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 Lead Temperature 1.6mm (1/16 inch) from case for 10s260C (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and   functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not   implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. (2) All voltage values are with respect to GND.
In terms of signal measurement, THD+N is the ratio of DistortionRMS + NoiseRMS / SignalRMS expressed in dB. For the PCM58P, THD+N is 100% tested at three different output levels using the test setup shown in Figure 1. It is significant to note that this test setup does not include any output deglitching circuitry. This means the PCM58P even meets its C60dB THD+N specification without use of external deglitchers.
The KA5H0380RYDTUQF is a high performance single-chip VCD decoder with MP3 playback feature. It performs real-time decompression of ISO/IEC- 11172 MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) streams, including system layer, audio and video data. It incorporates an 8-bit host interface and a CD interface which make it easy to use. Also, its versatile features help to build high-quality and cost-effective standalone VCD and MP3 applications. KA5H0380RYDTUQF is pin-to-pin compatible to the well-known VCD decoder, the W9925QF.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
KA50   KA50 KA50 PDF Download   •Program control unit (PCU)  
KA500   KA500 KA500 PDF Download 3.3/5.0 VOLT SELECT: 3/5 » high configures
KA50A/P   KA50A/P KA50A/P PDF Download The MSM518221 is similar in operation and functio
KA5223   KA5223 KA5223 PDF Download KA SOP8 N/A The leading edge of the input signal (which cons
KA5295D   KA5295D KA5295D PDF Download n Memory mapped I/O n Software selectable I/O
KA5311   KA5311 KA5311 PDF Download KA 05+/06+ Update to speed.txt file 1.96. Corrections for C
KA5399   KA5399 KA5399 PDF Download SAMSUNG 04+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
KA5403   KA5403 KA5403 PDF Download KA DIP (*) NOTE: SELF PROTECTING Stressed above those
KA5512D   KA5512D KA5512D PDF Download The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain, acti
KA5532   KA5532 KA5532 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-8 Controller (MAC) for Supporting Standard Rates up
KA5532NL   KA5532NL KA5532NL PDF Download *Note: An in-band optical signal is a pulse/sequ
KA5534   KA5534 KA5534 PDF Download SAMSUNGI 06+ 500 Peak Reverse CurrentIRMTj= 25C, VRM= VRRM Peak F
KA555   KA555 KA555 PDF Download FSC DIP 03+ 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
KA5551   KA5551 KA5551 PDF Download KA DIP-8 This control pin is pulled up to an internal sup
KA5551P   KA5551P KA5551P PDF Download
KA555B   KA555B KA555B PDF Download Intersil semiconductor products are sold by descr
KA555D   KA555D KA555D PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 2005 SOP where N is the number of cells, RB1 is connected
KA555DTF   KA555DTF KA555DTF PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 2004 SOP OFFSET VOLTAGE, initial OFFSET VOLTAGE, vs. te
KA555I   KA555I KA555I PDF Download DIP8/新 Pb−Free Packages are Available 1.0 W to an
KA555ID   KA555ID KA555ID PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 2005 SOP 100-Mbps to 400-Mbps Serial LVDS Data Payload Ba
KA555IDTF   KA555IDTF KA555IDTF PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 2004 SOP The Micron® Imaging MT9M001 is an SXGA-format
KA555P   KA555P KA555P PDF Download Gnd (Pin 1) (ground): All voltages are measured w
KA556   KA556 KA556 PDF Download FAIRCHIL DIP 02+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KA556A   KA556A KA556A PDF Download 725 Table 1. Bluetooth Mini module interface definiti
KA556D   KA556D KA556D PDF Download   Description Level shift-gate driver Int
KA556DTF   KA556DTF KA556DTF PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 3.9MM 97+ Following qualification, the bq2000 fast-charges
KA556FA   KA556FA KA556FA PDF Download The data contained in the data stream can also a
KA556I   KA556I KA556I PDF Download
KA558   KA558 KA558 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A To avoid regulation disturbances by current trans
KA558B   KA558B KA558B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   2.2 Order of precedence. In the event of
KA558BD   KA558BD KA558BD PDF Download 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
KA558C   KA558C KA558C PDF Download SAM SMD 02+ These amplifiers use laser-trimmed, matched thin-
KA558D   KA558D KA558D PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
KA558D2   KA558D2 KA558D2 PDF Download SEC SOP 05+ The ABT8245 scan test devices with octal bus tr
KA558D2FT   KA558D2FT KA558D2FT PDF Download SEC Hynix HYMD564726(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SP
KA558D2TF   KA558D2TF KA558D2TF PDF Download SEC 9731 Stresses greater than those listed under „
KA558DTF   KA558DTF KA558DTF PDF Download 南韩 96 Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
KA55E1C12   KA55E1C12 KA55E1C12 PDF Download Number of channels : 6 (8/16-bit 6 channels) P
KA567   KA567 KA567 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A instruction begins with a start bit of the logic
KA567402   KA567402 KA567402 PDF Download XC4000-family devices have generous routing reso
KA567C   KA567C KA567C PDF Download • Pin to pin and functionally compatible to
KA567D   KA567D KA567D PDF Download All BCP DC/DC Converters achieve their rated ripp
KA567DTF   KA567DTF KA567DTF PDF Download FAIRCHILD 2000 b Shift right examine and correct after each shi
KA567L   KA567L KA567L PDF Download SAM DIP-8P 6+ Control ST-BUS In is a TTL-compatible digital inp
KA567N   KA567N KA567N PDF Download
KA56C220-ED   KA56C220-ED KA56C220-ED PDF Download SAM QFP Current Transfer Ratio (CTR)1000 4000 Collector
KA56C450-34   KA56C450-34 KA56C450-34 PDF Download Off, voltage VL is generated at the edges of L b
KA57C3016-20   KA57C3016-20 KA57C3016-20 PDF Download SAM PLCC 1995   The adjustable regulator (CS5204−1)
KA5803   KA5803 KA5803 PDF Download SAMSUNG 1250 The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
KA581C   KA581C KA581C PDF Download The CY62137CV18 is a high-performance CMOS stati
KA58503N   KA58503N KA58503N PDF Download SAM 1992 DIP The TPS72xx is offered in 2.5-V, 3-V, 3.3-V, 4.8
KA5851N   KA5851N KA5851N PDF Download For the TPS774xx, the power good terminal (PG) i
KA58523   KA58523 KA58523 PDF Download SAM DIP (3) The products described in this book are inte
KA5A/P   KA5A/P KA5A/P PDF Download  The Hyundai HYM72V32736AT8 Series are Dual
KA5DG-12   KA5DG-12 KA5DG-12 PDF Download
KA5H0165   KA5H0165 KA5H0165 PDF Download 04+ A novel gate-to-drain feedback capacitance networ
KA5H0165R   KA5H0165R KA5H0165R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 1A/650V 100KHz Power Switch
KA5H0165RN   KA5H0165RN KA5H0165RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ The LEDs are packed in cardboard boxes after pack
KA5H0165RTU   KA5H0165RTU KA5H0165RTU PDF Download FSC TO220F 06+ The CD40109, unlike other low-to-high level-shif
KA5H0165RVN   KA5H0165RVN KA5H0165RVN PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ FSD273 is a band selected version of the ZMDC953
KA5H0165RYDTU   KA5H0165RYDTU KA5H0165RYDTU PDF Download FAI original The PI90LV02 and PI90LVT02 are single differenti
KA5H0265   KA5H0265 KA5H0265 PDF Download * 3.2 Qualification. Devices furnished under thi
KA5H02659R   KA5H02659R KA5H02659R PDF Download FAI DIP-8 03+ All pins of the CM1218 are rated to withstand 15
KA5H02659RN   KA5H02659RN KA5H02659RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 07+ The KA5H02659RN also has ESD tolerance that exce
KA5H0265R   KA5H0265R KA5H0265R PDF Download Fairchild TO220-4 Delays to tri-state are defined as delay to turn
KA5H0265RC   KA5H0265RC KA5H0265RC PDF Download FAIRCHILD TO-220 02+ 2A/650V 100KHz Power Switch
KA5H0265RCTU   KA5H0265RCTU KA5H0265RCTU PDF Download An internal Dummy Ringer is permanently connected
KA5H0265RC-TU   KA5H0265RC-TU KA5H0265RC-TU PDF Download   Each device includes on a single silicon
KA5H0265RCYDT   KA5H0265RCYDT KA5H0265RCYDT PDF Download FSC TO-220F4 Antiparallel diode for high frequency switching
KA5H0265RCYDTU   KA5H0265RCYDTU KA5H0265RCYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHIL T0-220 04+ Manual reset input. Shorting this pin to GND for
KA5H0280R   KA5H0280R KA5H0280R PDF Download FAIRCHILD TO-220F 2A/800V 100KHz Power Switch
KA5H0280RTU   KA5H0280RTU KA5H0280RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ The FCT373T and FCT573T consist of eight latches
KA5H0280RYDTU   KA5H0280RYDTU KA5H0280RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO220F4 0511 PB In addition to the programmable 1024-bits of mem
KA5H0365R   KA5H0365R KA5H0365R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 3A/650V 100KHz Power Switch
KA5H0365RTU   KA5H0365RTU KA5H0365RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor The AS4C1M16F5 features high speed page mode ope
KA5H0365RYDTU   KA5H0365RYDTU KA5H0365RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor original Crystal input 1 or external clock input. A cryst
KA5H0365R-YDTU   KA5H0365R-YDTU KA5H0365R-YDTU PDF Download These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
KA5H0380R   KA5H0380R KA5H0380R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 3A/800V 100KHz Power Switch
KA5H0380RTU   KA5H0380RTU KA5H0380RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ SC (Switched Capacitor) low-pass filter, and a d
KA5H0380R-TU   KA5H0380R-TU KA5H0380R-TU PDF Download of a program or erase operation can be detected
KA5H0380RYDTU   KA5H0380RYDTU KA5H0380RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor O7+ FEATURES lOptions :-   10mm lead spread -
KA5L0165R   KA5L0165R KA5L0165R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 1A/650V 50KHz Power Switch
KA5L0165RN   KA5L0165RN KA5L0165RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ While first-generation deep- memory scopes updat
KA5L0165RTU   KA5L0165RTU KA5L0165RTU PDF Download HEXFRED diodes are optimized to reduce losses an
KA5L0165R-TU   KA5L0165R-TU KA5L0165R-TU PDF Download The RS-422 interface is an excellent choice for
KA5L0165RVN   KA5L0165RVN KA5L0165RVN PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ The KESRX05 is an ideal receiver for difficult r
KA5L0165RYDTU   KA5L0165RYDTU KA5L0165RYDTU PDF Download FAI original Initial version Add 17.9MHz main CLK Add code
KA5L0265   KA5L0265 KA5L0265 PDF Download FSC TO-220 06+ CIN: 0.1 µF or higher. Set this value accor
KA5L0265R   KA5L0265R KA5L0265R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 2A/650V 50KHz Power Switch
KA5L0265RTU   KA5L0265RTU KA5L0265RTU PDF Download FSC IC (TO-220F) - RoHS conform Applications This line of Schottky diodes is op
KA5L0265RYDTU   KA5L0265RYDTU KA5L0265RYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 2007 • UL Certified No. E209204 • 600V-30
KA5L0365   KA5L0365 KA5L0365 PDF Download The CY22393, CY22394, and CY22395 are a family of
KA5L0365R   KA5L0365R KA5L0365R PDF Download FSC TO220 03+ 3A/650V 50KHz Power Switch
KA5L0365RN   KA5L0365RN KA5L0365RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP-8 07+ " Window structured high power laser diode
KA5L0365RNB   KA5L0365RNB KA5L0365RNB PDF Download Notes: 1. The thermal resistance is referenced
KA5L0365RS   KA5L0365RS KA5L0365RS PDF Download Ready/Busy status is indicated using bit 7 of th
KA5L0365RTU   KA5L0365RTU KA5L0365RTU PDF Download 150 The TI380PCIA provides a glueless interface betw
KA5L0365RYDTU   KA5L0365RYDTU KA5L0365RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor O7+ I2C INTERFACE TIMING CHARACTERISTICS6, 11 (Specif
KA5L0365R-YDTU   KA5L0365R-YDTU KA5L0365R-YDTU PDF Download Use NC Relays for power control up to 5 A or T
KA5L0380   KA5L0380 KA5L0380 PDF Download FAIRCHIL TO-220 The Parallel Input/Output Controller (PIO) contr
KA5L0380R   KA5L0380R KA5L0380R PDF Download FSC TO-220 05+ 3A/800V 50KHz Power Switch
KA5L0380RTU   KA5L0380RTU KA5L0380RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05/06+ This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and
KA5L0380RYD   KA5L0380RYD KA5L0380RYD PDF Download VPC3 is the control pin for the stage 3 active bi
KA5L0380RYDTU   KA5L0380RYDTU KA5L0380RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO-220 04+ Note 6: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
KA5L0380R-YDTU   KA5L0380R-YDTU KA5L0380R-YDTU PDF Download FSC TO-220 06+ Note that anything which might influence the val
KA5L0380RYTU   KA5L0380RYTU KA5L0380RYTU PDF Download FSC 05+ The AD5399 is the industry-first dual 12-bit dig
KA5L0380-TU   KA5L0380-TU KA5L0380-TU PDF Download SAMSUNG SIP4   The PT6360 Excalibur™ series of inte
KA5L0380YRDU   KA5L0380YRDU KA5L0380YRDU PDF Download Vcc = 2.7V~3.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C unle
KA5L0565R   KA5L0565R KA5L0565R PDF Download These data selectors/multiplexers provide full b
KA5L0565RYDTU   KA5L0565RYDTU KA5L0565RYDTU PDF Download The ICL8038 waveform generator is a monolithic i
KA5M0165   KA5M0165 KA5M0165 PDF Download   Designed for Class A or Class AB base stat
KA5M0165R   KA5M0165R KA5M0165R PDF Download FAIRCHILD DIP-8 03+ 1A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0165RI   KA5M0165RI KA5M0165RI PDF Download GAT: Gate drive for an external N-channel protect
KA5M0165RN   KA5M0165RN KA5M0165RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor DIP 04+   The LH28F016SU is a very high density, hi
KA5M0165RTU   KA5M0165RTU KA5M0165RTU PDF Download Diagonal 3mm (Type 1/6) 752 (H) 582 (V) appro
KA5M0165RVN   KA5M0165RVN KA5M0165RVN PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ Pin and Software Compatibility with Standard 80C
KA5M0165RVTU   KA5M0165RVTU KA5M0165RVTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD TO-220F-4L 01+ A decoupling capacitor of 0.01µF must be c
KA5M0165RYDTU   KA5M0165RYDTU KA5M0165RYDTU PDF Download • 6A Output Current • Input Voltage
KA5M0265   KA5M0265 KA5M0265 PDF Download FSC DIP With the PA module in low-power mode (Vmode = +2
KA5M02659   KA5M02659 KA5M02659 PDF Download FSC 04+ 3200 Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to
KA5M02659R   KA5M02659R KA5M02659R PDF Download Fairchild DIP-8 Notes: † Stresses beyond those listed unde
KA5M02659RN   KA5M02659RN KA5M02659RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ 2A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0265R   KA5M0265R KA5M0265R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 2A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0265RL   KA5M0265RL KA5M0265RL PDF Download FSC 04+ Thermal Ground FBAR resonators have a negative
KA5M0265RLYDTU   KA5M0265RLYDTU KA5M0265RLYDTU PDF Download FAI original TLE 4729 G is a bipolar, monolithic IC for drivi
KA5M0265RTU   KA5M0265RTU KA5M0265RTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD O7+ One of the more exacting configurations fo
KA5M0265R-TU   KA5M0265R-TU KA5M0265R-TU PDF Download Power Diode Module DD40F series are designed for
KA5M0265RYDTU   KA5M0265RYDTU KA5M0265RYDTU PDF Download FSC TO-220 07+ AHI,BHI,CHI - are the logic inputs for controllin
KA5M0265R-YDTU   KA5M0265R-YDTU KA5M0265R-YDTU PDF Download Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 10 6 Rads (Si) Sin
KA5M0280R   KA5M0280R KA5M0280R PDF Download FSC TO-220 06+ 2A/800V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0280RTU   KA5M0280RTU KA5M0280RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM technology Ful
KA5M0280RYDTU   KA5M0280RYDTU KA5M0280RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ Bits 7-4 are the device type and should be set t
KA5M0365   KA5M0365 KA5M0365 PDF Download The KA5M0365 is a high frequency, 100V Half Brid
KA5M0365R   KA5M0365R KA5M0365R PDF Download FAIRCHILD 3A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0365RN   KA5M0365RN KA5M0365RN PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor Hynix HYMD264G7268-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(
KA5M0365RTU   KA5M0365RTU KA5M0365RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO-220 07+ The HYM72V32M636T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchron
KA5M0365RYDTU   KA5M0365RYDTU KA5M0365RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 08+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
KA5M0365R-YDTU   KA5M0365R-YDTU KA5M0365R-YDTU PDF Download Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
KA5M0380   KA5M0380 KA5M0380 PDF Download FSC TO-220 06+ The LM34 series are precision integrated-circuit
KA5M0380R   KA5M0380R KA5M0380R PDF Download FSC 03+ 3A/800V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0380RTU   KA5M0380RTU KA5M0380RTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 06+ The device is programmed on a word-by-word basis
KA5M0380RY   KA5M0380RY KA5M0380RY PDF Download FSC 04+ This parameter has to be as low as possible in
KA5M0380RYDTU   KA5M0380RYDTU KA5M0380RYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor ★Original and new, Special price! 08+ Synchronous function enable. When SYNCEN is asse
KA5M0380R-YDTU   KA5M0380R-YDTU KA5M0380R-YDTU PDF Download Interconnect C Pin 2 (IO) provides the capability
KA5M038OR   KA5M038OR KA5M038OR PDF Download The first stage (the data encoder) implements Ma
KA5M0765RC   KA5M0765RC KA5M0765RC PDF Download Fairchild TO220-5 CASE: Hermetically sealed glass DO-213AA (SOD80
KA5M0765RCTU   KA5M0765RCTU KA5M0765RCTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 2007 regarding media compatibility in your applicatio
KA5M0765RC-YDTU   KA5M0765RC-YDTU KA5M0765RC-YDTU PDF Download 1) If change is made to the constant of an exter
KA5M0765RQC   KA5M0765RQC KA5M0765RQC PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 7A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0765RQCTU   KA5M0765RQCTU KA5M0765RQCTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 03+ Only the destination of the lower-order byte in t
KA5M0765RQCYDTU   KA5M0765RQCYDTU KA5M0765RQCYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD The device is organized as a 12-bit or 24-bit bu
KA5M0965Q   KA5M0965Q KA5M0965Q PDF Download FAIRCHIL TO-3P 05+ 9A/650V 70KHz Power Switch
KA5M0965QTU   KA5M0965QTU KA5M0965QTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor FAIRCHILD 07+
KA5M0965QYDTU   KA5M0965QYDTU KA5M0965QYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+   The system oscillator consists of an inve
KA5M0965Q-YDTU   KA5M0965Q-YDTU KA5M0965Q-YDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 07+ Data Setup Time Data Hold Time Address Set-up
KA5M0965R   KA5M0965R KA5M0965R PDF Download Developed in TIs patented LBC3 BiCMOS process, t
KA5P0680   KA5P0680 KA5P0680 PDF Download 75 Volt Motor Supply Voltage 30 Amp Output Switc
KA5P0680C   KA5P0680C KA5P0680C PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 6A/800V Adjustable Power Switch
KA5P0680CTU   KA5P0680CTU KA5P0680CTU PDF Download FSC 0333+ TO220  Received Data Output, push-pull CMOS driver
KA5P0680CYDTU   KA5P0680CYDTU KA5P0680CYDTU PDF Download FS 07+ • 4-CH Balanced Transformerless(BTL) Drive
KA5Q0565RTYDTU   KA5Q0565RTYDTU KA5Q0565RTYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05/06+ Features • High sensitivity (+5dB compared
KA5Q0565R-YDTU   KA5Q0565R-YDTU KA5Q0565R-YDTU PDF Download Controllable volume 12 keys Key options C Stop
KA5Q0740   KA5Q0740 KA5Q0740 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The SuperFREDMesh™ series is
KA5Q0740RT   KA5Q0740RT KA5Q0740RT PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ 7A/400V QRC Power Switch
KA5Q0740RTYDTU   KA5Q0740RTYDTU KA5Q0740RTYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05+ TF220 Maximum Input Voltage Power Dissipation Therm
KA5Q0765   KA5Q0765 KA5Q0765 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 9821 The TPS5140 is a dc/dc controller that incorpora
KA5Q0765RC   KA5Q0765RC KA5Q0765RC PDF Download FAI TO220-5 01+ Wide supply voltage range3 0V to 15V High noise
KA5Q0765RCYDTU   KA5Q0765RCYDTU KA5Q0765RCYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD After determining which clock edge to use, a sta
KA5Q0765RT   KA5Q0765RT KA5Q0765RT PDF Download FAIRCHILD 7A/650V QRC Power Switch
KA5Q0765RTHYDTU   KA5Q0765RTHYDTU KA5Q0765RTHYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 07+ The 8 'X' lines can be directly connected to th
KA5Q0765RTYD   KA5Q0765RTYD KA5Q0765RTYD PDF Download 1230 China option for 3G cellular phone is the TD-SCD
KA5Q0765RTYDTU   KA5Q0765RTYDTU KA5Q0765RTYDTU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor
KA5Q12656   KA5Q12656 KA5Q12656 PDF Download Fairchild TO220-5 The oscillator circuit is designed to be used wi
KA5Q12656RTYDTU   KA5Q12656RTYDTU KA5Q12656RTYDTU PDF Download FS 07+ Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers
KA5Q12656RT-YDTU   KA5Q12656RT-YDTU KA5Q12656RT-YDTU PDF Download The ATF1502ASV offers the option of programming
KA5Q1265RF   KA5Q1265RF KA5Q1265RF PDF Download FAIRCHILD 12A/650V QRC Power Switch
KA5Q1265RFTU   KA5Q1265RFTU KA5Q1265RFTU PDF Download FAI original The HEDS-65xx/HEDL-65xx are high performance t
KA5Q1265RFYDTU   KA5Q1265RFYDTU KA5Q1265RFYDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 07+ This equipment has been tested and found to comp
KA5Q1265RF-YDTU   KA5Q1265RF-YDTU KA5Q1265RF-YDTU PDF Download Note 5: This IC includes overtemperature protecti
KA5Q1265RT   KA5Q1265RT KA5Q1265RT PDF Download FAIRCHILD Only partials of the memory array can be selecte
KA5Q1565RF   KA5Q1565RF KA5Q1565RF PDF Download FAIRCHILD 15A/650V QRC Power Switch
KA5Q1565RFTU   KA5Q1565RFTU KA5Q1565RFTU PDF Download stress ratings only, and functional operation of
KA5Q1565RFYDTU   KA5Q1565RFYDTU KA5Q1565RFYDTU PDF Download FSC TO-220 04+ product term timing. For optimization of logic,
KA5S0765   KA5S0765 KA5S0765 PDF Download FAIRCHILD Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only.
KA5S0765C   KA5S0765C KA5S0765C PDF Download FSC TO-220-5L 07+ When WEN2/LD is held LOW during Reset, this pin
KA5S0765CTU   KA5S0765CTU KA5S0765CTU PDF Download 3. Martin, G.A., Viskochil, D., Bollag, G., McCa
KA5S0765CTYDTU   KA5S0765CTYDTU KA5S0765CTYDTU PDF Download DMS (Data Management Software) allows systems to
KA5S0765CYDTU   KA5S0765CYDTU KA5S0765CYDTU PDF Download FAI original The LTC®3407-2 is a dual, constant frequency,
KA5S0765R   KA5S0765R KA5S0765R PDF Download SEC TO-3P 04+ Memory encompasses 4 KB of Flash for program sto
KA5S0765RC   KA5S0765RC KA5S0765RC PDF Download FAIRCHILD Functional Description Analog Front End Clampi
KA5S0766C-SYDTU   KA5S0766C-SYDTU KA5S0766C-SYDTU PDF Download The Si9185 is a 500-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) vo
KA5S0767C-SYDTU   KA5S0767C-SYDTU KA5S0767C-SYDTU PDF Download The normalized values read from the right side o
KA5S0768C-SYDTU   KA5S0768C-SYDTU KA5S0768C-SYDTU PDF Download Port 2 emits the high-order address byte during
KA5S0769C-SYDTU   KA5S0769C-SYDTU KA5S0769C-SYDTU PDF Download Fully optimized differential digital gear tooth s
KA5S0770C-SYDTU   KA5S0770C-SYDTU KA5S0770C-SYDTU PDF Download The TLC156 series is a family of low-cost, high s
KA5S0771C-SYDTU   KA5S0771C-SYDTU KA5S0771C-SYDTU PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
KA5S0772C-SYDTU   KA5S0772C-SYDTU KA5S0772C-SYDTU PDF Download Pin-Out Compatible with Standard 125 Logic Produc
KA5S0773C-SYDTU   KA5S0773C-SYDTU KA5S0773C-SYDTU PDF Download Over operating temperature range (TJ = -40C to +
KA5S0774C-SYDTU   KA5S0774C-SYDTU KA5S0774C-SYDTU PDF Download PIN DESCRIPTIONS VDD C This is the supply input
KA5S0965   KA5S0965 KA5S0965 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ VOLBGATB low voltage to CVINB−VINA = ͨ
KA5S0965YDTU   KA5S0965YDTU KA5S0965YDTU PDF Download FSC Precision Fixed Operating Frequency KA1M0265R
KA5S1265   KA5S1265 KA5S1265 PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29F080D is a 8 Mbit (1
KA5S12656   KA5S12656 KA5S12656 PDF Download FAI TO-220 03+ A tunable delay cell (controlled via CLKDACTRL)
KA5S12656YDTU   KA5S12656YDTU KA5S12656YDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD TO3P5 0516 PB DTMF signal. Every digit of a phone number to b
KA5S1265R   KA5S1265R KA5S1265R PDF Download
KA5S1265SYDTU   KA5S1265SYDTU KA5S1265SYDTU PDF Download FSC TO3P 02+ The MSM5117800F is a 2,097,152-word 8-bit dyna
KA5S1265YDTU   KA5S1265YDTU KA5S1265YDTU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06+ TO3P0 Optional accessories for module-type MCC 95 vers
KA5S1265-YDTU   KA5S1265-YDTU KA5S1265-YDTU PDF Download Extreme care was taken to develop proven referen
KA5SDKAS01TSL-X   KA5SDKAS01TSL-X KA5SDKAS01TSL-X PDF Download 3 SOP The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5   KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5 KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5 PDF Download DEVICE 3 TSSOP   The RC32355 includes a configurable ATM S
KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5A35AD01   KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5A35AD01 KA5SDKAS01TSN-G-T5A35AD01 PDF Download 549 TSSOP-8   The IP117M Series are three terminal posit
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