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The ceramic resonator of the stereo decoder PLL circuit is used as a stop signal detector for AM signals. For this purpose, the parallel resonance frequency of the resonator, which is unloaded about 456 kHz, is reduced by an internal load capacitor down to 455 kHz. Therefore, the AM IF must be 455 kHz. The internal loading capacitor is defined by the current through AMSADJ (Pin 9) to GND. An external resistor is connected between AMSADJ (Pin 9) and GND. It allows the alignment of the stop signal center frequency. The width of the stop window is typicaly 800 Hz. If AM search- mode is not activated, the pin is internally pulled to ground.
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The HD7473P is a byte wide MRAM memory. The memory array is logically organized as 32,768 x 8 and is accessed using an industry standard parallel asynchronous SRAM-like interface. The HD7473P is inherently nonvolatile and offers write protect during sudden power loss. Functional operation of the MRAM is similar to SRAM-type devices, otherwise.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
HD70158AP   HD70158AP HD70158AP PDF Download The COP820CJ is a member of the COP8TM 8-bit Micr
HD706M   HD706M HD706M PDF Download 1~4 Cell Alkaline Battery Operating Range Outpu
HD706P   HD706P HD706P PDF Download Comments, suggestions, or questions on this docum
HD708M   HD708M HD708M PDF Download HITACHI CAN-12 07+ The VC33 instruction register is 8 bits long. Ta
HD70C140F003   HD70C140F003 HD70C140F003 PDF Download HITACHI QFP-144 07+   The RC4700 ALU consists of the integer ad
HD710M   HD710M HD710M PDF Download   DESCRIPTION   The NJW1503A is a PLL
HD711M   HD711M HD711M PDF Download 92 HY57V561620A is offering fully synchronous operat
HD713M   HD713M HD713M PDF Download The control signals for the configuration memory
HD71G102D2R10FD   HD71G102D2R10FD HD71G102D2R10FD PDF Download These bits are for programming the PLLs internal
HD7279   HD7279 HD7279 PDF Download N/A ——   Ratiometricity simply means that the outp
HD7279A   HD7279A HD7279A PDF Download HD CHS=0,BAL=11111 Vin = 1Vrms Vo=0.5Vrms BW=400H
HD7279A-SP   HD7279A-SP HD7279A-SP PDF Download HD SOP/DIP 08+ Figure 4 shows the logic in the XC5200 CLB, whic
HD7279A-SP/   HD7279A-SP/ HD7279A-SP/ PDF Download HD SOP-28 07+ The analogue section consists of a comparator wi
HD7279A-WP   HD7279A-WP HD7279A-WP PDF Download HIT DIP-28 05+ NOTES: 1. These parameters are determined by dev
HD7279A-WP/   HD7279A-WP/ HD7279A-WP/ PDF Download HD DIP-28 07+ The drivers provide four selectable levels of pr
HD7279-S   HD7279-S HD7279-S PDF Download 07+ • USB V2.0 Compliant SIE • Low-spee
HD7279S-SP   HD7279S-SP HD7279S-SP PDF Download HD SOP 07+ Adjustable Output Down to 1.2V Output Current of
HD7279-WP   HD7279-WP HD7279-WP PDF Download HIT DIP 230 Hz Ultrafast Lock Times From DDS Implementa
HD73LS373   HD73LS373 HD73LS373 PDF Download The ISL6527 provides simple, single feedback loop
HD73M801ABT   HD73M801ABT HD73M801ABT PDF Download 01 If high inductance values and low capacitor valu
HD7400   HD7400 HD7400 PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1987 The bq2019 provides 64 bytes of general-purpose
HD7400-A   HD7400-A HD7400-A PDF Download HIT 04+ The members of this family are single power suppl
HD7400D   HD7400D HD7400D PDF Download HIT DIP/14/磁 90+ VCU1 3.80 to 4.40 Adjustment VCD1 3.45 to 4.40
HD7400P   HD7400P HD7400P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 9640+ n Software selectable I/O options (TRI-STATE &re
HD7401   HD7401 HD7401 PDF Download Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications
HD740107P   HD740107P HD740107P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Buffer Delays tINInput buffer delay tGCKGCK bu
HD7401-A   HD7401-A HD7401-A PDF Download 1088 HD Phase Angle C Power Factor and Dissipation Factor
HD7401P   HD7401P HD7401P PDF Download HIT DIP 93+ A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
HD7402   HD7402 HD7402 PDF Download HIT The PI90LV02 and PI90LVT02 are single differenti
HD7402P   HD7402P HD7402P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Product names or services listed in this publica
HD7403   HD7403 HD7403 PDF Download Hitachi Transmission bit rate in normal communication is
HD7403-A   HD7403-A HD7403-A PDF Download Flash Memory Plus SRAM Reduces Memory Board Sp
HD7403P   HD7403P HD7403P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 98+ The CS8920As highly efficient StreamTrans- ferT
HD7403P-Z   HD7403P-Z HD7403P-Z PDF Download HIT 95+ • Sealed construction for automatic wave so
HD7404   HD7404 HD7404 PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1987 In this mode, CS is inactive (high) between seri
HD7404-A   HD7404-A HD7404-A PDF Download HD • Fast Page Mode Access Cycle • TTL
HD7404P   HD7404P HD7404P PDF Download 93 The PI5A317A is a single-pole single-throw (SPST
HD7405   HD7405 HD7405 PDF Download Hitachi ‡ Unless otherwise indicated, voltages are
HD7405P   HD7405P HD7405P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
HD7406   HD7406 HD7406 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 4K bit Ferroelectric Nonvolatile RAM • Orga
HD7406FP   HD7406FP HD7406FP PDF Download HIT 1994+ SOP-14  Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute
HD7406FPEL   HD7406FPEL HD7406FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1995 The reference is postpackage-trimmed to increase
HD7406FPTL   HD7406FPTL HD7406FPTL PDF Download HIT 07+ • High-speed access times:   8, 10,
HD7406P   HD7406P HD7406P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP The 3.3-volt device is fully accessible and data
HD7406RP   HD7406RP HD7406RP PDF Download HIT SOP 94/P Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
HD7407   HD7407 HD7407 PDF Download HD 08+ When a logic 0 of TRB is latched in with the fal
HD7407FPEL   HD7407FPEL HD7407FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ It is important that the logic used to turn ON a
HD7407FPTL   HD7407FPTL HD7407FPTL PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ This device has built-in protection against high
HD7407FPTR   HD7407FPTR HD7407FPTR PDF Download 96 NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
HD7407OP   HD7407OP HD7407OP PDF Download !Features 1) Suitable for damping resistors. 2)
HD7407P   HD7407P HD7407P PDF Download HITACHI DIP-14P 6+ A0, A1, A2, A3 (Pins 2, 3, 21, 22)   Addres
HD7408   HD7408 HD7408 PDF Download HIT DIP/14/磁 Warning: Stresses beyond those listed under Absol
HD7408P   HD7408P HD7408P PDF Download Hitachi 18 MHz operation frequency 32 K 8 ROM (SAB 83C
HD7409   HD7409 HD7409 PDF Download HIT DIP陶瓷 99+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
HD7409P   HD7409P HD7409P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 96+ • Extended Data-Out (EDO) Page Mode  
HD7409PP   HD7409PP HD7409PP PDF Download The OPA363 and OPA364 families offer excellent C
HD7410   HD7410 HD7410 PDF Download HIT DIP • High-speed access time: 35, 45, 55, 70 n
HD74107   HD74107 HD74107 PDF Download HIT DIP/14/磁 A multiplier block is associated with each Selec
HD74107P   HD74107P HD74107P PDF Download Hitachi   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier princ
HD7410P   HD7410P HD7410P PDF Download HIT 95 PFKC03 series required a minimum 10% loading on
HD7411P   HD7411P HD7411P PDF Download TEST LEVEL CODES All electrical characteristics
HD74121   HD74121 HD74121 PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Figure 3 shows a typical test circuit for evaluat
HD74121P   HD74121P HD74121P PDF Download HIT The IS25C32/64 utilizes an 8-bit instruction reg
HD74123   HD74123 HD74123 PDF Download 92 The GTL16923 devices are 18-bit registered bus t
HD74123P   HD74123P HD74123P PDF Download 90   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
HD74125   HD74125 HD74125 PDF Download Hitachi ODIS 14 OUTPUT DISABLE - asserting   this
HD74125P   HD74125P HD74125P PDF Download Hitachi per Figure 5 Waveform Peak Power − Min. 15
HD74126   HD74126 HD74126 PDF Download Hitachi The device operates on demand via a sync input p
HD74126P   HD74126P HD74126P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The MC74HC04A is identical in pinout to t
HD7412P   HD7412P HD7412P PDF Download Hitachi V+ (Pin 8): Positive Power Supply. This supply mu
HD74132   HD74132 HD74132 PDF Download Hitachi
HD74132P   HD74132P HD74132P PDF Download Hitachi The READ instruction will stream out data at a
HD74136   HD74136 HD74136 PDF Download Hitachi VPC3 is the control pin for the stage 3 active bi
HD74136P   HD74136P HD74136P PDF Download HIT SOP 03+ Sample: NR-SD-24V, 10 pcs. Contact voltage: 10
HD74139P   HD74139P HD74139P PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
HD7414   HD7414 HD7414 PDF Download HIT DIP 04+   The FETKY product family incorporates low
HD74141P   HD74141P HD74141P PDF Download Typical Data is at TA = +25C and VCC = 5 V and is
HD74145P   HD74145P HD74145P PDF Download HIT 93+ NOTES: 1. WE is high in read Cycle. 2. Device i
HD74147   HD74147 HD74147 PDF Download Hitachi   The Treble adjustment is made by changing
HD74147P   HD74147P HD74147P PDF Download HIT Designing for Very Fast Load Transients The tran
HD74148   HD74148 HD74148 PDF Download Hitachi The devices are stable with capacitive loads up
HD74148P   HD74148P HD74148P PDF Download HIT 88 I2C Interface General Device Address I2C Regis
HD7414P   HD7414P HD7414P PDF Download Hitachi The device incorporates auto-calibration and buil
HD74150   HD74150 HD74150 PDF Download Hitachi Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 4.5V Continuou
HD74150P   HD74150P HD74150P PDF Download HITACHI DIP24P 05+ Single Package Fully-integrated 4-bit Flash Micro
HD74151A   HD74151A HD74151A PDF Download HIT DIP 87+ Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
HD74151AP   HD74151AP HD74151AP PDF Download HITACHI DIP16 Note: _ _ represents the two number suffix needed
HD74153   HD74153 HD74153 PDF Download Hitachi
HD74153P   HD74153P HD74153P PDF Download HIT 91 The PLL will work correctly, meaning it will pha
HD74154   HD74154 HD74154 PDF Download Hitachi When #CE and #RESET pins are at VDD, the ICC CMOS
HD74154P   HD74154P HD74154P PDF Download HIT DIP 06+ NOTES:   Stresses above those listed under
HD74155   HD74155 HD74155 PDF Download Hitachi Hynix HYMD216646A(L)6J-J series incorporates SPD(
HD74155D   HD74155D HD74155D PDF Download HIT DIP/16/磁 90+ Note: 1. For DIP package: Soldering temperature
HD74155P   HD74155P HD74155P PDF Download HIT DIP 97+ The sensor has two readout registers located at
HD74156   HD74156 HD74156 PDF Download Hitachi The DSTINIm400 is a fully assembled and tested c
HD74156P   HD74156P HD74156P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Inductance: Measured at 1 volt with no DC current
HD74157   HD74157 HD74157 PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1987 Note 1: Power dissipation is 500 mW when mounted
HD74157P   HD74157P HD74157P PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connectio
HD74159   HD74159 HD74159 PDF Download Hitachi The DDU7C relies on a stable power supply to pro
HD74159P   HD74159P HD74159P PDF Download HIT DIP 05+ Note 2: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
HD7416   HD7416 HD7416 PDF Download Hitachi Applications l Telecom and Data-Com 24 and 48V
HD74160P   HD74160P HD74160P PDF Download Hitachi As described under "Current Limiting,"
HD74161   HD74161 HD74161 PDF Download Hitachi At C40C to 85C, +VA = +5 V, +VBD = +5 V or +VBD
HD74161P   HD74161P HD74161P PDF Download HIT DIP 97+ The parallel I/O interface may be configured for
HD74162P   HD74162P HD74162P PDF Download HIT DIP 98+ This new generation of TRENCH MOSFETs from Zetex
HD74163   HD74163 HD74163 PDF Download HITCHIA DIP DIP The CS pin must remain low during the loading of
HD74163P   HD74163P HD74163P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Notes: 1. The dominant wavelength, ëd, is
HD74164   HD74164 HD74164 PDF Download Hitachi The Intersil ISL5120CISL5123 devices are precisi
HD74164P   HD74164P HD74164P PDF Download 95 DIP HOLD ACKNOWLEDGE: The active high Hold Acknowled
HD74166   HD74166 HD74166 PDF Download Hitachi 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
HD74166P   HD74166P HD74166P PDF Download HIT The TLE 4471 is a monolithic integrated very low
HD7416P   HD7416P HD7416P PDF Download 94 Accesses to the MBAR register at long word $3FF0
HD7417   HD7417 HD7417 PDF Download Hitachi Reading from the device is accomplished by taking
HD74170R   HD74170R HD74170R PDF Download HIT 04+ Loading   With the rising edge of the Cloc
HD74170R-P   HD74170R-P HD74170R-P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 07+ The ISL6208 features 4A typical sinking current f
HD74173   HD74173 HD74173 PDF Download Hitachi   COMP, 0 VCS 0.4 V.   DV  
HD74173P   HD74173P HD74173P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A In addition, the L1 instruction memory and L1 da
HD74174   HD74174 HD74174 PDF Download Hitachi   Typical values represent average readings
HD74174P   HD74174P HD74174P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Information furnished by Linear Technology Corpor
HD74175   HD74175 HD74175 PDF Download Hitachi   Guaranteed by measurement of initial offse
HD74175P   HD74175P HD74175P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+   GENERAL DESCRIPTION  NJM2567 is a l
HD74177P   HD74177P HD74177P PDF Download Hitachi The Clock and Data Recovery stage was designed to
HD74179   HD74179 HD74179 PDF Download HIT allow adjacent I/O cell outputs to be directly c
HD7417P   HD7417P HD7417P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 0416+   The THAT 4311 Low Power Dynamics Proces-
HD74180   HD74180 HD74180 PDF Download 91 Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
HD74180P   HD74180P HD74180P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Block check character is transmitted/received as
HD74182   HD74182 HD74182 PDF Download Hitachi   Designed for use in solid state relays, M
HD74182P   HD74182P HD74182P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+
HD74190N   HD74190N HD74190N PDF Download HITACHI   The RC4700 also incorporates a four-entry
HD74192   HD74192 HD74192 PDF Download HITCHIA DIP DIP regardless of the operating mode of the device.
HD74192P   HD74192P HD74192P PDF Download Hitachi ACST4-7S triggering current has to be sunk from
HD74193   HD74193 HD74193 PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1987 NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
HD74193P   HD74193P HD74193P PDF Download Hitachi The TMS551xx devices offer a split-register-tran
HD74194   HD74194 HD74194 PDF Download Hitachi The MAX1555s CHG is an active-low, open-drain c
HD74194-B   HD74194-B HD74194-B PDF Download HIT 9M1   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
HD74194P   HD74194P HD74194P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ When a HIGH-going transition is detected on this
HD74195   HD74195 HD74195 PDF Download HIT DIP/16/磁 nRF401 is a true single chip UHF transceiver desi
HD74195P   HD74195P HD74195P PDF Download Hitachi
HD74197P   HD74197P HD74197P PDF Download Hitachi The primary function of the receiver is to recov
HD74198   HD74198 HD74198 PDF Download Hitachi Hynix HYMD132725A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
HD74198P   HD74198P HD74198P PDF Download Supports PIO mode 4, both at 16.6 Mbytes/second
HD74199P   HD74199P HD74199P PDF Download HIT DIP24 04+/05+/06+/07+ This new generation of trench MOSFETs from Zetex
HD7420   HD7420 HD7420 PDF Download Hitachi ADDRESS STROBE: This is an active high signal us
HD7420-A   HD7420-A HD7420-A PDF Download The eight latches of the LVTH573 devices are tra
HD7420P   HD7420P HD7420P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The 74HC/HCT377 have eight edge-triggered, D-typ
HD74221   HD74221 HD74221 PDF Download Hitachi The MCU provides the following features: 40K byt
HD74221P   HD74221P HD74221P PDF Download HIT SOP 90+ Features  NPT IGBT technology  low sa
HD7422P   HD7422P HD7422P PDF Download Hitachi The IRU3027 controller IC is specifically designe
HD7425   HD7425 HD7425 PDF Download Hitachi The LM139 series consists of four independent pr
HD7425P   HD7425P HD7425P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP   Soldering (10 seconds)+260˚C ESD Sus
HD7426P   HD7426P HD7426P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
HD7427   HD7427 HD7427 PDF Download Hitachi 202 or CCITT V.23 FSK format and transmitted at
HD74279   HD74279 HD74279 PDF Download Hitachi Clocks in the ispLSI 2096V device are selected u
HD74279P   HD74279P HD74279P PDF Download HITACHI DC Supply Voltage, VCC . . . . . . . . . . . . .
HD7427P   HD7427P HD7427P PDF Download HIT DIP The architecture of the current feedback opamp co
HD74283P   HD74283P HD74283P PDF Download HIT DIP-16P 9317+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
HD74290P   HD74290P HD74290P PDF Download Hitachi The FDC37M60x with IrDA v1.0 support incorporat
HD74293   HD74293 HD74293 PDF Download Hitachi   This Logic Level Vertical Power MOSFET is
HD74293P   HD74293P HD74293P PDF Download HIT [CAUTION]   The specifications on this data
HD7430   HD7430 HD7430 PDF Download Hitachi The 512K EPROM and OTP PROM are programmed using
HD7430P   HD7430P HD7430P PDF Download Hitachi The EM78860 is an 8-bit RISC type microprocessor
HD74312R   HD74312R HD74312R PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+ The Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) then compares
HD7432   HD7432 HD7432 PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1987 The ICSI IC61S6432 is a high-speed, low-power syn
HD7432P   HD7432P HD7432P PDF Download HIT 90 Comprehensive Power Management Capability for Mo
HD7437   HD7437 HD7437 PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 01+ Even Parity. Parity is even parity across AD31-0
HD7437-A   HD7437-A HD7437-A PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTU32160A is a 16-bit to 3
HD7437D   HD7437D HD7437D PDF Download HIT DIP/14/磁 Voltage follower/buffer/amplifier Charge integra
HD7437P   HD7437P HD7437P PDF Download HIT DIP 97+ DFS Double Speed Sampling Mode Pin TEST Test
HD7438   HD7438 HD7438 PDF Download HIT The ADF4360-6 is a fully integrated integer-N sy
HD7438-A   HD7438-A HD7438-A PDF Download HIT 04+ The LH1556FP is robust, ideal for telecom and g
HD7438BP   HD7438BP HD7438BP PDF Download The bandwidth of KESRX05 is set by the external
HD7438D   HD7438D HD7438D PDF Download HIT 97 These devices consist of four independent high-
HD7438FPEL   HD7438FPEL HD7438FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+ The IRU1261, using a proprietary process, combine
HD7438FPER   HD7438FPER HD7438FPER PDF Download HIT SOP 95 System Characteristics The following spec table e
HD7438FPTL   HD7438FPTL HD7438FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 95 7858   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
HD7438P   HD7438P HD7438P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P 00+ 90% Efficiency at 20W Frequency to 600kHz 30W o
HD7440   HD7440 HD7440 PDF Download Hitachi NOTES 1. Data, Clock and Enable inputs are high
HD744051FPEL   HD744051FPEL HD744051FPEL PDF Download HIT 99 1678 NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
HD7442A   HD7442A HD7442A PDF Download Hitachi and 4 to 40 V Low current consumption of less th
HD7442AP   HD7442AP HD7442AP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The device will respond with a 64-bit ATR code,
HD7442P   HD7442P HD7442P PDF Download HIT DIP-16P 04+ An internal power-on reset (POR) and an enable i
HD74442AP   HD74442AP HD74442AP PDF Download HIT 00 Chip Enable (E). The Chip Enable, E, activates t
HD7445P   HD7445P HD7445P PDF Download HIT DIP-16P 03+ The MAX8586 single current-limited switch control
HD7446AP   HD7446AP HD7446AP PDF Download 50 The host system can detect whether a program or
HD7446P   HD7446P HD7446P PDF Download 94 DESCRIPTION This power MOSFET is designed using
HD7447   HD7447 HD7447 PDF Download A default serial loader program in the Boot ROM
HD7447A   HD7447A HD7447A PDF Download Hitachi SYSTEM ERROR is used for reporting address parity
HD7447A-B   HD7447A-B HD7447A-B PDF Download
HD7447AG   HD7447AG HD7447AG PDF Download HIT DIP -16 陶封 96 The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
HD7447AP   HD7447AP HD7447AP PDF Download 96 Total memory size is 128 Kbytes, equivalent to a
HD744C74P   HD744C74P HD744C74P PDF Download REPEATER MODE When the RPTR pin is high or regis
HD7450   HD7450 HD7450 PDF Download Hitachi When the DRAIN pin of the LT4250L is above VEE by
HD7450P   HD7450P HD7450P PDF Download HIT NEC's NESG2021M05 is fabricated using NECʼs
HD7451   HD7451 HD7451 PDF Download HITCHIA DIP DIP First ASIC replacement FPGA for high-volume pro
HD7451D   HD7451D HD7451D PDF Download The HYM72V64636H(L)T8 Series are 64Mx64bits Synch
HD7451P   HD7451P HD7451P PDF Download HIT DIP These dual P-Channel logic level enhancement mode
HD7453P   HD7453P HD7453P PDF Download Hitachi Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are the extreme
HD7454P   HD7454P HD7454P PDF Download Hitachi Clocks in the ispLSI 1032E device are selected u
HD74574P   HD74574P HD74574P PDF Download HIT 98   The LH28F016SU provides user-selectable b
HD7472P   HD7472P HD7472P PDF Download HITACHI DIP-14 96+ The Blackfin processor assembly language uses an
HD7473   HD7473 HD7473 PDF Download Hitachi The HD7473 is a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
HD7473P   HD7473P HD7473P PDF Download HIT DIP line is at logic low and the data is latched w
HD7474   HD7474 HD7474 PDF Download HIT 92   The state of the Boot Block lockout can b
HD7474-A   HD7474-A HD7474-A PDF Download HIT 04+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HD7474G   HD7474G HD7474G PDF Download Hitachi Feedback Disable: This input controls the state o
HD7474P   HD7474P HD7474P PDF Download HIT The thermal path between the plastic package and
HD7475   HD7475 HD7475 PDF Download Hitachi LINEAR GCI MODE   In GCI linear mode, one G
HD7475P   HD7475P HD7475P PDF Download HIT 4A38;92 Other operating features include an on/off inhib
HD7476   HD7476 HD7476 PDF Download Hitachi Temperature sensor ICs such as the MAX6672/ MAX6
HD7476P   HD7476P HD7476P PDF Download Hitachi Notes a. The algebraic convention whereby the m
HD7483A   HD7483A HD7483A PDF Download Hitachi 256 Independent, Bidirectional HDLC Channels Up
HD7483AP   HD7483AP HD7483AP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
HD7485   HD7485 HD7485 PDF Download Hitachi Each MMU provides read-only and supervisor-only
HD7485P   HD7485P HD7485P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ¡Compact, thin. ( ¡For s
HD7486   HD7486 HD7486 PDF Download Hitachi The HT48CA0 is an 8-bit high performance RISC-l
HD7486G   HD7486G HD7486G PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Voltage, current, and temperature measurements ar
HD7486P   HD7486P HD7486P PDF Download HITACHI 00+ DIP-14 Setting the LED Current The regulated output cur
HD7489   HD7489 HD7489 PDF Download 94 Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unle
HD7489P   HD7489P HD7489P PDF Download 97 The BiCMOS process is used, as a result a supply
HD7490   HD7490 HD7490 PDF Download HIT DIP Derate linearly above 70oC free air temperature
HD7490A   HD7490A HD7490A PDF Download HIT DIP陶 01+ Program memory - bytes60K48K32K60K48K32K16K16K
HD7490AP   HD7490AP HD7490AP PDF Download HIT DIP 99+ • Packaged in 28 pin, 300 mil wide SOIC or
HD7491A   HD7491A HD7491A PDF Download Hitachi 7.1 User Interface API A development kit dedica
HD7491AP   HD7491AP HD7491AP PDF Download Hitachi UL60950 requires minimum creepage and clearances
HD7491P   HD7491P HD7491P PDF Download HIT Shift clock signal input for the PCMIN and PCMOUT
HD7492AP   HD7492AP HD7492AP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Hynix HYMD232726(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
HD7493A   HD7493A HD7493A PDF Download Hitachi • Combine Step-Up and Step-Down for  
HD7493AP   HD7493AP HD7493AP PDF Download Hitachi   The MAX4626 successfully meets the qualit
HD7495AP   HD7495AP HD7495AP PDF Download HIT DIP 93+ The DS1258 128k x 16 nonvolatile (NV) SRAMs are 2
HD7496P   HD7496P HD7496P PDF Download HIT DIP 95+   True 64-bit microprocessor   C 64-bi
HD74AC00   HD74AC00 HD74AC00 PDF Download HITACHI SOP14 The HCMOS MC68SEC000s static architecture is a d
HD74AC00FP   HD74AC00FP HD74AC00FP PDF Download HIT SOP-14 01+ ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS The block diagram is
HD74AC00FPEL   HD74AC00FPEL HD74AC00FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 00+ 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyo
HD74AC00FPER   HD74AC00FPER HD74AC00FPER PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 Logic 0 Input Voltage (OUT = LO) Logic 1 Input
HD74AC00FPTR   HD74AC00FPTR HD74AC00FPTR PDF Download 日立 SOP 95+ The PCI I/O region is also a 4 Gbyte space. Howe
HD74AC00P   HD74AC00P HD74AC00P PDF Download HIT 97   Many conditions affect the thermal perfor
HD74AC00TEL   HD74AC00TEL HD74AC00TEL PDF Download HIT 95 The maximum repetition rate for Timer T2 is twic
HD74AC00T-EL   HD74AC00T-EL HD74AC00T-EL PDF Download HIT SSMD 2000 The ICSI IC61S6432 is a high-speed, low-power syn
HD74AC02   HD74AC02 HD74AC02 PDF Download 00+ SOP s Memory mapped I/O s Multilevel Low Voltage De
HD74AC02FP   HD74AC02FP HD74AC02FP PDF Download Hitachi In FM mode the FM mixer, the FM RF-AGC and the 1
HD74AC02FPEL   HD74AC02FPEL HD74AC02FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P The VSX60 Series are dual output converters with
HD74AC02FP-EL   HD74AC02FP-EL HD74AC02FP-EL PDF Download HITACHI The Preliminary designation indicates that the p
HD74AC02FPTR   HD74AC02FPTR HD74AC02FPTR PDF Download HIT 91+ The input buffer threshold has programmable TTL/
HD74AC02P   HD74AC02P HD74AC02P PDF Download 99 These devices contain two independent positive-
HD74AC02TELS   HD74AC02TELS HD74AC02TELS PDF Download HIT SSMD 98 The HD74AC02TELS series is a two stage, hybrid s
HD74AC04   HD74AC04 HD74AC04 PDF Download HIT Max. Instantaneous Forward Voltage*** @ IF = 0.1
HD74AC04FP   HD74AC04FP HD74AC04FP PDF Download Hitachi The Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC) controls
HD74AC04FPEL   HD74AC04FPEL HD74AC04FPEL PDF Download 03 The output voltage of the Power Trends Wide Inpu
HD74AC04FP-EL   HD74AC04FP-EL HD74AC04FP-EL PDF Download Fully Integrated xVCC and xVPP Switching xVPP Pr
HD74AC04FPT   HD74AC04FPT HD74AC04FPT PDF Download   FEATURES 8-18V Supply Operating Range 1
HD74AC04FPTL   HD74AC04FPTL HD74AC04FPTL PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 96 Attenuates wander from 2.1 Hz Fast Lock mode P
HD74AC04P   HD74AC04P HD74AC04P PDF Download 99   The HD74AC04P is a 14 pin integrated circ
HD74AC04RP   HD74AC04RP HD74AC04RP PDF Download HIT SOP 94P3 Conversion Time: CNV Rising Edge to Data Availab
HD74AC04RPEL   HD74AC04RPEL HD74AC04RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-14L 2006
HD74AC04T   HD74AC04T HD74AC04T PDF Download The logic is supplied by the VCC voltage, typ. w
HD74AC04TEL   HD74AC04TEL HD74AC04TEL PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+; The output serial data is straight binary, and i
HD74AC08   HD74AC08 HD74AC08 PDF Download Hitachi
HD74AC08FP   HD74AC08FP HD74AC08FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 96+ The HYM72V32C756B(L)T8 Series are gold plated soc
HD74AC08FPEL   HD74AC08FPEL HD74AC08FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 1999 The CY7C138AV/144AV/006AV/007AV and CY7C139AV/
HD74AC08FPTL   HD74AC08FPTL HD74AC08FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P (1) The algebraic convention, whereby the most n
HD74AC08FPTR   HD74AC08FPTR HD74AC08FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 The HMS9xC7132/4 is a single-chip microcontrolle
HD74AC08P   HD74AC08P HD74AC08P PDF Download 06+ The PCM58P accepts TTL-compatible logic input le
HD74AC08PC   HD74AC08PC HD74AC08PC PDF Download   The A3946 is designed specifically
HD74AC08RP   HD74AC08RP HD74AC08RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P3 To assist in the transceiver evaluation proces
HD74AC08RPEL   HD74AC08RPEL HD74AC08RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-14 3.9mm 3L46 The HT6221/HT6222 remain in the halt mode during
HD74AC08RP-EL   HD74AC08RP-EL HD74AC08RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 93/P3 Important Information and Disclaimer:The informat
HD74AC08TELL   HD74AC08TELL HD74AC08TELL PDF Download 97 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
HD74AC107FPEL   HD74AC107FPEL HD74AC107FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 00+ SOP • Adjust the contrast in LCD displays 
HD74AC112P   HD74AC112P HD74AC112P PDF Download Hitachi The V3020 is a low power CMOS real time clock. D
HD74AC123AP   HD74AC123AP HD74AC123AP PDF Download HITATHI Connect control terminal to VIN terminal The qui
HD74AC125   HD74AC125 HD74AC125 PDF Download Hitachi Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
HD74AC125FP   HD74AC125FP HD74AC125FP PDF Download HIT SOP 02+
HD74AC125FPEL   HD74AC125FPEL HD74AC125FPEL PDF Download HITACHI (4) Bold lines should be short and thick in PCB p
HD74AC125FP-EL   HD74AC125FP-EL HD74AC125FP-EL PDF Download Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 10 6 Rads (Si) Sin
HD74AC125FPER   HD74AC125FPER HD74AC125FPER PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 99 Each channel of the HA-2400/04/05 can be control
HD74AC125FPTR   HD74AC125FPTR HD74AC125FPTR PDF Download 93 The STPC Atlas integrates a standard 5th genera
HD74AC125P   HD74AC125P HD74AC125P PDF Download HIT SOP 02+ Basic building blocks of the HCPL-x710 are a CMO
HD74AC125TEL   HD74AC125TEL HD74AC125TEL PDF Download HITACHI TSOP-14 95+   The NCV8800 is an automotive synchronous
HD74AC125TELL   HD74AC125TELL HD74AC125TELL PDF Download HIT 9935+ The MSK 5115 series are highly thermally conduct
HD74AC126FP   HD74AC126FP HD74AC126FP PDF Download Hitachi An external resistor RCF is recommended be- twe
HD74AC126P   HD74AC126P HD74AC126P PDF Download Hitachi This advanced technology has been tailored to min
HD74AC138   HD74AC138 HD74AC138 PDF Download Hitachi The HD74AC138 device utilizes DirectFET TM packa
HD74AC138FP   HD74AC138FP HD74AC138FP PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ The D-Pak is designed for surface mounting using
HD74AC138FPEL   HD74AC138FPEL HD74AC138FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-16 98+ • 1.25 (31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
HD74AC138FPTL   HD74AC138FPTL HD74AC138FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ • 500-ps max. Total Timing Budget™ (T
HD74AC138FPTR   HD74AC138FPTR HD74AC138FPTR PDF Download   The IN74AC14 is identical in pinout to th
HD74AC138P   HD74AC138P HD74AC138P PDF Download HIT DIP 01+ The base timer is an 8-bit counter with a 1MHz cl
HD74AC138PF   HD74AC138PF HD74AC138PF PDF Download HIT For the adjustable output controller, the VREF p
HD74AC138RP   HD74AC138RP HD74AC138RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92/P The EC000 processor core communicates with these
HD74AC138TELL   HD74AC138TELL HD74AC138TELL PDF Download C1 is the transfer capacitor and C2 stores energy
HD74AC139   HD74AC139 HD74AC139 PDF Download Hitachi The Address Sequencer is a 24-bit programmable a
HD74AC139FP   HD74AC139FP HD74AC139FP PDF Download Hitachi Limits in standard typeface are for TJ = 25˚
HD74AC139FPEL   HD74AC139FPEL HD74AC139FPEL PDF Download 95 In simple mode all feedback paths of the output p
HD74AC139FPTR   HD74AC139FPTR HD74AC139FPTR PDF Download HIT 95 Compliant to USB specifications Low MOSFET on re
HD74AC139P   HD74AC139P HD74AC139P PDF Download Hitachi In the second-generation XC3000A LCA devices, in
HD74AC14FP   HD74AC14FP HD74AC14FP PDF Download Hitachi SSCG uses a patented technology of modulating th
HD74AC14P   HD74AC14P HD74AC14P PDF Download Hitachi   USB  C Revision 1.1 compliant  
HD74AC153FPTR   HD74AC153FPTR HD74AC153FPTR PDF Download 92 SOP   Description Pulses for operating the MOS
HD74AC154P   HD74AC154P HD74AC154P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP (Both segment mode and common mode) ! Supply vol
HD74AC157   HD74AC157 HD74AC157 PDF Download Hitachi Note 6: A filter on SDA and SCL delays the sampli
HD74AC157FP   HD74AC157FP HD74AC157FP PDF Download HIT 08+ The HD4074318 is a PROM version ZTAT™ micr
HD74AC157FPEL   HD74AC157FPEL HD74AC157FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P2 Note A: Characteristic data has been developed f
HD74AC157FPTR   HD74AC157FPTR HD74AC157FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 95+ A proper value of feed forward capacitor parallel
HD74AC157P   HD74AC157P HD74AC157P PDF Download HIT When the VO2Cont terminal voltage is set to 0.5V
HD74AC158FPTR   HD74AC158FPTR HD74AC158FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP-16 92 Either 256 refresh cycles or read/write cycles o
HD74AC161P   HD74AC161P HD74AC161P PDF Download Hitachi For example, if the OTG Host were to turn off VBU
HD74AC164   HD74AC164 HD74AC164 PDF Download Hitachi CLOCK functions as a pipeline clock, loading the
HD74AC164FP   HD74AC164FP HD74AC164FP PDF Download Hitachi All components of a charge pump, except the hold
HD74AC164FPEL   HD74AC164FPEL HD74AC164FPEL PDF Download HIT 99 1250 The RFR6000 device is fabricated using a SiGe Bi
HD74AC164FPTL   HD74AC164FPTL HD74AC164FPTL PDF Download HIT If you have any marketing or sales questions, ple
HD74AC164FPTR   HD74AC164FPTR HD74AC164FPTR PDF Download HIT 00 SEN enables serial loading of programmable flag o
HD74AC164P   HD74AC164P HD74AC164P PDF Download 96 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74AC166F   HD74AC166F HD74AC166F PDF Download HIT 08+
HD74AC166FP-EL   HD74AC166FP-EL HD74AC166FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ When the receiver is placed in the power-down (sl
HD74AC166P   HD74AC166P HD74AC166P PDF Download HIT DIP-16 00+ The IL400 is an optically coupled SCR with a gal
HD74AC174P   HD74AC174P HD74AC174P PDF Download HIT 06+ This document is a general product description an
HD74AC175   HD74AC175 HD74AC175 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 98 n Sector Protection   C Sectors may be lock
HD74AC175FP   HD74AC175FP HD74AC175FP PDF Download Hitachi • High speed switching (tstg: storage time/t
HD74AC175FPEL   HD74AC175FPEL HD74AC175FPEL PDF Download HIT 2000 798 Each channel is equipped with a programmable Vce
HD74AC175P   HD74AC175P HD74AC175P PDF Download Hitachi OFFSET VOLTAGE, initial OFFSET VOLTAGE, vs. te
HD74AC240FP   HD74AC240FP HD74AC240FP PDF Download Hitachi • CASE: Hermetically sealed DO-213AB glass
HD74AC240FPEL   HD74AC240FPEL HD74AC240FPEL PDF Download HIT A six-byte command (Enter Single Pulse Program M
HD74AC240FPT   HD74AC240FPT HD74AC240FPT PDF Download The HD74AC240FPT is tested using the CCIF standa
HD74AC240FPTR   HD74AC240FPTR HD74AC240FPTR PDF Download HIT Supports a 4 Gbps high bus bandwidth Variable b
HD74AC240P   HD74AC240P HD74AC240P PDF Download 97 The high-resolution (HR) SHARE feature allows ev
HD74AC240RP   HD74AC240RP HD74AC240RP PDF Download HIT SOP 93P1 The ISL6434 includes an Intel® -compatible,
HD74AC244   HD74AC244 HD74AC244 PDF Download Hitachi Core C ARM7TDMI 32-bit RISC CPU C 32 MIPS @ 3
HD74AC244FP   HD74AC244FP HD74AC244FP PDF Download Hitachi The synchronous boost converter generates a low n
HD74AC244FPEL   HD74AC244FPEL HD74AC244FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00P2 Port 3 pins P3.0 to P3.5, P3.7 are seven bi-dire
HD74AC244FPTR   HD74AC244FPTR HD74AC244FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP For applications requiring guaranteed RF-tested
HD74AC244P   HD74AC244P HD74AC244P PDF Download Hitachi • fast CoolMOS power MOSFET - 2nd  
HD74AC244RP-EL   HD74AC244RP-EL HD74AC244RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ Edition 16.3.99 Published by Siemens AG, Bereic
HD74AC244TELL   HD74AC244TELL HD74AC244TELL PDF Download The RF2958 is a single-chip transceiver specific
HD74AC245   HD74AC245 HD74AC245 PDF Download HITACHI Note 2: Electrical Table values apply only for fa
HD74AC245FP   HD74AC245FP HD74AC245FP PDF Download Hitachi All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
HD74AC245FPE   HD74AC245FPE HD74AC245FPE PDF Download A resistor divider from this pin to the VOUT pin
HD74AC245FPTR   HD74AC245FPTR HD74AC245FPTR PDF Download HITACHI SOP 97 Write Protect Pin and Write Disable Instructions
HD74AC245P   HD74AC245P HD74AC245P PDF Download HIT 06+ All input pins. Input pins XHD and CKI. Input
HD74AC245RP-EL   HD74AC245RP-EL HD74AC245RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 93 "Preliminary" product information descr
HD74AC245TEL   HD74AC245TEL HD74AC245TEL PDF Download 94 SSOP The MCU core is fully compatible with the indust
HD74AC273   HD74AC273 HD74AC273 PDF Download HITACHI SOP 07+
HD74AC273FP   HD74AC273FP HD74AC273FP PDF Download Hitachi The UCC3808 is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, hig
HD74AC273FP-E   HD74AC273FP-E HD74AC273FP-E PDF Download The CPU core of MTV230M is compatible with the in
HD74AC273FPEL   HD74AC273FPEL HD74AC273FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P2 Transmit high impedance mode is activated by set
HD74AC273P   HD74AC273P HD74AC273P PDF Download HIT Regulates voltage over a broad operating current
HD74AC280FPEL   HD74AC280FPEL HD74AC280FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 94/P   The HD74AC280FPEL provides eight bits of
HD74AC280P   HD74AC280P HD74AC280P PDF Download Hitachi   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
HD74AC283   HD74AC283 HD74AC283 PDF Download Hitachi Serial-test information is conveyed by means of
HD74AC283FPEL   HD74AC283FPEL HD74AC283FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 95/P2 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
HD74AC283P   HD74AC283P HD74AC283P PDF Download Hitachi The PWR5104 and PWR5105 offer respectively 12VDC
HD74AC32   HD74AC32 HD74AC32 PDF Download Hitachi Capacitor Table Table 1 identifies the character
HD74AC32FP   HD74AC32FP HD74AC32FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 97+   PNPN devices designed for high volume, li
HD74AC32FPEI   HD74AC32FPEI HD74AC32FPEI PDF Download HIT LDQM and UDQM control the lower and upper bytes
HD74AC32FPEL   HD74AC32FPEL HD74AC32FPEL PDF Download 0 SOP NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
HD74AC32FP-EL   HD74AC32FP-EL HD74AC32FP-EL PDF Download I/O performance is increased to 622 Mb/s using S
HD74AC32FPTR   HD74AC32FPTR HD74AC32FPTR PDF Download 92 SOP Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Recti
HD74AC32P   HD74AC32P HD74AC32P PDF Download HIT 24 Bits, No Missing Codes Fixed-Channel or Autom
HD74AC32RP   HD74AC32RP HD74AC32RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P3 The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for era
HD74AC32TEL   HD74AC32TEL HD74AC32TEL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 95+ The HC595 contain an 8-bit serial-in, parallel-o
HD74AC32TELL   HD74AC32TELL HD74AC32TELL PDF Download HIT Instructions 1. Place codewheel on shaft. 2.
HD74AC373FP   HD74AC373FP HD74AC373FP PDF Download Hitachi Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
HD74AC373FPEL   HD74AC373FPEL HD74AC373FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P2 The Kawasaki KL5KUSB111 Controller is a unique s
HD74AC373FPEL-E   HD74AC373FPEL-E HD74AC373FPEL-E PDF Download HITACHI ADVANCE INFORMATION documents contain information
HD74AC373FPTR   HD74AC373FPTR HD74AC373FPTR PDF Download 92 SOP Data Outputs: A 4-bit parallel data word, forming
HD74AC373P   HD74AC373P HD74AC373P PDF Download HIT 06+ To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308A, the
HD74AC374   HD74AC374 HD74AC374 PDF Download Hitachi   DigitalClarity ™ CMOS Imaging Techno
HD74AC374FP   HD74AC374FP HD74AC374FP PDF Download Hitachi The UC1854 provides active power factor correcti
HD74AC374P   HD74AC374P HD74AC374P PDF Download HIT 05+ This device is manufactured on a complimentary h
HD74AC393FPEL   HD74AC393FPEL HD74AC393FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4-K/H/L series is registered
HD74AC393FPTR   HD74AC393FPTR HD74AC393FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 93/P2 Tutte le informazioni contenute sul presente man
HD74AC393P   HD74AC393P HD74AC393P PDF Download Hitachi RFMs RX5000 series amplifier-sequenced hybrid (AS
HD74AC74   HD74AC74 HD74AC74 PDF Download Hitachi Power DissipationInternally limited Input Volta
HD74AC74FP   HD74AC74FP HD74AC74FP PDF Download Hitachi 2. A variety of power saving modes   Attach
HD74AC74FPEL   HD74AC74FPEL HD74AC74FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P TI does not warrant or represent that any licens
HD74AC74FP-EL   HD74AC74FP-EL HD74AC74FP-EL PDF Download HIT 97 Fault Status (Output): Open drain N-Channel devi
HD74AC74FPER   HD74AC74FPER HD74AC74FPER PDF Download The video control inputs drive weighted current
HD74AC74P   HD74AC74P HD74AC74P PDF Download Hitachi Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure ab
HD74AC74RP   HD74AC74RP HD74AC74RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P3 Acknowledge Acknowledge is a software conventio
HD74AC74TEL   HD74AC74TEL HD74AC74TEL PDF Download M/S = VIH for BUSY output flag on Master M/S =
HD74AC86   HD74AC86 HD74AC86 PDF Download Hitachi Notes a: Stresses greater than those listed und
HD74AC86FP   HD74AC86FP HD74AC86FP PDF Download Hitachi INPUT CAPACITOR   To improve load transien
HD74AC86FPEL   HD74AC86FPEL HD74AC86FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those va
HD74AC86FPTL   HD74AC86FPTL HD74AC86FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
HD74ACQ245   HD74ACQ245 HD74ACQ245 PDF Download 93 SOP ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
HD74ACT08TELL   HD74ACT08TELL HD74ACT08TELL PDF Download HIT SSOP 07+ • Direct bus connection when switches are
HD74ACT107P   HD74ACT107P HD74ACT107P PDF Download HIT 06+ 1250 8-bit resolution. ADC gain adjust. 2 GHz full p
HD74ACT112FP   HD74ACT112FP HD74ACT112FP PDF Download HIT 99 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74ACT112P   HD74ACT112P HD74ACT112P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The devices feature single 3.0 V power supply op
HD74ACT125FP   HD74ACT125FP HD74ACT125FP PDF Download Hitachi After FIR filtering, data can be routed directly
HD74ACT125TEL   HD74ACT125TEL HD74ACT125TEL PDF Download HIT 96 2500 Notes: 1. If the protect bit of the byte addres
HD74ACT125TELL   HD74ACT125TELL HD74ACT125TELL PDF Download HIT 07+ This flip-flop has independent data, preset, cle
HD74ACT138   HD74ACT138 HD74ACT138 PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 00+ Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short C
HD74ACT138FP   HD74ACT138FP HD74ACT138FP PDF Download Hitachi The epoxy TO-92 and TO-220 configurations feature
HD74ACT138FPEL   HD74ACT138FPEL HD74ACT138FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP16 04+ (3) The products described in this material are
HD74ACT138P   HD74ACT138P HD74ACT138P PDF Download Hitachi The Hynix HY57V281620E(L)T(P) series is a 134,217
HD74ACT138RP   HD74ACT138RP HD74ACT138RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P3 Low stand-by current 0.1µA (typ.) Directl
HD74ACT138RP-EL   HD74ACT138RP-EL HD74ACT138RP-EL PDF Download HIT 94+ 14200 Muting all channel drivers can be obtained using
HD74ACT138TELL   HD74ACT138TELL HD74ACT138TELL PDF Download HIT 2000 1985 The timing of the demodulated data signal is del
HD74ACT139   HD74ACT139 HD74ACT139 PDF Download Hitachi Peak Pulse Power dissipation at 25ºC: 1500 w
HD74ACT139FPEL   HD74ACT139FPEL HD74ACT139FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP16 04+ The DDX-2100 is a high efficiency dual channel d
HD74ACT161P   HD74ACT161P HD74ACT161P PDF Download HIT 06+ Crystal Oscillator Period 19.79 Hz Update Rate
HD74ACT164   HD74ACT164 HD74ACT164 PDF Download Hitachi NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
HD74ACT164P   HD74ACT164P HD74ACT164P PDF Download HIT 06+ Features • Resistant to High Humidity and
HD74ACT166FP   HD74ACT166FP HD74ACT166FP PDF Download HITACHI 97 Inductance Tolerance: 10% standard. 5% availab
HD74ACT166P   HD74ACT166P HD74ACT166P PDF Download Hitachi Silicon chip on Direct-Copper-Bond substrate -
HD74ACT240FP   HD74ACT240FP HD74ACT240FP PDF Download Hitachi The CAN-transceiver TLE 6250 is a monolithic int
HD74ACT240FPEL   HD74ACT240FPEL HD74ACT240FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ VOUT = 3.3 V, IOUT = 300 mA Current−Mode P
HD74ACT240P   HD74ACT240P HD74ACT240P PDF Download HIT DIP-20P 0027+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HD74ACT240TELL   HD74ACT240TELL HD74ACT240TELL PDF Download HIT 0606+ Internal PWM current control. Each pair of output
HD74ACT244   HD74ACT244 HD74ACT244 PDF Download Hitachi This product paves the way for a smaller, ligh
HD74ACT244FP   HD74ACT244FP HD74ACT244FP PDF Download HIT 5.2MM 95+   The QS3VH16245 HotSwitch is a 16-bit high
HD74ACT244FPEL   HD74ACT244FPEL HD74ACT244FPEL PDF Download MIT SOP 02+ DESCRIPTION This MOSFET is the latest developme
HD74ACT244FPTL   HD74ACT244FPTL HD74ACT244FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 95+ SOP-20 • Fully Compliant to IrDA 1.0   Physi
HD74ACT244FPTR   HD74ACT244FPTR HD74ACT244FPTR PDF Download The Start Circuitry generates the output signal
HD74ACT244P   HD74ACT244P HD74ACT244P PDF Download Hitachi
HD74ACT244RP   HD74ACT244RP HD74ACT244RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P1 The IC provides 12 key inputs (KEY1~KEY12). Of
HD74ACT244TEL   HD74ACT244TEL HD74ACT244TEL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 00+ Signal Processors (DSPs) TMS320C62x C 5-, 4-, 3.
HD74ACT244TELL   HD74ACT244TELL HD74ACT244TELL PDF Download HIT SOP20 94+ Connect a resistor from this pin to the drain of
HD74ACT245   HD74ACT245 HD74ACT245 PDF Download Hitachi • Fast Page Mode Access Cycle • TTL
HD74ACT245FP   HD74ACT245FP HD74ACT245FP PDF Download HIT SOP 01+   The Motorola accelerometers contain an on
HD74ACT245FPEL   HD74ACT245FPEL HD74ACT245FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP20L 00+ Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
HD74ACT245FP-EL   HD74ACT245FP-EL HD74ACT245FP-EL PDF Download HIT NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
HD74ACT245FPER   HD74ACT245FPER HD74ACT245FPER PDF Download HIT 98+ Footnotes: 1) Standard frequency stability (20,2
HD74ACT245FPTL   HD74ACT245FPTL HD74ACT245FPTL PDF Download 95 Device Description The following information is
HD74ACT245P   HD74ACT245P HD74ACT245P PDF Download HIT 05+ DESCRIPTION The HD74ACT245PB is a monolithic in
HD74ACT245RP   HD74ACT245RP HD74ACT245RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P1 s High-speed: 35, 70 ns s Ultra low DC operating
HD74ACT245RPEL   HD74ACT245RPEL HD74ACT245RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP7.2mm-20L 2006 Chapter 4, "Control Registers," contain
HD74ACT245RP-EL   HD74ACT245RP-EL HD74ACT245RP-EL PDF Download HIT 原装 03+ In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
HD74ACT245TELL   HD74ACT245TELL HD74ACT245TELL PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ CMOS Low Power Consumption Oscillation Frequency
HD74ACT24FP   HD74ACT24FP HD74ACT24FP PDF Download Organization  Memory cell allay 528 ´
HD74ACT32RP   HD74ACT32RP HD74ACT32RP PDF Download HIT 92P3 NOTE : 1. Samsung are not designed or manufactur
HD74ACT367P   HD74ACT367P HD74ACT367P PDF Download Hitachi In terms of signal measurement, THD+N is the rat
HD74ACT373   HD74ACT373 HD74ACT373 PDF Download HIT SOP 06+ n Drives up to 7 LEDs with up to 20mA each n LE
HD74ACT373FP   HD74ACT373FP HD74ACT373FP PDF Download HIT SOP 93P2 <Mobile SDRAM> • Power Supply Volta
HD74ACT373FPT   HD74ACT373FPT HD74ACT373FPT PDF Download All parameters are measured in a Helmholtz arran
HD74ACT373P   HD74ACT373P HD74ACT373P PDF Download Hitachi A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
HD74ACT373RP   HD74ACT373RP HD74ACT373RP PDF Download HIT 2003+ SOP-20 The output and reset of the integrators is contr
HD74ACT374FP   HD74ACT374FP HD74ACT374FP PDF Download Hitachi Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
HD74ACT374FPEL   HD74ACT374FPEL HD74ACT374FPEL PDF Download HITACH Notes: 1. The input and output negative-voltage
HD74ACT374FPTR   HD74ACT374FPTR HD74ACT374FPTR PDF Download The device is available with an access time of 5
HD74ACT374P   HD74ACT374P HD74ACT374P PDF Download Hitachi   The MSK 610 is a high voltage very wideba
HD74ACT86   HD74ACT86 HD74ACT86 PDF Download Hitachi reliable operation, the stored energy from circu
HD74ACTQ245   HD74ACTQ245 HD74ACTQ245 PDF Download   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
HD74AG245FP   HD74AG245FP HD74AG245FP PDF Download The integrated low-power high-efficiency dc-dc c
HD74AHC1G66CMEN   HD74AHC1G66CMEN HD74AHC1G66CMEN PDF Download HITACHI/RENESAS SOT-353 This is an advance information data sheet The A
HD74ALAC162835A   HD74ALAC162835A HD74ALAC162835A PDF Download The DM9801 uses a low-power and high-performance
HD74ALC162835ATE   HD74ALC162835ATE HD74ALC162835ATE PDF Download Renesas Technology America TSSOP56L 9950+ The user can program the frequency of the output
HD74ALC2G04USE   HD74ALC2G04USE HD74ALC2G04USE PDF Download RENESAS 04+ The LM4781 is a three channel audio amplifier ca
HD74ALCVCH16374TE   HD74ALCVCH16374TE HD74ALCVCH16374TE PDF Download HITACHL TSSOP 02+ Q Channel 4-bit A-D Converter's digital outputs,
HD74ALF162834TE   HD74ALF162834TE HD74ALF162834TE PDF Download HIT TSSOP56 07+
HD74ALF162835TE   HD74ALF162835TE HD74ALF162835TE PDF Download  † Package drawings, standard packing
HD74ALS06P   HD74ALS06P HD74ALS06P PDF Download NOTES: 1. A14X is a NC for IDT70V9269. 2. All V
HD74ALS175   HD74ALS175 HD74ALS175 PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ The MOC810X and CNY17F-X devices consist of a ga
HD74ALS540FP   HD74ALS540FP HD74ALS540FP PDF Download HIT • Two potentiometers in one package •
HD74ALV16245TEL   HD74ALV16245TEL HD74ALV16245TEL PDF Download RENESAS SSOP 04+ Zener Voltage Range − 3.3 V to 200 V ESD
HD74ALV2G04USE   HD74ALV2G04USE HD74ALV2G04USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ Note 2: Operating Ratings indicate conditions for
HD74ALVC162834ATE   HD74ALVC162834ATE HD74ALVC162834ATE PDF Download HITACHI OBDIn (pin11)  The OBD data is input to thi
HD74ALVC162835A   HD74ALVC162835A HD74ALVC162835A PDF Download HITACHI SMD NOTES:  1. A write occurs during the overla
HD74ALVC162835AT   HD74ALVC162835AT HD74ALVC162835AT PDF Download Hitachi  − Timer 1: Offers auto-reload functi
HD74ALVC162835CTE   HD74ALVC162835CTE HD74ALVC162835CTE PDF Download TSSOP-56P HITACHI 00+ 6. JA is measured in free air with the component
HD74ALVC162835TE   HD74ALVC162835TE HD74ALVC162835TE PDF Download Renesas Technology America Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
HD74ALVC162835VC   HD74ALVC162835VC HD74ALVC162835VC PDF Download 98 The Hynix HYM7V63801B F-Series are 8Mx64bits Sync
HD74ALVC162836TE   HD74ALVC162836TE HD74ALVC162836TE PDF Download HITACHI 98 The SSM2275 and SSM2475 are ideal for applicatio
HD74ALVC162836TEL   HD74ALVC162836TEL HD74ALVC162836TEL PDF Download HIT 99 78600 The DS1386 executes a read cycle whenever WE (Wri
HD74ALVC16334   HD74ALVC16334 HD74ALVC16334 PDF Download Hitachi The TP3070 and TP3071 are second-generation comb
HD74ALVC16835TE   HD74ALVC16835TE HD74ALVC16835TE PDF Download HIT O7+ NOTES: 1. Dimensions are inches. Metric equival
HD74ALVC16835TEL   HD74ALVC16835TEL HD74ALVC16835TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP56 04+ The Simtek STK11C88 is a fast static RAM with a
HD74ALVC1G00VSE   HD74ALVC1G00VSE HD74ALVC1G00VSE PDF Download HIT SOT23 0210+PB Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
HD74ALVC1G04VSE   HD74ALVC1G04VSE HD74ALVC1G04VSE PDF Download The CS8920A is a single-chip, ISA Plug-and- Pla
HD74ALVC1G06CM   HD74ALVC1G06CM HD74ALVC1G06CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ s Three-Terminal Adjustable Or Fixed   Outp
HD74ALVC1G07CM   HD74ALVC1G07CM HD74ALVC1G07CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+
HD74ALVC1G07VSE   HD74ALVC1G07VSE HD74ALVC1G07VSE PDF Download HITHCHI SOT-353 05+pb Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Flow-Through A
HD74ALVC1G08VSE   HD74ALVC1G08VSE HD74ALVC1G08VSE PDF Download HITACHI SOT353 04+ The device offers a highly integrated solution fo
HD74ALVC1G126CM   HD74ALVC1G126CM HD74ALVC1G126CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ • Small 8-pin package types: SO8 and TSSOP8
HD74ALVC1G126VSE   HD74ALVC1G126VSE HD74ALVC1G126VSE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ 1. - T - = Seating Plane and Datum Surface. 2.
HD74ALVC1G14CM   HD74ALVC1G14CM HD74ALVC1G14CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ and negative supplies separately and add the pow
HD74ALVC1G14VSE   HD74ALVC1G14VSE HD74ALVC1G14VSE PDF Download HIT SOT-553 04+ • Designed for industrial and telecommunic
HD74ALVC1G240VSE   HD74ALVC1G240VSE HD74ALVC1G240VSE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ The LM2471 is an integrated high voltage CRT dri
HD74ALVC1G32VSE   HD74ALVC1G32VSE HD74ALVC1G32VSE PDF Download HITACHI 03+  − Low Noise: 75nV PGA From 1 to 128
HD74ALVC1G66VSE   HD74ALVC1G66VSE HD74ALVC1G66VSE PDF Download RENESAS SOT-553 06NOPB ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74ALVC1G79CM   HD74ALVC1G79CM HD74ALVC1G79CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74ALVC1G79VSE   HD74ALVC1G79VSE HD74ALVC1G79VSE PDF Download RENESAS SC70-5 2006 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
HD74ALVC1G80CM   HD74ALVC1G80CM HD74ALVC1G80CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ Small outline SO8 and TO92 style packages. No s
HD74ALVC1G80VSE   HD74ALVC1G80VSE HD74ALVC1G80VSE PDF Download SOT-353 RENESAS 05+ Thaler Corporation has developed a nonlinear co
HD74ALVC1G86VSE   HD74ALVC1G86VSE HD74ALVC1G86VSE PDF Download RENESAS SOT-353 05+PB It is our intention to provide our valued custom
HD74ALVC2G02USE   HD74ALVC2G02USE HD74ALVC2G02USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ True Dual-Port memory cells which allow simultane
HD74ALVC2G04USE   HD74ALVC2G04USE HD74ALVC2G04USE PDF Download The driver controls the gate voltage of the powe
HD74ALVC2G04USE-E   HD74ALVC2G04USE-E HD74ALVC2G04USE-E PDF Download As VCE is further increased, beyond the thermally
HD74ALVC2G06USE   HD74ALVC2G06USE HD74ALVC2G06USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ n Available in 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V, and
HD74ALVC2G08USE   HD74ALVC2G08USE HD74ALVC2G08USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ HXXXXZ  High voltage level  High volt
HD74ALVC2G126USE   HD74ALVC2G126USE HD74ALVC2G126USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ • 15 kV/µs Common-Mode   Rejec
HD74ALVC2G14USE   HD74ALVC2G14USE HD74ALVC2G14USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ The MT8985 master clock (C4i) is a 4.096 MHz allo
HD74ALVC2G157USE   HD74ALVC2G157USE HD74ALVC2G157USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ The PI6C104 is a high-speed low-noise clock gener
HD74ALVC2G240AUSE   HD74ALVC2G240AUSE HD74ALVC2G240AUSE PDF Download Cartesian amplitude and phase modulation 1.5 GH
HD74ALVC2G240USE   HD74ALVC2G240USE HD74ALVC2G240USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ For improved FM performance, an integrated IF fi
HD74ALVC2G241USE   HD74ALVC2G241USE HD74ALVC2G241USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ The UCC3808A dual output drive stages are arrang
HD74ALVC2G245USE   HD74ALVC2G245USE HD74ALVC2G245USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ AfT = exp((Ea/k)*(1/Tu - 1/Ts)) = tu/ts AfT = Ac
HD74ALVC2G32AUSE   HD74ALVC2G32AUSE HD74ALVC2G32AUSE PDF Download Specifications are production tested at TA =25C.
HD74ALVC2G32USE   HD74ALVC2G32USE HD74ALVC2G32USE PDF Download RENESAS 03+ Note: Both regulators can be bypassed if external
HD74ALVC2G32USE-E-   HD74ALVC2G32USE-E- HD74ALVC2G32USE-E- PDF Download The MC68307 (shown in Figure 1) contains a stati
HD74ALVC2G34AUSE   HD74ALVC2G34AUSE HD74ALVC2G34AUSE PDF Download The SN74GTLP22034 is a high-drive, 8-bit, three-
HD74ALVC2G34USE   HD74ALVC2G34USE HD74ALVC2G34USE PDF Download HITACHI 03+ The transient conduction of charge during and af
HD74ALVC2G53USE   HD74ALVC2G53USE HD74ALVC2G53USE PDF Download The HSDL-3600 comes in three package options;
HD74ALVC2G74USE   HD74ALVC2G74USE HD74ALVC2G74USE PDF Download RENESAS SOT-8 Literature Distribution Centers: USA: Motorola
HD74ALVC2G86USE   HD74ALVC2G86USE HD74ALVC2G86USE PDF Download HITACHI SOT-183 05+ The TPS211x family of power multiplexers enables
HD74ALVCF162834TEL   HD74ALVCF162834TEL HD74ALVCF162834TEL PDF Download   Input Current, IIN   Input Capacitan
HD74ALVCF162835TEL   HD74ALVCF162835TEL HD74ALVCF162835TEL PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
HD74ALVCH16244   HD74ALVCH16244 HD74ALVCH16244 PDF Download Hitachi This is a Class B product based on the standard
HD74ALVCH16244TE   HD74ALVCH16244TE HD74ALVCH16244TE PDF Download HIT 00 † All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
HD74ALVCH16244TE-E   HD74ALVCH16244TE-E HD74ALVCH16244TE-E PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
HD74ALVCH16244TEL   HD74ALVCH16244TEL HD74ALVCH16244TEL PDF Download HITACHI 03+ SSOP The minimum pulse width of the pulse generator is
HD74ALVCH16245   HD74ALVCH16245 HD74ALVCH16245 PDF Download HITACHI SS (Pin 10): Soft Start. Connect a capacitor (CSS
HD74ALVCH16245TE   HD74ALVCH16245TE HD74ALVCH16245TE PDF Download HIT 00 Before valid data exchanges between the serializ
HD74ALVCH16245TE-E   HD74ALVCH16245TE-E HD74ALVCH16245TE-E PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
HD74ALVCH16245TEL   HD74ALVCH16245TEL HD74ALVCH16245TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 2001 Meets the ExpressCard™ Standard (ExpressCa
HD74ALVCH162501TEL   HD74ALVCH162501TEL HD74ALVCH162501TEL PDF Download HITACHI 02+ TSSOP OSD - Muestra en la pantalla el nmero del canal,
HD74ALVCH16260TELL   HD74ALVCH16260TELL HD74ALVCH16260TELL PDF Download TI TSSOP 98 The no-correction window acts as a filter for low
HD74ALVCH162721T   HD74ALVCH162721T HD74ALVCH162721T PDF Download Hitachi   Gain Control Range   Phase Control R
HD74ALVCH16373   HD74ALVCH16373 HD74ALVCH16373 PDF Download Hitachi Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
HD74ALVCH16374TE   HD74ALVCH16374TE HD74ALVCH16374TE PDF Download HIT TSSOP48 04+ n Efficiency up to 92% n Simple and easy to de
HD74ALVCH16374TEL   HD74ALVCH16374TEL HD74ALVCH16374TEL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 03+ The STPC Atlas integrates two USB ports. Univer
HD74ALVCH16820TE   HD74ALVCH16820TE HD74ALVCH16820TE PDF Download The CopperWing12 ADSL Chipset family targets a
HD74ALVCHS162830TEL   HD74ALVCHS162830TEL HD74ALVCHS162830TEL PDF Download HITACIH TSSOP 01+ These counters feature a fully independent clock
HD74AVC16245   HD74AVC16245 HD74AVC16245 PDF Download HITACHI
HD74BC16244A   HD74BC16244A HD74BC16244A PDF Download The HD74BC16244A consists of two sets of nine D-
HD74BC240AFP   HD74BC240AFP HD74BC240AFP PDF Download This device is particularly well suited for port
HD74BC240AFPEL   HD74BC240AFPEL HD74BC240AFPEL PDF Download ICSI reserves the right to make changes to its pr
HD74BC240AP   HD74BC240AP HD74BC240AP PDF Download This three terminal negative adjustable voltage
HD74BC244A   HD74BC244A HD74BC244A PDF Download HITACHI SSOP20 02+ Pulled-high, this pin is a Schmitt trigger input
HD74BC244AFP   HD74BC244AFP HD74BC244AFP PDF Download Working Peak Reverse Voltage Range C 5.8 to 171
HD74BC244AP   HD74BC244AP HD74BC244AP PDF Download HIT 95 Wafer Lot Acceptance Non-destructive Bond Pull
HD74BC244ATQEL   HD74BC244ATQEL HD74BC244ATQEL PDF Download HITACHI DESCRIPTION Power input pins for VCC operate mod
HD74BC245AFPEL   HD74BC245AFPEL HD74BC245AFPEL PDF Download SD is a serial bi-directional data bus which is
HD74BC245AP   HD74BC245AP HD74BC245AP PDF Download Chapter 2, "Address Spaces," describes
HD74BC245ATQEL   HD74BC245ATQEL HD74BC245ATQEL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 1.1 GHz Toggle Frequency Supply Voltage 4.5 to 5
HD74BC373   HD74BC373 HD74BC373 PDF Download HIT SOP 95+
HD74BC373FPQER   HD74BC373FPQER HD74BC373FPQER PDF Download Addresses, data I/Os, chip enables (E1, E2, E3),
HD74BC374AFPEL   HD74BC374AFPEL HD74BC374AFPEL PDF Download The HD74BC374AFPEL is a monolithic CMOS analog-t
HD74BC540   HD74BC540 HD74BC540 PDF Download At + 25C, the leakage current shall not exceed th
HD74BC541AP   HD74BC541AP HD74BC541AP PDF Download HITACHI   The VCC supply to each optoisolator must
HD74BC573AP   HD74BC573AP HD74BC573AP PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ only when the reference frequency divided by this
HD74BC645FPQEL   HD74BC645FPQEL HD74BC645FPQEL PDF Download RENESAS 01+ SOP-20 PWRGOOD(Undervoltage/LowerOvervoltage Output): T
HD74C08FP   HD74C08FP HD74C08FP PDF Download 02 The AAT351x PowerManager™ products are mem
HD74C08P   HD74C08P HD74C08P PDF Download The TVS low capacitance device configuration is s
HD74C27P   HD74C27P HD74C27P PDF Download • FullCduplex capability • External lo
HD74CBT3244TELL-E   HD74CBT3244TELL-E HD74CBT3244TELL-E PDF Download system is fail-safe; that is, the slaves will be
HD74CDC2509BSTE   HD74CDC2509BSTE HD74CDC2509BSTE PDF Download SIERAWIRELESS 00+ N/A available. The data applied to the data inputs a
HD74CDC2509BTEL   HD74CDC2509BTEL HD74CDC2509BTEL PDF Download HIT 00+ SOP PG_DLY connects to an external capacitor to adju
HD74CDC2510BTEL   HD74CDC2510BTEL HD74CDC2510BTEL PDF Download Hitachi Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
HD74CDCF2509BTE   HD74CDCF2509BTE HD74CDCF2509BTE PDF Download HIT TSSOP24 04+ 4096 bits of nonvolatile dual-port memory  
HD74CDCF2509BTEL   HD74CDCF2509BTEL HD74CDCF2509BTEL PDF Download Hitachi (VCC = +2.97V to +3.63V, CML output load is 50
HD74CDCF2510B01TE   HD74CDCF2510B01TE HD74CDCF2510B01TE PDF Download HIT The HYM72V16M636H(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
HD74CDCF2510BTE   HD74CDCF2510BTE HD74CDCF2510BTE PDF Download HIT 08+ Guaranteed by design and characterization. ESD
HD74CDCF2510BTEL   HD74CDCF2510BTEL HD74CDCF2510BTEL PDF Download HIT SOP 2000+   An analog to digital (A/D) conversion can
HD74CDCV852SSEL   HD74CDCV852SSEL HD74CDCV852SSEL PDF Download RENESAS SSOP-28 2003+ (Continued) • Instruction system best suit
HD74CO4FPEL   HD74CO4FPEL HD74CO4FPEL PDF Download At TA = +25C, VDDA = VDDB = VDDR = +5V, load res
HD74CS157P   HD74CS157P HD74CS157P PDF Download Conexant products are not intended for use in med
HD74CS32   HD74CS32 HD74CS32 PDF Download Programming of each output occurs through an ind
HD74CT240P   HD74CT240P HD74CT240P PDF Download HIT DIP 04/05+ FO transceivers The widely used Time Division Mu
HD74F126P   HD74F126P HD74F126P PDF Download Packaging Codes - Options (Antistatic): SML4728
HD74F157ASJ   HD74F157ASJ HD74F157ASJ PDF Download HITACHI An address block is completed when the number of
HD74H123A   HD74H123A HD74H123A PDF Download The function generator can OR its inputs, wideni
HD74H139P   HD74H139P HD74H139P PDF Download producing n sets of encrypted (ciphertext) blocks
HD74H175P   HD74H175P HD74H175P PDF Download HIT 93 The MAX7447 is designed to process S-Video and C
HD74H373T1   HD74H373T1 HD74H373T1 PDF Download 00 The AMC5902 is a monolithic chip with 6 channel
HD74HC/LS374P   HD74HC/LS374P HD74HC/LS374P PDF Download   Protection diodes are employed at all pin
HD74HC00   HD74HC00 HD74HC00 PDF Download HIT SMD SMD • Extended single - supply voltage range 2
HD74HC00FP   HD74HC00FP HD74HC00FP PDF Download 02 FEATURES Wideband Switch: C3 dB @ 4.5 GHz Abso
HD74HC00FPD   HD74HC00FPD HD74HC00FPD PDF Download † Package drawings, standard packing quant
HD74HC00FPDEL   HD74HC00FPDEL HD74HC00FPDEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2002 The MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX6347/ MAX
HD74HC00FP-E   HD74HC00FP-E HD74HC00FP-E PDF Download The CS8920A is available in a thin 144-pin TQFP
HD74HC00FPEL   HD74HC00FPEL HD74HC00FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 95+ Logic Output. The Watchdog Output, WDO, goes low
HD74HC00FPER   HD74HC00FPER HD74HC00FPER PDF Download HITACHI 08+ 4 PLL architecture Linear frequency programming
HD74HC00FPLH   HD74HC00FPLH HD74HC00FPLH PDF Download HIT 5.2mm Notes: (i) For operation below 0 C the external
HD74HC00FPTL   HD74HC00FPTL HD74HC00FPTL PDF Download HIT 94 The Self Refresh allows the user a dynamic refre
HD74HC00FP-TL   HD74HC00FP-TL HD74HC00FP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 The 74HC/HCT153 have two identical 4-input mul
HD74HC00P   HD74HC00P HD74HC00P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP By leaving both the RCLK and RSER outputs unconn
HD74HC00RP   HD74HC00RP HD74HC00RP PDF Download HITACHI SMD 95+ Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
HD74HC00RPEL   HD74HC00RPEL HD74HC00RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP14L 9736 Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
HD74HC00RP-EL   HD74HC00RP-EL HD74HC00RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 93/P • Supports AT&T TR62411 and Telcordia
HD74HC00TELL   HD74HC00TELL HD74HC00TELL PDF Download HIT 98 for individual units, within the specified
HD74HC00Y   HD74HC00Y HD74HC00Y PDF Download N/A DIP 94 These data selectors/multiplexers contain inver
HD74HC01FP   HD74HC01FP HD74HC01FP PDF Download HIT SOP5.2 01+ FEAST provides a flexible slave interface for eas
HD74HC01P   HD74HC01P HD74HC01P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Data Inputs/Outputs (DQ0-DQ7). The Data In- puts
HD74HC02   HD74HC02 HD74HC02 PDF Download HIT SMD SMD The FM811/FM812 is a low cost microprocessor sup
HD74HC02D   HD74HC02D HD74HC02D PDF Download CAUTIONS: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of
HD74HC02FP   HD74HC02FP HD74HC02FP PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 Agilent Part # and Options Commercial MIL-PRF-
HD74HC02FPEL   HD74HC02FPEL HD74HC02FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 98+ 1.8-V to 3.6-V Input Voltage Range UltraLow Oper
HD74HC02FPTL   HD74HC02FPTL HD74HC02FPTL PDF Download HIT 5.2mm The HFBR-5710L offers maxi- mum flexibility to
HD74HC02FRTR   HD74HC02FRTR HD74HC02FRTR PDF Download HIT 94 Each GLB contains 32 macrocells and a fully popu
HD74HC02P   HD74HC02P HD74HC02P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP ternational Airport Industrial Park • Maili
HD74HC02P-E   HD74HC02P-E HD74HC02P-E PDF Download 3. Initializes function parameters. The paramete
HD74HC02RPEL   HD74HC02RPEL HD74HC02RPEL PDF Download HIT SMD Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Re
HD74HC02RP-EL   HD74HC02RP-EL HD74HC02RP-EL PDF Download HIT 93 (Unless otherwise specified, these specification
HD74HC02TEL   HD74HC02TEL HD74HC02TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 92+ In the external oscillator mode the external sou
HD74HC02TELL   HD74HC02TELL HD74HC02TELL PDF Download HIT 04+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
HD74HC04   HD74HC04 HD74HC04 PDF Download HIT SMD 96+ Writing memory data is performed in word/byte inc
HD74HC043.9MM   HD74HC043.9MM HD74HC043.9MM PDF Download Add to the Interrupt Acknowledge Bus Cycles sect
HD74HC04A   HD74HC04A HD74HC04A PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1996 (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
HD74HC04AP   HD74HC04AP HD74HC04AP PDF Download The PI6C104 is a high-speed low-noise clock gener
HD74HC04AP-TL   HD74HC04AP-TL HD74HC04AP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 The two independent ADCs (primary and auxiliary)
HD74HC04FP   HD74HC04FP HD74HC04FP PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P2
HD74HC04FP-E   HD74HC04FP-E HD74HC04FP-E PDF Download 1. ICC is dependent on output loading when the d
HD74HC04FPEL   HD74HC04FPEL HD74HC04FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01+ A power-up clear function is supplied that force
HD74HC04FPLH   HD74HC04FPLH HD74HC04FPLH PDF Download 100 Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
HD74HC04FPTL   HD74HC04FPTL HD74HC04FPTL PDF Download The TCMD10.. Series consist of a photodarlington
HD74HC04FPTR   HD74HC04FPTR HD74HC04FPTR PDF Download HITACHI SMD N/A Input to configure for DDR-ONLY mode or STANDARD
HD74HC04FRTR   HD74HC04FRTR HD74HC04FRTR PDF Download HITACHI 08+ The HT1204 monolithic quad analog switch consist
HD74HC04P   HD74HC04P HD74HC04P PDF Download 03+ The HY29DS16x can be programmed and erased in-s
HD74HC04PD   HD74HC04PD HD74HC04PD PDF Download Normally the PWM comparator will sense a ramp cr
HD74HC04PLEADFREE   HD74HC04PLEADFREE HD74HC04PLEADFREE PDF Download   The MC74HC245A is identical in pinout to
HD74HC04RP   HD74HC04RP HD74HC04RP PDF Download Hitachi † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V or
HD74HC04RPEL   HD74HC04RPEL HD74HC04RPEL PDF Download SMD Notes regarding these materials 1. These materia
HD74HC04RP-EL   HD74HC04RP-EL HD74HC04RP-EL PDF Download HIT SMD 95+ These devices do not normally require heat sinks
HD74HC04RPER   HD74HC04RPER HD74HC04RPER PDF Download   Operating air gap is dependent on the ava
HD74HC04TEL   HD74HC04TEL HD74HC04TEL PDF Download HITACHI 2007 address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
HD74HC04TELL   HD74HC04TELL HD74HC04TELL PDF Download HITACIH TSSOP PB 06+ 3.3 GHz Full Power Input Bandwidth (-3 dB) Gain
HD74HC05   HD74HC05 HD74HC05 PDF Download Hitachi The data contained in the data stream can also a
HD74HC05FP   HD74HC05FP HD74HC05FP PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 DESCRIPTION The ST3237E is a 3V to 5.5V powered
HD74HC05FPEL   HD74HC05FPEL HD74HC05FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP14 94+ power consumption by 90% when addresses are not
HD74HC05FPEL(PB)   HD74HC05FPEL(PB) HD74HC05FPEL(PB) PDF Download RENESAS 2004+ SOP-14 The device offers two power-saving features. Whe
HD74HC05FPER   HD74HC05FPER HD74HC05FPER PDF Download HIT SMD 96 If the password mode is enabled with PW_ON, read
HD74HC05RPEL   HD74HC05RPEL HD74HC05RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9-14P 00+ FEATURES D Data Rate: 1.25MSPS D Signal-to-Nois
HD74HC08   HD74HC08 HD74HC08 PDF Download 2 SOP For the most current package and ordering inform
HD74HC08D   HD74HC08D HD74HC08D PDF Download Cellular Base Transceiver Station Transmit Chann
HD74HC08FP   HD74HC08FP HD74HC08FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 94+ The D 2Pak is a surface mount power package capa
HD74HC08FPD   HD74HC08FPD HD74HC08FPD PDF Download These circuits perform a single function: they as
HD74HC08FPEL   HD74HC08FPEL HD74HC08FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 2001 Ultra Low RDS(on) Higher Efficiency Extending Ba
HD74HC08FPEL-E   HD74HC08FPEL-E HD74HC08FPEL-E PDF Download   combination with the antenna damping AGC
HD74HC08FPER   HD74HC08FPER HD74HC08FPER PDF Download 94 The AT8xC5111 has 3 software-selectable modes of
HD74HC08FPTL   HD74HC08FPTL HD74HC08FPTL PDF Download HITACHI SMD N/A Write All (WRALL) The WRALL instruction is valid
HD74HC08FPTR   HD74HC08FPTR HD74HC08FPTR PDF Download HIT 95   The power dissipation of the SCC70/SOTC323
HD74HC08P   HD74HC08P HD74HC08P PDF Download 03+ The external crystal must be connected as close
HD74HC08P-E-Q   HD74HC08P-E-Q HD74HC08P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ The local bus controller also generates two cont
HD74HC08RP   HD74HC08RP HD74HC08RP PDF Download HIT SOP 07+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
HD74HC08RPEL   HD74HC08RPEL HD74HC08RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P3   3.3 Electrical performance characteristics
HD74HC08RP-EL   HD74HC08RP-EL HD74HC08RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 日立 This ACS™ switch is triggered with a negat
HD74HC08T   HD74HC08T HD74HC08T PDF Download Hitachi The UC382 is easy to use. The adjustable version
HD74HC08TEIL   HD74HC08TEIL HD74HC08TEIL PDF Download HIT TSSOP If the open-load detection bit (OLD) is set to l
HD74HC08TEL   HD74HC08TEL HD74HC08TEL PDF Download HITACHI 07+ READ ENABLES (REN)   When both Read Enable
HD74HC08TELL   HD74HC08TELL HD74HC08TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/14 98+ During packet reception the TPA and TPB transmit
HD74HC08T-EWS   HD74HC08T-EWS HD74HC08T-EWS PDF Download As address generators, the IALUs perform immedia
HD74HC09   HD74HC09 HD74HC09 PDF Download Hitachi Because of the consideration for minimized powe
HD74HC09FP   HD74HC09FP HD74HC09FP PDF Download Hitachi DESCRIPTION The LE00 regulator series are very
HD74HC09FPEL   HD74HC09FPEL HD74HC09FPEL PDF Download HIT 08+ The LH28F800SG-L is a high-performance 8 M-bit
HD74HC09FPTL   HD74HC09FPTL HD74HC09FPTL PDF Download 1. JA is measured with the component mounted on
HD74HC09P   HD74HC09P HD74HC09P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The availability of the amplifier bias current (
HD74HC10   HD74HC10 HD74HC10 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
HD74HC107   HD74HC107 HD74HC107 PDF Download Hitachi VIN TO IOUT TRANSFER FUNCTION Output   Spe
HD74HC107FP   HD74HC107FP HD74HC107FP PDF Download Hitachi Through the choice of p-type or n-type silicon,
HD74HC107FPEC   HD74HC107FPEC HD74HC107FPEC PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
HD74HC107FPEL   HD74HC107FPEL HD74HC107FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 04/P2 Diagonal 3mm (Type 1/6) 752 (H) 582 (V) appro
HD74HC107FPTL   HD74HC107FPTL HD74HC107FPTL PDF Download HIT 95/96/98 Die Standardlieferform von Serientypen beinhaltet
HD74HC107FP-TR   HD74HC107FP-TR HD74HC107FP-TR PDF Download HIT 07+ e) Figure 5 shows a three phase power system imp
HD74HC107P   HD74HC107P HD74HC107P PDF Download 97 Note 1: In the typical PECL 100K logic output V
HD74HC109FP   HD74HC109FP HD74HC109FP PDF Download Hitachi The D/A converter is based on a 4th-order multi-
HD74HC109FPEL   HD74HC109FPEL HD74HC109FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 05+   The MMA series of silicon capacitive, mic
HD74HC109FPTR   HD74HC109FPTR HD74HC109FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP TIs new, small geometry, state-of-the-art, analo
HD74HC109P   HD74HC109P HD74HC109P PDF Download HITACHI The DAC5687 has six signal processing blocks: tw
HD74HC10FP   HD74HC10FP HD74HC10FP PDF Download Hitachi The crystal is the frequency reference of the VC
HD74HC10FP//HD74HC10FP-Q   HD74HC10FP//HD74HC10FP-Q HD74HC10FP//HD74HC10FP-Q PDF Download HITACHI SOP 00+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
HD74HC10FPEL   HD74HC10FPEL HD74HC10FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00/P Positive digital supply pin for the ADC11DL066s
HD74HC10FP-EL   HD74HC10FP-EL HD74HC10FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP; 05/06+ (Multiple winds are connected in parallel) Indu
HD74HC10FPER   HD74HC10FPER HD74HC10FPER PDF Download 97   The TC58FVM5T2A/B2A/T3A/B3A is a 33554432
HD74HC10FP-TC   HD74HC10FP-TC HD74HC10FP-TC PDF Download HIT 99 12000 NOTES: 1. Maximum IF(ON) is the maximum current
HD74HC10FP-TL   HD74HC10FP-TL HD74HC10FP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm 2006 e) Figure 5 shows a three phase power system imp
HD74HC10FPTR   HD74HC10FPTR HD74HC10FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 The carry output goes high with the leading edge
HD74HC10P   HD74HC10P HD74HC10P PDF Download HIT 08+   The LH543601 has two 36-bit ports, Port A
HD74HC10P-E-Q   HD74HC10P-E-Q HD74HC10P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ V1: Minimum absolute applied voltage   cor
HD74HC10RPEL   HD74HC10RPEL HD74HC10RPEL PDF Download HIT 97 a: Stresses greater than those listed under R
HD74HC10RP-EL   HD74HC10RP-EL HD74HC10RP-EL PDF Download TOS SOP14 02+ Competition among network providers enables the m
HD74HC11   HD74HC11 HD74HC11 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+ A fixed 1.4MHz operating frequency ensures operat
HD74HC112   HD74HC112 HD74HC112 PDF Download Hitachi As the LEDs are driven directly by the MCU, care
HD74HC112EPEL   HD74HC112EPEL HD74HC112EPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97 In the past 10 years, microprocessors have evolv
HD74HC112FP   HD74HC112FP HD74HC112FP PDF Download HITACHI Clock inputs CLK+ and CLK- may also be driven wi
HD74HC112FPEL   HD74HC112FPEL HD74HC112FPEL PDF Download HITACHI This document is a general product description an
HD74HC112FPER   HD74HC112FPER HD74HC112FPER PDF Download HIT 96 These devices are adjustable high-precision shun
HD74HC112FP-TR   HD74HC112FP-TR HD74HC112FP-TR PDF Download Rf||Rg = Rseq for bias current cancellation. Fig
HD74HC112P   HD74HC112P HD74HC112P PDF Download Hitachi Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rect
HD74HC112TELL   HD74HC112TELL HD74HC112TELL PDF Download HIT SSOP SSOP NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.r.0070
HD74HC112TELL01   HD74HC112TELL01 HD74HC112TELL01 PDF Download HD SMD 07+ The keyboard input may be from either the standar
HD74HC113P   HD74HC113P HD74HC113P PDF Download Hitachi • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • I/
HD74HC11A   HD74HC11A HD74HC11A PDF Download HITACHI   Low-latency option Skew alignment support
HD74HC11FP   HD74HC11FP HD74HC11FP PDF Download HITACHI SOP14 05/06+ • No glitch on power-up • Supports hot
HD74HC11FPEL   HD74HC11FPEL HD74HC11FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02+ The sensors are designed for industrial and auto
HD74HC11FP-ER   HD74HC11FP-ER HD74HC11FP-ER PDF Download HIT 9510   These miniature surface mount MOSFETs feat
HD74HC11FPTD   HD74HC11FPTD HD74HC11FPTD PDF Download HITACHI The regulated voltage output. An output capacito
HD74HC11FP-TL   HD74HC11FP-TL HD74HC11FP-TL PDF Download HITACHI SMD Notes: 1. The regulator will operate down to no
HD74HC11FPTR   HD74HC11FPTR HD74HC11FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 Designed with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass
HD74HC11P   HD74HC11P HD74HC11P PDF Download 90 Provides 5 styles of 8 kHz framing pulses and a
HD74HC11PEL   HD74HC11PEL HD74HC11PEL PDF Download The submount product may show the change of the
HD74HC11RP   HD74HC11RP HD74HC11RP PDF Download Hitachi Serial configuration control input. This inputs
HD74HC11RP-EL   HD74HC11RP-EL HD74HC11RP-EL PDF Download The 1.25Gbps MAX3264/MAX3268/MAX3768 and the 2.5
HD74HC123   HD74HC123 HD74HC123 PDF Download 98 Notes :-  1. M aximum of 0.5% of the  
HD74HC123A   HD74HC123A HD74HC123A PDF Download HIT SOP Middle The UC3825A,B has dual alternating outputs and t
HD74HC123AF   HD74HC123AF HD74HC123AF PDF Download   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
HD74HC123AFP   HD74HC123AFP HD74HC123AFP PDF Download 02 The NetPHY™ 4LP device is a highly integrat
HD74HC123AFPEL   HD74HC123AFPEL HD74HC123AFPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02+03+ When the DRAIN pin of the LT4250L is above VEE by
HD74HC123AFP-EL   HD74HC123AFP-EL HD74HC123AFP-EL PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
HD74HC123AFPER   HD74HC123AFPER HD74HC123AFPER PDF Download HIT SOP-16 2003 SLEW RATE At slew rates above a given threshold
HD74HC123AFPLL   HD74HC123AFPLL HD74HC123AFPLL PDF Download HITACHI Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 106 Rads (Si) Sing
HD74HC123AFPTR   HD74HC123AFPTR HD74HC123AFPTR PDF Download HIT SOP16L 96+ High-Performance Static CMOS Technology TMS470R1
HD74HC123AFRTR   HD74HC123AFRTR HD74HC123AFRTR PDF Download HIT SOP 04+ Notes a. Not to exceed TPULSE = 50 ns. b. Requ
HD74HC123AG-T2   HD74HC123AG-T2 HD74HC123AG-T2 PDF Download HIT 02/P2 Information in this document is provided in conn
HD74HC123AP   HD74HC123AP HD74HC123AP PDF Download HIT   Since this codecCfilter design has a sing
HD74HC123APEL   HD74HC123APEL HD74HC123APEL PDF Download DTMF signal. Every digit of a phone number to b
HD74HC123FP   HD74HC123FP HD74HC123FP PDF Download TFT Interface Programmable panel size up to 102
HD74HC123P   HD74HC123P HD74HC123P PDF Download 03+ When the internal control section of the SP8480
HD74HC123RP-EL   HD74HC123RP-EL HD74HC123RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 05+ A current booster is not a stand-alone product,
HD74HC125   HD74HC125 HD74HC125 PDF Download HIT TSSOP 97P4 Positive Power Supply Voltage Ground (0 V) Refer
HD74HC125FP   HD74HC125FP HD74HC125FP PDF Download 94 Macrocell registers can be clocked from one of s
HD74HC125FPEL   HD74HC125FPEL HD74HC125FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-14 01+ The total synthesized voice contents (2.8 sec- o
HD74HC125FP-EL   HD74HC125FP-EL HD74HC125FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
HD74HC125FPLH   HD74HC125FPLH HD74HC125FPLH PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 The improved architecture of the DMUX facilitate
HD74HC125FPTL   HD74HC125FPTL HD74HC125FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 For more details on UniqueWare and how to set up
HD74HC125FPTR   HD74HC125FPTR HD74HC125FPTR PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond
HD74HC125P   HD74HC125P HD74HC125P PDF Download 03+ If the FIFO is configured to have two write enab
HD74HC125P-E   HD74HC125P-E HD74HC125P-E PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HD74HC125RP   HD74HC125RP HD74HC125RP PDF Download HITACHI SOP3.9 05+   The NLAS44599 is an advanced dual−in
HD74HC125RPEL   HD74HC125RPEL HD74HC125RPEL PDF Download 0 SOP 12-bit Resolution ADC, 30MHz Sampling Rate 10-b
HD74HC125RP-EL   HD74HC125RP-EL HD74HC125RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP14L 1995 The HD74HC125RP-EL is a non-inverting 8-bit Bidi
HD74HC125TELL   HD74HC125TELL HD74HC125TELL PDF Download HIT 0515+环保 Time taken for PLL lock voltage to achieve 90% t
HD74HC126   HD74HC126 HD74HC126 PDF Download HIT 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
HD74HC126FPEL   HD74HC126FPEL HD74HC126FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01P2 Reading from the device is accomplished by takin
HD74HC126FPER   HD74HC126FPER HD74HC126FPER PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 99   This device is designed for FM tuning, ge
HD74HC126FPTL   HD74HC126FPTL HD74HC126FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+ The RSET resistor is part of the high speed outpu
HD74HC126FPTR   HD74HC126FPTR HD74HC126FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
HD74HC126P   HD74HC126P HD74HC126P PDF Download HITACHI 00+ • Integrated Temperature Sensing and Multi
HD74HC126RP   HD74HC126RP HD74HC126RP PDF Download access for a read or program can begin. The typi
HD74HC126RPEL   HD74HC126RPEL HD74HC126RPEL PDF Download HITACHI Hynix HYMD532M646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed fo
HD74HC128P   HD74HC128P HD74HC128P PDF Download GROUND - Is the return for the VBIAS supply. This
HD74HC132   HD74HC132 HD74HC132 PDF Download HIT 96 Comments, suggestions, or questions on this docum
HD74HC132F   HD74HC132F HD74HC132F PDF Download It also provides the non-volatility of Flash wit
HD74HC132FP   HD74HC132FP HD74HC132FP PDF Download Renesas The AT40KAL is designed to quickly implement hig
HD74HC132FPEL   HD74HC132FPEL HD74HC132FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-5.2-14P 6+ ture. Once the end of a byte program cycle has b
HD74HC132FPEL-E   HD74HC132FPEL-E HD74HC132FPEL-E PDF Download The state of the data line represents valid data
HD74HC132FPTR   HD74HC132FPTR HD74HC132FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 2006 The bq2060 determines battery capacity by monitor
HD74HC132P   HD74HC132P HD74HC132P PDF Download 03+
HD74HC133   HD74HC133 HD74HC133 PDF Download Hitachi • E/A Isolation 6000 VDC • Luft-, Kr
HD74HC133FP   HD74HC133FP HD74HC133FP PDF Download Hitachi   In-band Interference Rejection 20dB max.
HD74HC133FPEL   HD74HC133FPEL HD74HC133FPEL PDF Download RENESAS SOP The ANADIGICS AWL9224 power amplifier is a high
HD74HC133P   HD74HC133P HD74HC133P PDF Download HIT DIP Output Low Voltage (CHRG, ACPR) Enable Input Hig
HD74HC136FPEL   HD74HC136FPEL HD74HC136FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOIC14 04+ The CMX866 shares internal register addresses and
HD74HC137   HD74HC137 HD74HC137 PDF Download HITACHI This series of 500 W Transient Voltage Suppressor
HD74HC137FP   HD74HC137FP HD74HC137FP PDF Download Hitachi    ¡In the absence of confirmat
HD74HC137FPEL   HD74HC137FPEL HD74HC137FPEL PDF Download Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Posit
HD74HC137P   HD74HC137P HD74HC137P PDF Download ERNESAS 5 DIP The HYM72V16M636T6 Series are 16Mx64bits Synchron
HD74HC138   HD74HC138 HD74HC138 PDF Download HIT The HD74HC138 is a high performance video buffer
HD74HC138FP   HD74HC138FP HD74HC138FP PDF Download 02 During a memory write cycle the check bits (CB0
HD74HC138FPEL   HD74HC138FPEL HD74HC138FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P2 The Auto Product Identification mode allows the r
HD74HC138FPER   HD74HC138FPER HD74HC138FPER PDF Download HD In theory, the proportionality and digitization
HD74HC138FPTR   HD74HC138FPTR HD74HC138FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 96 2500 Notes:  3. RL = 50 ohm 1%; Zline = 50 ohm
HD74HC138FPZEL   HD74HC138FPZEL HD74HC138FPZEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P2 The LM711 is a dual differential voltage compara
HD74HC138N   HD74HC138N HD74HC138N PDF Download HIT DIP/20 97+ In more severe ambient conditions, the package/j
HD74HC138P   HD74HC138P HD74HC138P PDF Download HIT DIP16 03+ NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on V
HD74HC138RFEL   HD74HC138RFEL HD74HC138RFEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 07+ These devices have Type-1 and Type-2 receivers t
HD74HC138RP   HD74HC138RP HD74HC138RP PDF Download HITACHI SMD 96+ NOTES: 1. All VCC pins must be connected to the
HD74HC138RPEL   HD74HC138RPEL HD74HC138RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP/16 98/P AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
HD74HC138RP-EL   HD74HC138RP-EL HD74HC138RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 94 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
HD74HC138TELL   HD74HC138TELL HD74HC138TELL PDF Download • Single supply with operation down to 1.8
HD74HC138TELL-E   HD74HC138TELL-E HD74HC138TELL-E PDF Download CIRCUIT OPERATION The SP8480 is a complete 8-ch
HD74HC139   HD74HC139 HD74HC139 PDF Download Hitachi   Protection diodes are employed at all pin
HD74HC139FP   HD74HC139FP HD74HC139FP PDF Download 02 CEL Pb-free products have the same base part num
HD74HC139FPD-EL   HD74HC139FPD-EL HD74HC139FPD-EL PDF Download 89 • PRBS error counter register to accumulate
HD74HC139FPEL   HD74HC139FPEL HD74HC139FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspecti
HD74HC139FPER   HD74HC139FPER HD74HC139FPER PDF Download 92 VCXO parts from ICS require that locations be p
HD74HC139FPTL   HD74HC139FPTL HD74HC139FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 96+ These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
HD74HC139FPTR   HD74HC139FPTR HD74HC139FPTR PDF Download ROHM 01+ N/A Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
HD74HC139FPZEL   HD74HC139FPZEL HD74HC139FPZEL PDF Download HIT SOP 5% tolerance of output voltage Wide input range
HD74HC139P   HD74HC139P HD74HC139P PDF Download 03+ The following describes a procedure for evaluati
HD74HC139RFP   HD74HC139RFP HD74HC139RFP PDF Download Note: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
HD74HC139RP   HD74HC139RP HD74HC139RP PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-16L 2006 Frame rate: 30/15/10/5/4/3/2/1 fps Sub-sampling
HD74HC139RPEL   HD74HC139RPEL HD74HC139RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P3 The SG2000 series integrates seven NPN Darlingto
HD74HC139TEL   HD74HC139TEL HD74HC139TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 95+ supply operating voltage). During this time the
HD74HC139TELL   HD74HC139TELL HD74HC139TELL PDF Download HIT NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
HD74HC14   HD74HC14 HD74HC14 PDF Download HIT 95
HD74HC147FP   HD74HC147FP HD74HC147FP PDF Download Hitachi (HD74HC147FP6/HD74HC147FP8/HD74HC147FP9 EV kits,
HD74HC147FP-E   HD74HC147FP-E HD74HC147FP-E PDF Download Cell phones, for example, often face ASIC functio
HD74HC147FPEL   HD74HC147FPEL HD74HC147FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-16 2003 The transmit section of the CY7B951 contains a P
HD74HC147P   HD74HC147P HD74HC147P PDF Download HIT 97 The initial setup sequence programs the two blin
HD74HC148   HD74HC148 HD74HC148 PDF Download Hitachi - On-board power supplies of battery devices for
HD74HC148FP   HD74HC148FP HD74HC148FP PDF Download Hitachi Four of the seven instructions end with the tra
HD74HC148FPEL   HD74HC148FPEL HD74HC148FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99P2 Decouple the output of the UC382 with at least 1
HD74HC148FPTL   HD74HC148FPTL HD74HC148FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P2 Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
HD74HC148P   HD74HC148P HD74HC148P PDF Download Hitachi Input switch. For V0 to V8 output, VL is outpu
HD74HC148PTL   HD74HC148PTL HD74HC148PTL PDF Download HIT 94/P2 Access to the user zones occurs only through the
HD74HC14D   HD74HC14D HD74HC14D PDF Download The CY7C09159A and CY7C09169A are high-speed syn
HD74HC14FP   HD74HC14FP HD74HC14FP PDF Download 02 FULL FLAG (FF)   The Full Flag (FF) will go
HD74HC14FPDEL   HD74HC14FPDEL HD74HC14FPDEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2000 When an interrupt occurs, the INT# pin will be a
HD74HC14FPDTL   HD74HC14FPDTL HD74HC14FPDTL PDF Download HITACHI The STC62WV12816 is a high performance , very low
HD74HC14FP-E   HD74HC14FP-E HD74HC14FP-E PDF Download Input Termination Center-Tap: Each side of the d
HD74HC14FPEL   HD74HC14FPEL HD74HC14FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02/P2 * Stresses greater than those listed under "
HD74HC14FP-EL   HD74HC14FP-EL HD74HC14FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 0631+ The LCX240 is an inverting octal buffer and line
HD74HC14FPER   HD74HC14FPER HD74HC14FPER PDF Download HIT 97 For the ADS-929, offset adjusting is normally ac
HD74HC14FP-ER   HD74HC14FP-ER HD74HC14FP-ER PDF Download   The CSPU877A is a PLL based clock driver
HD74HC14FPLH   HD74HC14FPLH HD74HC14FPLH PDF Download The IA186ES/188ES is a form, fit, and function r
HD74HC14FPTL   HD74HC14FPTL HD74HC14FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP14 04+ The HYM7V65401B Q-Series are Small Outline Dual I
HD74HC14FPTR   HD74HC14FPTR HD74HC14FPTR PDF Download HITACHI SOP 96 The Bay Linear LM2941 incorporates protection ag
HD74HC14P   HD74HC14P HD74HC14P PDF Download HIT DIP 97 The PT4494 is a 20-A Current Booster module des
HD74HC14P-E   HD74HC14P-E HD74HC14P-E PDF Download RENESAS 2006 • FCT-C speed at 5.5 ns (FCT16841T Coml) &
HD74HC14RPEL   HD74HC14RPEL HD74HC14RPEL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ Cable Length Indication. Provides a voltage outp
HD74HC14TEL   HD74HC14TEL HD74HC14TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 93+ No warranty is made with respect to uses, operati
HD74HC14TELL   HD74HC14TELL HD74HC14TELL PDF Download HIT 07+ The device offers two power-saving features. Whe
HD74HC151   HD74HC151 HD74HC151 PDF Download HIT SMD SMD The 1.8 Volt Intel®Wireless Flash Memory with
HD74HC151FP   HD74HC151FP HD74HC151FP PDF Download Hitachi   The HD74HC151FP is a 50 ohm matched, sing
HD74HC151FPEL   HD74HC151FPEL HD74HC151FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98/P Serial data input. The 4-bit serial data can be
HD74HC151FP-EL   HD74HC151FP-EL HD74HC151FP-EL PDF Download Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
HD74HC151P   HD74HC151P HD74HC151P PDF Download 97 RSDS OUTPUT VOLTAGE CONTROL The RSDS output vol
HD74HC152   HD74HC152 HD74HC152 PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+ The Discrete Products Operation of Intersil has
HD74HC152FP-TL   HD74HC152FP-TL HD74HC152FP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm 2006 implement logic functions in the 500- to 800-gate
HD74HC153   HD74HC153 HD74HC153 PDF Download Hitachi Power-down control input. When set to a logic 0,
HD74HC153AP   HD74HC153AP HD74HC153AP PDF Download HITACHI The Fairchild Switch FST16232 is a 16-bit to 32-
HD74HC153F   HD74HC153F HD74HC153F PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The IS93C56-3 is controlled by seven 9-bit instr
HD74HC153FP   HD74HC153FP HD74HC153FP PDF Download Hitachi For cellular phone and PDA applications, voltage
HD74HC153FPEL   HD74HC153FPEL HD74HC153FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01+   To use the LX1991 at the maximum usable f
HD74HC153FP-TL   HD74HC153FP-TL HD74HC153FP-TL PDF Download HIT 97+ SOP14 FEATURES • Compliant with ATM, SONET OC-3
HD74HC153FPTR   HD74HC153FPTR HD74HC153FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-16L 2006 can be bypassed under processor control when uns
HD74HC153P   HD74HC153P HD74HC153P PDF Download HIT DIP/16 98+ Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP II (alumin
HD74HC154   HD74HC154 HD74HC154 PDF Download HM DIP24条 Features ❏ InGaP HBT Technology ❏
HD74HC154P   HD74HC154P HD74HC154P PDF Download DIP24 Hynix HYMD232M646A(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is design
HD74HC155FPEL   HD74HC155FPEL HD74HC155FPEL PDF Download HD SOP 07+   The final component values, shown in Bill
HD74HC155FPTR   HD74HC155FPTR HD74HC155FPTR PDF Download HIT 07+ The built-in LDO can be used for a second output
HD74HC155P   HD74HC155P HD74HC155P PDF Download HIT 94 Single 3 V supply operation (2.7 V to 3.6 V) SN
HD74HC157   HD74HC157 HD74HC157 PDF Download HIT DIP-16P   The SOA curves combine the effect of thes
HD74HC157FP   HD74HC157FP HD74HC157FP PDF Download Hitachi The output voltage of the Power Trends Wide Inpu
HD74HC157FPEL   HD74HC157FPEL HD74HC157FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2000 DESCRIPTION   The HD74HC157FPEL is a 13-wat
HD74HC157FP-EL   HD74HC157FP-EL HD74HC157FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P   A silicone dielectric gel that has been u
HD74HC157FPLH   HD74HC157FPLH HD74HC157FPLH PDF Download HIT SOP 95/P2  The HY62UF08401C is a high speed, super lo
HD74HC157FPTR   HD74HC157FPTR HD74HC157FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 95/P2 Output Voltage The fixed voltage LDO voltage re
HD74HC157P   HD74HC157P HD74HC157P PDF Download 03+ NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produc
HD74HC157RP   HD74HC157RP HD74HC157RP PDF Download Renesas The external crystal must be connected as close
HD74HC157RPEL   HD74HC157RPEL HD74HC157RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ R2 (pin 3)  The reference resistance is con
HD74HC157RP-EL   HD74HC157RP-EL HD74HC157RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-16L 2006 Purchase of I2C components from Maxim Integrated
HD74HC157TEL   HD74HC157TEL HD74HC157TEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ Figure 1 shows the CY7B951 in an ATM system that
HD74HC157TELL   HD74HC157TELL HD74HC157TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/20 98+   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
HD74HC158   HD74HC158 HD74HC158 PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ Notes: 1. Use only a single 1% resistor in eith
HD74HC158FPER   HD74HC158FPER HD74HC158FPER PDF Download These devices are positive edge triggered flip-f
HD74HC158P   HD74HC158P HD74HC158P PDF Download Hitachi The ISL6526 provides simple, single feedback loop
HD74HC15BP   HD74HC15BP HD74HC15BP PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The device features a precision temperature-comp
HD74HC160FP   HD74HC160FP HD74HC160FP PDF Download Hitachi • Single supply: 2.7 to 5.5 V • Access
HD74HC160FPEL   HD74HC160FPEL HD74HC160FPEL PDF Download HIT SMD 2000 NOTE: (1) Stresses beyond those listed under &qu
HD74HC160FPTR   HD74HC160FPTR HD74HC160FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
HD74HC160P   HD74HC160P HD74HC160P PDF Download HITACHI 95+ Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
HD74HC161   HD74HC161 HD74HC161 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+  IO‡VCC = 5.5 V,VO = 2.25 VC 20C112C 3
HD74HC161AP   HD74HC161AP HD74HC161AP PDF Download HIT ORG PACKING 08+ • Compact disk player (CDP) with tray and
HD74HC161FP   HD74HC161FP HD74HC161FP PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+ The first step in choosing the right product is
HD74HC161FPEL   HD74HC161FPEL HD74HC161FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2002 The PCF8591 is a single-chip, single-supply low
HD74HC161FPR   HD74HC161FPR HD74HC161FPR PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-16L 2006 The ISL6118 has two shutdown modes. When disabled
HD74HC161FPTL   HD74HC161FPTL HD74HC161FPTL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1994 For applications requiring other voltages, see L
HD74HC161FPTR   HD74HC161FPTR HD74HC161FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 04+ The MSA-series is fabricated using Agilents 10
HD74HC161P   HD74HC161P HD74HC161P PDF Download 03+ California Micro Devices's CM1406 is an EMI filt
HD74HC161RPEL   HD74HC161RPEL HD74HC161RPEL PDF Download HIT 05+环保 •The module is a Max.4dBm( Class2 ) module.
HD74HC161TELL   HD74HC161TELL HD74HC161TELL PDF Download HITACHI When the DS1481 first powers up it is in a trans
HD74HC161TELLL   HD74HC161TELLL HD74HC161TELLL PDF Download HIT TSOP 98 NOTES: 1. Input voltages may exceed the supply v
HD74HC162   HD74HC162 HD74HC162 PDF Download Hitachi Scan cell TYPE1 is located on each system input
HD74HC163   HD74HC163 HD74HC163 PDF Download Hitachi A low-to-high transition on the CS pin will term
HD74HC163FP   HD74HC163FP HD74HC163FP PDF Download Hitachi Support for 12 independent ports. Low power co
HD74HC163FPEL   HD74HC163FPEL HD74HC163FPEL PDF Download HIT 98 multiplier. This is analogous to using an elepha
HD74HC163FPTL   HD74HC163FPTL HD74HC163FPTL PDF Download HIT 96 Category voltage UC: The maximum direct voltage,
HD74HC163FPTR   HD74HC163FPTR HD74HC163FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 93/P2
HD74HC163P   HD74HC163P HD74HC163P PDF Download Hitachi DESCRIPTION The L7800 series of three-terminal
HD74HC163RPEL   HD74HC163RPEL HD74HC163RPEL PDF Download The Clock and Data Recovery stage was designed to
HD74HC164   HD74HC164 HD74HC164 PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ Motorola, the Motorola logo and VMEexec are regi
HD74HC164D   HD74HC164D HD74HC164D PDF Download Overcurrent detection pin Monitors equivalent lo
HD74HC164FP   HD74HC164FP HD74HC164FP PDF Download Hitachi The LTC®3700 is a constant frequency current
HD74HC164FPEL   HD74HC164FPEL HD74HC164FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99+ 0.9 V Guaranteed Operation Standby Mode: ID = 1.
HD74HC164FPTR   HD74HC164FPTR HD74HC164FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 08+ control and communications to other components,
HD74HC164P   HD74HC164P HD74HC164P PDF Download HIT DIP 98+ Notes: 1. With 50% of the outputs simultaneousl
HD74HC164P-E   HD74HC164P-E HD74HC164P-E PDF Download • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP͐
HD74HC164P-E-Q   HD74HC164P-E-Q HD74HC164P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ The application note "CHOICE OF DAMPER DIO
HD74HC164RP   HD74HC164RP HD74HC164RP PDF Download HIT O7+ The tag requires no internal power supply. Its co
HD74HC164RPEL   HD74HC164RPEL HD74HC164RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 96 The Mode-Select Inputs permit frequency-synthesi
HD74HC164RP-EL   HD74HC164RP-EL HD74HC164RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 94 These are single-chip 16-bit microcomputers desi
HD74HC165   HD74HC165 HD74HC165 PDF Download HITACHI 04+   The IDT70V3579 is a high-speed 32K x 36 b
HD74HC165FD   HD74HC165FD HD74HC165FD PDF Download Hardware Reset. Self-asserted by internal pull-u
HD74HC165FP   HD74HC165FP HD74HC165FP PDF Download HIT SOP16 02+ Note: 1. Except for the rating Operating Tempera
HD74HC165FPEL   HD74HC165FPEL HD74HC165FPEL PDF Download HIT 96 Register usage rules influence placement of inpu
HD74HC165FP-TE2   HD74HC165FP-TE2 HD74HC165FP-TE2 PDF Download 97+98 SOP RXD_14[0]CRSDV_14TXEN_14TXD_14[0]TXD_14[1]RXD_13[
HD74HC165P   HD74HC165P HD74HC165P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP
HD74HC166   HD74HC166 HD74HC166 PDF Download Hitachi It is an open drain output and may be wire-ORed
HD74HC166FP   HD74HC166FP HD74HC166FP PDF Download HIT SOP Using the first two interface options outlined a
HD74HC166FPEL   HD74HC166FPEL HD74HC166FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
HD74HC166FPTL   HD74HC166FPTL HD74HC166FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 97 2500 Notes: (1) Clip mounting (on case), where lead
HD74HC166P   HD74HC166P HD74HC166P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Output from the internal high voltage start-up I
HD74HC166RPE   HD74HC166RPE HD74HC166RPE PDF Download data inputs is HIGH. Odd parity is indicated (O
HD74HC166RPEL   HD74HC166RPEL HD74HC166RPEL PDF Download HITACHI AAL2 mode (ITU-T I.363.2): - Support for up to 1
HD74HC173   HD74HC173 HD74HC173 PDF Download Hitachi Boost converter with a 2A, 0.18Ω switch B
HD74HC173F   HD74HC173F HD74HC173F PDF Download HIT The LTC1998 features a voltage detection circuit
HD74HC173FP   HD74HC173FP HD74HC173FP PDF Download 92
HD74HC173FPTR   HD74HC173FPTR HD74HC173FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm 2006 Functional Description Architecture of the MSP
HD74HC173P   HD74HC173P HD74HC173P PDF Download Hitachi controlled. A built-in level shifting is includ
HD74HC174   HD74HC174 HD74HC174 PDF Download HITACHI SOP3.9 98+   A wide input voltage range and integrated
HD74HC174FP   HD74HC174FP HD74HC174FP PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1990 operational when the bus is attached to an off-bo
HD74HC174FPEL   HD74HC174FPEL HD74HC174FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01+   Input Low Voltage   Input Current (w
HD74HC174FPEL-E-Q   HD74HC174FPEL-E-Q HD74HC174FPEL-E-Q PDF Download Full piconet support. On board 4Mbit or 8Mbit ex
HD74HC174FPLH   HD74HC174FPLH HD74HC174FPLH PDF Download 600 Max. UnitsConditions CCCSVDS = 50V, ID = 3.3A &
HD74HC174FPTR   HD74HC174FPTR HD74HC174FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 92/P2 Period measurement requires the use of a fast re
HD74HC174FP-TR   HD74HC174FP-TR HD74HC174FP-TR PDF Download HITACHI 1250 It features a preamplifier module with adjustable
HD74HC174P   HD74HC174P HD74HC174P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74HC174RP   HD74HC174RP HD74HC174RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P3 No Connect pin (when ADMODE pin=L)   No in
HD74HC174RPEL   HD74HC174RPEL HD74HC174RPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-16 02+ The AC273 and ACT273 devices are octal D-type &#
HD74HC174RP-EL   HD74HC174RP-EL HD74HC174RP-EL PDF Download HIT 3.9mm   The SY88713V low-power limiting post ampl
HD74HC174TELL   HD74HC174TELL HD74HC174TELL PDF Download HIT 2001 TSSOP The line drivers in the TSB41AB3, operating in a
HD74HC175   HD74HC175 HD74HC175 PDF Download Hitachi Register usage rules influence placement of inpu
HD74HC175FP   HD74HC175FP HD74HC175FP PDF Download 94 SOP The coupler consists of a AlGaAs LED that is opti
HD74HC175FPEL   HD74HC175FPEL HD74HC175FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01+ (VDD = +4.5V to +5.5V; unipolar input mode; COM =
HD74HC175FPEL-E   HD74HC175FPEL-E HD74HC175FPEL-E PDF Download The UC3823A and UC3823B and the UC3825A and UC3
HD74HC175FPTL   HD74HC175FPTL HD74HC175FPTL PDF Download 92 SOP Fast Megablock I/O cells with optional I/O regis
HD74HC175FPTR   HD74HC175FPTR HD74HC175FPTR PDF Download HITACHI Each DAC has a high-impedance differential curre
HD74HC175FP-TR   HD74HC175FP-TR HD74HC175FP-TR PDF Download HIT 88
HD74HC175P   HD74HC175P HD74HC175P PDF Download 98 PIN DESCRIPTIONS VDD C This is the supply input
HD74HC175RP   HD74HC175RP HD74HC175RP PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-16L 2006   The LVC16373A 16-bit transparent D-type l
HD74HC175RPEL   HD74HC175RPEL HD74HC175RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-16L 2006 Operating Voltage, VDD Input High Voltage, VIH,
HD74HC175TELL   HD74HC175TELL HD74HC175TELL PDF Download Referenced to VCCA Voltage VCC Isolation Feature
HD74HC180P   HD74HC180P HD74HC180P PDF Download Hitachi   PAE and PAF flags can be programmed indepe
HD74HC190FP   HD74HC190FP HD74HC190FP PDF Download Hitachi Local Bus interface Multiplexed with ISA/DMA in
HD74HC190P   HD74HC190P HD74HC190P PDF Download DAAL This series of fixed-voltage integrated-circuit
HD74HC190P-E   HD74HC190P-E HD74HC190P-E PDF Download The OPA689 is a wideband, voltage feedback op am
HD74HC191   HD74HC191 HD74HC191 PDF Download Hitachi The primary thermal path for power dissipation
HD74HC191FP   HD74HC191FP HD74HC191FP PDF Download Hitachi The ADSP-21365/6 contains three megabits of inte
HD74HC191FPEL   HD74HC191FPEL HD74HC191FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ Available in Two Configurations - Internal 25mW
HD74HC191FPT   HD74HC191FPT HD74HC191FPT PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ Medium-range Cable, satellite, and IP set-top box
HD74HC191FPTL   HD74HC191FPTL HD74HC191FPTL PDF Download HITACHI SOIC-16 07+/08+ International Rectifiers RAD-HardTM HEXFET®
HD74HC191P   HD74HC191P HD74HC191P PDF Download 94 DES is a block cipher that uses a 56-bit key to
HD74HC191RPEL   HD74HC191RPEL HD74HC191RPEL PDF Download As seen in Figure 2, bias current cancellation i
HD74HC192P   HD74HC192P HD74HC192P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Microprocessor loading is random access and asyn
HD74HC192P-E   HD74HC192P-E HD74HC192P-E PDF Download • ispDesignEXPERT™ C LOGIC COMPILER A
HD74HC193   HD74HC193 HD74HC193 PDF Download Hitachi To assist in the transceiver evaluation proces
HD74HC193FP   HD74HC193FP HD74HC193FP PDF Download Hitachi This document states the current technical speci
HD74HC193FPEL   HD74HC193FPEL HD74HC193FPEL PDF Download HIT   MANUAL RESET INPUTMR: Manual Reset inpu
HD74HC193P   HD74HC193P HD74HC193P PDF Download HIT DIP Many systems have been designed using an external
HD74HC194P   HD74HC194P HD74HC194P PDF Download 96 • Robust High Voltage Termination • A
HD74HC195P   HD74HC195P HD74HC195P PDF Download Hitachi The DC restoration function is achieved through t
HD74HC1G04CE-T   HD74HC1G04CE-T HD74HC1G04CE-T PDF Download HITACHI 06+ SOT-353 n 2.5 million pixels/s conversion rate n Implem
HD74HC1G04CM   HD74HC1G04CM HD74HC1G04CM PDF Download Hitachi Pin Compatible with IRFT001 P and N Channel MOSF
HD74HC1G04CME   HD74HC1G04CME HD74HC1G04CME PDF Download RENESAS SOT-353 05NOPB Signal Processors (DSPs) TMS320C62x C 5-, 4-, 3.
HD74HC1G08CME   HD74HC1G08CME HD74HC1G08CME PDF Download HIT SOT23/5 03+ The Microchip Technology Inc. 93AA46/56/66 are 1
HD74HC1G14CM   HD74HC1G14CM HD74HC1G14CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ Full piconet support. On board 4Mbit or 8Mbit ex
HD74HC1G14CME   HD74HC1G14CME HD74HC1G14CME PDF Download HITACHI SOT-353 05+ Note a: Stresses greater than those listed under
HD74HC1G32CM   HD74HC1G32CM HD74HC1G32CM PDF Download Hitachi These ICs are part of the regular series of back-
HD74HC1G32CME   HD74HC1G32CME HD74HC1G32CME PDF Download RENESAS SOT-353 06NOPB The register can be asynchronously set or asynchr
HD74HC1G66CM   HD74HC1G66CM HD74HC1G66CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ Buffered Clock Output This pin provides a buffer
HD74HC1G66CME   HD74HC1G66CME HD74HC1G66CME PDF Download HITACHI SOT-353 05+ Hynix HYMD18M725A(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
HD74HC1G86CME   HD74HC1G86CME HD74HC1G86CME PDF Download Notes: 7. CPD is defined as the value of the
HD74HC1GU04CM   HD74HC1GU04CM HD74HC1GU04CM PDF Download Hitachi Each port contains a burst counter on the input
HD74HC20   HD74HC20 HD74HC20 PDF Download Hitachi The ADM integrates a standard 40- or 44-pin fema
HD74HC20FP   HD74HC20FP HD74HC20FP PDF Download 95 SOP The FDS6982AS is designed to replace two single S
HD74HC20FPEL   HD74HC20FPEL HD74HC20FPEL PDF Download RENESAS SOP 03/P2 The HIP6601B drives the lower gate in a synchron
HD74HC20FP-EL   HD74HC20FP-EL HD74HC20FP-EL PDF Download 97+98 SOP The OPA725 and OPA726 series op amps use a stat
HD74HC20FPTL-TE2   HD74HC20FPTL-TE2 HD74HC20FPTL-TE2 PDF Download 97 SOP The amplifier family has an output that swings wi
HD74HC20FPTR   HD74HC20FPTR HD74HC20FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 08+ ACEX 1K device package types include thin quad f
HD74HC20FP-TR   HD74HC20FP-TR HD74HC20FP-TR PDF Download Stresses above the ratings listed below can cause
HD74HC20P   HD74HC20P HD74HC20P PDF Download 96 Hynix HYMD116M725B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuff
HD74HC21   HD74HC21 HD74HC21 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+ The LCX16373 contains sixteen non-inverting latc
HD74HC21FP   HD74HC21FP HD74HC21FP PDF Download 90
HD74HC21FPD-EL   HD74HC21FPD-EL HD74HC21FPD-EL PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP11..SK1 is designed in th
HD74HC21FPEL   HD74HC21FPEL HD74HC21FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 1997 512Kx8-bit Organization Address Access Time: 7
HD74HC21FPER   HD74HC21FPER HD74HC21FPER PDF Download HIT SOP 96/P2 Program Store-Enable Output, Active Low. This sig
HD74HC21FP-ER   HD74HC21FP-ER HD74HC21FP-ER PDF Download 日立 SMD 115 The MSM66587 Family consists of high-performance
HD74HC21FP-TL   HD74HC21FP-TL HD74HC21FP-TL PDF Download HITACHI SMD HY5V62C is offering fully synchronous operation r
HD74HC21FPTR   HD74HC21FPTR HD74HC21FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 94 798 Meets or exceeds PC133 registered DIMM specific
HD74HC21P   HD74HC21P HD74HC21P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P   A high input impedance, high-gain, broadb
HD74HC21P-E-Q   HD74HC21P-E-Q HD74HC21P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+   MMFT5P03HD is an advanced power MOSFET wh
HD74HC221FP   HD74HC221FP HD74HC221FP PDF Download HIT SOP-16 02+ Note 7: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
HD74HC221FPEL   HD74HC221FPEL HD74HC221FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98+
HD74HC221FPTR   HD74HC221FPTR HD74HC221FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 08+   The maximum output is set to VMAX, the mi
HD74HC221P   HD74HC221P HD74HC221P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1999 When WEN2/LD is held LOW during Reset, this pin
HD74HC237P   HD74HC237P HD74HC237P PDF Download HIT   The PT4140 power modules are a series of
HD74HC238   HD74HC238 HD74HC238 PDF Download Hitachi Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
HD74HC238BP   HD74HC238BP HD74HC238BP PDF Download HITACHI DIP16 05+ Hitac his ser ia l EEP RO M ar e author iz ed fo
HD74HC238FP   HD74HC238FP HD74HC238FP PDF Download HITACHI 98/97 NOTE: (1) Stresses beyond those listed under &qu
HD74HC238FPEL   HD74HC238FPEL HD74HC238FPEL PDF Download RENESAS SOP 2003 Some data sheets will contain a combination of p
HD74HC238FPER   HD74HC238FPER HD74HC238FPER PDF Download N/A SOP 07+
HD74HC238FPTR   HD74HC238FPTR HD74HC238FPTR PDF Download HIT SMD 94+ The LPC2210/2220 microcontrollers are based on a
HD74HC238P   HD74HC238P HD74HC238P PDF Download Renesas To achieve proper device operation, an initial p
HD74HC240   HD74HC240 HD74HC240 PDF Download Hitachi Active low signal used to reset the IrDA-SIR Deco
HD74HC240FEL   HD74HC240FEL HD74HC240FEL PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ • Global 3-bit analog control applies to al
HD74HC240FP   HD74HC240FP HD74HC240FP PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ The OTA, while providing excellent linear ampli&
HD74HC240FPEL   HD74HC240FPEL HD74HC240FPEL PDF Download HIT 98   The HD74HC240FPEL is designed for use wher
HD74HC240FPTR   HD74HC240FPTR HD74HC240FPTR PDF Download HITACHI SOP20 06/07+ cient of the circuit. The adjustment range is ge
HD74HC240FPV   HD74HC240FPV HD74HC240FPV PDF Download o dcOutput Duty Cycle48 NOTE 1: Defined as ske
HD74HC240FPVEL   HD74HC240FPVEL HD74HC240FPVEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 98 Integrated 4-band Graphic Equaliser Adjustable o
HD74HC240P   HD74HC240P HD74HC240P PDF Download HITACHI DIP-20 06+ The heart of the PEEL™ Array architecture i
HD74HC240PV-E-Q   HD74HC240PV-E-Q HD74HC240PV-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ ‡ The D packages are available taped and r
HD74HC240RPEL   HD74HC240RPEL HD74HC240RPEL PDF Download The MAX3873 is a compact, low-power 2.488Gbps/ 2.
HD74HC240RPV   HD74HC240RPV HD74HC240RPV PDF Download Absolute maximum continuos ratings are those maxi
HD74HC240TVEL   HD74HC240TVEL HD74HC240TVEL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 97 This document contains information on a product
HD74HC241FP   HD74HC241FP HD74HC241FP PDF Download Hitachi All channels are clamped during the sync interva
HD74HC241FPEL   HD74HC241FPEL HD74HC241FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-20 2002+ (1) S/N can be improved for common mode noise on
HD74HC241FPTL   HD74HC241FPTL HD74HC241FPTL PDF Download Notes:  5. AC characteristics (except High
HD74HC241FVEL   HD74HC241FVEL HD74HC241FVEL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2 99 AMD MirrorBit flash technology combines years of
HD74HC241P   HD74HC241P HD74HC241P PDF Download 95 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
HD74HC242P   HD74HC242P HD74HC242P PDF Download HITACHI A six byte command (bypass unlock) sequence to r
HD74HC243FP   HD74HC243FP HD74HC243FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 errors. Recovered decoded characters are then wri
HD74HC243FPEL   HD74HC243FPEL HD74HC243FPEL PDF Download HIT 98 1678   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
HD74HC243P   HD74HC243P HD74HC243P PDF Download HIT 05+ Collector C Base Cutoff Current, IE= 0mA, VCB=-
HD74HC244   HD74HC244 HD74HC244 PDF Download 36161 SOP N otes: 1. D Q -to-I/O wiring is shown as recom
HD74HC244AFP   HD74HC244AFP HD74HC244AFP PDF Download HIT 93 The device is available with an access time of 1
HD74HC244FP   HD74HC244FP HD74HC244FP PDF Download 98 - 4 external and 8 internal interrupt request so
HD74HC244FPEL   HD74HC244FPEL HD74HC244FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 98+ n −40˚C to +85˚C operation n Co
HD74HC244FPTR   HD74HC244FPTR HD74HC244FPTR PDF Download The SM/SMJ320VC33 can perform parallel multiply
HD74HC244FPVEL   HD74HC244FPVEL HD74HC244FPVEL PDF Download HIT 97 Note 4: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
HD74HC244P   HD74HC244P HD74HC244P PDF Download HIT DIP 97+ The 128Mb SDRAM includes an AUTO REFRESH MODE,
HD74HC244PV   HD74HC244PV HD74HC244PV PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1998 Automatic Step-Up and Step-Down Conversion Uses
HD74HC244RPEL   HD74HC244RPEL HD74HC244RPEL PDF Download 00 Even Parity. Parity is even parity across AD31-0
HD74HC244RP-EL   HD74HC244RP-EL HD74HC244RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 93 Synchronous Output Enable. When HIGH, it stops c
HD74HC244RPVEL   HD74HC244RPVEL HD74HC244RPVEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP The non-overlap time is the time between turning
HD74HC244RPX   HD74HC244RPX HD74HC244RPX PDF Download HIT SOP7.2mm-20L 2006   Additional tests under harsh chemical cond
HD74HC244TEL   HD74HC244TEL HD74HC244TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 94+ The wide supply range combined with distortion a
HD74HC244TELL   HD74HC244TELL HD74HC244TELL PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ Architectural Flexibility - Enhanced architectur
HD74HC244TVEL   HD74HC244TVEL HD74HC244TVEL PDF Download 曰立 TSSOP 978 The CY29946 is capable of generating 1 and 1/2 si
HD74HC245   HD74HC245 HD74HC245 PDF Download HIT SOIC20 Programmable options include the length of pipeli
HD74HC245AP   HD74HC245AP HD74HC245AP PDF Download 93 • Low saturation voltage. • Low curr
HD74HC245D   HD74HC245D HD74HC245D PDF Download Supersedes the Zoran ZR36057. Glueless interfac
HD74HC245FP   HD74HC245FP HD74HC245FP PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ The Am29LV017D is a 16 Mbit, 3.0 Volt-only Flash
HD74HC245FPEL   HD74HC245FPEL HD74HC245FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 00+ FEATURES • Compliant with Fast Ethernet,
HD74HC245FPVEL   HD74HC245FPVEL HD74HC245FPVEL PDF Download HIT 5.2MM 02+ Schottky barrier rectifier thermal run-awa
HD74HC245P   HD74HC245P HD74HC245P PDF Download 03+ The Media Access Control function, provided by t
HD74HC245RP   HD74HC245RP HD74HC245RP PDF Download Hitachi General Precautions on Handling of Product Conf
HD74HC245RPEL   HD74HC245RPEL HD74HC245RPEL PDF Download HIT SMD   The VP1058 is a low power analog-to-digita
HD74HC245RP-EL   HD74HC245RP-EL HD74HC245RP-EL PDF Download 95 SOP High-speed consumer electronic ports ESD protec
HD74HC245RPVEL   HD74HC245RPVEL HD74HC245RPVEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP20 97+ 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
HD74HC245TEL   HD74HC245TEL HD74HC245TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 92+ 3. Processing before Initialization Note: When p
HD74HC245TELL   HD74HC245TELL HD74HC245TELL PDF Download HIT Acquisition Time (tacq). The delay between the t
HD74HC245TVELL   HD74HC245TVELL HD74HC245TVELL PDF Download HIT 00+ 2500 ESD2 testing is performed in accordance with the
HD74HC245TWELL   HD74HC245TWELL HD74HC245TWELL PDF Download HIT 2000 SSOP The converter can be disabled to minimize batter
HD74HC251FP   HD74HC251FP HD74HC251FP PDF Download Hitachi Like all of the UltraLogic™ FLASH370i devic
HD74HC251FPEL   HD74HC251FPEL HD74HC251FPEL PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ The LTC®4210 is a 6-pin SOT-23 Hot SwapTM con
HD74HC251P   HD74HC251P HD74HC251P PDF Download HIT TOGGLE BIT: In addition to DATA Polling the AT28C
HD74HC253P   HD74HC253P HD74HC253P PDF Download Hitachi The EEPROM has a capacity of 256 bits and is org
HD74HC257   HD74HC257 HD74HC257 PDF Download Hitachi   The DSP56300 core is composed of the Data
HD74HC257FP   HD74HC257FP HD74HC257FP PDF Download Hitachi The Infineon multimode transceiver is a single u
HD74HC257FPEL   HD74HC257FPEL HD74HC257FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP Multifunction Instructions Pipelined Architectur
HD74HC257FPTR   HD74HC257FPTR HD74HC257FPTR PDF Download HIT 92 The UCC1800/1/2/3/4/5 family of high-speed, low-
HD74HC257P   HD74HC257P HD74HC257P PDF Download HIT Low Reverse Current Low Stored Charge, Majority
HD74HC257RPEL   HD74HC257RPEL HD74HC257RPEL PDF Download   The CSPU877A is a PLL based clock driver
HD74HC258P   HD74HC258P HD74HC258P PDF Download Hitachi The AMI signal first enters a fixed equalizer, wh
HD74HC259FP   HD74HC259FP HD74HC259FP PDF Download Hitachi † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74HC259FPEL   HD74HC259FPEL HD74HC259FPEL PDF Download HIT 07+ The ADC channel is a chain of programmable amplif
HD74HC259FPER   HD74HC259FPER HD74HC259FPER PDF Download HIT 06+ 2000
HD74HC259FPTL   HD74HC259FPTL HD74HC259FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 96+ Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
HD74HC259P   HD74HC259P HD74HC259P PDF Download Hitachi Software selectable baud rate generator Four se
HD74HC27   HD74HC27 HD74HC27 PDF Download Hitachi The LT®1943 quad output adjustable switching
HD74HC273   HD74HC273 HD74HC273 PDF Download HITACHI SOP-7.2-20P 6+ Correcting package pin numbers in Table 2-2, Phas
HD74HC273A   HD74HC273A HD74HC273A PDF Download Unique, factoryClasered and tested 64-bit regist
HD74HC273D   HD74HC273D HD74HC273D PDF Download CPUS_STOP# is an asychronous input to the clock s
HD74HC273DPVEL   HD74HC273DPVEL HD74HC273DPVEL PDF Download HIT SMD SMD 3) Down convert to an I.F. of 1MHz then digitize
HD74HC273FP   HD74HC273FP HD74HC273FP PDF Download Hitachi (4) The products described in this material are
HD74HC273FPEL   HD74HC273FPEL HD74HC273FPEL PDF Download RENESAS SOP 04/P2 The bus controller is responsible for generating
HD74HC273FPELPB   HD74HC273FPELPB HD74HC273FPELPB PDF Download Operating Range In the operating range the func
HD74HC273FPER   HD74HC273FPER HD74HC273FPER PDF Download Product Description/Features: • Low skew,
HD74HC273FPV   HD74HC273FPV HD74HC273FPV PDF Download 02 The TPS211x family of power multiplexers enables
HD74HC273FPVEL   HD74HC273FPVEL HD74HC273FPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2 98 The ADC124S021 operates with a single supply tha
HD74HC273P   HD74HC273P HD74HC273P PDF Download 03+ BRIDGE input. This input is used to set the Brid
HD74HC273RP   HD74HC273RP HD74HC273RP PDF Download HIT SOP7.2mm-20L 2006 DESCRIPTION The M54/74HC51 is a high speed CMOS
HD74HC273RPEL   HD74HC273RPEL HD74HC273RPEL PDF Download HIT 5.2mm 99+ An internal OP-Amp controls the Drain-Source-Volt
HD74HC273RP-EL   HD74HC273RP-EL HD74HC273RP-EL PDF Download HIT 03+ With this power stage a compact 2 15 W self osc
HD74HC273RPVEL   HD74HC273RPVEL HD74HC273RPVEL PDF Download HIT 98 The PIC12C67X series fits perfectly in applicati
HD74HC273TELL   HD74HC273TELL HD74HC273TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 01/P4 Mini Small Outline Package (MSOP) Mini Small Out
HD74HC273TVEL   HD74HC273TVEL HD74HC273TVEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 02+ The XC2164 series are high frequency, low current
HD74HC273TVELL   HD74HC273TVELL HD74HC273TVELL PDF Download HIT 03+ The HD74HC273TVELLB is a highly integrated laser
HD74HC279   HD74HC279 HD74HC279 PDF Download Hitachi Margin Down: When this input is asserted to GND,
HD74HC279FPEL   HD74HC279FPEL HD74HC279FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00/P2 Input to the PWM comparator. The current flowing
HD74HC279P   HD74HC279P HD74HC279P PDF Download HITACHI 04+ DIP
HD74HC27FB   HD74HC27FB HD74HC27FB PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ Note 1: Limits are 100% production tested at TA =
HD74HC27FP   HD74HC27FP HD74HC27FP PDF Download HIT SOP 03+ Current Settling Time, Clocked Mode Current Set
HD74HC27FPEL   HD74HC27FPEL HD74HC27FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-14 03+ Single channel 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
HD74HC27FPER   HD74HC27FPER HD74HC27FPER PDF Download 日立 SMD 224 The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
HD74HC27FP-ER   HD74HC27FP-ER HD74HC27FP-ER PDF Download 00 Features • Serial Input Bus • 2.0 MHz
HD74HC27FPLH   HD74HC27FPLH HD74HC27FPLH PDF Download HIT 95 Single-power-supply flash memory (F-ZTAT™*
HD74HC27FPTR   HD74HC27FPTR HD74HC27FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 Input to the PWM comparator. The current flowing
HD74HC27P   HD74HC27P HD74HC27P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are limiting val
HD74HC27RP-EL   HD74HC27RP-EL HD74HC27RP-EL PDF Download Inisialisasi Control Word digunakan untuk mengatu
HD74HC280   HD74HC280 HD74HC280 PDF Download Hitachi As seen in Figure 2, bias current cancellation i
HD74HC280FP   HD74HC280FP HD74HC280FP PDF Download Hitachi Note 2: This IC contains a zener clamp structure
HD74HC280FPEL   HD74HC280FPEL HD74HC280FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P Note 2: Operating Ratings indicate conditions for
HD74HC280P   HD74HC280P HD74HC280P PDF Download HIT Multiple devices can be concatenated by using th
HD74HC283   HD74HC283 HD74HC283 PDF Download HITACHI 08+ SSCG uses a patented technology of modulating th
HD74HC283FP   HD74HC283FP HD74HC283FP PDF Download HIT SOP16 07+ The 80C51BHP is identical to the 80C51BH When or
HD74HC283FPEL   HD74HC283FPEL HD74HC283FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 01/P2 Microcontrollers are often used in harsh environm
HD74HC283P   HD74HC283P HD74HC283P PDF Download 93 The positive charging current is determined by R
HD74HC28OP   HD74HC28OP HD74HC28OP PDF Download The clock itself can be either one of the Global
HD74HC292P   HD74HC292P HD74HC292P PDF Download Hitachi   The UB Series logic gates are constructed
HD74HC294   HD74HC294 HD74HC294 PDF Download Hitachi An export permit needs to be obtained from the c
HD74HC294FP-TR   HD74HC294FP-TR HD74HC294FP-TR PDF Download HIT This pin must be tied to either VCC or GND and mu
HD74HC298P   HD74HC298P HD74HC298P PDF Download Hitachi The flexibility and symmetry of the CLB architec
HD74HC299   HD74HC299 HD74HC299 PDF Download Hitachi RJC Thermal Resistance (Output Switches)1.5C/W R
HD74HC299FP   HD74HC299FP HD74HC299FP PDF Download Hitachi All electrical characteristics are subject to th
HD74HC299P   HD74HC299P HD74HC299P PDF Download 91 Ergonomics   Convenient front access to US
HD74HC30   HD74HC30 HD74HC30 PDF Download Hitachi Notes: 1. Absolute maximum I/O pins is maximum p
HD74HC309   HD74HC309 HD74HC309 PDF Download A variety of frequency ranges and packaging opti
HD74HC30AFP   HD74HC30AFP HD74HC30AFP PDF Download Quad D-MOS switch driver Free configurable as br
HD74HC30FP   HD74HC30FP HD74HC30FP PDF Download Hitachi The RBI input pin is intended to be used with a s
HD74HC30FP-EF   HD74HC30FP-EF HD74HC30FP-EF PDF Download HIT SOP14M 2007+ Edition 02.97 This edition was realized using th
HD74HC30FPEL   HD74HC30FPEL HD74HC30FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98/P2 Dual channel 16-bit resolution: HD74HC30FPEL 14
HD74HC30FPER   HD74HC30FPER HD74HC30FPER PDF Download HITACHI 96 2500 The TS80C54/58X2 has 2 software-selectable modes
HD74HC30FP-ER   HD74HC30FP-ER HD74HC30FP-ER PDF Download HIT SOP 07+ To achieve fast and accurate switch performance,
HD74HC30FPLH   HD74HC30FPLH HD74HC30FPLH PDF Download HITACHI 05+/06+ • Microchips Worldwide Web site; http://ww
HD74HC30FPTL   HD74HC30FPTL HD74HC30FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ PROPAGATION DELAY Propagation delay for all 54C
HD74HC30FPTR   HD74HC30FPTR HD74HC30FPTR PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ The CPU provides fast instruction (up to 10 MHz
HD74HC30FP-TR   HD74HC30FP-TR HD74HC30FP-TR PDF Download HIT 91 The Loop Filter is a low-pass filter. This low-pa
HD74HC30P   HD74HC30P HD74HC30P PDF Download HIT DIP-14P A linear voltage regulator can be broken down in
HD74HC30P-E-Q   HD74HC30P-E-Q HD74HC30P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ The on-chip status register allows the progress
HD74HC30RPEL   HD74HC30RPEL HD74HC30RPEL PDF Download The Receive analog power amplifier output, capa
HD74HC30RP-EL   HD74HC30RP-EL HD74HC30RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP14 04+ The FDC05 and FDC05-W series offer 5 watts of out
HD74HC30TEL   HD74HC30TEL HD74HC30TEL PDF Download HITACHI or 18-bit output bus. The Bus Size Select pin (BS
HD74HC30TELL   HD74HC30TELL HD74HC30TELL PDF Download Housed in a small 24-pin DDIP or SMT (gull-wing)
HD74HC32   HD74HC32 HD74HC32 PDF Download HIT 00 NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produc
HD74HC32F   HD74HC32F HD74HC32F PDF Download HIT SOP14
HD74HC32FFEL   HD74HC32FFEL HD74HC32FFEL PDF Download Thereareadditionalprovisionsfor demonstrating DD
HD74HC32FP   HD74HC32FP HD74HC32FP PDF Download 02 The clock recovery function is performed using a
HD74HC32FPEL   HD74HC32FPEL HD74HC32FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ • In-house programming of samples and prot
HD74HC32FP-EL   HD74HC32FP-EL HD74HC32FP-EL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 98 The HD74HC32FP-EL accepts single ended or differe
HD74HC32FPER   HD74HC32FPER HD74HC32FPER PDF Download 94 The QDR operation is possible by supporting DDR r
HD74HC32FP-ER   HD74HC32FP-ER HD74HC32FP-ER PDF Download HIT SMD-14 93+ Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
HD74HC32FPLH   HD74HC32FPLH HD74HC32FPLH PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ * Specifications will vary with foreign st
HD74HC32FPTL   HD74HC32FPTL HD74HC32FPTL PDF Download Spartan-IIE devices deliver more gates, I/Os, an
HD74HC32FPTR   HD74HC32FPTR HD74HC32FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 95+ Applications • Mobile telecommunication &
HD74HC32N   HD74HC32N HD74HC32N PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates
HD74HC32P   HD74HC32P HD74HC32P PDF Download 03+ The 64-bit ID identifies each bq2022. The 48-bit
HD74HC32PLEADFREE   HD74HC32PLEADFREE HD74HC32PLEADFREE PDF Download © Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2003. T
HD74HC32RF-EL   HD74HC32RF-EL HD74HC32RF-EL PDF Download   These miniature surface mount MOSFETs util
HD74HC32RP   HD74HC32RP HD74HC32RP PDF Download HIT SOP Feedback pin Chip Enable:   H: Enable &nb
HD74HC32RPEL   HD74HC32RPEL HD74HC32RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ New high voltage technology designed for ZVS-swit
HD74HC32RP-EL   HD74HC32RP-EL HD74HC32RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 95 All part numbers end with a place code, designat
HD74HC32T   HD74HC32T HD74HC32T PDF Download Hitachi There are dishonest and possibly illegal methods
HD74HC32TEL   HD74HC32TEL HD74HC32TEL PDF Download HIT 1997 TSSOP In order to compensate for the loss of the high-f
HD74HC32TELL   HD74HC32TELL HD74HC32TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/14 98+   The AV34063 is a monolithic control circu
HD74HC32TELL-E   HD74HC32TELL-E HD74HC32TELL-E PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
HD74HC333RP   HD74HC333RP HD74HC333RP PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm 2006 Features • High sensitivity (+5dB compared
HD74HC351FPTL   HD74HC351FPTL HD74HC351FPTL PDF Download HIT 95 NOTES:   1. For a loaded output the measure
HD74HC352P   HD74HC352P HD74HC352P PDF Download Hitachi A single pulse is defined as being greater than
HD74HC354FPTR   HD74HC354FPTR HD74HC354FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 5018 Digital Audio Interface Select Pin (in Parallel
HD74HC356FP   HD74HC356FP HD74HC356FP PDF Download Hitachi  The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT8 Series are Dual
HD74HC356P   HD74HC356P HD74HC356P PDF Download Hitachi 3-analog input terminals. Only the input from one
HD74HC365   HD74HC365 HD74HC365 PDF Download Hitachi Care must also be taken to minimize the capacita
HD74HC365FP   HD74HC365FP HD74HC365FP PDF Download Hitachi (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the
HD74HC365FPEL   HD74HC365FPEL HD74HC365FPEL PDF Download HIT 03+;91+ OPERATION OF STEP-UP CONVERTER A step-up convert
HD74HC365P   HD74HC365P HD74HC365P PDF Download HIT Stability The IRU1261 requires the use of an out
HD74HC366P   HD74HC366P HD74HC366P PDF Download 02+ 917 DIP • Single supply with operation down to 1.8
HD74HC367   HD74HC367 HD74HC367 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+ The 7.6 mm (0.3 inch) and 10.9 mm (0.43 inch)
HD74HC367FP   HD74HC367FP HD74HC367FP PDF Download HIT SOP16 97+ By tying one input to GND or VCC, the SN74LVC1G3
HD74HC367FPEL   HD74HC367FPEL HD74HC367FPEL PDF Download HIT 99+ SOP- The COP820CJ is a member of the COP8TM 8-bit Micr
HD74HC367FPLH   HD74HC367FPLH HD74HC367FPLH PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ VIN = 3.4V VIN = 3.4V or VIN = GND, OE = GND,
HD74HC367FPTR   HD74HC367FPTR HD74HC367FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP Note: It is natural to assume that with the addi
HD74HC367P   HD74HC367P HD74HC367P PDF Download HIT DIP 0521+   The protection circuitry receives current
HD74HC368FPEL   HD74HC368FPEL HD74HC368FPEL PDF Download TOSHIBA SOP 2002 Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
HD74HC368P   HD74HC368P HD74HC368P PDF Download HD 93+ DIP Always use controlled impedance lines (microstrip
HD74HC373   HD74HC373 HD74HC373 PDF Download HITACHI SOP7.2 02+   ON Semiconductor has designed a new devic
HD74HC373A   HD74HC373A HD74HC373A PDF Download HIT SMD 98+ Hynix HYMD264726A(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184
HD74HC373D   HD74HC373D HD74HC373D PDF Download TI DIP-20 (5) Others Check mounting conditions before usi
HD74HC373E   HD74HC373E HD74HC373E PDF Download † For packages with exposed thermal pads,
HD74HC373FP   HD74HC373FP HD74HC373FP PDF Download HIT SOP 0M2T External I/O for Timer/Counter 2 Timer/Counter
HD74HC373FPEL   HD74HC373FPEL HD74HC373FPEL PDF Download HIT 00
HD74HC373FP-EL   HD74HC373FP-EL HD74HC373FP-EL PDF Download   To maximize I/O throughput and improve ho
HD74HC373FPVEL   HD74HC373FPVEL HD74HC373FPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97+ The baseband signal can be digitized using Fairc
HD74HC373P   HD74HC373P HD74HC373P PDF Download 03+ 1. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
HD74HC373PV   HD74HC373PV HD74HC373PV PDF Download HIT DIP 07+ RON is 4Ω typical Low bit-to-bit skew:
HD74HC373R   HD74HC373R HD74HC373R PDF Download The repeatability of switching with a magnetic fi
HD74HC373RFEL   HD74HC373RFEL HD74HC373RFEL PDF Download The MAX4364/MAX4365 are bridged audio power ampl
HD74HC373RP   HD74HC373RP HD74HC373RP PDF Download Hitachi The device is optimized for balanced bus transmi
HD74HC373RPEL   HD74HC373RPEL HD74HC373RPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOIC20 04+ Note 1: RL is connected to VEE for AVOL sourcing
HD74HC373RPVEL   HD74HC373RPVEL HD74HC373RPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP7.2mm-20L 2006 • Fully Compliant to IrDA 1.1   Physi
HD74HC373RTVEL   HD74HC373RTVEL HD74HC373RTVEL PDF Download HIT 01+ SOP For M74HC4020 twelve kind of divided output are
HD74HC373TELL   HD74HC373TELL HD74HC373TELL PDF Download HITACHI TSOP 2001 Features q Few external components q Frequency
HD74HC374   HD74HC374 HD74HC374 PDF Download HITACHI 07+   Double Buffering of Data   Programma
HD74HC374D   HD74HC374D HD74HC374D PDF Download   The MC623 is a 3.0 V solid-state, programm
HD74HC374FP   HD74HC374FP HD74HC374FP PDF Download Hitachi Command Line Editing - A backspace can be used to
HD74HC374FPEL   HD74HC374FPEL HD74HC374FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00/P 1,048,576-word 16-bit/2,097,152-word 8-bit el
HD74HC374FPER   HD74HC374FPER HD74HC374FPER PDF Download The MAX1821 buck switching-regulator output is se
HD74HC374FPLH   HD74HC374FPLH HD74HC374FPLH PDF Download N/A SOP 07+   Momentary action pushbuttons are used as
HD74HC374FPVEL   HD74HC374FPVEL HD74HC374FPVEL PDF Download 98   This low failure rate represents data col
HD74HC374FPVEL-E-Q   HD74HC374FPVEL-E-Q HD74HC374FPVEL-E-Q PDF Download When VCC is greater than 1V and less than the UV
HD74HC374P   HD74HC374P HD74HC374P PDF Download 03+ The HYM72V16M636H(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
HD74HC374PV   HD74HC374PV HD74HC374PV PDF Download Thermocouple: 0.5% of indicated value or 1_C, w
HD74HC374RP   HD74HC374RP HD74HC374RP PDF Download HITACHI SOP20 95+ Receive synchronizing signal input. Eight requir
HD74HC374RPEL   HD74HC374RPEL HD74HC374RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP Big 98+ See the functional block diagram and Figure 1 fo
HD74HC374RP-EL   HD74HC374RP-EL HD74HC374RP-EL PDF Download HIT 03+ An overrun character is placed in the HT82K628A b
HD74HC374RPVEL   HD74HC374RPVEL HD74HC374RPVEL PDF Download HIT 99 age, supplies of several hundred volts can be re
HD74HC374TELL   HD74HC374TELL HD74HC374TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/20 98+ The COP912C COP912CH are members of the COP8TM
HD74HC375FP   HD74HC375FP HD74HC375FP PDF Download Hitachi • VDD : 2.5V 0.2V, VDDQ : 2.5V 0.2V for D
HD74HC375FPEL   HD74HC375FPEL HD74HC375FPEL PDF Download Inputs to VID D to A Converter Inputs to VID D
HD74HC375FPTL   HD74HC375FPTL HD74HC375FPTL PDF Download Early RS-232 ICs for portable systems provided a
HD74HC375P   HD74HC375P HD74HC375P PDF Download Hitachi 5. The dominant wavelength, ëd, is derived
HD74HC377FPDEL   HD74HC377FPDEL HD74HC377FPDEL PDF Download HIT The MX803A is a full-duplex device for use with
HD74HC377FPEL   HD74HC377FPEL HD74HC377FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 00+ This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 4,
HD74HC377FPER   HD74HC377FPER HD74HC377FPER PDF Download HIT SOP 97 The HD74HC377FPERA/M extracts the closed caption
HD74HC377P   HD74HC377P HD74HC377P PDF Download Hitachi 4. Dropout voltage is defined as the input-to-out
HD74HC386FPEL   HD74HC386FPEL HD74HC386FPEL PDF Download 4 SOP Note 1: VOUT+1V< VIN & 2.5V< VIN <
HD74HC386P   HD74HC386P HD74HC386P PDF Download Hitachi The Master Reset (MR) is an asynchronous active
HD74HC390F   HD74HC390F HD74HC390F PDF Download The serializer outputs (DO) can drive point-to-p
HD74HC390FPEL   HD74HC390FPEL HD74HC390FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02/P2 *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
HD74HC390FPTL   HD74HC390FPTL HD74HC390FPTL PDF Download Users expect several obvious system benefits fro
HD74HC390FPZEL   HD74HC390FPZEL HD74HC390FPZEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00/P2 A read cycle begins whenever WE (Write Enable bar
HD74HC390P   HD74HC390P HD74HC390P PDF Download Hitachi Chrontels CH7008 digital PC to TV encoder is a s
HD74HC393   HD74HC393 HD74HC393 PDF Download HIT 00+ SOP-14   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
HD74HC393FP   HD74HC393FP HD74HC393FP PDF Download Hitachi Differential termination for Stratix devices is
HD74HC393FPEL   HD74HC393FPEL HD74HC393FPEL PDF Download HIT 97 the performance for a wide range of applications
HD74HC393FPER   HD74HC393FPER HD74HC393FPER PDF Download HIT 98 Absolute Maximum Ratings iTc=25Ž unless othe
HD74HC393FPTL   HD74HC393FPTL HD74HC393FPTL PDF Download TOSHIBA SOP 96+ The actual performance of the circuit shown in F
HD74HC393FPTR   HD74HC393FPTR HD74HC393FPTR PDF Download HIT 96+ SOP14   The K4S640432H / K4S640832H / K4S641632H
HD74HC393P   HD74HC393P HD74HC393P PDF Download HIT 00+ The ISSI 4400 Series is a 4,194,304 x 4-bit high
HD74HC393RPEL   HD74HC393RPEL HD74HC393RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-14L 2006 (5) The products and product specifications desc
HD74HC4017FP   HD74HC4017FP HD74HC4017FP PDF Download Hitachi Package designed for optimal automated board ass
HD74HC4017FPEL   HD74HC4017FPEL HD74HC4017FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 01+ SOP16 There are a total of 18 architecture bits in the
HD74HC4017P   HD74HC4017P HD74HC4017P PDF Download HIT DIP 92 (3) The products described in this book are inte
HD74HC4020AP   HD74HC4020AP HD74HC4020AP PDF Download HIT Due to their tiny size and low power consumption
HD74HC4020FP   HD74HC4020FP HD74HC4020FP PDF Download HITACHI NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
HD74HC4020FPEL   HD74HC4020FPEL HD74HC4020FPEL PDF Download HIT 05+/06+ Information furnished is believed to be accurate
HD74HC4020FPER   HD74HC4020FPER HD74HC4020FPER PDF Download HIT Independent Overtemperature Protection Output Se
HD74HC4020FPTR   HD74HC4020FPTR HD74HC4020FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP 96/P2 Note 1: All units are 100% production tested at T
HD74HC4020P   HD74HC4020P HD74HC4020P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
HD74HC4022P   HD74HC4022P HD74HC4022P PDF Download Hitachi 90% of Vcc MIN.; 10% of Vcc MAX. 15 pF is standa
HD74HC4024FP   HD74HC4024FP HD74HC4024FP PDF Download Hitachi The Harris CD74HC259 and CD74HCT299 are 8-bit s
HD74HC4024P   HD74HC4024P HD74HC4024P PDF Download Hitachi Device programming occurs by executing the progr
HD74HC4040   HD74HC4040 HD74HC4040 PDF Download HIT SOP16 04+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, the Intel bus int
HD74HC4040FL   HD74HC4040FL HD74HC4040FL PDF Download HIT 95 The 74AUP1G79 provides the single positive-edge
HD74HC4040FP   HD74HC4040FP HD74HC4040FP PDF Download HIT SOP 96 These circuits are completely compatible with mo
HD74HC4040FPEL   HD74HC4040FPEL HD74HC4040FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP Filter Isolation: Rated voltage Resistance Ca
HD74HC4040FPER   HD74HC4040FPER HD74HC4040FPER PDF Download Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(VIH or VIL)
HD74HC4040FPTL   HD74HC4040FPTL HD74HC4040FPTL PDF Download • NPT IGBT technology   - high switc
HD74HC4040FPTR   HD74HC4040FPTR HD74HC4040FPTR PDF Download HIT SMD 96 Result Codes - The modem issues a result code af
HD74HC4040P   HD74HC4040P HD74HC4040P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 07+ CURRENT COMMAND (+,-) - are differential inputs f
HD74HC4040PFEL5.2MM   HD74HC4040PFEL5.2MM HD74HC4040PFEL5.2MM PDF Download The CYV15G0401DXB is verified by testing to be co
HD74HC4051   HD74HC4051 HD74HC4051 PDF Download Hitachi   16-entry on-chip cache for low latency co
HD74HC4051FDTL   HD74HC4051FDTL HD74HC4051FDTL PDF Download HITACHI 06+   Please be aware that an important notice
HD74HC4051FP   HD74HC4051FP HD74HC4051FP PDF Download HIT SOP 00+ For the device-specific interrupt priority confi
HD74HC4051FPEL   HD74HC4051FPEL HD74HC4051FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
HD74HC4051FPTR   HD74HC4051FPTR HD74HC4051FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 05+ This block provides the RTC reference values to
HD74HC4051P   HD74HC4051P HD74HC4051P PDF Download RENESAS 05+ DIP(p/b) Offset Correct pin. A low-to-high transition on
HD74HC4052   HD74HC4052 HD74HC4052 PDF Download Hitachi LINEAR GCI MODE   In GCI linear mode, one G
HD74HC4052FDEL   HD74HC4052FDEL HD74HC4052FDEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-16 2001 Data Bits DB11 to DB0, Port 2 Control inputs for
HD74HC4052FP   HD74HC4052FP HD74HC4052FP PDF Download HIT SOP16 96+ Series 32000 TapePak and TRI-STATE are registere
HD74HC4052FPEL   HD74HC4052FPEL HD74HC4052FPEL PDF Download VISHAY An on-chip oscillator eliminates the need for an
HD74HC4052FPTR   HD74HC4052FPTR HD74HC4052FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 08+ The DS1804 NV trimmer potentiometer is a nonvolat
HD74HC4052P   HD74HC4052P HD74HC4052P PDF Download 90 The LM129 is packaged in a 2-lead TO-46 package
HD74HC4053   HD74HC4053 HD74HC4053 PDF Download Hitachi The PMOS transistors prevent backdriving current
HD74HC4053FP   HD74HC4053FP HD74HC4053FP PDF Download HITACHI The COP87L88EK/RK Family OTP (One Time Program-
HD74HC4053FPEL   HD74HC4053FPEL HD74HC4053FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-16 02+ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
HD74HC4053FPTR   HD74HC4053FPTR HD74HC4053FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 649 The MAX186/MAX188 provide a hard-wired SHDN pin
HD74HC4053P   HD74HC4053P HD74HC4053P PDF Download HIT 08+ Some confusion exists in the area of defining an
HD74HC4054FPEL   HD74HC4054FPEL HD74HC4054FPEL PDF Download n CAN 2.0B (passive) bus interface, with Softwar
HD74HC4060FP   HD74HC4060FP HD74HC4060FP PDF Download HITACHI SOP 07+ The 5V, 12V, and 15V regulator options are avail
HD74HC4060FPEL   HD74HC4060FPEL HD74HC4060FPEL PDF Download 1 SOP Ž An 80ns wide start convert pulse is used
HD74HC4060FPER   HD74HC4060FPER HD74HC4060FPER PDF Download HIT 96 Serial Interface. The AHD74HC4060FPERSED is cont
HD74HC4060P   HD74HC4060P HD74HC4060P PDF Download 3 DIP its possible to put in stand by a part of the bo
HD74HC4066   HD74HC4066 HD74HC4066 PDF Download Hitachi 2. Samsung products are not intended for use in l
HD74HC4066FP   HD74HC4066FP HD74HC4066FP PDF Download Hitachi Complete System Solution for interfacing SmartMe
HD74HC4066FPEL   HD74HC4066FPEL HD74HC4066FPEL PDF Download 96 ∗2 VL setting is the VVL voltage of the ve
HD74HC4066FPEL-1   HD74HC4066FPEL-1 HD74HC4066FPEL-1 PDF Download HIT 98 While first-generation deep- memory scopes updat
HD74HC4066FPTR   HD74HC4066FPTR HD74HC4066FPTR PDF Download HIT/NEC 96 1678 where frequency is in Hz, resistance in Ohms, an
HD74HC4066P   HD74HC4066P HD74HC4066P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 05+ This is the timing reference frequency which is
HD74HC4066RPEL   HD74HC4066RPEL HD74HC4066RPEL PDF Download The Hynix HYM76V4M635HGT6 Series are 4Mx64bits Sy
HD74HC4066RPEL-Q   HD74HC4066RPEL-Q HD74HC4066RPEL-Q PDF Download Thermal Data - Thermal Resistances Some thermal
HD74HC4066TELL   HD74HC4066TELL HD74HC4066TELL PDF Download The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
HD74HC42   HD74HC42 HD74HC42 PDF Download Hitachi The DS1642 is a 2K x 8 nonvolatile static RAM and
HD74HC423AFP   HD74HC423AFP HD74HC423AFP PDF Download Hitachi The transmitter sections utilize 1310nm Surface
HD74HC423AFPEL   HD74HC423AFPEL HD74HC423AFPEL PDF Download   Power-Off DisableVCC=0V, VOUT=4.5V1µ
HD74HC423AP   HD74HC423AP HD74HC423AP PDF Download Hitachi Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to
HD74HC42FP   HD74HC42FP HD74HC42FP PDF Download RENESAS SOP 3 2. TVS devices are normally selected according t
HD74HC42FPEL   HD74HC42FPEL HD74HC42FPEL PDF Download 04+05 SOP BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
HD74HC42P   HD74HC42P HD74HC42P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 2000 AS serves to demultiplex the address/data bus. T
HD74HC4511FPEL   HD74HC4511FPEL HD74HC4511FPEL PDF Download HIT 97 SOP The write disable (WDS) instruction disables all
HD74HC4511P   HD74HC4511P HD74HC4511P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ When evaluating with evaluation chips and other
HD74HC4514P   HD74HC4514P HD74HC4514P PDF Download 94 DIP Most low-end keyless entry transmitters are give
HD74HC4515P   HD74HC4515P HD74HC4515P PDF Download HIT • Low forward voltage • Very high
HD74HC4520FPEL   HD74HC4520FPEL HD74HC4520FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 06/07+ Notes: 1. Operation of this device above any one
HD74HC4520P   HD74HC4520P HD74HC4520P PDF Download Hitachi The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow-
HD74HC4538   HD74HC4538 HD74HC4538 PDF Download Hitachi For other applications where the input voltage c
HD74HC4538FP   HD74HC4538FP HD74HC4538FP PDF Download HITACHI   To provide long life and to insure soft-s
HD74HC4538FPEL   HD74HC4538FPEL HD74HC4538FPEL PDF Download HIT 98
HD74HC4538FPER   HD74HC4538FPER HD74HC4538FPER PDF Download 97 systems where system integrity must be ensured o
HD74HC4538FP-ER   HD74HC4538FP-ER HD74HC4538FP-ER PDF Download HIT SOP 94+ The MAX6672/MAX6673 operate from 2.4V to 5.5V wit
HD74HC4538P   HD74HC4538P HD74HC4538P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP The Chip Erase operation is initiated by executi
HD74HC4543FPEL   HD74HC4543FPEL HD74HC4543FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-16 97+   The circuit is centered around the IR51H4
HD74HC4543P   HD74HC4543P HD74HC4543P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Built-in Schmitt trigger circuit High level ou
HD74HC490P   HD74HC490P HD74HC490P PDF Download Hitachi For the write lock command, a successful write p
HD74HC51   HD74HC51 HD74HC51 PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 98+ Users replacing EEPROMs with MRAM can eliminate t
HD74HC51FP   HD74HC51FP HD74HC51FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 95+ Transient Response and PSRR The input and output
HD74HC51FPEL   HD74HC51FPEL HD74HC51FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99+   11CPDPower Dissipation Capacitance (Note
HD74HC51FPTR   HD74HC51FPTR HD74HC51FPTR PDF Download Dome Packages The HLMP-6xxx Series dome lamps f
HD74HC51P   HD74HC51P HD74HC51P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Data and Control Inputs Provide Undershoot Clamp
HD74HC533   HD74HC533 HD74HC533 PDF Download Hitachi Left/Right Clock Word Clock Clock Input Data
HD74HC533FP   HD74HC533FP HD74HC533FP PDF Download Hitachi DELAY: Delay programming pin for restart after ov
HD74HC533FPTL   HD74HC533FPTL HD74HC533FPTL PDF Download There are a number of features that are used to
HD74HC533P   HD74HC533P HD74HC533P PDF Download HIT Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 4.5V Continuous
HD74HC534   HD74HC534 HD74HC534 PDF Download Hitachi The HD74HC534 also has ESD tolerance that exceed
HD74HC534FP   HD74HC534FP HD74HC534FP PDF Download Hitachi Maximum switching frequency for control input (V
HD74HC534P   HD74HC534P HD74HC534P PDF Download 99 2. The ADS-944 achieves its specified accuracies
HD74HC540FP   HD74HC540FP HD74HC540FP PDF Download HITACHI SOP20 04+ Note: 1. A write cycle occurs during the overlap
HD74HC540FPEL   HD74HC540FPEL HD74HC540FPEL PDF Download RENESAS SOP 03/P2 Note: (1) X=0 for 25010, 25020. X=A8 for 25040
HD74HC540FPTR   HD74HC540FPTR HD74HC540FPTR PDF Download 95 SOP After the output signal has been recorded, the f
HD74HC540FPV   HD74HC540FPV HD74HC540FPV PDF Download HIT SOP 99+ D Auto Selection of S/E or LVD SCSI Termination
HD74HC540P   HD74HC540P HD74HC540P PDF Download 97 4. Setting possible during non-induction  
HD74HC540TELL-E   HD74HC540TELL-E HD74HC540TELL-E PDF Download RENESAS 03无铅 TSSOP   The HD74HC540TELL-E, HD74HC540TELL-E serie
HD74HC541   HD74HC541 HD74HC541 PDF Download Hitachi Offset Drift is a measure of the actual change i
HD74HC541BI   HD74HC541BI HD74HC541BI PDF Download INPUT LEVELS: While operating with a 2.7V to 3.6V
HD74HC541FP   HD74HC541FP HD74HC541FP PDF Download HITACHI 03+ Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the
HD74HC541FPEL   HD74HC541FPEL HD74HC541FPEL PDF Download HIT 99 The DS1809 will also support a command-initiated
HD74HC541FPTL   HD74HC541FPTL HD74HC541FPTL PDF Download HITACHI 93 1678 All DATEL sampling A/D converters are fully char
HD74HC541FPV   HD74HC541FPV HD74HC541FPV PDF Download Raw PCB, PowerInfo™ 2 Firmware Specificat
HD74HC541P   HD74HC541P HD74HC541P PDF Download 00+ † All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
HD74HC541PV   HD74HC541PV HD74HC541PV PDF Download Receiver Loss of Signal, logic high, open collec
HD74HC541RPEL   HD74HC541RPEL HD74HC541RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP7.2mm-20L 2006
HD74HC541TELL   HD74HC541TELL HD74HC541TELL PDF Download HIT 635 SOP   The SY100EP57V is a high-speed, low-skew,
HD74HC541TELL-E   HD74HC541TELL-E HD74HC541TELL-E PDF Download RENESAS 04+无铅 TSSOP Input Termination Center-Tap. Each side of the tr
HD74HC563F   HD74HC563F HD74HC563F PDF Download HD SOP 07+ DESCRIPTION The 74VHCT03A is an advanced high-s
HD74HC563FP   HD74HC563FP HD74HC563FP PDF Download Hitachi Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
HD74HC563FPEL   HD74HC563FPEL HD74HC563FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 98+ SOP-16   The HD74HC563FPEL is a single chip IC for
HD74HC563FP-ER   HD74HC563FP-ER HD74HC563FP-ER PDF Download HIT SOP 95+   The LSTTL / MSI SN54 / 74LS257B and the S
HD74HC563P   HD74HC563P HD74HC563P PDF Download HIT TC rating do not apply to surface mount devices
HD74HC564FP   HD74HC564FP HD74HC564FP PDF Download Hitachi The disk drive adapter functions of W83877TF incl
HD74HC564FPEL   HD74HC564FPEL HD74HC564FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP/20 01/P The M68AF127B is a 1Mbit (1,048,576 bit) CMOS S
HD74HC564P   HD74HC564P HD74HC564P PDF Download 99 The TigerSHARC DSP uses a Static Superscalar* ar
HD74HC573   HD74HC573 HD74HC573 PDF Download Hitachi Low profile package (half pitch) AC Isolation
HD74HC573D   HD74HC573D HD74HC573D PDF Download hit sop 00+ These products are not designed for use in life
HD74HC573DWS   HD74HC573DWS HD74HC573DWS PDF Download USB Interface USB 1.1 compatible. Open HCI 1.0
HD74HC573F   HD74HC573F HD74HC573F PDF Download The CMX866 shares internal register addresses and
HD74HC573FP   HD74HC573FP HD74HC573FP PDF Download HITACHI Teccor's line of sensitive gate triacs includes d
HD74HC573FPEL   HD74HC573FPEL HD74HC573FPEL PDF Download When the charge on the external capacitor reache
HD74HC573FP-EL   HD74HC573FP-EL HD74HC573FP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP20 Digital signal power supply : +5 V Selection of
HD74HC573FPEPL   HD74HC573FPEPL HD74HC573FPEPL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 97 The ISSI IS62LV5128LL is a low voltage, 524,288 w
HD74HC573P   HD74HC573P HD74HC573P PDF Download 96 NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
HD74HC573RP   HD74HC573RP HD74HC573RP PDF Download Hitachi A 1% resistor must be connected directly between
HD74HC573RPEL   HD74HC573RPEL HD74HC573RPEL PDF Download HIT 93+   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspecti
HD74HC574   HD74HC574 HD74HC574 PDF Download Hitachi Output Mode: This pin determines the clock output
HD74HC574FP   HD74HC574FP HD74HC574FP PDF Download 95 1.700 (43.18mm) PCB Height 168-Pin Registered DI
HD74HC574FPEL   HD74HC574FPEL HD74HC574FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP/20 00/P These Schottky diodes are specifically designed
HD74HC574FPEL-E   HD74HC574FPEL-E HD74HC574FPEL-E PDF Download Data terminal ready A/B (active low). To indicat
HD74HC574FP-TE2   HD74HC574FP-TE2 HD74HC574FP-TE2 PDF Download 97+98 SOP • High-speed access time: 10, 12, and 15 n
HD74HC574FPTR   HD74HC574FPTR HD74HC574FPTR PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 03+ The maximum LED current is determined by feedback
HD74HC574P   HD74HC574P HD74HC574P PDF Download 98 The ISD5008 device is designed for use in a micr
HD74HC574RPEL   HD74HC574RPEL HD74HC574RPEL PDF Download HITACHI   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
HD74HC589FP   HD74HC589FP HD74HC589FP PDF Download Hitachi The Timing and Watchdog Module (TWM) contains a
HD74HC589FPEL   HD74HC589FPEL HD74HC589FPEL PDF Download The ISP1181 is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) inte
HD74HC590FP   HD74HC590FP HD74HC590FP PDF Download Hitachi VDD: Chip power supply pin. VDD should be bypasse
HD74HC590FPEL   HD74HC590FPEL HD74HC590FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP16L 98+ The power switch is an N-channel MOSFET with a m
HD74HC590P   HD74HC590P HD74HC590P PDF Download Hitachi Chip Select: Enables or disables all inputs excep
HD74HC592P   HD74HC592P HD74HC592P PDF Download HIT 99+ DIP-16 5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays System frequency
HD74HC595   HD74HC595 HD74HC595 PDF Download HITACHI 00+ SMD The JTAG emulation port of this device also incl
HD74HC595FP-E   HD74HC595FP-E HD74HC595FP-E PDF Download This is a tri-state input/output pin, used for di
HD74HC595FPEL   HD74HC595FPEL HD74HC595FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 98+ SOP-16 125 kHz RFID Chip for Cards and Tags 256 Read/Wr
HD74HC595FPTL   HD74HC595FPTL HD74HC595FPTL PDF Download HIT SMD 2003 PWM Current Limit for Short Circuit Protection
HD74HC595FPTR   HD74HC595FPTR HD74HC595FPTR PDF Download HIT 08+ A static memory controller is included that supp
HD74HC595P   HD74HC595P HD74HC595P PDF Download HIT DIP Bild/Fig. 5 Grenzstrom je Zweig IF(OV)M bei Luft
HD74HC597FP   HD74HC597FP HD74HC597FP PDF Download Hitachi The Fairchild Switch FSTU32160A is a 16-bit to 3
HD74HC597FPEL   HD74HC597FPEL HD74HC597FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 05+ The Hitachi HN29V102414 Series is a CMOS Flash M
HD74HC597FPEL-Q   HD74HC597FPEL-Q HD74HC597FPEL-Q PDF Download The HYST pin is a CMOS-compatible input that sele
HD74HC597FPTL   HD74HC597FPTL HD74HC597FPTL PDF Download DESCRIPTION This MOSFET is the latest developme
HD74HC597FPTR   HD74HC597FPTR HD74HC597FPTR PDF Download HIT 00+ A stereo 24-bit multi-bit sigma delta ADC is used
HD74HC597P   HD74HC597P HD74HC597P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1. No purposefully added lead. 2. Part mounted
HD74HC612P   HD74HC612P HD74HC612P PDF Download 2 Frequency response also depends on the phase as
HD74HC616FPEL   HD74HC616FPEL HD74HC616FPEL PDF Download HIT 98 SOP Control input for gain dynamics (25 or 50dB), mut
HD74HC623FP   HD74HC623FP HD74HC623FP PDF Download Hitachi With the sense leads connected, the difference b
HD74HC623FPEL   HD74HC623FPEL HD74HC623FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99/P2   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
HD74HC623N   HD74HC623N HD74HC623N PDF Download HIT 97 The GS 702 transmitter controller has been desig
HD74HC623P   HD74HC623P HD74HC623P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 1997 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
HD74HC640   HD74HC640 HD74HC640 PDF Download Hitachi
HD74HC640FPEL   HD74HC640FPEL HD74HC640FPEL PDF Download RENESAS 03+ The HD74HC640FPEL is a fast SRAM with a nonvolat
HD74HC640FPTL   HD74HC640FPTL HD74HC640FPTL PDF Download HIT SMD 90 The configuration registers support mode selectio
HD74HC640P   HD74HC640P HD74HC640P PDF Download HIT DIP 0304+ The EB-2100x accommodates either a coaxial or an
HD74HC643   HD74HC643 HD74HC643 PDF Download 98+ SOP • Microcontroller support; only for control
HD74HC651P   HD74HC651P HD74HC651P PDF Download Hitachi Configuration of a single-ended input has been
HD74HC652P   HD74HC652P HD74HC652P PDF Download Hitachi Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
HD74HC668P   HD74HC668P HD74HC668P PDF Download Hitachi Features Include: Ideal for 1U High / Low Profi
HD74HC669FPER   HD74HC669FPER HD74HC669FPER PDF Download The control signals for the configuration memory
HD74HC669P   HD74HC669P HD74HC669P PDF Download HIT DIP 07+ shifting the character 4 data over one character
HD74HC670   HD74HC670 HD74HC670 PDF Download Hitachi Note: Human Body Model ESD test performance for t
HD74HC670FPEL   HD74HC670FPEL HD74HC670FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98+ Military temperature range Output skew 2.0 ns
HD74HC670FP-TL   HD74HC670FP-TL HD74HC670FP-TL PDF Download HITACHI The AHC126 devices are quadruple bus buffer gat
HD74HC670P   HD74HC670P HD74HC670P PDF Download Hitachi Hewlett-Packards HSMS-285A family of zero bias S
HD74HC673P   HD74HC673P HD74HC673P PDF Download 00 The LAN91C100FD is designed to facilitate the imp
HD74HC674P   HD74HC674P HD74HC674P PDF Download Hitachi The AHC240 devices are organized as two 4-bit b
HD74HC677P   HD74HC677P HD74HC677P PDF Download Hitachi Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
HD74HC682P   HD74HC682P HD74HC682P PDF Download HIT   POWER GROUND. Terminals 7 through 17 and
HD74HC684P   HD74HC684P HD74HC684P PDF Download 00 CE1 is active LOW and CE2 is active HIGH. Both ch
HD74HC688   HD74HC688 HD74HC688 PDF Download HIT SOP20 04+ Metallic environment and interferences Distance
HD74HC688C   HD74HC688C HD74HC688C PDF Download N/A NEC 04+ The Design Browser allows users to select and im
HD74HC688FP   HD74HC688FP HD74HC688FP PDF Download 96 Crystal Frequency(Note TCLK Frequency TCLK Duty
HD74HC688FPEL   HD74HC688FPEL HD74HC688FPEL PDF Download HIT 02 • 1.6KB TX FIFO to support maximum network
HD74HC688FPTR   HD74HC688FPTR HD74HC688FPTR PDF Download 92 SOP These Schottky diodes are specifi- cally designe
HD74HC688P   HD74HC688P HD74HC688P PDF Download HIT 01 Where: CL is the load capacitance as specified b
HD74HC699P   HD74HC699P HD74HC699P PDF Download interoperability and reliability risks. Integrat
HD74HC7266   HD74HC7266 HD74HC7266 PDF Download The MAX6806/MAX6807/MAX6808 feature internal hys-
HD74HC7266FP   HD74HC7266FP HD74HC7266FP PDF Download HITACHI 97
HD74HC7266FPEL   HD74HC7266FPEL HD74HC7266FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 97+ Read (READ) The READ instruction is the only ins
HD74HC7266P   HD74HC7266P HD74HC7266P PDF Download Hitachi It is recommended that CE be decoded and used as
HD74HC73   HD74HC73 HD74HC73 PDF Download HIT DIP14 This method of determining odd / even field infor
HD74HC73FP   HD74HC73FP HD74HC73FP PDF Download HIT will vary with supply voltage, switching frequenc
HD74HC73FPEL   HD74HC73FPEL HD74HC73FPEL PDF Download HIT 02+ TSSOP The UPA831TC contains one NE856 and one NE681 NP
HD74HC73P   HD74HC73P HD74HC73P PDF Download Hitachi 64K x 16 advanced high-speed CMOS Static RAM Equ
HD74HC74   HD74HC74 HD74HC74 PDF Download HIT TSOP TSOP Enhanced performance, new generation, high-volta
HD74HC74A   HD74HC74A HD74HC74A PDF Download HIT SMD 94 AØ, BØ & CØ- are the con
HD74HC74F   HD74HC74F HD74HC74F PDF Download 95 SOP   The K6F8016U6C families are fabricated by
HD74HC74FP   HD74HC74FP HD74HC74FP PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1991 These chip-type LEDs utilize aluminum indium g
HD74HC74FPEC   HD74HC74FPEC HD74HC74FPEC PDF Download 4 SOP This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
HD74HC74FPEL   HD74HC74FPEL HD74HC74FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2000   Single 5 V 10% Power Supply   Fully
HD74HC74FPER   HD74HC74FPER HD74HC74FPER PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 96 Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond
HD74HC74FP-ER   HD74HC74FP-ER HD74HC74FP-ER PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 1995 The Hynix HYM7V65801B Q-Series are 8Mx64bits Sync
HD74HC74FPLH   HD74HC74FPLH HD74HC74FPLH PDF Download HD SOP 07+ The choice of a specific 3B module depends upon
HD74HC74FPTL   HD74HC74FPTL HD74HC74FPTL PDF Download HIT SOP 96/P This is a positive edge-triggered phase and freq
HD74HC74FP-TL   HD74HC74FP-TL HD74HC74FP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 1988 Programming is performed exactly as it is in conv
HD74HC74FPTR   HD74HC74FPTR HD74HC74FPTR PDF Download HIT SOP14 94+ Figure 2 shows the basic transmission specificati
HD74HC74FPZEL   HD74HC74FPZEL HD74HC74FPZEL PDF Download HIT 05+ If one of the battery voltages becomes higher tha
HD74HC74P   HD74HC74P HD74HC74P PDF Download HIT DIP14 01+ ♦ Low Power: 511mW (fCLK = 100MHz) ♦
HD74HC74RFP   HD74HC74RFP HD74HC74RFP PDF Download A digitally adjustable voltage reference is usefu
HD74HC74RP   HD74HC74RP HD74HC74RP PDF Download HIT 02+ SOP/14 Also available under the following Standard Micr
HD74HC74RPEL   HD74HC74RPEL HD74HC74RPEL PDF Download 99 A simple sleep mode was incorporated in the modu
HD74HC74RP-EL   HD74HC74RP-EL HD74HC74RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP 93/P3 The purpose of this 54C/74C Family Characteristi
HD74HC74RP-RL   HD74HC74RP-RL HD74HC74RP-RL PDF Download HIT 92P3 975 The LED and RXD outputs are controlled by the
HD74HC74TEL   HD74HC74TEL HD74HC74TEL PDF Download HITACHI The LIS2L02AL has a full scale of 2g and it is
HD74HC74TELL   HD74HC74TELL HD74HC74TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/14 98+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
HD74HC74TEPL   HD74HC74TEPL HD74HC74TEPL PDF Download HITACHI SSOP  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
HD74HC75FP   HD74HC75FP HD74HC75FP PDF Download Hitachi † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HD74HC75FPEL   HD74HC75FPEL HD74HC75FPEL PDF Download HITACHI The programmable AND Array consists of 36 inputs
HD74HC75P   HD74HC75P HD74HC75P PDF Download HITACHI DIP 2000 The LIS2L02AL belongs to a family of products s
HD74HC75P-E   HD74HC75P-E HD74HC75P-E PDF Download The XRT75VL00D includes a Jitter Attenuator that
HD74HC76FP   HD74HC76FP HD74HC76FP PDF Download Hitachi Input gain control for FL, FR, C, SL, SR, and SW
HD74HC76FPEL   HD74HC76FPEL HD74HC76FPEL PDF Download HIT 04+ The TLV246x is a family of low-power rail-to-rai
HD74HC76P   HD74HC76P HD74HC76P PDF Download Hitachi Synchronizable or Constant Frequency Low Noise O
HD74HC77   HD74HC77 HD74HC77 PDF Download 96 SOP   ARM7TDMI™ ARM® Thumb® Proces
HD74HC77FP   HD74HC77FP HD74HC77FP PDF Download Hitachi a watchdog timer (except for STM704/795/806) as
HD74HC77FPEL   HD74HC77FPEL HD74HC77FPEL PDF Download HD SOP-14 97+ Bit Clock (For MPI)/Data Clock (For GCI). In MP
HD74HC77FPTR   HD74HC77FPTR HD74HC77FPTR PDF Download 2not subject to production test, specified by des
HD74HC83P   HD74HC83P HD74HC83P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ At the end of the rows containing the sysMEM Blo
HD74HC85   HD74HC85 HD74HC85 PDF Download Hitachi   The HDB3 Decoder is responsible for decod
HD74HC85FP   HD74HC85FP HD74HC85FP PDF Download RENESAS SOP   4.3 Screening (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV le
HD74HC85FPEL   HD74HC85FPEL HD74HC85FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 98+ The digitally controlled potentiometer is implem
HD74HC85FP-ER   HD74HC85FP-ER HD74HC85FP-ER PDF Download HD • High-speed access time: 70, 100, and 120
HD74HC85P   HD74HC85P HD74HC85P PDF Download HIT DIP 98 The HD74HC85P is a very high frequency video ampl
HD74HC86   HD74HC86 HD74HC86 PDF Download HD 93+ SMD The EP7311 is designed for ultra-low-power opera
HD74HC86E   HD74HC86E HD74HC86E PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ SDRAM device attributes: Minimum clock delay bac
HD74HC86FP   HD74HC86FP HD74HC86FP PDF Download 97 SOP The 153CMQ isolated, center tap Schottky rectifi
HD74HC86FPEL   HD74HC86FPEL HD74HC86FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP5.2 01+ (a) For a dual device surface mounted on 8 sq cm
HD74HC86FPLH   HD74HC86FPLH HD74HC86FPLH PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ A careful design optimizes the device for accura
HD74HC86FPTL   HD74HC86FPTL HD74HC86FPTL PDF Download Load Current Regulation. Because the device opera
HD74HC86FPTR   HD74HC86FPTR HD74HC86FPTR PDF Download HIT 95+ SOP14 The SC-1420 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
HD74HC86P   HD74HC86P HD74HC86P PDF Download HIT DIP 98+ The AHCT367 devices are designed specifically t
HD74HC86RP   HD74HC86RP HD74HC86RP PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-14L 2000 The HD74HC86RP is a Memory StickTM host interface
HD74HC86RPEL   HD74HC86RPEL HD74HC86RPEL PDF Download HITACHI 00+ CL includes probe and jig capacitance. In the e
HD74HC86RP-EL   HD74HC86RP-EL HD74HC86RP-EL PDF Download HIT 原装 00+ EPSEN is used in conjunction with Port 5 and Por
HD74HC86TEL   HD74HC86TEL HD74HC86TEL PDF Download HIT TSSOP/14 98+ The LVT162245 and LVTH162245 contains sixteen no
HD74HC86TELL   HD74HC86TELL HD74HC86TELL PDF Download   Well matched to the LM1236/46 CMOS preampl
HD74HC93FP   HD74HC93FP HD74HC93FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 95+ Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
HD74HC93FPEL   HD74HC93FPEL HD74HC93FPEL PDF Download RENESAS 03+ SOP-14 The LTC®1981/LTC1982 are low-power, self-cont
HD74HC93P   HD74HC93P HD74HC93P PDF Download HITACHI DIP-14 The standby function is provided by the STBY* c
HD74HC95P   HD74HC95P HD74HC95P PDF Download HIT 05+ • Eight Independent Channel 12-Bit DACs wit
HD74HCO4P   HD74HCO4P HD74HCO4P PDF Download Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
HD74HCOOP   HD74HCOOP HD74HCOOP PDF Download Setting the transceiver to SIR/MIR Mode (9.6 kb/
HD74HCT00C   HD74HCT00C HD74HCT00C PDF Download Frame Pulse ST-BUS/GCI 8.192 Mb/s (CMOS tristate
HD74HCT04AFP   HD74HCT04AFP HD74HCT04AFP PDF Download  Lead Temperature 1.6mm (1/16 inch) from ca
HD74HCT04AFPEL   HD74HCT04AFPEL HD74HCT04AFPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-14 07+   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier princ
HD74HCT125   HD74HCT125 HD74HCT125 PDF Download Hitachi s Sector Protection   A hardware method to
HD74HCT125FP   HD74HCT125FP HD74HCT125FP PDF Download Hitachi current level to keep the output in regulation. I
HD74HCT125FPEL   HD74HCT125FPEL HD74HCT125FPEL PDF Download HIT 01+03 SOP Lamp Type: 1X 32W T8 Lamp Line Input: 90-140VA
HD74HCT125FPTR   HD74HCT125FPTR HD74HCT125FPTR PDF Download HIT 07+ See Power Dissipation in the Applications section
HD74HCT125P   HD74HCT125P HD74HCT125P PDF Download HITACHI 99 Controller (MAC) for Supporting Standard Rates up
HD74HCT125R   HD74HCT125R HD74HCT125R PDF Download HITACHI 93+ 2896 Current Output, Sourcing Current Output, Sinki
HD74HCT125R-EL   HD74HCT125R-EL HD74HCT125R-EL PDF Download HIT 93 POWER-UP When power is first applied, power-on
HD74HCT125RP   HD74HCT125RP HD74HCT125RP PDF Download HIT 92P3   In the EDO page mode, read (data out) and
HD74HCT125RPEL   HD74HCT125RPEL HD74HCT125RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-14 94 (4C46) NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
HD74HCT125RP-EL   HD74HCT125RP-EL HD74HCT125RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 06+ Notes 1. Derate linearly from 25C at a rate of
HD74HCT125TEL   HD74HCT125TEL HD74HCT125TEL PDF Download HITACHI 2007 more than 40 dB rejection of the transmit-genera
HD74HCT125TELL   HD74HCT125TELL HD74HCT125TELL PDF Download 02
HD74HCT126   HD74HCT126 HD74HCT126 PDF Download Hitachi This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. T
HD74HCT126FPEL   HD74HCT126FPEL HD74HCT126FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 99+ Note:1. Please refer to crystal manufacturer spec
HD74HCT126RP   HD74HCT126RP HD74HCT126RP PDF Download When FECSEL2 = 0, VCOCLK = REFCLK * M. The user
HD74HCT138   HD74HCT138 HD74HCT138 PDF Download Hitachi detection, and an FSK voltage comparator which
HD74HCT138FP   HD74HCT138FP HD74HCT138FP PDF Download Hitachi Hitac his ser ia l EEP RO M ar e author iz ed fo
HD74HCT138FPEL   HD74HCT138FPEL HD74HCT138FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98+ functional operation of the device at these or a
HD74HCT138FPTR   HD74HCT138FPTR HD74HCT138FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 To integrate so many transistors on a piece of s
HD74HCT138P   HD74HCT138P HD74HCT138P PDF Download Hitachi The ispLSI 3320 is a High-Density Programmable L
HD74HCT138RFEL   HD74HCT138RFEL HD74HCT138RFEL PDF Download 日立 SOP 9828 Connecting the inhibit input (Pin 2) to input co
HD74HCT138RPEL   HD74HCT138RPEL HD74HCT138RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP3.9mm-16L 1994 The LTC®1821 is a parallel input 16-bit multi
HD74HCT138RP-EL   HD74HCT138RP-EL HD74HCT138RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI SO16/3.9 94+   The voltage offset of the PA03 may be ext
HD74HCT138TELL   HD74HCT138TELL HD74HCT138TELL PDF Download q NEW DMOS TOPOLOGY:   Ultra Low Dropout Vo
HD74HCT1G02CME   HD74HCT1G02CME HD74HCT1G02CME PDF Download RENESAS SOT-353 05+ Chip ground. Current return for both the low-sid
HD74HCT1G04CM   HD74HCT1G04CM HD74HCT1G04CM PDF Download Hitachi The ATF1502ASV macrocell output can be selected
HD74HCT1G04CME   HD74HCT1G04CME HD74HCT1G04CME PDF Download HITACHI Note 11: Output resistance (ROUT) models all vol
HD74HCT1G08CME   HD74HCT1G08CME HD74HCT1G08CME PDF Download • High performance 1:10 clock driver for g
HD74HCT1G14CME   HD74HCT1G14CME HD74HCT1G14CME PDF Download   Positive CML Output with Operating Range:
HD74HCT1G32CM   HD74HCT1G32CM HD74HCT1G32CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ Keep safety first in your circuit designs! 1. R
HD74HCT1G32CME   HD74HCT1G32CME HD74HCT1G32CME PDF Download . . 03+ The Delta39K/Ultra37000 ISR Programming Kit enabl
HD74HCT1G94CM   HD74HCT1G94CM HD74HCT1G94CM PDF Download renesas/Hitachi SOT-353 06+ Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
HD74HCT23AP   HD74HCT23AP HD74HCT23AP PDF Download By means of an external distance resistor on the
HD74HCT240   HD74HCT240 HD74HCT240 PDF Download Hitachi Min. Typ. Max. UnitsConditions  30CCC CCCVV
HD74HCT240FP   HD74HCT240FP HD74HCT240FP PDF Download HIT SOP20 03+ Protection circuitry is provided onboard for ove
HD74HCT240FPEL   HD74HCT240FPEL HD74HCT240FPEL PDF Download Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure abo
HD74HCT240FP-TR   HD74HCT240FP-TR HD74HCT240FP-TR PDF Download HIT SOP 07+ The information contined here concerns products i
HD74HCT240P   HD74HCT240P HD74HCT240P PDF Download HIT 05+ The OPA860 is a versatile monolithic component
HD74HCT241FPEL   HD74HCT241FPEL HD74HCT241FPEL PDF Download  Nonlinearity  Alignment Error2  
HD74HCT241P   HD74HCT241P HD74HCT241P PDF Download Hitachi The PS-R11 photo switches are composed of a modul
HD74HCT243P   HD74HCT243P HD74HCT243P PDF Download Hitachi The Micro6 package with its customized leadframe
HD74HCT244   HD74HCT244 HD74HCT244 PDF Download HITACHI 08+ Upon applying a reverse-polarity voltage to the D
HD74HCT244FP   HD74HCT244FP HD74HCT244FP PDF Download Hitachi Added Package Pins to GPIO Table in Section 8. Re
HD74HCT244FPEL   HD74HCT244FPEL HD74HCT244FPEL PDF Download HIT 98 An example of this situation is a power op amp c
HD74HCT244FPVEL   HD74HCT244FPVEL HD74HCT244FPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP   For driving the N-Channel gates, it is im
HD74HCT244P   HD74HCT244P HD74HCT244P PDF Download HIT DIP 99 The instruction and data caches operate independ
HD74HCT244PF   HD74HCT244PF HD74HCT244PF PDF Download HIT SMD 2000 The AC258 is a quad 2-input multiplexer with 3-s
HD74HCT244RP   HD74HCT244RP HD74HCT244RP PDF Download HIT SOP 06+   Leads are Readily Solderable • Lead
HD74HCT244RPEL   HD74HCT244RPEL HD74HCT244RPEL PDF Download Applying a LOW to the INIT input causes an immedi
HD74HCT244RP-EL   HD74HCT244RP-EL HD74HCT244RP-EL PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Guaranteed AC performance over temperatu
HD74HCT244-RPVEL   HD74HCT244-RPVEL HD74HCT244-RPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02+ Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
HD74HCT244TELL   HD74HCT244TELL HD74HCT244TELL PDF Download RENESAS SSOP 2004 The LMS1585A and LMS1587 are low dropout positiv
HD74HCT244TVEL   HD74HCT244TVEL HD74HCT244TVEL PDF Download The COP820CJ is a member of the COP8TM 8-bit Micr
HD74HCT244TVELL   HD74HCT244TVELL HD74HCT244TVELL PDF Download 02 Note 1: Limits are 100% production tested at TA =
HD74HCT244TVELL-E   HD74HCT244TVELL-E HD74HCT244TVELL-E PDF Download RENESAS SSOP 2003 Photodiode, Operational Amplifier, and Feedback
HD74HCT245   HD74HCT245 HD74HCT245 PDF Download HITACHI signal processing, and are commonly used in digi
HD74HCT245FP   HD74HCT245FP HD74HCT245FP PDF Download HIT SOP N/A Reset will terminate any operation, e.g., Read, E
HD74HCT245FPEL   HD74HCT245FPEL HD74HCT245FPEL PDF Download 00 In addition to determining the off time during a
HD74HCT245P   HD74HCT245P HD74HCT245P PDF Download HIT 2001 For the purposes of simplification, the following
HD74HCT245RP   HD74HCT245RP HD74HCT245RP PDF Download HIT 2002+ SOP-20 Minimum time between read command (i.e., a write
HD74HCT245RPEL   HD74HCT245RPEL HD74HCT245RPEL PDF Download HIT SOP-20 7.2mm 92 (2L26)
HD74HCT245RPVEL   HD74HCT245RPVEL HD74HCT245RPVEL PDF Download HITACHI For conditions shown as Max. or Min., use approp
HD74HCT245TELL   HD74HCT245TELL HD74HCT245TELL PDF Download HIT TSSOP 02+ Reference clock. GTx_CLK is a continuous externa
HD74HCT245TVEL   HD74HCT245TVEL HD74HCT245TVEL PDF Download To set the new VTRIP voltage, apply the desired
HD74HCT245TVELL   HD74HCT245TVELL HD74HCT245TVELL PDF Download 99 A recommended PCB pad layout for the miniature S
HD74HCT24AP   HD74HCT24AP HD74HCT24AP PDF Download HIT 90 This IC contains a zener clamp structure between
HD74HCT373   HD74HCT373 HD74HCT373 PDF Download Hitachi Notes: (1) See SOA curves or consult factory for
HD74HCT373FP   HD74HCT373FP HD74HCT373FP PDF Download Hitachi Four of the nine instructions end with the trans
HD74HCT373FPEL   HD74HCT373FPEL HD74HCT373FPEL PDF Download HIT SMD 03+ (1) MTTF calculator available at http://www.moto
HD74HCT373FP-TL   HD74HCT373FP-TL HD74HCT373FP-TL PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1991 The LM4040 utilizes fuse and zener-zap reverse b
HD74HCT373P   HD74HCT373P HD74HCT373P PDF Download 97 The ISL6440 monitors all the output voltages. A
HD74HCT373RP   HD74HCT373RP HD74HCT373RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P1 A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
HD74HCT373RPEL   HD74HCT373RPEL HD74HCT373RPEL PDF Download HITACHI − Conforms to USB specification Rev. 1.1
HD74HCT373RP-Q   HD74HCT373RP-Q HD74HCT373RP-Q PDF Download HIT SOP 07+/08+
HD74HCT373RPVEL   HD74HCT373RPVEL HD74HCT373RPVEL PDF Download HIT SMD 99 Devices with a date code prior to 0425 (manufactu
HD74HCT373TELL   HD74HCT373TELL HD74HCT373TELL PDF Download HTT N/A 98+ AMDs unique I/O macrocell offers major benefits
HD74HCT373TVELL   HD74HCT373TVELL HD74HCT373TVELL PDF Download HITACHI 2000 975 The dMAX controller includes features such as th
HD74HCT374   HD74HCT374 HD74HCT374 PDF Download Hitachi The PI90SD1636A is a single chip, Gigabit Ethern
HD74HCT374FPEL   HD74HCT374FPEL HD74HCT374FPEL PDF Download RENESAS B ild / Fig. 9 G renzstrom je Zweig (OV)M . Bel
HD74HCT374FP-TE2   HD74HCT374FP-TE2 HD74HCT374FP-TE2 PDF Download HIT SOP20 04+ NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
HD74HCT374FPVEL   HD74HCT374FPVEL HD74HCT374FPVEL PDF Download Data Registers (DR3 to DR0) The potentiometer h
HD74HCT374P   HD74HCT374P HD74HCT374P PDF Download HIT 2001 The KESRX05 is a single chip ASK (Amplitude Shif
HD74HCT374RP   HD74HCT374RP HD74HCT374RP PDF Download HIT SOP 92P1 This series of Schottky diode chips are specific
HD74HCT374RPEL   HD74HCT374RPEL HD74HCT374RPEL PDF Download HITACHI 9746 The HD74HCT374RPEL is a high-bandwidth FET bus s
HD74HCT374RP-EL   HD74HCT374RP-EL HD74HCT374RP-EL PDF Download HIT SOP   2.7V to 3.6V on A-port and 4.5V to 5.5V o
HD74HCT374RPU   HD74HCT374RPU HD74HCT374RPU PDF Download HIT SOP The PTN78020A operates over an input voltage ran
HD74HCT374RPUEL   HD74HCT374RPUEL HD74HCT374RPUEL PDF Download HIT SOP At the end of the phase 1, the voltage across th
HD74HCT374RPVEL   HD74HCT374RPVEL HD74HCT374RPVEL PDF Download HIT SOP7.2 98+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
HD74HCT533P   HD74HCT533P HD74HCT533P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Parallel to Serial Conversion   In OC3 mod
HD74HCT534FP   HD74HCT534FP HD74HCT534FP PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
HD74HCT534P   HD74HCT534P HD74HCT534P PDF Download Hitachi Integrated Single-Chip 10/100 Ethernet Switch &#
HD74HCT536P   HD74HCT536P HD74HCT536P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Almost full/almost empty flag. Depth-offset valu
HD74HCT540FPEL   HD74HCT540FPEL HD74HCT540FPEL PDF Download HITACHI 01+ SOP Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
HD74HCT540P   HD74HCT540P HD74HCT540P PDF Download Hitachi The total power consumption is then simplified t
HD74HCT541   HD74HCT541 HD74HCT541 PDF Download Hitachi Radiation Hardness: - Total Dose 1MRad(Si) - Si
HD74HCT541FP   HD74HCT541FP HD74HCT541FP PDF Download The HD74HCT541FP is a 10-bit monolithic sampling
HD74HCT541FPEL   HD74HCT541FPEL HD74HCT541FPEL PDF Download RENESAS 04+ SOP-20(p/b) IEC 1000-4-2, -4 & -5 Industry Requirements
HD74HCT541FPV   HD74HCT541FPV HD74HCT541FPV PDF Download HIT 97   These numbers are measured with the load
HD74HCT541P   HD74HCT541P HD74HCT541P PDF Download Hitachi • Rated isolation voltage (RMS includes DC
HD74HCT541RPEL   HD74HCT541RPEL HD74HCT541RPEL PDF Download HI 04 The 7640 group, an enhanced family of CMOS 8-bit
HD74HCT541TELL   HD74HCT541TELL HD74HCT541TELL PDF Download HITACHI TSSOP 04+ • Integrated Adaptive Receive Equalization
HD74HCT563P   HD74HCT563P HD74HCT563P PDF Download HIT Most high-speed ADCs that sample more than sever
HD74HCT564FP   HD74HCT564FP HD74HCT564FP PDF Download Hitachi This series of hermetic packaged MOSFETs are ide
HD74HCT564P   HD74HCT564P HD74HCT564P PDF Download HIT This document is a general product description an
HD74HCT573P   HD74HCT573P HD74HCT573P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Clock 155.52MHz (LVDS output). Differential outpu
HD74HCT574FP   HD74HCT574FP HD74HCT574FP PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ 7. The input bias currents are junction leakage
HD74HCT574FPEL   HD74HCT574FPEL HD74HCT574FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP20 04+ ISINK = 3.2mA, VCC = 4.25V ISOURCE = 0.1mA Outp
HD74HCT574P   HD74HCT574P HD74HCT574P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
HD74HCT620P   HD74HCT620P HD74HCT620P PDF Download Hitachi Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
HD74HCT640P   HD74HCT640P HD74HCT640P PDF Download HIT For years, Fox has been ranked as Americas prefer
HD74HCT643P   HD74HCT643P HD74HCT643P PDF Download Hitachi • Excellent Appearance • Slim Font
HD74HCT688FPEL   HD74HCT688FPEL HD74HCT688FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 98+ The capacitor type used for C1 and C2 is not crit
HD74HCT688FP-EL   HD74HCT688FP-EL HD74HCT688FP-EL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 98+ The format for all instructions sent to the devi
HD74HCT688P   HD74HCT688P HD74HCT688P PDF Download Hitachi Low Cost Complete H-Bridge 8 Amp Capability, 75
HD74HLS125AFPEL   HD74HLS125AFPEL HD74HLS125AFPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-14P 00+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
HD74HLS367AFPEL   HD74HLS367AFPEL HD74HLS367AFPEL PDF Download and low Vcc,131,072-word by 8-bit CMOS static RAM
HD74HS27   HD74HS27 HD74HS27 PDF Download The CPU clock offers the unique feature of smooth
HD74HS973FPEL   HD74HS973FPEL HD74HS973FPEL PDF Download An external inhibit port is provided to control
HD74JC02FP   HD74JC02FP HD74JC02FP PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The HD74JC02FP is a COMMON EMITTER transistor ca
HD74L157   HD74L157 HD74L157 PDF Download HIT DIP
HD74L586P   HD74L586P HD74L586P PDF Download The serializer transmits serialized data and app
HD74L8195AP   HD74L8195AP HD74L8195AP PDF Download Special handling is required for Flash Memory pro
HD74LC244AFPEL   HD74LC244AFPEL HD74LC244AFPEL PDF Download HITACHI 704 Case: JEDEC DO-214AA molded plastic body Termina
HD74LC244FPEL   HD74LC244FPEL HD74LC244FPEL PDF Download • Single power supply. • Crystal/Rin
HD74LCV08TELL   HD74LCV08TELL HD74LCV08TELL PDF Download HIT SMD 97+   3.3 Electrical performance characteristics
HD74LD245P   HD74LD245P HD74LD245P PDF Download N/A DIP 98 Features:   Operates from 2.4V to 26V supp
HD74LHX244A   HD74LHX244A HD74LHX244A PDF Download HITACHI The product term array in the FLASH370i logic bl
HD74LS00   HD74LS00 HD74LS00 PDF Download 92 The FM local oscillator consists of a transistor
HD74LS00-A   HD74LS00-A HD74LS00-A PDF Download • 2 0.7 amp. full bridge outputs •
HD74LS00FP   HD74LS00FP HD74LS00FP PDF Download HITACHI SMD 1993 The IS25Cxx is enabled through the Chip Select p
HD74LS00FPEL   HD74LS00FPEL HD74LS00FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P2 A 75 Ω termination resistor with short trac
HD74LS00FPER   HD74LS00FPER HD74LS00FPER PDF Download HIT SOP-14 96+ The matte tin finish on Sirenzas lead-free packag
HD74LS00FPT   HD74LS00FPT HD74LS00FPT PDF Download HIT 08+ RESET: This active low input causes a chip reset
HD74LS00FPTL   HD74LS00FPTL HD74LS00FPTL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 07+ The 5002C is an audio/video switching device. The
HD74LS00FP-TL   HD74LS00FP-TL HD74LS00FP-TL PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 1991 The terminator's internal power is dissipated pr
HD74LS00FPTR   HD74LS00FPTR HD74LS00FPTR PDF Download HITACHI 744 These SiGe HBT amplifiers exhibit a soft breakdow
HD74LS00FREL   HD74LS00FREL HD74LS00FREL PDF Download HITACHI SOT 93+ out-of-lock with the input reference. The LOL con
HD74LS00P   HD74LS00P HD74LS00P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP Primary-Secondary Isolation Electrical isolation
HD74LS00PLEADFREE   HD74LS00PLEADFREE HD74LS00PLEADFREE PDF Download SENSE (Pin 4): This pin performs two functions. I
HD74LS00RP   HD74LS00RP HD74LS00RP PDF Download Hitachi A proprietary process is used to create a surfac
HD74LS00RPEL   HD74LS00RPEL HD74LS00RPEL PDF Download HIT 3.9MM 04+ The HD74LS00RPEL offers the advantages of lower p
HD74LS00RP-EL   HD74LS00RP-EL HD74LS00RP-EL PDF Download HITACHI 92 1678 FXL translators offer an advantage in that eithe
HD74LS01   HD74LS01 HD74LS01 PDF Download Hitachi FEATURES 256 Positions 10 k , 100 k , 1 M Low
HD74LS01FPEL   HD74LS01FPEL HD74LS01FPEL PDF Download Protection is guaranteed in terms of short-circu
HD74LS01N   HD74LS01N HD74LS01N PDF Download Copyright © 2002 Lattice Semiconductor Corp
HD74LS01P   HD74LS01P HD74LS01P PDF Download 03+ • Communications Equipment   Routers,
HD74LS02   HD74LS02 HD74LS02 PDF Download TI DIP 08+ Chip Select : Enables or disables all inputs exce
HD74LS02AR   HD74LS02AR HD74LS02AR PDF Download HIT Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
HD74LS02FP   HD74LS02FP HD74LS02FP PDF Download HIT 98/P2 The K3P7V(U)1000B-YC is a fully static mask progr
HD74LS02FPEL   HD74LS02FPEL HD74LS02FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02/P2 Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
HD74LS02FPER   HD74LS02FPER HD74LS02FPER PDF Download HIT SOP 93 2. The minimum load current is the minimum curre
HD74LS02FPFL   HD74LS02FPFL HD74LS02FPFL PDF Download HIT SOP 97/P2 Surface-mount technology can be applied to the C
HD74LS02FPQ   HD74LS02FPQ HD74LS02FPQ PDF Download HIT SOP 07+/08+
HD74LS02P   HD74LS02P HD74LS02P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
HD74LS02PBEL   HD74LS02PBEL HD74LS02PBEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-14 00+ Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
HD74LS02RP   HD74LS02RP HD74LS02RP PDF Download HIT SOP 1994 The ADSP-TS202S TigerSHARC processor is an ultra
HD74LS02RPEL   HD74LS02RPEL HD74LS02RPEL PDF Download HIT 3.9MM 98+ The graphs on the following pages illustrate the
HD74LS02RP-EL   HD74LS02RP-EL HD74LS02RP-EL PDF Download N/A SOP 07+   L1 MIWU or CKX   L2 MIWU or TDX &nb
HD74LS02SPFEL   HD74LS02SPFEL HD74LS02SPFEL PDF Download HIT 98 2. Instruction X just changes its data field (in
HD74LS03   HD74LS03 HD74LS03 PDF Download HIT SMD SMD Guaranteed by design. Regulation is measured at
HD74LS03FP   HD74LS03FP HD74LS03FP PDF Download HIT SOP14 The LM78LXX is available in the plastic TO-92 (Z
HD74LS03FPEL   HD74LS03FPEL HD74LS03FPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP-14 9710+   Information present at any register is tr
HD74LS03P   HD74LS03P HD74LS03P PDF Download 03+ • Selectable 150 Ω and 100 Ω ter
HD74LS03P-E-Q   HD74LS03P-E-Q HD74LS03P-E-Q PDF Download RENESAS 05/06+ Address, data inputs, and write controls are regi
HD74LS03P-Q   HD74LS03P-Q HD74LS03P-Q PDF Download
HD74LS04   HD74LS04 HD74LS04 PDF Download 94 AutoShutdown is a trademark of Maxim Integrated P
HD74LS048   HD74LS048 HD74LS048 PDF Download DIP 96 HY57V281620B(L)T is offering fully synchronous op
HD74LS04D   HD74LS04D HD74LS04D PDF Download HITACHI   The LX1744 is a compact high efficiency
HD74LS04FL   HD74LS04FL HD74LS04FL PDF Download HITACHI 08+ • TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
HD74LS04FP   HD74LS04FP HD74LS04FP PDF Download HIT SOP-14 00+ The 56800 core is based on a Harvard-style archi
HD74LS04FPEL   HD74LS04FPEL HD74LS04FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02/P2 The command sequences are written by applying a
HD74LS04FPER   HD74LS04FPER HD74LS04FPER PDF Download 94
HD74LS04FP-T1   HD74LS04FP-T1 HD74LS04FP-T1 PDF Download HIT 08+ NOTES: 1. 'X' in part numbers indicates power ra
HD74LS04FPTL   HD74LS04FPTL HD74LS04FPTL PDF Download HIT 94+ SOP14 The DS1330 256k NV SRAMs are 262,144-bit, fully s
HD74LS04FPTR   HD74LS04FPTR HD74LS04FPTR PDF Download HIT 91+ When a product has been in production for a peri
HD74LS04FP-TR   HD74LS04FP-TR HD74LS04FP-TR PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm-14L 1998   Please be aware that an important notice
HD74LS04G   HD74LS04G HD74LS04G PDF Download Hitachi The DDX-2100 Power Device is a dual channel H-Br
HD74LS04P   HD74LS04P HD74LS04P PDF Download HIT DIP DIP But, problems arise if you must connect two comp
HD74LS04P-E-Q   HD74LS04P-E-Q HD74LS04P-E-Q PDF Download REN DIP 8 Approximately 10ns after the rising edge of the
HD74LS04R-EL   HD74LS04R-EL HD74LS04R-EL PDF Download HIT 92 The SPT1018 has 10 KH and 100K ECL logic level c
HD74LS04RFEL   HD74LS04RFEL HD74LS04RFEL PDF Download HIT 00+ Notes: 1. The nominal thermal resistance of a d
HD74LS04RP   HD74LS04RP HD74LS04RP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HD74LS04RP series are highly precise, low po
HD74LS04RPEL   HD74LS04RPEL HD74LS04RPEL PDF Download HITACHI SOP 2002 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
HD74LS04RP-EL   HD74LS04RP-EL HD74LS04RP-EL PDF Download HIT . Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
HD74LS04RP-Q   HD74LS04RP-Q HD74LS04RP-Q PDF Download   Single chip teletext IC   Analog CVB
HD74LS05   HD74LS05 HD74LS05 PDF Download HIT 90 The HY638100 is a high-speed 131,072 x 8-bits CMO
HD74LS05FPDEL   HD74LS05FPDEL HD74LS05FPDEL PDF Download HIT SOP 00P2 Winbonds I1800 ChipCorder® provides high-qual
HD74LS05FPEL   HD74LS05FPEL HD74LS05FPEL PDF Download HIT SOP 02/P2 Layout 50 ps Channel-to-Channel Skew (Typ) 200
HD74LS05FPTL   HD74LS05FPTL HD74LS05FPTL PDF Download HIT 07+ protection, and an input under- voltage lockout
HD74LS05FPTR   HD74LS05FPTR HD74LS05FPTR PDF Download HIT 96 Initial Release Updated Minimum Voltage Conditio
HD74LS05G   HD74LS05G HD74LS05G PDF Download Hitachi Data transfer starts with the falling edge of th
HD74LS05P   HD74LS05P HD74LS05P PDF Download HIT