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Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device.   This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated   in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for   extended periods may affect reliability.
Most Significant Data Bit (MSB). Data Bits 1C10. Least Significant Data Bit (LSB). No Internal Connection. Power-down Control Input. Active High. Contains active pull-down circuit, thus may be left unterminated if not used. Reference Ground when Internal 1.2 V Reference Used. Connect to AVDD to disable internal reference. Reference Input/Output. Serves as reference input when internal reference disabled (i.e., Tie REFLO to AVDD). Serves as 1.2 V reference output when internal reference activated (i.e., Tie REFLO to ACOM). Requires 0.1 µF capacitor to ACOM when internal reference activated. Full-Scale Current Output Adjust. Bandwidth/Noise Reduction Node. Add 0.1 µF to AVDD for optimum performance. Analog Common. Complementary DAC Current Output. Full-scale current when all data bits are 0s. DAC Current Output. Full-scale current when all data bits are 1s. Internal Bias Node for Switch Driver Circuitry. Decouple to ACOM with 0.1 µF capacitor. Analog Supply Voltage (+2.7 V to +5.5 V). Digital Common. Digital Supply Voltage (+2.7 V to +5.5 V). Clock Input. Data latched on positive edge of clock.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K4S160822DTC10   K4S160822DTC10 K4S160822DTC10 PDF Download properties. Used for insulation and protection
K4S160822D-TC10   K4S160822D-TC10 K4S160822D-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG 02+/03+ No External Components Required Internal Voltage
K4S160822DTC1H   K4S160822DTC1H K4S160822DTC1H PDF Download (2) Those contemplating using the products cover
K4S160822D-TC1H   K4S160822D-TC1H K4S160822D-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 02+ Ordering Information A complete part number is
K4S161620HTC-60   K4S161620HTC-60 K4S161620HTC-60 PDF Download NOTE 1. The HDQ engine of the bq26220 interpret
K4S161620H-UC60   K4S161620H-UC60 K4S161620H-UC60 PDF Download Maximale Streuung des Widerstandswertes bei der
K4S161622   K4S161622 K4S161622 PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
K4S1616220-TC60   K4S1616220-TC60 K4S1616220-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0341 DESCRIPTION This MOSFET series realized with ST
K4S1616220-TC70   K4S1616220-TC70 K4S1616220-TC70 PDF Download SOP ♦ Direct IF Sampling Up to 400MHz ♦
K4S1616220-TC80   K4S1616220-TC80 K4S1616220-TC80 PDF Download SOP A detailed block diagram of the UCC3941 is shown
K4S1616220TC80ES   K4S1616220TC80ES K4S1616220TC80ES PDF Download Note 4: Regulation is measured at constant juncti
K4S161622D   K4S161622D K4S161622D PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-50 08+ The 1-wire serial communication port (5Kb/s) all
K4S161622D-70TC   K4S161622D-70TC K4S161622D-70TC PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ Bidirectional I/O lines. Software instructions de
K4S161622D-TC10   K4S161622D-TC10 K4S161622D-TC10 PDF Download 01 Signal input pin. An internal matching circuit,
K4S161622D-TC101X16   K4S161622D-TC101X16 K4S161622D-TC101X16 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 2.0% output accuracy (25˚C) Low dropout v
K4S161622DTC60   K4S161622DTC60 K4S161622DTC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
K4S161622D-TC60   K4S161622D-TC60 K4S161622D-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNSG 01/02
K4S161622D-TC-60   K4S161622D-TC-60 K4S161622D-TC-60 PDF Download Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5
K4S161622DTC-60   K4S161622DTC-60 K4S161622DTC-60 PDF Download Seven different colors are avail- able: green,
K4S161622D-TC60T00   K4S161622D-TC60T00 K4S161622D-TC60T00 PDF Download Lets look at what determines the output frequenc
K4S161622DTC70   K4S161622DTC70 K4S161622DTC70 PDF Download The HSMS-270x series of clipping/clamping diodes
K4S161622D-TC70   K4S161622D-TC70 K4S161622D-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG Contact the factory to check availability of othe
K4S161622DTC-70   K4S161622DTC-70 K4S161622DTC-70 PDF Download • Asynchronous loading of control paramete
K4S161622DTC-8   K4S161622DTC-8 K4S161622DTC-8 PDF Download SAMSUMG SRAM 2000  − Timer 1: Offers auto-reload functi
K4S161622DTC80   K4S161622DTC80 K4S161622DTC80 PDF Download SAM TSSOP 00+   When replacing the OPA501, OPA511, OPA512
K4S161622D-TC80   K4S161622D-TC80 K4S161622D-TC80 PDF Download SAM TSOP 01+ The K4S161622D-TC80 is a low current, low voltage
K4S161622DTC-80   K4S161622DTC-80 K4S161622DTC-80 PDF Download    This low failure rate represents dat
K4S161622D-TC80(SDRAM1M16)   K4S161622D-TC80(SDRAM1M16) K4S161622D-TC80(SDRAM1M16) PDF Download   LIFE SUPPORT POLICY Integrated Device Te
K4S161622DTC80000   K4S161622DTC80000 K4S161622DTC80000 PDF Download   In FWFT mode, the first word written to a
K4S161622D-TC801X16   K4S161622D-TC801X16 K4S161622D-TC801X16 PDF Download Output Enable, asynchronous input, active LOW. C
K4S161622D-TI80T00   K4S161622D-TI80T00 K4S161622D-TI80T00 PDF Download Samsung 0129 19 I Controlled Output Slew Rate I Low Output-Satur
K4S161622E-TC60   K4S161622E-TC60 K4S161622E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-50 These amplifiers are manufactured using a Silicon
K4S161622E-TC70   K4S161622E-TC70 K4S161622E-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNSG 01 These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
K4S161622E-TC80   K4S161622E-TC80 K4S161622E-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-50 The ISL6118 has integrated current sensing on the
K4S161622E-TC80T00   K4S161622E-TC80T00 K4S161622E-TC80T00 PDF Download • Four Crystal modes, up to 25 MHz •
K4S161622E-TI80   K4S161622E-TI80 K4S161622E-TI80 PDF Download SAMSUNG The transceiver is fully compatible with the IEE
K4S161622E-UC80   K4S161622E-UC80 K4S161622E-UC80 PDF Download SAM 03+ 12 parallel channels, total 32.6 Gbps capacity D
K4S161622HTC60   K4S161622HTC60 K4S161622HTC60 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ LINEAR GCI MODE   In GCI linear mode, one G
K4S161622H-TC60   K4S161622H-TC60 K4S161622H-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 05+ • Live Insertion and Removal Power Manager
K4S161622HTC-60   K4S161622HTC-60 K4S161622HTC-60 PDF Download Due to technical requirements components may con
K4S161622H-TC60(1M16)   K4S161622H-TC60(1M16) K4S161622H-TC60(1M16) PDF Download The receiver section of the PI90SD1636A accepts
K4S161622HTC60000   K4S161622HTC60000 K4S161622HTC60000 PDF Download Figure 3 describes the noise model for the non-i
K4S161622H-TC60000   K4S161622H-TC60000 K4S161622H-TC60000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ The inputs to the PIM consist of all I/O and dedi
K4S161622H-TC60T   K4S161622H-TC60T K4S161622H-TC60T PDF Download The DLYBLK input can be used to halt address gen
K4S161622H-TC6O   K4S161622H-TC6O K4S161622H-TC6O PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ plex Instruction Set Computer (CISC): compact cod
K4S161622H-TC70   K4S161622H-TC70 K4S161622H-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG AGC and low-pass filtered video should be brough
K4S161622H-TC75   K4S161622H-TC75 K4S161622H-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ This advanced power MOSFET is designed, tested,
K4S161622H-TC80   K4S161622H-TC80 K4S161622H-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ 500 watt Peak Pulse Power protection at 8/20 &mic
K4S161622HUC60   K4S161622HUC60 K4S161622HUC60 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ This series of optically coupled isolators consi
K4S161622H-UC60   K4S161622H-UC60 K4S161622H-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ A bill of materials for the evaluation board is
K4S161622H-UC60000   K4S161622H-UC60000 K4S161622H-UC60000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07/08+ A non-volatile marker is automatically inserted a
K4S161622H-UC70   K4S161622H-UC70 K4S161622H-UC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG Chip Select: Enables or disables all inputs excep
K4S161622H-UC80   K4S161622H-UC80 K4S161622H-UC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG Test levels: (A) 100% tested at 25C. Overtempera
K4S161622H-UC80000   K4S161622H-UC80000 K4S161622H-UC80000 PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
K4S161622TE-TC80   K4S161622TE-TC80 K4S161622TE-TC80 PDF Download Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4-K/H/L series is designed fo
K4S161632H-TC60   K4S161632H-TC60 K4S161632H-TC60 PDF Download (0) After power on, the first integration scan is
K4S280432A-TC1L   K4S280432A-TC1L K4S280432A-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ In order for Xinger surface mount components to w
K4S280432D-TC75   K4S280432D-TC75 K4S280432D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
K4S280432E-TC75   K4S280432E-TC75 K4S280432E-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The HEF4093B consists of four Schmitt-trigger ci
K4S280432F-TC75   K4S280432F-TC75 K4S280432F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
K4S280432I-UC75   K4S280432I-UC75 K4S280432I-UC75 PDF Download   Pin 14 is the video output pin. Since the
K4S2808320-TC1L   K4S2808320-TC1L K4S2808320-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 00+ The IC also includes 4 readable input (I1..I4) p
K4S2808320-TC75   K4S2808320-TC75 K4S2808320-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 01+ DX1 is available on the TP3070 only; DX0 is ava
K4S280832A-TC1L   K4S280832A-TC1L K4S280832A-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Output Swing Includes Both Supply Rails Low Nois
K4S280832B-TC75   K4S280832B-TC75 K4S280832B-TC75 PDF Download SamSung STK 2003+ No Glitch on Power Up Supports Hot Insertion Lo
K4S280832B-TL1L   K4S280832B-TL1L K4S280832B-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ The SST49LF080A flash memory device is manufactu
K4S280832C-TC1H   K4S280832C-TC1H K4S280832C-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ 2. MATERIAL: Units are encapsulated in a low the
K4S280832C-TC1L   K4S280832C-TC1L K4S280832C-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+  Flexible inputs and outputs all  grou
K4S280832CTC75   K4S280832CTC75 K4S280832CTC75 PDF Download   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspect
K4S280832C-TC75   K4S280832C-TC75 K4S280832C-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Complete System Solution for interfacing SmartMe
K4S280832D-TC75   K4S280832D-TC75 K4S280832D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG In conjunction with monitoring VSR for charge/dis
K4S280832D-TL1H   K4S280832D-TL1H K4S280832D-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The ADSP-21262 features an enhanced Harvard arch
K4S280832ETC75   K4S280832ETC75 K4S280832ETC75 PDF Download   Description  Reference Voltage 1 Vo
K4S280832E-TC75   K4S280832E-TC75 K4S280832E-TC75 PDF Download SAM TSOP 0352+
K4S280832F-TC75   K4S280832F-TC75 K4S280832F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
K4S280832F-UC75   K4S280832F-UC75 K4S280832F-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ Step up converter (Boost Voltage) Boost Over-
K4S280832IUC75   K4S280832IUC75 K4S280832IUC75 PDF Download   The 0.057 OHM term takes into account any
K4S280832I-UC75   K4S280832I-UC75 K4S280832I-UC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 06+ Control of the device is via a simple high speed
K4S280832IUC75000   K4S280832IUC75000 K4S280832IUC75000 PDF Download Speech and music synthesis requires on-chip or of
K4S281620FTC-75   K4S281620FTC-75 K4S281620FTC-75 PDF Download
K4S281632   K4S281632 K4S281632 PDF Download SAMSUNG Specifically designed for Automotive application
K4S281632B-NC1H   K4S281632B-NC1H K4S281632B-NC1H PDF Download SamSung STK 2003+ Port 3 Port 3 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
K4S281632B-NLIL   K4S281632B-NLIL K4S281632B-NLIL PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-54 03+ interoperability and reliability risks. Integrat
K4S281632B-TC10   K4S281632B-TC10 K4S281632B-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Note 2: All characteristics are measured with cap
K4S281632B-TC1H   K4S281632B-TC1H K4S281632B-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG . 05+ 12bit input, Black Level, White Balance Filter
K4S281632B-TC1L   K4S281632B-TC1L K4S281632B-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-54 In addition to transmitting configuration data t
K4S281632B-TC75   K4S281632B-TC75 K4S281632B-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ An on-chip Peripheral Data Controller (PDC) tran
K4S281632B-TC75000   K4S281632B-TC75000 K4S281632B-TC75000 PDF Download E1 is the hexadecimal address for the CMX866 Tran
K4S281632B-TC80   K4S281632B-TC80 K4S281632B-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ This surface mount Transient Voltage Suppressor (
K4S281632B-TE1L   K4S281632B-TE1L K4S281632B-TE1L PDF Download Available parts are detailed in the ordering inf
K4S281632B-TL   K4S281632B-TL K4S281632B-TL PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 00+ Sensitivity: A magnetic south pole at and perpend
K4S281632B-TL10   K4S281632B-TL10 K4S281632B-TL10 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The blocks in the memory are asymmetrically ar-
K4S281632B-TL1H   K4S281632B-TL1H K4S281632B-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Test data input. One of four terminals required
K4S281632B-TL1L   K4S281632B-TL1L K4S281632B-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Notes: 1. D Q -to-I/O wiring is shown as recom m
K4S281632B-TL75   K4S281632B-TL75 K4S281632B-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Ultrasmall package facilitates miniaturization i
K4S281632B-TL80   K4S281632B-TL80 K4S281632B-TL80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ q Operating Voltage8 to 10 V   2q I C BUS
K4S281632C-NC1H   K4S281632C-NC1H K4S281632C-NC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 0528+ 1. If lead-bearing terminal plating is required,
K4S281632C-NL75   K4S281632C-NL75 K4S281632C-NL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG The device also has 64 I/O cells, each of which
K4S281632C-TC1H   K4S281632C-TC1H K4S281632C-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 2001 Absolute maximum ratings define parameter limits
K4S281632C-TC1L   K4S281632C-TC1L K4S281632C-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ Maxwell Technologies 28LV010 high density, 3.3V,
K4S281632C-TC1L000   K4S281632C-TC1L000 K4S281632C-TC1L000 PDF Download Note 4: The maximum power dissipation must be der
K4S281632C-TC75   K4S281632C-TC75 K4S281632C-TC75 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   4.3.2 Thermal response (∆VBE measur
K4S281632C-TCH   K4S281632C-TCH K4S281632C-TCH PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 Built-in power save circuit Built-in current l
K4S281632C-TI1H   K4S281632C-TI1H K4S281632C-TI1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ 150V Power Schottky rectifier are suited for swi
K4S281632C-TI75   K4S281632C-TI75 K4S281632C-TI75 PDF Download In case the HT9142 is battery powered, when the p
K4S281632C-TL1H   K4S281632C-TL1H K4S281632C-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The AD9949 is a highly integrated CCD signal pro
K4S281632C-TL1L   K4S281632C-TL1L K4S281632C-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ 2Mbit of Page-Erasable Flash Memory Page Write
K4S281632C-TL75   K4S281632C-TL75 K4S281632C-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-54 97P3 PARAMETER Current Limit Section CS Threshold Se
K4S281632D   K4S281632D K4S281632D PDF Download SAM SSOP 02+ Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
K4S281632D-NC1H   K4S281632D-NC1H K4S281632D-NC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ A Deep Power-Down Mode is enabled when the RP pi
K4S281632D-NL75   K4S281632D-NL75 K4S281632D-NL75 PDF Download Acquisition Time (tacq). The delay between the t
K4S281632D-NL75(8M16)   K4S281632D-NL75(8M16) K4S281632D-NL75(8M16) PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP 03+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
K4S281632D-NU1L   K4S281632D-NU1L K4S281632D-NU1L PDF Download Mega-pixel class image quality is achieved by int
K4S281632D-TC1H   K4S281632D-TC1H K4S281632D-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ To perform a practical return loss measurement, i
K4S281632DTC1L   K4S281632DTC1L K4S281632DTC1L PDF Download LO IN=-4dBm See note 1. Mixer Preamp ON Mixer
K4S281632D-TC1L   K4S281632D-TC1L K4S281632D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ TheK4S281632D-TC1Lxxxfamilyofmicroprocessor supe
K4S281632D-TC55   K4S281632D-TC55 K4S281632D-TC55 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The MCF5249 is also an excellent general purpose
K4S281632D-TC60   K4S281632D-TC60 K4S281632D-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+
K4S281632D-TC70   K4S281632D-TC70 K4S281632D-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ TEMPERATURE PROTECTION   The thermal prote
K4S281632DTC75   K4S281632DTC75 K4S281632DTC75 PDF Download Stable with No Output Capacitor or Any Value or
K4S281632D-TC75   K4S281632D-TC75 K4S281632D-TC75 PDF Download SAM 04+ Following the successful acknowledgement of the
K4S281632DTC75T   K4S281632DTC75T K4S281632DTC75T PDF Download sam sam dc03 Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
K4S281632D-TI1H   K4S281632D-TI1H K4S281632D-TI1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ PAGE READ: The page read operation of the device
K4S281632D-TI75   K4S281632D-TI75 K4S281632D-TI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Multi-function Input One (1): If Mode = L (m68
K4S281632D-TL1H   K4S281632D-TL1H K4S281632D-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The JEDEC low-K (1s) board design used to derive
K4S281632D-TL55   K4S281632D-TL55 K4S281632D-TL55 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The bq2014 determines battery capacity by monitor
K4S281632D-TL60   K4S281632D-TL60 K4S281632D-TL60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+
K4S281632D-TL70   K4S281632D-TL70 K4S281632D-TL70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Sending the WREN op-code causes the internal Wri
K4S281632DTL75   K4S281632DTL75 K4S281632DTL75 PDF Download The C-suffix devices are characterized for opera
K4S281632D-TL75   K4S281632D-TL75 K4S281632D-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+
K4S281632D-TP75   K4S281632D-TP75 K4S281632D-TP75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ All modules are potted and identical in pin-out
K4S281632D-UC75   K4S281632D-UC75 K4S281632D-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
K4S281632ETC1L   K4S281632ETC1L K4S281632ETC1L PDF Download 4. When Fail Soft operation is detected, regulat
K4S281632E-TC60   K4S281632E-TC60 K4S281632E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Rev. A Information furnished by Analog Devices
K4S281632ETC75   K4S281632ETC75 K4S281632ETC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+/03+ Microstrip Series Connection for HSMP-482x Serie
K4S281632E-TC75   K4S281632E-TC75 K4S281632E-TC75 PDF Download 03+ The transmitter converts electrical PECL compati
K4S281632E-TC75)   K4S281632E-TC75) K4S281632E-TC75) PDF Download
K4S281632E-TC75000   K4S281632E-TC75000 K4S281632E-TC75000 PDF Download COP8™, MICROWIRE/PLUS™, and WATCHDOG&
K4S281632E-TC75T   K4S281632E-TC75T K4S281632E-TC75T PDF Download The external oscillator mode can also be used wi
K4S281632E-TC75T00   K4S281632E-TC75T00 K4S281632E-TC75T00 PDF Download Performs the PHY-Transmission Convergence (TC) a
K4S281632E-TL1H   K4S281632E-TL1H K4S281632E-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG 03+ H = high level, L = low level, X = dont care, h
K4S281632E-TL1L   K4S281632E-TL1L K4S281632E-TL1L PDF Download   The K4S281632E-TL1LB and K4S281632E-TL1L s
K4S281632E-TL75   K4S281632E-TL75 K4S281632E-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Notes: 1. Specifications measured with one outp
K4S281632E-UC75   K4S281632E-UC75 K4S281632E-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
K4S281632FTC60   K4S281632FTC60 K4S281632FTC60 PDF Download 5. Dropout is defined as either the minimum cont
K4S281632F-TC60   K4S281632F-TC60 K4S281632F-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   Modulation is applied to the VCO and is b
K4S281632FTC60000   K4S281632FTC60000 K4S281632FTC60000 PDF Download Communications between backplanes, modules and h
K4S281632FTC75   K4S281632FTC75 K4S281632FTC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+
K4S281632F-TC75   K4S281632F-TC75 K4S281632F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 05+ • Self time write cycle with auto clear &
K4S281632F-TC75(8M16)   K4S281632F-TC75(8M16) K4S281632F-TC75(8M16) PDF Download Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP II (alumin
K4S281632F-TC75000   K4S281632F-TC75000 K4S281632F-TC75000 PDF Download Note 7: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
K4S281632F-TC75T   K4S281632F-TC75T K4S281632F-TC75T PDF Download Signal data can be accepted at rates up to rxclk
K4S281632F-TC75T00   K4S281632F-TC75T00 K4S281632F-TC75T00 PDF Download Sector/page erase is a six bus cycles operation.
K4S281632F-TI75   K4S281632F-TI75 K4S281632F-TI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 2.5V power supply LVCMOS compatible with multipl
K4S281632F-TI75000   K4S281632F-TI75000 K4S281632F-TI75000 PDF Download The microprocessor can program the a8237 when th
K4S281632F-TL75   K4S281632F-TL75 K4S281632F-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ New AD9949A supports CCD line length > 4096 p
K4S281632F-TP75   K4S281632F-TP75 K4S281632F-TP75 PDF Download The microphone input is a switchable interface f
K4S281632F-UC60   K4S281632F-UC60 K4S281632F-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 05+ HSMS-2820 series of diodes is the best all-arou
K4S281632F-UC60000   K4S281632F-UC60000 K4S281632F-UC60000 PDF Download • True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow
K4S281632FUC75   K4S281632FUC75 K4S281632FUC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ Input Pin for Overvoltage and Undervoltage Detec
K4S281632F-UC75   K4S281632F-UC75 K4S281632F-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ NOTES: 1. VDD, OPTX, and VDDQX must be set to ap
K4S281632F-UC75000   K4S281632F-UC75000 K4S281632F-UC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 2006 Note: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolu
K4S281632F-UC75T   K4S281632F-UC75T K4S281632F-UC75T PDF Download   4.3 Screening (JANTX and JANTXV levels on
K4S281632F-UL75   K4S281632F-UL75 K4S281632F-UL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ NOTES: (1) Calibration can minimize these errors
K4S281632H-TC75   K4S281632H-TC75 K4S281632H-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ The AP1501 series are monolithic IC that design f
K4S281632ICU75T   K4S281632ICU75T K4S281632ICU75T PDF Download The STK12C68-20 requires VCC = 5.0V 5% supply t
K4S281632I-TC75   K4S281632I-TC75 K4S281632I-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG tsop 07+ Power Diode Module DD25F series are designed for
K4S281632IUC60   K4S281632IUC60 K4S281632IUC60 PDF Download Each of the three codewheel materials offers a
K4S281632I-UC60   K4S281632I-UC60 K4S281632I-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ 1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum eff
K4S281632I-UC60(ROHS128MSDRAM)   K4S281632I-UC60(ROHS128MSDRAM) K4S281632I-UC60(ROHS128MSDRAM) PDF Download A slight pull-in current is generated at the inp
K4S281632I-UC60ROHS   K4S281632I-UC60ROHS K4S281632I-UC60ROHS PDF Download Modem Control Output For external modem, these p
K4S281632I-UC60T   K4S281632I-UC60T K4S281632I-UC60T PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ • CASE: Hermetically sealed glass case wit
K4S281632I-UC60TSS   K4S281632I-UC60TSS K4S281632I-UC60TSS PDF Download A falling edge at pin LIN, followed by a dominan
K4S281632IUC75   K4S281632IUC75 K4S281632IUC75 PDF Download The HC367, HCT367, HC368, and CD74HCT368 silicon
K4S281632I-UC75   K4S281632I-UC75 K4S281632I-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ • Up to 60 MIPS at 60MHz core frequency &
K4S281632I-UC75000   K4S281632I-UC75000 K4S281632I-UC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ A continuous pulse input (push and hold) is defin
K4S281632I-UC75T   K4S281632I-UC75T K4S281632I-UC75T PDF Download SAMSUNG 07/08+ The functional block diagram on page 1 shows the
K4S281632IUC75T00   K4S281632IUC75T00 K4S281632IUC75T00 PDF Download All rights reserved. Copyright ©2000 Elm El
K4S281632I-UC75T00   K4S281632I-UC75T00 K4S281632I-UC75T00 PDF Download SAM 07+ Power DissipationInternally limited Input Volta
K4S281632I-UI75   K4S281632I-UI75 K4S281632I-UI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ 1500 Watts of Peak Pulse Power at 10/1000 s Prot
K4S281632IUI75000   K4S281632IUI75000 K4S281632IUI75000 PDF Download Timing is measured at pin threshold, with 50 pF
K4S281632IUI75T00   K4S281632IUI75T00 K4S281632IUI75T00 PDF Download button supply when a power failure occurs. Func-
K4S281632IUI75TCV   K4S281632IUI75TCV K4S281632IUI75TCV PDF Download Package Description 100-Lead LQFP 100-Lead LQFP
K4S281632K-UC60   K4S281632K-UC60 K4S281632K-UC60 PDF Download 08+ Since the ADR512 characteristics resemble those
K4S281632K-UC75   K4S281632K-UC75 K4S281632K-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP 08+ Note 1. 45µA max. (current consumption duri
K4S281632KUC75000   K4S281632KUC75000 K4S281632KUC75000 PDF Download The device is manufactured using Atmels high-den
K4S281632KUC75T00   K4S281632KUC75T00 K4S281632KUC75T00 PDF Download Battery voltage is monitored by a comparator via
K4S281632M-TC10   K4S281632M-TC10 K4S281632M-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Notes: 1. R1 is used to optimize the performanc
K4S281632M-TC1L   K4S281632M-TC1L K4S281632M-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Advantages n Replace expensive hybrid and modul
K4S281632M-TC75   K4S281632M-TC75 K4S281632M-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   C Stand-alone MP3 Decoder   C 48, 44
K4S281632M-TC80   K4S281632M-TC80 K4S281632M-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ NOTES: 1. 'X' in part numbers indicates power ra
K4S281632M-TL10   K4S281632M-TL10 K4S281632M-TL10 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Single Schottky rectifier suited to Switched Mod
K4S281632M-TL1H   K4S281632M-TL1H K4S281632M-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
K4S281632M-TL1L   K4S281632M-TL1L K4S281632M-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Glass Passivated chip junctions Low Reverse Leak
K4S281632M-TL80   K4S281632M-TL80 K4S281632M-TL80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ FEATURES Faults detected on 7 independent suppl
K4S281633A-BN75000   K4S281633A-BN75000 K4S281633A-BN75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 03+ The 82C37A allows an external signal to terminat
K4S281633D   K4S281633D K4S281633D PDF Download BGA128M 04+ FULL FLAG ( FF )   The Full Flag (FF) will
K4S281633DR75   K4S281633DR75 K4S281633DR75 PDF Download 1Cwire communication using the DS1481 is impossi
K4S281633D-RL75   K4S281633D-RL75 K4S281633D-RL75 PDF Download SEC 06+ 500 Blocking voltage : VDRM / VRRM = +/-700V Avalan
K4S281633D-RL75(8M16)   K4S281633D-RL75(8M16) K4S281633D-RL75(8M16) PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 03+ High speed instrumentation Scope and logic analy
K4S281633DRN75   K4S281633DRN75 K4S281633DRN75 PDF Download Communication with the phantom clock is establish
K4S281633D-RN75   K4S281633D-RN75 K4S281633D-RN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ Isolation Barrier The isolation barrier consists
K4S281634D   K4S281634D K4S281634D PDF Download SEC BGA BGA access for a read or program can begin. The typi
K4S281634D-RN15   K4S281634D-RN15 K4S281634D-RN15 PDF Download 01 These voltage regulators are monolithic integrate
K4S28163B-TC80   K4S28163B-TC80 K4S28163B-TC80 PDF Download This evaluation kit being sold by TI is intended
K4S28163C-TLIL   K4S28163C-TLIL K4S28163C-TLIL PDF Download The measurements of certain performance parameter
K4S28163DTC75   K4S28163DTC75 K4S28163DTC75 PDF Download OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Figure 1 and Figure 2 sh
K4S28163GD   K4S28163GD K4S28163GD PDF Download TA = 0C to 70C / -40C to 85C (I), unless otherwis
K4S28163LD   K4S28163LD K4S28163LD PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 03+   The MC145532 allows for the encoding and
K4S28163LD-RL75   K4S28163LD-RL75 K4S28163LD-RL75 PDF Download
K4S28163LD-RS75   K4S28163LD-RS75 K4S28163LD-RS75 PDF Download NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
K4S28163LQ-BL75T   K4S28163LQ-BL75T K4S28163LQ-BL75T PDF Download SEC BGA 226 The logic control inputs can be driven up to +3.
K4S283232   K4S283232 K4S283232 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The LD1086 is a LOW DROP Voltage Re
K4S283232ETC60   K4S283232ETC60 K4S283232ETC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ The three decades of the intermediate counter ca
K4S283232E-TC60   K4S283232E-TC60 K4S283232E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 0430+   Please read Application Note 1 "Gene
K4S283232E-TC75   K4S283232E-TC75 K4S283232E-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Description Negative reference for all voltages.
K4S283232H-TC60   K4S283232H-TC60 K4S283232H-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 05+ The AD9617 offers outstanding performance in hig
K4S283233E-DI1H000   K4S283233E-DI1H000 K4S283233E-DI1H000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 03+ BGA Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
K4S283233E-DN1H   K4S283233E-DN1H K4S283233E-DN1H PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 2004+ The Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107 are high perfor
K4S283233E-DN1L   K4S283233E-DN1L K4S283233E-DN1L PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 2003 The module may be disabled by pulling PC below 2
K4S283233E-DNIL   K4S283233E-DNIL K4S283233E-DNIL PDF Download bit or any arbitrary channels in ESF mode. The s
K4S283233E-HN1L   K4S283233E-HN1L K4S283233E-HN1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ BGA   (Note 9) (Continued) The following spec
K4S283233F   K4S283233F K4S283233F PDF Download Power-Good Threshold (Input): Analog reference u
K4S283233F-EN1H   K4S283233F-EN1H K4S283233F-EN1H PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+  CioA or B portVCC = 5 V,16 † All typ
K4S283233F-EN75   K4S283233F-EN75 K4S283233F-EN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 03+ NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V
K4S283233F-FN75   K4S283233F-FN75 K4S283233F-FN75 PDF Download Condition All outputs enabled. Audio clock (pin
K4S283233F-FN75000   K4S283233F-FN75000 K4S283233F-FN75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG The K4S283233F-FN75000 EV kit features a selectab
K4S283233F-HN1H   K4S283233F-HN1H K4S283233F-HN1H PDF Download SANMSUNG BGA Bidirectional 4-bit input/output port. Software
K4S283233F-HN1L   K4S283233F-HN1L K4S283233F-HN1L PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 04+   The power dissipation of the TSOP−6
K4S283233F-HN75   K4S283233F-HN75 K4S283233F-HN75 PDF Download The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to e
K4S283233F-MN1L   K4S283233F-MN1L K4S283233F-MN1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ digital or analog input Three 16-bit timer/count
K4S283233F-MN75   K4S283233F-MN75 K4S283233F-MN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 0404+   The 50C/W for the D2PAK package assumes th
K4S28323F-MN75   K4S28323F-MN75 K4S28323F-MN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 02+ understand that the LVDS data rate on the cable
K4S28323LF-FN75   K4S28323LF-FN75 K4S28323LF-FN75 PDF Download Besides the ac-coupling capacitors C1 through C4
K4S28323LF-HN75   K4S28323LF-HN75 K4S28323LF-HN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 02+ S3901/S3904 series do not require any DC voltage
K4S41632D-TC1H   K4S41632D-TC1H K4S41632D-TC1H PDF Download While the information presented herein has been
K4S510432B-TL75   K4S510432B-TL75 K4S510432B-TL75 PDF Download Samsung 07+ Left/right simultaneous volume or channel 1 volum
K4S510732C-TC1L   K4S510732C-TC1L K4S510732C-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2002   passive LCD panels.   • Up to
K4S510732C-TL1L   K4S510732C-TL1L K4S510732C-TL1L PDF Download   Third-Order IMD   Input Voltage Nois
K4S510732D-TC1L   K4S510732D-TC1L K4S510732D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2003 Offset Voltage: 150µV Max Input Bias Curre
K4S510732E-TC1L   K4S510732E-TC1L K4S510732E-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2004 1. Selection of C1 and D1:   C1 is used fo
K4S510832B-TC75   K4S510832B-TC75 K4S510832B-TC75 PDF Download Samsung 07+ Initial issue. 1. Note 1 ( Program/Erase Charact
K4S510832D-UC75   K4S510832D-UC75 K4S510832D-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages  AVDD
K4S510832M-TC75   K4S510832M-TC75 K4S510832M-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2004 The K4S510832M-TC75 is a monolithic CMOS integra
K4S511533C-YN1H   K4S511533C-YN1H K4S511533C-YN1H PDF Download SAMSUNG The SDA 9188-3X Picture-in-Picture (PIP) process
K4S511533C-YN1L   K4S511533C-YN1L K4S511533C-YN1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ BGA0921 This reference design is a high efficiency, high
K4S511533C-YN80   K4S511533C-YN80 K4S511533C-YN80 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 04+ North America Literature Fulfillment: Literature
K4S511533F-YL7   K4S511533F-YL7 K4S511533F-YL7 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 05+ Hermetic Isolated Surface Mount Package Adjusta
K4S511533FYL75   K4S511533FYL75 K4S511533FYL75 PDF Download The Si9185 is a 500-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) vo
K4S51153LC-YG1L   K4S51153LC-YG1L K4S51153LC-YG1L PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA Access Time Break-Before-Make Delay Time Enable
K4S51153LC-YGTL   K4S51153LC-YGTL K4S51153LC-YGTL PDF Download Design and specifications are subject to ch
K4S51153LF-YL1L   K4S51153LF-YL1L K4S51153LF-YL1L PDF Download   Ideally suited for interfacing between lo
K4S511632   K4S511632 K4S511632 PDF Download DMS (Data Management Software) allows systems to
K4S511632BTC75   K4S511632BTC75 K4S511632BTC75 PDF Download The information in this publication has been care
K4S511632B-TC75   K4S511632B-TC75 K4S511632B-TC75 PDF Download 三星 SSOP SSOP
K4S511632BTC-75   K4S511632BTC-75 K4S511632BTC-75 PDF Download • Internal or External Reference Voltage Se
K4S511632BTC75000   K4S511632BTC75000 K4S511632BTC75000 PDF Download The LM4953 contains advanced pop & click cir
K4S511632B-TC75000   K4S511632B-TC75000 K4S511632B-TC75000 PDF Download Alternately, you can get accurate time, all the t
K4S511632B-UC75   K4S511632B-UC75 K4S511632B-UC75 PDF Download SAM 05+   Please be aware that an important notice
K4S511632C-KC1R   K4S511632C-KC1R K4S511632C-KC1R PDF Download Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
K4S511632DUC75   K4S511632DUC75 K4S511632DUC75 PDF Download Enhanced 2D Graphics Controller Supports pixel
K4S511632D-UC75   K4S511632D-UC75 K4S511632D-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 06+
K4S511632DUC75000   K4S511632DUC75000 K4S511632DUC75000 PDF Download Reference level for the relative attenuation arel
K4S511632D-UC75000   K4S511632D-UC75000 K4S511632D-UC75000 PDF Download SAM 07+
K4S511632D-UC75T   K4S511632D-UC75T K4S511632D-UC75T PDF Download SAM 07+ Only stops CPUCLK_CS "Complementary"
K4S511632D-UC75T00   K4S511632D-UC75T00 K4S511632D-UC75T00 PDF Download SAM 07+ JA values shown are typical for standard test PC
K4S511632M-TC/TL75   K4S511632M-TC/TL75 K4S511632M-TC/TL75 PDF Download Samsung SOP TACHYON Architecture Tachyon TS continues with
K4S511632M-TC75   K4S511632M-TC75 K4S511632M-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 0401+ The LVDS Repeaters take an LVDS input signal and
K4S511633F   K4S511633F K4S511633F PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
K4S511633F-PF75   K4S511633F-PF75 K4S511633F-PF75 PDF Download Functions To provide memory addresses. During s
K4S511633F-PL75   K4S511633F-PL75 K4S511633F-PL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG (SX)computer IC 02+ Note: 1. Agilents enhancement mode E-pHEMT &nbs
K4S511633FYL75   K4S511633FYL75 K4S511633FYL75 PDF Download The HIP6601B, HIP6603B and HIP6604B are high- f
K4S51163LF-PL75   K4S51163LF-PL75 K4S51163LF-PL75 PDF Download SEC 05+ BGA11.5*10 BYTE/WORD PROGRAMMING: Once a memory block is era
K4S51163LF-YF75   K4S51163LF-YF75 K4S51163LF-YF75 PDF Download The K4S51163LF-YF75 is a low voltage, NPN Silico
K4S51163LF-YF75JR   K4S51163LF-YF75JR K4S51163LF-YF75JR PDF Download   The thermal protection circuit shuts off
K4S51163PF-PF1L   K4S51163PF-PF1L K4S51163PF-PF1L PDF Download Variable clock Bidirectional (TTL compatible inp
K4S51163PF-PF75   K4S51163PF-PF75 K4S51163PF-PF75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ Over the years, the performances of the SLICs c
K4S513233C-MP1L   K4S513233C-MP1L K4S513233C-MP1L PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 03+
K4S513233F-EL1L   K4S513233F-EL1L K4S513233F-EL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+   PAE and PAF flags can be programmed indepe
K4S513233FEL75   K4S513233FEL75 K4S513233FEL75 PDF Download The MAX5069A controllers internal oscillator cloc
K4S513233F-EL75   K4S513233F-EL75 K4S513233F-EL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 05+ BGAp/b Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
K4S51323LF-EL-75   K4S51323LF-EL-75 K4S51323LF-EL-75 PDF Download In order to latch in a new column address, both
K4S51323PF-EF1L   K4S51323PF-EF1L K4S51323PF-EF1L PDF Download 1 SAMSUM 06+ (1) If any of the products or technical informat
K4S51323PF-EF1LROHS   K4S51323PF-EF1LROHS K4S51323PF-EF1LROHS PDF Download The wide operating supply range and high accuracy
K4S51323PF-MF1L   K4S51323PF-MF1L K4S51323PF-MF1L PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 0510+ Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. reserves the right to
K4S51323PF-MF75   K4S51323PF-MF75 K4S51323PF-MF75 PDF Download The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are p
K4S51O732C-TC1L   K4S51O732C-TC1L K4S51O732C-TC1L PDF Download SOP SAMSUNG 2002 Using these two calibration methods, it is possi
K4S51O732D-TC1L   K4S51O732D-TC1L K4S51O732D-TC1L PDF Download Serial data input; receives serial data from the
K4S51O732E-TC1L   K4S51O732E-TC1L K4S51O732E-TC1L PDF Download SOP SAMSUNG 2004   The MAX2531 multiband LNA/Mixer IC is opt
K4S541632F-TL1H   K4S541632F-TL1H K4S541632F-TL1H PDF Download 1.) When operated within the SAFE OPERATING AREA
K4S560432B-TC1H   K4S560432B-TC1H K4S560432B-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ This confirms the very low remaining voltage acr
K4S560432BTC1L   K4S560432BTC1L K4S560432BTC1L PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
K4S560432C-TB75   K4S560432C-TB75 K4S560432C-TB75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The core of the PLHS501 is a programmable fuse
K4S560432C-TC75   K4S560432C-TC75 K4S560432C-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The RC2207 is a monolithic voltage-controlled os
K4S560432D-TC75   K4S560432D-TC75 K4S560432D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2003   The 0.057 OHM term takes into account any
K4S560432D-TL75   K4S560432D-TL75 K4S560432D-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 2003 The sensor consists of a precision linear Hall IC
K4S560432ETC75   K4S560432ETC75 K4S560432ETC75 PDF Download Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
K4S560432E-TC75   K4S560432E-TC75 K4S560432E-TC75 PDF Download SSOP SAMSUNG 03+   The maximum power that can be safely dissi
K4S560432E-TL75   K4S560432E-TL75 K4S560432E-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ After the CMX866 has been successfully powered up
K4S560832A-TC1H   K4S560832A-TC1H K4S560832A-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Hynix HYMD564726(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
K4S560832A-TC1L   K4S560832A-TC1L K4S560832A-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   Proper operation requires the use of two
K4S560832A-TC-L1H   K4S560832A-TC-L1H K4S560832A-TC-L1H PDF Download These devices are positive edge triggered flip-f
K4S560832B-TC1H   K4S560832B-TC1H K4S560832B-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ When V CC is out of tolerance, the circuit write
K4S560832B-TC75   K4S560832B-TC75 K4S560832B-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   The dimensional diagrams below compare th
K4S560832B-TC80   K4S560832B-TC80 K4S560832B-TC80 PDF Download Note: 1.Year date code. 2. 2-digit work week.
K4S560832C   K4S560832C K4S560832C PDF Download KEY FEATURES 350 MHz High Performance Blackfin
K4S560832C-TB1H   K4S560832C-TB1H K4S560832C-TB1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+
K4S560832C-TC75   K4S560832C-TC75 K4S560832C-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxim
K4S560832C-TC75000   K4S560832C-TC75000 K4S560832C-TC75000 PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under "
K4S560832C-TC7C   K4S560832C-TC7C K4S560832C-TC7C PDF Download SamSung STK 2003+  IGSSGate-to-Source Leakage Forward  I
K4S560832D-TC75   K4S560832D-TC75 K4S560832D-TC75 PDF Download SUNSING TSOP 03+   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a
K4S560832E-TC75   K4S560832E-TC75 K4S560832E-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ The watchdog pulse output (WDPO) utilizes an open
K4S560832E-TC75T00   K4S560832E-TC75T00 K4S560832E-TC75T00 PDF Download SAMSUNG In the XGMII 9-bit mode, the unencoded data are l
K4S560832E-UC75   K4S560832E-UC75 K4S560832E-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ UART channel B Transmit Data or infrared encoder
K4S560832H-UC75   K4S560832H-UC75 K4S560832H-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ Figure 3 shows the proper connection of the VRE3
K4S560832H-UC75000   K4S560832H-UC75000 K4S560832H-UC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ Dead-time control prevents shoot-through current
K4S561632   K4S561632 K4S561632 PDF Download TSOP54 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
K4S561632A-TC1H   K4S561632A-TC1H K4S561632A-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Of the 87 product terms, 80 are for general-purpo
K4S561632A-TC1L   K4S561632A-TC1L K4S561632A-TC1L PDF Download Do Not Connect No Internal Connection No Inter
K4S561632A-TC75   K4S561632A-TC75 K4S561632A-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Time Out Counter. The Time Out is performed by
K4S561632A-TL1L   K4S561632A-TL1L K4S561632A-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
K4S561632B-TC1H   K4S561632B-TC1H K4S561632B-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
K4S561632B-TC1L   K4S561632B-TC1L K4S561632B-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Voltage Referenced to GND V+ IN, COM, NO, NC (N
K4S561632B-TC75   K4S561632B-TC75 K4S561632B-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The HY51V(S)16160HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
K4S561632B-TL1L   K4S561632B-TL1L K4S561632B-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The HRPG uses optical reflective technology pr
K4S561632B-TL75   K4S561632B-TL75 K4S561632B-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Pin NamePin TX Data 031 TX Data 147 TX Data 25
K4S561632C-TB75   K4S561632C-TB75 K4S561632C-TB75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
K4S561632C-TC1H   K4S561632C-TC1H K4S561632C-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-54 • Can be driven by a 4 V power source 
K4S561632C-TC1L   K4S561632C-TC1L K4S561632C-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-54 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
K4S561632C-TC60   K4S561632C-TC60 K4S561632C-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 The CY2313ANZ is a 3.3V buffer designed to distr
K4S561632CTC75   K4S561632CTC75 K4S561632CTC75 PDF Download 1 ms instruction cycle time Fourteen multi-sourc
K4S561632C-TC75   K4S561632C-TC75 K4S561632C-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 04+ The design is based on an ARM7® microprocess
K4S561632C-TL1L   K4S561632C-TL1L K4S561632C-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+   Two mailbox registers provide a separate
K4S561632C-TL75   K4S561632C-TL75 K4S561632C-TL75 PDF Download SAM TSOP54 0142+   The CS5204−x family of linear regula
K4S561632C-TL7C   K4S561632C-TL7C K4S561632C-TL7C PDF Download SamSung STK 2003+ 12-CHANNEL GAMMA CORRECTION 10-BIT RESOLUTION D
K4S561632D-NC75   K4S561632D-NC75 K4S561632D-NC75 PDF Download Note 3: When the input voltage at any pin exceeds
K4S561632D-TC1H   K4S561632D-TC1H K4S561632D-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The K4S561632D-TC1H is a monolithic circuit base
K4S561632D-TC1L   K4S561632D-TC1L K4S561632D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Performance warranty of products offered on this
K4S561632D-TC75   K4S561632D-TC75 K4S561632D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 04+ nRF401 is a true single chip UHF transceiver desi
K4S561632D-TI75   K4S561632D-TI75 K4S561632D-TI75 PDF Download 04+ SAM 350 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
K4S561632D-TL75   K4S561632D-TL75 K4S561632D-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram
K4S561632D-TL75000   K4S561632D-TL75000 K4S561632D-TL75000 PDF Download The 420LE/B series is designed to protect data l
K4S561632D-UC75   K4S561632D-UC75 K4S561632D-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximu
K4S561632D-UI75   K4S561632D-UI75 K4S561632D-UI75 PDF Download (Continued)   • Direct power saving
K4S561632E   K4S561632E K4S561632E PDF Download The CLC031A SMPTE 292M / 259M Digital Video Des
K4S561632E-NC60   K4S561632E-NC60 K4S561632E-NC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ TSOP • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
K4S561632E-NC75   K4S561632E-NC75 K4S561632E-NC75 PDF Download
K4S561632E-TC60   K4S561632E-TC60 K4S561632E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ Inhibit*: This is an open-collector (open-drain)
K4S561632ETC75   K4S561632ETC75 K4S561632ETC75 PDF Download Notes: 1. Measurements at 2 GHz with biasing 2.7
K4S561632E-TC75   K4S561632E-TC75 K4S561632E-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 0422+ Short Circuit Applied to Output When a heavy loa
K4S561632E-TC75(16M16)   K4S561632E-TC75(16M16) K4S561632E-TC75(16M16) PDF Download The 318 series of decoders receive serial addres
K4S561632E-TC75000   K4S561632E-TC75000 K4S561632E-TC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+  (ang) -176.77 -176.95 -176.88 -176.62
K4S561632E-TC75T00   K4S561632E-TC75T00 K4S561632E-TC75T00 PDF Download • Microchips Worldwide Web site; http://ww
K4S561632E-TI75   K4S561632E-TI75 K4S561632E-TI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 734 Each port has independent control pins; Chip Enab
K4S561632ETI75TCV   K4S561632ETI75TCV K4S561632ETI75TCV PDF Download During a READ operation (mode 2 error detection)
K4S561632E-TL75   K4S561632E-TL75 K4S561632E-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 The K4S561632E-TL75 is a single-chip synthesizer
K4S561632E-TL75000   K4S561632E-TL75000 K4S561632E-TL75000 PDF Download 8. Guaranteed by Design. 9. This parameter is
K4S561632E-UC60   K4S561632E-UC60 K4S561632E-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ An active high input from an external circuit wh
K4S561632EUC75   K4S561632EUC75 K4S561632EUC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
K4S561632E-UC75   K4S561632E-UC75 K4S561632E-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ This series of optically coupled isolators consi
K4S561632E-UC75000   K4S561632E-UC75000 K4S561632E-UC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG The microprocessor can program the a8237 when th
K4S561632E-UC75ROHS   K4S561632E-UC75ROHS K4S561632E-UC75ROHS PDF Download The CYP15G0401DXA Quad HOTLink II™ Transce
K4S561632E-UC75T00   K4S561632E-UC75T00 K4S561632E-UC75T00 PDF Download   Operating temperature range is: C40C to +
K4S561632E-UC7C   K4S561632E-UC7C K4S561632E-UC7C PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ 66.66MHz clock output for AGP support. AGP-PCI s
K4S561632E-UI75   K4S561632E-UI75 K4S561632E-UI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP Size (max.): HR151 and HR152 models, case H6 &n
K4S561632EUL75   K4S561632EUL75 K4S561632EUL75 PDF Download The HAL 57x, HAL 58x two-wire sensors are monoli
K4S561632E-UL75   K4S561632E-UL75 K4S561632E-UL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ These full reels are individually barcode labele
K4S561632F-TC75   K4S561632F-TC75 K4S561632F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUGN TSOP54 05+ • The basic gate function is lined up as Re
K4S561632F-TI75   K4S561632F-TI75 K4S561632F-TI75 PDF Download 04/ SAMSUNG 600 - Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, R
K4S561632H-TC75   K4S561632H-TC75 K4S561632H-TC75 PDF Download The AMC5902 is a monolithic chip with 6 channel
K4S561632H-UC60   K4S561632H-UC60 K4S561632H-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 747   The serial interface centers on a fourtee
K4S561632H-UC60000   K4S561632H-UC60000 K4S561632H-UC60000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ Note: 1. Commercial Product: TA=0 to 70C, otherw
K4S561632HUC60T00   K4S561632HUC60T00 K4S561632HUC60T00 PDF Download The NMH series of industrial temperature range D
K4S561632HUC75   K4S561632HUC75 K4S561632HUC75 PDF Download SAM 2005 Generating a sine wave is generally more difficu
K4S561632H-UC75   K4S561632H-UC75 K4S561632H-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 08+
K4S561632H-UC75000   K4S561632H-UC75000 K4S561632H-UC75000 PDF Download SAM 07+ The serial Command mode allows access to the K4S
K4S561632H-UC75T   K4S561632H-UC75T K4S561632H-UC75T PDF Download SAMSUNG The data in Table II came from a monolithic bipo
K4S561632HUC75T00   K4S561632HUC75T00 K4S561632HUC75T00 PDF Download LCD COM/SEG output driving voltage. If internal s
K4S561632H-UC75T00   K4S561632H-UC75T00 K4S561632H-UC75T00 PDF Download SAM 07+ Description Core Power Supply +2.5V Core Power
K4S561632H-UI75   K4S561632H-UI75 K4S561632H-UI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ The activation energy of the failure mechanism is
K4S561632H-UI75000   K4S561632H-UI75000 K4S561632H-UI75000 PDF Download SAM The output capacitor must meet the requirements
K4S561632H-UL75   K4S561632H-UL75 K4S561632H-UL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ Note 4 The M1 and M2 threshold specifications ar
K4S561632J-UC75   K4S561632J-UC75 K4S561632J-UC75 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A next to the chip pins. A ceramic capacitor of up
K4S561632JUC75000   K4S561632JUC75000 K4S561632JUC75000 PDF Download The Bold specifications apply to the full operat
K4S561632JUC75T00   K4S561632JUC75T00 K4S561632JUC75T00 PDF Download 4300 SAMSUNG   The MIPS integer unit implements a load/s
K4S561632JUI75000   K4S561632JUI75000 K4S561632JUI75000 PDF Download Enhanced PCI South Bridge for Desktop, Mobile an
K4S561633C-RL75   K4S561633C-RL75 K4S561633C-RL75 PDF Download BGA 0325+ The DM562P integrated modem is a two-chipset des
K4S561633C-RN1L   K4S561633C-RN1L K4S561633C-RN1L PDF Download SAM 02+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel bus inte
K4S561633CRN75   K4S561633CRN75 K4S561633CRN75 PDF Download Wake-up Function for a Microcontroller with Pream
K4S561633C-RN75   K4S561633C-RN75 K4S561633C-RN75 PDF Download IC BGA 0313+ 1.8/3.3 V Dual Supply Operation AD9736 SFDR >
K4S561633C-TL75   K4S561633C-TL75 K4S561633C-TL75 PDF Download   On the MPC859DSL, the SCC (SCC1) is for e
K4S561633F   K4S561633F K4S561633F PDF Download TSOP 08+ 62 powerful instructions Up to 1ms instruction c
K4S561633FXL75   K4S561633FXL75 K4S561633FXL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 05+ The LTC1998 is a low battery warning indicator an
K4S561633F-XL75   K4S561633F-XL75 K4S561633F-XL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ The 48 dB gain range of the VGA makes these devi
K4S561633F-XL75000   K4S561633F-XL75000 K4S561633F-XL75000 PDF Download The K4S561633F-XL75000 is a single chip micro-con
K4S561633FXN75   K4S561633FXN75 K4S561633FXN75 PDF Download The CS8920A implements Plug and Play in ac- cor
K4S561633F-XN75   K4S561633F-XN75 K4S561633F-XN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ Note 4 For a power supply of 5V g10% the worst ca
K4S561633F-ZL75   K4S561633F-ZL75 K4S561633F-ZL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ Because the relationship between measured differe
K4S561633RN75   K4S561633RN75 K4S561633RN75 PDF Download SOT-23 parts are shipped in tape. The carrier ta
K4S56163C-RL75   K4S56163C-RL75 K4S56163C-RL75 PDF Download Once triggered, the basic pulse duration can be
K4S56163D-TI75   K4S56163D-TI75 K4S56163D-TI75 PDF Download 5.0, 3.3, OR 3.0V OPERATING VOLTAGE SERIAL INTE
K4S56163LC-RG75   K4S56163LC-RG75 K4S56163LC-RG75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA The entry of sections for each group is truly ra
K4S56163LC-RG75T000   K4S56163LC-RG75T000 K4S56163LC-RG75T000 PDF Download H = High Voltage Level, L = Low Voltage Level, X
K4S56163LC-RL75   K4S56163LC-RL75 K4S56163LC-RL75 PDF Download
K4S56163LCRS75   K4S56163LCRS75 K4S56163LCRS75 PDF Download Output Enable, asynchronous input, active LOW. C
K4S56163LF   K4S56163LF K4S56163LF PDF Download SAM BGA 0446+
K4S56163LF-XG75   K4S56163LF-XG75 K4S56163LF-XG75 PDF Download SEC 04+ BGA8*11 The TLSI T73LVP20 is a general-purpose LVTTL/LVCM
K4S56163LF-ZG75   K4S56163LF-ZG75 K4S56163LF-ZG75 PDF Download SAM BGA-54 05+   The Samsung M390S2858CT1 is a 128M bit x
K4S56163PF   K4S56163PF K4S56163PF PDF Download SAMSUNG 0619+0552+ BGA Note 5: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
K4S56163PF-BG1L   K4S56163PF-BG1L K4S56163PF-BG1L PDF Download Samsung 08+ The application circuit shows a flyback converte
K4S56163PF-BG1L000   K4S56163PF-BG1L000 K4S56163PF-BG1L000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0511+ After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
K4S56163PF-BG1LT00ROHS   K4S56163PF-BG1LT00ROHS K4S56163PF-BG1LT00ROHS PDF Download CURRENT COMMAND (+,-) - are differential inputs f
K4S56163PFBG75   K4S56163PFBG75 K4S56163PFBG75 PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-200 Gate Thre
K4S56163PF-BG75   K4S56163PF-BG75 K4S56163PF-BG75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 05+ Additional features include thermal shutdown to p
K4S56163PF-RG75   K4S56163PF-RG75 K4S56163PF-RG75 PDF Download 0524+ Additionally, the ASLIC device and ASLAC device
K4S56163PF-RG75000   K4S56163PF-RG75000 K4S56163PF-RG75000 PDF Download ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
K4S563233F-HN75   K4S563233F-HN75 K4S563233F-HN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2.
K4S563233FHN75000   K4S563233FHN75000 K4S563233FHN75000 PDF Download Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V Outpu
K4S56323LF-FN75   K4S56323LF-FN75 K4S56323LF-FN75 PDF Download As shown in the functional block diagram on Page
K4S56323LF-HN1H   K4S56323LF-HN1H K4S56323LF-HN1H PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA90 04+ In addition, this family is immune to the effect
K4S56323LF-HN75   K4S56323LF-HN75 K4S56323LF-HN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ Each of the six clock outputs can come from any o
K4S56323PF-HG75ROHS   K4S56323PF-HG75ROHS K4S56323PF-HG75ROHS PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
K4S64032E-EC50   K4S64032E-EC50 K4S64032E-EC50 PDF Download SAM   The following discussion refers to the sc
K4S6404320-TL1L   K4S6404320-TL1L K4S6404320-TL1L PDF Download High Bandwidth: 150MHz 16-Bit Settling in 150ns
K4S640432D-TC1L   K4S640432D-TC1L K4S640432D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 01+ The new generation CoolSET™-F3 provides Ac
K4S640432E-TL75   K4S640432E-TL75 K4S640432E-TL75 PDF Download   Input Current, IIN, SCLK Pin   Input
K4S640432F-TC75   K4S640432F-TC75 K4S640432F-TC75 PDF Download   TOSHIBA continually is working to improve
K4S6408320-TC1L   K4S6408320-TC1L K4S6408320-TC1L PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
K4S6408320-TL1H   K4S6408320-TL1H K4S6408320-TL1H PDF Download (1) LED CURRENT CONTROL   The NJU6052 incor
K4S640832C-TC80   K4S640832C-TC80 K4S640832C-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG NOTE 1: VI(AIN) is AIN+ − AIN− range
K4S640832D-TC10   K4S640832D-TC10 K4S640832D-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation
K4S640832D-TC1H   K4S640832D-TC1H K4S640832D-TC1H PDF Download TSOP 0034+ The leading-edge 0.15 µm / 0.12 µm C
K4S640832D-TC1L   K4S640832D-TC1L K4S640832D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+   This automotive grade product provides a
K4S640832D-TC70   K4S640832D-TC70 K4S640832D-TC70 PDF Download The bq2000 uses a peak-voltage detection (PVD) sc
K4S640832D-TC75   K4S640832D-TC75 K4S640832D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 Operating from a wide-input voltage range of 7 V
K4S640832D-TC80   K4S640832D-TC80 K4S640832D-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
K4S640832D-TL1H   K4S640832D-TL1H K4S640832D-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNSG 0028 The SG117A Series are 3-terminal positive adjust
K4S640832E-TC1L   K4S640832E-TC1L K4S640832E-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG Port RAM for 32-bit-or-more word systems. Using
K4S640832E-TC75   K4S640832E-TC75 K4S640832E-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 Of course, it is difficult for a microcontroller
K4S640832F-TC1H000   K4S640832F-TC1H000 K4S640832F-TC1H000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
K4S640832F-TC75   K4S640832F-TC75 K4S640832F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG DC01+ Power Diode Module DD60GB series are designed fo
K4S640832F-TC75000   K4S640832F-TC75000 K4S640832F-TC75000 PDF Download 02+ SAMSUNG 33 DC Supply Voltage Reverse DC Supply Voltage D
K4S640832HTC75   K4S640832HTC75 K4S640832HTC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ NOTES: 1. CPD is used to determine the dynamic
K4S640832H-TC75   K4S640832H-TC75 K4S640832H-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ The UCC3808 family offers a variety of package t
K4S640832H-UC75   K4S640832H-UC75 K4S640832H-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP   In most applications, the transient suppr
K4S640832K-UC75   K4S640832K-UC75 K4S640832K-UC75 PDF Download The K4S640832K-UC75/MAX6626 combine a temperature
K4S640832KUC75T00   K4S640832KUC75T00 K4S640832KUC75T00 PDF Download When applying signals to RECIN (rectifier input)
K4S64132F   K4S64132F K4S64132F PDF Download SAM   Complies with the USB HUB Device Class S
K4S641612E-TC50   K4S641612E-TC50 K4S641612E-TC50 PDF Download CPUS_STOP# is an asychronous input to the clock s
K4S641620HTC-60   K4S641620HTC-60 K4S641620HTC-60 PDF Download Get the insight you need to solve your debugging
K4S641620HUC-75   K4S641620HUC-75 K4S641620HUC-75 PDF Download Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
K4S641622C-TC10   K4S641622C-TC10 K4S641622C-TC10 PDF Download Note 6: Care must be taken to ensure TSTC and THT
K4S641622C-TC80   K4S641622C-TC80 K4S641622C-TC80 PDF Download The Z86E73/L73/E74/L74 are ROM-based members of
K4S64162H-TC7000   K4S64162H-TC7000 K4S64162H-TC7000 PDF Download The user has the flexibility of using this devic
K4S641632   K4S641632 K4S641632 PDF Download SMA TSOP DESCRIPTION Dual center tab Schottky rectifier
K4S6416320-TC1H   K4S6416320-TC1H K4S6416320-TC1H PDF Download The Frequency and/or Pulse Width (high or low) o
K4S6416320-TC1L   K4S6416320-TC1L K4S6416320-TC1L PDF Download At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked.
K4S6416320-TC60   K4S6416320-TC60 K4S6416320-TC60 PDF Download  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
K4S6416320-TC70   K4S6416320-TC70 K4S6416320-TC70 PDF Download Maximum output deviation is 10% inclusive of trim
K4S6416320-TC75   K4S6416320-TC75 K4S6416320-TC75 PDF Download The HSDL-1100 contains a high speed, high effi
K4S641632C   K4S641632C K4S641632C PDF Download The ATF1502ASV macrocell, shown in Figure 1, is
K4S641632C-TC10   K4S641632C-TC10 K4S641632C-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG The ADSP-21365/6 includes an on-chip instruction
K4S641632C-TC1H   K4S641632C-TC1H K4S641632C-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG Following the filter section is a decoder employ
K4S641632C-TC1L   K4S641632C-TC1L K4S641632C-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG
K4S641632C-TC70   K4S641632C-TC70 K4S641632C-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG A0, A1, A2, A3 (Pins 2, 3, 21, 22)   Addres
K4S641632C-TC75   K4S641632C-TC75 K4S641632C-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG Multi-Protocol Serial Communications Controller
K4S641632C-TC80   K4S641632C-TC80 K4S641632C-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG The L4962is mountedin a 16-lead Powerdip plastic
K4S641632C-TL10   K4S641632C-TL10 K4S641632C-TL10 PDF Download SAMSUNG 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC.2. Fm
K4S641632C-TL1H   K4S641632C-TL1H K4S641632C-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG Any and all SANYO products described or containe
K4S641632C-TL1L   K4S641632C-TL1L K4S641632C-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG A 1% resistor must be connected between this pin
K4S641632C-TL60   K4S641632C-TL60 K4S641632C-TL60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 The K4S641632C-TL60 is a low power stereo audio c
K4S641632C-TL70   K4S641632C-TL70 K4S641632C-TL70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 n Efficiency up to 92% n Simple and easy to de
K4S641632C-TL80   K4S641632C-TL80 K4S641632C-TL80 PDF Download SAMSUNG AH276 are integrated Hall sensors with output dr
K4S641632D   K4S641632D K4S641632D PDF Download SAMSUNG 30 1. Voltage accuracy on 3VDC and triple outputs 3%
K4S641632D-GC75   K4S641632D-GC75 K4S641632D-GC75 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are limiting val
K4S641632D-TC10   K4S641632D-TC10 K4S641632D-TC10 PDF Download Reset Output. RESET/RESET is an active LOW/HIGH,
K4S641632D-TC12   K4S641632D-TC12 K4S641632D-TC12 PDF Download   Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M14.3M   Opera
K4S641632DTC1H   K4S641632DTC1H K4S641632DTC1H PDF Download regulator and the load is gained up by the factor
K4S641632D-TC1H   K4S641632D-TC1H K4S641632D-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNSG 00   ML6XX16 is a high power AlGaAs semiconduct
K4S641632D-TC1H000   K4S641632D-TC1H000 K4S641632D-TC1H000 PDF Download When the device is first powered on, it will be
K4S641632D-TC1K   K4S641632D-TC1K K4S641632D-TC1K PDF Download SEC TSSOP Analog-for-the-Digital Age, Application Maestro,
K4S641632DTC1L   K4S641632DTC1L K4S641632DTC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP Address Strobe Input. Used as an address qualifi
K4S641632D-TC1L   K4S641632D-TC1L K4S641632D-TC1L PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 00+ It is our intention to provide our valued custom
K4S641632D-TC60   K4S641632D-TC60 K4S641632D-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNSG 01   The 300C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
K4S641632D-TC70   K4S641632D-TC70 K4S641632D-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG PARAMETER  Operating Supply Range Quiescen
K4S641632DTC75   K4S641632DTC75 K4S641632DTC75 PDF Download The ADF7012 is a low power FSK/GFSK/OOK/GOOK/ASK
K4S641632D-TC75   K4S641632D-TC75 K4S641632D-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP-54 Figure 1 and Table 2 show the maximum board dim
K4S641632D-TC80   K4S641632D-TC80 K4S641632D-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNSG 0142/45 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
K4S641632D-TC8000   K4S641632D-TC8000 K4S641632D-TC8000 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
K4S641632D-TCIL   K4S641632D-TCIL K4S641632D-TCIL PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
K4S641632D-TI80   K4S641632D-TI80 K4S641632D-TI80 PDF Download PMC-2001514 (p2) © Copyright PMC-Sierra,
K4S641632D-TL   K4S641632D-TL K4S641632D-TL PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 00+ The CY7B951 operates at either of two frequency
K4S641632D-TL1H   K4S641632D-TL1H K4S641632D-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG Accuracy (each DAC)   Integral linearity e
K4S641632DTL1L   K4S641632DTL1L K4S641632DTL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 001+   SNT-4A S-817A11APF-CUATFG S-817A12APF-CU
K4S641632-D-TL1L   K4S641632-D-TL1L K4S641632-D-TL1L PDF Download Supply Voltage Supply Current Output Voltage L
K4S641632D-TL1L   K4S641632D-TL1L K4S641632D-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
K4S641632D-TL80   K4S641632D-TL80 K4S641632D-TL80 PDF Download SAMSUNG   This low failure rate represents data col
K4S641632E-TC1H   K4S641632E-TC1H K4S641632E-TC1H PDF Download SAMSUNG NOTES: (a) For a dual device surface mounted on
K4S641632E-TC1L   K4S641632E-TC1L K4S641632E-TC1L PDF Download 0103+ NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
K4S641632E-TC55   K4S641632E-TC55 K4S641632E-TC55 PDF Download SAMSUNG Specifications provided in this document superse
K4S641632E-TC60   K4S641632E-TC60 K4S641632E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 01+ The XRT75VL00D includes a Jitter Attenuator that
K4S641632E-TC70   K4S641632E-TC70 K4S641632E-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG Changes throughout document including the follow
K4S641632E-TC75   K4S641632E-TC75 K4S641632E-TC75 PDF Download SAM TSOP 01/02+ Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates
K4S641632E-TC80   K4S641632E-TC80 K4S641632E-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP   Technology • Positive VCE(ON)Temper
K4S641632E-TCIH   K4S641632E-TCIH K4S641632E-TCIH PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54 Downstream from these two AND gates are an Exclu
K4S641632E-TI1L   K4S641632E-TI1L K4S641632E-TI1L PDF Download SamSung STK 2003+ The SC16C654B/654DB is pin compatible with the S
K4S641632E-TI75   K4S641632E-TI75 K4S641632E-TI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG DC0226 The TLC77xxI is characterized for operation over
K4S641632E-TL1H   K4S641632E-TL1H K4S641632E-TL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG The LM3519 is a step-up converter for white LED
K4S641632E-TL1L   K4S641632E-TL1L K4S641632E-TL1L PDF Download SAMSUNG To achieve the specified performance, pay careful
K4S641632E-TL60   K4S641632E-TL60 K4S641632E-TL60 PDF Download n 3 IEEE 1149.1-compatible configurable local sc
K4S641632E-TL75   K4S641632E-TL75 K4S641632E-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG DC0533 Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V
K4S641632F-60   K4S641632F-60 K4S641632F-60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 99+/04 Input Termination Center-Tap: Each side of the di
K4S641632F-75   K4S641632F-75 K4S641632F-75 PDF Download • Pout>13W, çT>40% @ VDD=12.5
K4S641632F-TC1L   K4S641632F-TC1L K4S641632F-TC1L PDF Download The LT®1976 is a 200kHz monolithic buck switc
K4S641632F-TC50   K4S641632F-TC50 K4S641632F-TC50 PDF Download SAMSUNG  This IC is 1 chip driv er IC f or spindle
K4S641632F-TC55   K4S641632F-TC55 K4S641632F-TC55 PDF Download SAMSUNG The K4S641632F-TC55 includes an on-chip precision
K4S641632F-TC60   K4S641632F-TC60 K4S641632F-TC60 PDF Download Stock item ★Original and new, Special price! 08+ If the I/O is configured as an output, then eith
K4S641632F-TC70   K4S641632F-TC70 K4S641632F-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Tim
K4S641632FTC75   K4S641632FTC75 K4S641632FTC75 PDF Download The SC16C2550B is pin compatible with the ST16C2
K4S641632F-TC75   K4S641632F-TC75 K4S641632F-TC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 05+ The simplest approach for generating low-current
K4S641632F-TC75(RAM)   K4S641632F-TC75(RAM) K4S641632F-TC75(RAM) PDF Download   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of th
K4S641632F-TC75000   K4S641632F-TC75000 K4S641632F-TC75000 PDF Download allowed to rise, linearly, as this capacitor is
K4S641632F-TC75TMO   K4S641632F-TC75TMO K4S641632F-TC75TMO PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ The transmitter accepts CMOS logic level clock (
K4S641632F-TI60   K4S641632F-TI60 K4S641632F-TI60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP54   The following discussion refers to the sc
K4S641632F-TI70   K4S641632F-TI70 K4S641632F-TI70 PDF Download The LIS2L02AL has a full scale of 2g and it is
K4S641632FTI75   K4S641632FTI75 K4S641632FTI75 PDF Download sams sams dc04 The SM5009 series are crystal oscillator module
K4S641632F-TI75   K4S641632F-TI75 K4S641632F-TI75 PDF Download The K4S641632F-TI75 is a monolithic CMOS integra
K4S641632F-TL60   K4S641632F-TL60 K4S641632F-TL60 PDF Download SAMSUNG
K4S641632F-TL75   K4S641632F-TL75 K4S641632F-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG
K4S641632F-TP75000   K4S641632F-TP75000 K4S641632F-TP75000 PDF Download Generates a Regulated Auxiliary Output in Isolate
K4S641632F-UC75   K4S641632F-UC75 K4S641632F-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+   NOTES   Sample tested during initial
K4S641632H   K4S641632H K4S641632H PDF Download SAMSUNG DESCRIPTION Dual center tap rectifier suited fo
K4S641632H-60   K4S641632H-60 K4S641632H-60 PDF Download When EBEN is high and EA is low all program mem-
K4S641632H-RN75   K4S641632H-RN75 K4S641632H-RN75 PDF Download SAM 04+ Load current passes through the external current
K4S641632HTC60   K4S641632HTC60 K4S641632HTC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ NOTES 1All limits at temperature extremes are gu
K4S641632H-TC60   K4S641632H-TC60 K4S641632H-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 05+;03+ Features lInternational standard packages lLow
K4S641632H-TC60(4MBX16)   K4S641632H-TC60(4MBX16) K4S641632H-TC60(4MBX16) PDF Download ADDRESS STROBE: This is an active high signal us
K4S641632H-TC60T00   K4S641632H-TC60T00 K4S641632H-TC60T00 PDF Download The UCC383 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
K4S641632HTC70   K4S641632HTC70 K4S641632HTC70 PDF Download VIN (Positive Supply Voltage): This pin supplies
K4S641632H-TC70   K4S641632H-TC70 K4S641632H-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG VIN TO IOUT TRANSFER FUNCTION Output   Spe
K4S641632HTC75   K4S641632HTC75 K4S641632HTC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+
K4S641632HTC-75   K4S641632HTC-75 K4S641632HTC-75 PDF Download SAMSUNG • Triple Logic Voltage Outputs   (Ind
K4S641632H-TC75(4M16)   K4S641632H-TC75(4M16) K4S641632H-TC75(4M16) PDF Download Split supplies of 3.3V and 2.5V are used. The 3.3
K4S641632H-TC7500   K4S641632H-TC7500 K4S641632H-TC7500 PDF Download SAMSUNG IF+, IF C (Pins 2, 3): Differential IF Signal Inp
K4S641632H-TC75000   K4S641632H-TC75000 K4S641632H-TC75000 PDF Download A fixed precision resistor from this pin to groun
K4S641632H-TC75T   K4S641632H-TC75T K4S641632H-TC75T PDF Download The JTAG translator feature allows you to access
K4S641632H-TC75T00   K4S641632H-TC75T00 K4S641632H-TC75T00 PDF Download High resolution ADC   24 bits no missing co
K4S641632HTI60   K4S641632HTI60 K4S641632HTI60 PDF Download sam sam dc0516 Low skew: < 200ps Fast switching frequency
K4S641632H-TI60   K4S641632H-TI60 K4S641632H-TI60 PDF Download HN58X25xxx Series is the Serial Peripheral Inter
K4S641632HTI75   K4S641632HTI75 K4S641632HTI75 PDF Download sam sam dc0434 4. Setting possible during non-induction  
K4S641632H-TI75   K4S641632H-TI75 K4S641632H-TI75 PDF Download
K4S641632H-TL75   K4S641632H-TL75 K4S641632H-TL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG • Controller Overhead Command to DRQ  
K4S641632HUC60   K4S641632HUC60 K4S641632HUC60 PDF Download The K4S641632HUC60 is a single chip integrated c
K4S641632H-UC60   K4S641632H-UC60 K4S641632H-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ The RS-232 receivers convert the EIA RS-232 inp
K4S641632H-UC60000   K4S641632H-UC60000 K4S641632H-UC60000 PDF Download While a single output may be used alone (includ-
K4S641632H-UC70   K4S641632H-UC70 K4S641632H-UC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 04+
K4S641632HUC75   K4S641632HUC75 K4S641632HUC75 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ The ATF1502ASVs flip-flop has very flexible data
K4S641632H-UC75   K4S641632H-UC75 K4S641632H-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ The 1-wire bus and CPP can provide sufficient pa
K4S641632H-UC75000   K4S641632H-UC75000 K4S641632H-UC75000 PDF Download Synchronizer and Baud Rate Selection Linear Rece
K4S641632H-UL75   K4S641632H-UL75 K4S641632H-UL75 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+
K4S641632H-UP75   K4S641632H-UP75 K4S641632H-UP75 PDF Download 08+ • 35 I/O pins, including nine high-current p
K4S641632K-TC75   K4S641632K-TC75 K4S641632K-TC75 PDF Download 0549+ MaverickKey™ IDs • 32-bit unique ID
K4S641632KUC60   K4S641632KUC60 K4S641632KUC60 PDF Download The AD5429/AD5439/AD54491 are CMOS 8-, 10-, and 1
K4S641632K-UC60   K4S641632K-UC60 K4S641632K-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage2.8 to 5.5V
K4S641632K-UC60-   K4S641632K-UC60- K4S641632K-UC60- PDF Download SAMSUNG 0640+ • Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Tech
K4S641632K-UC60.   K4S641632K-UC60. K4S641632K-UC60. PDF Download The ST7LITE1 is a member of the ST7 microcon- t
K4S641632KUC6000   K4S641632KUC6000 K4S641632KUC6000 PDF Download 250-kHz Sampling Rate 4-V, 5-V, 10 V, 3.33-V, 5-
K4S641632K-UC60000   K4S641632K-UC60000 K4S641632K-UC60000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ The 73K322L is ideal for use in either free stand
K4S641632K-UC60T   K4S641632K-UC60T K4S641632K-UC60T PDF Download SAM 07+ The PG terminal for the fixed voltage option dev
K4S641632K-UC60T00   K4S641632K-UC60T00 K4S641632K-UC60T00 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ 8-bit up down counter for microprogram-counter D
K4S641632KUC75   K4S641632KUC75 K4S641632KUC75 PDF Download The matte tin finish on Sirenzas lead-free packag
K4S641632K-UC75   K4S641632K-UC75 K4S641632K-UC75 PDF Download SANSUMG 05+ A. These materials are intended as a reference t
K4S641632K-UC75.   K4S641632K-UC75. K4S641632K-UC75. PDF Download Period measurement requires the use of a fast re
K4S641632K-UC75000   K4S641632K-UC75000 K4S641632K-UC75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ The HY51V(S)17403HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
K4S641632K-UC75T   K4S641632K-UC75T K4S641632K-UC75T PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ The auto-select mode allows the reading of a bina
K4S641632K-UC75T00   K4S641632K-UC75T00 K4S641632K-UC75T00 PDF Download SM2 06/07+ Vo Adjust: Using a single resistor, this pin allo
K4S641632K-UI60000   K4S641632K-UI60000 K4S641632K-UI60000 PDF Download Piezo-resistive pressure sensors exhibit excellen
K4S641632K-UI75   K4S641632K-UI75 K4S641632K-UI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
K4S641632KUI75000   K4S641632KUI75000 K4S641632KUI75000 PDF Download The transmitter uses an on-chip frequency synthe
K4S641632K-UP75   K4S641632K-UP75 K4S641632K-UP75 PDF Download SAM 07+ The SN74GTLP22034 is a high-drive, 8-bit, three-
K4S641632M-TL75   K4S641632M-TL75 K4S641632M-TL75 PDF Download Output voltage is set to a nominal value between
K4S641632P-TCIL   K4S641632P-TCIL K4S641632P-TCIL PDF Download
K4S641632-TC1H   K4S641632-TC1H K4S641632-TC1H PDF Download Isolation is provided by an optocoupler with reg
K4S641632-TC60   K4S641632-TC60 K4S641632-TC60 PDF Download Samsung Disable mode places the device in a sleep state,
K4S641632-TC75   K4S641632-TC75 K4S641632-TC75 PDF Download 02 The PI5A317A is a single-pole single-throw (SPST
K4S641633C-GC1L   K4S641633C-GC1L K4S641633C-GC1L PDF Download   This device contains circuitry to protect
K4S641633C-GN96   K4S641633C-GN96 K4S641633C-GN96 PDF Download 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology VCCA = 2.3V to 3.6V
K4S641633D-GL1H   K4S641633D-GL1H K4S641633D-GL1H PDF Download SAMSUNG The enhanced configuration device has a 3.3-V co
K4S641633D-GN96   K4S641633D-GN96 K4S641633D-GN96 PDF Download This output configuration enables a simple match
K4S641633F   K4S641633F K4S641633F PDF Download SEC BGA 02+ Serial data input pin. Conforms to the SMBUS spec
K4S641633F-BN75   K4S641633F-BN75 K4S641633F-BN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 54/BGA 07+/08+ 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
K4S641633F-RL75   K4S641633F-RL75 K4S641633F-RL75 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
K4S641633F-RN75   K4S641633F-RN75 K4S641633F-RN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 2003 Each XC5200 CLB contains four independent 4-inpu
K4S641633H   K4S641633H K4S641633H PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ BGA Power supply voltage   VCCs = 2.7 V~3.6 V
K4S641633H-BN75   K4S641633H-BN75 K4S641633H-BN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ BGA Supply voltage input for left channel and for pr
K4S641633H-RN75   K4S641633H-RN75 K4S641633H-RN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG The WB mode is similar to the FM mode, but to re
K4S6416432H-UC75   K4S6416432H-UC75 K4S6416432H-UC75 PDF Download SAMSUGN TSOP 05+ All Data I/O Ports − 5-V Input Down To 3.3
K4S643220DT-6   K4S643220DT-6 K4S643220DT-6 PDF Download The submount product may show the change of the
K4S643223E-TC50   K4S643223E-TC50 K4S643223E-TC50 PDF Download ** Required for stability. Must be rated for 10
K4S643232   K4S643232 K4S643232 PDF Download For a zero-scale digital output code, the negati
K4S6432323F-TC60   K4S6432323F-TC60 K4S6432323F-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP 0331+ Section is the basic element constituting the c
K4S643232C/E-TC60T00   K4S643232C/E-TC60T00 K4S643232C/E-TC60T00 PDF Download
K4S643232C-TC10   K4S643232C-TC10 K4S643232C-TC10 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
K4S643232C-TC55   K4S643232C-TC55 K4S643232C-TC55 PDF Download SAMSUNG Factor port regardless of whether the host equ
K4S643232CTC60   K4S643232CTC60 K4S643232CTC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP • Low On-Resistance, (16−ohms typ)
K4S643232C-TC60   K4S643232C-TC60 K4S643232C-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-86 n 8-channel A/D converter with prescaler and bot
K4S643232C-TC70   K4S643232C-TC70 K4S643232C-TC70 PDF Download TSOP 0037+ • JEDEC registered 1N5985 to 1N6031 ̶
K4S643232CTC80   K4S643232CTC80 K4S643232CTC80 PDF Download The WT6148/ WT6160 is a microcontroller for digit
K4S643232C-TC80   K4S643232C-TC80 K4S643232C-TC80 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSSOP-86 2. Power supply lines and grounding may effect t
K4S643232C-TC80T   K4S643232C-TC80T K4S643232C-TC80T PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 00+ PCI Bus VIO: This pin should be connected to the
K4S643232C-TI80   K4S643232C-TI80 K4S643232C-TI80 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ TSOP If the 3-wire port is used, the master provides o
K4S643232E-SEDS   K4S643232E-SEDS K4S643232E-SEDS PDF Download SAMSUNG FBGA 01+
K4S643232E-TC45   K4S643232E-TC45 K4S643232E-TC45 PDF Download SAMSUNG Burst Read Accesses The CY7C1350G has an on-chip
K4S643232ETC50   K4S643232ETC50 K4S643232ETC50 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP The Am186ES/ESLV and Am188ES/ESLV microcontroll
K4S643232E-TC50   K4S643232E-TC50 K4S643232E-TC50 PDF Download SAM TSOP 02+ The K4S643232E-TC50, K4S643232E-TC50, and K4S643
K4S643232E-TC60   K4S643232E-TC60 K4S643232E-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 02+ Propagation Delay Time   Clock to Q  
K4S643232E-TC-60   K4S643232E-TC-60 K4S643232E-TC-60 PDF Download Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not r
K4S643232ETC70   K4S643232ETC70 K4S643232ETC70 PDF Download Compliance with PCI Local Bus Specification revi
K4S643232E-TC70   K4S643232E-TC70 K4S643232E-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP 205   Proven in substantial volumes, this devic
K4S643232E-TC75   K4S643232E-TC75 K4S643232E-TC75 PDF Download   Mark/space ratio for the DCLK input is 40
K4S643232E-TI60   K4S643232E-TI60 K4S643232E-TI60 PDF Download   These outputs provide access to the outpu
K4S643232E-TL45   K4S643232E-TL45 K4S643232E-TL45 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0343+ Handle carefully Solder under the following con
K4S643232E-TL50   K4S643232E-TL50 K4S643232E-TL50 PDF Download B29152/53 are adjustable regulators and maybe pr
K4S643232E-TL60   K4S643232E-TL60 K4S643232E-TL60 PDF Download Over Voltage Detection The MX841 will go into a
K4S643232ETL70   K4S643232ETL70 K4S643232ETL70 PDF Download * . Exposure to Absolute Maximum rating condition
K4S643232E-TL70   K4S643232E-TL70 K4S643232E-TL70 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0343+ The S52xxM is a u-cap 150mA linear voltage regul
K4S643232F-TC50   K4S643232F-TC50 K4S643232F-TC50 PDF Download SAMSUNG Stress above those listed under Absolute Maximum
K4S643232FTC60   K4S643232FTC60 K4S643232FTC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 04+ The ML9266 is a small, high efficiency, and low
K4S643232F-TC60   K4S643232F-TC60 K4S643232F-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 0205+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
K4S643232F-TC60T   K4S643232F-TC60T K4S643232F-TC60T PDF Download Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(VIH or VIL)
K4S643232F-TC70   K4S643232F-TC70 K4S643232F-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ block write and block read operation from any ext
K4S643232F-TI70   K4S643232F-TI70 K4S643232F-TI70 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ TSOP   This is the nonCinverting input of the tr
K4S643232F-TL70   K4S643232F-TL70 K4S643232F-TL70 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0343+ 4. In the case of CMOS Output Type: The time int
K4S643232F-TP60   K4S643232F-TP60 K4S643232F-TP60 PDF Download Operating the two memory banks in an interleaved
K4S643232F-UC60   K4S643232F-UC60 K4S643232F-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 03+ The transmit section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink can
K4S643232F-UC70   K4S643232F-UC70 K4S643232F-UC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ Note 2: Guaranteed by design and not production t
K4S643232H-7C60   K4S643232H-7C60 K4S643232H-7C60 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
K4S643232H-TC50   K4S643232H-TC50 K4S643232H-TC50 PDF Download SAMSUNSG The EM78860 is an 8-bit RISC type microprocessor
K4S643232HTC60   K4S643232HTC60 K4S643232HTC60 PDF Download ?Samsung 04+ POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD5
K4S643232H-TC60   K4S643232H-TC60 K4S643232H-TC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ The EM78860 is an 8-bit RISC type microprocessor
K4S643232H-TC60000   K4S643232H-TC60000 K4S643232H-TC60000 PDF Download After the software chip erase has been initiated
K4S643232H-TC60T00   K4S643232H-TC60T00 K4S643232H-TC60T00 PDF Download The PHY uses the S5_LKON_DS2 terminal to notify
K4S643232HTC70   K4S643232HTC70 K4S643232HTC70 PDF Download A 2-to-1 multiplexer is provided on each fi
K4S643232H-TC70   K4S643232H-TC70 K4S643232H-TC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP   The PT5810 Excalibur™ series of int
K4S643232H-TC70000   K4S643232H-TC70000 K4S643232H-TC70000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby
K4S643232H-TC70T00   K4S643232H-TC70T00 K4S643232H-TC70T00 PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
K4S643232H-TI60   K4S643232H-TI60 K4S643232H-TI60 PDF Download Write protection in a user defined section of me
K4S643232H-TI60000   K4S643232H-TI60000 K4S643232H-TI60000 PDF Download SAM 07+ Once the signal is acquired, variation in the st
K4S643232H-TI70   K4S643232H-TI70 K4S643232H-TI70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 0419+ New design techniques achieve high efficiency at
K4S643232H-TL60   K4S643232H-TL60 K4S643232H-TL60 PDF Download SAMSUNG 0343+ The PFU, PFF, PIC and EBR Blocks are arranged in
K4S643232H-TP60   K4S643232H-TP60 K4S643232H-TP60 PDF Download Note 2: The algebraic convention, where the most
K4S643232H-UC50   K4S643232H-UC50 K4S643232H-UC50 PDF Download SAMSUNG SSOP 0619+ Four Twin GLBs, 16 I/O cells and one ORP are con
K4S643232HUC60   K4S643232HUC60 K4S643232HUC60 PDF Download 2005 n Up to fourteen multi-source vectored interrupt
K4S643232H-UC60   K4S643232H-UC60 K4S643232H-UC60 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A 06+ o 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel   Di
K4S643232H-UC60(232)   K4S643232H-UC60(232) K4S643232H-UC60(232) PDF Download Dual Channel (LH1501) Isolation test Voltage 3
K4S643232H-UC60000   K4S643232H-UC60000 K4S643232H-UC60000 PDF Download The Solutions960® program features a wide var
K4S643232H-UC60T   K4S643232H-UC60T K4S643232H-UC60T PDF Download SAMSUNG 07/08+   To provide long life and to insure soft-s
K4S643232H-UC60T00   K4S643232H-UC60T00 K4S643232H-UC60T00 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
K4S643232H-UC70   K4S643232H-UC70 K4S643232H-UC70 PDF Download SAMSUNG TSOP 06+ The status of this pin determines the sampling e
K4S643232H-UC70000   K4S643232H-UC70000 K4S643232H-UC70000 PDF Download indicating an overcurrent fault condition has bee
K4S643232H-UI70   K4S643232H-UI70 K4S643232H-UI70 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ Typical values at 25C, min, max values are acros
K4S643232H-UI70T00   K4S643232H-UI70T00 K4S643232H-UI70T00 PDF Download The 80C186EB is the first product in a new gener
K4S643232K-UC60   K4S643232K-UC60 K4S643232K-UC60 PDF Download Wide Operating VCC Range of 0.8 V to 3.6 V Opti
K4S643233E-SE   K4S643233E-SE K4S643233E-SE PDF Download SAM TSSOP SAM Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses ex
K4S643233E-TC60000   K4S643233E-TC60000 K4S643233E-TC60000 PDF Download For A-to-B data flow, the device operates on the
K4S643233F-DE75   K4S643233F-DE75 K4S643233F-DE75 PDF Download SAM BGA 03+ • RAM expandable externally to 64 kbytes &
K4S643233F-DI75   K4S643233F-DI75 K4S643233F-DI75 PDF Download SAMSUNG 03+ BGA Device erasure is performed on a block basis and
K4S643233F-DNDS   K4S643233F-DNDS K4S643233F-DNDS PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 02/01+ suitable for Low Noise, Low Power applications
K4S643233F-SE75   K4S643233F-SE75 K4S643233F-SE75 PDF Download SANSUME BGA 04+ Low-power dissipation Operating: 55 mW/MHz (typi
K4S643233F-SN75   K4S643233F-SN75 K4S643233F-SN75 PDF Download The high common-mode input voltage range and th
K4S643233H   K4S643233H K4S643233H PDF Download
K4S643233H-FN75   K4S643233H-FN75 K4S643233H-FN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG N/A The XP162A01B5PR is a P-Channel Power MOS FET wi
K4S643233H-FN750JR   K4S643233H-FN750JR K4S643233H-FN750JR PDF Download 24 Hour Time If the MIL bit of the HR register
K4S643233H-HN75   K4S643233H-HN75 K4S643233H-HN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA N/A   Programmable Output Voltage to 36 Volts &
K4S643233H-HN75000   K4S643233H-HN75000 K4S643233H-HN75000 PDF Download SAMSUNG 07+ Writing to the device is accomplished by taking C
K4S643233H-HNDS   K4S643233H-HNDS K4S643233H-HNDS PDF Download SAMSUNG 03+ BGA The UPC2708T and UPC2711T are Silicon Monolithic
K4S643234E-SE10   K4S643234E-SE10 K4S643234E-SE10 PDF Download SANSUNG BGA 0133+   VDM = 67% VDRM(max);20   Tj = 125
K4S64323F-TC60   K4S64323F-TC60 K4S64323F-TC60 PDF Download The Terminal Count (TC) output is HIGH when CET
K4S64323LF-DK75   K4S64323LF-DK75 K4S64323LF-DK75 PDF Download Abstract A two-stage 1.9GHz monolithic low-noise
K4S64323LF-DN75   K4S64323LF-DN75 K4S64323LF-DN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 03+ The HAL 320 is a differential sensor which respo
K4S64323LF-SN75   K4S64323LF-SN75 K4S64323LF-SN75 PDF Download BGA 03+ Cathode Voltage Continuous Cathode Current Po
K4S64323LH-HN75   K4S64323LH-HN75 K4S64323LH-HN75 PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 05+ The AD581 can also be used in a two-terminal Zen
K4S6A163LF   K4S6A163LF K4S6A163LF PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
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