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The APA4863 also served well in low-voltage appli- cations , which provides 750mW (1% THD+N) per channel into 4Ω loads with a 3.3V supply voltage . Both of the depop circuitry and the thermal shutdown protection circuitry are integrated in the APA4863 , that reduces pops and clicks noise during power up and when using the shutdown mode and protects the chip from being destroyed by over-temperature fail- ure . To simplify the audio system design in note- book computer applications , the APA4863 combines a stereo bridge-tied loads mode for speaker drive and a stereo single-end mode for headphone drive into a single chip , where both modes are easily switched by the HP-IN input control pin signal . For power sen- sitive applications , the APA4863 also features a shut- down function which keeps the supply current only 0.5 µA (typ.) .
NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause   permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation   of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational   sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating   conditions for extended periods may affect reliability. 2. VDDQ and VDD internally operate independently. No power sequencing requirements   need to be met. 3. Not to exceed 3.6V.
The NB700053B provides directional, braking, and enable interfaces from the controller I.C. (pins 32, 24 and 25, respectively). The module also allows the user to externally set the pulse width modulation (PWW) frequency (pin21) as well as the pulse width from the Closed Loop Brushless Motor Adapter (pin 34). This allows a common module to be used in many applications.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
NB700053B   NB700053B NB700053B PDF Download SIEMENS 05+ • 2.7VC3.6V operation • CMOS for opt
NB7124H   NB7124H NB7124H PDF Download FUJ SMD 91 4 channel 10-bit resolution A/D conversion ti
NB7232   NB7232 NB7232 PDF Download   The MAX3873A successfully meets the quali
NB7430   NB7430 NB7430 PDF Download
NB7460-P01   NB7460-P01 NB7460-P01 PDF Download SWC NEW 03+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
NB7465-P01   NB7465-P01 NB7465-P01 PDF Download SWC BGA NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
NB7465-P02   NB7465-P02 NB7465-P02 PDF Download SWC BGA 07+ Features • Three Functions in One Package
NB7465-P03   NB7465-P03 NB7465-P03 PDF Download SWC NEW 01+ The CMX866 can be made to perform a variety of lo
NB7477-P01   NB7477-P01 NB7477-P01 PDF Download SWC BGA 07+  750mW BTL Stereo Speaker Amplifier  6
NB7480-P01   NB7480-P01 NB7480-P01 PDF Download SWC 02+ BGA Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
NB7L111MMN   NB7L111MMN NB7L111MMN PDF Download ON Semiconductor The NB7L111MMN balances both low resistance and
NB7L111MMNG   NB7L111MMNG NB7L111MMNG PDF Download ON Semiconductor Supports 3.0V, 2.5V and 1.8V I/O's M/S = VDD for
NB7L11MMN   NB7L11MMN NB7L11MMN PDF Download ON Semiconductor NanoStar and NanoFree Packages O
NB7L11MMNG   NB7L11MMNG NB7L11MMNG PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ Normally, the B port operates at GTLP signal lev
NB7L14MMN   NB7L14MMN NB7L14MMN PDF Download ON Semiconductor 2. Low capacitance between output terminals ensu
NB7L14MMNG   NB7L14MMNG NB7L14MMNG PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ Figure 1 shows a typical phase noise measurement
NB7L216MN   NB7L216MN NB7L216MN PDF Download Notes: 1. Dominant Wavelength, ëd, is deriv
NB7L216MNG   NB7L216MNG NB7L216MNG PDF Download ON Semiconductor This pin provides a 6 µA current source to
NB7L216MNR2   NB7L216MNR2 NB7L216MNR2 PDF Download Current Address Register Each channel has a 16-b
NB7L216MNR2G   NB7L216MNR2G NB7L216MNR2G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The NB7L216MNR2G/9104/9105 series are PWM, PWM/PF
NB7L32MMNEVB   NB7L32MMNEVB NB7L32MMNEVB PDF Download The operating frequency of the charge pump is li
NB7L32MMNG   NB7L32MMNG NB7L32MMNG PDF Download ON DFN3x3-16 06+   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q an
NB7L32MMNR2G   NB7L32MMNR2G NB7L32MMNR2G PDF Download Voltage as Low as 2.7 V Replaces Mechanical Ther
NB7L86MMN   NB7L86MMN NB7L86MMN PDF Download ON − One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication
NB7L86MMNG   NB7L86MMNG NB7L86MMNG PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ Free PSoC "Tele-training" is available
NB7L86MMNR2   NB7L86MMNR2 NB7L86MMNR2 PDF Download   Figures 1 through 8 show the timing of th
NB7L86MMNR2G   NB7L86MMNR2G NB7L86MMNR2G PDF Download ON Semiconductor • Controls the exact light power levels com
NB7N017MMN   NB7N017MMN NB7N017MMN PDF Download custom reference designator identifying the inte
NB7N017MMNG   NB7N017MMNG NB7N017MMNG PDF Download ON These three terminal positive regulators are sup
NB7N017MMNR2G   NB7N017MMNR2G NB7N017MMNR2G PDF Download ON QFN-52 07+ Table 1, column 2, IRHN8450. The values in Table
N/E/NS35N   N/E/NS35N N/E/NS35N PDF Download * Part Numbers listed are for units with outer p
N/N/NE/A/5534A   N/N/NE/A/5534A N/N/NE/A/5534A PDF Download 1. Corrected the errata 2. Added DFS restriction
N/P/N/520453445   N/P/N/520453445 N/P/N/520453445 PDF Download To activate this mode, the programming equipment
N/P/N0104815C01   N/P/N0104815C01 N/P/N0104815C01 PDF Download The output and reset of the integrators is contr
N/P/N0104818C01   N/P/N0104818C01 N/P/N0104818C01 PDF Download The input terminal is used to directly control an
N/P/N011201020013   N/P/N011201020013 N/P/N011201020013 PDF Download The KS8842M offers an extensive feature set that
N/P/N01428   N/P/N01428 N/P/N01428 PDF Download   Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelvin
N/P/N03787-01   N/P/N03787-01 N/P/N03787-01 PDF Download   The VRE114 series voltage references have
N/P/N09F1671   N/P/N09F1671 N/P/N09F1671 PDF Download CHIP ERASE: If the boot block lockout has been en
N/P/N10163DSP   N/P/N10163DSP N/P/N10163DSP PDF Download The MSM66587 Family consists of high-performance
N/P/N104A0013-01   N/P/N104A0013-01 N/P/N104A0013-01 PDF Download Should the Buyer purchase or use a Samsung produ
N/P/N1225   N/P/N1225 N/P/N1225 PDF Download D Operating Power Supply Range 6 V v VBAT v 36 V
N/P/N181025183760   N/P/N181025183760 N/P/N181025183760 PDF Download Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
N/P/N19F2993   N/P/N19F2993 N/P/N19F2993 PDF Download
N/P/N2137582-2   N/P/N2137582-2 N/P/N2137582-2 PDF Download Thermal Design The AP1187 incorporates an intern
N/P/N-273830   N/P/N-273830 N/P/N-273830 PDF Download • Two potentiometers in one package •
N/P/N2743019447   N/P/N2743019447 N/P/N2743019447 PDF Download In addition a 6 channel digital output programma
N/P/N31323915   N/P/N31323915 N/P/N31323915 PDF Download All byte write is done by GW(regardless of BW and
N/P/N313951   N/P/N313951 N/P/N313951 PDF Download Meet ANSI standard RS-485 and RS-422 Data rate
N/P/N313951N   N/P/N313951N N/P/N313951N PDF Download Notes; (1) Repetitive Rating: Pulse Width Limit
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