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Device performance is relatively independent of supply voltage over the 2-V to 22-V range. Inputs can operate between VCC − − 0.3 to VCC + − 1.8 V without inducing phase reversal, although excessive input current may flow out of each input exceeding the lower common-mode input range. The all-npn output stage provides a nearly rail-to-rail output swing of VCC − − 0.1 to VCC + − 1 V under light current-loading conditions. The device can sustain shorts to either supply since output current is internally limited, but care must be taken to ensure that maximum package power dissipation is not exceeded.
The Harris CD74HC259 and CD74HCT299 are 8-bit shift/storage registers with three-state bus interface capability. The register has four synchronous-operating modes controlled by the two select inputs as shown in the mode select (S0, S1) table. The mode select, the serial data (DS0, DS7) and the parallel data (I/O0 - I/O7) respond only to the low-to-high transition of the clock (CP) pulse. S0, S1 and data inputs must be one set-up time prior to the clock positive transition.
Users can also program the part using the Cypress CyclocksRT software that is found on the web. There are two ways the user can program the part on the candy boards: either open up a new or existing CY22393 JEDEC file, or select the Options menu and click on Candy Board Setup to program the part.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
PCF.PCA80C552   PCF.PCA80C552 PCF.PCA80C552 PDF Download PHI PLCC68 2007+ The minimum VIN must meet two conditions: VIN 2
PCF.PCB80C552   PCF.PCB80C552 PCF.PCB80C552 PDF Download PHI PLCC68 06+ The device provides a JEDEC-approved optional sof
PCF/B80C31BH-316WP   PCF/B80C31BH-316WP PCF/B80C31BH-316WP PDF Download While the AD8021 is internally short-circuit pro
PCF0330P/013   PCF0330P/013 PCF0330P/013 PDF Download PAGE WRITE: The page write operation of the AT28C
PCF0330P/031   PCF0330P/031 PCF0330P/031 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP28 00+ • Performance Guaranteed   over Full
PCF0450   PCF0450 PCF0450 PDF Download PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ Sensitivity is defined as the average signal lev
PCF0450P/016   PCF0450P/016 PCF0450P/016 PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ New features compared to SDA 525x-Specification,
PCF0450P/021   PCF0450P/021 PCF0450P/021 PDF Download The PALCE22V10 is executed in a 24-pin 300-mil mo
PCF0456D   PCF0456D PCF0456D PDF Download PHILIPS DIP Figure 1 illustrates a typical LDO voltage regul
PCF0456D/006   PCF0456D/006 PCF0456D/006 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP28 —— The IR2136/IR21362/IR21363/IR21365/IR21366/IR2136
PCF0456D/600   PCF0456D/600 PCF0456D/600 PDF Download n/a Broad Support Program: A BSP layer is provided t
PCF0456D006   PCF0456D006 PCF0456D006 PDF Download Recommended Application: VIA KX/KT133 style chi
PCF0700P/011   PCF0700P/011 PCF0700P/011 PDF Download The e1217X contains two push-pull output buffers
PCF0700P/033   PCF0700P/033 PCF0700P/033 PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF0700P/051   PCF0700P/051 PCF0700P/051 PDF Download PHI 2007 *Serial Port: 16C550 UART-compatible RS-232 x 1
PCF0700P016   PCF0700P016 PCF0700P016 PDF Download A zero crossing output (ZX) produces an output t
PCF0705P/010   PCF0705P/010 PCF0705P/010 PDF Download Device is in shutdown due to fault condition, no
PCF0705P/016   PCF0705P/016 PCF0705P/016 PDF Download +15 VIN - is the input for applying +15 volts to
PCF07061/024   PCF07061/024 PCF07061/024 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ Note: The pattern recognition in Hex is C5, 3A, A
PCF0706T/024   PCF0706T/024 PCF0706T/024 PDF Download SONY STK 2003+ The transmitter accepts logic level clock (TCLK),
PCF0706WP/012   PCF0706WP/012 PCF0706WP/012 PDF Download PHILIPS 01+ Section 1, Overview Section 2, Features Section
PCF0800   PCF0800 PCF0800 PDF Download The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
PCF0800/018   PCF0800/018 PCF0800/018 PDF Download ★★★ 03+ The jitter tolerance of the 78P7200 exceeds the
PCF0800P/004   PCF0800P/004 PCF0800P/004 PDF Download Ground Rail. +3.3 Volt Power Supply. Serial dat
PCF0800P/018   PCF0800P/018 PCF0800P/018 PDF Download Notes: 1. For max. or min. conditions, use appr
PCF0800P/020   PCF0800P/020 PCF0800P/020 PDF Download VTT: This is the regulated power output from the
PCF0800P/034   PCF0800P/034 PCF0800P/034 PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ • Input and output signals for the interna
PCF0805121K0B   PCF0805121K0B PCF0805121K0B PDF Download 1. Units in the JPP-21S series of Quadraphase Mod
PCF0805121K3B   PCF0805121K3B PCF0805121K3B PDF Download 4mA and sink 8mA in 3.3V mode. The output driver
PCF08051220KB   PCF08051220KB PCF08051220KB PDF Download AO is an op amp-type output that does not requir
PCF08051224K9   PCF08051224K9 PCF08051224K9 PDF Download &ontroland safety devices for airplanes, trai
PCF08051229K4   PCF08051229K4 PCF08051229K4 PDF Download Ground pin. Complimentary clock of differential
PCF0805122K0B   PCF0805122K0B PCF0805122K0B PDF Download The PCF0805122K0B employs a red light source whic
PCF08051233K2   PCF08051233K2 PCF08051233K2 PDF Download IAC=100µA, RSET=10k, VRMS=1.25V IAC=0&mic
PCF0805126K19   PCF0805126K19 PCF0805126K19 PDF Download See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
PCF0805129K09   PCF0805129K09 PCF0805129K09 PDF Download The innovative design of the internal T/H assures
PCF080513910RBT1   PCF080513910RBT1 PCF080513910RBT1 PDF Download Data to be output on the serial streams may come
PCF0805R-49K9BIT1   PCF0805R-49K9BIT1 PCF0805R-49K9BIT1 PDF Download The LM89 is an 11-bit digital temperature sensor
PCF0J121MCL1G3   PCF0J121MCL1G3 PCF0J121MCL1G3 PDF Download NOTES 1Input bias current is specified for two d
PCF1/41.5K5P   PCF1/41.5K5P PCF1/41.5K5P PDF Download • Pout>18W, çT>20% @ VDD=12.5
PCF1/410JK5P   PCF1/410JK5P PCF1/410JK5P PDF Download Luminance bandwidth Chrominance bandwidth (Ext
PCF1/410K5P   PCF1/410K5P PCF1/410K5P PDF Download After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
PCF1100DB/S1/001   PCF1100DB/S1/001 PCF1100DB/S1/001 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 91 Description: Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are de- s
PCF1100DB/S1/002   PCF1100DB/S1/002 PCF1100DB/S1/002 PDF Download 1. StarTech PPI Card memiliki konektor DB25 Femal
PCF1100DB/S1/012   PCF1100DB/S1/012 PCF1100DB/S1/012 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 91 Note : 1. Icc depends on output load condition w
PCF1100P/005   PCF1100P/005 PCF1100P/005 PDF Download The voice-band audio processor (VBAP) is designe
PCF1106D/005   PCF1106D/005 PCF1106D/005 PDF Download PHI 92+ available. The data applied to the data inputs a
PCF1106D/006   PCF1106D/006 PCF1106D/006 PDF Download PHI 92+ This integrated circuits is manufactured on a CMO
PCF1106D/024   PCF1106D/024 PCF1106D/024 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP28 90/91 Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
PCF1122ABD   PCF1122ABD PCF1122ABD PDF Download RF C, RF+ (Pins 10, 11): Differential RF Outputs.
PCF112D   PCF112D PCF112D PDF Download oeg oeg dc97 • 2.7VC3.6V operation • CMOS for opt
PCF-112D1M   PCF-112D1M PCF-112D1M PDF Download SHARP/SHARP 02+ 1650   The A3280--, A3281--, and A3283-- Hall-ef
PCF1171   PCF1171 PCF1171 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
PCF1171BT   PCF1171BT PCF1171BT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are p
PCF1171CT   PCF1171CT PCF1171CT PDF Download PHI SMD 2005
PCF1171CT118   PCF1171CT118 PCF1171CT118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ All part numbers end with a place code, designat
PCF1171CU   PCF1171CU PCF1171CU PDF Download This device generates read instructions for the
PCF1171T   PCF1171T PCF1171T PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ This is the eighth application note in a series
PCF1172BT   PCF1172BT PCF1172BT PDF Download The TLK4250 device is a four-channel, multi-giga
PCF1172CT   PCF1172CT PCF1172CT PDF Download PHILIPS 2004 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
PCF1174BT   PCF1174BT PCF1174BT PDF Download PHILIPS TSOP An interface to low-cost byte-wide memory is pro
PCF1174CT   PCF1174CT PCF1174CT PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ ♦ Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
PCF1174CT1   PCF1174CT1 PCF1174CT1 PDF Download Genesys Logic's single-chip GeneScanTMII, PCF117
PCF1175   PCF1175 PCF1175 PDF Download PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ The PCF1175SXL is a highly integrated embedded s
PCF1175C   PCF1175C PCF1175C PDF Download The UCC383 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
PCF1175CT   PCF1175CT PCF1175CT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The CXD3027R-1 supports variable playback speeds
PCF1175CT/F2   PCF1175CT/F2 PCF1175CT/F2 PDF Download PHI SOP/28 06+ NOTES: (1) Junction temperature = ambient temper
PCF1175T   PCF1175T PCF1175T PDF Download 0 0 Rating to 200V VBR For surface mounted applicati
PCF1178   PCF1178 PCF1178 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (4) The products described in this book are inte
PCF1178C   PCF1178C PCF1178C PDF Download TV SVHS OUTPUT MODE The device supports SVHS vid
PCF1178CT   PCF1178CT PCF1178CT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MM1207 is described here as the representative mo
PCF1178CT.112   PCF1178CT.112 PCF1178CT.112 PDF Download The common-mode DC level at the LNP output is no
PCF1178T   PCF1178T PCF1178T PDF Download Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed
PCF1179   PCF1179 PCF1179 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A High-Speed 8051 Architecture One Clock-Per-Machi
PCF1179CT   PCF1179CT PCF1179CT PDF Download PHI SMD In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
PCF1179CT118   PCF1179CT118 PCF1179CT118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Hynix HYMD532M726(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
PCF1179TR-ND   PCF1179TR-ND PCF1179TR-ND PDF Download IOSOutput short-circuit current38mA ICCSupply
PCF117BT   PCF117BT PCF117BT PDF Download PHI SOP7.2mm • NPT3 IGBT   - low saturation voltag
PCF1206R75RBI   PCF1206R75RBI PCF1206R75RBI PDF Download These 8-bit latches feature 3-state outputs desi
PCF124D1M   PCF124D1M PCF124D1M PDF Download oeg oeg dc97 The GLT41116 is a 65,536 x 16 bit high-performanc
PCF-124D1M   PCF-124D1M PCF-124D1M PDF Download SHARP/SHARP 02+ 1450 The device can readily control keys over graphic
PCF1251P   PCF1251P PCF1251P PDF Download SIG DIP 07/08+ This hardware specification contains detailed in
PCF1252   PCF1252 PCF1252 PDF Download DIP-8 PHI 01+ The FS612509-02 version provides an auto power-do
PCF1252-0   PCF1252-0 PCF1252-0 PDF Download   Power stage input voltage from 1V to 16V
PCF12520P   PCF12520P PCF12520P PDF Download One Instruction/Clock Execution Core Clock Rate
PCF1252-0P   PCF1252-0P PCF1252-0P PDF Download PHI 01+ DIP/8   The MAX5026 successfully meets the qualit
PCF1252-0PN   PCF1252-0PN PCF1252-0PN PDF Download The VHC132 is an advanced high speed CMOS 2-inpu
PCF12520T   PCF12520T PCF12520T PDF Download A block erase operation erases one of the device
PCF1252-0T   PCF1252-0T PCF1252-0T PDF Download   The pre-heat time is determined by an RC
PCF1252-0TD   PCF1252-0TD PCF1252-0TD PDF Download Circuit breaker sense pin. With a sense resistor
PCF1252-0TD-T   PCF1252-0TD-T PCF1252-0TD-T PDF Download The MAX1921 step-down converter delivers over 400
PCF1252-10   PCF1252-10 PCF1252-10 PDF Download ♦ Adjustable Accurate DPWM Frequency with
PCF12521P   PCF12521P PCF12521P PDF Download ph ph dc0408 NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
PCF1252-1P   PCF1252-1P PCF1252-1P PDF Download The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2032V devi
PCF1252-1P/F4   PCF1252-1P/F4 PCF1252-1P/F4 PDF Download PHI DIP/8 01+ • Nonvolatile Storage Without Battery Probl
PCF1252-1PN   PCF1252-1PN PCF1252-1PN PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-8 01+ Single Chip With Easy Interface Between UART and
PCF1252-1T   PCF1252-1T PCF1252-1T PDF Download 06+ The LM2471 is an integrated high voltage CRT dri
PCF1252-1T/F4   PCF1252-1T/F4 PCF1252-1T/F4 PDF Download Notes:  2. NC pins are not connected to th
PCF1252-1TD   PCF1252-1TD PCF1252-1TD PDF Download PHILIPS 0435+ SOP The CAN driver IC B10011S is a low-speed, high-l
PCF1252-1TD-T   PCF1252-1TD-T PCF1252-1TD-T PDF Download EUROPE: LDC for ON Semiconductor C European Suppo
PCF12521TF4   PCF12521TF4 PCF12521TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc94 ARC PROTECTION During normal CRT operation, int
PCF12521TF4.118   PCF12521TF4.118 PCF12521TF4.118 PDF Download HIGH SPEED : tPD = 5.4 ns (MAX.) at VCC = 3V
PCF1252-2   PCF1252-2 PCF1252-2 PDF Download Software selectable baud rate generator Four se
PCF12522P   PCF12522P PCF12522P PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Supports Fibre Channel protocol SCSI (FCP-SCSI)
PCF1252-2P   PCF1252-2P PCF1252-2P PDF Download PSC PLCC20 1. Reset Consideration The Reset pin should neve
PCF1252-2T   PCF1252-2T PCF1252-2T PDF Download The RESET (SVS, POR, or power on reset) output o
PCF1252-2TD   PCF1252-2TD PCF1252-2TD PDF Download For cellular phone and PDA applications, voltage
PCF12522TF4   PCF12522TF4 PCF12522TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc0404 (1) Losses from power consumed by the internal
PCF1252-3P   PCF1252-3P PCF1252-3P PDF Download PHI Full piconet support. On board 4Mbit or 8Mbit ex
PCF1252-3T   PCF1252-3T PCF1252-3T PDF Download The HS-26C32RH has an input sensitivity typicall
PCF1252-4   PCF1252-4 PCF1252-4 PDF Download The TLV262x single supply operational amplifiers
PCF1252-4T   PCF1252-4T PCF1252-4T PDF Download 3.3V LVTTL input is a level sensitive strobe use
PCF1252-4TD   PCF1252-4TD PCF1252-4TD PDF Download r: For each surface-mounted terminal variation,
PCF12524TF4   PCF12524TF4 PCF12524TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc96 NOTE 1. ICC1, ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 dependent on o
PCF1252-4T-F4   PCF1252-4T-F4 PCF1252-4T-F4 PDF Download PHI SOP/8 01+ The 74HC/HCT158 are quad 2-input multiplexers wh
PCF1252-5T   PCF1252-5T PCF1252-5T PDF Download 8 PHILIPS 99/00+ These Intersil RS-485/RS-422 devices are BiCMOS
PCF12526T   PCF12526T PCF12526T PDF Download ph ph dc00 1.The KB817 (1-channel) is optically coupled iso
PCF1252-6T   PCF1252-6T PCF1252-6T PDF Download CEL certifies, to its knowledge, that semiconduc
PCF1252-7T   PCF1252-7T PCF1252-7T PDF Download The JTAG circuitry and ISP instruction set in MA
PCF1252-7T/F4   PCF1252-7T/F4 PCF1252-7T/F4 PDF Download PHI SOP/8 01+ n Floating channel designed for bootstrap  
PCF1252-7TD   PCF1252-7TD PCF1252-7TD PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
PCF1252-8T   PCF1252-8T PCF1252-8T PDF Download
PCF1252-9T   PCF1252-9T PCF1252-9T PDF Download PHI 03+ SOP/8 The attached spice model describes the typical el
PCF1252-OP   PCF1252-OP PCF1252-OP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-8P • Host writable message header (4 bytes) f
PCF129Y   PCF129Y PCF129Y PDF Download Previous generations of DC-DC converter controll
PCF1302D   PCF1302D PCF1302D PDF Download ? CDIP8 The Acknowledge (ACK) Bit shown in Figure 2 is p
PCF1306P   PCF1306P PCF1306P PDF Download When BYTE8/10 is LOW and the encoder is enabled
PCF1311D   PCF1311D PCF1311D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 9148 RON is 8-ohms typical Pulldown on B Ports Low
PCF1312D   PCF1312D PCF1312D PDF Download 9148 Ultra Low VF 1st in the Market Place with a 10
PCF1313D   PCF1313D PCF1313D PDF Download 9148 • 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced Flash
PCF1500E021   PCF1500E021 PCF1500E021 PDF Download The AD5305/AD5315/AD5325 are quad 8-, 10-, and 1
PCF1500P   PCF1500P PCF1500P PDF Download PHILIPS 98 STATUS: is active during T4, T1 and T2 and is re
PCF1500P/011   PCF1500P/011 PCF1500P/011 PDF Download One benefit of high-frequency switching is the fa
PCF1500P/018   PCF1500P/018 PCF1500P/018 PDF Download Magnetic offset caused by mechanical stress at t
PCF1500P011   PCF1500P011 PCF1500P011 PDF Download   The PA03 output power stages contain fast
PCF1804P   PCF1804P PCF1804P PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
PCF1805P   PCF1805P PCF1805P PDF Download PHI . The ISL6522 provides complete control and protec
PCF1808   PCF1808 PCF1808 PDF Download The SPT1018 has 10 KH and 100K ECL logic level c
PCF1808PTRT23   PCF1808PTRT23 PCF1808PTRT23 PDF Download The MSM518221 is similar in operation and functio
PCF1810P-M621   PCF1810P-M621 PCF1810P-M621 PDF Download   Fabricated using IDTs CMOS high-performan
PCF1814WP   PCF1814WP PCF1814WP PDF Download The AT84CS001 DMUX is started by the ASYNCRST co
PCF1815P   PCF1815P PCF1815P PDF Download High isolation voltage High VCEO (80 V MIN.)
PCF1816D   PCF1816D PCF1816D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 ——   Where;   Kf is the phase detector ga
PCF1817D   PCF1817D PCF1817D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 —— Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
PCF1818F   PCF1818F PCF1818F PDF Download ph ph dc95 The HS function uses a phase error detector at t
PCF1818P   PCF1818P PCF1818P PDF Download Color: Monochrome or color RGB Shutter: TrueSNA
PCF1822P   PCF1822P PCF1822P PDF Download Note 5: Limits are 100% production tested at 25&#
PCF1823P   PCF1823P PCF1823P PDF Download The CS4344 family contains on-chip digital de-emp
PCF1824P   PCF1824P PCF1824P PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
PCF1833   PCF1833 PCF1833 PDF Download PHI DIP • Available with Colon for   Clock
PCF1833N   PCF1833N PCF1833N PDF Download PHI Muting all channel drivers can be obtained using
PCF1833P   PCF1833P PCF1833P PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ A fixed precision resistor from this pin to groun
PCF1837P   PCF1837P PCF1837P PDF Download Address, active High. In Word mode, these 18 inpu
PCF1842P   PCF1842P PCF1842P PDF Download Note: 1. Load and line regulation are specified
PCF1865WP   PCF1865WP PCF1865WP PDF Download TQFP-144P 94/93 Notes: Œ Repetitive rating; pulse width li
PCF1L101K   PCF1L101K PCF1L101K PDF Download Each port independently collects statistical info
PCF200   PCF200 PCF200 PDF Download During the soft start and the time-out delay dura
PCF200010WP/002   PCF200010WP/002 PCF200010WP/002 PDF Download
PCF2010RADL   PCF2010RADL PCF2010RADL PDF Download PHI SSOP/56 06+ Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.0V Low standby current
PCF2100CP   PCF2100CP PCF2100CP PDF Download PHI 00+ DIP/28 The HT812L0 provides a maximum of 8 keys, 2 stat
PCF2100CT   PCF2100CT PCF2100CT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ AV+, BV+, CV+ - are the power connections from th
PCF2100CT/F1   PCF2100CT/F1 PCF2100CT/F1 PDF Download PHI SOP-28 1997 • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one
PCF2100CT/F1118   PCF2100CT/F1118 PCF2100CT/F1118 PDF Download The output pulse duration is programmable by sel
PCF2100CTD   PCF2100CTD PCF2100CTD PDF Download PH 07+
PCF2100CTD-T   PCF2100CTD-T PCF2100CTD-T PDF Download • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
PCF2100P   PCF2100P PCF2100P PDF Download Notice: Stresses greater than those listed unde
PCF2100ST/F1   PCF2100ST/F1 PCF2100ST/F1 PDF Download Data sheet information is generally presented in
PCF2100T   PCF2100T PCF2100T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A A common ground is required between the input an
PCF2103EU   PCF2103EU PCF2103EU PDF Download PHI 裸芯片 99 READY Ready (Output, active High). This signal ca
PCF2103EU/2/F1   PCF2103EU/2/F1 PCF2103EU/2/F1 PDF Download Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
PCF2104LU/2/F1   PCF2104LU/2/F1 PCF2104LU/2/F1 PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
PCF2110P   PCF2110P PCF2110P PDF Download PHI DIP 1988 Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
PCF2110T   PCF2110T PCF2110T PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 ports on the rising edge of the data-ready clock
PCF2111   PCF2111 PCF2111 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP N/A   and Class C (Exceeding 400 V) per Machine
PCF2111CP   PCF2111CP PCF2111CP PDF Download PHI DIP/40 Note 1: If VSS is open-circuited with VDD and eit
PCF2111CP/F1   PCF2111CP/F1 PCF2111CP/F1 PDF Download When at least one of the reset outputs is not as
PCF2111CT   PCF2111CT PCF2111CT PDF Download The PCF2111CT/9433/9434 is a dual single-pole/si
PCF2111CT/1   PCF2111CT/1 PCF2111CT/1 PDF Download Transmit microphone input and the level adjustmen
PCF2111CT/1118   PCF2111CT/1118 PCF2111CT/1118 PDF Download PH 07+ When handling this UTSi device, observe the same
PCF2111CT/F1   PCF2111CT/F1 PCF2111CT/F1 PDF Download Features D Low ON-State Resistance (10 W) D Low
PCF2111CTD   PCF2111CTD PCF2111CTD PDF Download PH 07+ • NPT IGBT technology • low saturat
PCF2111CTD-T   PCF2111CTD-T PCF2111CTD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The CD4046B types are supplied in 16-lead hermet
PCF2111CT-F1   PCF2111CT-F1 PCF2111CT-F1 PDF Download PHI SSOP The center tap Schottky rectifier module has bee
PCF2111F   PCF2111F PCF2111F PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ SOP Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G MICROWIRE PLUS
PCF2111P   PCF2111P PCF2111P PDF Download PHI The line on the graph shows the actual temperatu
PCF2111P-5   PCF2111P-5 PCF2111P-5 PDF Download PHI/S ADM has built-in microcontroller and file manage
PCF2111T   PCF2111T PCF2111T PDF Download 93 *This is a stress rating only and functional oper
PCF2112   PCF2112 PCF2112 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC28 Note that the level 7 interrupt is also level se
PCF2112CP   PCF2112CP PCF2112CP PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
PCF2112CPF1.112   PCF2112CPF1.112 PCF2112CPF1.112 PDF Download
PCF2112CPN   PCF2112CPN PCF2112CPN PDF Download Conexant products are not intended for use in me
PCF2112CT   PCF2112CT PCF2112CT PDF Download When the CAT24FC02 begins a READ mode, it transm
PCF2112CT/1   PCF2112CT/1 PCF2112CT/1 PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
PCF2112CT/1112   PCF2112CT/1112 PCF2112CT/1112 PDF Download PH 07+ Vcc = 5.0V 10%, TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) unless o
PCF2112CT1.112   PCF2112CT1.112 PCF2112CT1.112 PDF Download 1. H = HIGH voltage level   h = HIGH volta
PCF2112CTD   PCF2112CTD PCF2112CTD PDF Download 4 Starting Tj = +25C, L = 53.13mH, RG = 25Ω
PCF2112CTD-T   PCF2112CTD-T PCF2112CTD-T PDF Download The crypt key generation typically inputs the tr
PCF2112CT-F1   PCF2112CT-F1 PCF2112CT-F1 PDF Download PHI 01+   (Note 8) The following specifications a
PCF2112P   PCF2112P PCF2112P PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ Extremely High Speed: 1.0 ns (Typ) @ VCC = 3.3 V
PCF2112T   PCF2112T PCF2112T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Get the insight you need to solve your debugging
PCF2112TZ5   PCF2112TZ5 PCF2112TZ5 PDF Download Die TUHI Serie ist eine Familie von 1.5 W DC/DC
PCF2113DH   PCF2113DH PCF2113DH PDF Download Connect the converter per Table 2 for the approp
PCF2113DH/4   PCF2113DH/4 PCF2113DH/4 PDF Download * Permanent device damage may occur if "ABSO
PCF2113DH/4557   PCF2113DH/4557 PCF2113DH/4557 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
PCF2113DH/F4   PCF2113DH/F4 PCF2113DH/F4 PDF Download The drain pins are designed to connect directly t
PCF2113DHF4   PCF2113DHF4 PCF2113DHF4 PDF Download With excellent C/N characteristics and low curre
PCF2113DU/2/F4   PCF2113DU/2/F4 PCF2113DU/2/F4 PDF Download The ICM7211AM provides outputs suitable for drivi
PCF2113DU/2/F4026   PCF2113DU/2/F4026 PCF2113DU/2/F4026 PDF Download Schematic capture, automatic place and route Lo
PCF2113DU/F2   PCF2113DU/F2 PCF2113DU/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 1 Differential Input: This input pair is the signa
PCF2113DU/F4   PCF2113DU/F4 PCF2113DU/F4 PDF Download nxp 07+ 6720 Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
PCF2113DU/F4026   PCF2113DU/F4026 PCF2113DU/F4026 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Utility Meters HVAC Equipment Audio / Video Com
PCF2113EU/2/F4026   PCF2113EU/2/F4026 PCF2113EU/2/F4026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Transmit Frame Sync input. Normally a pulse or
PCF2113WU/2/F4   PCF2113WU/2/F4 PCF2113WU/2/F4 PDF Download This series of hermetically packaged products fe
PCF2113WU/2/F4026   PCF2113WU/2/F4026 PCF2113WU/2/F4026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ A dedicated control input (EN, Active High) has
PCF2116AU/10   PCF2116AU/10 PCF2116AU/10 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
PCF2116AU/2/F1   PCF2116AU/2/F1 PCF2116AU/2/F1 PDF Download Negative Input Terminal Positive Input Terminal
PCF2116CU/10/F1   PCF2116CU/10/F1 PCF2116CU/10/F1 PDF Download NOTES: 1. VIN specifies the allowable DC excurs
PCF2116CU/2/F1   PCF2116CU/2/F1 PCF2116CU/2/F1 PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
PCF2119   PCF2119 PCF2119 PDF Download The data rate is scalable and the ATM protocol i
PCF2119AU   PCF2119AU PCF2119AU PDF Download 2. This spec must be met in order to ensure that
PCF2119AU/2   PCF2119AU/2 PCF2119AU/2 PDF Download † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, T
PCF2119AU/2DA/2026   PCF2119AU/2DA/2026 PCF2119AU/2DA/2026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Notes: 1. For 2.5V < VOUT < 2.8V refer to
PCF2119DU/2/2026   PCF2119DU/2/2026 PCF2119DU/2/2026 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PCF2119RU/2/F1   PCF2119RU/2/F1 PCF2119RU/2/F1 PDF Download Transmit FIFO Half-full Status Flag. When the T
PCF2119RU/2/F2   PCF2119RU/2/F2 PCF2119RU/2/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The CY29946 is a low-voltage 200-MHz clock distri
PCF2119RU/2/F2026   PCF2119RU/2/F2026 PCF2119RU/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF This PHY was designed from the start with the ULP
PCF2119RUF2   PCF2119RUF2 PCF2119RUF2 PDF Download ph ph dc02 The SiP280X family includes six high-speed, low
PCF2119SU/2/F1   PCF2119SU/2/F1 PCF2119SU/2/F1 PDF Download The Divide and Phase Select Matrix is comprised
PCF2119SU/2/F2   PCF2119SU/2/F2 PCF2119SU/2/F2 PDF Download The PIC12CE67X device has special features to r
PCF2119SU/2/F2026   PCF2119SU/2/F2026 PCF2119SU/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF • High forward current transfer ratio hFE wh
PCF2119VU/2/F2   PCF2119VU/2/F2 PCF2119VU/2/F2 PDF Download
PCF2128   PCF2128 PCF2128 PDF Download Over the years, the performances of the SLICs c
PCF2400E/011   PCF2400E/011 PCF2400E/011 PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
PCF2400E011   PCF2400E011 PCF2400E011 PDF Download The deployment of electronic energy meters has
PCF2400WP   PCF2400WP PCF2400WP PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ High efficiency Surge overload rating - 400 amp
PCF2400WP/016   PCF2400WP/016 PCF2400WP/016 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC84 06+ USB data is a 3.3-V level signal, but power is d
PCF2400WP/018   PCF2400WP/018 PCF2400WP/018 PDF Download The TPS6210x family also has a shutdown mode for
PCF2400WP/028   PCF2400WP/028 PCF2400WP/028 PDF Download PHIL PLCC Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
PCF2705   PCF2705 PCF2705 PDF Download PHI IC NOTE: 1. C1 is required only if regulator is sep
PCF2705P   PCF2705P PCF2705P PDF Download N/A DIP 93 Output Ripple and Noise Voltage (See Figures 3 a
PCF2705T   PCF2705T PCF2705T PDF Download PHI 2799 and start-up current of less than 1mA.   T
PCF2717P   PCF2717P PCF2717P PDF Download ph ph dc98 The Hitachi HM5264165F is a 64-Mbit SDRAM organi
PCF29F64P   PCF29F64P PCF29F64P PDF Download Notes: 1. The nominal thermal resistance of a d
PCF2L151K   PCF2L151K PCF2L151K PDF Download D7 C D10 Fast Decay Time. This four-bit word set
PCF3016P/001   PCF3016P/001 PCF3016P/001 PDF Download   Fully differential amplification   A
PCF3016P/017   PCF3016P/017 PCF3016P/017 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
PCF3016T   PCF3016T PCF3016T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The normalized gain plots in the Typical Perform
PCF3016T/032   PCF3016T/032 PCF3016T/032 PDF Download The LPC47M14X incorporates a standalone USB Hub,
PCF3025T   PCF3025T PCF3025T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MAX 7000A devices contain from 32 to 512 macroce
PCF3025T/016   PCF3025T/016 PCF3025T/016 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ISOPLUS247 package with DCB Base - Electrical
PCF3035HF   PCF3035HF PCF3035HF PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 2. Soldering operations should be accom- plishe
PCF3035WP   PCF3035WP PCF3035WP PDF Download PHILPS PLCC84 03/+04+   These circuits monitor the power supply v
PCF3035WP/019   PCF3035WP/019 PCF3035WP/019 PDF Download In operation, the HCPL-7860/ HCPL-786J Isolated
PCF3035WP/024   PCF3035WP/024 PCF3035WP/024 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC84 06+ PCM Output Register The decoded 8-bit parallel
PCF3035WP022   PCF3035WP022 PCF3035WP022 PDF Download Slew rate control. The programmed output volt-
PCF3035WP025   PCF3035WP025 PCF3035WP025 PDF Download Limits appearing in bold type face apply over th
PCF3035WP-10P   PCF3035WP-10P PCF3035WP-10P PDF Download 16 PHILIPS PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
PCF3046HP017   PCF3046HP017 PCF3046HP017 PDF Download Figure 6. Block diagram of the 2 GHz production
PCF3046HP017TSTDTS   PCF3046HP017TSTDTS PCF3046HP017TSTDTS PDF Download rial Data (SDA) to VCC. (Figure 4. indicates ho
PCF315   PCF315 PCF315 PDF Download 08+ The electrical configuration of these CMOS IC al
PCF3150   PCF3150 PCF3150 PDF Download JAT 05+ The external bootstrap capacitor is necessary to
PCF3300WP/028   PCF3300WP/028 PCF3300WP/028 PDF Download PHILIPS . TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
PCF3311   PCF3311 PCF3311 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Antialias or Reconstruction Filtering DSP System
PCF3312   PCF3312 PCF3312 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   4.3 Screening (JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS le
PCF3312CP   PCF3312CP PCF3312CP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 01+ This document contains information on a product
PCF3312CT   PCF3312CT PCF3312CT PDF Download IC SOP NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
PCF3316   PCF3316 PCF3316 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The NC7SV19 is a 1-of-2 decoder/demultiplexer fr
PCF3501WP   PCF3501WP PCF3501WP PDF Download