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• The basic gate function is lined up as Renesas uni logic series. • Supplied on emboss taping for high-speed automatic mounting. • TTL compatible input level.   Supply voltage range : 4.5 to 5.5 V   Operating temperature range : C40 to +85C • |IOH| = IOL = 2 mA (min) • Ordering Information
  Guaranteed by design but not tested. Typical parameters are representative of actual device performance but are for reference only.   Industrial grade devices shall be tested to subgroups 1 and 4 unless otherwise specified.   Military grade devices ("H" Suffix) shall be 100% tested to Subgroups 1, 2, 3 and 4.   Subgroups 5 and 6 testing available upon request.   Subgroup 1, 4 TA = TC = +25C   2, 5 TA = TC =+125C    3, 6 TA = TC =-55C 6 Maximum power dissipation must be limited according to voltage regulator power dissipation. 7 Hybrid powered by external 15V supplies. 8 Measurements do not include offset current at 0V current command.
The Microchip Technology Inc. IR20153P3302/04 13-bit A/D converters feature full differential inputs and low power consumption in a small package that is ideal for battery powered systems and remote data acquisition applica- tions. The IR20153P3302 is programmable to provide two differential input pairs or four single ended inputs. The IR20153 is programmable and provides four differen- tial input pairs or eight single ended inputs.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
IR2-.56-10   IR2-.56-10 IR2-.56-10 PDF Download Since power dissipation inside a microprocessor i
IR2000   IR2000 IR2000 PDF Download IR DIP 96+  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
IR2001   IR2001 IR2001 PDF Download TRIVISION • 8-bit 6502 compatible CPU with 6MHz opera
IR20012205   IR20012205 IR20012205 PDF Download When the negative-going integration of the input
IR2001TR   IR2001TR IR2001TR PDF Download IR BGA 0210+ A FIFO memory is a storage device that allows d
IR2002S   IR2002S IR2002S PDF Download IR SMD8 Sixteen-bit serial data output is available (pin
IR2003   IR2003 IR2003 PDF Download   77 instructions   C-Language friendl
IR2005   IR2005 IR2005 PDF Download Data are shifted in through the serial port C (S
IR200CNQ040   IR200CNQ040 IR200CNQ040 PDF Download ir ir dc01 BCLK/C4i Bit Clock/ST-BUS Clock (Input). In SSI
IR2010   IR2010 IR2010 PDF Download IR 04+ • IXYS advanced low Qg process • In
IR2010-01-1R00J   IR2010-01-1R00J IR2010-01-1R00J PDF Download product described in this document are for refer
IR2010PBF   IR2010PBF IR2010PBF PDF Download International Rectifier 07+
IR2010S   IR2010S IR2010S PDF Download IOR SOP16 04+ Sensitivity, a commonly specified receiver param
IR2010SPBF   IR2010SPBF IR2010SPBF PDF Download International Rectifier SOP 06+ The master device can check the alarm flag status
IR2010STR   IR2010STR IR2010STR PDF Download IOR SOP 05+ AS6UA25616 Intelliwatt™ active power circu
IR2010STRPBF   IR2010STRPBF IR2010STRPBF PDF Download International Rectifier The DAC5687 is a dual-channel 16-bit high-speed
IR2011   IR2011 IR2011 PDF Download International Rectifier 0514+   The Series STR-F6600 is specifically desi
IR2011PBF   IR2011PBF IR2011PBF PDF Download International Rectifier 07+ These two blocks accept inputs from the referenc
IR2011S   IR2011S IR2011S PDF Download International Rectifier SOP-8 6+ IC op amps are widely accepted as a universal an
IR2011SPBF   IR2011SPBF IR2011SPBF PDF Download International Rectifier SOP-8 06+   Please be aware that an important notice
IR2011STR   IR2011STR IR2011STR PDF Download International Rectifier 07+ The HC4066 and CD74HCT4066 contain four independ
IR2011STRPBF   IR2011STRPBF IR2011STRPBF PDF Download International Rectifier (VA) 07+   The IR2011STRPBF can be configured as a s
IR20124S   IR20124S IR20124S PDF Download IOR SMD-14 04+ 3. JA is measured in free air with the component
IR2012S   IR2012S IR2012S PDF Download IR SOP-8 04+ Note 7: All limits guaranteed at room temperature
IR2014S   IR2014S