP Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW
GLT4161M04-70J3   GLT4161M04-70J3 GLT4161M04-70J3 PDF Download GLINK SOJ-24 1999 The device is an 8-bit high performance RISC-li
GLT42016-40J4   GLT42016-40J4 GLT42016-40J4 PDF Download d) Figure 4 shows the load terminated at point A
GLT42016-40TC   GLT42016-40TC GLT42016-40TC PDF Download The GLT42016-40TC/GLT42016-40TC5/GLT42016-40TC si
GLT42108-35J3   GLT42108-35J3 GLT42108-35J3 PDF Download GLT SOJ-24 08+ • VPPLK has been lowered to 1.5 V to suppo
GLT42108-40J3   GLT42108-40J3 GLT42108-40J3 PDF Download G-LINK 98+ SOJ The Effects of Non-zero Aperture Time For the an
GLT44016   GLT44016 GLT44016 PDF Download 01+ The AIC26 offers a 12-bit measurement ADC and in
GLT44016-28J4   GLT44016-28J4 GLT44016-28J4 PDF Download
GLT44016-30TC   GLT44016-30TC GLT44016-30TC PDF Download G-LINK 0346+ TSSOP
GLT44016-35J4   GLT44016-35J4 GLT44016-35J4 PDF Download G-LINK SOJ-40 2004 InGaP HBT IF and RF amplifier frequency range,
GLT44016-35TC   GLT44016-35TC GLT44016-35TC PDF Download G-LINK TSOP44 Information furnished is believed to be accurate
GLT44016-40J   GLT44016-40J GLT44016-40J PDF Download GLT SOJ ACEX 1K device package types include thin quad f
GLT44016-40J4   GLT44016-40J4 GLT44016-40J4 PDF Download GLT SOJ 98+ The CM3004 is supplied in a space-saving, 8-lead
GLT44016-40J4-13   GLT44016-40J4-13 GLT44016-40J4-13 PDF Download Offered in 256Mx8bit or 128Mx16bit, the K9F2GXXX0
GLT44016-40J4-15   GLT44016-40J4-15 GLT44016-40J4-15 PDF Download G-LINK SOJ 1996 The MAX6061CMAX6068 are precision, low-dropout,
GLT44016-40JC   GLT44016-40JC GLT44016-40JC PDF Download NA 04+ The output drives a 100Ω load to 3.8V with
GLT44016-40TC   GLT44016-40TC GLT44016-40TC PDF Download GL SSOP 2000+
GLT44016-50J4   GLT44016-50J4 GLT44016-50J4 PDF Download 98 The C67x CPU executes all C62x instructions. In
GLT44016-50TC   GLT44016-50TC GLT44016-50TC PDF Download G-LINK TSOP44 Sampling of the analog input starts on the falli
GLT44017-40J4-12   GLT44017-40J4-12 GLT44017-40J4-12 PDF Download   To provide long life and to insure soft-s
GLT44017-40J4-13   GLT44017-40J4-13 GLT44017-40J4-13 PDF Download Note: Absolute maximum ratings are DC values bey
GLT44017-50J4   GLT44017-50J4 GLT44017-50J4 PDF Download This circuit is capable of setting the output vol
GLT440L1635TC   GLT440L1635TC GLT440L1635TC PDF Download   This device contains protection circuitry
GLT440L16-35TC   GLT440L16-35TC GLT440L16-35TC PDF Download GTL Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source Re
GLT440L16-40J4   GLT440L16-40J4 GLT440L16-40J4 PDF Download SOJ40 01+ ance state. The output control does not affect t
GLT440L1640TC   GLT440L1640TC GLT440L1640TC PDF Download Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Tim
GLT440L16-40TC   GLT440L16-40TC GLT440L16-40TC PDF Download N/A TSSOP 02+ The parts (D) and (E) of figure 3 relate to the
GLT440L16-50J4   GLT440L16-50J4 GLT440L16-50J4 PDF Download GL SOJ/40 06+ The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
GLT440L16-50TC   GLT440L16-50TC GLT440L16-50TC PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT6 Series are 16Mx64bits S
GLT440L16E-40TC   GLT440L16E-40TC GLT440L16E-40TC PDF Download The VTEMP output has very weak drive capability
GLT440L16P-40TC   GLT440L16P-40TC GLT440L16P-40TC PDF Download Gain Bandwidth Product: 80MHz Input Common Mode
GLT44108-60J4   GLT44108-60J4 GLT44108-60J4 PDF Download 05+ PLCC These PIN/NIP diode chips are specifically desig
GLT44116-40TC   GLT44116-40TC GLT44116-40TC PDF Download GLT TSOP 0021+ Intended for voltage monitoring applications, the
GLT4411650J4   GLT4411650J4 GLT4411650J4 PDF Download   ISB = 4 mA Fully asynchronous and simulta
GLT44116-50J4   GLT44116-50J4 GLT44116-50J4 PDF Download The standard device offers access times of 70, 9
GLT44116-60J4   GLT44116-60J4 GLT44116-60J4 PDF Download SOJ Widerstandswert bei der Temperatur T Widerstand
GLT441L08-60J4   GLT441L08-60J4 GLT441L08-60J4 PDF Download GLINK 03+ Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V
GLT441L08P-60J4   GLT441L08P-60J4 GLT441L08P-60J4 PDF Download GLINK SOJ-28 2005   There are two limitations on the power ha
GLT441L16-40TC   GLT441L16-40TC GLT441L16-40TC PDF Download GLT 99+ AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash m
GLT441M04-70TC   GLT441M04-70TC GLT441M04-70TC PDF Download 2007 NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" =
GLT48016-40J4   GLT48016-40J4 GLT48016-40J4 PDF Download Configurations or a Single Bidirectional Configu
GLT48016-40TC   GLT48016-40TC GLT48016-40TC PDF Download G-LINK TSOP The FAN1086 and FAN1086-2.5, -2.85, -3.3 and -5
GLT4U08-35J3   GLT4U08-35J3 GLT4U08-35J3 PDF Download 2007 n Deserializes one to six Bus LVDS input serial
GLT51280L16-7TC   GLT51280L16-7TC GLT51280L16-7TC PDF Download Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
GLT5160AL16P-7TC   GLT5160AL16P-7TC GLT5160AL16P-7TC PDF Download The KS8721BL/SL automatically configures itself
GLT5160L16-10TC   GLT5160L16-10TC GLT5160L16-10TC PDF Download GL TSOP 99+/04+ If the X76F102 is in a nonvolatile write cycle a
GLT5160L16-6TC   GLT5160L16-6TC GLT5160L16-6TC PDF Download NA N/A 189 Low power, single nanoDACs   AD5660: 16 bit
GLT5160L16-7TC   GLT5160L16-7TC GLT5160L16-7TC PDF Download   Figure 6 shows the clock, enable, and dat
GLT5160L16-8TC   GLT5160L16-8TC GLT5160L16-8TC PDF Download (1) Cx, Rx, Dx are external components. (2) Dx
GLT5160L16I-7TC   GLT5160L16I-7TC GLT5160L16I-7TC PDF Download   This data sheet provides an overview of t
GLT540L16-7TC   GLT540L16-7TC GLT540L16-7TC PDF Download GL TSOP 01+ The KM4110 offers superior dynamic performance
GLT5460L16-7TC   GLT5460L16-7TC GLT5460L16-7TC PDF Download IG SMD 2000 The SN74LVC2G241 is organized as two 1-bit line
GLT5640AL16P-7TC   GLT5640AL16P-7TC GLT5640AL16P-7TC PDF Download   Higher Efficiency and Extends Battery Life
GLT5640L16-6TC   GLT5640L16-6TC GLT5640L16-6TC PDF Download GLT TSOP 0345+   Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads &
GLT5640L16-7TC   GLT5640L16-7TC GLT5640L16-7TC PDF Download GL TSOP 08+   [3:0]Device Chip Select. These signals are
GLT5640L16-8TC   GLT5640L16-8TC GLT5640L16-8TC PDF Download GLT TSOP The device incorporates unique circuitry that en
GLT5640L16EP-7TC   GLT5640L16EP-7TC GLT5640L16EP-7TC PDF Download Built-in H and V driving circuitry (built-in inp
GLT5640L16P-7TC   GLT5640L16P-7TC GLT5640L16P-7TC PDF Download GLT TSOP DC/0526 This is the timing reference frequency which is
GLT5640L32-6TC   GLT5640L32-6TC GLT5640L32-6TC PDF Download 03+ A write cycle is accomplished by asserting write
GLT6001-30T   GLT6001-30T GLT6001-30T PDF Download LATTICE The CY7C1353F has an on-chip burst counter that a
GLT606408-70FA   GLT606408-70FA GLT606408-70FA PDF Download The TC650/TC651 acquire and convert their juncti
GLT606408-70FB   GLT606408-70FB GLT606408-70FB PDF Download Notes: 1. V = Valid , x = Dont Care, L = Low Le
GLT6100L08   GLT6100L08 GLT6100L08 PDF Download The GLT6100L08 MicroPower™ Low Dropout Line
GLT6200   GLT6200 GLT6200 PDF Download TSOP32 1 Output decoupled to ground using 20µF mi
GLT6200L08LL-70ST   GLT6200L08LL-70ST GLT6200L08LL-70ST PDF Download 02 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
GLT6200L16LL-35FG   GLT6200L16LL-35FG GLT6200L16LL-35FG PDF Download The I2S-compatible audio data interface allows t
GLT6200L16LL-70TC   GLT6200L16LL-70TC GLT6200L16LL-70TC PDF Download GAMMA 00+ TSOP To be able to use a wide frequency range for the
GLT625608-70FA   GLT625608-70FA GLT625608-70FA PDF Download GLT SOP-28 08+ The HRPG uses optical reflective technology pr
GLT625608-70FB   GLT625608-70FB GLT625608-70FB PDF Download GLINK 06+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
GLT625708-70FB   GLT625708-70FB GLT625708-70FB PDF Download 4. In the case of CMOS Output Type: The time int
GLT6400L08SL-85ST   GLT6400L08SL-85ST GLT6400L08SL-85ST PDF Download External memory is accessed via the External Bus
GLT6400L16LL-85FG   GLT6400L16LL-85FG GLT6400L16LL-85FG PDF Download The standby function is provided by the STBY* c
GLT710008   GLT710008 GLT710008 PDF Download The transmitter accepts CMOS level logical clock,
GLT710008-12J3   GLT710008-12J3 GLT710008-12J3 PDF Download GL SOJ/32 02+ Note 4: Absolute maximum ratings are limits beyon
GLT71000815J3   GLT71000815J3 GLT71000815J3 PDF Download gl gl dc95 FR30CPU • 32-bit RISC, load / store archi
GLT710008-15J3   GLT710008-15J3 GLT710008-15J3 PDF Download GLT SOJ 2000 SmartVoltage technology provides a choice of VDD
GLT710008-15J3(T)   GLT710008-15J3(T) GLT710008-15J3(T) PDF Download GLT which will be added to the 1.240V to set the outp
GLT710016-15J4   GLT710016-15J4 GLT710016-15J4 PDF Download SAMPLE CLOCKS   DATACLK, SHP, SHD Clock Per
GLT710016-15TC   GLT710016-15TC GLT710016-15TC PDF Download SSOP
GLT71001620J4   GLT71001620J4 GLT71001620J4 PDF Download gl gl dc98 Dual pins: OUTPUTA, OUTPUTB, PVDDA1 and PVDDB1 m
GLT7100L08-15J3   GLT7100L08-15J3 GLT7100L08-15J3 PDF Download Switches & Routers Todays routers and switc
GLT7100L0815T   GLT7100L0815T GLT7100L0815T PDF Download
GLT7100L08-15T   GLT7100L08-15T GLT7100L08-15T PDF Download LGS 04+ Table 1, column 2, IRHM8450. The values in Table
GLT725608   GLT725608 GLT725608 PDF Download IC SOP The HT73XX consists of a high-precision voltage r
GLT725608-12J3   GLT725608-12J3 GLT725608-12J3 PDF Download GL 03+ SOJ * Specifications will vary with foreign st
GLT72560815J3   GLT72560815J3 GLT72560815J3 PDF Download G-LINK SOJ/28 00/99+ pulses. This will result in some low frequency ri
GLT725608-15J3   GLT725608-15J3 GLT725608-15J3 PDF Download Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
GLT725608-15T   GLT725608-15T GLT725608-15T PDF Download G-LINK DIP28 As shown in figure 2, Pin#7 is a base input of t
GLT725608-15TS   GLT725608-15TS GLT725608-15TS PDF Download G-LINK TSOP The M54/74HC4075 is a high speed CMOS TRIPLE 3-
GLT725608-20T   GLT725608-20T GLT725608-20T PDF Download GL DIP 95+ Data Output Bit 10 Data Output Bit9 Data Outp
GLT72560B-15J3   GLT72560B-15J3 GLT72560B-15J3 PDF Download SOJ28 00+ Information contained in this publication regard
GLT7256L0815J3   GLT7256L0815J3 GLT7256L0815J3 PDF Download Port selection is accomplished on a first-come, f
GLT7256L08-15J3   GLT7256L08-15J3 GLT7256L08-15J3 PDF Download Screen tested 100% on each device at -55C, +25C
GLT7256L08-8J3   GLT7256L08-8J3 GLT7256L08-8J3 PDF Download G-Link SOJ-28 08+ LCD voltage calibration Manufacturer identity
GLT7256M08-15T   GLT7256M08-15T GLT7256M08-15T PDF Download GLT DIP/28 95+ The Hitachi HN58S65A series is electrically eras
GLT735608-15T   GLT735608-15T GLT735608-15T PDF Download Under-Voltage Lockout An under-voltage lockout
GLT751208-15L   GLT751208-15L GLT751208-15L PDF Download 95 The LH1532 dual 1 Form A relays are SPST normally
GLT751208-15T   GLT751208-15T GLT751208-15T PDF Download The LM87 is a highly integrated data acquisition
GLT751208-20T   GLT751208-20T GLT751208-20T PDF Download N/A 00+ DIP-32 DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
GLT75608-15T   GLT75608-15T GLT75608-15T PDF Download GL DIP 97 Programmable options include the length of pipeli
GLT82050AG   GLT82050AG GLT82050AG PDF Download 00 The SSM2275 and SSM2475 use the Butler Amplifier
GLT8430L36F-12TQES   GLT8430L36F-12TQES GLT8430L36F-12TQES PDF Download For the clock signal, use the crystal connected
GLT9800L32-8Q   GLT9800L32-8Q GLT9800L32-8Q PDF Download QFP100 When the transformer has supplied its energy to
GLTW-3   GLTW-3 GLTW-3 PDF Download LG 1997 DIP Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
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