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  These devices employ the Schottky Barrier principle in a large area metal−to−silicon power diode. State of the art geometry features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlay contact. Ideally suited for low voltage, high frequency rectification, or as free wheeling and polarity diodes in surface mount applications where compact size and weight are critical to the system.
• An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instruction cycle   times of 300C600 ns for all instructions except multiply   and divide when executing at 20 MHz. Execution at up   to 20 MHz when VDD = 4.5 V to 6.0 V, 10 MHz when   VDD = 2.7 V to 6.0 V. • Four-channel Pulse Width Modulator. • Four-channel multiplexed 8-bit A/D converter.   Conversion time of 9.3 microseconds at fosc = 20 MHz. • 2.7 V to 6.0 V operating range for digital functions. • 4 K bytes OTP memory. • 128 byte RAM data memory. • 32-byte customer code EPROM allows serialization of   devices, storage of setup parameters, etc. • Two 16-bit counter/timers. Each timer may be   configured to toggle a port output upon timer overflow.
Soft-Start The LM-231-09 has a programmable soft start to control the output voltage rise and limit the current surge at the start-up. To ensure correct start-up, the soft-start se- quence initiates when the Vcc, VcH1, VcH2, VccLDO and VSEN33 rise above their threshold and generates the Power On Reset (POR) signal. Soft-start function oper- ates by sourcing an internal current to charge an exter- nal capacitor to about 3V. Initially, the soft-start function clamps the E/As output of the PWM converter. As the charging voltage of the external capacitor ramps up, the PWM signals increase from zero to the point the feed- back loop takes control.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
LM-035VRA   LM-035VRA LM-035VRA PDF Download ROHM 01+ Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G MICROWIRE PLUS
LM-035VRB   LM-035VRB LM-035VRB PDF Download ROHM The Intersil LM-035VRB is a high speed BiCMOS 3.3
LM-036VRB   LM-036VRB LM-036VRB PDF Download ROHM 00+ The 'LS502 is an 8-bit register with the interch
LM-0701LB   LM-0701LB LM-0701LB PDF Download ROHM Industrial Standard SPI Pin-out 8 Mbits of Pag
LM-0802S   LM-0802S LM-0802S PDF Download N/A All the 80C186XL integrated peripherals are con-
LM-0802SE   LM-0802SE LM-0802SE PDF Download SMD-8 0134+ Power down protection is provided on all inputs
LM-0803SE   LM-0803SE LM-0803SE PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
LM-100-02   LM-100-02 LM-100-02 PDF Download LOGITECH 00+ QFP-44 improve its serial transmission characteristics.
LM-1881N   LM-1881N LM-1881N PDF Download NOTES: 1. 'X' in part numbers indicates power ra
LM-2035LB   LM-2035LB LM-2035LB PDF Download ROHM Reverse Current Forward Current Maximum Outp
LM-211-CW   LM-211-CW LM-211-CW PDF Download Note 3: For duty cycles (DC) between 50% and 80%,
LM-214CV   LM-214CV LM-214CV PDF Download 04+ Detection of PAL, NTSC or SECAM, and various 1fH
LM-214-CV   LM-214-CV LM-214-CV PDF Download N/A The HYM71V65M1601 X-Series are Small Outline Dual
LM-220-CX   LM-220-CX LM-220-CX PDF Download N/A N/A N/A n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
LM-221-CW   LM-221-CW LM-221-CW PDF Download N/A Note 1: The input undervoltage lockout has 430mV
LM-224D   LM-224D LM-224D PDF Download  IOS‡VCC = 5.5 V,VO = 0C 60C150C 60 &
LM-230-01   LM-230-01 LM-230-01 PDF Download N/A Notes: VZ is programmable from -2V to +7V. IOL
LM-230-01LM-230-03LM-230-05LM-230-09LM-230-10   LM-230-01LM-230-03LM-230-05LM-230-09LM-230-10 LM-230-01LM-230-03LM-230-05LM-230-09LM-230-10 PDF Download The IA186ES/188ES is a form, fit, and function r
LM-230-03   LM-230-03 LM-230-03 PDF Download N/A  as Coss while VDS is rising from 0 to 80%
LM-230-06   LM-230-06 LM-230-06 PDF Download N/A DESCRIPTION This Power MOSFET is the latest dev
LM-230-07   LM-230-07 LM-230-07 PDF Download N/A International Rectifier's LM-230-07 is a state of
LM-230-09   LM-230-09 LM-230-09 PDF Download N/A
LM-230-12   LM-230-12 LM-230-12 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 22811-009-DTS Rev ADQ# 2010 All technical info
LM-230-15   LM-230-15 LM-230-15 PDF Download N/A Transmission Convergence Sublayer Functions &nb
LM-230-16   LM-230-16 LM-230-16 PDF Download • Compliant to the latest IrDA physical la
LM-230-CV   LM-230-CV LM-230-CV PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When handling individual devices (which are not
LM-230CW   LM-230CW LM-230CW PDF Download 04+ • High speed response (cut-off frequency: 4
LM-230-CW   LM-230-CW LM-230-CW PDF Download LORAIN DC/DC: 48V-5V-50W
LM-230-CX   LM-230-CX LM-230-CX PDF Download N/A The XC7336 can be used in systems with two diffe
LM-230-CY   LM-230-CY LM-230-CY PDF Download N/A Timer counter 7 : 16-bit 1  (square-wave/1
LM-231-04   LM-231-04 LM-231-04 PDF Download N/A This pin is the voltage supply pin for the contro
LM-231-06   LM-231-06 LM-231-06 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Whatever crossover current that might occur in t
LM-231-09   LM-231-09 LM-231-09 PDF Download N/A The master reset inputs (1MR and 2MR) are active
LM-231-CV   LM-231-CV LM-231-CV PDF Download N/A One/Two/Three/Four Independent DS3/E3 Framers on
LM-231-CV/F2   LM-231-CV/F2 LM-231-CV/F2 PDF Download N/A Voltage follower/buffer/amplifier Charge integra
LM-231-CX   LM-231-CX LM-231-CX PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
LM-231-CY   LM-231-CY LM-231-CY PDF Download LORAIN 2007 The inductor and varactor elements of the tank ar
LM-232-03   LM-232-03 LM-232-03 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A VOUT = 3.3 V, IOUT = 300 mA Current−Mode P
LM-232-CU   LM-232-CU LM-232-CU PDF Download N/A   Alternate Function RXD (serial input por
LM-232-CULM-232-03   LM-232-CULM-232-03 LM-232-CULM-232-03 PDF Download The AD5241/AD5242 are available in surface-mount
LM-232-CV   LM-232-CV LM-232-CV PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DDX-2000 Controller is a 3.3V digital integr
LM-232-CX   LM-232-CX LM-232-CX PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Byte 0 (A0=VIL) represents the manufacturer code
LM-233-01   LM-233-01 LM-233-01 PDF Download N/A
LM-233-02   LM-233-02 LM-233-02 PDF Download N/A
LM-233-07   LM-233-07 LM-233-07 PDF Download N/A The MAX5051 power-supply controller is primary as
LM-233-CV   LM-233-CV LM-233-CV PDF Download N/A The I/O memory space contains 64 addresses for C
LM-233CW   LM-233CW LM-233CW PDF Download 04+ 2) Verify that a shunt is installed on jumper JU3
LM-233-CW   LM-233-CW LM-233-CW PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The ATF1502ASV macrocell output can be selected
LM-234-04   LM-234-04 LM-234-04 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MAX3058 features four different modes of oper
LM-250-CV   LM-250-CV LM-250-CV PDF Download N/A To insure that the sensor is not affected or alte
LM-258D   LM-258D LM-258D PDF Download As seen in Figure 2, bias current cancellation i
LM-260-04   LM-260-04 LM-260-04 PDF Download N/A The upper and lower gates are held low until the
LM-260-05   LM-260-05 LM-260-05 PDF Download VICOR SOP Tokyo and Stockholm, July 15 -- Sony and Ericsson
LM-260-CV   LM-260-CV LM-260-CV PDF Download VICOR SOP The ML2722 is a fully integrated 1.5Mbps frequenc
LM-260-CVVI-260-CVIP-260-CV   LM-260-CVVI-260-CVIP-260-CV LM-260-CVVI-260-CVIP-260-CV PDF Download HY57V651620B is offering fully synchronous operat
LM-260-CW   LM-260-CW LM-260-CW PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Thyristor for line frequency • In
LM-260-CX   LM-260-CX LM-260-CX PDF Download N/A The external bootstrap capacitor is necessary to
LM-260-CY   LM-260-CY LM-260-CY PDF Download VICOR stock Port 1: Port 1 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
LM-261-04   LM-261-04 LM-261-04 PDF Download VICOR SOP The Honeywell HRF-ROC093XC is a half-duplex tran
LM-261-CU   LM-261-CU LM-261-CU PDF Download N/A The UPC2753GR is a frequency converter manufactu
LM-261-CV   LM-261-CV LM-261-CV PDF Download VICOR SOP • Benchmark Efficiency Above 20KHz •
LM-261-CX   LM-261-CX LM-261-CX PDF Download N/A The ISD1000A ChipCorder Series devices are desig
LM-261-CY   LM-261-CY LM-261-CY PDF Download VICOR SOP When RESET goes active as a result of a low volt
LM-262-04   LM-262-04 LM-262-04 PDF Download N/A Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those beyond
LM-262-05   LM-262-05 LM-262-05 PDF Download N/A   tPHZBus disable time0.56   ns &nb
LM-263-02   LM-263-02 LM-263-02 PDF Download N/A   It is anticipated that this device will n
LM-263-CU   LM-263-CU LM-263-CU PDF Download N/A Input Capacitors The recommended input capacitor
LM-264-04   LM-264-04 LM-264-04 PDF Download N/A monitor program provides useful capabilities inc
LM-264-05   LM-264-05 LM-264-05 PDF Download N/A Gate leakage current Collector-emitter saturat
LM-264-09   LM-264-09 LM-264-09 PDF Download VICOR SOP   Removed 166MHz part from speed bin  
LM-2660MX   LM-2660MX LM-2660MX PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
LM-26I-04   LM-26I-04 LM-26I-04 PDF Download 04+ Time filtering on the undervoltage and overvolta
LM-26I-CU   LM-26I-CU LM-26I-CU PDF Download 04+ Guard Ring Die Construction for Transient Protec
LM-26I-CV   LM-26I-CV LM-26I-CV PDF Download 04+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
LM-26I-CY   LM-26I-CY LM-26I-CY PDF Download 04+ The varistors consist of a disc of low-â c
LM-2904M   LM-2904M LM-2904M PDF Download SMD-8 04+ Notes:  3. PU = internal pull-up. PD = int
LM-2N0-CV   LM-2N0-CV LM-2N0-CV PDF Download *CPU: Socket 370 for Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tua
LM-2N1-02   LM-2N1-02 LM-2N1-02 PDF Download N/A The offset adder and the reverse-carry adder are
LM-2W4-CU   LM-2W4-CU LM-2W4-CU PDF Download VICOR Notes: (i) For operation below 0 C the external
LM-333GD//50BHGAEA//5134D//LL-503GD2E//EL-333GD/E   LM-333GD//50BHGAEA//5134D//LL-503GD2E//EL-333GD/E LM-333GD//50BHGAEA//5134D//LL-503GD2E//EL-333GD/E PDF Download SOP All voltage values, except differential voltage
LM-555N   LM-555N LM-555N PDF Download TTL/CMOS input enable pin. Used to control the LO
LM-7805   LM-7805 LM-7805 PDF Download   The LX2201 Linear Battery Charger is a m
LM-B30-01   LM-B30-01 LM-B30-01 PDF Download (Before using this chip, take a look at the follo
LM-B32-CU   LM-B32-CU LM-B32-CU PDF Download N/A Dallastats interpret input pulse widths as the m
LM-B33-CU   LM-B33-CU LM-B33-CU PDF Download N/A NOTES:    1. Dimension are in inches.
LM-B50-CV   LM-B50-CV LM-B50-CV PDF Download LORAIN 2007 The device supports low-power standby operation.
LM-B60-CV   LM-B60-CV LM-B60-CV PDF Download VICOR SOP
LM-B60-CVVI-B60-CVIP-B60-CV   LM-B60-CVVI-B60-CVIP-B60-CV LM-B60-CVVI-B60-CVIP-B60-CV PDF Download Only four external capacitors are needed to buil
LM-B63-01   LM-B63-01 LM-B63-01 PDF Download N/A During a reprogram cycle, the address locations
LM-B64-CU   LM-B64-CU LM-B64-CU PDF Download LORAIN DC/DC: 300V-48V-200W(B) This material and the information herein is the
LM-CD53-22NEK   LM-CD53-22NEK LM-CD53-22NEK PDF Download This product has been designed to meet the extrem
LM-D218S2-2A   LM-D218S2-2A LM-D218S2-2A PDF Download GUANGDA SOP C Free High performance Development environment
LM-D518S2-2   LM-D518S2-2 LM-D518S2-2 PDF Download KYOCERA SOP 216 The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
LM-D518S2-2A   LM-D518S2-2A LM-D518S2-2A PDF Download AVX 2005PB The L Family is a Low Power version of the CH1817
LM-D518S2-2A(KCD5320351)   LM-D518S2-2A(KCD5320351) LM-D518S2-2A(KCD5320351) PDF Download MRS initializes the read and write pointers to ze
LM-D615S3   LM-D615S3 LM-D615S3 PDF Download 5 LCC   Description 7.6 mm Common Anode Right Ha
LM-D615S4   LM-D615S4 LM-D615S4 PDF Download KYOCERA 07+ All information contained in this document is su
LM-DA53-21PTW8.0(640X480)   LM-DA53-21PTW8.0(640X480) LM-DA53-21PTW8.0(640X480) PDF Download
LM-DS316RF   LM-DS316RF LM-DS316RF PDF Download dni 2003 As you can see, neither the software nor the hard
LM-DS424RE   LM-DS424RE LM-DS424RE PDF Download dni 2003   C Supports both Firmware Hub (FWH) and LP
LM-JK63-22NTR   LM-JK63-22NTR LM-JK63-22NTR PDF Download NOTES: 1. The falling edge of the Vin(C) signals
LM-NP-1001-B   LM-NP-1001-B LM-NP-1001-B PDF Download Note 3:   Shut Down (SD) to transmit enable
LM-NP-1001-B1   LM-NP-1001-B1 LM-NP-1001-B1 PDF Download Data Set Ready (Active-LOW). These inputs are ass
LM-NP-1001-B1L   LM-NP-1001-B1L LM-NP-1001-B1L PDF Download BNS 07+   Designed to meet the high-current require
LM-NP-1003   LM-NP-1003 LM-NP-1003 PDF Download BOURNS 9810+ DIP-6模块 The individual DAC serial input data bit shifts
LM-S21C   LM-S21C LM-S21C PDF Download ROHM 03+ This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
LM-T615S3   LM-T615S3 LM-T615S3 PDF Download AVX 06+ smd ! Available in a single mode (160-bits shift regi
LM-T615S3-C   LM-T615S3-C LM-T615S3-C PDF Download Kyocera SMD 07+ 3.1 Manchester Decoder and PLL The Manchester de
LM-T615S3-L   LM-T615S3-L LM-T615S3-L PDF Download KYOCERA Address Inputs: Provide the row address for ACTI
LM-U60-01   LM-U60-01 LM-U60-01 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
LM-U63-01   LM-U63-01 LM-U63-01 PDF Download N/A This pin is the ground pin for the entire chip.
LM-U63-02   LM-U63-02 LM-U63-02 PDF Download N/A The OSCI and OSCO pads are connected to a 32.768k
LM-U64-01   LM-U64-01 LM-U64-01 PDF Download LORAIN stock
LM-U64-03   LM-U64-03 LM-U64-03 PDF Download LORAIN MODULE N/A I/O buffer and interface Oscillator Address co
LM-U64-05   LM-U64-05 LM-U64-05 PDF Download N/A The MSK 5115 series is fully protected against r
LM-U64-06   LM-U64-06 LM-U64-06 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The ispMACH 4000 GLB consists of a programmable
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