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This series of silicon tuning varactors have an epitaxial mesa design with a high temperature passivation. This technology is used to produce abrupt tuning varactor in SOT23 package. This family is designed for a low cost medium to high volume market that may be supplied in tape and reel for automated pick and place assembly on surface mount circuit boards.
Electrical Characteristics AVIN = PVIN = 5V unless otherwise indicated under the Conditions column. Typicals and limits appearing in plain type apply for TA = TJ = +25˚C. Limits appearing in boldface type apply over full Oper- ating Junction Temperature Range (−40˚C to +125˚C). Datasheet min/max specification limits are guaranteed by design, test, or statistical analysis.
The Spartan™-IIE 1.8V Field-Programmable Gate Array family gives users high performance, abundant logic resources, and a rich feature set, all at an exceptionally low price. The five-member family offers densities ranging from 50,000 to 300,000 system gates, as shown in Table 1. Sys- tem performance is supported beyond 200 MHz.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
MIP000111L   MIP000111L MIP000111L PDF Download The first stage consists of expanding the number
MIP001000L   MIP001000L MIP001000L PDF Download   Figure 3 shows the timing of the encoder
MIP0100SY   MIP0100SY MIP0100SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 A calibration phase is provided to set the two D
MIP0101   MIP0101 MIP0101 PDF Download MATSUSHI N/A 02/03+ Free-floating ground planes such as metal foils
MIP0101SY   MIP0101SY MIP0101SY PDF Download Panasonic 00+ XC9500XV CPLDs are also 1.8V I/O compatible. The
MIP0102   MIP0102 MIP0102 PDF Download N/A IGBT Co-pack switches. The NTC thermistor mounte
MIP0102SY   MIP0102SY MIP0102SY PDF Download 116dB CMRR Independent of Gain Maximum Offset Vo
MIP0103SY   MIP0103SY MIP0103SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 (*) When mounted on a standard single-sided FR-4
MIP0104SY   MIP0104SY MIP0104SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 Full Scale Range (FSR) is 10V for unipolar mode.
MIP0122SC   MIP0122SC MIP0122SC PDF Download Port 1 Port 1 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
MIP0122SUL   MIP0122SUL MIP0122SUL PDF Download The MIP0122SUL is a 1/4-type (4.5 mm) solid-stat
MIP0122SY   MIP0122SY MIP0122SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 This combination of excellent dc performance wit
MIP0123   MIP0123 MIP0123 PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 04+ The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for era
MIP0123SY   MIP0123SY MIP0123SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 04+ The SP8480 multiplexer inputs have been de- sig
MIP0124SY   MIP0124SY MIP0124SY PDF Download PANASONIC 3+ 220 In addition to a high-speed A /D converter and
MIP0125SY   MIP0125SY MIP0125SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 Correcting package pin numbers in Table 2-2, Phas
MIP0146SY   MIP0146SY MIP0146SY PDF Download 2. MOVX-related instructions, Data Memory: The A
MIP0210   MIP0210 MIP0210 PDF Download JAPAN DIP8
MIP0210SC   MIP0210SC MIP0210SC PDF Download PANASONIC TO263 The Harris CD74HC32, CD74HCT32 contain four 2-in
MIP0210SCL   MIP0210SCL MIP0210SCL PDF Download GaAs powder and vapor are hazardous to human hea
MIP0210SY   MIP0210SY MIP0210SY PDF Download † This device is Product Preview. The TPS
MIP0221   MIP0221 MIP0221 PDF Download PAN TO-251 05+ SM6610 series is high-accuracy temperature senso
MIP0221SC   MIP0221SC MIP0221SC PDF Download This is the high impedance input to the FSK volt
MIP0221SCZ   MIP0221SCZ MIP0221SCZ PDF Download PAN TO262 05+ The Hynix MIP0221SCZ Series are 32Mx72bits ECC Sy
MIP0221SP   MIP0221SP MIP0221SP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ITU-T recommendations specify limits on the toler
MIP0221SPS   MIP0221SPS MIP0221SPS PDF Download PANASONI DIP 98 S0 and S1 are used to program the frequency rang
MIP0221SUL   MIP0221SUL MIP0221SUL PDF Download PAN TO-251 Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
MIP0221SUL/MIP0221   MIP0221SUL/MIP0221 MIP0221SUL/MIP0221 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-252 Min. Typ. Max. UnitsConditions  55CCC CCCVV
MIP0221SY   MIP0221SY MIP0221SY PDF Download TO- Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
MIP0221UC   MIP0221UC MIP0221UC PDF Download The DI2CM is an I2C-compatible master-IP core fr
MIP0221Y   MIP0221Y MIP0221Y PDF Download TO-251 Pb−Free Packages are Available 0.980 V 1.0
MIP0222   MIP0222 MIP0222 PDF Download JAPAN DIP8 • Data Integrity of Simtek nvSRAM Combined
MIP-0222   MIP-0222 MIP-0222 PDF Download   The LX1991 features resistor settable outp
MIP0222SC   MIP0222SC MIP0222SC PDF Download TO-220 05+ dualoct received from the DQA/DQB data pins of t
MIP0222SPS   MIP0222SPS MIP0222SPS PDF Download PANASONIC PDIP-8 96+ mand. This causes row Ra of bank Ba in the memor
MIP0222SUL   MIP0222SUL MIP0222SUL PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
MIP0222SUZ   MIP0222SUZ MIP0222SUZ PDF Download PANASONIC 01+ 251 Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpora
MIP0222SVZ   MIP0222SVZ MIP0222SVZ PDF Download PANASONIC TO252 The waveform of the maximum DC applied voltage is
MIP0222SY   MIP0222SY MIP0222SY PDF Download PANASONI TO220 02+ Synchronous operation is possible only in the QAM
MIP0222Y   MIP0222Y MIP0222Y PDF Download PAN TO-251 A single-ended clock controls the data-conversion
MIP0223   MIP0223 MIP0223 PDF Download PANASONIC TO-263 04+ DESCRIPTION The 74AC138 is an advanced high-spe
MIP0223S   MIP0223S MIP0223S PDF Download We could accumulate a running total indefinitely
MIP0223SC   MIP0223SC MIP0223SC PDF Download PANASONIC TO-263 01+ Description Chip Select: This active low input
MIP0223SCL   MIP0223SCL MIP0223SCL PDF Download PANASONIC TO-263 0646+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
MIP0223SLC   MIP0223SLC MIP0223SLC PDF Download Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
MIP0223SY   MIP0223SY MIP0223SY PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 04+
MIP0223Y   MIP0223Y MIP0223Y PDF Download PAN TO-220 Carry Lookahead Each Function Block provides a
MIP0224   MIP0224 MIP0224 PDF Download PAN 03+ 220 The STTH5R06, which is using ST Turbo 2 600V te
MIP0224SY   MIP0224SY MIP0224SY PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 03+   The sensor provides a self-test feature t
MIP0225   MIP0225 MIP0225 PDF Download The preprocessor allows you to improve trace rea
MIP0225SY   MIP0225SY MIP0225SY PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 05+ This DAC utilizes a double-buffered 3-wire seria
MIP0226SY   MIP0226SY MIP0226SY PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 04+ Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
MIP0227SC   MIP0227SC MIP0227SC PDF Download PANASONIC TO263 In the normal mode, these devices are 18-bit uni
MIP0227SY   MIP0227SY MIP0227SY PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 03+ TSO Transmit ADPCM TRI-STATE ® serial data
MIP0244   MIP0244 MIP0244 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 CHIP ENABLE The CE input is the device selection
MIP0244SY   MIP0244SY MIP0244SY PDF Download MIT TO-220-6
MIP0245SY   MIP0245SY MIP0245SY PDF Download PANASON DIP 05+   The specified voltage (VS) applies for a
MIP0253   MIP0253 MIP0253 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 Youre probably having trouble keeping the consta
MIP0253SP   MIP0253SP MIP0253SP PDF Download PANASO DIP-7 06+ The basic unit of logic on these devices is the
MIP0253SPSCF   MIP0253SPSCF MIP0253SPSCF PDF Download Single 1.2-V to 3.6-V Supply Operation High Thro
MIP0254   MIP0254 MIP0254 PDF Download PANSASONSIC 00 The 5B Series represents an innovative generatio
MIP0254SFL   MIP0254SFL MIP0254SFL PDF Download 00 The ISL6614A drives both the upper and lower gate
MIP0255   MIP0255 MIP0255 PDF Download PANASONI DIP7 01+ The 74HC/HCT4094 are 8-stage serial shift regist
MIP101   MIP101 MIP101 PDF Download MEC SOP24W 2007+ With the sense leads connected, the difference b
MIP102   MIP102 MIP102 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A and comparator inputs are equal in both phase an
MIP108   MIP108 MIP108 PDF Download 07+ Notes:  1. The anode side of the device is
MIP108000L   MIP108000L MIP108000L PDF Download Panasonic 99 Read cycles are initiated with ADSP(or ADSC) usin
MIP109   MIP109 MIP109 PDF Download MEC SOP24W 2007+ The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
MIP109000L   MIP109000L MIP109000L PDF Download PANASONIC 04+ • Single supply: 2.7 to 5.5 V • Access
MIP10900L   MIP10900L MIP10900L PDF Download 95+ I/O port with bit-programmable pins; Schmitt tr
MIP12P06   MIP12P06 MIP12P06 PDF Download MIP TO-220 05+ • Providing capacitance values in the rang
MIP133C   MIP133C MIP133C PDF Download Panasonic TO220 NOTES: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abso
MIP133F   MIP133F MIP133F PDF Download
MIP144   MIP144 MIP144 PDF Download PANASONIC 3+ 220 The IC operates in a wide input voltage range up
MIP153   MIP153 MIP153 PDF Download Panasonic TO-220 The MIP153 microcontroller is a low-power, 16-bit
MIP160   MIP160 MIP160 PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 03+ 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
MIP161   MIP161 MIP161 PDF Download Panasonic 03+ 61 Interrupt sources (1 Watch Dog Timer, 5 Timer
MIP161000L   MIP161000L MIP161000L PDF Download PANANASONIC TO223 TO223 Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd (WTE) has checked al
MIP16100LIMIP161   MIP16100LIMIP161 MIP16100LIMIP161 PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-252 The serializer outputs (DO) can drive point-to-p
MIP162   MIP162 MIP162 PDF Download PANASONI TO-220 03+ The designer can choose the internally generated
MIP163   MIP163 MIP163 PDF Download PANASONIC 02+ TO-220 The HSDL-2300 is a new generation 3.3 V power
MIP164   MIP164 MIP164 PDF Download TO-251 Output voltages available for the MCP1700 range f
MIP165   MIP165 MIP165 PDF Download PAN TO-220 05+ Although the main application of VIPer53E is in
MIP165-TOP227   MIP165-TOP227 MIP165-TOP227 PDF Download The key parameters of a damper diode are the pe
MIP166   MIP166 MIP166 PDF Download PANASONIC 02+ 220 The MIP166/MIP166E require 7.5V to 12V dual supp
MIP170   MIP170 MIP170 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ Model WS81. The WS81 donut shaped 100 ohm RTD e
MIP172   MIP172 MIP172 PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 The phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer is comple
MIP173   MIP173 MIP173 PDF Download Bluetooth® V1.1 specification compliant SW
MIP175   MIP175 MIP175 PDF Download Data terminal ready A/B (active low). To indicat
MIP184   MIP184 MIP184 PDF Download TOP220 06 The ULN2001A is a general-purpose array and can
MIP1C02   MIP1C02 MIP1C02 PDF Download Note 1: Based on thermal dissipation from junctio
MIP1D01   MIP1D01 MIP1D01 PDF Download The bq2060 SBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC for batter
MIP202   MIP202 MIP202 PDF Download Note 1: Measurements are made with the device in
MIP211   MIP211 MIP211 PDF Download The capacitance between output termi- nals is s
MIP212   MIP212 MIP212 PDF Download 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory
MIP2120   MIP2120 MIP2120 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ SOT252 The A0, A1, and A2 are the device address inputs
MIP2120001DE   MIP2120001DE MIP2120001DE PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ SOT252 Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user c
MIP212000L   MIP212000L MIP212000L PDF Download Panasonic TO252 2004   USB  C Revision 1.1 compliant  
MIP213   MIP213 MIP213 PDF Download MIP TO-220 05+/06+   The Motorola accelerometer is a surface--m
MIP223SY   MIP223SY MIP223SY PDF Download The MCP73842 and MCP73844 are designed for appli
MIP2520D2R2M   MIP2520D2R2M MIP2520D2R2M PDF Download N/A The DS15433 constantly monitors the battery volt
MIP2520D4R7M   MIP2520D4R7M MIP2520D4R7M PDF Download FDK (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
MIP25N03A   MIP25N03A MIP25N03A PDF Download SM6610 series is high-accuracy temperature senso
MIP280   MIP280 MIP280 PDF Download Panasonic 2007 NOTES:   1. Maximum Ratings apply to Case 8
MIP2800001HD   MIP2800001HD MIP2800001HD PDF Download Preliminary Information- These data sheets conta
MIP280000SCF   MIP280000SCF MIP280000SCF PDF Download 4 DIP-7 Note A: All data listed in the above graphs, exc
MIP2801   MIP2801 MIP2801 PDF Download DIP5P Four (391), Eight (389) or Sixteen (387) Line Dr
MIP281   MIP281 MIP281 PDF Download The DEM-OPA68xU demonstration board is an unpop
MIP282   MIP282 MIP282 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The F193 is a 4-bit binary synchronous up down (
MIP283   MIP283 MIP283 PDF Download 02 Wide frequency range Ð 0.01 Hz to 300 kHz W
MIP2830MPL   MIP2830MPL MIP2830MPL PDF Download A 470 pF capacitor connected from the BYPASS inp
MIP284   MIP284 MIP284 PDF Download This specification contains information about the
MIP284MM   MIP284MM MIP284MM PDF Download JAPAN DIP7   Adjustable flashing speed   Adjustab
MIP285   MIP285 MIP285 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 The two single-ended charge-pump power stages op
MIP286   MIP286 MIP286 PDF Download PANASONIC DIP 2002 32KB EEPROM memory Durable, stainless-steel iBut
MIP2860MPSCF   MIP2860MPSCF MIP2860MPSCF PDF Download PANASONIC DIP 2002 The CD4085B types are supplied in 14-lead hermet
MIP286A   MIP286A MIP286A PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 SHORT-CIRCUITS Some amplifier applications must
MIP287   MIP287 MIP287 PDF Download MIP DIP-8 01+ 1. Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximu
MIP287S   MIP287S MIP287S PDF Download Panasoni 01+ This device contains two independent positive pu
MIP288   MIP288 MIP288 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 • 64K bytes of flash EEPROM program memory
MIP289   MIP289 MIP289 PDF Download PANASONIC DIP 2002 The CD4555B and CD4556B types are supplied in 16
MIP2890MPSCF   MIP2890MPSCF MIP2890MPSCF PDF Download PANASONIC DIP 2002 The numerical value of the current is positive i
MIP290   MIP290 MIP290 PDF Download Panasonic DIP-7 2004 JITO®-2 is Foxs answer to the phenomenal res
MIP2900MFL   MIP2900MFL MIP2900MFL PDF Download Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
MIP2900MPS   MIP2900MPS MIP2900MPS PDF Download The READ ROM command sequence is the fastest seq
MIP2900MPSCF   MIP2900MPSCF MIP2900MPSCF PDF Download PANASONIC DIP7 2002 Functional improvements have also been implement
MIP293   MIP293 MIP293 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 The IP4001S has a thermal protection against the
MIP2937A   MIP2937A MIP2937A PDF Download MIC TO220 Both devices feature a power-good output that can
MIP293MY   MIP293MY MIP293MY PDF Download Panasonic TO-220-3 The AMI signal first enters a selectable fixed 20
MIP2A2   MIP2A2 MIP2A2 PDF Download PANASONI 06+ 500 Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which
MIP2A2OMSCF   MIP2A2OMSCF MIP2A2OMSCF PDF Download The output consists of a PNP current source and
MIP2A40MPSCF   MIP2A40MPSCF MIP2A40MPSCF PDF Download PANASONIC DIP 04+PB-FREE The 74HC/HCT147 9-input priority encoders accept
MIP2C1   MIP2C1 MIP2C1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (1) Output Signal   The OUTP and OUTN gener
MIP2C2   MIP2C2 MIP2C2 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The nominal value of the RF choke L1 is 100 nH.
MIP2C20MPSCF   MIP2C20MPSCF MIP2C20MPSCF PDF Download Panasonic DIP-7 2004 Output Bus Select. With this pin at a logic high
MIP2C20MSSCF   MIP2C20MSSCF MIP2C20MSSCF PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 6: Because the Bus LVDS serial data stream i
MIP2C3   MIP2C3 MIP2C3 PDF Download PANASONI DIP7 N/A (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
MIP2C30MPSCF   MIP2C30MPSCF MIP2C30MPSCF PDF Download 3 DIP The ICU receives interrupt requests from interna
MIP2C4   MIP2C4 MIP2C4 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo,
MIP2C50MPSCF   MIP2C50MPSCF MIP2C50MPSCF PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The UCC3952 monolithic BiCMOS lithiumCion batte
MIP2D2   MIP2D2 MIP2D2 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 The LPV511 is a micropower operational amplifier
MIP2E10   MIP2E10 MIP2E10 PDF Download NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
MIP2E1D   MIP2E1D MIP2E1D PDF Download PANISONIC The MAX5893 programmable interpolating, modulatin
MIP2E1DMP   MIP2E1DMP MIP2E1DMP PDF Download Panasonic 04+ DIP7 Description Agilent Technologies MGA-52543 is a
MIP2E1DMUL   MIP2E1DMUL MIP2E1DMUL PDF Download PANISONIC The embedded AT40K FPGA core is a fully 3.3V PCI
MIP2E1DMY   MIP2E1DMY MIP2E1DMY PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 N/A The GF9102A is a linear phase FIR digital filter
MIP2E20   MIP2E20 MIP2E20 PDF Download Because the antialiasing and smoothing filters
MIP2E2D   MIP2E2D MIP2E2D PDF Download 07+ A single PGOOD signal is issued when soft-start i
MIP2E2DMY   MIP2E2DMY MIP2E2DMY PDF Download PANASONIC 07/08+ H = High Voltage Level, L = Low Voltage Level, X
MIP2E3   MIP2E3 MIP2E3 PDF Download Panasonic
MIP2E30   MIP2E30 MIP2E30 PDF Download C1 is the transfer capacitor and C2 stores energy
MIP2E3D   MIP2E3D MIP2E3D PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 Signal Processors (DSPs) − TMS320C62xᣤ
MIP2E3DMC   MIP2E3DMC MIP2E3DMC PDF Download Inputs containing embedded GRS (Fairchild Video
MIP2E3DMY   MIP2E3DMY MIP2E3DMY PDF Download N/A TO-220 04+ This link option sets the voltage applied to the
MIP2E40   MIP2E40 MIP2E40 PDF Download DIP-7 The TPS6021x charge pumps provide a regulated 3.
MIP2E4D   MIP2E4D MIP2E4D PDF Download JAPAN DIP-7 04+ Reference clock. REFCLK is an external 125 MHz i
MIP2E4DMY   MIP2E4DMY MIP2E4DMY PDF Download Panasonic 05+/06+ Delay (TPS773xx) Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Stat
MIP2E50MY   MIP2E50MY MIP2E50MY PDF Download MIP TO-220 05+/06+ This high voltage MOSFET used an advanced termina
MIP2E5D   MIP2E5D MIP2E5D PDF Download Max. UnitsConditions CCCVVGE = 0V, IC = 250&micr
MIP2E5DMC   MIP2E5DMC MIP2E5DMC PDF Download Gold diffused for low forward voltage Epitaxial
MIP2E7D   MIP2E7D MIP2E7D PDF Download  When setting BC1# and BC2# at a high lev e
MIP2E7DMY   MIP2E7DMY MIP2E7DMY PDF Download PAN TO-220 01+ The specifications on this data book are only gi
MIP2E9DMY   MIP2E9DMY MIP2E9DMY PDF Download Panasonic 05+/06+ NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" =
MIP2E9SMY   MIP2E9SMY MIP2E9SMY PDF Download FEATURES   High Ripple Rejection75dB typ.
MIP2F2   MIP2F2 MIP2F2 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 • 18V to 36V Input Voltage Range •
MIP2H2   MIP2H2 MIP2H2 PDF Download PANASONI DIP7 06+ Notes:  7. Test conditions assume signal t
MIP2J2   MIP2J2 MIP2J2 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 These devices have a certain immunity to fast ne
MIP2L2   MIP2L2 MIP2L2 PDF Download PANASONIC DIP-7 02+ Note 2: All input and/or output pins shall not ex
MIP2N50US23   MIP2N50US23 MIP2N50US23 PDF Download 2 FAIRCHLD 04+ The MIP2N50US23 has two kinds of power supply pi
MIP301   MIP301 MIP301 PDF Download PANASONIC SOP 2002 The bar antenna is a very critical device of the
MIP301000L   MIP301000L MIP301000L PDF Download PANASONIC SOP 2002   Figure 6 shows the clock, enable, and dat
MIP302   MIP302 MIP302 PDF Download I GENERAL DESCRIPTION   NJW1153 is a 6-chan
MIP30I   MIP30I MIP30I PDF Download 2 SOP-8 4. Flexible Power/Serial Clock Speed Management.
MIP30M400A1-234.0   MIP30M400A1-234.0 MIP30M400A1-234.0 PDF Download   The most common application for charge pu
MIP30N03A   MIP30N03A MIP30N03A PDF Download TXCLK is an internally derived signal in Internal
MIP3226D100M   MIP3226D100M MIP3226D100M PDF Download FDK 3226 Why Are Pulsed LEDs Brighter Than DC LEDs?  
MIP3226D4R7M   MIP3226D4R7M MIP3226D4R7M PDF Download FDK 06+ NOTES: 1. Measured with outputs open. 2. Refres
MIP3226D6R8M-PS   MIP3226D6R8M-PS MIP3226D6R8M-PS PDF Download 3226 The reference level is sampled during SHP active
MIP382   MIP382 MIP382 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 Due to the finite switching time of the fast MUX
MIP384   MIP384 MIP384 PDF Download JAPAN DIP7 Detection voltage Over charge detection voltage
MIP3E2MY   MIP3E2MY MIP3E2MY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 n 832 Mbps LVDS 16-bit serializer and deserializ
MIP3E3   MIP3E3 MIP3E3 PDF Download PANASONI DIP7 06+ AT49BV/LV001N(T) pin 1 for the DIP and PLCC pack
MIP3E30MPSCF   MIP3E30MPSCF MIP3E30MPSCF PDF Download Panasonic DIP-7 2006 LCD supply voltage, and positive supply voltage.
MIP3E3B   MIP3E3B MIP3E3B PDF Download Panasonic(advantage ) SOP-1940(specialty) 04+ stable sources This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 4,
MIP3E3MY   MIP3E3MY MIP3E3MY PDF Download PAN TO220-3 03+ IMPORTANT INFORMATION The LM2462 performance is
MIP3E3SMY   MIP3E3SMY MIP3E3SMY PDF Download PANASONIC TO-220 The MIP3E3SMY/24 is a low noise, constant frequen
MIP3E4DMY   MIP3E4DMY MIP3E4DMY PDF Download PANASONI.. TO-220 05+ NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V
MIP3E4MY   MIP3E4MY MIP3E4MY PDF Download PAN 02+ A MEMSIC accelerometer is most sensitive to chan
MIP3E5MY   MIP3E5MY MIP3E5MY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 A/D converters are calibrated by positioning the
MIP3E7MY   MIP3E7MY MIP3E7MY PDF Download PANASONIC TO220 C Selectable auto-mute C Selectable 32, 44.1,
MIP40SC   MIP40SC MIP40SC PDF Download   (Note 1) (Unless otherwise specified, t
MIP415MD   MIP415MD MIP415MD PDF Download MIP TO-220 05+/06+ The RDRAM device is a general purpose hi
MIP417MY   MIP417MY MIP417MY PDF Download PANASONIC 0628 38 Power-On Reset Generator with Adjustable Delay T
MIP501   MIP501 MIP501 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ An Intel 8254 timer-counter (or functionally equi
MIP501000   MIP501000 MIP501000 PDF Download Transmit Ready A-B (active low) - This function
MIP501000A   MIP501000A MIP501000A PDF Download The SDRAM employs state-of-the-art technology fo
MIP502   MIP502 MIP502 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ • +3.3 V DC power supply • Industry
MIP504   MIP504 MIP504 PDF Download PANASONIC TO-92L
MIP504000A   MIP504000A MIP504000A PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ Information in this document is provided in conn
MIP506   MIP506 MIP506 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ Mechanical Characteristics: • Case: Epoxy,
MIP508000L   MIP508000L MIP508000L PDF Download PAN SOT-89 05+PB * 3.5 Marking. Devices shall be marked in accord
MIP50N03A   MIP50N03A MIP50N03A PDF Download Hynix HYMD264646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for
MIP50N06   MIP50N06 MIP50N06 PDF Download ON 00+ Port 1: Is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O port wit
MIP510   MIP510 MIP510 PDF Download MIT TO-92 2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination
MIP510000A   MIP510000A MIP510000A PDF Download Note 1. * : These pins are not used in this modul
MIP511   MIP511 MIP511 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ All DAC08 series models guarantee full 8-bit mon
MIP511000A   MIP511000A MIP511000A PDF Download PANASONIC  Japan Wide   100k/200k L L H H D
MIP514   MIP514 MIP514 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ cleared immediately, and remains cleared. If the
MIP516   MIP516 MIP516 PDF Download The THS4271 and THS4275 are low-noise, high slew
MIP516/MIP516000L   MIP516/MIP516000L MIP516/MIP516000L PDF Download
MIP516000L   MIP516000L MIP516000L PDF Download PAN SOT-163 05+   Figure 3 shows the timing of the encoder
MIP60N03A   MIP60N03A MIP60N03A PDF Download True current sensing and over current protection
MIP6N60   MIP6N60 MIP6N60 PDF Download BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
MIP704   MIP704 MIP704 PDF Download An active LOW Write Enable signal (WE) controls t
MIP705   MIP705 MIP705 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ The main loop is responsible for updating the kW
MIP7050U0L   MIP7050U0L MIP7050U0L PDF Download TO223 Panasonic 01+ Core Operation With 3.3-V I/Os and Supplies2 Re
MIP7050UOL   MIP7050UOL MIP7050UOL PDF Download PANASONIC 252 HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.3 V
MIP7070UOL   MIP7070UOL MIP7070UOL PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-89-6 05+ an automatic power-down feature that significant
MIP7080U01   MIP7080U01 MIP7080U01 PDF Download 2. JA is measured in free air with the component
MIP7080U0L   MIP7080U0L MIP7080U0L PDF Download Copyright © 2003 SigmaTel, Inc. All rights
MIP7080UOL   MIP7080UOL MIP7080UOL PDF Download PAN SOT-89 05+ This data sheet has been carefully checked and i
MIP70N03A   MIP70N03A MIP70N03A PDF Download The variance in output pulse duration from devic
MIP801D   MIP801D MIP801D PDF Download PANSIONS † TI380C3x devices can be used with TI380P
MIP801REUR-T   MIP801REUR-T MIP801REUR-T PDF Download MIP TO-23 05+ Packaged in a small, 32-pin TDIP, the functional
MIP803   MIP803 MIP803 PDF Download The ISP1521 is a full hardware USB hub controlle
MIP803000L   MIP803000L MIP803000L PDF Download panasonic TSOP-10P 6+ A charge of over 2000 volts can accumulate on th
MIP804000L   MIP804000L MIP804000L PDF Download 98 The set/reset line (SR) is an asynchronous activ
MIP805   MIP805 MIP805 PDF Download PANASONI SOP-6 02+ Unique test circuitry and reprogrammable cells a
MIP8050001PH   MIP8050001PH MIP8050001PH PDF Download MAT 1998年 SSOP * Wide operating voltage range(VCC=5.0V ~ 11.0V)
MIP8050001PT   MIP8050001PT MIP8050001PT PDF Download The LM4040 utilizes fuse and zener-zap reverse b
MIP805000L   MIP805000L MIP805000L PDF Download PANASONIC TSSOP 1999 C Access to Entire Memory Map Two Multichannel B
MIP80500L   MIP80500L MIP80500L PDF Download This single-pole, double-throw, reflective switc
MIP806000L   MIP806000L MIP806000L PDF Download MIP non-inverting amplifier  1.The closed gain
MIP809000L   MIP809000L MIP809000L PDF Download MAT 02+ TXCLK is a clock output used to receive the data
MIP809LEUR   MIP809LEUR MIP809LEUR PDF Download MIP SOT23-3 05 The customer¢s voice sources are recorded s
MIP810REUR-T   MIP810REUR-T MIP810REUR-T PDF Download select the device type identifier, the function o
MIP816000L   MIP816000L MIP816000L PDF Download 01+ SSOP-10 Electrically isolated metal tab. Recommend the u
MIP824000L   MIP824000L MIP824000L PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings. Str
MIP90N03A   MIP90N03A MIP90N03A PDF Download The DEW-B device implements all necessary commun
MIPC2111P   MIPC2111P MIPC2111P PDF Download IR DIP8  SRAM • Power dissipation  
MIPC2117P   MIPC2117P MIPC2117P PDF Download IR DIP8 Description Negative reference for all voltages.
MIPC2131P   MIPC2131P MIPC2131P PDF Download IR DIP28 The active polarity of SHP/SHD (active high or a
MIPE2520D3R3   MIPE2520D3R3 MIPE2520D3R3 PDF Download Notes: 6. For in-band signals 115.2 Kb/s wher
MIPER12A   MIPER12A MIPER12A PDF Download The device can be organized as four 12-bit, two
MIPF2016D2R2M   MIPF2016D2R2M MIPF2016D2R2M PDF Download FDK Increased interconnection bandwidth can be achie
MIPF2016D2R2-PC   MIPF2016D2R2-PC MIPF2016D2R2-PC PDF Download MJCOMM The EM128L08 is an integrated memory device cont
MIPF2016D4R7   MIPF2016D4R7 MIPF2016D4R7 PDF Download Select Word 0 (D18 = 0) BitFunction D0Bridge 1
MIPF2520D2R2   MIPF2520D2R2 MIPF2520D2R2 PDF Download FDKK The AD79401 is a 14-bit, fast, low power, succes
MIPF2520D4R7   MIPF2520D4R7 MIPF2520D4R7 PDF Download 2007 byte-command sequence with Block Erase command
MIPH3226D4R7M-PS   MIPH3226D4R7M-PS MIPH3226D4R7M-PS PDF Download MIPKIT 3226 04+ Power Integrations may make changes to its produc
MIPO223SY   MIPO223SY MIPO223SY PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
MIPS-1   MIPS-1 MIPS-1 PDF Download PRC DIP 90+ Output Bit Driver Voltage Supply Ground Output
MIPT4Y1252635JXA   MIPT4Y1252635JXA MIPT4Y1252635JXA PDF Download Inspection of this figure shows that the m
MIPT-76250   MIPT-76250 MIPT-76250 PDF Download The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory
MIPW3226D2R2M-LG   MIPW3226D2R2M-LG MIPW3226D2R2M-LG PDF Download N/A Notes: 1. R1 is used to optimize the performanc
MIPWT3226D2R6Q-PS   MIPWT3226D2R6Q-PS MIPWT3226D2R6Q-PS PDF Download FDK 3226 CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
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