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For applications requiring output voltage On/Off control, the 12pin ISR products incorporate an inhibit function. The func- tion has uses in areas such as battery conservation, power-up sequencing, or any other application where the regulated output from the module is required to be switched off. The On/Off function is provided by the Inhibit control, pin 1.
Unique 1-wire interface requires only one port pin for communication Derives power from data line (parasite power)does not need a local power supply Multi-drop capability simplifies distributed temperature sensing applications Requires no external components 2.0C accuracy from C10C to +85C Measures temperatures from C55C to +100C (C67F to +212F) Thermometer resolution is user-selectable from 9 to 12 bits Converts temperature to 12-bit digital word in 750 ms (max.) UserCdefinable temperature alarm settings Alarm search command identifies and addresses devices whose temperature is outside of programmed limits (temperature alarm condition) Software compatible with the DS18B20-PAR Ideal for use in remote sensing applications (e.g., temperature probes) that do not have a local power source
SPI Serial Memory The memory portion of the device is a CMOS serial EEPROM array with Xicors block lock protection. The array is internally organized as x 8. The device features a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and software protocol allowing operation on a simple four-wire bus.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
H82002FT52   H82002FT52 H82002FT52 PDF Download SHTDWN: Comparator input to stop the chip. The t
H8211   H8211 H8211 PDF Download HARRIS SOP-8 00+ The Start Circuitry generates the internal START
H8211CBA   H8211CBA H8211CBA PDF Download HARRIS SMD-8 02+ The typical luma input is driven by either a low
H8212   H8212 H8212 PDF Download HARRIS SMD-8 00+ The READ command selects the bank from BA0, BA1
H8212CBA   H8212CBA H8212CBA PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ The numerical average of all opcodes gives appro
H8212CBAL836FKN   H8212CBAL836FKN H8212CBAL836FKN PDF Download Hynix HYMD132645A(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered
H824K9BBA   H824K9BBA H824K9BBA PDF Download Control of voltage and current slew rate is maint
H825   H825 H825 PDF Download 0043+ SOP8
H8250D420675059   H8250D420675059 H8250D420675059 PDF Download Calibration Cycle Initiate. A minimum 80 input c
H825148   H825148 H825148 PDF Download ST TQFP64 This document is a general product description an
H825150   H825150 H825150 PDF Download QFP The analog input RGB signals are first sampled by
H826   H826 H826 PDF Download hp SMD SMD Regulatory Compliance See Table 1 for transceiv
H826/2082   H826/2082 H826/2082 PDF Download N/A TSSOP 98+   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
H826396   H826396 H826396 PDF Download ST TQFP64 The LH1500 is robust, ideal for telecom and groun
H826398   H826398 H826398 PDF Download ST TQFP64 Revised footnote for Table 14. Added numbers t
H828   H828 H828 PDF Download consists of a sigma-delta analog- to-digital c
H8288   H8288 H8288 PDF Download HARRIS The UCC1800/1/2/3/4/5 family offers a variety of
H82B0001J104   H82B0001J104 H82B0001J104 PDF Download When the result is rounded to fewer than 16 bits
H82B0001J105   H82B0001J105 H82B0001J105 PDF Download The AD9748s low power dissipation makes it well
H.DI-0940-6R8V   H.DI-0940-6R8V H.DI-0940-6R8V PDF Download N/A AMBE-2000™ Vocoder Chip is a registered tr
H.FL-R-SMT(10)   H.FL-R-SMT(10) H.FL-R-SMT(10) PDF Download NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
H0001   H0001 H0001 PDF Download PULSE SOP 96+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
H0001T   H0001T H0001T PDF Download Pulse A A 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
H0002   H0002 H0002 PDF Download Pulse A A The CY7B9910 and CY7B9920 Low Skew Clock Buffers
H0002T   H0002T H0002T PDF Download Pulse A A The C6701 includes a large bank of on-chip memor
H0003   H0003 H0003 PDF Download ROHM TO-92 n Available in 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V, and
H00030B1   H00030B1 H00030B1 PDF Download ♦Highest sustained bandwidth per DRAM devi
H0005   H0005 H0005 PDF Download ZIP-12P   C Thirty 32K word (64K byte) Sectors with
H0006   H0006 H0006 PDF Download TO-92 The design is based on an ARM® microprocesso
H0009   H0009 H0009 PDF Download Pulse SOP-16 08+ Used as external reference input when internal r
H0009DGWY   H0009DGWY H0009DGWY PDF Download INTERSIL DIP-16 02+   Four differential pairs of LVDS outputs
H0009NL   H0009NL H0009NL PDF Download Pulse A unique feature of the HIP660X drivers is the a
H0009T   H0009T H0009T PDF Download The FETKY™ family of Co-Pack HEXFET® Po
H001   H001 H001 PDF Download AMPI TO-92 2001 DESCRIPTION The 74V2T241 is an advanced high-sp
H0011   H0011 H0011 PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
H00111   H00111 H00111 PDF Download Differential current outputs are provided to sup
H0011T   H0011T H0011T PDF Download PULSE SMD-16P 2000 The CMOS XC3000 Class of Logic Cell Array (LCA)
H0013   H0013 H0013 PDF Download As a result of the high precision and low-noise
H0013-N   H0013-N H0013-N PDF Download GOTOP 06 The ready/busy status can be determined after th
H0013NL   H0013NL H0013NL PDF Download The output data format is twos complement if TCO
H0013T   H0013T H0013T PDF Download Pulse SOP 547 Notes: 1: VC1,VC2, VM12 = 3.3V, TC = 25C, 50
H0014T   H0014T H0014T PDF Download PULSE 99+ SOP Offered in 64Mx8bit the K9F1208X0B is 512M bit wi
H00154-7   H00154-7 H00154-7 PDF Download DG CDIP 00+ The device utilizes advanced temperature compens
H0018CBDH   H0018CBDH H0018CBDH PDF Download NEC's NE552R479A is an N-Channel silicon power l
H0019   H0019 H0019 PDF Download Pulse SMD 2001 PGND - This pin provides a dedicated ground for t
H0019NL   H0019NL H0019NL PDF Download Pulse Description ACSL-6xx0 are truly isolated, multi
H0019NLT   H0019NLT H0019NLT PDF Download System support functions include: two SMBus®
H0019T   H0019T H0019T PDF Download Pulse A A Receiver Differential Input. Input accepts AC dif
H0020   H0020 H0020 PDF Download Pulse A A (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
H0021E427F(05)   H0021E427F(05) H0021E427F(05) PDF Download Origin electric co 2000 Writing to the device is accomplished by taking C
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