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The MLX90247family sensors are thermopile sensors IC which detects very small amounts of heat radiation. The sensors consist of a membrane with a thermopile on top of it. The hot junctions of the thermopile are positioned near the center of the membrane and the cold junctions above the bulk silicon edge. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the membrane, absorbed heat will cause the temperature to increase more at the center of the membrane than at the edge above the bulk. This temperature difference is converted to an electric potential by the thermo-electric effect in the thermopile junctions. No supply voltage is needed.
The K25-551400-061 has an input voltage range of 4V to 30V, with excellent line, load, and transient response. The regulator performs cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shut- down for protection under fault conditions. In shutdown mode, the regulator draws less than 6µA of standby current.
The frequency of this oscillator is stabilized by SAW technology. This results in excellent performance form a compact, rugged, oscillator operating at the fundamental frequency of 1000.0 MHz. The K25-551400-061 is suit- able for general purpose use in a wide variety of applications.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K2500E   K2500E K2500E PDF Download LF(TEC) TO-92 05+
K2500E70   K2500E70 K2500E70 PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors TO-92 07+ The transmit and receive channels contain an inde
K2500F1   K2500F1 K2500F1 PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors TO-202 06+ Note 2: All characteristics are measured with cap
K2500G   K2500G K2500G PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-15X 06+ The CMOS bq3285E/L is a low- power microprocesso
K2500GRP   K2500GRP K2500GRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors 05+ Select data in or data out on SDA or Measurement
K2500S   K2500S K2500S PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-214AA 07+ standard for high-speed system bus running at h
K2501G   K2501G K2501G PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-15 05+   2.2.1. Specifications, standards, and han
K2504   K2504 K2504 PDF Download ROHM TO-251 07+ Microchip received ISO/TS-16949:2002 quality syst
K25-062900-061   K25-062900-061 K25-062900-061 PDF Download The CD4046B types are supplied in 16-lead hermet
K2507   K2507 K2507 PDF Download TOS TO-220 06+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
K2508   K2508 K2508 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 06+ /RCS0 -->/CS0 : SDRAMs D0-D17 /RCS1-->/CS1
K251   K251 K251 PDF Download
K2510   K2510 K2510 PDF Download R2 = (FSI x R1) / ( |Vin| - FSI) Where: FSI = T
K2511   K2511 K2511 PDF Download The K2511 supports 24-bit linear PCM output data
K2512   K2512 K2512 PDF Download An easy-to-use simulation tool is available for d
K2513   K2513 K2513 PDF Download The human voice is effective from a frequency ra
K2515   K2515 K2515 PDF Download Highly specialized electronic sensors have been d
K2516-01L   K2516-01L K2516-01L PDF Download FUJI TO-262 07+ The LTC1698 provides accurate secondary-side curr
K2516-01S   K2516-01S K2516-01S PDF Download FUJI TO-263 07+ Counter enable inputs are provided to stall the
K2517-01L   K2517-01L K2517-01L PDF Download FUJI TO-262 07+ The 28F400B3, 28F800/008B3, 28F160/016B3, 38F320
K2517-01S   K2517-01S K2517-01S PDF Download FUJI TO-263 07+
K2519   K2519 K2519 PDF Download FUJ TO-220 The basic unit of logic on these devices is the
K251P   K251P K251P PDF Download tfk tfk dc90 LSB = Least Significant BIt The difference in
K2520   K2520 K2520 PDF Download TO-220 Note : Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOL
K2522   K2522 K2522 PDF Download Hynix HYMD232M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
K2526   K2526 K2526 PDF Download The integrated circuit K2526 is used in relay-co
K2529   K2529 K2529 PDF Download HIT TO220-3 The K2529 and K2529373 are single and triple high
K2541   K2541 K2541 PDF Download NEC TO-92S These three terminal positive regulators are sup
K2541-Z   K2541-Z K2541-Z PDF Download The CCITT V.22 standard defines synchronous oper
K2542   K2542 K2542 PDF Download TOS 07+ Excellent power supply ripple rejection for VIN
K2543   K2543 K2543 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ Ergonomics   Convenient front access to US
K2544   K2544 K2544 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
K2545   K2545 K2545 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ During sleep mode the device is still supplied f
K2550   K2550 K2550 PDF Download VDD: The power input connection for this device.
K2553   K2553 K2553 PDF Download If this clock is applied to the Xin/CLK pin of t
K2554   K2554 K2554 PDF Download HIT DIP The CY7C245A is a high-performance, 2K x 8, elec
K25-551400-061   K25-551400-061 K25-551400-061 PDF Download TSX1 is available on the TP3070 only; TSX0 is a
K2560   K2560 K2560 PDF Download  The Hyundai HYM71V16S755AT8 Series are Dua
K2562   K2562 K2562 PDF Download   2.2 Specifications, standards, and handbo
K2563   K2563 K2563 PDF Download TO-220 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
K2564   K2564 K2564 PDF Download NEC 652   The CS5204−x family of linear regula
K2586   K2586 K2586 PDF Download   Except for the position of the carrier in
K2590   K2590 K2590 PDF Download HIT This pin connects directly to the rectified AC li
K2599   K2599 K2599 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92   The MC74AC377/74ACT377 has eight edge-tri
K259P   K259P K259P PDF Download tfk tfk dc93 Direct Correspondence of Display Data RAM to LCD
K25H8F   K25H8F K25H8F PDF Download TSSOP 04+ DMOS Outputs Low r DS(on) - 0.25 Ω Maximum
K25N120   K25N120 K25N120 PDF Download INFINEON TO-3P 03+ The UC3825A,B has dual alternating outputs and t
K25T120   K25T120 K25T120 PDF Download INFINEON TO-247 04+ The device is in a fast mode when the serial I/O
K.328-EYW   K.328-EYW K.328-EYW PDF Download Capacitor Table Table 1 identifies the character
K000810160   K000810160 K000810160 PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
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