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q Electrical characteristics of power circuit (Tc=Tj=25˚C, Vcc=15V) ItemSymbolCondition Collector current at off signal inputICESVCE=600V, Vin open Collector-Emitter saturation voltageVCE (sat)Ic=15A Forward voltage of FWDVFCIc=15A
The HM91462 checks battery status to warn of potential data loss. Each time that VCC power is restored to the HM91462, the battery voltages are checked with precision comparators. If both batteries providing backup power to a particular SRAM are less than 2.0 volts, the second memory access to that SRAM is inhibited. Battery status for each SRAM can therefore be determined by a three-step process. First, a read cycle is performed to any location within that SRAM in order to save the contents of that location. A subsequent write cycle can then be executed to the same memory location, altering data. If a subsequent read cycle fails to verify the written data, then battery voltage for that SRAM is less than 2.0V and data is in danger of being lost.
Fairchilds SyncFET process embeds a Schottky diode in parallel with PowerTrench MOSFET. This diode exhibits similar characteristics to a discrete external Schottky diode in parallel with a MOSFET. Figure 12 shows the reverse recovery characteristic of the HM91462.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
HM9012A   HM9012A HM9012A PDF Download HMC DIP 90 Multi-purpose input / output pin (Figure 2-2).
HM9100   HM9100 HM9100 PDF Download HM 1988 DIP Terminator technology supports on-chip different
HM9100A   HM9100A HM9100A PDF Download 91 Out Short Circuit to GND Duration (VIN< 12V)..
HM9100A1   HM9100A1 HM9100A1 PDF Download 91 Stress in excess of Absolute Maximum Ratings may
HM9100B   HM9100B HM9100B PDF Download HMC DIP 98+ Receive synchronizing signal input. Eight requir
HM9100C   HM9100C HM9100C PDF Download HMC DIP 98+   The HM9100C 2.5V differential clock buffe
HM9101   HM9101 HM9101 PDF Download Analog Interface   The IRMCK203 has a buil
HM9101AY   HM9101AY HM9101AY PDF Download DIP Figure 4 shows the typical effect of the coarse
HM9101BY   HM9101BY HM9101BY PDF Download HMC DIP The CY7C133 and CY7C143 are high-speed CMOS 2K by
HM9102   HM9102 HM9102 PDF Download HMC PDIP18   An npn pass element provides a dropout vo
HM9102A   HM9102A HM9102A PDF Download 90+ DIP system provided by the HDNS- 2100, HDNS-2200,
HM9102C   HM9102C HM9102C PDF Download HMC  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
HM9102CXB   HM9102CXB HM9102CXB PDF Download RON is 8-ohms typical Pulldown on B Ports Low
HM9102D   HM9102D HM9102D PDF Download HM 06+ To avoid artefacts in moving parts of the pictur
HM9104   HM9104 HM9104 PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ A simple, single-input data interface and a buffe
HM9104A   HM9104A HM9104A PDF Download DIP Notes: 1. All voltage values, except differenti
HM9104B   HM9104B HM9104B PDF Download Widerstandswert bei der Temperatur T Widerstand
HM9104C   HM9104C HM9104C PDF Download HMC 1993 DIP Also included in the measurement routine is logi
HM9110   HM9110 HM9110 PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ DCD2#/GP62 SIN2/GP63 GND RI2#/GP10 CTS2#/GP11
HM9110A   HM9110A HM9110A PDF Download DIP The P8xC31X2/51X2 and P8xC32X2/52X2/54X2/58X2 co
HM9110B   HM9110B HM9110B PDF Download HIT DIP-18P 91+ Feedback Pin. The FB regulation voltage is 1.24V
HM9110C   HM9110C HM9110C PDF Download DIP 89 The HM9110C is a Plug and Play DTV receiver. It
HM9110D   HM9110D HM9110D PDF Download HIT DIP-18P 9336+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
HM9110E   HM9110E HM9110E PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ Each of the 8-bit planes has separate serial writ
HM9112   HM9112 HM9112 PDF Download The serial output data word is comprised of 12 b
HM9112A   HM9112A HM9112A PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ DESCRIPTION HCF4020B is a monolithic integrated
HM9112C   HM9112C HM9112C PDF Download The Rambus Direct RDRAM™ is a general purp
HM9113   HM9113 HM9113 PDF Download HMC The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo,
HM9113A   HM9113A HM9113A PDF Download HMC 1993 DIP In 12-bit, dual-edge input mode (BSEL = low), th
HM9113C   HM9113C HM9113C PDF Download HMC DIP22 91+ All signals are TTL levels, including programmin
HM9114   HM9114 HM9114 PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ Very Low Dropout Voltage Guaranteed 150mA Outp
HM9114A   HM9114A HM9114A PDF Download HMC DIP 07+   The MSK 3015 is an all N-Channel three ph
HM9114C   HM9114C HM9114C PDF Download 94+ DIP The R1 and R2 resistances must be set so as to m
HM9115   HM9115 HM9115 PDF Download
HM9119   HM9119 HM9119 PDF Download UMC DIP (Applied conditions greater than those listed und
HM911OB   HM911OB HM911OB PDF Download 2.9V to 14V input voltage range 400kHz oscillat
HM9120   HM9120 HM9120 PDF Download HIT DIP-28P 9349+ Ultra compact package. Wide frequency range in
HM9121   HM9121 HM9121 PDF Download 98 Operating voltage: 2.7V~5.2V Built-in 32kHz RC o
HM91210   HM91210 HM91210 PDF Download Full piconet support. On board 4Mbit or 8Mbit ex
HM91215A   HM91215A HM91215A PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ The Blackfin processor assembly language uses an
HM9121C   HM9121C HM9121C PDF Download HM DIP 00+ 1) Correct Fig.10 Sequential out cycle after read
HM9122   HM9122 HM9122 PDF Download HM DIP   VOUT Temperature Coefficient   DC Cr
HM9122A   HM9122A HM9122A PDF Download N/A N/A N/A * All specs and applications shown above subject
HM9122C   HM9122C HM9122C PDF Download EMC 1994 DIP The HM9122C is a non-inverting 16-bit buffer and
HM9123A   HM9123A HM9123A PDF Download N/A 00+ DIP-28 A synchronized data clock, programmable for most
HM9123C   HM9123C HM9123C PDF Download 988 HM 97+ The relay control output is an open-collector Da
HM9125   HM9125 HM9125 PDF Download Backlit Mode (BKLIT=1) operates by using a high
HM9125A   HM9125A HM9125A PDF Download R = , see Figure 3 R = 50 Ω (RS-422), see
HM912AF   HM912AF HM912AF PDF Download The HM912AF/HM912AF transimpedance amplifiers pro
HM91314   HM91314 HM91314 PDF Download 华斑 The S1D2500A01 is a very high frequency video amp
HM91316A   HM91316A HM91316A PDF Download Further more, the two control modes -ON/OFF of l
HM91325A   HM91325A HM91325A PDF Download High speed output rise and fall (20 ns typ) at
HM91341   HM91341 HM91341 PDF Download   Temperature range TMIN to TMAX: C20C to +8
HM9140B   HM9140B HM9140B PDF Download 华斑 The Word Program operation consists of issuing th
HM91414   HM91414 HM91414 PDF Download 华斑   This device contains protection circuitry
HM91415AP   HM91415AP HM91415AP PDF Download Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
HM91415BP   HM91415BP HM91415BP PDF Download Soft Start. A capacitor from this pin to GND prog
HM91419   HM91419 HM91419 PDF Download 华斑 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
HM91432   HM91432 HM91432 PDF Download 华斑 Stability The IRU1011-33 requires the use of an
HM91435   HM91435 HM91435 PDF Download 华斑 High-performance, EEPROM-based programmable logi
HM91442   HM91442 HM91442 PDF Download 华斑 COL[4:1] are dual purpose pins. When RESET is ac
HM91444   HM91444 HM91444 PDF Download 华斑
HM91445   HM91445 HM91445 PDF Download 华斑 Balanced Ringing is applied to the line by settin
HM9145   HM9145 HM9145 PDF Download The product specifications contained in this dat
HM91462   HM91462 HM91462 PDF Download 华斑   The SC5388 is a 2-channel and 5-Mode digi
HM9150205P   HM9150205P HM9150205P PDF Download HIT DIP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HM9150A   HM9150A HM9150A PDF Download HM DIP14 99+ CLKAs output originates from the cross point swit
HM9151   HM9151 HM9151 PDF Download FB (Pin 1) (HM9151): The voltage on this pin is c
HM91510   HM91510 HM91510 PDF Download Although the chip permits all combinations of en
HM91510A   HM91510A HM91510A PDF Download HMC DIP 05+ Many boards will not need any tuning capacitors,
HM91510A(XG)   HM91510A(XG) HM91510A(XG) PDF Download Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or gu
HM91510AP   HM91510AP HM91510AP PDF Download 96  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
HM91510B   HM91510B HM91510B PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ (MAX2338 EV kit, VCC = +2.7V to +3.3V, fPLNAIN =
HM91510BM   HM91510BM HM91510BM PDF Download 92 When the negative-going integration of the input
HM91510BP   HM91510BP HM91510BP PDF Download The specification of HM91510BPA is identical to
HM91511A   HM91511A HM91511A PDF Download DIP Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 1.0 A
HM91511B   HM91511B HM91511B PDF Download HMC DIP-22 93+ The program cycle has addresses latched on the f
HM91512A   HM91512A HM91512A PDF Download HMC DIP-18 94+ accuracy of such information. Efforts are underw
HM91520   HM91520 HM91520 PDF Download The LVT543 contain two sets of D-type latches fo
HM91520A   HM91520A HM91520A PDF Download HMC DIP 99+ This device is a 16-bit edge-triggered D-type &#
HM91520B   HM91520B HM91520B PDF Download DIP-22 92年 CEL Pb-free products have the same base part num
HM91522   HM91522 HM91522 PDF Download The FIFO has a programmable Almost Empty flag (A
HM91530   HM91530 HM91530 PDF Download In contrast to a conventional p-n junction, the
HM91530A   HM91530A HM91530A PDF Download HM 1900 DIP OSCS is a system oscillator I/O pin connected to
HM91530B   HM91530B HM91530B PDF Download The PGA and black level auto-calibration are con
HM91532A   HM91532A HM91532A PDF Download HMC 1999 DIP High-side high current switch with active low Ena
HM91540B   HM91540B HM91540B PDF Download Note: 1. Commercial Product: TA=0 to 70C, otherw
HM91550   HM91550 HM91550 PDF Download N/A 1900 DIP Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses ex
HM91550A   HM91550A HM91550A PDF Download HIT 03+ The Fairchild Switch FST16211 provides 24-bits o
HM91550A(XL)   HM91550A(XL) HM91550A(XL) PDF Download
HM91550B   HM91550B HM91550B PDF Download HIT DIP-22 9441+ The ADP3041 is a fixed frequency, PWM step-up dc
HM91550BK   HM91550BK HM91550BK PDF Download 1104 HM 94+ 4. Power amplifier   It is necessary to ins
HM91551   HM91551 HM91551 PDF Download Note 4: For a power supply of 5V r10% the worst-
HM91552A   HM91552A HM91552A PDF Download HMC 18/DIP 07+/08+ Purchase of licensed I2C components of Analog Dev
HM91552B   HM91552B HM91552B PDF Download EMC 99 25000 Figure 3. Input/Output Block. Each IOB includes
HM9155LB   HM9155LB HM9155LB PDF Download EMC DIP 99 When the PC is turned off, the hardware clock run
HM9155OB   HM9155OB HM9155OB PDF Download HM DIP 1994 Flow-Through Architecture Optimizes PCB Layout
HM91600   HM91600 HM91600 PDF Download 华斑 Differential inputs Near zero pop & click 1
HM91610   HM91610 HM91610 PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
HM91610A   HM91610A HM91610A PDF Download EMC DIP-20 9641 Note 10: This specification is guaranteed but not
HM91610B   HM91610B HM91610B PDF Download DIP-22 93年 Combined Current Source and A/D Positive Input fo
HM91610D   HM91610D HM91610D PDF Download PDIP 99 Pin Compatible with IRFT001 P and N Channel MOSF
HM91611   HM91611 HM91611 PDF Download The host issues the Set Typematic Rate/Delay com-
HM91620   HM91620 HM91620 PDF Download Note 7: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
HM91620A   HM91620A HM91620A PDF Download N/A N/A N/A − Read, program, and erase operations &nb
HM91620A(XL)   HM91620A(XL) HM91620A(XL) PDF Download International Rectifier's MUR.. series are the st
HM91620A1   HM91620A1 HM91620A1 PDF Download The CMX866 Programming Register should only be wr
HM91620AXG   HM91620AXG HM91620AXG PDF Download HMC 92+ 1678   2 MHz (typ.) PWM Switching Frequency &nbs
HM91620B   HM91620B HM91620B PDF Download DIP Pin Function Supply Input. (VIN1 and VIN2 are i
HM91620BT   HM91620BT HM91620BT PDF Download LVDS and LVPECL Output Driver Power Pins. These o
HM91620C   HM91620C HM91620C PDF Download HMC DIP 05+   Designed for WLL/MMDS/BWA or UMTS driver
HM91650   HM91650 HM91650 PDF Download tional ACX300 Series products (2.0 type to 3.5
HM91650A   HM91650A HM91650A PDF Download HIT DIP-18P 9340+ Note 6: Parameter measured at trip point of latc
HM91650B   HM91650B HM91650B PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release to e
HM91650BK   HM91650BK HM91650BK PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
HM91650BT   HM91650BT HM91650BT PDF Download − Active Mode: 300 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V
HM91650C   HM91650C HM91650C PDF Download DIP n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
HM91652   HM91652 HM91652 PDF Download An external oscillator may encounter as much as
HM91652A   HM91652A HM91652A PDF Download HMC DIP-18 9646 FIN and OSC IN input level Max. operating freque
HM91652B   HM91652B HM91652B PDF Download HMC DIP 96+ The H34063A Series is a monolithic control circui
HM91652BXL   HM91652BXL HM91652BXL PDF Download ELAN DIP-22 2000+ During a Read operation, data is registered for d
HM9165A   HM9165A HM9165A PDF Download HM 1250   The on-board RISC processor enables the I
HM9170AP   HM9170AP HM9170AP PDF Download 台湾 Figure 33 provides the Motorola part numbering n
HM9170B   HM9170B HM9170B PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage C
HM91710   HM91710 HM91710 PDF Download HMC 2000 volts can accumulate on the human body or a
HM91710A   HM91710A HM91710A PDF Download HM 06+ 500 The output and reset of the integrators is contr
HM91710AD   HM91710AD HM91710AD PDF Download Note 2: : Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limit
HM91710AP   HM91710AP HM91710AP PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ Figure 3 is a photograph of the various waveforms
HM91710APJXS   HM91710APJXS HM91710APJXS PDF Download HM DIP 07+ WRITE ENABLE ( W )   A write cycle is initi
HM91710B   HM91710B HM91710B PDF Download HMC DIP 07+
HM91710BP   HM91710BP HM91710BP PDF Download HMC The bus controller is responsible for generating
HM91810BP   HM91810BP HM91810BP PDF Download 0.3V, the internal NMOS FET switch turns on and
HM9187   HM9187 HM9187 PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ tioned into various bus widths such as twelve 9-
HM91AD(LM395T)   HM91AD(LM395T) HM91AD(LM395T) PDF Download HAR 95+ Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding V+
HM91C02A   HM91C02A HM91C02A PDF Download 华斑 Self Test allows to test the mechanical and elect
HM92   HM92 HM92 PDF Download 华昕 89 CHIP ERASE: If the boot block lockout has been en
HM9200   HM9200 HM9200 PDF Download HMC 06+ 500 Reset Output. RESET is an active LOW, open drain
HM9201   HM9201 HM9201 PDF Download
HM9201B   HM9201B HM9201B PDF Download The RF5189 is a two-stage device with a nominal
HM9201L   HM9201L HM9201L PDF Download AUXILIARY COMPOSITE OUTPUT The auxiliary port in
HM9202   HM9202 HM9202 PDF Download HMC PDIP18 93 1. Tolerance 10% for L > 10 µH, 20% fo
HM9203   HM9203 HM9203 PDF Download   In GaP HBT microwave amplifiers, except G
HM9204   HM9204 HM9204 PDF Download HMC DIP 07+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
HM9205   HM9205 HM9205 PDF Download The HT6P20 is a CMOS LSI encoder designed for re-
HM9206   HM9206 HM9206 PDF Download The AT8xEB5114 has 3 software-selectable modes o
HM9207   HM9207 HM9207 PDF Download The Si3038 is an integrated direct access arrange
HM9209   HM9209 HM9209 PDF Download HMC DIP 06+ Through the choice of p-type or n-type silicon,
HM9210D   HM9210D HM9210D PDF Download HMC Parameter VDD to GND VOUTA, VOUTB, VBZ to GND
HM9220   HM9220 HM9220 PDF Download DIP8 08+ 1. All characteristics are measured with C = 0.1
HM9220A   HM9220A HM9220A PDF Download HM
HM9220E   HM9220E HM9220E PDF Download Halt function and wake-up feature reduce power
HM9253101FPT   HM9253101FPT HM9253101FPT PDF Download HIT SOP28W 2007+ n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
HM9264BLF10L   HM9264BLF10L HM9264BLF10L PDF Download HITACHI SMD Applications • Telecommunications equipmen
HM9264BLF-10L   HM9264BLF-10L HM9264BLF-10L PDF Download HIT SOP/28 06+ TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION   Figure 2 shows
HM9264BLFP10L   HM9264BLFP10L HM9264BLFP10L PDF Download Hitachi The 16-bit digital output is multiplexed into an
HM9264BLFP-10L   HM9264BLFP-10L HM9264BLFP-10L PDF Download HITACHI SMD 9635
HM9264BLFP-8L   HM9264BLFP-8L HM9264BLFP-8L PDF Download Hitachi
HM9264LF10L   HM9264LF10L HM9264LF10L PDF Download HIT 9513 INTERFACE COMMUNICATION: The IC pin determines wh
HM9264LFP-10   HM9264LFP-10 HM9264LFP-10 PDF Download • Applies corrections and additional infor
HM9264LFP-10L   HM9264LFP-10L HM9264LFP-10L PDF Download
HM9270   HM9270 HM9270 PDF Download DIP Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
HM92700   HM92700 HM92700 PDF Download TapePak and TRI-STATE are registered trademarks
HM9270D   HM9270D HM9270D PDF Download 96 The I/O memory space contains 64 addresses for C
HM9270D(DIP)   HM9270D(DIP) HM9270D(DIP) PDF Download Operating voltage VCC: 2.4~5.5V Low power consum
HM9270DM   HM9270DM HM9270DM PDF Download TAIWAN Read cycle time Address access time Byte cont
HM9270DMXW   HM9270DMXW HM9270DMXW PDF Download 99 SOP 2-V to 5.5-V VCC Operation Supports Mixed-Mode V
HM927AG   HM927AG HM927AG PDF Download C672x: 32-/64-Bit 300-MHz Floating-Point DSPs Up
HM9302D   HM9302D HM9302D PDF Download HT 1993 DIP   Please be aware that an important notice
HM9332C416700MHZ   HM9332C416700MHZ HM9332C416700MHZ PDF Download FEATURES Bidirectional crowbar protection Vo
HM9350A   HM9350A HM9350A PDF Download Shift clock input pin. At the rise of shift cloc
HM9370D   HM9370D HM9370D PDF Download HMC Electrical & Optical Specifications Specific
HM938A   HM938A HM938A PDF Download ROHM SSOP-5.2-20P 6+ External Capacitors: The PT7615 require a minimum
HM93C46M8X   HM93C46M8X HM93C46M8X PDF Download True Dual-Port memory cells which allow simultan
HM94   HM94 HM94 PDF Download 华昕 89   Fabricated using IDTs CMOS high-performan
HM94000Q   HM94000Q HM94000Q PDF Download EMC The Intersil ISL84715 and ISL84716 devices are lo
HM94001R   HM94001R HM94001R PDF Download HMC DIP 96+ Differential or single-ended clock input signal.
HM94004BM   HM94004BM HM94004BM PDF Download ISOPLUS247 package with DCB Base - Electrical
HM94004M   HM94004M HM94004M PDF Download HIT SOP8 ISSI reserves the right to make changes to its pr
HM94005   HM94005 HM94005 PDF Download HMC The designed amplifier has a measured -1dB input
HM94005BP   HM94005BP HM94005BP PDF Download HMC DIP N/A This device is a single chip PC peripheral microc
HM94005P   HM94005P HM94005P PDF Download As VCE is further increased, beyond the thermally
HM94100A   HM94100A HM94100A PDF Download HMC QFP80L 9446+ Notes:  1. TA is the instant on case tempe
HM94100Q   HM94100Q HM94100Q PDF Download HMC QFP 1994+ FFeatures 1) Corrects distortion in the rising
HM94100QXD   HM94100QXD HM94100QXD PDF Download HMC 1994   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
HM94114A   HM94114A HM94114A PDF Download HMC 94+ The PHY-link interface can follow either the IEE
HM9453100FP   HM9453100FP HM9453100FP PDF Download HITACHI 00+ Layout 50 ps Channel-to-Channel Skew (Typ) 200
HM94AF   HM94AF HM94AF PDF Download SMBJ surface mount package is utilized where powe
HM9502C   HM9502C HM9502C PDF Download Memories C 8K dual voltage High Density Flash (
HM9502C2   HM9502C2 HM9502C2 PDF Download Single-chip, low power UHF transmitter 75 MHz t
HM95077   HM95077 HM95077 PDF Download
HM9521DC   HM9521DC HM9521DC PDF Download This pin is the microcontroller interface to con
HM9528   HM9528 HM9528 PDF Download The autoselect mode provides manufacturer and de
HM95TKPH560J   HM95TKPH560J HM95TKPH560J PDF Download Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
HM965   HM965 HM965 PDF Download 华昕 SOT-89 Note 8: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
HM9651/PRN   HM9651/PRN HM9651/PRN PDF Download
HM9-6516BB6129   HM9-6516BB6129 HM9-6516BB6129 PDF Download The clamped output voltage will not be exactly e
HM9-6516BD6129   HM9-6516BD6129 HM9-6516BD6129 PDF Download Data is parallel loaded into the SN65LVDS151 inp
HM9-6516BR4859   HM9-6516BR4859 HM9-6516BR4859 PDF Download 3. If the remote sense pins are not being used,
HM9701CN   HM9701CN HM9701CN PDF Download N/A QFP-48 The operation of the 85 is described in the func
HM9720D   HM9720D HM9720D PDF Download 00+ DIP The AD5258 provides a compact, nonvolatile 3 mm
HM976-Q   HM976-Q HM976-Q PDF Download 华夕 1000 07+ These signal conditioners are designed to provid
HM9801   HM9801 HM9801 PDF Download SSOP24 The maximum allowable power dissipation is a func
HM9801B   HM9801B HM9801B PDF Download HM 99+ DIP Introduced in 1987/88, XC3000 is the industrys m
HM9801B3   HM9801B3 HM9801B3 PDF Download HM 01+ DIP
HM9830   HM9830 HM9830 PDF Download SMD-20 04+ Table 2 shows the interrupt vector and DSP-to-DSP
HM9901N   HM9901N HM9901N PDF Download DIP Vertical Sync The vertical sync output is synchr
HM9931   HM9931 HM9931 PDF Download SMD-20 04+ n A/D converter (8-bit, 8-channel, with prescale
HM9932   HM9932 HM9932 PDF Download SMD-20 04+ The Acknowledge (ACK) Bit shown in Figure 2 is p
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