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These modes are entered by placing a high voltage VPP on pin 19, with pins 18 and 20 set to VILP. In this state, pin 21 becomes a latch signal, allowing the upper 5 address bits to be latched into an onboard register, pin 22 becomes an active LOW program (PGM) signal and pin 23 becomes an active LOW verify (VFY) signal. Pins 22 and 23 should never be active LOW at the same time. The PROGRAM mode exists when PGM is LOW, and VFY is HIGH. The verify mode exists when the reverse is true, PGM HIGH and VFY LOW and the program inhibit mode is entered with both PGM and VFY HIGH. Program inhibit is specifically provided to allow data to be placed on and removed from the data pins without conflict
The TESTM, SE, and SM terminals are used to set up various manufacturing test conditions. For normal operation, it is recommended that the TESTM terminal be connected to VDD through a 1-kΩ resistor, and SE be tied to ground through a 1-kΩ resistor, while SM is connected directly to ground.
CURRENT SOURCES, IREF1 AND IREF2 Zero-Code Output Level, Each Coarse DAC, 256 Steps   Adjustment Range(7)   Step Size Fine DAC, 256 Steps   Adjustment Range(7)   Step Size Linearity   Coarse   Fine   vs Temperature Matching   vs Temperature Compliance Voltage, Positive(5) Output Impedance Current Noise
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K26004   K26004 K26004 PDF Download The Montreal Protocol (1987) and its London Amen
K2601   K2601 K2601 PDF Download
K2603   K2603 K2603 PDF Download TOS TO-220 04+ a mechanical trimmer). When this permanent setti
K2604   K2604 K2604 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
K2605   K2605 K2605 PDF Download TOS TO-220 The MX93521 is fully controlled by a HOST contro
K2606   K2606 K2606 PDF Download Internal soft start No lamp protection Voltage
K2607   K2607 K2607 PDF Download TOS  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
K2608   K2608 K2608 PDF Download FUJI TO-220 04+ The K2608 also features low crosstalk and outsta
K2610   K2610 K2610 PDF Download TO-220 06+ This pin is a schmitt trigger input structure. A
K2610(F)   K2610(F) K2610(F) PDF Download 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology Typical tSK(o) (Outpu
K2611   K2611 K2611 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-3P 04+ Embedded MPC8xx core up to 133 MHz Maximum freq
K2611PB   K2611PB K2611PB PDF Download
K2617   K2617 K2617 PDF Download Load Current Regulation. Because the device opera
K2618   K2618 K2618 PDF Download SAN TO-220F 04+ FM1233A features a precision temperature-compens
K2623   K2623 K2623 PDF Download The MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532 are low-voltage, CMO
K2624   K2624 K2624 PDF Download TO-220F 06+ Note 1: Specifications are 100% production tested
K2625   K2625 K2625 PDF Download DMS (Data Management Software) allows systems to
K2628   K2628 K2628 PDF Download The time and date may be set by writing to the R
K263   K263 K263 PDF Download TECCOR Small Compact Surface Mountable Package with JCB
K2632   K2632 K2632 PDF Download SAMSUNG TO263 1999 RECEIVE SIGNAL QUALIFICATION The integrated sign
K2633   K2633 K2633 PDF Download Careful design of the output regulator ampli@
K2638   K2638 K2638 PDF Download FUJI TO-220 03+ mode 5: slow mode, CS inactive (high) between con
K2638-01MR   K2638-01MR K2638-01MR PDF Download FUJI TO-220F 07+ In the absence of confirmation by device specifi
K2639   K2639 K2639 PDF Download TOS TO-220 With their compact 64 pin package, low power con
K2640   K2640 K2640 PDF Download Typical system performance parameters for the re
K2641   K2641 K2641 PDF Download The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 oscillator generate
K2645   K2645 K2645 PDF Download FUJI TO-220 05+ SM5212E begin a 4-word transmission cycle upon re
K2646   K2646 K2646 PDF Download FUJ 97+ 1 Gain Bandwidth Product (G +20) Gain Peaking 0
K2647   K2647 K2647 PDF Download FUJI TO-220   The RC32355 incorporates an industry stan
K2648   K2648 K2648 PDF Download TO-3P 06+ The HIP6017 provides the power control and prote
K2651   K2651 K2651 PDF Download FUJI TO-220 04+
K2652   K2652 K2652 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 THERMAL PERFORMANCE The 24-lead SO package is a
K2654   K2654 K2654 PDF Download TO-3P 06+ DESCRIPTION The 74LVCZ161284A contains eight hi
K2654-01   K2654-01 K2654-01 PDF Download Output data enable C Used to indicate time of ac
K2655   K2655 K2655 PDF Download FUJI TO-3PF Low Cost Complete H-Bridge 8 Amp Capability, 75
K2655-01R   K2655-01R K2655-01R PDF Download FUJI 01+ TO-3P The CD54AC280/3A and CD54ACT280/3A are 9-bit odd
K2661   K2661 K2661 PDF Download The ABT162244 contains sixteen non-inverting buf
K2662   K2662 K2662 PDF Download 99+ TO-220 Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
K2666   K2666 K2666 PDF Download TOS TO-220 5.4 Undervoltege Detection   1) When Vcc s
K2669   K2669 K2669 PDF Download TO-220 06+ The HSDL-3603 is a low profile infrared transc
K2671   K2671 K2671 PDF Download TO-220 Enhanced C67x+ CPU. The C67x+ CPU is an enhanced
K2673   K2673 K2673 PDF Download TO220-3 PWUP High, GC = LG127, RL = , 4 seconds after pow
K2674   K2674 K2674 PDF Download TOS TO-3P 06+   Most everything applies to driving the P-
K2675   K2675 K2675 PDF Download 新电元 In addition to the requirements of termination a
K26751DC507   K26751DC507 K26751DC507 PDF Download OAK 02+ TQFP-L208P The Flash memory on the A64 device is a nonvolat
K2676   K2676 K2676 PDF Download Description The HYS 64V128220GU and HYS 7212822
K2677   K2677 K2677 PDF Download TO-3P 06+ NOTES: (a) For a dual device surface mounted on
K2679   K2679 K2679 PDF Download TOSHIBA • Fully compliant to the IEEE 802.3u stand
K2682   K2682 K2682 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220F 02+ Le agradecemos su confianza en Philips y estamos
K2684   K2684 K2684 PDF Download HITACHI TO-263 1998 With excellent C/N characteristics and low curre
K2687   K2687 K2687 PDF Download 1 For normal continuous operation. A higher Tj is
K2688   K2688 K2688 PDF Download technology. It is ideal for low power and high
K269   K269 K269 PDF Download TECCOR Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184
K2690   K2690 K2690 PDF Download Free PSoC "Tele-training" is available
K2695   K2695 K2695 PDF Download The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
K2696   K2696 K2696 PDF Download FUJ TO220-3 97+ This center tap Schottky rectifier series has bee
K2698   K2698 K2698 PDF Download TOS TO-3P Hynix HYMD216646(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates SP
K2699   K2699 K2699 PDF Download   C High-performance 32-bit RISC Architectu
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