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• as a function of the output voltage. Full current limit of 500 mA (nominal) is available up to approximately VO = 8 V; above this the limit is reduced linearly to about 350 mA at VO = 32 V. This helps to improve SOA by immediately reducing the peak power pulse into a shorted load at high VO.
1 mega pixels (1152x864) format, used with 1/2 optical system Support sub-sampling at quarter (1/4) mega pixel resolution for higher video frame rate Progressive readout Output data format: 10-bit raw data Input interface: SIF Electronic exposure control On-chip 11-bit ADC On-chip PLL Correlated double sampling Video mode and DSC mode Dead pixel removal Flash control Power down mode Automatic optical black compensation Horizontal and veritcal images Single 3.3V power supply
Due to the large number of high current drivers available on the XC73144, two programmable signal management features have been included C slew rate control (SRC) and ground control (GC). Slew rate control is primarily for external system benefit, to reduce ringing and other cou- pling phenomenon. SRC permits designers to select either 1 V/ns or 1.5 V/ns slew rate on a pin-by-pin basis for any output or I/O signal. This can be done with PLUS- ASM or schematically, as needed. The defafult slew rate is 1 V/ns. To assign the pins with equations (PLUSASM), the designer needs to only declare them as follows:
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
GS301A   GS301A GS301A PDF Download N/A QFP80 07+ The MAX4763/MAX4765 include a comparator that can
GS3036H   GS3036H GS3036H PDF Download N/A CAN3 N/A DESCRIPTION The device is a power supply contro
GS3037H   GS3037H GS3037H PDF Download N/A CAN3 N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
GS3040H   GS3040H GS3040H PDF Download N/A CAN3 N/A Figure 3 shows the proper connection of the VRE3
GS305BS2-1   GS305BS2-1 GS305BS2-1 PDF Download GOIDSTAR Two Pulse Width Modulator modules, each with six
GS31001500J-LF   GS31001500J-LF GS31001500J-LF PDF Download The LM77 is a digital temperature sensor and the
GS31003301J   GS31003301J GS31003301J PDF Download   This is a complete series of 1 Watt Zener
GS31003833F   GS31003833F GS31003833F PDF Download Current Transfer Ratio (CTR)1000 4000 Collector
GS3112-03   GS3112-03 GS3112-03 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute
GS311203F   GS311203F GS311203F PDF Download ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Absolute maximum ratin
GS3112-03-F   GS3112-03-F GS3112-03-F PDF Download 0013 3. Similar Quadraphase Demodulators are available
GS3137   GS3137 GS3137 PDF Download IC SOP The IC provides 12 key inputs (KEY1~KEY12). Of
GS313708F   GS313708F GS313708F PDF Download 12-Bit DAC with Serial Digital Input Interface N
GS3137-08-F   GS3137-08-F GS3137-08-F PDF Download 0003 DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
GS313708T   GS313708T GS313708T PDF Download The MAX101 ECL-compatible, 500Msps, 8-bit analog-
GS3137-08T   GS3137-08T GS3137-08T PDF Download GLOBE TSSOP 05+ 180-240V AC single-phase input, 50/60 Hz Single
GS3137-08-T   GS3137-08-T GS3137-08-T PDF Download GLOBESPANS 1. Stresses above those listed under the Absolut
GS3137-08TA   GS3137-08TA GS3137-08TA PDF Download N/A N/A 2006+
GS3137-08-TA   GS3137-08-TA GS3137-08-TA PDF Download GLOBESPAN SSOP28 0723+ NOTES: 1Full Scale Range (FSR) is 10V for unipo
GS3137-08-TAZ   GS3137-08-TAZ GS3137-08-TAZ PDF Download GLOBESPAN TSSOP28 0721+ ActiveThe device operates at full speed using the
GS3137-08TAZTR   GS3137-08TAZTR GS3137-08TAZTR PDF Download is provided by an active LOW Chip Enable (CE), a
GS3137-8-T   GS3137-8-T GS3137-8-T PDF Download N/A SSOP N/A   A word-width-select option is provided on
GS3180-01   GS3180-01 GS3180-01 PDF Download The PSoC™ family consists of many Mixed-Si
GS3180-01-A   GS3180-01-A GS3180-01-A PDF Download GLOBE QFP QFP The Data ALU registers can be read or written ov
GS32   GS32 GS32 PDF Download FAI SMD0805 Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
GS322522-1R2K   GS322522-1R2K GS322522-1R2K PDF Download PANASONIC 3225-1R2K n Pop & click circuitry eliminates noise dur
GS322522-2R2K   GS322522-2R2K GS322522-2R2K PDF Download N/A 3225 Memory encompasses 16 KB of Flash for program st
GS322522-4R7K   GS322522-4R7K GS322522-4R7K PDF Download N/A 3225 The capacitance (Ciss) is read from the capacita
GS322522R-100J   GS322522R-100J GS322522R-100J PDF Download KOA 3225-100J 05+   This is the master clock input pin. The c
GS3232-203   GS3232-203 GS3232-203 PDF Download 44 GLOBESPA Encoder input and decoder output filters are inc
GS3232203001D   GS3232203001D GS3232203001D PDF Download NOTES:  1. The Phase Voltage is capable of
GS3232-203-001D   GS3232-203-001D GS3232-203-001D PDF Download GS TQFP 05+   In the EDO page mode, read (data out) and
GS3232-203-001D-DB   GS3232-203-001D-DB GS3232-203-001D-DB PDF Download The bq2083−V1P2 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC
GS32437TT   GS32437TT GS32437TT PDF Download This mode allows high speed download with bitrate
GS324S   GS324S GS324S PDF Download GS 00+ SOP-14 Note 1 : The maximum junction temperature rating
GS3253Q   GS3253Q GS3253Q PDF Download   Calibrated directly in Kelvin   Line
GS3316C-150M   GS3316C-150M GS3316C-150M PDF Download N/A Hardware Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware m
GS3316C-470M   GS3316C-470M GS3316C-470M PDF Download The transition from VIH to VID must be slower t
GS3316F-221M   GS3316F-221M GS3316F-221M PDF Download YAGEO • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP͐
GS3316F-4R7   GS3316F-4R7 GS3316F-4R7 PDF Download N/A The Sensitivity of the test fixture Figure 12 is
GS3316P-6R8M   GS3316P-6R8M GS3316P-6R8M PDF Download N/A Up to eight devices (two for the MSOP package) m
GS3318M   GS3318M GS3318M PDF Download NS SOP-8 05+ Note 4: Limits are 100% production tested at 25&#
GS33AB   GS33AB GS33AB PDF Download NA 02+ When this input pin transitions from LOW to HIGH,
GS34063P   GS34063P GS34063P PDF Download IC DIP 0028+ The ISL6115 has an integrated charge pump allowin
GS34063S   GS34063S GS34063S PDF Download GS 05+ Totally Synchronous Operation All Outputs Buffer
GS34063SF   GS34063SF GS34063SF PDF Download ♦ Four Regulators in One Package ♦
GS345821   GS345821 GS345821 PDF Download After a successful ATR, the Protocol and Paramet
GS345-HYB2100   GS345-HYB2100 GS345-HYB2100 PDF Download SOSHIN • Flame retardant encapsulant (UL 94V-0).
GS34X2245Q3   GS34X2245Q3 GS34X2245Q3 PDF Download IDT SOP-80 04+ VBST (Pin 2): Boosted Switch Supply. This boosted
GS34X245Q3   GS34X245Q3 GS34X245Q3 PDF Download IDT SOP-80 04+ Indirect addressing options provide addressing f
GS3524AF   GS3524AF GS3524AF PDF Download 01 Like all of the UltraLogic™ FLASH370i devic
GS3526N   GS3526N GS3526N PDF Download TERMINATION (VTT)   HCLKI Termination &nb
GS35AC   GS35AC GS35AC PDF Download BGA 02+ The parts (D) and (E) of figure 3 relate to the
GS36129(24.5535MHZ)   GS36129(24.5535MHZ) GS36129(24.5535MHZ) PDF Download Four- ('390), Eight- ('388A), or Sixteen- ('386)
GS3710-271-001D   GS3710-271-001D GS3710-271-001D PDF Download The transmission codes of the HT6221/6222 consist
GS3720-274-001R   GS3720-274-001R GS3720-274-001R PDF Download   One 64 x 8 (512-bit) Configuration Zone
GS3720-474   GS3720-474 GS3720-474 PDF Download GLOBESPA QFP This document is a general product description an
GS3720-474-001   GS3720-474-001 GS3720-474-001 PDF Download These receivers adopt the all-in-view positionin
GS3720-474-001M   GS3720-474-001M GS3720-474-001M PDF Download GSI QFP QFP The integrated receiver is intended to be used a
GS3720-474-001R   GS3720-474-001R GS3720-474-001R PDF Download GLOBESPA BGA 01+ The NJU26108 audio interface provides industry st
GS3720-474-001R11   GS3720-474-001R11 GS3720-474-001R11 PDF Download For wireless LAN applications, the device meets t
GS3720-674-001R   GS3720-674-001R GS3720-674-001R PDF Download CONEXANT 06-07+ The format conversion produced in the demultiple
GS3750-474-001R   GS3750-474-001R GS3750-474-001R PDF Download BGA 0609+ complement of the page address indicated by the
GS3750-474-001RA2   GS3750-474-001RA2 GS3750-474-001RA2 PDF Download GLOBESPAN BGA 03+ The DS26502 is a building-integrated timing- sup
GS3750-474-001R-A2   GS3750-474-001R-A2 GS3750-474-001R-A2 PDF Download • Single 5V operation • Low power 
GS3750-474-001RAZ   GS3750-474-001RAZ GS3750-474-001RAZ PDF Download CONEXANT 06-07+ The XPLA3 architecture follows a simple timing m
GS3760-401-002AA-A2   GS3760-401-002AA-A2 GS3760-401-002AA-A2 PDF Download The 12-bit ADCs provide excellent undersampling
GS3770-174   GS3770-174 GS3770-174 PDF Download LUCENT TQFP1010-64 00+ The EC000 core offers sixteen 32-bit registers a
GS3770174001H   GS3770174001H GS3770174001H PDF Download An output enable (OE) pin is provided to three-s
GS3770-174-001H   GS3770-174-001H GS3770-174-001H PDF Download GS TQFP 05+ 7. Series resistance of the resonator (ceramic re
GS3770-174-001-H   GS3770-174-001-H GS3770-174-001-H PDF Download Copyright © 2003 SigmaTel, Inc. All rights r
GS3771-174   GS3771-174 GS3771-174 PDF Download ZILOG QFP 00+ The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2032V devi
GS3771-174-001   GS3771-174-001 GS3771-174-001 PDF Download Ideal for battery operated applications; the MIC5
GS3771-174-001A   GS3771-174-001A GS3771-174-001A PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
GS3771-174-001H   GS3771-174-001H GS3771-174-001H PDF Download LG QFP-M64P 6+ Note 6: Load and line regulation are measured at
GS3771-174-001HA   GS3771-174-001HA GS3771-174-001HA PDF Download QFP-M64P 6+
GS3771-174-00H   GS3771-174-00H GS3771-174-00H PDF Download The M54/74HC4017 is a high speed CMOS DE- CADE
GS3771-HA001   GS3771-HA001 GS3771-HA001 PDF Download   External gain-setting capability   A
GS3780-170012   GS3780-170012 GS3780-170012 PDF Download 05-07+ Note 7: All limits guaranteed at room temperature
GS3780-174   GS3780-174 GS3780-174 PDF Download GLOBESPA QFP The Low Power SDRAM provides for programmable opt
GS3780-174-0012   GS3780-174-0012 GS3780-174-0012 PDF Download GlobeSpan TQFP 04+
GS3780-174-0012D   GS3780-174-0012D GS3780-174-0012D PDF Download GLOBESPA TQFP 0343/16+ Note 4 WS (tWAIT) c (number of preprogrammed wait
GS3780-174-0017   GS3780-174-0017 GS3780-174-0017 PDF Download The power factor controller section consists of t
GS3780174001Z   GS3780174001Z GS3780174001Z PDF Download globe globe dc0402 Referring to the block diagram, the current moni
GS3780-174-001Z   GS3780-174-001Z GS3780-174-001Z PDF Download T QFP-M64P QFP Sector/Block Erase Operation The Sector/Block E
GS3780-174-001ZD   GS3780-174-001ZD GS3780-174-001ZD PDF Download GS TQFP 05+ • Asynchronous loading of control paramete
GS3800-808-001   GS3800-808-001 GS3800-808-001 PDF Download CONEXANT 0525+ BGA   PARAMETER Serial Clock Frequency Bus Fr
GS3800-808-001AA   GS3800-808-001AA GS3800-808-001AA PDF Download GS BGA 05+ In message mode the CPU writes data to the Connec
GS3800-808-001AAB1   GS3800-808-001AAB1 GS3800-808-001AAB1 PDF Download MOT BGA BGA The PCF8813 is a low power CMOS LCD controller d
GS3800-808-001AA-B1   GS3800-808-001AA-B1 GS3800-808-001AA-B1 PDF Download The device features fully programmable R and N c
GS3800-808-001AABI   GS3800-808-001AABI GS3800-808-001AABI PDF Download Entering SIMD mode also has an effect on the way
GS3800-808-011AA   GS3800-808-011AA GS3800-808-011AA PDF Download BGA The Sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage trigger
GS3800-808-011AAZ   GS3800-808-011AAZ GS3800-808-011AAZ PDF Download CONEXANT 08+
GS3800Q   GS3800Q GS3800Q PDF Download Max. UnitsConditions CCCVVGE = 0V, IC = 500&micr
GS3800S   GS3800S GS3800S PDF Download GSI ISOLATION PARAMETERS Rated Voltage, Continuous
GS3820-826-001CC   GS3820-826-001CC GS3820-826-001CC PDF Download CONEXANT 06-07+ Permanent device damage may occur if Absolute Max
GS3820-850-001CC   GS3820-850-001CC GS3820-850-001CC PDF Download GLOBESPA BGA 04+ The AD581 is easy to use in virtually all precis
GS3842BDR14   GS3842BDR14 GS3842BDR14 PDF Download SGS SMD 99+ NOTE: 1. 10K series circuits are designed to me
GS3845A   GS3845A GS3845A PDF Download 99+ DIP  No products described or contained herein
GS386   GS386 GS386 PDF Download N/A SOP8 N/A Notes: (1) See SOA curves or consult factory for
GS38A30801   GS38A30801 GS38A30801 PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC 00+ Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
GS38AC30801   GS38AC30801 GS38AC30801 PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
GS38AC30801FN   GS38AC30801FN GS38AC30801FN PDF Download   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
GS38BC374PM01R2   GS38BC374PM01R2 GS38BC374PM01R2 PDF Download   RC32300 32-bit Microprocessor  C Enh
GS38JC300   GS38JC300 GS38JC300 PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC 00+ • Multiplexed Inputs: 1, 2, 6 or 8 channels
GS38LC321PG06   GS38LC321PG06 GS38LC321PG06 PDF Download mot mot dc96 Schottky Barrier Diode Characteristics Stripped
GS3G   GS3G GS3G PDF Download GULF SMB 2007 Floating bootstrap supply pin for the upper gate
GS3T02200J   GS3T02200J GS3T02200J PDF Download The LTC6900 operates with a single 2.7V to 5.5V p
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