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VCC Operating Range From 2.3 V to 3.6 V Data I/Os Support 0- to 5-V Signaling Levels (0.8 V, 1.2 V, 1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 5 V) Control Inputs Can Be Driven by TTL or 5-V/3.3-V CMOS Outputs Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 250 mA Per JESD 17 ESD Performance Tested Per JESD 22 C 2000-V Human-Body Model (A114-B,   Class II) C 1000-V Charged-Device Model (C101) Supports Digital Applications: Level Translation, PCI Interface, USB Interface, Memory Interleaving, Bus Isolation Ideal for Low-Power Portable Equipment
Bourns offers Schottky Rectifier Diodes for rectification applications in compact DO-216AA size chip package formats, which offer PCB real estate savings and are considerably smaller than competitive parts. The Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes offer a forward current of 1 A with a choice of repetitive peak reverse voltage of 20 V up to 40 V.
Parameters DC Electrical Characteristics Supply Voltage Analog Supply Current Digital Supply Current Receiver Input Signal Dynamic Range Input Impedance Input Slicing Threshold Input Bias Voltage Loss of Signal Alarm Threshold Loss of Signal Alarm Level Hysteresis Peak Detector Leakage Data Output Low Data Output High Alarm Output Low Alarm Output High
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K110   K110 K110 PDF Download INFINEON 2008 *Standard version is shown in bold. The first let
K110(B3)   K110(B3) K110(B3) PDF Download infineon 07+ With the XC9105 series, the CE pin also serves as
K110(M2)   K110(M2) K110(M2) PDF Download infineon O7+ • In-house programming of samples and proto
K110/B3   K110/B3 K110/B3 PDF Download Infineon 2003 SSOP-16
K110004160   K110004160 K110004160 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
K1100BA   K1100BA K1100BA PDF Download The MSAU300 converter is encapsulated in a low t
K1100BAC4.096000MHZ   K1100BAC4.096000MHZ K1100BAC4.096000MHZ PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
K1100BAC4.915200MHZ   K1100BAC4.915200MHZ K1100BAC4.915200MHZ PDF Download ment of strain gauges. The measurement channel h
K1100BAC9.830400MHZ   K1100BAC9.830400MHZ K1100BAC9.830400MHZ PDF Download When Vcc is between 0 to 1.5V during power up or
K1100BACE64.00000M   K1100BACE64.00000M K1100BACE64.00000M PDF Download DRIVER-OUTPUT ENABLE/DISABLE TIMES Driver-Output
K1100BACSE-10.000000MHZ   K1100BACSE-10.000000MHZ K1100BACSE-10.000000MHZ PDF Download When VCC is applied to the serializer and/or des
K1100E   K1100E K1100E PDF Download LF(TEC) 06+   The circuit shown in Fig 9 is designed to
K1100E70   K1100E70 K1100E70 PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors The two banks have their own dedicated frequency
K1100G   K1100G K1100G PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-15 05+ Built-in oscillator needs only 5% resistor Data
K1100S   K1100S K1100S PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-214 06+ The Virtex-E FPGA family delivers high-performan
K1100SRP   K1100SRP K1100SRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
K1101   K1101 K1101 PDF Download FUJITSU TO-220 01+ Resistors R1 and R2 set the nominal Under-Voltag
K1101(F)   K1101(F) K1101(F) PDF Download 2.4V TO 3.6V SINGLE SUPPLY OPERATION 0.5mg RESO
K1102   K1102 K1102 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Note 2: Operating ratings indicate conditions for
K1102A1115   K1102A1115 K1102A1115 PDF Download EN (Pin 3): CMOS-K1102A1115evel Digital Chip Enab
K1102A1115A   K1102A1115A K1102A1115A PDF Download The bq2014 recognizes a valid battery whenever VS
K1109   K1109 K1109 PDF Download UTC SOT23 08+ Preliminary Information- These data sheets cont
K110B3   K110B3 K110B3 PDF Download infineon SSOP-16 04+ The UC1842A/3A/4A/5A family of control ICs is a
K111   K111 K111 PDF Download Cooper Industries 2008 Standby pin. The device operates normally with a
K111(C1)   K111(C1) K111(C1) PDF Download infineon 714   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
K111/C1   K111/C1 K111/C1 PDF Download Infineon 2003 SSOP The incoming data may have the loss of cable and
K1110BACE4096   K1110BACE4096 K1110BACE4096 PDF Download High resolution ADC   24 bits no missing co
K1110BACE4096000M   K1110BACE4096000M K1110BACE4096000M PDF Download Collector-emitter voltage peak value Collector-
K1111P   K1111P K1111P PDF Download The DO pin indicates the READY/BUSY status of th
K1112   K1112 K1112 PDF Download 326 TO252 04+ Offset Correct pin. A low-to-high transition on
K11125BAC15.360000M   K11125BAC15.360000M K11125BAC15.360000M PDF Download   NOTE: The die and wire bonds are exposed o
K1113   K1113 K1113 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-252 04+ The MAX7447 4-channel, buffered video reconstruct
K1116   K1116 K1116 PDF Download N/A TO-220 04+   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier princ
K1117   K1117 K1117 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ Miniature,cost-effective switching solution. Mol
K1118   K1118 K1118 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ Decouple the output of the UC382 with at least 1
K11186B   K11186B K11186B PDF Download   A high input impedance, high-gain, broadb
K1119   K1119 K1119 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ © Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2004. T
K111C1   K111C1 K111C1 PDF Download Infineon The constant-frequency, current-mode PWM architec
K1120   K1120 K1120 PDF Download N/A TO-3P 04+ Advanced system features include output slew rat
K1122   K1122 K1122 PDF Download This is the output terminal for the LPF input an
K1124   K1124 K1124 PDF Download Input bus select / I2C clock input. The operatio
K1125BAC15.360000M   K1125BAC15.360000M K1125BAC15.360000M PDF Download   the part number LM26CIM5-TPA has TOS = 85
K112P14CNP   K112P14CNP K112P14CNP PDF Download tfk tfk dc92 The XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family
K1132   K1132 K1132 PDF Download Notes: 1. Unless noted otherwise, all specificat
K1132TA   K1132TA K1132TA PDF Download NEC TO-92S The TSM107 is a monolithic IC that includes thre
K1132-Z   K1132-Z K1132-Z PDF Download   The enable memory bank (EMB) flag control
K1135   K1135 K1135 PDF Download N/A TO-3P 04+ s FEATURES  • Low Operating Current &
K1135BA   K1135BA K1135BA PDF Download 2. Samsung shall not offer for sale or sell eithe
K1138   K1138 K1138 PDF Download 06+ TO-220 A flow-through pinout has been adopted to allow
K1142   K1142 K1142 PDF Download Hynix HYMD532M726(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
K1143   K1143 K1143 PDF Download - CRAM version without internal data E2PROM. The
K1144AM   K1144AM K1144AM PDF Download ADSC write accesses are initiated when the follow
K1144AM-44.736MHZ   K1144AM-44.736MHZ K1144AM-44.736MHZ PDF Download The ADS5542 is a high-performance, 14-bit, 80MSP
K1145AM   K1145AM K1145AM PDF Download Sync detect C Output to signal when the link is
K1149AC-75.600MHZ   K1149AC-75.600MHZ K1149AC-75.600MHZ PDF Download Notes 1. Derate linearly from 25C at a rate of
K1149AM-100MHZ   K1149AM-100MHZ K1149AM-100MHZ PDF Download Specified for 79 - , 112 - and 132 - Channel Loa
K1150   K1150 K1150 PDF Download VISHAY 05+ SOP-6 An on-board temperature sensor protects the modu
K1150BA   K1150BA K1150BA PDF Download VISHAY 05+ SOP-6 The Input/Output logic timing diagram is shown i
K1150BA10000000M   K1150BA10000000M K1150BA10000000M PDF Download Specifications of any and all SANYO products des
K1150BA-33.000MHZ   K1150BA-33.000MHZ K1150BA-33.000MHZ PDF Download The SR (refer to Figure 4) contains the interrup
K1150BA65536000M   K1150BA65536000M K1150BA65536000M PDF Download The phantom clock information is contained in eig
K1150PG   K1150PG K1150PG PDF Download VISHAY 05+ SOP-6 SOP TSOP-I(Standard) TSOP-I(Reversed) smaller
K1150PGTSTDTS   K1150PGTSTDTS K1150PGTSTDTS PDF Download During switching, a MOSFETs source voltage must
K1151   K1151 K1151 PDF Download HIT TO-251/252 05+ scribed in Table 3.), terminated by an acknowl-
K1152   K1152 K1152 PDF Download TOS/FSC TO-252/251 04+ Anyone purchasing any products described or cont
K1153   K1153 K1153 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ High Side Floating Supply Voltage High Side Fl
K1154   K1154 K1154 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ • The basic gate function is lined up as Re
K1155   K1155 K1155 PDF Download TOS/FSC TO-220 04+ This manual includes hardware details and progra
K1156   K1156 K1156 PDF Download TOS/FSC TO-220 04+ This document is a general product description an
K1157   K1157 K1157 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ Each Peppermint board has a special touch pad bu
K1158   K1158 K1158 PDF Download TOS/FSC TO-220 04+ • International standard package   J
K1159   K1159 K1159 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ Reading from the device is accomplished by takin
K1160   K1160 K1160 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ Input Voltage   • 10 to 16 VDC HR15X
K1161   K1161 K1161 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+   Momentary action pushbuttons are used as
K1162   K1162 K1162 PDF Download TOS/FSC/SANY TO-3P 04+ This family of regulators is particularly suited
K1163   K1163 K1163 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+   The output or compensation capacitor help
K1164   K1164 K1164 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Right channel serial data input. Both LDATA and
K1165   K1165 K1165 PDF Download TOS/FSC/SANY TO-3P 04+ The no-correction window size is 324 ns for DPLL
K1166   K1166 K1166 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Amplifier A4 is an astable multivibrator generati
K1167   K1167 K1167 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ In personal computer (PC) architecture, there ar
K1168   K1168 K1168 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ HF420: Unsealed,2C, Soldering, Plug-in HF428: Un
K1169   K1169 K1169 PDF Download TOS/FSC/SANY TO-3P 04+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
K117   K117 K117 PDF Download TOS TO-220
K1170   K1170 K1170 PDF Download TOS/FSC/SANY TO-3P 04+ The contents of latch B are transferred to shift
K1177   K1177 K1177 PDF Download   The PT4310 modules are a low-power series
K117BL   K117BL K117BL PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
K117-GR   K117-GR K117-GR PDF Download A high performance 10 bit on-chip ADC is used to
K118   K118 K118 PDF Download TOS TO-92S The HPF (High Pass Filter) in the current channe
K1180   K1180 K1180 PDF Download SK TO-3P 02+ The HD74LV1GT08A is high-speed CMOS two input AN
K1181   K1181 K1181 PDF Download This input is programmable. It functions as a re
K1185   K1185 K1185 PDF Download 06+ TO-220 • Especially suitable for applications fro
K1186   K1186 K1186 PDF Download   The MC623 is a 3.0 V solid-state, programm
K1188   K1188 K1188 PDF Download TOS/NEC/FUJI TO-220 04+ BIAS CURRENT TEST A functional diagram of the bi
K1189   K1189 K1189 PDF Download TOS/NEC/FUJI TO-220 04+ Typ, min, and max values at TA = 25C, full tempe
K1190   K1190 K1190 PDF Download The CY22050 is the next-generation programmable F
K1191   K1191 K1191 PDF Download TO-220F 06+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
K1192   K1192 K1192 PDF Download TOS TO-3P 06+ This device features an internal 200KHz oscillato
K1195   K1195 K1195 PDF Download 三极管 The Parallel Input/Output Controller (PIO) contr
K1198   K1198 K1198 PDF Download TOS/NEC/FUJI TO-220 04+ −3.0 dB Small Signal BW (AV = +2.0, VO = 0.
K11-E9P-N   K11-E9P-N K11-E9P-N PDF Download The 5B39 is a single-channel signal conditioning
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