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For applications where efficiency is a prime consideration, the buck controller is configured for Burst Mode operation which enhances efficiency at low output current. To fur- ther maximize the life of a battery source, the external P-channel MOSFET is turned on continuously in dropout (100% duty cycle). High constant operating frequency of 550kHz allows the use of a small external inductor.
and sets the output buffer in the 3-state condition. MR can be left floating since an internal pull-up resistor will make the MR inactive. In the HCT version, the MR input and the two mode select pins S1 and S2 are TTL compatible, but the X1 input has CMOS input switching levels and may be driven by a TTL output using a pull-up resistor connected to VCC.
  The KS74HCTLS596N is a MOSFET power operational amplifier that extends the performance limits of power amplifiers in slew rate and power bandwidth, while maintaining high current and power dissipation ratings.   Boost voltage inputs allow the small signal portion of the amplifier to operate at a higher voltage than the high current output stage. The amplifier is then biased to achieve close linear swings to the supply rails at high currents for extra efficient operation.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
KS705   KS705 KS705 PDF Download n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
KS70E1C116M-TR   KS70E1C116M-TR KS70E1C116M-TR PDF Download Note 2: The maximum allowable power dissipation a
KS7126   KS7126 KS7126 PDF Download SAM SUNG Figure 1 shows the waveforms associated with the
KS7126CN   KS7126CN KS7126CN PDF Download SAM DIP 91+ DESCRIPTION The VN750, VN750S, VN750PT, VN750-B
KS7210   KS7210 KS7210 PDF Download SAMSUNG 93 The CM2009 connects between a video graphics con
KS7211   KS7211 KS7211 PDF Download 00+ Following either the application of a valid inpu
KS7212   KS7212 KS7212 PDF Download SAM QFP-S48P 6+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Max
KS721203   KS721203 KS721203 PDF Download connected from Drain to Source internally. This
KS7214   KS7214 KS7214 PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
KS721K03   KS721K03 KS721K03 PDF Download
KS721KA2   KS721KA2 KS721KA2 PDF Download PRX SOP VCORE+ VCORE Output Sense. Differential sensing o
KS7220   KS7220 KS7220 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
KS7221   KS7221 KS7221 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 3-STATE control gate operates as two input
KS72210   KS72210 KS72210 PDF Download The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain, acti
KS7221D   KS7221D KS7221D PDF Download SEC 06+ Note 1: Gain error tested at VREF = +2.0V, +2.5V,
KS7301B   KS7301B KS7301B PDF Download FDS QFP 03 04 After obtaining the configuration settings, it c
KS7304   KS7304 KS7304 PDF Download When VCC is applied to the serializer and/or des
KS7334   KS7334 KS7334 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Operating Voltage Range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V High-C
KS7474HCTLS240N   KS7474HCTLS240N KS7474HCTLS240N PDF Download PAN DIP 88 • High-speed access times:   10, 12
KS74761   KS74761 KS74761 PDF Download SOP 98 Figure 1 shows the main screen of typical Maxim R
KS74ACT374N   KS74ACT374N KS74ACT374N PDF Download SAM 97 When the host detects that one or both of the bu
KS74ACT646N   KS74ACT646N KS74ACT646N PDF Download 97 Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
KS74AHC107N   KS74AHC107N KS74AHC107N PDF Download When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
KS74AHCT00D   KS74AHCT00D KS74AHCT00D PDF Download • CATV Systems Operating in the 40 to 870 M
KS74AHCT00N   KS74AHCT00N KS74AHCT00N PDF Download Collector-emitter voltage peak value Collector-
KS74AHCT01N   KS74AHCT01N KS74AHCT01N PDF Download The NC7SZ74 is a single D-type CMOS Flip-Flop wi
KS74AHCT02D   KS74AHCT02D KS74AHCT02D PDF Download Features   • 2.0 A, 45 V Continuous
KS74AHCT02N   KS74AHCT02N KS74AHCT02N PDF Download SAM DIP14 720 1.3.3 Bit-Level Control Bit-level control over
KS74AHCT03N   KS74AHCT03N KS74AHCT03N PDF Download This document is a general product description an
KS74AHCT04D   KS74AHCT04D KS74AHCT04D PDF Download 1. Test conditions: 25º C, Supply Voltage =
KS74AHCT04J   KS74AHCT04J KS74AHCT04J PDF Download SAM DIP14 9911+ • Miniature package   C Height: 3.90
KS74AHCT04N   KS74AHCT04N KS74AHCT04N PDF Download SAM DIP14 10 • One chip ATM User Network Interface for
KS74AHCT05N   KS74AHCT05N KS74AHCT05N PDF Download SAM DIP14 715 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
KS74AHCT08N   KS74AHCT08N KS74AHCT08N PDF Download SAM DIP14 738 Oscillator The oscillator consists of two compa
KS74AHCT107N   KS74AHCT107N KS74AHCT107N PDF Download The KS74AHCT107N is an stereo audio power amplif
KS74AHCT109N   KS74AHCT109N KS74AHCT109N PDF Download POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD5
KS74AHCT10D   KS74AHCT10D KS74AHCT10D PDF Download Low Loss Replacement for ORing Diode in Multiple
KS74AHCT10N   KS74AHCT10N KS74AHCT10N PDF Download DIP 96 The 24XX32A supports a bidirectional, 2-wire bus
KS74AHCT112D   KS74AHCT112D KS74AHCT112D PDF Download DTC provides a means of limiting the output-swit
KS74AHCT112N   KS74AHCT112N KS74AHCT112N PDF Download
KS74AHCT11N   KS74AHCT11N KS74AHCT11N PDF Download SAMSUNG The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT8 Series are 16Mx64bits S
KS74AHCT125D   KS74AHCT125D KS74AHCT125D PDF Download Frame Pulse/C-Channel Load (Digital). In DN mode
KS74AHCT125N   KS74AHCT125N KS74AHCT125N PDF Download SAMSUNG The PI90LVB047A doubles the output drive current
KS74AHCT12N   KS74AHCT12N KS74AHCT12N PDF Download SAMSUNG † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KS74AHCT132J   KS74AHCT132J KS74AHCT132J PDF Download SAM DIP14 9911+ The transceiver is in shutdown mode if this pin
KS74AHCT133D   KS74AHCT133D KS74AHCT133D PDF Download Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
KS74AHCT138N   KS74AHCT138N KS74AHCT138N PDF Download The maximum LED current is determined by feedback
KS74AHCT139D   KS74AHCT139D KS74AHCT139D PDF Download After the software chip erase has been initiated
KS74AHCT139N   KS74AHCT139N KS74AHCT139N PDF Download I/O port with Schmitt trigger input (P2.0C P2.3
KS74AHCT14N   KS74AHCT14N KS74AHCT14N PDF Download The LEGACY subsystem is the circuitry required t
KS74AHCT151D   KS74AHCT151D KS74AHCT151D PDF Download 1. Tolerance 10% for L > 10 µH, 20% fo
KS74AHCT151N   KS74AHCT151N KS74AHCT151N PDF Download The device requires only a single sampling capac
KS74AHCT153D   KS74AHCT153D KS74AHCT153D PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
KS74AHCT153N   KS74AHCT153N KS74AHCT153N PDF Download Outputs from the GLBs in a Big Fast Megablock ca
KS74AHCT155N   KS74AHCT155N KS74AHCT155N PDF Download SAMSUNG When the receiver is placed in the power-down (sl
KS74AHCT157N   KS74AHCT157N KS74AHCT157N PDF Download SAMSUNG Notes: 1. Load and Line Regulation are specifie
KS74AHCT158N   KS74AHCT158N KS74AHCT158N PDF Download Figure 4 is the complete schematic diagram of th
KS74AHCT160N   KS74AHCT160N KS74AHCT160N PDF Download Bus Disable Times. These are the times taken to
KS74AHCT161J   KS74AHCT161J KS74AHCT161J PDF Download a. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
KS74AHCT161N   KS74AHCT161N KS74AHCT161N PDF Download SAM DIP16 813 10 bits x (8 + 2) channels 8 bits x 2 2 channe
KS74AHCT162N   KS74AHCT162N KS74AHCT162N PDF Download To achieve fast and accurate switch performance,
KS74AHCT163D   KS74AHCT163D KS74AHCT163D PDF Download • Arcless card insertion and removal •
KS74AHCT163N   KS74AHCT163N KS74AHCT163N PDF Download KOREA sinking and sourcing 20 mA at TTL voltage levels
KS74AHCT164N   KS74AHCT164N KS74AHCT164N PDF Download The terminator's internal power is dissipated pr
KS74AHCT165N   KS74AHCT165N KS74AHCT165N PDF Download SAM DIP16 97/98 AL, BL, CL - Are the logic level inputs for contr
KS74AHCT166N   KS74AHCT166N KS74AHCT166N PDF Download
KS74AHCT169N   KS74AHCT169N KS74AHCT169N PDF Download SAMSUNG A high-performance 1/10/100 Mbps Ethernet Media
KS74AHCT174N   KS74AHCT174N KS74AHCT174N PDF Download 1 DIP
KS74AHCT183N   KS74AHCT183N KS74AHCT183N PDF Download SAM DIP14 46 Acquisition Time (tacq). The delay between the t
KS74AHCT194N   KS74AHCT194N KS74AHCT194N PDF Download SAMSUNG Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 1.0 A
KS74AHCT195N   KS74AHCT195N KS74AHCT195N PDF Download The device has low power dissipation with a 40-m
KS74AHCT20D   KS74AHCT20D KS74AHCT20D PDF Download The PCF8591 is a single-chip, single-supply low
KS74AHCT210N   KS74AHCT210N KS74AHCT210N PDF Download SAMSUNG This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 4,
KS74AHCT21D   KS74AHCT21D KS74AHCT21D PDF Download Functional I/O The HFBR-5710L accepts industry
KS74AHCT238N   KS74AHCT238N KS74AHCT238N PDF Download The serializer outputs (DO) can drive point-to-p
KS74AHCT239N   KS74AHCT239N KS74AHCT239N PDF Download Soft Start. A capacitor from this pin to GND prog
KS74AHCT240D   KS74AHCT240D KS74AHCT240D PDF Download this clamp must be activated as an indication of
KS74AHCT240N   KS74AHCT240N KS74AHCT240N PDF Download SAMSUNG The ATF1502ASV is a high-performance, high-densi
KS74AHCT241D   KS74AHCT241D KS74AHCT241D PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KS74AHCT241N   KS74AHCT241N KS74AHCT241N PDF Download   Proper operation requires the use of two
KS74AHCT244D   KS74AHCT244D KS74AHCT244D PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP11..SK1 is designed in th
KS74AHCT244N   KS74AHCT244N KS74AHCT244N PDF Download SAMSUNG The complete documentation package for the MC6830
KS74AHCT245D   KS74AHCT245D KS74AHCT245D PDF Download Power dissipation at 25ºC: 1.0 watts (also
KS74AHCT245N   KS74AHCT245N KS74AHCT245N PDF Download 98 DIP The main gate drive output (OUT1) is controlled
KS74AHCT253D   KS74AHCT253D KS74AHCT253D PDF Download Notes: (1) Measured with baluns on the input and
KS74AHCT253N   KS74AHCT253N KS74AHCT253N PDF Download • Bring Shut Down (SD)/Mode pin to a logic
KS74AHCT257N   KS74AHCT257N KS74AHCT257N PDF Download LOCAL ANALOG TEST BUS ENABLE: These analog pins
KS74AHCT258N   KS74AHCT258N KS74AHCT258N PDF Download The MX841 features a 1.0MHz switching frequency
KS74AHCT259AN   KS74AHCT259AN KS74AHCT259AN PDF Download  The KM68512A families are fabricated by SA
KS74AHCT259D   KS74AHCT259D KS74AHCT259D PDF Download Required electrolytic capacitor; 220 µF (3
KS74AHCT259N   KS74AHCT259N KS74AHCT259N PDF Download SAM DIP16 818/804 Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)4-M/K/H/L series incorporate
KS74AHCT266N   KS74AHCT266N KS74AHCT266N PDF Download software developers, enabling the design of high
KS74AHCT273N   KS74AHCT273N KS74AHCT273N PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29F002B is a 2 Mbit (2
KS74AHCT27N   KS74AHCT27N KS74AHCT27N PDF Download 97 DIP   The LVCH16374A 16-bit edge-triggered D-ty
KS74AHCT280N   KS74AHCT280N KS74AHCT280N PDF Download 98 DIP NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
KS74AHCT32J   KS74AHCT32J KS74AHCT32J PDF Download 1.2.3 Electrical Characteristics The values giv
KS74AHCT32N   KS74AHCT32N KS74AHCT32N PDF Download DIP 97 The UCC3941 family of low input voltage single i
KS74AHCT365D   KS74AHCT365D KS74AHCT365D PDF Download Differential LVPECL inputs are connected to both
KS74AHCT367N   KS74AHCT367N KS74AHCT367N PDF Download SAMSUNG 2. Force IDL Transmit   This enhancement i
KS74AHCT368N   KS74AHCT368N KS74AHCT368N PDF Download SAMSUNG VSS Circuit ground Port 0 Port 0 is an 8-bit ope
KS74AHCT373N   KS74AHCT373N KS74AHCT373N PDF Download 98 DIP Cell phones, for example, often face ASIC functi
KS74AHCT374D   KS74AHCT374D KS74AHCT374D PDF Download The DS90C3201 is a 3.3V single/dual FPD-Link 10-
KS74AHCT374N   KS74AHCT374N KS74AHCT374N PDF Download KOREA DIP/新 The M48T128Y/V TIMEKEEPER® RAM is a 128Kb x
KS74AHCT393D   KS74AHCT393D KS74AHCT393D PDF Download
KS74AHCT393N   KS74AHCT393N KS74AHCT393N PDF Download SAM
KS74AHCT3H74N   KS74AHCT3H74N KS74AHCT3H74N PDF Download 05+ DIP
KS74AHCT4049N   KS74AHCT4049N KS74AHCT4049N PDF Download 1. Stresses beyond those listed under absolute ma
KS74AHCT468N   KS74AHCT468N KS74AHCT468N PDF Download SAMSUNG Channel B LNP Inverting Input Channel B Freque
KS74AHCT519N   KS74AHCT519N KS74AHCT519N PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16C735AT8 Series are 16Mx72bits E
KS74AHCT51N   KS74AHCT51N KS74AHCT51N PDF Download SAM DIP14 726 Stability The IRU431L has many different domains
KS74AHCT521N   KS74AHCT521N KS74AHCT521N PDF Download SAMSUNG 94
KS74AHCT533N   KS74AHCT533N KS74AHCT533N PDF Download SAMSUNG The MPC7455 is the third implementation of the f
KS74AHCT534N   KS74AHCT534N KS74AHCT534N PDF Download   The ULN2003A/L and ULN2004A/L are the sta
KS74AHCT540N   KS74AHCT540N KS74AHCT540N PDF Download s Anyone purchasing any products described or co
KS74AHCT541D   KS74AHCT541D KS74AHCT541D PDF Download The HT82K628A will respond with ACK, clears its o
KS74AHCT541N   KS74AHCT541N KS74AHCT541N PDF Download (Continued)   • Sub-clock (32.768 KHz
KS74AHCT563N   KS74AHCT563N KS74AHCT563N PDF Download The thermal path between the plastic package and
KS74AHCT564N   KS74AHCT564N KS74AHCT564N PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
KS74AHCT573D   KS74AHCT573D KS74AHCT573D PDF Download Input Data Mask: DM(LDM,UDM) is an input mask sig
KS74AHCT573N   KS74AHCT573N KS74AHCT573N PDF Download SAMSUNG AHI,BHI,CHI - are the logic inputs for controllin
KS74AHCT593   KS74AHCT593 KS74AHCT593 PDF Download SAMSUNG When expander logic is used in the data path, add
KS74AHCT593N   KS74AHCT593N KS74AHCT593N PDF Download System oriented features for mobile, graphics an
KS74AHCT597N   KS74AHCT597N KS74AHCT597N PDF Download SAM 383 The VPP pin provides data protection and faster
KS74AHCT640N   KS74AHCT640N KS74AHCT640N PDF Download   The first example (Figure 1) is designed
KS74AHCT643N   KS74AHCT643N KS74AHCT643N PDF Download SAMSUNG Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute
KS74AHCT646N   KS74AHCT646N KS74AHCT646N PDF Download 96 FS1/SEN and FS0/SD are dual-purpose inputs used f
KS74AHCT648N   KS74AHCT648N KS74AHCT648N PDF Download READ: The AT29LV1024 is accessed like an EPROM.
KS74AHCT652N   KS74AHCT652N KS74AHCT652N PDF Download SAM DIP24 122/115 NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
KS74AHCT665N   KS74AHCT665N KS74AHCT665N PDF Download SEC DIP-24 950 The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 1048C devi
KS74AHCT74D   KS74AHCT74D KS74AHCT74D PDF Download If an analysis is done of this (which is beyond
KS74AHCT74N   KS74AHCT74N KS74AHCT74N PDF Download KS DIP 98+ ______ 1/ Stresses above the absolute maximum r
KS74AHCT821N   KS74AHCT821N KS74AHCT821N PDF Download - Updated document formats. - Removed referenc
KS74AHCT843N   KS74AHCT843N KS74AHCT843N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A HOLD ACKNOWLEDGE: The active high Hold Acknowled
KS74AHCT86D   KS74AHCT86D KS74AHCT86D PDF Download C 16-bit Timer with 8-bit Prescaler, and Watchdo
KS74AHCTTO4N   KS74AHCTTO4N KS74AHCTTO4N PDF Download   Protection diodes are employed at all pin
KS74AHT245N   KS74AHT245N KS74AHT245N PDF Download 576 x 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Rando
KS74HCT   KS74HCT KS74HCT PDF Download Each port has independent control pins; Chip Enab
KS74HCT02N   KS74HCT02N KS74HCT02N PDF Download With USB connected, but without DC power, charge
KS74HCT0N   KS74HCT0N KS74HCT0N PDF Download Two order forms are included at the back of this
KS74HCT148N   KS74HCT148N KS74HCT148N PDF Download s Low-power dissipation s Complies with JEDEC st
KS74HCT166N   KS74HCT166N KS74HCT166N PDF Download TDK 90 The HYS64D128020GBDL are industry standard 200-p
KS74HCT175N   KS74HCT175N KS74HCT175N PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ PCI_STP# is an input to the clock generator and
KS74HCT273   KS74HCT273 KS74HCT273 PDF Download SAMSUNG DIP-20 1A Peak Output Drive Capability 0.8V Precision R
KS74HCT27N   KS74HCT27N KS74HCT27N PDF Download Peak current lasting <30 seconds with a maxim
KS74HCT373N   KS74HCT373N KS74HCT373N PDF Download 3-A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available in 1
KS74HCT541N   KS74HCT541N KS74HCT541N PDF Download Number of channels : 8 Resolution : set 10-bit
KS74HCTL02N   KS74HCTL02N KS74HCTL02N PDF Download SAM 80 The ADR39x family of micropower, low dropout vol
KS74HCTL109AN   KS74HCTL109AN KS74HCTL109AN PDF Download 90 DIP Ideal for conversion from 1.8V or 1.5V inputs D
KS74HCTL16AN   KS74HCTL16AN KS74HCTL16AN PDF Download SAM 90 When an EOP pulse occurs, whether internally or
KS74HCTL365AN   KS74HCTL365AN KS74HCTL365AN PDF Download Reduced harmonic content of input currents corr
KS74HCTLS00N   KS74HCTLS00N KS74HCTLS00N PDF Download 96 The TPS2490 and TPS2491 are easy-to-use, positive
KS74HCTLS02J   KS74HCTLS02J KS74HCTLS02J PDF Download SAM DIP14 9905+ Turn-On Propagation Delay Turn-Off Propagation
KS74HCTLS02N   KS74HCTLS02N KS74HCTLS02N PDF Download 00 The CY7C1350G is a 3.3V, 128K x 36 synchronous-pi
KS74HCTLS03J   KS74HCTLS03J KS74HCTLS03J PDF Download SAM DIP14 9906+ The PI3C16215 is a 20-bit bus switch with low ON-
KS74HCTLS03N   KS74HCTLS03N KS74HCTLS03N PDF Download SASUNG DIP- At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked.
KS74HCTLS04D   KS74HCTLS04D KS74HCTLS04D PDF Download The MCP1701 has a tight tolerance output voltage
KS74HCTLS04N   KS74HCTLS04N KS74HCTLS04N PDF Download SAMSUNG 8850 SYMBOLFUNCTION   BBE High switching noise
KS74HCTLS05D   KS74HCTLS05D KS74HCTLS05D PDF Download This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. T
KS74HCTLS05N   KS74HCTLS05N KS74HCTLS05N PDF Download 97  AVDD Operating CurrentIAVDDVAVDD = 20V20&mi
KS74HCTLS08J   KS74HCTLS08J KS74HCTLS08J PDF Download SAM DIP14 9911+ The PT5100 modules are a series of economical,
KS74HCTLS08N   KS74HCTLS08N KS74HCTLS08N PDF Download 91 The differential inputs are AC-coupled and intern
KS74HCTLS09N   KS74HCTLS09N KS74HCTLS09N PDF Download TI DIP 96 Differential clock input. The TFP513 supports bo
KS74HCTLS107   KS74HCTLS107 KS74HCTLS107 PDF Download N/A DIP Receiver Enable, Active Low Shutdown Control,
KS74HCTLS109AN   KS74HCTLS109AN KS74HCTLS109AN PDF Download 96 Spread Spectrum clock generators utilize frequen
KS74HCTLS10N   KS74HCTLS10N KS74HCTLS10N PDF Download SAMSUNG 9746 SPI Serial Memory The memory portion of the dev
KS74HCTLS112AN   KS74HCTLS112AN KS74HCTLS112AN PDF Download The KS74HCTLS112AN is a true single-chip quad Et
KS74HCTLS112N   KS74HCTLS112N KS74HCTLS112N PDF Download All rights reserved. Copyright ©1998 Elm El
KS74HCTLS11N   KS74HCTLS11N KS74HCTLS11N PDF Download DIP-14 05+ Ground pin. This pin should be connected to sys
KS74HCTLS125   KS74HCTLS125 KS74HCTLS125 PDF Download SAM DIP A hardware method of locking a sector to prevent
KS74HCTLS125D   KS74HCTLS125D KS74HCTLS125D PDF Download To program a Leading Edge Blanking period, conne
KS74HCTLS125N   KS74HCTLS125N KS74HCTLS125N PDF Download NS DIP 00+   Adjustable flashing speed   Adjustab
KS74HCTLS126N   KS74HCTLS126N KS74HCTLS126N PDF Download 16-Channel Single-Ended or 8-Channel Differential
KS74HCTLS132D   KS74HCTLS132D KS74HCTLS132D PDF Download This device contains circuitry to protect the in
KS74HCTLS132N   KS74HCTLS132N KS74HCTLS132N PDF Download SAMSUNG   The ENABLE input is TTL compatible with a
KS74HCTLS133N   KS74HCTLS133N KS74HCTLS133N PDF Download Eye Safety Circuit The HFBR-5710L provides Clas
KS74HCTLS138J   KS74HCTLS138J KS74HCTLS138J PDF Download SAM DIP16 9908+ The OSCI and OSCO pads are connected to a 32.768k
KS74HCTLS138N   KS74HCTLS138N KS74HCTLS138N PDF Download SAMSUNG DIP-16 00+ The AVR core combines a rich instruction set wit
KS74HCTLS139   KS74HCTLS139 KS74HCTLS139 PDF Download KS DIP 00+ Added Package Pins to GPIO Table in Section 8. Re
KS74HCTLS139J   KS74HCTLS139J KS74HCTLS139J PDF Download
KS74HCTLS139N   KS74HCTLS139N KS74HCTLS139N PDF Download SAM DIP provide binary representation on the four active
KS74HCTLS14D   KS74HCTLS14D KS74HCTLS14D PDF Download The MIC5031 is powered by the +4.5V to +30V load
KS74HCTLS14N   KS74HCTLS14N KS74HCTLS14N PDF Download SAM DIP-14 9828+ The device is available with an access time of 7
KS74HCTLS151N   KS74HCTLS151N KS74HCTLS151N PDF Download   This device contains protection circuitry
KS74HCTLS153J   KS74HCTLS153J KS74HCTLS153J PDF Download The charge on the bootstrap capacitor is refreshe
KS74HCTLS153N   KS74HCTLS153N KS74HCTLS153N PDF Download 98 DIP • External hardware 5-bit value readable vi
KS74HCTLS155N   KS74HCTLS155N KS74HCTLS155N PDF Download Four dedicated test terminals control the operat
KS74HCTLS157J   KS74HCTLS157J KS74HCTLS157J PDF Download SAM DIP16 9911+ Contrast Enhancement These display devices are
KS74HCTLS157N   KS74HCTLS157N KS74HCTLS157N PDF Download SAMSUNG The TMS320VC5402 fixed-point, digital signal pro
KS74HCTLS158N   KS74HCTLS158N KS74HCTLS158N PDF Download 94
KS74HCTLS15N   KS74HCTLS15N KS74HCTLS15N PDF Download Connect a resistor between this pin and GND1 t
KS74HCTLS161AD   KS74HCTLS161AD KS74HCTLS161AD PDF Download or different from the 7-segment output-signal sw
KS74HCTLS161AN   KS74HCTLS161AN KS74HCTLS161AN PDF Download The devices feature logic level input control
KS74HCTLS162AN   KS74HCTLS162AN KS74HCTLS162AN PDF Download SAMSUNG 9810 The VTV 075 is a COMMON EMITTER transistor capab
KS74HCTLS163AD   KS74HCTLS163AD KS74HCTLS163AD PDF Download regulator and not to the load. In fact, if R1 is
KS74HCTLS163AN   KS74HCTLS163AN KS74HCTLS163AN PDF Download SAMSUNG Reflects the current value of the internal PCI_ST
KS74HCTLS163N   KS74HCTLS163N KS74HCTLS163N PDF Download The MAX II JTAG and ISP controller internally ge
KS74HCTLS164N   KS74HCTLS164N KS74HCTLS164N PDF Download SAMSUNG † The bus-hold circuit can sink at least t
KS74HCTLS165N   KS74HCTLS165N KS74HCTLS165N PDF Download SAMSUNG DIP DIP   Operating temperature range is as follows:
KS74HCTLS166D   KS74HCTLS166D KS74HCTLS166D PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abso
KS74HCTLS166N   KS74HCTLS166N KS74HCTLS166N PDF Download 50 DIP 三星 The TLE 6225 G is a quad channel low-side switch
KS74HCTLS169N   KS74HCTLS169N KS74HCTLS169N PDF Download Most of our DC tachometer generators aredesigne
KS74HCTLS174D   KS74HCTLS174D KS74HCTLS174D PDF Download Besides basic energy measurement, this design al
KS74HCTLS174N   KS74HCTLS174N KS74HCTLS174N PDF Download SAM DIP16 07+ JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply LVTTL compatibl
KS74HCTLS175N   KS74HCTLS175N KS74HCTLS175N PDF Download 96 DIP The self-refresh mode is entered by dropping CAS
KS74HCTLS20N   KS74HCTLS20N KS74HCTLS20N PDF Download SAM 996 In the receive path, the input amplifier sums th
KS74HCTLS210N   KS74HCTLS210N KS74HCTLS210N PDF Download 91 must be stable during the clock low-to-high tran
KS74HCTLS21D   KS74HCTLS21D KS74HCTLS21D PDF Download An inhibit terminal is provided that can be used
KS74HCTLS21N   KS74HCTLS21N KS74HCTLS21N PDF Download 87 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
KS74HCTLS238N   KS74HCTLS238N KS74HCTLS238N PDF Download Using a CT by itself normally introduces a curre
KS74HCTLS239N   KS74HCTLS239N KS74HCTLS239N PDF Download The HYM72V16M656H(L)T6 -Series are high speed 3.3
KS74HCTLS240   KS74HCTLS240 KS74HCTLS240 PDF Download   Single chip teletext IC   Analog CVB
KS74HCTLS240D   KS74HCTLS240D KS74HCTLS240D PDF Download The LMS1487E is a low power differential bus/lin
KS74HCTLS240N   KS74HCTLS240N KS74HCTLS240N PDF Download SAMSUNG DIP-20 00+ The DTMF generator controls the sending of the s
KS74HCTLS241J   KS74HCTLS241J KS74HCTLS241J PDF Download SAM DIP20 9904+ Teccor Electronics reserves the right to make cha
KS74HCTLS241N   KS74HCTLS241N KS74HCTLS241N PDF Download The clock is generated by a phase-locked oscillat
KS74HCTLS244   KS74HCTLS244 KS74HCTLS244 PDF Download DIP-20 95+ Notes: 1. Typical specification for reference o
KS74HCTLS244CDTF   KS74HCTLS244CDTF KS74HCTLS244CDTF PDF Download Byte 0 and byte 1 of the scratchpad contain the L
KS74HCTLS244CD-TF   KS74HCTLS244CD-TF KS74HCTLS244CD-TF PDF Download SAMSUNG SOP N/A Embedded MPC8xx core up to 100 MHz Maximum fre
KS74HCTLS244D   KS74HCTLS244D KS74HCTLS244D PDF Download RESET is asserted and the condition is latched un
KS74HCTLS244N   KS74HCTLS244N KS74HCTLS244N PDF Download 93 The XC62G series are highly precise, low power c
KS74HCTLS245   KS74HCTLS245 KS74HCTLS245 PDF Download SAMSUNG SOIC-20 07+/08+ The Media Access Control function, provided by t
KS74HCTLS245CD-TF   KS74HCTLS245CD-TF KS74HCTLS245CD-TF PDF Download SAMSUNG SMD 9249 Maximum Tri-State Enable Time  VCC = 2.0V
KS74HCTLS245N   KS74HCTLS245N KS74HCTLS245N PDF Download 91 These PIN / Preamplifier combinations are coupled
KS74HCTLS253D   KS74HCTLS253D KS74HCTLS253D PDF Download Thermal Design The IRU1011-33 incorporates an in
KS74HCTLS253N   KS74HCTLS253N KS74HCTLS253N PDF Download SAMSUNG 00+ 64 positions OTP (one-time programmable)1 set-an
KS74HCTLS257D   KS74HCTLS257D KS74HCTLS257D PDF Download An Intel 8254 timer-counter (or functionally equi
KS74HCTLS257N   KS74HCTLS257N KS74HCTLS257N PDF Download The Hynix HY57V281620E(L)T(P) series is a 134,217
KS74HCTLS258N   KS74HCTLS258N KS74HCTLS258N PDF Download 96 The ADC124S021 is a low-power, four-channel CMOS
KS74HCTLS266N   KS74HCTLS266N KS74HCTLS266N PDF Download SEC The 6N137, HCPL-2601/2611 single-channel and HCP
KS74HCTLS273J   KS74HCTLS273J KS74HCTLS273J PDF Download SAM DIP20 9905+ VBIAS (VCC, VBS 1,2,3) = 15V unless otherwise sp
KS74HCTLS273N   KS74HCTLS273N KS74HCTLS273N PDF Download SAM DIP20 2007+ • Triple 9-bit DAC for composite and S-vid
KS74HCTLS27N   KS74HCTLS27N KS74HCTLS27N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (+)Sense: An external remote sense input is provi
KS74HCTLS280D   KS74HCTLS280D KS74HCTLS280D PDF Download The test circuit of Figure 5 is shown with a pos
KS74HCTLS280N   KS74HCTLS280N KS74HCTLS280N PDF Download 95 Transmitter Differential Input. Input accepts AC-
KS74HCTLS299D   KS74HCTLS299D KS74HCTLS299D PDF Download BYTE PROGRAMMING: Once the memory array is erase
KS74HCTLS30N   KS74HCTLS30N KS74HCTLS30N PDF Download SAMSUNG 02+ This is a stress rating only and functional oper
KS74HCTLS32   KS74HCTLS32 KS74HCTLS32 PDF Download   * Consult factory for availability.  
KS74HCTLS32N   KS74HCTLS32N KS74HCTLS32N PDF Download SAMSUNG − Standard Mode IBM PC/XT PC/AT, and PS/2
KS74HCTLS352N   KS74HCTLS352N KS74HCTLS352N PDF Download 93 The EL5144 series amplifiers are voltage-feedbac
KS74HCTLS353N   KS74HCTLS353N KS74HCTLS353N PDF Download 97 Analog circuit power terminals. A combination of
KS74HCTLS356AN   KS74HCTLS356AN KS74HCTLS356AN PDF Download 96 Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V
KS74HCTLS365AN   KS74HCTLS365AN KS74HCTLS365AN PDF Download 96 The analog input pin transfers its signal to the
KS74HCTLS365N   KS74HCTLS365N KS74HCTLS365N PDF Download 96 DIP
KS74HCTLS366AN   KS74HCTLS366AN KS74HCTLS366AN PDF Download 97 Caution: This component is susceptible to damage
KS74HCTLS366N   KS74HCTLS366N KS74HCTLS366N PDF Download SAM DIP16 07+ Figure 18.TSOP48 Lead Plastic Thin Small Outline
KS74HCTLS367N   KS74HCTLS367N KS74HCTLS367N PDF Download The low cost PSD3XX family integrates high-perfo
KS74HCTLS368AN   KS74HCTLS368AN KS74HCTLS368AN PDF Download Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V Low power consumpti
KS74HCTLS373   KS74HCTLS373 KS74HCTLS373 PDF Download SAMSUNG 91 READ: The AT49BV/LV040 is accessed like an EPROM.
KS74HCTLS373D   KS74HCTLS373D KS74HCTLS373D PDF Download The ADC122S101 is a low-power, two-channel CMOS
KS74HCTLS373N   KS74HCTLS373N KS74HCTLS373N PDF Download SAMSUNG DIP DIP   The thermal protection circuit shuts off
KS74HCTLS374D   KS74HCTLS374D KS74HCTLS374D PDF Download 256 x 256 channel non-blocking switch Automatic
KS74HCTLS374J   KS74HCTLS374J KS74HCTLS374J PDF Download 9911 SAM 142 Key: AI = Analog Input; AO = Analog Output; DI =
KS74HCTLS374N   KS74HCTLS374N KS74HCTLS374N PDF Download SSS 10 years minimum data retention in the absence o
KS74HCTLS388N   KS74HCTLS388N KS74HCTLS388N PDF Download 97 Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) The PT6700 program
KS74HCTLS390N   KS74HCTLS390N KS74HCTLS390N PDF Download 1.4 ATM features Adaptation Layers: AAL5 (data
KS74HCTLS393D   KS74HCTLS393D KS74HCTLS393D PDF Download SelfCTest   The sensor provides a selfCtes
KS74HCTLS393N   KS74HCTLS393N KS74HCTLS393N PDF Download For best performance, keep the timing capacitor
KS74HCTLS4050N   KS74HCTLS4050N KS74HCTLS4050N PDF Download 95 • Semiconductor laser and photodetector are
KS74HCTLS44N   KS74HCTLS44N KS74HCTLS44N PDF Download • Supports AT&T TR62411 and Telcordia
KS74HCTLS519   KS74HCTLS519 KS74HCTLS519 PDF Download 91 The signal bandwidth of a transimpedance amplifi
KS74HCTLS519N   KS74HCTLS519N KS74HCTLS519N PDF Download SAMSUNG DESCRIPTION The LE00 regulator series are very
KS74HCTLS51N   KS74HCTLS51N KS74HCTLS51N PDF Download 97 See the Terminology section. These specification
KS74HCTLS521   KS74HCTLS521 KS74HCTLS521 PDF Download Each MMU provides read-only and supervisor-only
KS74HCTLS521D   KS74HCTLS521D KS74HCTLS521D PDF Download Functional Description : WSH130 is designed to
KS74HCTLS521N   KS74HCTLS521N KS74HCTLS521N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 80C186EB is a second generation CHMOS High-I
KS74HCTLS534N   KS74HCTLS534N KS74HCTLS534N PDF Download   The 33996 is a 16-output low-side switch
KS74HCTLS541D   KS74HCTLS541D KS74HCTLS541D PDF Download The AP1187 is specifically designed to meet the
KS74HCTLS541J   KS74HCTLS541J KS74HCTLS541J PDF Download SAM DIP20 9904+ (VDD = +4.5V to +5.5V; unipolar input mode; COM =
KS74HCTLS541N   KS74HCTLS541N KS74HCTLS541N PDF Download See the last page of this specification for Group
KS74HCTLS563N   KS74HCTLS563N KS74HCTLS563N PDF Download 97 The UAC 3552A is the first member of Micronas US
KS74HCTLS564D   KS74HCTLS564D KS74HCTLS564D PDF Download In EDO page mode read cycle, the data-out is hel
KS74HCTLS564N   KS74HCTLS564N KS74HCTLS564N PDF Download KA 94+ DIP Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
KS74HCTLS573D   KS74HCTLS573D KS74HCTLS573D PDF Download The wiper settings are controllable through the
KS74HCTLS573N   KS74HCTLS573N KS74HCTLS573N PDF Download 18 KA DIP Failsafe Operation These devices provide a fail
KS74HCTLS574D   KS74HCTLS574D KS74HCTLS574D PDF Download 2. The ALD1704 has complementary p-channel and n
KS74HCTLS574N   KS74HCTLS574N KS74HCTLS574N PDF Download SAMSUNG The following figures show the basic circuit conf
KS74HCTLS58   KS74HCTLS58 KS74HCTLS58 PDF Download 90 Hynix HYMP512S64MP8 series is designed for high s
KS74HCTLS58N   KS74HCTLS58N KS74HCTLS58N PDF Download 97 • Suppresses low-frequency noise output fro
KS74HCTLS590N   KS74HCTLS590N KS74HCTLS590N PDF Download The programming mode is entered by bringing SER_
KS74HCTLS592N   KS74HCTLS592N KS74HCTLS592N PDF Download SAMSUNG The transmitter section of the PI90SD1636A accep
KS74HCTLS593N   KS74HCTLS593N KS74HCTLS593N PDF Download 00 Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
KS74HCTLS595N   KS74HCTLS595N KS74HCTLS595N PDF Download The VGAs low output-referred noise is advantageo
KS74HCTLS596N   KS74HCTLS596N KS74HCTLS596N PDF Download 91 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
KS74HCTLS597N   KS74HCTLS597N KS74HCTLS597N PDF Download 91 INTERFACE CONFIGURATION PIN: This pin determines
KS74HCTLS640D   KS74HCTLS640D KS74HCTLS640D PDF Download 2Mbit of Page-Erasable Flash Memory Page Write
KS74HCTLS640N   KS74HCTLS640N KS74HCTLS640N PDF Download 97 Serial clock to EEPROM. Pin has a weak internal
KS74HCTLS643N   KS74HCTLS643N KS74HCTLS643N PDF Download 97 3.8 AUI Interface The AUI interface consists of
KS74HCTLS645N   KS74HCTLS645N KS74HCTLS645N PDF Download 94 A 0.1 µF capacitor is placed between this
KS74HCTLS646N   KS74HCTLS646N KS74HCTLS646N PDF Download 90 Incorporating a successive approximation architec
KS74HCTLS648N   KS74HCTLS648N KS74HCTLS648N PDF Download 97 The UCC3808A family offers a variety of package
KS74HCTLS651N   KS74HCTLS651N KS74HCTLS651N PDF Download SAMSUNG This data sheet contains data from the prelimina
KS74HCTLS659N   KS74HCTLS659N KS74HCTLS659N PDF Download SAMSUNG At turn-on, the external gate capacitor of the N-
KS74HCTLS670N   KS74HCTLS670N KS74HCTLS670N PDF Download SAMSUNG Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
KS74HCTLS679   KS74HCTLS679 KS74HCTLS679 PDF Download 93 This encapsulated power module can be used in a
KS74HCTLS680N   KS74HCTLS680N KS74HCTLS680N PDF Download 94 Using the first option, the user can program the
KS74HCTLS686N   KS74HCTLS686N KS74HCTLS686N PDF Download 91 • Low gate charge • International
KS74HCTLS688N   KS74HCTLS688N KS74HCTLS688N PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KS74HCTLS73N   KS74HCTLS73N KS74HCTLS73N PDF Download -331.40 -194.50  -48.00   87.40 &nb
KS74HCTLS74A   KS74HCTLS74A KS74HCTLS74A PDF Download SAM SOP 98+ The Intel 80C186XL is a Modular Core re-implemen
KS74HCTLS74AD   KS74HCTLS74AD KS74HCTLS74AD PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KS74HCTLS74ADT   KS74HCTLS74ADT KS74HCTLS74ADT PDF Download The XC62G series are highly precise, low power c
KS74HCTLS74AN   KS74HCTLS74AN KS74HCTLS74AN PDF Download 99 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
KS74HCTLS75N   KS74HCTLS75N KS74HCTLS75N PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
KS74HCTLS78AN   KS74HCTLS78AN KS74HCTLS78AN PDF Download TI DIP 92 • Battery Powered Systems • Cordless T
KS74HCTLS821N   KS74HCTLS821N KS74HCTLS821N PDF Download 96 The HYM72V64656T8 H-series are high speed 3.3-Vol
KS74HCTLS822N   KS74HCTLS822N KS74HCTLS822N PDF Download 95 NOTES: A. CL includes probe and test-fixture cap
KS74HCTLS823N   KS74HCTLS823N KS74HCTLS823N PDF Download 96 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
KS74HCTLS824   KS74HCTLS824 KS74HCTLS824 PDF Download 92 Where (L62 L42) is the level programmed in chan
KS74HCTLS824N   KS74HCTLS824N KS74HCTLS824N PDF Download 91 where R15 should be greater than 33 kΩ. Sma
KS74HCTLS825N   KS74HCTLS825N KS74HCTLS825N PDF Download 90 NOTES: 1. After CLK_EN switches, the clock outp
KS74HCTLS826N   KS74HCTLS826N KS74HCTLS826N PDF Download 90 These monolithic converters are derived from the
KS74HCTLS841N   KS74HCTLS841N KS74HCTLS841N PDF Download 90   Proper and sufficient power supply
KS74HCTLS842N   KS74HCTLS842N KS74HCTLS842N PDF Download 90 High Accuracy Trip Voltage: 1% Max Error Using E
KS74HCTLS846N   KS74HCTLS846N KS74HCTLS846N PDF Download 94 This advanced technology has been tailored to min
KS74HCTLS86J   KS74HCTLS86J KS74HCTLS86J PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
KS74HCTLS86N   KS74HCTLS86N KS74HCTLS86N PDF Download SAMSUNG Synchronous rectification provides excellent eff
KS74HCTS643N   KS74HCTS643N KS74HCTS643N PDF Download 96 The FS6282 is a monolithic CMOS clock generator I
KS74KCTLS125N   KS74KCTLS125N KS74KCTLS125N PDF Download
KS754U2346WBP   KS754U2346WBP KS754U2346WBP PDF Download KAWASAKI BGA388 2005 Ultrasonically bonded leads and controlled die m
KS755U2254CBPES   KS755U2254CBPES KS755U2254CBPES PDF Download The LM1881 Video sync separator extracts timing
KS7720   KS7720 KS7720 PDF Download FSC TO-92 02+ PEN (Power Supply Enable) Pin 18 - This digital i
KS7720CZTA   KS7720CZTA KS7720CZTA PDF Download All part numbers end with a place code (not show
KS7727C   KS7727C KS7727C PDF Download 袋装 The ISD1000A devices drive a speaker directly th
KS7730   KS7730 KS7730 PDF Download FSC TO-92 02+ Layout 300 ps Maximum Differential Skew Propaga
KS7730CZTA   KS7730CZTA KS7730CZTA PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
KS7742C   KS7742C KS7742C PDF Download FSC TO-92 02+ Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications
KS7745C   KS7745C KS7745C PDF Download FSC TO-92 02+ sim_G4plus simulation   C AN2749, Genesi Pe
KS7745CATA   KS7745CATA KS7745CATA PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
KS78L05AZ   KS78L05AZ KS78L05AZ PDF Download 1. Permanent device damage may occur if absolute
KS7KM-18-AT   KS7KM-18-AT KS7KM-18-AT PDF Download NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
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