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Transfect cells at high cell density. 90-95% confluence at the time of transfection is recommended to obtain high efficiency and expression levels, and to minimize decreased cell growth associated with high transfection activity. Lower cell densities are suitable with optimization of conditions. Take care to maintain a standard seeding protocol between experi-ments because transfection efficiency is sensitive to culture confluence.
The LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SP can be used to create an 8-port unmanaged switch with one WAN router port by connecting a CPU (ARM or MPC 850) to the additional MII port (port 8). The only external components needed are the physical layer transceivers and a single SBRAM, resulting in a low, total system cost.
All FACT outputs are buffered to ensure consistent output voltage and current specifications across the family. Both LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SP and LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SPT device types have the same output structures. Two clamp diodes are internally connected to the output pin to suppress voltage overshoot and undershoot in noisy system applications witch can result from impedance mismatching. The balanced output design allows for controlled edge rates and equal rise and fall times.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
LG8000-05A   LG8000-05A LG8000-05A PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
LG8000-23A-211   LG8000-23A-211 LG8000-23A-211 PDF Download The Samsung KMM5368003B is a 8Mx36bits Dynamic RA
LG8000-34A   LG8000-34A LG8000-34A PDF Download   The MC10/100EP31 is a D flipCflop with se
LG8003-01A   LG8003-01A LG8003-01A PDF Download   The IDT71016 is a 1,048,576-bit high-spee
LG8011-11   LG8011-11 LG8011-11 PDF Download 05+ The information provided herein is believed to b
LG8020-50B   LG8020-50B LG8020-50B PDF Download Description Agilent Technologies MGA-52543 is a
LG8020-50C   LG8020-50C LG8020-50C PDF Download In addition, the oscillator and flip-flop sectio
LG8020-50D   LG8020-50D LG8020-50D PDF Download 2. Tolerance on the true position of the leads is
LG8021BH   LG8021BH LG8021BH PDF Download N/A N/A NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
LG8023-54B   LG8023-54B LG8023-54B PDF Download These are the first general purpose EMI reductio
LG8023-54C   LG8023-54C LG8023-54C PDF Download DIP64 04+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
LG8023-55D   LG8023-55D LG8023-55D PDF Download LG 05+ Operating voltage: 2.2V~3.6V Ten bidirectional I
LG8030-58C   LG8030-58C LG8030-58C PDF Download The READ instruction is the only instruction tha
LG82C392P   LG82C392P LG82C392P PDF Download JEDEC compatible LVTTL level inputs and outputs
LG8334-11D   LG8334-11D LG8334-11D PDF Download Care should also be taken in the resistor select
LG8408-17A   LG8408-17A LG8408-17A PDF Download NOTES:   1. Measured from maximum diameter
LG8414-15B   LG8414-15B LG8414-15B PDF Download GS 1 When VDD reaches 4.75V (VTH1+∆VTH1), the
LG8434-04C   LG8434-04C LG8434-04C PDF Download RST Reset input A high on this pin for two machi
LG8434-17B   LG8434-17B LG8434-17B PDF Download LG DIP-54 96+ Applications • DC-DC converters • S
LG8504-15A(87CC31N-3183)   LG8504-15A(87CC31N-3183) LG8504-15A(87CC31N-3183) PDF Download
LG8508-03B   LG8508-03B LG8508-03B PDF Download Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
LG8508-04A   LG8508-04A LG8508-04A PDF Download Synchronous operation is possible only in the QAM
LG8508-04B   LG8508-04B LG8508-04B PDF Download   VOUT Temperature Coefficient   DC Cr
LG8508-05C   LG8508-05C LG8508-05C PDF Download The analog outputs are designed to directly driv
LG8508-07C   LG8508-07C LG8508-07C PDF Download LG 05+/06+ Note 4: For the purpose of specifying deserialize
LG8508-14A   LG8508-14A LG8508-14A PDF Download In this mode, CS is inactive (high) between seri
LG8508-19A   LG8508-19A LG8508-19A PDF Download The gate drive regulator manages the voltage fro
LG8508-19B   LG8508-19B LG8508-19B PDF Download Interface options:   Parallel interface &n
LG8508-23A   LG8508-23A LG8508-23A PDF Download /EOP /End of Process (Input, active Low). To term
LG8508-23C   LG8508-23C LG8508-23C PDF Download Note 5: The maximum power dissipation must be der
LG8518-08C   LG8518-08C LG8518-08C PDF Download SONY 04+ The programming mode is entered by bringing SER_
LG8534-05B   LG8534-05B LG8534-05B PDF Download MIT 4200 3. The SI-8300L series may not start up if the i
LG8534-05BM37201M6-C08SP   LG8534-05BM37201M6-C08SP LG8534-05BM37201M6-C08SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 96+ The CAT1021, CAT1022 and CAT1023 are complete m
LG8534-05C   LG8534-05C LG8534-05C PDF Download IS61C6416AL and IS64C6416AL   • High
LG8534-09E(ST9291J4-EEM)   LG8534-09E(ST9291J4-EEM) LG8534-09E(ST9291J4-EEM) PDF Download Current-mode PWM Controller High-current output
LG8534-13B   LG8534-13B LG8534-13B PDF Download FEATURES s 300 mA Output Current per Channel s
LG8534-13B9GMS84512TAD05)   LG8534-13B9GMS84512TAD05) LG8534-13B9GMS84512TAD05) PDF Download NOTE: Pins designated as "NC" are typic
LG8534-13C   LG8534-13C LG8534-13C PDF Download The CY7C372i is an In-System Reprogrammable Compl
LG8538-06A   LG8538-06A LG8538-06A PDF Download LG 98+ Over a Dynamic Range 1000 to 1 Over a Dynamic Ra
LG8558-05C(M38184MA-252FP)   LG8558-05C(M38184MA-252FP) LG8558-05C(M38184MA-252FP) PDF Download NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
LG8608-01A   LG8608-01A LG8608-01A PDF Download The reset cycle continues for the first 18 clock
LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SP   LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SP LG8608-01AM37204M8-C05SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 96+ TapePak and TRI-STATE are registered trademarks
LG8608-06A   LG8608-06A LG8608-06A PDF Download LG 05+/06+ The battery-saving function is controlled by the
LG8608-18A   LG8608-18A LG8608-18A PDF Download MIT 1465 In addition, each material offers a specific r
LG8608-20A/M37204M8-E03SP   LG8608-20A/M37204M8-E03SP LG8608-20A/M37204M8-E03SP PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
LG8608-220   LG8608-220 LG8608-220 PDF Download LG DIP N/A The ADSP-21262 features an enhanced Harvard arch
LG8608-22C   LG8608-22C LG8608-22C PDF Download 97+ Differential analog input pins. With a 1.0V refe
LG8608-22C-5D85   LG8608-22C-5D85 LG8608-22C-5D85 PDF Download reconstruction filters Separate analog (5V) and
LG8608-22D   LG8608-22D LG8608-22D PDF Download Low Battery Detection - An internal reference is
LG8618-07D   LG8618-07D LG8618-07D PDF Download At frequencies below 10 MHz, the video resistan
LG8618-09A   LG8618-09A LG8618-09A PDF Download Verify that the temperature measured in step one
LG863224A-02B   LG863224A-02B LG863224A-02B PDF Download SANYO DIP-42 99+ There is a Sync timeout of 100ms as shown in Fig
LG8634-02A   LG8634-02A LG8634-02A PDF Download   and Class C (Exceeding 400 V) per Machine
LG8634-15D   LG8634-15D LG8634-15D PDF Download H = High Voltage Level, L = Low Voltage Level, X
LG8634-15E   LG8634-15E LG8634-15E PDF Download In normal operation, the output signal of the CC
LG8634-16A.   LG8634-16A. LG8634-16A. PDF Download Notes: 1. Functional operation under any of the
LG8634-16C   LG8634-16C LG8634-16C PDF Download The data output is sequential, with the data fro
LG8634-17A   LG8634-17A LG8634-17A PDF Download • System Integration Module (SIM07), Incor
LG8634-17B   LG8634-17B LG8634-17B PDF Download The RF5189 is not a difficult part to implement,
LG8634-17C   LG8634-17C LG8634-17C PDF Download The DS1249 devices execute a read cycle whenever
LG8634-17D   LG8634-17D LG8634-17D PDF Download TRI-STATE versions LS157 and LS158 with same pin
LG8634-18B   LG8634-18B LG8634-18B PDF Download N/A LG 04+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxim
LG8634-19A   LG8634-19A LG8634-19A PDF Download may be accessed by hardware or software operatio
LG8634-20A   LG8634-20A LG8634-20A PDF Download   The output or compensation capacitor help
LG8634-20B   LG8634-20B LG8634-20B PDF Download n Higher gain to match LM126X CMOS preamplifiers
LG8638-11B   LG8638-11B LG8638-11B PDF Download Note A. Junction Temperature Calculation: TJ = T
LG8638-14A(M37204MB-E07SP)   LG8638-14A(M37204MB-E07SP) LG8638-14A(M37204MB-E07SP) PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
LG8638-23A   LG8638-23A LG8638-23A PDF Download NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
LG8658-03A   LG8658-03A LG8658-03A PDF Download LG 97+ Channel Select - UART channel A or B is selected
LG8658-03A-5B09   LG8658-03A-5B09 LG8658-03A-5B09 PDF Download 97+ 1-Phase, Full-Wave, Linear DC Motor Driver Buil
LG865807C   LG865807C LG865807C PDF Download QFP 97 All switchers are synchronized to the internal 1.
LG8689-02A   LG8689-02A LG8689-02A PDF Download SOP 05+ The LG8689-02AL is an adjustable 3-terminal negat
LG8708-018   LG8708-018 LG8708-018 PDF Download 7.3.1 ILMI Embedded software provides an ILMI 4
LG8708-01B   LG8708-01B LG8708-01B PDF Download • Third Generation Field-Programmable Gate
LG8708-03A/M37204M8-F01SP   LG8708-03A/M37204M8-F01SP LG8708-03A/M37204M8-F01SP PDF Download RSTA/RSTB (Pins 6, 15): Card Socket. The RSTA/RST
LG8708-04B   LG8708-04B LG8708-04B PDF Download The LG8708-04B is designed to operate in a manne
LG8708-06A   LG8708-06A LG8708-06A PDF Download † These characteristics are guaranteed by
LG8708-08A   LG8708-08A LG8708-08A PDF Download In addition to having the same functions as port
LG8708-08B   LG8708-08B LG8708-08B PDF Download Available in both Unidirectional and Bidirectiona
LG8708-09A   LG8708-09A LG8708-09A PDF Download A capacitive load on the regulators output will
LG8734-01D   LG8734-01D LG8734-01D PDF Download LG DIP 98+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
LG8734-02A   LG8734-02A LG8734-02A PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)4-M/K/H/L series incorporate
LG8734-02B   LG8734-02B LG8734-02B PDF Download Die nachfolgend angefhrten R/T-Kennlinien sind a
LG8734-02C   LG8734-02C LG8734-02C PDF Download As with all shunt voltage references, an externa
LG8734-03A   LG8734-03A LG8734-03A PDF Download "with wake-up capability through INT0 pin&q
LG8734-03B   LG8734-03B LG8734-03B PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
LG8734-04A   LG8734-04A LG8734-04A PDF Download COP8™ is a trademark of National Semicondu
LG8734-04B   LG8734-04B LG8734-04B PDF Download N/A LG 04+ 4. When Fail Soft operation is detected, regulat
LG8734-06C   LG8734-06C LG8734-06C PDF Download READY/BUSY: The RDY/BSY pin provides the devices
LG8801   LG8801 LG8801 PDF Download LG †Refer to the front of the optocoupler sec
LG8801-AAQH1   LG8801-AAQH1 LG8801-AAQH1 PDF Download
LG8808-02B   LG8808-02B LG8808-02B PDF Download SANYO DIP-42 99+ The program begins with an overview of stress an
LG8808-02B-5H75   LG8808-02B-5H75 LG8808-02B-5H75 PDF Download SANYO 99+ 2500 SQW may output a programmable fre- quency square
LG8808-08A   LG8808-08A LG8808-08A PDF Download SANYO Port 2 (A8C15), I/O. Port 2 is a bidirectional I/
LG8808-08B   LG8808-08B LG8808-08B PDF Download N/A LG 04+ The onboard bandgap reference is stable with tem
LG8808-14D   LG8808-14D LG8808-14D PDF Download CMOS Technology Least External Components Avai
LG8808-26A   LG8808-26A LG8808-26A PDF Download UART channel B Transmit Data or infrared encoder
LG8838-04A   LG8838-04A LG8838-04A PDF Download N/A GS 04+ 1. The 3rd Byte ID after 90h ID read command is d
LG8838-06E   LG8838-06E LG8838-06E PDF Download LG DIP 05+ The TMS28F400BZx is a 524 288 by 8-bit / 262 144
LG8838-07B   LG8838-07B LG8838-07B PDF Download Data length select bit 0 (DLS0) Data length sele
LG8838-23C(M37272MB-500SP)   LG8838-23C(M37272MB-500SP) LG8838-23C(M37272MB-500SP) PDF Download ∗1 Maximum input voltage at steady mode is
LG8858-02A   LG8858-02A LG8858-02A PDF Download sGENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJU7108 is a sup
LG8858-04B(GMS3977S-A114F)   LG8858-04B(GMS3977S-A114F) LG8858-04B(GMS3977S-A114F) PDF Download The RUN/SS pin provides soft-start and optional t
LG8889   LG8889 LG8889 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Refer to Measuring Circuit Refer to Measuring Ci
LG8889-03A   LG8889-03A LG8889-03A PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
LG8889-03ARA147   LG8889-03ARA147 LG8889-03ARA147 PDF Download LGS 00+ Description: The NTE6070 thru NTE6079 series of
LG8889-05A   LG8889-05A LG8889-05A PDF Download (1) The marketing status values are defined as f
LG8898-16A   LG8898-16A LG8898-16A PDF Download ZILOG 99+ Applications • Electronic signs and signal
LG8898-28A   LG8898-28A LG8898-28A PDF Download ZILOG DIP 99+ BLOCK WRITE protection for top 1/8, top 1/4, top
LG8898-28B   LG8898-28B LG8898-28B PDF Download ZILOG DIP 99+
LG8908-23A   LG8908-23A LG8908-23A PDF Download Notes: 1. See Figure 5 for current derating vs.
LG8989-01.KS51840-F7   LG8989-01.KS51840-F7 LG8989-01.KS51840-F7 PDF Download Devices sold by AMI are covered by the warranty a
LG8989-02A   LG8989-02A LG8989-02A PDF Download   4.3 Screening (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV le
LG8989-08A   LG8989-08A LG8989-08A PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
LG8989-10A   LG8989-10A LG8989-10A PDF Download 100 SOP 00+ Note 3: Typical values are determined with TA = T
LG8990-14B   LG8990-14B LG8990-14B PDF Download The HY638256 is a high-speed 32,768 x 8-bits CMOS
LG8990-17B   LG8990-17B LG8990-17B PDF Download The delay in this mode is dependent only on the c
LG8990-17C(M37273MB-216SP)   LG8990-17C(M37273MB-216SP) LG8990-17C(M37273MB-216SP) PDF Download Specified for 79C, 112C and 132CChannel Loading
LG8990-19A   LG8990-19A LG8990-19A PDF Download • FullCduplex capability • External lo
LG8990-23B(M37272MB-329SP)   LG8990-23B(M37272MB-329SP) LG8990-23B(M37272MB-329SP) PDF Download 225 mW Rating on FR−4 or FR−5 Board
LG8990-26A(M37272MB-326SP)   LG8990-26A(M37272MB-326SP) LG8990-26A(M37272MB-326SP) PDF Download The ADXL213 is a low cost, low power, complete d
LG8990-35A-172   LG8990-35A-172 LG8990-35A-172 PDF Download
LG8993-03A   LG8993-03A LG8993-03A PDF Download The MARC4 microcontroller consists of an advance
LG8993-05A   LG8993-05A LG8993-05A PDF Download functions for complete SOC solution  ̶
LG8993-09B   LG8993-09B LG8993-09B PDF Download Command/Data Input This input pin allows selec
LG8993-13D   LG8993-13D LG8993-13D PDF Download LG 03+ The VCS features the high peak current capability
LG8993-24A   LG8993-24A LG8993-24A PDF Download VCU1 3.80 to 4.40 Adjustment VCD1 3.45 to 4.40
LG8993-27A(M37221MB-135SP)   LG8993-27A(M37221MB-135SP) LG8993-27A(M37221MB-135SP) PDF Download The DS90C3201 is a 3.3V single/dual FPD-Link 10-
LG8993-29B(M37221MB-147SP)   LG8993-29B(M37221MB-147SP) LG8993-29B(M37221MB-147SP) PDF Download • JEDEC registered 1N5985 to 1N6031 ̶
LG8993-32F   LG8993-32F LG8993-32F PDF Download Used as external reference input when internal r
LG8993-41B(M37272MB-502SP)   LG8993-41B(M37272MB-502SP) LG8993-41B(M37272MB-502SP) PDF Download Note 6: All room temperature limits are 100% test
LG8993-43D   LG8993-43D LG8993-43D PDF Download The ADSP-21365/6 includes an on-chip instruction
LG8995-01A   LG8995-01A LG8995-01A PDF Download The ZiLOG ZHX1010 SIR transceiver provides an eff
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