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The 74HC/HCT147 9-input priority encoders accept data from nine active LOW inputs (A0 to A8) and provide a binary representation on the four active LOW outputs (Y0 to Y3). A priority is assigned to each input so that when two or more inputs are simultaneously active, the input with the highest priority is represented on the output, with input line A8 having the highest priority.
The Am79C987 Hardware Implemented Management Information Base (HIMIB) device is a highly integrated chip that simplifies building fully managed multiport re- peaters. The device integrates all the necessary counters, attributes, actions, and notifications specified by the Layer Management for 10 Mbyte/s Baseband Repeaters (IEEE 802.3k) standard, as well as addi- tional features and enhancements, including functions specific to 10BASE-T repeaters.
Limiting values are given in accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). Stress above one or more of the limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at these or at any other conditions above those given in the Characteristics sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to limiting values for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
ON503   ON503 ON503 PDF Download DIP42 The patented AT6000 Series architecture employs
ON5030   ON5030 ON5030 PDF Download NXP 08+ The data rate is scalable and the ATM protocol i
ON5030115   ON5030115 ON5030115 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF between the 32-bit floating-point and 16-bit flo
ON5030BFS520N2   ON5030BFS520N2 ON5030BFS520N2 PDF Download multivibrator can be calculated by : T = 1/2 RX
ON5030N2   ON5030N2 ON5030N2 PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
ON5040   ON5040 ON5040 PDF Download When VCC is between 0 and 1.2 V, the device is i
ON5042   ON5042 ON5042 PDF Download PHI SOT23 6+ Power amplifier power control pin. The recommende
ON5044   ON5044 ON5044 PDF Download PHILIPS 2000 SOT-3 The various buffers within the BUFxx702 are care
ON5044215   ON5044215 ON5044215 PDF Download HY57V56420B is offering fully synchronous operati
ON5133   ON5133 ON5133 PDF Download PHILIPS 00+ Notes ; Repetitive Rating : Pulse Width Limited
ON5138   ON5138 ON5138 PDF Download PHILIPS TO263 PB 05+ HY57V64820HG is offering fully synchronous operat
ON5146   ON5146 ON5146 PDF Download The sequence of the burst counter is determined b
ON5147   ON5147 ON5147 PDF Download Flexible 3-Wire Serial Digital Audio Input and &
ON5148   ON5148 ON5148 PDF Download 184-pin 1mm pin spacing Card Size: 133.35mm x
ON5150   ON5150 ON5150 PDF Download The HY57V56420T is offering fully synchronous ope
ON5151   ON5151 ON5151 PDF Download Note 1: All data listed in the above graphs, exc
ON5152   ON5152 ON5152 PDF Download Current Limit Protection Isolation Test Voltag
ON5153   ON5153 ON5153 PDF Download Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
ON5155   ON5155 ON5155 PDF Download PHI SOT-263 0140+ Each DS1258W device is shipped from Dallas Semico
ON5156   ON5156 ON5156 PDF Download The DS1554 is a full function, year 2000-complia
ON5156/PHB55N03LT   ON5156/PHB55N03LT ON5156/PHB55N03LT PDF Download 93 Optimized for 1.8-V Operation and Is 3.6-V I/O T
ON5157A   ON5157A ON5157A PDF Download Parameter RESOLUTION  Offset Error  
ON516161   ON516161 ON516161 PDF Download some stock original stock • Because the clamp outputs carry DC, the
ON5200   ON5200 ON5200 PDF Download N/A TO-263   MB90895 series devices are 16-bit micro g
ON5201   ON5201 ON5201 PDF Download INTERSIL TO-252
ON5217   ON5217 ON5217 PDF Download 排TO-92 Port 2, Output. Port 2 serves as the MSB for exte
ON5217-116   ON5217-116 ON5217-116 PDF Download Test data input. One of four terminals required
ON5222   ON5222 ON5222 PDF Download 4000 TO263 04+ These Hitachi MultiMediaCard™s, ON5222, ON
ON5250135   ON5250135 ON5250135 PDF Download RHPHILIPS SEMI 07+ RATINGS (per diode) (at TA = 25C unless otherwis
ON5252   ON5252 ON5252 PDF Download NXP 04+ Wide operation from... 1.8 to 15V Low Standby Cu
ON5258   ON5258 ON5258 PDF Download The AT40KALs patented 8-sided core cell with dir
ON5264   ON5264 ON5264 PDF Download Triple-channel video amplifier Supply voltage
ON5267   ON5267 ON5267 PDF Download ACEX 1K devices contain an interface that permit
ON5267127   ON5267127 ON5267127 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+   This complete new line of 3.2 Watt Zener
ON527   ON527 ON527 PDF Download HAR CAN
ON527NG   ON527NG ON527NG PDF Download To fully enhance the external N-channel switches,
ON528   ON528 ON528 PDF Download HAR CAN Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only.
ON5291   ON5291 ON5291 PDF Download 3. This input current only exists when the volta
ON5403   ON5403 ON5403 PDF Download Latch Enable Input for A-1B Latch. The Latch is o
ON5409   ON5409 ON5409 PDF Download INFINEON TO252 06+ where frequency is in hertz, resistance in ohms,
ON5412   ON5412 ON5412 PDF Download INFINEON TO252 06+ DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush  
ON544   ON544 ON544 PDF Download Radiation Hardness: - Total Dose 1MRad(Si) - Si
ON568   ON568 ON568 PDF Download MOT 2008 Double Data Rate ( DDR II ) Applications Spread
ON584   ON584 ON584 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A In DIGITAL NETWORK (DN) mode there are three ch
O/I/O-3A3-2.5P-H2.2   O/I/O-3A3-2.5P-H2.2 O/I/O-3A3-2.5P-H2.2 PDF Download READ: The AT49BV/LV002(N)(T) is accessed like an
O/I/OCARDPCI-USB2PORT   O/I/OCARDPCI-USB2PORT O/I/OCARDPCI-USB2PORT PDF Download When wiper position data is to be written to the
O001   O001 O001 PDF Download • Synchronous Operation. • On-Chip A
O00148   O00148 O00148 PDF Download gudeco gudeco dc00 Description: DIP and mini-DIP IPMs are intelli
O-0338110-2   O-0338110-2 O-0338110-2 PDF Download By means of an external distance resistor on the
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