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Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Reset (RS) cycle. This causes the FIFO to enter the Empty condition signified by EF being LOW. All data outputs (Q0C8) go LOW tRSF after the rising edge of RS. In order for the FIFO to reset to its default state, the user must not read or write while RS is LOW. All flags are guaranteed to be valid tRSF after RS is taken LOW.
The HEF40106B is available in the 10-pin MSOP package, making the entire converter occupy less than 0.15 in2 of PCB area with components on one side only. The 10-pin MSOP package is specified for operation over the full -40C to +85C temperature range.
The HEF40106B provides four output clocks: SSCLK1a, SSCLK1b, SSCLK2, and REFOUT. SSCLK1a/b and SSCLK2 are modulated clocks and REFOUT is a buffered copy of the reference clock or oscillator. The HEF40106B frequency and spread % ranges are selected by programming S0, S1, S2, and S3 digital inputs. S0 and S1 use three (3) logic states including High (H), Low (L), and Middle (M) to select one of nine available frequency and spread % ranges. Refer to Figure 2 for details on programming three level inputs S0 and
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
HEF01   HEF01 HEF01 PDF Download ONS SOP8 Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Posit
HEF01CP   HEF01CP HEF01CP PDF Download Each I/O macrocell, as shown in Figure 4, consist
HEF-02HJ8   HEF-02HJ8 HEF-02HJ8 PDF Download For driving the N-Channel gates, it is important
HEF14012BTD   HEF14012BTD HEF14012BTD PDF Download The software Block Erase mode is initiated by iss
HEF14025BT   HEF14025BT HEF14025BT PDF Download The HPND-4018, 4028, and 4038 beam lead PIN diod
HEF1402BP   HEF1402BP HEF1402BP PDF Download The AD5429/AD5439/AD54491 are CMOS 8-, 10-, and 1
HEF14556   HEF14556 HEF14556 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ Note 4: Excludes external resistor. In order to c
HEF16   HEF16 HEF16 PDF Download C 16-bit Timer with 8-bit Prescaler, and Watchdo
HEF196   HEF196 HEF196 PDF Download 98 Turbo codes improves a transmission link by an a
HEF2007AT   HEF2007AT HEF2007AT PDF Download PHIL SOP-3.9mm 9997+ This center tap Schottky rectifier has been opti
HEF232CB   HEF232CB HEF232CB PDF Download HEF SMD 94 In most applications, the chip address inputs A0
HEF2BE0920   HEF2BE0920 HEF2BE0920 PDF Download PANASONIC 2004 The HPR1XX Series uses advanced circuit design a
HEF37F8805   HEF37F8805 HEF37F8805 PDF Download After the power-up sequence of bits is transmitt
HEF4000BD   HEF4000BD HEF4000BD PDF Download PHILIPS . 90+
HEF4000BP   HEF4000BP HEF4000BP PDF Download 84 Ratiometricity   Ratiometricity simply mea
HEF4000BPN   HEF4000BPN HEF4000BPN PDF Download The THELMA process is utilized to create a surfa
HEF4000BT   HEF4000BT HEF4000BT PDF Download PHI SOIC-16/5.2mm 93 DESCRIPTION The 74LVCZ161284A contains eight hi
HEF4000BTD   HEF4000BTD HEF4000BTD PDF Download As an example lets find the total power consumpt
HEF4001   HEF4001 HEF4001 PDF Download During packet reception the TPA and TPB transmit
HEF4001BD   HEF4001BD HEF4001BD PDF Download PHI CDIP14 87/85+ A. These materials are intended as a reference t
HEF4001BDB   HEF4001BDB HEF4001BDB PDF Download S 陶DIP14 Short Circuit Current Output Current Transitio
HEF4001BP   HEF4001BP HEF4001BP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 1996 Low voltage noise density of 2.1nV/Hz and -88dBc
HEF4001BP652   HEF4001BP652 HEF4001BP652 PDF Download PHILIPS The attached spice model describes the typical el
HEF4001BPN   HEF4001BPN HEF4001BPN PDF Download PH 07+   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
HEF4001BT   HEF4001BT HEF4001BT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 2002 When the Output Enable input (OE) is HIGH, the o
HEF4001BT(LF)   HEF4001BT(LF) HEF4001BT(LF) PDF Download • System Integration Module (SIM07), Incor
HEF4001BT(PB)   HEF4001BT(PB) HEF4001BT(PB) PDF Download All voltages are referenced to VSS. Operating VI
HEF4001BT.652   HEF4001BT.652 HEF4001BT.652 PDF Download Buffer addressing is referenced in the datasheet
HEF4001BT.653   HEF4001BT.653 HEF4001BT.653 PDF Download PHILIPS 2005 Cartesian amplitude and phase modulation 1.5 GH
HEF4001BT/T3   HEF4001BT/T3 HEF4001BT/T3 PDF Download • Error handling; stream dependent error ha
HEF4001BT652   HEF4001BT652 HEF4001BT652 PDF Download PH 07+ At time t3, the VGD supply has dropped below its
HEF4001BT653   HEF4001BT653 HEF4001BT653 PDF Download PHILIPS
HEF4001BTD   HEF4001BTD HEF4001BTD PDF Download PH SOP 9935 The SN74AVCH20T245 is designed for asynchronous
HEF4001BTD-T   HEF4001BTD-T HEF4001BTD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The PHY-link interface can follow either the IEE
HEF4001BTPH   HEF4001BTPH HEF4001BTPH PDF Download Note A: All data listed in the above graphs, exc
HEF4001BTR   HEF4001BTR HEF4001BTR PDF Download PHILIPS O7+   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
HEF4001UBD   HEF4001UBD HEF4001UBD PDF Download PHI   Power supply voltage range : 6 V to 13.5
HEF4001UBP   HEF4001UBP HEF4001UBP PDF Download PHILIPS 8205 FEATURES lOptions :-   10mm lead spread -
HEF4001UBT   HEF4001UBT HEF4001UBT PDF Download PHI