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SWITCHING PARAMETERS QgTotal Gate Charge QgsGate Source Charge QgdGate Drain Charge tD(on)Turn-On DelayTime trTurn-On Rise Time tD(off)Turn-Off DelayTime tfTurn-Off Fall Time trrBody Diode Reverse Recovery Time QrrBody Diode Reverse Recovery Charge
The receive section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink accepts a se- rial bit-stream from one of two PECL compatible differential line receivers and, using a completely integrated PLL Clock Synchronizer, recovers the timing information necessary for data reconstruction. The recovered bit stream is converted from NRZI to NRZ, deserialized, framed into characters, 4B/5B or 5B/6B decoded, and checked for transmission errors. The recovered 8- or 10-bit decoded characters are then written to an internal Receive FIFO, and presented to the destination host system.
HY57V56420 is offering fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive edge of the clock. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth. All input and output voltage levels are compatible with LVTTL.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
MM5000   MM5000 MM5000 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 FEATURES 225 ps Propagation Delay through the S
MM5001   MM5001 MM5001 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 The CMOS XC3000 Class of Logic Cell Array (LCA)
MM5001AH   MM5001AH MM5001AH PDF Download NS 93 As Figure 4 shows, the TVSF Polymer device is r
MM5002   MM5002 MM5002 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3   4.4 Screening (JANTX and JANTXV levels).
MM5005   MM5005 MM5005 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A − 25-ns Instruction Cycle Time (40 MHz) &#
MM5006   MM5006 MM5006 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 1: Stress above those listed under Absolute
MM5006A   MM5006A MM5006A PDF Download Bulk OK. This is a brownout protection feature.
MM5006AH   MM5006AH MM5006AH PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Description Reset the scratch pad register with
MM5006H   MM5006H MM5006H PDF Download NS CAN 02+ Description The 18:88 and 88:88 0.56" Four
MM5007   MM5007 MM5007 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
MM5010H   MM5010H MM5010H PDF Download NS 2008 The HYM71V733201 H-Series are Dual In-line Memory
MM5013   MM5013 MM5013 PDF Download NSC DIP-8 This chip, when properly assembled, displays cha
MM5013N   MM5013N MM5013N PDF Download The HCT646 consist of bus-transceiver circuits
MM5014N   MM5014N MM5014N PDF Download 0 0 DC Supply Voltage Reverse DC Supply Voltage D
MM5016   MM5016 MM5016 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A STANDARD DEFINITION MODE   Hue Accuracy &n
MM5016H   MM5016H MM5016H PDF Download NS 2008 The device is available with an access time of 7
MM5016N   MM5016N MM5016N PDF Download NSC DIP-8 This megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digita
MM5019N   MM5019N MM5019N PDF Download 0 0 Note 1 . Specifications are tested for productio
MM502   MM502 MM502 PDF Download MYSONCENTURY PLCC44 05+ FEATURES High Slew Rate: 10 V/ s Min Fast Settl
MM50-200B1-1   MM50-200B1-1 MM50-200B1-1 PDF Download Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage  IC =
MM50-200B1-1R   MM50-200B1-1R MM50-200B1-1R PDF Download   The MPX53/MPXV53GC series silicon piezores
MM50-200B1-B1R   MM50-200B1-B1R MM50-200B1-B1R PDF Download Revision PrI: Edits for readability and clarity,
MM50-200B1-E1RE   MM50-200B1-E1RE MM50-200B1-E1RE PDF Download JAE Electronics SOP 07+ This device contains two independent positive pu
MM50200B21RE   MM50200B21RE MM50200B21RE PDF Download jae jae dc06 There are dishonest and possibly illegal methods
MM5025A-330   MM5025A-330 MM5025A-330 PDF Download • Three input pins for 125 kHz LF input si
MM5025N   MM5025N MM5025N PDF Download Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b.
MM5027N   MM5027N MM5027N PDF Download NSC DIP-8 • 5 Ω switch connection between two p
MM502H   MM502H MM502H PDF Download NS CAN8pin 铁帽 金脚 88632 Configuration Programs for Field Programmable Gat
MM5034   MM5034 MM5034 PDF Download NS DIP Preliminary product information describes produc
MM5034N   MM5034N MM5034N PDF Download NS DIP 07+ This data sheet contains a variety of typical and
MM5035   MM5035 MM5035 PDF Download NS DIP Dimensions are in inches. Metric equivalents a
MM5035N   MM5035N MM5035N PDF Download NS DIP 02+ Device erasure occurs by executing the erase co
MM5036   MM5036 MM5036 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT299 contain eight edge-triggered D-t
MM5036N   MM5036N MM5036N PDF Download NS DIP Upon power-up, the synchronous enable (ES) flip-f
MM5043   MM5043 MM5043 PDF Download MOT 2008 1. Para cable coaxial 75 Ohm: Basta conectarlo
MM5044   MM5044 MM5044 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 • True Dual-Ported memory cells which allo
MM504H   MM504H MM504H PDF Download CAN8 In order to support multiple tags within the fie
MM5053H   MM5053H MM5053H PDF Download NS 2008 The AT89S2051/S4051 provides the following stand
MM5054N   MM5054N MM5054N PDF Download NS 79 temperature will exceed 125C when over-temperatur
MM5055N   MM5055N MM5055N PDF Download NS DIP Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
MM5056N   MM5056N MM5056N PDF Download NS DIP 00+ In applications using one DAC per channel, where
MM5057N   MM5057N MM5057N PDF Download 93 DIP-8 (1) Dolby Available only to licensees of Dolby L
MM5058N   MM5058N MM5058N PDF Download NS DIP8 04+ Reading and writing operations are completely as
MM5060   MM5060 MM5060 PDF Download The SSRs feature a monolithic output die that min
MM5060AA/N   MM5060AA/N MM5060AA/N PDF Download 30 NS The CD4085B types are supplied in 14-lead hermet
MM5060AA-N   MM5060AA-N MM5060AA-N PDF Download   Each device includes on a single silicon
MM5060AB/N   MM5060AB/N MM5060AB/N PDF Download NS DIP-8 A HIGH on this pin when BM is HIGH selects byte b
MM5060ACN   MM5060ACN MM5060ACN PDF Download This family of differential line receivers offer
MM5060AD/N   MM5060AD/N MM5060AD/N PDF Download 91 Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
MM5060N   MM5060N MM5060N PDF Download The T0800 is a laser diode driver for the operat
MM5061AB-N   MM5061AB-N MM5061AB-N PDF Download • Same form, fit, and function as SSTL16877
MM5062AC-N   MM5062AC-N MM5062AC-N PDF Download It is not necessary to write to all the offset r
MM50982N   MM50982N MM50982N PDF Download Similar To Industry Standard LT1033 Approved To
MM5104H   MM5104H MM5104H PDF Download Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max or Min, us
MM5117405   MM5117405 MM5117405 PDF Download NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
MM512   MM512 MM512 PDF Download 0 0 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. Al
MM512256C-07   MM512256C-07 MM512256C-07 PDF Download MC SOJ 07+   There are two limitations on the power ha
MM512256C-08   MM512256C-08 MM512256C-08 PDF Download SOJ Similar to its analog input structure, the MAX10
MM512256C-70   MM512256C-70 MM512256C-70 PDF Download N/A SOJ-28 99 LPC Bus Interface Based on Intels LPC Interface
MM512512-80   MM512512-80 MM512512-80 PDF Download SOJ-28 The MCU core is fully compatible with the indust
MM512512N-70   MM512512N-70 MM512512N-70 PDF Download 07+ Unless otherwise noted, limits printed in BOLD c
MM5126N   MM5126N MM5126N PDF Download 0 0 • Cost-effective programming changes and &
MM513   MM513 MM513 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 DMA Controller supports: 25 DMA channels for tra
MM514800CZ7   MM514800CZ7 MM514800CZ7 PDF Download Notes a. Not to exceed TPULSE = 50 ns. b. Requ
MM514800GJ7   MM514800GJ7 MM514800GJ7 PDF Download HITACHI SOJ N/A
MM516   MM516 MM516 PDF Download Hynix HYMD232726B(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
MM5189   MM5189 MM5189 PDF Download 0 0 Target Ready: As a target, this signal will be as
MM51D0041611GJ-6   MM51D0041611GJ-6 MM51D0041611GJ-6 PDF Download † Typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA = 25
MM51D0041611SJ-6   MM51D0041611SJ-6 MM51D0041611SJ-6 PDF Download MARTCA 00+ Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
MM51D0161611SP-6   MM51D0161611SP-6 MM51D0161611SP-6 PDF Download PCM Format Accepts Direct Stream Digital (1 bit)
MM51D0161611YP-6   MM51D0161611YP-6 MM51D0161611YP-6 PDF Download MARTCA 01+ OSC1, OSC2 are connected to an RC network or Crys
MM5203Q   MM5203Q MM5203Q PDF Download DIP中片 100 NS To 0.1% of full scale, data cycles from zero sca
MM52040Q   MM52040Q MM52040Q PDF Download Oscillators VCO Crystal oscillator PLL FM sig
MM5204Q   MM5204Q MM5204Q PDF Download nsc nsc dc90 A 1µF (min) capacitor from Vout to ground
MM5210VT1   MM5210VT1 MM5210VT1 PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM52116FDW-N   MM52116FDW-N MM52116FDW-N PDF Download Array Description The X9269 is comprised of a r
MM52116FDX/N   MM52116FDX/N MM52116FDX/N PDF Download  2000 Infineon Technologies Corp.
MM52116FPW/N   MM52116FPW/N MM52116FPW/N PDF Download Note 5: This IC includes overtemperature protecti
MM52116GHB/N   MM52116GHB/N MM52116GHB/N PDF Download NS The parameter tAOH indicates the system compatibi
MM52116JRF1N   MM52116JRF1N MM52116JRF1N PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
MM5213   MM5213 MM5213 PDF Download NS DIP 91+/93+ The MAX807 microprocessor (µP) supervisory
MM52132HCB/N   MM52132HCB/N MM52132HCB/N PDF Download DESCRIPTION   The RA18H1213G is a 18-watt R
MM52132HJU/N   MM52132HJU/N MM52132HJU/N PDF Download The bq2060 SBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC for batter
MM52132S   MM52132S MM52132S PDF Download SOP8 with A10 defining auto precharge) to select one
MM52164GDZ/N   MM52164GDZ/N MM52164GDZ/N PDF Download The 5-volt device is fully accessible and data c
MM52164GXQ/N   MM52164GXQ/N MM52164GXQ/N PDF Download NS 81 1. Data patterns are to have maximum run lengths
MM52164KGG/N   MM52164KGG/N MM52164KGG/N PDF Download Differential analog Inputs. With a 1.0V referenc
MM52164N   MM52164N MM52164N PDF Download Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unle
MM5220BLIN   MM5220BLIN MM5220BLIN PDF Download 3-phase rectifier bridge 3-phase short circuit
MM5230BO/J   MM5230BO/J MM5230BO/J PDF Download BUS HIGH ENABLE/STATUS: During T1 the bus high e
MM5240DTL/N   MM5240DTL/N MM5240DTL/N PDF Download • Single 3.0 V read, program, and erase &n
MM5240EJM/N   MM5240EJM/N MM5240EJM/N PDF Download NS 1. One million cycle repeatability data is based
MM5241ABL/N   MM5241ABL/N MM5241ABL/N PDF Download NS THERMAL CONSIDERATIONS   Thermal shutdown
MM525   MM525 MM525 PDF Download DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
MM5251VT1   MM5251VT1 MM5251VT1 PDF Download
MM5257J   MM5257J MM5257J PDF Download NS Operational Bandwidth Test Frequency Gain In
MM5257N   MM5257N MM5257N PDF Download NS DIP   This new series of digital transistors is
MM5257N-25   MM5257N-25 MM5257N-25 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
MM5257N-3L   MM5257N-3L MM5257N-3L PDF Download NS DIP 07+ The first bit of all commands is a Manchester 0,
MM5257N-L   MM5257N-L MM5257N-L PDF Download NS DIP 05+  Noise bypass Capacitance Cp Noise bypass c
MM5258EZYN   MM5258EZYN MM5258EZYN PDF Download Pins 3 & 7 connected See application schemat
MM5262   MM5262 MM5262 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A T510 capacitor series are suggested over many ot
MM5262D   MM5262D MM5262D PDF Download NS H00 DIP24 DQP[A:D]. In addition, the address for the subse
MM5262N   MM5262N MM5262N PDF Download NS DIP 06+   Diagnostic outputs can be continuously mo
MM5269N   MM5269N MM5269N PDF Download nsc nsc dc85 NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ab
MM5270J   MM5270J MM5270J PDF Download NS 480 This document is a general product description an
MM5271J   MM5271J MM5271J PDF Download Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184
MM5271N   MM5271N MM5271N PDF Download   The input/output differential at which th
MM528   MM528 MM528 PDF Download 07+;0206/ Both the twisted pair A (TPA) and the twisted pa
MM5280   MM5280 MM5280 PDF Download NS N/A The equivalent circuit for all digital inputs lo
MM5280D   MM5280D MM5280D PDF Download CDIP 00+ The write operation is initiated by forcing #CE a
MM5280J   MM5280J MM5280J PDF Download NS CDIP-22 10 Sec. Pulsed Drain Current, V GS @ -4.5V Cont
MM5280J-055   MM5280J-055 MM5280J-055 PDF Download Space critical applications benefit from the int
MM5280J-5   MM5280J-5 MM5280J-5 PDF Download NS Noise on the transmission media is rejected by t
MM5280JWD   MM5280JWD MM5280JWD PDF Download Add to the Interrupt Acknowledge Bus Cycles sect
MM5280J-WD   MM5280J-WD MM5280J-WD PDF Download NSC 1 High Drive External Buffer Output Enable. These
MM5280N   MM5280N MM5280N PDF Download NS DIP 05+ First stage output bias. This pin is sensitive t
MM5280N5   MM5280N5 MM5280N5 PDF Download Load strobe input for a 12-bit address/data: A h
MM5280N-5   MM5280N-5 MM5280N-5 PDF Download NS DIP 05+ Applicable to input signals: Sel100/133, Sel(A:B)
MM5290   MM5290 MM5290 PDF Download
MM5290-3   MM5290-3 MM5290-3 PDF Download On the subsequent clock rise the data lines are a
MM5290DJ-2   MM5290DJ-2 MM5290DJ-2 PDF Download NSC 330 Note 9: Junction to ambient thermal resistance fo
MM5290DJ-3   MM5290DJ-3 MM5290DJ-3 PDF Download NSC 71 Receiver data output. RDO is the received data co
MM5290GJ   MM5290GJ MM5290GJ PDF Download NS DIP * Specifications will vary with foreign st
MM5290GJ-2-MST   MM5290GJ-2-MST MM5290GJ-2-MST PDF Download NS 43 Serial Input to Strobe Set-up Time Serial Input
MM5290GJ-3-MST   MM5290GJ-3-MST MM5290GJ-3-MST PDF Download NSC 11 Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
MM5290H-3   MM5290H-3 MM5290H-3 PDF Download n/a The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drive
MM5290J   MM5290J MM5290J PDF Download These Intersil RS-485/RS-422 devices are ESD prot
MM5290J-1R   MM5290J-1R MM5290J-1R PDF Download NS . Serial Data (SDA). SDA is a bidirectional pin use
MM5290J-2   MM5290J-2 MM5290J-2 PDF Download CDIP CDIP Certain applications using semiconductor product
MM5290J-20   MM5290J-20 MM5290J-20 PDF Download NS CDIP16 91+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM5290J-25   MM5290J-25 MM5290J-25 PDF Download tPHZPropagation delay time, high-level-to-high-i
MM5290J3   MM5290J3 MM5290J3 PDF Download NSC 277 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM5290J-3   MM5290J-3 MM5290J-3 PDF Download NS DIP 05+ The MM5290J-3 combines four 10BASE-T Ethernet EN
MM5290J-3MST   MM5290J-3MST MM5290J-3MST PDF Download NS 8348+ DIP-16磁丰 1) Skew is defined as the absolute value of the
MM5290J-4   MM5290J-4 MM5290J-4 PDF Download NS CDIP-16 network as well. With XC3000-families CLBs the d
MM5290J-4J   MM5290J-4J MM5290J-4J PDF Download   The MM5290J-4J is fully 3.3V compatible a
MM5290N   MM5290N MM5290N PDF Download NS DIP 2. Samsung shall not offer for sale or sell eithe
MM5290N-2   MM5290N-2 MM5290N-2 PDF Download NS 81 The 7640 group, an enhanced family of CMOS 8-bit
MM5290N-20   MM5290N-20 MM5290N-20 PDF Download NS 04+ The NJU26108 audio interface provides industry st
MM5290N-25   MM5290N-25 MM5290N-25 PDF Download NS DIP 02+ The transient conduction of charge during and af
MM5290N3   MM5290N3 MM5290N3 PDF Download nsc nsc dc88 The ISL6401 adjustable frequency, low power, puls
MM5290N-3   MM5290N-3 MM5290N-3 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Clock Feedback Output: This pair of clock outputs
MM5290N-3MST   MM5290N-3MST MM5290N-3MST PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
MM5290N-3-MST   MM5290N-3-MST MM5290N-3-MST PDF Download NS DIP 06+ The output signal of the de-emphasis selector sw
MM5290N-4   MM5290N-4 MM5290N-4 PDF Download NS DIP 05+ The MC68SEC000 is a cost-effective static embedd
MM5298J-4B   MM5298J-4B MM5298J-4B PDF Download 美国订货 03+ This high voltage MOSFET uses an advanced termina
MM5298N-3B   MM5298N-3B MM5298N-3B PDF Download NS DIP 07+ The DS1388 I2C real-time clock (RTC), supervisor
MM529A   MM529A MM529A PDF Download 0 0 This pin is the power side of the external induc
MM53003CS   MM53003CS MM53003CS PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
MM5301-IJ   MM5301-IJ MM5301-IJ PDF Download Once the memory array is erased, the device is p
MM5303N   MM5303N MM5303N PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 96+ Notes: 2. The Fmin values are based on a set of
MM5307   MM5307 MM5307 PDF Download NS DIP 02+ OCSET Bias Current Max OCSET Set Point Under-
MM5307AA/N   MM5307AA/N MM5307AA/N PDF Download NS DIP 07+ 1) Limited by junction temperature. Pulsed curre
MM5309N   MM5309N MM5309N PDF Download NS DIP 91 QF20AA is six pack Darlington power transistor m
MM53104   MM53104 MM53104 PDF Download 75 Volt Motor Supply Voltage 29 Amp Output Switc
MM53104N   MM53104N MM53104N PDF Download
MM53105N   MM53105N MM53105N PDF Download The Hyundai HYM72V16M636AT6 Series are 16Mx64bits
MM53107N   MM53107N MM53107N PDF Download NSC DIP-8 Control Signal Input. Used to reset the system s
MM53108N   MM53108N MM53108N PDF Download 0 0 Note 4: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
MM5311   MM5311 MM5311 PDF Download   Each Hall effect digital Integrated circu
MM53110AA/N   MM53110AA/N MM53110AA/N PDF Download NSC 97 Information furnished is believed to be accurate
MM53110AA-N   MM53110AA-N MM53110AA-N PDF Download nsc nsc dc88 The EWEN/EWDS instruction will enable or disable
MM53114N   MM53114N MM53114N PDF Download
MM5311N   MM5311N MM5311N PDF Download NS 88 Devices with a date code prior to 0425 (manufactu
MM53120N   MM53120N MM53120N PDF Download NS DIP 02+ Notes: 1. VDD = 5.0 V. 2. See Thermal Consi
MM53124N   MM53124N MM53124N PDF Download Synchronous Output Enable. When HIGH, it stops cl
MM53125N   MM53125N MM53125N PDF Download NS DIP Direct interface with 5 V to 1.8 V logic levels
MM53126N   MM53126N MM53126N PDF Download NS DIP24 04+/05+/06+/07+ V2 Control Topology Hiccup Mode Overcurrent Prot
MM5312N   MM5312N MM5312N PDF Download NS DIP24 06+ The CP3SP33 connectivity processor is an advance
MM53130N   MM53130N MM53130N PDF Download NS DIP 05+ 5. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
MM53130N(TP53130N)   MM53130N(TP53130N) MM53130N(TP53130N) PDF Download CAO/ENBL (Current Amplifier Output/Chip Enable):
MM53143J   MM53143J MM53143J PDF Download NS SMD-8 Note 3 These specifications apply for VS e g15V a
MM53144J   MM53144J MM53144J PDF Download NS 02+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
MM53144N   MM53144N MM53144N PDF Download NS DIP   Module Definition 4 specifies a serial de
MM5315N   MM5315N MM5315N PDF Download NS DIP 99+ Notes:  1. Because there is no direct way
MM5316N   MM5316N MM5316N PDF Download NS • Clock   • Built-in PLL clock
MM5318N   MM5318N MM5318N PDF Download N/A DIP 06+ Two external precision resistors (RUP and RDN )
MM53190   MM53190 MM53190 PDF Download
MM53190N   MM53190N MM53190N PDF Download NS 83 • 90%+ Efficiency • Internal Short-C
MM531S   MM531S MM531S PDF Download Enables the associated DDR2 SDRAM command decoder
MM53200   MM53200 MM53200 PDF Download 2000 Each sense amp consists of 512 bytes of fast sto
MM53200N   MM53200N MM53200N PDF Download NS DIP 05+ Three Input Channels for 3D Antennas 2.8 mVPP Se
MM53206N   MM53206N MM53206N PDF Download NS DIP DIP
MM5321N   MM5321N MM5321N PDF Download NS DIP 05+   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The f
MM5330N   MM5330N MM5330N PDF Download   The IDT70261 is a high-speed 16K x 16 Dua
MM5340AAN   MM5340AAN MM5340AAN PDF Download The MM5340AAN provides for setting the full-scal
MM5341N   MM5341N MM5341N PDF Download NS QFP The 6B Series delivers sensor-to-host signal-con
MM5357BD   MM5357BD MM5357BD PDF Download NSC 59* Notes:  7. Tested initially and after any
MM5368   MM5368 MM5368 PDF Download NSC DIP8 1987 Ultrasmall (1006 size), thin (0.5mm) leadless pa
MM5368BN   MM5368BN MM5368BN PDF Download NS 06+ 500   address inputs @ 133MHz C Data input, add
MM5368N   MM5368N MM5368N PDF Download NS 91 EAOUT: Error Amplifier Output. It is also connect
MM5369   MM5369 MM5369 PDF Download The VP-1000A is an advanced CMOS LSI chip for ge
MM5369(拆机)   MM5369(拆机) MM5369(拆机) PDF Download The maximum value of the temperature coefficient
MM5369AA/M   MM5369AA/M MM5369AA/M PDF Download NSC 99 Notes: VZ is programmable from -2V to +7V. IOL
MM5369AA/N   MM5369AA/N MM5369AA/N PDF Download DIP8 DIP8 DTC provides a means of limiting the output-swit
MM5369AA1N   MM5369AA1N MM5369AA1N PDF Download NS A. These materials are intended as a reference t
MM5369EYR/N   MM5369EYR/N MM5369EYR/N PDF Download The high-resolution (HR) SHARE feature allows ev
MM5369M   MM5369M MM5369M PDF Download Sector Read With sector read, a sector address
MM5369N   MM5369N MM5369N PDF Download NS 06+ 500 The HT761X is a CMOS LSI chip designed for use in
MM5371N   MM5371N MM5371N PDF Download nsc nsc dc82 • Fully registered inputs and outputs for
MM5377N   MM5377N MM5377N PDF Download 1.2.3 Electrical Characteristics The values giv
MM5378AA/N   MM5378AA/N MM5378AA/N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Spartan series FPGAs can be used where hardware
MM5382N   MM5382N MM5382N PDF Download Differential output for the synthesizer. LVPECL
MM5385N   MM5385N MM5385N PDF Download NS 85
MM5386N   MM5386N MM5386N PDF Download NSC/F DIP8 5-mm-LED-Gehäuse (T 13/4), schwarz eingef&a
MM5387   MM5387 MM5387 PDF Download NS DIP 02+
MM5387AA/N   MM5387AA/N MM5387AA/N PDF Download NS DIP 06+ Because the PMOS device behaves as a low-value r
MM5387AAN   MM5387AAN MM5387AAN PDF Download nsc nsc dc88   Features 1) Signal amplifier is built in
MM5387AANDB   MM5387AANDB MM5387AANDB PDF Download nsc nsc dc81 Notes: Œ Repetitive rating; pulse width li
MM5387AN   MM5387AN MM5387AN PDF Download NS DIP 98 The symmetry of all waveforms can be adjusted wi
MM5387AN/N   MM5387AN/N MM5387AN/N PDF Download CPU_STOP# is an input signal used to turn off the
MM5387N   MM5387N MM5387N PDF Download NS 03+ Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratin
MM5393J   MM5393J MM5393J PDF Download NS DIP 1991 High Current Transfer Ratio, 800 % Low Input C
MM5393N   MM5393N MM5393N PDF Download Specifications contained in this data sheet are
MM5394N   MM5394N MM5394N PDF Download NS DIP Complete System Solution for interfacing SmartMe
MM5395   MM5395 MM5395 PDF Download A block erase operation erases one of the devices
MM5395N   MM5395N MM5395N PDF Download NS DIP DIP   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
MM5402   MM5402 MM5402 PDF Download NS DIP40P 90+ TapePak and TRI-STATE are registered trademarks
MM5402N   MM5402N MM5402N PDF Download NSC DIP40 98+/81+ When the Deserializer PLL locks to the embedded
MM5405   MM5405 MM5405 PDF Download NSC DIP-40 8404
MM5406J/883C   MM5406J/883C MM5406J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ This document contains proprietary and confident
MM54100D   MM54100D MM54100D PDF Download NS   Zener Breakdown Voltage: 6.2 − 47 Vo
MM5415   MM5415 MM5415 PDF Download MOT 2008 The VCELL1CVCELL4 inputs are divided down from th
MM5416   MM5416 MM5416 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Widebus  Family Operates From 1.65 V to
MM5421N   MM5421N MM5421N PDF Download NS
MM54240N   MM54240N MM54240N PDF Download NSC SOP The MM54240N operates with input supply voltage a
MM5424V   MM5424V MM5424V PDF Download
MM5430N   MM5430N MM5430N PDF Download NS DIP N/A The ballast control section consists of R18, R19,
MM5437N   MM5437N MM5437N PDF Download NS DIP8 These octal transparent D-type latches feature
MM5439N   MM5439N MM5439N PDF Download nsc nsc dc88 The I/O port of this device has a pullup current
MM5445N   MM5445N MM5445N PDF Download NS DIP-40P 8310+ • LPC Interface Flash   C SST49LF080A
MM5448N   MM5448N MM5448N PDF Download NSC SOP 80+ indicating an overcurrent fault condition has bee
MM5450   MM5450 MM5450 PDF Download NSC PLCC44 03/+04+   The IDT7200/7201/7202 are dual-port memor
MM5450B7   MM5450B7 MM5450B7 PDF Download NS • PLL clock distribution optimized for SSTL
MM5450BN   MM5450BN MM5450BN PDF Download Micrel Inc 00 Turn On Procedures Upon receiving the amplifier
MM5450BV   MM5450BV MM5450BV PDF Download Micrel Inc SOP This single mode transceiver is a Class 1 laser
MM5450BVTR   MM5450BVTR MM5450BVTR PDF Download See thermal derating curves for safe operating a
MM5450CYP   MM5450CYP MM5450CYP PDF Download The combination of narrow nonlinear range and lo
MM5450N   MM5450N MM5450N PDF Download National Semiconductor DIP 07+ Re a d y / B u s y St a t u s . I nd ic a t e s
MM5450V   MM5450V MM5450V PDF Download NSC PLCC-44 The HC173 and HCT173 high speed three-state quad
MM5450VX   MM5450VX MM5450VX PDF Download NS PLCC/44 95+ The PKA 2000 I Series DC/DC power modules are de
MM5450YN   MM5450YN MM5450YN PDF Download Micrel Inc DIP 07+ The CD54/74FCT373, 373AT, and 533 outputs are tr
MM5450YV   MM5450YV MM5450YV PDF Download Micrel Inc PLCC 9819 *Note: An in-band optical signal is a pulse/sequ
MM5450YVTR   MM5450YVTR MM5450YVTR PDF Download Reduced Threshold Voltages for LVTTL on Control
MM5451   MM5451 MM5451 PDF Download NSC PLCC44 03/+04+ As shown in the sample calibration curve shown b
MM5451BN   MM5451BN MM5451BN PDF Download Micrel Inc DIP40 94+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximu
MM5451BV   MM5451BV MM5451BV PDF Download Micrel Inc 07+ Mute facility   The SL6310 has two mute co
MM5451BVTR   MM5451BVTR MM5451BVTR PDF Download Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unle
MM5451N   MM5451N MM5451N PDF Download National Semiconductor DIP40 00+
MM5451Q   MM5451Q MM5451Q PDF Download NSC 06+   Information provided by Graychip is belie
MM5451V   MM5451V MM5451V PDF Download NS PLCC The device employs Analog Devices iCoupler tech
MM5451YN   MM5451YN MM5451YN PDF Download Micrel Inc DIP 07+ Input signals below VDE are downward expanded at
MM5451YV   MM5451YV MM5451YV PDF Download Micrel Inc PLCC44 06+07+ Notes 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings are those val
MM5451YVTR   MM5451YVTR MM5451YVTR PDF Download NOTES 1Sample tested at 25C to ensure compliance
MM5452   MM5452 MM5452 PDF Download NSC PLCC Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
MM5452N   MM5452N MM5452N PDF Download 03 The TOSHIBA MM5452N, −2 and −4 consis
MM5452N/NOPB   MM5452N/NOPB MM5452N/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor 07+ The LM236, LM336 voltage references are easier t
MM5452V   MM5452V MM5452V PDF Download NS PLCC-44 06+   This is a complete series of 1 Watt Zener
MM5452V.   MM5452V. MM5452V. PDF Download In 10BASE-T mode, the 10MHz clock is recovered u
MM5452V/NOPB   MM5452V/NOPB MM5452V/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor 07+ Information subject to change. The Microchip nam
MM5452VX   MM5452VX MM5452VX PDF Download NS PLCC 1999 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
MM5452VX/NOPB   MM5452VX/NOPB MM5452VX/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
MM5453   MM5453 MM5453 PDF Download NSC PLCC44 03/+04+ Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
MM5453N   MM5453N MM5453N PDF Download NS 01 Notes: 1. Caution: The SYSCLK frequency, PLL_CFG
MM5453N/NOPB   MM5453N/NOPB MM5453N/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor 07+ When ACK is asserted and JAM is HIGH, an active
MM5453V   MM5453V MM5453V PDF Download NS PLCC-44 02+ The 6B Series digital subsystem communication is
MM5453V.   MM5453V. MM5453V. PDF Download NS 07+ - Corrections in App. A NVM, Flash and EEPROM:
MM5453V/NOPB   MM5453V/NOPB MM5453V/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor 07+ Protection features of this controller IC include
MM5453VX   MM5453VX MM5453VX PDF Download • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
MM5453VX/NOPB   MM5453VX/NOPB MM5453VX/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor   The g-cell beams form two back-to-back ca
MM5454N   MM5454N MM5454N PDF Download Transistor Q3 and diode D1 (shown in Figure 4) c
MM5455D   MM5455D MM5455D PDF Download The UCC3961 advanced primary-side startup contro
MM5455N   MM5455N MM5455N PDF Download NS DIP 07+ Transmission Convergence Sublayer Functions &nb
MM5456   MM5456 MM5456 PDF Download Notes: (i) See Safe Operating Area curves or con
MM5456N   MM5456N MM5456N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DS1258W executes a write cycle whenever WE an
MM5457   MM5457 MM5457 PDF Download NS DIP 98+ Burst Read Accesses The CY7C1350G has an on-chip
MM5457N   MM5457N MM5457N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A All voltages are referenced to V SS = 0 V (groun
MM5458N   MM5458N MM5458N PDF Download NOTES: 1. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
MM5459   MM5459 MM5459 PDF Download   2.2.1 Specifications, standards, and hand
MM5459N   MM5459N MM5459N PDF Download NS DIP 9819   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
MM545IV   MM545IV MM545IV PDF Download After the software data protections three-byte c
MM5462N   MM5462N MM5462N PDF Download NS DIP
MM5463N   MM5463N MM5463N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Triple Voltage Regulator Output Voltage 5 V wi
MM5466N   MM5466N MM5466N PDF Download TEST LEVELS 1. Production test at room temperatu
MM5480N   MM5480N MM5480N PDF Download NS DIP 07+ AT49BV/LV001N(T) pin 1 for the DIP and PLCC pack
MM5481N   MM5481N MM5481N PDF Download NS DIP 01+ Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
MM5483B   MM5483B MM5483B PDF Download NS PLCC44 01+ Virtex devices provide better performance than p
MM5483M   MM5483M MM5483M PDF Download The IS24C64-2 is a 1.8V (1.8V-5.5V) 64K-bit (819
MM5483MS   MM5483MS MM5483MS PDF Download NSC 98 MBF2 is set LOW by a LOW-to-HIGH transition of CL
MM5483N   MM5483N MM5483N PDF Download NS 03+   Information provided by Graychip is belie
MM5483N/NOPB   MM5483N/NOPB MM5483N/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor 07+ precision LCD panel display can be assembled usin
MM5483V   MM5483V MM5483V PDF Download NS PLCC-44  ICC(Z)No load supply current, receivers di
MM5483V/NOPB   MM5483V/NOPB MM5483V/NOPB PDF Download National Semiconductor < Notice > 1. When power supply of S1T8825
MM5484   MM5484 MM5484 PDF Download Excellent ac characteristics, such as 20MHz GBW,
MM5484N   MM5484N MM5484N PDF Download NS DIP 9819 These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcei
MM5485   MM5485 MM5485 PDF Download NS . 18-bit resolution 500kHz minimum sampling rate
MM5485J/883C   MM5485J/883C MM5485J/883C PDF Download Distributor: Electro-Stock www.electrostock.com
MM5486   MM5486 MM5486 PDF Download NSC PLCC44 03/+04+ Note 5: In applications where high power dissipat
MM5486N   MM5486N MM5486N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The TLH.44.. series was developed for standard
MM5486V   MM5486V MM5486V PDF Download NS PLCC44 9648 After each 24-hour period has elapsed, the batter
MM54907J   MM54907J MM54907J PDF Download NS 00+ DESCRIPTION The EMIF06-VID01C1 is a 6 lines hig
MM54AHCT299DB   MM54AHCT299DB MM54AHCT299DB PDF Download Internal VREF Voltage. Decouple to GND with 0.1 &
MM54C00J   MM54C00J MM54C00J PDF Download NS 01+ plex and has many nodes charging and discharging
MM54C00J/883   MM54C00J/883 MM54C00J/883 PDF Download 03+ ∗1 600/600µs burst wave is transmitt
MM54C00J/883B   MM54C00J/883B MM54C00J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ *Settable gain dynamics (25 or 50dB) *Low power
MM54C00J/883C   MM54C00J/883C MM54C00J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8751   This device is a 6 channel EMI filter arr
MM54C00J883   MM54C00J883 MM54C00J883 PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
MM54C00J883C   MM54C00J883C MM54C00J883C PDF Download Low distortion operation is ensured by the high
MM54C00J883QS   MM54C00J883QS MM54C00J883QS PDF Download As is the case with the A-Series DC tachometer
MM54C00W/883C   MM54C00W/883C MM54C00W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 9213 Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND Digital
MM54C02   MM54C02 MM54C02 PDF Download NS 96+ Quad 2-Input NOR Gate
MM54C02J   MM54C02J MM54C02J PDF Download NS DESCRIPTION The SuperMESH™ series is obta
MM54C02J/883   MM54C02J/883 MM54C02J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP14 Byte Write Select Inputs, active LOW. Qualified
MM54C02J/883B   MM54C02J/883B MM54C02J/883B PDF Download NS 80+ DIP14陶瓷 The DS1249 2048k Nonvolatile SRAMs are 2,097,152
MM54C02J/883QS   MM54C02J/883QS MM54C02J/883QS PDF Download Operating voltage: 3.6V~5.0V Directly drives an
MM54C02J883   MM54C02J883 MM54C02J883 PDF Download Not 100% tested. CB = total capacitance of one b
MM54C02J883QS   MM54C02J883QS MM54C02J883QS PDF Download   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q an
MM54C02W/883C   MM54C02W/883C MM54C02W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 9207 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
MM54C04J   MM54C04J MM54C04J PDF Download NS CDIP14 Chip-Select-Not input; CSN is an active low input
MM54C04J/883   MM54C04J/883 MM54C04J/883 PDF Download NSC 2004 In addition, the ISD1000A Series has an internal
MM54C04J/883B   MM54C04J/883B MM54C04J/883B PDF Download NSC 8 Note 8: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
MM54C04J/883C   MM54C04J/883C MM54C04J/883C PDF Download DC PERFORMANCE(4) Open-Loop Voltage Gain (AOL)
MM54C04J-883B   MM54C04J-883B MM54C04J-883B PDF Download HR150 converters are designed to operate between
MM54C04J883QS   MM54C04J883QS MM54C04J883QS PDF Download Sck C The standard product is delivered with an i
MM54C04W/883C   MM54C04W/883C MM54C04W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 9026 NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
MM54C05J   MM54C05J MM54C05J PDF Download NS 98+ per Figure 5 Waveform Peak Power − Min. 15
MM54C08J   MM54C08J MM54C08J PDF Download NS 02+ The product information and the selection guides
MM54C08J/883   MM54C08J/883 MM54C08J/883 PDF Download NSC 2004 When V CC is out of tolerance, the circuit write
MM54C107/883B   MM54C107/883B MM54C107/883B PDF Download NS .   RIFA   RIFA article code   RC
MM54C107J   MM54C107J MM54C107J PDF Download CDIP may be accessed by hardware or software operatio
MM54C107J-MIL   MM54C107J-MIL MM54C107J-MIL PDF Download NS CDIP14 9204 Isolation Barrier The isolation barrier consists
MM54C10J   MM54C10J MM54C10J PDF Download NSC 2 As with any semiconductor device, some of the ch
MM54C10J/883B   MM54C10J/883B MM54C10J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
MM54C10J883B   MM54C10J883B MM54C10J883B PDF Download Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
MM54C14BJ/883B   MM54C14BJ/883B MM54C14BJ/883B PDF Download NS DIP 00+ High Voltage: Operation Up to 72V Synchronizable
MM54C14J   MM54C14J MM54C14J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A IOSShort-circuit output currentC250250mA ICCSup
MM54C14J/883   MM54C14J/883 MM54C14J/883 PDF Download NS 06+ 500 When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
MM54C14J/883B   MM54C14J/883B MM54C14J/883B PDF Download 03+ Receive Output. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V refe
MM54C14J/883C   MM54C14J/883C MM54C14J/883C PDF Download CDIP The PWP and RGE packages are available taped and
MM54C14J-MIL   MM54C14J-MIL MM54C14J-MIL PDF Download The ripple rejection values are measured with th
MM54C150J   MM54C150J MM54C150J PDF Download NS 238 CDIP/24 Bay Linear products are not authorized for and s
MM54C150J/883   MM54C150J/883 MM54C150J/883 PDF Download NS 248 CDIP/24 The EP7211 is designed for ultra-low-power appli
MM54C151J   MM54C151J MM54C151J PDF Download NS DIP-16P 82+ AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
MM54C151J/883   MM54C151J/883 MM54C151J/883 PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8249+   During power-up and power-down, or in the
MM54C151J/883B   MM54C151J/883B MM54C151J/883B PDF Download NSC 12 Unless otherwise specified, VIN = VOUT + 2V, IO
MM54C151J/883C   MM54C151J/883C MM54C151J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ Each data transfer is initiated with a Start con
MM54C151J883C   MM54C151J883C MM54C151J883C PDF Download The L4962is mountedin a 16-lead Powerdip plastic
MM54C151J883QS   MM54C151J883QS MM54C151J883QS PDF Download
MM54C154J   MM54C154J MM54C154J PDF Download Piezo-resistive pressure sensors exhibit excellen
MM54C154JMIL   MM54C154JMIL MM54C154JMIL PDF Download The AMI signal first enters a selectable fixed 20
MM54C157J   MM54C157J MM54C157J PDF Download DIP NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
MM54C157J/883B   MM54C157J/883B MM54C157J/883B PDF Download CDIP The MM54C157J/883B/MM54C157J/883B low-power, 8-bi
MM54C157J/883C   MM54C157J/883C MM54C157J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 9142 NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ab
MM54C160J   MM54C160J MM54C160J PDF Download NSC 1 Direct interface to TRIPLEX LCD Low power dissip
MM54C161J   MM54C161J MM54C161J PDF Download NSC 1   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
MM54C161J/883   MM54C161J/883 MM54C161J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16   3.1 Qualification. Microcircuits furnishe
MM54C161J883   MM54C161J883 MM54C161J883 PDF Download
MM54C163J   MM54C163J MM54C163J PDF Download NS 01+ GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJM79L00 series
MM54C163J/883C   MM54C163J/883C MM54C163J/883C PDF Download NSC 2 1. Obtaining fully specified performance from th
MM54C164J   MM54C164J MM54C164J PDF Download CDIP The Si9167 is a high-frequency synchronous dc-to
MM54C164J/883   MM54C164J/883 MM54C164J/883 PDF Download NS 01+ Hynix HYMD532M726(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
MM54C164J/883B   MM54C164J/883B MM54C164J/883B PDF Download NSC 4 minal voltage is buffered internally and also ap
MM54C164J/883C   MM54C164J/883C MM54C164J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 The MSAU300 converter is encapsulated in a low t
MM54C164J-883   MM54C164J-883 MM54C164J-883 PDF Download The LO signal is multiplexed from the selected os
MM54C165J   MM54C165J MM54C165J PDF Download MOTO Figure 4 shows the ADR512 serving as an external
MM54C165J/883   MM54C165J/883 MM54C165J/883 PDF Download NS DIP16 02+ The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2096V devi
MM54C165J/883C   MM54C165J/883C MM54C165J/883C PDF Download CDIP * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
MM54C165J883B   MM54C165J883B MM54C165J883B PDF Download Regulation is measured at constant junction temp
MM54C165JMIL   MM54C165JMIL MM54C165JMIL PDF Download Hynix HYMD232646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
MM54C173J   MM54C173J MM54C173J PDF Download   The IN74AC164 is identical in pinout to t
MM54C173J/883   MM54C173J/883 MM54C173J/883 PDF Download The HWD2119 is a mono bridged power amplifier tha
MM54C173J/883C   MM54C173J/883C MM54C173J/883C PDF Download Min. Typ Max. Min. Typ. Max. UnitsTest Conditions
MM54C174J   MM54C174J MM54C174J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM54C174J/883   MM54C174J/883 MM54C174J/883 PDF Download NS 84 The C6711/C6711B/C6711C/C6711D has a complete se
MM54C174J/883B(CD40174BMJ/883B)   MM54C174J/883B(CD40174BMJ/883B) MM54C174J/883B(CD40174BMJ/883B) PDF Download NSC 1 Notes: 1.Input & output negative-voltage rat
MM54C174J/883C   MM54C174J/883C MM54C174J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 9047   4.0 amp Input Current - max.   40 dB
MM54C174J883QS   MM54C174J883QS MM54C174J883QS PDF Download NSC 1148 CDIP/16 DESCRIPTION The HCF4094B is a monolithic integr
MM54C175J   MM54C175J MM54C175J PDF Download NS 01+ Net List: SYM=POWMOSN .SUBCKT 501N16A 10 20 30
MM54C175J/883   MM54C175J/883 MM54C175J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16 Complete support for the XC5200 family is delive
MM54C175J/883B   MM54C175J/883B MM54C175J/883B PDF Download Architectural Flexibility - Enhanced architectur
MM54C175W/883C   MM54C175W/883C MM54C175W/883C PDF Download NS SOP16 90 Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is -0.5
MM54C17J   MM54C17J MM54C17J PDF Download NS . A/D Converter (sequential conversion type) ̶
MM54C192D   MM54C192D MM54C192D PDF Download The MX98715A controller is an IEEE802.3u complia
MM54C192J   MM54C192J MM54C192J PDF Download The FSA2467 is a Quad Single Pole Double Throw (
MM54C193J   MM54C193J MM54C193J PDF Download NSC 838 CDIP Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current @TA =
MM54C193J/883   MM54C193J/883 MM54C193J/883 PDF Download NS 87 Ideal for space critical applications, the LM404
MM54C195J/883   MM54C195J/883 MM54C195J/883 PDF Download NSC 2002
MM54C195J-883   MM54C195J-883 MM54C195J-883 PDF Download Broadcom®, the pulse logo, and Connecting eve
MM54C20J   MM54C20J MM54C20J PDF Download   PARAMETERSYMBOL MIN. Average Luminous I
MM54C20J/883B   MM54C20J/883B MM54C20J/883B PDF Download NS 96+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
MM54C20W/883C   MM54C20W/883C MM54C20W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 86 To achieve proper device operation, an initial p
MM54C221J   MM54C221J MM54C221J PDF Download NS CDIP16 Asasecond-generationHOTLinkdevice,the CYP(V)15G0
MM54C221J/883   MM54C221J/883 MM54C221J/883 PDF Download CDIP   Parameter Collector-base breakdown volt
MM54C221J/883B   MM54C221J/883B MM54C221J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP16 The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
MM54C221J/883C   MM54C221J/883C MM54C221J/883C PDF Download NS DIP-16 03+   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
MM54C240J   MM54C240J MM54C240J PDF Download NS CDIP20 8528+ The CY7C4261/71/81/91V provides four status pins
MM54C2443J   MM54C2443J MM54C2443J PDF Download PWR 3.3V Analog Power pin for Core PLL   T
MM54C244J   MM54C244J MM54C244J PDF Download NS 01+
MM54C244J/883B   MM54C244J/883B MM54C244J/883B PDF Download Terminator technology provides an on-chip series
MM54C244J-MIL   MM54C244J-MIL MM54C244J-MIL PDF Download NS CDIP20 9546
MM54C30J/883B   MM54C30J/883B MM54C30J/883B PDF Download NS 04+ All DAC08 series models guarantee full 8-bit mon
MM54C30J-MIL   MM54C30J-MIL MM54C30J-MIL PDF Download Schmitt trigger input with internal pulldown (TY
MM54C30W/883C   MM54C30W/883C MM54C30W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 91/92 When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel bus inte
MM54C32J   MM54C32J MM54C32J PDF Download NS CDIP14 Schmitt-trigger inputs ( nVT = 210 mV between p
MM54C32J/883   MM54C32J/883 MM54C32J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP14 The MAX 3000A device architecture is based on th
MM54C32J/883B   MM54C32J/883B MM54C32J/883B PDF Download NS 03+ The MM54C32J/883B is a low power 10.7Gbps driver
MM54C32J/883C   MM54C32J/883C MM54C32J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 91/92 Very Low VIN(MIN): 1.5V True Current Mode Contro
MM54C373J   MM54C373J MM54C373J PDF Download NSC CDIP CDIP ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM54C373J/883   MM54C373J/883 MM54C373J/883 PDF Download NS 2007 Read-Write-Control The choice between Read or W
MM54C373J/883C   MM54C373J/883C MM54C373J/883C PDF Download NS 02+ A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
MM54C374   MM54C374 MM54C374 PDF Download NS 99+ CMOS transistor switch. Only one tap point for e
MM54C374J   MM54C374J MM54C374J PDF Download 44 NS The SPI interface uses a total of four pins: clo
MM54C374J/883   MM54C374J/883 MM54C374J/883 PDF Download NSC 95
MM54C374J/883B   MM54C374J/883B MM54C374J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP20 Chip Select : Enables or disables all inputs exce
MM54C374J/883C   MM54C374J/883C MM54C374J/883C PDF Download NS 00+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
MM54C374J/883QS   MM54C374J/883QS MM54C374J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP24 01+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
MM54C42J   MM54C42J MM54C42J PDF Download The capacitor connected to this pin sets the Cyc
MM54C42J/883   MM54C42J/883 MM54C42J/883 PDF Download N/A A short program illustrating the initialization a
MM54C42J/883B   MM54C42J/883B MM54C42J/883B PDF Download DIP CASE: Hermetically sealed axial-lead glass DO-35
MM54C48J/883B   MM54C48J/883B MM54C48J/883B PDF Download NS 01+ • Small S-mini type 6-pin package • No
MM54C573J   MM54C573J MM54C573J PDF Download CDIP The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
MM54C73J   MM54C73J MM54C73J PDF Download Host Bus Address Bit [15:1] : In 32 bit mode, H1
MM54C73J/883B   MM54C73J/883B MM54C73J/883B PDF Download NS The operation mode of the M5M51008C series are d
MM54C74J   MM54C74J MM54C74J PDF Download NS CDIP Conversion Time: CNV Rising Edge to Data Availab
MM54C74J/883   MM54C74J/883 MM54C74J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP14 • 1.15 (29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
MM54C74J/883B   MM54C74J/883B MM54C74J/883B PDF Download NS 00+   The HDB3 Decoder is responsible for decod
MM54C74J/883C   MM54C74J/883C MM54C74J/883C PDF Download 29 NS  TAOperating free-air temperature070_C NOTE
MM54C74W/883C   MM54C74W/883C MM54C74W/883C PDF Download NS SOP14 90/92 NOTES: 1. Typical values are at VCC = 3.3V, +25
MM54C76J   MM54C76J MM54C76J PDF Download NS CDIP 02+ Arbitrary trigger levels for receiver and transm
MM54C76J/883B   MM54C76J/883B MM54C76J/883B PDF Download NSC 2 Note 2: The algebraic convention, where the most
MM54C83J   MM54C83J MM54C83J PDF Download NS CDIP 02+ IrDA Data Features • Fully compliant to Ir
MM54C83W/883C   MM54C83W/883C MM54C83W/883C PDF Download The control inputs UC and DC are active low input
MM54C85J   MM54C85J MM54C85J PDF Download NS 01+ The MM54C85J is a high-performance electrically
MM54C85J/883C   MM54C85J/883C MM54C85J/883C PDF Download CDIP LITERATURE FULFILLMENT:  Literature Distrib
MM54C86J   MM54C86J MM54C86J PDF Download Fast, high-density Field-Programmable Gate Array
MM54C89J   MM54C89J MM54C89J PDF Download During the rise and fall time interval when swit
MM54C89J/883   MM54C89J/883 MM54C89J/883 PDF Download CDIP The transmit section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink can
MM54C89J/883B   MM54C89J/883B MM54C89J/883B PDF Download NSC 1 Notes:   12341. Solder pads must not be pe
MM54C901/883   MM54C901/883 MM54C901/883 PDF Download The device is organized as a 12-bit or 24-bit bu
MM54C901J   MM54C901J MM54C901J PDF Download CDIP The ISL6526 makes simple work out of implementing
MM54C901J/883   MM54C901J/883 MM54C901J/883 PDF Download CDIP The FS6282 is a monolithic CMOS clock generator I
MM54C901J/883B   MM54C901J/883B MM54C901J/883B PDF Download NS DIP-14P 8351+ Note 4: Absolute maximum ratings are limits beyon
MM54C901J/883C   MM54C901J/883C MM54C901J/883C PDF Download   Except for the position of the carrier in
MM54C9027J/883B   MM54C9027J/883B MM54C9027J/883B PDF Download The HAL 805 features a temperature-compensated
MM54C902J   MM54C902J MM54C902J PDF Download NS 00+ Automatic backup and write protection of an exte
MM54C902J/883   MM54C902J/883 MM54C902J/883 PDF Download 03+ The MAX1790/MAX8715 boost converters incorporate
MM54C902J/883B   MM54C902J/883B MM54C902J/883B PDF Download NS DIP-14P 8413+ Applying loads outside of the specified output r
MM54C905J/883B   MM54C905J/883B MM54C905J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A op amp. The VCM node shown in the drawing is the
MM54C905J883C   MM54C905J883C MM54C905J883C PDF Download Pin Compatible with IRFT001 P and N Channel MOSF
MM54C906J   MM54C906J MM54C906J PDF Download NS CDIP14 Output drive power down C An active low signal t
MM54C906J/883   MM54C906J/883 MM54C906J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
MM54C906J/883B   MM54C906J/883B MM54C906J/883B PDF Download NS CDIP-14 Hynix HYMD564G726(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
MM54C906J/883C   MM54C906J/883C MM54C906J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A RFR6000 Device Features • Compatibility wi
MM54C906J/883QS   MM54C906J/883QS MM54C906J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP14 Active Connection to Remote Node Power-Down Feat
MM54C906J-883B   MM54C906J-883B MM54C906J-883B PDF Download NS 06+ 500 FF/IR and AF are synchronized to the port clock
MM54C907J   MM54C907J MM54C907J PDF Download Hardware Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware m
MM54C907J/883B   MM54C907J/883B MM54C907J/883B PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The bq2014 recognizes a valid battery whenever VS
MM54C909J   MM54C909J MM54C909J PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The EB-2100x is an all-digital amplifier evaluat
MM54C90J   MM54C90J MM54C90J PDF Download Bidirectional Bus Transceivers in High-Density 2
MM54C914J   MM54C914J MM54C914J PDF Download NS DIP
MM54C914J/883   MM54C914J/883 MM54C914J/883 PDF Download drivers to drive either 3.3V or 2.5V output leve
MM54C914J/883C   MM54C914J/883C MM54C914J/883C PDF Download NS (LX)high-frequency range in compliance with present and future appl
MM54C914J/883QS   MM54C914J/883QS MM54C914J/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP14 9725+ This equipment has been tested and found to comp
MM54C914W/883QS   MM54C914W/883QS MM54C914W/883QS PDF Download 9549 NS 3 The HEF4049B provides six inverting buffers with
MM54C915J   MM54C915J MM54C915J PDF Download DIP NEC 01+ All rights reserved. Copyright 2001, 2003 Elm El
MM54C922J   MM54C922J MM54C922J PDF Download NSC 0038+ Combined enable and digital output voltage progra
MM54C922J/883   MM54C922J/883 MM54C922J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 00+ Unlike other devices, the error amplifier in the
MM54C922J/883B   MM54C922J/883B MM54C922J/883B PDF Download NS 00+ READ CLOCK (RCLK)   Data can be read on the
MM54C922J/883C   MM54C922J/883C MM54C922J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP18 8811 NOTES:   1. For a loaded output the measure
MM54C922J/883QS   MM54C922J/883QS MM54C922J/883QS PDF Download NS DIP NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
MM54C923J   MM54C923J MM54C923J PDF Download NS 98+ The 5B series modules and backplanes have been t
MM54C923J/883B   MM54C923J/883B MM54C923J/883B PDF Download CDIP The MM54C923J/883BB/4072B and 4075B (extended te
MM54C923J/883C   MM54C923J/883C MM54C923J/883C PDF Download NS* DIP 8514 sense input from key matrix system mode select
MM54C923J-MIL   MM54C923J-MIL MM54C923J-MIL PDF Download TI CDIP20 N/A 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology Typical tSK(o) (Outpu
MM54C923J-ML   MM54C923J-ML MM54C923J-ML PDF Download NS CDIP Notes: 1. Junction capacitance is determined by
MM54C929AJ   MM54C929AJ MM54C929AJ PDF Download NS DIP 04+ Decoupling capacitors of 0.01 µF should be
MM54C929AJ-1   MM54C929AJ-1 MM54C929AJ-1 PDF Download NS DIP 04+   The MSK 4220 is a complete H-Bridge circu
MM54C929AJ-2   MM54C929AJ-2 MM54C929AJ-2 PDF Download NS DIP 04+
MM54C929J   MM54C929J MM54C929J PDF Download NS DIP 04+ The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are Dual In-line Me
MM54C929J-1   MM54C929J-1 MM54C929J-1 PDF Download NS DIP 04+  C 16-bit CPU with 4-stage pipeline  C
MM54C929J-2   MM54C929J-2 MM54C929J-2 PDF Download NS DIP 04+ Current source output #1 Current source output #
MM54C93J   MM54C93J MM54C93J PDF Download NSC 858 CDIP/14 Vcc = 2.3~2.7V, TA = 0C to 70C / -40C to 85C (I),
MM54C948J   MM54C948J MM54C948J PDF Download NS DIP40 In addition to the standard output configuration
MM54C9905J   MM54C9905J MM54C9905J PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
MM54COOJ/883C   MM54COOJ/883C MM54COOJ/883C PDF Download This pin sets the internal signal gain at the in
MM54H123J   MM54H123J MM54H123J PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+ Internal PWM current control. Each pair of output
MM54H139J   MM54H139J MM54H139J PDF Download NS 01+ (< 50 mA in Sleep Mode) LIN−Bus Transce
MM54HC00A   MM54HC00A MM54HC00A PDF Download The bq4802Y/bq4802LY contains a temperature- co
MM54HC00E/883C   MM54HC00E/883C MM54HC00E/883C PDF Download NS LCC20 90 The chip embeds IEEE 802.3 MAC functions for eac
MM54HC00J   MM54HC00J MM54HC00J PDF Download 84 AC Types Feature 1.5-V to 5.5-V Operation and Ba
MM54HC00J/883C   MM54HC00J/883C MM54HC00J/883C PDF Download NS 03+ Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series is designed fo
MM54HC02E/883   MM54HC02E/883 MM54HC02E/883 PDF Download NS LCC20 9127   C Single Cycle Reprogram (Erase and Progr
MM54HC02J   MM54HC02J MM54HC02J PDF Download CDIP • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
MM54HC02J/883C   MM54HC02J/883C MM54HC02J/883C PDF Download NS 01+ The magnetic field changes are sensed by t
MM54HC03J/883   MM54HC03J/883 MM54HC03J/883 PDF Download (2) The technical information described in this
MM54HC04E/883   MM54HC04E/883 MM54HC04E/883 PDF Download TI LCC20 9130 Receive Clock Tri-statable. The falling edge of t
MM54HC04J   MM54HC04J MM54HC04J PDF Download NS 00+ 16-Channel Single-Ended or 8-Channel Differential
MM54HC04J/883C   MM54HC04J/883C MM54HC04J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 8903+ A read cycle is accomplished by asserting output
MM54HC04W/883C   MM54HC04W/883C MM54HC04W/883C PDF Download 9006 NS 1 The DPL 4519G receives its incoming data via hig
MM54HC08E/883C   MM54HC08E/883C MM54HC08E/883C PDF Download NS LCC20 9032 Note 5: TJ is calculated from the ambient TA and
MM54HC08J   MM54HC08J MM54HC08J PDF Download NS 02+ Gate drive output for external N-channel. The GAT
MM54HC08J/883   MM54HC08J/883 MM54HC08J/883 PDF Download CDIP Transmit analog input and transmit level adjustme
MM54HC08J/883C   MM54HC08J/883C MM54HC08J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 Agilents HSMS-286x family of DC biased detector
MM54HC107J/883C   MM54HC107J/883C MM54HC107J/883C PDF Download Sorry about that! The thing to remember is that
MM54HC109J   MM54HC109J MM54HC109J PDF Download 陶瓷DIP 03+   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
MM54HC109J/883C   MM54HC109J/883C MM54HC109J/883C PDF Download NS 02+ Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
MM54HC109W/883C   MM54HC109W/883C MM54HC109W/883C PDF Download 9005 NS 1 The Sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage trigger
MM54HC10E/883   MM54HC10E/883 MM54HC10E/883 PDF Download NS LCC20 9127 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
MM54HC10J   MM54HC10J MM54HC10J PDF Download NSC 6 regard to the supply voltage. This device can be
MM54HC10J(MC54HC10J)   MM54HC10J(MC54HC10J) MM54HC10J(MC54HC10J) PDF Download An on-chip state machine controls the program an
MM54HC10J/883C   MM54HC10J/883C MM54HC10J/883C PDF Download NS 02+ Isolation in Power-Down Mode, V+ = 0 Specified B
MM54HC112J   MM54HC112J MM54HC112J PDF Download NS CDIP16 83-84+
MM54HC11J/883C   MM54HC11J/883C MM54HC11J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP14 88 Note 2: Electrical Table values apply only for fa
MM54HC123A/883C   MM54HC123A/883C MM54HC123A/883C PDF Download CDIP An on-chip oscillator eliminates the need for an
MM54HC123AJ   MM54HC123AJ MM54HC123AJ PDF Download NS Notes: (1) For optimal linearity performance, t
MM54HC123AJ/883   MM54HC123AJ/883 MM54HC123AJ/883 PDF Download NS DIP N/A The READY pin is available as an open-collector
MM54HC123AJ/883C   MM54HC123AJ/883C MM54HC123AJ/883C PDF Download NS 03+ Flexible control options for power management ar
MM54HC123AJ/883QS   MM54HC123AJ/883QS MM54HC123AJ/883QS PDF Download NS CDIP16 9447 As you can see, neither the software nor the hard
MM54HC123J   MM54HC123J MM54HC123J PDF Download MOT CDIP16 0211+ levels. Its gain is approx. 23.5dB. Gain can be
MM54HC125J   MM54HC125J MM54HC125J PDF Download NS 85+ DIP The UCC3961 advanced primary-side startup contro
MM54HC125J(MC54HC125J)   MM54HC125J(MC54HC125J) MM54HC125J(MC54HC125J) PDF Download Notes: 3. Not measured 100% in production. 4.
MM54HC125J/883C   MM54HC125J/883C MM54HC125J/883C PDF Download NS DIP 00+ Note 2: The power MOSFETs can run on a separate 1
MM54HC126J   MM54HC126J MM54HC126J PDF Download NS 96+ Each Big Fast Megablock has 24 I/O cells. The Gl
MM54HC126J/883   MM54HC126J/883 MM54HC126J/883 PDF Download NS 02+
MM54HC132AJ/883C   MM54HC132AJ/883C MM54HC132AJ/883C PDF Download NS 98+ The individual DAC serial input data bit shifts
MM54HC132E   MM54HC132E MM54HC132E PDF Download ON-CHIP VOLTAGE REFERENCE Output Voltage Power-
MM54HC132J   MM54HC132J MM54HC132J PDF Download NS 01+ * All specs and applications shown above subject
MM54HC138J   MM54HC138J MM54HC138J PDF Download NS 00+ The 221 and LS221 devices are dual multivibrato
MM54HC138J/883   MM54HC138J/883 MM54HC138J/883 PDF Download NS CDIP16 Output Capacitors: The PT6700 series requires a m
MM54HC138J/883C   MM54HC138J/883C MM54HC138J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8818  AC97 3D audio controller  Fast PCI AT
MM54HC138W/883C   MM54HC138W/883C MM54HC138W/883C PDF Download 8936 NS 1 HOLD ACKNOWLEDGE: The active high Hold Acknowled
MM54HC139J/883   MM54HC139J/883 MM54HC139J/883 PDF Download NS 03+ NOTES 1. Pin 5 has an internal pull-up and may b
MM54HC139J/883C   MM54HC139J/883C MM54HC139J/883C PDF Download NS CDIP16 8945 Low inductance RF/DC ground connection required b
MM54HC147J   MM54HC147J MM54HC147J PDF Download NS DIP-16P 8326+ The 4083C makes use of an Elantec fully complime
MM54HC14J   MM54HC14J MM54HC14J PDF Download   Information present at any register is t
MM54HC14J/883   MM54HC14J/883 MM54HC14J/883 PDF Download NSC DIP 2000   The 370C/W assumes the use of the recommen
MM54HC14J/883B   MM54HC14J/883B MM54HC14J/883B PDF Download NS 02+   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
MM54HC14J/883C   MM54HC14J/883C MM54HC14J/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A