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1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC.2. Fmax = 1/tRC. 3. These are absolute values with respect to device ground and all overshoots due to system or tester notice are included. 4.IccsB1_Max. is 3uA / 10uA at Vcc=3V / 5V and TA=70oC.5. Icc_Max. is 30mA(@3V) / 62mA(@5V) under 55ns operation.
These active LOW inputs allow individual bytes to be written when a WRITE cycle is active and must meet the setup and hold times around the rising edge of CLK. BYTE WRITEs need to be asserted on the same cycle as the address. BWs are associated with addresses and apply to subsequent data. BWa# controls DQa, DQPa pins; BWb# controls DQb, DQPb pins; BWc# controls DQc, DQPc pins; BWd# controls DQd, DQPd pins.
Reduced harmonic content of input currents corresponding to standards Rectifier generates maximum DC power with a given AC fuse Wide input voltage range No external isolation Easy to mount with two screws Suitable for wave soldering High temperature and power cycling capability
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
M5500-16MHZ   M5500-16MHZ M5500-16MHZ PDF Download MF 5 1. Corrected the errataJan. 10, 2005 2. Revised
M5500-24MHZ   M5500-24MHZ M5500-24MHZ PDF Download MF 5 Notes: (1) Measured with baluns on the input and
M5501   M5501 M5501 PDF Download ALI QFP 04+ No Option and Option 300 contain 50 units (HCPL-7
M5501A0   M5501A0 M5501A0 PDF Download ALI 02+ TQFP-L208P These devices are fully programmable; that is, t
M5501A0EP   M5501A0EP M5501A0EP PDF Download ALI 02+ TQFP-L208P Chip selection input with pull-high resistor. Whe
M5501A1   M5501A1 M5501A1 PDF Download ALI 04+ QFP-L208P The Texas Instruments TFP401 and TFP401A are TI
M5501AOHS29   M5501AOHS29 M5501AOHS29 PDF Download ALI QFP-L208P 07+ The bq2083−V1P2 supports the Smart Battery
M5501AOHS30   M5501AOHS30 M5501AOHS30 PDF Download ALI QFP-L208P 07+ When the output load exceeds the current-limit t
M5501AOT   M5501AOT M5501AOT PDF Download ALI QFP-L208P 07+ Load Regulation Parasitic line resistance can d
M5501N   M5501N M5501N PDF Download ALI 03+ QFP The Philips SA56004X is an SMBus compatible, 11-
M5502   M5502 M5502 PDF Download OKI DIP- 07+/08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M5503   M5503 M5503 PDF Download ALI 00+ TQFP-M100P FIN and OSC IN input level Max. operating freque
M5505   M5505 M5505 PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29F800A is an 8 Mbit (
M5505-A1D   M5505-A1D M5505-A1D PDF Download ALI QFP 05+ The ISL6118 is a fully independent dual channel o
M5505AOB   M5505AOB M5505AOB PDF Download ALI 04+ TQFP-L220P 1 Undervoltage sensors causes each channel to swi
M5508A-G   M5508A-G M5508A-G PDF Download Infineon 07+ While numerous ATE systems are available and are
M5509   M5509 M5509 PDF Download This product has been designed to meet the extrem
M550A   M550A M550A PDF Download   The S5K433CA and S5K433LA are highly inte
M551   M551 M551 PDF Download When the enable input is high, all four analog
M5512   M5512 M5512 PDF Download 98 Specially providing EL driver functions Non-tra
M551216010HC12HI   M551216010HC12HI M551216010HC12HI PDF Download The LNA has a 2.4dB typical noise figure and a -1
M55121607HC   M55121607HC M55121607HC PDF Download amd amd dc96 The initial set-up sequence programs the two bli
M55144250210   M55144250210 M55144250210 PDF Download In the 10-bit mode the 8b/10b Codec is disabled,
M5515   M5515 M5515 PDF Download MITSUBISHI ZIP 00+ Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8M-K/H/L series incorporates
M55165FP   M55165FP M55165FP PDF Download 0 0 Memories C 1K, 2K or 4K bytes Program memory (O
M55181/1-03RTV   M55181/1-03RTV M55181/1-03RTV PDF Download   The MPC942 is a single supply device. The
M55181/1-04   M55181/1-04 M55181/1-04 PDF Download Stanford Microdevices M55181/1-04 is a high perf
M55181/2-01   M55181/2-01 M55181/2-01 PDF Download Active Connection to Remote Node Power-Down Feat
M5522   M5522 M5522 PDF Download OKI See the functional block diagram and Figure 1 fo
M55281A510FLT   M55281A510FLT M55281A510FLT PDF Download SOWB SOP-7.2-16P 07+ • 90%+ Efficiency • Internal Short-C
M553   M553 M553 PDF Download COMPRESSED GCI MODE   In GCI compressed mod
M5530   M5530 M5530 PDF Download VCC and GND are the supply voltage pins for the
M55302/128-CN1E   M55302/128-CN1E M55302/128-CN1E PDF Download AMP   Please be aware that an important notice
M55302/57A30X   M55302/57A30X M55302/57A30X PDF Download Two serial outputs (QS1 and QS2) are available
M55302/61B10   M55302/61B10 M55302/61B10 PDF Download   Pin 8 is the drive control input. This pi
M5530213201   M5530213201 M5530213201 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
M55302241500779   M55302241500779 M55302241500779 PDF Download
M5530256A44   M5530256A44 M5530256A44 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The LD1086 is a LOW DROP Voltage Re
M5530259B90X   M5530259B90X M5530259B90X PDF Download   Figure 4 shows the sensor output signal r
M55310/08-B04A   M55310/08-B04A M55310/08-B04A PDF Download 2 The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
M55310/09B01A   M55310/09B01A M55310/09B01A PDF Download NOTES: 1. Timings referenced as in AC Test Condi
M55310/09-B01A-1M84320   M55310/09-B01A-1M84320 M55310/09-B01A-1M84320 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 PCI Controller Compatible with PCI 2.1 specific
M55310/09-B01A-6M   M55310/09-B01A-6M M55310/09-B01A-6M PDF Download N/A STI 04+ CBR refresh is performed by bringing CAS low ear
M55310/16-B01A   M55310/16-B01A M55310/16-B01A PDF Download (LX)high-frequency Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
M55310/16-B21A   M55310/16-B21A M55310/16-B21A PDF Download (LX)high-frequency The CM3513 also prevents backdrive current flowi
M55310/16-B21A-4M00000   M55310/16-B21A-4M00000 M55310/16-B21A-4M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 DISABLE - Is the connection for disabling all 4 o
M55310/16-B21A-4M608000   M55310/16-B21A-4M608000 M55310/16-B21A-4M608000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 The delay in this mode is dependent only on the c
M55310/16-B24A   M55310/16-B24A M55310/16-B24A PDF Download CAN 0340 s High-speed: 35, 70 ns s Ultra low DC operating
M55310/16-B31A   M55310/16-B31A M55310/16-B31A PDF Download Q-TECH 晶振14 34 • 1024 refresh cycles, 16 ms refresh inter
M55310/16-B34A   M55310/16-B34A M55310/16-B34A PDF Download 晶振14 3.3 Reference and Clock An internal bandgap circ
M55310/16-B34A10.000MHZ   M55310/16-B34A10.000MHZ M55310/16-B34A10.000MHZ PDF Download The device features extremely low consumption (7
M55310/16-B34A12.990MHZ   M55310/16-B34A12.990MHZ M55310/16-B34A12.990MHZ PDF Download (1) Stresses above these ratings may cause perma
M55310/16-B34A-12M0000   M55310/16-B34A-12M0000 M55310/16-B34A-12M0000 PDF Download NA 30 • Implements CCITT recommendations V.14 and
M55310/16-B34B12.987MHZ   M55310/16-B34B12.987MHZ M55310/16-B34B12.987MHZ PDF Download The integrated receiver is intended to be used a
M55310/16-B41A   M55310/16-B41A M55310/16-B41A PDF Download 晶振14 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (per diode)) IFRMSRMS F
M55310/16-B41A-32M00000   M55310/16-B41A-32M00000 M55310/16-B41A-32M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 Nonvolatile memory maintains wiper settings 64-
M55310/16-B44A   M55310/16-B44A M55310/16-B44A PDF Download 晶振14 N-channel enhancement mode logic level field-e
M55310/16-B44A40.000MHZ   M55310/16-B44A40.000MHZ M55310/16-B44A40.000MHZ PDF Download Bridge or stereo configuration. Few External c
M55310/16-B44A41.439MHZ   M55310/16-B44A41.439MHZ M55310/16-B44A41.439MHZ PDF Download   The melting temperature of solder is highe
M55310/16-B44B44.000MHZ   M55310/16-B44B44.000MHZ M55310/16-B44B44.000MHZ PDF Download Available either in sensitive (TS8) or standard
M55310/17-B11A   M55310/17-B11A M55310/17-B11A PDF Download (LX)high-frequency   Typical data are for initial design estim
M55310/17-B21A   M55310/17-B21A M55310/17-B21A PDF Download 晶振14 This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 2,
M55310/18-B42A   M55310/18-B42A M55310/18-B42A PDF Download (LX)high-frequency The TPS6021x charge pumps provide a regulated 3.
M55310/19-B01A   M55310/19-B01A M55310/19-B01A PDF Download LCC晶振 9021+ Flash Memory Plus SRAM Reduces Memory Board Sp
M55310/19-B11A   M55310/19-B11A M55310/19-B11A PDF Download The M55310/19-B11A is a 3-channel DC/DC converter
M55310/19-B12B   M55310/19-B12B M55310/19-B12B PDF Download The architecture of the current feedback opamp co
M55310/19-B21A   M55310/19-B21A M55310/19-B21A PDF Download   Covering the power range from below 25 wa
M55310/26-B23A-1.8432MHZ   M55310/26-B23A-1.8432MHZ M55310/26-B23A-1.8432MHZ PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
M55310/26-B32A-20M00000   M55310/26-B32A-20M00000 M55310/26-B32A-20M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
M55310/26-B33A-9.8304MHZ   M55310/26-B33A-9.8304MHZ M55310/26-B33A-9.8304MHZ PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 The EL2244 and EL2444 also feature an extremely
M55310/26-B36A   M55310/26-B36A M55310/26-B36A PDF Download (LX)high-frequency UART channel A Transmit Data or infrared encoder
M55310/26-B36A-10M00000   M55310/26-B36A-10M00000 M55310/26-B36A-10M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 The AFV461 EMI filter will reduce the input line
M55310/26-B36A-16M00000   M55310/26-B36A-16M00000 M55310/26-B36A-16M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 WRITE ENABLE ( W )   A write cycle is initi
M55310/26-B42A-31M00000   M55310/26-B42A-31M00000 M55310/26-B42A-31M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 All of the bytes in the chip must be verified to
M55310/26-B53A-40M00000   M55310/26-B53A-40M00000 M55310/26-B53A-40M00000 PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 This center tap Schottky rectifier has been opti
M55310/26-B53B-40MHZ   M55310/26-B53B-40MHZ M55310/26-B53B-40MHZ PDF Download Q-TECH 06+ 500 When V CC is out of tolerance, the circuit write
M5531009B01A   M5531009B01A M5531009B01A PDF Download dc90 NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
M5531009B05A4.000MHZ   M5531009B05A4.000MHZ M5531009B05A4.000MHZ PDF Download Selections for 5.0 to 170 volts standoff voltages
M5531009B11A   M5531009B11A M5531009B11A PDF Download oszilatek oszilatek dc96 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
M5531016B14A100KHZ   M5531016B14A100KHZ M5531016B14A100KHZ PDF Download   Alternate Function RXD (serial input por
M55310-16B21A500K0000   M55310-16B21A500K0000 M55310-16B21A500K0000 PDF Download AM26LS32A Devices Meet or Exceed the Requirement
M5531016B31A   M5531016B31A M5531016B31A PDF Download I2C interface select / I2C RESET (active low, as
M5531016B31A10MHZ   M5531016B31A10MHZ M5531016B31A10MHZ PDF Download o 12-Bit Resolution, 1/2LSB Linearity o Single
M5531016B44A   M5531016B44A M5531016B44A PDF Download sti sti dc91 systems where system integrity must be ensured o
M5531016B44A2400MHZ   M5531016B44A2400MHZ M5531016B44A2400MHZ PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
M5531016B44A264MHZ   M5531016B44A264MHZ M5531016B44A264MHZ PDF Download APPLICATION NOTES   POWER CONSIDERATIONS &
M55339/04-00030   M55339/04-00030 M55339/04-00030 PDF Download International Rectifier Radiation Hardened MOSFE
M55339/08-0064   M55339/08-0064 M55339/08-0064 PDF Download AMP 398   The MPX5500 series piezoresistive transdu
M55339/20-00201   M55339/20-00201 M55339/20-00201 PDF Download where N is the number of cells, RB1 is connected
M553392200636   M553392200636 M553392200636 PDF Download n Variable power management n Packaged in 6-le
M55342K02B10E0R   M55342K02B10E0R M55342K02B10E0R PDF Download The LinCMOS process is a linear polysilicon-gate
M55342K02B20E0R   M55342K02B20E0R M55342K02B20E0R PDF Download The 153CMQ isolated, center tap Schottky rectifi
M55342K02B4E99SWB   M55342K02B4E99SWB M55342K02B4E99SWB PDF Download DL 06+/07+ RSDS INTERFACE WITH SKEW CONTROL This functional
M55342K03B100ER   M55342K03B100ER M55342K03B100ER PDF Download Note 1 Specification is at TA e 25 C Actual value
M55342K03B100GS   M55342K03B100GS M55342K03B100GS PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
M55342K03B10E0R   M55342K03B10E0R M55342K03B10E0R PDF Download CardBus while retaining the 16-bit PC Card speci
M55342K03B150DR   M55342K03B150DR M55342K03B150DR PDF Download External Access enable: EA must be externally he
M55342K03B150ER   M55342K03B150ER M55342K03B150ER PDF Download Test mode select. One of four terminals required
M55342K03B1E00RS2   M55342K03B1E00RS2 M55342K03B1E00RS2 PDF Download DL 06+/07+ The maximum allowable power dissipation is a func
M55342K03B1F00R   M55342K03B1F00R M55342K03B1F00R PDF Download Note 3 The maximum absolute allowable voltage whi
M55342K03B20E0R   M55342K03B20E0R M55342K03B20E0R PDF Download In addition to having higher performance than f
M55342K03B221DR   M55342K03B221DR M55342K03B221DR PDF Download VFB (Pin 7): Error Amplifier Inverting Input. The
M55342K03B24E3R   M55342K03B24E3R M55342K03B24E3R PDF Download It is based on optical navigation technology w
M55342K03B2E00R   M55342K03B2E00R M55342K03B2E00R PDF Download A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
M55342K03B2E21R   M55342K03B2E21R M55342K03B2E21R PDF Download
M55342K03B301DR   M55342K03B301DR M55342K03B301DR PDF Download Figure 1 shows the connections for simple ripple
M55342K03B301ER   M55342K03B301ER M55342K03B301ER PDF Download • FR60Lite CPU   • 32-bit RISC,
M55342K03B30E1R   M55342K03B30E1R M55342K03B30E1R PDF Download
M55342K03B499DR   M55342K03B499DR M55342K03B499DR PDF Download Oscillation Equations for the Dual Inverter Osci
M55342K03B4E02R   M55342K03B4E02R M55342K03B4E02R PDF Download • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
M55342K03B51D1R   M55342K03B51D1R M55342K03B51D1R PDF Download • AC97 Rev 2.2 compatible stereo codec &nb
M55342K03B51E1R   M55342K03B51E1R M55342K03B51E1R PDF Download Multi-channel selector Lch input Input selector
M55342K03B562DR   M55342K03B562DR M55342K03B562DR PDF Download Note 1: Relative accuracy is the deviation of the
M55342K03B56E2R   M55342K03B56E2R M55342K03B56E2R PDF Download The DSTINIm400 is a fully assembled and tested c
M55342K03B5E11R   M55342K03B5E11R M55342K03B5E11R PDF Download The CM3002 family of regulators is fully protect
M55342K03B6E81R   M55342K03B6E81R M55342K03B6E81R PDF Download Modulus control output for controlling an extern
M55342K03B8E06R   M55342K03B8E06R M55342K03B8E06R PDF Download High Data Integrity Applications Data storage a
M55342K04B100DR   M55342K04B100DR M55342K04B100DR PDF Download FEATURES Operates over entire Li+ Battery range
M55342K04B100GR   M55342K04B100GR M55342K04B100GR PDF Download s ESD protection of one automotive LIN bus line
M55342K04B10E0R   M55342K04B10E0R M55342K04B10E0R PDF Download The PI74FCT827/828T and the PI74FCT2827/2828T ar
M55342K04B10H0R   M55342K04B10H0R M55342K04B10H0R PDF Download The output pulse of the oscillator is used as a
M55342K04B121ER   M55342K04B121ER M55342K04B121ER PDF Download Over temperature shutdown Over current shutdow
M55342K04B15E4R   M55342K04B15E4R M55342K04B15E4R PDF Download • Single element, current limiting fuses p
M55342K04B18E2R   M55342K04B18E2R M55342K04B18E2R PDF Download Information at the D inputis transferred to the
M55342K04B1E00R   M55342K04B1E00R M55342K04B1E00R PDF Download In an M68300 family component, the major functio
M55342K04B1H00R   M55342K04B1H00R M55342K04B1H00R PDF Download   C High-performance 32-bit RISC Architectu
M55342K04B22E1R   M55342K04B22E1R M55342K04B22E1R PDF Download   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
M55342K04B26E1R   M55342K04B26E1R M55342K04B26E1R PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
M55342K04B330GR   M55342K04B330GR M55342K04B330GR PDF Download The SOA curve should be interpreted as an absolu
M55342K04B33E2R   M55342K04B33E2R M55342K04B33E2R PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M55342K04B3E57R   M55342K04B3E57R M55342K04B3E57R PDF Download Data on the Qs output is transferred to a second
M55342K04B3E83R   M55342K04B3E83R M55342K04B3E83R PDF Download PTFM type has been developed for protecting powe
M55342K04B46E4R   M55342K04B46E4R M55342K04B46E4R PDF Download The Versatile Timer Unit (VTU) module contains f
M55342K04B4E42R   M55342K04B4E42R M55342K04B4E42R PDF Download The LED and RXD outputs are controlled by the
M55342K04B4E64R   M55342K04B4E64R M55342K04B4E64R PDF Download Power Up and Down Requirements. There are no re
M55342K04B5E90R   M55342K04B5E90R M55342K04B5E90R PDF Download The internal gating of chip-enable (CE) signals
M55342K04B71E5R   M55342K04B71E5R M55342K04B71E5R PDF Download The M55342K04B71E5R/M55342K04B71E5R8/M55342K04B71
M55342K04B75D0R   M55342K04B75D0R M55342K04B75D0R PDF Download † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed unde
M55342K04B7E50R   M55342K04B7E50R M55342K04B7E50R PDF Download Signal data can be provided in binary or 2s comp
M55342K04B7E68R   M55342K04B7E68R M55342K04B7E68R PDF Download The device powers on in the read mode. Command
M55342K04B8E66R   M55342K04B8E66R M55342K04B8E66R PDF Download Note 5: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
M55342K04B91G0R   M55342K04B91G0R M55342K04B91G0R PDF Download © 1997 MX•COM Inc.www.mxcom.com Tele:
M55342K04B9E53R   M55342K04B9E53R M55342K04B9E53R PDF Download • Dual Analog Comparator module with: &nb
M55342K05B12E4R   M55342K05B12E4R M55342K05B12E4R PDF Download Case: JEDEC TO-247AD molded plastic body Termina
M55342K05B220GR   M55342K05B220GR M55342K05B220GR PDF Download To allow for dc coupling to ADCs, its unique out
M55342K05B33G0R   M55342K05B33G0R M55342K05B33G0R PDF Download Life Support Policy: HY-LINE does not authorize t
M55342K06B100DR   M55342K06B100DR M55342K06B100DR PDF Download The SST49LF080A flash memory device is manufactu
M55342K06B100ER   M55342K06B100ER M55342K06B100ER PDF Download RFT6100 Device Features • Reduction in com
M55342K06B100ES   M55342K06B100ES M55342K06B100ES PDF Download The #WP pin provides inadvertent write protection
M55342K06B10D0R   M55342K06B10D0R M55342K06B10D0R PDF Download The DVR EN*, DATA, and VTT EN pins are digital in
M55342K06B10D0S   M55342K06B10D0S M55342K06B10D0S PDF Download Since this issue does not affect operation if th
M55342K06B10E0R   M55342K06B10E0R M55342K06B10E0R PDF Download The Intel 80C186XL is a Modular Core re-implemen
M55342K06B10E0RWB   M55342K06B10E0RWB M55342K06B10E0RWB PDF Download DL 06+/07+ The MLX90247DSG sensor IC is integrated togethe
M55342K06B110DR   M55342K06B110DR M55342K06B110DR PDF Download As the HFBR-5710L is inserted, first contact i
M55342K06B120AR   M55342K06B120AR M55342K06B120AR PDF Download BENEFITS EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter
M55342K06B121DR   M55342K06B121DR M55342K06B121DR PDF Download Voltages (typically 1% of its specified value)
M55342K06B121ER   M55342K06B121ER M55342K06B121ER PDF Download 256K x 4 advanced high-speed CMOS static RAM JED
M55342K06B121ES   M55342K06B121ES M55342K06B121ES PDF Download   The current source provides a closely reg
M55342K06B12E1R   M55342K06B12E1R M55342K06B12E1R PDF Download q INDUSTRIAL PROCESS CONTROL   Transducer I
M55342K06B12E1S   M55342K06B12E1S M55342K06B12E1S PDF Download There is a small temperature drift of the compar
M55342K06B130DS   M55342K06B130DS M55342K06B130DS PDF Download The device is designed to comply with all JEDEC
M55342K06B13E7S   M55342K06B13E7S M55342K06B13E7S PDF Download where N is the number of cells, R2 is connected t
M55342K06B140DR   M55342K06B140DR M55342K06B140DR PDF Download This document is a general product description an
M55342K06B14E0R   M55342K06B14E0R M55342K06B14E0R PDF Download sensor and thermistor can be used independent o
M55342K06B150ER   M55342K06B150ER M55342K06B150ER PDF Download Layout Consideration The output capacitors must
M55342K06B15E0R   M55342K06B15E0R M55342K06B15E0R PDF Download AC CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER DQM to input data
M55342K06B162ES   M55342K06B162ES M55342K06B162ES PDF Download VGD: The VGD pin which is coarsely regulated arou
M55342K06B16E2R   M55342K06B16E2R M55342K06B16E2R PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M55342K06B16E2S   M55342K06B16E2S M55342K06B16E2S PDF Download In case the HT9142 is battery powered, when the p
M55342K06B16E9R   M55342K06B16E9R M55342K06B16E9R PDF Download microprocessor. When the voltage on VSENSE rises
M55342K06B17E4R   M55342K06B17E4R M55342K06B17E4R PDF Download These devices are mounted on an JEDEC low-k boar
M55342K06B17E8R   M55342K06B17E8R M55342K06B17E8R PDF Download This is the output terminal for the LPF input an
M55342K06B182DR   M55342K06B182DR M55342K06B182DR PDF Download ENCV Variable clock enable (TTL compatible input)
M55342K06B18E2R   M55342K06B18E2R M55342K06B18E2R PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStarɽ
M55342K06B19E1R   M55342K06B19E1R M55342K06B19E1R PDF Download The LTC3722-1/LTC3722-2 feature adjustable synchr
M55342K06B1E00R   M55342K06B1E00R M55342K06B1E00R PDF Download Note 1: Dropout voltage is defined as VIN - VOUT,
M55342K06B1E00RWB   M55342K06B1E00RWB M55342K06B1E00RWB PDF Download DL 06+/07+ HR700 Series DC/DC converters are designed to pr
M55342K06B1E00S   M55342K06B1E00S M55342K06B1E00S PDF Download Configured by Loading Binary File - Unlimited
M55342K06B1E10R   M55342K06B1E10R M55342K06B1E10R PDF Download NOTES: 1. pin #9 = pin #17(internally connected)
M55342K06B1E15S   M55342K06B1E15S M55342K06B1E15S PDF Download Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 1.0 A
M55342K06B1E21R   M55342K06B1E21R M55342K06B1E21R PDF Download   The AV34063 is a monolithic control circu
M55342K06B1E30R   M55342K06B1E30R M55342K06B1E30R PDF Download handles the microprocessor control signals CS,
M55342K06B1E47R   M55342K06B1E47R M55342K06B1E47R PDF Download 3. Initializes function parameters. The paramete
M55342K06B1E50R   M55342K06B1E50R M55342K06B1E50R PDF Download (1) Pulsed: Pulse duration = 300 µs, duty
M55342K06B1E78R   M55342K06B1E78R M55342K06B1E78R PDF Download Output of 1394b driver block. These twisted-pair
M55342K06B1E82R   M55342K06B1E82R M55342K06B1E82R PDF Download   Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M14.3M   Opera
M55342K06B1F00R   M55342K06B1F00R M55342K06B1F00R PDF Download The 56800 core is based on a Harvard-style archi
M55342K06B1H60R   M55342K06B1H60R M55342K06B1H60R PDF Download Spread spectrum may be enabled through I2C progra
M55342K06B1T00R   M55342K06B1T00R M55342K06B1T00R PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
M55342K06B200DR   M55342K06B200DR M55342K06B200DR PDF Download NOTE 1: The HDQ engine of the bq2019 interests a
M55342K06B200ES   M55342K06B200ES M55342K06B200ES PDF Download The EB-2100x is an all-digital amplifier evaluat
M55342K06B205DR   M55342K06B205DR M55342K06B205DR PDF Download The MAX6673 has a push-pull output. The rise and
M55342K06B20E0R   M55342K06B20E0R M55342K06B20E0R PDF Download The 3 series of decoders provide various com- b
M55342K06B20E0S   M55342K06B20E0S M55342K06B20E0S PDF Download Data out is the same polarity as data in. The ou
M55342K06B21E0R   M55342K06B21E0R M55342K06B21E0R PDF Download The M55342K06B21E0R series of FET-input op amps
M55342K06B226DR   M55342K06B226DR M55342K06B226DR PDF Download 2. Short-circuits from the output to VCC can cau
M55342K06B22D1R   M55342K06B22D1R M55342K06B22D1R PDF Download ADJ: In the adjustable version, the user programs
M55342K06B22E1R   M55342K06B22E1R M55342K06B22E1R PDF Download The NetPHY™ 4LP device operates on a 3.3 V
M55342K06B23E2R   M55342K06B23E2R M55342K06B23E2R PDF Download Operates from a single +5V supply Maintains ne
M55342K06B243DR   M55342K06B243DR M55342K06B243DR PDF Download
M55342K06B243DS   M55342K06B243DS M55342K06B243DS PDF Download REACTIVE LOADSAC SIGNALS Figure 6 shows the rela
M55342K06B249DR   M55342K06B249DR M55342K06B249DR PDF Download C Support of ReachDSLTM with digital com-  
M55342K06B267DR   M55342K06B267DR M55342K06B267DR PDF Download served When the S input is LOW a CP HIGH-LOW tra
M55342K06B27E4S   M55342K06B27E4S M55342K06B27E4S PDF Download Buffer Operating Frequency: 8 MHz to 200 MHz Lo
M55342K06B29E4R   M55342K06B29E4R M55342K06B29E4R PDF Download   A single transistor Collpits crystal osci
M55342K06B2E00R   M55342K06B2E00R M55342K06B2E00R PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
M55342K06B2E21R   M55342K06B2E21R M55342K06B2E21R PDF Download This new IRK serie of MAGN-A-paks modules uses h
M55342K06B2E21S   M55342K06B2E21S M55342K06B2E21S PDF Download n RSDS™ (Reduced Swing Differential Signal
M55342K06B2E43R   M55342K06B2E43R M55342K06B2E43R PDF Download The CS8920A is available in a thin 144-pin TQFP
M55342K06B2E49S   M55342K06B2E49S M55342K06B2E49S PDF Download The M55342K06B2E49S drives a high-side P-channel
M55342K06B2E74S   M55342K06B2E74S M55342K06B2E74S PDF Download All voltages are referenced to V SS = 0 V (groun
M55342K06B301DS   M55342K06B301DS M55342K06B301DS PDF Download The M55342K06B301DSA5/B5 is a 32K ROM version of
M55342K06B324DR   M55342K06B324DR M55342K06B324DR PDF Download The Erase Suspend/Erase Resume feature allows th
M55342K06B33E2R   M55342K06B33E2R M55342K06B33E2R PDF Download When used as a decimating post-filter with a doub
M55342K06B392ES   M55342K06B392ES M55342K06B392ES PDF Download The PACSZ1284 provides a complete parallel port
M55342K06B39E2R   M55342K06B39E2R M55342K06B39E2R PDF Download Features • High sensitivity (+4dB compared
M55342K06B3E01R   M55342K06B3E01R M55342K06B3E01R PDF Download The BCT8244A scan test devices with octal buffe
M55342K06B3E01S   M55342K06B3E01S M55342K06B3E01S PDF Download M55342K06B3E01SM M55342K06B3E01SC Decade Counter
M55342K06B3E32R   M55342K06B3E32R M55342K06B3E32R PDF Download Offset adjusting for the ADS-119 is normally acc
M55342K06B3E92R   M55342K06B3E92R M55342K06B3E92R PDF Download Offered in 256Mx8bit or 128Mx16bit, the K9F2GXXU0
M55342K06B402DR   M55342K06B402DR M55342K06B402DR PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
M55342K06B422DR   M55342K06B422DR M55342K06B422DR PDF Download 7.3.1 ILMI Embedded software provides an ILMI 4
M55342K06B43E2R   M55342K06B43E2R M55342K06B43E2R PDF Download Note: 1. For DIP package: Soldering temperature
M55342K06B46E4R   M55342K06B46E4R M55342K06B46E4R PDF Download VCC to GND PGND to GND FB to GND SHDN to GND
M55342K06B470GR   M55342K06B470GR M55342K06B470GR PDF Download This input is used to control the motion of the
M55342K06B475DR   M55342K06B475DR M55342K06B475DR PDF Download /EOP /End of Process (Input, active Low). To term
M55342K06B47E5R   M55342K06B47E5R M55342K06B47E5R PDF Download Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay atte
M55342K06B47H0R   M55342K06B47H0R M55342K06B47H0R PDF Download   No heatsinks required!   77% efficie
M55342K06B499DR   M55342K06B499DR M55342K06B499DR PDF Download VID0-VID4 (DAC Digital Input Code Control) Pins 1
M55342K06B49D9R   M55342K06B49D9R M55342K06B49D9R PDF Download The FCT841T high-performance interface is design
M55342K06B49E9S   M55342K06B49E9S M55342K06B49E9S PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16M635B(L)T6 Series are Du
M55342K06B4E32R   M55342K06B4E32R M55342K06B4E32R PDF Download Operating from a wide-input voltage range of 7 V
M55342K06B4E75R   M55342K06B4E75R M55342K06B4E75R PDF Download Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case fo
M55342K06B4E75S   M55342K06B4E75S M55342K06B4E75S PDF Download The XR16L27521 (2752) is a low voltage dual uni
M55342K06B51E1R   M55342K06B51E1R M55342K06B51E1R PDF Download Device programming occurs by executing the progra
M55342K06B51G0R   M55342K06B51G0R M55342K06B51G0R PDF Download Differential output transmit. DOUT_TXP and DOUT_
M55342K06B52D3R   M55342K06B52D3R M55342K06B52D3R PDF Download • Up to 10 MIPS operation:   - DC -
M55342K06B549DR   M55342K06B549DR M55342K06B549DR PDF Download This pin normally functions as a three-state inp
M55342K06B56D2R   M55342K06B56D2R M55342K06B56D2R PDF Download Pulse triggering occurs at a particular voltage
M55342K06B56E2R   M55342K06B56E2R M55342K06B56E2R PDF Download The trigger condition for the time stage is dete
M55342K06B5E11P   M55342K06B5E11P M55342K06B5E11P PDF Download The device is optimized for use in many indus-
M55342K06B5E11R   M55342K06B5E11R M55342K06B5E11R PDF Download HT1623 make it suitable for multiple LCD applicat
M55342K06B5E23R   M55342K06B5E23R M55342K06B5E23R PDF Download product term timing. For optimization of logic,
M55342K06B5E23S   M55342K06B5E23S M55342K06B5E23S PDF Download Notes: 1. Measurements made on a fixed tuned pr
M55342K06B5E62R   M55342K06B5E62R M55342K06B5E62R PDF Download This block reads/writes configuration data from
M55342K06B604DR   M55342K06B604DR M55342K06B604DR PDF Download 64K x 16 advanced high-speed CMOS Static RAM Equ
M55342K06B60E4R   M55342K06B60E4R M55342K06B60E4R PDF Download Ci is required when regulator is located an appr
M55342K06B63E4R   M55342K06B63E4R M55342K06B63E4R PDF Download Note 5: The output pins RST and RST have an inter
M55342K06B681DR   M55342K06B681DR M55342K06B681DR PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
M55342K06B68D1R   M55342K06B68D1R M55342K06B68D1R PDF Download 5 ns pin-to-pin logic delays System frequency
M55342K06B698DR   M55342K06B698DR M55342K06B698DR PDF Download Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
M55342K06B69E8R   M55342K06B69E8R M55342K06B69E8R PDF Download   C High-performance 32-bit RISC Architectu
M55342K06B6E04R   M55342K06B6E04R M55342K06B6E04R PDF Download The Hitachi HM62V8100I Series is 8-Mbit static R
M55342K06B6E04S   M55342K06B6E04S M55342K06B6E04S PDF Download These octal bus transceivers are designed for a
M55342K06B6E19R   M55342K06B6E19R M55342K06B6E19R PDF Download The S5T8554B/7B are single-chip PCM encoders and
M55342K06B6E98R   M55342K06B6E98R M55342K06B6E98R PDF Download DESCRIPTION The EMIF02-MIC02 is a highly integr
M55342K06B750DR   M55342K06B750DR M55342K06B750DR PDF Download INDUCTOR SELECTION   Selecting the appropr
M55342K06B75D0R   M55342K06B75D0R M55342K06B75D0R PDF Download Skyworks CX65105 Evaluation Board is used to test
M55342K06B7E15R   M55342K06B7E15R M55342K06B7E15R PDF Download Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
M55342K06B7E50R   M55342K06B7E50R M55342K06B7E50R PDF Download pull-down circuit is built into the Si91871 to c
M55342K06B7E50S   M55342K06B7E50S M55342K06B7E50S PDF Download The 8 'X' lines can be directly connected to th
M55342K06B806DR   M55342K06B806DR M55342K06B806DR PDF Download Copyright © 2002 Integrated Silicon Solutio
M55342K06B825DR   M55342K06B825DR M55342K06B825DR PDF Download Maximum DC Blocking Voltage Maximum Average Fo
M55342K06B82D5R   M55342K06B82D5R M55342K06B82D5R PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16M635AT6 Series are Dual
M55342K06B90E9R   M55342K06B90E9R M55342K06B90E9R PDF Download This is the supply voltage for the regulator con
M55342K06B90E9RS28   M55342K06B90E9RS28 M55342K06B90E9RS28 PDF Download An external capacitor connected to this pin sets
M55342K06B9E09S   M55342K06B9E09S M55342K06B9E09S PDF Download NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
M55342K08B10D0R   M55342K08B10D0R M55342K08B10D0R PDF Download o dcOutput Duty Cycle48 NOTE 1: Defined as ske
M55342K08B121DR   M55342K08B121DR M55342K08B121DR PDF Download   The values for the equation are found in
M55342K08B1E00R   M55342K08B1E00R M55342K08B1E00R PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
M55342K08B301DR   M55342K08B301DR M55342K08B301DR PDF Download
M55342K08B49D9R   M55342K08B49D9R M55342K08B49D9R PDF Download The 82C37A is an enhanced version of the industr
M55342K09B100DR   M55342K09B100DR M55342K09B100DR PDF Download NOTES: A. CL includes probe and test-fixture cap
M55342K09B12D1R   M55342K09B12D1R M55342K09B12D1R PDF Download for an overvoltage condition on unselected chann
M55342K09B182DR   M55342K09B182DR M55342K09B182DR PDF Download For the case where Register 2 is set to xxxx11xx,
M55342M06R4K30M   M55342M06R4K30M M55342M06R4K30M PDF Download printer ports BUSY and SELECT OUT signals (pins
M5535   M5535 M5535 PDF Download N/A OKI 04+ The Si9160 Controller for RF Power Amplifier Boo
M5537   M5537 M5537 PDF Download OKI QFP 04+ The K6R4004C1D is a 4,194,304-bit high-speed Stat
M5537A1-C   M5537A1-C M5537A1-C PDF Download 96 To ensure good thermal conductivity, the backsid
M5537A1-D   M5537A1-D M5537A1-D PDF Download ALI QFP 97+   The on-board RISC processor enables the I
M5538   M5538 M5538 PDF Download OKI DIP14 95+ between the two supply inputs is + 8.0 volts whi
M554522P   M554522P M554522P PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Fairchild's LS series product of Insulated Gate B
M5547   M5547 M5547 PDF Download OKI SIP Low Voltage Operation (+2.7 to +5 V) Low On-Res
M5547A1   M5547A1 M5547A1 PDF Download ALI 97 Data Inputs/Outputs: Inputs array data during pr
M5547-A1DA   M5547-A1DA M5547-A1DA PDF Download Ali QFP 1998 The maximum graphics resolution supported is 12
M554977P   M554977P M554977P PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
M5549A1   M5549A1 M5549A1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Similar To Industry Standard LT1033 Approved To
M5549-A1   M5549-A1 M5549-A1 PDF Download MTT Differential or single-ended clock input signal.
M554V24616-10TK   M554V24616-10TK M554V24616-10TK PDF Download The sealed modules offer a metal baseplate for i
M55501   M55501 M55501 PDF Download DIP The device features simultaneous read/write op-
M5559B   M5559B M5559B PDF Download 98+ SOP-8 HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
M5559RS   M5559RS M5559RS PDF Download 98 Unless otherwise specified, the typical specifica
M555CN   M555CN M555CN PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
M555N   M555N M555N PDF Download MIT Min Typ Max Min Typ Max UnitsTest Conditions 32
M555TM2   M555TM2 M555TM2 PDF Download K DIP-14 Low profile package (half pitch) AC Isolation
M5562   M5562 M5562 PDF Download OKI DIP 06+ The ISSI IS41C82052 and IS41LV82052 are 2,097,15
M5565-01   M5565-01 M5565-01 PDF Download These three terminal negative regulators are sup
M5567   M5567 M5567 PDF Download N/A OKI 04+ Maximum gain setpoint for all phase setpoints V
M55730   M55730 M55730 PDF Download The user assumes all responsibility and liabilit
M55746SP   M55746SP M55746SP PDF Download MIT DIP-12 98+ With 1mA load With 1mA load With 20pF maximum
M5576   M5576 M5576 PDF Download 94 The F157A is a high-speed quad 2-Input multiplex
M5577   M5577 M5577 PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
M557704L   M557704L M557704L PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A N/A The device can be used as a three-terminal poten
M55D10R0FT52   M55D10R0FT52 M55D10R0FT52 PDF Download SUBCARRIER: The output of the encoder stage (Man
M55FW   M55FW M55FW PDF Download SOP   The SOA curves combine the effect of thes
M55HT   M55HT M55HT PDF Download   Single chip teletext IC   Analog CVB
M55RF   M55RF M55RF PDF Download 0 International Rectifier's 300V series are the sta
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