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NOTES: (1) Junction Temperature = Ambient Temperature for low temperature limit and 25C guaranteed specifications. Junction Temperature = Ambient Temperature + 23C at high temperature limit guaranteed specifications. (2) TEST LEVELS: (A) 100% tested at 25C. Over temperature limits by characterization and simulation. (B) Limits set by characterization and simulation. (C) Typical value for information only. (3) Current is considered positive out of node. (4) CMIR tested as < 3dB degradation from minimum CMRR at specified limits. (5) I VH (VH bias current) is positive, and IVL (VL bias current) is negative, under these conditions. See Note 3 and Figures 1 and 7. (6) Limiter feedthrough is the ratio of the output magnitude to the sinewave added to V H (or VL) when VIN = 0. (7) VH slew rate conditions are: V IN = +0.7V, G = +6, VL = C2V, VH = step between 2V and 0V. VL slew rate conditions are similar. (8) Linearity Guardband is defined for an output sinusoid (f = 1MHz, VO = 2Vpp) centered between the limiter levels (VH and VL). It is the difference between the limiter level and the peak output voltage where SFDR decreases by 3dB (see Figure 8).
The bq2050 internally determines the temperature in 10C steps centered from approximately -35C to +85C. The temperature steps are used to adapt charge and dis- charge rate compensations, self-discharge counting, and available charge display translation. The temperature range is available over the serial port in 10C incre- ments as shown in the following table:
The MPF155 is designed to replace a single SO- 8 FLMP MOSFET and Schottky diode in synchronous DC:DC power supplies. This 30V MOSFET is designed to maximize power conversion efficiency, providing a low RDS(ON) and low gate charge. The MPF155 includes an integrated Schottky diode using Fairchilds monolithic SyncFET technology. The performance of the MPF155 as the low-side switch in a synchronous rectifier is close to the performance of the FDS7066N3 in parallel with a Schottky diode.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
MPF1010   MPF1010 MPF1010 PDF Download MOT CAN The HPC46400E is an upgraded HPC16400 Features h
MPF102   MPF102 MPF102 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 03+ These octal D-type edge-triggered flip-flops fe
MPF102(D27Z)   MPF102(D27Z) MPF102(D27Z) PDF Download   Figure 1 shows the proper connection of t
MPF102G   MPF102G MPF102G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ The AD5383 is a complete, single-supply, 32-chan
MPF102LF   MPF102LF MPF102LF PDF Download   The adjustable output device has an output
MPF104   MPF104 MPF104 PDF Download MOT CAN SWITCHING PERFORMANCE  Maximum Conversion R
MPF104K550AC   MPF104K550AC MPF104K550AC PDF Download   Designed for general purpose amplifier an
MPF106   MPF106 MPF106 PDF Download MOT CAN4 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
MPF107   MPF107 MPF107 PDF Download MOT CAN4 Samsung products are not designed, intended, or
MPF108   MPF108 MPF108 PDF Download MOT 铁帽-3P The CS8920A has a direct ISA-bus interface with
MPF10K40QC208   MPF10K40QC208 MPF10K40QC208 PDF Download ALTERA 05-07+ Note 1: To overdrive the +5V/+12V/+15V comparator
MPF10K40QC208AA   MPF10K40QC208AA MPF10K40QC208AA PDF Download ALTERA QFP 05+ In gaming applications where the game or control
MPF10K50EFI256AA   MPF10K50EFI256AA MPF10K50EFI256AA PDF Download The RTC Registers are double-buffered into an in
MPF112   MPF112 MPF112 PDF Download Motorola n/a * The Toshiba products listed in this document ar
MPF113   MPF113 MPF113 PDF Download MOT CAN The SC16C554B/554DB is pin compatible with the S
MPF114   MPF114 MPF114 PDF Download MOT CAN * Specifications will vary with foreign st
MPF115   MPF115 MPF115 PDF Download MOT CAN The triangular wave generator is a dc stabilized
MPF116   MPF116 MPF116 PDF Download MOT CAN The MPF116 is designed for asynchronous communic
MPF117   MPF117 MPF117 PDF Download MOT CAN   Measured on two outputs differentially as
MPF118   MPF118 MPF118 PDF Download MOT CAN Table 2 shows the maximum number of user I/Os av
MPF119   MPF119 MPF119 PDF Download MOT CAN Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connectio
MPF120   MPF120 MPF120 PDF Download MOT CAN When the SX2 detects a USB Reset condition on the
MPF121   MPF121 MPF121 PDF Download MOT CAN Applications include point-to-point (single term
MPF122   MPF122 MPF122 PDF Download MOT CAN Data written to the DS1267 over the 3-wire serial
MPF151   MPF151 MPF151 PDF Download MOT CAN VINMAX = Maximum input voltage (V) VOUT = Outpu
MPF152   MPF152 MPF152 PDF Download CAN 99+ • Programmable Switch Mode Controller modu
MPF153   MPF153 MPF153 PDF Download CAN 99+ Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series is registered
MPF154   MPF154 MPF154 PDF Download CAN 99+ • Generates 5 Regulated Voltages   -
MPF155   MPF155 MPF155 PDF Download CAN 99+
MPF156   MPF156 MPF156 PDF Download CAN 99+ • Synchronous Operation. • On-Chip A
MPF161   MPF161 MPF161 PDF Download DSI n/a tolerance voltage regulation. Through the use of
MPF201   MPF201 MPF201 PDF Download MOT CAN DESCRIPTION The ULQ2001A, ULQ2002A, ULQ2003 and
MPF202   MPF202 MPF202 PDF Download MOT CAN Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
MPF203   MPF203 MPF203 PDF Download MOT CAN the next cycle. For conditional or multifunction
MPF208   MPF208 MPF208 PDF Download MOT CAN 20 to 85 MHZ shift clock support 50% duty cycl
MPF209   MPF209 MPF209 PDF Download MOT CAN NOTES:   1. Terminal 1, emitter; terminal
MPF211   MPF211 MPF211 PDF Download MOT CAN 1. Optical switch 2. Light detecting portion of
MPF212   MPF212 MPF212 PDF Download MOT CAN 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX IEEE-802.3 compliant TX and
MPF213   MPF213 MPF213 PDF Download MOT CAN The transmitter is an inverting level translator
MPF240D4   MPF240D4 MPF240D4 PDF Download Crydom Co. The Discrete Products Operation of Intersil has
MPF240D4R   MPF240D4R MPF240D4R PDF Download Crydom Co. The overcurrent limit circuit of this IC is desig
MPF2608   MPF2608 MPF2608 PDF Download MOT CAN Each data transfer is initiated with a start cond
MPF29EE010-90-4C-PH   MPF29EE010-90-4C-PH MPF29EE010-90-4C-PH PDF Download SST 99+ Analog Section The MPF29EE010-90-4C-PH is an 8-
MPF3821   MPF3821 MPF3821 PDF Download MOT CAN TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
MPF3970   MPF3970 MPF3970 PDF Download MOT CAN A 400 Ω resistor in series with the input p
MPF3972   MPF3972 MPF3972 PDF Download MOT CAN The IR2130/IR2132(J)(S) is a high voltage, high
MPF39F020   MPF39F020 MPF39F020 PDF Download The 2 series of decoders are capable of decod-
MPF39SF010   MPF39SF010 MPF39SF010 PDF Download SST n/a Case Operating Temperature Supply Voltage Posit
MPF39SF010-90-4C-NH   MPF39SF010-90-4C-NH MPF39SF010-90-4C-NH PDF Download N/A PLCC 03+ These full reels are individually labeled and pl
MPF39SF020-70-4C-PH   MPF39SF020-70-4C-PH MPF39SF020-70-4C-PH PDF Download SST 00+
MPF39SF020-90-4C-NH   MPF39SF020-90-4C-NH MPF39SF020-90-4C-NH PDF Download SST PLCC The MDU28C relies on a stable power supply to pr
MPF39SF020-90-4C-PH   MPF39SF020-90-4C-PH MPF39SF020-90-4C-PH PDF Download SST DIP The 2K EEPROM devices all require an 8-bit device
MPF39SF020A70-4C-NH   MPF39SF020A70-4C-NH MPF39SF020A70-4C-NH PDF Download   The IDT70V3319/99 is a high-speed 256/128
MPF39SF040-70-4C-NH   MPF39SF040-70-4C-NH MPF39SF040-70-4C-NH PDF Download SST 2003 drop over the input signal source resistances R
MPF39SF512   MPF39SF512 MPF39SF512 PDF Download SST 01+ Relative Accuracy: 1 LSB Max Differential Nonlin
MPF39SF512-70-4C-NH   MPF39SF512-70-4C-NH MPF39SF512-70-4C-NH PDF Download Hynix HYMD232646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
MPF39VF010   MPF39VF010 MPF39VF010 PDF Download SST QFP-32 03+ (1) The PWP package is available taped and reele
MPF39VF010-70-4C-NH   MPF39VF010-70-4C-NH MPF39VF010-70-4C-NH PDF Download SST PLCC 00+ This presumes that the ambient air temperature i
MPF39VF010904CNH   MPF39VF010904CNH MPF39VF010904CNH PDF Download SST PLCC 02+ The status of each address/data pin can be indi-
MPF39VF020   MPF39VF020 MPF39VF020 PDF Download N/A N/A 03+ Isolated & Non-Isolated Hermetic Packages O
MPF39VF020-70-4C-NH   MPF39VF020-70-4C-NH MPF39VF020-70-4C-NH PDF Download SST 99+ This IC will be restored to the initial conditio
MPF39VF020-90-4C-NH   MPF39VF020-90-4C-NH MPF39VF020-90-4C-NH PDF Download SST PLCC 9939 The MPF39VF020-90-4C-NH PC Card power-interface
MPF39VF040   MPF39VF040 MPF39VF040 PDF Download N/A N/A 03+ All parameters measured at fMAX unless noted oth
MPF39VF040-70-4C-MH   MPF39VF040-70-4C-MH MPF39VF040-70-4C-MH PDF Download To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage betw
MPF39VF040-90-4C-NH   MPF39VF040-90-4C-NH MPF39VF040-90-4C-NH PDF Download The MPF39VF040-90-4C-NH is a general purpose gai
MPF39VF512   MPF39VF512 MPF39VF512 PDF Download N/A N/A 03+ Circuit Board Material: .014 Getek, 4 - layer, 1
MPF39VF512-70-4C-NH   MPF39VF512-70-4C-NH MPF39VF512-70-4C-NH PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is register
MPF39VF512-90-4C-NH   MPF39VF512-90-4C-NH MPF39VF512-90-4C-NH PDF Download SILI PLCC  Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Thr
MPF4091   MPF4091 MPF4091 PDF Download MOT CAN Notes: 1. This parameter is guaranteed but not
MPF4092   MPF4092 MPF4092 PDF Download MOT CAN The HC688 and HCT688 are 8-bit magnitude compara
MPF4093   MPF4093 MPF4093 PDF Download MOT CAN The logic control inputs can be driven up to +3.
MPF4117   MPF4117 MPF4117 PDF Download MOT CAN The MPF4117 has a 2Vp-p differential input range
MPF4119   MPF4119 MPF4119 PDF Download MOT CAN The CD4518B and CD4520B types are supplied in 16
MPF4220   MPF4220 MPF4220 PDF Download MOT CAN allowing for actual tester RC time constant. 7.
MPF4221   MPF4221 MPF4221 PDF Download MOT CAN Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
MPF4222   MPF4222 MPF4222 PDF Download MOT CAN Logic 1 Voltage Logic 0 Voltage Logic 1 Current
MPF4223   MPF4223 MPF4223 PDF Download MOT CAN The output drivers in the HIP6602B have the capac
MPF4339   MPF4339 MPF4339 PDF Download MOT CAN Chopper-Stabilization Technique. A limiting fact
MPF4391   MPF4391 MPF4391 PDF Download TO-92 MOTO 03+ Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
MPF4391RLRA   MPF4391RLRA MPF4391RLRA PDF Download Port 0: Is an 8-bit open drain bi-directional I
MPF4392   MPF4392 MPF4392 PDF Download ON Semiconductor CAN 04+   These power modules are a series of high
MPF4392G   MPF4392G MPF4392G PDF Download ON Semiconductor It is further proposed that the existing "t
MPF4393   MPF4393 MPF4393 PDF Download ON Semiconductor n/a 2. Force IDL Transmit   This enhancement i
MPF4393G   MPF4393G MPF4393G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The CY7B993V/994V have a flexible REF and FB inp
MPF4393RL1   MPF4393RL1 MPF4393RL1 PDF Download MOT TO-92 99+ 1. Small size and light weight For space saving
MPF4393RLRPG   MPF4393RLRPG MPF4393RLRPG PDF Download ON Semiconductor   These power modules are a series of high
MPF4416   MPF4416 MPF4416 PDF Download Indust. standard 06+ 2. Memory Address Expansion The VP-1000A's inter
MPF4416A   MPF4416A MPF4416A PDF Download CAN 99+ Note: 1. Except for the rating Operating Temperat
MPF4856   MPF4856 MPF4856 PDF Download ON TO-92 technology. It is ideal for low power and high
MPF4856RLRA   MPF4856RLRA MPF4856RLRA PDF Download Maxim has recently introduced four devices with
MPF4859   MPF4859 MPF4859 PDF Download MOT CAN Any existing analog speaker set can easily be u
MPF4860   MPF4860 MPF4860 PDF Download MOT CAN VID Inputs. Determines the output voltage via the
MPF4861   MPF4861 MPF4861 PDF Download MOT CAN The CD54AC193/3A and CD54ACT193/3A are up/down
MPF6659   MPF6659 MPF6659 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 An HDLC transceiver is included on the SNIC for l
MPF6659RLRA   MPF6659RLRA MPF6659RLRA PDF Download • Eight transceivers of 10BASE-T/100BASE-T
MPF6660   MPF6660 MPF6660 PDF Download MOT CAN3 05+ If the voltage on the output pin rises above the
MPF6661   MPF6661 MPF6661 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 Similar To Industry Standard LT1085 Approved To
MPF684K550AC   MPF684K550AC MPF684K550AC PDF Download SDRAM read and write accesses are burst oriented
MPF8452AQC160AC   MPF8452AQC160AC MPF8452AQC160AC PDF Download ALTERA QFP 512 (V) x 2048 (H)7.17 mm (V) x 28.67 mm (H)AA1
MPF8820AQC208AB   MPF8820AQC208AB MPF8820AQC208AB PDF Download QFP Output Stages Operate Antiphase Reducing Input C
MPF89   MPF89 MPF89 PDF Download 袋装 The IRPT1053A PowIRtrain (Figure 3) provides the
MPF89ZL1   MPF89ZL1 MPF89ZL1 PDF Download − Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 118dB −
MPF910   MPF910 MPF910 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN3 Connect to the gate of the external N-Channel MOS
MPF9200   MPF9200 MPF9200 PDF Download (Multiple winds are connected in parallel) Indu
MPF930   MPF930 MPF930 PDF Download MOT SMD 2000+ An external Protection Circuit Device assists in
MPF930A   MPF930A MPF930A PDF Download Command Line Editing - The backspace can be used
MPF960   MPF960 MPF960 PDF Download MOT CAN3 03+ * All MC145026 devices manufactured after date c
MPF960RLRA   MPF960RLRA MPF960RLRA PDF Download Stresses greater than those listed above may caus
MPF970   MPF970 MPF970 PDF Download Indust. standard 06+ In actual application, Lock detection time (Ton)
MPF970T   MPF970T MPF970T PDF Download Short Circuit Current Switching Frequency Stand
MPF971   MPF971 MPF971 PDF Download Motorola n/a Thus when the voltage across the inductor is pos
MPF990   MPF990 MPF990 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN 03+ The LTC®6900 is a precision, low power oscill
MPF990RLRP   MPF990RLRP MPF990RLRP PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
MPFF80DSGSNIL   MPFF80DSGSNIL MPFF80DSGSNIL PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
MPFG4391   MPFG4391 MPFG4391 PDF Download
MPFG4392   MPFG4392 MPFG4392 PDF Download The high-current-output drivers consist of MOSFE
MPFG4393   MPFG4393 MPFG4393 PDF Download   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from
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