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This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 2,097,152 x 8-bit configuration with Fast Page mode CMOS DRAMs. Fast Page mode is a kind of page mode which is useful for the read operation. The circuit and process design allow this device to achieve high performance and low power dissipation. Optional features are access time(60, 70 or 80ns) and refresh cycle(2K ref. or 4K ref.) and power consumption (Normal or Low power with self refresh). Hyundais advanced circuit design and process technology allow this device to achieve high bandwidth, low power consumption and high reliability.
Round Control. When this control is HIGH, a one is added to the Most Significant Bit (MSB) of the LSP. This position is dependent on the FA control; FA = HIGH indicates RND adds to the 2-15 bit (P15), and FA = LOW indicates RND adds to the 2-16 bit (P14).
The DB package and the DF package are only available left-end taped and reeled (indicated by the LE suffix on the device type; e.g., H100IDBLE). The DAP package is only available taped and reeled (indicated by the R suffix on the device type; e.g., H100IDAPR).
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
H100   H100 H100 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P Erase (ERASE) After the erase instruction is ent
H100/03T-NR   H100/03T-NR H100/03T-NR PDF Download 2. Application   PFC circuit(current contin
H100-02T-NRBB   H100-02T-NRBB H100-02T-NRBB PDF Download SIEMENS 96/97+ PLCC68 General layout and supply bypassing play major r
H100-03T-NRBB   H100-03T-NRBB H100-03T-NRBB PDF Download SIEMENS 96/97+ PLCC68 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
H100056   H100056 H100056 PDF Download 4. VBR measured at pulse test current IT at an a
H1001   H1001 H1001 PDF Download Pulse MQFP2525 0051+ ATS278 is an integrated Hall sensor with two outp
H100-28   H100-28 H100-28 PDF Download The BCT543 octal transceiver contains two sets
H100307A   H100307A H100307A PDF Download HAR 07+ push-pull outputs which are sequentially pulsed
H100411B   H100411B H100411B PDF Download HARRIS PLCC 00+ Place component C3 0.080 inches from the package
H100-9   H100-9 H100-9 PDF Download SSOP-3.9-16P 6+   C Supports both Firmware Hub (FWH) and LP
H101   H101 H101 PDF Download ST SOP8 99+ A random read requires a dummy byte write sequenc
H101068   H101068 H101068 PDF Download Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
H1011   H1011 H1011 PDF Download Flash Initialization. Software is stored on an e
H1012   H1012 H1012 PDF Download Pulse SMD SMD
H1012B   H1012B H1012B PDF Download PULSE SOP-16 08+ At both ends of each array and between each resi
H1012BT   H1012BT H1012BT PDF Download PLILSE SOP/16/模快 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
H1012C   H1012C H1012C PDF Download HARRIS 08+ Notes: a. Room = 25_C, Full = as determined by
H1012NL   H1012NL H1012NL PDF Download Pulse SOP-16 06+ These monolithic converters are derived from the
H1012NL(T)   H1012NL(T) H1012NL(T) PDF Download Hynix HYMD132645B(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
H1012NLT   H1012NLT H1012NLT PDF Download PULSE/CHINA 0526+ SOP3-16 b) Use any power device that is suitable for your
H1012T   H1012T H1012T PDF Download PULSE SMD-16 2000 3 1 OSCILLATOR The oscillator is controlled by a
H1013   H1013 H1013 PDF Download PULSE SOP Seek Time (RD/WT typical)  Track to Track2.
H1013T   H1013T H1013T PDF Download Pulse A A Note 6: Parameter measured at trip point of latc
H1015   H1015 H1015 PDF Download HARRIS SOP8 Serial Data (SDA) SDA is a bidirectional pin us
H1015L   H1015L H1015L PDF Download Pulse SOP-16 08+ The DS1258W provides full functional capability f
H1015T   H1015T H1015T PDF Download Pulse A A The EBI provides two chip selects (E_nCS[1:0]) t
H1016   H1016 H1016 PDF Download PULSE 9837 When measuring return loss at the H1016 output it
H1019   H1019 H1019 PDF Download PULSE 9950 General-purpose applications are greatly enhance
H1019NL   H1019NL H1019NL PDF Download Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened Neutron Tol
H1019T   H1019T H1019T PDF Download Pulse A A Features • Improved Accuracy at High Tempe
H101A   H101A H101A PDF Download HAR SOP The Self Refresh allows the user a dynamic refre
H101BF5   H101BF5 H101BF5 PDF Download These functionally complete low-power devices (1
H101C   H101C H101C PDF Download ST SOP/8 06+ multivibrator can be calculated by : T = 1/2 RX
H101CGD   H101CGD H101CGD PDF Download The 3kΩ load is an EIa-232 requirement, but
H101FDS   H101FDS H101FDS PDF Download A refresh operation must be performed at least o
H102   H102 H102 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
H102071   H102071 H102071 PDF Download The device is available with access times as fas
H102074   H102074 H102074 PDF Download The DS1543 is available in two packages (28-pin
H102078   H102078 H102078 PDF Download Description Agilents ABA-31563 is an economical
H102-10   H102-10 H102-10 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P The ISL6537A provides a complete ACPI compliant p
H102-12   H102-12 H102-12 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P The output drives a 100Ω load to 3.8V with
H10219   H10219 H10219 PDF Download High and low band filters are included to shape t
H1021T   H1021T H1021T PDF Download PULSE 2001 SOP Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
H10252   H10252 H10252 PDF Download † For packages with exposed thermal pads,
H1026   H1026 H1026 PDF Download Pulse SOP-40 08+ Sector data protection is afforded by methods th
H1027   H1027 H1027 PDF Download PULSE 07+ SMD40 The improved architecture of the DMUX facilitate
H102-7   H102-7 H102-7 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P Note that this expression, like the capacitive p
H1028   H1028 H1028 PDF Download Pulse 滤波器 Recovered Serial Data. These ECL 100K outputs (+
H102-8   H102-8 H102-8 PDF Download 00+ SSOP-3.9-16P   The highly integrated SG6846 series of PW
H1028NL   H1028NL H1028NL PDF Download Pulse The FCT240T devices are octal buffers and line
H1028T   H1028T H1028T PDF Download PULSE 0651+ SMD40 Utilizing InGaN technology High luminous flux
H102-9   H102-9 H102-9 PDF Download SSOP-3.9-16P 6+ NOTES: 1. The SA56004X is optimized for 3.3 VDD
H102D1   H102D1 H102D1 PDF Download SGS DIP N/A Every manufacturing lot is tested in a low dose
H102D6   H102D6 H102D6 PDF Download BOOT: This pin provides the high side rail for th
H102NDS   H102NDS H102NDS PDF Download • Stub-series terminated logic for 2.5 V VD
H103   H103 H103 PDF Download MIC The Fairchild Switch FST16209 provides 18-bits o
H1033   H1033 H1033 PDF Download PULSE 9813 A watchdog timer is a simple countdown timer whic
H1036   H1036 H1036 PDF Download   A Preferred type is a device which is reco
H1036L   H1036L H1036L PDF Download Pulse SMD SMD 1. Charge qualification 2. Trickle charge, if re
H1036LNLT   H1036LNLT H1036LNLT PDF Download Fabricated in high-density CMOS with 5V-tolerant
H1036LT   H1036LT H1036LT PDF Download PULSE 2006 SMD40 Responsible electronic component and equipment
H1036T   H1036T H1036T PDF Download The default values of the programmable Received
H1038   H1038 H1038 PDF Download Pulse 2006 MODULE The value of the load capacitors can be roughly
H103D1   H103D1 H103D1 PDF Download SGS CDIP-14 98+ The Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of 144 Mb
H104   H104 H104 PDF Download 06+ The relay is driven by a pulsed signal instead of
H1042   H1042 H1042 PDF Download Pulse A A TRI-STATE ® is a registered trademark of Nat
H1043   H1043 H1043 PDF Download PULSE SOP  Selectable dual output or bi-phase operatio
H1043T   H1043T H1043T PDF Download Pulse A A User defined outputs. This function is asso
H1044   H1044 H1044 PDF Download Pulse 2006 MODULE The MAX1534 is a high-efficiency, triple-output p
H1044T   H1044T H1044T PDF Download Pulse A A s Secured Silicon (SecSi™) Sector  
H104671   H104671 H104671 PDF Download Integrated Transmitter, Receiver, and Jitter At
H1049   H1049 H1049 PDF Download PULSE 0526+0603+ SMD40 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
H1049T   H1049T H1049T PDF Download Pulse A A The skew between CLKOUT and the CLKA/B outputs i
H105   H105 H105 PDF Download 2008   The K6F2016U4E families are fabricated by
H105-1   H105-1 H105-1 PDF Download 06+ The PHY uses the S5_LKON_DS2 terminal to notify
H1053   H1053 H1053 PDF Download Pulse 00 These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
H1053NL   H1053NL H1053NL PDF Download Pulse The 73K322L is a highly integrated single-chip m
H1053T   H1053T H1053T PDF Download PULSE 01+ TIMER - Le permite a Ud. marcar un horario espec
H1054   H1054 H1054 PDF Download QFP 1999年 The TLE 4471 is a monolithic integrated very low
H1056B   H1056B H1056B PDF Download 200 NBASE
H1060   H1060 H1060 PDF Download Pulse SOP/40 00+ Controlled Baseline C One Assembly/Test Site, On
H1060NL   H1060NL H1060NL PDF Download Pulse SOP 552 PROPAGATION DELAY Propagation delay for all 54C
H1060NLT   H1060NLT H1060NLT PDF Download PULSE SOP 04+  3.3V tolerant input for CPU frequency selec
H1060T   H1060T H1060T PDF Download PULSE SOP 512 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
H1061   H1061 H1061 PDF Download FSC/HIT TO-220 04+ stream and 24 Mbps downstream. This device is id
H1061C   H1061C H1061C PDF Download 07+ CS: Chip Select- A controlling function. When hel
H1062   H1062 H1062 PDF Download Pulse 模块 Unless otherwise noted, all characteristics spec
H1062NL   H1062NL H1062NL PDF Download Pulse • Selectable watchdog timer • Low VC
H1062T   H1062T H1062T PDF Download PULSE 2000 SMD Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
H1068   H1068 H1068 PDF Download PULSE SOP The rail-to-rail input and output feature of the
H1068T   H1068T H1068T PDF Download 99 VCXOs are usually used as a narrowband local fr
H1069   H1069 H1069 PDF Download Pulse DIP For a zero-scale digital output code, the negati
H1069T   H1069T H1069T PDF Download Pulse 0033+ SMD The capacitance (Ciss) is read from the capacitan
H106NDS   H106NDS H106NDS PDF Download N/A PLCC-68   Operating temperature range is C40C to +8
H107   H107 H107 PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes witho
H1071   H1071 H1071 PDF Download Pulse A A Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND IMAX1
H1074   H1074 H1074 PDF Download Pulse 03 The Fairchild Switch FST16245 provides 16-bits o
H1074T   H1074T H1074T PDF Download Pulse SOP-40 08+ The primary thermal path for power dissipation
H1076   H1076 H1076 PDF Download 光偶40脚 During an Erase/Program operation, any of the th
H1076T   H1076T H1076T PDF Download PULSE SOP 1999 Transmitter operation supports two modulation for
H1077   H1077 H1077 PDF Download PULSE 06+ MODULE When valid data on the TX pins detected, the jab
H1078   H1078 H1078 PDF Download PULSE 99 asynchronous communications. The 73K322L is desi
H1078T   H1078T H1078T PDF Download IOSShort-circuit output currentC 15C 85mA ICCSu
H1079   H1079 H1079 PDF Download PULSE SMD SMD Function Q Baseband Input Filter Pins. Connect
H1079T   H1079T H1079T PDF Download PULSE 0350+ SOP The DSP56F801 is a member of the DSP56800 core-b
H1081   H1081 H1081 PDF Download Pulse SOP-16 08+ The MC68307 is an integrated processor combining
H1081NL   H1081NL H1081NL PDF Download 36 PULSE Copyright © 2002 Lattice Semiconductor Corp
H1081NLT   H1081NLT H1081NLT PDF Download PULSE HY57V28420HC(L)T is offering fully synchronous op
H1081T   H1081T H1081T PDF Download PULSE SMD 2004 the memory by taking care of all of the special
H1084-3.3   H1084-3.3 H1084-3.3 PDF Download The HAL 805 is programmable by modulating the su
H1084-3.3U   H1084-3.3U H1084-3.3U PDF Download HI TO263 02+ RXD_21[1] RXD_21[0] CRSDV_21 TXEN_21 TXD_21[0
H1084-ADJ   H1084-ADJ H1084-ADJ PDF Download N/A TO220/3 99+ *NOTICE: Stresses beyond those listed under &quo
H1084U   H1084U H1084U PDF Download 华昕电子 TO-263 98年 Direct-Memory-Access (DMA) Controller With an Au
H1085-3.3U   H1085-3.3U H1085-3.3U PDF Download HSMC 04+  The signal/pin assignments are listed in T
H1085-ADJ   H1085-ADJ H1085-ADJ PDF Download TO-220 The RM3183 contains two discrete ARINC 429 recei
H1085U   H1085U H1085U PDF Download HSMC 04+ STR73xF family combines the high performance ARM
H1086   H1086 H1086 PDF Download PULSE SOP-16 00+ External DRAM is required only for full PerFlow
H1086NL   H1086NL H1086NL PDF Download I ARM720T Processor   ARM7TDMI CPU  
H1086T   H1086T H1086T PDF Download PULSE SMD 04+ These devices consist of four independent volta
H1088   H1088 H1088 PDF Download Pulse (PHILIPPINES) SOP-16 08+   frequency (the same as the AHB clock) 
H1088T   H1088T H1088T PDF Download
H1089   H1089 H1089 PDF Download Pulse 模块-16 2002+
H1089T   H1089T H1089T PDF Download Pulse A A
H1090   H1090 H1090 PDF Download Pulse A A Note 9: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
H1092   H1092 H1092 PDF Download Pulse SOP-40 08+ 6ns rise and fall time 2 A peak output source/si
H1094   H1094 H1094 PDF Download Pulse A A TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
H10I   H10I H10I PDF Download ST SOP Each channel has a mask bit associated with it wh
H10NC60FI   H10NC60FI H10NC60FI PDF Download The MHF Series™ of DC/DC converters offer
H10S-40.000-20-F-T   H10S-40.000-20-F-T H10S-40.000-20-F-T PDF Download   The 132C/W for the TSOP−6 package a
H10S-40.000MHZ-TR   H10S-40.000MHZ-TR H10S-40.000MHZ-TR PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
H10S4400020FT   H10S4400020FT H10S4400020FT PDF Download used. The device crystal connections should incl
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