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The MAX2640 and MAX2641 are ultra-low-noise ampli- fiers that operate with RF input frequency ranges of 400MHz to 1500MHz (MAX2640) or 1400MHz to 2500MHz (MAX2641). These devices are available in SOT23-6 packages and contain internal bias circuitry to minimize the number of required external components. Their small size and low external component count make them ideal for applications where board space is limited.
The JRC022M receives its 2s complement serial data in a standard MSB-first format. Two bit-rates are allowed for. The 32 bits/frame (FORMAT low) is suitable for use in systems where a 256Fs master clock is present. The 24 bits/frame (FORMAT high) is convenient when interfacing with systems where a 384Fs clock is present.
The JRC022M is a low-power 512Kbit, 5V-only one-time-programmable (OTP) read-only memory (EPROM). Organized into 64K words with 8 bits per word, it features QuikRiteTM single- address location programming, typically at 20µs per byte. Any byte can be accessed in less than 45ns, eliminating the need for WAIT states in high-performance microprocessor systems. The JRC022M has separate Output Enable ( OE ) and Chip Enable ( CE ) controls which eliminate bus contention issues.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
JRC0026   JRC0026 JRC0026 PDF Download JRC SOP3.9mm 1995 • Cambie las pilas del control remoto cuand
JRC-015M   JRC-015M JRC-015M PDF Download 05+
JRC022   JRC022 JRC022 PDF Download NJM 00+ An ideal ADC exhibits code transitions that are e
JRC022D   JRC022D JRC022D PDF Download JRC DIP-8P 9306+ When writing data to the memory, the device in-
JRC022M   JRC022M JRC022M PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The CPU clock offers the unique feature of smooth
JRC05B   JRC05B JRC05B PDF Download JRC 06+ 3300 Selectable error correction coding allows storag
JRC062   JRC062 JRC062 PDF Download N/A TSSOP This document is a general product description an
JRC062D   JRC062D JRC062D PDF Download JRC(hot sell) DIP hot sell The CMOS XC3000 Class of Logic Cell Array (LCA)
JRC064   JRC064 JRC064 PDF Download JRC 06+ *Very low external component required. *High cu
JRC064D   JRC064D JRC064D PDF Download JRC DIP N/A Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
JRC072   JRC072 JRC072 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) Compatible - EPP 1.
JRC072A   JRC072A JRC072A PDF Download Notes: 1. Use only a single 1% resistor in eith
JRC072B   JRC072B JRC072B PDF Download JRC SOP-8 For more detailed information on cabling options
JRC072D   JRC072D JRC072D PDF Download JRC DIP-8 The AFV461 EMI filter will reduce the input line
JRC074   JRC074 JRC074 PDF Download JRC SOP-14 Hynix HYMD216646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed for
JRC074D   JRC074D JRC074D PDF Download JRC
JRC082   JRC082 JRC082 PDF Download JRC SOP8 96+ The DS1249AB provides full functional capability
JRC082B   JRC082B JRC082B PDF Download JRC 06+ The ThinPakTM Package is a perforated, metalized
JRC082B(SMD)   JRC082B(SMD) JRC082B(SMD) PDF Download The A64 device has a 10-bit-resolution sample-an
JRC082BD   JRC082BD JRC082BD PDF Download JRC DIP-8 05+ The polarity of each macrocell can be active-hig
JRC082D   JRC082D JRC082D PDF Download JRC DIP8 since an approaching finger could be compensated
JRC084   JRC084 JRC084 PDF Download JRC 06+   tPHZBus disable time0.56   ns &nb
JRC-1   JRC-1 JRC-1 PDF Download 2001
JRC10393   JRC10393 JRC10393 PDF Download • Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Voltag
JRC11176   JRC11176 JRC11176 PDF Download JRC 50   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) G
JRC1134A   JRC1134A JRC1134A PDF Download 176 JRC The small surface-mount package options saves p
JRC1166L   JRC1166L JRC1166L PDF Download JRC The MSM518221 provides high speed FIFO, First-In
JRC1183   JRC1183 JRC1183 PDF Download 217 JRC
JRC12902   JRC12902 JRC12902 PDF Download NJM TSSOP-14 Hynix HYMD532646(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
JRC12903   JRC12903 JRC12903 PDF Download JRC 06+ Cb/Cr Swap. Internally pulled-up When CbSWAP=0,
JRC12904   JRC12904 JRC12904 PDF Download JRC MSOP-8 06+ The CY22050 has a single PLL driving 6 programmab
JRC13600   JRC13600 JRC13600 PDF Download JRC SMD 00+ The analog input section of this evaluation boar
JRC13600D   JRC13600D JRC13600D PDF Download JRC DIP16 N/A By slicing the composite video waveform at 50% of
JRC14558   JRC14558 JRC14558 PDF Download JRC . 02+ Before data transmission the IC stays in standby
JRC1458   JRC1458 JRC1458 PDF Download JRC 06+ The SK-2900 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
JRC1496   JRC1496 JRC1496 PDF Download 352 † Applies only to the -1 version and only
JRC1515A   JRC1515A JRC1515A PDF Download NJM TSSOP-20 • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit p
JRC15218   JRC15218 JRC15218 PDF Download JRC SMD-8 02+ Unless noted otherwise, all measurements are made
JRC2003BV4AF   JRC2003BV4AF JRC2003BV4AF PDF Download JRC DIP 94+ Reference level for the relative attenuation arel
JRC200D   JRC200D JRC200D PDF Download JRC DIP8
JRC2014C   JRC2014C JRC2014C PDF Download No Glitch on Power Up Supports Hot Insertion Lo
JRC2022   JRC2022 JRC2022 PDF Download The device is manufactured using Atmels high-den
JRC2025   JRC2025 JRC2025 PDF Download The functional block diagram on page 1 shows the
JRC2035   JRC2035 JRC2035 PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
JRC2035D   JRC2035D JRC2035D PDF Download JRC 04+ The information herein is given to describe certa
JRC2037D   JRC2037D JRC2037D PDF Download JRC 92+ 3-V Operation Two Differential Microphone Inputs
JRC2037G   JRC2037G JRC2037G PDF Download An interrupt signal from an external RTC causes
JRC2041   JRC2041 JRC2041 PDF Download JRC 06+   The R4700 has 32 general-purpose register
JRC2041D   JRC2041D JRC2041D PDF Download JRC DIP8
JRC2043   JRC2043 JRC2043 PDF Download JRC DIP8 08+   A latch is a device where the operate po
JRC2043D   JRC2043D JRC2043D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The bq2902 is a low-cost charger for rechargeabl
JRC2043DD   JRC2043DD JRC2043DD PDF Download JRC(og stock) DIP-8 hot sell When executing a jump instruction, conditional sk
JRC2043DP   JRC2043DP JRC2043DP PDF Download The BS62LV4007 is a high performance, very low po
JRC2058   JRC2058 JRC2058 PDF Download JRC SMD This advanced BiCMOS design features low operati
JRC2058D   JRC2058D JRC2058D PDF Download JRC
JRC2059   JRC2059 JRC2059 PDF Download TEST LEVEL CODES All electrical characteristics
JRC2060   JRC2060 JRC2060 PDF Download JRC 14PIN-SOP 06+ When the Deserializer detects edge transitions a
JRC2060D   JRC2060D JRC2060D PDF Download JRC AV+,BV+,CV+ - are pins for connecting the tops o
JRC2063   JRC2063 JRC2063 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ A key feature of the AV9155 is its ability to pr
JRC2063A   JRC2063A JRC2063A PDF Download JRC 2007   Operating air gap is dependent on the ava
JRC2064   JRC2064 JRC2064 PDF Download Each channel is identical, featuring symmetrical
JRC2066   JRC2066 JRC2066 PDF Download DR1 is available on the TP3070 only; DR0 is ava
JRC2066D   JRC2066D JRC2066D PDF Download JRC DIP16 H0, H1, H2High-End Terminals of the Potentiometer
JRC2068   JRC2068 JRC2068 PDF Download JRC DIP-8 05+
JRC2068D   JRC2068D JRC2068D PDF Download JRC SOP11 256K x 36 Synchronous Bank-Switchable Dual-ported
JRC2068DD   JRC2068DD JRC2068DD PDF Download JRC DIP 97+ Notes:  5. LL disables outputs if TEST = M
JRC2070   JRC2070 JRC2070 PDF Download JRC SOP8 This is the forward transconductance of the devi
JRC20700   JRC20700 JRC20700 PDF Download Advanced HEXFET ® Power MOSFETs from Intern
JRC2070D   JRC2070D JRC2070D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The Am29PDS322D offers fast page access time of
JRC2072   JRC2072 JRC2072 PDF Download JRC SOP9 Between sensitivity and overload, all AC specific
JRC2072D   JRC2072D JRC2072D PDF Download JRC DIP8   There are two limitations on the power ha
JRC2073   JRC2073 JRC2073 PDF Download JRC SOP8   Variations on this circuit could easily b
JRC2073D   JRC2073D JRC2073D PDF Download JRC DIP8 JRC2073D offers an ultra low power standby mode
JRC2074   JRC2074 JRC2074 PDF Download The HT27LC020 chip family is a low-power, 2048K
JRC2074D   JRC2074D JRC2074D PDF Download JRC The PLL loop divider or M divider is programmed
JRC2076   JRC2076 JRC2076 PDF Download JRC 00+ Since the device switches continuously, the outp
JRC2076D   JRC2076D JRC2076D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Notes: *1. The input voltage is VCC + 2.0V when
JRC2078   JRC2078 JRC2078 PDF Download JRC 06+ The Transmission Line Pulse tester implements a
JRC2078D   JRC2078D JRC2078D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Data-Rate Synchronous DRAM Applications Spread
JRC2078G   JRC2078G JRC2078G PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
JRC2082   JRC2082 JRC2082 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A The ST7LITE1 is a member of the ST7 microcon- t
JRC20822   JRC20822 JRC20822 PDF Download JRC DIP 97 HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 70 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
JRC2082D   JRC2082D JRC2082D PDF Download JRC DIP8   The ISP2200A is designed to interface dir
JRC2085   JRC2085 JRC2085 PDF Download JRC 08+   The AP2011 integrates Pulse-width-Modulat
JRC2087D   JRC2087D JRC2087D PDF Download JRC DIP8 This IC is a sync detection circuit for obtaining
JRC2096   JRC2096 JRC2096 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8   Designed primarily for use with vacuum-fl
JRC21   JRC21 JRC21 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 N/A QCA75AA120 is a dual Darlington power transistor
JRC2100   JRC2100 JRC2100 PDF Download JRC SOP8   The NCP1086 voltage regulator series prov
JRC21000   JRC21000 JRC21000 PDF Download The ADP3181 is a highly efficient multiphase syn
JRC2100D   JRC2100D JRC2100D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The IC is well suited for applications where smal
JRC2102   JRC2102 JRC2102 PDF Download JRC SOP8 0205+/01+   The V62C518256 is a 262,144-bit static ra
JRC2102D   JRC2102D JRC2102D PDF Download JRC DIP8 7. The JRC2102D is put into shutdown by bringing
JRC2103   JRC2103 JRC2103 PDF Download JRC SOP8 PWM Capability up to 60 kHz with Duty Cycle from
JRC2103D   JRC2103D JRC2103D PDF Download JRC DIP8   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
JRC2106   JRC2106 JRC2106 PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Note A: All data in the above graphs has been de
JRC2110   JRC2110 JRC2110 PDF Download The Hardware Integrity function uses transmissio
JRC2112   JRC2112 JRC2112 PDF Download JRC 06+ The maximum AGC (analog gain control) and DGC (d
JRC2113   JRC2113 JRC2113 PDF Download JRC 2008 Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
JRC2113D   JRC2113D JRC2113D PDF Download A serial (QH) output is provided for cascading
JRC2114   JRC2114 JRC2114 PDF Download JRC 06+ The short circuit current detection is programma
JRC2114D   JRC2114D JRC2114D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The Bay Linear n-channel power field effect tran
JRC2115   JRC2115 JRC2115 PDF Download JRC 2007 Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
JRC2115D   JRC2115D JRC2115D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
JRC2118   JRC2118 JRC2118 PDF Download JRC 2008 The ICM7211AM accepts a four-bit true binary (i.e
JRC2119   JRC2119 JRC2119 PDF Download JRC 06+ A data cache is also used on the host bus to del
JRC2119D   JRC2119D JRC2119D PDF Download JRC DIP8 s GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJW1300B is a c
JRC2120   JRC2120 JRC2120 PDF Download JRC 06+ These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
JRC2120D   JRC2120D JRC2120D PDF Download JRC DIP8 This is an OPEN-TYPE built-in DVP04AD-H, and the
JRC2121D   JRC2121D JRC2121D PDF Download JRC DIP8 All electrical characteristics are subject to th
JRC2122D   JRC2122D JRC2122D PDF Download JRC DIP8 NOTES 1PIN and NIN should be differentially driv
JRC2123   JRC2123 JRC2123 PDF Download JRC 06+ Modulus control output for controlling an extern
JRC2128   JRC2128 JRC2128 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ Converts PCs or TVs signals for flat panel disp
JRC2129   JRC2129 JRC2129 PDF Download JRC 2007 The HYM71V16M755HC(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line M
JRC2132   JRC2132 JRC2132 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ In the XC7354, XC7372 and XC73108, five pr
JRC2132D   JRC2132D JRC2132D PDF Download JRC DIP8 We Listen to Your Comments Any information with
JRC2135   JRC2135 JRC2135 PDF Download JRC 06+   This is not an extensive capacitor list.
JRC2135D   JRC2135D JRC2135D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Use crystal or cera-lock filter manufacturers re
JRC2136   JRC2136 JRC2136 PDF Download JRC 06+   Features 1) A built-in bias resistor allo
JRC2137   JRC2137 JRC2137 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 The JRC2137 is an 8-bit single chip microcontrol
JRC2137D   JRC2137D JRC2137D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Output voltage amplitude at f=1 kHz such that tot
JRC2138   JRC2138 JRC2138 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ After the software data protections three-byte c
JRC2141D   JRC2141D JRC2141D PDF Download JRC DIP8 This pin is used to monitor the status of the hoo
JRC2145   JRC2145 JRC2145 PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figur
JRC2146   JRC2146 JRC2146 PDF Download JRC SOP8 This product is a two channel monolithic continu
JRC2146A   JRC2146A JRC2146A PDF Download JRC SMD 3.2 KSO8~15 These pins are direct output from th
JRC2146AD   JRC2146AD JRC2146AD PDF Download JRC DIP8 • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
JRC2146B   JRC2146B JRC2146B PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A   Fully static operation and Tri-state outp
JRC2147D   JRC2147D JRC2147D PDF Download JRC DIP8 FEATURES  D Integrated Drive Regulator (4
JRC2149   JRC2149 JRC2149 PDF Download JRC 06+ It also provides the non-volatility of Flash wit
JRC2150   JRC2150 JRC2150 PDF Download JRC . 03+ Automatically Wakes Up, Measures Temperature and
JRC2150D   JRC2150D JRC2150D PDF Download JRC 04+ CE1 is active LOW and CE2 is active HIGH. Both ch
JRC2151A   JRC2151A JRC2151A PDF Download N/A 36 Clock Feedback Output: This pair of clock outputs
JRC2156   JRC2156 JRC2156 PDF Download JRC . 00+ AMD MirrorBitTM flash technology combines years
JRC2162   JRC2162 JRC2162 PDF Download JRC TSOP8 N/A The DRV593 and DRV594 are high-efficiency, high
JRC2164   JRC2164 JRC2164 PDF Download NJM TSOP-14 Note: 1. Load and line regulation are specified
JRC2168   JRC2168 JRC2168 PDF Download JRC SOP12
JRC2169   JRC2169 JRC2169 PDF Download JRC 06+ Features D Low ON-State Resistance (10 W) D ON-
JRC2174   JRC2174 JRC2174 PDF Download JRC TSSOP 07+ PFKC03 series required a minimum 10% loading on
JRC2178   JRC2178 JRC2178 PDF Download JRC Port 0 (AD0C7), I/O. Port 0 is an open-drain, 8-b
JRC2185   JRC2185 JRC2185 PDF Download JRC 06+ per Figure 5 Waveform Peak Power − Min. 15
JRC2185A   JRC2185A JRC2185A PDF Download JRC 2007 Max. UnitsConditions CCCVVGE = 0V, IC = 500&micr
JRC2203   JRC2203 JRC2203 PDF Download JRC   128 macrocells in eight logic blocks &nb
JRC2203D   JRC2203D JRC2203D PDF Download JRC The MSK 5115 series is fully protected against r
JRC2204AD   JRC2204AD JRC2204AD PDF Download JRC 04+ To obtain the lowest jitter clock drive, a low-p
JRC2207   JRC2207 JRC2207 PDF Download JRC SIP The JRC2207(T) offers two sector protection mode
JRC2207D   JRC2207D JRC2207D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+ RF MODULATOR OUTPUT The device provides an outpu
JRC2211   JRC2211 JRC2211 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
JRC2213   JRC2213 JRC2213 PDF Download N /A 00+ N/A Configuration Programs For Field Programmable Gat
JRC2217   JRC2217 JRC2217 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ For the system/MAC interface, seamless support i
JRC2217D   JRC2217D JRC2217D PDF Download F The following document specifies Spansion memory
JRC2217L   JRC2217L JRC2217L PDF Download DIP   The JRC2217L is 134,217,728 bits synchron
JRC2220   JRC2220 JRC2220 PDF Download JRC SIP   The NJU6048 is a high-efficiency white LED
JRC2224   JRC2224 JRC2224 PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
JRC2224D   JRC2224D JRC2224D PDF Download The PTN3341 is a differential line driver that i
JRC2227   JRC2227 JRC2227 PDF Download NOTES:2547 tbl 02 1. A-to-B data flow is shown.
JRC2227L   JRC2227L JRC2227L PDF Download JRC 04+ The AT84CS001 has the same footprint as Atmels T
JRC2228   JRC2228 JRC2228 PDF Download Built-in buzzer driver (2kHz/4kHz) Power down co
JRC2228D   JRC2228D JRC2228D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Ultra Low Quiescent Current - 12mA for High Volt
JRC2229   JRC2229 JRC2229 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ The Z86319 device provides two on-chip 8-bit pro
JRC2230   JRC2230 JRC2230 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A The HS-80C85RH is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor
JRC2232   JRC2232 JRC2232 PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Thereareadditionalprovisionsfor demonstrating DD
JRC2232A   JRC2232A JRC2232A PDF Download The improvements in the DG411/883 series are mad
JRC2233   JRC2233 JRC2233 PDF Download JRC 06+ In addition to the standard output configuration
JRC2233B   JRC2233B JRC2233B PDF Download JRC SOP8 NOTES: 1. Pins listed as LVTTL inputs will acce
JRC2233BD   JRC2233BD JRC2233BD PDF Download 200 NULL NULL The Infineon single mode ATM transceiver complie
JRC2233D   JRC2233D JRC2233D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The MAX104 is supplied in a 192-contact enhanced
JRC2234   JRC2234 JRC2234 PDF Download JRC SOP8 A debounced RESET input is provided. Connecting
JRC2234D   JRC2234D JRC2234D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Lead Configurations All of these devices are mad
JRC2235D   JRC2235D JRC2235D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Hynix HYMD264G726(L)8M-K/H/L series incorporates
JRC2236   JRC2236 JRC2236 PDF Download   This 16-bit buffer/driver is built using
JRC2238D   JRC2238D JRC2238D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Ruotare il selettore su SF . Quando lalimentazi
JRC2240   JRC2240 JRC2240 PDF Download JRC SOP8   The MPX12 series device is a silicon piezo
JRC2240D   JRC2240D JRC2240D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be tw
JRC2241   JRC2241 JRC2241 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ The LNP input may be connected to provide active
JRC2243   JRC2243 JRC2243 PDF Download JRC 06+ State of the art Hyperfast recovery rectifiers de
JRC2243D   JRC2243D JRC2243D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The Hyundai HYM71V65801 X-Series are 8Mx64bits Sy
JRC2244   JRC2244 JRC2244 PDF Download JRC 00+
JRC2244D   JRC2244D JRC2244D PDF Download JRC DIP8 There are dishonest and possibly illegal methods
JRC2245   JRC2245 JRC2245 PDF Download JRC SOP8   This CMOS device is designed for switchin
JRC2245D   JRC2245D JRC2245D PDF Download JRC DIP8  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
JRC2246   JRC2246 JRC2246 PDF Download JRC 2007 convection cooling and have an operational ambien
JRC2246D   JRC2246D JRC2246D PDF Download JRC Full kit in one package High breakdown voltage
JRC2247   JRC2247 JRC2247 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ s 60/75 MHz (LPC2210/2220) maximum CPU clock ava
JRC2247A   JRC2247A JRC2247A PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Notes: Notes 1 through 6 are applicable to the R
JRC2248   JRC2248 JRC2248 PDF Download JRC SOP8 FEATURES  • Two 10-bit Nonvolatile DA
JRC2248D   JRC2248D JRC2248D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Referenced to VCCA Voltage VCC Isolation Feature
JRC2249   JRC2249 JRC2249 PDF Download JRC SOP8 The device is manufactured using Atmels high-den
JRC2249D   JRC2249D JRC2249D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Note 8: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
JRC2252L   JRC2252L JRC2252L PDF Download JRC Low Voltage Operation (+2.7 to +5 V) Low On-Res
JRC2255   JRC2255 JRC2255 PDF Download JRC 2007 The reference is postpackage-trimmed to increase
JRC2255D   JRC2255D JRC2255D PDF Download JRC DIP8 When the device is configured for programmable f
JRC2258L   JRC2258L JRC2258L PDF Download JRC The HSDL-3201 is one of a new generation of lo
JRC2259   JRC2259 JRC2259 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ Collector-Emitter Voltage BVCEO Emitter-Collect
JRC2263D   JRC2263D JRC2263D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The device is organized as a 12-bit or 24-bit bu
JRC2264   JRC2264 JRC2264 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 The LatticeECP/EC family of FPGA devices has bee
JRC2264D   JRC2264D JRC2264D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The power switch is an N-channel MOSFET with a m
JRC2265   JRC2265 JRC2265 PDF Download JRC SOP8
JRC2265D   JRC2265D JRC2265D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Sony Ericsson has earlier announced (June 24, 200
JRC2266   JRC2266 JRC2266 PDF Download JRC 06+ Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus™ F
JRC2266D   JRC2266D JRC2266D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Undervoltage Lockout Adjust (Input): With this p
JRC2267   JRC2267 JRC2267 PDF Download JRC SOP8 The LM139 and LM139A are characterized for opera
JRC2267D   JRC2267D JRC2267D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+ The nominal value of the RF choke L1 is 100 nH.
JRC2268   JRC2268 JRC2268 PDF Download JRC SOP8 The EUA5212 is a stereo audio power amplifier. W
JRC2268D   JRC2268D JRC2268D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The FCT273 has eight edge-triggered D-type flip-
JRC2277   JRC2277 JRC2277 PDF Download JRC SOP SOP When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
JRC2279   JRC2279 JRC2279 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+   Pin 13 is the positive power supply pin.
JRC2279D   JRC2279D JRC2279D PDF Download JRC The ST16C2552 is a dual asynchronous receiver an
JRC2283   JRC2283 JRC2283 PDF Download JRC SSOP16 Loop compensation pin. The VC pin is the output
JRC2283D   JRC2283D JRC2283D PDF Download DIP DISP high disables the LED display. DISP tied to
JRC2284   JRC2284 JRC2284 PDF Download JRC 2007 Count Enable Parallel Input Count Enable Trickle
JRC2284D   JRC2284D JRC2284D PDF Download JRC 04+ Supply Voltage.-0.3V to 6.5V Voltage at any Pin.
JRC2285   JRC2285 JRC2285 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ TI380PCIA can connect to up to four devices in a
JRC2286   JRC2286 JRC2286 PDF Download JRC 06+ NOTE: The physical external memory addresses are
JRC2296   JRC2296 JRC2296 PDF Download JRC 2007 Up to 16Kbytes program memory Data RAM: up to
JRC2296D   JRC2296D JRC2296D PDF Download JRC
JRC2350D   JRC2350D JRC2350D PDF Download EMI symetrical (I/O) low-pass filter High effic
JRC2352   JRC2352 JRC2352 PDF Download JRC 06+ The main software flow diagram is shown in figur
JRC2352D   JRC2352D JRC2352D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Excellent ac characteristics, such as 20MHz GBW,
JRC2355D   JRC2355D JRC2355D PDF Download DIP The JRC2355D is an stereo audio power amplifier
JRC2359D   JRC2359D JRC2359D PDF Download There are two identical horizontal shift registe
JRC2360   JRC2360 JRC2360 PDF Download JRC SOP8 SDRAM read and write accesses are burst oriented
JRC2360A   JRC2360A JRC2360A PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A Schmitt-trigger inputs ( nVT = 210 mV between p
JRC2360AD   JRC2360AD JRC2360AD PDF Download The MAX5051 power-supply controller is primary as
JRC2360D   JRC2360D JRC2360D PDF Download JRC DIP8   C MIDI Control Processor   C Synthes
JRC2368   JRC2368 JRC2368 PDF Download JRC 06+ 10000 • SCR Latchup Resistant BiCMOS Process and
JRC2368D   JRC2368D JRC2368D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Note 4: For a power supply of 5V r10% the worst-
JRC2373   JRC2373 JRC2373 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
JRC2374D   JRC2374D JRC2374D PDF Download JRC DIP8 verification High speed (tPD = 25 ns, fMAX = 33
JRC2375   JRC2375 JRC2375 PDF Download Digital End-of-Charge Output: N-Ch open drain ou
JRC2375D   JRC2375D JRC2375D PDF Download JRC DIP8 "with wake-up capability through INT0 pin&q
JRC2378D   JRC2378D JRC2378D PDF Download JRC DIP8 An ideal ADC exhibits code transitions that are e
JRC2380D   JRC2380D JRC2380D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The EL5144 series amplifiers are voltage-feedbac
JRC2381D   JRC2381D JRC2381D PDF Download JRC 04+ Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connectio
JRC2399-050   JRC2399-050 JRC2399-050 PDF Download 06/ JRC 550 All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, TA = 25C.
JRC23F   JRC23F JRC23F PDF Download Operating Temperature: - 55C to + 85C. (To + 125C
JRC23F012-1ZS   JRC23F012-1ZS JRC23F012-1ZS PDF Download   SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics GROUP OF COM
JRC23F0241ZS   JRC23F0241ZS JRC23F0241ZS PDF Download All Ports Fast Switching High On-Off Output-Vol
JRC23L4000-20   JRC23L4000-20 JRC23L4000-20 PDF Download Exposure of the device under conditions beyond t
JRC2403   JRC2403 JRC2403 PDF Download JRC 06+ 256 Independent, Bidirectional HDLC Channels Up
JRC2403D   JRC2403D JRC2403D PDF Download JRC DIP8 the temperature extremes, hot and cold. This var
JRC2407D   JRC2407D JRC2407D PDF Download JRC DIP8 With pin 4 connected according to Figure 3 on pa
JRC2502L   JRC2502L JRC2502L PDF Download Circuits for safe protective separation against
JRC2503D   JRC2503D JRC2503D PDF Download JRC 04+ The RC2211 is a monolithic phase-locked loop (PL
JRC2513   JRC2513 JRC2513 PDF Download JRC SMD 07+/08+ The signal conditioner demodulates the amplifier
JRC2519   JRC2519 JRC2519 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A The base part, PI6C2308A-1, provides output clock
JRC2520   JRC2520 JRC2520 PDF Download JRC SOP8 07+ PLL bandwidth is affected by loop filter compone
JRC2521   JRC2521 JRC2521 PDF Download JRC 06+ The design incorporates an input stage that simu
JRC2521D   JRC2521D JRC2521D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The KA79XX/KA79XXA series of three-terminal nega
JRC2530D   JRC2530D JRC2530D PDF Download I FEATURES   G Operating Voltage   G
JRC2531   JRC2531 JRC2531 PDF Download JRC . In the second-generation XC3000A LCA devices, in
JRC2533   JRC2533 JRC2533 PDF Download JRC 06+ Low profile package Guardring for overvoltage
JRC2533D   JRC2533D JRC2533D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The LTE-3271T/LTE-3371T/LTE-3217TL/LTE-3371TL ar
JRC2534D   JRC2534D JRC2534D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The information provided herein is believed to b
JRC2535   JRC2535 JRC2535 PDF Download JRC SOP8 07+ Serial Input to Strobe Set-up Time Serial Input
JRC2536   JRC2536 JRC2536 PDF Download JRC . If tantalum capacitors are located on the output
JRC2538B   JRC2538B JRC2538B PDF Download N/A 658 The VREF pin typically sources a current of 20 n
JRC2540   JRC2540 JRC2540 PDF Download JRC . The CE transmission gate is disabled and CEIN is
JRC2542   JRC2542 JRC2542 PDF Download JRC . When INIT is brought low, an internal reset sign
JRC2543   JRC2543 JRC2543 PDF Download JRC . Notes: 1. Isolation voltage shall be measured u
JRC2568   JRC2568 JRC2568 PDF Download NJM TSOP-14 Power-down reset control input. A logic 0 makes
JRC2581D   JRC2581D JRC2581D PDF Download Programming features contain 208 bits of read/wr
JRC2584D   JRC2584D JRC2584D PDF Download DIP PCI compatible BusCfriendly architecture includi
JRC2595D   JRC2595D JRC2595D PDF Download DIP 24 Hour Time If the MIL bit of the HR register
JRC2596   JRC2596 JRC2596 PDF Download JRC SOP 07+ The signal bandwidth of a transimpedance amplifi
JRC2602D   JRC2602D JRC2602D PDF Download When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
JRC2606   JRC2606 JRC2606 PDF Download The readout register has 2072 stages, with a fur
JRC2606A   JRC2606A JRC2606A PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 • Four Crystal modes, up to 25 MHz •
JRC2606D   JRC2606D JRC2606D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages in
JRC2607   JRC2607 JRC2607 PDF Download The MAX1534 is a high-efficiency, triple-output p
JRC2613A   JRC2613A JRC2613A PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
JRC26902(C4001A)   JRC26902(C4001A) JRC26902(C4001A) PDF Download JRC TSSOP Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
JRC2750   JRC2750 JRC2750 PDF Download JRC . 04+ CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge. SCL
JRC2769   JRC2769 JRC2769 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 Current-controlled Output Current Source, 3 Input
JRC2775A   JRC2775A JRC2775A PDF Download NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
JRC285   JRC285 JRC285 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 N/A -1600.00 -1558.30 -1600.00 -1600.00 -1600.00
JRC2901   JRC2901 JRC2901 PDF Download JRC 2007 This surface mountable 1 watt Zener diode series
JRC2901N   JRC2901N JRC2901N PDF Download JRC DIP 00+ In order to reduce lock times and prevent errone
JRC2902   JRC2902 JRC2902 PDF Download JRC SOP14 99+   There are two limitations on the power ha
JRC2902NX   JRC2902NX JRC2902NX PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M27C801 is an 8 Mbit EPROM offe
JRC2903   JRC2903 JRC2903 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 . POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD
JRC2903D   JRC2903D JRC2903D PDF Download JRC NEW N/A DRAM Interface • 2-bank individual contro
JRC2903DKDA0800   JRC2903DKDA0800 JRC2903DKDA0800 PDF Download Output data enable C Used to indicate time of ac
JRC2904   JRC2904 JRC2904 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 SOP-8 The serial control bus supports the I2C protocol
JRC2904D   JRC2904D JRC2904D PDF Download JRC 00+ DIP Error Flag (FAN2501 only) To indicate conditions
JRC2930-5   JRC2930-5 JRC2930-5 PDF Download Read/write access to the four local buses C NS1,
JRC2930Z-5.0   JRC2930Z-5.0 JRC2930Z-5.0 PDF Download JRC 92 05+   The Buck regulator is a synchronous rectif
JRC2940   JRC2940 JRC2940 PDF Download JRC 06+ I2C* interface   • Master/slave send
JRC295A   JRC295A JRC295A PDF Download Erase (ERASE) After the erase instruction is ent
JRC2980   JRC2980 JRC2980 PDF Download The Cypress EZ-USB TX2 is a Universal Se
JRC311   JRC311 JRC311 PDF Download JRC SOP8 The variance in output pulse duration from devic
JRC311D   JRC311D JRC311D PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
JRC311DF   JRC311DF JRC311DF PDF Download   The gel die coat and durable polymer pack
JRC317   JRC317 JRC317 PDF Download JRC SMD 93 The complete PLL consists of a prescaler, a digi
JRC318   JRC318 JRC318 PDF Download JRC SOP8 Current Transfer Ratio (CTR)1000 4000 Collector
JRC318D   JRC318D JRC318D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Notes: 1. Functional operation under any of the
JRC319   JRC319 JRC319 PDF Download JRC 06+ Collector-Emitter Cutoff Current  VCE = 50
JRC3220D   JRC3220D JRC3220D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Carrier Detect (CMOS Output). Active low. A logi
JRC324   JRC324 JRC324 PDF Download JRC 2007 The HYM71V75S1601 H-Series are Dual In-line Memor
JRC324D   JRC324D JRC324D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+ Battery voltage is monitored by a comparator via
JRC3357   JRC3357 JRC3357 PDF Download DIP Notes: 11. Test conditions assume signal transit
JRC3357D   JRC3357D JRC3357D PDF Download JRC All channels are clamped during sync to establis
JRC3359   JRC3359 JRC3359 PDF Download When reading this manual, disregard information c
JRC3403   JRC3403 JRC3403 PDF Download JRC 6760 • High-speed access time: 70, 100, and 120
JRC3403A   JRC3403A JRC3403A PDF Download JRC SOP13 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
JRC3403AD   JRC3403AD JRC3403AD PDF Download JRC The main software flow diagram is shown in figur
JRC3404   JRC3404 JRC3404 PDF Download JRC SOP8 Transmit analog input and transmit level adjustme
JRC3404A   JRC3404A JRC3404A PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A Eye Safety Circuit The HFBR-5710L provides Clas
JRC3404AD   JRC3404AD JRC3404AD PDF Download 200 NULL NULL Light Emitting Diodes   LEDs are manufactur
JRC3404D   JRC3404D JRC3404D PDF Download JRC DIP8
JRC34064   JRC34064 JRC34064 PDF Download JRC SO8 03+ Three data memory address locations are allocate
JRC3413   JRC3413 JRC3413 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 N/A Software compilers support the three different g
JRC3414   JRC3414 JRC3414 PDF Download JRC SOP8 Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
JRC3414A   JRC3414A JRC3414A PDF Download JRC SOP-8 The Hitachi HM5116100 is a CMOS dynamic RAM orga
JRC3414AD   JRC3414AD JRC3414AD PDF Download NEC Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened Neutron Tol
JRC3414D   JRC3414D JRC3414D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
JRC3415   JRC3415 JRC3415 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A These P-Channel MOSFETs from International Recti
JRC3415D   JRC3415D JRC3415D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
JRC3416   JRC3416 JRC3416 PDF Download JRC 06+   Description Level shift-gate driver Int
JRC3416A   JRC3416A JRC3416A PDF Download JRC 2008 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
JRC3500   JRC3500 JRC3500 PDF Download JRC SOP 06+   A common application for HyperPHY is the
JRC3524   JRC3524 JRC3524 PDF Download NJM SOP-14 VDD (Pin 8): Positive Supply Voltage Input. Conne
JRC353   JRC353 JRC353 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 Note 1: The MAX975EUA is 100% production tested a
JRC358   JRC358 JRC358 PDF Download JRC 06+   Designed primarily for use with vacuum-fl
JRC360   JRC360 JRC360 PDF Download JRC 02+ SOP-8 Notes: 1. Load and Line Regulation are specifie
JRC3601   JRC3601 JRC3601 PDF Download JRC SOP 06+ Power Supply Return. External TTL Clock Input (S
JRC360D   JRC360D JRC360D PDF Download specialty series dip-8 JRC(8 pin) In software control mode (only when using externa
JRC372A   JRC372A JRC372A PDF Download NJM TSOP- 8   Features 1) Signal amplifier is built in
JRC386   JRC386 JRC386 PDF Download JRC SOP8 High Power Output Driver (Right Minus or Multifun
JRC386B   JRC386B JRC386B PDF Download JRC SOP8 07+ Applications include, but are not limited to, th
JRC386D   JRC386D JRC386D PDF Download JRC DIP 00+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
JRC386P   JRC386P JRC386P PDF Download These products are not designed for use in life
JRC387A   JRC387A JRC387A PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
JRC387DA   JRC387DA JRC387DA PDF Download JRC DIP8 C One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication  
JRC3900N   JRC3900N JRC3900N PDF Download When detecting human contact (e.g. a fingertip),
JRC393   JRC393 JRC393 PDF Download JRC SOP8 • Auto-Track™ Sequencing • Out
JRC4046B   JRC4046B JRC4046B PDF Download Test conditions unless otherwise noted. 1. T =
JRC4052   JRC4052 JRC4052 PDF Download 05+ The operation of the encoder is based on the pr
JRC4132D   JRC4132D JRC4132D PDF Download JRC DIP8 During the turn−on and turn−off dela
JRC4151   JRC4151 JRC4151 PDF Download Permanent device damage may occur if Absolute Ma
JRC4151D   JRC4151D JRC4151D PDF Download JRC DIP-8 Enough current should be supplied into the VCC l
JRC4193   JRC4193 JRC4193 PDF Download JRC DIP8 • 1.25 (31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
JRC4193D   JRC4193D JRC4193D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Note 1. Test voltage must be applied within dv/d
JRC4200   JRC4200 JRC4200 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   NOTE: The die and wire bonds are exposed o
JRC4200D   JRC4200D JRC4200D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The ADS1208 is a 2nd-order ∆Ó (delt
JRC4200M   JRC4200M JRC4200M PDF Download The chip is built around an ARM946ES RISC proces
JRC4250   JRC4250 JRC4250 PDF Download JRC The 89CNQ...A center tap Schottky rectifier modul
JRC4250D   JRC4250D JRC4250D PDF Download JRC DIP8 On-chip control functions make the ISD1000A Seri
JRC4256D   JRC4256D JRC4256D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Description Active-Low Reset Output, which is a
JRC431   JRC431 JRC431 PDF Download JRC TO-92  Working Standoff Voltages: 5.5 volts to 17
JRC4520   JRC4520 JRC4520 PDF Download JRC 00+ Noninverting Input Channel A No Internal Conne
JRC4556   JRC4556 JRC4556 PDF Download JRC SOP8 The LVDS388 and LVDT388 (T designates integrate
JRC4556A   JRC4556A JRC4556A PDF Download JRC SOP8 Figure 1 shows the basic architecture of the STA1
JRC4556AD   JRC4556AD JRC4556AD PDF Download JRC DIP N/A   The MSAU300 series has limitation of maxi
JRC4556B   JRC4556B JRC4556B PDF Download JRC The L5970AD is a step down monolithic power swi
JRC4556D   JRC4556D JRC4556D PDF Download BB ! Non-standard delay times or tolerances ! Non-
JRC4558   JRC4558 JRC4558 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Meets the ExpressCard™ Standard (ExpressCa
JRC4558(8)   JRC4558(8) JRC4558(8) PDF Download   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
JRC4558C   JRC4558C JRC4558C PDF Download JRC DIP-8P 92+ This is an active high input pin to NM93C06 EEPR
JRC4558D   JRC4558D JRC4558D PDF Download JRC DIP8 94+ Footnotes: 1) Standard frequency stability (20,2
JRC4558-D   JRC4558-D JRC4558-D PDF Download Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
JRC4558DD   JRC4558DD JRC4558DD PDF Download JRC DIP-8 05+ Guaranteed Logic HIGH Level Guaranteed Logic LOW
JRC4558DM   JRC4558DM JRC4558DM PDF Download The device comes with extensive serial communica
JRC4558H   JRC4558H JRC4558H PDF Download 00+ • 3.3V family uses 70% less power than the
JRC4558L   JRC4558L JRC4558L PDF Download JRC SIP8 03+ The interrupt controller unit (ICU) provides a f
JRC4558P   JRC4558P JRC4558P PDF Download JRC 07+ DIP/8 The JRC4558P/JRC4558P are dual precision, 16-/14
JRC4558S   JRC4558S JRC4558S PDF Download JRC DIP 90 convection cooling and have an operational ambien
JRC4558SMD   JRC4558SMD JRC4558SMD PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a
JRC4558T   JRC4558T JRC4558T PDF Download JRC CAN N/A ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
JRC4558TM   JRC4558TM JRC4558TM PDF Download JRC CAN8
JRC4559   JRC4559 JRC4559 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspect
JRC4560   JRC4560 JRC4560 PDF Download JRC SOP8 ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
JRC4560D   JRC4560D JRC4560D PDF Download SOP 98 (3) Variable attenuation in the channel refers t
JRC4562   JRC4562 JRC4562 PDF Download JRC 06+ Leading-edge triggering (A) and trailing edge tr
JRC4562D   JRC4562D JRC4562D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The JRC4562D is a low density, low cost, high per
JRC4565   JRC4565 JRC4565 PDF Download JRC SOP8 Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications
JRC4565A   JRC4565A JRC4565A PDF Download Description Digital VDD (for Output Drivers) D
JRC4565B   JRC4565B JRC4565B PDF Download JRC 01+ Functional Description Analog Front End Clampi
JRC4565D   JRC4565D JRC4565D PDF Download JRC 2007 The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products s
JRC4580   JRC4580 JRC4580 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 SOP-8 Supply Voltage Operating (VCC) Supply Voltage
JRC4580D   JRC4580D JRC4580D PDF Download JRC 2007 † Not more than one output should be teste
JRC4580DD   JRC4580DD JRC4580DD PDF Download
JRC4582   JRC4582 JRC4582 PDF Download JRC SOP8 01+ Make connection to B side with pink wire for L
JRC4741D   JRC4741D JRC4741D PDF Download JRC Drain- Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current,
JRC501D   JRC501D JRC501D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The 3819 group is a 8-bit microcomputer based on
JRC501EF   JRC501EF JRC501EF PDF Download In addition to its masked-ROM versions, the H8/3
JRC501LB   JRC501LB JRC501LB PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
JRC5143G   JRC5143G JRC5143G PDF Download
JRC5216   JRC5216 JRC5216 PDF Download JRC SOP8   Please be aware that an important notice
JRC5218   JRC5218 JRC5218 PDF Download JRC SOP8 This monolithic Transil Array is based on 10 un
JRC5218A   JRC5218A JRC5218A PDF Download JRC Sop8 D 2-V to 6-V Input Voltages Range D Uses Low-ES
JRC5532   JRC5532 JRC5532 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A
JRC5532D   JRC5532D JRC5532D PDF Download JRC 05+   The table of timing values shows either a
JRC5534   JRC5534 JRC5534 PDF Download JRC SOP- 8 The SO-8 has been modified through a customized l
JRC5534D   JRC5534D JRC5534D PDF Download JRC 06+ DIP * Antiparallel diode for high frequency   s
JRC555   JRC555 JRC555 PDF Download JRC 06+ FS8S0965RCB is a Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) th
JRC555D   JRC555D JRC555D PDF Download JRC DIP-8 05+ The three manuals listed in Table 1 are require
JRC555T   JRC555T JRC555T PDF Download
JRC567   JRC567 JRC567 PDF Download JRC SOP10 • Dual Marked with Device   Part Num
JRC567D   JRC567D JRC567D PDF Download JRC DIP-8P 0003+ Chip selection input with pull-high resistor. Whe
JRC592   JRC592 JRC592 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 Ruotare il selettore su FL . Quando lalimentazi
JRC5920   JRC5920 JRC5920 PDF Download JRC 1900 DIP BYTE PROGRAMMING: Once the memory array is erase
JRC592D   JRC592D JRC592D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Finally, trimming the various pins for lowest di
JRC6003   JRC6003 JRC6003 PDF Download • Designed expressly for Switch-Mode Power
JRC6230   JRC6230 JRC6230 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 N/A NOTE: Preferred Tolerances and reel sizes are in
JRC6301D   JRC6301D JRC6301D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Description The HSDL-3612 is a low-profile inf
JRC6303D   JRC6303D JRC6303D PDF Download JRC DIP8   Current sensing is done in this case by a
JRC6318A   JRC6318A JRC6318A PDF Download JRC SMD-8 The Loop Supervision circuit monitors the state o
JRC6319A   JRC6319A JRC6319A PDF Download JRC 06+ 550 Microchip received ISO/TS-16949:2002 quality syst
JRC6321D   JRC6321D JRC6321D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Enhanced Word Spotting capability (10 SI or 4 SD
JRC6324G   JRC6324G JRC6324G PDF Download
JRC6333A   JRC6333A JRC6333A PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 Mono-BTL output power   (RL = 8Ω, VD
JRC6355   JRC6355 JRC6355 PDF Download JRC 06+ 2000 The outstanding Vitesse web managed switch softw
JRC6355D   JRC6355D JRC6355D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT
JRC6355E   JRC6355E JRC6355E PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A The AD5241/AD5242 provide a single-/dual-channel,
JRC6355ED   JRC6355ED JRC6355ED PDF Download JRC DIP The Am30LV0064D is entirely command set compati-
JRC6391C   JRC6391C JRC6391C PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 Only the destination of the lower-order byte in t
JRC6393   JRC6393 JRC6393 PDF Download Single Supply for Read and Write: 2.7 to 3.6V (BV
JRC6513   JRC6513 JRC6513 PDF Download Writing to the control register address with bit
JRC7001   JRC7001 JRC7001 PDF Download JRC 06+ Size and connector type match existing humidity
JRC7001D   JRC7001D JRC7001D PDF Download JRC DIP8 For a key group, some sections can be set as re
JRC7002   JRC7002 JRC7002 PDF Download JRC 06+ 2100 Features • Hole-less TO-247 package for cl
JRC7002D   JRC7002D JRC7002D PDF Download JRC DIP8 Buffer Operating Frequency: 8 MHz to 200 MHz Lo
JRC7021   JRC7021 JRC7021 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 Wide acceptance angle pixel architecture enablin
JRC7022   JRC7022 JRC7022 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A Each GLB contains 20 macrocells and a fully popu
JRC7022D   JRC7022D JRC7022D PDF Download JRC DIP8 TI assumes no liability for applications assista
JRC7031   JRC7031 JRC7031 PDF Download JRC 06+
JRC7032   JRC7032 JRC7032 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A † Package drawings, standard packing quant
JRC7032D   JRC7032D JRC7032D PDF Download JRC DIP8 The PC is not incremented when a REF instruction
JRC7034   JRC7034 JRC7034 PDF Download NJM TSOP-14 Moving the data from two groups of registers to
JRC7052   JRC7052 JRC7052 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 * Antiparallel diode for high frequency   s
JRC7062   JRC7062 JRC7062 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where the m
JRC7064   JRC7064 JRC7064 PDF Download NJM TSOP-14 The commutation coding shown reflects Hall- Eff
JRC7071   JRC7071 JRC7071 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 The information herein is given to describe cert
JRC7082   JRC7082 JRC7082 PDF Download JRC 06+ 500 Inisialisasi Control Word digunakan untuk mengatu
JRC7094   JRC7094 JRC7094 PDF Download NJM SOP- 8 The LOOP feature can also be used in application
JRC7112   JRC7112 JRC7112 PDF Download JRC 06+ 2100 Wideband SFDR:   1 C 20 MHz Analog Out &nb
JRC7128B   JRC7128B JRC7128B PDF Download Added output voltage maximum value and note to cl
JRC7660   JRC7660 JRC7660 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A The output data of the LF48212 may be rounded t
JRC7660D   JRC7660D JRC7660D PDF Download The AHC139 devices are dual 2-line to 4-line dec
JRC7662   JRC7662 JRC7662 PDF Download JRC 06+ Hynix HYMD512646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for
JRC7805   JRC7805 JRC7805 PDF Download 50 PPM, 25 PPM, 20 PPM over Operating Temperat
JRC7805A   JRC7805A JRC7805A PDF Download NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
JRC7809A   JRC7809A JRC7809A PDF Download JRC TO220 All rights reserved. No part of this publication
JRC7812A   JRC7812A JRC7812A PDF Download The bq2050H can be reset by removing VCC and grou
JRC7812ACT   JRC7812ACT JRC7812ACT PDF Download No external capacitors (919 only) Excellent sign
JRC78L09   JRC78L09 JRC78L09 PDF Download JRC TO-92 The blanking control input on the hexadecimal
JRC78L12A   JRC78L12A JRC78L12A PDF Download JRC TO-92 00+ The bq2050H can be reset by removing VCC and grou
JRC7905   JRC7905 JRC7905 PDF Download Widerstandswert bei der Temperatur T Widerstand
JRC7912   JRC7912 JRC7912 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
JRC7920   JRC7920 JRC7920 PDF Download JRC 06+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
JRC7920M   JRC7920M JRC7920M PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A 2.Controlling dimension : millimeters. 3.Maximum
JRC8027   JRC8027 JRC8027 PDF Download JRC SOP8 N/A 4) Input thresholds are measured directly betwee
JRC9281G   JRC9281G JRC9281G PDF Download JRC N/A 2002   This new series of digital transistors is
JRCA2003   JRCA2003 JRCA2003 PDF Download 1. H = HIGH voltage level   h = HIGH volta
JRCA9025G   JRCA9025G JRCA9025G PDF Download DPL 4519G Programming Interface User Registers
JRCH-70ETS00   JRCH-70ETS00 JRCH-70ETS00 PDF Download PLCC   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
JRCR050D   JRCR050D JRCR050D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+   The IRPT1057C(Figure 3) provides the comp
JRCS2004C   JRCS2004C JRCS2004C PDF Download access for a read or program can begin. The typi
JRCS3001C   JRCS3001C JRCS3001C PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Recti
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