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1. Pappenfus, Brueue & Schoenike, Single-Sideband Prin-   ciples and Circuits, McGraw-Hill. 2. William I. Orr, Radio Handbook, 18th Edition, Editors   and Engineers, Ltd. 3. Stoner, Goral, Marine Single-Sideband, Editors and En-   gineers, Ltd. 4. Hooton, Single-Sideband, Theory and Practice, Editors   and Engineers, Ltd.
The ISOmodem® family of products is a complete modem ranging in speed from 56,000 bps to 2400 bps. Offered as a chipset with the Si2457, Si2434, Si2415, or Si2404 system-side device and the Si3018/10 line- side device, the ISOmodem utilizes Silicon Laboratories patented Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) technology to provide a programmable telephone line interface with an unparalleled level of integration. These compact solutions eliminate the need for a separate DSP, modem controller, codec, transformer, relay, opto-isolators, clocking crystal, and 2-4 wire hybrid. Available with a system-side packaging option of either a 16-pin SOIC or a 24-pin TSSOP, these devices are ideal for embedded modem applications due to their flexibility, small footprint, and minimal external component count.
The M38002M4-070FP is a fully integrated programmable voltage manager IC, providing supervisory functions and tracking control for up to four independent power supplies. The four internal managers perform the following functions: Monitor source (bus-side) voltages for under- and over- voltage conditions, monitor each supply for over-current conditions, monitor back end (card-side) voltages for two staged levels of under-voltage conditions, insure power to the card-side logic tracks within the specified parametric limits, and provide supply status information to a host processor.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
M3800   M3800 M3800 PDF Download Power-Up Time from Rising Edge of CONVST Conver
M38002E2DFP   M38002E2DFP M38002E2DFP PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
M38002E2FP   M38002E2FP M38002E2FP PDF Download MIT 00+ QFP/64
M38002E2SP   M38002E2SP M38002E2SP PDF Download Notes:  1. H = HIGH Voltage Level. L = LOW
M38002E4FP   M38002E4FP M38002E4FP PDF Download MIT QFP64 CLKAs output originates from the cross point swit
M38002E4SP   M38002E4SP M38002E4SP PDF Download 03+ FEATURES  D Integrated Drive Regulator (4
M38002E4SS   M38002E4SS M38002E4SS PDF Download MIT FCDIP64L Note 1: TJ = +25 to 150 Note 2: Current is calcu
M38002EFP   M38002EFP M38002EFP PDF Download RENESAS QFP AH,BH,CH - Are the highside logic level digital
M38002M2   M38002M2 M38002M2 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007   The NCP1575 is a low voltage buck control
M38002M2-104FP   M38002M2-104FP M38002M2-104FP PDF Download MIT 95+ QFP PT 2380 has 2 built-in channels - each containin
M38002M2-115PF   M38002M2-115PF M38002M2-115PF PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
M38002M2-180FP   M38002M2-180FP M38002M2-180FP PDF Download All the benefits of current mode control includi
M38002M2-272SP   M38002M2-272SP M38002M2-272SP PDF Download MITJ An incoming RF signal is first filtered by a narr
M38002M2-293FP   M38002M2-293FP M38002M2-293FP PDF Download 00+ QFP1414-64 5.1 In consideration of the materials provided a
M38002M2-307FP   M38002M2-307FP M38002M2-307FP PDF Download FEATURES Single Chip Low Power UHF Transmitter
M38002M2-414SP   M38002M2-414SP M38002M2-414SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 O1
M38002M3-414SP   M38002M3-414SP M38002M3-414SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 01+ *) The terminating impedances depend on parasitic
M38002M4-070FP   M38002M4-070FP M38002M4-070FP PDF Download MIT 99+ QFP/64 The MAX1698 features digital soft-start and adjus
M38002M4-100FP   M38002M4-100FP M38002M4-100FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 336100 High-power capability PowerSO-36; V cc /2 comp
M38002M4-107FP   M38002M4-107FP M38002M4-107FP PDF Download 1. Voltage accuracy on 3VDC and triple outputs 3%
M38002M4-126SP-MXA1CD2   M38002M4-126SP-MXA1CD2 M38002M4-126SP-MXA1CD2 PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a
M38002M4-128   M38002M4-128 M38002M4-128 PDF Download MIT 1993 DIP The following external interfaces are supported b
M38002M4-128SP   M38002M4-128SP M38002M4-128SP PDF Download MITSUMI 04+ DIP The SK-2900 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
M38002M4-137SP   M38002M4-137SP M38002M4-137SP PDF Download MITSUMI DIP This protection function is splitted in 2 stages
M38002M4-259SP   M38002M4-259SP M38002M4-259SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 1996 1. VCC and GND   This IC has two VCC termin
M38002M4-305FP   M38002M4-305FP M38002M4-305FP PDF Download SSOP28 QFP 99 MILLER ENCODING: If the data state is a 1, there
M38002M4-312FP   M38002M4-312FP M38002M4-312FP PDF Download MIT 06+ QFP/64 TB6549F/P is a full-bridge driver IC for DC moto
M38002M4-325FP   M38002M4-325FP M38002M4-325FP PDF Download MIT 96 The SN74CB3T3245 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
M38002M4-356SP   M38002M4-356SP M38002M4-356SP PDF Download MIT DIP 99 •   Provides seamless integration fo
M38002M4-381FP   M38002M4-381FP M38002M4-381FP PDF Download QFP1313-64 The M38002M4-381FP/201A supports display resolut
M38002M4--431SP   M38002M4--431SP M38002M4--431SP PDF Download MIT DIP 2001 READ: The AT29LV1024 is accessed like an EPROM.
M38002M4-468FP   M38002M4-468FP M38002M4-468FP PDF Download MIT O7+   This N-Channel power MOSFET is   &
M38002MA-122SP   M38002MA-122SP M38002MA-122SP PDF Download After the Max On-Duration interval, the sensor w
M38002SFP   M38002SFP M38002SFP PDF Download 93 In addition, the PCI interface can either be use
M38002SSP   M38002SSP M38002SSP PDF Download MITSUDISHI DIP 91+ ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Absolute maximum ratin
M38003E6-155FP   M38003E6-155FP M38003E6-155FP PDF Download MIT QFP 07+/08+ 1. Featuring exceptional intermodulation  
M38003E6FP   M38003E6FP M38003E6FP PDF Download MITSUBIS QFP 98+ Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute
M38003E6SP   M38003E6SP M38003E6SP PDF Download MIT 92 Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
M38003M6-071SP   M38003M6-071SP M38003M6-071SP PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
M38003M6-090FP   M38003M6-090FP M38003M6-090FP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ The M38003M6-090FP familiy is an 16Mx72 bits Dyna
M38003M6-098FP   M38003M6-098FP M38003M6-098FP PDF Download (EIAJ1201) Sampling Rate: 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz
M38003M6-121FP   M38003M6-121FP M38003M6-121FP PDF Download Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 2.5V a
M38003M6-143FP   M38003M6-143FP M38003M6-143FP PDF Download 00+ QFP1414-64 The high current input voltage which is regulate
M38003M6-98FP   M38003M6-98FP M38003M6-98FP PDF Download MIT QFP   LIFE SUPPORT POLICY Integrated Device Te
M38004E8DFP   M38004E8DFP M38004E8DFP PDF Download The ADN2820 is a compact, high performance, 3.3
M38004E8FP   M38004E8FP M38004E8FP PDF Download MIT QFP   The MPX5010 series piezoresistive transdu
M38004E8SS   M38004E8SS M38004E8SS PDF Download Resistor Terminal A1 Wiper Terminal W1 Resistor
M38004M8-101FP   M38004M8-101FP M38004M8-101FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 450100 (VCC - VEE = 2.375V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with
M38004M8-102FP   M38004M8-102FP M38004M8-102FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 551100 The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
M38004M8-105FP   M38004M8-105FP M38004M8-105FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 309600 International Rectifiers RAD HARD technology HE
M38004M8-107FP   M38004M8-107FP M38004M8-107FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 431100 Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus™ F
M38004M8-131FP   M38004M8-131FP M38004M8-131FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 1998 VGG = the gate drive voltage, which varies from
M38004M8-133FP   M38004M8-133FP M38004M8-133FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP Note 1: Limits at -40C are guaranteed by characte
M38004M8-145FP   M38004M8-145FP M38004M8-145FP PDF Download 91 QFP essors, but also eliminates bus contention in mu
M38004M8FP   M38004M8FP M38004M8FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 320600
M38004MB-131FP   M38004MB-131FP M38004MB-131FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 1997 4150   The V62C518256 is a 262,144-bit static ra
M380067M4-102FP   M380067M4-102FP M380067M4-102FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 717101 With 1mA load With 1mA load With 20pF maximum
M38007E4DSP   M38007E4DSP M38007E4DSP PDF Download MIT DIP 2000 Write protection in a user defined section of me
M38007E4FP   M38007E4FP M38007E4FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI The ZL5011x are cost effective devices aimed at t
M38007E4SP   M38007E4SP M38007E4SP PDF Download Jack(Available) To summarize, the general approach is to: Determ
M38007M4-122FP   M38007M4-122FP M38007M4-122FP PDF Download MITSUBIS.. 04+ QFP s 100 pin package s 10BASE-T and AUI interfaces
M3800B20FP   M3800B20FP M3800B20FP PDF Download MIT RF input pin. This pin is NOT internally DC bloc
M3800M4-123SP   M3800M4-123SP M3800M4-123SP PDF Download DIP-64 97年 The product information and the selection guides
M38022-237SP   M38022-237SP M38022-237SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 07+/08+ During the clamping operation, the input video si
M38022-474   M38022-474 M38022-474 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 00+ Note 5: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
M380224M4-272SP   M380224M4-272SP M380224M4-272SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 93+ READ: The AT49BV/LV001(N)(T) is accessed like an
M380224M4-356SP   M380224M4-356SP M380224M4-356SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 92+ GENERAL FEATURES Simultaneous SD and HD Inputs
M38022E4   M38022E4 M38022E4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI Slew-Rate Control (Input): A capacitor connected
M38022E4DFP   M38022E4DFP M38022E4DFP PDF Download MIT QFP The M38022E4DFP PWM controller contains all of t
M38022E4DSP   M38022E4DSP M38022E4DSP PDF Download The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. In
M38022E4FP   M38022E4FP M38022E4FP PDF Download MIT QFP64L 05+   The IDT5T905 2.5V single data rate (SDR)
M38022E4-FP   M38022E4-FP M38022E4-FP PDF Download This document describes part-number-specific cha
M38022E4SP   M38022E4SP M38022E4SP PDF Download 92 The SM/SMJ320VC33 can perform parallel multiply
M38022E4SP-PROGR.V1.0   M38022E4SP-PROGR.V1.0 M38022E4SP-PROGR.V1.0 PDF Download • AN80M19RSP (1.9 V type)   Unless oth
M38022M2-058P   M38022M2-058P M38022M2-058P PDF Download 97 In addition to the AutoSwitch feature, Hitless S
M38022M2-058SP   M38022M2-058SP M38022M2-058SP PDF Download MITSUBIS DIP 00+ The M38022M2-058SP SX is an intelligent high-perf
M38022M2-235SP   M38022M2-235SP M38022M2-235SP PDF Download The CY7C245A has an asynchronous initialize func
M38022M2-237SP   M38022M2-237SP M38022M2-237SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 07+/08+ NOTES  1Typicals represent average readings
M38022M2-281FP   M38022M2-281FP M38022M2-281FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98 • Low On-Resistance (16Ω typ) Minimi
M38022M2-317SP   M38022M2-317SP M38022M2-317SP PDF Download The MAX1755/MAX1756 are offered in the 6-pin SOT2
M38022M4   M38022M4 M38022M4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI The Tx signal path consists of a bypassable 2/4
M38022M4-001FP   M38022M4-001FP M38022M4-001FP PDF Download or G2B is held high, the decoding function is i
M38022M4-001SP   M38022M4-001SP M38022M4-001SP PDF Download CAS Detection Early Steering (CMOS Output). Acti
M38022M4-052SP   M38022M4-052SP M38022M4-052SP PDF Download 94 • Timer Module   Dual channel 16-bit
M38022M4-063SP   M38022M4-063SP M38022M4-063SP PDF Download The upper ESD diodes for the R, G and B channels
M38022M4-064SP   M38022M4-064SP M38022M4-064SP PDF Download NM93C06 is a 256-bit CMOS non-volatile EEPROM or
M38022M4-131SP   M38022M4-131SP M38022M4-131SP PDF Download 94 STM1403C. VOUT is driven to Ground when SAL is
M38022M4-208FP   M38022M4-208FP M38022M4-208FP PDF Download MIT 96+
M38022M4-215FP   M38022M4-215FP M38022M4-215FP PDF Download Ci is required when regulator is located at an a
M38022M4-219FP   M38022M4-219FP M38022M4-219FP PDF Download The new damper diodes have been optimized for h
M38022M4-259SP   M38022M4-259SP M38022M4-259SP PDF Download MIT DIP 96 32KB EEPROM memory Durable, stainless-steel iBut
M38022M4-285SP   M38022M4-285SP M38022M4-285SP PDF Download MIT 97+ DIP/64 UART   • Full duplex double buffer
M38022M4-290SP   M38022M4-290SP M38022M4-290SP PDF Download MIT 97+ DIP/64   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
M38022M4-299SP   M38022M4-299SP M38022M4-299SP PDF Download MIT 98+ DIP/64 The TPS4002x utilizes a proprietary Predictive G
M38022M4-325SP   M38022M4-325SP M38022M4-325SP PDF Download MIT DIP/64 97+ Edition 1997-08-01 Published by Siemens AG, Ber
M38022M4-334SP   M38022M4-334SP M38022M4-334SP PDF Download MIT 97 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
M38022M4-337SP   M38022M4-337SP M38022M4-337SP PDF Download MIT 97+ DIP/64 The designer can choose the internally generated
M38022M4-356SP   M38022M4-356SP M38022M4-356SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 1998 The load impedance is defined as the impedance s
M38022M4-368SP   M38022M4-368SP M38022M4-368SP PDF Download 99 The Hynix HYM76V16735HGT8 Series are 16Mx72bits E
M38022M4-375SP   M38022M4-375SP M38022M4-375SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 00+ The TICPAL22V10Z has internal electrostatic disc
M38022M4-415FP   M38022M4-415FP M38022M4-415FP PDF Download Specifications with standard typeface are for TJ
M38022M4-424FP   M38022M4-424FP M38022M4-424FP PDF Download MIT 99   The IDT70V06 is a high-speed 16K x 8 Dual
M38022M4-464FP   M38022M4-464FP M38022M4-464FP PDF Download MIT QFP 99 The three RGB channels are identical and their p
M38022M4-472FP   M38022M4-472FP M38022M4-472FP PDF Download Table 1 and Figure 2 help illustrate the output
M38022M4D156FP7   M38022M4D156FP7 M38022M4D156FP7 PDF Download The MAX4460/MAX4461/MAX4462 are instrumentation
M38023M4L252FP   M38023M4L252FP M38023M4L252FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 01+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
M38024   M38024 M38024 PDF Download MIT DIP 2000 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
M38024M-315F   M38024M-315F M38024M-315F PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 97 Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
M38024M6-056FP   M38024M6-056FP M38024M6-056FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI TQFP 07+/08+ Figure 2 shows the waveforms of the circuit of F
M38024M6-060FP   M38024M6-060FP M38024M6-060FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI TQFP 07+/08+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
M38024M6-088SP   M38024M6-088SP M38024M6-088SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 Intersil CA3089 is a monolithic integrated circu
M38024M6-210FP   M38024M6-210FP M38024M6-210FP PDF Download 2000 Zarlink Semiconductor provides prescaler evaluat
M38024M6-2110FP   M38024M6-2110FP M38024M6-2110FP PDF Download 95 1. A17 is a NC for IDT70V3399. 2. All VDD pins m
M38024M6-235FP   M38024M6-235FP M38024M6-235FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98 The logic enable disables the power switch, the
M38024M6-237FP   M38024M6-237FP M38024M6-237FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98 This device contains two independent positive pu
M38024M6-243FP   M38024M6-243FP M38024M6-243FP PDF Download MIT QFP 97+ Reduced Threshold Voltages for LVTTL on Control
M38024M6-260SP   M38024M6-260SP M38024M6-260SP PDF Download 99 If the TEST input is forced to its MID or HIGH s
M38024M6-267SP   M38024M6-267SP M38024M6-267SP PDF Download MIT DIP 00+ • Ultrafast recovery 2.5 Amp rectifier ser
M38024M6-273SP   M38024M6-273SP M38024M6-273SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 04+ NanoStar and NanoFree Packages S
M38024M6-314FP   M38024M6-314FP M38024M6-314FP PDF Download MIT 97 The purpose of the LVI circuit is to prevent the
M38024M6-315FP   M38024M6-315FP M38024M6-315FP PDF Download These voltage regulators are monolithic integrate
M38024M6-328FP   M38024M6-328FP M38024M6-328FP PDF Download 98   The MSK 103 has sufficient phase margin w
M38024M6-377SP   M38024M6-377SP M38024M6-377SP PDF Download MIT DIP64 04+ The Multi-Input Wake-Up (MIWU) module can be use
M38024M6-382SP   M38024M6-382SP M38024M6-382SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Analog Ground. All input signals and the VDD sup
M38027E8FP   M38027E8FP M38027E8FP PDF Download MIT QFP QFP s Memory mapped I/O s Multilevel Low Voltage De
M38027E8SP   M38027E8SP M38027E8SP PDF Download MIT DIP DIP * Specifications will vary with foreign st
M38027E8SP(2A527011B)   M38027E8SP(2A527011B) M38027E8SP(2A527011B) PDF Download High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA Three exte
M38027E8SS   M38027E8SS M38027E8SS PDF Download MIT DIP/64 06+ Widebus  Family Output Ports Have Equiva
M38027M4-370FP   M38027M4-370FP M38027M4-370FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be tw
M38027M4-375FP   M38027M4-375FP M38027M4-375FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ This N-Channel power MOSFETs is manufactured usi
M38027M8-101SP   M38027M8-101SP M38027M8-101SP PDF Download MIT Hynix HYMP512S64MP8 series incorporates SPD(seria
M38027M8-165FP   M38027M8-165FP M38027M8-165FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-28P Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
M38027M8-181FP   M38027M8-181FP M38027M8-181FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP/64 05+ This document is a general product description an
M38027M8-186FP   M38027M8-186FP M38027M8-186FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ International Rectifier's FRED.. series are the s
M38027M8-188   M38027M8-188 M38027M8-188 PDF Download SMD The bq2019 works with the host controller in the
M38027M8-188FP   M38027M8-188FP M38027M8-188FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ Hynix HYMD532M646(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered
M38027M8196FP   M38027M8196FP M38027M8196FP PDF Download KENWOOD Write all (WRAL) The Write All (WRAL) instructio
M38027M8-406SP   M38027M8-406SP M38027M8-406SP PDF Download The HY62SF16806A is a high speed, super low powe
M38027M8-409SP   M38027M8-409SP M38027M8-409SP PDF Download 98 reverse bias leakage currents, and are typically
M38027M8-422SP   M38027M8-422SP M38027M8-422SP PDF Download MIT 03 Port 1 is an 8 bit bi-directional I/O port with
M38027M8-427SP   M38027M8-427SP M38027M8-427SP PDF Download MIT 03   Guaranteed Low Skew < 25ps (max)  
M38027M8-428SP   M38027M8-428SP M38027M8-428SP PDF Download MIT 02 • 1.5 Mbps data rate • On-chip 3.3V
M38027M8-469FP   M38027M8-469FP M38027M8-469FP PDF Download QFP64 2007+ The R/B output indicates the status of the device
M38027M8-476FP   M38027M8-476FP M38027M8-476FP PDF Download MIT QFP QFP The MAX2640/MAX2641 are easy to use, generally r
M38034M4-059FP   M38034M4-059FP M38034M4-059FP PDF Download MIT 2000 585 The functions performed by the 470+ system modul
M380376M140FP   M380376M140FP M380376M140FP PDF Download * Part Numbers listed are for units with outer p
M38037M6   M38037M6 M38037M6 PDF Download PWM control function Motor speed can be controll
M38037M6-121HP   M38037M6-121HP M38037M6-121HP PDF Download 1850 MIT EPIC™ (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS
M38037M6-122FP   M38037M6-122FP M38037M6-122FP PDF Download MIT 00 The 64Mb SDRAM has the ability to synchronously
M38037M6-133FP   M38037M6-133FP M38037M6-133FP PDF Download MIT 00 The output stage of most power amplifiers has th
M38037M6-147FP   M38037M6-147FP M38037M6-147FP PDF Download N/A QFP 01+ Atmel can accept Register Transfer level (RTL) d
M38037M6-154FP   M38037M6-154FP M38037M6-154FP PDF Download MIT 2000 reliable operation, the stored energy from circu
M38037M6-177FP   M38037M6-177FP M38037M6-177FP PDF Download FEATURES 12-Bit Dual Muxed Port DAC 300 MSPS Ou
M38037M6-190FP   M38037M6-190FP M38037M6-190FP PDF Download MIT QFP 2001
M38037M6-215FP   M38037M6-215FP M38037M6-215FP PDF Download MIT QFP 2002 This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
M38037M6-216FP   M38037M6-216FP M38037M6-216FP PDF Download N/A QFP 01+ !IMPORTANT! AC power must be disconnected from TB
M38037M6-228FP   M38037M6-228FP M38037M6-228FP PDF Download The amount of deadtime required is based on the
M38037M6-466FP   M38037M6-466FP M38037M6-466FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-64P 6+ AFEU processing begins after this shared session
M38037M6H-121FP   M38037M6H-121FP M38037M6H-121FP PDF Download • Categorized for Luminous   Intensi
M38037M6H-196FP   M38037M6H-196FP M38037M6H-196FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 05+ The system clock inputs. All adress an commands l
M38037M8-124FP   M38037M8-124FP M38037M8-124FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Case: SOD-523, Molded Plastic Case material - UL
M38037M8-247FP   M38037M8-247FP M38037M8-247FP PDF Download RENESAS 06+ QFP/64 Incorporates VDDQ, VTT Regulators Internal Switc
M38037M8307FP   M38037M8307FP M38037M8307FP PDF Download If, after the ISL6118 has latched off, and the fa
M38037M8-332FP   M38037M8-332FP M38037M8-332FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 05+ Address, data inputs, and all control signals are
M38037M8-431FP   M38037M8-431FP M38037M8-431FP PDF Download Figure 1 illustrates the timing relationship of p
M38037M8-435FP   M38037M8-435FP M38037M8-435FP PDF Download RENESAS 04+ QFP With respect to the slew rate of the converter c
M38037M8H-084RP   M38037M8H-084RP M38037M8H-084RP PDF Download RAB = 5 kΩ, Code = 0x20 RAB = 10 kΩ,
M38037M8H-088FP   M38037M8H-088FP M38037M8H-088FP PDF Download N/A QFP 04+ By using the control signal CS, SK and data in-
M38039FFFP   M38039FFFP M38039FFFP PDF Download MIT QFP QFP Under normal operation there are four internal fr
M38039FFFPU0   M38039FFFPU0 M38039FFFPU0 PDF Download The digital source input, D, was designed for mi
M38039FFHFPU0   M38039FFHFPU0 M38039FFHFPU0 PDF Download The TLC5941 is a 16-channel, constant-current si
M38039FFHHP   M38039FFHHP M38039FFHHP PDF Download Renesas Technology America QFP 2005+ Active Voltage Programming: Special precautions
M38039FFHP   M38039FFHP M38039FFHP PDF Download Renesas Technology America The Harris CD74HC259 and CD74HCT299 are 8-bit s
M38039FFSP   M38039FFSP M38039FFSP PDF Download RENESAS 03+  Vpgth Power Good Voltage Threshold Vpghyst
M38039G4HHPU0   M38039G4HHPU0 M38039G4HHPU0 PDF Download Advance/Load Input. Used to advance the on-chip a
M38039G6HHPU0   M38039G6HHPU0 M38039G6HHPU0 PDF Download VBIAS (VCC, VBS, VDD) = 15V, TA = 25C and VSS = C
M38039G6HKPU0   M38039G6HKPU0 M38039G6HKPU0 PDF Download   The M38039G6HKPU0 operates from a single +
M38039G6HSPU0   M38039G6HSPU0 M38039G6HSPU0 PDF Download Note 6: Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance (J
M38039G8HHPU0   M38039G8HHPU0 M38039G8HHPU0 PDF Download ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Absolute maximum ratin
M38039G8HKPU0   M38039G8HKPU0 M38039G8HKPU0 PDF Download • Isolated IGBT/power   MOSFET gate d
M38039GCH-101KPW4G   M38039GCH-101KPW4G M38039GCH-101KPW4G PDF Download RENESAS TQFP 0612+ 3-A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available in 1
M38039GCHHPU0   M38039GCHHPU0 M38039GCHHPU0 PDF Download   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q an
M38039GCHKP   M38039GCHKP M38039GCHKP PDF Download The PI3C16210 is configured as a 20-bit, 2-port b
M38039GCHKPU0   M38039GCHKPU0 M38039GCHKPU0 PDF Download A VCXO circuit operates by changing the value of
M38039GCHSPU0   M38039GCHSPU0 M38039GCHSPU0 PDF Download This 8-bit noninverting bus transceiver uses two
M38039MC-052FP   M38039MC-052FP M38039MC-052FP PDF Download PAN QFP-64 01+ - On-chip Hall plate - Operating voltage: 3.5V~2
M38039MC-052SP   M38039MC-052SP M38039MC-052SP PDF Download PAN QFP-68 00+   The 50C/W for the D2PAK package assumes th
M38039MC-064FP   M38039MC-064FP M38039MC-064FP PDF Download Total Endurance, ICSP, In-Circuit Serial Programm
M38039MC-179FP   M38039MC-179FP M38039MC-179FP PDF Download MOISTURE QFP 04+ The DAC8551 is a small, low-power, voltage outpu
M38039MC-216HP   M38039MC-216HP M38039MC-216HP PDF Download RENESAS TQFP64 07+/08+ Data are shifted in through the serial port C (S
M38039MC-249FP   M38039MC-249FP M38039MC-249FP PDF Download LEDs vs CCFL White LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
M38039MF-066FP   M38039MF-066FP M38039MF-066FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP-M64P 07+ The S-Bus is a four wire, full duplex, time divis
M38039MF-082FP   M38039MF-082FP M38039MF-082FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP-M64P 6+ The TK716xx is a low dropout linear regulator ho
M38039MF-099FP   M38039MF-099FP M38039MF-099FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 00+ QFP-M64P VCC: VCC is the power input connection for this
M38039MF-111FP   M38039MF-111FP M38039MF-111FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP-M64P 07+ Notes: 1. Standard deviation number is based on
M38039MF-158FP   M38039MF-158FP M38039MF-158FP PDF Download MIT 04+ NOTES: (1) Binary Twos Complement coding. (2) Ra
M38039MF-158FPEY   M38039MF-158FPEY M38039MF-158FPEY PDF Download Features • International standard packages
M38039MF-325FPU0   M38039MF-325FPU0 M38039MF-325FPU0 PDF Download The HT9142 has two built-in operation amplifiers.
M38039MFD-050KP   M38039MFD-050KP M38039MFD-050KP PDF Download MIT 05+ QFP debugging cycles. The logic, circuitry, and inte
M38039MH-122FP   M38039MH-122FP M38039MH-122FP PDF Download MIT QFP64 The power FETs are protected from inadequate gat
M38045-051S   M38045-051S M38045-051S PDF Download 1 DIP Notes   1. Exceeding these limits may caus
M38049FFFP   M38049FFFP M38049FFFP PDF Download 07+ V+ - Is the higher voltage H-bridge supply. The
M38049FFHP   M38049FFHP M38049FFHP PDF Download The DS1668 and DS1669 Dallastats are digital rhe
M38053   M38053 M38053 PDF Download The pass gates of the multiplexer are constructe
M38062M3-142GP   M38062M3-142GP M38062M3-142GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 9551 This serie of T-module uses fast recovery power
M38062M3-152FP   M38062M3-152FP M38062M3-152FP PDF Download   The following discussion refers to the sc
M38062M3-153FP   M38062M3-153FP M38062M3-153FP PDF Download MIT The HDSP-253x is ideal for applications where
M38062M3-153FR   M38062M3-153FR M38062M3-153FR PDF Download MIT O7+ The components contained in Tables 2, 3, and 4 c
M38062M3-156FP   M38062M3-156FP M38062M3-156FP PDF Download MIT 1994 QFP The ISL6118 is a dual channel, fully independent
M38062M3-158FP   M38062M3-158FP M38062M3-158FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 07+/08+ Within the cell, the four A inputs and the four
M38062M3221GP   M38062M3221GP M38062M3221GP PDF Download   The MOSFET output stage of this power ope
M38062M3-232FP   M38062M3-232FP M38062M3-232FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 00+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
M38062M3-236FP   M38062M3-236FP M38062M3-236FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 609601 When operating either Timer1 or Timer3 as a cou
M38062M4-086FP   M38062M4-086FP M38062M4-086FP PDF Download
M38062M4-087FP   M38062M4-087FP M38062M4-087FP PDF Download 95 Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 15 Ad
M38062M4-096FP   M38062M4-096FP M38062M4-096FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-64 532600 The information provided herein is believed to b
M38062M4-205FP   M38062M4-205FP M38062M4-205FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Flexible mapping of MUXselx to MUXx allows the
M38063   M38063 M38063 PDF Download
M38063E6-403FP   M38063E6-403FP M38063E6-403FP PDF Download MIT QFP QFP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M38063E6-450FP   M38063E6-450FP M38063E6-450FP PDF Download USB specification v.1.0 compatible Intel UHCI (U
M38063E6FP   M38063E6FP M38063E6FP PDF Download 94 These devices, feature an enhanced automatic po
M38063E6GP   M38063E6GP M38063E6GP PDF Download MOT QFP 06+ These drivers achieve a total harmonic distortion
M38063M6-181GP   M38063M6-181GP M38063M6-181GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP- 07+/08+ The signal from the OR array can be fed directly
M38063M6-255FP   M38063M6-255FP M38063M6-255FP PDF Download MIT QFP 97 Note 1: RLAD (RF + RG in Figure 4-1) connects V R
M38063M6-3.7FP   M38063M6-3.7FP M38063M6-3.7FP PDF Download Case: JEDEC ITO-220AB molded plastic body Termin
M38063M6-3.7FP(XLC-8050)   M38063M6-3.7FP(XLC-8050) M38063M6-3.7FP(XLC-8050) PDF Download The VP-1000A is an advanced CMOS LSI chip for ge
M38063M6-317FP   M38063M6-317FP M38063M6-317FP PDF Download MIT 96 8000 A permanently enabled Watch-Dog Timer ensures op
M38063M6-317FP(XLC-8050)   M38063M6-317FP(XLC-8050) M38063M6-317FP(XLC-8050) PDF Download Mechanical Characteristics: CASE: Void-free, tra
M38063M6334   M38063M6334 M38063M6334 PDF Download KENWOOD The receive ATM clock from the ATM layer <= 4
M38063M6-334GP   M38063M6-334GP M38063M6-334GP PDF Download MIT QFP 98+ Third Order Intermodulation Distortion   (
M38063M6-346FP   M38063M6-346FP M38063M6-346FP PDF Download QFP1420-100 6SDQVLRQŒ )ODVK PHPRU\ SURGXFWV FRPELQH \HD
M38063M6-377FP   M38063M6-377FP M38063M6-377FP PDF Download MIT 94 The product information and the selection guides
M38063M6-399FP   M38063M6-399FP M38063M6-399FP PDF Download MIT QFP Notes: (1)Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelv
M38063M6-404FP   M38063M6-404FP M38063M6-404FP PDF Download MIT QFP 07+ The SST39VF160Q/VF160 devices are 1M x 16 CMOS
M38063M6-406FP   M38063M6-406FP M38063M6-406FP PDF Download MIT QFP RF output and bias pin. Bias should be supplied t
M38063M6-437FP   M38063M6-437FP M38063M6-437FP PDF Download MIT • Low current consumption by CMOS process
M38063M6-442GP   M38063M6-442GP M38063M6-442GP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+
M38063M6-502FP   M38063M6-502FP M38063M6-502FP PDF Download MIT 01+ QFP/80 External Access enable: EA must be externally hel
M38063M6-507FP   M38063M6-507FP M38063M6-507FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 02+ If this clock is applied to the Xin/CLK pin of t
M38063M6A-05   M38063M6A-05 M38063M6A-05 PDF Download Acceleration in any direction will disturb the t
M38063M6D-220FP   M38063M6D-220FP M38063M6D-220FP PDF Download This data sheet contains a variety of typical and
M38063M6D231FP   M38063M6D231FP M38063M6D231FP PDF Download   Motorola is offering the Chip Pak option
M38063M6D-246FP   M38063M6D-246FP M38063M6D-246FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98+ The first 2 bits accepted following the negative
M38063M6D248FP   M38063M6D248FP M38063M6D248FP PDF Download MIT QFP100 99+ INT is an open-drain output. This allows alarm I
M38067   M38067 M38067 PDF Download 172 MITSUBIS 04+
M38067E8AGP   M38067E8AGP M38067E8AGP PDF Download mit mit dc00 The HYM5V72A1604 is a 16M x 72-bit EDO mode CMOS
M38067E8FP   M38067E8FP M38067E8FP PDF Download General description Quad channel Low-Side Switc
M38067ECAFP   M38067ECAFP M38067ECAFP PDF Download MIT 97+ QFP Featuring high performance word program, the SS
M38067ECAGP   M38067ECAGP M38067ECAGP PDF Download MIT 2001+ QFP-80
M38067ECFP   M38067ECFP M38067ECFP PDF Download 01 Features • High sensitivity and low smear
M38067ELAGP   M38067ELAGP M38067ELAGP PDF Download FAN Tachometer inputs are digital inputs with an
M38067M8-061FP   M38067M8-061FP M38067M8-061FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 Address Inputs: Provide the row address for ACTI
M38067M8-067FP   M38067M8-067FP M38067M8-067FP PDF Download HITACHI 05+ QFP Advanced, Integrated Speech Synthesizer for High
M38067M8-106FP   M38067M8-106FP M38067M8-106FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98 This device contains circuitry to protect the in
M38067M8-127FP   M38067M8-127FP M38067M8-127FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 520600 The ZL30414 is an analog phase-locked loop (APLL)
M38067M8-129FP   M38067M8-129FP M38067M8-129FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 96 JEDEC compatible LVTTL level inputs and outputs
M38067M8-133FP   M38067M8-133FP M38067M8-133FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ 2. Characteristics in microcontroller interface m
M38067M8-138FP   M38067M8-138FP M38067M8-138FP PDF Download MIT 00+ QFP
M38067M8-139FP   M38067M8-139FP M38067M8-139FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 542601 3. Flexible Power/Serial Clock Speed Management.
M38067M8-301FP   M38067M8-301FP M38067M8-301FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 949100   The K6F2016U4E families are fabricated by
M38067M8-302FP   M38067M8-302FP M38067M8-302FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Transfect cells at high cell density. 90-95% con
M38067M8-316FP   M38067M8-316FP M38067M8-316FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 539600 KEY1~KEY8 all function as trigger keys. By mask
M38067M8-320FP   M38067M8-320FP M38067M8-320FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 647602 The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow
M38067M8-327FP   M38067M8-327FP M38067M8-327FP PDF Download MIT 97+ QFP RST Reset input A high on this pin for two machin
M38067M8354FP   M38067M8354FP M38067M8354FP PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
M38067M8356FP   M38067M8356FP M38067M8356FP PDF Download Two Line Output Control Because EPROMs are usua
M38067M8A262GP   M38067M8A262GP M38067M8A262GP PDF Download The digitally controlled potentiometers are impl
M38067M8A264FP   M38067M8A264FP M38067M8A264FP PDF Download MIT INput 1 and INput 2 (IN1 and IN2) respectively d
M38067M8A285FP   M38067M8A285FP M38067M8A285FP PDF Download MIT O7+ TRI-STATE versions LS157 and LS158 with same pin
M38067M8D-095FP   M38067M8D-095FP M38067M8D-095FP PDF Download KYOCERA QFP 07+/08+ The EL2245 and EL2445 also feature an extremely
M38067MC   M38067MC M38067MC PDF Download The M38067MC is a 512K-bit OTP ROM of which func-
M38067MC-077FP   M38067MC-077FP M38067MC-077FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 811100 Note: The over-temperature protection is a last
M38067MC-131G   M38067MC-131G M38067MC-131G PDF Download DNL = 0.25 LSB INL = 0.5 LSB Single 3.3 V sup
M38067MC-131GP   M38067MC-131GP M38067MC-131GP PDF Download The auto-select mode allows the reading of a bina
M38067MC-204FP   M38067MC-204FP M38067MC-204FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 707600 The PWRDWN# pin is used to shut off all clocks cl
M38067MC-206FP   M38067MC-206FP M38067MC-206FP PDF Download The Honeywell HRF-ROC093XC is a half-duplex tran
M38067MC-213FP   M38067MC-213FP M38067MC-213FP PDF Download VIN Range: 2.7V to 5.5V 600mA Peak Output Curre
M38067MC-218FP   M38067MC-218FP M38067MC-218FP PDF Download 150V Power Schottky rectifier are suited for swi
M38067MC-377FP   M38067MC-377FP M38067MC-377FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 734104 * High performance CMOS technology. * Rhythm win
M38067MC-402FP   M38067MC-402FP M38067MC-402FP PDF Download * Wide operating voltage range(VDD=2.2V ~ 5.0V)
M38067MC418FP   M38067MC418FP M38067MC418FP PDF Download MXIC's Automatic Erase algorithm requires the us
M38067MC419FP   M38067MC419FP M38067MC419FP PDF Download The IR2136/IR21362/IR21363/IR21365/IR21366/IR2136
M38067MC-453GP   M38067MC-453GP M38067MC-453GP PDF Download MIT 2 QFP Output pin. If an inrush current flows (e.g., fr
M38067MC-499FP   M38067MC-499FP M38067MC-499FP PDF Download VIN and VOUT Limited Only by External Components
M38067MCA-051FP   M38067MCA-051FP M38067MCA-051FP PDF Download The M38067MCA-051FP is a 16-bit, low-power, succe
M38067MCA-251FP   M38067MCA-251FP M38067MCA-251FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 98年99年 Use NC Relays for power control up to 5 A or T
M38067MCA-252FP   M38067MCA-252FP M38067MCA-252FP PDF Download Case: JEDEC DO-214BA, molded plastic over glass b
M38067MCA-253FP   M38067MCA-253FP M38067MCA-253FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 97年98年 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M38067MCA-261FP   M38067MCA-261FP M38067MCA-261FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 99+ The link power status (LPS) terminal works with
M38067MCA-262FP   M38067MCA-262FP M38067MCA-262FP PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
M38067MCA-263FP   M38067MCA-263FP M38067MCA-263FP PDF Download RENESAS 00+ PCM INTERFACE The FSX and FSR frame sync inputs
M38067MCD-158FP   M38067MCD-158FP M38067MCD-158FP PDF Download MIT 95 QFP The normalized values read from the right side o
M38067MCD170FP   M38067MCD170FP M38067MCD170FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 98+   The 33099 is designed to regulate the out
M38067MCD-170FP   M38067MCD-170FP M38067MCD-170FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 99年00年 Phase Reference Planes The positions of the refe
M38067MCD-320GP   M38067MCD-320GP M38067MCD-320GP PDF Download MIT 99 585 • High-speed access time: 9, 10, 12, 15 ns
M3806FMCD170FP   M3806FMCD170FP M3806FMCD170FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SMD 03+ This delay in termination of the low signal on S
M38072E4FP   M38072E4FP M38072E4FP PDF Download MITSUBIS QFP 97+ API8208A is a high quality voice synthesizer cap
M38072M2-102FP   M38072M2-102FP M38072M2-102FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 NOTES: (1) Ideal input span; does not include ga
M38072M2-104FP   M38072M2-104FP M38072M2-104FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 9712 A common ground is required between the input and
M38073E4FP   M38073E4FP M38073E4FP PDF Download MIT 07+ The TOSHIBA M38073E4FP a photocoupler which combi
M38073M4-205FP   M38073M4-205FP M38073M4-205FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 2003+ This manual describes the hardware of the H8S/21
M38073M4-209FP   M38073M4-209FP M38073M4-209FP PDF Download 2000 MITSUBISHI 99+
M38073M4-214FP   M38073M4-214FP M38073M4-214FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 © Atmel Corporation 2001. Atmel Corporation
M38073M4-218FP   M38073M4-218FP M38073M4-218FP PDF Download 98 This datasheet contains new product information.
M38073M4-242FP   M38073M4-242FP M38073M4-242FP PDF Download MIT QFP80   The A8282SLB output is set to 12, 13, 18,
M38073M4-245FP   M38073M4-245FP M38073M4-245FP PDF Download 1300 MITSUBISHI 99+ The main loop is responsible for updating the kW
M38073M4-247FP   M38073M4-247FP M38073M4-247FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 03+ *1 : Under development *2 : If the one clock s
M38073M4-A00FP   M38073M4-A00FP M38073M4-A00FP PDF Download MIT 2007 Positive Power Supply Voltage. Ground (0 V) Refe
M38073M4-A01FP   M38073M4-A01FP M38073M4-A01FP PDF Download 2001
M38073M4-A03FP   M38073M4-A03FP M38073M4-A03FP PDF Download MIT O7+ • Integrated Pulse Shaping Circuit. •
M38073M4-A04FP   M38073M4-A04FP M38073M4-A04FP PDF Download MIT O7+   The RC32355 meets the requirements of var
M38073M4-AOOFP   M38073M4-AOOFP M38073M4-AOOFP PDF Download MIT O7+ The HEF4014B is a fully synchronous edge-trigger
M38078MC087FP   M38078MC087FP M38078MC087FP PDF Download The PWP and RGE packages are available taped and
M38079EFFP   M38079EFFP M38079EFFP PDF Download MIT 01 Filtering   The Motorola accelerometers co
M38079MF-164FP   M38079MF-164FP M38079MF-164FP PDF Download MIT QFP 1. The mercury wetted relay provides a high spee
M38079MF-172FP   M38079MF-172FP M38079MF-172FP PDF Download MIT QFP PSCK and ASCK are the clocks for the PCM and ADP
M38079MF-173FP   M38079MF-173FP M38079MF-173FP PDF Download MIT 00+ The LTC®3901 is a secondary side synchronous
M38079MF-178FP   M38079MF-178FP M38079MF-178FP PDF Download MIT MQFP100 04+ Charges 220µF to 320V in 3.7 Seconds from
M38079MF-182FP   M38079MF-182FP M38079MF-182FP PDF Download 97 QFP /DACK /DMA Acknowledge (Input, active Low). /DACK
M38079MF303FP   M38079MF303FP M38079MF303FP PDF Download • Extra DC-to-DC controller (typically for
M38079MF306FP   M38079MF306FP M38079MF306FP PDF Download ❇1This value can change due to the switchi
M38102E5FP   M38102E5FP M38102E5FP PDF Download The HT815D0 has a built-in RC oscillator which
M38102E5SP   M38102E5SP M38102E5SP PDF Download MIT 93   Other features of this controller include
M38102M1-625SP   M38102M1-625SP M38102M1-625SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 04+ Protection is guaranteed in terms of short-circu
M38102M2-135SP   M38102M2-135SP M38102M2-135SP PDF Download Peak and hold mode with programmed peak time: Whe
M38102M3-501SP   M38102M3-501SP M38102M3-501SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 91 The M38102M3-501SP is a high-bandwidth FET bus s
M38102M4-611SP   M38102M4-611SP M38102M4-611SP PDF Download MIT 95+ DIP/64 The EP7311 includes two 16550-type UARTs for RS-
M38102M4-614SP   M38102M4-614SP M38102M4-614SP PDF Download   100-µA per input   Includes er
M38102M4-621SP   M38102M4-621SP M38102M4-621SP PDF Download N/A N/A 2006+   DESCRIPTION   These dual channel dio
M38102M4-623SP   M38102M4-623SP M38102M4-623SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 04+ Access to the user zones occurs only through the
M38102M4-629SP   M38102M4-629SP M38102M4-629SP PDF Download MIT DIP 96+ This series of silicon tuning varactors have an
M38102M-5-125SP   M38102M-5-125SP M38102M-5-125SP PDF Download   This device is a 6 channel EMI filter arr
M38102M5-138SP   M38102M5-138SP M38102M5-138SP PDF Download   A typical single video channel connection
M38102M5-147SP   M38102M5-147SP M38102M5-147SP PDF Download Notes a. Not to exceed TPULSE = 50 ns. b. Requ
M38102M5-165SP   M38102M5-165SP M38102M5-165SP PDF Download MITJ Bidirectional Bus Transceivers in High-Density 2
M38102M5-173FP   M38102M5-173FP M38102M5-173FP PDF Download An on-chip 500MHz oscillator is provided to allo
M38102M5-209FP   M38102M5-209FP M38102M5-209FP PDF Download Operating Temperature: - 55C to + 85C. (To + 125C
M38103E6FP   M38103E6FP M38103E6FP PDF Download MIT MQFP1414 02+ Note k: The six consecutive addresses must be in
M38103M6-123   M38103M6-123 M38103M6-123 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
M38103M6-129SP   M38103M6-129SP M38103M6-129SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 For self biased off-line applications, -2 and -4
M38103M6-200P   M38103M6-200P M38103M6-200P PDF Download The 203CMQ high current Schottky rectifier module
M38103M6FP-R-2407P   M38103M6FP-R-2407P M38103M6FP-R-2407P PDF Download MIT QFP-64 91+ Reconfigurable logic can be used to implement sy
M38103M6FP-R-Q407P   M38103M6FP-R-Q407P M38103M6FP-R-Q407P PDF Download MIT 91+ QFP/64 FM1233A features a precision temperature-compens
M38112M4-106FP   M38112M4-106FP M38112M4-106FP PDF Download MIT 06+ QFP The Fairchild Switch FST162245 provides 16-bits
M38112M4-152SP   M38112M4-152SP M38112M4-152SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP-64P 1995
M38112M4-161SP   M38112M4-161SP M38112M4-161SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 97+ The M38112M4-161SP is the analog SLIC for use in
M38114E8FP   M38114E8FP M38114E8FP PDF Download MIT MQFP1212 03+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
M38114E8SP   M38114E8SP M38114E8SP PDF Download Figure 4 shows the full duplex timing diagram fo
M38114M8-058FP   M38114M8-058FP M38114M8-058FP PDF Download As soon as the first word has rippled to t
M38114M8-102SP   M38114M8-102SP M38114M8-102SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 94 Note 2: Limits are 100% production tested at TA =
M38114M8-108SP   M38114M8-108SP M38114M8-108SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 95 This line of Schottky diodes is optimized for us
M38121M4-061SP   M38121M4-061SP M38121M4-061SP PDF Download MIT DIP 00 Applications for the MCP300X family include data
M38121M4-188SP   M38121M4-188SP M38121M4-188SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP64 97+ Note 1: Relative accuracy is the deviation of the
M38121M4450SP   M38121M4450SP M38121M4450SP PDF Download Applications using CPU generated controls must po
M38122-4   M38122-4 M38122-4 PDF Download MIT QFP 04/05+ BAT (Pin 5): Battery Voltage Sense Input. A preci
M38122M2-082SP   M38122M2-082SP M38122M2-082SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Although the discrete ORing diode solution has b
M38122M2-116FP   M38122M2-116FP M38122M2-116FP PDF Download 3662 MITSUBISHI 99+ CAPITAL letters are used as subscripts for the d
M38122M2-160SP   M38122M2-160SP M38122M2-160SP PDF Download UPSONIC DIP64 96+   This miniature surface mount MOSFET featur
M38122M2-172SP   M38122M2-172SP M38122M2-172SP PDF Download MITSUBISH DIP 2002 The symmetry of all waveforms can be adjusted wi
M38122M2-173SP   M38122M2-173SP M38122M2-173SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 99+ 24-Bit Resolution Analog Performance: C Dynamic
M38122M4-065SP   M38122M4-065SP M38122M4-065SP PDF Download 98 USB Hub -1 Upstream and up to 4 Downstream Ports
M38122M4-210SP   M38122M4-210SP M38122M4-210SP PDF Download MITJ The CS8920A implements Plug and Play in ac- cor
M38122M4-219SP   M38122M4-219SP M38122M4-219SP PDF Download 96 There are five Voltage Identification
M38122M4-233SP   M38122M4-233SP M38122M4-233SP PDF Download 98 DESCRIPTION The 74VHC594 is an high speed CMOS
M38122M4-235SP   M38122M4-235SP M38122M4-235SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 05+/06+ 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC. 2.
M38122M4-259FP   M38122M4-259FP M38122M4-259FP PDF Download 2000 The Am29LV652D is a 128 Mbit, 3.0 Volt (3.0 V to
M38122M4-269FP   M38122M4-269FP M38122M4-269FP PDF Download MIT 1788 00+ Port 2 Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
M38122M4-566SP   M38122M4-566SP M38122M4-566SP PDF Download MIT DIP 91+ ones and six zeros switching at the input clock
M38122M6-321SP   M38122M6-321SP M38122M6-321SP PDF Download Note 4 Pins G6 and RESET are designed with a high
M38123E6SP   M38123E6SP M38123E6SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP-64 2001 Preliminary Information- These data sheets conta
M38123M4-053SP   M38123M4-053SP M38123M4-053SP PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
M38123M4-054SP   M38123M4-054SP M38123M4-054SP PDF Download
M38123M4-064   M38123M4-064 M38123M4-064 PDF Download • Single 5 V supply: 5 V 10% • Access
M38123M4-064SP   M38123M4-064SP M38123M4-064SP PDF Download FUNAI DIP64 07+ The EL5172 and EL5372 are single and triple high
M38123M4-065SP   M38123M4-065SP M38123M4-065SP PDF Download KEY FEATURES (continued) Integrated Power-On-Res
M38123M4-118   M38123M4-118 M38123M4-118 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007   2.1.1 Specifications, standards, and hand
M38123M4-163SP   M38123M4-163SP M38123M4-163SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 98+ * Specifications will vary with foreign st
M38123M6-070   M38123M6-070 M38123M6-070 PDF Download 1. Added DDR333 function 2. Updated DDR333 test
M38123M6-081SP   M38123M6-081SP M38123M6-081SP PDF Download FUNAI PDIP64宽 448 The STATus pins (STAT1C2) respectively indicate
M38123M6-212FP   M38123M6-212FP M38123M6-212FP PDF Download During the clamping operation, the input video si
M38123M6-213FP   M38123M6-213FP M38123M6-213FP PDF Download The address space is divided into eight areas. T
M38123M6-220FP   M38123M6-220FP M38123M6-220FP PDF Download Data is shifted out of the FIFO on the falling e
M38123M6-276SP   M38123M6-276SP M38123M6-276SP PDF Download MIT DIP-64 07+/08+ The bq2083−V1P2 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC
M38123M6-277SP   M38123M6-277SP M38123M6-277SP PDF Download MITS 96+ The FAN53168 features a high bandwidth control l
M38123M6-321SP   M38123M6-321SP M38123M6-321SP PDF Download 97 The 6502 is an 8-bit CPU that provides 56 instruc
M38123M6-352SP   M38123M6-352SP M38123M6-352SP PDF Download MIT 97 The HYM72V16M656B(L)T6 -Series are high speed 3.3
M38123M6-373SP   M38123M6-373SP M38123M6-373SP PDF Download MIT DIP 93+
M38127ECFP   M38127ECFP M38127ECFP PDF Download   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
M38127ECSP   M38127ECSP M38127ECSP PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
M38127M8-181FP   M38127M8-181FP M38127M8-181FP PDF Download MIT QFP 03+   Motorola has developed a low cost, high v
M38128-74   M38128-74 M38128-74 PDF Download OKI SMD The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an
M38128A-L8   M38128A-L8 M38128A-L8 PDF Download OKI 1985 DIP In no way does this imply that the devices are n
M38128AP-N6   M38128AP-N6 M38128AP-N6 PDF Download OKI DIP-28P 07+ Three-phase bipolar drive (30 V, 3.5 A) Direct
M38128AP-S2   M38128AP-S2 M38128AP-S2 PDF Download OKI DIP28L 07+/08+   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
M381357M6   M381357M6 M381357M6 PDF Download Reset. An active high signal on this pin will put
M3813A   M3813A M3813A PDF Download MIT 98+ SSOP/16 NOTES: 1. The ICC current listed includes both
M3813A-M68   M3813A-M68 M3813A-M68 PDF Download MIT SSOP 98+ NOTES: 1. Skew specifications apply under ident
M38154MA-100FP   M38154MA-100FP M38154MA-100FP PDF Download (+)Sense: An external remote sense input is provi
M38154MA-101FP   M38154MA-101FP M38154MA-101FP PDF Download • USB V2.0 Compliant SIE • Low-spee
M38154MA-102FP   M38154MA-102FP M38154MA-102FP PDF Download SOP * All specs and applications shown above subject
M38154MA-105FP   M38154MA-105FP M38154MA-105FP PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output ports. Schmitt
M38154MA-106F   M38154MA-106F M38154MA-106F PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 3.3V LVTTL input is a level sensitive strobe use
M38154MA-106FP   M38154MA-106FP M38154MA-106FP PDF Download TQFP/100 Note 2: The maximum power dissipation is dictated
M38154MC-056FP   M38154MC-056FP M38154MC-056FP PDF Download The PHY-link interface can follow either the IEE
M38154MC-058FP   M38154MC-058FP M38154MC-058FP PDF Download
M38154MC-059FP   M38154MC-059FP M38154MC-059FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP 96 ISSI reserves the right to make changes to its p
M38154MC-061FP   M38154MC-061FP M38154MC-061FP PDF Download MIT SMD Reset In: Sets the Program Counter to zero and r
M38154MC-062   M38154MC-062 M38154MC-062 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 1. H = HIGH voltage level   h = HIGH volta
M38154MC-062FP   M38154MC-062FP M38154MC-062FP PDF Download 95 NOTES 1One-Time-ProgrammableUnlimited adjustment
M38154MC-063   M38154MC-063 M38154MC-063 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 ADPCM Output Register The internal encoded para
M38154MC-063FP   M38154MC-063FP M38154MC-063FP PDF Download SMD 1. Part mounted on 2"x2" GETEK board w
M38154MC-068   M38154MC-068 M38154MC-068 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007
M38154MC-068FP   M38154MC-068FP M38154MC-068FP PDF Download MIT SMD   The VSC7924 is designed to operate with a
M38154MR-106FP   M38154MR-106FP M38154MR-106FP PDF Download The HS-80C85RH is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor
M3817   M3817 M3817 PDF Download The precision performance of the M3817/M3817/ M3
M38172M-145   M38172M-145 M38172M-145 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 The zero flags for the left and right channels a
M38172M-145FP   M38172M-145FP M38172M-145FP PDF Download SSOP-28P Thermal Sensitive Layer Over a 0.35 µm CMOS
M38172M4-062FPDX49SY1   M38172M4-062FPDX49SY1 M38172M4-062FPDX49SY1 PDF Download The SN74ALVCF162835 has series damping resistor
M38172M4-062FP-DX49SY1   M38172M4-062FP-DX49SY1 M38172M4-062FP-DX49SY1 PDF Download (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
M38172M4-066FP   M38172M4-066FP M38172M4-066FP PDF Download 93 CDMA balanced input pin. This pin is internally
M38172M4-071FP   M38172M4-071FP M38172M4-071FP PDF Download 2001 Optimized for 2.5V LVTTL Guaranteed Low Skew <
M38172M4128FP   M38172M4128FP M38172M4128FP PDF Download Note 1: Measurements are made with the device in
M38172M4-138F   M38172M4-138F M38172M4-138F PDF Download Figure 7 shows the BUF12800 in a typical configu
M38172M4-138FP   M38172M4-138FP M38172M4-138FP PDF Download 01   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The f
M38172M4-145   M38172M4-145 M38172M4-145 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 (1) The algebraic convention, in which the least
M38172M4-145FP   M38172M4-145FP M38172M4-145FP PDF Download MIT QFP 96+ The SO-8 has been modified through a customized
M38172M4-171FP   M38172M4-171FP M38172M4-171FP PDF Download MIT O7+ This hermetically packaged QPL product features
M38172M4172FP   M38172M4172FP M38172M4172FP PDF Download The ERASE instruction erases data at the specifi
M38172M4-175FP   M38172M4-175FP M38172M4-175FP PDF Download MIT QFP This family is a 4M bit dynamic RAM organized 1,0
M38172M4-176FP   M38172M4-176FP M38172M4-176FP PDF Download MIT O7+
M38172M4-181FP   M38172M4-181FP M38172M4-181FP PDF Download Der dargestellte Berechnungsmodus stellt eine N&
M38172M4-183FP   M38172M4-183FP M38172M4-183FP PDF Download 97 The 1:4 demultiplexed digital outputs are LVDS l
M38172M4184FP   M38172M4184FP M38172M4184FP PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FST16232 is a 16-bit to 32-
M38172M4-192FP   M38172M4-192FP M38172M4-192FP PDF Download YAMAHA QFP80 1. Data patterns are to have maximum run lengths
M38172M4-195FP   M38172M4-195FP M38172M4-195FP PDF Download MIT O7+ The THELMA process is utilized to create a surfa
M38172M4-203FP   M38172M4-203FP M38172M4-203FP PDF Download MIT O7+ Chip selection input with pull-high resistor. Whe
M38172M4-210FP   M38172M4-210FP M38172M4-210FP PDF Download Highest sustained bandwidth per DRAM device 
M38172M4-218FP   M38172M4-218FP M38172M4-218FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP-8 size. Expanded inductance range covering 1.0 nH
M38173M6-131FP   M38173M6-131FP M38173M6-131FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ The wide operating supply range and high accuracy
M38173M6-150FPMXRITP2   M38173M6-150FPMXRITP2 M38173M6-150FPMXRITP2 PDF Download Notes: 1. No permanent damage with only one para
M38173M6-151FP   M38173M6-151FP M38173M6-151FP PDF Download 92 • Function and pinout compatible with FCT,
M38173M6-206FP   M38173M6-206FP M38173M6-206FP PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ When the die are tested at Atmel, a unique 32-bi
M38173M6-216FP   M38173M6-216FP M38173M6-216FP PDF Download AUX: Produces a regulated output voltage of 11.6
M38173M6-218FP   M38173M6-218FP M38173M6-218FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 94+ The MAX7044 crystal-referenced phase-locked-loop
M38173M6-227FP   M38173M6-227FP M38173M6-227FP PDF Download MIT QFP N-CHANNEL (Q2, Q3)   Total Gate Charge1 &n
M38173M6-244FPQHXOPS1   M38173M6-244FPQHXOPS1 M38173M6-244FPQHXOPS1 PDF Download Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with six PWM outputs
M38173M6-246FP   M38173M6-246FP M38173M6-246FP PDF Download MIT 94 585 Thermal Design The AP1187 incorporates an intern
M38173M6-248FP   M38173M6-248FP M38173M6-248FP PDF Download MIT 05+ QFP/80 Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4M-K/H/L series is designed
M38173M6-250FP   M38173M6-250FP M38173M6-250FP PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
M38173M6-260FP   M38173M6-260FP M38173M6-260FP PDF Download MIT 94 Following a period of activity in the powered-up
M38173M6-266FP   M38173M6-266FP M38173M6-266FP PDF Download The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flex
M38173M6-297FP   M38173M6-297FP M38173M6-297FP PDF Download MIT 1996 QFP   Figure 3 shows the timing of the encoder
M38173M6-297FPGXEGOP1   M38173M6-297FPGXEGOP1 M38173M6-297FPGXEGOP1 PDF Download FEATURES C3 dB Bandwidth of 2.2 GHz for AV = 12
M38173M6-356FP   M38173M6-356FP M38173M6-356FP PDF Download The X98027 3-channel, 8-bit Analog Front End (AFE
M38173M6-370FP   M38173M6-370FP M38173M6-370FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI 96+ QFP-80P A dedicated control input (EN, Active High) has
M38173M6-377FP   M38173M6-377FP M38173M6-377FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Power Diode Module DD60GB series are designed fo
M38174E8FP   M38174E8FP M38174E8FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
M38174M4-145FP   M38174M4-145FP M38174M4-145FP PDF Download MIT QFP 96+   The output capacitor does not have a theo
M38174M8-128FP   M38174M8-128FP M38174M8-128FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ Dual Output Regulator in Tiny 10-Pin MSOP High E
M38174M8-139FP   M38174M8-139FP M38174M8-139FP PDF Download   The PTH03060W non-isolated power module i
M38174M8-155FP   M38174M8-155FP M38174M8-155FP PDF Download Active low signal used to reset the IrDA-SIR Deco
M38174M8-203FP   M38174M8-203FP M38174M8-203FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 93 When a push-button is used to manually reset a &
M38174M8-205FP   M38174M8-205FP M38174M8-205FP PDF Download QFP The HYM71V8M755HCTU6 Series are 8Mx72bits Synchro
M38174M8-211FP   M38174M8-211FP M38174M8-211FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 93 Reference Clock. This input is the clock frequen
M38174M8-212FP   M38174M8-212FP M38174M8-212FP PDF Download Notes:  2. The voltage on any input or I/O
M38174M8-213FP   M38174M8-213FP M38174M8-213FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 93
M38174M8-214FP   M38174M8-214FP M38174M8-214FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 93 An integrated ADSL-compatible line driver is use
M38174M8-226FP   M38174M8-226FP M38174M8-226FP PDF Download MIT QFP 93+ Sixteen-input data selector/multiplexer, with ena
M38174M8-226FP(QSMQBORMB016)   M38174M8-226FP(QSMQBORMB016) M38174M8-226FP(QSMQBORMB016) PDF Download MIT QFP † All typical values are at 25C and with a
M38174M8-237FP   M38174M8-237FP M38174M8-237FP PDF Download MIT QFP 94+ Charge Pump in 5-Pin SOM38174M8-237FP-23A Package
M38174M8258   M38174M8258 M38174M8258 PDF Download MIT QFP 07+ DMA Controller supports: 25 DMA channels for tra
M38174M8-260FP   M38174M8-260FP M38174M8-260FP PDF Download NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V
M38174M8-260FPATXOPP3   M38174M8-260FPATXOPP3 M38174M8-260FPATXOPP3 PDF Download A low level on the RCL pin causes the con- tents
M38174M8-260PF   M38174M8-260PF M38174M8-260PF PDF Download   To keep the RC4700s high-performance pipe
M38174M8-283FP   M38174M8-283FP M38174M8-283FP PDF Download Operation is similar to a conventional charge-ba
M38174M8-290FP   M38174M8-290FP M38174M8-290FP PDF Download MIT QFP Propagation Delay Time   MC14001B, MC14011
M38177ECFP   M38177ECFP M38177ECFP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 94 TMIN = −40C, TMAX = +85C. Typical values a
M38177ECHFP   M38177ECHFP M38177ECHFP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 98 Supply current and output power are a function o
M38177M-053FP   M38177M-053FP M38177M-053FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI O7+ Six High-Side and six Low-Side-Drivers Free conf
M38177MC-051FP   M38177MC-051FP M38177MC-051FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 94 The SST39VF160Q/VF160 also have the Auto Low Po
M38177MC-053FP   M38177MC-053FP M38177MC-053FP PDF Download MIT 1450 Note 4: The absolute maximum junction temperature
M38177MC-063FP   M38177MC-063FP M38177MC-063FP PDF Download QFP The TSOP11..KA1 - series are miniaturized receiv
M3817M8-289FP   M3817M8-289FP M3817M8-289FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI 97+ QFP-80P
M38184E4FP   M38184E4FP M38184E4FP PDF Download The 50% point of sync is determined by using two
M38184E8FP   M38184E8FP M38184E8FP PDF Download MIT PLCC PFKC03 series required a minimum 10% loading on
M38184EAFP   M38184EAFP M38184EAFP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP1420-100   The MSK 3017 is an all N-Channel three ph
M38184M-228   M38184M-228 M38184M-228 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a tiny
M38184M8-112   M38184M8-112 M38184M8-112 PDF Download SOI39mm/Reel Note 7: All limits guaranteed at room temperature
M38184M8-119   M38184M8-119 M38184M8-119 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 will change, (C = A/D). Where A is the area of th
M38184M8-132FP-E1   M38184M8-132FP-E1 M38184M8-132FP-E1 PDF Download MIT QFP 92+ Oscillation circuits • On-chip RC oscillati
M38184M8-135FP-RXIDECK1   M38184M8-135FP-RXIDECK1 M38184M8-135FP-RXIDECK1 PDF Download This product can also be used on telephone, sign
M38184M8-136FP-RX1TUCD2   M38184M8-136FP-RX1TUCD2 M38184M8-136FP-RX1TUCD2 PDF Download The Modem Control Software runs entirely on the
M38184M8-139FP   M38184M8-139FP M38184M8-139FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP All outputs skew <100 ps typical (250 max.) 1
M38184M8-149FPE1   M38184M8-149FPE1 M38184M8-149FPE1 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 95+ 4150 The M38184M8-149FPE1 series are precision integr
M38184M8-164FP   M38184M8-164FP M38184M8-164FP PDF Download MIT SOP The VFB pin voltage also controls switch current
M38184M8-166FP   M38184M8-166FP M38184M8-166FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 1995 Port 2 Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
M38184M8-173FP   M38184M8-173FP M38184M8-173FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI 96+ QFP-100P The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
M38184M8-225FP   M38184M8-225FP M38184M8-225FP PDF Download HITACHI SMD The 8th bit of the control register is the write
M38184M8-226   M38184M8-226 M38184M8-226 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007
M38184M8-226FP   M38184M8-226FP M38184M8-226FP PDF Download HIT SOP Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
M38184M8-228FP   M38184M8-228FP M38184M8-228FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP The 32K x 8 Radiation Hardened Static RAM is a h
M38184MA-053   M38184MA-053 M38184MA-053 PDF Download MIT QFP52 NOTES: 1. VCC = 3.3V, TA = +25C, and are not pr
M38184MA-079FP   M38184MA-079FP M38184MA-079FP PDF Download MIT QFP The instruction set consists of 51 instructions
M38184MA-091FP   M38184MA-091FP M38184MA-091FP PDF Download   Input Low Voltage   Input Current (w
M38184MA-102FP   M38184MA-102FP M38184MA-102FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP 94 All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
M38184MA-103FP   M38184MA-103FP M38184MA-103FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP Available in space-saving MSOP package Ultra lo
M38184MA-104FP   M38184MA-104FP M38184MA-104FP PDF Download HITACHI SMD  − Output is software selectable as m
M38184MA-128FP(RH-IX0020AWZZ)   M38184MA-128FP(RH-IX0020AWZZ) M38184MA-128FP(RH-IX0020AWZZ) PDF Download MIT SMD   The 556C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
M38184MA-146FP   M38184MA-146FP M38184MA-146FP PDF Download IGBT Co-pack switches. The NTC thermistor mounte
M38184MA-150FP   M38184MA-150FP M38184MA-150FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP1420
M38184MA-160FP   M38184MA-160FP M38184MA-160FP PDF Download The output consists of a PNP current source and
M38184MA-162FP   M38184MA-162FP M38184MA-162FP PDF Download 97 Analog terminals Audio clock signals Clock and
M38184MA-166FP   M38184MA-166FP M38184MA-166FP PDF Download QFP 94   This N-Channel power MOSFET is   &
M38184MA-168FP   M38184MA-168FP M38184MA-168FP PDF Download QFP 95+ The AT84CS001 has the same footprint as Atmels T
M38184MA-176FP   M38184MA-176FP M38184MA-176FP PDF Download QFP 95 (1) VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied o
M38184MA-178FP   M38184MA-178FP M38184MA-178FP PDF Download • Ballast control and half-bridge driver in
M38184MA-179FP   M38184MA-179FP M38184MA-179FP PDF Download QFP MIT 95+ Data Output Bit 8 Data Output Bit 7 Data Outp
M38184MA-187FP   M38184MA-187FP M38184MA-187FP PDF Download NOTES: 1. Typical values are at VCC = 5.0V, TA
M38184MA-209FP   M38184MA-209FP M38184MA-209FP PDF Download On-chip cache memory improves CPU processing per
M38184MA-210FP   M38184MA-210FP M38184MA-210FP PDF Download  The attached data sheets are prepared and
M38184MA-218FP   M38184MA-218FP M38184MA-218FP PDF Download Operating Range In the operating range the func
M38184MA-232FP   M38184MA-232FP M38184MA-232FP PDF Download Notes:  1 Monitoring time is the time from
M38184MA-239FP   M38184MA-239FP M38184MA-239FP PDF Download Operation of this device beyond any one of these
M38184MA-242FP   M38184MA-242FP M38184MA-242FP PDF Download The 11 analog inputs and the 3 internal test inp
M38184MA-251FP   M38184MA-251FP M38184MA-251FP PDF Download Section is the basic element constituting the c
M38184MA-252FP   M38184MA-252FP M38184MA-252FP PDF Download The EL2245 and EL2445 also feature an extremely
M38184MA-252FQ   M38184MA-252FQ M38184MA-252FQ PDF Download • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit p
M38184MA-253FP   M38184MA-253FP M38184MA-253FP PDF Download Note 1: All units are 100% production tested at T
M38184MA-256FP   M38184MA-256FP M38184MA-256FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 * Constant Current Output :   can setup all
M38184MA-258FP   M38184MA-258FP M38184MA-258FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 Notes:  1. Crystals that meet this specifi
M38184MA-261   M38184MA-261 M38184MA-261 PDF Download 6. TOLERANCE AND TYPE NUMBER DESIGNATION  
M38184MA-265FP   M38184MA-265FP M38184MA-265FP PDF Download MIT 97 The Preliminary designation indicates that the p
M38184MA-273FP   M38184MA-273FP M38184MA-273FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 The device will support SVHS mode for three enco
M38184MA-275FP   M38184MA-275FP M38184MA-275FP PDF Download   The MPXM2010 device is a silicon piezoresi
M38184MA-284FP   M38184MA-284FP M38184MA-284FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 The TPS72xx family of low-dropout (LDO) voltage
M38184MA-286FP   M38184MA-286FP M38184MA-286FP PDF Download  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
M38184MA-291FP   M38184MA-291FP M38184MA-291FP PDF Download MIT 02
M38184MA-298F   M38184MA-298F M38184MA-298F PDF Download MIT QFP 99 The clock itself can be either one of the Global
M38184MA-300FP   M38184MA-300FP M38184MA-300FP PDF Download 98 The CY7C235A is a high-performance 1024-word by 8
M38184MA-301FP   M38184MA-301FP M38184MA-301FP PDF Download MIT 98 The actual implementation of this technique prod
M38184MA-311FP   M38184MA-311FP M38184MA-311FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP AD2 lines provide register addresses for data pa
M38184MR-104FP   M38184MR-104FP M38184MR-104FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP Serial Data Setup Time CLK Pulsewidth Serial Da
M38185EEFP   M38185EEFP M38185EEFP PDF Download MIT PLCC The built-in analog VCO is composed of a ring os
M38185EEFS   M38185EEFS M38185EEFS PDF Download Input used to enable page download mode. When PA
M38185EEHFP   M38185EEHFP M38185EEHFP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP-100P 06+
M38185M2   M38185M2 M38185M2 PDF Download Mitsubishi Preliminary Information- These data sheets conta
M38185M2-272FP   M38185M2-272FP M38185M2-272FP PDF Download The C6202/02B devices program memory consists of
M38185ME-071FP   M38185ME-071FP M38185ME-071FP PDF Download The configuration EEPROM RESET/OE and CE pins co
M38185ME-072FP   M38185ME-072FP M38185ME-072FP PDF Download MIT QFP 07+ The semiflash architecture reduces power consum
M38185ME-084FP   M38185ME-084FP M38185ME-084FP PDF Download SOP Choose among the following memory organizations:
M38185ME-094FP   M38185ME-094FP M38185ME-094FP PDF Download ON-CHIP VOLTAGE REFERENCE Output Voltage Power-
M38185ME-101FP   M38185ME-101FP M38185ME-101FP PDF Download MIT 95 Either 256 refresh cycles or read/write cycles o
M38185ME-105FP   M38185ME-105FP M38185ME-105FP PDF Download MIT 96 SHUNT CAPACITANCE In certain applications, the
M38185ME-118   M38185ME-118 M38185ME-118 PDF Download SOP The power handling ability of a power transistor
M38185ME-118FP   M38185ME-118FP M38185ME-118FP PDF Download SOP The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
M38185ME-129F   M38185ME-129F M38185ME-129F PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 An integrated 80-mA, 8-V regulator supplies volt
M38185ME-129FP   M38185ME-129FP M38185ME-129FP PDF Download HITACHI QFP 95 ICSI reserves the right to make changes to its p
M38185ME-136FP   M38185ME-136FP M38185ME-136FP PDF Download Chip select. A high-to-low transition on CS rese
M38185ME-144FP   M38185ME-144FP M38185ME-144FP PDF Download MIT PLCC68 The memory has a capacity of 2605056 bit. It is
M38185ME-160FP   M38185ME-160FP M38185ME-160FP PDF Download Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b
M38185ME-163FP   M38185ME-163FP M38185ME-163FP PDF Download QFP 95+ Handling Procedures This device has built-in pro
M38185ME-166FP   M38185ME-166FP M38185ME-166FP PDF Download Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure abo
M38185ME-170FP   M38185ME-170FP M38185ME-170FP PDF Download 97   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
M38185ME-171FP   M38185ME-171FP M38185ME-171FP PDF Download Tray The internal ADC treats Cs as a floating transfe
M38185ME-178FP   M38185ME-178FP M38185ME-178FP PDF Download MIT 96 Xilinx development software supports XC7300 EPLD
M38185ME-191FP   M38185ME-191FP M38185ME-191FP PDF Download The return side of the external inductor shall b
M38185ME-192FP   M38185ME-192FP M38185ME-192FP PDF Download MIT QFP 99 • Protects Sensitive circuits from short d
M38185ME-193FP   M38185ME-193FP M38185ME-193FP PDF Download MIT 97 (1) Offset Error is the measured deviation of th
M38185ME-198FP   M38185ME-198FP M38185ME-198FP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ HEXFRED diodes are optimized to reduce losses an
M38185ME-215FP   M38185ME-215FP M38185ME-215FP PDF Download • Low On-Resistance, (16−ohms typ)
M38185ME-224FP   M38185ME-224FP M38185ME-224FP PDF Download It is recommended that tantalum capacitors have
M38185ME-228   M38185ME-228 M38185ME-228 PDF Download 98 Hardware Reset. Self-asserted by internal pull-u
M38185ME-228FP   M38185ME-228FP M38185ME-228FP PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ As used herein: 1. Life support devices or syste
M38185ME-22FP   M38185ME-22FP M38185ME-22FP PDF Download Microchip Technology Incorporated, has been gran
M38185ME-234FP   M38185ME-234FP M38185ME-234FP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ For higher output voltages, the formula above wil
M38185ME-239FP   M38185ME-239FP M38185ME-239FP PDF Download  Internal Memory  - Character Generato
M38185ME-259FP   M38185ME-259FP M38185ME-259FP PDF Download QFP MIT 98+ Axial and Surface Mount Power Schottky rectifier
M38185ME-263FP   M38185ME-263FP M38185ME-263FP PDF Download 98 HY57V56820T is offering fully synchronous operati
M38185ME-264FP   M38185ME-264FP M38185ME-264FP PDF Download MIT 98 Cases: TO-220 molded plastic Epoxy: UL 94V-0 r
M38185ME-266FP   M38185ME-266FP M38185ME-266FP PDF Download NOTES: (1) Test levels: (A) 100% tested at 25C.
M38185ME-268FP   M38185ME-268FP M38185ME-268FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ To accommodate split-band and filtering, the PCS
M38185ME-272FP   M38185ME-272FP M38185ME-272FP PDF Download 99 charge lasts long enough to cause an increment in
M38185ME-273FP   M38185ME-273FP M38185ME-273FP PDF Download the new command code of 8 bits (1st byte of the
M38185ME-277FP   M38185ME-277FP M38185ME-277FP PDF Download MIT 98
M38185ME-278FP   M38185ME-278FP M38185ME-278FP PDF Download Parallel LED Driver Supports All Forward Voltage
M38185ME-281FP   M38185ME-281FP M38185ME-281FP PDF Download MIT 94 Using this configuration, the device will support
M3818FP   M3818FP M3818FP PDF Download MIT SOP16 Tiny SOT−353 and SOT−553 Packages 2.
M38197   M38197 M38197 PDF Download ‡ All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
M38197EAEP   M38197EAEP M38197EAEP PDF Download   Built-in watch dog timer   Low curre
M38197EAFP   M38197EAFP M38197EAFP PDF Download MIT 1997 QFP Lamp Type: 1X 32W T8 Lamp Line Input: 90-140VA
M38197MA-105FP   M38197MA-105FP M38197MA-105FP PDF Download 97 The command register itself does not occupy any a
M38197MA-124FP   M38197MA-124FP M38197MA-124FP PDF Download MIT 95 2500 52 minutes regardless of the operating mode of th
M38197MA-128FP   M38197MA-128FP M38197MA-128FP PDF Download MIT QFP 97+ BENEFITS  EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass f
M38197MA-149FP   M38197MA-149FP M38197MA-149FP PDF Download Use crystal or cera-lock filter manufacturers re
M38197MA-158FP(RH-IX0168AWZZ)   M38197MA-158FP(RH-IX0168AWZZ) M38197MA-158FP(RH-IX0168AWZZ) PDF Download MIT PLCC68 Notes: 1. For 2.5V < VOUT < 2.8V refer to
M38197MA-159FP   M38197MA-159FP M38197MA-159FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ Several features have been designed in for added
M38197MA177FP   M38197MA177FP M38197MA177FP PDF Download The 2, 4, 8, and 16 interpolation filters are im
M38197MA-184FP   M38197MA-184FP M38197MA-184FP PDF Download YAMAHA O7+ High performance 32-bit/40-bit floating point pr
M38197MA-187FP   M38197MA-187FP M38197MA-187FP PDF Download MIT 1998 QFP The M38197MA-187FP is a fully static CMOS 8051 c
M38197MA194FP   M38197MA194FP M38197MA194FP PDF Download NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
M38197MAA-176FP   M38197MAA-176FP M38197MAA-176FP PDF Download MIT QFP 2001 Sixteen-input data selector/multiplexer, with ena
M38197MAA-600FP   M38197MAA-600FP M38197MAA-600FP PDF Download MIT QFP 97+ • The products described in this document a
M38197MAA-601FP   M38197MAA-601FP M38197MAA-601FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 2000   A 100 ohm resistor and a 330pF capacitor
M38197MAA-614FP   M38197MAA-614FP M38197MAA-614FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ The TPS203x family of power distribution switche
M38197MAA624FP   M38197MAA624FP M38197MAA624FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 04+ READY/BUSY: The RDY/BSY pin provides the devices
M38197MAA-624FP   M38197MAA-624FP M38197MAA-624FP PDF Download MIT 2001 585 Pericom Semiconductors PI49FCT series of logic ci
M38197MAA625FP   M38197MAA625FP M38197MAA625FP PDF Download MIT 1993+ QFP This data sheet contains a variety of typical and
M38197MAA-628FP   M38197MAA-628FP M38197MAA-628FP PDF Download 97 Built-in flexibility allows the ISL3871 to be co
M38197MAA-629FP   M38197MAA-629FP M38197MAA-629FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 01+ NOTE: I/V curves were taken using pulse sampling
M38197MAA631FP   M38197MAA631FP M38197MAA631FP PDF Download 124 YAMAHA 00+ ACK Polling Once a stop condition is issued to
M38198ECFP   M38198ECFP M38198ECFP PDF Download MIT QFP 07+ The UCC381 provides unique short circuit protect
M38198ECFS   M38198ECFS M38198ECFS PDF Download • Integrated Adaptive Receive Equalization
M38198MC-053FP   M38198MC-053FP M38198MC-053FP PDF Download MITSUMI 05+ QFP These PIN / Preamplifier combinations are coupled
M38198MC-063FP   M38198MC-063FP M38198MC-063FP PDF Download MIT/KENWOOD 96+ The input load capacitors are placed on-die to re
M38198MC-063FP7   M38198MC-063FP7 M38198MC-063FP7 PDF Download 2. Regularly and continuously improve the perfor
M38198MC-066   M38198MC-066 M38198MC-066 PDF Download MIT QFP NOTES: 1. S.G. set to: f p 1.0 MHz; duty cycle
M38198MC-066FP   M38198MC-066FP M38198MC-066FP PDF Download MIT 1996 QFP All Agilent data sheets report the creepage and
M38198MC-083FP   M38198MC-083FP M38198MC-083FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP- 07+/08+ High-Performance Static CMOS Technology TMS470R1
M38198MC-084FP(RH-IX0158AW)   M38198MC-084FP(RH-IX0158AW) M38198MC-084FP(RH-IX0158AW) PDF Download MIT QFP Chapter 6, "SAM88RCRI Instruction Set,"
M38198MC-085FP   M38198MC-085FP M38198MC-085FP PDF Download MIT QFP 98+ The internal 800Ω resistance between pins
M38198MC-103FP   M38198MC-103FP M38198MC-103FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 The 1.8 Volt Intel®Wireless Flash Memory with
M38198MCA-803FP   M38198MCA-803FP M38198MCA-803FP PDF Download Mitsubishi 97   3.1 Qualification. Microcircuits furnishe
M38198MCA-807FP   M38198MCA-807FP M38198MCA-807FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 9951+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
M38198MCA832FP   M38198MCA832FP M38198MCA832FP PDF Download The Bt856/7 is designed specifically for v
M38198MCA834FP   M38198MCA834FP M38198MCA834FP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
M381991MF-205FP   M381991MF-205FP M381991MF-205FP PDF Download Ideal input span; does not include gain or offse
M38199EFFP   M38199EFFP M38199EFFP PDF Download MIT Undervoltage Lockout UVLO (undervoltage lockout)
M38199MF-019FP   M38199MF-019FP M38199MF-019FP PDF Download MIT QFP Anode of the Biasing Diode that matches the therm
M38199MF-063FP   M38199MF-063FP M38199MF-063FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 The published capacitance data is difficult to u
M38199MF-064FP   M38199MF-064FP M38199MF-064FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI 96+ QFP-100P   Serial Data present at the input is trans
M38199MF-065FP   M38199MF-065FP M38199MF-065FP PDF Download MIT QFP Figure 5 shows the power curves for a power ampl
M38199MF-066FB   M38199MF-066FB M38199MF-066FB PDF Download MIS QFP 97+ The Parallel Input/Output Controller (PIO) contr
M38199MF-071FP   M38199MF-071FP M38199MF-071FP PDF Download MIT 99+ QFP
M38199MF-071-FP   M38199MF-071-FP M38199MF-071-FP PDF Download MIT 97 PQFQ 500 MH z Gai n Noi se Fi gure Output IP3 Outp
M38199MF-073FP   M38199MF-073FP M38199MF-073FP PDF Download MIT O7+ The MAX4667/MAX4668/MAX4669 dual analog switches
M38199MF-079FP   M38199MF-079FP M38199MF-079FP PDF Download The MGA-71543 is designed for CDMA and W-CDMA re
M38199MF-089FP   M38199MF-089FP M38199MF-089FP PDF Download 300 MITSUBISHI 99+ Information furnished is believed to be accurate
M38199MF-092FP   M38199MF-092FP M38199MF-092FP PDF Download MIT QFP 99 ON/OFF Control Input. ON/OFF is referenced to GND
M38199MF-096FP   M38199MF-096FP M38199MF-096FP PDF Download MIT QFP 99 Therefore it should be no problem to achieve the
M38199MF-097FP   M38199MF-097FP M38199MF-097FP PDF Download 91 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOL
M38199MF-103KP   M38199MF-103KP M38199MF-103KP PDF Download s Memory mapped I/O s Multilevel Low Voltage De
M38199MF-205FP   M38199MF-205FP M38199MF-205FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 1999   In applications where dv/dt may exceed 50
M38199MF-220FP   M38199MF-220FP M38199MF-220FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ The HY62LF16201A is a high speed, super low powe
M38199MF-235FP   M38199MF-235FP M38199MF-235FP PDF Download 160 MITSUBISHI 97+ The XC4000 families provide a regular, flexible,
M38199MF-261FP   M38199MF-261FP M38199MF-261FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 2001 The M38199MF-261FP is a single 32-position linear
M38199MF-280FP   M38199MF-280FP M38199MF-280FP PDF Download   This new option of integrated digital tra
M38199MF-283FP   M38199MF-283FP M38199MF-283FP PDF Download MIT Note 5: Limits are 100% production tested at 25&#
M38199MF-285FP   M38199MF-285FP M38199MF-285FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP
M38199MF-287FP   M38199MF-287FP M38199MF-287FP PDF Download MIT VDD: The power input connection for this device.
M38199MF-287FP(RH-IX0323AWZZ)   M38199MF-287FP(RH-IX0323AWZZ) M38199MF-287FP(RH-IX0323AWZZ) PDF Download MIT QFP 2002 Inhibit*: This is an open-collector (open-drain)
M38199MT-065FP   M38199MT-065FP M38199MT-065FP PDF Download 97 • High-speed access time: 10, 12, 15, and
M381L3223FTM-CB3   M381L3223FTM-CB3 M381L3223FTM-CB3 PDF Download These diode-transistor optocoup- lers use an i
M381L6523CUMCCC00   M381L6523CUMCCC00 M381L6523CUMCCC00 PDF Download   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspecti
M382   M382 M382 PDF Download MIT 2001+ Description plastic lead chip carrier; 44 leads
M38203-084FP   M38203-084FP M38203-084FP PDF Download MTTJ • SuperWIDE HIGH-DENSITY IN-SYSTEM  
M38203E4FP   M38203E4FP M38203E4FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+   solution to be used worldwide • Su
M38203E4HP   M38203E4HP M38203E4HP PDF Download MIT QFP Digitally programmable dual function digital inp
M38203M4-059FP   M38203M4-059FP M38203M4-059FP PDF Download At 200 MHz (5 ns) core instruction rate, the ADS
M38203M4-060FP-QXFRGW2   M38203M4-060FP-QXFRGW2 M38203M4-060FP-QXFRGW2 PDF Download 12-bit resolution 5MHz minimum sampling rate Fu
M38203M4-062FPQXUKGS2   M38203M4-062FPQXUKGS2 M38203M4-062FPQXUKGS2 PDF Download This new generation of trench MOSFETs from Zetex
M38203M4-065FP   M38203M4-065FP M38203M4-065FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 NOTE: All input pulses are supplied by a generat
M38203M4-076FP   M38203M4-076FP M38203M4-076FP PDF Download MIT QFP 93+
M38203M4-083FP   M38203M4-083FP M38203M4-083FP PDF Download MITJ
M38203M4-088FP   M38203M4-088FP M38203M4-088FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 07+/08+ 2.7 to 6.0 V Input Voltage Range Output Voltage
M38203M4-093FP   M38203M4-093FP M38203M4-093FP PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
M38203M4-095FP   M38203M4-095FP M38203M4-095FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 Five years minimum data retention in the absence
M38203M4-119HP   M38203M4-119HP M38203M4-119HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI TQFP 96+   The HDB3 Decoder is responsible for decod
M38203M4-125FP   M38203M4-125FP M38203M4-125FP PDF Download For the most efficient use of these two control
M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C96   M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C96 M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C96 PDF Download Max. Instantaneous Forward Voltage*** @ IF = 0.1
M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C97   M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C97 M38203M4-125FP(QFP)D/C97 PDF Download Reset Pin. Low input resets the chip. Schmitt T
M38203M4-126FP   M38203M4-126FP M38203M4-126FP PDF Download MIT 1997 QFP 2. Execute the STOP instruction. The external ci
M38203M4-132FP   M38203M4-132FP M38203M4-132FP PDF Download (17) Oscillation circuits   • On-chi
M38203M4-143   M38203M4-143 M38203M4-143 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 DESCRIPTION The L7800 series of three-terminal
M38203M4-147FP   M38203M4-147FP M38203M4-147FP PDF Download MIT QFP QFP Dimensions in mm. The components are situated
M38203M4-188HP   M38203M4-188HP M38203M4-188HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 07+ The SN74LVC16373A is particularly suitable for
M38203M4-189HP   M38203M4-189HP M38203M4-189HP PDF Download MI 01+ The ERAL instruction erases the entire 128´
M38203M4-191HP   M38203M4-191HP M38203M4-191HP PDF Download MIT QFP 96+ This manual describes the characteristics of typ
M38203M4-194HP   M38203M4-194HP M38203M4-194HP PDF Download MIT QFP 98 8-bit resolution. ADC gain adjust. 2 GHz full p
M38203M-428HP   M38203M-428HP M38203M-428HP PDF Download Generates all clocks required for single and two-
M38203M4-364FP   M38203M4-364FP M38203M4-364FP PDF Download To integrate so many transistors on a piece of s
M38203M4-365FP   M38203M4-365FP M38203M4-365FP PDF Download OVER- AND UNDER-SCALE LIMITING Over-Scale DAC:
M38203M4-370FP   M38203M4-370FP M38203M4-370FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ NOTES: 1. Pins listed as LVTTL inputs will acce
M38203M4-375   M38203M4-375 M38203M4-375 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspect
M38203M4-375FP   M38203M4-375FP M38203M4-375FP PDF Download MIT QFP 2001+ SUPPLY VOLTAGE, +VS to CVS OUTPUT CURRENT, con
M38203M4-386HP   M38203M4-386HP M38203M4-386HP PDF Download MIT QFP 97 These devices consist of four independent high-
M38203M4-388HP   M38203M4-388HP M38203M4-388HP PDF Download MIT QFP 97 The DS1330 devices execute a read cycle whenever
M38203M4-412HP   M38203M4-412HP M38203M4-412HP PDF Download Applications This line of Schottky diodes is op
M38203M4-417HP   M38203M4-417HP M38203M4-417HP PDF Download MIT QFP Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
M38203M4-424HP   M38203M4-424HP M38203M4-424HP PDF Download MIT 1 For the clock rates mentioned this means a seria
M38203M4-428HP   M38203M4-428HP M38203M4-428HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 03+ NOTE: JLLN Class T 300 volt fuses are UL listed f
M38203M4L259FP   M38203M4L259FP M38203M4L259FP PDF Download RENESAS 00+   Flash Performance   70 ns Initial A
M38203M4L-259FP   M38203M4L-259FP M38203M4L-259FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+
M38203N4-095FD   M38203N4-095FD M38203N4-095FD PDF Download N/A 1995 QFP Synchronous Address Inputs. These pins must ti
M38207E8FP   M38207E8FP M38207E8FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 FEATURES Faults detected on 7 independent suppl
M38207E8FS   M38207E8FS M38207E8FS PDF Download The potentiometer is implemented by a resistor a
M38207E8MP   M38207E8MP M38207E8MP PDF Download DESCRIPTION The 74AC257 is an advanced high-spe
M38207M8   M38207M8 M38207M8 PDF Download The HAL 5xx sensors are monolithic integrated ci
M38207M8-055FP   M38207M8-055FP M38207M8-055FP PDF Download The CY7C266 is a plug-in replacement for EPROM de
M38207M8-058FP   M38207M8-058FP M38207M8-058FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A 2003 In addition, the M38207M8-058FP provides a very
M38207M8-088FP   M38207M8-088FP M38207M8-088FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A 2003 4. Design your application so that the product i
M38207M8-107HP   M38207M8-107HP M38207M8-107HP PDF Download • High-speed access time: 15, 20, 25 ns &
M38207M8-108HP   M38207M8-108HP M38207M8-108HP PDF Download 170 MITSUBISHI Byte program and Chip erase Auto program and A
M38207M8-110HP   M38207M8-110HP M38207M8-110HP PDF Download 07+ Resolution Integral Nonlinearity (fin = 10kHz)
M38207M8-119HP   M38207M8-119HP M38207M8-119HP PDF Download MISUBSHI 98+ QFP The PI6C918 and PI6C919 are high-precision, low-
M38207M8-122HP   M38207M8-122HP M38207M8-122HP PDF Download MISUBSHI 98+ QFP where VREF = 0.6V The maximum output current sho
M38207M8-126HP   M38207M8-126HP M38207M8-126HP PDF Download MISUBSHI 98+ QFP • Space saver Flat series and vertical ser
M38207M8-499HP   M38207M8-499HP M38207M8-499HP PDF Download MIT Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
M38217ECFP   M38217ECFP M38217ECFP PDF Download Enable Timer T2 overflow interrupt(s) Enable T2
M382223M4-432HP   M382223M4-432HP M382223M4-432HP PDF Download All parameters specified at TA = -40C to +85C un
M38222M2   M38222M2 M38222M2 PDF Download QFP 98   Figure 1 shows the timing of the encoder
M38222M2-052   M38222M2-052 M38222M2-052 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 This advanced technology has been especially tail
M38222M2-129HP   M38222M2-129HP M38222M2-129HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 9822+ In addition to the requirements of termination a
M38222M2-140HP   M38222M2-140HP M38222M2-140HP PDF Download MITJ M38222M2-140HP is a dual power MOSFET module desi
M38222M2-142HP   M38222M2-142HP M38222M2-142HP PDF Download MITJ Selectable bias modes that optimize efficiency f
M38222M2-157GP   M38222M2-157GP M38222M2-157GP PDF Download If the port is left in a forced 1394b beta only
M38222M4-160FP   M38222M4-160FP M38222M4-160FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 The vertical sync interval is detected by integra
M38223-147HF   M38223-147HF M38223-147HF PDF Download The MPC860 Quad Integrated Communications Contro
M38223E4FP   M38223E4FP M38223E4FP PDF Download MIT QFP 02+ operated synchronously from the output of Q11 Du
M38223E4FS   M38223E4FS M38223E4FS PDF Download This pin is connected to a voltage that must be a
M38223E4GP   M38223E4GP M38223E4GP PDF Download Designing for Microprocessor Applications As it
M38223E4HP   M38223E4HP M38223E4HP PDF Download The small size and battery-powered operation asso
M38223F   M38223F M38223F PDF Download MIT 03+
M38223M4-074FP   M38223M4-074FP M38223M4-074FP PDF Download All parameters characterized at 1GHz unless ot
M38223M4-112GP   M38223M4-112GP M38223M4-112GP PDF Download
M38223M4-117FP   M38223M4-117FP M38223M4-117FP PDF Download   The LX8385/85A/85B series devices are pin
M38223M4-119GP   M38223M4-119GP M38223M4-119GP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-80P 6+ Signal isolation by transformer coupling uses a
M38223M4-179FP   M38223M4-179FP M38223M4-179FP PDF Download NOTES: (1) indicates the portion of the wavefo
M38223M4-182FP   M38223M4-182FP M38223M4-182FP PDF Download VOX output The VOX detection signal is output f
M38223M4-183FP   M38223M4-183FP M38223M4-183FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
M38223M4-184FP   M38223M4-184FP M38223M4-184FP PDF Download 99   This represents a 21.6C temperature rise
M38223M4-186FP   M38223M4-186FP M38223M4-186FP PDF Download Fixed Output Voltages of 2.048 V, 2.5 V, 3 V, 4.
M38223M4-283FP   M38223M4-283FP M38223M4-283FP PDF Download Clocks in the ispLSI 2096VL device are selected
M38223M4-464GP   M38223M4-464GP M38223M4-464GP PDF Download *There is also an option for anAnti Reflection C
M38223M4-492HP   M38223M4-492HP M38223M4-492HP PDF Download RENESAS The EL2244 and EL2444 are dual and quad versions
M38223M4-502FP   M38223M4-502FP M38223M4-502FP PDF Download This IC contains a zener clamp structure between
M38223M4525FP   M38223M4525FP M38223M4525FP PDF Download These Hitachi MultiMediaCards support a second i
M38223M4A073FP   M38223M4A073FP M38223M4A073FP PDF Download VRE114/115/116 devices are available in two oper
M38223M4H461HP   M38223M4H461HP M38223M4H461HP PDF Download NOTES:   1.Dimensions are in inches.  
M38223M4H465FP   M38223M4H465FP M38223M4H465FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP1420-80 Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
M38223M4H-499HP   M38223M4H-499HP M38223M4H-499HP PDF Download 4 QFP   The Freescale Semiconductor accelerometer
M38223M4H505HP   M38223M4H505HP M38223M4H505HP PDF Download The two voltage-controlled amplifiers are full C
M38223M4H-515HP   M38223M4H-515HP M38223M4H-515HP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 05+  tPZLOutput enable time to low level1025 &n
M38223M4H517FP   M38223M4H517FP M38223M4H517FP PDF Download The 10 MHz CD outputs are enabled for about 1 &m
M38223M4H-558FP   M38223M4H-558FP M38223M4H-558FP PDF Download MIT 04+ QFP This N-Channel MOSFET is produced using Fairchil
M38223M4H571HP   M38223M4H571HP M38223M4H571HP PDF Download RCDs digital delay lines have been designed to p
M38223M4M-057FP   M38223M4M-057FP M38223M4M-057FP PDF Download
M38223M4M070FP   M38223M4M070FP M38223M4M070FP PDF Download FFeatures 1) Corrects distortion in the rising
M38223M4M-074FP   M38223M4M-074FP M38223M4M-074FP PDF Download MIT 98 Supply Filtering A 0.1F to 0.1F bypass capacitor
M38223M4M081FP   M38223M4M081FP M38223M4M081FP PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
M38223M4M-121HP   M38223M4M-121HP M38223M4M-121HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP Note: This IC uses a 27-MHz fixed clock. Therefo
M38223M4M-144HP   M38223M4M-144HP M38223M4M-144HP PDF Download RENESAS The M38223M4M-144HP frequency synthesizer is ide
M38223M4M-145HP   M38223M4M-145HP M38223M4M-145HP PDF Download MIT 01 Attention please! The information herein is give
M38223M4M-150FP   M38223M4M-150FP M38223M4M-150FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-80P 6+   Depending upon the configuration, the cir
M38223M4M-151FP   M38223M4M-151FP M38223M4M-151FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-80P 6+ The digital controlled potentiometer is implemen
M38223M4M-157FP   M38223M4M-157FP M38223M4M-157FP PDF Download Vcc = 5.0V10%, TA = 0C to 70C, unless otherwise s
M38223M4M-158FP   M38223M4M-158FP M38223M4M-158FP PDF Download MIT 00+ L1, L2 = 270 nH. See the Choosing the Correct In
M38223M4M168FP   M38223M4M168FP M38223M4M168FP PDF Download Panasonic QFP 99+ The TL7702B, TL7705B, and TL7733B are integrate
M38223M4M176FP   M38223M4M176FP M38223M4M176FP PDF Download MIT 2000 05+   Strap:see Note 4 Notes: 1. DQ-to-I/O wi
M38223M4M-188FP   M38223M4M-188FP M38223M4M-188FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-80P 6+ The CY7C1380D/CY7C1382D SRAM integrates 524,288 x
M38223M4M-195FP   M38223M4M-195FP M38223M4M-195FP PDF Download Vertical power TrenchMOS Low on-state resistance
M38223M4M-211GP   M38223M4M-211GP M38223M4M-211GP PDF Download The GMR S6 is an angle sensor based on sputtered
M38223M4M284FP   M38223M4M284FP M38223M4M284FP PDF Download 22 MITSUBISHI 00+ MISCELLANEOUS PERFORMANCE  input capacitanc
M38223M4M-313HP   M38223M4M-313HP M38223M4M-313HP PDF Download The HA-5020 is a wide bandwidth, high slew rate a
M38224H6M   M38224H6M M38224H6M PDF Download MIT QFP 9839 Caution: This component is susceptible to damage
M38224M052HP   M38224M052HP M38224M052HP PDF Download PANASONIC QFP 01+ Read-Write(1,2)LL Fast-Page-Mode Read: EDO(2) 1
M38224M-076   M38224M-076 M38224M-076 PDF Download • 1 kV/µs Minimum Common Mode  
M38224M6A-300FP   M38224M6A-300FP M38224M6A-300FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP-80 2003 Product Identification The Product Identificati
M38224M6A-332HP   M38224M6A-332HP M38224M6A-332HP PDF Download RENESAS 00+ QFP • Codewheels Available in   Glass, F
M38224M6A-339FP   M38224M6A-339FP M38224M6A-339FP PDF Download RENESAS To measure the performance of the sensor in the
M38224M6A-353FP   M38224M6A-353FP M38224M6A-353FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP Generates clocks for OC-3, STM-1, DS3, E3, DS2,
M38224M6A-372FP609AZ00U0   M38224M6A-372FP609AZ00U0 M38224M6A-372FP609AZ00U0 PDF Download RENSAS 05+ QFP HEXFET technology is the key to International Re
M38224M6A-M38C59MC-113HP   M38224M6A-M38C59MC-113HP M38224M6A-M38C59MC-113HP PDF Download RENESAS QFP • Low leakage, low zener impedance and maxi
M38224M6H   M38224M6H M38224M6H PDF Download   In-band Interference Rejection 20dB max.
M38224M6H-052HPE1   M38224M6H-052HPE1 M38224M6H-052HPE1 PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ LED backlight modules are combination modules
M38224M6H-052HP-E1   M38224M6H-052HP-E1 M38224M6H-052HP-E1 PDF Download MIT 2001 Memories C 1K, 2K or 4K bytes Program memory (O
M38224M6H-055HP   M38224M6H-055HP M38224M6H-055HP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ When CE is HIGH (deselected), the device assumes
M38224M6H-069HP-E1   M38224M6H-069HP-E1 M38224M6H-069HP-E1 PDF Download The 56F801 supports program execution from eithe
M38224M6H-084HP   M38224M6H-084HP M38224M6H-084HP PDF Download RENESAS Customer Design Applications Support National Se
M38224M6H-114FP   M38224M6H-114FP M38224M6H-114FP PDF Download Evaluating the accuracy of Maxim real-time clocks
M38224M6H-134HP   M38224M6H-134HP M38224M6H-134HP PDF Download † Applies only to the -1 version and only
M38224M6H-149HP   M38224M6H-149HP M38224M6H-149HP PDF Download A typical interface circuit using the SPT1018 in
M38224M6H-609HP   M38224M6H-609HP M38224M6H-609HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 03+ When measuring return loss at the M38224M6H-609HP
M38224M6H610FP   M38224M6H610FP M38224M6H610FP PDF Download MIT 02+ QFP-80 LED backlight modules are combination modules
M38224M6H-616FP   M38224M6H-616FP M38224M6H-616FP PDF Download MIT 02+ SOP 1. Special use of 2 coil latching types: 2 ways
M38224M6H-618HP   M38224M6H-618HP M38224M6H-618HP PDF Download MIT Glass passivated triacs in a plastic envelope,
M38224M6H-634FP   M38224M6H-634FP M38224M6H-634FP PDF Download . cant bits of this captured value (01) are requir
M38224M6H-638FP   M38224M6H-638FP M38224M6H-638FP PDF Download . The AGC dynamically adjusts the gain of the prea
M38224M6M071FP   M38224M6M071FP M38224M6M071FP PDF Download MIT o 4 Dedicated Comparators plus 1 Auxiliary &nbs
M38224M6M-076FP   M38224M6M-076FP M38224M6M-076FP PDF Download Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient   &#
M38224M6M-092FP   M38224M6M-092FP M38224M6M-092FP PDF Download 00+ MITSUBISHI 5634 C1 is the transfer capacitor and C2 stores energy
M38224M6M-094FP   M38224M6M-094FP M38224M6M-094FP PDF Download Conexant products are not intended for use in me
M38224M6M-140HP   M38224M6M-140HP M38224M6M-140HP PDF Download • Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Tech
M38224M6M-232FP   M38224M6M-232FP M38224M6M-232FP PDF Download MIT QFP/80 05+ ruggedness. Selectable bias modes that optimize
M38224MGH-149HP   M38224MGH-149HP M38224MGH-149HP PDF Download DETAILED FEATURES High Definition Programmable
M382250-014   M382250-014 M382250-014 PDF Download 07+ PROPAGATION DELAY Propagation delay for all 54C
M38227ECFP   M38227ECFP M38227ECFP PDF Download Renesas Technology America 0718+ Intended applications for these devices include
M38227ECFP-1M   M38227ECFP-1M M38227ECFP-1M PDF Download MIT QFP QFP Each part consists of an on-axis port and an off
M38227ECFP-A   M38227ECFP-A M38227ECFP-A PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 The MAX4649 is a dual-supply, single-pole/double-
M38227ECFP-R   M38227ECFP-R M38227ECFP-R PDF Download Description Power Dissipation Segment Forward C
M38227ECFS   M38227ECFS M38227ECFS PDF Download MIT CLCC 06+ 1. When ordering, use the entire part number. Ad
M38227ECHP   M38227ECHP M38227ECHP PDF Download Renesas Technology America 3 QFP   Figure 1 shows the ELM331 in an example h
M38227MCA-815HP   M38227MCA-815HP M38227MCA-815HP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 04+ The RTD Logo is a registered trademark of RTD Em
M38227MCA-827HP   M38227MCA-827HP M38227MCA-827HP PDF Download RENESAS Function DAC1 Lch Negative Analog Output Pin D
M38227MCA-841FP   M38227MCA-841FP M38227MCA-841FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 2004   TKVZat   %/K Min.Max.  00.07
M38227MCH-321FP   M38227MCH-321FP M38227MCH-321FP PDF Download MIT 2007 Outputs from the GLBs drive the Global Routing P
M38227MCH-340HP   M38227MCH-340HP M38227MCH-340HP PDF Download   2.1.1 Specifications, standards and handb
M38227MCH-342HP   M38227MCH-342HP M38227MCH-342HP PDF Download Ultra Low VF 1st in the Market Place with a 10
M38227MCH-345HP   M38227MCH-345HP M38227MCH-345HP PDF Download   To prevent oscillations, place the output
M38227MCH-353HP   M38227MCH-353HP M38227MCH-353HP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 03+ The ACE8001 product family has an 8-bit core pro
M38227MCH-354HP   M38227MCH-354HP M38227MCH-354HP PDF Download MIT 04+ QFP Layout Consideration The output capacitors must
M38227MCH-357HP   M38227MCH-357HP M38227MCH-357HP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ The Hynix HYM71V8M635HC(L)T6 Series are 8Mx64bits
M38227MCH-359HP   M38227MCH-359HP M38227MCH-359HP PDF Download RENESAS 0402+ QFP 4096 bits of nonvolatile dual-port memory  
M38227MCH-363FP   M38227MCH-363FP M38227MCH-363FP PDF Download RENESAS four-port coupler wideband, 1200-2500 MHz exc
M38227MCH-369FPU0   M38227MCH-369FPU0 M38227MCH-369FPU0 PDF Download Schottky barrier rectifier thermal run-awa
M38233M4M-211GP   M38233M4M-211GP M38233M4M-211GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 02+ All parameters are specified at TA = +25C with V
M3823AGFHP   M3823AGFHP M3823AGFHP PDF Download RENESAS   The PA50 is a MOSFET power operational am
M38244M6H-134HP   M38244M6H-134HP M38244M6H-134HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 02+ The single conversion superheterodyne receiver
M38254E6GP   M38254E6GP M38254E6GP PDF Download QFP The basic ordering code for each option is given
M38254M4-206FP   M38254M4-206FP M38254M4-206FP PDF Download The M38254M4-206FP/24LC08 is designed for applica
M38254M4-214FP   M38254M4-214FP M38254M4-214FP PDF Download ISD1000A devices are configured at the factory w
M38254M4-216FP   M38254M4-216FP M38254M4-216FP PDF Download low insertion loss, 0.8 dB typ. excellent ampl
M38254M4-535FP   M38254M4-535FP M38254M4-535FP PDF Download   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
M38254M6-046FP   M38254M6-046FP M38254M6-046FP PDF Download MIT QFP 91 Peak Pulse Power dissipation at 25ºC: 1500 w
M38254M6-064   M38254M6-064 M38254M6-064 PDF Download MIT QFP These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
M38254M6-064FP   M38254M6-064FP M38254M6-064FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-100P 6+ The AMI signal first enters a fixed equalizer, wh
M38254M6-100GP   M38254M6-100GP M38254M6-100GP PDF Download MIT TQFP/100 06+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel bus inte
M38254M6-120FP   M38254M6-120FP M38254M6-120FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP The AGU performs the effective address calculati
M38254M6-125FP   M38254M6-125FP M38254M6-125FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability,
M38254M6-137FP   M38254M6-137FP M38254M6-137FP PDF Download MITSUMI QFP 6+ The device has current-limiting and thermal shut
M38254M6-175GP   M38254M6-175GP M38254M6-175GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 1997
M38254M6-186GP   M38254M6-186GP M38254M6-186GP PDF Download MIT 97 The A0 to A6 inputs are used to specify which by
M38254M6-304FP   M38254M6-304FP M38254M6-304FP PDF Download MIT 00 OPEN DRAIN SERIAL DATABUS OUTPUT (SDA)   O
M38254M6326FP   M38254M6326FP M38254M6326FP PDF Download Like all of the UltraLogic™ FLASH370i devic
M38254M6328FP   M38254M6328FP M38254M6328FP PDF Download The HAL 805 is an universal magnetic field senso
M38254M6-328FP   M38254M6-328FP M38254M6-328FP PDF Download Functional Description Analog Front-End Input S
M38254M6330FP   M38254M6330FP M38254M6330FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ The oscillator signal from the core drives an out
M38254M6-330FP   M38254M6-330FP M38254M6-330FP PDF Download MIT 00 Screen tested 100% on each device at 2 and 3. S
M38254M6-337FP   M38254M6-337FP M38254M6-337FP PDF Download  All outputs loaded; thresholds on input as
M38254M6-353GP   M38254M6-353GP M38254M6-353GP PDF Download MIT 08+ MD_RDY is an output signal to the network proces
M38256AP-C7   M38256AP-C7 M38256AP-C7 PDF Download OKI DIP-28 03+
M38256AP-H2   M38256AP-H2 M38256AP-H2 PDF Download OKI DIP28L (1) If any of the products or technical informat
M38257E8F8   M38257E8F8 M38257E8F8 PDF Download MIT 06+ 500 Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStarɽ
M38257E8FP   M38257E8FP M38257E8FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP Valid combinations list configurations pla
M38257E8GP   M38257E8GP M38257E8GP PDF Download 07+ Designers are strongly encouraged to provide thr
M38257M   M38257M M38257M PDF Download Mitsubishi   The state of the Boot Block lockout can b
M38257M80090FP   M38257M80090FP M38257M80090FP PDF Download Mitsubishi Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care 2. UB, LB(U
M38257M8-053   M38257M8-053 M38257M8-053 PDF Download
M38257M8-053FP   M38257M8-053FP M38257M8-053FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2008 Skyworks CX65105 Power Amplifier (PA) is a fully
M38257M8-056FP   M38257M8-056FP M38257M8-056FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 543B100 The photodetector delivers the extracted current
M38257M8-060FP   M38257M8-060FP M38257M8-060FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ Highly Integrated Solution Operates Over Univers
M38257M8-062FP   M38257M8-062FP M38257M8-062FP PDF Download MIT QFP 96+ The TMC249 is a dual full bridge driver IC for
M38257M8-076FP   M38257M8-076FP M38257M8-076FP PDF Download MIT 92+ QFP There are five (5) terminals on the LINE SIDE an
M38257M8-077FP   M38257M8-077FP M38257M8-077FP PDF Download 99+ QFP 1~4 Cell Alkaline Battery Operating Range Outpu
M38257M8-079FP   M38257M8-079FP M38257M8-079FP PDF Download MIT PLCC-80 97年   Surface mount board layout is a critical
M38257M8-080FP   M38257M8-080FP M38257M8-080FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP- 07+/08+ All Min/Max characteristics and specifications ar
M38257M8-082FP   M38257M8-082FP M38257M8-082FP PDF Download MIT 97+ QFP The Sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage trigger
M38257M8-111GP   M38257M8-111GP M38257M8-111GP PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
M38257M8-140GP   M38257M8-140GP M38257M8-140GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 97 Reference level for the relative attenuation arel
M38257M8-171GP   M38257M8-171GP M38257M8-171GP PDF Download DESCRIPTION This Power MOSFET is the latest dev
M38257M8D090FP   M38257M8D090FP M38257M8D090FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SMD 03+ The M38257M8D090FP is a dual input, wide dynamic
M38257M8D194FP   M38257M8D194FP M38257M8D194FP PDF Download mit mit dc00 Read and write accesses to the DDR SDRAM are bur
M38258MCD071FP   M38258MCD071FP M38258MCD071FP PDF Download KENWOOD 01+ Programmable High-Speed Synchronous Communicatio
M38258MCD-071FP   M38258MCD-071FP M38258MCD-071FP PDF Download MIT NOTE: 1. These inputs are normally wired to VDD
M38258MCD078FP   M38258MCD078FP M38258MCD078FP PDF Download KENWOOD QFP 2004 The IXDP610 Digital Pulse Width Modulator (DPWM)
M38258MCM-058FP   M38258MCM-058FP M38258MCM-058FP PDF Download MIT 00+ QFP Conexant products are not intended for use in me
M38258MCM-063FP   M38258MCM-063FP M38258MCM-063FP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A DIGITAL OUTPUTS(6) Logic Family Logic Coding L
M38258MCM072FP   M38258MCM072FP M38258MCM072FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ Pin-compatible with AD9054 High conversion rat
M38258MCM-072FP   M38258MCM-072FP M38258MCM-072FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ This is an N-Channel enhancement mode silicon ga
M38258MCM-080FP   M38258MCM-080FP M38258MCM-080FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ AH281 is a monolithic fan motor controller with H
M38258MCM151GP   M38258MCM151GP M38258MCM151GP PDF Download The ID pin can be used to select which data slots
M38258MCM-153GP   M38258MCM-153GP M38258MCM-153GP PDF Download  ILatchCUp LatchCUp PerformanceAbove VCC an
M38258MCM-154GP   M38258MCM-154GP M38258MCM-154GP PDF Download MIT QFP 2002 ST-BUS & GCI Mode for Sin/Rout (Input). When
M38258MCM169FP   M38258MCM169FP M38258MCM169FP PDF Download 02 The D-Pak is designed for surface mounting using
M38258MCM-169FP   M38258MCM-169FP M38258MCM-169FP PDF Download Panasonic QFP 02+Original Key: AI = Analog Input; AO = Analog Output; DI =
M38259EFFP   M38259EFFP M38259EFFP PDF Download RENESAS 04+ QFP Power Dissipation at 25 C   Molded DIP Pack
M38259EFG   M38259EFG M38259EFG PDF Download Ring provides half of the two-wire connection to
M38267E8FP   M38267E8FP M38267E8FP PDF Download MIT 2005 Two N-channel MOSFETs provide the level shifting
M38267M8L   M38267M8L M38267M8L PDF Download MIT TQFP 1
M38267M8L-191GP   M38267M8L-191GP M38267M8L-191GP PDF Download MIT TQFP100 04+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2.
M38267M8L-202GP   M38267M8L-202GP M38267M8L-202GP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 9739+ The main purpose of this bipolar transistor is b
M38267M8L-231GP   M38267M8L-231GP M38267M8L-231GP PDF Download The output pulse duration is programmable by sel
M38267M8L-277GP   M38267M8L-277GP M38267M8L-277GP PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
M38267M8L-277GPE1   M38267M8L-277GPE1 M38267M8L-277GPE1 PDF Download The SN74CBT3125C is a high-speed TTL-compatible
M38268MCL-071GP   M38268MCL-071GP M38268MCL-071GP PDF Download The ISL9R30120G2 is a Stealth™ diode optim
M38277MCH348HP   M38277MCH348HP M38277MCH348HP PDF Download Base Stations: Single/Multicarrier UMTS, CDMA, GS
M38282M1-689GP   M38282M1-689GP M38282M1-689GP PDF Download The FAN7382 is a monolithic half-bridge gate dri
M38284M8-149FP   M38284M8-149FP M38284M8-149FP PDF Download MITSUDISHI QFP-100P 6+ n Ultra Low Ground Pin Current, 25µA typic
M383L1713CT1-CA0   M383L1713CT1-CA0 M383L1713CT1-CA0 PDF Download Port 1, I/O. Port 1 functions as both an 8-bit, b
M383L2828DT1-CA0Q0   M383L2828DT1-CA0Q0 M383L2828DT1-CA0Q0 PDF Download   belonging to Dolby Laboratories. Licenses
M383L6423DTS-CB0   M383L6423DTS-CB0 M383L6423DTS-CB0 PDF Download Part II "hardware Descriptions," has de
M3841SR   M3841SR M3841SR PDF Download N-Channel Synchronous Rectifier MOSFET Driver Pr
M3844B   M3844B M3844B PDF Download ST SOP8 04+ DTMF signal. Every digit of a phone number to b
M3845BDR2   M3845BDR2 M3845BDR2 PDF Download STM SOP8 Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
M38494B2   M38494B2 M38494B2 PDF Download 00+   Serial Data present at the input is trans
M385   M385 M385 PDF Download MRT SOP 04+ The Self Refresh allows the user a dynamic refre
M385(9011CSVAZ-0Z)   M385(9011CSVAZ-0Z) M385(9011CSVAZ-0Z) PDF Download IST 04+ TSSOP  Provides external serial output of decoded
M385(V29334.1)   M385(V29334.1) M385(V29334.1) PDF Download Notes: 1. Complete shutdown TXD, RXD, and PIN d
M385(V30904.1)   M385(V30904.1) M385(V30904.1) PDF Download use by multiple AHB Bus Masters 32-bit 66/33 MHz
M385000100300   M385000100300 M385000100300 PDF Download The CDC913 is a high-performance clock generator
M38500MID500FP   M38500MID500FP M38500MID500FP PDF Download Vdd=2.3V~2.7V, TA = -25C to 85C(E) / -40C to 85C(
M38503   M38503 M38503 PDF Download MIT SOP42W 2007+
M38503E4-081FP   M38503E4-081FP M38503E4-081FP PDF Download MIT SOP42 99 The SN65LVDS151 consists of a 10-bit parallel-in
M38503E45P   M38503E45P M38503E45P PDF Download Notes a. Room = 25_C, Full = −40 to 85_C.
M38503E4FP   M38503E4FP M38503E4FP PDF Download MIT SSOP42 03+/04+ In the design of such detector circuits, the sta
M38503E4SO   M38503E4SO M38503E4SO PDF Download 99+ DIP Excellent ac characteristics, such as 20MHz GBW,
M38503E4SP   M38503E4SP M38503E4SP PDF Download MIT DIP 04+ synchronously with the LOW-to-HIGH clock (CP) t
M38503EASP   M38503EASP M38503EASP PDF Download The accurate 30mV overcharging detection voltage
M38503FP   M38503FP M38503FP PDF Download Notes. The SM5009 series reduce crystal current b
M38503G4A-120FP   M38503G4A-120FP M38503G4A-120FP PDF Download The device also features split output bank power
M38503G4AFPU1   M38503G4AFPU1 M38503G4AFPU1 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
M38503G4ASPU1   M38503G4ASPU1 M38503G4ASPU1 PDF Download  DESCRIPTION When 1, all subsequent reads
M38503M   M38503M M38503M PDF Download The M38503M is designed to be a complete V.22bis
M38503M14H-700FP   M38503M14H-700FP M38503M14H-700FP PDF Download 03   The FCT257T is a high-speed quad 2-input
M38503M2-400FP   M38503M2-400FP M38503M2-400FP PDF Download MIT 1 (1) Pin designations and their functions are as s
M38503M2-403FP   M38503M2-403FP M38503M2-403FP PDF Download The OP470 features an input offset voltage below
M38503M2-406FP   M38503M2-406FP M38503M2-406FP PDF Download 6 SOP The XC6203E series are highly precise, low power
M38503M2-407FP   M38503M2-407FP M38503M2-407FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP 01+ Note 5: A military RETS specification is availabl
M38503M2-410FP   M38503M2-410FP M38503M2-410FP PDF Download • SONET/SDH and ATM Compatible • Com
M38503M2A-051SP   M38503M2A-051SP M38503M2A-051SP PDF Download MIT DIP 07+/08+ The ML9209-xx is an alphanumeric type vacuum flu
M38503M2A-055SP   M38503M2A-055SP M38503M2A-055SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP-42 2002 Measurements are done with the 13 MHz oscillator
M38503M2H312FP   M38503M2H312FP M38503M2H312FP PDF Download 116dB CMRR Independent of Gain Maximum Offset Vo
M38503M2H316FP   M38503M2H316FP M38503M2H316FP PDF Download MIT 02+ The TFP513 combines PanelBus circuit innovation
M38503M2H323FP   M38503M2H323FP M38503M2H323FP PDF Download MIT SSOP42 03+/04+ Programs compiled natively on the host can run o
M38503M2H406FP   M38503M2H406FP M38503M2H406FP PDF Download NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
M38503M2H-610SP   M38503M2H-610SP M38503M2H-610SP PDF Download MIT DIP-42 01+ The Fairchild Switch FSTD16211 provides 24-bits
M38503M2H-656FP   M38503M2H-656FP M38503M2H-656FP PDF Download RENESAS 0350+ A tunable delay cell (controlled via CLKDACTRL)
M38503M4-067FP   M38503M4-067FP M38503M4-067FP PDF Download MIT SSOP 1998 For the multi-bit delta-sigma ADC, programmable g
M38503M4-07/FP   M38503M4-07/FP M38503M4-07/FP PDF Download The DS2401 requires a strict protocol to ensure d
M38503M4-082FP   M38503M4-082FP M38503M4-082FP PDF Download 02 Either 256 refresh cycles or read/write cycles o
M38503M4-094FP   M38503M4-094FP M38503M4-094FP PDF Download MIT 99+ SSOP/40 Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with six PWM outputs
M38503M4-097FP   M38503M4-097FP M38503M4-097FP PDF Download Bild / Fig. 6 B6 - Sechpuls-Brckenschaltung / Si
M38503M4-205SP   M38503M4-205SP M38503M4-205SP PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
M38503M4-219SP   M38503M4-219SP M38503M4-219SP PDF Download MIT DIP 01 COPYRIGHT © ProTek Devices 2001 SPECIFICATI
M38503M4-221SP   M38503M4-221SP M38503M4-221SP PDF Download The following power-up supply voltage application
M38503M4-237SP   M38503M4-237SP M38503M4-237SP PDF Download Limits in standard typeface are for TJ = 25˚
M38503M4-259FP   M38503M4-259FP M38503M4-259FP PDF Download making it an Ideal Device for Applications where
M38503M4-263FP   M38503M4-263FP M38503M4-263FP PDF Download MIT SSOP 2 Device Bias Operating Voltage Operating Curre
M38503M4-266FP   M38503M4-266FP M38503M4-266FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI   Designed primarily for full-wave ac contr
M38503M4-280FP   M38503M4-280FP M38503M4-280FP PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
M38503M4-721SP   M38503M4-721SP M38503M4-721SP PDF Download MIT DIP-42P 02+ NOTES:   1. For propagation delays with loa
M38503M4-738SP   M38503M4-738SP M38503M4-738SP PDF Download RENESAS 05+ In operation, the HCPL-7860/ HCPL-786J Isolated
M38503M4A-508FP   M38503M4A-508FP M38503M4A-508FP PDF Download MIT 02+ SOP/42 POWER SUPPLIES  Voltage Supply   DVDD
M38503M4A-511FP   M38503M4A-511FP M38503M4A-511FP PDF Download MIT 02+ SOP/42 FEATURES D 10-mA Low-Dropout Regulator D Ultral
M38503M4A-526SP   M38503M4A-526SP M38503M4A-526SP PDF Download Input pin of the regulator. Typically a large sto
M38503M4H371FP   M38503M4H371FP M38503M4H371FP PDF Download MITSUBIS . NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
M38503M4H-379FP   M38503M4H-379FP M38503M4H-379FP PDF Download MIT SOP 07+   The MAU400 series has limitation of maxim
M38503M4H-601SP   M38503M4H-601SP M38503M4H-601SP PDF Download The M38503M4H-601SP is available in the 10-pin MS
M38503M4H-614FP   M38503M4H-614FP M38503M4H-614FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI Parallel Mode Operation For latched parallel int
M38503M4H626FP   M38503M4H626FP M38503M4H626FP PDF Download VC (PIN 8): Compensation Node. Connect this pin t
M38503M4H637FP   M38503M4H637FP M38503M4H637FP PDF Download 55 MIT O2 In order to specify each device for true worst c
M38503M4H644FP   M38503M4H644FP M38503M4H644FP PDF Download MIT SSOP 00+ The Fujitsu MB81ES171625/173225 is a Fast Cycle
M38503M4H-655FP   M38503M4H-655FP M38503M4H-655FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI
M38503M4H695FP   M38503M4H695FP M38503M4H695FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SSOP-42 03+ The TC6501/2/3/4 are SOT-23 temperature switches
M38503M4H700FP   M38503M4H700FP M38503M4H700FP PDF Download The M38503M4H700FP is a member of the 56800E cor
M38503M4H-700FPT4   M38503M4H-700FPT4 M38503M4H-700FPT4 PDF Download The UCC383 provides unique short-circuit protect
M38503M4H704FP   M38503M4H704FP M38503M4H704FP PDF Download The device is manufactured using Atmels high vol
M38503M4H733FP   M38503M4H733FP M38503M4H733FP PDF Download Layout Consideration The IRU1261 like all other
M38504   M38504 M38504 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The GS74116A is a high speed CMOS Static RAM org
M38504E6FP   M38504E6FP M38504E6FP PDF Download MIT TSOP TSOP Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width li
M38504E6FPU0   M38504E6FPU0 M38504E6FPU0 PDF Download FEATURES High Accuracy, Supports IEC 687/1036 L
M38504E6SP   M38504E6SP M38504E6SP PDF Download MIT 0213+ The device is compatible with the JEDEC single
M38504F6FP   M38504F6FP M38504F6FP PDF Download Figure 1 shows an LM136 with a 10k potentiometer
M38504M6-200FP   M38504M6-200FP M38504M6-200FP PDF Download MIT 01+ 798 TI assumes no liability for applications assista
M38504M6-209FP   M38504M6-209FP M38504M6-209FP PDF Download 2001 The patented AT40KAL series architecture employs
M38504M6-211FP   M38504M6-211FP M38504M6-211FP PDF Download 6 SOP The HYM72V64736(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Memo
M38504M6-220FP   M38504M6-220FP M38504M6-220FP PDF Download 三菱 08+ The codewheel rotates between the emitter and
M38504M6-221FPW4   M38504M6-221FPW4 M38504M6-221FPW4 PDF Download RENESAS 06+ SOP regard to the supply voltage. This device can be
M38504M6-225FP   M38504M6-225FP M38504M6-225FP PDF Download RENESAS Figure 6 is a plot of absolute linearity and rela
M38504M6-225FPW4   M38504M6-225FPW4 M38504M6-225FPW4 PDF Download RENESAS 05+ SOP The GRP has as its inputs, the outputs from all
M38504M6-227FP   M38504M6-227FP M38504M6-227FP PDF Download MIT SOP 02+ The Advance Information designation indicates th
M38504M6-228FP   M38504M6-228FP M38504M6-228FP PDF Download MIT Fast, high-density Field-Programmable Gate Array
M38504M6-230FP   M38504M6-230FP M38504M6-230FP PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M38504M6-243FP   M38504M6-243FP M38504M6-243FP PDF Download 三菱 08+ ADC sample rate clock. It is input for slave mode
M38504M6-245FP   M38504M6-245FP M38504M6-245FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 02+ (All Min/Max characteristics and specifications a
M38504M6-247FP-T4   M38504M6-247FP-T4 M38504M6-247FP-T4 PDF Download MIT 1 SSOP After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
M38504M6-250FP   M38504M6-250FP M38504M6-250FP PDF Download The keyboard input may be from either the standar
M38504M6-266FP   M38504M6-266FP M38504M6-266FP PDF Download SSOP RENESAS 03+ During the conductive phase of the power transis
M38504M6-268FP   M38504M6-268FP M38504M6-268FP PDF Download MITSUBIS.. 06+ SOP To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability,
M38504M6-288FP   M38504M6-288FP M38504M6-288FP PDF Download 6 SOP The FM25L16 provides substantial benefits to use
M38504M6A-058FP   M38504M6A-058FP M38504M6A-058FP PDF Download These devices feature AND-gated serial (A and B)
M38507E8FP   M38507E8FP M38507E8FP PDF Download MIT TSOP TSOP The Hitachi HN29W51214S Series is stacked 2 chip
M38507F8AFP   M38507F8AFP M38507F8AFP PDF Download RE SSOP 04+ The AD8509 and AD8511 are 9-channel and 11-chann
M38507F8FP   M38507F8FP M38507F8FP PDF Download MIT SOP42 01+ be applications in which overall performance is
M38507F8SP   M38507F8SP M38507F8SP PDF Download n/a DIP n/a cycle waveforms. The Main Memory Erase operation
M38507M8-143FP-T4   M38507M8-143FP-T4 M38507M8-143FP-T4 PDF Download MIT 4 SSOP The AMI signal first enters a selectable fixed 20
M38507M8-162FP   M38507M8-162FP M38507M8-162FP PDF Download RENESAS SSOP/42 0438+ The SHUTDOWN/OE input three-states the outputs wh
M38507M8-168FP   M38507M8-168FP M38507M8-168FP PDF Download *The data output functions may be enabled or dis
M38507M8-199FP   M38507M8-199FP M38507M8-199FP PDF Download • Single-Device:   +12V Output, 7-16V
M38507M8-407FP   M38507M8-407FP M38507M8-407FP PDF Download MIT O7+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
M3850M4H378F   M3850M4H378F M3850M4H378F PDF Download After initialization and synchronization, the se
M385-1   M385-1 M385-1 PDF Download Most Significant Data Bit (MSB). Data Bits 1C10.
M38510   M38510 M38510 PDF Download   The MPX5500 series piezoresistive transdu
M38510/   M38510/ M38510/ PDF Download MIT DIP 95+ involves the following phases :   PHASE 0:
M38510/00104BCA   M38510/00104BCA M38510/00104BCA PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 00+ • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
M38510/00503BCB   M38510/00503BCB M38510/00503BCB PDF Download The AS4C1M16F5 is a high performance 16-megabit
M38510/00801BCA   M38510/00801BCA M38510/00801BCA PDF Download TI CDIP14 2007+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M38510/00803BCA   M38510/00803BCA M38510/00803BCA PDF Download This PHY was designed from the start with the ULP
M38510/01901BCB   M38510/01901BCB M38510/01901BCB PDF Download The AS6UA25616 is a low-power CMOS 4,194,304-bit
M38510/05101BCA   M38510/05101BCA M38510/05101BCA PDF Download The H6061 is a combined initialiser, watchdog an
M38510/05504BEA   M38510/05504BEA M38510/05504BEA PDF Download The THS4513 is a wideband, fully differential op
M38510/06103BEA   M38510/06103BEA M38510/06103BEA PDF Download The 16TTS.. SAFEIR series of silicon controlled
M38510/06202BFA   M38510/06202BFA M38510/06202BFA PDF Download The CY7B951 operates at either of two frequency
M38510/07801BJA   M38510/07801BJA M38510/07801BJA PDF Download TI CDIP24(宽体) 01+ between the two supply inputs is + 8.0 volts whi
M38510/07902BEA   M38510/07902BEA M38510/07902BEA PDF Download INTEGRATION FEATURES 160 K Bytes On-Chip RAM Con
M38510/07904BFA   M38510/07904BFA M38510/07904BFA PDF Download The IOB, CLB, block SelectRAM, multiplier, and D
M38510/08004BCA   M38510/08004BCA M38510/08004BCA PDF Download Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
M38510/10101BGA   M38510/10101BGA M38510/10101BGA PDF Download   CNC7S101 is an AC input compatible optois
M38510/10102BCB   M38510/10102BCB M38510/10102BCB PDF Download (4) The products described in this material are
M38510/10102BIA   M38510/10102BIA M38510/10102BIA PDF Download NSC TO46 9513 TLE 4905/35/35-2/45 L (Unipolar/Bipolar Magnetic
M38510/10201BCA   M38510/10201BCA M38510/10201BCA PDF Download SG CDIP 03+ 2. JA is measured in free air with the component
M38510/10301BCA   M38510/10301BCA M38510/10301BCA PDF Download The IRU1075 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
M38510/10301BGA   M38510/10301BGA M38510/10301BGA PDF Download CURRENT SOURCES, IREF1 AND IREF2 Zero-Code Outp
M38510/10304BPA   M38510/10304BPA M38510/10304BPA PDF Download ADI,NS 04+
M38510/10304SGA   M38510/10304SGA M38510/10304SGA PDF Download COMP: COMP is the output of the error amplifier a
M38510/10305BEA   M38510/10305BEA M38510/10305BEA PDF Download ASI PQFP-132 01+ A range of silicon varactor diodes for use in fr
M38510/10704BXA   M38510/10704BXA M38510/10704BXA PDF Download MSC 04+
M38510/10706BYA   M38510/10706BYA M38510/10706BYA PDF Download FEAST provides a flexible slave interface for eas
M38510/10902BCA   M38510/10902BCA M38510/10902BCA PDF Download TI 04+ The HC595 contain an 8-bit serial-in, parallel-o
M38510/11001BAA   M38510/11001BAA M38510/11001BAA PDF Download NS 04+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
M38510/11001BCA   M38510/11001BCA M38510/11001BCA PDF Download NS CDIP14 0736+ Pb−Free Packages are Available Small Compa
M38510/11001SCA   M38510/11001SCA M38510/11001SCA PDF Download NS 04+ /RCS0 -->/CS : SDRAMs D0-D8 /RCS1-->/CS :
M38510/11003BCA   M38510/11003BCA M38510/11003BCA PDF Download RAYTHEON 0414+ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
M38510/11003BCB   M38510/11003BCB M38510/11003BCB PDF Download RAYTHEON 04+   The device is a miniature type infrared r
M38510/11003BCC   M38510/11003BCC M38510/11003BCC PDF Download RAYTHEON 04+ This is a positive edge-triggered phase and freq
M38510/11003BCX   M38510/11003BCX M38510/11003BCX PDF Download RAYTHEON 04+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
M38510/11004BCA   M38510/11004BCA M38510/11004BCA PDF Download TI 2004   Proper and sufficient power supply
M38510/11201SCA   M38510/11201SCA M38510/11201SCA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9415 Reliability   Developed and manufactured i
M38510/11202BGX   M38510/11202BGX M38510/11202BGX PDF Download NEC PC, Apollo, Sun-4, and Hewlett-Packard 700 S
M38510/11302BEA   M38510/11302BEA M38510/11302BEA PDF Download The address space is divided into eight areas. T
M38510/11604BCA   M38510/11604BCA M38510/11604BCA PDF Download DIP陶 SLX 95+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M38510/11703BXA   M38510/11703BXA M38510/11703BXA PDF Download NSC TO-39
M38510/11803SXA   M38510/11803SXA M38510/11803SXA PDF Download NSC TO-46 9720 The customer¢s voice sources are recorded se
M38510/12302BEA   M38510/12302BEA M38510/12302BEA PDF Download Transmitter Differential Input. Input accepts AC-
M38510/12601BEA   M38510/12601BEA M38510/12601BEA PDF Download DIP SG 98+ The DS1809 Dallastat is a digitally controlled, n
M38510/12602BEA   M38510/12602BEA M38510/12602BEA PDF Download DIP SG 98+ • Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) mo
M38510/12603BEA   M38510/12603BEA M38510/12603BEA PDF Download DIP SG 98+ The MAX3275/MAX3277 are transimpedance amplifiers
M38510/12604BEA   M38510/12604BEA M38510/12604BEA PDF Download PHILS 97 VINMAX = Maximum input voltage (V) VOUT = Outpu
M38510/13301BEA   M38510/13301BEA M38510/13301BEA PDF Download AD N/A 785 Each GLB contains 32 macrocells and a fully popu
M38510/13503BGA   M38510/13503BGA M38510/13503BGA PDF Download PMI TO46-8 9501 NOTES 1Guaranteed by characterization. All input
M38510/13503SPA   M38510/13503SPA M38510/13503SPA PDF Download PMI Cerdip-8 9535 • No glitch on power-up • Supports hot
M38510/14103BEA   M38510/14103BEA M38510/14103BEA PDF Download SG CDIP16 144 macrocells with 3,200 usable gates Up to 13
M38510/14108BVA   M38510/14108BVA M38510/14108BVA PDF Download DIP SG 98+
M38510/17002BCA   M38510/17002BCA M38510/17002BCA PDF Download DIP The SPT5230 is a 10-bit, 36 MWPS triple video di
M38510/20302BEA   M38510/20302BEA M38510/20302BEA PDF Download PHI CDIP16 2007+   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q an
M38510/20401BEA   M38510/20401BEA M38510/20401BEA PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 00+ Line and Load Regulation are measured at a const
M38510/20402BEA   M38510/20402BEA M38510/20402BEA PDF Download SG Note 11: Output resistance (ROUT) models all vol
M38510/20403BEA   M38510/20403BEA M38510/20403BEA PDF Download Description The HYS 64V32300GU and HYS 72V32300
M38510/20404BFA   M38510/20404BFA M38510/20404BFA PDF Download PHI FP16 The common enable (EN) is synchronous so that th
M38510/20602BVA   M38510/20602BVA M38510/20602BVA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP18 —— 1. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
M38510/20604BVA   M38510/20604BVA M38510/20604BVA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP18 9745 AO is an op amp-type output that does not requir
M38510/20702BEA   M38510/20702BEA M38510/20702BEA PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ It can be interfaced to 5V signal environment fo
M38510/20703BEA   M38510/20703BEA M38510/20703BEA PDF Download The UCC5630A Multimode SCSI Terminator provides
M38510/20704BEA   M38510/20704BEA M38510/20704BEA PDF Download CDIP16 01+   Synchronous circuitry allows for precise
M38510/20802BJA   M38510/20802BJA M38510/20802BJA PDF Download PHI CDIP24 9743 External Memory Interface The SiW3500 does not
M38510/20803BJA   M38510/20803BJA M38510/20803BJA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 9351   Configuration of the CODEC interface is d
M38510/20904BJA   M38510/20904BJA M38510/20904BJA PDF Download A typical interface circuit using the SPT1018 in
M38510/20908BVA   M38510/20908BVA M38510/20908BVA PDF Download Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® pack
M38510/20909BJA   M38510/20909BJA M38510/20909BJA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 —— Register-usage rules influence placement of inpu
M38510/20910BVA   M38510/20910BVA M38510/20910BVA PDF Download Hardware data protection measures include a low V
M38510/21002BJA   M38510/21002BJA M38510/21002BJA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 9828   DAI incorporates two precision clock gener
M38510/21002BLA   M38510/21002BLA M38510/21002BLA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24窄 9718 This pin is internally connected to the sync dete
M38510/21004BJA   M38510/21004BJA M38510/21004BJA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 —— Feedback Reference Voltage Switching Frequency
M38510/21004BLA   M38510/21004BLA M38510/21004BLA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 —— It features a preamplifier module with adjustable
M38510/23806BVA   M38510/23806BVA M38510/23806BVA PDF Download INTEL CDIP-18
M38510/30001BCA   M38510/30001BCA M38510/30001BCA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9404
M38510/30001SCA   M38510/30001SCA M38510/30001SCA PDF Download NSC CDIP-14 9419 Reset Input: Schmitt trigger reset input. If 0, s
M38510/30003BCA   M38510/30003BCA M38510/30003BCA PDF Download NSC CDIP-14 9528 CKI Operating Frequency CKI Period CKI High Tim
M38510/30106BEA   M38510/30106BEA M38510/30106BEA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9346 • Interrupt controller   • A tot
M38510/30401BCA   M38510/30401BCA M38510/30401BCA PDF Download The package consists of a gallium-arsenide infra
M38510/30402BDA   M38510/30402BDA M38510/30402BDA PDF Download ISSUE 2 - JANUARY 1996 FEATURES * Extremely low
M38510/30702BEA   M38510/30702BEA M38510/30702BEA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9424 Fujitsu Flash technology combines years of Flash
M38510/30901BEA   M38510/30901BEA M38510/30901BEA PDF Download There are 28 combinatorial primitives created fr
M38510/30902BEA   M38510/30902BEA M38510/30902BEA PDF Download or G2B is held high, the decoding function is i
M38510/30903BEA   M38510/30903BEA M38510/30903BEA PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
M38510/31003BCA   M38510/31003BCA M38510/31003BCA PDF Download Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses ex
M38510/31004BCA   M38510/31004BCA M38510/31004BCA PDF Download 5.2.1 Discrete Multi Tone (DMT) Modulation and De
M38510/31202BEA   M38510/31202BEA M38510/31202BEA PDF Download Output Capacitors The minimum required output c
M38510/31401BEA   M38510/31401BEA M38510/31401BEA PDF Download TI CDIP16 0642+ NOTE: 1. These inputs are normally wired to VDD
M38510/31504BFA   M38510/31504BFA M38510/31504BFA PDF Download equal to 1.6V with sustained operation as low
M38510/31508BEA   M38510/31508BEA M38510/31508BEA PDF Download The HSMP-386X series of general purpose PIN diod
M38510/31510BCA   M38510/31510BCA M38510/31510BCA PDF Download Notes: 1. Functional operation under any of the
M38510/31512BEA   M38510/31512BEA M38510/31512BEA PDF Download NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
M38510/32201BEA   M38510/32201BEA M38510/32201BEA PDF Download Every byte put on the SDATA line must be 8-bits l
M38510/32203BEA   M38510/32203BEA M38510/32203BEA PDF Download NSC CDIP-16 9540 IC=10uA IC=100mA IE=10uA VCB=60V VCB=60V, VEB
M38510/32401BRA   M38510/32401BRA M38510/32401BRA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9528 The PCF8813 is a low power CMOS LCD controller d
M38510/32403BRA   M38510/32403BRA M38510/32403BRA PDF Download TI CDIP20 0619+ Copyright © 2005 Integrated Silicon Solutio
M38510/32403SRA   M38510/32403SRA M38510/32403SRA PDF Download NSC CDIP-20 9527   A logic low at the ENABLE input causes al
M38510/32702BCA   M38510/32702BCA M38510/32702BCA PDF Download   The TC58FVM5T2A/B2A/T3A/B3A is a 33554432
M38510/32803BRA   M38510/32803BRA M38510/32803BRA PDF Download TI CDIP20 0642+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC574 is an high speed CMOS
M38510/33001SCA   M38510/33001SCA M38510/33001SCA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9502 IXYS Corporation makes no representations or warr
M38510/33002SCA   M38510/33002SCA M38510/33002SCA PDF Download NSC CDIP-14 9521 MBF2 is set LOW by a LOW-to-HIGH transition of CL
M38510/33201BRA   M38510/33201BRA M38510/33201BRA PDF Download verification High speed (tPD = 25 ns, fMAX = 33
M38510/33203BRA   M38510/33203BRA M38510/33203BRA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9515 A 3-state C-BUS serial data output to the µ
M38510/33501BCA   M38510/33501BCA M38510/33501BCA PDF Download This data sheet identifies products, their speci
M38510/34002BCA   M38510/34002BCA M38510/34002BCA PDF Download The UC1854 uses average current-mode control to
M38510/34101SCA   M38510/34101SCA M38510/34101SCA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9225 • RKE - Remote Keyless Entry • Butto
M38510/34102BEA   M38510/34102BEA M38510/34102BEA PDF Download There are recommended techniques such as grooves
M38510/34104BEA   M38510/34104BEA M38510/34104BEA PDF Download MOT CDIP16 88/89+ The IRU1050 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
M38510/34301BEA   M38510/34301BEA M38510/34301BEA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9536 NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" =
M38510/34302B2A   M38510/34302B2A M38510/34302B2A PDF Download Description: The NTE5452 through NTE5458 are sen
M38510/34501BCA   M38510/34501BCA M38510/34501BCA PDF Download NSC _____________ 9536 regulator and the load is gained up by the factor
M38510/34803BRA   M38510/34803BRA M38510/34803BRA PDF Download • JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply •
M38510/35202BDA(JD54F38BDA)   M38510/35202BDA(JD54F38BDA) M38510/35202BDA(JD54F38BDA) PDF Download   Power supply voltage range : 6 V to 13.5
M38510/37104BRA   M38510/37104BRA M38510/37104BRA PDF Download In typical cellular phone architectures, the tra
M38510/37401BCA   M38510/37401BCA M38510/37401BCA PDF Download The M38510/37401BCA will respond with an acknowl
M38510/38003BEA   M38510/38003BEA M38510/38003BEA PDF Download The M38510/38003BEA is a high performance, dual &
M38510/38301BRA   M38510/38301BRA M38510/38301BRA PDF Download  IOLLow-level output currentVID = − 1
M38510/38303BRA   M38510/38303BRA M38510/38303BRA PDF Download TI CDIP20 0647+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC574 is an high speed CMOS
M38510/50201BXA   M38510/50201BXA M38510/50201BXA PDF Download CDDIP28 Interrupt. This open drain weak pullup, output si
M38510/50202BXA   M38510/50202BXA M38510/50202BXA PDF Download The Hynix HYM7V73A1601B F-Series are 16Mx72bits E
M38510/50202BXA82S100/BXA   M38510/50202BXA82S100/BXA M38510/50202BXA82S100/BXA PDF Download Supply voltagePin 1 Input voltagePin 2, 3, 4, 7,
M38510/50401BRA   M38510/50401BRA M38510/50401BRA PDF Download   The M38510/50401BRA is a 8,388,608-bit sta
M38510/65203BCA   M38510/65203BCA M38510/65203BCA PDF Download
M38510/65302BCA   M38510/65302BCA M38510/65302BCA PDF Download TI CDIP14 0708+ Configured by Loading Binary File - Unlimited
M38510/65702BCA   M38510/65702BCA M38510/65702BCA PDF Download
M38510/65705BRA   M38510/65705BRA M38510/65705BRA PDF Download TI DIP In Case 1 of Figure 3, the signal from the DSX-3
M38510/65709B2A   M38510/65709B2A M38510/65709B2A PDF Download • Low gate charge • International
M38510/65711B2A   M38510/65711B2A M38510/65711B2A PDF Download   The deflection amplifier circuit of Figur
M38510/65711BSA   M38510/65711BSA M38510/65711BSA PDF Download COMMAND SEQUENCES: When the device is first pow-
M38510/66302BEA   M38510/66302BEA M38510/66302BEA PDF Download associated with such unintended or unauthorized
M38510/75203BCA   M38510/75203BCA M38510/75203BCA PDF Download the heat to be removed in all directions. Via ho
M38510-10105BEA   M38510-10105BEA M38510-10105BEA PDF Download MSC DIP 04+ Operation is similar to a conventional charge-ba
M38510-10201BCA   M38510-10201BCA M38510-10201BCA PDF Download MSC DIP 04+ All units in these Renesas MultiMediaCards are c
M3851010304BGA   M3851010304BGA M3851010304BGA PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
M38510-10706BYA   M38510-10706BYA M38510-10706BYA PDF Download Each Peppermint board features a preprogrammed C
M3851010708BYA   M3851010708BYA M3851010708BYA PDF Download For example, S/H1 should not be commanded into t
M3851011107BEC   M3851011107BEC M3851011107BEC PDF Download After the initial change on powerCup, subsequent
M3851011507BYX   M3851011507BYX M3851011507BYX PDF Download The Solutions960® program features a wide var
M38510-12601BEA   M38510-12601BEA M38510-12601BEA PDF Download MSC 04+ Regulation is measured at constant junction temp
M38510-12602BEA   M38510-12602BEA M38510-12602BEA PDF Download MSC CD players read out the digital signal from the
M3851012603BVA   M3851012603BVA M3851012603BVA PDF Download The microphone input transfers its signal to the
M38510-13001BEA   M38510-13001BEA M38510-13001BEA PDF Download MSC   Temperature range is −15C to +105C,
M38510-14102VAA   M38510-14102VAA M38510-14102VAA PDF Download MSC 04+ The PSD3XX I/O ports can be used for:   &#
M38510-14103BEA   M38510-14103BEA M38510-14103BEA PDF Download MSC Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
M3851014103BEAQ   M3851014103BEAQ M3851014103BEAQ PDF Download   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
M38510-14108BVA   M38510-14108BVA M38510-14108BVA PDF Download MSC 06+ 500
M3851020302BEA   M3851020302BEA M3851020302BEA PDF Download The interconnect structure (GRP) is very similar
M3851020602BVA   M3851020602BVA M3851020602BVA PDF Download Temperature Sensor can be connected, on the boar
M3851020702BFA   M3851020702BFA M3851020702BFA PDF Download
M38510-20802BJA   M38510-20802BJA M38510-20802BJA PDF Download MD_RDY is an output signal to the network proces
M38513E4FP   M38513E4FP M38513E4FP PDF Download MIT TSOP TSOP The TPS3803G15 device has a fixed-sense thresho
M38513M4   M38513M4 M38513M4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 Transmitter operation supports two modulation for
M38513M4-056FP   M38513M4-056FP M38513M4-056FP PDF Download MIN SOP SOP EtherCouplers transmit buffer is programmable as
M38513M4-C50FP   M38513M4-C50FP M38513M4-C50FP PDF Download MIT 01+ SSOP/44   4.5.3 Coil selection for safe operating a
M38513M4-C50FP-TP   M38513M4-C50FP-TP M38513M4-C50FP-TP PDF Download   The PA03 output power stages contain fast
M38513M4-C56FPT4   M38513M4-C56FPT4 M38513M4-C56FPT4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI TSOP 07+/08+ The THS6182 is a current feedback differential l
M38513M4-C61FP   M38513M4-C61FP M38513M4-C61FP PDF Download 1 SOP Prescaler provides additional divide-by-4 functi
M38513M4-C67FP   M38513M4-C67FP M38513M4-C67FP PDF Download 01 The VC-710 is a voltage controlled crystal oscill
M38513M4-C69FP   M38513M4-C69FP M38513M4-C69FP PDF Download The CMPIN pin drives data slicer DS1, which conve
M38513M4-C72FP   M38513M4-C72FP M38513M4-C72FP PDF Download The VHCT374A is an advanced high speed CMOS octa
M38513M4-C75FP   M38513M4-C75FP M38513M4-C75FP PDF Download The ÉlanSC300 microcontrollers true stati
M385144EFP   M385144EFP M385144EFP PDF Download
M38514E6FP   M38514E6FP M38514E6FP PDF Download RENESAS 01+ SOP/42 The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an e
M38514M6-050FPT4   M38514M6-050FPT4 M38514M6-050FPT4 PDF Download MITSUBIS。。 01+ SOP For applications that require no external memory
M38514M6-050FRT4   M38514M6-050FRT4 M38514M6-050FRT4 PDF Download MIT 01+ SOP NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
M38514M6-118FPT4   M38514M6-118FPT4 M38514M6-118FPT4 PDF Download MIT 02+ SOP
M38514M6-C16FP   M38514M6-C16FP M38514M6-C16FP PDF Download These versatile devices are useful for driving a
M38517F8FP   M38517F8FP M38517F8FP PDF Download MIT 06+ 2000 The UCC281 series is specified for operation ove
M38517M8-174FP   M38517M8-174FP M38517M8-174FP PDF Download MIT The IGBT is ideal for many high voltage switchin
M38517M8-174FP-T4   M38517M8-174FP-T4 M38517M8-174FP-T4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOIC42 04+ • For indirect jumps and calls that use a 16
M385-2   M385-2 M385-2 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Junction Temperature = Ambient Temper
M38527/01-034D   M38527/01-034D M38527/01-034D PDF Download Except for the TLC7701, which can be customized
M38527/02-004D   M38527/02-004D M38527/02-004D PDF Download The AIC26 offers a 12-bit measurement ADC and in
M38527/02-005D   M38527/02-005D M38527/02-005D PDF Download Users replacing EEPROMs with MRAM can eliminate t
M38527/02-008D   M38527/02-008D M38527/02-008D PDF Download The device contains a write enable latch. This l
M38527/02-017N   M38527/02-017N M38527/02-017N PDF Download Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b
M38527/05-003D   M38527/05-003D M38527/05-003D PDF Download Comma Detect Enable. This pin is active HIGH. Whe
M38527/06-008N   M38527/06-008N M38527/06-008N PDF Download The 1.25Gbps MAX3264/MAX3268/MAX3768 and the 2.5
M38527/8-40P   M38527/8-40P M38527/8-40P PDF Download   Three-State PWM Input for Power Stage Shu
M3856V-DA   M3856V-DA M3856V-DA PDF Download   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
M38588GCSPU0   M38588GCSPU0 M38588GCSPU0 PDF Download The M38588GCSPU0 employs an open loop architectu
M385F10843.1   M385F10843.1 M385F10843.1 PDF Download MRT O7+ The RC2211 does not have a separate VCO output t
M385F14150.1   M385F14150.1 M385F14150.1 PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
M385L   M385L M385L PDF Download MIT BGA Controller (MAC) for Supporting Standard Rates up
M385V28651.1   M385V28651.1 M385V28651.1 PDF Download   The MSK 103 has sufficient phase margin w
M3864-04   M3864-04 M3864-04 PDF Download For a DAC, linearity is measured between zero-in
M3864B-16   M3864B-16 M3864B-16 PDF Download N/A SOP-8P 01+ The READ instruction will stream out data at a s
M3864B-16RS   M3864B-16RS M3864B-16RS PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Output clock data format C Controls the output c
M3864X   M3864X M3864X PDF Download MITSUBISHI PLCC 03+ Single supply: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial in
M3864X-15W6   M3864X-15W6 M3864X-15W6 PDF Download ST All values listed below are tested directly. and
M3866   M3866 M3866 PDF Download The digital controlled potentiometer is implemen
M386CON1   M386CON1 M386CON1 PDF Download NSC SO-8 06+ 3) This input current only exists when the volta
M386M-1   M386M-1 M386M-1 PDF Download 1680 NSC
M386TST1   M386TST1 M386TST1 PDF Download NSC SO-8 06+ Additionally, the 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash
M3870   M3870 M3870 PDF Download 0 0 To activate this mode, the programming equipment
M38700   M38700 M38700 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed f
M387002B1   M387002B1 M387002B1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 4 For a power supply of 5V g10% the worst ca
M3870AZB1   M3870AZB1 M3870AZB1 PDF Download HIGHZ, CLAMP, and EXTEST instructions do not disa
M3870BAB1   M3870BAB1 M3870BAB1 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
M3870BBB1   M3870BBB1 M3870BBB1 PDF Download • Precision Internal Oscillator:   -
M3870BBF1   M3870BBF1 M3870BBF1 PDF Download
M3870GCB1   M3870GCB1 M3870GCB1 PDF Download ST/SGS DIP 92+ Bus-hold, which is an improved version of the pop
M3870GCB1.   M3870GCB1. M3870GCB1. PDF Download Several register bits (bit 0 to bit 93) are used
M3870GCB1/MARKM3870P   M3870GCB1/MARKM3870P M3870GCB1/MARKM3870P PDF Download Serial data input A/B. The serial information (d
M3870LNB1   M3870LNB1 M3870LNB1 PDF Download The maximum allowable power dissipation is a func
M3870P   M3870P M3870P PDF Download ST/SGS DIP 92+ Note 1: Specifications at TA +25C are guaranteed
M3872   M3872 M3872 PDF Download ST 1900 DIP After the initial change on powerCup, subsequent
M38721   M38721 M38721 PDF Download 0 0 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M3872FNB1   M3872FNB1 M3872FNB1 PDF Download The Ramp Generator circuit provides the sawtooth
M3872MBB1   M3872MBB1 M3872MBB1 PDF Download the network The ENDEC section detects this when
M3872MNB1   M3872MNB1 M3872MNB1 PDF Download ST DIP-40 28911 convection cooling and have an operational ambien
M3875SBB1   M3875SBB1 M3875SBB1 PDF Download ST The Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107 are high perfor
M3875SBBI   M3875SBBI M3875SBBI PDF Download ST DIP-40 07+/08+
M3876B1   M3876B1 M3876B1 PDF Download ST QSOP16 DESCRIPTION The M28LV16 is a 2K x 8 low power P
M3876BLB1   M3876BLB1 M3876BLB1 PDF Download • Glass Passivated Junctions and Center Gat
M3876BMB1   M3876BMB1 M3876BMB1 PDF Download 90 ST 8  This IC's package is POWER-SSOP, so improV
M38802E2   M38802E2 M38802E2 PDF Download QFP56 Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
M38802E2FP   M38802E2FP M38802E2FP PDF Download MITSUBIS 07+ Certain applications using semiconductor product
M38802E2HP   M38802E2HP M38802E2HP PDF Download MIT QFP 97++ Internal Look-Ahead for Fast Counting Carry Outp
M38802M1-050FP   M38802M1-050FP M38802M1-050FP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ The M41T81S Serial Access TIMEKEEPER ® SRAM
M38802M2   M38802M2 M38802M2 PDF Download MIT TQFP/64 00+ In cases in which absolute stability under all l
M38802M2(013)   M38802M2(013) M38802M2(013) PDF Download MIT 00+ TQFP/64 Freescale Semiconductor reserves the right to ma
M38802M2-011HP   M38802M2-011HP M38802M2-011HP PDF Download MIT  EPCOS AG 2001. All Rights Reserved. Rep
M38802M2-214HP   M38802M2-214HP M38802M2-214HP PDF Download MIT QFP 0425+ Two separate analog receiver channels Converts A
M38802M2-220HP   M38802M2-220HP M38802M2-220HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI   3.3V power supply   Clock frequency:
M38802M2-228HP   M38802M2-228HP M38802M2-228HP PDF Download MIT 0 Inverting analog signal Input. With a 2.0V refer
M38802M2-233HP   M38802M2-233HP M38802M2-233HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP- 07+/08+ This terminal provides a high impedance output f
M38802M2-236HP   M38802M2-236HP M38802M2-236HP PDF Download MIT 1996 QFP The EL5172 and EL5372 are single and triple high
M38802M2-253FP   M38802M2-253FP M38802M2-253FP PDF Download 07+ Small Hermetic Surface Mount Package Chip Isola
M38802M2-265H   M38802M2-265H M38802M2-265H PDF Download MITSUBISHI 11 A/D converter (sequential transducer)   
M38802M2-265HP   M38802M2-265HP M38802M2-265HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 06+ 500 The Am29F010 is a 1 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash me
M38802M2-267HP   M38802M2-267HP M38802M2-267HP PDF Download N/A   The Series STR-F6600 is specifically desi
M38802M2-269HP   M38802M2-269HP M38802M2-269HP PDF Download MIT QFP64 04+
M38802M2-279HP   M38802M2-279HP M38802M2-279HP PDF Download MIT 335 01+ VC (Pin 6): Error Amplifier Output. The voltage o
M38807E4SP   M38807E4SP M38807E4SP PDF Download 95 DIP Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
M3880ZE2   M3880ZE2 M3880ZE2 PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ Mix Lipofectamine™ 2000 gently before use,
M38813E4   M38813E4 M38813E4 PDF Download QFP64 The Power Saving (PS) module implements the Idle
M38813E4HP   M38813E4HP M38813E4HP PDF Download 05+ QFP • C40 to +85C operation • 18 to 36 V
M38813M4   M38813M4 M38813M4 PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP-M64P 6+ Following qualification, the bq24400 fast-charge
M38813M4-010HP   M38813M4-010HP M38813M4-010HP PDF Download MITSUDISHI TQFP-64P 6+ The LinCMOS process is a linear polysilicon-gate
M38813M4-057HP   M38813M4-057HP M38813M4-057HP PDF Download The patented AT6000 Series architecture employs
M38813M4075HP   M38813M4075HP M38813M4075HP PDF Download 1) Mount the 0.01µF decoupling capacitor o
M38813M4-075HP   M38813M4-075HP M38813M4-075HP PDF Download TQFP This is a four-state pin. DF/DCS = VA, output
M38813M4-082HP   M38813M4-082HP M38813M4-082HP PDF Download 3. The input bias and offset currents are essent
M38857   M38857 M38857 PDF Download QFP80 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyon
M38857M8   M38857M8 M38857M8 PDF Download MIT QFP 03+ Notes:  1. Minimum DC input is C0.3V. Duri
M38857M8-A02HP   M38857M8-A02HP M38857M8-A02HP PDF Download MIT QFP 04+
M38857M8-A07HP   M38857M8-A07HP M38857M8-A07HP PDF Download The ballast control section is built around the
M38857M8A08   M38857M8A08 M38857M8A08 PDF Download MIT 2000 03+ sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V &
M38857M8A-09HP   M38857M8A-09HP M38857M8A-09HP PDF Download MIT 2000 03+ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
M38857M8-AD2HP   M38857M8-AD2HP M38857M8-AD2HP PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
M38857V2.13-26   M38857V2.13-26 M38857V2.13-26 PDF Download These three terminal positive regulators are sup
M38857V2.29-12   M38857V2.29-12 M38857V2.29-12 PDF Download Picture Structure Improvement including Color Tr
M38857V2IC   M38857V2IC M38857V2IC PDF Download All signals are TTL levels, including programmin
M38858MC-A11HP   M38858MC-A11HP M38858MC-A11HP PDF Download The availability of the amplifier bias current (
M38859FFAP   M38859FFAP M38859FFAP PDF Download
M38859FFHP   M38859FFHP M38859FFHP PDF Download QFP Features • Low current consumption : 1.1 m
M38859FFHP-100   M38859FFHP-100 M38859FFHP-100 PDF Download DESCRIPTION: The Central Semiconductor M38859FFH
M38859V1.29-19   M38859V1.29-19 M38859V1.29-19 PDF Download • Designed for increased operating efficie
M38867   M38867 M38867 PDF Download 00+ Control of the wiper (RW) position setting is acc
M388678M8A-A15HP   M388678M8A-A15HP M388678M8A-A15HP PDF Download
M38867E8AHP   M38867E8AHP M38867E8AHP PDF Download 02+ The TAN 350 is a high power COMMON BASE bipolar
M38867E8AHP(1M)   M38867E8AHP(1M) M38867E8AHP(1M) PDF Download MIT TQFP-80 1997+
M38867E8HP   M38867E8HP M38867E8HP PDF Download MIT TQFP 97+ The IALUs have hardware support for circular buf
M38867H8A   M38867H8A M38867H8A PDF Download
M38867M8A   M38867M8A M38867M8A PDF Download MITSUBISHI TQFP 6+ 2g, 6g and it is capable of measuring accelerati
M38867M8A(010028A107)   M38867M8A(010028A107) M38867M8A(010028A107) PDF Download The bq2050 measures the voltage differential betw
M38867M8A010HP   M38867M8A010HP M38867M8A010HP PDF Download The M38867M8A010HPs Plug and Play (PnP) support
M38867M8A-010HP   M38867M8A-010HP M38867M8A-010HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 2000 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
M38867M8A-011HP   M38867M8A-011HP M38867M8A-011HP PDF Download RENESAS 04+ TQFP/80 The READ instruction is the only instruction tha
M38867M8A-12HP   M38867M8A-12HP M38867M8A-12HP PDF Download MIT TQFP/80 00+ Digital clock dividers provide three customizabl
M38867M8A-A01HP   M38867M8A-A01HP M38867M8A-A01HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 99+   PIN DESCRIPTION This pin controls the gat
M38867M8A-A02HP   M38867M8A-A02HP M38867M8A-A02HP PDF Download N/A 00+ TQFP-80 NanoStar and NanoFree Packages S
M38867M8A-A04   M38867M8A-A04 M38867M8A-A04 PDF Download MIT TQFP/80 00+ The HD74LV1GT08A is high-speed CMOS two input AN
M38867M8A-A10HP   M38867M8A-A10HP M38867M8A-A10HP PDF Download Two data address generators (DAGs) provide addre
M38867M8A-A12HP   M38867M8A-A12HP M38867M8A-A12HP PDF Download MIT TQFP/80 00+ Surface-mount technology can be applied to the C
M38867M8A-A15HP   M38867M8A-A15HP M38867M8A-A15HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 9307 • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
M38867M8A-C02HP   M38867M8A-C02HP M38867M8A-C02HP PDF Download Note 5: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
M38869   M38869 M38869 PDF Download QFP Jumper JU1 connects the MAX1737 thermistor input
M38869EFAHP   M38869EFAHP M38869EFAHP PDF Download MIT TQFP-80 2002+ Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure ab
M38869FFAGP   M38869FFAGP M38869FFAGP PDF Download Renesas Technology America 91 CHIP ERASE: The entire device can be erased at on
M38869FFAGPU0   M38869FFAGPU0 M38869FFAGPU0 PDF Download RF Micro Devices believes the furnished informat
M38869FFAHP   M38869FFAHP M38869FFAHP PDF Download Renesas Technology America TQFP 99+ The LM3200 offers superior features and performa
M38869FFAHPUU   M38869FFAHPUU M38869FFAHPUU PDF Download The AC/ACT574 is a high-speed, low power octal f
M38869M8A   M38869M8A M38869M8A PDF Download MIT QFP 04+ Power MOSis a new generation of high voltage N-C
M38869M8A-012HP   M38869M8A-012HP M38869M8A-012HP PDF Download RENESAS TQFP-80 2005+ where CT is in Farads, and RT is in Ohms and tOS
M38869M8A-141HP   M38869M8A-141HP M38869M8A-141HP PDF Download In addition to the AutoSwitch feature, Hitless S
M38869M8A-162HP   M38869M8A-162HP M38869M8A-162HP PDF Download Program memory : 1,024 bytes Data memory : 32
M38869M8A-168HP   M38869M8A-168HP M38869M8A-168HP PDF Download • DigitalClarity CMOS Imaging Technology
M38869M8A-175HP   M38869M8A-175HP M38869M8A-175HP PDF Download renesas QFP Low-voltage operation VDD range from 2.5V to 3.3
M38869M8A-A02HP   M38869M8A-A02HP M38869M8A-A02HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 0101 TheSN55LVDS32,SN65LVDS32, SN65LVDS3486, and SN6
M38869MFA-195HP   M38869MFA-195HP M38869MFA-195HP PDF Download   The following discussion refers to the sc
M38869MFA-204HP   M38869MFA-204HP M38869MFA-204HP PDF Download As is the case with the A-Series DC tachometer
M38881   M38881 M38881 PDF Download The DS1809 is available in standard 10 kΩ ,
M38881E2FP   M38881E2FP M38881E2FP PDF Download MIT O7+ MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
M38881E2SS   M38881E2SS M38881E2SS PDF Download The HYB39S64160A/BT-5.5/-6/-7 are high speed dua
M38881M2   M38881M2 M38881M2 PDF Download Regulates voltage over a broad operating current
M38881M2010GP   M38881M2010GP M38881M2010GP PDF Download
M38881M2-010GP   M38881M2-010GP M38881M2-010GP PDF Download MIT 1 798 Note: 6. Distribution data sample size is 398 sa
M38881M2-053FP   M38881M2-053FP M38881M2-053FP PDF Download Transmit Positive Data Input. TTL input for a pos
M38881M2-061FP   M38881M2-061FP M38881M2-061FP PDF Download A low-to-high transition on the CS pin will term
M38881M2-077FP   M38881M2-077FP M38881M2-077FP PDF Download This pin is internally connected to the inverting
M38A01B   M38A01B M38A01B PDF Download 1. Super-thin. Only 1.5mm. The most suitable cer
M38AB   M38AB M38AB PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
M38B53M4-050FP   M38B53M4-050FP M38B53M4-050FP PDF Download Three-phase bipolar drive (30 V, 3.5 A) Direct
M38B53M4-055FP   M38B53M4-055FP M38B53M4-055FP PDF Download MIT QFP 2002 The difference amplifier is the foundation of ma
M38B53M4-059FP   M38B53M4-059FP M38B53M4-059FP PDF Download Note 2: Unless otherwise specified, these specifi
M38B576M6-14FP   M38B576M6-14FP M38B576M6-14FP PDF Download Two 2.25V voltage references are on-chip generat
M38B57HCH-E207FP   M38B57HCH-E207FP M38B57HCH-E207FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI SMD16 8-bit Resolution 500 Msps (min) Sampling Rate P
M38B57M   M38B57M M38B57M PDF Download Mitsubishi MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Where EMI filteri
M38B57M6-101   M38B57M6-101 M38B57M6-101 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 2007 Software Data Protection (SDP) The SST39VF160Q/V
M38B57M6-101FP   M38B57M6-101FP M38B57M6-101FP PDF Download 4170 MITSUBISHI 99+ Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
M38B57M6-103FP   M38B57M6-103FP M38B57M6-103FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 2003 Feedback Voltage and Short Circuit Detection pin
M38B57M6-111FP   M38B57M6-111FP M38B57M6-111FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 07+ Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over f
M38B57M6-117FP   M38B57M6-117FP M38B57M6-117FP PDF Download MITSUBISH QFP 01+ Programmable options include the length of pipeli
M38B57M6-120FP   M38B57M6-120FP M38B57M6-120FP PDF Download N/A QFP 95+   In these drivers, each channel includes a
M38B57M6-123FP   M38B57M6-123FP M38B57M6-123FP PDF Download mitsubishi 2000 The Hynix HYM71V16C735AT8 Series are 16Mx72bits E
M38B57M6-126FP   M38B57M6-126FP M38B57M6-126FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 2001 ERASURE: Before a byte can be reprogrammed, the 5
M38B57M6-135FP   M38B57M6-135FP M38B57M6-135FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI The internal noise suppression ensures that peak
M38B57M6-147FI   M38B57M6-147FI M38B57M6-147FI PDF Download MIT 2007 Maximum power dissipation at indicated ambient te
M38B57M6-147FP   M38B57M6-147FP M38B57M6-147FP PDF Download MISUBISHI 2007 NOTES: 1. S.G. set to: f p 1.0 MHz; duty cycle
M38B57M6-150FP   M38B57M6-150FP M38B57M6-150FP PDF Download MIT O7+ The 512K EPROM and OTP PROM are programmed using
M38B57M6-154FP   M38B57M6-154FP M38B57M6-154FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 01+ The 74HC245; 74HCT245 is an octal transceiver fe
M38B57M6-166FP   M38B57M6-166FP M38B57M6-166FP PDF Download 2001 Note 5: Each digital input includes a small posit
M38B57M6-191FP   M38B57M6-191FP M38B57M6-191FP PDF Download MIT Note 10: This output data pulse position works fo
M38B57MC-133FP   M38B57MC-133FP M38B57MC-133FP PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ An interface logic-power supply input pin (VCCIF)
M38B57MCH-206FP   M38B57MCH-206FP M38B57MCH-206FP PDF Download MIT 00+ QFP Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
M38B57MCH-A242FPD00G   M38B57MCH-A242FPD00G M38B57MCH-A242FPD00G PDF Download Note: Hitachis serial EEPROM are authorized for
M38B57MCH-A248FP   M38B57MCH-A248FP M38B57MCH-A248FP PDF Download - 1ch(forward-reverse) control DC motor driver -
M38B57MCH-A259FP   M38B57MCH-A259FP M38B57MCH-A259FP PDF Download Mitsubishi QFP 04+   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
M38B57MCH-A274FP   M38B57MCH-A274FP M38B57MCH-A274FP PDF Download 02 The narrow tuning range of the VCSO requires tha
M38B57MCH-B252FP   M38B57MCH-B252FP M38B57MCH-B252FP PDF Download Margin Up: When this input is asserted to GND, th
M38B57MCH-D269FP   M38B57MCH-D269FP M38B57MCH-D269FP PDF Download While the TLV320DAC23 supports the industry stan
M38B57MCH-E206FP   M38B57MCH-E206FP M38B57MCH-E206FP PDF Download 2 QFP Either input can be driven to the Absolute Maximu
M38B57MCH-E207FP   M38B57MCH-E207FP M38B57MCH-E207FP PDF Download 三菱 QFP 99+ • Black Surface and Color   Tinted E
M38B57MCHE22FP   M38B57MCHE22FP M38B57MCHE22FP PDF Download Mitsubishi The clock input is a gated-OR structure which al
M38B57MCH-E236   M38B57MCH-E236 M38B57MCH-E236 PDF Download The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to &
M38B57MCH-E236FP   M38B57MCH-E236FP M38B57MCH-E236FP PDF Download These octal 3-STATE bus drivers are designed to
M38B57MCH-E236FPD00G   M38B57MCH-E236FPD00G M38B57MCH-E236FPD00G PDF Download MIT QFP 00+ Options :- 10mm lead spread - add G after part
M38B57MCH-E258FP   M38B57MCH-E258FP M38B57MCH-E258FP PDF Download C1=12pf, ATC "B" (100MIL) C2=6.2pf, AT
M38B57MCH-E736FP   M38B57MCH-E736FP M38B57MCH-E736FP PDF Download Note 7: FO = 0V (internal oscillator) or fEOSC =
M38B57MCH-G222FP   M38B57MCH-G222FP M38B57MCH-G222FP PDF Download 100 MITSUBISHI 00+ FEATURES 94% Efficiency Possible 600mA Output
M38B57MCH-P202FP   M38B57MCH-P202FP M38B57MCH-P202FP PDF Download MIT 9840 Speaker output signal can be attenuated either b
M38B57MCH-P216FP   M38B57MCH-P216FP M38B57MCH-P216FP PDF Download 84 QFP   This device contains protection circuitry
M38B57MCH-P218FP   M38B57MCH-P218FP M38B57MCH-P218FP PDF Download MIT QFP80 1999 (Unless otherwise specified, these specification
M38B57MCH-P226FP   M38B57MCH-P226FP M38B57MCH-P226FP PDF Download In Figure 1, the IC's switch-mode controller ope
M38B57MCH-P226FPD00G   M38B57MCH-P226FPD00G M38B57MCH-P226FPD00G PDF Download MIT 00+ QFP  The attached data sheets are prepared and
M38B57MCH-P229FPD00G   M38B57MCH-P229FPD00G M38B57MCH-P229FPD00G PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 07+/08+ 4 channel UART 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
M38B57MCH-P239FP   M38B57MCH-P239FP M38B57MCH-P239FP PDF Download 373 MITSUBISHI The Si9712 operates off the 5-V supply and has b
M38B57MCII-P226FPD00G   M38B57MCII-P226FPD00G M38B57MCII-P226FPD00G PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP-8 The DDX-2100 is a high efficiency dual channel d
M38B59   M38B59 M38B59 PDF Download MIT QFP 04+
M38B59EFFP   M38B59EFFP M38B59EFFP PDF Download MIT QFP-80 05+ After the software chip erase has been initiated
M38B59MFH-A100FP   M38B59MFH-A100FP M38B59MFH-A100FP PDF Download YAMAHA QFP 99+Original The XTO is a one-pin oscillator that operates at
M38B59MFH-A126FP   M38B59MFH-A126FP M38B59MFH-A126FP PDF Download MIT QFP (1) For more information on the PWP package, ref
M38B59MFH-A126FP-224A100   M38B59MFH-A126FP-224A100 M38B59MFH-A126FP-224A100 PDF Download MITSUBISHI The ST7LITE1 is a member of the ST7 microcon- t
M38B59MFH-A126FP-247A100MITSUBISHI   M38B59MFH-A126FP-247A100MITSUBISHI M38B59MFH-A126FP-247A100MITSUBISHI PDF Download ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
M38B59MFH-E106FP   M38B59MFH-E106FP M38B59MFH-E106FP PDF Download 90 Deviation Limiter In: Input to the on-chip deviat
M38B59MFH-E107FP   M38B59MFH-E107FP M38B59MFH-E107FP PDF Download MIT 99 Note: All information contained in this data shee
M38B59MFH-E110FP   M38B59MFH-E110FP M38B59MFH-E110FP PDF Download mitsubishi 2000
M38B59MFH-E112FP   M38B59MFH-E112FP M38B59MFH-E112FP PDF Download 91 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
M38B59MFH-E121FP   M38B59MFH-E121FP M38B59MFH-E121FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+ Note 3: When the input voltage at any pin exceeds
M38B59MFH-E250FPD00G   M38B59MFH-E250FPD00G M38B59MFH-E250FPD00G PDF Download MIT 99 With the sense leads connected, the difference b
M38B59MFH-E251FP   M38B59MFH-E251FP M38B59MFH-E251FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 00+
M38B59MFH-P101FP   M38B59MFH-P101FP M38B59MFH-P101FP PDF Download MIT O7+ Forward voltage(typ.)   IF=20mA Forward vo
M38B59MFH-P113FP   M38B59MFH-P113FP M38B59MFH-P113FP PDF Download MIT 99+ QFP/84 Buffered Reference Mode Unbuffered Reference Mod
M38B59MFH-P117FP   M38B59MFH-P117FP M38B59MFH-P117FP PDF Download MIT O7+ This pin is a schmitt trigger input structure. A
M38B59MFN-P113FP   M38B59MFN-P113FP M38B59MFN-P113FP PDF Download MIT QFP-80 99 1. Units in the JPF-21F series of Quadraphase Mod
M38B59MFN-P117FP   M38B59MFN-P117FP M38B59MFN-P117FP PDF Download MIT The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2064VE dev
M38B79FFFP   M38B79FFFP M38B79FFFP PDF Download RENRSAS QFP 0510+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
M38B79FH-A165FP   M38B79FH-A165FP M38B79FH-A165FP PDF Download MIT QFP 01+ LINEARITY   Linearity refers to how well a
M38B79HFH-A201FP   M38B79HFH-A201FP M38B79HFH-A201FP PDF Download MIT . Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
M38B79MFH-A055FP   M38B79MFH-A055FP M38B79MFH-A055FP PDF Download mitsubishi 2000   Pin 1 = 34.5dBm, 880 to 915MHz, VDD = 5.0V
M38B79MFH-A059FP   M38B79MFH-A059FP M38B79MFH-A059FP PDF Download   As with any switching power supply circui
M38B79MFH-A059FPD0   M38B79MFH-A059FPD0 M38B79MFH-A059FPD0 PDF Download The purpose of this paper is to define the terms
M38B79MFH-A067FPUO   M38B79MFH-A067FPUO M38B79MFH-A067FPUO PDF Download RENESAS 05+ QFP   Extremely low 1µA supply current (t
M38B79MFH-A074FP   M38B79MFH-A074FP M38B79MFH-A074FP PDF Download Dropout Voltage The input/output Voltage differe
M38B79MFH-A100FP   M38B79MFH-A100FP M38B79MFH-A100FP PDF Download MITSUBISHI 02+ Parameters DC Electrical Characteristics Supply
M38B79MFH-A140FP   M38B79MFH-A140FP M38B79MFH-A140FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 04+ The HYM72V32M636B(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
M38B79MFH-A156FP   M38B79MFH-A156FP M38B79MFH-A156FP PDF Download   We reserve the right to make changes to i
M38B79MFHA158FP   M38B79MFHA158FP M38B79MFHA158FP PDF Download • High-speed access time: 8, 9, 10, 12 ns
M38B79MFH-A158FP   M38B79MFH-A158FP M38B79MFH-A158FP PDF Download A transaction is a collection of packets needed t
M38B79MFHA158FPD00G   M38B79MFHA158FPD00G M38B79MFHA158FPD00G PDF Download Continuous over-current loads will cause the part
M38B79MFH-A165FP   M38B79MFH-A165FP M38B79MFH-A165FP PDF Download MITSUBISAT QFP This device contains circuitry to protect the in
M38B79MFH-A194FP   M38B79MFH-A194FP M38B79MFH-A194FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 05+  VOUT(low) Low-level output voltageIOUT = 1
M38B79MFH-A201FP   M38B79MFH-A201FP M38B79MFH-A201FP PDF Download MIT QFP 0548+ Honeywell reserves the right to make changes to i
M38B79MFH-A201FPUO   M38B79MFH-A201FPUO M38B79MFH-A201FPUO PDF Download RENRSAS TQFP 05+ Differential output transmit. DOUT_TXP and DOUT_
M38B79MFH-A210EPUOOG   M38B79MFH-A210EPUOOG M38B79MFH-A210EPUOOG PDF Download The PRECHARGE command is used to deactivate the
M38B79V8NX-1   M38B79V8NX-1 M38B79V8NX-1 PDF Download MIT 03+ QFP/100 NOTES  1Typicals represent average readings
M38C12M4-085HP   M38C12M4-085HP M38C12M4-085HP PDF Download 04+05 QFP OmniVision Technologies, Inc. reserves the right
M38C12M4-088HP   M38C12M4-088HP M38C12M4-088HP PDF Download 5 QFP When the voltage drop to the positive input of th
M38C13M6-070FP   M38C13M6-070FP M38C13M6-070FP PDF Download MIT QFP Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold
M38C24M4A-102FP   M38C24M4A-102FP M38C24M4A-102FP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 0335+ Output frequency range: 2050 MHz to 2450 MHz Di
M38C24M4A-115FP   M38C24M4A-115FP M38C24M4A-115FP PDF Download The Si5010 is a fully integrated low-power clock
M38C24M4A-116HP   M38C24M4A-116HP M38C24M4A-116HP PDF Download RENESAS
M38C24M6-051HP   M38C24M6-051HP M38C24M6-051HP PDF Download MIT 01+ QFP/64 ESD damage can range from subtle performance degr
M38C24M6-054HP   M38C24M6-054HP M38C24M6-054HP PDF Download MIT QFP DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
M38C29FFAFPU0   M38C29FFAFPU0 M38C29FFAFPU0 PDF Download Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
M38C29MC-059HP   M38C29MC-059HP M38C29MC-059HP PDF Download An integrated soft-start feature brings all outpu
M38C33M4M-959FP   M38C33M4M-959FP M38C33M4M-959FP PDF Download RENESAS FEATURES Operates over entire Li+ Battery range
M38C34M6M-522FP   M38C34M6M-522FP M38C34M6M-522FP PDF Download MIT QFP/80 07+/08+ * Specifications will vary with foreign st
M38C34M6M-558FP   M38C34M6M-558FP M38C34M6M-558FP PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
M38C34M6M568FP   M38C34M6M568FP M38C34M6M568FP PDF Download 5. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
M38C37ECMFP   M38C37ECMFP M38C37ECMFP PDF Download MIT Read/write access to the four local buses C NS1,
M38C37M6-147FP   M38C37M6-147FP M38C37M6-147FP PDF Download Note: (6) IX is measured under the following con
M38C43BM   M38C43BM M38C43BM PDF Download The following figures, 1C2 and 1C3, show differe
M38C58M8-606FP   M38C58M8-606FP M38C58M8-606FP PDF Download The LCX16373 contains sixteen non-inverting latc
M38C59GFHPU0   M38C59GFHPU0 M38C59GFHPU0 PDF Download The Bold specifications apply to the full operat
M38C59MC-107HP   M38C59MC-107HP M38C59MC-107HP PDF Download RENESAS 04+ TQFP Complete System Solution for interfacing SmartMe
M38C64-20W5   M38C64-20W5 M38C64-20W5 PDF Download ST When a push-button is used to manually reset a &
M38C89EFFP   M38C89EFFP M38C89EFFP PDF Download RENESAS QFP 0529+ Data ST-BUS Output: a 2048 kbit/s serial PCM/data
M38D24G4FPU0   M38D24G4FPU0 M38D24G4FPU0 PDF Download The PIC12CE67X device fits perfectly in ap
M38D24G4HPU0   M38D24G4HPU0 M38D24G4HPU0 PDF Download The host system can detect whether a program or
M38D24G6FPU0   M38D24G6FPU0 M38D24G6FPU0 PDF Download Notes 1. Signals on NC, COM, or IN exceeding VC
M38D24G6HPU0   M38D24G6HPU0 M38D24G6HPU0 PDF Download SE: 1 W to 25 W, BTL: 4 W to 50 W operation poss
M38D58G8FPU0   M38D58G8FPU0 M38D58G8FPU0 PDF Download Various performance features exist between the t
M38D58G8HPU0   M38D58G8HPU0 M38D58G8HPU0 PDF Download This Infineon module family are industry standar
M38D59FFFP   M38D59FFFP M38D59FFFP PDF Download • FR60Lite CPU   • 32-bit RISC,
M38D59GCFPU0   M38D59GCFPU0 M38D59GCFPU0 PDF Download
M38D59GCHPU0   M38D59GCHPU0 M38D59GCHPU0 PDF Download s Digital Tuning of Crystal Frequency s PROM fo
M38D59GFFPU0   M38D59GFFPU0 M38D59GFFPU0 PDF Download V2 Voltage Monitor Input. When the V2MON input is
M38D59GFHPU0   M38D59GFHPU0 M38D59GFHPU0 PDF Download Efficiency at 3-A Continuous Output Current Uses
M38HC43BM   M38HC43BM M38HC43BM PDF Download In addition, the MX93000 supports switches and
M38K07M4-051HP   M38K07M4-051HP M38K07M4-051HP PDF Download The input signal at pin DATA produces amplitude
M38K07M4-051HP7   M38K07M4-051HP7 M38K07M4-051HP7 PDF Download   True 64-bit microprocessor   C 64-bi
M38K09F8HP   M38K09F8HP M38K09F8HP PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 04+ NOTES : 1. In case of 40MHz Frequency, CL1 can b
M38K27M4   M38K27M4 M38K27M4 PDF Download 2000 Table 1 and Figure 2 help illustrate the output
M38K27M4-000HP   M38K27M4-000HP M38K27M4-000HP PDF Download QFP 00+ Updated part listing on first page and in Table
M38K29F8FP   M38K29F8FP M38K29F8FP PDF Download 00 Track: This is an analog control input that enab
M38K29F8LHPU0   M38K29F8LHPU0 M38K29F8LHPU0 PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under Abso
M38L   M38L M38L PDF Download Alpha Industries SMD 1.5 Gbps per channel Low power: 70 mA in dual
M38S0300-015   M38S0300-015 M38S0300-015 PDF Download MSOP10 Radiation Hardness: - Total Dose 1MRad(Si) - Si
M38S0300-023T   M38S0300-023T M38S0300-023T PDF Download N/A OKI 04+ ∗ This is a stress rating only and functio
M38S03E4F   M38S03E4F M38S03E4F PDF Download 97 After a conversion, output data is stored in a l
M38S0570-040   M38S0570-040 M38S0570-040 PDF Download .   VOLTAGE OUTPUT versus APPLIED DIFFERENTIA
M38S0570-078   M38S0570-078 M38S0570-078 PDF Download SMD 4 Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit c
M38S0980-011   M38S0980-011 M38S0980-011 PDF Download Junction Temperature Calculation: TJ = TA + (PD
M38S1500-027   M38S1500-027 M38S1500-027 PDF Download 46 OKI 94+ Sensitivity can often be increased by using a bi
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