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The MAX3738 accepts differential data input signals. The wide 5mA to 60mA (up to 85mA AC-coupled) mod- ulation current range and up to 100mA bias current range, make the MAX3738 ideal for driving FP/DFB lasers in fiber optic modules. External resistors set the required laser current levels. The MAX3738 provides transmit disable control (TX_DISABLE), single-point fault tolerance, bias-current monitoring, and photocur- rent monitoring. The device also offers a latched failure output (TX_FAULT) to indicate faults, such as when the APC loop is no longer able to maintain the average optical power at the required level. The MAX3738 is compliant with the SFF-8472 transmitter diagnostic and SFP MSA timing requirements. The MAX3738 is offered in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin thin QFN package and operates over the extended -40C to +85C temperature range.
connected to common Ports Dn) when the nIN input is held high and OFF (high impedance state exists between the two ports) when nIN is held low; the switches nS2 are ON (they are connected to common Ports Dn) when the nIN input is held low and OFF (high impedance state exists between the two ports) when IN is held high. Additional key features are fast switching speed, Break Before Make Delay Time and Ultra Low Power Consumption. All inputs and outputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge, giving them ESD immunity and transient excess voltage. Its available in the commercial temperature range in the QFN package.
The charge pump is a doubler configuration that uses one external flying capacitor. When enabled, a 2-phase nonoverlapping clock controls the charge pump switches. At start-up, the LDO is disabled and the load is removed from CPO. When CPO reaches 1.75VIN the LDO is enabled. If CPO falls below 1.45VIN the LDO will be disabled. Gen- erally, the charge pump runs open loop with continuous clocking for low noise. If CPO is greater than 1.95VIN and IOUT is less than 200µA, the charge pump will operate in Burst Mode operation for increased efficiency but slightly higher output noise. In Burst Mode operation, the clock is disabled when CPO reaches 1.95VIN and enabled when CPO droops by about 150mV. The switching frequency is precisely controlled to ensure that the frequency is above 455kHz and at the optimum rate to ensure maximum effi- ciency. The switch edge rates are also controlled to mini- mize noise. The effective output resistance at CPO is dependent on the voltage at VIN, CPO, the flying capacitor value CFLY and the junction temperature. A low ESR ca- pacitor of 2µF should be used at CPO for minimum noise.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
HY5001   HY5001 HY5001 PDF Download Measured differentially through 50 Ω to AG
HY5001-025   HY5001-025 HY5001-025 PDF Download • Internal oscillator requires no external
HY5001-025R   HY5001-025R HY5001-025R PDF Download HTTEK . Features D Low ON-State Resistance (10 W) D Low
HY5001-050   HY5001-050 HY5001-050 PDF Download A force of 1.0 Kg shall be applied to each termin
HY5002   HY5002 HY5002 PDF Download Sampling Frequency: 32kHz to 192kHz 8X Oversampl
HY50U283222A   HY50U283222A HY50U283222A PDF Download 2-WIRE SERIAL COMMUNICATION INTERFACE Optional
HY50U283222AQ-4   HY50U283222AQ-4 HY50U283222AQ-4 PDF Download FF/IR and AF are synchronized to the port clock
HY50U283222AQ-5   HY50U283222AQ-5 HY50U283222AQ-5 PDF Download Power Diode Module DD25F series are designed for
HY510N   HY510N HY510N PDF Download HY DIP-8 Only few external Components required Input Und
HY511000A-10   HY511000A-10 HY511000A-10 PDF Download Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of thi
HY511000BJ-60   HY511000BJ-60 HY511000BJ-60 PDF Download INDUCTOR SELECTION   Selecting the appropr
HY511000BJ-70   HY511000BJ-70 HY511000BJ-70 PDF Download   Implementation of the MIPS-III architectu
HY51120JC-60   HY51120JC-60 HY51120JC-60 PDF Download 97 The CY7B9950 features split power supply buses f
HY511404BT-60   HY511404BT-60 HY511404BT-60 PDF Download KOREA SMD 07+ The 80960CA is the second-generation member of
HY5116100AT-60   HY5116100AT-60 HY5116100AT-60 PDF Download HY TSOP NOTES: 1. See RECOMMENDED OPERATING RANGE table
HY5116100J6   HY5116100J6 HY5116100J6 PDF Download Output Voltage Integral Color LEDs and Matching
HY5116100JC-60   HY5116100JC-60 HY5116100JC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ A measurement cycle starts by resetting the inte
HY5116100TC-60   HY5116100TC-60 HY5116100TC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • The basic gate function is lined up as Re
HY5116160BT-50   HY5116160BT-50 HY5116160BT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The ULN2001A is a general-purpose array and can
HY5116160BT-60   HY5116160BT-60 HY5116160BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Assembled using thick-film technology, the HR700
HY5116160CT-50   HY5116160CT-50 HY5116160CT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Before registration of a decoded tone pair, the r
HY5116160CT-60   HY5116160CT-60 HY5116160CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Notes:  1. VIL (min.) = C2.0V for pulse du
HY5116164CT-5   HY5116164CT-5 HY5116164CT-5 PDF Download HY TSOP 94+/99+ The procedures for the thermal design of the SI-
HY5116164CT-6   HY5116164CT-6 HY5116164CT-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 94+/99+ Notes: 2. VDD = 7.0V, TC = 25C. Part mounted on
HY5116400AJ-70   HY5116400AJ-70 HY5116400AJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspect
HY5116400AT-60   HY5116400AT-60 HY5116400AT-60 PDF Download HYNIX HY5V22G is offering fully synchronous operation r
HY5116400BJ-60   HY5116400BJ-60 HY5116400BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   1/ Separate samples may be used for each
HY5116400CJ-6   HY5116400CJ-6 HY5116400CJ-6 PDF Download General Description (Continued) It is a fully st
HY5116400CJ-60   HY5116400CJ-60 HY5116400CJ-60 PDF Download HY PLCC MBF1 is set LOW by a LOW-to-HIGH transition of CL
HY5116400CJ-60DR   HY5116400CJ-60DR HY5116400CJ-60DR PDF Download Enable pin for the Boot ROM or an external regist
HY5116400CT60   HY5116400CT60 HY5116400CT60 PDF Download hynix hynix dc99 Carrier Detect (Active-LOW). These inputs are ass
HY5116400CT-60   HY5116400CT-60 HY5116400CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP-26 The W29EE512 is shipped with the software data pr
HY5116400JC-70   HY5116400JC-70 HY5116400JC-70 PDF Download HYNIX CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
HY5116404CJ-60   HY5116404CJ-60 HY5116404CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ may be accessed by hardware or software operatio
HY5116404CJ60DR   HY5116404CJ60DR HY5116404CJ60DR PDF Download The DS8830, SN55183, and SN75183 dual different
HY5117400A   HY5117400A HY5117400A PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ The Fujitsu MB15F72UL is a serial input Phase Lo
HY5117400AJ-60   HY5117400AJ-60 HY5117400AJ-60 PDF Download TSOP 08+ Vertical Sync Input/Output The vertical sync out
HY5117400AJ-70   HY5117400AJ-70 HY5117400AJ-70 PDF Download HY 06+ 500 Programmable) versions are available (COP8SGx7 F
HY5117400B   HY5117400B HY5117400B PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The Hyundai HYM71V733201 H-Series are 32Mx72bits
HY5117400BJ-60   HY5117400BJ-60 HY5117400BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ LINEAR GCI MODE   In GCI linear mode, one G
HY5117400BJ-70   HY5117400BJ-70 HY5117400BJ-70 PDF Download HY SOJ 97+/99+ Recommended Application: VIA PM133 chipset Out
HY5117400BT-60   HY5117400BT-60 HY5117400BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Output Features: •3 - 14.318 MHz REF cloc
HY5117400CJ-60   HY5117400CJ-60 HY5117400CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ A 8051 standard pin is a pseudo open drain pin. I
HY5117400CT-60   HY5117400CT-60 HY5117400CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
HY5117400JC-70   HY5117400JC-70 HY5117400JC-70 PDF Download N/A SOJ 07+  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
HY5117404A/B   HY5117404A/B HY5117404A/B PDF Download Chip Enable Out output. This signal is asserted
HY5117404AJ-60   HY5117404AJ-60 HY5117404AJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ24 5. Dropout is defined as either the minimum cont
HY5117404B   HY5117404B HY5117404B PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ W83877ATF is made to fully comply with MicrosoftT
HY5117404BJ-60   HY5117404BJ-60 HY5117404BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+  CioA or B portVCC = 5 V,16 † All typ
HY5117404BT-60   HY5117404BT-60 HY5117404BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The uncommitted output transistors provide eithe
HY5117404C   HY5117404C HY5117404C PDF Download HY The CY7B9950 features split power supply buses f
HY5117404CJ60   HY5117404CJ60 HY5117404CJ60 PDF Download 4855 NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
HY5117404CJ-60   HY5117404CJ-60 HY5117404CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ COMBINATORIAL I/O In combinatorial mode the pin
HY5117404CT-60   HY5117404CT-60 HY5117404CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • VCC = 2.3V to 3.6V • Hysteresis on a
HY5117800BJ-50   HY5117800BJ-50 HY5117800BJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ 2.0V to 6.3V operation Three switch inputs: S2
HY5117800BJ-60   HY5117800BJ-60 HY5117800BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ I Embedded 16 bit CompactRISCTM Micro Controlle
HY5117800BT-50   HY5117800BT-50 HY5117800BT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ This notice outlines changes made to the first a
HY5117800BT-60   HY5117800BT-60 HY5117800BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+
HY5117800CJ-50   HY5117800CJ-50 HY5117800CJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The amplifiers can operate on any supply voltage
HY5117800CJ-60   HY5117800CJ-60 HY5117800CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Sector Tag/Sync Bytes The first byte of each se
HY5117800CT-50   HY5117800CT-50 HY5117800CT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Connect control terminal to VIN terminal The qui
HY5117800CT-60   HY5117800CT-60 HY5117800CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • Pout>13W, çT>40% @ VDD=12.5
HY5117804   HY5117804 HY5117804 PDF Download TSOP28 NOTES: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. M
HY5117804BJ-50   HY5117804BJ-50 HY5117804BJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ is sampled at the reference frequency to give th
HY5117804BJ-60   HY5117804BJ-60 HY5117804BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ RD (P3.7): External data memory read strobe P3.4
HY5117804BJ-60.CJ-60   HY5117804BJ-60.CJ-60 HY5117804BJ-60.CJ-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ28 2007+ ActiveArray™ Bottomless™ CoolFET
HY5117804BT-50   HY5117804BT-50 HY5117804BT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The R/B output indicates the status of the device
HY5117804BT-60   HY5117804BT-60 HY5117804BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ 2. The ADS-929 achieves its specified accuracies
HY5117804CJ-50   HY5117804CJ-50 HY5117804CJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/
HY5117804CJ-60   HY5117804CJ-60 HY5117804CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The TSOP22..YA1 C series are miniaturized receiv
HY5117804CSLJ-60   HY5117804CSLJ-60 HY5117804CSLJ-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 0003+ To support PCMCIA-compatible word-wide access d
HY5117804CT-50   HY5117804CT-50 HY5117804CT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The lamp current is monitored by means of an ext
HY5117804CT-60   HY5117804CT-60 HY5117804CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   There are two limitations on the power ha
HY5118160B   HY5118160B HY5118160B PDF Download The watchdog timer circuit may be used to monito
HY5118160BJC-60   HY5118160BJC-60 HY5118160BJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ DETECT CIRCUITRY   If an alarm condition i
HY5118160BJC-70   HY5118160BJC-70 HY5118160BJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Unless specifically noted all references to the
HY5118160BJC-80   HY5118160BJC-80 HY5118160BJC-80 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ42 4. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
HY5118160BSLTC-60   HY5118160BSLTC-60 HY5118160BSLTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 * . Exposure to Absolute Maximum rating condition
HY5118160BSLTC-70   HY5118160BSLTC-70 HY5118160BSLTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 The core as delivered is warranted against defect
HY5118160BSLTC-80   HY5118160BSLTC-80 HY5118160BSLTC-80 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
HY5118160BTC-60   HY5118160BTC-60 HY5118160BTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The power supply operating range of the EL2244 a
HY5118160BTC-70   HY5118160BTC-70 HY5118160BTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Data Setup Time Data Hold Time Address Set-up
HY5118160CJC-60   HY5118160CJC-60 HY5118160CJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ − One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication
HY5118160CJC-70   HY5118160CJC-70 HY5118160CJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HY5118160CJC-80   HY5118160CJC-80 HY5118160CJC-80 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ42 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. Al
HY5118160CTC-60   HY5118160CTC-60 HY5118160CTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • 6A Output Current • Input Voltage
HY5118160CTC-70   HY5118160CTC-70 HY5118160CTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
HY5118160CTC-80   HY5118160CTC-80 HY5118160CTC-80 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 The minimum VIN must meet two conditions: VIN 2
HY5118160JC-70   HY5118160JC-70 HY5118160JC-70 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ-42 Motorola, the Motorola logo and VMEexec are regi
HY5118160JC-80   HY5118160JC-80 HY5118160JC-80 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ-42 Notes: 1. Please do not use the soldering iron d
HY5118160SLJC-70   HY5118160SLJC-70 HY5118160SLJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ42 By changing the time constant C1 and C2, the resp
HY5118160SLJC-80   HY5118160SLJC-80 HY5118160SLJC-80 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ42 The FIFO has a combined Empty/Output Ready flag
HY5118160SLTC-70   HY5118160SLTC-70 HY5118160SLTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 Standard Definition Programmable Features  
HY5118160SLTC-80   HY5118160SLTC-80 HY5118160SLTC-80 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 A typical communication on the Microwire bus is
HY5118160TC-70   HY5118160TC-70 HY5118160TC-70 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 Case: SOT-23, Molded Plastic Case material - UL
HY5118160TC-80   HY5118160TC-80 HY5118160TC-80 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP50 Input Voltage Range Quiescent Current Soft St
HY5118164BJC60   HY5118164BJC60 HY5118164BJC60 PDF Download High-side high current switch with active low Ena
HY5118164BJC-60   HY5118164BJC-60 HY5118164BJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ When EBEN is high and EA is low all program mem-
HY5118164BTC-60   HY5118164BTC-60 HY5118164BTC-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI TSOP 97+ While the CMOS output is capable of sinking over
HY5118164C   HY5118164C HY5118164C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The contents of this specification are subject t
HY5118164C60JC   HY5118164C60JC HY5118164C60JC PDF Download The on-chip DPLL meets Telcordia GR-1244-CORE str
HY5118164CJC60   HY5118164CJC60 HY5118164CJC60 PDF Download HSMS-A100-J00J1 HSMH-A100-L00J1 HSMC-A100-Q00J1
HY5118164C-JC60   HY5118164C-JC60 HY5118164C-JC60 PDF Download HY SOJ42 98+ The MAX 3000A architecture supports 100% transis
HY5118164C-JC-60   HY5118164C-JC-60 HY5118164C-JC-60 PDF Download Signal interconnections within FLEX 8000 devices
HY5118164CJC-60   HY5118164CJC-60 HY5118164CJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ 98+ HY5118164CJC-60he HY5118164CJC-60 is the first So
HY5118164CSLJC-60   HY5118164CSLJC-60 HY5118164CSLJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Connection pin of an external capacitor for l
HY5118164CTC60   HY5118164CTC60 HY5118164CTC60 PDF Download simultaneous composite and S-video output, and i
HY5118164CTC-60   HY5118164CTC-60 HY5118164CTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The receiver is manufactured in a compact, 16-pi
HY5118164CTC-60(A)   HY5118164CTC-60(A) HY5118164CTC-60(A) PDF Download HY 99+ TSOP/44 The information provided herein is believed to b
HY5118164JC-60   HY5118164JC-60 HY5118164JC-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 98+   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
HY5118165AJ-60   HY5118165AJ-60 HY5118165AJ-60 PDF Download N/A 06+ The HY5118165AJ-60 programmable interval timer/co
HY511816C   HY511816C HY511816C PDF Download 99   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
HY512246JC60   HY512246JC60 HY512246JC60 PDF Download Note 2: The algebraic convention, where the most
HY512260-50   HY512260-50 HY512260-50 PDF Download Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
HY512260JC-50   HY512260JC-50 HY512260JC-50 PDF Download HITACHI 2007 Notes: (1) Clip mounting (on case), where lead
HY512260JC-60   HY512260JC-60 HY512260JC-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ-40 9723 To set the new VTRIP voltage, apply the desired
HY512262JC-60   HY512262JC-60 HY512262JC-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 10V Continuous
HY512264   HY512264 HY512264 PDF Download HITACHI 2007 For proper activation of the output stages, it i
HY5122645C50   HY5122645C50 HY5122645C50 PDF Download output, which provide high noise immunity and s
HY512264-60   HY512264-60 HY512264-60 PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The Fairchild Semiconductor HY512264-60 is a hig
HY512264HC-70   HY512264HC-70 HY512264HC-70 PDF Download Hynix 05+ Single Series Common Anode Common Cathode Unc
HY512264JC50   HY512264JC50 HY512264JC50 PDF Download Provides 5 styles of 8 kHz framing pulses and a
HY512264JC-50   HY512264JC-50 HY512264JC-50 PDF Download Note 2: All specifications are 100% tested at TA
HY512264JC-60   HY512264JC-60 HY512264JC-60 PDF Download HY SOJ40 9821 Current Sharing Mode In the current sharing mode
HY512264JC-70   HY512264JC-70 HY512264JC-70 PDF Download Initial version Add 17.9MHz main CLK Add code
HY512264TC-50   HY512264TC-50 HY512264TC-50 PDF Download TSOP Likewise, the TCD output will go LOW when the ci
HY512264TC-60   HY512264TC-60 HY512264TC-60 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 00+ 1. The MODE switch is set to LEAKAGE. 2. Connect
HY512264TC-70   HY512264TC-70 HY512264TC-70 PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
HY51400ALJ-60   HY51400ALJ-60 HY51400ALJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ 97+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HY51400BJ-60   HY51400BJ-60 HY51400BJ-60 PDF Download HITACHI 2007   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
HY51400J-70   HY51400J-70 HY51400J-70 PDF Download The UCC381 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
HY514100AJ-70   HY514100AJ-70 HY514100AJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Internally trimmed offset voltage: Low input b
HY514100ALJ60   HY514100ALJ60 HY514100ALJ60 PDF Download   The CMOS ASIC uses switched capacitor tec
HY514100ALJ-60   HY514100ALJ-60 HY514100ALJ-60 PDF Download TSOP 08+ rent drain through the termination resistor on t
HY514100ALJ-70   HY514100ALJ-70 HY514100ALJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The AD7864 is a high speed, low power, 4-channel
HY514100ALT-60   HY514100ALT-60 HY514100ALT-60 PDF Download HYNIX,LGS TSOP  TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
HY514100AT-70(B)   HY514100AT-70(B) HY514100AT-70(B) PDF Download Note 2: Operating ratings indicate conditions for
HY514100BJ6   HY514100BJ6 HY514100BJ6 PDF Download The ATF1502ASV offers the option of programming
HY514100BJ-70   HY514100BJ-70 HY514100BJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX,LGS SOJ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
HY514100J-10   HY514100J-10 HY514100J-10 PDF Download HYNIX,LGS SOJ Output Stages. Each of the two output stages is
HY514100J-70   HY514100J-70 HY514100J-70 PDF Download HYNIX,LGS SOJ Hynix HYMD264646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
HY514100J-80   HY514100J-80 HY514100J-80 PDF Download HY SOJ 98+ SG1 applied to V22, V27 and V31, SG10 applied to
HY514171BJ-50   HY514171BJ-50 HY514171BJ-50 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ BIASOUT Current Limit Soft Start and Delay SS/
HY514171BJ-6   HY514171BJ-6 HY514171BJ-6 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ The LM236, LM336 voltage references are easier t
HY514171BJ-60   HY514171BJ-60 HY514171BJ-60 PDF Download HY PLCC 96+/99+ • Photo detector and preamplifier in one p
HY514171BJ-70   HY514171BJ-70 HY514171BJ-70 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ 4. When Fail Soft operation is detected, regulat
HY514171BJ-80   HY514171BJ-80 HY514171BJ-80 PDF Download HY PLCC 96+/99+ All units in these Hitachi MultiMediaCards are c
HY5141758J-60   HY5141758J-60 HY5141758J-60 PDF Download SIEMENS SOJ 98+   3.5.1 Certification/compliance mark. The
HY514175BJ-60   HY514175BJ-60 HY514175BJ-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ • Clock   • Built-in PLL clock
HY51417BJ-60   HY51417BJ-60 HY51417BJ-60 PDF Download infineon O7+ Provide a very well decoupled 5V bias supply for
HY514200J-AR   HY514200J-AR HY514200J-AR PDF Download The oscillator circuit is designed to be used wi
HY514256B-60   HY514256B-60 HY514256B-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/96+ All of the Ultra37000 devices are electrically e
HY514256S-10   HY514256S-10 HY514256S-10 PDF Download HITACHI 2007   The HYM72V64C756K8M H-Series are high spe
HY514260B   HY514260B HY514260B PDF Download SOJ The SST39VF160Q/VF160 also have the Auto Low Po
HY514260BJC-50   HY514260BJC-50 HY514260BJC-50 PDF Download Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
HY514260BJC60   HY514260BJC60 HY514260BJC60 PDF Download NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
HY514260B-JC-60   HY514260B-JC-60 HY514260B-JC-60 PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
HY514260BJC-60   HY514260BJC-60 HY514260BJC-60 PDF Download 02+ H6 The sixth harmonic should not be a problem and
HY514260BJC-60DR   HY514260BJC-60DR HY514260BJC-60DR PDF Download   The HYM72V64C756T4P -Series are high spee
HY514260BJC70   HY514260BJC70 HY514260BJC70 PDF Download DEVICE OPERATION The operating modes of the M27
HY514260B-JC-70   HY514260B-JC-70 HY514260B-JC-70 PDF Download • Viewing Angles Match   Traffic Mana
HY514260BJC-70   HY514260BJC-70 HY514260BJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ mode with little power consumption. It can also o
HY514260BJC-70(DRAM256K16)   HY514260BJC-70(DRAM256K16) HY514260BJC-70(DRAM256K16) PDF Download The GS82032A is a 2,097,152-bit high performance
HY514260BJC-80   HY514260BJC-80 HY514260BJC-80 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 ENA (Pin 10) (enable): ENA is a logic input that
HY514260BLJC-70   HY514260BLJC-70 HY514260BLJC-70 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 SECTOR LOCKDOWN DETECTION: A software method is a
HY514260BLJC-80   HY514260BLJC-80 HY514260BLJC-80 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 The SMJ320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP f
HY514260BLTC-60   HY514260BLTC-60 HY514260BLTC-60 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Thermocompression bonding is recommended. Weldin
HY514260BLTC-70   HY514260BLTC-70 HY514260BLTC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Features Ÿ International standard package
HY514260BLTC-80   HY514260BLTC-80 HY514260BLTC-80 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
HY514260BSLJC-60   HY514260BSLJC-60 HY514260BSLJC-60 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 DATEL makes no representation that the use of it
HY514260BSLJC-70   HY514260BSLJC-70 HY514260BSLJC-70 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
HY514260BSLJC-80   HY514260BSLJC-80 HY514260BSLJC-80 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 The Fairchild Switch FSTU3125 provides four high
HY514260BSLTC-60   HY514260BSLTC-60 HY514260BSLTC-60 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 READ: Read strobe indicates that the processor i
HY514260BSLTC-70   HY514260BSLTC-70 HY514260BSLTC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44   The PT6440 Excalibur™ power modules
HY514260BSLTC-80   HY514260BSLTC-80 HY514260BSLTC-80 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 CCR access The contents of the CCR can be modif
HY514260BTC-60   HY514260BTC-60 HY514260BTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   Glassivated Surface for Reliability and U
HY514260BTC-70   HY514260BTC-70 HY514260BTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The most important connection to make to the MAX
HY514260BTC-80   HY514260BTC-80 HY514260BTC-80 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Development Kit A comprehensive Development Kit
HY514260JC-60   HY514260JC-60 HY514260JC-60 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 When the DS1481 first powers up it is in a trans
HY514260JC-70   HY514260JC-70 HY514260JC-70 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 The advent of cheaper and more powerful personal
HY514260JC-80   HY514260JC-80 HY514260JC-80 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current at Tc
HY514260SLJC-60   HY514260SLJC-60 HY514260SLJC-60 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 The device will respond with a 64-bit ATR code,
HY514260SLJC-70   HY514260SLJC-70 HY514260SLJC-70 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 Renewed operation of S1 causes the interruption
HY514260SLJC-80   HY514260SLJC-80 HY514260SLJC-80 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40
HY514260SLTC-60   HY514260SLTC-60 HY514260SLTC-60 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 The LVTH162244 devices are 16-bit buffers and li
HY514260SLTC-70   HY514260SLTC-70 HY514260SLTC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 The four D-type flip-flops operate s
HY514260SLTC-80   HY514260SLTC-80 HY514260SLTC-80 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 The MAX4223CMAX4228 current-feedback amplifiers
HY514260TC-60   HY514260TC-60 HY514260TC-60 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 The DAC5662 is available in a 48-pin thin quad F
HY514260TC-70   HY514260TC-70 HY514260TC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Notes: (1) Derate Linearly 1.67 mW/o C above 25o
HY514260TC-80   HY514260TC-80 HY514260TC-80 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 Port 1 Port 1 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
HY514264B   HY514264B HY514264B PDF Download HY 9825+
HY514264BJC50   HY514264BJC50 HY514264BJC50 PDF Download   4.5.4 Emitter to collector offset voltage
HY514264B-JC-50   HY514264B-JC-50 HY514264B-JC-50 PDF Download Input Voltage Range   • 10 to 16 VDC
HY514264BJC-50   HY514264BJC-50 HY514264BJC-50 PDF Download SAM SOJ 97+ The BS616LV1013 is a high performance, very low p
HY514264BJC60   HY514264BJC60 HY514264BJC60 PDF Download
HY514264B-JC60   HY514264B-JC60 HY514264B-JC60 PDF Download The simplest circuit is a simple op amp follower
HY514264B-JC-60   HY514264B-JC-60 HY514264B-JC-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 1997 Low IR (<100nA @ 1V, <500nA @ 3V) Desig
HY514264BJC-60   HY514264BJC-60 HY514264BJC-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ 97+ The CDC305 contains eight flip-flops designed to
HY514264B-JC-70   HY514264B-JC-70 HY514264B-JC-70 PDF Download
HY514264BJC-70   HY514264BJC-70 HY514264BJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   The PT6725 series of power modules are in
HY514264BLJC-50   HY514264BLJC-50 HY514264BLJC-50 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 In such cases a mechanical shutter is needed to
HY514264BLJC-60   HY514264BLJC-60 HY514264BLJC-60 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
HY514264BLJC-70   HY514264BLJC-70 HY514264BLJC-70 PDF Download HYINX SOJ40 If the DS1481 determines that it is the last dev
HY514264BLTC-50   HY514264BLTC-50 HY514264BLTC-50 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 The ispLSI 3448 is a High-Density Programmable L
HY514264BLTC-60   HY514264BLTC-60 HY514264BLTC-60 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44
HY514264BLTC-70   HY514264BLTC-70 HY514264BLTC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 This single-pole, double-throw reflective switch
HY514264BSLJC-50   HY514264BSLJC-50 HY514264BSLJC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Make No Connection to this Pin. Default Thresho
HY514264BSLJC-60   HY514264BSLJC-60 HY514264BSLJC-60 PDF Download HY SOJ-40 1998+ 4-A Output Current Wide-Input Voltage (9 V to 2
HY514264BSLTC-50   HY514264BSLTC-50 HY514264BSLTC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Store the devices out of direct sunlight, at a st
HY514264BSLTC-60   HY514264BSLTC-60 HY514264BSLTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The APW 7093 uses a unique current-mode, constan
HY514264BSLTC-70   HY514264BSLTC-70 HY514264BSLTC-70 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 NOTES: (1) Binary Twos Complement coding. (2) Ra
HY514264BTC-50   HY514264BTC-50 HY514264BTC-50 PDF Download HYINX TSOP44 q INDUSTRIAL PROCESS CONTROL   Transducer I
HY514264BTC-60   HY514264BTC-60 HY514264BTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The ispLSI 1048C is a High-Density Programmable
HY514264BTC-70   HY514264BTC-70 HY514264BTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Software selectable baud rate generator Four se
HY514265-60   HY514265-60 HY514265-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
HY514265BJ-50   HY514265BJ-50 HY514265BJ-50 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ Note 8: CIN, COUT, C1, and C2 : Low-ESR Surface-
HY514265BJ-60   HY514265BJ-60 HY514265BJ-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ ISO422 provides 1500Vrms isolation for industria
HY5144004LT-60   HY5144004LT-60 HY5144004LT-60 PDF Download HY TSSOP-20 94 FEATURES Low Offset Voltage: 80µV typ. 300
HY514400A   HY514400A HY514400A PDF Download N/A 00+ SOJ-20   This user system interface cable should o
HY514400A-70   HY514400A-70 HY514400A-70 PDF Download Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (70kHz) Low
HY514400AJ-60   HY514400AJ-60 HY514400AJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The MAX4763/MAX4765 include a comparator that can
HY514400AJ70   HY514400AJ70 HY514400AJ70 PDF Download The ADV7183A integrated video decoder automatica
HY514400AJ-70   HY514400AJ-70 HY514400AJ-70 PDF Download 94 driver and one receiver in half duplex configur
HY514400AJ-70DR   HY514400AJ-70DR HY514400AJ-70DR PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ 9949 2. The minimum load current is the minimum curre
HY514400AJ-70F   HY514400AJ-70F HY514400AJ-70F PDF Download HITACHI 2007 Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
HY514400AJ-80   HY514400AJ-80 HY514400AJ-80 PDF Download The LVTH162245 data inputs include bushold, elim
HY514400ALJ60   HY514400ALJ60 HY514400ALJ60 PDF Download The MAX6673 has a push-pull output. The rise and
HY514400ALJ-60   HY514400ALJ-60 HY514400ALJ-60 PDF Download HY 03+ Designing for Microprocessor Applications As it
HY514400ALJ70   HY514400ALJ70 HY514400ALJ70 PDF Download   4.5.1 Group A inspection. Group A inspecti
HY514400ALJ-70   HY514400ALJ-70 HY514400ALJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NEC's MC-7831-HA is a GaAs Multi-Chip Module des
HY514400ALT-60   HY514400ALT-60 HY514400ALT-60 PDF Download HY SOP 94+
HY514400ALT70   HY514400ALT70 HY514400ALT70 PDF Download Available in space-saving MSOP package Ultra lo
HY514400ALT-70   HY514400ALT-70 HY514400ALT-70 PDF Download HY TSSOP-20 94   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of th
HY514400AT70   HY514400AT70 HY514400AT70 PDF Download The ALUs perform a standard set of arithmetic an
HY514400AT-70   HY514400AT-70 HY514400AT-70 PDF Download The 312 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for
HY514400BJ-60   HY514400BJ-60 HY514400BJ-60 PDF Download The SIR Decode block is driven by the IR_RCV sign
HY514400BJ-70   HY514400BJ-70 HY514400BJ-70 PDF Download The UV pin is also used to reset the electronic c
HY514400BS6   HY514400BS6 HY514400BS6 PDF Download For more information, visit our World Wide Web s
HY514400J-70   HY514400J-70 HY514400J-70 PDF Download Only partials of the memory array can be selecte
HY514400J-80   HY514400J-80 HY514400J-80 PDF Download SOJ20 Note 1: All voltages referenced to ground. Note
HY514404A   HY514404A HY514404A PDF Download (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
HY514404AJ-60   HY514404AJ-60 HY514404AJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ CASE: DO-214AA (SMBJ) outline Terminals solderab
HY514404ALJ60   HY514404ALJ60 HY514404ALJ60 PDF Download Digital filters : For the purpose of A/D out-o
HY514404A-LJ-60   HY514404A-LJ-60 HY514404A-LJ-60 PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V8655AT6 Series are Dual In
HY514404ALJ-60   HY514404ALJ-60 HY514404ALJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Some of the topologys advantages are: 1) Stepping
HY514404ALT-60   HY514404ALT-60 HY514404ALT-60 PDF Download
HY51440DA   HY51440DA HY51440DA PDF Download  © 2000 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserve
HY514480ALJ-60   HY514480ALJ-60 HY514480ALJ-60 PDF Download The TSOP344..SB1F - series are miniaturized rece
HY514715BJ-50   HY514715BJ-50 HY514715BJ-50 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ The MAX1437 octal, 12-bit analog-to-digital conve
HY5164S-12   HY5164S-12 HY5164S-12 PDF Download N/A N/A Extremely Wide Operating Voltage   1.5 to
HY5164S-15   HY5164S-15 HY5164S-15 PDF Download The A64 device also has an external clock presca
HY517141BJ-7   HY517141BJ-7 HY517141BJ-7 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+   For serial programming, SEN together wit
HY517171BJ-60   HY517171BJ-60 HY517171BJ-60 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+   With the VBOOST feature the small signal s
HY51C1000LS-10   HY51C1000LS-10 HY51C1000LS-10 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Ga
HY51C1000LS-12   HY51C1000LS-12 HY51C1000LS-12 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The IDT70V631 is a high-speed 256K x 18 A
HY51C1000S-12   HY51C1000S-12 HY51C1000S-12 PDF Download For Literature Requests Only: Freescale Semicond
HY51C1001LS-12   HY51C1001LS-12 HY51C1001LS-12 PDF Download The bar antenna is the most critical device of t
HY51C1001LS-19   HY51C1001LS-19 HY51C1001LS-19 PDF Download (1) Package drawings, standard packing quantitie
HY51C256C   HY51C256C HY51C256C PDF Download DIP-14 98+ NOTE:A bilingual port can only connect to a 1394b
HY51C256-C   HY51C256-C HY51C256-C PDF Download HY DIP-16P 8823+ Note 1: Operating Characteristics are over Stand
HY51C256LS-12   HY51C256LS-12 HY51C256LS-12 PDF Download HYUNDAI DIP 87+ Internal Power Dissipation JA (Exposed paddle so
HY51C256LS15   HY51C256LS15 HY51C256LS15 PDF Download Receive Clock Tri-statable. The falling edge of t
HY51C256S-12   HY51C256S-12 HY51C256S-12 PDF Download   The RST pin is normally driven high and w
HY51C256S15   HY51C256S15 HY51C256S15 PDF Download This is a stress rating only and functional oper
HY51C4256LS-12   HY51C4256LS-12 HY51C4256LS-12 PDF Download HYUNDAI DIP 90 The MAX6655/MAX6656 also measure their own supply
HY51C4256S-10   HY51C4256S-10 HY51C4256S-10 PDF Download HY DIP20 91+ Stability The IRU1015-33 requires the use of an
HY51C4256S-12   HY51C4256S-12 HY51C4256S-12 PDF Download HYUNDAI DIP 90+
HY51C466   HY51C466 HY51C466 PDF Download DIP18 2007+ B. Failure Rate Prediction The failure rate will
HY51C64-12   HY51C64-12 HY51C64-12 PDF Download The Receiver utilizes a discrete silicon PIN p
HY51C64-15   HY51C64-15 HY51C64-15 PDF Download HY DIP-16P 8622+ 1.) Find Driver Power Dissipation   PD= (Vc
HY51C64L-15   HY51C64L-15 HY51C64L-15 PDF Download Speaker output signal can be attenuated either b
HY51C64LS-12   HY51C64LS-12 HY51C64LS-12 PDF Download HYUNDAI 8745 This data sheet details the specific properties
HY51C64S-12   HY51C64S-12 HY51C64S-12 PDF Download Power-on Bi-directional Input/output. At power u
HY51V16164BJ-6   HY51V16164BJ-6 HY51V16164BJ-6 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ Digital Signal Processors (DSPs): TMS320C67x?
HY51V16164BT-6   HY51V16164BT-6 HY51V16164BT-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 94+/99+ ♦ Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
HY51V16164CJ-6   HY51V16164CJ-6 HY51V16164CJ-6 PDF Download HY SOJ 94+/99+ The CY25901 clock generator provides a low-elect
HY51V16164CT-6   HY51V16164CT-6 HY51V16164CT-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 94+/99+ Virtex-II devices have 16 global clock MUX buffe
HY51V16164CTC-60   HY51V16164CTC-60 HY51V16164CTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 00+ 10 years minimum data retention in the absence o
HY51V16404AJ-60   HY51V16404AJ-60 HY51V16404AJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Moreover, the output swing for an ideal RS-232 t
HY51V16404AT-60   HY51V16404AT-60 HY51V16404AT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ As a committed partner to the community and the
HY51V16404C   HY51V16404C HY51V16404C PDF Download HITACHI 2007 The output voltage of the Power Trends Wide Inpu
HY51V17400CT-60   HY51V17400CT-60 HY51V17400CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
HY51V17404AJ-60   HY51V17404AJ-60 HY51V17404AJ-60 PDF Download N/A SOJ 07+ For Schottky barrier diodes, thermal run-away ha
HY51V17404CJ-50   HY51V17404CJ-50 HY51V17404CJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Unless otherwise specified: -40C < TAMB <
HY51V17404CJ-60   HY51V17404CJ-60 HY51V17404CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
HY51V17404CT-50   HY51V17404CT-50 HY51V17404CT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ These devices feature 3-state outputs designed s
HY51V17404CT-60   HY51V17404CT-60 HY51V17404CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • Extra DC-to-DC controller (typically for
HY51V17800BT-60   HY51V17800BT-60 HY51V17800BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTE: The 100-µF capacitor has: ESL = 3 nH
HY51V17804BJ-50   HY51V17804BJ-50 HY51V17804BJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ If the keyboard ²data² line is found to
HY51V17804BJ-60   HY51V17804BJ-60 HY51V17804BJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The MX841 is a fixed frequency, constant current
HY51V17804BT-50   HY51V17804BT-50 HY51V17804BT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Copyright © 1998, Via Technologies Incorpor
HY51V17804BT-60   HY51V17804BT-60 HY51V17804BT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
HY51V17804CJ-50   HY51V17804CJ-50 HY51V17804CJ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Notes: 6. For I/O ports, Input Leakage Current
HY51V17804CJ-60   HY51V17804CJ-60 HY51V17804CJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The only controlled copy of this BIF document is
HY51V17804CT-50   HY51V17804CT-50 HY51V17804CT-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ I2C is a trademark of Philips Corp. Purchase of I
HY51V17804CT-60   HY51V17804CT-60 HY51V17804CT-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The HT73XX series is a set of three-terminal, low
HY51V18160BJC-60   HY51V18160BJC-60 HY51V18160BJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
HY51V18160BJC-70   HY51V18160BJC-70 HY51V18160BJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The clear function for the LV163A devices is syn
HY51V18160BTC-60   HY51V18160BTC-60 HY51V18160BTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ an automatic power-down feature that significant
HY51V18160BTC-70   HY51V18160BTC-70 HY51V18160BTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • Flexible dual-bank architecture   C
HY51V18160CJC-60   HY51V18160CJC-60 HY51V18160CJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
HY51V18160CJC-70   HY51V18160CJC-70 HY51V18160CJC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ OUTPUT DRIVE ENABLE (ODE)   The ODE pin is
HY51V18160CTC-60   HY51V18160CTC-60 HY51V18160CTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTES: (1) dBFS refers to dB below Full Scale. (
HY51V18160CTC-70   HY51V18160CTC-70 HY51V18160CTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX 03+
HY51V18160HGTP-6   HY51V18160HGTP-6 HY51V18160HGTP-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 04+ The AS4C1M16F5 features high speed page mode ope
HY51V18164BJC-60   HY51V18164BJC-60 HY51V18164BJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ A sequence of the digitalized time-code signal c
HY51V18164BTC60   HY51V18164BTC60 HY51V18164BTC60 PDF Download Hyundai 98+ • 6A Output Current • Input Voltage
HY51V18164BTC-60   HY51V18164BTC-60 HY51V18164BTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Infineon Technologies AG i.Gr.• Fiber Opti
HY51V18164BTC-60A   HY51V18164BTC-60A HY51V18164BTC-60A PDF Download Measuring Diode Parameters The measurement of th
HY51V18164C   HY51V18164C HY51V18164C PDF Download 00 This is a stress rating only and functional oper
HY51V18164C60TC   HY51V18164C60TC HY51V18164C60TC PDF Download HY TSOP 99+/03+ Life Support Policy: HY-LINE does not authorize t
HY51V18164CJC60   HY51V18164CJC60 HY51V18164CJC60 PDF Download HY SOJ 97+/00+ The figure below illustrates the relationships b
HY51V18164C-JC60   HY51V18164C-JC60 HY51V18164C-JC60 PDF Download "Advance" product information describe
HY51V18164CJC-60   HY51V18164CJC-60 HY51V18164CJC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Supply Voltage Operating (VCC) Supply Voltage
HY51V18164CJC-60DR   HY51V18164CJC-60DR HY51V18164CJC-60DR PDF Download The PI3C16215 is a 20-bit bus switch with low ON-
HY51V18164CTC60   HY51V18164CTC60 HY51V18164CTC60 PDF Download HY TSOP 99+/03+ • Input voltage range: 2.25V to 5.5V ̶
HY51V18164CTC-60   HY51V18164CTC-60 HY51V18164CTC-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI TSOP-54 Section 4, Support: − added Section 4.1,
HY51V18164CTC-60DR   HY51V18164CTC-60DR HY51V18164CTC-60DR PDF Download HY TSOP 99+/03+ The AD8029 (single), AD8030 (dual), and AD8040 (
HY51V4265E-60TK   HY51V4265E-60TK HY51V4265E-60TK PDF Download OKI TSOP40 01+ Designed for use in battery-powered applications
HY51V64162OHGT-P   HY51V64162OHGT-P HY51V64162OHGT-P PDF Download 2.2 Initialization procedure After VCC has stabi
HY51V64400HGT-5   HY51V64400HGT-5 HY51V64400HGT-5 PDF Download The SN74CBT16210C is a high-speed TTL-compatible
HY51V64403HGT-6   HY51V64403HGT-6 HY51V64403HGT-6 PDF Download   functional operation of the device at the
HY51V65164ASLTC-50   HY51V65164ASLTC-50 HY51V65164ASLTC-50 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 99+ Current setting resistor (band-gap sense voltage
HY51V65164ASLTC-60   HY51V65164ASLTC-60 HY51V65164ASLTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ STATUS REGISTER READ: The status register can be
HY51V65164ATC-50   HY51V65164ATC-50 HY51V65164ATC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Synchronization (EXSYN) Blanking (BLK) Contro
HY51V65164A-TC60   HY51V65164A-TC60 HY51V65164A-TC60 PDF Download HY 99+/01+ 1/ Stresses above the absolute maximum rating ma
HY51V65164ATC-60   HY51V65164ATC-60 HY51V65164ATC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   Controller (host) will send start bit. &n
HY51V65164LTC-60   HY51V65164LTC-60 HY51V65164LTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP50 The TPS730xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-po
HY51V65164LTC-70   HY51V65164LTC-70 HY51V65164LTC-70 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP50 1 ms instruction cycle time Fourteen multi-sourc
HY51V65164SLTC-50   HY51V65164SLTC-50 HY51V65164SLTC-50 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP50 The TPS6021x charge pumps provide a regulated 3.
HY51V65164SLTC-60   HY51V65164SLTC-60 HY51V65164SLTC-60 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP50 • Stub-series terminated logic for 2.5 V VD
HY51V65164TC-50   HY51V65164TC-50 HY51V65164TC-50 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP50 These octal flip-flops are designed for low-volt
HY51V65173HGLT-5   HY51V65173HGLT-5 HY51V65173HGLT-5 PDF Download HY TSOP 0114+ Chapter 4, "Control Registers," contain
HY51V65173HGLT-5DR   HY51V65173HGLT-5DR HY51V65173HGLT-5DR PDF Download HY TSOP 98+/03+ Notes:  5. Typical values are at VCC=5.0V,
HY51V65173HGT-5   HY51V65173HGT-5 HY51V65173HGT-5 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ This product has been designed to meet the extrem
HY51V65400ATC-50   HY51V65400ATC-50 HY51V65400ATC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   A logic 0 applied to this input forces th
HY51V65403HGT-5   HY51V65403HGT-5 HY51V65403HGT-5 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
HY51V65404ATC-50   HY51V65404ATC-50 HY51V65404ATC-50 PDF Download HY TSOP 99+ Load Enable, CMOS Input. When LE goes high, the
HY51V65404TC-60   HY51V65404TC-60 HY51V65404TC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ - On chip Hall sensor - Rotor-locked shutdown -
HY51V65803HGT-5   HY51V65803HGT-5 HY51V65803HGT-5 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The PHY uses the C/LKON terminal to notify the L
HY51V65804A   HY51V65804A HY51V65804A PDF Download Upon shipment, pages 0 and 7 are loaded with a u
HY51V65804A-SLTC-5   HY51V65804A-SLTC-5 HY51V65804A-SLTC-5 PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
HY51V65804A-SLTC-50   HY51V65804A-SLTC-50 HY51V65804A-SLTC-50 PDF Download HY TSOP 01+
HY51V65804ATC-50   HY51V65804ATC-50 HY51V65804ATC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
HY51V65804ATC-60   HY51V65804ATC-60 HY51V65804ATC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ D Operating Power Supply Range 6 V v VBAT v 36 V
HY51V65804TC-50   HY51V65804TC-50 HY51V65804TC-50 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Device programming occurs by executing the progr
HY51V65804TC-60   HY51V65804TC-60 HY51V65804TC-60 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
HY51V7400CT-60   HY51V7400CT-60 HY51V7400CT-60 PDF Download HY TSOP-24 1999+ • High-speed access time: 15, 20, 25 ns &
HY51VS65173HGLT-5   HY51VS65173HGLT-5 HY51VS65173HGLT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 03+ LNB selection and standby function Provides up
HY52256   HY52256 HY52256 PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
HY524400J-70   HY524400J-70 HY524400J-70 PDF Download An on-chip oscillator eliminates the need for an
HY528256YJC-70   HY528256YJC-70 HY528256YJC-70 PDF Download SOJ During sleep mode the device is still supplied f
HY531000AJ-60   HY531000AJ-60 HY531000AJ-60 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ   Please be aware that an important notice
HY531000AJ70   HY531000AJ70 HY531000AJ70 PDF Download   AIX is a trademark of IBM Corporation. D
HY531000AJ-70   HY531000AJ-70 HY531000AJ-70 PDF Download Hyundai 97+ Some confusion exists in the area of defining an
HY531000AJ-70(B)   HY531000AJ-70(B) HY531000AJ-70(B) PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M54/74HC138 is a high speed CMO
HY531000AJ-80   HY531000AJ-80 HY531000AJ-80 PDF Download The a8237 MegaCore function implements a program
HY531000ALJ60   HY531000ALJ60 HY531000ALJ60 PDF Download Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
HY531000ALJ-60   HY531000ALJ-60 HY531000ALJ-60 PDF Download HYUNDAI SOJ 97+ The AC164 and ACT164 are 8-bit serial-in/paralle
HY531000ALJ-60(B)   HY531000ALJ-60(B) HY531000ALJ-60(B) PDF Download   Ratiometricity simply means that the outp
HY531000ALJ-70   HY531000ALJ-70 HY531000ALJ-70 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ • Optimum instruction set for controller ap
HY531000ALT-60   HY531000ALT-60 HY531000ALT-60 PDF Download HY PLCC-20P 9801+ When used as a position Auto Shut-Off module, se
HY531000J-70   HY531000J-70 HY531000J-70 PDF Download HYNIX SOJ The circuit board used in the final applic
HY531000J-80   HY531000J-80 HY531000J-80 PDF Download q GUARANTEED SPECIFICATIONS WITH   12V AND
HY531000S-10   HY531000S-10 HY531000S-10 PDF Download UART channel A Request-to-Send (active low) or g
HY531000S-70   HY531000S-70 HY531000S-70 PDF Download 15 HYUNDAI 91+ AVDD Current (Normal Mode) AVDD Current (Reduced
HY531000S-80   HY531000S-80 HY531000S-80 PDF Download HYUNDAI 9101t C 1.5ns setup to clock and 0.5ns hold on all cont
HY53100J-80   HY53100J-80 HY53100J-80 PDF Download In-rush current is limited to a programmable val
HY532456AS-70   HY532456AS-70 HY532456AS-70 PDF Download These units are single, dual, and quad channel
HY534000   HY534000 HY534000 PDF Download * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
HY53425-10   HY53425-10 HY53425-10 PDF Download When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
HY534256   HY534256 HY534256 PDF Download The HY534256 has an extremely simple, read-only
HY534256AJ   HY534256AJ HY534256AJ PDF Download   When the 5340 pixels are divided into blo
HY534256AJ-60   HY534256AJ-60 HY534256AJ-60 PDF Download   The circuits and measurements contained i
HY534256AJ70   HY534256AJ70 HY534256AJ70 PDF Download Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
HY534256AJ-70   HY534256AJ-70 HY534256AJ-70 PDF Download 93
HY534256AJ-70BDR   HY534256AJ-70BDR HY534256AJ-70BDR PDF Download • Monolithic Pair   Closely Matched E
HY534256AJ70DR   HY534256AJ70DR HY534256AJ70DR PDF Download The HRPG uses optical reflective technology pr
HY534256AJ-70DR   HY534256AJ-70DR HY534256AJ-70DR PDF Download VIN = 5V VIN = 3V RL = 10Ω each output R
HY534256AJ-80   HY534256AJ-80 HY534256AJ-80 PDF Download 89 Input voltages exceeding the input overvoltage sh
HY534256AL   HY534256AL HY534256AL PDF Download SAM SOJ 96+ • enCoRe™ USB - enhanced Component R
HY534256ALJ-   HY534256ALJ- HY534256ALJ- PDF Download The HY534256ALJ- EV kit is fully assembled and te
HY534256ALJ-45   HY534256ALJ-45 HY534256ALJ-45 PDF Download Inside the SPT1175, reference resistors are plac
HY534256ALJ-50   HY534256ALJ-50 HY534256ALJ-50 PDF Download 12 HY 95 CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
HY534256ALJ60   HY534256ALJ60 HY534256ALJ60 PDF Download The HY534256ALJ60 is a high-bandwidth FET bus sw
HY534256ALJ-60   HY534256ALJ-60 HY534256ALJ-60 PDF Download HY SOJ SOJ Format Adjust Control. A full 32-bit product is
HY534256ALJ-60(B)   HY534256ALJ-60(B) HY534256ALJ-60(B) PDF Download HY SOJ 9548
HY534256ALJ-60(DRAM256K4)   HY534256ALJ-60(DRAM256K4) HY534256ALJ-60(DRAM256K4) PDF Download Most flat-panel monitors and projectors require
HY534256ALS-60   HY534256ALS-60 HY534256ALS-60 PDF Download When the WEN1 signal is active LOW, WEN2 is acti
HY534256ALT-60   HY534256ALT-60 HY534256ALT-60 PDF Download SOJ • Dual Voltage Detection and Reset Assertio
HY534256AS70   HY534256AS70 HY534256AS70 PDF Download non-repetitive data patterns. However, the trans
HY534256AS-70   HY534256AS-70 HY534256AS-70 PDF Download • Industrial operating temperature range:
HY534256J-10   HY534256J-10 HY534256J-10 PDF Download The output and reset of the integrators is contr
HY534256J-60   HY534256J-60 HY534256J-60 PDF Download The HY534256J-60 features the ability to perform
HY534256J70   HY534256J70 HY534256J70 PDF Download HY SOP 93+
HY534256J-70   HY534256J-70 HY534256J-70 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
HY534256J-80   HY534256J-80 HY534256J-80 PDF Download N/A SOJ 07+ Local Bus interface Multiplexed with ISA/DMA in
HY534256S-60   HY534256S-60 HY534256S-60 PDF Download The AD7877 also has an on-board reference of 2.5
HY534256S70   HY534256S70 HY534256S70 PDF Download TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
HY534256S-70   HY534256S-70 HY534256S-70 PDF Download AMBE-2000™ Vocoder Chip is a registered tr
HY534256S80   HY534256S80 HY534256S80 PDF Download
HY534256S-80   HY534256S-80 HY534256S-80 PDF Download HYUNDAI 07+ This product has been designed to meet the extrem
HY539   HY539 HY539 PDF Download Anachip 03+ SOP-8 Note 1: The pout (W) represents the thermal rati
HY53C256   HY53C256 HY53C256 PDF Download N/A SMD 07+   The output voltage accuracy in the PWM mo
HY53C256F-80A   HY53C256F-80A HY53C256F-80A PDF Download High Speed Communication Line Protection USB 1.
HY53C256L   HY53C256L HY53C256L PDF Download 5V operation Low noise TTL level outputs < 3
HY53C256L-10   HY53C256L-10 HY53C256L-10 PDF Download DIP SYNC - This pin is the input pin for external fre
HY53C256LF-70   HY53C256LF-70 HY53C256LF-70 PDF Download Note: 10. Test Conditions of Harmonic Intermodul
HY53C256LF80   HY53C256LF80 HY53C256LF80 PDF Download hynix hynix dc93 International standard packages JEDEC TO-264 A
HY53C256-LF-80   HY53C256-LF-80 HY53C256-LF-80 PDF Download The device features extremely low consumption (7
HY53C256LF-80   HY53C256LF-80 HY53C256LF-80 PDF Download The HY53C256LF-80 also includes programmable no-
HY53C256LS   HY53C256LS HY53C256LS PDF Download ZS and ZL reflect the impedances that should be p
HY53C256LS10   HY53C256LS10 HY53C256LS10 PDF Download hynix hynix dc90 Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the HY53C256
HY53C256LS-10   HY53C256LS-10 HY53C256LS-10 PDF Download HY DIP/16 89+ A number of the HY53C256LS-10 can be stacked for
HY53C256LS-12   HY53C256LS-12 HY53C256LS-12 PDF Download Small Compact Surface Mountable Package with J&#
HY53C256LS-70   HY53C256LS-70 HY53C256LS-70 PDF Download 90+91 DIP   The 33879 device is an 8-output hardware-
HY53C256LS-8   HY53C256LS-8 HY53C256LS-8 PDF Download N/A DIP 1988 Note 2: At elevated temperatures, device power di
HY53C256LS80   HY53C256LS80 HY53C256LS80 PDF Download hynix hynix dc91 pins 3 & 7 connected See application schemat
HY53C256LS-80   HY53C256LS-80 HY53C256LS-80 PDF Download 91 DIP Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short-C
HY53C256LS80PULLS   HY53C256LS80PULLS HY53C256LS80PULLS PDF Download hyn hyn dc91 1-of-4 Bidirectional Translating Switches I2C Bu
HY53C256S-10   HY53C256S-10 HY53C256S-10 PDF Download HYUNDAI 8922
HY53C256S-C   HY53C256S-C HY53C256S-C PDF Download HYUNDAI DIP-16 89+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
HY53C464   HY53C464 HY53C464 PDF Download † Not more than one output should be teste
HY53C464ALS-10   HY53C464ALS-10 HY53C464ALS-10 PDF Download Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
HY53C464AS-C   HY53C464AS-C HY53C464AS-C PDF Download HYUNDAI 9101 • 4000 Watts for One Microsecond Square Wa
HY53C464F-C   HY53C464F-C HY53C464F-C PDF Download HYUNDAI PLCC 1991 The SRAM has an extremely low Soft Error Rate (S
HY53C464LF10   HY53C464LF10 HY53C464LF10 PDF Download hynix hynix dc91
HY53C464LF-10   HY53C464LF-10 HY53C464LF-10 PDF Download HYUN 06+ 500 One of its notable features is MaverickKey uniqu
HY53C464LF-10(DRAM64K4)   HY53C464LF-10(DRAM64K4) HY53C464LF-10(DRAM64K4) PDF Download   All voltages are measured with respect to
HY53C464LF-80   HY53C464LF-80 HY53C464LF-80 PDF Download HYUNDAI PLCC-18 07+/08+ TINI platform details can be found at www.maxim-i
HY53C464LF-80(DRAM64K4)   HY53C464LF-80(DRAM64K4) HY53C464LF-80(DRAM64K4) PDF Download Glueless Interface Between the Peripheral Compon
HY53C464LS   HY53C464LS HY53C464LS PDF Download Short circuit current is internally limited. The
HY53C464LS10   HY53C464LS10 HY53C464LS10 PDF Download hynix hynix dc90 The CYP(V)15G0401DXB[1] Quad HOTLink II™ Tr
HY53C464LS-10   HY53C464LS-10 HY53C464LS-10 PDF Download DIP18 Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™
HY53C464LS-10/80   HY53C464LS-10/80 HY53C464LS-10/80 PDF Download HY DIP18
HY53C464LS-12   HY53C464LS-12 HY53C464LS-12 PDF Download IOB has more versatile clocking polarity options.
HY53C464LS-70   HY53C464LS-70 HY53C464LS-70 PDF Download The HMJ2 is a high dynamic range, GaAs FET mixe
HY53C464LS80   HY53C464LS80 HY53C464LS80 PDF Download (1) Offset Error is the measured deviation of th
HY53C464LS-80   HY53C464LS-80 HY53C464LS-80 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT85 are 4-bit magnitude comparators t
HY53C464S-10   HY53C464S-10 HY53C464S-10 PDF Download   Each device includes a voltage regulator
HY53C464S-C   HY53C464S-C HY53C464S-C PDF Download HYUNDAI DIP14 The LCX541 is designed for low voltage (2.5V or
HY53C46LS-10   HY53C46LS-10 HY53C46LS-10 PDF Download The memory array of the HY53C46LS-10 can be sect
HY53C565LS-80   HY53C565LS-80 HY53C565LS-80 PDF Download Notice that the triangle waveform linearity is s
HY53C8256LS-80   HY53C8256LS-80 HY53C8256LS-80 PDF Download Negative going Chip Select logic input. This pin
HY54400A   HY54400A HY54400A PDF Download Two different interfaces are supported on the net
HY5512F   HY5512F HY5512F PDF Download   LOAD SUPPLY (VBB ). This terminal is the
HY5547A   HY5547A HY5547A PDF Download The K5D5657ACM is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
HY57641620HG-T-70   HY57641620HG-T-70 HY57641620HG-T-70 PDF Download 英德尔 内床SMD Notes   1. Exceeding these limits may caus
HY57641620HGT-H   HY57641620HGT-H HY57641620HGT-H PDF Download In-target operation Up to 20 breakpoints Single
HY57643220CT-7   HY57643220CT-7 HY57643220CT-7 PDF Download Quiescent Current of 1.0 mA Typical High Accurac
HY57DU561622ETP-4   HY57DU561622ETP-4 HY57DU561622ETP-4 PDF Download HY TSSOP 0547+   The absolute maximum ratings are values w
HY57U281620HCT-7T   HY57U281620HCT-7T HY57U281620HCT-7T PDF Download HY TSOP 00+ The DM9601 provides USB transceiver which is comp
HY57V121622CTP-J   HY57V121622CTP-J HY57V121622CTP-J PDF Download HY TSOP 06+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
HY57V1291620   HY57V1291620 HY57V1291620 PDF Download HYUNDAI 00+   This new series of digital transistors is
HY57V1291620LTC-10P   HY57V1291620LTC-10P HY57V1291620LTC-10P PDF Download HYNIX TSOP/54 Accuracy (each DAC)   Integral linearity e
HY57V1291620LTC-10S   HY57V1291620LTC-10S HY57V1291620LTC-10S PDF Download Compliance with PCI Local Bus Specification
HY57V1291620TC-10S   HY57V1291620TC-10S HY57V1291620TC-10S PDF Download HYUNDAI TSOP/54 06+ (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
HY57V1291620TC-10SDR   HY57V1291620TC-10SDR HY57V1291620TC-10SDR PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M54/74HC4060 is a high speed CM
HY57V1291620TC-75   HY57V1291620TC-75 HY57V1291620TC-75 PDF Download The Analog System is composed of 6 configurable
HY57V1298020TC-10   HY57V1298020TC-10 HY57V1298020TC-10 PDF Download N/A TSSOP 07+   If the MC623 is used to measure the temper
HY57V1610DTC-7   HY57V1610DTC-7 HY57V1610DTC-7 PDF Download Operating voltage: +5.0V Programming voltage C
HY57V1610DTC-8   HY57V1610DTC-8 HY57V1610DTC-8 PDF Download
HY57V161600   HY57V161600 HY57V161600 PDF Download HY TSSOP 00+
HY57V16160D   HY57V16160D HY57V16160D PDF Download HY TSOP 01+ Fixed regulator output (Regulator #2) C It is rec
HY57V16160DT   HY57V16160DT HY57V16160DT PDF Download The onboard bandgap reference is stable with tem
HY57V16160DT-7   HY57V16160DT-7 HY57V16160DT-7 PDF Download • Data mask (DM) for write data. •
HY57V16160DTC-10   HY57V16160DTC-10 HY57V16160DTC-10 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP • Designed expressly for Switch-Mode Power
HY57V16160DTC-6   HY57V16160DTC-6 HY57V16160DTC-6 PDF Download These lamps are made with an advanced optical gr
HY57V16160DTC-7   HY57V16160DTC-7 HY57V16160DTC-7 PDF Download The capacitance (Ciss) is read from the capacitan
HY57V16160DTC-7TR   HY57V16160DTC-7TR HY57V16160DTC-7TR PDF Download HY TSOP 2003+ (OSCIN) Serial Interface With Microprocessor (SP
HY57V16160DTC-8   HY57V16160DTC-8 HY57V16160DTC-8 PDF Download   C Internal Address and Data Latches &nbs
HY57V16160E-7   HY57V16160E-7 HY57V16160E-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 08+ The timing resistors determine the total timing
HY57V16160ET-7   HY57V16160ET-7 HY57V16160ET-7 PDF Download HYNIX REF CLOCK INPUT CHARACTERISTICS  Frequency
HY57V16160ETP-7   HY57V16160ETP-7 HY57V16160ETP-7 PDF Download HY TSOP 98+ Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
HY57V161610   HY57V161610 HY57V161610 PDF Download HY C 512K-Bit Internal Program/Cache    (
HY57V1616100DTC-6   HY57V1616100DTC-6 HY57V1616100DTC-6 PDF Download As a precision CMOS temperature sensor, the FM20
HY57V1616100TC-7   HY57V1616100TC-7 HY57V1616100TC-7 PDF Download HYNIX SSOP 0340+ Oxide passivated structure for very low leakage
HY57V161610ATC   HY57V161610ATC HY57V161610ATC PDF Download   Supports both shared VLAN learning (SVL)
HY57V161610ATC10   HY57V161610ATC10 HY57V161610ATC10 PDF Download The on-chip status register allows the progress
HY57V161610ATC-10   HY57V161610ATC-10 HY57V161610ATC-10 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP-50 • Alternate Source to TLP621-2/-4 and &nb
HY57V161610BTC-10   HY57V161610BTC-10 HY57V161610BTC-10 PDF Download MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Where EMI filteri
HY57V161610BTC-7   HY57V161610BTC-7 HY57V161610BTC-7 PDF Download   tPHZBus disable time0.56   ns &nb
HY57V161610BTC-8   HY57V161610BTC-8 HY57V161610BTC-8 PDF Download HYNIX SOP 1999 Note: 1. Except for the rating Operating Tempera
HY57V161610C(TC-10)   HY57V161610C(TC-10) HY57V161610C(TC-10) PDF Download HY TSSOP-50 98
HY57V161610CLTC-8   HY57V161610CLTC-8 HY57V161610CLTC-8 PDF Download 8-bit 6502 compatible CPU operates at 6MHz. Addre
HY57V161610D   HY57V161610D HY57V161610D PDF Download HYUNDAI SOP 99+ The product can also be used for general analog
HY57V161610D-8   HY57V161610D-8 HY57V161610D-8 PDF Download has a shorter erase time; the total energy consu
HY57V161610DT   HY57V161610DT HY57V161610DT PDF Download HYUNDAI 06+ 500 Appendix B: Manual/Compatibility Mode Demodulato
HY57V161610DT-7   HY57V161610DT-7 HY57V161610DT-7 PDF Download The APW 7093 uses a unique current-mode, constan
HY57V161610DTC   HY57V161610DTC HY57V161610DTC PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ 1. Multi-Picture (automatic)   Fields are
HY57V161610DTC07   HY57V161610DTC07 HY57V161610DTC07 PDF Download The 74HC245; 74HCT245 is an octal transceiver fe
HY57V161610D-TC-10   HY57V161610D-TC-10 HY57V161610D-TC-10 PDF Download Undervoltage Lockout UVLO (undervoltage lockout)
HY57V161610DTC-10   HY57V161610DTC-10 HY57V161610DTC-10 PDF Download HY SOP 04+   To reduce power consumption, there are tw
HY57V161610DTC-10A   HY57V161610DTC-10A HY57V161610DTC-10A PDF Download HY TSOP 98+ 100% production tested. 100% production tested a
HY57V161610DTC6   HY57V161610DTC6 HY57V161610DTC6 PDF Download (1) Stresses above these ratings may cause perma
HY57V161610DTC-6   HY57V161610DTC-6 HY57V161610DTC-6 PDF Download HY SOP50 01+ The nEJECT input pin provides a means to communic
HY57V161610DTC-6DR   HY57V161610DTC-6DR HY57V161610DTC-6DR PDF Download HY TSSOP 08+ The left and right audio outputs are available a
HY57V161610DTC7   HY57V161610DTC7 HY57V161610DTC7 PDF Download Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
HY57V161610D-TC-7   HY57V161610D-TC-7 HY57V161610D-TC-7 PDF Download 1.2MHz Switching Frequency Low VCESAT Switches:
HY57V161610DTC-7   HY57V161610DTC-7 HY57V161610DTC-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The MAX3275/MAX3277 are transimpedance amplifiers
HY57V161610DTC-7/8   HY57V161610DTC-7/8 HY57V161610DTC-7/8 PDF Download ISENSE (Pin 4) (current sense minus): This is the
HY57V161610DTC7DR   HY57V161610DTC7DR HY57V161610DTC7DR PDF Download One External Resistor Sets the Frequency 1kHz to
HY57V161610DTC-7DR   HY57V161610DTC-7DR HY57V161610DTC-7DR PDF Download (4) The products and product specifications desc
HY57V161610DTC-7I   HY57V161610DTC-7I HY57V161610DTC-7I PDF Download The SAR, timed by the clock, sequences through
HY57V161610DTC-7TR   HY57V161610DTC-7TR HY57V161610DTC-7TR PDF Download hynix 2 TSOP   Motorolas MPXAZ4115A series sensor integr
HY57V161610DTC8   HY57V161610DTC8 HY57V161610DTC8 PDF Download SD: When this pin is open, the built in 7µA
HY57V161610-DTC-8   HY57V161610-DTC-8 HY57V161610-DTC-8 PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to be
HY57V161610D-TC-8   HY57V161610D-TC-8 HY57V161610D-TC-8 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP * Specifications will vary with foreign st
HY57V161610DTC-8   HY57V161610DTC-8 HY57V161610DTC-8 PDF Download HY TSOP-50P 6+ 100mV Specified Input Range 125mV Full-Scale Ran
HY57V161610DTC-8DR   HY57V161610DTC-8DR HY57V161610DTC-8DR PDF Download  tw(N) Duration of longest pulse rejected a
HY57V161610EPT-7   HY57V161610EPT-7 HY57V161610EPT-7 PDF Download VID Inputs. Determines the output voltage via the
HY57V161610ET   HY57V161610ET HY57V161610ET PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ 80% Typical Efficiency 80µA Typical Quiesc
HY57V161610ET-5.5   HY57V161610ET-5.5 HY57V161610ET-5.5 PDF Download VOLBGATB low voltage to CVINB−VINA = ͨ
HY57V161610ET-55   HY57V161610ET-55 HY57V161610ET-55 PDF Download HY 04+ †For information on tape and reel specific
HY57V161610ET-6   HY57V161610ET-6 HY57V161610ET-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ capacitors C1 and C2 charge up to VI. On the se
HY57V161610ET-7   HY57V161610ET-7 HY57V161610ET-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP-50 N/A the heat to be removed in all directions. Via ho
HY57V161610ET8   HY57V161610ET8 HY57V161610ET8 PDF Download The device offers stereo line level inputs along
HY57V161610ET-8   HY57V161610ET-8 HY57V161610ET-8 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The frequency of oscillation of a quartz crystal
HY57V161610ETC-7   HY57V161610ETC-7 HY57V161610ETC-7 PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
HY57V161610ETP   HY57V161610ETP HY57V161610ETP PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
HY57V161610ETP-55   HY57V161610ETP-55 HY57V161610ETP-55 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ 2.5V or 3.3V operation Split output bank power s
HY57V161610ETP-6   HY57V161610ETP-6 HY57V161610ETP-6 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ • Pin and functionally compatible to ST16C25
HY57V161610ETP7   HY57V161610ETP7 HY57V161610ETP7 PDF Download The flange mounting arrangement provides a conv
HY57V161610ETP-7   HY57V161610ETP-7 HY57V161610ETP-7 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ STANDARD DEFINITION MODE   Hue Accuracy &n
HY57V161610ETP-71   HY57V161610ETP-71 HY57V161610ETP-71 PDF Download HYNIX N/A 2005 The 78P7200 is a line interface transceiver IC i
HY57V161610ETP-7I   HY57V161610ETP-7I HY57V161610ETP-7I PDF Download HYNIX 06+ COL[2]; Disables Management Interface and select
HY57V161610ETP-8   HY57V161610ETP-8 HY57V161610ETP-8 PDF Download HYUNDAI 03+ 0443+ FEATURES   High Ripple Rejection70dB typ.
HY57V161610ETP-8DR   HY57V161610ETP-8DR HY57V161610ETP-8DR PDF Download HYNIN TSOP 0443+ Skyworks products are not intended for use in med
HY57V161610FTP-6   HY57V161610FTP-6 HY57V161610FTP-6 PDF Download 08+ • Single 3.3V and 5V power supply • E
HY57V161610FTP-6-C   HY57V161610FTP-6-C HY57V161610FTP-6-C PDF Download HYNIX 07/08+ 0.9 V Guaranteed Operation Standby Mode: ID = 1.
HY57V161610FTP-7   HY57V161610FTP-7 HY57V161610FTP-7 PDF Download HYNIX N/A 06+ CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge. SCL
HY57V161610FTP-7.   HY57V161610FTP-7. HY57V161610FTP-7. PDF Download • Built-in low-voltage detection circuit.
HY57V161610FTP-7C   HY57V161610FTP-7C HY57V161610FTP-7C PDF Download HY 06+ Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig
HY57V161610FTP-7-C   HY57V161610FTP-7-C HY57V161610FTP-7-C PDF Download HY N/A 06+ • 1.15 (29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
HY57V161610FTP-7I   HY57V161610FTP-7I HY57V161610FTP-7I PDF Download HY TSOP 07+ Linear LDO regulator with 4.75V output 500mA ou
HY57V161610FTP-8-C   HY57V161610FTP-8-C HY57V161610FTP-8-C PDF Download HY a 08+ The chip is a fixed frequency Pulse Width Modula
HY57V16161DTC-6   HY57V16161DTC-6 HY57V16161DTC-6 PDF Download  The HYM72V64636H(L)T8 Series are Dual In-l
HY57V16161DTC-8   HY57V16161DTC-8 HY57V16161DTC-8 PDF Download 00 High Voltage Operation: Up to 100V Large 1Ω
HY57V16161ODTC-8   HY57V16161ODTC-8 HY57V16161ODTC-8 PDF Download HY TSOP N/A The light beam projected by the LED, passing th
HY57V164010ATC-10   HY57V164010ATC-10 HY57V164010ATC-10 PDF Download For 2-bit burst DDR operation, it will access two
HY57V164010BTC-10   HY57V164010BTC-10 HY57V164010BTC-10 PDF Download The DS90C363B transmitter converts 21 bits of CM
HY57V168010   HY57V168010 HY57V168010 PDF Download TSOP44 Isolated & Non-Isolated Hermetic Packages O
HY57V168010A   HY57V168010A HY57V168010A PDF Download LA is the lead-to-ambient thermal resistance (C/
HY57V168010ACT-10   HY57V168010ACT-10 HY57V168010ACT-10 PDF Download HY TSOP44 Analog RGB-output 41 latin script languages 12
HY57V168010ATC10   HY57V168010ATC10 HY57V168010ATC10 PDF Download See the Texas Instruments document, PowerPADT
HY57V168010ATC-10   HY57V168010ATC-10 HY57V168010ATC-10 PDF Download The ISSI IS62LV5128LL is a low voltage, 524,288 w
HY57V168010B   HY57V168010B HY57V168010B PDF Download TSOP44 2007+ The internal feedback voltage dividers central ta
HY57V168010BTC-10   HY57V168010BTC-10 HY57V168010BTC-10 PDF Download HYUNDAI TSOP 97+ The SSM2402/SSM2412 are dual analog switches des
HY57V168010CLTC-10S   HY57V168010CLTC-10S HY57V168010CLTC-10S PDF Download Each data transfer is initiated with a Start con
HY57V168010CTC-10   HY57V168010CTC-10 HY57V168010CTC-10 PDF Download HYNIX SOP 1998 Portable battery-powered applications Waveform g
HY57V168010D   HY57V168010D HY57V168010D PDF Download 500 Note 3 tHAE is specd for case with HLD falling ed
HY57V168010DTC-10   HY57V168010DTC-10 HY57V168010DTC-10 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0403+ Literature Fulfillment:  Literature Distrib
HY57V168010DTC10S   HY57V168010DTC10S HY57V168010DTC10S PDF Download NOTES : Permanent device damage may occur if ABS
HY57V168010DTC-10S   HY57V168010DTC-10S HY57V168010DTC-10S PDF Download HY TSOP 99+ The K9K1G08X0B is a 128M(134,217,728)x8bit NAND F
HY57V168010D-TC-8   HY57V168010D-TC-8 HY57V168010D-TC-8 PDF Download
HY57V168010DTC-8   HY57V168010DTC-8 HY57V168010DTC-8 PDF Download HY TSOP 01+ Hybrid high dynamic range optical receiver ampli
HY57V168010TC-10   HY57V168010TC-10 HY57V168010TC-10 PDF Download HY TSOP 01+/02+ Note 1: TA=25C unless otherwise specified. Note
HY57V28/620ETP-H-C   HY57V28/620ETP-H-C HY57V28/620ETP-H-C PDF Download N/A ments are used to graphically indi- c a te av a
HY57V281620   HY57V281620 HY57V281620 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ The input waveform may be sinusoidal but below a
HY57V281620ALJ-P   HY57V281620ALJ-P HY57V281620ALJ-P PDF Download 92 The bq2083−V1P2 supports the Smart Battery
HY57V281620ALT-H   HY57V281620ALT-H HY57V281620ALT-H PDF Download   Item   Bypass pin voltage (H) &nbs
HY57V281620ALT-P   HY57V281620ALT-P HY57V281620ALT-P PDF Download HYHIX TSOP-54 PC133 / PC100 support 1.125 (28.56mm) PCB Height
HY57V281620ALT-PI   HY57V281620ALT-PI HY57V281620ALT-PI PDF Download Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
HY57V281620AT6   HY57V281620AT6 HY57V281620AT6 PDF Download The ground return for the digital supply for the
HY57V281620AT-6   HY57V281620AT-6 HY57V281620AT-6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 04+ Description: The NTE6070 thru NTE6079 series of
HY57V281620AT-7   HY57V281620AT-7 HY57V281620AT-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus
HY57V281620AT-H   HY57V281620AT-H HY57V281620AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Once again, consider the curve in Figure 5. Powe
HY57V281620AT-P   HY57V281620AT-P HY57V281620AT-P PDF Download HYNIX 03+ If the BYTE pin is set at logic 0, the device is
HY57V281620AT-S   HY57V281620AT-S HY57V281620AT-S PDF Download HYUNDAI TSOP/54 01+ 2. Tlow to Thigh = 0 to +125C for LM317MTlow to
HY57V281620CTP-H   HY57V281620CTP-H HY57V281620CTP-H PDF Download HYNIX 06+ The HY57V281620CTP-H operates with one of four po
HY57V281620ET-6   HY57V281620ET-6 HY57V281620ET-6 PDF Download HY N/A 06+ • Integrated Pulse Shaping Circuit. •
HY57V281620ET-7   HY57V281620ET-7 HY57V281620ET-7 PDF Download Hynix 05+ 4. In the case of CMOS Output Type: The time int
HY57V281620ETH   HY57V281620ETH HY57V281620ETH PDF Download Storage temperature range, TSTG−65 to +150
HY57V281620ET-H   HY57V281620ET-H HY57V281620ET-H PDF Download HY N/A 06+ 3.0 Device Specifications 3.1 DC Electrical Sp
HY57V281620ETP-5   HY57V281620ETP-5 HY57V281620ETP-5 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Small Size Surface Mount DPAK Package Passivate
HY57V281620ETP-6   HY57V281620ETP-6 HY57V281620ETP-6 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ The device includes an 8x digital interpolation
HY57V281620ETP-6(PBF)   HY57V281620ETP-6(PBF) HY57V281620ETP-6(PBF) PDF Download The number formed by the empty offset least sign
HY57V281620ETP-6-C   HY57V281620ETP-6-C HY57V281620ETP-6-C PDF Download 08+ • Descrambler, based on the super descrambl
HY57V281620ETPH   HY57V281620ETPH HY57V281620ETPH PDF Download   C Squelch on receive and collision pairs
HY57V281620ETP-H   HY57V281620ETP-H HY57V281620ETP-H PDF Download HY N/A 06+ Vdd=2.3V~2.7V, TA = -25C to 85C(E) / -40C to 85C(
HY57V281620ETP-H-C   HY57V281620ETP-H-C HY57V281620ETP-H-C PDF Download HY N/A 07+ Isense (Current Sense) The Current Sense pin se
HY57V281620ETP-HI   HY57V281620ETP-HI HY57V281620ETP-HI PDF Download Hynix 2007  Analog input signal power at C1 dBFS; signa
HY57V281620FTP   HY57V281620FTP HY57V281620FTP PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ After the 5 minute incubation, combine the dilut
HY57V281620FTP-6   HY57V281620FTP-6 HY57V281620FTP-6 PDF Download This particular HEXFET® is in the Super220TM
HY57V281620FTP-6-C   HY57V281620FTP-6-C HY57V281620FTP-6-C PDF Download HYNIX 07/08+ level) and while OE is in high level the outputs
HY57V281620FTP-7   HY57V281620FTP-7 HY57V281620FTP-7 PDF Download The HY57V281620FTP-7 is a pulse width modulator
HY57V281620FTP-H   HY57V281620FTP-H HY57V281620FTP-H PDF Download HYNIX TSOP Wide Input Range: 3.6V to 36V 5V at 600mA from 1
HY57V281620FTP-H-C   HY57V281620FTP-H-C HY57V281620FTP-H-C PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The bq2083−V1P2 supports the Smart Battery
HY57V281620HCLP-H   HY57V281620HCLP-H HY57V281620HCLP-H PDF Download Loop enable. When LOOPEN is high (active), the i
HY57V281620HCLT-6   HY57V281620HCLT-6 HY57V281620HCLT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Reduced Conducted and Radiated EMI Single Resist
HY57V281620HCLT-7   HY57V281620HCLT-7 HY57V281620HCLT-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The 203CMQ high current Schottky rectifier module
HY57V281620HCLT-8   HY57V281620HCLT-8 HY57V281620HCLT-8 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Microchip is offering a comprehensive set of supp
HY57V281620HCLT-H   HY57V281620HCLT-H HY57V281620HCLT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Reproduction of information in TI data books or
HY57V281620HCLT-HI   HY57V281620HCLT-HI HY57V281620HCLT-HI PDF Download !Features 1) Built-in overvoltage protection cir
HY57V281620HCLT-P   HY57V281620HCLT-P HY57V281620HCLT-P PDF Download HYNIX 03+  JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply  LVT
HY57V281620HCT-5   HY57V281620HCT-5 HY57V281620HCT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP   The IDT5V991A is a high fanout 3.3V PLL b
HY57V281620HCT-6   HY57V281620HCT-6 HY57V281620HCT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Atmel Colorado Springs, USA Atmel Nantes, France
HY57V281620HCT-6I   HY57V281620HCT-6I HY57V281620HCT-6I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 18-bit resolution 500kHz minimum sampling rate
HY57V281620HCT-7   HY57V281620HCT-7 HY57V281620HCT-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   The HY57V281620HCT-7 is a video signal pr
HY57V281620HCT-7I   HY57V281620HCT-7I HY57V281620HCT-7I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The LTC®3901 is a secondary side synchronous
HY57V281620HCT-8   HY57V281620HCT-8 HY57V281620HCT-8 PDF Download Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8J-J series is designed for h
HY57V281620HCT-8I   HY57V281620HCT-8I HY57V281620HCT-8I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP For packing material that is returned to us uns
HY57V281620HCTH   HY57V281620HCTH HY57V281620HCTH PDF Download This pin is high if the PLL lock definition is v
HY57V281620HCT-H   HY57V281620HCT-H HY57V281620HCT-H PDF Download HYNIX 07+ Description Agilent Technologiess ATF- 501P8 is
HY57V281620HCT-HI   HY57V281620HCT-HI HY57V281620HCT-HI PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP
HY57V281620HCT-K   HY57V281620HCT-K HY57V281620HCT-K PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP 505µA supply current 75MHz bandwidth Powe
HY57V281620HCT-KI   HY57V281620HCT-KI HY57V281620HCT-KI PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP   programmable horizontal and   verti
HY57V281620HCT-P   HY57V281620HCT-P HY57V281620HCT-P PDF Download HY 05+ This applies to SAA7120 only. The device is prot
HY57V281620HCTP-6   HY57V281620HCTP-6 HY57V281620HCTP-6 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ High Efficiency Over Wide Load Current Range 0.8
HY57V281620HCTP-H   HY57V281620HCTP-H HY57V281620HCTP-H PDF Download HY 04+ Case: JEDEC TO-247AD molded plastic body over pa
HY57V281620HCT-PI   HY57V281620HCT-PI HY57V281620HCT-PI PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP The ispLSI 2128 and 2128A are High Density Progr
HY57V281620HCTP-P   HY57V281620HCTP-P HY57V281620HCTP-P PDF Download • Cost optimized, full custom circuit desig
HY57V281620HCT-S   HY57V281620HCT-S HY57V281620HCT-S PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP   When heavy loads require the OUT pin to s
HY57V281620HCT-SI   HY57V281620HCT-SI HY57V281620HCT-SI PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP • Surface Mount SOT-23/   SOT-143 Pac
HY57V281620HG   HY57V281620HG HY57V281620HG PDF Download
HY57V281620HGT-6   HY57V281620HGT-6 HY57V281620HGT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Left/Right Clock Word Clock Clock Input Data
HY57V281620HGT-H   HY57V281620HGT-H HY57V281620HGT-H PDF Download HY TSOP 03+
HY57V281620HGT-P   HY57V281620HGT-P HY57V281620HGT-P PDF Download 1. Para cable coaxial 75 Ohm: Basta conectarlo
HY57V281620HIT-6   HY57V281620HIT-6 HY57V281620HIT-6 PDF Download HY 0437 Cell Available (FIFO-a)Receive side. Rx mode: CLA
HY57V281620QT-P   HY57V281620QT-P HY57V281620QT-P PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE™ Fa
HY57V28162DHCT-H   HY57V28162DHCT-H HY57V28162DHCT-H PDF Download HYNIX 05+ An HR700 Series converter in still air (other th
HY57V283220   HY57V283220 HY57V283220 PDF Download HY The ACQ/ACTQ245 contains eight non-inverting bid
HY57V283220CT-6   HY57V283220CT-6 HY57V283220CT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The AD10678 is assembled using a 0.062" thi
HY57V283220CT-7   HY57V283220CT-7 HY57V283220CT-7 PDF Download HYNIX Game boxes are using more powerful processors to
HY57V283220CT-H   HY57V283220CT-H HY57V283220CT-H PDF Download HYUNDAI ORG PACKING 08+ Hynix HYMD212G726A(L)S4-M/K/H/L series incorporat
HY57V283220DT-6   HY57V283220DT-6 HY57V283220DT-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 03+ The Am186ES/ESLV and Am188ES/ESLV microcontroll
HY57V283220T6   HY57V283220T6 HY57V283220T6 PDF Download Once the device detects a button press, it reads
HY57V283220T-6   HY57V283220T-6 HY57V283220T-6 PDF Download HY TSSOP 0349+ Note 1: All devices are 100% production tested at
HY57V283220T-7   HY57V283220T-7 HY57V283220T-7 PDF Download HY N/A 03+ Reproduction of information in TI data books or
HY57V283220TP-6   HY57V283220TP-6 HY57V283220TP-6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP Amplifier A5 is a monostable multivibrator trigge
HY57V283220TP-7   HY57V283220TP-7 HY57V283220TP-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The series N-channel/P-channel/N-channel protecti
HY57V2833220TP-6   HY57V2833220TP-6 HY57V2833220TP-6 PDF Download TSOP 2004 On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, N
HY57V28420HCT-H   HY57V28420HCT-H HY57V28420HCT-H PDF Download • High input sensitivity • Wide diff
HY57V28820ALT-S   HY57V28820ALT-S HY57V28820ALT-S PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The TXD input has an internal pull-down resistor
HY57V28820AT-H   HY57V28820AT-H HY57V28820AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ where frequency is in hertz, resistance in ohms,
HY57V28820AT-P   HY57V28820AT-P HY57V28820AT-P PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The Analog Ground terminal, pin 1, is shown inte
HY57V28820AT-S   HY57V28820AT-S HY57V28820AT-S PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short-C
HY57V28820ET-H   HY57V28820ET-H HY57V28820ET-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ ringing that accompanies fast current transients
HY57V28820ETP-H   HY57V28820ETP-H HY57V28820ETP-H PDF Download HYNIX 06+ The switching PWM controller drives two N-Channel
HY57V28820ETP-H-C   HY57V28820ETP-H-C HY57V28820ETP-H-C PDF Download Hynix This INFINEON modules are industry standard 144
HY57V28820HCLT-H   HY57V28820HCLT-H HY57V28820HCLT-H PDF Download product term timing. For optimization of logic,
HY57V28820HCTH   HY57V28820HCTH HY57V28820HCTH PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP 1. Stresses beyond those listed may cause perman
HY57V28820HCT-H   HY57V28820HCT-H HY57V28820HCT-H PDF Download HYN TSOP 04+ Transmitter Differential Variable Swing Output. O
HY57V28820HCT-K   HY57V28820HCT-K HY57V28820HCT-K PDF Download R1,R2=15W, 1/2 watt R3,R4=15W, 1 watt L1,L3=1 1
HY57V28820HCTP-H   HY57V28820HCTP-H HY57V28820HCTP-H PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Device bus operations are initiated through the
HY57V322160HGT-H   HY57V322160HGT-H HY57V322160HGT-H PDF Download HY 01+ SMD Trisils are not subject to ageing and provide a
HY57V333210BTC-7   HY57V333210BTC-7 HY57V333210BTC-7 PDF Download HY TSSOP 0108/09+ acceleration sensor. It is factory programmable
HY57V561620   HY57V561620 HY57V561620 PDF Download ★Original and new, Special price! ★Original and new, Special price! 05+ The I/O cell also includes a programmable flow-t
HY57V561620BLT-H   HY57V561620BLT-H HY57V561620BLT-H PDF Download HYNIX 05+ TSSOP Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
HY57V561620BT-H   HY57V561620BT-H HY57V561620BT-H PDF Download HY TSOP 03+ The CY7C1361B/CY7C1363B is a 3.3V, 256K x 36 and
HY57V561620BT-HDR   HY57V561620BT-HDR HY57V561620BT-HDR PDF Download   Input Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) The MA
HY57V561620BT-HI-A   HY57V561620BT-HI-A HY57V561620BT-HI-A PDF Download HYUNDAI 0309+ management uses two areas in memory one for indi
HY57V561620BT-P   HY57V561620BT-P HY57V561620BT-P PDF Download The HY57V561620BT-P is available in two packages:
HY57V561620CLT-H   HY57V561620CLT-H HY57V561620CLT-H PDF Download HY 05+ RF and LO frequency range coverage from 400 to 3
HY57V561620CLT-HI   HY57V561620CLT-HI HY57V561620CLT-HI PDF Download Hynix 08+ eight CAT24FC02 may be individually addressed by
HY57V561620CLT-H-I   HY57V561620CLT-H-I HY57V561620CLT-H-I PDF Download The HY57V561620CLT-H-I is a small form factor
HY57V561620CT   HY57V561620CT HY57V561620CT PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ First 14-bit ADC in a SOT-23 package. High thro
HY57V561620CT-6   HY57V561620CT-6 HY57V561620CT-6 PDF Download HY N/A 06+ • Generates 5 Regulated Voltages   -
HY57V561620CT-7   HY57V561620CT-7 HY57V561620CT-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSSOP HPCTM family core features   16-bit data bu
HY57V561620CTH   HY57V561620CTH HY57V561620CTH PDF Download HYNIX D/S 05+06+07+
HY57V561620CT-H   HY57V561620CT-H HY57V561620CT-H PDF Download HYNIX N/A 06+ PWM With Tri-State Enable 12-V Low-Side Gate D
HY57V561620CT-HDR   HY57V561620CT-HDR HY57V561620CT-HDR PDF Download Available Capacity in Nicd or NiMH Batteries Me
HY57V561620CT-HI   HY57V561620CT-HI HY57V561620CT-HI PDF Download 1250 Notes: 14. For in-band signals 115.2 kbit/s wh
HY57V561620CTP-7   HY57V561620CTP-7 HY57V561620CTP-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 05+ Signal Operation tpd = 3.6 ns Max at 3.3 V Suit
HY57V561620CTPH   HY57V561620CTPH HY57V561620CTPH PDF Download The DS1554 is a full function, year 2000-complia
HY57V561620CTP-H   HY57V561620CTP-H HY57V561620CTP-H PDF Download HY N/A 06+ CH6 Soft Start Setting Capacitor CH6 Error Amp
HY57V561620CTP-HI   HY57V561620CTP-HI HY57V561620CTP-HI PDF Download Notes: 3. Not measured 100% in production. 4.
HY57V561620ET-H   HY57V561620ET-H HY57V561620ET-H PDF Download N/A HY 04+ The Analog Devices 3B Series Signal Conditioning
HY57V561620ETP-H   HY57V561620ETP-H HY57V561620ETP-H PDF Download HY „ Up to 64 general-purpose I/O pins (share
HY57V561620FTP   HY57V561620FTP HY57V561620FTP PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 07+ The high-current-output drivers consist of MOSFE
HY57V561620FTP-6   HY57V561620FTP-6 HY57V561620FTP-6 PDF Download   The deflection amplifier circuit of Figur
HY57V561620FTP-6-C   HY57V561620FTP-6-C HY57V561620FTP-6-C PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ The serial audio port consists of a shift clock
HY57V561620FTP-H   HY57V561620FTP-H HY57V561620FTP-H PDF Download HYNIX N/A 06+ Notes: 1. VDD = 5.0 V. 2. See Thermal Consi
HY57V561620FTP-H.   HY57V561620FTP-H. HY57V561620FTP-H. PDF Download   Conceptually, the port clocks CKA and CKB
HY57V561620FTP-H-A   HY57V561620FTP-H-A HY57V561620FTP-H-A PDF Download 08+ This device is fully specified for partial-power
HY57V561620FTP-H-C   HY57V561620FTP-H-C HY57V561620FTP-H-C PDF Download HY N/A 07+ TTL/CMOS input select control signal for the LVDS
HY57V561620FTP-HI   HY57V561620FTP-HI HY57V561620FTP-HI PDF Download To achieve the specified performance, pay careful
HY57V561620FTP-HI-C   HY57V561620FTP-HI-C HY57V561620FTP-HI-C PDF Download HYNIX 07+ Note 2: Operating Ratings indicate conditions for
HY57V561620HCT-H   HY57V561620HCT-H HY57V561620HCT-H PDF Download HY The control inputs UC and DC are active low input
HY57V561620HGT-H   HY57V561620HGT-H HY57V561620HGT-H PDF Download HY 3. If an external source backfeeding the regulat
HY57V561620TH   HY57V561620TH HY57V561620TH PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTU3257 is a quad 2:1 high
HY57V561620T-H   HY57V561620T-H HY57V561620T-H PDF Download HY The four high order bits define the instru
HY57V561620T-HP   HY57V561620T-HP HY57V561620T-HP PDF Download HYNIX 02+ The RY/#BY output gives an additional indicator o
HY57V561620T-S   HY57V561620T-S HY57V561620T-S PDF Download HYNIX SOP 04+
HY57V561632CTP-H   HY57V561632CTP-H HY57V561632CTP-H PDF Download HY TSOP 0613+   The µPD75P316A is a product of the &
HY57V56420BTH   HY57V56420BTH HY57V56420BTH PDF Download HY NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
HY57V56420BT-H   HY57V56420BT-H HY57V56420BT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The EN29LV400A is a 4-Megabit, electrically erasa
HY57V56420BT-H(TSTDTS)   HY57V56420BT-H(TSTDTS) HY57V56420BT-H(TSTDTS) PDF Download HY DPL 4519G Programming Interface User Registers
HY57V56420LT-H   HY57V56420LT-H HY57V56420LT-H PDF Download Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
HY57V56420T-P   HY57V56420T-P HY57V56420T-P PDF Download HYNIX 03+ PC133 / PC100 support 1.125 (28.56mm) PCB Height
HY57V56420T-S   HY57V56420T-S HY57V56420T-S PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The composite sync output, Figure 1(b), is simpl
HY57V56820   HY57V56820 HY57V56820 PDF Download HY The bq2050 Lithium Ion Power Gauge™ IC is
HY57V56820AT-H   HY57V56820AT-H HY57V56820AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The input signal at pin DATA produces amplitude
HY57V56820BT-H   HY57V56820BT-H HY57V56820BT-H PDF Download HYNIX SOP 00+ Off, voltage VL is generated at the edges of L b
HY57V56820CT-H   HY57V56820CT-H HY57V56820CT-H PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 03+ DSP Functions for CCD/CMOS Image Processing Vide
HY57V56820CTP-H   HY57V56820CTP-H HY57V56820CTP-H PDF Download HYNIX 06+   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of th
HY57V56820FTP-H   HY57V56820FTP-H HY57V56820FTP-H PDF Download On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, N
HY57V56820FTP-H-C   HY57V56820FTP-H-C HY57V56820FTP-H-C PDF Download HYNIX 07+ inputs and outputs and 0 to 7V can be accepted
HY57V56820T-H   HY57V56820T-H HY57V56820T-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Footnotes: 1) Standard frequency stability (20,
HY57V56820T-S   HY57V56820T-S HY57V56820T-S PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The EZ-KIT Lite is a hardware/software kit offer
HY57V61610DTC-7   HY57V61610DTC-7 HY57V61610DTC-7 PDF Download Chip Enable, Output Enable and Write Enable sig-
HY57V61620ET-6   HY57V61620ET-6 HY57V61620ET-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ Power Supply Input. These parts can be operated
HY57V641620   HY57V641620 HY57V641620 PDF Download HY
HY57V6416201HGT-H   HY57V6416201HGT-H HY57V6416201HGT-H PDF Download The MAX 7000E devicesincluding the EPM7128E, EPM
HY57V641620-8   HY57V641620-8 HY57V641620-8 PDF Download HY PnP Card Autoconfiguration Sequence Compliant S
HY57V641620CT-H   HY57V641620CT-H HY57V641620CT-H PDF Download HY 04+ The potentiometers of the DS1267 can be connected
HY57V641620ELTP-7   HY57V641620ELTP-7 HY57V641620ELTP-7 PDF Download The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow-
HY57V641620ELTP-H   HY57V641620ELTP-H HY57V641620ELTP-H PDF Download Soft Start. A capacitor from this pin to GND prog
HY57V641620ET-6   HY57V641620ET-6 HY57V641620ET-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ • Fully Compliant to IrDA   1.0/1.1
HY57V641620ET7   HY57V641620ET7 HY57V641620ET7 PDF Download Independent data resides in the integral EEPROM
HY57V641620ET-7   HY57V641620ET-7 HY57V641620ET-7 PDF Download HY SOP Note 1: Measurements are made with the device in
HY57V641620ET-7/H   HY57V641620ET-7/H HY57V641620ET-7/H PDF Download HYNIX 07+ Run: CPU on, peripherals on Idle: CPU off, per
HY57V641620ET-H   HY57V641620ET-H HY57V641620ET-H PDF Download HY 05+ This device is designed for Ethernet 100 Mbps an
HY57V641620ETP   HY57V641620ETP HY57V641620ETP PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Once triggered, the basic pulse duration can be
HY57V641620ETP-6   HY57V641620ETP-6 HY57V641620ETP-6 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ High Efficiency Over Wide Load Current Range 0.8
HY57V641620ETP-6-C   HY57V641620ETP-6-C HY57V641620ETP-6-C PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54P Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
HY57V641620ETP-6DR   HY57V641620ETP-6DR HY57V641620ETP-6DR PDF Download The M37281MAHCXXXSP, M37281MFHCXXXSP and M37281M
HY57V641620ETP-7   HY57V641620ETP-7 HY57V641620ETP-7 PDF Download HY N/A 06+ These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
HY57V641620ETP-7-C   HY57V641620ETP-7-C HY57V641620ETP-7-C PDF Download HY N/A 06+ The HY57V641620ETP-7-C provides the following fe
HY57V641620ETP-H   HY57V641620ETP-H HY57V641620ETP-H PDF Download HYNIX N/A 06+ The XTO is a one-pin oscillator that operates at
HY57V641620ETP-H-C   HY57V641620ETP-H-C HY57V641620ETP-H-C PDF Download HY N/A 06+ WRITE ENABLE (WEN)   When the WEN input is
HY57V641620ETP-HI   HY57V641620ETP-HI HY57V641620ETP-HI PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Addressing The UD61256 is a dynamic Write- Rea
HY57V641620FTP-6   HY57V641620FTP-6 HY57V641620FTP-6 PDF Download Byte 1 bit 7: Reserved 6: 0=Stream Mode, 1=Rem
HY57V641620FTP-6-C   HY57V641620FTP-6-C HY57V641620FTP-6-C PDF Download HYNIX 814 At the end of a playback or record cycle, the IS
HY57V641620FTP-7   HY57V641620FTP-7 HY57V641620FTP-7 PDF Download HY SSOP 07+ The receiver senses signals through the RXI inpu
HY57V641620FTP-7-C   HY57V641620FTP-7-C HY57V641620FTP-7-C PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2007 2.2 Initialization procedure After VCC has stabi
HY57V641620FTP-H   HY57V641620FTP-H HY57V641620FTP-H PDF Download HYNIX TSOP Low cost 3.3 V CMOS MxFE for broadband modems 1
HY57V641620FTP-H-C   HY57V641620FTP-H-C HY57V641620FTP-H-C PDF Download HYNIX 07+ The MTC50150 processor combines a DynaMiTe™
HY57V641620H   HY57V641620H HY57V641620H PDF Download HY This device contains circuitry to protect the in
HY57V641620HBT-H   HY57V641620HBT-H HY57V641620HBT-H PDF Download • Bring Shut Down (SD)/Mode pin to a logic
HY57V641620HCT-55   HY57V641620HCT-55 HY57V641620HCT-55 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ A range of silicon varactor diodes for use in fr
HY57V641620HCT-6   HY57V641620HCT-6 HY57V641620HCT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ strobed in while CS is low, as defined in Table
HY57V641620HCT-7   HY57V641620HCT-7 HY57V641620HCT-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Single supply: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial in
HY57V641620HCT-8   HY57V641620HCT-8 HY57V641620HCT-8 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The data output is sequential, with the data fro
HY57V641620HCT-H   HY57V641620HCT-H HY57V641620HCT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 10V Continuous
HY57V641620HCT-P   HY57V641620HCT-P HY57V641620HCT-P PDF Download HYNIX 03+ CapabilitiesLogic Analyzer State per clock modep
HY57V641620HG   HY57V641620HG HY57V641620HG PDF Download HY SSOP 04+ The CY7C138AV/144AV/006AV/007AV and CY7C139AV/
HY57V641620HG-7   HY57V641620HG-7 HY57V641620HG-7 PDF Download HY The PSoC architecture, as illustrated on the lef
HY57V641620HG7-7   HY57V641620HG7-7 HY57V641620HG7-7 PDF Download hynix TSSOP 05+ All Write operations are initiated by first issui
HY57V641620HGA   HY57V641620HGA HY57V641620HGA PDF Download HY Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are DC values be
HY57V641620HGB   HY57V641620HGB HY57V641620HGB PDF Download   Two independent DMA channels   Pro
HY57V641620HGFH   HY57V641620HGFH HY57V641620HGFH PDF Download HYUNDAI TSSOP 0334+ The HY57V641620HGFH is a monolithic integrated c
HY57V641620HGF-H   HY57V641620HGF-H HY57V641620HGF-H PDF Download MEMORY TSSOP The TOSHIBA TLP227G series consist of a gallium
HY57V641620HGLT   HY57V641620HGLT HY57V641620HGLT PDF Download HY The Edge646 is an integrated trinary driver, wind
HY57V641620HGLT-5   HY57V641620HGLT-5 HY57V641620HGLT-5 PDF Download HY Dimensions are in inches. Dimensions in parenthes
HY57V641620HGLT-55   HY57V641620HGLT-55 HY57V641620HGLT-55 PDF Download HY The major controlling factor in the OTA is the i
HY57V641620HGLT-5I   HY57V641620HGLT-5I HY57V641620HGLT-5I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54 2004 The Fairchild Switch FSTU32160 is a 16-bit to 32
HY57V641620HGLT-6   HY57V641620HGLT-6 HY57V641620HGLT-6 PDF Download HY *Consult your local sales representative for SO&
HY57V641620HGLT-6I   HY57V641620HGLT-6I HY57V641620HGLT-6I PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2004 In ES series models, flag M1083 is not provided.
HY57V641620HGLT-7   HY57V641620HGLT-7 HY57V641620HGLT-7 PDF Download HY Output Voltage Range FBx Threshold Voltage FBx
HY57V641620HGLT-7I   HY57V641620HGLT-7I HY57V641620HGLT-7I PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2004 • BuiltCin interface for PC/XT™/AT®
HY57V641620HGLT-H   HY57V641620HGLT-H HY57V641620HGLT-H PDF Download 01 VBIAS (VCC, VBS 1,2,3) = 15V unless otherwise sp
HY57V641620HGLT-HI   HY57V641620HGLT-HI HY57V641620HGLT-HI PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2004 operational when the bus is attached to an off-bo
HY57V641620HGLT-P   HY57V641620HGLT-P HY57V641620HGLT-P PDF Download 2000
HY57V641620HGLT-PI   HY57V641620HGLT-PI HY57V641620HGLT-PI PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
HY57V641620HGO   HY57V641620HGO HY57V641620HGO PDF Download HYNIX 03 These devices combine four popular functions, Po
HY57V641620HGT   HY57V641620HGT HY57V641620HGT PDF Download HY In the SVHS mode, Pin 15 on the auxiliary SCART
HY57V641620HGT-5   HY57V641620HGT-5 HY57V641620HGT-5 PDF Download HY SOP 04+
HY57V641620HGT-5.5   HY57V641620HGT-5.5 HY57V641620HGT-5.5 PDF Download HY The LM117 series of adjustable 3-terminal positi
HY57V641620HGT-5/55   HY57V641620HGT-5/55 HY57V641620HGT-5/55 PDF Download The digital control section is built around the
HY57V641620HGT-55   HY57V641620HGT-55 HY57V641620HGT-55 PDF Download HY TSOP 04+ s Very low start-up supply current; 50 µA
HY57V641620HGT-5I   HY57V641620HGT-5I HY57V641620HGT-5I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54 2004 These counters are fully programmable; that is,
HY57V641620HGT-6   HY57V641620HGT-6 HY57V641620HGT-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 0351+ The HCPL- 5120 contains a GaAsP LED optically co
HY57V641620HGT-6DR   HY57V641620HGT-6DR HY57V641620HGT-6DR PDF Download HY 1 1 2 Selecting An External ENDEC An option is p
HY57V641620HGT-6I   HY57V641620HGT-6I HY57V641620HGT-6I PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2004   ATM SAR  C Can be configured as one
HY57V641620HGT7   HY57V641620HGT7 HY57V641620HGT7 PDF Download HYNIX SOP 04+ The HYM72V32656H(L)T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synch
HY57V641620HG-T7   HY57V641620HG-T7 HY57V641620HG-T7 PDF Download NOTES:-  1. Derate linearly above 70oC free
HY57V641620HGT-7   HY57V641620HGT-7 HY57V641620HGT-7 PDF Download HY SSOP 02+ All voltages are referenced to V SS = 0 V (groun
HY57V641620HGT-7DR   HY57V641620HGT-7DR HY57V641620HGT-7DR PDF Download HY Vectron International reserves the right to make
HY57V641620HGT-7I   HY57V641620HGT-7I HY57V641620HGT-7I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54 2004 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
HY57V641620HGT-7T   HY57V641620HGT-7T HY57V641620HGT-7T PDF Download The MC68HC000 is an implementation of the M68000
HY57V641620HGTH   HY57V641620HGTH HY57V641620HGTH PDF Download HY The AT8xC51SND1C provides all necessary features
HY57V641620HG-T-H   HY57V641620HG-T-H HY57V641620HG-T-H PDF Download HY Note 4: Device may exceed absolute maximum rating
HY57V641620HGT-H   HY57V641620HGT-H HY57V641620HGT-H PDF Download HY N/A 05+ Note 1: All devices are 100% production tested at
HY57V641620HGT-HDR   HY57V641620HGT-HDR HY57V641620HGT-HDR PDF Download HY TSSOP 04+ G5131-25T11U G5131-26T11U G5131-27T11U G5131-2
HY57V641620HGT-HI   HY57V641620HGT-HI HY57V641620HGT-HI PDF Download HYNIX 03+ A HIGH level on MBB chooses a mailbox register fo
HY57V641620HGT-K   HY57V641620HGT-K HY57V641620HGT-K PDF Download HY Recommended Application: VIA KX/KT133 style chi
HY57V641620HG-T-N   HY57V641620HG-T-N HY57V641620HG-T-N PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW PO
HY57V641620HGT-P   HY57V641620HGT-P HY57V641620HGT-P PDF Download HYHIX TSOP-54 This DAC utilizes a double-buffered 3-wire seria
HY57V641620HGTP-6   HY57V641620HGTP-6 HY57V641620HGTP-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ The CMOS bq3285E/L is a low- power microprocesso
HY57V641620HG-TP-7   HY57V641620HG-TP-7 HY57V641620HG-TP-7 PDF Download In Figure 1, the IC's switch-mode controller ope
HY57V641620HGTP-7   HY57V641620HGTP-7 HY57V641620HGTP-7 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ RSENSE B - Is the connection for the bottom of t
HY57V641620HGTP-H   HY57V641620HGTP-H HY57V641620HGTP-H PDF Download HY 04+ All parameters are measured under open-loop cond
HY57V641620HGTP-HI   HY57V641620HGTP-HI HY57V641620HGTP-HI PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54 2006 NOTE: H = Input Voltage High Level, h = Input vo
HY57V641620HGT-PI   HY57V641620HGT-PI HY57V641620HGT-PI PDF Download HYNIX TSOP54 02+ The DM9801 is a physical-layer, single-chip, low-
HY57V641620HGTP-P   HY57V641620HGTP-P HY57V641620HGTP-P PDF Download HYNIX 06+   The MC74VHC1GT08 is an advanced high spee
HY57V641620HGT-S   HY57V641620HGT-S HY57V641620HGT-S PDF Download HY (VDD = 3.3V; OVDD = 2V; 0.1µF and 1.0µ
HY57V641622AT-6   HY57V641622AT-6 HY57V641622AT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03 o Powered Device Interface   Fully Integrat
HY57V6421620HGT-H   HY57V6421620HGT-H HY57V6421620HGT-H PDF Download With the addition of an internal P-channel Power
HY57V643220   HY57V643220 HY57V643220 PDF Download HY The HA-5020 is a wide bandwidth, high slew rate a
HY57V643220-55   HY57V643220-55 HY57V643220-55 PDF Download Notice: The information provided in this publicat
HY57V643220BCT-6   HY57V643220BCT-6 HY57V643220BCT-6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The 128Mb DDR SDRAM operates from a differential
HY57V643220BTC-6   HY57V643220BTC-6 HY57V643220BTC-6 PDF Download HY AUXILIARY VIDEO MUTE All auxiliary video outputs
HY57V643220BTC-7   HY57V643220BTC-7 HY57V643220BTC-7 PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP The EEPROM user memory is divided into 16 zones
HY57V643220CLT-5   HY57V643220CLT-5 HY57V643220CLT-5 PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 The 318 decoders are capable of decoding 18 bits
HY57V643220CLT-5I   HY57V643220CLT-5I HY57V643220CLT-5I PDF Download HY IBM, PC/XT and PC/AT are registered trademarks an
HY57V643220CLT-6   HY57V643220CLT-6 HY57V643220CLT-6 PDF Download HYNIX,HY TSOP The MAX1737 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembl
HY57V643220CLT-6I   HY57V643220CLT-6I HY57V643220CLT-6I PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 Input voltage. For regulation at full load, the i
HY57V643220CLT-7   HY57V643220CLT-7 HY57V643220CLT-7 PDF Download HY 715   The RC32355 includes a configurable ATM S
HY57V643220CLT-71   HY57V643220CLT-71 HY57V643220CLT-71 PDF Download HY TSOP 04+ • System Integration Module for Flexible a
HY57V643220CLT-7I   HY57V643220CLT-7I HY57V643220CLT-7I PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
HY57V643220CT   HY57V643220CT HY57V643220CT PDF Download HY The MAX3873 is a compact, low-power 2.488Gbps/ 2.
HY57V643220CT-47   HY57V643220CT-47 HY57V643220CT-47 PDF Download HY BCLK/C4i Bit Clock/ST-BUS Clock (Input). In SSI
HY57V643220CT-5   HY57V643220CT-5 HY57V643220CT-5 PDF Download HY TSOP 01+ 6. Maximum package power dissipation limits must
HY57V643220CT-55   HY57V643220CT-55 HY57V643220CT-55 PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 The algebraic convention is used in this data she
HY57V643220CT-5I   HY57V643220CT-5I HY57V643220CT-5I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2004 DC test conditions: VIL = 0.3V, VIH = VCC - 0.3V
HY57V643220CT6   HY57V643220CT6 HY57V643220CT6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP  TAOperating free-air temperature−5512
HY57V643220CT-6   HY57V643220CT-6 HY57V643220CT-6 PDF Download hgnix TSSOP TSSOP Operating Voltage Range of 1.15 V to 5.5 V Outp
HY57V643220CT-6DR   HY57V643220CT-6DR HY57V643220CT-6DR PDF Download HY The EasyVoiceTM has a built-in RC oscillator whi
HY57V643220CT-6I   HY57V643220CT-6I HY57V643220CT-6I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2004 TV COMPOSITE VIDEO MUTE The TV composite video o
HY57V643220CT-7   HY57V643220CT-7 HY57V643220CT-7 PDF Download HY N/A 05+ In order to use the Candy boards, users must hav
HY57V643220CT-7I   HY57V643220CT-7I HY57V643220CT-7I PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2004 Each device requires only a single 3.0 volt powe
HY57V643220CT-7TR   HY57V643220CT-7TR HY57V643220CT-7TR PDF Download • Specially designed for clamping circuits
HY57V643220CTC-6   HY57V643220CTC-6 HY57V643220CTC-6 PDF Download HY The HY57V643220CTC-6 is an USB keyboard hub with
HY57V643220CT-H   HY57V643220CT-H HY57V643220CT-H PDF Download "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those v
HY57V643220CTP-7   HY57V643220CTP-7 HY57V643220CTP-7 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Notes 1. Derate linearly from 25C at a rate of
HY57V643220CT-S   HY57V643220CT-S HY57V643220CT-S PDF Download HY The LH1526 relay is two SPST normally open swit
HY57V643220CT-SI   HY57V643220CT-SI HY57V643220CT-SI PDF Download HY DESCRIPTION The SPN2302 is the N-Channel logic
HY57V643220DLTP-7I   HY57V643220DLTP-7I HY57V643220DLTP-7I PDF Download Hynix 2007  tsk(pp)Part-to-part skew3ns ‡ Output
HY57V643220DT-55   HY57V643220DT-55 HY57V643220DT-55 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The CD54AC374/3A and CD54ACT374/3A are octal D-t
HY57V643220DT6   HY57V643220DT6 HY57V643220DT6 PDF Download Description These chip-type LEDs utilize Alu-
HY57V643220DT-6   HY57V643220DT-6 HY57V643220DT-6 PDF Download HY N/A 05+;06+ Time timer and a Watchdog unit. The Real-Time Cl
HY57V643220DT-7   HY57V643220DT-7 HY57V643220DT-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2004 The TPS736xx uses an advanced BiCMOS process to
HY57V643220DT-H   HY57V643220DT-H HY57V643220DT-H PDF Download Bus powered applications require the FX2 to enum
HY57V643220DTP6   HY57V643220DTP6 HY57V643220DTP6 PDF Download 1. Package is non-polarized. Parts may be on ree
HY57V643220DTP-6   HY57V643220DTP-6 HY57V643220DTP-6 PDF Download HYNIX 08+   The ISP2200 is a single-chip, highly inte
HY57V643220DTP-7   HY57V643220DTP-7 HY57V643220DTP-7 PDF Download HY N/A 06+
HY57V643220ET-7   HY57V643220ET-7 HY57V643220ET-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ At the point where the voltage of the RF signal
HY57V643220HGT   HY57V643220HGT HY57V643220HGT PDF Download HYUNDAI ORG PACKING 08+ CD4053BC is a triple 2-channel multiplexer havin
HY57V643220HGT-5   HY57V643220HGT-5 HY57V643220HGT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The I/O expanders eight quasi bidirectional data
HY57V643220HGT-7   HY57V643220HGT-7 HY57V643220HGT-7 PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP The HT86XXX is excellent for versatile voice and
HY57V643220TC-6   HY57V643220TC-6 HY57V643220TC-6 PDF Download HY Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
HY57V643220TP-7   HY57V643220TP-7 HY57V643220TP-7 PDF Download The EL2260/EL2460 are designed to drive a double
HY57V64322OCT-6   HY57V64322OCT-6 HY57V64322OCT-6 PDF Download Five years minimum data retention in the absence
HY57V643232DTP-7   HY57V643232DTP-7 HY57V643232DTP-7 PDF Download HY TSOP 04+ • Low profile <Height> PC boa
HY57V64420HGT-H   HY57V64420HGT-H HY57V64420HGT-H PDF Download HY   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
HY57V64820   HY57V64820 HY57V64820 PDF Download HY The specification contains ADVANCE INFORMATION.
HY57V64820HC   HY57V64820HC HY57V64820HC PDF Download One of the more exacting configurations fo
HY57V64820HG   HY57V64820HG HY57V64820HG PDF Download HY TSOP 0347+  ParameterTest Conditions EMITTER(IF = 10 m
HY57V64820HGLTP   HY57V64820HGLTP HY57V64820HGLTP PDF Download The NM93CS06 CS46 CS56 CS66 devices are 256 102
HY57V64820HGLT-P   HY57V64820HGLT-P HY57V64820HGLT-P PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2004   The NUP1105L provides a transient voltage
HY57V64820HGT-H   HY57V64820HGT-H HY57V64820HGT-H PDF Download Difference from MX98741, which provides 8 dedica
HY57V64820HGT-H-TR   HY57V64820HGT-H-TR HY57V64820HGT-H-TR PDF Download HY The host can be a fully featured Linux with mult
HY57V64820HGT-P   HY57V64820HGT-P HY57V64820HGT-P PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2004   C Stand-alone MP3 Decoder   C 48, 44
HY57V64820HGTP-H   HY57V64820HGTP-H HY57V64820HGTP-H PDF Download HYINX TSOP54 2005 Note 2: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
HY57V64820HGT-S   HY57V64820HGT-S HY57V64820HGT-S PDF Download HY Therefore, do not burn, destroy, cut, crush, or c
HY57V651620   HY57V651620 HY57V651620 PDF Download HY
HY57V651620B   HY57V651620B HY57V651620B PDF Download HY DRQ DMA Request (Output, active High). This signa
HY57V651620B/A   HY57V651620B/A HY57V651620B/A PDF Download HY Readable in-band and out-of-band flow control st
HY57V651620B-7   HY57V651620B-7 HY57V651620B-7 PDF Download HY The EM128L08 is an integrated memory device cont
HY57V651620B-A   HY57V651620B-A HY57V651620B-A PDF Download HY • Synchronous Operation. • 2 Stage P
HY57V651620B-A(TC75)   HY57V651620B-A(TC75) HY57V651620B-A(TC75) PDF Download The M54/74HC4020/HC4040 are high speed CMOS 14/
HY57V651620B-ATC-10S   HY57V651620B-ATC-10S HY57V651620B-ATC-10S PDF Download HYUNSDAI 0108 The A-to-B and B-to-A logic elements are active,
HY57V651620BLTC-10   HY57V651620BLTC-10 HY57V651620BLTC-10 PDF Download 99 This enhanced Z180 design also incorporates addi
HY57V651620BLTC-10(A)   HY57V651620BLTC-10(A) HY57V651620BLTC-10(A) PDF Download 99 Low output skew: <270ps Switching frequency o
HY57V651620BLTC-10P   HY57V651620BLTC-10P HY57V651620BLTC-10P PDF Download 99 Over recommended operating free-air temperature
HY57V651620BLTC10S   HY57V651620BLTC10S HY57V651620BLTC10S PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2002 Clock: CK and /CK are differential clock inputs.
HY57V651620BLTC-10S   HY57V651620BLTC-10S HY57V651620BLTC-10S PDF Download HYUNSDAI 0044 Advanced 0.35µ E2CMOS process Security bi
HY57V651620BTC-10   HY57V651620BTC-10 HY57V651620BTC-10 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Octal Framer supporting T1, E1 and J1 Formats P
HY57V651620BTC-10P   HY57V651620BTC-10P HY57V651620BTC-10P PDF Download HY 05+ TSSOP ! Available in a single mode (240-bits shift regi
HY57V651620BTC-10PDR   HY57V651620BTC-10PDR HY57V651620BTC-10PDR PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FST6800 provides 10-bits of
HY57V651620BTC10S   HY57V651620BTC10S HY57V651620BTC10S PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values (re
HY57V651620BTC-10S   HY57V651620BTC-10S HY57V651620BTC-10S PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 00+ The host system can detect whether a program or
HY57V651620BTC-10S-A   HY57V651620BTC-10S-A HY57V651620BTC-10S-A PDF Download At a gain of +1, the EL2244 and EL2444 have a -3
HY57V651620BTC-10SI   HY57V651620BTC-10SI HY57V651620BTC-10SI PDF Download Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratin
HY57V651620BTC-6   HY57V651620BTC-6 HY57V651620BTC-6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 Indicates to the IA21140AF that access to the bus
HY57V651620BTC-60   HY57V651620BTC-60 HY57V651620BTC-60 PDF Download HY TSOP 01+ The contents of this specification are subject t
HY57V651620BTC-6-A   HY57V651620BTC-6-A HY57V651620BTC-6-A PDF Download If the signal is bipolar, such as a sine wave ce
HY57V651620B-TC-7   HY57V651620B-TC-7 HY57V651620B-TC-7 PDF Download 哈理斯 内床SMD All rights reserved. No part of this publication
HY57V651620BTC-7   HY57V651620BTC-7 HY57V651620BTC-7 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 The TLC2272/4 also makes great upgrades to the T
HY57V651620B-TC70   HY57V651620B-TC70 HY57V651620B-TC70 PDF Download CAP: A capacitor is normally connected between th
HY57V651620BTC-75   HY57V651620BTC-75 HY57V651620BTC-75 PDF Download TSOP HUUNDAI 99+ PRECAUTIONS FOR TESTING 1. Before appling any c
HY57V651620BTC-8   HY57V651620BTC-8 HY57V651620BTC-8 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 The 74HCU04 is a high-speed Si-gate CMOS device
HY57V651620C-10   HY57V651620C-10 HY57V651620C-10 PDF Download HY SOJ N/A This device contains circuitry to protect the in
HY57V651620HCT-H   HY57V651620HCT-H HY57V651620HCT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The two-wire bus is defined as a Serial Data lin
HY57V651620HF-T-S   HY57V651620HF-T-S HY57V651620HF-T-S PDF Download HY TSSOP 00+ When the output load exceeds the current-limit t
HY57V651620OB   HY57V651620OB HY57V651620OB PDF Download RCDs digital delay lines have been designed to p
HY57V651620TC-10   HY57V651620TC-10 HY57V651620TC-10 PDF Download HY TSOP 98+ Maximum rated frequency: 133 MHz Low cycle-to-
HY57V651620TC-6   HY57V651620TC-6 HY57V651620TC-6 PDF Download 98 Most flat-panel monitors and projectors require
HY57V65162DB   HY57V65162DB HY57V65162DB PDF Download 2000 Zarlink Semiconductor provides prescaler evaluat
HY57V653220ATC-6   HY57V653220ATC-6 HY57V653220ATC-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
HY57V653220ATC-7   HY57V653220ATC-7 HY57V653220ATC-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Automatic erase-before-write operation Word/chi
HY57V653220B   HY57V653220B HY57V653220B PDF Download HYUNDAL SOP 122 No signal input. Measure the current flowing int
HY57V653220BA   HY57V653220BA HY57V653220BA PDF Download HY (All voltages referenced to V-. VDD = 13V, a 10&m
HY57V653220B-A   HY57V653220B-A HY57V653220B-A PDF Download HY TSSOP 128 All data memory areas can handle arithmetic, logi
HY57V653220BATC-10   HY57V653220BATC-10 HY57V653220BATC-10 PDF Download input to the slot identification and enables the
HY57V653220BATC-6   HY57V653220BATC-6 HY57V653220BATC-6 PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP The digital visual interface (DVI) specification
HY57V653220B-ATC-7   HY57V653220B-ATC-7 HY57V653220B-ATC-7 PDF Download The open-collector overtemperature flag ou
HY57V653220BATC-7   HY57V653220BATC-7 HY57V653220BATC-7 PDF Download n Space saving SOT23 or SC70 5-lead surface moun
HY57V653220BCT-7   HY57V653220BCT-7 HY57V653220BCT-7 PDF Download The output of the oscillator is not directly ava
HY57V653220BLTC-10I   HY57V653220BLTC-10I HY57V653220BLTC-10I PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP 4. Designed to meet these characteristics over t
HY57V653220BLTC-10I-A   HY57V653220BLTC-10I-A HY57V653220BLTC-10I-A PDF Download (VCC - VEE = 2.375V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with
HY57V653220BLTC-6   HY57V653220BLTC-6 HY57V653220BLTC-6 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The CY7B951 provides the necessary clock and dat
HY57V653220BLTC-6I   HY57V653220BLTC-6I HY57V653220BLTC-6I PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP The DAC5662 has been specifically designed for a
HY57V653220BLTC-7I   HY57V653220BLTC-7I HY57V653220BLTC-7I PDF Download HY,HYNIX TSOP Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
HY57V653220BTC   HY57V653220BTC HY57V653220BTC PDF Download The HY57V653220BTC contains a unique protection
HY57V653220BTC-10   HY57V653220BTC-10 HY57V653220BTC-10 PDF Download SelfCTest   The sensor provides a selfCtes
HY57V653220BTC-10P   HY57V653220BTC-10P HY57V653220BTC-10P PDF Download For the clock signal, use the crystal connected
HY57V653220BTC-5   HY57V653220BTC-5 HY57V653220BTC-5 PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 This input is used to charge the rechargeable al
HY57V653220BTC-55   HY57V653220BTC-55 HY57V653220BTC-55 PDF Download HYHIX TSSOP-86 Peak and hold mode with programmed peak time: Whe
HY57V653220B-TC6   HY57V653220B-TC6 HY57V653220B-TC6 PDF Download HYUNDAI 00+ * Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
HY57V653220B-TC-6   HY57V653220B-TC-6 HY57V653220B-TC-6 PDF Download AT49BV/LV002N(T) pin 1 for the DIP and PLCC pack
HY57V653220BTC-6   HY57V653220BTC-6 HY57V653220BTC-6 PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 When executing a jump instruction, conditional sk
HY57V653220BTC-6-A   HY57V653220BTC-6-A HY57V653220BTC-6-A PDF Download HYNIX 01+ internally terminated with 50Ω resistance,
HY57V653220BTC7   HY57V653220BTC7 HY57V653220BTC7 PDF Download • Wide supply voltage range of 1.2V to 3.6V
HY57V653220B-TC7   HY57V653220B-TC7 HY57V653220B-TC7 PDF Download HYUNDAI 0021 Serializer/Deserializer Independent Channel Oper
HY57V653220BTC-7   HY57V653220BTC-7 HY57V653220BTC-7 PDF Download HYINX TSOP 2004 These three terminal negative regulators are sup
HY57V653220BTC-8   HY57V653220BTC-8 HY57V653220BTC-8 PDF Download 00+ Features 1) +3V single power supply. (VDD=2.7 to
HY57V653220CT-7   HY57V653220CT-7 HY57V653220CT-7 PDF Download 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion   (VD
HY57V6533200B   HY57V6533200B HY57V6533200B PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appro
HY57V654020BTC-10S   HY57V654020BTC-10S HY57V654020BTC-10S PDF Download N/A TSSOP 07+
HY57V654020BTC-75   HY57V654020BTC-75 HY57V654020BTC-75 PDF Download HYUNDAI 00+ The ISL9V2040D3S, ISL9V2040S3S, and ISL9V2040P3
HY57V658020-10   HY57V658020-10 HY57V658020-10 PDF Download MUSA SOJ 1998 A general-purpose data register file is containe
HY57V658020ATC-10S   HY57V658020ATC-10S HY57V658020ATC-10S PDF Download   Surface mount board layout is a critical
HY57V658020B   HY57V658020B HY57V658020B PDF Download HY TSOP OO+ Description Active-Low Reset Output, which is a
HY57V658020BLTC-10P   HY57V658020BLTC-10P HY57V658020BLTC-10P PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 The Supertex MD1810 is a high-speed quad MOSFET d
HY57V658020BTC-10   HY57V658020BTC-10 HY57V658020BTC-10 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ enable ( WE ), and output enable ( OE )control n
HY57V658020BTC-10P   HY57V658020BTC-10P HY57V658020BTC-10P PDF Download HY 00+ (prescaler OFF) Input sensitivity fi = 80 - 100
HY57V658020BTC-10S   HY57V658020BTC-10S HY57V658020BTC-10S PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 This is a stress rating only and functional opera
HY57V658020BTC-8   HY57V658020BTC-8 HY57V658020BTC-8 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 2003 Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 25
HY57V658020CTC-7   HY57V658020CTC-7 HY57V658020CTC-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ ∗ On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535,
HY57V658020TC10   HY57V658020TC10 HY57V658020TC10 PDF Download   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
HY57V658020TC-10   HY57V658020TC-10 HY57V658020TC-10 PDF Download HY TSOP Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
HY57V68010D   HY57V68010D HY57V68010D PDF Download HITACHI 2007 Introduction The AP1187 regulator is a 7-termina
HY57VF281620FTP-H   HY57VF281620FTP-H HY57VF281620FTP-H PDF Download HYNIX 07+ Frequency signal inputs for PFD. The reference f
HY57VF641620FTP-7   HY57VF641620FTP-7 HY57VF641620FTP-7 PDF Download HYNIX 2007   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier princ
HY57VI6161OD   HY57VI6161OD HY57VI6161OD PDF Download The data contained in the data stream can also a
HY57Y168010ATC-10   HY57Y168010ATC-10 HY57Y168010ATC-10 PDF Download N/A TSSOP 07+ On-chip ROM is available in a PROM (ZTAT™
HY5809   HY5809 HY5809 PDF Download HITACHI clocks will output on the DO pin the contents of
HY58163210   HY58163210 HY58163210 PDF Download QFP100 Functional improvements have also been implement
HY58163210TQ-8F   HY58163210TQ-8F HY58163210TQ-8F PDF Download MAXTOR QFP100 Fast Carry: As described earlier, each CLB includ
HY5D651622TC-7   HY5D651622TC-7 HY5D651622TC-7 PDF Download The status of each address/data pin can be indi-
HY5DS113222FM-28   HY5DS113222FM-28 HY5DS113222FM-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0551+ entered by either software (D3 hot) or by physic
HY5DS113222FMP-28   HY5DS113222FMP-28 HY5DS113222FMP-28 PDF Download NANYA BGA 06+ Hynix HYMD512G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
HY5DS113222FMP-33   HY5DS113222FMP-33 HY5DS113222FMP-33 PDF Download hynix(512) BGA A block erase operation erases one of the devices
HY5DS283222BF-28   HY5DS283222BF-28 HY5DS283222BF-28 PDF Download INF 05+ BGA Full Scale Range Select and Extended Control Ena
HY5DS283222BF-33   HY5DS283222BF-33 HY5DS283222BF-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 1.56 V@VDD=3.3 V). The design of proper sense ci
HY5DS283222BFP-28   HY5DS283222BFP-28 HY5DS283222BFP-28 PDF Download BGA Notes: 1. VIL (min.) = C0.3V (DC); VIL (min.) =
HY5DS283222BFP-33   HY5DS283222BFP-33 HY5DS283222BFP-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 06+ In this mode, CS is inactive (high) between seri
HY5DS573222   HY5DS573222 HY5DS573222 PDF Download HY 06+ BGA A loopback function is provided by the LBE input
HY5DS573222F-28   HY5DS573222F-28 HY5DS573222F-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0506+ The falling edge of the start convert pulse, tho
HY5DS573222F-33   HY5DS573222F-33 HY5DS573222F-33 PDF Download HY BGA 04+ For optimum thermal performance in a natural conv
HY5DS573222FP-28   HY5DS573222FP-28 HY5DS573222FP-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0734+ TX2 operates at two of the rates defined in the
HY5DS573222FP-33   HY5DS573222FP-33 HY5DS573222FP-33 PDF Download HYNIX FBGA 06+ Operates from 2.7V to 44V Over-The-Top®: Inp
HY5DU121622AT-H   HY5DU121622AT-H HY5DU121622AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2004 The SN74AVCB324245 is designed for asynchronous
HY5DU121622AT-J   HY5DU121622AT-J HY5DU121622AT-J PDF Download HYNIX 2004
HY5DU121622BT-J   HY5DU121622BT-J HY5DU121622BT-J PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ The CS5381 is available in 24-pin TSSOP and SOIC
HY5DU121622BTP-J   HY5DU121622BTP-J HY5DU121622BTP-J PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The AD581 represents an alternative to current l
HY5DU121622CFP-J   HY5DU121622CFP-J HY5DU121622CFP-J PDF Download HY BGA 06+ In a running motor, a current will flow through
HY5DU121622CTP   HY5DU121622CTP HY5DU121622CTP PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed f
HY5DU121622CTP-D43   HY5DU121622CTP-D43 HY5DU121622CTP-D43 PDF Download HY TSOP 07+ 2. TVS devices are normally selected according t
HY5DU121622CTP-D43C   HY5DU121622CTP-D43C HY5DU121622CTP-D43C PDF Download Stresses greater than those listed under Absolute
HY5DU121622CTP-D43-C   HY5DU121622CTP-D43-C HY5DU121622CTP-D43-C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes: 1. Propagation Delays and Enable/Disable
HY5DU121622CTP-J   HY5DU121622CTP-J HY5DU121622CTP-J PDF Download HY TSSOP 06+   This is the master clock input pin. The c
HY5DU121622CTP-J-C   HY5DU121622CTP-J-C HY5DU121622CTP-J-C PDF Download HY 07+ In order to saturate the power switch and reduce
HY5DU121622CTP-J-T   HY5DU121622CTP-J-T HY5DU121622CTP-J-T PDF Download HYNIX 05+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
HY5DU121622DTP-D43   HY5DU121622DTP-D43 HY5DU121622DTP-D43 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Both potentiometers can be connected in series (o
HY5DU121622DTP-D43-C   HY5DU121622DTP-D43-C HY5DU121622DTP-D43-C PDF Download 08+
HY5DU121622DTP-J-C   HY5DU121622DTP-J-C HY5DU121622DTP-J-C PDF Download Hynix 08+ Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V Outpu
HY5DU1281622ETP-5   HY5DU1281622ETP-5 HY5DU1281622ETP-5 PDF Download HYNIX SOP 0622+ PRELIMINARY INFORMATION describes products that a
HY5DU12822BT-J   HY5DU12822BT-J HY5DU12822BT-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+ OUT (Pin 5): Oscillator Output. This pin can driv
HY5DU12822CTP-D43   HY5DU12822CTP-D43 HY5DU12822CTP-D43 PDF Download HYNIX 2005 (Before using this chip, take a look at the follo
HY5DU12822CTP-D43-A   HY5DU12822CTP-D43-A HY5DU12822CTP-D43-A PDF Download Hynix Features • Three Functions in One Package
HY5DU12822CTP-D43-C   HY5DU12822CTP-D43-C HY5DU12822CTP-D43-C PDF Download Hynix 07+
HY5DU12822CTP-J   HY5DU12822CTP-J HY5DU12822CTP-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Each voltage output of the BCP Series converter i
HY5DU12822DTP-D43-C   HY5DU12822DTP-D43-C HY5DU12822DTP-D43-C PDF Download HYNIX 08+ Each DS1258W device is shipped from Dallas Semico
HY5DU2816220T-4S   HY5DU2816220T-4S HY5DU2816220T-4S PDF Download HY 03+ eight clock address locations contain the centur
HY5DU281622ALT-K   HY5DU281622ALT-K HY5DU281622ALT-K PDF Download HYNIX 03+
HY5DU281622AT-6   HY5DU281622AT-6 HY5DU281622AT-6 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
HY5DU281622AT-H   HY5DU281622AT-H HY5DU281622AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2005 SERIAL INTERFACE TIMING   The IDT72V8985 ma
HY5DU281622DT-4   HY5DU281622DT-4 HY5DU281622DT-4 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Supply Voltage 1 can be any supply voltage from
HY5DU281622DT-5   HY5DU281622DT-5 HY5DU281622DT-5 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ The clock for the entire circuit and peripherals
HY5DU281622DT-6   HY5DU281622DT-6 HY5DU281622DT-6 PDF Download HYNIX 2004 "Advance" product information describe
HY5DU281622DT-H   HY5DU281622DT-H HY5DU281622DT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The incoming bipolar PCM signal which is attenua
HY5DU281622ET-28   HY5DU281622ET-28 HY5DU281622ET-28 PDF Download HYNIX TSSOP 0403+ Transformerless 2W to 4W conversion Controls bat
HY5DU281622ET-33   HY5DU281622ET-33 HY5DU281622ET-33 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0450+ The Hyundai HYM72V64736AT8 Series are Dual In-lin
HY5DU281622ET-36   HY5DU281622ET-36 HY5DU281622ET-36 PDF Download HYNIX 0526+ The Transmit section input, VFXI, is a high impe
HY5DU281622ET-4   HY5DU281622ET-4 HY5DU281622ET-4 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0545+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
HY5DU281622ET-5   HY5DU281622ET-5 HY5DU281622ET-5 PDF Download HYNIX 0425+ Notes:  2. Multiple Supplies: The voltage o
HY5DU281622ET-5DR   HY5DU281622ET-5DR HY5DU281622ET-5DR PDF Download HY TSOP 04+   The output of these devices (pin 3) switc
HY5DU281622ET-6   HY5DU281622ET-6 HY5DU281622ET-6 PDF Download HY TSOP 05+ The 80C186EB Timer Counter Unit (TCU) provides
HY5DU281622ETD43   HY5DU281622ETD43 HY5DU281622ETD43 PDF Download Note 3 tHAE is specd for case with HLD falling ed
HY5DU281622ET-H   HY5DU281622ET-H HY5DU281622ET-H PDF Download  The attached data sheets are prepared and
HY5DU281622ET-J   HY5DU281622ET-J HY5DU281622ET-J PDF Download HYNIX TSSOP 2004 3. Always set IOCC PAGE1 bit 0 = 1 otherwise part
HY5DU281622ETP-36   HY5DU281622ETP-36 HY5DU281622ETP-36 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0537+ Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 1.0 A
HY5DU281622ETP-4   HY5DU281622ETP-4 HY5DU281622ETP-4 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Extremely High Speed: 1.0 ns (Typ) @ VCC = 3.3 V
HY5DU281622ETP-5   HY5DU281622ETP-5 HY5DU281622ETP-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0524+ The SPT1175 operates from a single +5 V power su
HY5DU281622ETP-J   HY5DU281622ETP-J HY5DU281622ETP-J PDF Download HYINX TSOP 06+ The three-terminal port of the DS1804 provides an
HY5DU281622FTP-4   HY5DU281622FTP-4 HY5DU281622FTP-4 PDF Download HYNIX 5,760 Max. UnitsConditions  77IC = 17A  12n
HY5DU281622FTP-4-C   HY5DU281622FTP-4-C HY5DU281622FTP-4-C PDF Download 08+ Notes  11. Output Fault Detect Thresholds
HY5DU281622FTP-5   HY5DU281622FTP-5 HY5DU281622FTP-5 PDF Download HYNIX 5,760 VBIAS (VCC, V BS1,2,3) = 15V, VS0,1,2,3 = VSS an
HY5DU281622FTP-5-C   HY5DU281622FTP-5-C HY5DU281622FTP-5-C PDF Download HYNIX 06+ TSOP  9. VCC must be applied either coincidental
HY5DU281622FTP-D43   HY5DU281622FTP-D43 HY5DU281622FTP-D43 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
HY5DU281622FTP-H   HY5DU281622FTP-H HY5DU281622FTP-H PDF Download Length is measured from the mounting surface to
HY5DU281622FTP-J-C   HY5DU281622FTP-J-C HY5DU281622FTP-J-C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 128Mb SDRAM is a high speed CMOS, dynamic r
HY5DU281622T-H   HY5DU281622T-H HY5DU281622T-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The SMJ320C62x DSP offers cost-effective
HY5DU28222AQ-5   HY5DU28222AQ-5 HY5DU28222AQ-5 PDF Download The W29EE512 is programmed on a page basis. Every
HY5DU283000F-36   HY5DU283000F-36 HY5DU283000F-36 PDF Download Typical Applications • Vibration Monitorin
HY5DU283222   HY5DU283222 HY5DU283222 PDF Download HYNIX BGA The EC000 core offers sixteen 32-bit registers a
HY5DU283222A   HY5DU283222A HY5DU283222A PDF Download HYNIX BGA Silicon implementations are much more cost effec
HY5DU283222AF   HY5DU283222AF HY5DU283222AF PDF Download 2000 HY 6+   3.2 Qualification. Devices furnished unde
HY5DU283222AF-2   HY5DU283222AF-2 HY5DU283222AF-2 PDF Download HY BGA 0521+  ICCMaximum Quiescent Supply Current5.58.080
HY5DU283222AF-20   HY5DU283222AF-20 HY5DU283222AF-20 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 0304+ Functional improvements have also been implement
HY5DU283222AF-22   HY5DU283222AF-22 HY5DU283222AF-22 PDF Download HY BGA 03+ FEATURES  D Replaces OR-ing Diodes  D
HY5DU283222AF-25   HY5DU283222AF-25 HY5DU283222AF-25 PDF Download HYUNDAI BGA 03+ The 74LVC(H)162245A features two output enable (
HY5DU283222AF-28   HY5DU283222AF-28 HY5DU283222AF-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0423+ This integrated circuits is manufactured on a CMO
HY5DU283222AF33   HY5DU283222AF33 HY5DU283222AF33 PDF Download When expander logic is used in the data path, ad
HY5DU283222AF-33   HY5DU283222AF-33 HY5DU283222AF-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA A HIGH level on MBB chooses a mailbox register fo
HY5DU283222AF-36   HY5DU283222AF-36 HY5DU283222AF-36 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0424+   Controller (host) sends a start bit. &nbs
HY5DU283222AF-36DR   HY5DU283222AF-36DR HY5DU283222AF-36DR PDF Download HY BGA 03+ A RESET input pin is provided to ease some syste
HY5DU283222AF-4   HY5DU283222AF-4 HY5DU283222AF-4 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ (2) Operating method   The LD shall change
HY5DU283222AFM   HY5DU283222AFM HY5DU283222AFM PDF Download HY BGA 04+ The THS4513 is a wideband, fully differential op
HY5DU283222AFMT-33   HY5DU283222AFMT-33 HY5DU283222AFMT-33 PDF Download Use of the H8S/2149 and H8S/2169 F-ZTAT™ e
HY5DU283222AFP-33   HY5DU283222AFP-33 HY5DU283222AFP-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0614+ Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolut
HY5DU283222AFP-36   HY5DU283222AFP-36 HY5DU283222AFP-36 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Note 1: The reverse battery current is measured f
HY5DU283222AQ-4   HY5DU283222AQ-4 HY5DU283222AQ-4 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Very easy to use, it requires only two external
HY5DU283222AQ-5   HY5DU283222AQ-5 HY5DU283222AQ-5 PDF Download HYNIX QFP 0410+ The OPA681 sets a new level of performance for b
HY5DU283222AQ-50   HY5DU283222AQ-50 HY5DU283222AQ-50 PDF Download HYNIX 04+ QFP The LM34910 Step Down Switching Regulator featur
HY5DU283222AQ-5F   HY5DU283222AQ-5F HY5DU283222AQ-5F PDF Download HY TQFP128 03+ Control Signal Input. Used to enable or disable
HY5DU283222AQ-5M   HY5DU283222AQ-5M HY5DU283222AQ-5M PDF Download HYNIX QFP 2004 (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
HY5DU283222AQP-4   HY5DU283222AQP-4 HY5DU283222AQP-4 PDF Download HYNIX When the FPGA is in Express or SelectMAP Mode, a
HY5DU283222AQP-5   HY5DU283222AQP-5 HY5DU283222AQP-5 PDF Download 4-A Output Current Wide-Input Voltage (9 V to 2
HY5DU283222AQP-5-KOR   HY5DU283222AQP-5-KOR HY5DU283222AQP-5-KOR PDF Download CHIP ENABLE INPUTS: Activate the devices control
HY5DU283222AQ-S   HY5DU283222AQ-S HY5DU283222AQ-S PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ 1) Skew is defined as the absolute value of the
HY5DU283222B   HY5DU283222B HY5DU283222B PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 400 Gate Thre
HY5DU283222BF-28   HY5DU283222BF-28 HY5DU283222BF-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA The +5V Return (pin 6) and +3.3V Return (pin 9) a
HY5DU283222BF-33   HY5DU283222BF-33 HY5DU283222BF-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 06+ The Si91871 is a 300-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) v
HY5DU283222BFP-28   HY5DU283222BFP-28 HY5DU283222BFP-28 PDF Download A powerful program sequencer controls the flow o
HY5DU283222BFP-33   HY5DU283222BFP-33 HY5DU283222BFP-33 PDF Download HY BGA 06+ DESCRIPTION The HCF4017B is a monolithic integr
HY5DU283222BFP-33-C   HY5DU283222BFP-33-C HY5DU283222BFP-33-C PDF Download Features • High sensitivity (+4dB compared
HY5DU283222BFP-33DR   HY5DU283222BFP-33DR HY5DU283222BFP-33DR PDF Download HYNIX
HY5DU283222F-28   HY5DU283222F-28 HY5DU283222F-28 PDF Download HYNIX 2004 Feedback input. When ADJ is grounded, the device
HY5DU283222F-33   HY5DU283222F-33 HY5DU283222F-33 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The device employs Analog Devices iCoupler tech
HY5DU283222F-36   HY5DU283222F-36 HY5DU283222F-36 PDF Download HYNIX • Message bit rates up to 1 Mbps •
HY5DU283222F-4   HY5DU283222F-4 HY5DU283222F-4 PDF Download HYNIX FBGA 02+/04+ The LM5110 Dual Gate Driver replaces industry st
HY5DU283222F-4/HY5DU283222F-33   HY5DU283222F-4/HY5DU283222F-33 HY5DU283222F-4/HY5DU283222F-33 PDF Download Specifications are production tested at TA =25C.
HY5DU283222Q-4   HY5DU283222Q-4 HY5DU283222Q-4 PDF Download HYNIX QFP 0306+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
HY5DU283222Q5   HY5DU283222Q5 HY5DU283222Q5 PDF Download   Serial data at 2048 kbit/s is received at
HY5DU283222Q-5   HY5DU283222Q-5 HY5DU283222Q-5 PDF Download HYNIX TQFP1420-100 03+ Connect to the gate of the external N-Channel MOS
HY5DU28322BT-33   HY5DU28322BT-33 HY5DU28322BT-33 PDF Download The HY5DU28322BT-33 is a low-power, single chann
HY5DU28422T-H   HY5DU28422T-H HY5DU28422T-H PDF Download HYUNDAI TSSOP 01+ rial Data (SDA) to VCC. (Figure 4. indicates ho
HY5DU28622DT-4   HY5DU28622DT-4 HY5DU28622DT-4 PDF Download Hynix 05+ The HY5DU28622DT-4 and HY5DU28622DT-4 are high s
HY5DU28822AT-H   HY5DU28822AT-H HY5DU28822AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Write Enable 1 (WEN1). If the FIFO is configured
HY5DU28822BT-H   HY5DU28822BT-H HY5DU28822BT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2004 The MAX5942A/MAX5942B integrate a complete power
HY5DU28822DT   HY5DU28822DT HY5DU28822DT PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ During initial turn-on the ISL6118 prevents nuisa
HY5DU28822DT-H   HY5DU28822DT-H HY5DU28822DT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ In addition, the P8xC557E8 has two software sele
HY5DU28822DT-J   HY5DU28822DT-J HY5DU28822DT-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+
HY5DU561622   HY5DU561622 HY5DU561622 PDF Download HY FEATURES lPhototransistor output lOpaque housin
HY5DU561622AT-H   HY5DU561622AT-H HY5DU561622AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2004 Chapter 4, "Control Registers," contain
HY5DU561622CT   HY5DU561622CT HY5DU561622CT PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ The circuit of the TSOP11..KA1 is designed in th
HY5DU561622CT-33   HY5DU561622CT-33 HY5DU561622CT-33 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP The thermal coefficient is reduced to 600 PPM/C
HY5DU561622CT-36   HY5DU561622CT-36 HY5DU561622CT-36 PDF Download HYUNDAI 06+ Vcc = 1.7V~2.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C(I),
HY5DU561622CT-4   HY5DU561622CT-4 HY5DU561622CT-4 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ These devices are fabricated using power-saving
HY5DU561622CT-4DR   HY5DU561622CT-4DR HY5DU561622CT-4DR PDF Download HYNIX RF Integrated Corp. believes the information pro
HY5DU561622CT-5   HY5DU561622CT-5 HY5DU561622CT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0424+ †Purchase of I2C components from Maxim Inte
HY5DU561622CT-6   HY5DU561622CT-6 HY5DU561622CT-6 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 25
HY5DU561622CT-H   HY5DU561622CT-H HY5DU561622CT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ NOTE 1: Dissipation rating tables and figures ar
HY5DU561622CT-J   HY5DU561622CT-J HY5DU561622CT-J PDF Download HY TSOP 05+/04+ The Spreetat sensor uses a physical principle ca
HY5DU561622CTP-5   HY5DU561622CTP-5 HY5DU561622CTP-5 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ Note 11: Current limit is built-in, fixed, and no
HY5DU561622CTP-H   HY5DU561622CTP-H HY5DU561622CTP-H PDF Download HYNIX 06+ The nominal value of the RF choke L1 is 100 nH.
HY5DU561622DT-5   HY5DU561622DT-5 HY5DU561622DT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0515+ The HY5DU561622DT-5, HY5DU561622DT-5, HY5DU561622
HY5DU561622DT-D43   HY5DU561622DT-D43 HY5DU561622DT-D43 PDF Download ?Hynix 06+ Electrically-insulating, thermally-conductive &q
HY5DU561622DT-H   HY5DU561622DT-H HY5DU561622DT-H PDF Download HYNIX advanced circuit design to provide ultra-low act
HY5DU561622DT-J   HY5DU561622DT-J HY5DU561622DT-J PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0513+ Notes:  1. VIL (min.) = C2.0V for pulse du
HY5DU561622DTP-D43   HY5DU561622DTP-D43 HY5DU561622DTP-D43 PDF Download HYNIX 06+ To summarize, the general approach is to: Determ
HY5DU561622DTP-J   HY5DU561622DTP-J HY5DU561622DTP-J PDF Download HYNIX 06+ The video decoder, a 9-bit video input processor,
HY5DU561622EFP-J   HY5DU561622EFP-J HY5DU561622EFP-J PDF Download 8042 Software Compatible 8 Bit Microcomputer 2k
HY5DU561622ET-5   HY5DU561622ET-5 HY5DU561622ET-5 PDF Download As shown in the functional block diagram on page
HY5DU561622ETP-4   HY5DU561622ETP-4 HY5DU561622ETP-4 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 06+ The situation is different in the case of underv
HY5DU561622ETP-4-C   HY5DU561622ETP-4-C HY5DU561622ETP-4-C PDF Download HY a 08+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
HY5DU561622ETP-5   HY5DU561622ETP-5 HY5DU561622ETP-5 PDF Download HY N/A 05+ (Segment mode) ! Shift Clock frequency:  
HY5DU561622ETP-5-C   HY5DU561622ETP-5-C HY5DU561622ETP-5-C PDF Download 08+ Blocking voltage : VDRM / VRRM = +/-700V Avalan
HY5DU561622ETPD43   HY5DU561622ETPD43 HY5DU561622ETPD43 PDF Download - - - • Fully static operation and Tri-state outp
HY5DU561622ETP-D43   HY5DU561622ETP-D43 HY5DU561622ETP-D43 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 06+ High efficiency Surge overload rating - 400 amp
HY5DU561622ETP-D43-C   HY5DU561622ETP-D43-C HY5DU561622ETP-D43-C PDF Download HYNIX 08+ The MAX5075 is a +4.5V to +15V push-pull, current
HY5DU561622ETPJ   HY5DU561622ETPJ HY5DU561622ETPJ PDF Download Allowing for the internal 800Ω resistance,
HY5DU561622ETP-J   HY5DU561622ETP-J HY5DU561622ETP-J PDF Download HYNIX SSOP 06+ Conditions/Comments1 Maximum clock frequency SC
HY5DU561622ETP-J-C   HY5DU561622ETP-J-C HY5DU561622ETP-J-C PDF Download Hynix N/A 08+ Internally current controlled to cover extend
HY5DU561622FTP-4-C   HY5DU561622FTP-4-C HY5DU561622FTP-4-C PDF Download † Typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA = 25
HY5DU561622FTP-5-C   HY5DU561622FTP-5-C HY5DU561622FTP-5-C PDF Download HY TSOP 07+ • Multi-standard VBI data slicer decoding W
HY5DU561622FTP-D43   HY5DU561622FTP-D43 HY5DU561622FTP-D43 PDF Download HY TSOP 07+ The F1, F2 and F3 Series were developed as timin
HY5DU561622FTP-D43-C   HY5DU561622FTP-D43-C HY5DU561622FTP-D43-C PDF Download HYNIX 08+ ACEX 1K device package types include thin quad f
HY5DU561622T-H   HY5DU561622T-H HY5DU561622T-H PDF Download The bank reserve in SDP load sequence is reserved
HY5DU561622T-K   HY5DU561622T-K HY5DU561622T-K PDF Download • Voltage gain: 32 dB • High output
HY5DU56422AT-H   HY5DU56422AT-H HY5DU56422AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2003 The microphone input transfers its signal to the
HY5DU56822AT-D43   HY5DU56822AT-D43 HY5DU56822AT-D43 PDF Download H The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Std
HY5DU56822AT-H   HY5DU56822AT-H HY5DU56822AT-H PDF Download HYNIX 2003 The internal configuration of the Xinger® bal
HY5DU56822AT-J   HY5DU56822AT-J HY5DU56822AT-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The ISL424XE are 3 driver, 5 receiver (DTE) devi
HY5DU56822BLT-H   HY5DU56822BLT-H HY5DU56822BLT-H PDF Download An open drain FAULT pin will indicate that a fau
HY5DU56822BT-D43   HY5DU56822BT-D43 HY5DU56822BT-D43 PDF Download HYNIX 2003 Repetitive peak reverse voltage Recommended AC
HY5DU56822BT-H   HY5DU56822BT-H HY5DU56822BT-H PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Guard Outputs for Ion Detector Input +/-0.75pA D
HY5DU56822BT-J   HY5DU56822BT-J HY5DU56822BT-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Multiply Accumulate Unit for fast signed multipl
HY5DU56822CT-J   HY5DU56822CT-J HY5DU56822CT-J PDF Download HYNIX 0403 Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus 
HY5DU56822DT-D43   HY5DU56822DT-D43 HY5DU56822DT-D43 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   The transmitter and receiver channels con
HY5DU56822DT-J   HY5DU56822DT-J HY5DU56822DT-J PDF Download HYNIX 03+ - Highly Reliable CMOS EEPROM Technology - 10 Ye
HY5DU56822ETP-D43   HY5DU56822ETP-D43 HY5DU56822ETP-D43 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP66 06+ The LCD product described in this specification
HY5DU56822ETP-D43-C   HY5DU56822ETP-D43-C HY5DU56822ETP-D43-C PDF Download Hynix Connect this pin to the 3V3DUAL output. In sleep
HY5DU56822ETP-J   HY5DU56822ETP-J HY5DU56822ETP-J PDF Download HY TSOP 07+ • Double data rate architecture: two data t
HY5DU57322   HY5DU57322 HY5DU57322 PDF Download HY BGA 2004 • Voltage gain: 32 dB • High output
HY5DU573222   HY5DU573222 HY5DU573222 PDF Download HY 00+ The decoders receive data that are transmitted
HY5DU573222A   HY5DU573222A HY5DU573222A PDF Download BGA Summary The demand of white and blue LEDs will
HY5DU573222AFM   HY5DU573222AFM HY5DU573222AFM PDF Download HYNIX BGA N/A The H11LXM series has a high speed integrated ci
HY5DU573222AFM-25   HY5DU573222AFM-25 HY5DU573222AFM-25 PDF Download HYNIX SMD 2005 The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
HY5DU573222AFM-28   HY5DU573222AFM-28 HY5DU573222AFM-28 PDF Download HYNIX 03+   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
HY5DU573222AFM33   HY5DU573222AFM33 HY5DU573222AFM33 PDF Download Hynix PBGA1212 Data to be output on the serial streams may come
HY5DU573222AFM-33   HY5DU573222AFM-33 HY5DU573222AFM-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0507+ Left/Right Clock Word Clock Clock Input Data
HY5DU573222AFM-36   HY5DU573222AFM-36 HY5DU573222AFM-36 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ To program the offset values, PEN can be brought
HY5DU573222F-25   HY5DU573222F-25 HY5DU573222F-25 PDF Download HYNIX 07+   Output skew with respect to the REF input
HY5DU573222F-28   HY5DU573222F-28 HY5DU573222F-28 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ (Notes) 1. TV rated types available 1 Form A: TV
HY5DU573222F-33   HY5DU573222F-33 HY5DU573222F-33 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ These references are specifically designed to be
HY5DU573222FP-25   HY5DU573222FP-25 HY5DU573222FP-25 PDF Download • No glitch on power-up • Supports hot
HY5DU573222FP-28   HY5DU573222FP-28 HY5DU573222FP-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA144 05+ This is a 6-bit field and should immediately fol
HY5DU573222FP-33   HY5DU573222FP-33 HY5DU573222FP-33 PDF Download HYNIX SMD 2005 The device incorporates auto-calibration and buil
HY5DU583222AF-22   HY5DU583222AF-22 HY5DU583222AF-22 PDF Download HY BGA12*12 03+ 1. Mounted onto a 2 square FR−4 Board &nb
HY5DU641622AT-4   HY5DU641622AT-4 HY5DU641622AT-4 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The RC5051 constantly monitors the output voltag
HY5DU641622AT-5   HY5DU641622AT-5 HY5DU641622AT-5 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Intel plans to add new security and software fu
HY5DU641622AT-55   HY5DU641622AT-55 HY5DU641622AT-55 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Standby pin. The device operates normally with a
HY5DU643222AQ-5   HY5DU643222AQ-5 HY5DU643222AQ-5 PDF Download HYNIX SOP 2002 Standoff Voltage: Applied Reverse Voltage to assu
HY5DU643222BF-33(TSTDTS)   HY5DU643222BF-33(TSTDTS) HY5DU643222BF-33(TSTDTS) PDF Download   1. Fast QCK: the falling edge of the clock
HY5DU64322AQ-5   HY5DU64322AQ-5 HY5DU64322AQ-5 PDF Download HYUNDAI TQFP 02+   The HY5DU64322AQ-5 is a monolithic integra
HY5DU64822AT-H   HY5DU64822AT-H HY5DU64822AT-H PDF Download HY TSOP 00+ Stresses in excess of the absolute Maximum Ratin
HY5DU663222   HY5DU663222 HY5DU663222 PDF Download 66 HYUNDAI OO Notes a. CSTRAY < 5 pF on COSC. After Start-
HY5DU663222Q-55   HY5DU663222Q-55 HY5DU663222Q-55 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ An errata sheet may exist for current devices, d
HY5DU663222Q-6   HY5DU663222Q-6 HY5DU663222Q-6 PDF Download HYNIX 2003 matching resistors. In CMI mode the transmitter
HY5DU663222Q-7   HY5DU663222Q-7 HY5DU663222Q-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
HY5DU663222Q-7M   HY5DU663222Q-7M HY5DU663222Q-7M PDF Download HY 01+ This is a dual-function pin. In the CY Standard m
HY5DU663222TQ-7   HY5DU663222TQ-7 HY5DU663222TQ-7 PDF Download HYNIX 03+ The IC provides 12 key inputs (KEY1~KEY12). Of
HY5DV281622   HY5DV281622 HY5DV281622 PDF Download SAMSUNG   Data Bus, active High. In word mode, thes
HY5DV281622AT-5   HY5DV281622AT-5 HY5DV281622AT-5 PDF Download
HY5DV281622DT-36   HY5DV281622DT-36 HY5DV281622DT-36 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ TSOP66 The PI5A317A is a single-pole single-throw (SPST
HY5DV281622DT-4   HY5DV281622DT-4 HY5DV281622DT-4 PDF Download The GS4882 and GS4982 differentiate between valid
HY5DV281622DT-5   HY5DV281622DT-5 HY5DV281622DT-5 PDF Download HY TSOP 0339+ 32 Mbit Am29DL32x devices had a larger SecSi Sec
HY5DV283222AFP-36   HY5DV283222AFP-36 HY5DV283222AFP-36 PDF Download Sensor core and IFP registers are grouped into t
HY5DV283222Q-4   HY5DV283222Q-4 HY5DV283222Q-4 PDF Download HY QFP 2 Hynix HYMD116725A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
HY5DV641622AT-33   HY5DV641622AT-33 HY5DV641622AT-33 PDF Download HY TSOP 02+ Electrical Characteristics AVIN = PVIN = 5V unles
HY5DV641622AT-36   HY5DV641622AT-36 HY5DV641622AT-36 PDF Download HYNIX The AIC1722A is a 3-pin low dropout linear regul
HY5DV641622AT-36DR   HY5DV641622AT-36DR HY5DV641622AT-36DR PDF Download The 74HC/HCT85 are 4-bit magnitude comparators t
HY5DV641622AT-4   HY5DV641622AT-4 HY5DV641622AT-4 PDF Download HYNIX 0220+ CW Low Power Gain, Pout=8W VDD=28V, IDQ=330mA,
HY5DV641622AT-4DR   HY5DV641622AT-4DR HY5DV641622AT-4DR PDF Download • Photo detector and preamplifier in one
HY5DV641622AT-5   HY5DV641622AT-5 HY5DV641622AT-5 PDF Download HYNIX TSOP 0208+ Before a START condition is detected, CS, CLK, a
HY5DV641622AT-55   HY5DV641622AT-55 HY5DV641622AT-55 PDF Download The transfer of information from the input serial
HY5DV641622AT-5DR   HY5DV641622AT-5DR HY5DV641622AT-5DR PDF Download HY 03+ The power supply must be regulated to within the
HY5DV65122TCG7   HY5DV65122TCG7 HY5DV65122TCG7 PDF Download † All typical values are VCC = 5 V, TA = 2
HY5DV651622   HY5DV651622 HY5DV651622 PDF Download HYUNDAI SSOP 0107+ NOTES: 1. Parametric values specified at:-3.0V
HY5DV651622TC-G6   HY5DV651622TC-G6 HY5DV651622TC-G6 PDF Download 2. Using a CAS-before-RAS refresh cycle. CAS-be
HY5DV651622TC-G7   HY5DV651622TC-G7 HY5DV651622TC-G7 PDF Download HYNIX 0006+ Note 1: Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by
HY5DW573222   HY5DW573222 HY5DW573222 PDF Download HY 05+ BGA serial interface that uses a bi-directional data
HY5DW573222F-28   HY5DW573222F-28 HY5DW573222F-28 PDF Download HYNIX 00+ Note 5: For IOS, the use of high-speed test appar
HY5PS121621BFP-25   HY5PS121621BFP-25 HY5PS121621BFP-25 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 05+ The 16-bit digital output is multiplexed into an
HY5PS121621BFP-28   HY5PS121621BFP-28 HY5PS121621BFP-28 PDF Download hynix(512) BGA A digitally adjustable voltage reference is usefu
HY5PS121621BFP-C4   HY5PS121621BFP-C4 HY5PS121621BFP-C4 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 05+ and negative supplies separately and add the pow
HY5PS121621BFP-Y5   HY5PS121621BFP-Y5 HY5PS121621BFP-Y5 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 05+ Some of the topologys advantages are: 1) Stepping
HY5PS121621CFP-2   HY5PS121621CFP-2 HY5PS121621CFP-2 PDF Download HYNIX FBGA-84   The MSK 3554 is a pin compatible, low gai
HY5PS121621CFP-25   HY5PS121621CFP-25 HY5PS121621CFP-25 PDF Download HY BGA 07+ Entering SIMD mode also has an effect on the way
HY5PS121621CFP-C4   HY5PS121621CFP-C4 HY5PS121621CFP-C4 PDF Download HY 07+ This megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digita
HY5PS121621CFP-Y5   HY5PS121621CFP-Y5 HY5PS121621CFP-Y5 PDF Download HY 07+ The major functional blocks of the PSD3XX includ
HY5PS121621CFP-Y5-C   HY5PS121621CFP-Y5-C HY5PS121621CFP-Y5-C PDF Download Hynix 08+ The MAX807 microprocessor (µP) supervisory
HY5PS121621F-C4   HY5PS121621F-C4 HY5PS121621F-C4 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 05+ • Descriptor Length: The Descriptor length
HY5PS121621F-E3   HY5PS121621F-E3 HY5PS121621F-E3 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0529+ PVIN (Pins 6, 7): Input supply pin. PVIN is conne
HY5PS121621FP-C4   HY5PS121621FP-C4 HY5PS121621FP-C4 PDF Download
HY5PS121621FP-E3   HY5PS121621FP-E3 HY5PS121621FP-E3 PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The HY5PS121621FP-E3 is a 8
HY5PS12821BFP-C4   HY5PS12821BFP-C4 HY5PS12821BFP-C4 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 06+ When PWRDWN# is sampled low by two consecutive ri
HY5PS12821BFP-Y5   HY5PS12821BFP-Y5 HY5PS12821BFP-Y5 PDF Download HYNIX Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
HY5PS12821BFP-Y5-T   HY5PS12821BFP-Y5-T HY5PS12821BFP-Y5-T PDF Download Hynix I2C is a trademark of Philips Corp. Purchase of I
HY5PS12821CFP-C4   HY5PS12821CFP-C4 HY5PS12821CFP-C4 PDF Download ?Hynix 06+ If the overcurrent condition is severe enough tha
HY5PS12821CFP-Y5   HY5PS12821CFP-Y5 HY5PS12821CFP-Y5 PDF Download Hynix N/A 08+ IC=10uA IC=100mA IE=10uA VCB=60V VCB=60V, VEB
HY5PS12821CFP-Y5-C   HY5PS12821CFP-Y5-C HY5PS12821CFP-Y5-C PDF Download HYNIX 08+ Since the chip includes an internal tuning capac
HY5PS12821EFP-Y5   HY5PS12821EFP-Y5 HY5PS12821EFP-Y5 PDF Download Hynix 0 0   The marketing status values are defined a
HY5PS12821FP-C4   HY5PS12821FP-C4 HY5PS12821FP-C4 PDF Download HYNIX The TLC372C is characterized for operation from
HY5PS1G1631CFP-Y5   HY5PS1G1631CFP-Y5 HY5PS1G1631CFP-Y5 PDF Download HYNIX 07+ 12. Measured by the voltage drop between A and B
HY5PS1G831CFP-Y5   HY5PS1G831CFP-Y5 HY5PS1G831CFP-Y5 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Erase/write disable (EWDS) The erase/write disab
HY5PS561621AFP   HY5PS561621AFP HY5PS561621AFP PDF Download 2000 HY 6+ Eight 8-bit registers are provided for control, o
HY5PS561621AFP-20   HY5PS561621AFP-20 HY5PS561621AFP-20 PDF Download The FM811/ FM812 are relatively immune to negati
HY5PS561621AFP-25   HY5PS561621AFP-25 HY5PS561621AFP-25 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0644+ The long watchdog mode allows cyclical wake-up o
HY5PS561621AFP-28   HY5PS561621AFP-28 HY5PS561621AFP-28 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0726+ Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Re
HY5PS561621AFP-33   HY5PS561621AFP-33 HY5PS561621AFP-33 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 05+ 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOL
HY5PS561621BFP-25   HY5PS561621BFP-25 HY5PS561621BFP-25 PDF Download HYUNDAI(HYNIX) Transmit Clock. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V refe
HY5RS123235BFP-11   HY5RS123235BFP-11 HY5RS123235BFP-11 PDF Download HYNIX FBGA Epoxy: With solvent free, low resistivity epoxie
HY5RS123235BFP-14   HY5RS123235BFP-14 HY5RS123235BFP-14 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0636
HY5RS123235FP-14   HY5RS123235FP-14 HY5RS123235FP-14 PDF Download hynix(512) BGA The 3-state serial data output for the A/D conve
HY5RS123235FP-16   HY5RS123235FP-16 HY5RS123235FP-16 PDF Download HYNIX O7+ Fully compatible with 16550 and 16450 devices E
HY5RS123235FP-2   HY5RS123235FP-2 HY5RS123235FP-2 PDF Download HYNIX FBGA 0627+ (IBAT = 375/RPROG). This pin also allows for the
HY5RS573225AFP-14   HY5RS573225AFP-14 HY5RS573225AFP-14 PDF Download HY BGA 06+ For more detailed functional information on the
HY5RS573225AFP-16   HY5RS573225AFP-16 HY5RS573225AFP-16 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 0551+ Like most micropower circuits the LM34 has a lim
HY5RS573225AFP-2   HY5RS573225AFP-2 HY5RS573225AFP-2 PDF Download HYNIX 831 The TLC.58.. series is a clear, non diffused 5 m
HY5RS573225BFP-11   HY5RS573225BFP-11 HY5RS573225BFP-11 PDF Download HYNIX 07/08+ µ PD780308 with enhanced display function
HY5S5B2CLFP-6E-C   HY5S5B2CLFP-6E-C HY5S5B2CLFP-6E-C PDF Download Hynix Four 8-Bit Voltage Output DACs 5-V Single-Supply
HY5S5B6ELFP-HE   HY5S5B6ELFP-HE HY5S5B6ELFP-HE PDF Download The codewheel rotates between the emitter and
HY5S6B6DL   HY5S6B6DL HY5S6B6DL PDF Download SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. strives to supply high-
HY5S6B6DLF-SEDR   HY5S6B6DLF-SEDR HY5S6B6DLF-SEDR PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP48..ON1 is designed in th
HY5S7B2LFP-H   HY5S7B2LFP-H HY5S7B2LFP-H PDF Download The 74AC14 and 74ACT14 contain six inverter gate
HY5U56BLF-S   HY5U56BLF-S HY5U56BLF-S PDF Download The HY628100B is a high speed, low power and 1M
HY5V22F-7   HY5V22F-7 HY5V22F-7 PDF Download HYNIX BGA Hynix HYMD132645B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
HY5V22GF   HY5V22GF HY5V22GF PDF Download HYNIX 1996 BGA Handle carefully Solder under the following con
HY5V26CF-H   HY5V26CF-H HY5V26CF-H PDF Download HYNIX HY57V561620C is offering fully synchronous operat
HY5V26CLFHI   HY5V26CLFHI HY5V26CLFHI PDF Download   C Internal Address and Data Latches &nbs
HY5V26CLF-P   HY5V26CLF-P HY5V26CLF-P PDF Download KOR BGA Building on experience gained from Virtex FPGAs,
HY5V52   HY5V52 HY5V52 PDF Download The number formed by the empty offset least sign
HY5V560F-H   HY5V560F-H HY5V560F-H PDF Download data inputs is HIGH. Odd parity is indicated (O
HY5V56D   HY5V56D HY5V56D PDF Download HYNIX BGA 08+ To accelerate the product development cycle, Bro
HY5V56DF-H   HY5V56DF-H HY5V56DF-H PDF Download HY 0827-0829 FEATURES C3 dB Bandwidth of 2.2 GHz for AV = 12
HY5V5A6DLF-HF   HY5V5A6DLF-HF HY5V5A6DLF-HF PDF Download HY 04+ The signal input (SIGIN) can be directly coupled
HY5V62CF-7   HY5V62CF-7 HY5V62CF-7 PDF Download HYUNDAI 03+ QFN (6) When designing your equipment, comply with t
HY5V62CF-7-E1   HY5V62CF-7-E1 HY5V62CF-7-E1 PDF Download HYNIX BGA 2003 A better indicator of achievable receiver range
HY5V660LF-H   HY5V660LF-H HY5V660LF-H PDF Download HY BGA 05+ Port 2: Port 2 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user-c
HY5V66EF6P-P   HY5V66EF6P-P HY5V66EF6P-P PDF Download The VI input monitors the bus-side voltage for b
HY5V66GF-H   HY5V66GF-H HY5V66GF-H PDF Download HYNIX 00+ The counters are fully programmable; that is, th
HY5V66GF-P   HY5V66GF-P HY5V66GF-P PDF Download HYNIX BGA The SP8480 Series are complete monolithic data a
HY5W2A6CF-HF   HY5W2A6CF-HF HY5W2A6CF-HF PDF Download HY BGA 0018+ xeala CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25C, V =9V, RL=47k͐
HY5W5A60DL   HY5W5A60DL HY5W5A60DL PDF Download HY (SX)computer IC 04+ Note 4: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
HY5W5A6DLF-HF   HY5W5A6DLF-HF HY5W5A6DLF-HF PDF Download HYNIX 04+ BGA ERASURE: Before a byte/word can be reprogrammed,
HY5W5A6DLF-PF   HY5W5A6DLF-PF HY5W5A6DLF-PF PDF Download HYNIX O7+ Input Data Unsigned binary data to each DAC cor
HY5WA60L   HY5WA60L HY5WA60L PDF Download See Figure 2 and Figure 3. Temperature range for
HY5Y2B6DLF-HE   HY5Y2B6DLF-HE HY5Y2B6DLF-HE PDF Download • International standard package,  
HY5Y560L   HY5Y560L HY5Y560L PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V32655AT8 Series are 32Mx64bits Sy
HY5Y5A60DL-HY   HY5Y5A60DL-HY HY5Y5A60DL-HY PDF Download HY (SX)computer IC 04+ The UCC384-ADJ can be programmed for any output
HY5Y5A60L   HY5Y5A60L HY5Y5A60L PDF Download NOTES: 1. Skew parameters are guaranteed across
HY5Y5A6DLF-HF   HY5Y5A6DLF-HF HY5Y5A6DLF-HF PDF Download HYNIX 04+ Note 2: At elevated temperatures, device power di
HY5Y5A6DLF-HF-7.5   HY5Y5A6DLF-HF-7.5 HY5Y5A6DLF-HF-7.5 PDF Download The MK3725 VCXO function consists of the externa
HY5Y6B60LF-HE   HY5Y6B60LF-HE HY5Y6B60LF-HE PDF Download HY BGA 04+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC573 is an high speed CMOS
HY5Y6B6DLF-HE   HY5Y6B6DLF-HE HY5Y6B6DLF-HE PDF Download HYNIX BGA54 2007+ IXYS Corporation makes no representations or warr
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