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Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
PA.0810.004.11   PA.0810.004.11 PA.0810.004.11 PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
PA/FIA/99-1   PA/FIA/99-1 PA/FIA/99-1 PDF Download PHI QFP-44 The second is the programmable 16- or 32-bit-wid
PA/FIAT/99-1   PA/FIAT/99-1 PA/FIAT/99-1 PDF Download PHILIPS 0038 Notes: (1) See SOA curves or consult factory for
PA/FIAT199-1   PA/FIAT199-1 PA/FIAT199-1 PDF Download PHI QFP44 01+ To enhance the performance between the PCI bus a
PA/OPEL/99-1   PA/OPEL/99-1 PA/OPEL/99-1 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP44 06+ Note 4: When VREF > 1.2V and VREF x3 > VIN,
PA/OPEL99-1   PA/OPEL99-1 PA/OPEL99-1 PDF Download such that M = 343 and A /64 = 075. Now, M is pro
PA/VOL/99-1   PA/VOL/99-1 PA/VOL/99-1 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP1010-44 * Antiparallel diode for high frequency   s
PA/VOLA/99-1   PA/VOLA/99-1 PA/VOLA/99-1 PDF Download PHI QFP N/A High Efficiency: Up to 90% 3A Output Current Sy
PA/VOLV/99-1   PA/VOLV/99-1 PA/VOLV/99-1 PDF Download PHI 02+ QFP44 Capacitor Table Table 1-1 identifies the charac
PA0001V24CPD   PA0001V24CPD PA0001V24CPD PDF Download The PMOS transistors prevent backdriving current
PA0005   PA0005 PA0005 PDF Download 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
PA0007   PA0007 PA0007 PDF Download External interrupt ! 3, Internal timer interrup
PA0007T   PA0007T PA0007T PDF Download PULSE SMD 238 Added 56F8123 information; edited to indicate dif
PA0009   PA0009 PA0009 PDF Download Input Voltage Noise Non-Inverting Input Curren
PA-001   PA-001 PA-001 PDF Download AS Maximum Tri-State Enable Time  VCC = 2.0V
PA0011   PA0011 PA0011 PDF Download 50 SIP   Input Offset Current   Open-Loop Gai
PA0012   PA0012 PA0012 PDF Download The ADS1208 is a 2nd-order ∆Ó (delt
PA0016   PA0016 PA0016 PDF Download 45mm 50 OHM UT34 semi-rigid coax 55mm 50 OHM UT
PA0017   PA0017 PA0017 PDF Download 1521 PIONEER These devices are mounted on an JEDEC low-k boar
PA0018   PA0018 PA0018 PDF Download The OPA743 series utilizes a state-of-the-art 12
PA002   PA002 PA002 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 9ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V LOW P
PA-002   PA-002 PA-002 PDF Download AS DIP40 2007+ A CMOS pin can be used as Input or Output mode. T
PA0020   PA0020 PA0020 PDF Download Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
PA0021A   PA0021A PA0021A PDF Download Pioneer DIP 00+ Device Bias Operating Voltage Operating Current
PA0022   PA0022 PA0022 PDF Download Pioneer 99 The LS160 and LS162 are high speed synchronous d
PA0022A   PA0022A PA0022A PDF Download Pioneer DIP 00+ From Low-Speed Reference Receiver Differential I
PA0023   PA0023 PA0023 PDF Download 100 SIP Data Line Pulsing: USB20H04 turns on its data lin
PA0023A   PA0023A PA0023A PDF Download Since internal delay circuitry maintains the alig
PA0023AD   PA0023AD PA0023AD PDF Download PA 93 (e) For a dual device surface mounted on 85 sq c
PA0024   PA0024 PA0024 PDF Download The MAX2601/MAX2602 are RF power transistors opti
PA0025A   PA0025A PA0025A PDF Download Center tap chip resistors allow for greater flex
PA0026   PA0026 PA0026 PDF Download The maximum allowable power dissipation of any TA
PA0028   PA0028 PA0028 PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
PA0029   PA0029 PA0029 PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcei
PA0030   PA0030 PA0030 PDF Download PIONEER DIP 04+ Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
PA00314   PA00314 PA00314 PDF Download DIP 92 The HYS64D128020GBDL are industry standard 200-p
PA0034   PA0034 PA0034 PDF Download interoperability and reliability risks. Integrat
PA0034A   PA0034A PA0034A PDF Download The OPA682s low 6mA supply current is precisely
PA0036   PA0036 PA0036 PDF Download PIONEER DIP 2. A variety of power saving modes   Attach
PA0039   PA0039 PA0039 PDF Download PIONEER 05+/06+ If parallel loading is selected, both the COEF_WR
PA0040   PA0040 PA0040 PDF Download Controller (host) will send start bit. Controll
PA0049   PA0049 PA0049 PDF Download CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
PA004A-A   PA004A-A PA004A-A PDF Download 1812 This monolithic Transil Array is based on 10 un
PA0051   PA0051 PA0051 PDF Download Operating voltage: 3.6V~5.0V Directly drives an
PA0051A   PA0051A PA0051A PDF Download 98 Note:  1. These are the frequencies that a
PA0051ABKN   PA0051ABKN PA0051ABKN PDF Download 0 0 Address (24) and data (32) pins can be used for
PA0051AM   PA0051AM PA0051AM PDF Download 88/P3 SOP Ground Rail. +3.3 Volt Power Supply. Serial dat
PA0051AMK   PA0051AMK PA0051AMK PDF Download 95 SOP-8 NOTES: VZ is programmable from -2V to +7V. IOL
PA0051AMK-TFB   PA0051AMK-TFB PA0051AMK-TFB PDF Download PIONEER 08+ The Fairchild Switch FST16233 is a 16-bit to 32-
PA0051AM-TFB   PA0051AM-TFB PA0051AM-TFB PDF Download N/A 08+ All 6B Series input/output modules are fully enc
PA0052A   PA0052A PA0052A PDF Download PIONEER SOP 02+ All voltages are referenced to ground. This is t
PA0053A   PA0053A PA0053A PDF Download PIONSEER 93   The following discussion refers to the sc
PA0053B   PA0053B PA0053B PDF Download PIONEER DIP-18 03+ FFeatures 1) Corrects distortion in the rising
PA0054A   PA0054A PA0054A PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
PA0054AM   PA0054AM PA0054AM PDF Download Notes: 7. The luminous intensity, I V, is measu
PA0054AM-TFB   PA0054AM-TFB PA0054AM-TFB PDF Download PIoneer SOP 2004 The TL05x series of JFET-input operational ampli
PA0057A   PA0057A PA0057A PDF Download unidux 1 Note 2: At elevated temperatures, device power di
PA0058   PA0058 PA0058 PDF Download 500 mV p-p, sinusoidal baseband input single-end
PA0058A   PA0058A PA0058A PDF Download • Categorized for Luminous   Intensi
PA0059AM   PA0059AM PA0059AM PDF Download N/A SOP-24 NOTE Electrical tests are performed at wafer pr
PA0059AM-TFB   PA0059AM-TFB PA0059AM-TFB PDF Download 02+03 SOP   Pin Function PWM block control power su
PA005AMK-TFB   PA005AMK-TFB PA005AMK-TFB PDF Download 230 MHz Video Bandwidth With Vout=4Vpp Transitio
PA0061AM   PA0061AM PA0061AM PDF Download APEX These Intersil RS-485/RS-422 devices are ESD prot
PA0065AM-TFB   PA0065AM-TFB PA0065AM-TFB PDF Download SOP The bq4847 Real-Time Clock Mod- ule is a low-pow
PA0069   PA0069 PA0069 PDF Download The LPC2210/2220 microcontrollers are based on a
PA0070AA-TFB   PA0070AA-TFB PA0070AA-TFB PDF Download N/A Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
PA0072AA-TFB   PA0072AA-TFB PA0072AA-TFB PDF Download N/A The device offers access times of 70, 90, and 12
PA0080BA-TFB   PA0080BA-TFB PA0080BA-TFB PDF Download N/A These devices also include a fourth order ∆
PA01   PA01 PA01 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc DIP DIP CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
PA01140T   PA01140T PA01140T PDF Download   The integration time is pre-programmed vi
PA0135.102T   PA0135.102T PA0135.102T PDF Download Pulse A A When OE is set HIGH, the data flow through the th
PA0135.331T   PA0135.331T PA0135.331T PDF Download Pulse A A The W83877ATF provides two high-speed serial comm
PA0173T   PA0173T PA0173T PDF Download Pulse A A Direct interface to TRIPLEX LCD Low power dissip
PA0184T   PA0184T PA0184T PDF Download Pulse A A   C Supports both Firmware Hub (FWH) and LP
PA0191T   PA0191T PA0191T PDF Download Pulse A A Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
PA01A   PA01A PA01A PDF Download APEX CAN CAN Note:  4. AC characteristics (except High-
PA01M   PA01M PA01M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN 1. General   The PA01M is an interface co
PA01M/883   PA01M/883 PA01M/883 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+   This integrated circuit is designed to co
PA01-P   PA01-P PA01-P PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ The I/O cell also includes a programmable flow-t
PA02   PA02 PA02 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The CNY117F is a 110 C rated optocoupler consist
PA0207   PA0207 PA0207 PDF Download
PA0245T   PA0245T PA0245T PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT6 Series are 16Mx64bits S
PA0271   PA0271 PA0271 PDF Download 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
PA0277   PA0277 PA0277 PDF Download Pulse A A Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
PA02-9   PA02-9 PA02-9 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN
PA0297   PA0297 PA0297 PDF Download Pulse A A The CY7C1350G is a synchronous-pipelined Burst SR
PA02A   PA02A PA02A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(VIH or VIL)
PA02A-00   PA02A-00 PA02A-00 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ To limit maximum duty cycle, the internal clock
PA02A-9   PA02A-9 PA02A-9 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Data flow in each direction is controlled by out
PA02D   PA02D PA02D PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ The standard device offers access times of 70, 9
PA02M   PA02M PA02M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN
PA02M/883   PA02M/883 PA02M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Each cell consists of an active photodiode and a
PA02Q   PA02Q PA02Q PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ Positive digital supply pin for the ADC11DL066s
PA03   PA03 PA03 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 08+ I Occupies only 2.25 mm2 of PCB area.   Le
PA03/12   PA03/12 PA03/12 PDF Download APEX 08+ Output current rating can be increased (to 1 A m
PA0342   PA0342 PA0342 PDF Download TTL/CMOS Input Select Control. Selects either int
PA0368-100   PA0368-100 PA0368-100 PDF Download   The LSTTL / MSI SN54 / 74LS257B and the S
PA03A   PA03A PA03A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 08+   The safe operating area curves indicate I
PA04   PA04 PA04 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 铁模块 铁模块 Note: Stresses above those listed in Absolute Max
PA040XS1   PA040XS1 PA040XS1 PDF Download The products of the ELD series were newly develop
PA0438   PA0438 PA0438 PDF Download • 3V to 40V Input Voltage Operation •
PA0438T   PA0438T PA0438T PDF Download   Refer to Figure 20 for performance into a
PA0457T   PA0457T PA0457T PDF Download   Each device includes on a single silicon
PA047   PA047 PA047 PDF Download ALI QFN16 N/A 2.7 V to 5.5 V Supply Operation 50 MHz Serial In
PA0492   PA0492 PA0492 PDF Download Pulse A A The IRU1117-18 is a low dropout three-terminal fi
PA04A   PA04A PA04A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 08+ Parallel LED Driver Supports All Forward Voltage
PA05   PA05 PA05 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN 2000 Access to the user zones occurs only through the
PA050DS7   PA050DS7 PA050DS7 PDF Download VCC Operating Range From 2.3 V to 3.6 V Data I/O
PA0511.151   PA0511.151 PA0511.151 PDF Download Voltage Referenced to GND V+ IN, COM, NO, NC (N
PA0511.211T   PA0511.211T PA0511.211T PDF Download Notes:  2. The voltage on any input or I/O
PA0511.221T   PA0511.221T PA0511.221T PDF Download Pulse A A Data flow in each direction is controlled by clo
PA0511AA   PA0511AA PA0511AA PDF Download SHARP QFP44 03+ • Pout>18W, çT>20% @ VDD=12.5
PA0512.101NLT   PA0512.101NLT PA0512.101NLT PDF Download SOP2 PULSE 06+PB With excellent C/N characteristics and low curre
PA0512.101T   PA0512.101T PA0512.101T PDF Download Pulse A A   The FBSOA curves define the maximum drain&
PA0513.321T   PA0513.321T PA0513.321T PDF Download N/A Raw PCB, PowerInfo™ 2 Firmware Specificat
PA0515.271NLT   PA0515.271NLT PA0515.271NLT PDF Download PULSE SOP 06+ The Entry Transponder (ET) IC combines the proven
PA05A   PA05A PA05A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ The PA05AD is a digital burst mode charge-transf
PA0648T   PA0648T PA0648T PDF Download Control signals for the I/O cell registers are g
PA06F   PA06F PA06F PDF Download
PA07   PA07 PA07 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANS
PA07-1   PA07-1 PA07-1 PDF Download Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
PA073089   PA073089 PA073089 PDF Download • 16-bit I/O timer   16-bit free-run
PA07A   PA07A PA07A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The Active Scan Chain refers to the scan chain c
PA07M   PA07M PA07M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN On the next clock rise the data presented to DQs
PA07M/883   PA07M/883 PA07M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN N/A SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VDD = 1.65V to 2.2V Core Power
PA07M-18   PA07M-18 PA07M-18 PDF Download 5 The only controlled copy of this BIF document is
PA08   PA08 PA08 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Propagation delay time, high-to-low  level
PA08-10   PA08-10 PA08-10 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Except for pin-to-pin input and output parameter
PA08A   PA08A PA08A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Description The HCPL-181 contains a light emit
PA08L05   PA08L05 PA08L05 PDF Download FOXLINK 6 The T8xC51SND1 provides all necessary features f
PA08M   PA08M PA08M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Input a luminance signal as shown in Figure 1 to
PA08M/883   PA08M/883 PA08M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 04+ This series of fixed-negative-voltage integrated
PA08V   PA08V PA08V PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ Notes: 1. Absolute maximum I/O pins is maximum p
PA08V/6   PA08V/6 PA08V/6 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ The MAX8758 includes a high-performance step-up r
PA08V/8   PA08V/8 PA08V/8 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ During reset of the FIFO, the state of the XI/LD
PA08V-S   PA08V-S PA08V-S PDF Download APEX CAN-8 This document is a general product description an
PA09   PA09 PA09 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The PA09 is available in the 6-pin SOT-23 and 8-p
PA0913   PA0913 PA0913 PDF Download QFP This is an analog control input that enables the
PA0913B   PA0913B PA0913B PDF Download RATHEON 2008 When operating properly with 5V VCC (for example
PA0913B-53   PA0913B-53 PA0913B-53 PDF Download RATHEON 2008 An on-chip oscillator eliminates the need for an
PA0913C   PA0913C PA0913C PDF Download RAY QFP-S12P铁底 6+
PA0914A   PA0914A PA0914A PDF Download RATHEON PDIP 98+ VH, VL, and VTT define the logical 1, 0, and ter
PA0944T   PA0944T PA0944T PDF Download We recommend to use the capacitor of 0.1 µF
PA0959   PA0959 PA0959 PDF Download RAY 03+ QFN Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8J-J series is designed for h
PA09A   PA09A PA09A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc N/A
PA09M   PA09M PA09M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN This is an N-Channel enhancement mode silicon ga
PA09M/883   PA09M/883 PA09M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN NOTES: (1) Spurious-Free Dynamic Range refers to
PA10   PA10 PA10 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN memory system applications results in full-speed,
PA1001   PA1001 PA1001 PDF Download   The MC12026 is a high frequency, low volta
PA1001A   PA1001A PA1001A PDF Download FFeatures 1) Inclined toward the printing surfa
PA10-04   PA10-04 PA10-04 PDF Download FULLPOWER By combining powerful features, ease of use, and
PA1004B   PA1004B PA1004B PDF Download PIONEER DIP20 04+/05+/06+/07+ • High Resolution Color or Monochrome Rast
PA1005.100T   PA1005.100T PA1005.100T PDF Download PULSE SMD 05+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PA100B   PA100B PA100B PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
PA100S48-3.3   PA100S48-3.3 PA100S48-3.3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The FIFO contains overflow circuitry to disallow
PA100S48-5   PA100S48-5 PA100S48-5 PDF Download N/A Master Reset, 5 mA driver (open-drain), active l
PA102FMG   PA102FMG PA102FMG PDF Download NIKO TRFETP-CHANNELPA102FM20V/3ASOT-23 The bus watcher interfaces to the PA102FMG/PA102
PA1038   PA1038 PA1038 PDF Download 4脚铁帽 08+ Notes: 1. Operation of this device in excess of
PA1039   PA1039 PA1039 PDF Download Pulse A A Purchase of licensed I2C components of Analog Dev
PA103L30   PA103L30 PA103L30 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PA104   PA104 PA104 PDF Download OKAYA n/a Zener Voltage Range: 6.8V to 200V Hermetically s
PA105   PA105 PA105 PDF Download FEATURES Class D/1-Bit Audio Power Output Stage
PA-1062   PA-1062 PA-1062 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency The buried macrocell also supports input register
PA1066   PA1066 PA1066 PDF Download M/A-COM This document is a general product description a
PA1074   PA1074 PA1074 PDF Download ideal for many applications in the HVAC/R indus
PA1079NLT   PA1079NLT PA1079NLT PDF Download See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
PA109EL199-1   PA109EL199-1 PA109EL199-1 PDF Download The two address buses (PMA and DMA) share a sing
PA10A   PA10A PA10A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN In addition, the microcontrollers have a Program
PA10M   PA10M PA10M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The device that acknowledges, has to pull down t
PA10M-   PA10M- PA10M- PDF Download The value of Ki may also be slightly different
PA10M/883   PA10M/883 PA10M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN the performance for a wide range of applications
PA10M-17/883   PA10M-17/883 PA10M-17/883 PDF Download APEX CAN8 08+ We constantly strive to improve the quality of a
PA11   PA11 PA11 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ edge of WDCLK signals the start of a new sample
PA110   PA110 PA110 PDF Download CLARE DIP 02+ synchronously with the LOW-to-HIGH clock (CP) t
PA1110   PA1110 PA1110 PDF Download M/A-COM   Notes Connect to system ground. This
PA112YVDCV1110K20   PA112YVDCV1110K20 PA112YVDCV1110K20 PDF Download The processor communicates with these modules ov
PA1131   PA1131 PA1131 PDF Download M/A-COM Three data memory address locations are allocate
PA1132   PA1132 PA1132 PDF Download M/A-COM In the absence of confirmation by device specifi
PA1133   PA1133 PA1133 PDF Download M/A-COM The ADSP-21365/6 contains three megabits of inte
PA1137   PA1137 PA1137 PDF Download M/A-COM • Compact Solid-State   Bidirectiona
PA1138   PA1138 PA1138 PDF Download M/A-COM CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PA1151   PA1151 PA1151 PDF Download M/A-COM Important Information and Disclaimer:The informat
PA1152   PA1152 PA1152 PDF Download M/A-COM   The QS3VH16245 HotSwitch is a 16-bit high
PA1153   PA1153 PA1153 PDF Download M/A-COM Track: This is an analog control input that enab
PA1157   PA1157 PA1157 PDF Download M/A-COM Comparator hysteresis can be increased with the
PA1159   PA1159 PA1159 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Built-in oscillator with variable sample rate S
PA1162   PA1162 PA1162 PDF Download M/A-COM Functionally equivalent to QS3251 5Ω Switc
PA1163   PA1163 PA1163 PDF Download M/A-COM High density internet E1 or T1 / J1 interface fo
PA1166   PA1166 PA1166 PDF Download M/A-COM The Read Manufacturer ID and Read Device ID opera
PA-118   PA-118 PA-118 PDF Download SIP The reference is postpackage-trimmed to increase
PA1182   PA1182 PA1182 PDF Download Note 1: If VSS is open-circuited with VDD and eit
PA1186   PA1186 PA1186 PDF Download M/A-COM The FOD2741 Optically Isolated Amplifier c
PA11BU084GZ13AO   PA11BU084GZ13AO PA11BU084GZ13AO PDF Download The two ACCESS.bus (ACB) interface modules suppo
PA12   PA12 PA12 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc DIP DIP   These miniature surface mount MOSFETs util
PA1200LF   PA1200LF PA1200LF PDF Download The KESRX05 is an ideal receiver for difficult r
PA1211.151NLT   PA1211.151NLT PA1211.151NLT PDF Download PULSE SOP 06+ • All parameters specified for +5V single
PA1214   PA1214 PA1214 PDF Download M/A-COM Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
PA1215   PA1215 PA1215 PDF Download M/A-COM   The MAX2531 multiband LNA/Mixer IC is opt
PA1216H2G2N-37   PA1216H2G2N-37 PA1216H2G2N-37 PDF Download APOG 2006 24 Hour Time If the MIL bit of the HR register
PA1217   PA1217 PA1217 PDF Download M/A-COM The PA1217/PA1217 consist of two identical low-
PA1219   PA1219 PA1219 PDF Download M/A-COM s Two serial (I2S-bus/Japanese) digital audio in
PA1220   PA1220 PA1220 PDF Download M/A-COM No-Load Detect Timer: A capacitor between this p
PA1221   PA1221 PA1221 PDF Download M/A-COM FEATURES Voltage Feedback, Rail-to-Rail Output
PA1223   PA1223 PA1223 PDF Download Test mode (open or VSS) Test mode (LSB) (open
PA1224   PA1224 PA1224 PDF Download M/A-COM The DS600 is a 0.5C accurate analog-output tempe
PA125   PA125 PA125 PDF Download 2. TVS devices are normally selected according t
PA125N40S   PA125N40S PA125N40S PDF Download Stresses in excess of the absolute Maximum Ratin
PA12A   PA12A PA12A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which da
PA12H   PA12H PA12H PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
PA12M   PA12M PA12M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Rch Analog Input Pin Lch Analog Input Pin Mod
PA12M/883   PA12M/883 PA12M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN 2-channel, 256-position End-to-end resistance: 2
PA12M-18   PA12M-18 PA12M-18 PDF Download APEX 2008   C 32-bit Version of the CPU32 Core (Fully
PA12M-25   PA12M-25 PA12M-25 PDF Download 1   The crystal oscillators should be fundame
PA12Q   PA12Q PA12Q PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ The Power Control section provides for two basic
PA13   PA13 PA13 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP 1. For best results, a crystal oscillator design
PA1304   PA1304 PA1304 PDF Download AD 1 Left channel headphone input, selected when SE/
PA13A   PA13A PA13A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP 08+ The AC ACT843 consists of nine D-type latches wi
PA13BD114GZ36BO   PA13BD114GZ36BO PA13BD114GZ36BO PDF Download Note 2 The specified limits represent the worst c
PA141   PA141 PA141 PDF Download APEX DIP DIP Ideally, the relative size of measurement error
PA142   PA142 PA142 PDF Download APEX ZIP 2000 The PHY uses the C/LKON terminal to notify the L
PA144   PA144 PA144 PDF Download APEX SOP100 01+ When WEN1 is LOW and WEN2/LD is HIGH, data is wr
PA144002   PA144002 PA144002 PDF Download Key matrix scan signal output pins. Normally low
PA1456H   PA1456H PA1456H PDF Download Security functions Security functions implemente
PA1490NL   PA1490NL PA1490NL PDF Download The serializer transmits serialized data and app
PA15   PA15 PA15 PDF Download APEX ZIP ZIP Note 10: The given JA is for an HWD2119 package i
PA150S48-12   PA150S48-12 PA150S48-12 PDF Download N/A N-channel enhancement mode standard level fiel
PA150S48-15   PA150S48-15 PA150S48-15 PDF Download N/A
PA150S48-24   PA150S48-24 PA150S48-24 PDF Download N/A   SymbolParameterRatingUnitRemark VIN, VOUT
PA150S48-3.3   PA150S48-3.3 PA150S48-3.3 PDF Download N/A Boost converter with a 2A, 0.18Ω switch B
PA150S48-5   PA150S48-5 PA150S48-5 PDF Download N/A Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
PA1513.321T   PA1513.321T PA1513.321T PDF Download PULSE 05+ 电感 A single heat source, centered in the silicon ch
PA15CN   PA15CN PA15CN PDF Download 2008 CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
PA15FLA   PA15FLA PA15FLA PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc This output configuration enables a simple match
PA16   PA16 PA16 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP 3. Load regulation and output voltage are measur
PA163267   PA163267 PA163267 PDF Download 99 The MAX9384 fully differential dual 2:1 multiplex
PA1653NL   PA1653NL PA1653NL PDF Download PULSE 07+ PLL2 generates a frequency that is equal to the r
PA1688-LQ   PA1688-LQ PA1688-LQ PDF Download CENTRALI TQFP 04+ Note 4: The Temperature Coefficient of the adjust
PA1688-PQ   PA1688-PQ PA1688-PQ PDF Download CENTRALITY 06+ 500 The frequency of oscillation of a quartz crystal
PA-169A-2   PA-169A-2 PA-169A-2 PDF Download DES is a block cipher that uses a 56-bit key to
PA16A   PA16A PA16A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc The MAX1737 EV kit is a fully assembled and teste
PA16L8B-2CN   PA16L8B-2CN PA16L8B-2CN PDF Download AMD 94 SNR Interchannel Isolation DC Accuracy  
PA16L8CNL   PA16L8CNL PA16L8CNL PDF Download T he A m79C901A P H Y is avai lable in the comm
PA1724   PA1724 PA1724 PDF Download UTC HZIP-11A 08+ During the soft start and the time-out delay dura
PA19   PA19 PA19 PDF Download APEX TO TO For the multi-bit delta-sigma ADC, programmable g
PA1901   PA1901 PA1901 PDF Download RATHEON SMD8 98+ s 60/75 MHz (LPC2210/2220) maximum CPU clock ava
PA1902   PA1902 PA1902 PDF Download RAY 99 Note 6: All limits are guaranteed. All electrical
PA1902A   PA1902A PA1902A PDF Download RAY QFP-S12P铁底 6+ N-channel enhancement mode logic level field-ef
PA19A   PA19A PA19A PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ a mechanical trimmer). When this permanent setti
PA19M   PA19M PA19M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN   This input controls the offset added to t
PA19M/883   PA19M/883 PA19M/883 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN The ILC7071 is an 100mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout
PA19NA321GZ12BO   PA19NA321GZ12BO PA19NA321GZ12BO PDF Download This document is a general product description an
PA1A   PA1A PA1A PDF Download pacasonic relay 08+ This device actually guarantees that digital out
PA1A-12V   PA1A-12V PA1A-12V PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works Relay(DZ) *6062H
PA1A-18V   PA1A-18V PA1A-18V PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works These devices are fully specified for hot-insert
PA1A-24V   PA1A-24V PA1A-24V PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works 08+ Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig
PA1A271J   PA1A271J PA1A271J PDF Download Note: 1. Agilents enhancement mode E-pHEMT &nbs
PA1A-5V   PA1A-5V PA1A-5V PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works 04+ •Specimen : Paraformaldehyde-fixed, paraffi
PA1A-6V   PA1A-6V PA1A-6V PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works Relay(DZ) *20317 © 1998 MX•COM Inc.www.mxcom.com Tele:
PA1ADC12   PA1ADC12 PA1ADC12 PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
PA1A-DC12V   PA1A-DC12V PA1A-DC12V PDF Download NAIS Relay(new original) Note: All data reported from Figures 7 through
PA1ADC18   PA1ADC18 PA1ADC18 PDF Download This terminal provides a high impedance output f
PA1ADC24   PA1ADC24 PA1ADC24 PDF Download RF input frequency range 30 to 250MHz On chip V
PA1A-DC24V   PA1A-DC24V PA1A-DC24V PDF Download NAIS Relay(new original) SYSTEM ERROR is used for reporting address parity
PA1ADC5   PA1ADC5 PA1ADC5 PDF Download The HYM72V32M636T8 Series are Dual In-line Memory
PA1A-DC5V   PA1A-DC5V PA1A-DC5V PDF Download NAIS Relay(new original) This data sheet has been carefully checked and is
PA1A-PS   PA1A-PS PA1A-PS PDF Download Panasonic Electric Works 07+ The GRP has as its inputs, the outputs from all
PA2000   PA2000 PA2000 PDF Download RAY QFP-S12P铁底 06+ Input voltage range: 2.9V to 14V 1.6Ω out
PA2001   PA2001 PA2001 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may caus
PA2002   PA2002 PA2002 PDF Download PIONEER Choice of three bright colors Standard T-1&frac
PA2003   PA2003 PA2003 PDF Download
PA2003C   PA2003C PA2003C PDF Download BENEFITS EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter
PA2004   PA2004 PA2004 PDF Download Output Adjustment all HR151 models (single outpu
PA2004C   PA2004C PA2004C PDF Download MAXIM DIP16 The high speed charge pump consists of a switcha
PA2005   PA2005 PA2005 PDF Download All local logic block outputs are brought back i
PA2005A   PA2005A PA2005A PDF Download (4) The products described in this material are
PA2007   PA2007 PA2007 PDF Download PIONEER DIP The 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM is organized as a 32Mbit x 4
PA2008   PA2008 PA2008 PDF Download   In addition, there is a function below as
PA2009   PA2009 PA2009 PDF Download A chopper-stabilized low-drift input amplifier a
PA2010   PA2010 PA2010 PDF Download PIONEER DIP External tone modulation. To improve design fle
PA2011   PA2011 PA2011 PDF Download Spartan series FPGAs are implemented with a regu
PA2014   PA2014 PA2014 PDF Download 先锋 03/04+ The PCM1791A is a monolithic CMOS integrated cir
PA2016   PA2016 PA2016 PDF Download
PA2016.5H   PA2016.5H PA2016.5H PDF Download Current Word Register Each channel has a 16-bit
PA2018   PA2018 PA2018 PDF Download APEX ZIP • High-speed access time: 55, 70, 100 ns
PA2018A   PA2018A PA2018A PDF Download PIONEER • Small S-mini type 6-pin package • No
PA2019   PA2019 PA2019 PDF Download ALLEGRO ZIP 02+ Dual pushbutton operation is only available when
PA2019A   PA2019A PA2019A PDF Download PIONEER The load detection function after overcharge is
PA2020   PA2020 PA2020 PDF Download SOP22  (1)Consult factory for test procedure. Th
PA202002   PA202002 PA202002 PDF Download 98 Note 1: All data listed in the above graphs exce
PA2020A   PA2020A PA2020A PDF Download PIONEER 00+ SMD All electrical characteristics are subject to th
PA2023A   PA2023A PA2023A PDF Download
PA2024   PA2024 PA2024 PDF Download ALLEGRO ZIP 02+ The host must issue a hardware reset or the soft
PA2024A   PA2024A PA2024A PDF Download PIONEER SQL-12 98+ Product Description/Features: • Low skew,
PA2027A   PA2027A PA2027A PDF Download PIONEER DIP † Package drawings, standard packing quant
PA2028   PA2028 PA2028 PDF Download TOSHIBA TSSOP-38P The NE253 is an 800 µm dual gate GaAs FET
PA2028A   PA2028A PA2028A PDF Download PIONEER SOP24 0535+ The Si9913 is a dual MOSFET high-speed driver wi
PA21   PA21 PA21 PDF Download APEX TO TO Precanceller Disable. When held to Logic 1, the i
PA21200-P2-C   PA21200-P2-C PA21200-P2-C PDF Download Figure 1 shows a typical application connection
PA2124-F08   PA2124-F08 PA2124-F08 PDF Download PTC . TXENABLE has two purposes. In all modes, TXENABL
PA2180K   PA2180K PA2180K PDF Download
PA21A   PA21A PA21A PDF Download APEX CAN8 N/A Over the years, the performances of the SLICs c
PA21M   PA21M PA21M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN The MOC301XM and MOC302XM series are optically i
PA21M/883   PA21M/883 PA21M/883 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN The quiescent current increases only slightly at
PA2221K   PA2221K PA2221K PDF Download Reduce accidents The JTD_ID Indicator fuse impro
PA224CZNZ   PA224CZNZ PA224CZNZ PDF Download The improvements in the DG411/883 series are mad
PA224-Z   PA224-Z PA224-Z PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
PA23-040J   PA23-040J PA23-040J PDF Download 2. Using a CAS-before-RAS refresh cycle. CAS-be
PA2404   PA2404 PA2404 PDF Download EPICOM 2005PB The EM78M612 is a series of Universal Serial Bus
PA2409   PA2409 PA2409 PDF Download EPICOM QFN 02+ The switching frequency is internally set at 2.25
PA2409ROHS   PA2409ROHS PA2409ROHS PDF Download If after 480 µs of low time the I/O line
PA240CC   PA240CC PA240CC PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 07+ • FT pin for user-configurable flow throug
PA240CC(PA140CC-PARTEOL   PA240CC(PA140CC-PARTEOL PA240CC(PA140CC-PARTEOL PDF Download The transmitter accepts logic level clock (TCLK),
PA240CX   PA240CX PA240CX PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a substance used in t
PA241CE   PA241CE PA241CE PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
PA241DF   PA241DF PA241DF PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 04+ Skyworks APD Series of silicon PIN diode chips ar
PA241DW   PA241DW PA241DW PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc zip zip Pixel select C Selects between one or two pixels
PA2423   PA2423 PA2423 PDF Download SIGE 2008 The maximum allowable power dissipation is a func
PA2423L   PA2423L PA2423L PDF Download SIG QFN 04+ • Thermocompression/   Thermosonicall
PA2423L-R   PA2423L-R PA2423L-R PDF Download SIGE In addition to high-power/low-power bias modes,
PA2423MB   PA2423MB PA2423MB PDF Download SiGe MSOP8 The GS74116A is a high speed CMOS Static RAM org
PA2423U   PA2423U PA2423U PDF Download SIGE 04+ slave devices in the I 2C protocol with all memo
PA2423U-R   PA2423U-R PA2423U-R PDF Download SIGE 05+ 1.3A, 0.18Ω, internal power switch VIN op
PA242U   PA242U PA242U PDF Download 05+ Include 6.8uF tantalum and 0.1uF ceramic capacito
PA243DF   PA243DF PA243DF PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc • DigitalClarity™ CMOS Imaging Techn
PA2450   PA2450 PA2450 PDF Download RAY QFP12 0034+ The MAX5051 is a clamped, two-switch power-supply
PA2450A   PA2450A PA2450A PDF Download RAY 00+ Note: Access to undefined or reserved addresses
PA2451   PA2451 PA2451 PDF Download Pay QFP QFP Notes: 1. P1dB measurements are performed with p
PA2451A   PA2451A PA2451A PDF Download RAY 00+ AO is an op amp-type output that does not requir
PA2460   PA2460 PA2460 PDF Download HIMARK SOP-3.9-8P铁底 6+ BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
PA2460-LF   PA2460-LF PA2460-LF PDF Download The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with a
PA2460-LFT/R   PA2460-LFT/R PA2460-LFT/R PDF Download PARAMETER Current Limit Section CS Threshold Se
PA2464   PA2464 PA2464 PDF Download 12597 HIMARK 08+ This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
PA25   PA25 PA25 PDF Download CAN CAN Notes: 1. 1 mT = 10 Gauss. 2. The SOT-23 device
PA2568   PA2568 PA2568 PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
PA25710   PA25710 PA25710 PDF Download (1) This data was taken using the JEDEC standard
PA25710P508   PA25710P508 PA25710P508 PDF Download 1. A 0.1 µF low frequency tantalum bypass c
PA2572   PA2572 PA2572 PDF Download Unlike ICs designed to generate supply voltages,
PA2574   PA2574 PA2574 PDF Download Notes: 1. The regulator will operate down to no
PA2576   PA2576 PA2576 PDF Download Write one to 8 bytes to the Clock/Control Regist
PA2579P508VECH   PA2579P508VECH PA2579P508VECH PDF Download The format conversion produced in the demultiple
PA2592   PA2592 PA2592 PDF Download DENSO . The embedded tristate bus has internal bus hold
PA25A   PA25A PA25A PDF Download APEX CAN8 2001 Using NFS gives great flexibility to the develop
PA25M   PA25M PA25M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN These P-Channel MOSFETs from International Recti
PA25M/883   PA25M/883 PA25M/883 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN
PA26   PA26 PA26 PDF Download APEX ZIP ZIP The crosspoint switch is responsible for reorder
PA2664   PA2664 PA2664 PDF Download Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed f
PA285S02   PA285S02 PA285S02 PDF Download Panasonic 07+ IC, whereas no light is reflected by the non-ref
PA28F001-BXT120   PA28F001-BXT120 PA28F001-BXT120 PDF Download N/A DIP 06+ Clocks in the ispLSI 1032E device are selected u
PA28F002BCT120   PA28F002BCT120 PA28F002BCT120 PDF Download The FM1233A features a highly accurate voltage r
PA28F002BC-T120   PA28F002BC-T120 PA28F002BC-T120 PDF Download INTEL PDIP 00+   The MC10/100EP56 is a dual, fully differen
PA28F002BCT80   PA28F002BCT80 PA28F002BCT80 PDF Download Quality Digital Audio Amplification 93-dB Dynami
PA28F004B5T80   PA28F004B5T80 PA28F004B5T80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ the fourth WE# or CE#, whichever occurs first. Th
PA28F004BVB80   PA28F004BVB80 PA28F004BVB80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Maximum Tri-State Enable Time  VCC = 2.0V
PA28F004BVT80   PA28F004BVT80 PA28F004BVT80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+   functional operation of the device at the
PA28F004BXB60   PA28F004BXB60 PA28F004BXB60 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ The power factor controller section consists of t
PA28F004BXB80   PA28F004BXB80 PA28F004BXB80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ EPSEN is used in conjunction with Port 5 and Por
PA28F004BXT   PA28F004BXT PA28F004BXT PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+   3.9 Verification and review for device cl
PA28F004S3-120   PA28F004S3-120 PA28F004S3-120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ In the normal mode, these devices are functional
PA28F004S3-150   PA28F004S3-150 PA28F004S3-150 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Note 5: All LM74A parts will function over the V+
PA28F004S5-120   PA28F004S5-120 PA28F004S5-120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ This dual function pin serves as the SYNC and SH
PA28F004S5-85   PA28F004S5-85 PA28F004S5-85 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ The MSM7578 and MSM7579 are single-channel CODEC
PA28F004SC-85   PA28F004SC-85 PA28F004SC-85 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+
PA28F008S3120   PA28F008S3120 PA28F008S3120 PDF Download The PA28F008S3120 is a Non-Punch Through (NPT) I
PA28F008S3-120   PA28F008S3-120 PA28F008S3-120 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ TDIR Direction Control TTL Levels EDIR Direct
PA28F008S3-1203.3V   PA28F008S3-1203.3V PA28F008S3-1203.3V PDF Download The software Block Erase mode is initiated by iss
PA28F008S3150   PA28F008S3150 PA28F008S3150 PDF Download The incoming data may have the loss of cable and
PA28F008S3-150   PA28F008S3-150 PA28F008S3-150 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
PA28F008S5   PA28F008S5 PA28F008S5 PDF Download INTEL   Sensor Operation. The APA28F008S5EU/LU,
PA28F008S5120   PA28F008S5120 PA28F008S5120 PDF Download SOP Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
PA28F008S5-120   PA28F008S5-120 PA28F008S5-120 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 2002   The QS3VH861 HotSwitch with 10-bit flow-th
PA28F008S5-1205V   PA28F008S5-1205V PA28F008S5-1205V PDF Download AC PERFORMANCE (Figure 1) Large Signal Bandwidt
PA28F008S585   PA28F008S585 PA28F008S585 PDF Download INTEL TSOP 04+ - Operation from single +5.0V supply - Input pul
PA28F008S5-85   PA28F008S5-85 PA28F008S5-85 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS3   Output Voltage Ra
PA28F008S-85   PA28F008S-85 PA28F008S-85 PDF Download Supports a 4 Gbps high bus bandwidth Variable b
PA28F008SA   PA28F008SA PA28F008SA PDF Download INTEL SMD 03/+04+ JEDEC compatible LVTTL level 10 low skew clock o
PA28F008SA-100   PA28F008SA-100 PA28F008SA-100 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ These graphs show mixer Third Order Intercept (T
PA28F008SA120   PA28F008SA120 PA28F008SA120 PDF Download TSOP Bright Red High Efficiency Red Yellow Super Br
PA28F008SA-120   PA28F008SA-120 PA28F008SA-120 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 RESET/Output Enable input (when SER_EN is High).
PA28F008SA200L   PA28F008SA200L PA28F008SA200L PDF Download The S3C72N8/C72N5 microcontroller is also availab
PA28F008SA-200L   PA28F008SA-200L PA28F008SA-200L PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ The device is entirely command set compatible wi
PA28F008SA85   PA28F008SA85 PA28F008SA85 PDF Download INTEL 9738 TSOP
PA28F008SA-85   PA28F008SA-85 PA28F008SA-85 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 2002 When the supply voltage is switched on, a power-
PA28F008SC120   PA28F008SC120 PA28F008SC120 PDF Download   Single 5 V 10% Power Supply   Fully
PA28F008SC-120   PA28F008SC-120 PA28F008SC-120 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ The PSoC device incorporates flexible internal c
PA28F008SC-85   PA28F008SC-85 PA28F008SC-85 PDF Download INTEL TSOP40 04+ Comment: Exposing the device to stresses above th
PA28F016S3120   PA28F016S3120 PA28F016S3120 PDF Download The output clock REFOUT can be enabled or disabl
PA28F016S3-120   PA28F016S3-120 PA28F016S3-120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+  TAOperating free-air temperature−5512
PA28F016S3-1203.3V   PA28F016S3-1203.3V PA28F016S3-1203.3V PDF Download INTEL SOP 03+   The PA28F016S3-1203.3VF is 536,870,912 bi
PA28F016S3150   PA28F016S3150 PA28F016S3150 PDF Download INTEL SOP/44 97+   The A3946 is designed specifically
PA28F016S3-150   PA28F016S3-150 PA28F016S3-150 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+   The PA28F016S3-150 is an audio power ampli
PA28F016S5120   PA28F016S5120 PA28F016S5120 PDF Download Out-of-Phase Controllers Reduce Required Input C
PA28F016S5-120   PA28F016S5-120 PA28F016S5-120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 03+ ©Atmel Corporation 2004. All rights reserved
PA28F016S585   PA28F016S585 PA28F016S585 PDF Download INTEL 06+ During a reprogram cycle, the address locations
PA28F016S5-85   PA28F016S5-85 PA28F016S5-85 PDF Download INTEL SOP 2002 Le agradecemos su confianza en Philips y estamos
PA28F016S5-95   PA28F016S5-95 PA28F016S5-95 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 The A0 to A6 inputs are used to specify which by
PA28F016S5955V   PA28F016S5955V PA28F016S5955V PDF Download Voltages Up To 5.5 V Ioff Supports Partial-Power
PA28F016SA-100   PA28F016SA-100 PA28F016SA-100 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ The new low current, high speed AlGaAs emitter m
PA28F016SC-120   PA28F016SC-120 PA28F016SC-120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ • International standard package   J
PA28F016SC-95   PA28F016SC-95 PA28F016SC-95 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ The ADV7183A implements a patented adaptive digi
PA28F016SV-65   PA28F016SV-65 PA28F016SV-65 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Anyone purchasing any products described or cont
PA28F016SV-70   PA28F016SV-70 PA28F016SV-70 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Highly integrated analog interface XGA/SXGA TFT
PA28F200   PA28F200 PA28F200 PDF Download 45 INTEL coupling from the supply. Also, place the VCO as
PA28F2008X   PA28F2008X PA28F2008X PDF Download The 5B39 is a single-channel signal conditioning
PA28F200B5B60   PA28F200B5B60 PA28F200B5B60 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Clocks in the ispLSI 2128 and 2128A devices are
PA28F200B5B80   PA28F200B5B80 PA28F200B5B80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 05+ Notes: 1. Effective Carrier Lifetime () for all
PA28F200B5-B80   PA28F200B5-B80 PA28F200B5-B80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 2002 All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
PA28F200B5T60   PA28F200B5T60 PA28F200B5T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 2002 Widerstandswert bei der Temperatur T Widerstand
PA28F200B5T60ES   PA28F200B5T60ES PA28F200B5T60ES PDF Download INTEL SOP/44 98+ Preliminary Preliminary, Update (Changed Inter
PA28F200B5T80   PA28F200B5T80 PA28F200B5T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 2002 Device Select: As a target, the PA28F200B5T80 ass
PA28F200BSB60   PA28F200BSB60 PA28F200BSB60 PDF Download   The 833C/W for the SOT-563 package assume
PA28F200BVB120   PA28F200BVB120 PA28F200BVB120 PDF Download 99 SOP When set into the bypass mode, both input and ou
PA28F200BVB60   PA28F200BVB60 PA28F200BVB60 PDF Download INTEL Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
PA28F200BVB80   PA28F200BVB80 PA28F200BVB80 PDF Download 99 SOP The AP1187 is specifically designed to meet the
PA28F200BV-B80   PA28F200BV-B80 PA28F200BV-B80 PDF Download DMAC (DMA controller)   • 8 channels
PA28F200BVT120   PA28F200BVT120 PA28F200BVT120 PDF Download   PCI hot-plug and CompactPCI™ hot-swa
PA28F200BVT60   PA28F200BVT60 PA28F200BVT60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 95+ The HYM7V65401B Q-Series are Small Outline Dual I
PA28F200BV-T60   PA28F200BV-T60 PA28F200BV-T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The most effective combination of external I/O ca
PA28F200BVT80   PA28F200BVT80 PA28F200BVT80 PDF Download INSTEL 97 The power FETs are protected from inadequate gat
PA28F200-BVT80   PA28F200-BVT80 PA28F200-BVT80 PDF Download Case: SOT-363, Molded Plastic Case material -
PA28F200BV-T80   PA28F200BV-T80 PA28F200BV-T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 • Design Flexibility   Common Anode
PA28F200BVT-80   PA28F200BVT-80 PA28F200BVT-80 PDF Download Case: JEDEC DO-214AA molded plastic over glass p
PA28F200BX   PA28F200BX PA28F200BX PDF Download INTEL 00+ Minimum Dielectric Strength, Input-Output Minimu
PA28F200BX-80   PA28F200BX-80 PA28F200BX-80 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 The PIC12CE67X devices have 128 bytes of RAM, 16
PA28F200BXB120   PA28F200BXB120 PA28F200BXB120 PDF Download DFS Double Speed Sampling Mode Pin TEST Test
PA28F200BX-B120   PA28F200BX-B120 PA28F200BX-B120 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 When the IEEE Std. 1149.1 (JTAG) interface is us
PA28F200BXB-120   PA28F200BXB-120 PA28F200BXB-120 PDF Download Notes: 1. In-Band EI 115.2 kb/s and MIR_SEL=0
PA28F200BXB60   PA28F200BXB60 PA28F200BXB60 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
PA28F200BX-B60   PA28F200BX-B60 PA28F200BX-B60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44  AVDD Operating CurrentIAVDDVAVDD = 20V20&mi
PA28F200BX-B70   PA28F200BX-B70 PA28F200BX-B70 PDF Download INTEL SOP44   The device consists of a surface micromac
PA28F200BXB80   PA28F200BXB80 PA28F200BXB80 PDF Download SOP   1.1 Scope. This drawing documents two prod
PA28F200BX-B80   PA28F200BX-B80 PA28F200BX-B80 PDF Download INTEL 00+ The PA28F200BX-B80 is activated by ENABLE = H. P
PA28F200BXT120   PA28F200BXT120 PA28F200BXT120 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 The HYM7V65801B F-Series are Dual In-line Memory
PA28F200BX-T120   PA28F200BX-T120 PA28F200BX-T120 PDF Download INTEL 06+ PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns products in
PA28F200BXT-120   PA28F200BXT-120 PA28F200BXT-120 PDF Download ATM was developed to facilitate solutions in mul
PA28F200BXT60   PA28F200BXT60 PA28F200BXT60 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 The HSMP-386X series of general purpose PIN diod
PA28F200BX-T60   PA28F200BX-T60 PA28F200BX-T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 NOTES: (1) Includes the effects of amplifiers in
PA28F200BX-T70   PA28F200BX-T70 PA28F200BX-T70 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 Notes: 1. Functional operation under any of the
PA28F200BXT80   PA28F200BXT80 PA28F200BXT80 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44   Power-Off DisableVCC=0V, VOUT=4.5V1µ
PA28F200BX-T80   PA28F200BX-T80 PA28F200BX-T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 00+ The ESR of the required capacitor must be less t
PA28F200NBX   PA28F200NBX PA28F200NBX PDF Download The CN8223 is based on the Bt8222 device. The on
PA28F400   PA28F400 PA28F400 PDF Download 92 To provide the high input sensitivity necessary t
PA28F4008BXT80   PA28F4008BXT80 PA28F4008BXT80 PDF Download • Controls the exact light power levels com
PA28F400B5B60   PA28F400B5B60 PA28F400B5B60 PDF Download 英特尔 SOP42 SOP42 V.253 commands V.80 (H.324 software-stack -compa
PA28F400B5-B60   PA28F400B5-B60 PA28F400B5-B60 PDF Download Note: 1. Package body sizes exclude mold flash a
PA28F400B5B-60   PA28F400B5B-60 PA28F400B5B-60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The HPMD-7905 enhances the sensitivity and dynam
PA28F400B5B60819373   PA28F400B5B60819373 PA28F400B5B60819373 PDF Download INTEL O7+ Like all of the UltraLogic™ FLASH370i devic
PA28F400B5B70   PA28F400B5B70 PA28F400B5B70 PDF Download 英特尔 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
PA28F400B5B80   PA28F400B5B80 PA28F400B5B80 PDF Download INSTEL 01 ∗ In order to measure at Ta Tj (pulse meas
PA28F400B5-B80   PA28F400B5-B80 PA28F400B5-B80 PDF Download A transmit squelch circuit, which consists of a
PA28F400B5B-80   PA28F400B5B-80 PA28F400B5B-80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The device also features split output bank power
PA28F400B5B90   PA28F400B5B90 PA28F400B5B90 PDF Download 英特尔 XTAL1 and XTAL2 are the input and output respec-
PA28F400B5T60   PA28F400B5T60 PA28F400B5T60 PDF Download 英特尔 High performance and low cost solution Synchrono
PA28F400-B5T60   PA28F400-B5T60 PA28F400-B5T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP/44 06+ IBREAK ICLK TRST VSS VDDI VDDE NMI P65/INT
PA28F400B5-T60   PA28F400B5-T60 PA28F400B5-T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 UV (9) The UV pin is used as an under-voltage s
PA28F400B5T-60   PA28F400B5T-60 PA28F400B5T-60 PDF Download Static characteristic Collector base breakdown
PA28F400B5T70   PA28F400B5T70 PA28F400B5T70 PDF Download 英特尔 Information in this document is provided in conne
PA28F400B5T80   PA28F400B5T80 PA28F400B5T80 PDF Download INSTEL 98 Load Mux. RRE = "1" and MSE = "1&q
PA28F400-B5T80   PA28F400-B5T80 PA28F400-B5T80 PDF Download INTEL 9935+ SOP44 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
PA28F400B5-T80   PA28F400B5-T80 PA28F400B5-T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The DAC8580 is a 16-bit, high-speed, low-noise,
PA28F400B5T-80   PA28F400B5T-80 PA28F400B5T-80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 0224+ The MB15F83UL is used, as charge pump which is w
PA28F400B5T90   PA28F400B5T90 PA28F400B5T90 PDF Download 英特尔 If the PA28F400B5T90 is in a nonvolatile write c
PA28F400BCB60Q193   PA28F400BCB60Q193 PA28F400BCB60Q193 PDF Download The TURBOTRANSCEIVER is compatible with the requ
PA28F400BRB60   PA28F400BRB60 PA28F400BRB60 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+ Two TTL/CMOS compatible inputs select the gain f
PA28F400BRB80   PA28F400BRB80 PA28F400BRB80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+ The AT88RF256 is an RFID (radio frequency identi
PA28F400BSB60   PA28F400BSB60 PA28F400BSB60 PDF Download The data strobes, associated with one data byte,
PA28F400BVB120   PA28F400BVB120 PA28F400BVB120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ OPERATION In order to prevent data corruption a
PA28F400BVB60   PA28F400BVB60 PA28F400BVB60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 92+ handset. The device has mode-switching to take
PA28F400BV-B60   PA28F400BV-B60 PA28F400BV-B60 PDF Download INTEL SOP 95+ The 8K EEPROM device requires an 8-bit device ad-
PA28F400BVB80   PA28F400BVB80 PA28F400BVB80 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 Short Ferrite Bead Long Ferrite Bead 47 pF Ch
PA28F400BV-B80   PA28F400BV-B80 PA28F400BV-B80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP-44 01+ • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit p
PA28F400BVB-80   PA28F400BVB-80 PA28F400BVB-80 PDF Download Small Hermetic Surface Mount Package Chip Isola
PA28F400BVBT60   PA28F400BVBT60 PA28F400BVBT60 PDF Download CONNECTION MEMORY   Data to be output on th
PA28F400BVT120   PA28F400BVT120 PA28F400BVT120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Programs for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPG
PA28F400BV-T120   PA28F400BV-T120 PA28F400BV-T120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP-44 01+ Operating voltage: 2.4V~12V Low power and high n
PA28F400BVT60   PA28F400BVT60 PA28F400BVT60 PDF Download The AT28C010-12DK is accessed like a Static RAM
PA28F400BV-T60   PA28F400BV-T60 PA28F400BV-T60 PDF Download INTEL PSOP-44 01+ Foxs current JITO®-2 line is offered in the f
PA28F400BVT-60   PA28F400BVT-60 PA28F400BVT-60 PDF Download The ISL6434 provides the power control and prote
PA28F400BVT-60ES   PA28F400BVT-60ES PA28F400BVT-60ES PDF Download   The MSK 4362 is a complete 3 Phase MOSFET
PA28F400BVT80   PA28F400BVT80 PA28F400BVT80 PDF Download INSTEL 96 Single Supply Operation (VCC = +5V, VEE = GND) T
PA28F400-BVT80   PA28F400-BVT80 PA28F400-BVT80 PDF Download INTEL . Both pairs of switches have over-current protect
PA28F400BV-T80   PA28F400BV-T80 PA28F400BV-T80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP-44 02+ The digital control section is built around the
PA28F400BVT-80   PA28F400BVT-80 PA28F400BVT-80 PDF Download The LEDs are packed in cardboard boxes after pack
PA28F400BX   PA28F400BX PA28F400BX PDF Download 92   Figure 1 shows the ELM331 in an example h
PA28F400BXB120   PA28F400BXB120 PA28F400BXB120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Note : 1. Load and line regulation are specified
PA28F400BX-B120   PA28F400BX-B120 PA28F400BX-B120 PDF Download SOP This monolithic digital-to-analog converter is p
PA28F400BXB-120   PA28F400BXB-120 PA28F400BXB-120 PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PA28F400BXB60   PA28F400BXB60 PA28F400BXB60 PDF Download INTEL SMD 03/+04+ This pin is internally connected to the inverting
PA28F400BX-B60   PA28F400BX-B60 PA28F400BX-B60 PDF Download INTEL 1995 SOP44   outputs, input capture and output compare
PA28F400BXB80   PA28F400BXB80 PA28F400BXB80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Inhibit*: This is an open-collector (open-drain)
PA28F400BX-B80   PA28F400BX-B80 PA28F400BX-B80 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 92+ The DM9801 uses a low-power and high-performance
PA28F400BXB-80   PA28F400BXB-80 PA28F400BXB-80 PDF Download When VCC is applied to the serializer and/or des
PA28F400BXB80-92   PA28F400BXB80-92 PA28F400BXB80-92 PDF Download • CASE: DO-13 (DO-202AA), welded, hermetic
PA28F400BX-T   PA28F400BX-T PA28F400BX-T PDF Download The DS1270 devices execute a write cycle whenever
PA28F400BXT120   PA28F400BXT120 PA28F400BXT120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 4 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW P
PA28F400BX-T120   PA28F400BX-T120 PA28F400BX-T120 PDF Download INTEL SOP 00+ The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products s
PA28F400BXT60   PA28F400BXT60 PA28F400BXT60 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Notes:  1. NC pins are not connected to th
PA28F400BX-T60   PA28F400BX-T60 PA28F400BX-T60 PDF Download INTEL SMD 03/+04+ The AVR core combines a rich instruction set wit
PA28F400BXT80   PA28F400BXT80 PA28F400BXT80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP44 04+ Note 5: For a power supply of 5V 10% the worst ca
PA28F400BX-T80   PA28F400BX-T80 PA28F400BX-T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 00+ The 128/144-Mbit Direct Rambus DRAMs (RDRAM®
PA28F400BX--T80   PA28F400BX--T80 PA28F400BX--T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44W 2007+ The frequency of oscillation of a quartz crystal
PA28F400BXT-80   PA28F400BXT-80 PA28F400BXT-80 PDF Download These GaAs devices should be handled with care a
PA28F400BX-T80(PROG)   PA28F400BX-T80(PROG) PA28F400BX-T80(PROG) PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
PA28F400BX-X60   PA28F400BX-X60 PA28F400BX-X60 PDF Download Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width li
PA28F640J5150   PA28F640J5150 PA28F640J5150 PDF Download   3.7 Certificate of conformance. A certific
PA28F800   PA28F800 PA28F800 PDF Download APEX Frequency Correction. The on-chip oscillator cir
PA28F800B5B60   PA28F800B5B60 PA28F800B5B60 PDF Download 英特尔 Renesas Technology Corporation Semiconductor Home
PA28F800B5B70   PA28F800B5B70 PA28F800B5B70 PDF Download 英特尔 SOP44 SOP44   Programmable 28-bit serial number  
PA28F800B5B-70   PA28F800B5B-70 PA28F800B5B-70 PDF Download INTEL 98+ The IF output drive is a voltage drive with a lo
PA28F800B5B70ES   PA28F800B5B70ES PA28F800B5B70ES PDF Download INTEL SOP/44 06+ Power dissipation at 25ºC: 2.0 watts (also
PA28F800B5B80   PA28F800B5B80 PA28F800B5B80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ 4.1 This Agreement is effective upon initial del
PA28F800B5B90   PA28F800B5B90 PA28F800B5B90 PDF Download 英特尔 RXD[4:1] are dual purpose pins. When RESET is ac
PA28F800B5-B90   PA28F800B5-B90 PA28F800B5-B90 PDF Download
PA28F800B5T60   PA28F800B5T60 PA28F800B5T60 PDF Download 英特尔 The PA28F800B5T60 (1) device is a member of the
PA28F800B5T70   PA28F800B5T70 PA28F800B5T70 PDF Download 英特尔 Solderability: 90% coverage after 5 second dip in
PA28F800B5T-70   PA28F800B5T-70 PA28F800B5T-70 PDF Download INTEL SOP-44 03+   The EL6839 is a high performance,  
PA28F800B5T80   PA28F800B5T80 PA28F800B5T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+ To assure the output tracibility, the SRAM provid
PA28F800B5T90   PA28F800B5T90 PA28F800B5T90 PDF Download 英特尔 The I/O and logic functions of the Configurable
PA28F800BRB60   PA28F800BRB60 PA28F800BRB60 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+ Series 32000 and TRI-STATE are registered tradem
PA28F800BRB80   PA28F800BRB80 PA28F800BRB80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+   The ST-BUS architecture can be used both
PA28F800BVB120   PA28F800BVB120 PA28F800BVB120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ The modem includes a programmable single/dual to
PA28F800BVB-120   PA28F800BVB-120 PA28F800BVB-120 PDF Download The UC1842A/3A/4A/5A family of control ICs is a
PA28F800BVB60   PA28F800BVB60 PA28F800BVB60 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ • Pout>18W, çT>20% @ VDD=12.5
PA28F800BVB70   PA28F800BVB70 PA28F800BVB70 PDF Download 英特尔 FEAST provides a flexible slave interface for eas
PA28F800BVB80   PA28F800BVB80 PA28F800BVB80 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PA28F800BVB90   PA28F800BVB90 PA28F800BVB90 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ *1 No-load Hall voltage is nearly proportional t
PA28F800BVT120   PA28F800BVT120 PA28F800BVT120 PDF Download INTEL PSOP48 04+ Note 7: The analog inputs are protected as shown
PA28F800BVT70   PA28F800BVT70 PA28F800BVT70 PDF Download 92   Please read Application Note 1 "Gener
PA28F800BX-B60   PA28F800BX-B60 PA28F800BX-B60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 Note 10: If the product is in Shutdown mode and V
PA28F800BX-B80   PA28F800BX-B80 PA28F800BX-B80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 4-wire touch screen interface LCD noise reductio
PA28F800BXP80   PA28F800BXP80 PA28F800BXP80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 99+ or 18-bit output bus. The Bus Size Select pin (BS
PA28F800BX-T60   PA28F800BX-T60 PA28F800BX-T60 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The TPS5140 is a dc/dc controller that incorpora
PA28F800BXT80   PA28F800BXT80 PA28F800BXT80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 99+ WRITE ENABLE (W)   A write cycle is initiat
PA28F800BX-T80   PA28F800BX-T80 PA28F800BX-T80 PDF Download INTEL SOP44 The TS7221 is amicropower comparator featuring
PA28F800CVT60   PA28F800CVT60 PA28F800CVT60 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+   Nominal Resistor Tolerance3   Resist
PA28F800CVT80   PA28F800CVT80 PA28F800CVT80 PDF Download INTEL SOP 02+ By taking advantage of Analog Devices high-perfo
PA28FO165585   PA28FO165585 PA28FO165585 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
PA29   PA29 PA29 PDF Download APEX ZIP ZIP NOTE 1: Maximum power dissipation is a function
PA2906P21   PA2906P21 PA2906P21 PDF Download KYOSHIN 1. Added DDR333 function 2. Updated DDR333 test
PA2981C   PA2981C PA2981C PDF Download
PA29F400   PA29F400 PA29F400 PDF Download 0 0 The LM129 is packaged in a 2-lead TO-46 package
PA2CE16V8H-25   PA2CE16V8H-25 PA2CE16V8H-25 PDF Download AMD 99+ PDIP20 The GS4882 and GS4982 feature an internal color b
PA30   PA30 PA30 PDF Download TSSOP 04+ • 22 I/O pins with individual direction co
PA3001   PA3001 PA3001 PDF Download PIONEER DIP Low skew: < 200ps Fast switching frequency
PA3001A   PA3001A PA3001A PDF Download DIP Note: Permanent device damage may occur if Abso
PA3002   PA3002 PA3002 PDF Download  C 16-bit CPU with 4-stage pipeline  C
PA3003   PA3003 PA3003 PDF Download 99   The crystal oscillators should be fundame
PA3005   PA3005 PA3005 PDF Download The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
PA3005A   PA3005A PA3005A PDF Download PIONEER SIL-12 01+   2 MHz (typ.) PWM Switching Frequency &nbs
PA3007   PA3007 PA3007 PDF Download VCORE+ VCORE Output Sense. Differential sensing o
PA3009   PA3009 PA3009 PDF Download TO-220/5 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
PA301   PA301 PA301 PDF Download Carling Technologies   Features 1) The PA301 combines Pch Trench
PA3010   PA3010 PA3010 PDF Download PIONEER DIP n 100% compatible with VxWorks™, VRTX͐
PA3011   PA3011 PA3011 PDF Download Parameter MPU PORT2, 3   SCLOCK Frequency
PA30145   PA30145 PA30145 PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
PA3015   PA3015 PA3015 PDF Download The PA3015 is two resistor arrays integrated wit
PA3016   PA3016 PA3016 PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
PA3017   PA3017 PA3017 PDF Download er clock, the master must have an open drain out
PA3018   PA3018 PA3018 PDF Download DIP Switch Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection Ove
PA3019   PA3019 PA3019 PDF Download Note: Human Body Model ESD test performance for t
PA3020   PA3020 PA3020 PDF Download
PA3021B   PA3021B PA3021B PDF Download PIONEER The PA3021B is a 16 channel constant-current sin
PA3022   PA3022 PA3022 PDF Download When VCC returns to a level above the internal ba
PA3026   PA3026 PA3026 PDF Download PIONEER HSOP-28P 94+ NOTES: 1. VDD, OPTX, and VDDQX must be set to ap
PA3027   PA3027 PA3027 PDF Download • Viewing Angles Match   Traffic Mana
PA3027A   PA3027A PA3027A PDF Download DESCRIPTION The 74LVCZ161284A contains eight hi
PA3028A   PA3028A PA3028A PDF Download Ground pin. This pin should be connected to sys
PA3029   PA3029 PA3029 PDF Download
PA3029B   PA3029B PA3029B PDF Download PIONEER 04+ The MacroDensÔ 3 C7 W PKF 4000 I series tru
PA304   PA304 PA304 PDF Download Carling Technologies clock stream is corrupted during a transmission.
PA3092A-15A   PA3092A-15A PA3092A-15A PDF Download NS 96+ 3000 n Offset register allows sensing a variety of th
PA3092A-24A   PA3092A-24A PA3092A-24A PDF Download NSC 9642+ Figure 5 combines the MAX6160 with the MAX5415 (a
PA31002   PA31002 PA31002 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Notes: 1. Propagation Delays and Enable/Disable
PA3100-2   PA3100-2 PA3100-2 PDF Download 31 This bus includes a selective node awake capabili
PA31002-36MA-MT   PA31002-36MA-MT PA31002-36MA-MT PDF Download QUALCOMM 00+ The NetPHY™ 4LP device operates on a 3.3 V
PA3100-2SR   PA3100-2SR PA3100-2SR PDF Download Qualcomm 01+ Products listed in bold are WTE Preferred devices
PA3100-3   PA3100-3 PA3100-3 PDF Download QUALCOMM BGA 06+   A PCM CodecCFilter is used for digitizing
PA31003-36MA-TR   PA31003-36MA-TR PA31003-36MA-TR PDF Download QUALCOMM BGA 01+   The SN74LS245 is an Octal Bus Transmitter/
PA31003-36MA-TR(CD90-V1330-3TR)   PA31003-36MA-TR(CD90-V1330-3TR) PA31003-36MA-TR(CD90-V1330-3TR) PDF Download 4000 QUALCOMM 0115+ Complete PWM Power Control 3.6-V to 40-V Operati
PA31003K   PA31003K PA31003K PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Powerful Harvard Architecture Processor  &
PA3100-3K   PA3100-3K PA3100-3K PDF Download QUALCOMM BGA 0046+ Microchip offers a QTP Programming Service for f
PA3100-K   PA3100-K PA3100-K PDF Download QUALCOMM 02+   The MSK 3001 is a three phase bridge powe
PA3128U-1BAS   PA3128U-1BAS PA3128U-1BAS PDF Download "Preliminary" product information desc
PA3171U-1MPC   PA3171U-1MPC PA3171U-1MPC PDF Download Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
PA31AC   PA31AC PA31AC PDF Download Note 12: Electrical Characteristic table reflects
PA3224U-1ETC   PA3224U-1ETC PA3224U-1ETC PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PA3228V-1BAS   PA3228V-1BAS PA3228V-1BAS PDF Download   3.2 Qualification. Devices furnished under
PA3287U-1BAS   PA3287U-1BAS PA3287U-1BAS PDF Download The HSDL-2300 is a new generation 3.3 V power
PA33   PA33 PA33 PDF Download MSOP 02+ Chip Enable, Output Enable and Write Enable sig-
PA33002   PA33002 PA33002 PDF Download QUALCOMM 01+ The 8 'X' lines can be directly connected to th
PA3300-2SR   PA3300-2SR PA3300-2SR PDF Download QUALCOMM 01+ configuration. Program data may be either bit se
PA33003-45MA-MT   PA33003-45MA-MT PA33003-45MA-MT PDF Download QUALCOMM 01+ The maximum power that can be safely dissipated
PA339CP   PA339CP PA339CP PDF Download CASE: Hermetically sealed voidless hard glass &n
PA34486   PA34486 PA34486 PDF Download N/A PQFP 97+ The PA34486/PA34486D8618 are specified over the
PA350/2   PA350/2 PA350/2 PDF Download
PA3662   PA3662 PA3662 PDF Download   The SY100S363 is a dual 8-input multiplexe
PA37   PA37 PA37 PDF Download APEX DIP N/A FEATURES High Slew Rate: 10 V/ s Min Fast Settl
PA38   PA38 PA38 PDF Download M/A-COM The MAX5236/MAX5237 feature 13.5MHz a 3-wire seri
PA381   PA381 PA381 PDF Download SMD 20 FDDI is a Dual Token Ring standard developed in
PA38-2   PA38-2 PA38-2 PDF Download M/A-COM If ISEL is high, then the I2C interface is activ
PA40   PA40 PA40 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ to the PA40 device. SCAN CMOS Test Access Logic
PA4001   PA4001 PA4001 PDF Download Features • Ultra small surface mount &nbs
PA4002   PA4002 PA4002 PDF Download Thus, for PC2, no phase difference exists betwee
PA4005   PA4005 PA4005 PDF Download PIONEER DIP The ADP3181 also includes programmable no-load o
PA4006   PA4006 PA4006 PDF Download PIONEER (1) Pulse duration300 µs, duty cycle2%. (
PA4008   PA4008 PA4008 PDF Download The TMS41x809 series is a set of high-speed, 16
PA4009   PA4009 PA4009 PDF Download N/A SMD Each Big Fast Megablock has 24 I/O cells. The Gl
PA400F280-1.8   PA400F280-1.8 PA400F280-1.8 PDF Download N/A  The signal/pin assignments are listed in T
PA400F280-1.8V   PA400F280-1.8V PA400F280-1.8V PDF Download LAMBDA circuit topologies to provide the low insertion l
PA400F280-3.3   PA400F280-3.3 PA400F280-3.3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The byte pointer bit must be toggled to the corr
PA400F280-5   PA400F280-5 PA400F280-5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is receive
PA400G   PA400G PA400G PDF Download AD 150 Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
PA4010   PA4010 PA4010 PDF Download 0 - 230Vdefined by external PWM control 0.75 hp
PA4012B   PA4012B PA4012B PDF Download PIONEER QFP-48   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Ga
PA4013   PA4013 PA4013 PDF Download 91+ Note A: All data listed in the above graphs has
PA4013-T1   PA4013-T1 PA4013-T1 PDF Download N/A The PA4013-T1 Development Kit contains access sy
PA4014   PA4014 PA4014 PDF Download 12 Bit Resolution 1.3 GS/s Sampling Rate 4:1 In
PA4014-T1   PA4014-T1 PA4014-T1 PDF Download PIONEER 08+   [V DC][A][V DC][mA][V DC]   3.31.5--
PA4016   PA4016 PA4016 PDF Download PIONEER 9248 Case: JEDEC TO-247AD molded plastic body Termina
PA4017   PA4017 PA4017 PDF Download To guarantee the Table 1 delay accuracy for inpu
PA4018   PA4018 PA4018 PDF Download In the Si9167, the error amplifier output is com
PA4018-E   PA4018-E PA4018-E PDF Download 93+ A token-passing protocol provides predictable res
PA4018-TL   PA4018-TL PA4018-TL PDF Download PIONEER 08+ RST Reset I O A high on this pin for two machine
PA4022A   PA4022A PA4022A PDF Download PIONEER QFP 1996   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on)
PA4023   PA4023 PA4023 PDF Download   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from
PA4023A   PA4023A PA4023A PDF Download SMD Power supply: 3V /5V LCD driving voltage  
PA4023A-E1   PA4023A-E1 PA4023A-E1 PDF Download PIONEER SSOP48 9544 In parallel interface mode, one address line is
PA4023B   PA4023B PA4023B PDF Download PIONEER SSOP 99/00/01 GATE (Pin 7): Gate Drive Output Pin for Internal
PA4023B-E1   PA4023B-E1 PA4023B-E1 PDF Download 97 RF Mixers: The mixers are designed to operate wi
PA4024   PA4024 PA4024 PDF Download SOP 03+/04 The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are 16Mx64bits Sync
PA4024A   PA4024A PA4024A PDF Download PIONEER SSOP 99/00/01 When used as a movement sensor the output of the
PA4024A-E1   PA4024A-E1 PA4024A-E1 PDF Download NEC 99+ SOP  with a single bar completely filling the p
PA4024A-EVJM   PA4024A-EVJM PA4024A-EVJM PDF Download 99 the memory by taking care of all of the special
PA4024A-TEB   PA4024A-TEB PA4024A-TEB PDF Download 99 In all modes, this regulator is current-limited.
PA4024B   PA4024B PA4024B PDF Download Statistical information for SNMP and the Remote M
PA4024HA   PA4024HA PA4024HA PDF Download PION SMD 97+
PA4025A   PA4025A PA4025A PDF Download SOP/28 99+
PA4025A(UPC5021GT-092)   PA4025A(UPC5021GT-092) PA4025A(UPC5021GT-092) PDF Download SOP8 Note: Human Body Model ESD test performance for t
PA4026A   PA4026A PA4026A PDF Download PIONEER 2007 Parameter Bias Offset Voltage(MODP) Bias offset
PA4026A-TFB   PA4026A-TFB PA4026A-TFB PDF Download 99 Reset will terminate any operation, e.g., Read, E
PA402HA   PA402HA PA402HA PDF Download   Features 1) Built-in bias resistors enabl
PA404GWB   PA404GWB PA404GWB PDF Download CHINA N/A NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
PA4066   PA4066 PA4066 PDF Download   The MSK 5115 series voltage regulators ar
PA41   PA41 PA41 PDF Download The synchronous boost converter generates a low n
PA41A   PA41A PA41A PDF Download APEX CAN-8 2000 These devices can be used in a wide range of digi
PA41M   PA41M PA41M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
PA41M/883   PA41M/883 PA41M/883 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN Interrupt controller   • Total of 9
PA42   PA42 PA42 PDF Download APEX ZIP 2001 FEATURES High Definition Input Formats   Y
PA430607   PA430607 PA430607 PDF Download PRX SOP The IRMCK203 provides other means of current fee
PA430807   PA430807 PA430807 PDF Download PRX SOP Positive driver supply pin for the ADC14L020s ou
PA431007   PA431007 PA431007 PDF Download PRX SOP The internal one-shot provides an instant respons
PA431207   PA431207 PA431207 PDF Download PRX SOP Each of the Macrocells of the ispGAL22V10 has tw
PA431407   PA431407 PA431407 PDF Download PRX SOP ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PA431606   PA431606 PA431606 PDF Download PRX SOP The MSM5117800F is a 2,097,152-word 8-bit dyna
PA431607   PA431607 PA431607 PDF Download PRX SOP !Features 1) Four channels of power MOS-H bridge
PA431806   PA431806 PA431806 PDF Download PRX SOP Complete hardware-based management and processin
PA431807   PA431807 PA431807 PDF Download PRX SOP All protective features of thermal shutdown, cur
PA432006   PA432006 PA432006 PDF Download PRX SOP The IRF6609 balances both low resistance and low
PA432206   PA432206 PA432206 PDF Download PRX SOP Counter enable inputs are provided to stall the
PA432406   PA432406 PA432406 PDF Download PRX SOP READY Ready (Output, active High). This signal ca
PA44   PA44 PA44 PDF Download PAX SOP 95 Each circuit offers a choice of open-collector o
PA45   PA45 PA45 PDF Download APEX   MANUAL RESET INPUTMR: Manual Reset inpu
PA45A   PA45A PA45A PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
PA45M   PA45M PA45M PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold
PA45M/883   PA45M/883 PA45M/883 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ This block provides a stable regulated output vol
PA46   PA46 PA46 PDF Download APEX ZIP ZIP This device is designed with discrete diodes for
PA46002-2019   PA46002-2019 PA46002-2019 PDF Download PFU 00+ QFP/184   These miniature surface mount MOSFETs low
PA46002-2023   PA46002-2023 PA46002-2023 PDF Download The GS82032A is an SCD (Single Cycle Deselect) p
PA46002-3063   PA46002-3063 PA46002-3063 PDF Download 95   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
PA46002-3068   PA46002-3068 PA46002-3068 PDF Download 2000 NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
PA46013-0024   PA46013-0024 PA46013-0024 PDF Download PFU BGA 05+ With LOAD high, data is clocked into the DATA te
PA473   PA473 PA473 PDF Download The LPC2141/42/44/46/48 microcontrollers are bas
PA48   PA48 PA48 PDF Download APEX SOP These displays may be mounted by soldering dir
PA50   PA50 PA50 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc SSOP The information provided herein is believed to b
PA5001   PA5001 PA5001 PDF Download 0 0 Pb−Free Packages are Available 225 mW Rati
PA5004   PA5004 PA5004 PDF Download DIP Hynix HYMD132725A(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered
PA5007   PA5007 PA5007 PDF Download PIONEER DIP 2001   2.2.1 Specifications, standards, and hand
PA5008   PA5008 PA5008 PDF Download PIONEER DIP-16P 2001   - Wiper Movement Control. This input provi
PA5009   PA5009 PA5009 PDF Download PIONEER DIP Current setting resistor (band-gap sense voltage
PA5010   PA5010 PA5010 PDF Download PIONEER DIP Connect a resistor(ROCSET) from this pin to the d
PA5011   PA5011 PA5011 PDF Download MITSUBISHI DIP 97 NOTES 1. Pin 5 has an internal pull-up and may b
PA5012   PA5012 PA5012 PDF Download PIONEER DIP On-chip thermal limiting simplifies PC board layo
PA5013   PA5013 PA5013 PDF Download Serial Data Output. This allows a number of part
PA5015   PA5015 PA5015 PDF Download PIONEER 04+ The following Functional Description describes t
PA5015C   PA5015C PA5015C PDF Download PIONEER DIP Notes: (1) Thermal resistance from junction to
PA502FM   PA502FM PA502FM PDF Download NIKO-SEM 05+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appro
PA502FM/20516   PA502FM/20516 PA502FM/20516 PDF Download n High Temperature Operation to 125˚C n IE
PA502FMG   PA502FMG PA502FMG PDF Download NIKO SOT-23 07+ The device is a fully static part fabricated usi
PA503EMG   PA503EMG PA503EMG PDF Download NIKO SOT-23 08+ In dual power supply applications the ISL6227 mon
PA5064CS10   PA5064CS10 PA5064CS10 PDF Download 0 0 1 1 2 Selecting An External ENDEC An option is p
PA50A   PA50A PA50A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc   Designed to meet the high-current require
PA50S48-12   PA50S48-12 PA50S48-12 PDF Download N/A manage the transfer of data between the DQA/DQB
PA50S48-3.3   PA50S48-3.3 PA50S48-3.3 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Modulus control output for controlling an extern
PA50S48-5   PA50S48-5 PA50S48-5 PDF Download N/A 2. The standby control input is Not compatible
PA51   PA51 PA51 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The operational overview diagram in Figure 2 illu
PA51/883   PA51/883 PA51/883 PDF Download 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
PA512   PA512 PA512 PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
PA5-15S05   PA5-15S05 PA5-15S05 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are 128Mx72bits ECC
PA51A   PA51A PA51A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Power On Reset: VCC Lock-Out Write Protect In or
PA51B   PA51B PA51B PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ The Power-saving (PS) module implements the Idle
PA51C   PA51C PA51C PDF Download APEX 1. Unless otherwise noted: TC=25C, compensation
PA51H   PA51H PA51H PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ Parameter REFERENCE INPUTS   REFIN(+) to R
PA51M   PA51M PA51M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Typical Applications • Vibration Monitorin
PA51M/883   PA51M/883 PA51M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of thi
PA51M883   PA51M883 PA51M883 PDF Download when leading-edge triggering (+ TR) is used or Q
PA51Q   PA51Q PA51Q PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+   Description PA51Q is a sound processor f
PA52   PA52 PA52 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc   Figures 1 through 8 show the timing of th
PA5262   PA5262 PA5262 PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16M635HC(L)T8 Series are 16Mx64bi
PA52A   PA52A PA52A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc HIGH SPEED: fMAX = 170 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 5V
PA53002-120400AT   PA53002-120400AT PA53002-120400AT PDF Download 5V Output Current: 100mA (VIN 3V) 3.3V Output C
PA5417   PA5417 PA5417 PDF Download UTC HSIP-15A 08+ Ceramic Capacitors Above 150 kHz the performance
PA541AM   PA541AM PA541AM PDF Download Mechanical potentiometer replacement in new desi
PA54AM   PA54AM PA54AM PDF Download ROH SOP- 8 The MPC852T is a PowerPC architecture-based deri
PA55   PA55 PA55 PDF Download APEX DIP-4A N/A This is the gate drive output for the Main FET.
PA555P   PA555P PA555P PDF Download MAX6752/MAX6753: Connect a capacitor between SWT
PA58   PA58 PA58 PDF Download APEX PLCC • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
PA6003A   PA6003A PA6003A PDF Download 0 0 Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PA6004A   PA6004A PA6004A PDF Download 800 Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous C
PA6005A   PA6005A PA6005A PDF Download N/A SSOP20 06+ The number formed by the empty offset least sign
PA60DX   PA60DX PA60DX PDF Download APEX ZIP ZIP The input and output are optimized for best perf
PA60EU   PA60EU PA60EU PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP 576 x 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Rando
PA61   PA61 PA61 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN8 08+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStarɽ
PA61A   PA61A PA61A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+
PA61M/883   PA61M/883 PA61M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ A review of these data shows that the HSMS-280A
PA6204ADJDAIR1   PA6204ADJDAIR1 PA6204ADJDAIR1 PDF Download (0) After power on, the first integration scan is
PA683-(ZC3.5)   PA683-(ZC3.5) PA683-(ZC3.5) PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V8M635AT6 Series are 8Mx64bits Syn
PA684   PA684 PA684 PDF Download This is a stress rating only and functional oper
PA69EU   PA69EU PA69EU PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc The MAX1165/MAX1166 16-bit, low-power, successive
PA6N-2R6J   PA6N-2R6J PA6N-2R6J PDF Download Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG) is a freq
PA7024J   PA7024J PA7024J PDF Download ICT PLCC28 2007+ The receiver would fail to acknowledge for two
PA7024J125   PA7024J125 PA7024J125 PDF Download Notes:  4. Test conditions assume signal t
PA7024J-20   PA7024J-20 PA7024J-20 PDF Download ICT PLCC N/A Internal to the GS4882 and GS4982 is a robust vid
PA7024JI2   PA7024JI2 PA7024JI2 PDF Download 1.4 PACKAGING/PIN EFFICIENCY Real estate and bo
PA7024JN   PA7024JN PA7024JN PDF Download ICT . These dual beam lead diodes are constructed usin
PA7024P   PA7024P PA7024P PDF Download ICT DIP24 05+ MIC2595 and MIC2595R: Turn-Off Threshold. When t
PA7024P-15   PA7024P-15 PA7024P-15 PDF Download Jack(Available)   The PA7024P-15 is a highly flexible dual
PA7024S   PA7024S PA7024S PDF Download The HMS87C5216 is an advanced CMOS 8-bit microco
PA7024S-25   PA7024S-25 PA7024S-25 PDF Download NOTES: (1) 2.0ms, pulse width, f=1.0 KHZ (2) Pu
PA7024SI20   PA7024SI20 PA7024SI20 PDF Download
PA7024SI-25   PA7024SI-25 PA7024SI-25 PDF Download This transceiver provides the interface between
PA710A-1A   PA710A-1A PA710A-1A PDF Download FEATURES • Provides high Q while using 25
PA7128J   PA7128J PA7128J PDF Download ICT PLCC28 ISSUE 2 - JANUARY 1996 FEATURES * Extremely low
PA7128J-1   PA7128J-1 PA7128J-1 PDF Download The QuIET device interfaces directly with the Ps
PA7128J-20   PA7128J-20 PA7128J-20 PDF Download ICT 94 Description Agilent Technologiess ATF- 501P8 is
PA7128JI-20   PA7128JI-20 PA7128JI-20 PDF Download Stages In One Device Leading-Edge PFC, Trailing-
PA7128P   PA7128P PA7128P PDF Download 95 ICT 14 Accurate detection regardless of color, material
PA7128P-1   PA7128P-1 PA7128P-1 PDF Download HITAG(1) is the name of one of the universal and
PA7128P-15   PA7128P-15 PA7128P-15 PDF Download NOTES: 1. This parameter is warranted but not p
PA7128PI-20   PA7128PI-20 PA7128PI-20 PDF Download Zarlink Semiconductor provides prescaler evaluat
PA7128S   PA7128S PA7128S PDF Download Note 1: RMODSET = 1kΩ. Excludes IOUT+ and I
PA7128S1   PA7128S1 PA7128S1 PDF Download Each ISL6118 incorporates in a single 8-lead SOIC
PA7128S-15   PA7128S-15 PA7128S-15 PDF Download The ZL50018 is a maximum 2,048 x 2,048 channel no
PA7140   PA7140 PA7140 PDF Download DIP 98+ The PA7140 will have optimum use in supply lines
PA7140J   PA7140J PA7140J PDF Download IDT PLCC44 n Floating channel designed for bootstrap operat
PA7140J-20   PA7140J-20 PA7140J-20 PDF Download ICT 06+ 500 433-MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz Industrial, Scient
PA7140J20/CTQ06768   PA7140J20/CTQ06768 PA7140J20/CTQ06768 PDF Download Cr-NiV-Ag ( 1kA-2kA-2.5kA ) 99% Al, 1% Si (0.0
PA7140P   PA7140P PA7140P PDF Download ICT DIP40 Besides replacing fixed regulators, the LM117 is
PA7140P20   PA7140P20 PA7140P20 PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
PA7140P-25   PA7140P-25 PA7140P-25 PDF Download ICT 99 Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
PA7140T   PA7140T PA7140T PDF Download ICT DIP40   Designed primarily for full-wave ac contr
PA7140T1   PA7140T1 PA7140T1 PDF Download s Complete Monolithic 8-Channel, 12-Bit   D
PA7140T2   PA7140T2 PA7140T2 PDF Download SPI MODES These devices can be driven by a micr
PA7140T-2   PA7140T-2 PA7140T-2 PDF Download 95 DIP A constant 500nA current source ramps up the swit
PA7140T-2/CTP08299JC   PA7140T-2/CTP08299JC PA7140T-2/CTP08299JC PDF Download The HYM72V16M656B(L)T6 -Series are gold plated so
PA714OJ-20   PA714OJ-20 PA714OJ-20 PDF Download   The SOA curves combine the effect of of a
PA7204JN-20   PA7204JN-20 PA7204JN-20 PDF Download LATTICE PLCC44 00+ Low profile package (half pitch) AC Isolation
PA73   PA73 PA73 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Up to 37 general-purpose I/O pins (shared with o
PA-7365   PA-7365 PA-7365 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency NOTES 1Absolute maximum ratings are limiting val
PA73A   PA73A PA73A PDF Download APEX CAN CAN A six-byte command (Enter Single Pulse Program M
PA73M   PA73M PA73M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The ispClock5510 and ispClock5520 are in-system-
PA73M/24   PA73M/24 PA73M/24 PDF Download 5 576 x 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Rando
PA73M/24/883   PA73M/24/883 PA73M/24/883 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Unlike conventional page-mode DRAMs, the column-
PA73M/883   PA73M/883 PA73M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN NOTES (a) For a device surface mounted on 50mm
PA74   PA74 PA74 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 八脚铁帽 08+ The MX841 features a 1.0MHz switching frequency
PA7415   PA7415 PA7415 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency The Secured Silicon (SecSi) Sector is an addition
PA74A   PA74A PA74A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ International standard packages JEDEC TO-264,
PA74M   PA74M PA74M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ The FM1233B is a supervisor circuit that monitor
PA75   PA75 PA75 PDF Download
PA751508LXB2   PA751508LXB2 PA751508LXB2 PDF Download 04+ Erase/write enable (EWEN) Before any device prog
PA751508LXC1   PA751508LXC1 PA751508LXC1 PDF Download 04+ The internal circuit is composed of 2 stages in
PA753108BXA1-CT   PA753108BXA1-CT PA753108BXA1-CT PDF Download SEAGATE 2003 Low Power Consumption: 0.7W per Channel Power C
PA75358P   PA75358P PA75358P PDF Download The ADuC842 is a complete smart transducer front
PA7536J   PA7536J PA7536J PDF Download The VCA2619s VGA section consists of two parts:
PA7536J-15   PA7536J-15 PA7536J-15 PDF Download ICT 01/02/ The Bold specifications apply to the full operat
PA7536J-15L   PA7536J-15L PA7536J-15L PDF Download ICT PLCC/28 06+ The SM5009 series are crystal oscillator module
PA7536JI-15   PA7536JI-15 PA7536JI-15 PDF Download ICT PLCC28 06+ A LOW strobe on this pin will retransmit the data
PA7536S-15   PA7536S-15 PA7536S-15 PDF Download ICT 04+ SOP-7.2-28P POWER SUPPLY BYPASS Since the LM2462 is a wide
PA7540AJ-15   PA7540AJ-15 PA7540AJ-15 PDF Download ICT PLCC 06+ Delay from CKI Rising Edge to ALE Rising Edge D
PA7540J   PA7540J PA7540J PDF Download ICT 1.00(31.75mm) PCB Height One Row of SDRAMs on SO
PA7540J-15   PA7540J-15 PA7540J-15 PDF Download Jack(Available) THESE MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" W
PA7540J-15L   PA7540J-15L PA7540J-15L PDF Download ICT PLCC/28 05+ The device can be used in applications where two
PA7540JN-15   PA7540JN-15 PA7540JN-15 PDF Download ICT PLCC28 06+ Before programming, the TMS27C512 EPROM is erase
PA7540JN-15L   PA7540JN-15L PA7540JN-15L PDF Download ICT PLCC/28 05+ The XR-T5683A is a PCM line interface chip consi
PA7540JNI-15   PA7540JNI-15 PA7540JNI-15 PDF Download ICT PLCC28 06+ The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products s
PA7540P   PA7540P PA7540P PDF Download ICT DIP All HBT amplifiers are subject to device current
PA7540P-15   PA7540P-15 PA7540P-15 PDF Download ICT DIP24 03+ STATUS REGISTER READ: The status register can be
PA7540P-15L   PA7540P-15L PA7540P-15L PDF Download ICT DIP24 06+
PA7540PI-15   PA7540PI-15 PA7540PI-15 PDF Download ICT DIP24 06+ The input voltage range 1872 V dc meets the Eur
PA7540S-15   PA7540S-15 PA7540S-15 PDF Download ICT SOP24W 333 When low, "A" and "B" data i
PA75548-3.3   PA75548-3.3 PA75548-3.3 PDF Download NULL N/A The blocks in the memory are asymmetrically ar-
PA75548-5   PA75548-5 PA75548-5 PDF Download NULL N/A   All voltages are measured with respect to
PA7572F   PA7572F PA7572F PDF Download ICT TQFP44 06+ 3. Two external output bypass capacitors (0.01 &m
PA7572J   PA7572J PA7572J PDF Download ICT O7+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PA7572J-20   PA7572J-20 PA7572J-20 PDF Download ICT PLCC 03+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
PA7572J-20L   PA7572J-20L PA7572J-20L PDF Download ICT PLCC/44 05+ 8. CPD, measured per function, is used to determ
PA7572JI-20   PA7572JI-20 PA7572JI-20 PDF Download ICT PLCC/44 02+ Min Typ Max Min Typ Max UnitsTest Conditions 40
PA7572P-20   PA7572P-20 PA7572P-20 PDF Download ICT DIP40 06+ An on-chip state machine controls the program an
PA7572PI-20   PA7572PI-20 PA7572PI-20 PDF Download ICT DIP40 333 Bay Linear products are not authorized for and s
PA7572TJ-20   PA7572TJ-20 PA7572TJ-20 PDF Download ICT PLCC-M44P 06+ The XC9301/02 series are step-up/down DC/DC conv
PA7587   PA7587 PA7587 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency Switching Frequency On/Off Standby (Pin 3) &nbs
PA75CC   PA75CC PA75CC PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-263 The 32-bit multiplexed bus interface unit of MX9
PA75CD   PA75CD PA75CD PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc The design of the main power inductor in a switc
PA75CX   PA75CX PA75CX PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO220-7 06+   The HYM72V64C756K8M H-Series are high spe
PA75S48-12   PA75S48-12 PA75S48-12 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
PA75S48-24   PA75S48-24 PA75S48-24 PDF Download N/A The HS-5104ARH is a radiation hardened, monolith
PA75S48-28   PA75S48-28 PA75S48-28 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A TI warrants pe rformance of its se miconductor p
PA75S48-3.3   PA75S48-3.3 PA75S48-3.3 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
PA75S48-5   PA75S48-5 PA75S48-5 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
PA76   PA76 PA76 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc TO-3 08+ The device supports low-power standby operation.
PA7623M-TE1   PA7623M-TE1 PA7623M-TE1 PDF Download PIONEER/APEX 94+ 1650 Information relating to products and services fur
PA7667L   PA7667L PA7667L PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency   address inputs @ 133MHz C Data input, add
PA7667R   PA7667R PA7667R PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency The MSA-2111 is a low cost silicon bipolar Mono
PA7674   PA7674 PA7674 PDF Download PHOENIX N/A Vdd=2.3V~2.7V, TA = -25C to 85C(E) / -40C to 85C(
PA7690   PA7690 PA7690 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency To validate the data transmitted from the bq2022
PA7691   PA7691 PA7691 PDF Download PHOENIX (LX)high-frequency With this power stage a compact 2 15 W self osc
PA76A   PA76A PA76A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 八脚铁帽 08+ With features such as the programmable OLMs and
PA7710   PA7710 PA7710 PDF Download - TO8 07+/08+ Each HR150 converter is built to perform reliabl
PA771039   PA771039 PA771039 PDF Download - TO8 07+/08+ The TOSGAGE-PA771039 is a single-beam thickness
PA7721   PA7721 PA7721 PDF Download CAN The first two bits are address bits. The followi
PA78DK   PA78DK PA78DK PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Output impedance describes the resistor inside th
PA78EU   PA78EU PA78EU PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
PA78N08   PA78N08 PA78N08 PDF Download PHILIPS 12000 07+   The FCT20807 is a 2.5V compatible, high s
PA7961   PA7961 PA7961 PDF Download Note 3: The maximum output current (IOUT) is dete
PA79DK   PA79DK PA79DK PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc • Hole-less clip/pressure mount package co
PA7V0LV/99-1   PA7V0LV/99-1 PA7V0LV/99-1 PDF Download
PA80   PA80 PA80 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Deviation Limiter In: Input to the on-chip deviat
PA8001U3-02/322   PA8001U3-02/322 PA8001U3-02/322 PDF Download PANASONIC SMD 1996 Chopper Stabilization is a unique approach used t
PA8002U6-01   PA8002U6-01 PA8002U6-01 PDF Download The following addresses are reserved for special
PA8002U6-01/857   PA8002U6-01/857 PA8002U6-01/857 PDF Download 300 The phase detector and the M divider force the V
PA806C03   PA806C03 PA806C03 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P All modules are potted and identical in pin-out
PA80J   PA80J PA80J PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ I2C is a trademark of Philips Corp. Purchase of I
PA80M   PA80M PA80M PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ NPT IGBT technology low saturation voltage low
PA81   PA81 PA81 PDF Download APEX DIP DIP Low End of Resistor High End of Resistor Wiper
PA81J   PA81J PA81J PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc N/A N/A AV+, BV+, CV+ - are the power connections from th
PA81J/S   PA81J/S PA81J/S PDF Download APEX CAN 02+/03 Write accesses are initiated when the following c
PA81JS   PA81JS PA81JS PDF Download 1 2 1 MAC Receive Section The receive section (F
PA81J-S   PA81J-S PA81J-S PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Optocouplers (optical couplers) are designed to
PA81M   PA81M PA81M PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ This document contains information concerning st
PA81M/883   PA81M/883 PA81M/883 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ between the 32-bit floating-point and 16-bit flo
PA82   PA82 PA82 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN
PA82J   PA82J PA82J PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN-8 2000 • Second DPTR register • ALE inhibit f
PA82M   PA82M PA82M PDF Download APEX CAN CAN   The MC145532 allows for the encoding and
PA83   PA83 PA83 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN
PA83A   PA83A PA83A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN-8 2000 DSP Functions for CCD/CMOS Image Processing Vide
PA83J   PA83J PA83J PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Mode Register Set options include the length of p
PA83M   PA83M PA83M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The designer can create, implement, and verify d
PA83M/883   PA83M/883 PA83M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN On Board 24Mhz Crystal Driver Circuit Can be clo
PA83Q   PA83Q PA83Q PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ The THS4513 incorporates a (QFN) exposed thermal
PA84   PA84 PA84 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc DIP DIP   Low-latency option Skew alignment support
PA847C04   PA847C04 PA847C04 PDF Download FUJI 03+ • 1 to 10 differential clock distribution
PA84-9   PA84-9 PA84-9 PDF Download APEX 八脚铁帽 08+ Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
PA84A   PA84A PA84A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN N/A The readout procedure is shown in figure 1. This
PA84C64OP-030   PA84C64OP-030 PA84C64OP-030 PDF Download 30 PHILIPS 94+ PQ++*EZOlZare the device for stabikzationof DC po
PA84M   PA84M PA84M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
PA84M/883   PA84M/883 PA84M/883 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN The ISP1521 has seven downstream facing ports. I
PA84S   PA84S PA84S PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN8 2000 The ADSP-BF535 Blackfin processor contains a ric
PA85   PA85 PA85 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Outputs of the data comparators are connected to
PA85A   PA85A PA85A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range 8 MHz Maximu
PA85D   PA85D PA85D PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • I/
PA85J   PA85J PA85J PDF Download APEX TO-3 08+ If either or both the upper or lower trace in th
PA85M   PA85M PA85M PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user c
PA85M/883   PA85M/883 PA85M/883 PDF Download APEX CAN CAN Specifications subject to change without notice.
PA85M/883B   PA85M/883B PA85M/883B PDF Download APEX CAN-8   In FWFT mode, the first word written to a
PA86EU   PA86EU PA86EU PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
PA88   PA88 PA88 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN CAN * Specifications will vary with foreign st
PA886C02   PA886C02 PA886C02 PDF Download FUJITSU TO-3P • Vary the gain of a voltage amplifi
PA88A   PA88A PA88A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc CAN-8 2004 Operation is synchronous and the device is edge-
PA88M   PA88M PA88M PDF Download CAN CAN   The highly integrated SG6846 series of PW
PA88M/883   PA88M/883 PA88M/883 PDF Download CAN CAN Each port has independent control pins: chip ena
PA89   PA89 PA89 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc PLCC 99+ tions. For burst operations, the device addition
PA89A   PA89A PA89A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc 08+ 84 dB dynamic range TX/RX Integrated analog fron
PA90   PA90 PA90 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP The AMC5902 contains a direct PWM control system
PA9002   PA9002 PA9002 PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
PA9003   PA9003 PA9003 PDF Download DIP Designed for Signaling Rates (1) 2 Gbps Total J
PA9004A   PA9004A PA9004A PDF Download PIONEER QFP 1996   The A8282SLB output is set to 12, 13, 18,
PA905C6   PA905C6 PA905C6 PDF Download FUJI 03+ Transmit and Receive frames and time-slots may b
PA91   PA91 PA91 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP A temperature measurement is also initiated ever
PA910   PA910 PA910 PDF Download Amplifon QFP/12 98+  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
PA92   PA92 PA92 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP All devices are manufactured and tested on a M
PA92A002   PA92A002 PA92A002 PDF Download This datasheet contains new product information.
PA93   PA93 PA93 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G MICROWIRE PLUS
PA94   PA94 PA94 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP The high-speed switching of LVDS signals almost
PA95   PA95 PA95 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP It is a single-pin crystal oscillator, operating
PA9515A   PA9515A PA9515A PDF Download PHI SOP-8 05+ Note: Hitachis serial EEPROM are authorized for
PA9516A   PA9516A PA9516A PDF Download   These devices employ the Schottky Barrier
PA9544A   PA9544A PA9544A PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP20 2002 The output and reset of the integrators is contr
PA9545A   PA9545A PA9545A PDF Download PHILIPS TSSOP 05+ PARAMETER Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance
PA9545APW   PA9545APW PA9545APW PDF Download PHI TSSOP 0533+ COMPLIANCE Compliance voltage is the maximum vo
PA9546A   PA9546A PA9546A PDF Download DIALOG TSSOP 06+ To determine the need for and value of the cryst
PA9554A   PA9554A PA9554A PDF Download PHI TSOP16 2007+ To support live insertion, OEB0 is held Low duri
PA9554DH   PA9554DH PA9554DH PDF Download 0 0 3. Martin, G.A., Viskochil, D., Bollag, G., McCa
PA97   PA97 PA97 PDF Download APEX ZIP 2000 The L Family is a Low Power version of the CH1817
PA97DR   PA97DR PA97DR PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc The bq4802Y/bq4802LY real-time clock is a low-po
PA97SAS-A   PA97SAS-A PA97SAS-A PDF Download The device that acknowledges, has to pull down t
PA98   PA98 PA98 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP ZIP Notes: 1. The product is factory calibrated at 3
PA98A   PA98A PA98A PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc ZIP 08+ First of all, use the largest supply voltage ava
PAA100F-12   PAA100F-12 PAA100F-12 PDF Download ♦ Dynamically Selectable Output Voltage fr
PAA100F-15   PAA100F-15 PAA100F-15 PDF Download DEPAA100F-15CRIPTION The PAA100F-15A is an adva
PAA100F-24   PAA100F-24 PAA100F-24 PDF Download As the HFBR-5710L is inserted, first contact i
PAA100F-3   PAA100F-3 PAA100F-3 PDF Download VREFL Lch Voltage Reference Output Pin, 3.75V
PAA100F-48   PAA100F-48 PAA100F-48 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available Ultra−
PAA1042V   PAA1042V PAA1042V PDF Download MOT SOP 90+   The RC4700 uses a simple 5-stage pipeline
PAA110   PAA110 PAA110 PDF Download Clare DIP-8 02+ Upon power up, the chipset link can be initializ
PAA110CPC   PAA110CPC PAA110CPC PDF Download og stok DIP-8 hot sell EMI symetrical (I/O) low-pass filter High effic
PAA110E   PAA110E PAA110E PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16635HCT8P Series are Dual
PAA110L   PAA110L PAA110L PDF Download Clare 07+ The HAL5xx family consists of different Hall swi
PAA110LE   PAA110LE PAA110LE PDF Download CPCLAER DIP8 • Wide supply voltage range of 1.2 to 3.6 V
PAA110LSTR   PAA110LSTR PAA110LSTR PDF Download Clare DIP8 07+ There is no provision to abort an Erase or Progra
PAA110P   PAA110P PAA110P PDF Download Clare SMD SMD ISENSE: This is the input to the X10 wide bandwid
PAA110PL   PAA110PL PAA110PL PDF Download Clare Short Circuit Applied to Output When a heavy loa
PAA110S   PAA110S PAA110S PDF Download Clare DIP8 07+ HY57V561620A is offering fully synchronous operat
PAA110STR   PAA110STR PAA110STR PDF Download Clare (VA) DIP8 07+ Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 2-1, turni
PAA132   PAA132 PAA132 PDF Download Clare Note 1 Error is defined as the maximum deviation
PAA132S   PAA132S PAA132S PDF Download Clare A range of silicon varactor diodes for use in fr
PAA132X   PAA132X PAA132X PDF Download CLARE DIP-8 02 The high-current power driver consists of FET ou
PAA140   PAA140 PAA140 PDF Download Clare DIP-8P 1998 When EBEN is high and EA is low all program mem-
PAA140CP   PAA140CP PAA140CP PDF Download CPClare 06+ 500 resistors, as well as low integral and different
PAA140CPC   PAA140CPC PAA140CPC PDF Download HR300 DC/DC converters use thick-film hybrid man
PAA140E   PAA140E PAA140E PDF Download Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed t
PAA140L   PAA140L PAA140L PDF Download Clare DIP-8P 97/98 The VSP2272 device is a complete mixed-signal p
PAA140P   PAA140P PAA140P PDF Download Clare SOP-8 02+ The HT24LC16 is an 16K-bit serial read/write non
PAA140PE   PAA140PE PAA140PE PDF Download 10 CPCLARE 94+
PAA140PTR   PAA140PTR PAA140PTR PDF Download Clare The FemtoFarad product family is specifically fo
PAA140S   PAA140S PAA140S PDF Download Clare DIP8 07+ This is a dual-purpose pin. During Master Reset,
PAA140STR   PAA140STR PAA140STR PDF Download Clare (VA) DIP8 07+ Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 4.5V Continuous
PAA150   PAA150 PAA150 PDF Download Clare DIP-8 03 The XPLA3 architecture follows a simple timing m
PAA150E   PAA150E PAA150E PDF Download BiFET operational amplifiers offer the inherentl
PAA150F-12   PAA150F-12 PAA150F-12 PDF Download • 1024 Resistor Taps C 10-Bit Resolution &
PAA150F-15   PAA150F-15 PAA150F-15 PDF Download High and low band filters are included to shape t
PAA150F-24   PAA150F-24 PAA150F-24 PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
PAA150F-3   PAA150F-3 PAA150F-3 PDF Download High current sink/source: 25 mA/25 mA Three ext
PAA150F-48   PAA150F-48 PAA150F-48 PDF Download Serial Peripheral Interface Ports (SPI0, SPI1). A
PAA150F-5   PAA150F-5 PAA150F-5 PDF Download Associated with each of the 8 OR functions is an
PAA150L   PAA150L PAA150L PDF Download 1. Two coil latching relay 4C series are for int
PAA150P   PAA150P PAA150P PDF Download Clare The application circuit examples are only to exp
PAA150S   PAA150S PAA150S PDF Download Clare handles the microprocessor control signals CS,
PAA150X   PAA150X PAA150X PDF Download • Separate Memory Banks by Address Space
PAA161   PAA161 PAA161 PDF Download CPClare DIP-8P 1997 Notes:  5. Test conditions assume signal t
PAA190   PAA190 PAA190 PDF Download Clare Output clock data format C Controls the output c
PAA191   PAA191 PAA191 PDF Download Clare After the power-up sequence of bits is transmitt
PAA193   PAA193 PAA193 PDF Download 7500 CLARE 06+ operation essentially is zero, beyond the time n
PAA300F-12   PAA300F-12 PAA300F-12 PDF Download layout, a frequency counter capable of less than
PAA300F-15   PAA300F-15 PAA300F-15 PDF Download where TJ(max) is the maximum allowable junction
PAA300F-24   PAA300F-24 PAA300F-24 PDF Download When the VO2Cont terminal voltage is set to 0.5V
PAA300F-3   PAA300F-3 PAA300F-3 PDF Download Organization . . . 512K 16 2 Banks 3.3-V Power
PAA300F-48   PAA300F-48 PAA300F-48 PDF Download   This device contains circuitry to protect
PAA300F-5   PAA300F-5 PAA300F-5 PDF Download Programming Modes. Data is loaded by pulling DAT
PAA33C58N   PAA33C58N PAA33C58N PDF Download 2007 The 8051 program and data memory consists of an
PAA33C59   PAA33C59 PAA33C59 PDF Download TI DIP 1998 • Gen. 4 Warp Speed IGBT Technology •
PAA33C59NJ   PAA33C59NJ PAA33C59NJ PDF Download TI DIP 98+ The ILC7071 is an 100mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout
PAA33C59WB   PAA33C59WB PAA33C59WB PDF Download ‡ All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
PAA33C64NJ-016   PAA33C64NJ-016 PAA33C64NJ-016 PDF Download TEXAS DIP   The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing ci
PAA33D53   PAA33D53 PAA33D53 PDF Download TI 8+   Description Numeric, Right Hand DP Nume
PAA33D57   PAA33D57 PAA33D57 PDF Download TI DIP-54 00+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
PAA50F-12   PAA50F-12 PAA50F-12 PDF Download   These Hall-effect switches are monolithic
PAA50F-15   PAA50F-15 PAA50F-15 PDF Download For Bidirectional device types indicate a C or CA
PAA50F-24   PAA50F-24 PAA50F-24 PDF Download Composite Video Output A 75 Ω termination
PAA50F-3   PAA50F-3 PAA50F-3 PDF Download Notes a. CSTRAY < 5 pF on COSC. After Start-
PAA50F-48   PAA50F-48 PAA50F-48 PDF Download 1 (One). Each of these states have a defined vol
PAA50F-5   PAA50F-5 PAA50F-5 PDF Download 12. Measured by the voltage drop between A and B
PAA600F-12   PAA600F-12 PAA600F-12 PDF Download Note: 1) The input voltage range 19...36 V meets
PAA600F-15   PAA600F-15 PAA600F-15 PDF Download The LCD product described in this specification
PAA600F-24   PAA600F-24 PAA600F-24 PDF Download Figure 1: Figure 2: Figure 3: Figure 4: Figur
PAA600F-3   PAA600F-3 PAA600F-3 PDF Download Sector Protection C Any combination of sectors
PAA600F-48   PAA600F-48 PAA600F-48 PDF Download Notes: 1. Non-repetitive Current Pulse Per Fig.
PAA600F-5   PAA600F-5 PAA600F-5 PDF Download Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
PAA75F-12   PAA75F-12 PAA75F-12 PDF Download Notes: Stresses greater than those listed under
PAA75F-15   PAA75F-15 PAA75F-15 PDF Download   An internal loop filter moderates the res
PAA75F-24   PAA75F-24 PAA75F-24 PDF Download Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V
PAA75F-3   PAA75F-3 PAA75F-3 PDF Download The open-collector outputs are connected to a 28
PAA75F-48   PAA75F-48 PAA75F-48 PDF Download • Stabilized power supply   Provides p
PAA75F-5   PAA75F-5 PAA75F-5 PDF Download Downstream from these two AND gates are an Exclu
PA-AC-70W   PA-AC-70W PA-AC-70W PDF Download N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PAAFQ0MA   PAAFQ0MA PAAFQ0MA PDF Download Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
PAB22V10-10PL   PAB22V10-10PL PAB22V10-10PL PDF Download This is the high impedance output of the quadrat
PABD-4   PABD-4 PABD-4 PDF Download E 98  4.5.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspectio
PABG64   PABG64 PABG64 PDF Download NSC 2   Output skew with respect to the REF input
PAC0005A   PAC0005A PAC0005A PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
PAC0005B   PAC0005B PAC0005B PDF Download This document is a general product description an
PAC002A   PAC002A PAC002A PDF Download PIONEER DIP 07+ The digital inputs are CMOS-compatible and equip
PAC002DTFQ   PAC002DTFQ PAC002DTFQ PDF Download CMD TSSOP-24 04+ TRI-STATE version of LS151 Interface directly wi
PAC002DTFQ(PRN393)   PAC002DTFQ(PRN393) PAC002DTFQ(PRN393) PDF Download Hynix HYMD132645A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
PAC002DTFQ/PRN393   PAC002DTFQ/PRN393 PAC002DTFQ/PRN393 PDF Download 31 CMD 98+ Notes:  7. Tested initially and after any
PAC002DTFQR   PAC002DTFQR PAC002DTFQR PDF Download The battery protection monitors the battery volt
PAC002SP   PAC002SP PAC002SP PDF Download   The on-board RISC processor enables the I
PAC002SPFQ   PAC002SPFQ PAC002SPFQ PDF Download 26 CMD 98+ The insertion loss measurement was taken by conne
PAC002SP-FQ   PAC002SP-FQ PAC002SP-FQ PDF Download 165 CMD 98+   Compact, highly efficient silicon rectifie
PAC003A   PAC003A PAC003A PDF Download PIONEER   The RA07M4047M is a 7-watt RF MOSFET Ampl
PAC003AM   PAC003AM PAC003AM PDF Download PLONEER QFP VIN = 3.4V VIN = 3.4V or VIN = GND, OE = GND,
PAC003AMT   PAC003AMT PAC003AMT PDF Download PIONEER TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
PAC004DTFQ   PAC004DTFQ PAC004DTFQ PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP-S24P This is a Class B product based on the standard
PAC005   PAC005 PAC005 PDF Download 2. Stand-by SW function (pin(2))   By means
PAC006   PAC006 PAC006 PDF Download CMD 02+ SOP-8 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
PAC006B   PAC006B PAC006B PDF Download PIONEER SOP30 06+ Transmit Input. Balanced differential line recei
PAC006B-TRM   PAC006B-TRM PAC006B-TRM PDF Download PIONEER SOP+8 The TL1466I is a six channel pulse-width-modulat
PAC007A   PAC007A PAC007A PDF Download SANYO HYB 98+ The AD876 at 160 mW consumes a fraction of the p
PAC008A   PAC008A PAC008A PDF Download The command register itself does not occupy any a
PAC009A   PAC009A PAC009A PDF Download PIONEER ZIP22 02+ MAX 7000A (including MAX 7000AE) devices are hig
PAC009A(STK4211II)   PAC009A(STK4211II) PAC009A(STK4211II) PDF Download 1. Corrected the errata 2. Updated DC parameters
PAC010A   PAC010A PAC010A PDF Download PIONEER The output signal is adjustable between 0.5V and
PAC011A   PAC011A PAC011A PDF Download SANYO MODULE N/A Voltage of 1.8 V High Efficiency Boost, SEPIC or
PAC013A   PAC013A PAC013A PDF Download The wide supply range combined with total harmon
PAC014A   PAC014A PAC014A PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
PAC015A   PAC015A PAC015A PDF Download To blink LEDs at periods greater than 1.6 second
PAC020R151   PAC020R151 PAC020R151 PDF Download • Wide supply voltage range of 1.2 to 3.6 V
PAC0M006S   PAC0M006S PAC0M006S PDF Download
PAC100/101TQ   PAC100/101TQ PAC100/101TQ PDF Download CMD SMD 98+   9k/10k   SD Dont care Dont care D
PAC100/150TQ   PAC100/150TQ PAC100/150TQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 02+ Bidirectional I/O lines. Software instructions de
PAC100/150TQ/R   PAC100/150TQ/R PAC100/150TQ/R PDF Download Each macrocell also generates a foldback product
PAC1000   PAC1000 PAC1000 PDF Download WSI CPGA84金 —— After initialization, the Serializer will accept
PAC1000-12   PAC1000-12 PAC1000-12 PDF Download WSI PGA 00+ The K6R4004C1D is a 4,194,304-bit high-speed Stat
PAC1000-12QES   PAC1000-12QES PAC1000-12QES PDF Download WST PQFP-100 99 The X76F102 memory array consists of fourteen 8-
PAC100012X   PAC100012X PAC100012X PDF Download Inter-Integrated Circuit Serial Ports (I2C0, I2C1
PAC1000-12X   PAC1000-12X PAC1000-12X PDF Download 92 The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are a family of high pe
PAC1000-12XMB   PAC1000-12XMB PAC1000-12XMB PDF Download WSI 00+ 520 Software design support and automatic place-and-
PAC1000-12XMES   PAC1000-12XMES PAC1000-12XMES PDF Download WSI PGA 05+ ISOPLUS247 package with DCB Base - Electrical
PAC1000-16   PAC1000-16 PAC1000-16 PDF Download WSI PGA 97+ Note 1: This device has been designed to perform
PAC1000-16.8X   PAC1000-16.8X PAC1000-16.8X PDF Download WSI PGA The SN74CB3T16212 operates as a 24-bit bus switc
PAC1000168   PAC1000168 PAC1000168 PDF Download In order to return to the standard Read mode, the
PAC1000-16X   PAC1000-16X PAC1000-16X PDF Download The SiP5630 provides active bus termination suit
PAC1000-16XES   PAC1000-16XES PAC1000-16XES PDF Download WSI PGA88 90 The output capacitor is needed for stability and
PAC1000-17   PAC1000-17 PAC1000-17 PDF Download WSI PGA 91+
PAC1000-17X   PAC1000-17X PAC1000-17X PDF Download WSI 0744+ Extremely High Speed: tPD 2.4 ns (typical) at VCC
PAC100101TFQT   PAC100101TFQT PAC100101TFQT PDF Download The bar antenna is a very critical device of the
PAC100-101TQ   PAC100-101TQ PAC100-101TQ PDF Download Note 1: If VSS is open-circuited with VDD and eit
PAC10012XM   PAC10012XM PAC10012XM PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Note 1: Gain error tested at VREF = +2.0V, +2.5V,
PAC10012XMB   PAC10012XMB PAC10012XMB PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Key matrix scan signal output pins. Normally low
PAC101/101ACQ   PAC101/101ACQ PAC101/101ACQ PDF Download CMD SMD High-power capability PowerSO-36; V cc /2 comp
PAC101/101AQC   PAC101/101AQC PAC101/101AQC PDF Download Note 3: An internal Zener on the GATE pin clamps
PAC101/101TQ   PAC101/101TQ PAC101/101TQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 98+   This device contains circuitry to protect
PAC101101TFQT   PAC101101TFQT PAC101101TFQT PDF Download Differential LVPECL inputs are connected to both
PAC101101TQ   PAC101101TQ PAC101101TQ PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ SECTOR LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method is a
PAC107BCM-80   PAC107BCM-80 PAC107BCM-80 PDF Download The PI90SD1636A is a single chip, Gigabit Ethern
PAC10U   PAC10U PAC10U PDF Download A write cycle is accomplished by asserting write
PAC128401Q   PAC128401Q PAC128401Q PDF Download cml cml dc99
PAC1284-01Q   PAC1284-01Q PAC1284-01Q PDF Download 00+ PWM control function Motor speed can be controll
PAC1284-01Q/R   PAC1284-01Q/R PAC1284-01Q/R PDF Download * The products contained herein may also be contr
PAC1284-020   PAC1284-020 PAC1284-020 PDF Download SMD System Resources, some of which have been previo
PAC1284023QS28   PAC1284023QS28 PAC1284023QS28 PDF Download • Internal or External Reference Voltage Se
PAC128402Q   PAC128402Q PAC128402Q PDF Download NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed unde
PAC1284-02Q   PAC1284-02Q PAC1284-02Q PDF Download CMD SSOP24 9834+ The aperture delay time is the interval between
PAC1284-02Q(WT87059)   PAC1284-02Q(WT87059) PAC1284-02Q(WT87059) PDF Download Sync (HUM-70 only)   • Range 525 min
PAC1284-02Q/R   PAC1284-02Q/R PAC1284-02Q/R PDF Download It is an advanced smart power module (SPMTM) that
PAC1284-03Q   PAC1284-03Q PAC1284-03Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 01+ Notes: 1. Only under quienscent conditionsno RF
PAC1284-04Q   PAC1284-04Q PAC1284-04Q PDF Download N/A N/A 02+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PAC1284-04Q/02Q/01Q   PAC1284-04Q/02Q/01Q PAC1284-04Q/02Q/01Q PDF Download CMD 03+   This represents a 21.6C temperature rise
PAC1284-04QR   PAC1284-04QR PAC1284-04QR PDF Download Split-Supply Operation Common-Mode Input Voltage
PAC1284-06Q   PAC1284-06Q PAC1284-06Q PDF Download CMD SOP 98+ System oriented features for mobile, graphics an
PAC1284TEST   PAC1284TEST PAC1284TEST PDF Download
PAC1284-TEST   PAC1284-TEST PAC1284-TEST PDF Download 2000 CMD 98+ VDD: The power input connection for this device.
PAC150/470   PAC150/470 PAC150/470 PDF Download The TC57 enters a low power shutdown mode when
PAC150/470TFQ   PAC150/470TFQ PAC150/470TFQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 01+ By adopting a newly developed GPS processor (th
PAC150/470TQ   PAC150/470TQ PAC150/470TQ PDF Download VGD: The VGD pin which is coarsely regulated arou
PAC1591028780   PAC1591028780 PAC1591028780 PDF Download • High Brightness AlInGaP   Material
PAC16820PC   PAC16820PC PAC16820PC PDF Download On the subsequent clock rise the data lines are a
PAC170Q   PAC170Q PAC170Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 99+ The MM54HCT573 MM74HCT573 octal D-type latches a
PAC200250M/201M   PAC200250M/201M PAC200250M/201M PDF Download CMD SOP/20 06+ The device utilizes advanced temperature compens
PAC201746   PAC201746 PAC201746 PDF Download NEC QFP208 0111+ The AD9748 is a 8-bit resolution, wideband, thir
PAC201Q   PAC201Q PAC201Q PDF Download CMD 04+ SSOP > 90% Maximum Efficiency Low Quiescent Supply
PAC202470K/470K   PAC202470K/470K PAC202470K/470K PDF Download Die Attach The die attach process mechanically
PAC207BCA-32   PAC207BCA-32 PAC207BCA-32 PDF Download PIXART LCC 04+ We designed this receiver based on the idea that
PAC20L8ACNS   PAC20L8ACNS PAC20L8ACNS PDF Download 01+ 9 A comprehensive evaluation system is available up
PAC21015ON   PAC21015ON PAC21015ON PDF Download CMD SOP 07+ This voltage is made in an external loop filter a
PAC22V10L   PAC22V10L PAC22V10L PDF Download Recordings are stored in on-chip Flash memory cel
PAC22V10L-25WC   PAC22V10L-25WC PAC22V10L-25WC PDF Download Ro mismatch between A & B Change in |Vod| b
PAC22V10L-25WMB   PAC22V10L-25WMB PAC22V10L-25WMB PDF Download 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
PAC250   PAC250 PAC250 PDF Download N/A SMD 97+ Axial Power Schottky rectifier suited for Switch
PAC250/101TFQ   PAC250/101TFQ PAC250/101TFQ PDF Download The PAC250/101TFQ serves as a protection circuit
PAC250/101TQ   PAC250/101TQ PAC250/101TQ PDF Download Transmit Clock. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V refe
PAC250/201TQ   PAC250/201TQ PAC250/201TQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 00+ Maxwell Technologies 54LVTH162245 devices are 16-
PAC27A03S   PAC27A03S PAC27A03S PDF Download CMD • Any System Requiring RS-232 Communicatio
PAC27A88S   PAC27A88S PAC27A88S PDF Download CMD SOP-20 03+ Crystal oscillator input Power supply +5V DC
PAC27A88S980S   PAC27A88S980S PAC27A88S980S PDF Download SMD 03+/04+ The ADSP-21991 is a mixed signal DSP controller
PAC280FRAM   PAC280FRAM PAC280FRAM PDF Download CMD SSOP-20 98+ TRANSMITTER The transmitter accepts logic level
PAC30-01PI   PAC30-01PI PAC30-01PI PDF Download LATTICE 01+ PDIP28   3.3.2 Package outline. This specification
PAC31   PAC31 PAC31 PDF Download COL[4:1] are dual purpose pins. When RESET is ac
PAC-3112   PAC-3112 PAC-3112 PDF Download   The PAC-3112 resides in a lithium battery
PAC330   PAC330 PAC330 PDF Download *Absolute maximum ratings apply at 25C, unless o
PAC330/101TFQ   PAC330/101TFQ PAC330/101TFQ PDF Download For best results, an Xtal oscillator design shoul
PAC330/470   PAC330/470 PAC330/470 PDF Download PALCE22V10 features a variable product term archi
PAC330/470AQ/T   PAC330/470AQ/T PAC330/470AQ/T PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ 1. VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on
PAC330/470TFQ   PAC330/470TFQ PAC330/470TFQ PDF Download CMD   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
PAC330/470TQ   PAC330/470TQ PAC330/470TQ PDF Download involves the following phases :   PHASE 0:
PAC330/470TU   PAC330/470TU PAC330/470TU PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 97+ The PAC330/470TU dual, low-noise, low-dropout (LD
PAC3301/101TQ   PAC3301/101TQ PAC3301/101TQ PDF Download Eight 8-bit registers are provided for control, o
PAC330-100TFQ   PAC330-100TFQ PAC330-100TFQ PDF Download CMD PCI_STP# is an input to the clock generator and
PAC3301470TQ   PAC3301470TQ PAC3301470TQ PDF Download Note: 3. This input level is calculated from th
PAC330-470TQ   PAC330-470TQ PAC330-470TQ PDF Download 59 CMD 99+ Notes: 1. For conditions show as Max. or Min.,
PAC330F   PAC330F PAC330F PDF Download CMD SSOP   The CBTLV16210 operates as a single 20-bi
PAC330FRPIQ   PAC330FRPIQ PAC330FRPIQ PDF Download The boost-converter operating frequency can be se
PAC330FRPIQ24   PAC330FRPIQ24 PAC330FRPIQ24 PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP-S24P The combination of the PAC330FRPIQ24 and the MAX3
PAC330JR4GQ   PAC330JR4GQ PAC330JR4GQ PDF Download
PAC390   PAC390 PAC390 PDF Download N/A SMD 96+ Data Output Bit 8 Data Output Bit 7 Data Outp
PAC390/221   PAC390/221 PAC390/221 PDF Download
PAC390/221TFQ   PAC390/221TFQ PAC390/221TFQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 97+ Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates
PAC45A65PEMA   PAC45A65PEMA PAC45A65PEMA PDF Download TEXAS QFP 99+ 1. Two coil latching relay 4C series are for int
PAC470/330   PAC470/330 PAC470/330 PDF Download ‡ This is the inverse of the junction-to-a
PAC470/330AQ   PAC470/330AQ PAC470/330AQ PDF Download SMD-24 03 04 NOTES:  1. Maximum alignment deviation betw
PAC470/330TQ   PAC470/330TQ PAC470/330TQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 00+ MAX 7000A devices are supported by Altera develo
PAC470/470ACQ   PAC470/470ACQ PAC470/470ACQ PDF Download To further simplify RS-232 applications, Maxim h
PAC470/470TFQ   PAC470/470TFQ PAC470/470TFQ PDF Download CMD SSOP-24   The IDT5T2110 is a 2.5V PLL differential
PAC470330TQ   PAC470330TQ PAC470330TQ PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
PAC470-330TQ   PAC470-330TQ PAC470-330TQ PDF Download Read. A low on this input informs the 73K322L tha
PAC470F-1003J   PAC470F-1003J PAC470F-1003J PDF Download Virtex-II devices have 16 global clock MUX buffe
PAC470FRPIQ24   PAC470FRPIQ24 PAC470FRPIQ24 PDF Download CMD   Description Numeric, Right Hand DP Nume
PAC470RGQ   PAC470RGQ PAC470RGQ PDF Download CMD SSOP Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
PAC470TR6GQ   PAC470TR6GQ PAC470TR6GQ PDF Download Voltage amplifier Voltage follower/buffer Charg
PAC500   PAC500 PAC500 PDF Download CMD SOP24S 06+
PAC500/001   PAC500/001 PAC500/001 PDF Download CMD Test pin 4 Modem Control Output, for external mo
PAC500/001ECLQ   PAC500/001ECLQ PAC500/001ECLQ PDF Download CMD 2008   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
PAC500-001ECLQ   PAC500-001ECLQ PAC500-001ECLQ PDF Download 10 CMD 00+   The MC10/100EP56 is a dual, fully differen
PAC500FR4GQ   PAC500FR4GQ PAC500FR4GQ PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP-S24P NOTES: 1. The falling edge of the Vin(C) signals
PAC500-FR4GQ   PAC500-FR4GQ PAC500-FR4GQ PDF Download N/A SMD 2000 • High Reliability - NEL HALT/HASS qualifie
PAC500FR6GQ   PAC500FR6GQ PAC500FR6GQ PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP-S24P Note: 1. Except for the rating Operating Tempera
PAC500FR6GQ/FR4GQ   PAC500FR6GQ/FR4GQ PAC500FR6GQ/FR4GQ PDF Download 13554 CMD   Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk   Co
PAC500R4GQ   PAC500R4GQ PAC500R4GQ PDF Download CMD SMD 97+ The device is an 8-bit high performance RISC-li
PAC500RCQ   PAC500RCQ PAC500RCQ PDF Download CMD SSOP The sensor outputs raw Bayer colorized data to
PAC500RGQ   PAC500RGQ PAC500RGQ PDF Download CMD 02+ Day of the Week Register (DW) This register pro
PAC500RGQ24   PAC500RGQ24 PAC500RGQ24 PDF Download CMD Write Enable 1 (WEN1). If the FIFO is configured
PAC560   PAC560 PAC560 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Two power saving modes: HALT and IDLE Low curre
PAC560FR6GQ   PAC560FR6GQ PAC560FR6GQ PDF Download CMD SSOP The PKG 2000 I series of low profile DC/DC Power
PAC560FRPIQ24   PAC560FRPIQ24 PAC560FRPIQ24 PDF Download CMD The TI380PCIA provides a glueless interface betw
PAC560GTL   PAC560GTL PAC560GTL PDF Download CMD 03+ body model)..2000V ESD Protection (other pins, h
PAC560JR4GQ   PAC560JR4GQ PAC560JR4GQ PDF Download The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory
PAC560JR6GQ   PAC560JR6GQ PAC560JR6GQ PDF Download CMD 98+ SSOP-S24P -15 VIN - is the input for applying -15 volts to
PAC560-JR6GQ   PAC560-JR6GQ PAC560-JR6GQ PDF Download CMD SMD 98+
PAC560JRGQ   PAC560JRGQ PAC560JRGQ PDF Download 166 CMD 98+ Public key execution unit (PKEU), which supports
PAC560R6GQ   PAC560R6GQ PAC560R6GQ PDF Download CMD Notes: 1. VC1, VC2, VC3, VM1, VM2, VM3 = 3.3 Vo
PAC560RCQ   PAC560RCQ PAC560RCQ PDF Download PIONEER/APEX 5500 Notes: (1) Derate Linearly 1.67 mW/o C above 25o
PAC560RGQ   PAC560RGQ PAC560RGQ PDF Download CMD SSOP 97+   The 300C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
PAC5Z1284-02Q   PAC5Z1284-02Q PAC5Z1284-02Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 02+ − 25-ns Instruction Cycle Time (40 MHz) &#
PAC6221   PAC6221 PAC6221 PDF Download Run: CPU on, peripherals on Idle: CPU off, per
PAC-6221   PAC-6221 PAC-6221 PDF Download N/A SMD 96+ In off-hook Caller ID, such as CIDCW and CLIP wit
PAC680FR6GQ   PAC680FR6GQ PAC680FR6GQ PDF Download CMD The ISO130 is a high isolation-mode rejection, i
PAC680JR4GQ   PAC680JR4GQ PAC680JR4GQ PDF Download Application Maestro, dsPICDEM, dsPICDEM.net, ds
PAC680RGQ   PAC680RGQ PAC680RGQ PDF Download CMD SSOP/24 03+ Free-floating ground planes such as metal foils
PAC68DRGQ   PAC68DRGQ PAC68DRGQ PDF Download Experimental Results   The operating charac
PAC7116MPV40   PAC7116MPV40 PAC7116MPV40 PDF Download On-chip communications peripherals include: USB
PAC7311PE   PAC7311PE PAC7311PE PDF Download PIXART O7+ Embedded MPC8xx core up to 100 MHz Maximum fre
PAC750/500   PAC750/500 PAC750/500 PDF Download CMD SOP 03+ The ADSP-21991 is a mixed signal DSP controller
PAC750/500AQ   PAC750/500AQ PAC750/500AQ PDF Download CMD TSSOP-24 03+ The MAX1124 is a monolithic 10-bit, 250Msps analo
PAC750JRGQ   PAC750JRGQ PAC750JRGQ PDF Download For the multi-bit signal delta DAC, 64X oversampl
PAC82C250   PAC82C250 PAC82C250 PDF Download This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and
PAC8521BT/038   PAC8521BT/038 PAC8521BT/038 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ • AN765, Using Microchips Micropower LDOs,
PAC8521BT/03B   PAC8521BT/03B PAC8521BT/03B PDF Download PHILIPS 98 23000 The receive cell data to the ATM layer from the
PAC8521FT/062   PAC8521FT/062 PAC8521FT/062 PDF Download 432 PHILIPS 99+ OUTPUT Voltage Output  Over Specified Tem
PAC8550PWR   PAC8550PWR PAC8550PWR PDF Download TI TSSOP-16 • Data Communication   C Notebook Co
PAC8798-1   PAC8798-1 PAC8798-1 PDF Download The CCFL regulator drives an inductor that acts a
PAC887ACW   PAC887ACW PAC887ACW PDF Download SSOP28 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
PAC900F   PAC900F PAC900F PDF Download 97 The UHPI can also be restricted to accessing a s
PAC900FR2GQ   PAC900FR2GQ PAC900FR2GQ PDF Download CMD SSOP/24 00+
PAC900F-R2GQ   PAC900F-R2GQ PAC900F-R2GQ PDF Download Clock 4.096 MHz- Bidirectional (TTL compatible i
PAC914   PAC914 PAC914 PDF Download MOT SOP-14 1 Undervoltage sensors causes each channel to swi
PACA3002   PACA3002 PACA3002 PDF Download Note 1: The maximum junction temperature of the L
PACAC97   PACAC97 PACAC97 PDF Download CMD Switching frequency is internally set at 1.4MHz,
PACC16R4-20WMB   PACC16R4-20WMB PACC16R4-20WMB PDF Download DIP Drain-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage C
PACCPCI100TS   PACCPCI100TS PACCPCI100TS PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 01+ 16-bit programmable input frequency divider (incl
PACD010QS   PACD010QS PACD010QS PDF Download The Edge142 is a 4 X 2 cross point switch and de
PACDN   PACDN PACDN PDF Download CMD 03+ The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
PACDN001S   PACDN001S PACDN001S PDF Download CMD SOP-24 96+
PACDN002Q   PACDN002Q PACDN002Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 99+ (1) Pulse Test: Pulse Width = 5.0 ms, Duty Cycle
PACDN002S   PACDN002S PACDN002S PDF Download CMD SOP20 99+ By using Zarlink Message mode capability, the mic
PACDN004   PACDN004 PACDN004 PDF Download The B-port has an output enable, OEB0, which aff
PACDN004SR   PACDN004SR PACDN004SR PDF Download The electrical placement of the PACDN004SR on a
PACDN004Y   PACDN004Y PACDN004Y PDF Download CMD SOT143 04+ Single-chip powerline networking controller with
PACDN0050   PACDN0050 PACDN0050 PDF Download The SAR, timed by the clock, sequences through
PACDN005Q   PACDN005Q PACDN005Q PDF Download CMD TSSOP-24 03+   The Pm29F002 is a 2 Megabit, 5.0 Volt-onl
PACDN005S   PACDN005S PACDN005S PDF Download CMD SOP24 Output impedance describes the resistor inside th
PACDN006   PACDN006 PACDN006 PDF Download CMD 04+ The TLV2352 has internal electrostatic-discharge
PACDN006M   PACDN006M PACDN006M PDF Download CMD MSOP MSOP CURRENT COMMAND (+,-) - are differential inputs f
PACDN006MR   PACDN006MR PACDN006MR PDF Download CMD MSOP 05+ NOTES 1Sample tested. 2Input bias current is sp
PACDN006S   PACDN006S PACDN006S PDF Download CMD SOP-8 02+ All MAX® II devices provide Joint Test Actio
PACDN006SM   PACDN006SM PACDN006SM PDF Download CMD 04+ SOP-8P  The Hynix HYM71V16M655B(L)T8 Series are Du
PACDN007Q   PACDN007Q PACDN007Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 00+ HY57V641620B is offering fully synchronous operat
PACDN009   PACDN009 PACDN009 PDF Download • Integrated Temperature Sensing and Multi
PACDN009M   PACDN009M PACDN009M PDF Download CMD 2008 The MAX1790/MAX8715 boost converters incorporate
PACDN009MR   PACDN009MR PACDN009MR PDF Download CMD MSOP 05+ Hynix HYMD264G726(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
PACDN0101TS   PACDN0101TS PACDN0101TS PDF Download  VCCAll inputs with respect to GND3C0.3 to
PACDN010Q   PACDN010Q PACDN010Q PDF Download CMD 02+ SSOP-24P Writing to the device is accomplished by taking
PACDN010QS   PACDN010QS PACDN010QS PDF Download CMD SSOP-S24P 6+ where R CS = parallel combination of R14 and R15,
PACDN010T/R   PACDN010T/R PACDN010T/R PDF Download The PCB traces, wiring, and any components assoc
PACDN010TS   PACDN010TS PACDN010TS PDF Download CMD SSOP 02+ Amplifier noise performance is outstanding with a
PACDN011QS   PACDN011QS PACDN011QS PDF Download N/A SMD 2001 The operation of these three multifunction input
PACDN016M   PACDN016M PACDN016M PDF Download 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
PACDN016SN   PACDN016SN PACDN016SN PDF Download CMD The power switch has full over-current protection
PACDN017Q   PACDN017Q PACDN017Q PDF Download CMD SMD 01+ To program the offset values, PEN can be brought
PACDN027Q   PACDN027Q PACDN027Q PDF Download CMD SSOP DESCRIPTION The M27W201 is a low voltage 2 Mbit
PACDN040T   PACDN040T PACDN040T PDF Download CMD TSSOP-8 00+ • Clock frequency: 166, 143, 125, 100 MHz
PACDN040Y5   PACDN040Y5 PACDN040Y5 PDF Download CALIFORNIA 2001 SOT-5 Pins for self-oscillation. (Do not apply externa
PACDN042   PACDN042 PACDN042 PDF Download CMD 2008 Up to 2.25-A Output Current at 85C 4.5-V to 18-V
PACDN042Y3   PACDN042Y3 PACDN042Y3 PDF Download CMD N/A 04+ The attached spice model describes the typical el
PACDN042Y3/R   PACDN042Y3/R PACDN042Y3/R PDF Download CMD SOT-23 Functionally Equivalent to AMDs AM29821 Provide
PACDN042Y3R   PACDN042Y3R PACDN042Y3R PDF Download CMD 07+ SOT23 The Hitachi HN58S65A series is electrically eras
PACDN042YB3   PACDN042YB3 PACDN042YB3 PDF Download CALIFORNIA SOT-323 05+ or bidirectional data flow in bursts. An automat
PACDN042YB3R   PACDN042YB3R PACDN042YB3R PDF Download CMD 07+ 10000 Eliminates the need for the VCO coil for interme
PACDN043Y4   PACDN043Y4 PACDN043Y4 PDF Download CMD 2008 The XRPACDN043Y4 (2850) is a dual universal asyn
PACDN043Y4R   PACDN043Y4R PACDN043Y4R PDF Download CMD 2008 where R1 is connected between VOUT and ADJ, and
PACDN044   PACDN044 PACDN044 PDF Download CALIFORNIA SOT-153 05+ The Hynix HYM71V16M655HC(L)T6 Series are 16Mx64bi
PACDN044Y   PACDN044Y PACDN044Y PDF Download 07+/08+ Hynix HYMD216646A(L)6-M/K/H/L series is designed
PACDN044Y/R   PACDN044Y/R PACDN044Y/R PDF Download CMD 2002 SOT-5 CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PACDN044Y5   PACDN044Y5 PACDN044Y5 PDF Download CALMICRO 2008 NOTES:   1. Horn modulation is selfCcomplet
PACDN044Y5/R   PACDN044Y5/R PACDN044Y5/R PDF Download CMD SOT-23-5   The NUP1105L provides a transient voltage
PACDN044Y5R   PACDN044Y5R PACDN044Y5R PDF Download CMD SOT23-5 04+ The device supports low-power standby operation.
PACDN044YB5   PACDN044YB5 PACDN044YB5 PDF Download CMD SC70-5 04+   The NJU6673 is a 25-common x 100-segment b
PACDN044YB5R   PACDN044YB5R PACDN044YB5R PDF Download CMD 0815+ Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
PACDN045Y6   PACDN045Y6 PACDN045Y6 PDF Download CMD 2008 The Preliminary designation indicates that the p
PACDN045Y6R   PACDN045Y6R PACDN045Y6R PDF Download CMD 2008 Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximum
PACDN045YB6   PACDN045YB6 PACDN045YB6 PDF Download CMD SC70-6 04+ NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
PACDN045YB6R   PACDN045YB6R PACDN045YB6R PDF Download SOT-363 CMD 05+ The counter is loaded digit by digit correspondi
PACDN046M   PACDN046M PACDN046M PDF Download The output stages switch at half the oscillator
PACDN04XYB6R   PACDN04XYB6R PACDN04XYB6R PDF Download CMD 2005 SOT-6 The clock generator module of the ADSP-21991 inc
PACDN05YB6   PACDN05YB6 PACDN05YB6 PDF Download CMD 02+ This fully integrated PLL transmitter allows par
PACDN1002Q   PACDN1002Q PACDN1002Q PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
PACDN1404   PACDN1404 PACDN1404 PDF Download 00+ BGA/6 The DAC8551 requires an external reference volta
PACDN1404C   PACDN1404C PACDN1404C PDF Download MICRO BGA-6P-D14 04+ These are the reference voltage inputs. They ma
PACDN1404CG   PACDN1404CG PACDN1404CG PDF Download CALIFORNIA 05+ BGA-6 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
PACDN1408C   PACDN1408C PACDN1408C PDF Download CALIFORNIA 1206-后面10点 05+ Note 7: FO = 0V (internal oscillator) or fEOSC =
PACDN1408CG   PACDN1408CG PACDN1408CG PDF Download CMD CSP-10 06+ DISABLE (Disabled Low) Power Down Supply Curren
PACDN1408CIRCTR   PACDN1408CIRCTR PACDN1408CIRCTR PDF Download For any isolation product, barrier integrity is
PACDN1416C   PACDN1416C PACDN1416C PDF Download By means of controlling pin 24 less than 0.5 V,
PACDN1416CG   PACDN1416CG PACDN1416CG PDF Download CMD BGA-20 06+ If a product has remained packed in a humidity-p
PACDN2404C   PACDN2404C PACDN2404C PDF Download CMD原盘 SMD (with high values of IS, suitable for zero bias
PACDN2408C   PACDN2408C PACDN2408C PDF Download CMD MLP 06+   The resultant is a double-sideband signal
PACDN3401C   PACDN3401C PACDN3401C PDF Download CALIFORNIA The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
PACDN3401C(DN3401C1)   PACDN3401C(DN3401C1) PACDN3401C(DN3401C1) PDF Download LITTELFUSE 0402-2脚 05+
PACDN42Y3   PACDN42Y3 PACDN42Y3 PDF Download CALIFORNIA SOT-23 04+ Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
PACDN44Y5   PACDN44Y5 PACDN44Y5 PDF Download CMD 5357 07+ The DS1265W provides full functional capability f
PACDNO   PACDNO PACDNO PDF Download The MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532 are low-voltage, CMO
PACE109512   PACE109512 PACE109512 PDF Download DRIVE ADDRESS LINE 2 OR LEGACY Dining normal oper
PACE16V8H-25JC/4   PACE16V8H-25JC/4 PACE16V8H-25JC/4 PDF Download AMD 03+ The ROHM Diode Manufacturing Department has deve
PACE1999   PACE1999 PACE1999 PDF Download The HPR10XX Series uses advanced circuit design
PACE22V10H-25PC   PACE22V10H-25PC PACE22V10H-25PC PDF Download AMD 32 The device comes with extensive serial communica
PACERP509042001   PACERP509042001 PACERP509042001 PDF Download The HCC4000B, HCC4001B, HCC4002B and HCC4025B (e
PACESEJTER   PACESEJTER PACESEJTER PDF Download LSI QFP2828-160 (Typical Operating Circuits, Q1 = Q2 = Fairchild
PACGA200Q   PACGA200Q PACGA200Q PDF Download CMD 2007 NOTES: (1) Binary Twos Complement coding. (2) Ra
PACGAME-1Q   PACGAME-1Q PACGAME-1Q PDF Download CMD 03+ The transceiver provides an internal loopback ca
PACGTLAC1   PACGTLAC1 PACGTLAC1 PDF Download CMD *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
PACGTLAC2   PACGTLAC2 PACGTLAC2 PDF Download CMD † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PACI1284-02Q   PACI1284-02Q PACI1284-02Q PDF Download Note 6: Care must be taken to ensure TSTC and THT
PACKBM001QS16   PACKBM001QS16 PACKBM001QS16 PDF Download CMD 2003 • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
PACKBME   PACKBME PACKBME PDF Download CMD 2008 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
PACKBME/R   PACKBME/R PACKBME/R PDF Download CALMICRO 2008 product term timing. For optimization of logic,
PACKBMEY6R   PACKBMEY6R PACKBMEY6R PDF Download CMD SOT23-6 2007 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
PACKBMQ   PACKBMQ PACKBMQ PDF Download CMD TSSOP-16 03+ The basic method of communication for the device
PACKBMQ0049   PACKBMQ0049 PACKBMQ0049 PDF Download CMD SSOP-16 2002 These ICs feature a highly accurate programmable
PACKBMQ0102   PACKBMQ0102 PACKBMQ0102 PDF Download CMD SSOP-S16P 06+ DESCRIPTION Axial and Surface Mount Power Schot
PACKBMQ0108   PACKBMQ0108 PACKBMQ0108 PDF Download CMD 2001 Notes: (1) See SOA curves or consult factory for
PACKBMQ0110   PACKBMQ0110 PACKBMQ0110 PDF Download CMD SSOP-S16P 06+ Note 7: All limits guaranteed at room temperature
PACKBMQ0111   PACKBMQ0111 PACKBMQ0111 PDF Download CMD 01+ 1450   The transfer of information from the inpu
PACKBMQ0112   PACKBMQ0112 PACKBMQ0112 PDF Download CMD SSOP-S16P 06+ Synchronous Output Enable. When HIGH, it stops cl
PACKBMQ0137   PACKBMQ0137 PACKBMQ0137 PDF Download QFP144 The IALUs have hardware support for circular buf
PACKBMQ0142   PACKBMQ0142 PACKBMQ0142 PDF Download PLCC68   CAS -Before- RAS Refresh, Hidden  
PACKBMQ0146   PACKBMQ0146 PACKBMQ0146 PDF Download The DDX-2000 converts serial I2S digital audio s
PACKBMQ0202   PACKBMQ0202 PACKBMQ0202 PDF Download QFP-64P No license, express or implied, by estoppel or o
PACKBMQ0206   PACKBMQ0206 PACKBMQ0206 PDF Download NSC _____________ 00+  Lead Temperature 1.6mm (1/16 inch) from ca
PACKBMQ0209   PACKBMQ0209 PACKBMQ0209 PDF Download IN STOCK 02+ CMD Member of Texas Instruments Widebus Fami
PACKBMQ0212   PACKBMQ0212 PACKBMQ0212 PDF Download PCDIP − Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 118dB −
PACKBMQ0216   PACKBMQ0216 PACKBMQ0216 PDF Download PLCC-32 FLAG2 options - 3Hz flash - 6Hz flash - Busy o
PACKBMQ0217   PACKBMQ0217 PACKBMQ0217 PDF Download QFN Supply Voltage (VCC)   AC   ACT Inp
PACKBMQ0223   PACKBMQ0223 PACKBMQ0223 PDF Download SMD All parameters tested at a single temperature. Sp
PACKBMQ0225   PACKBMQ0225 PACKBMQ0225 PDF Download SIP The PACKBMQ0225 stereo DAC is a high performance
PACKBMQ0230   PACKBMQ0230 PACKBMQ0230 PDF Download NSC _____________ 93+ The algebraic convention is used in this data she
PACKBMQ0234   PACKBMQ0234 PACKBMQ0234 PDF Download SOP Multiformat video decoder supports NTSC-(M, N, 4
PACKBMQ0235   PACKBMQ0235 PACKBMQ0235 PDF Download Tube/DIP The C6202/02B devices program memory consists of
PACKBMSAMPLE   PACKBMSAMPLE PACKBMSAMPLE PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a
PACKBMU200Q   PACKBMU200Q PACKBMU200Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-24 0345+ The AUP family is TIs premier solution to the in
PACKBMU200QS24   PACKBMU200QS24 PACKBMU200QS24 PDF Download SOP CMD 03+ The READ command selects the bank from BA0, BA1
PACKBMUQ   PACKBMUQ PACKBMUQ PDF Download SOP CMD 03+   The two-tone IMD test signal can be gener
PACKNMQ0217   PACKNMQ0217 PACKNMQ0217 PDF Download Writing to the device is accomplished by taking
PACLBMQ   PACLBMQ PACLBMQ PDF Download Thus the first step in designing the antenna cir
PACLCE21V10H-5JC   PACLCE21V10H-5JC PACLCE21V10H-5JC PDF Download ADVANCED PLCC FEATURES Fast Throughput Rate: 200 kSPS Specifi
PACLCE22V10H-5JC/5   PACLCE22V10H-5JC/5 PACLCE22V10H-5JC/5 PDF Download ADVANCED PLCC 98+ Because of the fast rise-time of the ESD transie
PACLE16B8H-10PC/4   PACLE16B8H-10PC/4 PACLE16B8H-10PC/4 PDF Download To transmit optical data via fiber cables, signal
PACN042-DO   PACN042-DO PACN042-DO PDF Download Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
PACND004SR   PACND004SR PACND004SR PDF Download CMD 03+ ©2002 by ZiLOG, Inc. All rights reserved. In
PACNL101Q   PACNL101Q PACNL101Q PDF Download CMD 06+ 1700 NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
PACNLT101Q   PACNLT101Q PACNLT101Q PDF Download 00+ 0 SSOP-24 Double superhet architecture for high degree of i
PACS1234-02Q   PACS1234-02Q PACS1234-02Q PDF Download CMD 06+ 860 †The MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX634
PACS1248402Q   PACS1248402Q PACS1248402Q PDF Download CMD 00+ SSOP
PACS1284   PACS1284 PACS1284 PDF Download 02 PACS1284 is a multi-function Fan Controller CMOS
PACS1284/02Q   PACS1284/02Q PACS1284/02Q PDF Download These octal D-type transparent latches feature
PACS1284-02   PACS1284-02 PACS1284-02 PDF Download SMD-24 04+ The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
PACS128402Q   PACS128402Q PACS128402Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-S28P 4000 PCM input C 102 dB of Stopband Attenuation C Su
PACS1284-02Q   PACS1284-02Q PACS1284-02Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 2000 In the test mode, the normal operation of the SC
PACS1284-02Q/06Q/04Q   PACS1284-02Q/06Q/04Q PACS1284-02Q/06Q/04Q PDF Download CMD 00+ Input voltages exceeding the input overvoltage sh
PACS128404Q   PACS128404Q PACS128404Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-S28P 6+ Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
PACS1284-04Q   PACS1284-04Q PACS1284-04Q PDF Download CMD SMD 02+ Ground. Oscillator input. Oscillator output. A
PACS1284-04Q/02Q   PACS1284-04Q/02Q PACS1284-04Q/02Q PDF Download N/A SMD 01+ A built-in over-voltage protection (OVP) forces
PACS1284-06Q   PACS1284-06Q PACS1284-06Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 01+ • Thyristor for frequencies up to 400Hz &
PACS1284-06Q.02Q.04Q   PACS1284-06Q.02Q.04Q PACS1284-06Q.02Q.04Q PDF Download CMD SOP28S 06+ Some data sheets will contain a combination of p
PACSE1284   PACSE1284 PACSE1284 PDF Download CMD SOP 07+  Near-zero propagation delay  5-Ohm sw
PACSE1284-02Q   PACSE1284-02Q PACSE1284-02Q PDF Download CMD 03+   C System Speeds > 100 MHz   C Fli
PACSE1284-02QS28   PACSE1284-02QS28 PACSE1284-02QS28 PDF Download The blanking control input on the hexadecimal
PACSE1284-04Q   PACSE1284-04Q PACSE1284-04Q PDF Download CMD 01+ SSOP-S28P Once the initial conditions have been satisfied,
PACSI128402Q   PACSI128402Q PACSI128402Q PDF Download CMD SOP-28 6+ The transmitter uses an on-chip frequency synthe
PACSI1284-02Q   PACSI1284-02Q PACSI1284-02Q PDF Download The PACSI1284-02Q SONET/SDH transceiver is a ful
PACSI1284-04Q   PACSI1284-04Q PACSI1284-04Q PDF Download When active, the transmitter is configured
PACSI1284-06Q   PACSI1284-06Q PACSI1284-06Q PDF Download CMD SOP-28 6+ There are a total of 18 architecture bits in the
PACSI1284-40Q   PACSI1284-40Q PACSI1284-40Q PDF Download Load Current Regulation. Because the device opera
PACSN006S   PACSN006S PACSN006S PDF Download Field/Factory programming is available for sample
PACS-SU   PACS-SU PACS-SU PDF Download SYNCOMM TQFP 01+ Two external precision resistors (RUP and RDN )
PACSU1284-02QR   PACSU1284-02QR PACSU1284-02QR PDF Download CMD SSOP 04+ Low cost 3.3 V CMOS MxFE™ for broadband ap
PACSZ-01Q   PACSZ-01Q PACSZ-01Q PDF Download CMD 2007 MOUT: (multiplier output and current amplifier in
PACSZ1284   PACSZ1284 PACSZ1284 PDF Download NEW When the device is first powered on, it will be
PACSZ1284/02Q   PACSZ1284/02Q PACSZ1284/02Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 00+ This 8-bit 68HC908JB8 is an upwardly compatible,
PACSZ128401Q   PACSZ128401Q PACSZ128401Q PDF Download CMD QSOP-28 06+ Power Management The HOST_WAKEUP and EXT_WAKE s
PACSZ1284-01Q   PACSZ1284-01Q PACSZ1284-01Q PDF Download CMD SOP-28 6+
PACSZ128402Q   PACSZ128402Q PACSZ128402Q PDF Download CALIFORNIA SOP 2003 Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b
PACSZ1284-02Q   PACSZ1284-02Q PACSZ1284-02Q PDF Download CMD SOP28 0210+ Note 2 All limits guaranteed at room temperature
PACSZ128402QR   PACSZ128402QR PACSZ128402QR PDF Download CMD 08+ The Codec controller supports any AC97 compliant
PACSZ1284-02QR   PACSZ1284-02QR PACSZ1284-02QR PDF Download CMD SSOP 04+ Ground pin. Complimentary clock of differential
PACSZ128404Q   PACSZ128404Q PACSZ128404Q PDF Download CMD SOP-28 6+
PACSZ1284-04Q   PACSZ1284-04Q PACSZ1284-04Q PDF Download CMD SOP28 03+ High unity gain freq 50 MHz Low supply current
PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28   PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28 PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28 PDF Download Electrical Characteristics: Unless otherwise spec
PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28)   PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28) PACSZ1284-04Q(SZ128404QS28) PDF Download CALIFORNIA SSOP28L 0604+ (25-MHz through 165-MHz Pixel Rates) Universal G
PACSZ128404QR   PACSZ128404QR PACSZ128404QR PDF Download CMD SSOP-28 05+ The bq2050H can be reset by removing VCC and grou
PACSZ1284-04QR   PACSZ1284-04QR PACSZ1284-04QR PDF Download CMD SSOP 05+ The 8051 program and data memory consists of an
PACSZ1284-12Q   PACSZ1284-12Q PACSZ1284-12Q PDF Download CMD SOP28S 06+ • 8-level deep hardware stack • Int
PACSZ1284-80-24D   PACSZ1284-80-24D PACSZ1284-80-24D PDF Download CMD SSOP28 UART0 and UART1 can operate using an internal cl
PACT8847-60GB(16550.1)   PACT8847-60GB(16550.1) PACT8847-60GB(16550.1) PDF Download Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
PACUBU3   PACUBU3 PACUBU3 PDF Download CMD SC70-6 04+ In EDO page mode read cycle, the data-out is hel
PACUSB100M/R   PACUSB100M/R PACUSB100M/R PDF Download 1 SOP-8 Threshold Current (BOL) Wavelength Wavelength
PACUSB100MS   PACUSB100MS PACUSB100MS PDF Download The PACUSB100MS is a high performance multirate d
PACUSB200   PACUSB200 PACUSB200 PDF Download CMD 2007 Output pins OUTH and OUTL are connected to input
PACUSB200Q   PACUSB200Q PACUSB200Q PDF Download   VIN shunt voltageIVIN = 10 mA15.0 Line r
PACUSBD1Y5   PACUSBD1Y5 PACUSBD1Y5 PDF Download The PACUSBD1Y5 can easily be interfaced to a bas
PACUSB-D1Y5   PACUSB-D1Y5 PACUSB-D1Y5 PDF Download CMD 2008 Digital Hygrometer Measures Humidity with 8-Bit
PACUSB-D2YB5   PACUSB-D2YB5 PACUSB-D2YB5 PDF Download CMD 06+ 280 Ideal Buffer for MOS Microprocessor or Memory E
PACUSBD2YB5R   PACUSBD2YB5R PACUSBD2YB5R PDF Download Auxiliary receive filter output. The output sign
PACUSB-D3Y5   PACUSB-D3Y5 PACUSB-D3Y5 PDF Download CAMD SOT23-5 0434+ The MX93521 is fully controlled by a HOST contro
PACUSBD3YB5   PACUSBD3YB5 PACUSBD3YB5 PDF Download PLL3 generates a frequency that is equal to the r
PACUSB-D3YB5   PACUSB-D3YB5 PACUSB-D3YB5 PDF Download CMD SC70-5 05+ Low power features include a hardwired CD ROM de
PACUSB-D3YB5R   PACUSB-D3YB5R PACUSB-D3YB5R PDF Download The AD581 can also be used in a two-terminal Zen
PACUSBU1   PACUSBU1 PACUSBU1 PDF Download CMD SC-70-6 05+ Note 9: Vpperr is defined as the error in peak-t
PACUSB-U1   PACUSB-U1 PACUSB-U1 PDF Download CMD SC70-6 07+ This is the active high output drive signal for
PACUSB-U2R   PACUSB-U2R PACUSB-U2R PDF Download CMD SC70-6 07+ Low-Line Logic Output. Early Power-Fail warning
PACUSB-U2Y6   PACUSB-U2Y6 PACUSB-U2Y6 PDF Download CMD 2008 Note 1: Static linearity and offset parameters ar
PACUSBU3   PACUSBU3 PACUSBU3 PDF Download CMD SC-70-6 05+ Very Low Power Consumption . . . 2 mW Typ at VDD
PACUSB-U3   PACUSB-U3 PACUSB-U3 PDF Download CMD CS70-6 03+   C Three I/O Ports   C Two 16-bit Tim
PACUSBU376   PACUSBU376 PACUSBU376 PDF Download   Guaranteed Low Skew < 25ps (max)  
PACUSB-U3R   PACUSB-U3R PACUSB-U3R PDF Download CMD SC70-6 07+ RON t 4 W Typical Less Than 0.25 ns−Max De
PACUSBU3Y6   PACUSBU3Y6 PACUSBU3Y6 PDF Download CMD 02+ tics and internal reliability and qualification
PACUSB-U3Y6   PACUSB-U3Y6 PACUSB-U3Y6 PDF Download CMD 2008 The LTC®1876 is a high performance triple out
PACUSBVB-D1Y6   PACUSBVB-D1Y6 PACUSBVB-D1Y6 PDF Download CMD 2008 As address generators, the IALUs perform immedia
PACV6A   PACV6A PACV6A PDF Download MAXIM   With the VBOOST feature the small signal
PACV6A201Q   PACV6A201Q PACV6A201Q PDF Download CMD SSOP16 04+
PACVGA   PACVGA PACVGA PDF Download CMD SOP 06+ m1: arrangement number of special module. The num
PACVGA100   PACVGA100 PACVGA100 PDF Download CMD 0248+ SOP16 The applied external reference input voltage (VR
PACVGA100001QS16   PACVGA100001QS16 PACVGA100001QS16 PDF Download CMD SSOP The PACVGA100001QS16 is a fully integrated integ
PAC-VGA100Q   PAC-VGA100Q PAC-VGA100Q PDF Download CMD 9812/41 The ALUs perform a standard set of arithmetic an
PACVGA-100Q   PACVGA-100Q PACVGA-100Q PDF Download CMD 2002+ Signal Processors (DSPs) − TMS320C62xᣤ
PACVGA101Q   PACVGA101Q PACVGA101Q PDF Download CMD SSOP-16 99+ APPLICATIONS lTelephone ring detector lDigital
PACVGA101QS16   PACVGA101QS16 PACVGA101QS16 PDF Download The ACE Controller has two main power supplies:
PACVGA105   PACVGA105 PACVGA105 PDF Download LDQM and UDQM control the lower and upper bytes
PACVGA105Q   PACVGA105Q PACVGA105Q PDF Download CMD 03+ 2. Canales codificados (es necesario el uso del
PACVGA-105Q   PACVGA-105Q PACVGA-105Q PDF Download The SN74AVC20T245 is designed for asynchronous c
PACVGA200   PACVGA200 PACVGA200 PDF Download The blanking control input on the hexadecimal
PACVGA200(VGA200AQC24)   PACVGA200(VGA200AQC24) PACVGA200(VGA200AQC24) PDF Download CALIFORNIA SSOP24L 0521+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PACVGA2000   PACVGA2000 PACVGA2000 PDF Download The RESET/OE and CE pins control the tri-state b
PACVGA200Q   PACVGA200Q PACVGA200Q PDF Download CMD TSSOP-24 03+ NOTE Electrical tests are performed at wafer pr
PACVGA-200Q   PACVGA-200Q PACVGA-200Q PDF Download N/A SMD 2002 Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
PACVGA200QR   PACVGA200QR PACVGA200QR PDF Download CMD SSOP 07+ The device operates from a single +5V supply. Po
PACVGA201   PACVGA201 PACVGA201 PDF Download CMD SOP 02+ The PACVGA201 can operate autonomously or be cont
PACVGA201Q   PACVGA201Q PACVGA201Q PDF Download SOP The TLE 4484 G is a monolithic integrated voltage
PACVGA-201Q   PACVGA-201Q PACVGA-201Q PDF Download CMD Note 3 The HALT mode will stop CKI from oscillati
PACVGA201QR   PACVGA201QR PACVGA201QR PDF Download The read operation of the W29EE512 is controlled
PACZ084-C2Q   PACZ084-C2Q PACZ084-C2Q PDF Download SSOP 05+ Transmitter Output Swing Control. Input that cont
PACZ1284-02Q   PACZ1284-02Q PACZ1284-02Q PDF Download CMD 1450 Note) The PWM data set, the PWM Frequency set an
PACZ1284-04Q   PACZ1284-04Q PACZ1284-04Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 04+ Analog-to-Digital Converters  − 24-Bi
PACZ128404QR   PACZ128404QR PACZ128404QR PDF Download
PACZIG128404Q   PACZIG128404Q PACZIG128404Q PDF Download   Another common application of the PACZIG12
PACZIG1284-04Q   PACZIG1284-04Q PACZIG1284-04Q PDF Download CMD SSOP 02+ The STPC Atlas makes use of a tightly coupled U
PAD-010   PAD-010 PAD-010 PDF Download 99 1. Input negative-voltage and output voltage rat
PAD-011   PAD-011 PAD-011 PDF Download 99 Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure abo
PAD1   PAD1 PAD1 PDF Download VISHAY TO-18 02+   Average of conversion loss at center of m
PAD10   PAD10 PAD10 PDF Download SI CAN Collector-to-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Continuo
PAD12   PAD12 PAD12 PDF Download 1. Each side of device measured separately. 2.
PAD217-7003BHAS   PAD217-7003BHAS PAD217-7003BHAS PDF Download Shutdown Comparator The shutdown terminal may b
PAD217-7004D   PAD217-7004D PAD217-7004D PDF Download   The comparator draws a current (ISET), wh
PAD217-7013BHAX   PAD217-7013BHAX PAD217-7013BHAX PDF Download Serial Control Interface Clock (For MPI)/Timeslo
PAD5   PAD5 PAD5 PDF Download VISHAY TO-18 02+  1. For a loaded output the measurements ar
PAD50   PAD50 PAD50 PDF Download VISHAY TO-18 00+ The information provided herein is believed to be
PAD722-4849   PAD722-4849 PAD722-4849 PDF Download Note 3: Applies to both single-supply and split-s
PAD8403AN10   PAD8403AN10 PAD8403AN10 PDF Download >400 Mbps (200 MHz) Signaling Rates Flow-Thro
PADA   PADA PADA PDF Download ST QFP 99 The Micron® Imaging MT9T001 is a QXGA-format
PADA-90   PADA-90 PADA-90 PDF Download ST QFP Each DCP can be used as a three-terminal potenti
PADAA90   PADAA90 PADAA90 PDF Download The internal PFD, a high-speed rising edge trigg
PADA-STD   PADA-STD PADA-STD PDF Download ST QFP Microcontroller architecture Memory mapping SF
PADG3-1-00   PADG3-1-00 PADG3-1-00 PDF Download The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo,
PADI   PADI PADI PDF Download The total power dissipated by the HVDD supply ma
PADP-12V-1-S   PADP-12V-1-S PADP-12V-1-S PDF Download JST Sales America Inc By using the control signal CS, SK and data in-
PADP141827A   PADP141827A PADP141827A PDF Download The impedance of the output driver is matched wi
PADP-14V-1-S   PADP-14V-1-S PADP-14V-1-S PDF Download JST Sales America Inc Notes: (1) RMA flux is recommended. Duration can
PADP-16V-1-S   PADP-16V-1-S PADP-16V-1-S PDF Download JST Sales America Inc The TigerSHARC DSP uses a Static Superscalar* ar
PADP-20V-1-S   PADP-20V-1-S PADP-20V-1-S PDF Download JST Sales America Inc The A82DL32x4T(U) family consists of 32 megabit,
PADP-24V-1-S   PADP-24V-1-S PADP-24V-1-S PDF Download JST Sales America Inc This GTLP device features TI-OPC circuitry, whic
PADP3307ART-2.7-RL7   PADP3307ART-2.7-RL7 PADP3307ART-2.7-RL7 PDF Download Reliability   Developed and manufactured i
PADS5545   PADS5545 PADS5545 PDF Download NEC's UPA801T is two NPN high frequency silicon
PADS5545I   PADS5545I PADS5545I PDF Download TI QFN 05+ Note 5: The input bias currents are junction leak
PADS5546   PADS5546 PADS5546 PDF Download TI QFN-48 05+ PFM: This is the programming pin for the PFM (pul
PADS6243   PADS6243 PADS6243 PDF Download TI 05+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
PADS8482I   PADS8482I PADS8482I PDF Download TI QFN 05+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 13ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V LOW
PADS8484IRGZRG4   PADS8484IRGZRG4 PADS8484IRGZRG4 PDF Download TI QFN48 06+ The HPR1XX Series uses advanced circuit design a
PADT2   PADT2 PADT2 PDF Download 98 CLKA/CLKB (Pins 5, 16): Card Socket. The CLKA/CLK
PADT3   PADT3 PADT3 PDF Download 98 Disclaimer: The contents of this document are sub
PADT4   PADT4 PADT4 PDF Download 98 (25-MHzC165-MHz Pixel Rates) Universal Graphics
PAE1   PAE1 PAE1 PDF Download Per MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition E Per MIL
PAE400255   PAE400255 PAE400255 PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches. Lead
PAEI8703   PAEI8703 PAEI8703 PDF Download UART channel 0 Receive Data or infrared receive
PAEI8708   PAEI8708 PAEI8708 PDF Download Start Condition All commands are preceeded by t
PAEI8738   PAEI8738 PAEI8738 PDF Download This product is specifically designed as a final
PAEI8831   PAEI8831 PAEI8831 PDF Download AGC and low-pass filtered video should be brough
PAEI8937   PAEI8937 PAEI8937 PDF Download s Intended for Radio Frequency (RF) front end ap
PAEI8938   PAEI8938 PAEI8938 PDF Download Momentarily connecting the Manual Reset input pi
PAEI8940   PAEI8940 PAEI8940 PDF Download NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
PAEI9209   PAEI9209 PAEI9209 PDF Download The TLV2252 and TLV2254 are dual and quadruple
PAEO8434   PAEO8434 PAEO8434 PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
PAF001A-TBB   PAF001A-TBB PAF001A-TBB PDF Download PIONEER 9304 switch either ac or dc loads. Connection B, wi
PAF300F280-3.3   PAF300F280-3.3 PAF300F280-3.3 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The following are trademarks of Skyworks Solution
PAF300F280-5   PAF300F280-5 PAF300F280-5 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Carrier Detect/Mute Indicator/Control. When the
PAF400F280-1.8   PAF400F280-1.8 PAF400F280-1.8 PDF Download N/A Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates
PAF400F280-3.3   PAF400F280-3.3 PAF400F280-3.3 PDF Download N/A The CS8920A is a low-cost Ethernet LAN Control-
PAF400F280-5   PAF400F280-5 PAF400F280-5 PDF Download N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PAF400F28-3.3   PAF400F28-3.3 PAF400F28-3.3 PDF Download N/A The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
PAF500F24-12   PAF500F24-12 PAF500F24-12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP   functional operation of the device at the
PAF500F24-28   PAF500F24-28 PAF500F24-28 PDF Download TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS INC SOP As the name implies, a limiting amplifier deliver
PAF500F24-28/T   PAF500F24-28/T PAF500F24-28/T PDF Download 1. Current consumption (during overcharging) 2.
PAF500F280-3.3   PAF500F280-3.3 PAF500F280-3.3 PDF Download • 2.0 µA Typical Quiescent Current &
PAF500F48-12   PAF500F48-12 PAF500F48-12 PDF Download N/A Atmel supports the major CAE/CAD software system
PAF500F48-12/T   PAF500F48-12/T PAF500F48-12/T PDF Download LAMBDA SOP BOOT BLOCK LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method
PAF500F48-24/T   PAF500F48-24/T PAF500F48-24/T PDF Download   The temperature is measured by a diffused
PAF500F48-28   PAF500F48-28 PAF500F48-28 PDF Download TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS INC N/A The capacitor type used for C1 and C2 is not crit
PAF500F48-28/TC   PAF500F48-28/TC PAF500F48-28/TC PDF Download SOP with Intels Pentium II Processor.  
PAF500F48-3.3   PAF500F48-3.3 PAF500F48-3.3 PDF Download N/A * 4.3 Screening (JANS and JANTXV levels only). S
PAF500F48-5   PAF500F48-5 PAF500F48-5 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A To avoid excessive phase shifts and consequent in
PAF5412A   PAF5412A PAF5412A PDF Download Dallastats interpret input pulse widths as the m
PAF5414B   PAF5414B PAF5414B PDF Download sFEATURES   q Operating Voltage5V  q
PAF600F24-12   PAF600F24-12 PAF600F24-12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Anti Cross−Conduction Protection Circuitry
PAF600F24-28   PAF600F24-28 PAF600F24-28 PDF Download TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS INC SOP 4. The output stage consists of class AB complem
PAF600F24-28/TC   PAF600F24-28/TC PAF600F24-28/TC PDF Download LAMBDA stock ACST4-7S triggering current has to be sunk from
PAF600F48-12   PAF600F48-12 PAF600F48-12 PDF Download LAMBDA MODULE N/A Reading the Real Time Clock The RTC is read by
PAF600F48-12/   PAF600F48-12/ PAF600F48-12/ PDF Download LAMBDA The bq2014 determines battery capacity by monitor
PAF600F48-12/T   PAF600F48-12/T PAF600F48-12/T PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 2.3 External Special Function Registers (XFR) Th
PAF600F48-12/TK   PAF600F48-12/TK PAF600F48-12/TK PDF Download N/A Adaptive or Manual Delay Control for Zero Voltage
PAF600F48-28   PAF600F48-28 PAF600F48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
PAF600F48-28/TC   PAF600F48-28/TC PAF600F48-28/TC PDF Download The receive section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink acce
PAF600F48-28T   PAF600F48-28T PAF600F48-28T PDF Download LAMBDA The receiver section performs the serial-to-para
PAF700F48-12   PAF700F48-12 PAF700F48-12 PDF Download Host clock frequency selection is achieved by app
PAF700F48-12/T   PAF700F48-12/T PAF700F48-12/T PDF Download LAMBDA SOP NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
PAF700F4828   PAF700F4828 PAF700F4828 PDF Download Note 1: The pout (W) represents the thermal rati
PAF700F48-28   PAF700F48-28 PAF700F48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP • Fully Compliant to IrDA 1.0   Physi
PAF700F48-28/T   PAF700F48-28/T PAF700F48-28/T PDF Download LAMBDA VOUT: Main output voltage (3.3V, 5V or adjustable
PAF700F4828TC   PAF700F4828TC PAF700F4828TC PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V8655AT6 Series are 8Mx64bits Sync
PAF7101   PAF7101 PAF7101 PDF Download The interfaces of this device are designed to wo
PAFC243BR00   PAFC243BR00 PAFC243BR00 PDF Download The standard Xilinx Foundation™ and Allian
PAFC243BR01   PAFC243BR01 PAFC243BR01 PDF Download KYOCERA 03+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PAFC243BROO   PAFC243BROO PAFC243BROO PDF Download N/A 08+ Power-up of the device with #WE = #CE = VIL and #
PAG-1   PAG-1 PAG-1 PDF Download (LX)high-frequency NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
PAG11   PAG11 PAG11 PDF Download (LX)high-frequency TMIN = −40C, TMAX = +85C. Typical values a
PAG205BU   PAG205BU PAG205BU PDF Download The device is manufactured using Atmels high vol
PAG-9   PAG-9 PAG-9 PDF Download POINT 2008 Instruction cycle time of 2 ms for COP912CH and
PAGD3100   PAGD3100 PAGD3100 PDF Download Cherry Hynix HYMD564M646(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
PAH10012   PAH10012 PAH10012 PDF Download NIEC SOP The AT28C010-12DK is a high-performance Electric
PAH10016   PAH10016 PAH10016 PDF Download NIEC SOP The PAH10016 is an N-Channel Power MOS FET with
PAH10016CF   PAH10016CF PAH10016CF PDF Download All parameters having min/max specifications ar
PAH1008   PAH1008 PAH1008 PDF Download N/A   The IDT71V3577/79 are high-speed SRAMs or
PAH1008CF   PAH1008CF PAH1008CF PDF Download NULL MODULE N/A Memories C Internal Memory: up to 128 Kbytes Si
PAH1008CM   PAH1008CM PAH1008CM PDF Download N/A INPUT CAPACITOR   To improve load transien
PAH1008JF   PAH1008JF PAH1008JF PDF Download   The NCP1501 is a dual mode regulator that
PAH1008LF   PAH1008LF PAH1008LF PDF Download Elantec, Inc. products are not authorized for an
PAH100H482R5/PV   PAH100H482R5/PV PAH100H482R5/PV PDF Download LAMBDA The Fairchild Semiconductors PAH100H482R5/PV GaA
PAH100H485/PV   PAH100H485/PV PAH100H485/PV PDF Download LAMBDA The HT82K628A responds to the option byte with AC
PAH100S48-12   PAH100S48-12 PAH100S48-12 PDF Download LAMBDA MODULE N/A The result of the most recent Main Memory Page t
PAH100S48-12/2   PAH100S48-12/2 PAH100S48-12/2 PDF Download LAMBDA stock VARIABLE DELAY MODE   The delay in Variable
PAH100S48-12/V   PAH100S48-12/V PAH100S48-12/V PDF Download LAMBDA Command Line Editing - A backspace can be used to
PAH100S48-15   PAH100S48-15 PAH100S48-15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 3.3-V Supply Operation 10-Bit-Resolution A/D Con
PAH100S48-15/PV   PAH100S48-15/PV PAH100S48-15/PV PDF Download LAMBDA The bq2060 does not measure charge or discharge
PAH100S48-2.5   PAH100S48-2.5 PAH100S48-2.5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The Master Reset (MR) is an asynchronous active
PAH100S48-2.5/V   PAH100S48-2.5/V PAH100S48-2.5/V PDF Download LAMBDA The wide supply range combined with distortion a
PAH100S48-24   PAH100S48-24 PAH100S48-24 PDF Download N/A Available parts are detailed in the ordering inf
PAH100S48-28   PAH100S48-28 PAH100S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Shift Frequency Read Cycle Time Access Time Re
PAH100S48-3.3   PAH100S48-3.3 PAH100S48-3.3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Please note: The signals and voltages at the Pi
PAH100S48-3.3/PV   PAH100S48-3.3/PV PAH100S48-3.3/PV PDF Download LAMBDA 14.318 MHz reference clock. 14.318 MHz referen
PAH100S48-3.3/V   PAH100S48-3.3/V PAH100S48-3.3/V PDF Download LAMBDA The Evaluation System is the most convenient en
PAH100S48-48   PAH100S48-48 PAH100S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA   The RST pin is normally driven high and w
PAH100S48-5   PAH100S48-5 PAH100S48-5 PDF Download LAMBDA MODULE N/A Note 13: In order to synchronize the serial data
PAH15012   PAH15012 PAH15012 PDF Download NIEC SOP
PAH15016   PAH15016 PAH15016 PDF Download N/A Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PAH15016CF   PAH15016CF PAH15016CF PDF Download NIEC SOP This is an NTSC/PAL signal switching IC. In PAL
PAH15016CM   PAH15016CM PAH15016CM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A These three terminal positive regulators are sup
PAH1508   PAH1508 PAH1508 PDF Download NIEC SOP Code protection is constantly evolving. We at Mi
PAH1508/16CF   PAH1508/16CF PAH1508/16CF PDF Download 日本国际电子 可控硅模块 Electrical & Optical Specifications Specific
PAH1508CF   PAH1508CF PAH1508CF PDF Download N/A DESCRIPTION Intended for analog and digital sat
PAH1508CM   PAH1508CM PAH1508CM PDF Download NIEC 00+   MAX6323_UT__-T -40C to +125C 6 SOT23-6 Pus
PAH150S48-12   PAH150S48-12 PAH150S48-12 PDF Download N/A The R1RW0408D is a 4-Mbit high speed static RAM
PAH150S48-12/V   PAH150S48-12/V PAH150S48-12/V PDF Download   The RC4700 ALU consists of the integer ad
PAH150S48-15   PAH150S48-15 PAH150S48-15 PDF Download N/A Digital brightness control input. When this pin
PAH150S48-2.5   PAH150S48-2.5 PAH150S48-2.5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP To assist in the transceiver evaluation proces
PAH150S48-24   PAH150S48-24 PAH150S48-24 PDF Download N/A When one of the keys (32 or 64 keys) is triggered
PAH150S48-24/ZX   PAH150S48-24/ZX PAH150S48-24/ZX PDF Download LAMBDA stock The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drive
PAH150S48-28   PAH150S48-28 PAH150S48-28 PDF Download N/A N/A Each XC5200 CLB contains four independent 4-inpu
PAH150S48-28(150W48V-28V)   PAH150S48-28(150W48V-28V) PAH150S48-28(150W48V-28V) PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 No license is granted, implied or otherwise, unde
PAH150S48-3.3   PAH150S48-3.3 PAH150S48-3.3 PDF Download N/A High Efficiency Over Wide Load Current Range 0.8
PAH150S48-3.3/PV   PAH150S48-3.3/PV PAH150S48-3.3/PV PDF Download LAMBDA   Compact, highly efficient silicon rectifie
PAH150S48-3.3/PV2   PAH150S48-3.3/PV2 PAH150S48-3.3/PV2 PDF Download LAMBDA? DC-DC 3 Micron Radiation Hardened SOS CMOS Total Dose
PAH150S48-3.3/PV3   PAH150S48-3.3/PV3 PAH150S48-3.3/PV3 PDF Download LAMBDA stock The 72-Mbit Direct Rambus DRAMs (RDRAM®) are
PAH150S48-3.3/V   PAH150S48-3.3/V PAH150S48-3.3/V PDF Download LAMBDA To improve total system throughput and reduce pa
PAH150S48-48   PAH150S48-48 PAH150S48-48 PDF Download N/A • Controller Overhead Command to DRQ  
PAH150S48-5   PAH150S48-5 PAH150S48-5 PDF Download N/A n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
PAH150S48-5/PV   PAH150S48-5/PV PAH150S48-5/PV PDF Download LAMBDA stock • Controller Overhead Command to DRQ  
PAH1518CF   PAH1518CF PAH1518CF PDF Download   Previous attempts at suppression of impul
PAH20012   PAH20012 PAH20012 PDF Download NIEC SOP   REFIN Input Capacitance   REFIN Inpu
PAH20016   PAH20016 PAH20016 PDF Download NIEC SOP
PAH2008CM   PAH2008CM PAH2008CM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Parameter SENSOR INPUT   Measurement Range
PAH200H48-1R2   PAH200H48-1R2 PAH200H48-1R2 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Through its 1-Wire interface, the DS2751 gives th
PAH200H48-1R5   PAH200H48-1R5 PAH200H48-1R5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 1. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
PAH200H48-1R8   PAH200H48-1R8 PAH200H48-1R8 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC. 2.
PAH200H48-1R8/CV   PAH200H48-1R8/CV PAH200H48-1R8/CV PDF Download LAMBDA NOTES: (1) Spurious-Free Dynamic Range refers to
PAH200H48-1R8/V   PAH200H48-1R8/V PAH200H48-1R8/V PDF Download LAMBDA Tiny SOT−353 and SOT−553 Packages 2.
PAH200H48-2R5   PAH200H48-2R5 PAH200H48-2R5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP NOTE: The physical external memory addresses are
PAH200H48-3R3   PAH200H48-3R3 PAH200H48-3R3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The CD4511BM CD4511BC BCD-to-seven segment latch
PAH200H48-3R3/V   PAH200H48-3R3/V PAH200H48-3R3/V PDF Download LAMBDA Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
PAH200S4812   PAH200S4812 PAH200S4812 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Har d war e Res et , ac t iv e L o w. Provides a
PAH200S48-12   PAH200S48-12 PAH200S48-12 PDF Download N/A then ready for the next operation. During intern
PAH200S48-15   PAH200S48-15 PAH200S48-15 PDF Download N/A When active, the transmitter is configured
PAH200S48-15/V   PAH200S48-15/V PAH200S48-15/V PDF Download LAMBDA The DNIC has various modes of operation which ar
PAH200S48-24   PAH200S48-24 PAH200S48-24 PDF Download N/A Note) *1: Pulse repetition rate = 100 pps. Pulse
PAH200S48-28   PAH200S48-28 PAH200S48-28 PDF Download N/A 15.1 inches(38cm) diagonal 352.6w * 265.0h * 1
PAH200S48-28/V   PAH200S48-28/V PAH200S48-28/V PDF Download LAMBDA It is recommended that at least 22µF of ca
PAH200S48-48   PAH200S48-48 PAH200S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA Note 5: Supply current in active operation is dom
PAH200S48-5   PAH200S48-5 PAH200S48-5 PDF Download LAMBDA DIGITAL INPUT CURRENT   Input High Current,
PAH25016CM   PAH25016CM PAH25016CM PDF Download NIEC stock The UART transmits data, sent to it over the per
PAH2508CM   PAH2508CM PAH2508CM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   - 23-bit program memory space and 23-bit
PAH2514CF   PAH2514CF PAH2514CF PDF Download JAPAN INTERNATIONAL MODULE The major functional blocks of the PSD3XX includ
PAH2518   PAH2518 PAH2518 PDF Download NIEC 04+ Note 4: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
PAH2518CF   PAH2518CF PAH2518CF PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Figure 1 illustrates the timing relationship of p
PAH3008CF   PAH3008CF PAH3008CF PDF Download JAPAN INTERNATIONAL MODULE The LM2678 series of regulators are monolithic i
PAH300S24-12   PAH300S24-12 PAH300S24-12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP This series of CMOS 10-bit plus sign successive
PAH300S24-28   PAH300S24-28 PAH300S24-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Parameter VDD to GND VDD to VDD VP to GND VP
PAH300S24-28/T   PAH300S24-28/T PAH300S24-28/T PDF Download LAMBDA PLL1, CLKA, and CLKB each have multiple registers
PAH300S48-12   PAH300S48-12 PAH300S48-12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Lead Configurations All of these devices are mad
PAH300S4812T   PAH300S4812T PAH300S4812T PDF Download LAMBDA? DC-DC • Sub-micron CMOS Process   C High-s
PAH300S48-28   PAH300S48-28 PAH300S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA MODULE N/A INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is receive
PAH300S48-28/T   PAH300S48-28/T PAH300S48-28/T PDF Download The HR700 series parts are high efficiency, low
PAH3012   PAH3012 PAH3012 PDF Download NIEC SOP The RM3283 consists of two analog ARINC 429 rece
PAH3016   PAH3016 PAH3016 PDF Download NIEC SOP Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
PAH308   PAH308 PAH308 PDF Download NIEC SOP The PAH308 includes a synchronous rectific
PAH308CM   PAH308CM PAH308CM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
PAH350S24-28   PAH350S24-28 PAH350S24-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP This new generation of Trench MOSFETs from Zetex
PAH350S2428THFP   PAH350S2428THFP PAH350S2428THFP PDF Download Addresses and data needed for the programming a
PAH350S48-12   PAH350S48-12 PAH350S48-12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP DATEL makes no representation that the use of its
PAH350S48-15   PAH350S48-15 PAH350S48-15 PDF Download LAMBDA The UCC381 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
PAH350S48-24   PAH350S48-24 PAH350S48-24 PDF Download LAMBDA Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
PAH350S48-28   PAH350S48-28 PAH350S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
PAH350S48-28/T   PAH350S48-28/T PAH350S48-28/T PDF Download LAMBDA Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpo
PAH350S48-48   PAH350S48-48 PAH350S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA DESCRIPTION The PAH350S48-48FP is a high-speed
PAH4008   PAH4008 PAH4008 PDF Download NIEC SOP To prevent data corruption and inadvertent write
PAH400F280-5   PAH400F280-5 PAH400F280-5 PDF Download LAMBDA Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
PAH450S48-28   PAH450S48-28 PAH450S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The Am186ED/EDLV microcontrollers have been des
PAH450S48-48   PAH450S48-48 PAH450S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The default power up state of the mode register i
PAH500F24-28   PAH500F24-28 PAH500F24-28 PDF Download N/A Each PC contains two clocks. Although they are kn
PAH500F48-3.3   PAH500F48-3.3 PAH500F48-3.3 PDF Download N/A The COP8SGx5 family of devices incorporates circ
PAH50S48-12   PAH50S48-12 PAH50S48-12 PDF Download N/A Two 10-bit input shift registers are provided for
PAH50S48-12/P   PAH50S48-12/P PAH50S48-12/P PDF Download LAMBDA a watchdog timer (except for STM704/795/806) as
PAH50S48-15   PAH50S48-15 PAH50S48-15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP • CMOS Process Technology • 2M x 16
PAH50S48-2.5   PAH50S48-2.5 PAH50S48-2.5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PAH50S48-2.5/V   PAH50S48-2.5/V PAH50S48-2.5/V PDF Download LAMBDA 1. 60 second maximum above 183C. 2. −5C/+
PAH50S48-24   PAH50S48-24 PAH50S48-24 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The PS2932-1 and PS2933-1 are optically coupled
PAH50S48-28   PAH50S48-28 PAH50S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The input capacitor CI is necessary for compens
PAH50S48-28/P   PAH50S48-28/P PAH50S48-28/P PDF Download LAMBDA The company ID value 006035H has been assigned by
PAH50S48-28/V   PAH50S48-28/V PAH50S48-28/V PDF Download LAMBDA Notes: 2. VDD = 7.0V, TC = 25C. Part mounted on
PAH50S48-3.3   PAH50S48-3.3 PAH50S48-3.3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP
PAH50S48-3.3/PV   PAH50S48-3.3/PV PAH50S48-3.3/PV PDF Download LAMBDA - 1ch(forward-reverse) control DC motor driver -
PAH50S48-3.3/V   PAH50S48-3.3/V PAH50S48-3.3/V PDF Download LAMBDA Status of the FIFO memory is monitored by the fu
PAH50S48-48   PAH50S48-48 PAH50S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA The SDA 9253 is a triple port 2605056 bit dynami
PAH50S48-5   PAH50S48-5 PAH50S48-5 PDF Download N/A   Capacitors and Inductors   0.6 A Con
PAH50S48-5/PV   PAH50S48-5/PV PAH50S48-5/PV PDF Download The QDMM provides dedicated data storage resourc
PAH50S48-5/PV3   PAH50S48-5/PV3 PAH50S48-5/PV3 PDF Download LAMBDA • Designed for under the hood applications
PAH5810SD4   PAH5810SD4 PAH5810SD4 PDF Download 台湾 1. The NC pins are electrically connected to the
PAH600F48-12/T   PAH600F48-12/T PAH600F48-12/T PDF Download LAMBDA? DC-DC The BIU uses a set of control registers to determ
PAH6012   PAH6012 PAH6012 PDF Download N/A The quality grade of NEC Electronics products is
PAH6016   PAH6016 PAH6016 PDF Download NIEC SOP Note: Stresses greater than those listed under MA
PAH6016CF   PAH6016CF PAH6016CF PDF Download • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
PAH6016CM   PAH6016CM PAH6016CM PDF Download NIEC MODULE N/A   Improved Sensitivity Due to the reduction
PAH608   PAH608 PAH608 PDF Download N/A The dead-time is provided to aid in preventing s
PAH608CM   PAH608CM PAH608CM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A An integrated phase lock loop multiplies the inc
PAH75048-5033/V   PAH75048-5033/V PAH75048-5033/V PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The M5M5V5636GP is a family of 18M bit synchronou
PAH75D24-3325   PAH75D24-3325 PAH75D24-3325 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP MH, MR, and MMR compression and decompression ar
PAH75D24-5033   PAH75D24-5033 PAH75D24-5033 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 1. Mounted onto a 2 square FR−4 Board &nb
PAH75D48-2518   PAH75D48-2518 PAH75D48-2518 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The PAH75D48-2518 is a unipolar Hall effect senso
PAH75D48-2518/PV   PAH75D48-2518/PV PAH75D48-2518/PV PDF Download LAMBDA The ISL6144 can be used in 10V to 75V systems an
PAH75D48-2518/V   PAH75D48-2518/V PAH75D48-2518/V PDF Download LAMBDA Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
PAH75D48-3318   PAH75D48-3318 PAH75D48-3318 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Open-Drain Output to Power Transistor Driving Fan
PAH75D48-3318/PV   PAH75D48-3318/PV PAH75D48-3318/PV PDF Download LAMBDA The ispMACH 4000 GLB consists of a programmable
PAH75D48-3325   PAH75D48-3325 PAH75D48-3325 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP HOTLink-II devices are ideal for a variety of ap
PAH75D48-3325/PV   PAH75D48-3325/PV PAH75D48-3325/PV PDF Download LAMBDA JA values shown are typical for standard test PC
PAH75D48-3325/V   PAH75D48-3325/V PAH75D48-3325/V PDF Download LAMBDA * The Toshiba products listed in this document ar
PAH75D48-5033   PAH75D48-5033 PAH75D48-5033 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Address Inputs Byte/Word Enable Data In / Da
PAH75D48-5033/P   PAH75D48-5033/P PAH75D48-5033/P PDF Download LAMBDA 模块 In all modes, the output clocks are frequency-lo
PAH75S48-12   PAH75S48-12 PAH75S48-12 PDF Download N/A S1M8662A is CDMA/PCS/GPS Triple Mode IF/ baseband
PAH75S48-12/PV   PAH75S48-12/PV PAH75S48-12/PV PDF Download LAMBDA Multi-purpose input / output pin (Figure 2-2).
PAH75S48-15   PAH75S48-15 PAH75S48-15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP   Programmable Output Voltage to 36 Volts &
PAH75S48-2.5   PAH75S48-2.5 PAH75S48-2.5 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP ECCP2/P2A are multiplexed with RC1 when CCP2MX i
PAH75S48-24   PAH75S48-24 PAH75S48-24 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Hynix HYMD232M646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered
PAH75S48-24/V   PAH75S48-24/V PAH75S48-24/V PDF Download LAMBDA Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MA
PAH75S48-28   PAH75S48-28 PAH75S48-28 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP IDLE CHANNEL SNR Another appropriate spec for a
PAH75S48-28/V   PAH75S48-28/V PAH75S48-28/V PDF Download LAMBDA These high speed synchronous counters utilize ad
PAH75S48-3.3   PAH75S48-3.3 PAH75S48-3.3 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Exceptionally low dG/dP (0.01%/0.03) supports lo
PAH75S48-3.3/V   PAH75S48-3.3/V PAH75S48-3.3/V PDF Download LAMBDA While COEF_ADDR (9-7) selects MB0-MB5 for writing
PAH75S48-48   PAH75S48-48 PAH75S48-48 PDF Download LAMBDA RESET: A RESET input pin is provided to ease some
PAH75S48-5   PAH75S48-5 PAH75S48-5 PDF Download N/A ROW/COLUMN ADDRESS SELECT: In the A/A Mux interfa
PAH75S48-5/P   PAH75S48-5/P PAH75S48-5/P PDF Download N/A − Active Mode: 160 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V
PAH75S48-5/V   PAH75S48-5/V PAH75S48-5/V PDF Download LAMBDA !Features   21) I C BUS interface 2) Gener
PAI04   PAI04 PAI04 PDF Download
PAIA-5V   PAIA-5V PAIA-5V PDF Download Fujitsu resonators C4 series (G type) feature or
PAIC19I   PAIC19I PAIC19I PDF Download TI QFN32 06+ If your computer is not connected to the Internet
PAJ001A   PAJ001A PAJ001A PDF Download TI SOP 99+ • Protection from switching transients and
PAJ002   PAJ002 PAJ002 PDF Download TI SOP-14 Bild / Fig. 8 W3C - Dreiphasen-Wechselwegschaltu
PAJ002A   PAJ002A PAJ002A PDF Download PIONEER SOP-14 02+   FUNCTION Power Supply Ground Track Mode
PA-K1000HA   PA-K1000HA PA-K1000HA PDF Download 0 SOP 21.25 MHz to 1360 MHz synthesized clock output si
PAK2314P   PAK2314P PAK2314P PDF Download N/A Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
PAL001   PAL001 PAL001 PDF Download ALLEGRO ZIP 02+ Applications • Data communication  
PAL001A   PAL001A PAL001A PDF Download ST High Voltage Operation: Up to 100V Large 1Ω
PAL002   PAL002 PAL002 PDF Download • Fast: Optimized for medium operating &n
PAL002A   PAL002A PAL002A PDF Download ST 05+/06+ After application of the VCC supply, an initial
PAL002B   PAL002B PAL002B PDF Download ST Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed t
PAL003   PAL003 PAL003 PDF Download ST ZIP 06+   To maximize I/O throughput and improve ho
PAL003A   PAL003A PAL003A PDF Download ST The RESET/OE and CE pins control the tri-state bu
PAL004   PAL004 PAL004 PDF Download The PAL004 is a highly integrated solution for s
PAL005   PAL005 PAL005 PDF Download ALLEGRO ZIP 02+
PAL005A   PAL005A PAL005A PDF Download Absolute linearity is defined as the difference b
PAL006   PAL006 PAL006 PDF Download PIONEER Virtex FPGAs are SRAM-based, and are customized
PAL006A   PAL006A PAL006A PDF Download ST   This 18-bit universal bus transceiver is
PAL007A   PAL007A PAL007A PDF Download ST MZIP-25 07+   belonging to Dolby Laboratories. Licenses
PAL007B   PAL007B PAL007B PDF Download An on-chip Peripheral Data Controller (PDC) tran
PAL008   PAL008 PAL008 PDF Download ST 05+/06+ Field/Factory programming is available for sample
PAL008A   PAL008A PAL008A PDF Download ST 05+/06+ The outputs of the ADC consist of PNP-NPN push-p
PAL009A   PAL009A PAL009A PDF Download Light has characteristics to move electrons in th
PAL094-018   PAL094-018 PAL094-018 PDF Download SOP   The RC32355 meets the requirements of var
PAL10016P4AJC   PAL10016P4AJC PAL10016P4AJC PDF Download TI DIP UV (9) The UV pin is used as an under-voltage s
PAL10016P4JC   PAL10016P4JC PAL10016P4JC PDF Download Notes 1. All voltages referenced to Vss. 2. An
PAL10016P83NC   PAL10016P83NC PAL10016P83NC PDF Download
PAL10016P8-3NC   PAL10016P8-3NC PAL10016P8-3NC PDF Download Each transmit channel accepts parallel character
PAL10016P8-3VC   PAL10016P8-3VC PAL10016P8-3VC PDF Download NS PLCC28 2007+ The FS612509 is a zero-delay buffer intended for
PAL10016P8JC   PAL10016P8JC PAL10016P8JC PDF Download NSC DIP 00+ The LM74 is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma an
PAL10016PE8-3VC   PAL10016PE8-3VC PAL10016PE8-3VC PDF Download NS PLCC 03+/04+ Finally, the CY7C374i features a very simple tim
PAL10016RD8JC   PAL10016RD8JC PAL10016RD8JC PDF Download TI DIP 00+ This document is a general product description an
PAL10016RM4AJC   PAL10016RM4AJC PAL10016RM4AJC PDF Download The device is compatible with the JEDEC single
PAL100S48-2.6   PAL100S48-2.6 PAL100S48-2.6 PDF Download LAMBDA stock The LVDS Repeaters take an LVDS input signal and
PAL1016C4-2VC   PAL1016C4-2VC PAL1016C4-2VC PDF Download Pinout is compatible with the PAL1016C4-2VCS9007
PAL1016P8JC   PAL1016P8JC PAL1016P8JC PDF Download 94 Hynix HYMD216726A(L)6-M/K/H/L series is designed
PAL1016PE8-3VC   PAL1016PE8-3VC PAL1016PE8-3VC PDF Download NSC PLCC 9512
PAL1016PEB-3VC   PAL1016PEB-3VC PAL1016PEB-3VC PDF Download NS PLCC-28 04+ The information in this publication has been car
PAL1016RD8JC   PAL1016RD8JC PAL1016RD8JC PDF Download The serial interface of the CDC7005 is a simple
PAL10H20EG8-6   PAL10H20EG8-6 PAL10H20EG8-6 PDF Download AMD DIP The device has up to 64K bytes of reprogrammable
PAL10H20EG8-6DC   PAL10H20EG8-6DC PAL10H20EG8-6DC PDF Download The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. Int
PAL10H20EV8-6DC   PAL10H20EV8-6DC PAL10H20EV8-6DC PDF Download AMD DIP-24 陶封 00 Virtex-E devices have up to 640 Kb of faster (25
PAL10H20G8JS   PAL10H20G8JS PAL10H20G8JS PDF Download AMD DIP 01+ Voltage, current, and temperature measurements ar
PAL10H20P8JS   PAL10H20P8JS PAL10H20P8JS PDF Download MMI DIP 99+ When RESET goes active as a result of a low volt
PAL10H8-2CN   PAL10H8-2CN PAL10H8-2CN PDF Download These Schottky diodes are specifically designed
PAL10H82MJ883B   PAL10H82MJ883B PAL10H82MJ883B PDF Download A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
PAL10H8ANC   PAL10H8ANC PAL10H8ANC PDF Download   The NCP1575 is a low voltage buck control
PAL10H8CJ   PAL10H8CJ PAL10H8CJ PDF Download DIP 102 MMI The ISL9H1260EG3, ISL9H1260EP3 and ISL9H1260ES3
PAL10H8CN   PAL10H8CN PAL10H8CN PDF Download AMD DIP DIP During a Bank Activate command cycle, defines the
PAL10H8JC   PAL10H8JC PAL10H8JC PDF Download NS CDIP 02+ † Package drawings, standard packing quant
PAL10H8MJ   PAL10H8MJ PAL10H8MJ PDF Download MMI/AMD 93+ Four Twin GLBs, 16 I/O cells and one ORP are con