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There are no user serviceable parts nor any maintenance required for the HFBR-5710L. All adjustments are made at the factory before shipment to our customers. Tampering with, modifying, misusing or improp- erly handling the HFBR-5710L will void the product warranty. It may also result in improper operation of the HFBR-5710L circuitry, and possible overstress of the laser source. Device degradation or Product failure may result. Connection of the HFBR-5710L to a non-Gigabit Ethernet-compliant optical source, operating above the recommended absolute maximum conditions or operating the HFBR-5710L in a manner inconsistent with its design and function may result in hazardous radiation exposure and may be considered an act of modifying or manufacturing a laser product. The person(s) performing such an act is required by law to re- certify and re-identify the laser product under the provisions of U.S. 21 CFR (Subchapter J).
• Fast: Optimized for medium operating   frequencies ( 1-5 kHz in hard switching, >20   kHz in resonant mode). • Generation 4 IGBT design provides tighter   parameter distribution and higher efficiency than   Generation 3 • IGBT co-packaged with HEXFREDTM ultrafast,   ultra-soft-recovery anti-parallel diodes for use   in bridge configurations • Industry standard D2Pak package
tection for the output transistors is provided to limit internal power dissipation. If internal power dissipation becomes too high for the heat sinking provided, the thermal shutdown cir- cuit takes over preventing the IC from overheating.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
HIP0045AB   HIP0045AB HIP0045AB PDF Download HARRIS SOP24 00+ Complete Development Tools  ❐ Free
HIP0045ABT   HIP0045ABT HIP0045ABT PDF Download    This low failure rate represents d
HIP0050   HIP0050 HIP0050 PDF Download HARRIS 95+ SOP24 Collector power dissipation Junction temperatu
HIP00501B   HIP00501B HIP00501B PDF Download HARRIS FEATURES Requires very few external components
HIP00501P   HIP00501P HIP00501P PDF Download HARRIS INT is an open-drain output. This allows alarm I
HIP0050IB   HIP0050IB HIP0050IB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 2007+ WEN2-WEN2B, WEN3-WEN3B and WEN4-WEN4B are LVDS i
HIP0050IB96   HIP0050IB96 HIP0050IB96 PDF Download The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
HIP0050IB96S2300   HIP0050IB96S2300 HIP0050IB96S2300 PDF Download Note 8: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
HIP0050IP   HIP0050IP HIP0050IP PDF Download INTERSIL DIP 06+ ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
HIP00511B   HIP00511B HIP00511B PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Digital decimation and filtering circuitry is em
HIP0051IB   HIP0051IB HIP0051IB PDF Download HARRIS SOP20 95+/00+/01+ The transmitter accepts CMOS logic level clock (
HIP0051P   HIP0051P HIP0051P PDF Download HAR 99+
HIP0060AB   HIP0060AB HIP0060AB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 2007+
HIP0060ABR   HIP0060ABR HIP0060ABR PDF Download intersil SOP-24 06+ Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connectio
HIP0060ABR3318   HIP0060ABR3318 HIP0060ABR3318 PDF Download Double Baud rate bit. When set to a 1, the baud
HIP0060ABTS2357   HIP0060ABTS2357 HIP0060ABTS2357 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT139 are high-speed, dual 2-to-4 line
HIP0060CB   HIP0060CB HIP0060CB PDF Download HARRIS SMD Pb−Free Packages are Available Small Compa
HIP0060H   HIP0060H HIP0060H PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ range of input supply voltage. The lower current
HIP0060IB   HIP0060IB HIP0060IB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-24P 07+ The scaled-down output voltage is internally mon
HIP0061   HIP0061 HIP0061 PDF Download HAR TO263 6+ Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
HIP0061AS1   HIP0061AS1 HIP0061AS1 PDF Download HAR TO220 TO220 HY57V12420 is offering fully synchronous operatio
HIP0061AS1(AS2)   HIP0061AS1(AS2) HIP0061AS1(AS2) PDF Download HARRIS 2008 CLK Pin   The CLK pin is used to provide a
HIP0061AS2   HIP0061AS2 HIP0061AS2 PDF Download HAR TO220-7P 6+ Hynix HYMD232646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
HIP0061-AS2   HIP0061-AS2 HIP0061-AS2 PDF Download   The devices described in this document ar
HIP0061AS2TS2357   HIP0061AS2TS2357 HIP0061AS2TS2357 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Measured with outputs open. 2. Refres
HIP0061ASZ   HIP0061ASZ HIP0061ASZ PDF Download INTERSIL SOT263-7 0449+PB The information provided herein is believed to b
HIP0063AB   HIP0063AB HIP0063AB PDF Download A single heat source, centered in the silicon ch
HIP0080   HIP0080 HIP0080 PDF Download HAS PLCC28 03/+04+ 2. Controls low-level analog signals PhotoMOS re
HIP0080AM   HIP0080AM HIP0080AM PDF Download HARRIS PLCC28 95+ The 7C265 offers a limited selection of programm
HIP0080AMR4557   HIP0080AMR4557 HIP0080AMR4557 PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
HIP0081   HIP0081 HIP0081 PDF Download HARRIS 878 ZIP15 AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
HIP0081AB   HIP0081AB HIP0081AB PDF Download INTERSIL   While the LH28F008SA requires an operatio
HIP0081AS   HIP0081AS HIP0081AS PDF Download HARRIS ZIP 06+ The SPI protocol is controlled by op-codes. Thes
HIP0081AS1   HIP0081AS1 HIP0081AS1 PDF Download INTERSIL ZIP15 N/A Pin Compatible with IRFT001 P and N Channel MOSF
HIP0081AS1(AS2)   HIP0081AS1(AS2) HIP0081AS1(AS2) PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Before a Start condition is detected, CS, CLK, a
HIP0081AS1(R4561)   HIP0081AS1(R4561) HIP0081AS1(R4561) PDF Download Thermal Protection The FAN2502/03 is designed to
HIP0081AS2   HIP0081AS2 HIP0081AS2 PDF Download INTERSIL SIP-15 01+ These Hitachi MultiMediaCards support a second i
HIP0081ASI   HIP0081ASI HIP0081ASI PDF Download ZIP drive 50Ω transmission lines. Matched impe
HIP0082   HIP0082 HIP0082 PDF Download HARRS SOP-20 The functionality of each circuit block is custo
HIP0082AB   HIP0082AB HIP0082AB PDF Download HARRIS A current booster is not a stand-alone product,
HIP0082AS1   HIP0082AS1 HIP0082AS1 PDF Download 99 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
HIP0082AS2   HIP0082AS2 HIP0082AS2 PDF Download INSTERSIL 0031   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
HIP0082ASI   HIP0082ASI HIP0082ASI PDF Download HARRIS codestrip. These detectors are also spaced suc
HIP0084AB   HIP0084AB HIP0084AB PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Reference clock and transmit byte clock. This is
HIP0084AS1   HIP0084AS1 HIP0084AS1 PDF Download HARRIS 9913+ Within each logic block there are 16 macrocells.
HIP0084ASI   HIP0084ASI HIP0084ASI PDF Download INTERSIL STK 2005+ The R-C values are selected by matching the time
HIP0322AM   HIP0322AM HIP0322AM PDF Download 2 PLCC In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
HIP04652860   HIP04652860 HIP04652860 PDF Download INTERSIL Port 0: Is an 8-bit open drain bi-directional I
HIP04745748   HIP04745748 HIP04745748 PDF Download Notes:  1. TA is the instant on case tempe
HIP084AB   HIP084AB HIP084AB PDF Download
HIP090I   HIP090I HIP090I PDF Download synchronously with the LOW-to-HIGH clock (CP) t
HIP101   HIP101 HIP101 PDF Download INTERSIL 06+
HIP1010   HIP1010 HIP1010 PDF Download HAR SOP-16
HIP1011   HIP1011 HIP1011 PDF Download 98 Controller, PCI Hot Plug, +5/+3.3/+12/-12VDC , Ad
HIP1011ACB   HIP1011ACB HIP1011ACB PDF Download Intersil SOP16 00+/02+/04+ NOTES 1. Operating temperature range is as foll
HIP1011ACB-T   HIP1011ACB-T HIP1011ACB-T PDF Download Intersil 2.3 External Special Function Registers (XFR) Th
HIP1011ACBZA   HIP1011ACBZA HIP1011ACBZA PDF Download Intersil MaverickCrunch™ Math Engine • Floati
HIP1011ACBZA-T   HIP1011ACBZA-T HIP1011ACBZA-T PDF Download Intersil FPGA configuration is managed by the configurati
HIP1011AEVAL1   HIP1011AEVAL1 HIP1011AEVAL1 PDF Download Intersil This demonstration board is a two layer PCB. It
HIP1011BCB   HIP1011BCB HIP1011BCB PDF Download Intersil SOP 2007+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
HIP1011BCB-T   HIP1011BCB-T HIP1011BCB-T PDF Download Intersil SOP 01+ The receiver would fail to acknowledge for two
HIP1011BCBZA   HIP1011BCBZA HIP1011BCBZA PDF Download Intersil Stripped of its package, a Schottky barrier diod
HIP1011BCBZA-T   HIP1011BCBZA-T HIP1011BCBZA-T PDF Download Intersil A mark-space monitor is provided through the pin
HIP1011CA   HIP1011CA HIP1011CA PDF Download HARRIS SSOP3.9-28P 6+ Ref input is 5V tolerant 4 pairs of programmable
HIP1011CB   HIP1011CB HIP1011CB PDF Download Intersil N/A N/A Several register bits (Bit 0 to Bit 145) are use
HIP1011CB/ACB   HIP1011CB/ACB HIP1011CB/ACB PDF Download HARRIS TIA/EIA-644 Standard Low-Voltage Differential Si
HIP1011CBH   HIP1011CBH HIP1011CBH PDF Download IC SOP NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as MIN or MAX, u
HIP1011CB-T   HIP1011CB-T HIP1011CB-T PDF Download Intersil 99 SOP The HT24LC08 has a write protect pin that provide
HIP1011CBTS2495   HIP1011CBTS2495 HIP1011CBTS2495 PDF Download Serial address/data input to the internal 12-bit
HIP1011CB-TS2495   HIP1011CB-TS2495 HIP1011CB-TS2495 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP16 00+ The ATF1502ASV has up to 32 bi-directional I/O p
HIP1011CB-TS2568   HIP1011CB-TS2568 HIP1011CB-TS2568 PDF Download 00+ Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
HIP1011CBZA   HIP1011CBZA HIP1011CBZA PDF Download Intersil Biasing A negative voltage supply is needed to b
HIP1011CBZA-T   HIP1011CBZA-T HIP1011CBZA-T PDF Download Intersil Voice within each group are combinations of diff
HIP1011D   HIP1011D HIP1011D PDF Download HARRIS also has an automatic power-down feature that sig
HIP1011DAC   HIP1011DAC HIP1011DAC PDF Download INTERSIL SSOP28 Two Fully Independent Diodes Ceramic Fully Insul
HIP1011DCA   HIP1011DCA HIP1011DCA PDF Download Intersil SSOP-3.9-28P 6+
HIP1011DCA-T   HIP1011DCA-T HIP1011DCA-T PDF Download Intersil 2005 General Notes: • All measurements are made
HIP1011DCA-TS2568   HIP1011DCA-TS2568 HIP1011DCA-TS2568 PDF Download 1 SOP small signal bandwidth from VREF to output up to
HIP1011DCAZ   HIP1011DCAZ HIP1011DCAZ PDF Download INTERSIL 04+ SSOP28 Port 1: Port 1 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
HIP1011DCAZA   HIP1011DCAZA HIP1011DCAZA PDF Download Intersil  Lead temperature, Tsol, 1,6 mm (1/16 inch)
HIP1011DEVAL1   HIP1011DEVAL1 HIP1011DEVAL1 PDF Download Intersil    Please read the General Operating Co
HIP1011ECA   HIP1011ECA HIP1011ECA PDF Download Intersil SSOP28 03+ This IC is a microminiature low-noise stabilized
HIP1011ECA-T   HIP1011ECA-T HIP1011ECA-T PDF Download Intersil Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK90F series are de
HIP1011ECAZA   HIP1011ECAZA HIP1011ECAZA PDF Download Intersil   Item Average On-State Current R.M.S. On
HIP1011ECAZA-T   HIP1011ECAZA-T HIP1011ECAZA-T PDF Download Intersil The UPA831TC contains one NE856 and one NE681 NP
HIP1011EVAL1   HIP1011EVAL1 HIP1011EVAL1 PDF Download Intersil Another feature that similar video D/A converter
HIP1011EVAL2   HIP1011EVAL2 HIP1011EVAL2 PDF Download Intersil • JEDEC registered 1N5333 to 1N5388B R
HIP1012   HIP1012 HIP1012 PDF Download HAS SOP 03/+04+ The chip embeds IEEE 802.3 MAC functions for eac
HIP1012ACB   HIP1012ACB HIP1012ACB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP14 03+ Hynix HYMD216M726A(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuff
HIP1012ACB-T   HIP1012ACB-T HIP1012ACB-T PDF Download INTERSIL 0423+ formation regarding media compatibility in your
HIP1012ACB-T1   HIP1012ACB-T1 HIP1012ACB-T1 PDF Download INTERSIL 3.9mm 0340+ Available either in sensitive (TS8) or standard
HIP1012ACBZA   HIP1012ACBZA HIP1012ACBZA PDF Download Intersil Notes: 1. See Figure 1 to establish pulsed cond
HIP1012ACBZA-T   HIP1012ACBZA-T HIP1012ACBZA-T PDF Download Intersil The SC16C554B/554DB is a 4-channel Universal Asy
HIP1012ACE   HIP1012ACE HIP1012ACE PDF Download Configuration Current Sense Discharge Transistor
HIP1012C   HIP1012C HIP1012C PDF Download HARRIS 97 Message and streaming status modes Raw cell mod
HIP1012CB   HIP1012CB HIP1012CB PDF Download HARRIS SOP14 99+/00+/01+ 3. Multing function (pin(24))   By means of
HIP1012CBF   HIP1012CBF HIP1012CBF PDF Download  I A LOW on this pin initializes the FIFO2
HIP1012CB-T   HIP1012CB-T HIP1012CB-T PDF Download SOP14L 0144+ Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
HIP1012EVAL1   HIP1012EVAL1 HIP1012EVAL1 PDF Download Intersil n Hardware Multiply/Divide Functions n Full dup
HIP1012EVAL2   HIP1012EVAL2 HIP1012EVAL2 PDF Download Intersil 6. Load regulation and output voltage are measur
HIP1013CB   HIP1013CB HIP1013CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP14 02+ Offered in 512Mx8bit, the HIP1013CB is a 4G-bit N
HIP1013CB/BCB   HIP1013CB/BCB HIP1013CB/BCB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-14P 07+ Input/Output Read Strobe (active low). The falli
HIP1013CB-T   HIP1013CB-T HIP1013CB-T PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 01+ • CATV Systems Operating in the 47 to 870 M
HIP1013CBZ   HIP1013CBZ HIP1013CBZ PDF Download intersil SOP-14 06+ Requiring 15V and +5V supplies, the ADS-930 typi
HIP1013CBZA   HIP1013CBZA HIP1013CBZA PDF Download Intersil A power ready/undervoltage lockout function outp
HIP1013CBZA-T   HIP1013CBZA-T HIP1013CBZA-T PDF Download Intersil SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M68AF511A is a 4 Mbit (
HIP1013EVAL1   HIP1013EVAL1 HIP1013EVAL1 PDF Download Intersil S2 is a general-purpose input that can be program
HIP1013EVAL2   HIP1013EVAL2 HIP1013EVAL2 PDF Download Intersil Max. UnitsConditions  77IC = 17A  12n
HIP1015   HIP1015 HIP1015 PDF Download INTERSIL 08+   The temperature is measured by a diffused
HIP1015CB   HIP1015CB HIP1015CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 2007+ AVCC Propagation Delay and Rise Time With 1µ
HIP1016   HIP1016 HIP1016 PDF Download INTERSIL 08+
HIP1016CB   HIP1016CB HIP1016CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 2007+ The 8 'X' lines can be directly connected to th
HIP1016CB-T   HIP1016CB-T HIP1016CB-T PDF Download INTERSIL Schmitt trigger input to the Ring signal detector
HIP1020CK   HIP1020CK HIP1020CK PDF Download INTERSIL SOT23-5 1999 DATA AND CONNECTION MEMORY   All data that
HIP1020CK-T   HIP1020CK-T HIP1020CK-T PDF Download Intersil SOT23-5 05+ The A0 to A6 inputs are used to specify which by
HIP1020CK-T/20   HIP1020CK-T/20 HIP1020CK-T/20 PDF Download SOT-153 • 1.25(31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin
HIP1020CKZ-T   HIP1020CKZ-T HIP1020CKZ-T PDF Download Intersil SOT23-5 06+ The Bay Linear LM2941 incorporates protection ag
HIP1030A   HIP1030A HIP1030A PDF Download HAR TO220 TO220 FEATURES High Performance Member of Pin-Compati
HIP1031A   HIP1031A HIP1031A PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Package Description Untinted, non-diffused Unti
HIP1031AH-5   HIP1031AH-5 HIP1031AH-5 PDF Download • NBT (No Bus Turn Around) functionality a
HIP1031AS   HIP1031AS HIP1031AS PDF Download In addition to transmitting configuration data t
HIP1061CB   HIP1061CB HIP1061CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP8 04+ The AD834 is a monolithic laser-trimmed four-qua
HIP1090AS   HIP1090AS HIP1090AS PDF Download INTERSIL TO The Analog Ground terminal, pin 1, is shown inte
HIP10BCB   HIP10BCB HIP10BCB PDF Download SOP During discharge and charge, the bq2050H monitors
HIP1100   HIP1100 HIP1100 PDF Download HIP SOP8 N/A 1. Super-thin. Only 1.5mm. The most suitable cer
HIP1100IB   HIP1100IB HIP1100IB PDF Download HARRIS Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
HIP1101CB   HIP1101CB HIP1101CB PDF Download These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
HIP1102IB   HIP1102IB HIP1102IB PDF Download   The output of the mixer is then fed to th
HIP1105   HIP1105 HIP1105 PDF Download An attenuator from the CONOUT (control output) to
HIP1105I   HIP1105I HIP1105I PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ Literature Distribution Centers: USA/EUROPE: Mo
HIP1105IB   HIP1105IB HIP1105IB PDF Download HARRIS Current Sharing Mode In the current sharing mode
HIP112   HIP112 HIP112 PDF Download H 06+
HIP1130IB   HIP1130IB HIP1130IB PDF Download HARRIS   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
HIP1135IB   HIP1135IB HIP1135IB PDF Download HARRIS Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold
HIP131504   HIP131504 HIP131504 PDF Download Notes: 1. Minimum Noise Figure and Associated G
HIP13158   HIP13158 HIP13158 PDF Download Full-field Image Sensor 3500 x 2300 Pixels Pixel
HIP1600BCB   HIP1600BCB HIP1600BCB PDF Download 00+ To verify that the input offset voltage falls wi
HIP201HS-5   HIP201HS-5 HIP201HS-5 PDF Download 00 mum continuous load operation the junction temper
HIP201HS-9   HIP201HS-9 HIP201HS-9 PDF Download INTERSIL SMD20 The HIP201HS-9 and HIP201HS-9 comply with the re
HIP202   HIP202 HIP202 PDF Download DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
HIP202CBN   HIP202CBN HIP202CBN PDF Download HAR 1000 This basic current-mirror configuration is sensi
HIP202CP   HIP202CP HIP202CP PDF Download INTERSIL DIP-16 04+ Blocking voltage : VDRM / VRRM = +/-700V Avalan
HIP202ECBN   HIP202ECBN HIP202ECBN PDF Download The Am29DS323D family consists of 32 megabit, 1.
HIP202ECBN/CBN   HIP202ECBN/CBN HIP202ECBN/CBN PDF Download Inclusion of TI products in such applications is
HIP202EIBN   HIP202EIBN HIP202EIBN PDF Download The LPS input is considered inactive if it remai
HIP2030IM   HIP2030IM HIP2030IM PDF Download HARRIS PLCC28 94+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
HIP2060   HIP2060 HIP2060 PDF Download INTERSIL/HAR 94 585
HIP2060AS1   HIP2060AS1 HIP2060AS1 PDF Download 84 • Alert specification forum (ASF 1.0 suppo
HIP2060AS2   HIP2060AS2 HIP2060AS2 PDF Download 90 The MARC4 microcontroller consists of an advance
HIP2060AS3   HIP2060AS3 HIP2060AS3 PDF Download 90 * Applies to noncascaded/nonsynchronous clocked
HIP2060ASE   HIP2060ASE HIP2060ASE PDF Download Note 3: When the input voltage at any pin exceeds
HIP206ECB   HIP206ECB HIP206ECB PDF Download • Double data rate architecture: two data
HIP207ECA   HIP207ECA HIP207ECA PDF Download LT SSOP 99 AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
HIP207EIB   HIP207EIB HIP207EIB PDF Download HARRIS SMD 99+ The product information and the selection guides
HIP208ECP   HIP208ECP HIP208ECP PDF Download INTERSIL DIP24 02+ This N-Channel MOSFET has been designed specific
HIP2100   HIP2100 HIP2100 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP8 N/A CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
HIP21001BT   HIP21001BT HIP21001BT PDF Download HITACHI SOP08 06+ Notes: 1. CL includes probe and jig capacitan
HIP2100EIB   HIP2100EIB HIP2100EIB PDF Download Intersil Function Q Baseband Input Filter Pins. Connect
HIP2100EIBT   HIP2100EIBT HIP2100EIBT PDF Download Intersil Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
HIP2100EIBZ   HIP2100EIBZ HIP2100EIBZ PDF Download Intersil 10 Sec. Pulsed Drain Current, V GS @ -4.5V Cont
HIP2100EIBZT   HIP2100EIBZT HIP2100EIBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) 3. This input current only exists when the volta
HIP2100EVAL   HIP2100EVAL HIP2100EVAL PDF Download Intersil (2) The technical information described in this
HIP2100EVAL2   HIP2100EVAL2 HIP2100EVAL2 PDF Download Intersil   Composite type with an N-Channel Sillicon
HIP2100IB   HIP2100IB HIP2100IB PDF Download Intersil 03+ • World's Smallest Hermetic SIC Centertap
HIP2100IBT   HIP2100IBT HIP2100IBT PDF Download Intersil 08+ 1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum eff
HIP2100IB-T   HIP2100IB-T HIP2100IB-T PDF Download 592 intersil 05+ 1. One million cycle repeatability data is based
HIP2100IBTS2075   HIP2100IBTS2075 HIP2100IBTS2075 PDF Download Upon a UV condition the PGOOD signal will pull lo
HIP2100IBZ   HIP2100IBZ HIP2100IBZ PDF Download Intersil SMD-8P 05+ Initiating A Conversion Please refer to Figure
HIP2100IBZT   HIP2100IBZT HIP2100IBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) SOP8 07+ Note 5: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
HIP2100IBZ-T   HIP2100IBZ-T HIP2100IBZ-T PDF Download 1688 intersil 06+ EUROPE: LDC for ON Semiconductor C European Suppo
HIP2100IR   HIP2100IR HIP2100IR PDF Download Intersil QFN16 03+ Hynix HYMD232M646(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
HIP2100IR4   HIP2100IR4 HIP2100IR4 PDF Download Intersil The /RESET pin is asserted whenever VCC falls be
HIP2100IR4Z   HIP2100IR4Z HIP2100IR4Z PDF Download Intersil The device has 56 software-configurable I/O pins,
HIP2100IR4ZT   HIP2100IR4ZT HIP2100IR4ZT PDF Download Intersil Thermal 1. The copper pad on the backside of th
HIP2100IRT   HIP2100IRT HIP2100IRT PDF Download Intersil Notes: 1. Dominant Wavelength, ëd, is deriv
HIP2100IRZ   HIP2100IRZ HIP2100IRZ PDF Download Intersil QFN-16 04+
HIP2100IRZT   HIP2100IRZT HIP2100IRZT PDF Download Intersil QFN 2005   This output pin provides a midCsupply ana
HIP2101EIB   HIP2101EIB HIP2101EIB PDF Download Intersil • Low current consumption by CMOS process
HIP2101EIBT   HIP2101EIBT HIP2101EIBT PDF Download Intersil
HIP2101EIBZ   HIP2101EIBZ HIP2101EIBZ PDF Download Intersil Hardware Reset. Self-asserted by internal pull-u
HIP2101EIBZT   HIP2101EIBZT HIP2101EIBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) High Voltage: Operation Up to 72V Synchronizable
HIP2101IB   HIP2101IB HIP2101IB PDF Download Intersil SOP 2007+   Valid Combinations Valid Combinations l
HIP2101IBT   HIP2101IBT HIP2101IBT PDF Download Intersil   4.3.3 Group C inspection, Group C inspect
HIP2101IBZ   HIP2101IBZ HIP2101IBZ PDF Download Intersil SMD-8P 05+ TI warrants performance of its products to the s
HIP2101IBZT   HIP2101IBZT HIP2101IBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) SOP8 2005 This publication is issued to provide information
HIP2101IR   HIP2101IR HIP2101IR PDF Download Intersil QFN 02+ Virtex FPGAs are SRAM-based, and are customized
HIP2101IR4   HIP2101IR4 HIP2101IR4 PDF Download Intersil Queued serial peripheral interface (QSPI) Prov
HIP2101IR4T   HIP2101IR4T HIP2101IR4T PDF Download Intersil   The MC74AC377/74ACT377 has eight edge-tri
HIP2101IR4Z   HIP2101IR4Z HIP2101IR4Z PDF Download Intersil Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
HIP2101IR4ZT   HIP2101IR4ZT HIP2101IR4ZT PDF Download Intersil (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the
HIP2101IRT   HIP2101IRT HIP2101IRT PDF Download Intersil Data is latched into input registers and remains
HIP2101IRZ   HIP2101IRZ HIP2101IRZ PDF Download Intersil intersil dc0441 The LM4040 utilizes fuse and zener-zap reverse b
HIP2101IRZT   HIP2101IRZT HIP2101IRZT PDF Download Intersil The device features single 5.0 Volt power supply
HIP2106IB   HIP2106IB HIP2106IB PDF Download HARRIS 8P The Fairchild Switch FSLV3245 provides 8-bits of
HIP2106IP   HIP2106IP HIP2106IP PDF Download INTERSIL DIP 00+
HIP211   HIP211 HIP211 PDF Download An address block is completed when the number of
HIP231IB   HIP231IB HIP231IB PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Triple Supervisory Circuits for DSP and Processo
HIP232ACB   HIP232ACB HIP232ACB PDF Download The MCF5275 family is a highly integrated imple
HIP232ACBN   HIP232ACBN HIP232ACBN PDF Download Up to 9 channels Simultaneous two-channel sampl
HIP232CB   HIP232CB HIP232CB PDF Download SOP 03+/04
HIP232CBE   HIP232CBE HIP232CBE PDF Download 98 The MAX 7000E devicesincluding the EPM7128E, EPM
HIP232CP   HIP232CP HIP232CP PDF Download INTERSIL DIP 06+ The Si91821 is a 300-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) v
HIP237CB   HIP237CB HIP237CB PDF Download HASRRI SMD The bq2014 measures the voltage differential betw
HIP238CB   HIP238CB HIP238CB PDF Download HASRRI SMD 00+  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
HIP238IB   HIP238IB HIP238IB PDF Download HAR SMD   The MP7523/XRD7523s excellent multiplying
HIP239CB   HIP239CB HIP239CB PDF Download HAP SOP Gain Bandwidth Product (G +20) Gain Peaking 0
HIP2500   HIP2500 HIP2500 PDF Download HARRIS 2008 The S-Bus is a four wire, full duplex, time divis
HIP25001   HIP25001 HIP25001 PDF Download HAS SMD 03/+04+ Selectable bias modes that optimize efficiency f
HIP2500I   HIP2500I HIP2500I PDF Download HARRIS SOP16 95+ including Strike Voltage Breakdown test, Enduran
HIP2500IB   HIP2500IB HIP2500IB PDF Download INTERSIL 93+ SOP16 Special handling is required for Flash Memory pro
HIP-2500IB   HIP-2500IB HIP-2500IB PDF Download powered from the supply at IN. As the load curren
HIP2500IB96   HIP2500IB96 HIP2500IB96 PDF Download Notes: (1) All parameters, except nominal outpu
HIP2500IP   HIP2500IP HIP2500IP PDF Download HAR DIP-14P 6+ VREF (Voltage Reference Output): This pin provide
HIP2500IP1   HIP2500IP1 HIP2500IP1 PDF Download HARRIS The XC4000 families are supported by powerful an
HIP25-24001   HIP25-24001 HIP25-24001 PDF Download HARRIS 04+ Hynix HYMP512S64MP8 series is designed for high s
HIP259A9871P3   HIP259A9871P3 HIP259A9871P3 PDF Download The NetPHY™ 4LP device is available in the
HIP2902   HIP2902 HIP2902 PDF Download 哈哩斯 2005 The timing and control circuit generates and dis
HIP3021CB   HIP3021CB HIP3021CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-28 99+01+   These devices are designed to be used as
HIP3028A   HIP3028A HIP3028A PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ In all modes, this regulator is current-limited.
HIP3039   HIP3039 HIP3039 PDF Download INTERSIL/HAR 3200 The TINIm400 must be seated correctly into the DS
HIP3046   HIP3046 HIP3046 PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
HIP3078   HIP3078 HIP3078 PDF Download HARRIS 8P OUTPUT DRIVE ENABLE (ODE)   The ODE pin is
HIP3078A   HIP3078A HIP3078A PDF Download INT 06+ 500 The 60EPF.. & 60CPF.. fast soft recovery QUIE
HIP3080A   HIP3080A HIP3080A PDF Download INTERSIL SOP8 2002 The CY7C261, CY7C263, and CY7C264 are plug-in rep
HIP3083   HIP3083 HIP3083 PDF Download INTERSIL SMD 00+ The A8430 uses a constant-frequency, current-mod
HIP3096A   HIP3096A HIP3096A PDF Download 哈哩斯 2005 In EDO page mode read cycle, the data-out is hel
HIP3096C   HIP3096C HIP3096C PDF Download INTERSIL 02+ SOP Re a d y / B u s y St a t u s . I nd ic a t e s
HIP3101B   HIP3101B HIP3101B PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ 4-pin signal will complete the data trasmitting/
HIP3120   HIP3120 HIP3120 PDF Download 99 Each data transfer is initiated with a Start con
HIP3140R   HIP3140R HIP3140R PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ Lead Style Channels Common Channel Wiring Ag
HIP3183   HIP3183 HIP3183 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-16 0018+ Calibrated directly in ˚ Celsius (Centigrad
HIP3183A   HIP3183A HIP3183A PDF Download 哈哩斯 2005 • Any Space Constrained System Requiring R
HIP3227   HIP3227 HIP3227 PDF Download HARIS 97+ 46 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
HIP32321BN   HIP32321BN HIP32321BN PDF Download 哈哩斯 2005   Designed for N- CDMA base station applica
HIP3246   HIP3246 HIP3246 PDF Download HASRRI SMD Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAX
HIP3440   HIP3440 HIP3440 PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ The CY7C4261/71/81/91V consists of an array of 1
HIP3532AC   HIP3532AC HIP3532AC PDF Download HARRIS SOP8 07+ The ISSI IS41C82052 and IS41LV82052 are 2,097,15
HIP3532ACL   HIP3532ACL HIP3532ACL PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ The SigmaTel STIr4200 is a low cost, low power,
HIP3539AAL   HIP3539AAL HIP3539AAL PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ SUMMARY DESCRIPTION These are system memory dev
HIP3925A   HIP3925A HIP3925A PDF Download HIP SOP8 Preliminary product information describes produc
HIP4004ACB   HIP4004ACB HIP4004ACB PDF Download Fully differential Low noise   2.25 nV/Hz
HIP4011IS   HIP4011IS HIP4011IS PDF Download Internally generated bias voltage of approximate
HIP40201B   HIP40201B HIP40201B PDF Download Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (in
HIP4020IB   HIP4020IB HIP4020IB PDF Download Intersil SOP-20P 03+/04+ 8. Guaranteed by Design. 9. This parameter is
HIP4020IBZ   HIP4020IBZ HIP4020IBZ PDF Download Intersil 07+ The DSTINIm400 is a fully assembled and tested c
HIP4020IM   HIP4020IM HIP4020IM PDF Download 4308 INTERSIL 02+ • True dual-ported memory cells that allow
HIP40574   HIP40574 HIP40574 PDF Download HARRIS BOOST (Pin 1): Topside (Boosted) Driver Supply. T
HIP408/AIB   HIP408/AIB HIP408/AIB PDF Download INTERSIL SMD Register File based 8/16 bit Core Architecture
HIP4080   HIP4080 HIP4080 PDF Download HARRI 03+ If an ADJ-bypass capacitor is use, the amplitude
HIP4080AEVAL   HIP4080AEVAL HIP4080AEVAL PDF Download PCM signal input. A serial PCM signal input to t
HIP4080AIB   HIP4080AIB HIP4080AIB PDF Download Intersil SOP20 03+/04+ The UC3854A/B products improve upon the UC3854 b
HIP4080AIBT   HIP4080AIBT HIP4080AIBT PDF Download Intersil SOP 07+ Values shown in this table are design targets and
HIP4080AIBZ   HIP4080AIBZ HIP4080AIBZ PDF Download Intersil   The 5T929 will lock to, and track, a valid
HIP4080AIBZT   HIP4080AIBZT HIP4080AIBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) The value of LCOMP will vary depending on the PC
HIP4080AIP   HIP4080AIP HIP4080AIP PDF Download Intersil 03+ This device contains a fault recognition circuit
HIP4080AIPR3165   HIP4080AIPR3165 HIP4080AIPR3165 PDF Download   The PTHxx050Y are a series of ready- to-u
HIP4080AIPZ   HIP4080AIPZ HIP4080AIPZ PDF Download Intersil 07+ This device is fully specified for partial-power
HIP4080IAB   HIP4080IAB HIP4080IAB PDF Download 01 If high inductance values and low capacitor valu
HIP4080IB   HIP4080IB HIP4080IB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP16 93+ Selections for 5.0 to 170 volts standoff voltages
HIP4080IBR3164   HIP4080IBR3164 HIP4080IBR3164 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available Trimmed Osc
HIP4080IP   HIP4080IP HIP4080IP PDF Download HARRIS PDIP20 94+ The VHC132 is an advanced high speed CMOS 2-inpu
HIP4080IPR3163   HIP4080IPR3163 HIP4080IPR3163 PDF Download The MAX1978/MAX1979 are the smallest, safest, mos
HIP4081   HIP4081 HIP4081 PDF Download HIP SOP-20 Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or gu
HIP40811B   HIP40811B HIP40811B PDF Download TRW O7+ 2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination
HIP4081A1B   HIP4081A1B HIP4081A1B PDF Download HARRIS the memory by taking care of all of the special
HIP4081A1R   HIP4081A1R HIP4081A1R PDF Download 98 qOne-side printed circuit board is recommended.
HIP4081AB   HIP4081AB HIP4081AB PDF Download INTERSIL 03+ SOP20 The FDS6982AS is designed to replace two single S
HIP4081AIB   HIP4081AIB HIP4081AIB PDF Download Intersil SOP 07+ Min values added to Virtex-E Electrical Characte
HIP4081AIBT   HIP4081AIBT HIP4081AIBT PDF Download Intersil • 200MHz Clock, 400Mbps data rate. •
HIP4081AIBZ   HIP4081AIBZ HIP4081AIBZ PDF Download Intersil SOP20 Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
HIP4081AIBZT   HIP4081AIBZT HIP4081AIBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) 05+ SOP Low Dropout - 400mV at 300mA Guaranteed 300mA Ou
HIP4081AIDR3980   HIP4081AIDR3980 HIP4081AIDR3980 PDF Download INTERSIL 04+ 128K x 36, 256K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
HIP4081AIP   HIP4081AIP HIP4081AIP PDF Download Intersil PDIP20 94+/03+/04+ The conversion cycle is synchronized to the risi
HIP4081AIPFSM   HIP4081AIPFSM HIP4081AIPFSM PDF Download A 1% resistor must be connected directly between
HIP4081AIPZ   HIP4081AIPZ HIP4081AIPZ PDF Download Intersil Each output has independent blink timing with two
HIP4081IB   HIP4081IB HIP4081IB PDF Download HARRIS SOP20 93+ The MAX1921 step-down converter delivers over 400
HIP4081IBR3161   HIP4081IBR3161 HIP4081IBR3161 PDF Download • Two functions are incorporated in one pa
HIP4081IP   HIP4081IP HIP4081IP PDF Download HAR DIP 99+   The thermal protection circuit shuts off
HIP4081IP/AIP   HIP4081IP/AIP HIP4081IP/AIP PDF Download 2685 HARRIS Zener Voltage (VZ) is measured with junction in
HIP4081IPR3162   HIP4081IPR3162 HIP4081IPR3162 PDF Download NOTES (a) For a device surface mounted on 50mm
HIP4081JB   HIP4081JB HIP4081JB PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits beyond
HIP4082   HIP4082 HIP4082 PDF Download SMD The outputs are transparent to the inputs when t
HIP40821B   HIP40821B HIP40821B PDF Download HAR SOP-5.2 03+ Recommended wire bonding uses 3 mils wide and 0.
HIP4082AIB   HIP4082AIB HIP4082AIB PDF Download intersil STK 2005+
HIP4082EVAL   HIP4082EVAL HIP4082EVAL PDF Download Intersil Clock input for entire chip. Maximum design freq
HIP4082IB   HIP4082IB HIP4082IB PDF Download Intersil N/A N/A Analog terminals Audio clock signals Clock and
HIP4082IB/IBD   HIP4082IB/IBD HIP4082IB/IBD PDF Download HAR 99+ SMD Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the 80C186EB
HIP4082IBT   HIP4082IBT HIP4082IBT PDF Download Intersil In addition to the standard output configuration
HIP4082IBZ   HIP4082IBZ HIP4082IBZ PDF Download Intersil SOP 05+ The Sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage trigger
HIP4082IBZT   HIP4082IBZT HIP4082IBZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) 08+
HIP4082IP   HIP4082IP HIP4082IP PDF Download Intersil DIP 07+ Current Output, Sourcing Current Output, Sinki
HIP4082IPR4485   HIP4082IPR4485 HIP4082IPR4485 PDF Download An example of this situation is a power op amp c
HIP4082IPZ   HIP4082IPZ HIP4082IPZ PDF Download Intersil 07+ Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
HIP4083AB   HIP4083AB HIP4083AB PDF Download Intersil SOP16 02+/03+ Two typical applications of the HIP4083AB are sh
HIP4083ABT   HIP4083ABT HIP4083ABT PDF Download Intersil The EL5120, EL5220, and EL5420 also feature fast
HIP4083ABZ   HIP4083ABZ HIP4083ABZ PDF Download Intersil Differential termination for Stratix devices is
HIP4083ABZT   HIP4083ABZT HIP4083ABZT PDF Download Intersil n Floating channel designed for bootstrap operat
HIP4083AD   HIP4083AD HIP4083AD PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-16P 07+ The circuit described uses a low-power CMOS comp
HIP4083AP   HIP4083AP HIP4083AP PDF Download Intersil PDIP16 04+ The product term select multiplexer (PTMUX) allo
HIP4083APZ   HIP4083APZ HIP4083APZ PDF Download Intersil DESCRIPTION The 74VHCT03A is an advanced high-s
HIP4083AR   HIP4083AR HIP4083AR PDF Download The CPU fetches VelociTI advanced very-long inst
HIP4083EVAL   HIP4083EVAL HIP4083EVAL PDF Download Intersil The HIP4083EVAL has a high bandwidth loop (up to
HIP4083S   HIP4083S HIP4083S PDF Download HARRIS 99+ SOP16 HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
HIP4084AB   HIP4084AB HIP4084AB PDF Download HARRIS SMD 95+ Information in this document is provided in conne
HIP40852IB   HIP40852IB HIP40852IB PDF Download • In-house programming of samples and proto
HIP4086   HIP4086 HIP4086 PDF Download HAS SMD 03/+04+ • Low current consumption by CMOS process
HIP4086AB   HIP4086AB HIP4086AB PDF Download Intersil SOP 06+ • fast CoolMOS power MOSFET - 2nd  
HIP4086AB-9   HIP4086AB-9 HIP4086AB-9 PDF Download INTERSIL SMD † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HIP4086ABT   HIP4086ABT HIP4086ABT PDF Download Intersil SMD16 原0105 The HIP4086ABTD employs a hysteresis of 25% of t
HIP4086ABZ   HIP4086ABZ HIP4086ABZ PDF Download Intersil SOP-24 06+ This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
HIP4086ABZT   HIP4086ABZT HIP4086ABZT PDF Download Intersil (VA) 07+ Notes: 3. Derate linearly as shown in Figure 4.
HIP4086AP   HIP4086AP HIP4086AP PDF Download Intersil PDIP24 95+/02+ Output current rating can be increased (to 1 A m
HIP4086APZ   HIP4086APZ HIP4086APZ PDF Download Intersil intersil dc0531 The logic enable disables the power switch, the
HIP4086EVAL   HIP4086EVAL HIP4086EVAL PDF Download Intersil † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HIP4086IB   HIP4086IB HIP4086IB PDF Download 04+ The SN74AVCB324245 is designed for asynchronous
HIP408IP   HIP408IP HIP408IP PDF Download HAR 99 585 The MAX3058/MAX3059 interface between the con- t
HIP4096AB   HIP4096AB HIP4096AB PDF Download Configuration Programs for Field Programmable Gat
HIP42060   HIP42060 HIP42060 PDF Download • Power Managed modes:   - Run: CPU
HIP4410DY   HIP4410DY HIP4410DY PDF Download HI SOP8 00+ Mono-BTL output power   (RL = 8Ω, VD
HIP45102SC-33   HIP45102SC-33 HIP45102SC-33 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-28P 07+ Disclaimer: Atmel Corporation makes no warranty f
HIP4600CB   HIP4600CB HIP4600CB PDF Download HARRIS This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 8,
HIP46813C   HIP46813C HIP46813C PDF Download HIP SOP 03+/04+ Notes: a. Room = 25C, Full = as determined by t
HIP4821IP   HIP4821IP HIP4821IP PDF Download HAR 99+
HIP485EIB   HIP485EIB HIP485EIB PDF Download Intersil 07+ CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
HIP49157   HIP49157 HIP49157 PDF Download INTESIL SMD 0   The MSK 4351 is a 50 Amp, 3 Phase Isolate
HIP4980AIP   HIP4980AIP HIP4980AIP PDF Download The TL05x are fully specified at 15 V and 5 V.
HIP4983   HIP4983 HIP4983 PDF Download HARRIS SMD Includes ESD protection, level-shifting, bufferi
HIP5002   HIP5002 HIP5002 PDF Download HARRIS The HIP5002 is a low voltage Transmitter IC for
HIP5010   HIP5010 HIP5010 PDF Download HAR TO263 6+ You can determine the version of a data sheet by
HIP5010IB   HIP5010IB HIP5010IB PDF Download Note 4: Dynamic supply current is higher due to t
HIP5010IS   HIP5010IS HIP5010IS PDF Download
HIP5010IS1   HIP5010IS1 HIP5010IS1 PDF Download HARRIS The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family of high-spee
HIP5010IS-T   HIP5010IS-T HIP5010IS-T PDF Download Dir (pin 3)  This pin determines the sequen
HIP5010IS-TS2462   HIP5010IS-TS2462 HIP5010IS-TS2462 PDF Download UNUSUAL LOADS Usually an op amp sources current
HIP5011   HIP5011 HIP5011 PDF Download HARRIS SOP16 95+ PWM Regulator, Sync Buck Half-Bridge, Complementa
HIP5011IB   HIP5011IB HIP5011IB PDF Download HARRIS SMD 00+ The module may be disabled by pulling PC below 2
HIP5011IS   HIP5011IS HIP5011IS PDF Download HAR TO263-7P 6+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
HIP5011-IS   HIP5011-IS HIP5011-IS PDF Download 500 INTERSIL 300 Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series incorporates S
HIP5011IS1   HIP5011IS1 HIP5011IS1 PDF Download HARRIS TO-223-7P 6+ The SRAM is capable of writing, reading, and ret
HIP5011-IS1   HIP5011-IS1 HIP5011-IS1 PDF Download HARRIS SIP 98   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
HIP5011ISH640   HIP5011ISH640 HIP5011ISH640 PDF Download har har dc91 NOTES: 1. The falling edge of the Vin(C) signals
HIP5011IS-T   HIP5011IS-T HIP5011IS-T PDF Download INTRESIL T0-263 0105+ Peak and hold mode with minimum peak time: When t
HIP5015   HIP5015 HIP5015 PDF Download HAR TO220 6+ No part of this document may be reproduced, trans
HIP5015IS   HIP5015IS HIP5015IS PDF Download HARRIS 2008 Positive driver supply pin for the ADC12DL065s o
HIP5015IS1   HIP5015IS1 HIP5015IS1 PDF Download HAR TO-7P 07+ Power Diode Module DF75BA is designed for three
HIP5016   HIP5016 HIP5016 PDF Download 95 Information furnished is believed to be accurate
HIP5016IS   HIP5016IS HIP5016IS PDF Download HARRIS 2008 The positive charging current is determined by R
HIP5016IS1   HIP5016IS1 HIP5016IS1 PDF Download HARRIS TO-7P 97年 A static memory controller is included that supp
HIP5016-S1   HIP5016-S1 HIP5016-S1 PDF Download HARRIS SIP 97 Specifically designed for Automotive application
HIP501IS1   HIP501IS1 HIP501IS1 PDF Download Package Signaling Rates† Up to 30 Mbps Lo
HIP5020   HIP5020 HIP5020 PDF Download HARRIS 8P
HIP5020-5   HIP5020-5 HIP5020-5 PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ Software design support and automatic place-and-
HIP5020DB   HIP5020DB HIP5020DB PDF Download HARRIS SOP28 97+ The TPS793xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-po
HIP50231   HIP50231 HIP50231 PDF Download HARRIS 8P • Five differential 3.3V LVPECL outputs &
HIP5023I   HIP5023I HIP5023I PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ The devices in this family differ from each othe
HIP50462DB   HIP50462DB HIP50462DB PDF Download The product information and the selection guides
HIP5060DY   HIP5060DY HIP5060DY PDF Download   The values for the equation are found in
HIP5061   HIP5061 HIP5061 PDF Download 97 DIGITAL INPUT CURRENT   Input High Current,
HIP5061DS   HIP5061DS HIP5061DS PDF Download HAR TO220 6+ Areas where care in design must be observed are
HIP5061-DS   HIP5061-DS HIP5061-DS PDF Download HARRIS SIP 97 The bus driver is an open collector NPN with a S
HIP5062IM   HIP5062IM HIP5062IM PDF Download 93 Serial Data Output. This allows a number of part
HIP50642   HIP50642 HIP50642 PDF Download HAR SMD 02+ VOUT: Main output voltage (3.3V, 5V or adjustable
HIP50642DB   HIP50642DB HIP50642DB PDF Download HARRIS SOP 07+
HIP50642DBS2209   HIP50642DBS2209 HIP50642DBS2209 PDF Download The output voltage transient comparators provide
HIP50642DBS2310   HIP50642DBS2310 HIP50642DBS2310 PDF Download NOTES: 1. See RECOMMENDED OPERATING RANGE table
HIP50645   HIP50645 HIP50645 PDF Download HARRIS 98+ Each channel has a request bit associated with it
HIP50645D   HIP50645D HIP50645D PDF Download The M54/74HCT157 and the M54/74HCT158 are high
HIP50645DG   HIP50645DG HIP50645DG PDF Download INTERSIL QFP-44 96+ 218211-001-DTS Rev ADQ# 1011 All technical inf
HIP50645DQ   HIP50645DQ HIP50645DQ PDF Download N/A QFP1010-44 94+ The CMPIN pin drives two data slicers, which conv
HIP50645DQS2274   HIP50645DQS2274 HIP50645DQS2274 PDF Download The FDC37M81x supports the ISA Plug-and- Play St
HIP50645DQS2342   HIP50645DQS2342 HIP50645DQS2342 PDF Download Power On Reset: VCC Lock-Out Write Protect In or
HIP50645PQ   HIP50645PQ HIP50645PQ PDF Download QFP44 Output current is limited under any load fault c
HIP5064DB   HIP5064DB HIP5064DB PDF Download HAS SMD 03/+04+   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
HIP5064DQ   HIP5064DQ HIP5064DQ PDF Download HARRIS MQFP 94+   Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads &
HIP50654Q   HIP50654Q HIP50654Q PDF Download HARRIS QFP 96 START-IN: This active low input initiates an add
HIP507-5   HIP507-5 HIP507-5 PDF Download HAR PLCC access is in progress and allows the requested da
HIP50773DYS2238   HIP50773DYS2238 HIP50773DYS2238 PDF Download Appendix B: Manual/Compatibility Mode Demodulato
HIP50775DYS2219   HIP50775DYS2219 HIP50775DYS2219 PDF Download The AT40KALs patented 8-sided core cell with dir
HIP512   HIP512 HIP512 PDF Download 01 FEATURES AD5305: 4 Buffered 8-Bit DACs in 10-Le
HIP51222   HIP51222 HIP51222 PDF Download Technology: high performance SiGe Bandwidth: 9
HIP51222CB   HIP51222CB HIP51222CB PDF Download INTERSL SOP 07+   Parameter Carrier Frequency Operating V
HIP51222DB   HIP51222DB HIP51222DB PDF Download HAR SOP-7.2-24P 6+ The MOC301XM and MOC302XM series are optically i
HIP51222DBS2322   HIP51222DBS2322 HIP51222DBS2322 PDF Download † Package drawings, standard packing quant
HIP5122DB   HIP5122DB HIP5122DB PDF Download WRITE ENABLE (WEN)   When Write Enable (WEN
HIP5127   HIP5127 HIP5127 PDF Download 12 10/100Mbps Autosensing, Fast Ethernet ports w
HIP5130   HIP5130 HIP5130 PDF Download HARRIS −3.0 dB Small Signal BW (AV = +2.0, VO = 0.
HIP5160   HIP5160 HIP5160 PDF Download HARRIS 06+ PAGE WRITE: The page write operation of the AT28C
HIP51639   HIP51639 HIP51639 PDF Download HIP 05+ A simplified block diagram of the HPC3130A is pr
HIP51639DG   HIP51639DG HIP51639DG PDF Download QFP44 03+   The UB Series logic gates are constructed
HIP51639DQ   HIP51639DQ HIP51639DQ PDF Download HARRIS QFP1010-44 96+/97+ Notes:  8. Per TTL driven input (VIN=3.4V)
HIP51982DQ   HIP51982DQ HIP51982DQ PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ TXD is an input, used to transfer serial Data or
HIP5222DB   HIP5222DB HIP5222DB PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726A(L)4-M/K/H/L series is register
HIP52270DQ   HIP52270DQ HIP52270DQ PDF Download HARRIS QFP 98+ • High resolution printing (8 dots/mm) 
HIP52270DQR4681   HIP52270DQR4681 HIP52270DQR4681 PDF Download The scan cells used in the BOUNDARY-SCAN registe
HIP52270Q   HIP52270Q HIP52270Q PDF Download HARRIS 2008 The LTC®4210 is a 6-pin SOT-23 Hot SwapTM con
HIP5227ADG   HIP5227ADG HIP5227ADG PDF Download   For more information on the PWP package,
HIP5227Q   HIP5227Q HIP5227Q PDF Download CS: Chip Select- A controlling function. When hel
HIP52290DBR4837   HIP52290DBR4837 HIP52290DBR4837 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 00+  4.5.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspectio
HIP52290DBR4896   HIP52290DBR4896 HIP52290DBR4896 PDF Download Edition 16.3.99 Published by Siemens AG, Bereic
HIP52290DRR5128   HIP52290DRR5128 HIP52290DRR5128 PDF Download The SN74GTLPH1645 is a high-drive (100-mA), 16-b
HIP52308DBR4784   HIP52308DBR4784 HIP52308DBR4784 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 02+ c) Use any convenient method of interconnection a
HIP52308DRR5130   HIP52308DRR5130 HIP52308DRR5130 PDF Download   The LX1991 features resistor settable outp
HIP52330DQR4744   HIP52330DQR4744 HIP52330DQR4744 PDF Download The TLV320AIC2x implements the smart time divisi
HIP5260   HIP5260 HIP5260 PDF Download Software selectable baud rate generator Prescal
HIP5260A   HIP5260A HIP5260A PDF Download INTERSIL 06+ This device contains circuitry to protect the in
HIP5420A   HIP5420A HIP5420A PDF Download HARRIS • Supports full or half duplex operations
HIP546-9   HIP546-9 HIP546-9 PDF Download   The MIPS integer unit implements a load/s
HIP55001P   HIP55001P HIP55001P PDF Download Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
HIP5500IB   HIP5500IB HIP5500IB PDF Download HARRIS 99 The CSPEMI306A is particularly well suited for p
HIP5500IP   HIP5500IP HIP5500IP PDF Download Electrical Characteristics: Unless otherwise note
HIP5500IPS2290   HIP5500IPS2290 HIP5500IPS2290 PDF Download This Hynix 512Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchron
HIP5501IS   HIP5501IS HIP5501IS PDF Download HARRIS 1. Incorporates efficient switching regulator wit
HIP5502CBC   HIP5502CBC HIP5502CBC PDF Download INTERSIL SOP20 07+ The Hynix HYM71V16755AT8 Series are 16Mx72bits EC
HIP55270DQ   HIP55270DQ HIP55270DQ PDF Download
HIP5600   HIP5600 HIP5600 PDF Download TO220 03+ CHIP ENABLE The CE input is the device selection
HIP5600IS   HIP5600IS HIP5600IS PDF Download INTERSIL TO-220 00+ Recommended operating conditions unless otherwise
HIP5600IS2   HIP5600IS2 HIP5600IS2 PDF Download HARRIS To achieve proper operation, an initial pause of
HIP5600R3945   HIP5600R3945 HIP5600R3945 PDF Download Chrominance Output A 75 Ω termination resi
HIP5701K   HIP5701K HIP5701K PDF Download HARRI SOP18 01+ The improvements in the DG411/883 series are mad
HIP574/4CB   HIP574/4CB HIP574/4CB PDF Download 99 Precision fixed operating frequency HIP574/4CB,
HIP57639DQ   HIP57639DQ HIP57639DQ PDF Download HARRIS QFP 06+ Use series termination when the PCB trace betwee
HIP6   HIP6 HIP6 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP 07+ OUT (Pin 5): Oscillator Output. This pin can driv
HIP60012CB   HIP60012CB HIP60012CB PDF Download intersil STK 2005+ ACEX 1K device package types include thin quad f
HIP60013CB   HIP60013CB HIP60013CB PDF Download intersil STK 2005+
HIP60014CB   HIP60014CB HIP60014CB PDF Download 02+ n Pin-to-pin compatible to DS90C383, DS90C383A a
HIP6002   HIP6002 HIP6002 PDF Download INTERSIL 01+ 1250 Ausgabe 01.2001 Herausgegeben von Infineon AG ,
HIP6002BCR-T   HIP6002BCR-T HIP6002BCR-T PDF Download intersil 05+ QFN/16  Vpgth Power Good Voltage Threshold Vpghyst
HIP6002CB   HIP6002CB HIP6002CB PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-20 97+ Direct interface with 5 V to 1.8 V logic levels
HIP6003   HIP6003 HIP6003 PDF Download HARRIS SMD 9948 The HIP6003 is a single-chip LCD driver for dot-m
HIP6003CB   HIP6003CB HIP6003CB PDF Download HARRIS SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Momentarily connecting the Manual Reset input pi
HIP6004   HIP6004 HIP6004 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The voltage drop (VSR) across the sense re- sis
HIP6004ACB   HIP6004ACB HIP6004ACB PDF Download HARRIS SOP20 9814+   A MOSFET pass element delivers high outpu
HIP6004ACB.BCB.ECB   HIP6004ACB.BCB.ECB HIP6004ACB.BCB.ECB PDF Download Note 6: Care must be taken to ensure TSTC and THT
HIP6004ACBT   HIP6004ACBT HIP6004ACBT PDF Download HARRIS SOP20 9810+ To achieve the full performance of the device, c