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Device performance is relatively independent of supply voltage over the 2-V to 22-V range. Inputs can operate between VCC − − 0.3 to VCC + − 1.8 V without inducing phase reversal, although excessive input current may flow out of each input exceeding the lower common-mode input range. The all-npn output stage provides a nearly rail-to-rail output swing of VCC − − 0.1 to VCC + − 1 V under light current-loading conditions. The device can sustain shorts to either supply since output current is internally limited, but care must be taken to ensure that maximum package power dissipation is not exceeded.
The Harris CD74HC259 and CD74HCT299 are 8-bit shift/storage registers with three-state bus interface capability. The register has four synchronous-operating modes controlled by the two select inputs as shown in the mode select (S0, S1) table. The mode select, the serial data (DS0, DS7) and the parallel data (I/O0 - I/O7) respond only to the low-to-high transition of the clock (CP) pulse. S0, S1 and data inputs must be one set-up time prior to the clock positive transition.
Users can also program the part using the Cypress CyclocksRT software that is found on the web. There are two ways the user can program the part on the candy boards: either open up a new or existing CY22393 JEDEC file, or select the Options menu and click on Candy Board Setup to program the part.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
PCF.PCA80C552   PCF.PCA80C552 PCF.PCA80C552 PDF Download PHI PLCC68 2007+ The minimum VIN must meet two conditions: VIN 2
PCF.PCB80C552   PCF.PCB80C552 PCF.PCB80C552 PDF Download PHI PLCC68 06+ The device provides a JEDEC-approved optional sof
PCF/B80C31BH-316WP   PCF/B80C31BH-316WP PCF/B80C31BH-316WP PDF Download While the AD8021 is internally short-circuit pro
PCF0330P/013   PCF0330P/013 PCF0330P/013 PDF Download PAGE WRITE: The page write operation of the AT28C
PCF0330P/031   PCF0330P/031 PCF0330P/031 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP28 00+ • Performance Guaranteed   over Full
PCF0450   PCF0450 PCF0450 PDF Download PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ Sensitivity is defined as the average signal lev
PCF0450P/016   PCF0450P/016 PCF0450P/016 PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ New features compared to SDA 525x-Specification,
PCF0450P/021   PCF0450P/021 PCF0450P/021 PDF Download The PALCE22V10 is executed in a 24-pin 300-mil mo
PCF0456D   PCF0456D PCF0456D PDF Download PHILIPS DIP Figure 1 illustrates a typical LDO voltage regul
PCF0456D/006   PCF0456D/006 PCF0456D/006 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP28 —— The IR2136/IR21362/IR21363/IR21365/IR21366/IR2136
PCF0456D/600   PCF0456D/600 PCF0456D/600 PDF Download n/a Broad Support Program: A BSP layer is provided t
PCF0456D006   PCF0456D006 PCF0456D006 PDF Download Recommended Application: VIA KX/KT133 style chi
PCF0700P/011   PCF0700P/011 PCF0700P/011 PDF Download The e1217X contains two push-pull output buffers
PCF0700P/033   PCF0700P/033 PCF0700P/033 PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF0700P/051   PCF0700P/051 PCF0700P/051 PDF Download PHI 2007 *Serial Port: 16C550 UART-compatible RS-232 x 1
PCF0700P016   PCF0700P016 PCF0700P016 PDF Download A zero crossing output (ZX) produces an output t
PCF0705P/010   PCF0705P/010 PCF0705P/010 PDF Download Device is in shutdown due to fault condition, no
PCF0705P/016   PCF0705P/016 PCF0705P/016 PDF Download +15 VIN - is the input for applying +15 volts to
PCF07061/024   PCF07061/024 PCF07061/024 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ Note: The pattern recognition in Hex is C5, 3A, A
PCF0706T/024   PCF0706T/024 PCF0706T/024 PDF Download SONY STK 2003+ The transmitter accepts logic level clock (TCLK),
PCF0706WP/012   PCF0706WP/012 PCF0706WP/012 PDF Download PHILIPS 01+ Section 1, Overview Section 2, Features Section
PCF0800   PCF0800 PCF0800 PDF Download The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
PCF0800/018   PCF0800/018 PCF0800/018 PDF Download ★★★ 03+ The jitter tolerance of the 78P7200 exceeds the
PCF0800P/004   PCF0800P/004 PCF0800P/004 PDF Download Ground Rail. +3.3 Volt Power Supply. Serial dat
PCF0800P/018   PCF0800P/018 PCF0800P/018 PDF Download Notes: 1. For max. or min. conditions, use appr
PCF0800P/020   PCF0800P/020 PCF0800P/020 PDF Download VTT: This is the regulated power output from the
PCF0800P/034   PCF0800P/034 PCF0800P/034 PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ • Input and output signals for the interna
PCF0805121K0B   PCF0805121K0B PCF0805121K0B PDF Download 1. Units in the JPP-21S series of Quadraphase Mod
PCF0805121K3B   PCF0805121K3B PCF0805121K3B PDF Download 4mA and sink 8mA in 3.3V mode. The output driver
PCF08051220KB   PCF08051220KB PCF08051220KB PDF Download AO is an op amp-type output that does not requir
PCF08051224K9   PCF08051224K9 PCF08051224K9 PDF Download &ontroland safety devices for airplanes, trai
PCF08051229K4   PCF08051229K4 PCF08051229K4 PDF Download Ground pin. Complimentary clock of differential
PCF0805122K0B   PCF0805122K0B PCF0805122K0B PDF Download The PCF0805122K0B employs a red light source whic
PCF08051233K2   PCF08051233K2 PCF08051233K2 PDF Download IAC=100µA, RSET=10k, VRMS=1.25V IAC=0&mic
PCF0805126K19   PCF0805126K19 PCF0805126K19 PDF Download See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
PCF0805129K09   PCF0805129K09 PCF0805129K09 PDF Download The innovative design of the internal T/H assures
PCF080513910RBT1   PCF080513910RBT1 PCF080513910RBT1 PDF Download Data to be output on the serial streams may come
PCF0805R-49K9BIT1   PCF0805R-49K9BIT1 PCF0805R-49K9BIT1 PDF Download The LM89 is an 11-bit digital temperature sensor
PCF0J121MCL1G3   PCF0J121MCL1G3 PCF0J121MCL1G3 PDF Download NOTES 1Input bias current is specified for two d
PCF1/41.5K5P   PCF1/41.5K5P PCF1/41.5K5P PDF Download • Pout>18W, çT>20% @ VDD=12.5
PCF1/410JK5P   PCF1/410JK5P PCF1/410JK5P PDF Download Luminance bandwidth Chrominance bandwidth (Ext
PCF1/410K5P   PCF1/410K5P PCF1/410K5P PDF Download After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
PCF1100DB/S1/001   PCF1100DB/S1/001 PCF1100DB/S1/001 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 91 Description: Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are de- s
PCF1100DB/S1/002   PCF1100DB/S1/002 PCF1100DB/S1/002 PDF Download 1. StarTech PPI Card memiliki konektor DB25 Femal
PCF1100DB/S1/012   PCF1100DB/S1/012 PCF1100DB/S1/012 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 91 Note : 1. Icc depends on output load condition w
PCF1100P/005   PCF1100P/005 PCF1100P/005 PDF Download The voice-band audio processor (VBAP) is designe
PCF1106D/005   PCF1106D/005 PCF1106D/005 PDF Download PHI 92+ available. The data applied to the data inputs a
PCF1106D/006   PCF1106D/006 PCF1106D/006 PDF Download PHI 92+ This integrated circuits is manufactured on a CMO
PCF1106D/024   PCF1106D/024 PCF1106D/024 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP28 90/91 Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
PCF1122ABD   PCF1122ABD PCF1122ABD PDF Download RF C, RF+ (Pins 10, 11): Differential RF Outputs.
PCF112D   PCF112D PCF112D PDF Download oeg oeg dc97 • 2.7VC3.6V operation • CMOS for opt
PCF-112D1M   PCF-112D1M PCF-112D1M PDF Download SHARP/SHARP 02+ 1650   The A3280--, A3281--, and A3283-- Hall-ef
PCF1171   PCF1171 PCF1171 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
PCF1171BT   PCF1171BT PCF1171BT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are p
PCF1171CT   PCF1171CT PCF1171CT PDF Download PHI SMD 2005
PCF1171CT118   PCF1171CT118 PCF1171CT118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ All part numbers end with a place code, designat
PCF1171CU   PCF1171CU PCF1171CU PDF Download This device generates read instructions for the
PCF1171T   PCF1171T PCF1171T PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ This is the eighth application note in a series
PCF1172BT   PCF1172BT PCF1172BT PDF Download The TLK4250 device is a four-channel, multi-giga
PCF1172CT   PCF1172CT PCF1172CT PDF Download PHILIPS 2004 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
PCF1174BT   PCF1174BT PCF1174BT PDF Download PHILIPS TSOP An interface to low-cost byte-wide memory is pro
PCF1174CT   PCF1174CT PCF1174CT PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ ♦ Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
PCF1174CT1   PCF1174CT1 PCF1174CT1 PDF Download Genesys Logic's single-chip GeneScanTMII, PCF117
PCF1175   PCF1175 PCF1175 PDF Download PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ The PCF1175SXL is a highly integrated embedded s
PCF1175C   PCF1175C PCF1175C PDF Download The UCC383 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
PCF1175CT   PCF1175CT PCF1175CT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The CXD3027R-1 supports variable playback speeds
PCF1175CT/F2   PCF1175CT/F2 PCF1175CT/F2 PDF Download PHI SOP/28 06+ NOTES: (1) Junction temperature = ambient temper
PCF1175T   PCF1175T PCF1175T PDF Download 0 0 Rating to 200V VBR For surface mounted applicati
PCF1178   PCF1178 PCF1178 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (4) The products described in this book are inte
PCF1178C   PCF1178C PCF1178C PDF Download TV SVHS OUTPUT MODE The device supports SVHS vid
PCF1178CT   PCF1178CT PCF1178CT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MM1207 is described here as the representative mo
PCF1178CT.112   PCF1178CT.112 PCF1178CT.112 PDF Download The common-mode DC level at the LNP output is no
PCF1178T   PCF1178T PCF1178T PDF Download Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed
PCF1179   PCF1179 PCF1179 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A High-Speed 8051 Architecture One Clock-Per-Machi
PCF1179CT   PCF1179CT PCF1179CT PDF Download PHI SMD In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
PCF1179CT118   PCF1179CT118 PCF1179CT118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Hynix HYMD532M726(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
PCF1179TR-ND   PCF1179TR-ND PCF1179TR-ND PDF Download IOSOutput short-circuit current38mA ICCSupply
PCF117BT   PCF117BT PCF117BT PDF Download PHI SOP7.2mm • NPT3 IGBT   - low saturation voltag
PCF1206R75RBI   PCF1206R75RBI PCF1206R75RBI PDF Download These 8-bit latches feature 3-state outputs desi
PCF124D1M   PCF124D1M PCF124D1M PDF Download oeg oeg dc97 The GLT41116 is a 65,536 x 16 bit high-performanc
PCF-124D1M   PCF-124D1M PCF-124D1M PDF Download SHARP/SHARP 02+ 1450 The device can readily control keys over graphic
PCF1251P   PCF1251P PCF1251P PDF Download SIG DIP 07/08+ This hardware specification contains detailed in
PCF1252   PCF1252 PCF1252 PDF Download DIP-8 PHI 01+ The FS612509-02 version provides an auto power-do
PCF1252-0   PCF1252-0 PCF1252-0 PDF Download   Power stage input voltage from 1V to 16V
PCF12520P   PCF12520P PCF12520P PDF Download One Instruction/Clock Execution Core Clock Rate
PCF1252-0P   PCF1252-0P PCF1252-0P PDF Download PHI 01+ DIP/8   The MAX5026 successfully meets the qualit
PCF1252-0PN   PCF1252-0PN PCF1252-0PN PDF Download The VHC132 is an advanced high speed CMOS 2-inpu
PCF12520T   PCF12520T PCF12520T PDF Download A block erase operation erases one of the device
PCF1252-0T   PCF1252-0T PCF1252-0T PDF Download   The pre-heat time is determined by an RC
PCF1252-0TD   PCF1252-0TD PCF1252-0TD PDF Download Circuit breaker sense pin. With a sense resistor
PCF1252-0TD-T   PCF1252-0TD-T PCF1252-0TD-T PDF Download The MAX1921 step-down converter delivers over 400
PCF1252-10   PCF1252-10 PCF1252-10 PDF Download ♦ Adjustable Accurate DPWM Frequency with
PCF12521P   PCF12521P PCF12521P PDF Download ph ph dc0408 NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
PCF1252-1P   PCF1252-1P PCF1252-1P PDF Download The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2032V devi
PCF1252-1P/F4   PCF1252-1P/F4 PCF1252-1P/F4 PDF Download PHI DIP/8 01+ • Nonvolatile Storage Without Battery Probl
PCF1252-1PN   PCF1252-1PN PCF1252-1PN PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-8 01+ Single Chip With Easy Interface Between UART and
PCF1252-1T   PCF1252-1T PCF1252-1T PDF Download 06+ The LM2471 is an integrated high voltage CRT dri
PCF1252-1T/F4   PCF1252-1T/F4 PCF1252-1T/F4 PDF Download Notes:  2. NC pins are not connected to th
PCF1252-1TD   PCF1252-1TD PCF1252-1TD PDF Download PHILIPS 0435+ SOP The CAN driver IC B10011S is a low-speed, high-l
PCF1252-1TD-T   PCF1252-1TD-T PCF1252-1TD-T PDF Download EUROPE: LDC for ON Semiconductor C European Suppo
PCF12521TF4   PCF12521TF4 PCF12521TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc94 ARC PROTECTION During normal CRT operation, int
PCF12521TF4.118   PCF12521TF4.118 PCF12521TF4.118 PDF Download HIGH SPEED : tPD = 5.4 ns (MAX.) at VCC = 3V
PCF1252-2   PCF1252-2 PCF1252-2 PDF Download Software selectable baud rate generator Four se
PCF12522P   PCF12522P PCF12522P PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Supports Fibre Channel protocol SCSI (FCP-SCSI)
PCF1252-2P   PCF1252-2P PCF1252-2P PDF Download PSC PLCC20 1. Reset Consideration The Reset pin should neve
PCF1252-2T   PCF1252-2T PCF1252-2T PDF Download The RESET (SVS, POR, or power on reset) output o
PCF1252-2TD   PCF1252-2TD PCF1252-2TD PDF Download For cellular phone and PDA applications, voltage
PCF12522TF4   PCF12522TF4 PCF12522TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc0404 (1) Losses from power consumed by the internal
PCF1252-3P   PCF1252-3P PCF1252-3P PDF Download PHI Full piconet support. On board 4Mbit or 8Mbit ex
PCF1252-3T   PCF1252-3T PCF1252-3T PDF Download The HS-26C32RH has an input sensitivity typicall
PCF1252-4   PCF1252-4 PCF1252-4 PDF Download The TLV262x single supply operational amplifiers
PCF1252-4T   PCF1252-4T PCF1252-4T PDF Download 3.3V LVTTL input is a level sensitive strobe use
PCF1252-4TD   PCF1252-4TD PCF1252-4TD PDF Download r: For each surface-mounted terminal variation,
PCF12524TF4   PCF12524TF4 PCF12524TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc96 NOTE 1. ICC1, ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 dependent on o
PCF1252-4T-F4   PCF1252-4T-F4 PCF1252-4T-F4 PDF Download PHI SOP/8 01+ The 74HC/HCT158 are quad 2-input multiplexers wh
PCF1252-5T   PCF1252-5T PCF1252-5T PDF Download 8 PHILIPS 99/00+ These Intersil RS-485/RS-422 devices are BiCMOS
PCF12526T   PCF12526T PCF12526T PDF Download ph ph dc00 1.The KB817 (1-channel) is optically coupled iso
PCF1252-6T   PCF1252-6T PCF1252-6T PDF Download CEL certifies, to its knowledge, that semiconduc
PCF1252-7T   PCF1252-7T PCF1252-7T PDF Download The JTAG circuitry and ISP instruction set in MA
PCF1252-7T/F4   PCF1252-7T/F4 PCF1252-7T/F4 PDF Download PHI SOP/8 01+ n Floating channel designed for bootstrap  
PCF1252-7TD   PCF1252-7TD PCF1252-7TD PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
PCF1252-8T   PCF1252-8T PCF1252-8T PDF Download
PCF1252-9T   PCF1252-9T PCF1252-9T PDF Download PHI 03+ SOP/8 The attached spice model describes the typical el
PCF1252-OP   PCF1252-OP PCF1252-OP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-8P • Host writable message header (4 bytes) f
PCF129Y   PCF129Y PCF129Y PDF Download Previous generations of DC-DC converter controll
PCF1302D   PCF1302D PCF1302D PDF Download ? CDIP8 The Acknowledge (ACK) Bit shown in Figure 2 is p
PCF1306P   PCF1306P PCF1306P PDF Download When BYTE8/10 is LOW and the encoder is enabled
PCF1311D   PCF1311D PCF1311D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP40 9148 RON is 8-ohms typical Pulldown on B Ports Low
PCF1312D   PCF1312D PCF1312D PDF Download 9148 Ultra Low VF 1st in the Market Place with a 10
PCF1313D   PCF1313D PCF1313D PDF Download 9148 • 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced Flash
PCF1500E021   PCF1500E021 PCF1500E021 PDF Download The AD5305/AD5315/AD5325 are quad 8-, 10-, and 1
PCF1500P   PCF1500P PCF1500P PDF Download PHILIPS 98 STATUS: is active during T4, T1 and T2 and is re
PCF1500P/011   PCF1500P/011 PCF1500P/011 PDF Download One benefit of high-frequency switching is the fa
PCF1500P/018   PCF1500P/018 PCF1500P/018 PDF Download Magnetic offset caused by mechanical stress at t
PCF1500P011   PCF1500P011 PCF1500P011 PDF Download   The PA03 output power stages contain fast
PCF1804P   PCF1804P PCF1804P PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
PCF1805P   PCF1805P PCF1805P PDF Download PHI . The ISL6522 provides complete control and protec
PCF1808   PCF1808 PCF1808 PDF Download The SPT1018 has 10 KH and 100K ECL logic level c
PCF1808PTRT23   PCF1808PTRT23 PCF1808PTRT23 PDF Download The MSM518221 is similar in operation and functio
PCF1810P-M621   PCF1810P-M621 PCF1810P-M621 PDF Download   Fabricated using IDTs CMOS high-performan
PCF1814WP   PCF1814WP PCF1814WP PDF Download The AT84CS001 DMUX is started by the ASYNCRST co
PCF1815P   PCF1815P PCF1815P PDF Download High isolation voltage High VCEO (80 V MIN.)
PCF1816D   PCF1816D PCF1816D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 ——   Where;   Kf is the phase detector ga
PCF1817D   PCF1817D PCF1817D PDF Download S/PHI CDIP24 —— Low Total RDS(ON) 0.8 W (Typ), 1.2 Ω (Max)
PCF1818F   PCF1818F PCF1818F PDF Download ph ph dc95 The HS function uses a phase error detector at t
PCF1818P   PCF1818P PCF1818P PDF Download Color: Monochrome or color RGB Shutter: TrueSNA
PCF1822P   PCF1822P PCF1822P PDF Download Note 5: Limits are 100% production tested at 25&#
PCF1823P   PCF1823P PCF1823P PDF Download The CS4344 family contains on-chip digital de-emp
PCF1824P   PCF1824P PCF1824P PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
PCF1833   PCF1833 PCF1833 PDF Download PHI DIP • Available with Colon for   Clock
PCF1833N   PCF1833N PCF1833N PDF Download PHI Muting all channel drivers can be obtained using
PCF1833P   PCF1833P PCF1833P PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ A fixed precision resistor from this pin to groun
PCF1837P   PCF1837P PCF1837P PDF Download Address, active High. In Word mode, these 18 inpu
PCF1842P   PCF1842P PCF1842P PDF Download Note: 1. Load and line regulation are specified
PCF1865WP   PCF1865WP PCF1865WP PDF Download TQFP-144P 94/93 Notes: Œ Repetitive rating; pulse width li
PCF1L101K   PCF1L101K PCF1L101K PDF Download Each port independently collects statistical info
PCF200   PCF200 PCF200 PDF Download During the soft start and the time-out delay dura
PCF200010WP/002   PCF200010WP/002 PCF200010WP/002 PDF Download
PCF2010RADL   PCF2010RADL PCF2010RADL PDF Download PHI SSOP/56 06+ Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.0V Low standby current
PCF2100CP   PCF2100CP PCF2100CP PDF Download PHI 00+ DIP/28 The HT812L0 provides a maximum of 8 keys, 2 stat
PCF2100CT   PCF2100CT PCF2100CT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ AV+, BV+, CV+ - are the power connections from th
PCF2100CT/F1   PCF2100CT/F1 PCF2100CT/F1 PDF Download PHI SOP-28 1997 • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one
PCF2100CT/F1118   PCF2100CT/F1118 PCF2100CT/F1118 PDF Download The output pulse duration is programmable by sel
PCF2100CTD   PCF2100CTD PCF2100CTD PDF Download PH 07+
PCF2100CTD-T   PCF2100CTD-T PCF2100CTD-T PDF Download • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
PCF2100P   PCF2100P PCF2100P PDF Download Notice: Stresses greater than those listed unde
PCF2100ST/F1   PCF2100ST/F1 PCF2100ST/F1 PDF Download Data sheet information is generally presented in
PCF2100T   PCF2100T PCF2100T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A A common ground is required between the input an
PCF2103EU   PCF2103EU PCF2103EU PDF Download PHI 裸芯片 99 READY Ready (Output, active High). This signal ca
PCF2103EU/2/F1   PCF2103EU/2/F1 PCF2103EU/2/F1 PDF Download Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
PCF2104LU/2/F1   PCF2104LU/2/F1 PCF2104LU/2/F1 PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
PCF2110P   PCF2110P PCF2110P PDF Download PHI DIP 1988 Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
PCF2110T   PCF2110T PCF2110T PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 ports on the rising edge of the data-ready clock
PCF2111   PCF2111 PCF2111 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP N/A   and Class C (Exceeding 400 V) per Machine
PCF2111CP   PCF2111CP PCF2111CP PDF Download PHI DIP/40 Note 1: If VSS is open-circuited with VDD and eit
PCF2111CP/F1   PCF2111CP/F1 PCF2111CP/F1 PDF Download When at least one of the reset outputs is not as
PCF2111CT   PCF2111CT PCF2111CT PDF Download The PCF2111CT/9433/9434 is a dual single-pole/si
PCF2111CT/1   PCF2111CT/1 PCF2111CT/1 PDF Download Transmit microphone input and the level adjustmen
PCF2111CT/1118   PCF2111CT/1118 PCF2111CT/1118 PDF Download PH 07+ When handling this UTSi device, observe the same
PCF2111CT/F1   PCF2111CT/F1 PCF2111CT/F1 PDF Download Features D Low ON-State Resistance (10 W) D Low
PCF2111CTD   PCF2111CTD PCF2111CTD PDF Download PH 07+ • NPT IGBT technology • low saturat
PCF2111CTD-T   PCF2111CTD-T PCF2111CTD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The CD4046B types are supplied in 16-lead hermet
PCF2111CT-F1   PCF2111CT-F1 PCF2111CT-F1 PDF Download PHI SSOP The center tap Schottky rectifier module has bee
PCF2111F   PCF2111F PCF2111F PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ SOP Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G MICROWIRE PLUS
PCF2111P   PCF2111P PCF2111P PDF Download PHI The line on the graph shows the actual temperatu
PCF2111P-5   PCF2111P-5 PCF2111P-5 PDF Download PHI/S ADM has built-in microcontroller and file manage
PCF2111T   PCF2111T PCF2111T PDF Download 93 *This is a stress rating only and functional oper
PCF2112   PCF2112 PCF2112 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC28 Note that the level 7 interrupt is also level se
PCF2112CP   PCF2112CP PCF2112CP PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
PCF2112CPF1.112   PCF2112CPF1.112 PCF2112CPF1.112 PDF Download
PCF2112CPN   PCF2112CPN PCF2112CPN PDF Download Conexant products are not intended for use in me
PCF2112CT   PCF2112CT PCF2112CT PDF Download When the CAT24FC02 begins a READ mode, it transm
PCF2112CT/1   PCF2112CT/1 PCF2112CT/1 PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
PCF2112CT/1112   PCF2112CT/1112 PCF2112CT/1112 PDF Download PH 07+ Vcc = 5.0V 10%, TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) unless o
PCF2112CT1.112   PCF2112CT1.112 PCF2112CT1.112 PDF Download 1. H = HIGH voltage level   h = HIGH volta
PCF2112CTD   PCF2112CTD PCF2112CTD PDF Download 4 Starting Tj = +25C, L = 53.13mH, RG = 25Ω
PCF2112CTD-T   PCF2112CTD-T PCF2112CTD-T PDF Download The crypt key generation typically inputs the tr
PCF2112CT-F1   PCF2112CT-F1 PCF2112CT-F1 PDF Download PHI 01+   (Note 8) The following specifications a
PCF2112P   PCF2112P PCF2112P PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ Extremely High Speed: 1.0 ns (Typ) @ VCC = 3.3 V
PCF2112T   PCF2112T PCF2112T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Get the insight you need to solve your debugging
PCF2112TZ5   PCF2112TZ5 PCF2112TZ5 PDF Download Die TUHI Serie ist eine Familie von 1.5 W DC/DC
PCF2113DH   PCF2113DH PCF2113DH PDF Download Connect the converter per Table 2 for the approp
PCF2113DH/4   PCF2113DH/4 PCF2113DH/4 PDF Download * Permanent device damage may occur if "ABSO
PCF2113DH/4557   PCF2113DH/4557 PCF2113DH/4557 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
PCF2113DH/F4   PCF2113DH/F4 PCF2113DH/F4 PDF Download The drain pins are designed to connect directly t
PCF2113DHF4   PCF2113DHF4 PCF2113DHF4 PDF Download With excellent C/N characteristics and low curre
PCF2113DU/2/F4   PCF2113DU/2/F4 PCF2113DU/2/F4 PDF Download The ICM7211AM provides outputs suitable for drivi
PCF2113DU/2/F4026   PCF2113DU/2/F4026 PCF2113DU/2/F4026 PDF Download Schematic capture, automatic place and route Lo
PCF2113DU/F2   PCF2113DU/F2 PCF2113DU/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 1 Differential Input: This input pair is the signa
PCF2113DU/F4   PCF2113DU/F4 PCF2113DU/F4 PDF Download nxp 07+ 6720 Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
PCF2113DU/F4026   PCF2113DU/F4026 PCF2113DU/F4026 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Utility Meters HVAC Equipment Audio / Video Com
PCF2113EU/2/F4026   PCF2113EU/2/F4026 PCF2113EU/2/F4026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Transmit Frame Sync input. Normally a pulse or
PCF2113WU/2/F4   PCF2113WU/2/F4 PCF2113WU/2/F4 PDF Download This series of hermetically packaged products fe
PCF2113WU/2/F4026   PCF2113WU/2/F4026 PCF2113WU/2/F4026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ A dedicated control input (EN, Active High) has
PCF2116AU/10   PCF2116AU/10 PCF2116AU/10 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
PCF2116AU/2/F1   PCF2116AU/2/F1 PCF2116AU/2/F1 PDF Download Negative Input Terminal Positive Input Terminal
PCF2116CU/10/F1   PCF2116CU/10/F1 PCF2116CU/10/F1 PDF Download NOTES: 1. VIN specifies the allowable DC excurs
PCF2116CU/2/F1   PCF2116CU/2/F1 PCF2116CU/2/F1 PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
PCF2119   PCF2119 PCF2119 PDF Download The data rate is scalable and the ATM protocol i
PCF2119AU   PCF2119AU PCF2119AU PDF Download 2. This spec must be met in order to ensure that
PCF2119AU/2   PCF2119AU/2 PCF2119AU/2 PDF Download † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, T
PCF2119AU/2DA/2026   PCF2119AU/2DA/2026 PCF2119AU/2DA/2026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Notes: 1. For 2.5V < VOUT < 2.8V refer to
PCF2119DU/2/2026   PCF2119DU/2/2026 PCF2119DU/2/2026 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
PCF2119RU/2/F1   PCF2119RU/2/F1 PCF2119RU/2/F1 PDF Download Transmit FIFO Half-full Status Flag. When the T
PCF2119RU/2/F2   PCF2119RU/2/F2 PCF2119RU/2/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The CY29946 is a low-voltage 200-MHz clock distri
PCF2119RU/2/F2026   PCF2119RU/2/F2026 PCF2119RU/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF This PHY was designed from the start with the ULP
PCF2119RUF2   PCF2119RUF2 PCF2119RUF2 PDF Download ph ph dc02 The SiP280X family includes six high-speed, low
PCF2119SU/2/F1   PCF2119SU/2/F1 PCF2119SU/2/F1 PDF Download The Divide and Phase Select Matrix is comprised
PCF2119SU/2/F2   PCF2119SU/2/F2 PCF2119SU/2/F2 PDF Download The PIC12CE67X device has special features to r
PCF2119SU/2/F2026   PCF2119SU/2/F2026 PCF2119SU/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF • High forward current transfer ratio hFE wh
PCF2119VU/2/F2   PCF2119VU/2/F2 PCF2119VU/2/F2 PDF Download
PCF2128   PCF2128 PCF2128 PDF Download Over the years, the performances of the SLICs c
PCF2400E/011   PCF2400E/011 PCF2400E/011 PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
PCF2400E011   PCF2400E011 PCF2400E011 PDF Download The deployment of electronic energy meters has
PCF2400WP   PCF2400WP PCF2400WP PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ High efficiency Surge overload rating - 400 amp
PCF2400WP/016   PCF2400WP/016 PCF2400WP/016 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC84 06+ USB data is a 3.3-V level signal, but power is d
PCF2400WP/018   PCF2400WP/018 PCF2400WP/018 PDF Download The TPS6210x family also has a shutdown mode for
PCF2400WP/028   PCF2400WP/028 PCF2400WP/028 PDF Download PHIL PLCC Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
PCF2705   PCF2705 PCF2705 PDF Download PHI IC NOTE: 1. C1 is required only if regulator is sep
PCF2705P   PCF2705P PCF2705P PDF Download N/A DIP 93 Output Ripple and Noise Voltage (See Figures 3 a
PCF2705T   PCF2705T PCF2705T PDF Download PHI 2799 and start-up current of less than 1mA.   T
PCF2717P   PCF2717P PCF2717P PDF Download ph ph dc98 The Hitachi HM5264165F is a 64-Mbit SDRAM organi
PCF29F64P   PCF29F64P PCF29F64P PDF Download Notes: 1. The nominal thermal resistance of a d
PCF2L151K   PCF2L151K PCF2L151K PDF Download D7 C D10 Fast Decay Time. This four-bit word set
PCF3016P/001   PCF3016P/001 PCF3016P/001 PDF Download   Fully differential amplification   A
PCF3016P/017   PCF3016P/017 PCF3016P/017 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
PCF3016T   PCF3016T PCF3016T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The normalized gain plots in the Typical Perform
PCF3016T/032   PCF3016T/032 PCF3016T/032 PDF Download The LPC47M14X incorporates a standalone USB Hub,
PCF3025T   PCF3025T PCF3025T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MAX 7000A devices contain from 32 to 512 macroce
PCF3025T/016   PCF3025T/016 PCF3025T/016 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ISOPLUS247 package with DCB Base - Electrical
PCF3035HF   PCF3035HF PCF3035HF PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 2. Soldering operations should be accom- plishe
PCF3035WP   PCF3035WP PCF3035WP PDF Download PHILPS PLCC84 03/+04+   These circuits monitor the power supply v
PCF3035WP/019   PCF3035WP/019 PCF3035WP/019 PDF Download In operation, the HCPL-7860/ HCPL-786J Isolated
PCF3035WP/024   PCF3035WP/024 PCF3035WP/024 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC84 06+ PCM Output Register The decoded 8-bit parallel
PCF3035WP022   PCF3035WP022 PCF3035WP022 PDF Download Slew rate control. The programmed output volt-
PCF3035WP025   PCF3035WP025 PCF3035WP025 PDF Download Limits appearing in bold type face apply over th
PCF3035WP-10P   PCF3035WP-10P PCF3035WP-10P PDF Download 16 PHILIPS PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
PCF3046HP017   PCF3046HP017 PCF3046HP017 PDF Download Figure 6. Block diagram of the 2 GHz production
PCF3046HP017TSTDTS   PCF3046HP017TSTDTS PCF3046HP017TSTDTS PDF Download rial Data (SDA) to VCC. (Figure 4. indicates ho
PCF315   PCF315 PCF315 PDF Download 08+ The electrical configuration of these CMOS IC al
PCF3150   PCF3150 PCF3150 PDF Download JAT 05+ The external bootstrap capacitor is necessary to
PCF3300WP/028   PCF3300WP/028 PCF3300WP/028 PDF Download PHILIPS . TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
PCF3311   PCF3311 PCF3311 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Antialias or Reconstruction Filtering DSP System
PCF3312   PCF3312 PCF3312 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   4.3 Screening (JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS le
PCF3312CP   PCF3312CP PCF3312CP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 01+ This document contains information on a product
PCF3312CT   PCF3312CT PCF3312CT PDF Download IC SOP NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
PCF3316   PCF3316 PCF3316 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The NC7SV19 is a 1-of-2 decoder/demultiplexer fr
PCF3501WP   PCF3501WP PCF3501WP PDF Download ph ph dc91 The crystal-based architecture of the MAX7044 eli
PCF3504   PCF3504 PCF3504 PDF Download FEATURES q Medium breakdown voltage (BVCEO 30V
PCF3504P   PCF3504P PCF3504P PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 03+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF3505T   PCF3505T PCF3505T PDF Download 100% production tested. 100% production tested a
PCF3514   PCF3514 PCF3514 PDF Download The SRAM has an extremely low Soft Error Rate (S
PCF3522   PCF3522 PCF3522 PDF Download PHI Low-power dissipation Operating: 55 mW/MHz (typi
PCF3522P   PCF3522P PCF3522P PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-28 Port 2: Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
PCF3523P   PCF3523P PCF3523P PDF Download b) Be careful with ground connections. Avoid gro
PCF3525P   PCF3525P PCF3525P PDF Download PCF SOP-8 1. Stresses beyond those listed under absolute ma
PCF3531WP   PCF3531WP PCF3531WP PDF Download PHILPS PLCC84 03/+04+ Designed utilizing CMOS process technology, the
PCF3545T   PCF3545T PCF3545T PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 Hynix HYMD212G726A(L)S4-M/K/H/L series incorporat
PCF3546T   PCF3546T PCF3546T PDF Download FURTHER ADVANTAGES The microcontroller power su
PCF38574A   PCF38574A PCF38574A PDF Download PHILIPS SOT-143 System designers have the option of embedding Pow
PCF4029   PCF4029 PCF4029 PDF Download HY57V654020B is offering fully synchronous operat
PCF4053   PCF4053 PCF4053 PDF Download The TL05x are fully specified at 15 V and 5 V.
PCF4440T   PCF4440T PCF4440T PDF Download PHIL SOP Factory locked parts provide several options. Th
PCF4500HP/014   PCF4500HP/014 PCF4500HP/014 PDF Download 256 x 256 channel non-blocking switch Automatic
PCF49223   PCF49223 PCF49223 PDF Download 99 SOP • Linear mode operation with input voltage
PCF5000-0202   PCF5000-0202 PCF5000-0202 PDF Download   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) G
PCF5001   PCF5001 PCF5001 PDF Download PHI SOP 92+ See Designing An EZ-ICE-Compatible Target System
PCF50013H   PCF50013H PCF50013H PDF Download PHI QFP 2005 Each port has a current-limited 100-mΩ N-
PCF5001F   PCF5001F PCF5001F PDF Download PHILIPS 98 I2C interface select / I2C RESET (active low, as
PCF5001H   PCF5001H PCF5001H PDF Download N/A N/A N/A  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
PCF5001H/329C5   PCF5001H/329C5 PCF5001H/329C5 PDF Download   The PCF5001H/329C5 is a 4.5 mm (type-1/4)
PCF5001H-2   PCF5001H-2 PCF5001H-2 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 2000  Parameter TOTAL DEVICE  Storage Temp
PCF5001T   PCF5001T PCF5001T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 05+ 1. Ground / thermal vias are critical for the pr
PCF5001T-2   PCF5001T-2 PCF5001T-2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The device will automatically power-up in the rea
PCF5001T60766   PCF5001T60766 PCF5001T60766 PDF Download
PCF5003H   PCF5003H PCF5003H PDF Download PHI 2007 The ADSP-21262s two data address generators (DAG
PCF5037H   PCF5037H PCF5037H PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
PCF5060/ET   PCF5060/ET PCF5060/ET PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ This pin can be connected to either VSS, VCC or
PCF50601   PCF50601 PCF50601 PDF Download PHILIPS The PI3C16215 is a 20-bit bus switch with low ON-
PCF50601E   PCF50601E PCF50601E PDF Download PHI BGA 05+ Notes 1. For HR301-2805, with the remote sense
PCF50601ET   PCF50601ET PCF50601ET PDF Download PHILIPS BGA0808 02+ Detection of PAL, NTSC or SECAM, and various 1fH
PCF50601ET/N5   PCF50601ET/N5 PCF50601ET/N5 PDF Download PHI 04+ BGA Luma/Chroma Swap. Internally pulled-up. YCSWAP=0
PCF50601ET/N5C   PCF50601ET/N5C PCF50601ET/N5C PDF Download SOP When V CC is out of tolerance, the circuit write
PCF50601ET1/N5   PCF50601ET1/N5 PCF50601ET1/N5 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 2004 the new command code of 8 bits (1st byte of the
PCF50601ET1/N5C   PCF50601ET1/N5C PCF50601ET1/N5C PDF Download PHI BGA 05+ VCC2 is the positive supply voltage pin for the t
PCF50603   PCF50603 PCF50603 PDF Download PHILIPS QFN 03+ In addition to the Voltage Identification, there
PCF50603HN/02/N1   PCF50603HN/02/N1 PCF50603HN/02/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS 2005PB The eight latches of the LS373 and S373 are tra
PCF50603HN/03/N1   PCF50603HN/03/N1 PCF50603HN/03/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS LPP Pb 04+
PCF50603HN/03/NI   PCF50603HN/03/NI PCF50603HN/03/NI PDF Download Supports 100 Mbytes/sec sustained Fibre Channel
PCF50603HN/05/N1   PCF50603HN/05/N1 PCF50603HN/05/N1 PDF Download If the CARRY IN input is held low, the counter a
PCF50603HN/05/N3   PCF50603HN/05/N3 PCF50603HN/05/N3 PDF Download PHILIPS
PCF50603HN/10/N3   PCF50603HN/10/N3 PCF50603HN/10/N3 PDF Download NXP • Serial Presence Detect with Serial E2PROM
PCF50604   PCF50604 PCF50604 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 2002 In order to saturate the power switch and reduce
PCF50604HN   PCF50604HN PCF50604HN PDF Download PHI BGA 04+ The DS1388 I2C real-time clock (RTC), supervisor
PCF50604HN(03/N2CY)   PCF50604HN(03/N2CY) PCF50604HN(03/N2CY) PDF Download PHI QFN 04+ Note 8: For micro SMD only, shutdown current is m
PCF50604HN/03   PCF50604HN/03 PCF50604HN/03 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF50604HN/03/2B   PCF50604HN/03/2B PCF50604HN/03/2B PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 509 The PHSTR pin has two functions. When the sync_p
PCF50604HN/03/2C   PCF50604HN/03/2C PCF50604HN/03/2C PDF Download PHI QFN 04+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
PCF50604HN/03/2C.518   PCF50604HN/03/2C.518 PCF50604HN/03/2C.518 PDF Download PHI QFN 04+ OUTPUT VOLTAGE LIMITERS Default Limiter Voltage
PCF50604HN/03/2C518   PCF50604HN/03/2C518 PCF50604HN/03/2C518 PDF Download  − Dynamic Range: 123 dB  −
PCF50604HN/03/2CP/B   PCF50604HN/03/2CP/B PCF50604HN/03/2CP/B PDF Download Ripple current, less than 100 mΩ equivalen
PCF50605   PCF50605 PCF50605 PDF Download The ICSI 4400 Series is a 4,194,304 x 4-bit high-
PCF50605EHN   PCF50605EHN PCF50605EHN PDF Download PHILIP QFN 04+   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
PCF50605HN   PCF50605HN PCF50605HN PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 02+   A fully released data sheet contains neith
PCF50605HN/05A/N1   PCF50605HN/05A/N1 PCF50605HN/05A/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA N/A The battery cell voltage is sampled every 8 ms b
PCF50606HN   PCF50606HN PCF50606HN PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 03+
PCF50606HN/02B   PCF50606HN/02B PCF50606HN/02B PDF Download Integrates 10BASE-T Transceiver Functions: -Dri
PCF50606HN/02B/N1   PCF50606HN/02B/N1 PCF50606HN/02B/N1 PDF Download NXP (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
PCF50606HN/03A/N   PCF50606HN/03A/N PCF50606HN/03A/N PDF Download PHILIPS QFN 0417+ The PI3C16210 is configured as a 20-bit, 2-port b
PCF50606HN/03A/N1   PCF50606HN/03A/N1 PCF50606HN/03A/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Electrical Characteristics / Ta=25C   Drai
PCF50606HN/04B/N1   PCF50606HN/04B/N1 PCF50606HN/04B/N1 PDF Download PHI QFN 2003 NOTES 1Measured at IOUTA, driving a virtual grou
PCF50606HN/05A/N1   PCF50606HN/05A/N1 PCF50606HN/05A/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ execute the command. The contents of the register
PCF50606HN/13B/N2   PCF50606HN/13B/N2 PCF50606HN/13B/N2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ sensor and thermistor can be used independent o
PCF50607   PCF50607 PCF50607 PDF Download 4682 PHILIPS 05+ AC SIGNALS Imagine a time-varying signal that r
PCF50608HN   PCF50608HN PCF50608HN PDF Download Notes: 1. All timing is referenced to the CPUCLK
PCF50610   PCF50610 PCF50610 PDF Download   2-bit bidirectional input/output lines wi
PCF50611   PCF50611 PCF50611 PDF Download QFN-48 PHILIPS 0644+ This is a stress rating only and functional oper
PCF50731   PCF50731 PCF50731 PDF Download PHI QFP-S64P 6+ Note 6: All characteristics are measured with a 0
PCF50731H   PCF50731H PCF50731H PDF Download PHI 99+ The MAX104 processes analog input bandwidths that
PCF50731H/F1   PCF50731H/F1 PCF50731H/F1 PDF Download PHILIPS O306 The LTC®3803 is a constant frequency current
PCF50731HF1   PCF50731HF1 PCF50731HF1 PDF Download PHI 2044 Hynix HYMD264646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for
PCF50732   PCF50732 PCF50732 PDF Download PHI QFP-S48P 6+ The MAX1533/MAX1537 are dual step-down, switch-
PCF50732C   PCF50732C PCF50732C PDF Download PHILIPS QFP0707-48 00+ If the BYTE pin is set at logic 0, the device is
PCF50732H   PCF50732H PCF50732H PDF Download Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
PCF50732H/D3   PCF50732H/D3 PCF50732H/D3 PDF Download PHI 00+ QFP/48 To blink LEDs at periods greater than 1.6 second
PCF50732H/E3   PCF50732H/E3 PCF50732H/E3 PDF Download PHI 01+ QFP/48 charged with a constant current, I, until the up
PCF50732H-D3   PCF50732H-D3 PCF50732H-D3 PDF Download PHI SOP-8P 00+ The DS1225AB provides full functional capability
PCF50732H-E3   PCF50732H-E3 PCF50732H-E3 PDF Download Power MOS 7 is a new generation of low loss, hig
PCF5073H   PCF5073H PCF5073H PDF Download PHILIPS QFP0707-48 97+  Received Data Output, push-pull CMOS driver
PCF5073H/F2   PCF5073H/F2 PCF5073H/F2 PDF Download PHI QFP 98+ bidirectional data flow in bursts. An automatic p
PCF5075T   PCF5075T PCF5075T PDF Download PHILIPS TSSOP 04+ • Miniature Size • Smooth Turning
PCF5075T/F2   PCF5075T/F2 PCF5075T/F2 PDF Download PHI TSSOP/20 00+ These three terminal positive regulators are sup
PCF5075TDK   PCF5075TDK PCF5075TDK PDF Download   The 17510 can operate efficiently with su
PCF5075TDKT   PCF5075TDKT PCF5075TDKT PDF Download The SST39VF160Q/VF160 devices are suited for app
PCF5075T-F2   PCF5075T-F2 PCF5075T-F2 PDF Download PHI 00+ The ADS-119 is a high-performance, 12-bit, 10MHz
PCF5077T   PCF5077T PCF5077T PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 The VGA CMOS image sensor features DigitalClarit
PCF5078   PCF5078 PCF5078 PDF Download 1. Added DDR333 function 2. Updated DDR333 test
PCF5078/F2   PCF5078/F2 PCF5078/F2 PDF Download PHI TSSOP-8P 6+ High temperature metallurgically bonded construc
PCF5078T   PCF5078T PCF5078T PDF Download Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry Uncommitted
PCF5078T/F2   PCF5078T/F2 PCF5078T/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS MSOP-8 2004 † Not more than one output should be teste
PCF5078T21041   PCF5078T21041 PCF5078T21041 PDF Download MAXIM 02+ TSSOP Please be careful of the followings. 1. Solderin
PCF5078TF2   PCF5078TF2 PCF5078TF2 PDF Download Parameter Supply Voltage VDD to Ground Data Inp
PCF5078T-F2   PCF5078T-F2 PCF5078T-F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 2002 The write operation is controlled by three clocks
PCF5079HK   PCF5079HK PCF5079HK PDF Download PHI 01+ capacitor during the hold-mode is minimized. An
PCF5079HK/C/1   PCF5079HK/C/1 PCF5079HK/C/1 PDF Download PHILIPS 2004PB Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PCF5079HK/C1   PCF5079HK/C1 PCF5079HK/C1 PDF Download PHILIPS 0523+   The NJU6060 is an RGB LED driver with PWM
PCF5079HK/C3   PCF5079HK/C3 PCF5079HK/C3 PDF Download PHILIPS 2005 PB
PCF5079HK/F1   PCF5079HK/F1 PCF5079HK/F1 PDF Download The MAX4667 has two normally closed (NC) switches
PCF5079T/F1   PCF5079T/F1 PCF5079T/F1 PDF Download PHI TSSOP-10 06+ The HYM72V16M656B(L)T6 -Series are gold plated so
PCF5083H001   PCF5083H001 PCF5083H001 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 96+ • ARM7TDMI for Control • MCU (Modem
PCF5083H5V2   PCF5083H5V2 PCF5083H5V2 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP128 04+ The MAX1698 features digital soft-start and adjus
PCF5083H6V2   PCF5083H6V2 PCF5083H6V2 PDF Download PHILIPS 05+ All voltages are referenced to VSS. Offset speci
PCF5083HSV2   PCF5083HSV2 PCF5083HSV2 PDF Download PHI QFP The brightness of the LEDs can be easily control
PCF5083H-V2   PCF5083H-V2 PCF5083H-V2 PDF Download PHI QFP 99+   These pins form an onCchip reference oscil
PCF5085EL/434S   PCF5085EL/434S PCF5085EL/434S PDF Download PHILIPS BGA Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
PCF5085EZ   PCF5085EZ PCF5085EZ PDF Download PHILIPS 99   Designed for general purpose amplifier an
PCF5085EZ/434S   PCF5085EZ/434S PCF5085EZ/434S PDF Download For nominal operation (High Power Mode), VMODE i
PCF50861H/412/1   PCF50861H/412/1 PCF50861H/412/1 PDF Download Four synchronous serial interfaces (codec, SSI1,
PCF50861H/412/2   PCF50861H/412/2 PCF50861H/412/2 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 04+ The control bit settings are SG0 = 1, SG1 = 0 an
PCF50870E/1   PCF50870E/1 PCF50870E/1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA The OPA363 and OPA364 families offer excellent C
PCF50872/2A/E1   PCF50872/2A/E1 PCF50872/2A/E1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ By leaving both the RCLK and RSER outputs unconn
PCF50872E   PCF50872E PCF50872E PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
PCF50872E/271   PCF50872E/271 PCF50872E/271 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ Parameter MASTER CLOCK (CLI) (See Figure 16) &
PCF50872E/271E1   PCF50872E/271E1 PCF50872E/271E1 PDF Download PHI 00+ BGA The ADC124S021 operates with a single supply tha
PCF50872E/2A1   PCF50872E/2A1 PCF50872E/2A1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ 6. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
PCF50872E/2A1E1   PCF50872E/2A1E1 PCF50872E/2A1E1 PDF Download Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding
PCF50872E-271E1   PCF50872E-271E1 PCF50872E-271E1 PDF Download PHI 00+ NOTE A: The oscillator generates a sawtooth wave
PCF50872EL   PCF50872EL PCF50872EL PDF Download BGA N/A
PCF50872EL/271/E1   PCF50872EL/271/E1 PCF50872EL/271/E1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ Note 1: The Vdd pin should be permanently connect
PCF50872EL/271E1   PCF50872EL/271E1 PCF50872EL/271E1 PDF Download PHI BGA 02+   This is the inverting input of the transm
PCF50872EL/2A1E1   PCF50872EL/2A1E1 PCF50872EL/2A1E1 PDF Download PHI BGA 05+ * All specs and applications shown above subject
PCF50874E/3C1/3B   PCF50874E/3C1/3B PCF50874E/3C1/3B PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ System clock divider • Low power consumptio
PCF50877E   PCF50877E PCF50877E PDF Download BGA N/A Mode 1 allows the transceiver logic to support a
PCF50877E/271B   PCF50877E/271B PCF50877E/271B PDF Download As an alternative, consider an AC-coupled approac
PCF50877E/2A3B   PCF50877E/2A3B PCF50877E/2A3B PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ The IP4001S is a monolithic integrated circuit, a
PCF50877E/2A3C   PCF50877E/2A3C PCF50877E/2A3C PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ Using CIC flexibility, it is feasible to place h
PCF50877E/2A3Z   PCF50877E/2A3Z PCF50877E/2A3Z PDF Download PHI BGA 127 The MDU28C-series device is a 2-in-1 digitally bu
PCF5176A   PCF5176A PCF5176A PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current,
PCF51JM128EVLK   PCF51JM128EVLK PCF51JM128EVLK PDF Download Low power, single nanoDACs   AD5660: 16 bit
PCF51JM128VLH   PCF51JM128VLH PCF51JM128VLH PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
PCF51JM128VQH   PCF51JM128VQH PCF51JM128VQH PDF Download Freescale/Motorola 07+ ! GENERAL DESCRIPTION  The NJM2388 is low
PCF51QE128CLH   PCF51QE128CLH PCF51QE128CLH PDF Download The window comparator stage generates two serial
PCF51QE128CLK   PCF51QE128CLK PCF51QE128CLK PDF Download Catalog Symbol: JJS Current-Limiting Very Fast-
PCF5208CVM166   PCF5208CVM166 PCF5208CVM166 PDF Download When performing back-to-back transmission in 9-
PCF52100CAE66   PCF52100CAE66 PCF52100CAE66 PDF Download Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
PCF5211CFE66   PCF5211CFE66 PCF5211CFE66 PDF Download free free dc0521 "Features 1) Built-in overcurrent protectio
PCF5212EL/065/3I/M   PCF5212EL/065/3I/M PCF5212EL/065/3I/M PDF Download A simple op-amp circuit is used to program the o
PCF5212EL/065/3I/M1   PCF5212EL/065/3I/M1 PCF5212EL/065/3I/M1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 2005PB The output voltage of an adjustable voltage refer
PCF5212EL1/065/3I   PCF5212EL1/065/3I PCF5212EL1/065/3I PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 2006PB Notes: 1. In-band EI 115.2 kb/s. 2. In-band
PCF5213EL/065/3I/M   PCF5213EL/065/3I/M PCF5213EL/065/3I/M PDF Download Atmel supports the major CAE/CAD software system
PCF5213EL1   PCF5213EL1 PCF5213EL1 PDF Download phi 0 0 inverter only. 2This part is intended to drive
PCF5213EL1/065/3I   PCF5213EL1/065/3I PCF5213EL1/065/3I PDF Download 1.125 (28.56mm) PCB Height 168-Pin Registered DI
PCF5213LCVM80   PCF5213LCVM80 PCF5213LCVM80 PDF Download free free dc0520   The MC54/74F382 performs three arithmetic
PCF5235CVM150   PCF5235CVM150 PCF5235CVM150 PDF Download FREESCALE BGA 2005 The Harris CD74HC393 and CD74HCT393 are 4-stage
PCF5253VM140   PCF5253VM140 PCF5253VM140 PDF Download Each VR has its own VR latch, which holds its pr
PCF5274LVM   PCF5274LVM PCF5274LVM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The product can also be used for general analog
PCF5274LVM166   PCF5274LVM166 PCF5274LVM166 PDF Download free free dc0517 Each macrocell can provide true input/output cap
PCF5275CVM166   PCF5275CVM166 PCF5275CVM166 PDF Download mot mot dc0437 12K Bytes of internal SRAM for general purpose &
PCF5275LCVM133   PCF5275LCVM133 PCF5275LCVM133 PDF Download free free dc0437   The MC74LVQ244 is a high performance, nonC
PCF5282CVF66   PCF5282CVF66 PCF5282CVF66 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The deployment of electronic energy meters has
PCF5329CVM240   PCF5329CVM240 PCF5329CVM240 PDF Download When powered from a +5V supply, the MAX4626 offer
PCF5475ZP266   PCF5475ZP266 PCF5475ZP266 PDF Download Four dedicated test pins control the operation o
PCF5485CZP200   PCF5485CZP200 PCF5485CZP200 PDF Download The OPA727 and OPA728 series op amps use a stat
PCF5604HN   PCF5604HN PCF5604HN PDF Download The XTO is a one-pin oscillator that operates at
PCF5605HN   PCF5605HN PCF5605HN PDF Download 21 PHILIPS 03+ A 2.85V output version is suitable for SCSI-2 a
PCF5606HN   PCF5606HN PCF5606HN PDF Download 7 PHILIPS 03+ Two 24mA non-inverting drivers provide buffering
PCF5872T   PCF5872T PCF5872T PDF Download The IL400 is an optically coupled SCR with a gal
PCF6000   PCF6000 PCF6000 PDF Download SOC 08+ Figure 10 shows a sampled triangular signal. The
PCF6000P   PCF6000P PCF6000P PDF Download MOT DIP8 The improved architecture of the DMUX facilitate
PCF61C65L-70   PCF61C65L-70 PCF61C65L-70 PDF Download 0 0 Table 1 is a memory map of the 1024-bit EPROM se
PCF61C65LL-85T   PCF61C65LL-85T PCF61C65LL-85T PDF Download PHI SOP28 07+/08+ The PCF61C65LL-85T EV kit features a selectable c
PCF6300WP/007   PCF6300WP/007 PCF6300WP/007 PDF Download The output stage of the MD1811 has separate power
PCF72306   PCF72306 PCF72306 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The customer¢s voice sources are recorded se
PCF7339(9N37/7437   PCF7339(9N37/7437 PCF7339(9N37/7437 PDF Download The crystal-based architecture of the MAX7044 eli
PCF7339(9N37/7437)   PCF7339(9N37/7437) PCF7339(9N37/7437) PDF Download As indicated in the diagram, capacitors C1 and C
PCF7351(9393/7493)   PCF7351(9393/7493) PCF7351(9393/7493) PDF Download The 3.3-volt device is fully accessible and data
PCF7411   PCF7411 PCF7411 PDF Download The design of the cavity in the pcb, on which the
PCF7419   PCF7419 PCF7419 PDF Download This product is a two channel monolithic continu
PCF7420   PCF7420 PCF7420 PDF Download life, or for any other application in which the
PCF7422   PCF7422 PCF7422 PDF Download Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
PCF7437   PCF7437 PCF7437 PDF Download   The devices described in this document ar
PCF74HC132D   PCF74HC132D PCF74HC132D PDF Download 97 SOP The Flash memory can typically be written 100,000
PCF74HC157P   PCF74HC157P PCF74HC157P PDF Download N/A DIP 06+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
PCF74HC4051T   PCF74HC4051T PCF74HC4051T PDF Download PHILIPS SOIC16   The Buck regulator is a synchronous rectif
PCF74HC4538   PCF74HC4538 PCF74HC4538 PDF Download 90 SOP Operating voltage: fSYS=4MHz: 3.3V~5.5V fSYS=8M
PCF74HCT138D   PCF74HCT138D PCF74HCT138D PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ In conjunction with the V103 transmitter, the V10
PCF74HCT151D   PCF74HCT151D PCF74HCT151D PDF Download The ispClock5500s PLL and divider systems suppor
PCF74HCT244T   PCF74HCT244T PCF74HCT244T PDF Download Read-Write(1,2)LL Fast-Page-Mode Read: EDO(2) 1
PCF74HCT32   PCF74HCT32 PCF74HCT32 PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ Gain Bandwidth Product at VCE = 1V, IC = 3 mA,
PCF74HCT4051D   PCF74HCT4051D PCF74HCT4051D PDF Download SYMBOLPARAMETER Buck Regulator IQ(VIN1)Input DC
PCF7517   PCF7517 PCF7517 PDF Download Packaged in a 32-pin, side-brazed, metal-sealed,
PCF7529   PCF7529 PCF7529 PDF Download • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
PCF7829   PCF7829 PCF7829 PDF Download
PCF7891AT   PCF7891AT PCF7891AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-14 01+ An internal 4-bit DAC is supplied for internal re
PCF7921   PCF7921 PCF7921 PDF Download PHI SSOP-5.2-20P 6+ • Improved performance over industry equiv
PCF7921ATS   PCF7921ATS PCF7921ATS PDF Download PHI 0411+ Data are shifted in through the serial port C (S
PCF7930AS   PCF7930AS PCF7930AS PDF Download PHILIPS 98+ • Low current consumption by CMOS process
PCF7930AS/3851122   PCF7930AS/3851122 PCF7930AS/3851122 PDF Download •This catalog has only typical specificati
PCF7930CP25   PCF7930CP25 PCF7930CP25 PDF Download
PCF7930XP/030612   PCF7930XP/030612 PCF7930XP/030612 PDF Download PHI 96+ Compatible with Microsoft WinXP, WinME, Win2K SP
PCF7931AS   PCF7931AS PCF7931AS PDF Download Power supply input pin for VCC1. When using an ex
PCF7931AS/3851   PCF7931AS/3851 PCF7931AS/3851 PDF Download PHILIPS PLLMC 06+ A block erase operation erases one of the devices
PCF7931AS/3851122   PCF7931AS/3851122 PCF7931AS/3851122 PDF Download Area C Capacitance is directly proportional to th
PCF7931DS   PCF7931DS PCF7931DS PDF Download PHI QFP 00+ Note 5: The maximum power dissipation must be der
PCF7931XP/030612   PCF7931XP/030612 PCF7931XP/030612 PDF Download The MCP1252/3 are inductorless, positive-regulate
PCF7931XP/C   PCF7931XP/C PCF7931XP/C PDF Download PHILIPS MODULE 96+ 1. Other frequencies may be available, please con
PCF7931XP/SQ   PCF7931XP/SQ PCF7931XP/SQ PDF Download PHI 96+
PCF7931XPSQA   PCF7931XPSQA PCF7931XPSQA PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
PCF7935AS   PCF7935AS PCF7935AS PDF Download PHI SMD 07+   We reserve the right to make changes to i
PCF7935AS/3851122   PCF7935AS/3851122 PCF7935AS/3851122 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Note 1: Tested at VDD = +5.0V (PCF7935AS/3851122)
PCF7935DS   PCF7935DS PCF7935DS PDF Download PHILIPS Stresses above those listed under absolute maxim
PCF7936AS   PCF7936AS PCF7936AS PDF Download Philip 06+ Notes: (1) If (C)Remote Sense is not used, pin 1
PCF7936AS/3851   PCF7936AS/3851 PCF7936AS/3851 PDF Download PHI SOP-8 01+ BOOT BLOCK LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method i
PCF7936AS/3851122   PCF7936AS/3851122 PCF7936AS/3851122 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF This new IRK series of MAGN-A-paks uses high volt
PCF7936ASM   PCF7936ASM PCF7936ASM PDF Download PH 07+
PCF7941   PCF7941 PCF7941 PDF Download PHI SSOP-5.2-20P 6+ The svmStd3 TPU function generates a 3-channel,
PCF7941ATT/3601   PCF7941ATT/3601 PCF7941ATT/3601 PDF Download PHILIPS 0645+   The MC1741C was designed for use as a summ
PCF7941B   PCF7941B PCF7941B PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP 04+ Above VCC = 5.0V note the speed power product cu
PCF7942AT/011   PCF7942AT/011 PCF7942AT/011 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Description Reset the scratch pad register with
PCF7942AT/012   PCF7942AT/012 PCF7942AT/012 PDF Download PHI 01+ *CPU: Socket 370 for Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tua
PCF7942AT/013   PCF7942AT/013 PCF7942AT/013 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ TI warrants performance of its hardware products
PCF7942AT/015   PCF7942AT/015 PCF7942AT/015 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ † Package drawings, standard packing quant
PCF7942AT/016   PCF7942AT/016 PCF7942AT/016 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ CAP: A capacitor is normally connected between th
PCF7943AT   PCF7943AT PCF7943AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP UC3874-1 is designed for logic level MOSFETs and
PCF7943AT/306   PCF7943AT/306 PCF7943AT/306 PDF Download 4 PHILIPS 00+ Caution: This component is susceptible to damage
PCF7943AT/308   PCF7943AT/308 PCF7943AT/308 PDF Download 6 PHILIPS 00+ Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
PCF7943AT/314   PCF7943AT/314 PCF7943AT/314 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Stresses greater than those listed under Absolute
PCF7943AT/317   PCF7943AT/317 PCF7943AT/317 PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ Power Up and Down Requirements. There are no re
PCF7943AT/318   PCF7943AT/318 PCF7943AT/318 PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
PCF7943AT/319   PCF7943AT/319 PCF7943AT/319 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ The output turns low with the magnetic south pol
PCF7943AT/416   PCF7943AT/416 PCF7943AT/416 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 06+ Stability The IRU1010 requires the use of an out
PCF7943AT/417   PCF7943AT/417 PCF7943AT/417 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ The ADS8509 is specified at a 250-kHz sampling r
PCF7943AT/418   PCF7943AT/418 PCF7943AT/418 PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 The UDA1384 is a single-chip consisting of 4 plu
PCF7943AT/419   PCF7943AT/419 PCF7943AT/419 PDF Download PHILIPS 2008   NOTES:   Dimension are in inches.
PCF7943AT/420   PCF7943AT/420 PCF7943AT/420 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Three key features make current-feedback amplifi
PCF7943AT/422   PCF7943AT/422 PCF7943AT/422 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Selects Positive or Negative Edge Control and Hig
PCF7943AT/423   PCF7943AT/423 PCF7943AT/423 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Should the Buyer purchase or use a Samsung produ
PCF7944AT/501   PCF7944AT/501 PCF7944AT/501 PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 The GS4882 and GS4982 differentiate between valid
PCF7944AT/502   PCF7944AT/502 PCF7944AT/502 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-16P 6+ The two-chip combination of a DSP and a DSM dev
PCF7946AT   PCF7946AT PCF7946AT PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-14P 6+ This N-Channel IGBT is a MOS gated, logic level d
PCF7947   PCF7947 PCF7947 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP N/A Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
PCF7947AT   PCF7947AT PCF7947AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ 1. Frequency tolerance (often called Calibration
PCF7951   PCF7951 PCF7951 PDF Download PHI SSOP-5.2-20P 6+
PCF79730S/3851   PCF79730S/3851 PCF79730S/3851 PDF Download PHI 97+ H6 The sixth harmonic should not be a problem and
PCF79735S   PCF79735S PCF79735S PDF Download PHI 97+ For packing material that is returned to us un-
PCF7991   PCF7991 PCF7991 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HYM532414C M-Series is a 4Mx32-bit Extended D
PCF7991AF   PCF7991AF PCF7991AF PDF Download PHILIPS SMD14 This document contains information on one or mor
PCF7991AT   PCF7991AT PCF7991AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ The LTC®3901 is a secondary side synchronous
PCF7991AT/1081   PCF7991AT/1081 PCF7991AT/1081 PDF Download   The PCF7991AT/1081T/PCF7991AT/1081B is a
PCF7991AT/1081118   PCF7991AT/1081118 PCF7991AT/1081118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF COMP (pin 9) and FB (pin 10) COMP and FB are the
PCF79935S   PCF79935S PCF79935S PDF Download PHI 97+ I Dual-Mode Pin. Cascaded C The first device in t
PCF80   PCF80 PCF80 PDF Download   LX2201 support two types of Li-Ion batte
PCF802   PCF802 PCF802 PDF Download   The current source provides a closely regu
PCF80562-12   PCF80562-12 PCF80562-12 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP Forward Voltage Reverse Current Junction Capaci
PCF80C31   PCF80C31 PCF80C31 PDF Download PHL QFP Form, Fit and Function Compatible with the DEC&#
PCF80C31-3   PCF80C31-3 PCF80C31-3 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ The ISSI IS41C4100 and IS41LV4100 are 1,048,576
PCF80C318H-312P   PCF80C318H-312P PCF80C318H-312P PDF Download A simplified block diagram of the HPC3130A is pr
PCF80C31BH-2/12   PCF80C31BH-2/12 PCF80C31BH-2/12 PDF Download The IRU1010-18 is a low dropout three-terminal fi
PCF80C31BH-3   PCF80C31BH-3 PCF80C31BH-3 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC-44 06+ - Typo corrected - Removed 800MHz from the spec
PCF80C31BH-3/12   PCF80C31BH-3/12 PCF80C31BH-3/12 PDF Download ‡ All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
PCF80C31BH-3/12P   PCF80C31BH-3/12P PCF80C31BH-3/12P PDF Download PHILIPS 9305 IAC (Pin 6) (input AC current): This input to the
PCF80C31BH312P   PCF80C31BH312P PCF80C31BH312P PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Edition 07.96 This edition was realized using th
PCF80C31BH-312P   PCF80C31BH-312P PCF80C31BH-312P PDF Download Note 1. Stresses greater than those listed under
PCF80C31BH-3-12P   PCF80C31BH-3-12P PCF80C31BH-3-12P PDF Download As seen in the block diagram, the module conta
PCF80C31BH312WP   PCF80C31BH312WP PCF80C31BH312WP PDF Download ph ph dc93 The LPC2131/2132/2134/2136/2138 microcontrollers
PCF80C31BH-3-12WP   PCF80C31BH-3-12WP PCF80C31BH-3-12WP PDF Download N/A N/A 2000 The IRF6609 balances both low resistance and low
PCF80C31BH316P   PCF80C31BH316P PCF80C31BH316P PDF Download The extremely high maximum data rate is achieved
PCF80C31BH-316P   PCF80C31BH-316P PCF80C31BH-316P PDF Download PHI DIP-L40P 6+ The ISL6208 also features a three-state PWM input
PCF80C31BH-3-16P   PCF80C31BH-3-16P PCF80C31BH-3-16P PDF Download Voltage Referenced to GND V+ IN, COM, NO, NC (N
PCF80C31BH3-16P   PCF80C31BH3-16P PCF80C31BH3-16P PDF Download 3) Two-stage power-fail warning: A separate low-l
PCF80C31BH-3-16WP   PCF80C31BH-3-16WP PCF80C31BH-3-16WP PDF Download PHI PLCC-44 96 The application mode of the GMR position sensor
PCF80C31BH316WPV6   PCF80C31BH316WPV6 PCF80C31BH316WPV6 PDF Download With up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum
PCF80C31BH-4-16P   PCF80C31BH-4-16P PCF80C31BH-4-16P PDF Download PHI 00+   The FCT157T, FCT257T/FCT2257T are high-sp
PCF80C31BH-424P   PCF80C31BH-424P PCF80C31BH-424P PDF Download PHI 90+ DIP-L40P This link option selects the source of the CONVS
PCF80C31BH-4-24P   PCF80C31BH-4-24P PCF80C31BH-4-24P PDF Download PHI 00+ Circuit Description This integrated circuit per
PCF80C31BH-4-24P/0   PCF80C31BH-4-24P/0 PCF80C31BH-4-24P/0 PDF Download 3.3V VCC input for card power and/or chip power
PCF80C31BH-4-24P/06   PCF80C31BH-4-24P/06 PCF80C31BH-4-24P/06 PDF Download
PCF80C31BH-4-26WP   PCF80C31BH-4-26WP PCF80C31BH-4-26WP PDF Download PHI 92+ PLCC-M44P Timer • Timer 0 : 16-bit timer/counter &nb
PCF80C39   PCF80C39 PCF80C39 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC44 The change in output voltage due to a specified
PCF80C3911WP   PCF80C3911WP PCF80C3911WP PDF Download The device has up to 64K bytes of reprogrammable
PCF80C39-11WP   PCF80C39-11WP PCF80C39-11WP PDF Download PHILIPS 87+   The lock detect circuit uses the up and d
PCF80C451   PCF80C451 PCF80C451 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC Switch Enable into Heavy Load If a switch is pow
PCF80C451CCA68   PCF80C451CCA68 PCF80C451CCA68 PDF Download The TEST input is a three-level input. In normal
PCF80C49PL169   PCF80C49PL169 PCF80C49PL169 PDF Download ph ph dc92 The inhibit function is provided by the Inhibit*
PCF80C51   PCF80C51 PCF80C51 PDF Download PHL SMD4 FEATURES High Slew Rate: 10 V/ s Min Fast Settl
PCF80C51BH   PCF80C51BH PCF80C51BH PDF Download PHILIPS DIP40 03+ Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 3.3V a
PCF80C51BH-3   PCF80C51BH-3 PCF80C51BH-3 PDF Download PHILIPS 91+ Each PIC block encompasses two PIOs (PIO pairs)
PCF80C51BH-3P   PCF80C51BH-3P PCF80C51BH-3P PDF Download PWI is connected to the inverting input of the re
PCF80C51BH-3P/529   PCF80C51BH-3P/529 PCF80C51BH-3P/529 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 96+ The load detection function after overcharge is
PCF80C51BH-3P/J306   PCF80C51BH-3P/J306 PCF80C51BH-3P/J306 PDF Download 6. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
PCF80C51BH-3P/J360   PCF80C51BH-3P/J360 PCF80C51BH-3P/J360 PDF Download The UC385 is easy to use. The adjustable version
PCF80C51BH-3P/J413   PCF80C51BH-3P/J413 PCF80C51BH-3P/J413 PDF Download PHI 9301 2350 High performance:   Chained (back-to-back)
PCF80C51BH-3P/J440   PCF80C51BH-3P/J440 PCF80C51BH-3P/J440 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP This is an internally modified SOIC−8 pack
PCF80C51BH-3P/J529   PCF80C51BH-3P/J529 PCF80C51BH-3P/J529 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP  TAOperating free-air temperature−4085
PCF80C51BH-3P/J590   PCF80C51BH-3P/J590 PCF80C51BH-3P/J590 PDF Download The CCR-33 Switch is a broadband, SPDT, electrome
PCF80C51BH-3PJ529   PCF80C51BH-3PJ529 PCF80C51BH-3PJ529 PDF Download The IC41C1665 and the IC41LV1665 have two CAS co
PCF80C51BH-3PJ575   PCF80C51BH-3PJ575 PCF80C51BH-3PJ575 PDF Download To achieve the full performance of the device, c
PCF80C51BH3WP   PCF80C51BH3WP PCF80C51BH3WP PDF Download programmed/erased whether the output data, DQ0/DQ
PCF80C51BH3WPJ401   PCF80C51BH3WPJ401 PCF80C51BH3WPJ401 PDF Download The Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) ranges from 100
PCF80C552   PCF80C552 PCF80C552 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ Figure 15 shows the basic circuit of Figure 9 im
PCF80C552-16WP   PCF80C552-16WP PCF80C552-16WP PDF Download PHT PLCC68 03+/04+ The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
PCF80C552-4   PCF80C552-4 PCF80C552-4 PDF Download 86 Internal, dual, high-performance phase locked loo
PCF80C552416WP   PCF80C552416WP PCF80C552416WP PDF Download ph ph dc92   The received serial data is internally co
PCF80C552-4-16WP   PCF80C552-4-16WP PCF80C552-4-16WP PDF Download PHI The Loop Filter is a low pass filter. This low pa
PCF80C5525   PCF80C5525 PCF80C5525 PDF Download The ISL6614A drives both the upper and lower gate
PCF80C552-5   PCF80C552-5 PCF80C552-5 PDF Download PHT PLCC68 03+/04+ The MAX3760 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies ev
PCF80C552-5/16   PCF80C552-5/16 PCF80C552-5/16 PDF Download PHLIPS DIP Product Identification Mode Exit/CFI Mode Exit
PCF80C552-5/16W   PCF80C552-5/16W PCF80C552-5/16W PDF Download PHI 96  The Hynix PCF80C552-5/16W Series are Dual
PCF80C552-5-16   PCF80C552-5-16 PCF80C552-5-16 PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC 01+ The MAX1755/MAX1756 are offered in the 6-pin SOT2
PCF80C552-516H   PCF80C552-516H PCF80C552-516H PDF Download The high-side driver is designed to drive low rD
PCF80C552-5-16H   PCF80C552-5-16H PCF80C552-5-16H PDF Download PHI QFP-M80P 6+ High voltage compliance complementary current ou
PCF80C552516PW   PCF80C552516PW PCF80C552516PW PDF Download ph ph dc94 FEATURES s 300 mA Output Current per Channel s
PCF80C552-5-16W   PCF80C552-5-16W PCF80C552-5-16W PDF Download PLCC The Hitachi HN29V102414 Series is a CMOS Flash M
PCF80C552516WP   PCF80C552516WP PCF80C552516WP PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ SmartVoltage technology provides a choice of VDD
PCF80C552-516WP   PCF80C552-516WP PCF80C552-516WP PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
PCF80C552-5-16WPPLCC   PCF80C552-5-16WPPLCC PCF80C552-5-16WPPLCC PDF Download Note 5 Pins G6 and RESET are designed with a high
PCF80C552-524WP   PCF80C552-524WP PCF80C552-524WP PDF Download PHI 92+ • DLL aligns DQ and DQS transitions with CK
PCF80C552-5-24WP   PCF80C552-5-24WP PCF80C552-5-24WP PDF Download PHI PLCC-L68P 6+ The 74HC/HCT153 have two identical 4-input mul
PCF80C552-5-6WP   PCF80C552-5-6WP PCF80C552-5-6WP PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC 02+ sequences are entered into the device. The comma
PCF80C552EFA   PCF80C552EFA PCF80C552EFA PDF Download PHILIPS PLCC 00+ Low ON-State Resistance (10 Ω) Control Inp
PCF80C552-WP   PCF80C552-WP PCF80C552-WP PDF Download PHI PLCC 07+/08+ The perimeter of configurable IOBs provides a pr
PCF80C562   PCF80C562 PCF80C562 PDF Download PHILPS PLCC68 03/+04+ The FAN53168 features a high bandwidth control l
PCF80C56212WP   PCF80C56212WP PCF80C56212WP PDF Download ph ph dc89+ Note : 1. Load and line regulation are specified
PCF80C562-12WP   PCF80C562-12WP PCF80C562-12WP PDF Download PLIM: This pin is programmed to set the maximum i
PCF80C562-16WP   PCF80C562-16WP PCF80C562-16WP PDF Download PHT PLCC68 07+ • Supports up to 4 PHYs for Multi-PHY conn
PCF80C652   PCF80C652 PCF80C652 PDF Download N/A PLCC 2000
PCF80C652-12P   PCF80C652-12P PCF80C652-12P PDF Download • Dual Voltage Detection and Reset Assertio
PCF80C85112P   PCF80C85112P PCF80C85112P PDF Download The device is made up of two sections: a cascade
PCF80C851-12WP   PCF80C851-12WP PCF80C851-12WP PDF Download The PCF80C851-12WP Parallel Reference Board has a
PCF820-082T   PCF820-082T PCF820-082T PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ Four private product terms can be ORed together
PCF8200P   PCF8200P PCF8200P PDF Download The digitally controlled potentiometer is implem
PCF8200PM5   PCF8200PM5 PCF8200PM5 PDF Download ph ph dc93+ The CM2009 connects between a video graphics con
PCF820251   PCF820251 PCF820251 PDF Download PHILIPS MSOP 02+ Note 4: Temperature stability for the LM336 and L
PCF82421   PCF82421 PCF82421 PDF Download
PCF8252C-2D   PCF8252C-2D PCF8252C-2D PDF Download Notes:  2. Multiple Supplies: The voltage o
PCF8274T   PCF8274T PCF8274T PDF Download Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
PCF8282C-2   PCF8282C-2 PCF8282C-2 PDF Download Nonvolatile memory maintains wiper settings 64-
PCF8289GT   PCF8289GT PCF8289GT PDF Download • 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced FLASH
PCF82C200   PCF82C200 PCF82C200 PDF Download PHI SOP 05+ The LTC®3704 is a wide input range, current m
PCF82C200T   PCF82C200T PCF82C200T PDF Download PHI Chapter 6, "Instruction Set," describes
PCF82C250   PCF82C250 PCF82C250 PDF Download Note 1: Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by
PCF82C250T   PCF82C250T PCF82C250T PDF Download Aperture Delay (ta). The average (or mean value)
PCF83C552   PCF83C552 PCF83C552 PDF Download PHI PLCC68 06+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
PCF83C552-4H   PCF83C552-4H PCF83C552-4H PDF Download Serial Control Interface Clock (For MPI)/Timeslo
PCF83C552-5-16WP   PCF83C552-5-16WP PCF83C552-5-16WP PDF Download Supply Voltage (V+ − V−) Differenti
PCF83C552-5WP   PCF83C552-5WP PCF83C552-5WP PDF Download PHILIPS 05+ The 0.25 µm 3 Volt Advanced+ Boot Block, m
PCF83C552-5WP/125   PCF83C552-5WP/125 PCF83C552-5WP/125 PDF Download This device set, along with the supporting firmw
PCF83C851WP   PCF83C851WP PCF83C851WP PDF Download   The device is a miniature type infrared r
PCF84579T   PCF84579T PCF84579T PDF Download PHI . † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF8474T   PCF8474T PCF8474T PDF Download SMD 05+ This calculation was derived from laboratory meas
PCF8477BVF-1   PCF8477BVF-1 PCF8477BVF-1 PDF Download NS 93 QFP • Lead-free packaging (Pb-free) • Lo
PCF8481AT/093   PCF8481AT/093 PCF8481AT/093 PDF Download Used as external reference input when internal r
PCF84C00T   PCF84C00T PCF84C00T PDF Download PHILIPS n/a Description MULT0 (Pin 43) Value. This bit is Re
PCF84C12   PCF84C12 PCF84C12 PDF Download 0 0 CLEAR and PRESET are independent of the clock a
PCF84C12AT   PCF84C12AT PCF84C12AT PDF Download PHI 94 42000 Control Interface I2C Bus Interface Device and
PCF84C12AT(PCD443   PCF84C12AT(PCD443 PCF84C12AT(PCD443 PDF Download The P_SEL2:0 pins select the P divider values, wh
PCF84C12AT(PCD4431-2T)   PCF84C12AT(PCD4431-2T) PCF84C12AT(PCD4431-2T) PDF Download PHI 94+ The AHC244 devices are organized as two 4-bit b
PCF84C211T   PCF84C211T PCF84C211T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This is an input pin to the device and is genera
PCF84C21AP   PCF84C21AP PCF84C21AP PDF Download ph ph dc96 The pulse-skip regulation mode minimizes operati
PCF84C21AT   PCF84C21AT PCF84C21AT PDF Download PHILIPS 93 500V, 50 Amp Capability at 110C Fully Isolated B
PCF84C21AT/088   PCF84C21AT/088 PCF84C21AT/088 PDF Download   When the Output Enable Input (E0) is HIGH,
PCF84C21AT/093   PCF84C21AT/093 PCF84C21AT/093 PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 Ideal for conversion from 1.8V or 1.5V inputs D
PCF84C21AT092/081   PCF84C21AT092/081 PCF84C21AT092/081 PDF Download PHILIPS 9344 Characteristic On-State Voltage Under-Voltage
PCF84C21T   PCF84C21T PCF84C21T PDF Download The signal response slew rate of the converter d
PCF84C21T/043   PCF84C21T/043 PCF84C21T/043 PDF Download PHI SOP28W 2007+ The CS5381 is available in 24-pin TSSOP and SOIC
PCF84C21T/069   PCF84C21T/069 PCF84C21T/069 PDF Download PHI   Right Hand Decimal Point   1. Overf
PCF84C21T/081   PCF84C21T/081 PCF84C21T/081 PDF Download PHILIPS 92 The AT8xEB5114 has 3 software-selectable modes o
PCF84C21T/082   PCF84C21T/082 PCF84C21T/082 PDF Download PHILIPS 9205 • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP͐
PCF84C21T-043   PCF84C21T-043 PCF84C21T-043 PDF Download These octal flip-flops are designed for low-volt
PCF84C21T-055   PCF84C21T-055 PCF84C21T-055 PDF Download   DigitalClarity™ Image sensor technol
PCF84C22AP042F2   PCF84C22AP042F2 PCF84C22AP042F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 Cypress Semiconductor Corporation products are
PCF84C22AP044F2   PCF84C22AP044F2 PCF84C22AP044F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 Control data comes from the data receiver is used
PCF84C22AP048F2   PCF84C22AP048F2 PCF84C22AP048F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 Port 3 C I/O. Port 3 functions as both an 8Cbit b
PCF84C22AP049F2   PCF84C22AP049F2 PCF84C22AP049F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspecti
PCF84C22AP050F2   PCF84C22AP050F2 PCF84C22AP050F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 Serial Clock (SCL). This input signal is used to
PCF84C22AP051F2   PCF84C22AP051F2 PCF84C22AP051F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 The received digital signal input. Internal 1 M
PCF84C22AP066F2   PCF84C22AP066F2 PCF84C22AP066F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98   Strap:see Note 4 Notes: 1. DQ-to-I/O wi
PCF84C22AP067F2   PCF84C22AP067F2 PCF84C22AP067F2 PDF Download ph ph dc98 For jacketed cable or wires protected by tubing.
PCF84C22AT6A   PCF84C22AT6A PCF84C22AT6A PDF Download PHI SOP20W 06+ This ultrafast recovery rectifier diode series is
PCF84C22T/013   PCF84C22T/013 PCF84C22T/013 PDF Download PHI . As seen in Figure 2, bias current cancellation i
PCF84C41   PCF84C41 PCF84C41 PDF Download 3. All devices are guaranteed to trigger at an I
PCF84C41AP/098   PCF84C41AP/098 PCF84C41AP/098 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP N/A An additional ST ROM contains all ST provided f
PCF84C41AT   PCF84C41AT PCF84C41AT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Each input module is a single-channel signal con
PCF84C41CT   PCF84C41CT PCF84C41CT PDF Download PHI 00+ This is the clock input to the ISD MicroTAD-16M.
PCF84C41CT/009   PCF84C41CT/009 PCF84C41CT/009 PDF Download PHI SOP28 07+/08+ Reset: The device reset pin (RST) is used to take
PCF84C41CT/068   PCF84C41CT/068 PCF84C41CT/068 PDF Download The HYM532414C M-Series is a 4Mx32-bit Extended D
PCF84C41CT054   PCF84C41CT054 PCF84C41CT054 PDF Download ph ph dc91
PCF84C487P/002   PCF84C487P/002 PCF84C487P/002 PDF Download PHI DIP The MAX6061CMAX6068 are precision, low-dropout,
PCF84C81   PCF84C81 PCF84C81 PDF Download PHIL DIP28P 91+ The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
PCF84C81/CTV972   PCF84C81/CTV972 PCF84C81/CTV972 PDF Download The Hynix HYM76V8655HGT8 Series are 8Mx64bits Syn
PCF84C81/CTV9721.1   PCF84C81/CTV9721.1 PCF84C81/CTV9721.1 PDF Download
PCF84C81/CTV9721.I   PCF84C81/CTV9721.I PCF84C81/CTV9721.I PDF Download (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
PCF84C81/CTV974   PCF84C81/CTV974 PCF84C81/CTV974 PDF Download
PCF84C81AP   PCF84C81AP PCF84C81AP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-28 96+ Designed utilizing CMOS process technology, the
PCF84C81AP/049   PCF84C81AP/049 PCF84C81AP/049 PDF Download PHIL DIP-28 95+ As soon as the first word has rippled to t
PCF84C81AP/049/F3   PCF84C81AP/049/F3 PCF84C81AP/049/F3 PDF Download PHI DIP 00+ These devices operate from a single supply of +2V
PCF84C81AP/049/R2   PCF84C81AP/049/R2 PCF84C81AP/049/R2 PDF Download * This device is protected by U.S. patent number
PCF84C81AP/049-1   PCF84C81AP/049-1 PCF84C81AP/049-1 PDF Download Reference clock and transmit byte clock. This is
PCF84C81AP/076   PCF84C81AP/076 PCF84C81AP/076 PDF Download PHL DIP-28 05+ Device programming is performed a byte/word at
PCF84C81AP/098   PCF84C81AP/098 PCF84C81AP/098 PDF Download Head-of-line blocking prevents switch performance
PCF84C81AP/128/F2   PCF84C81AP/128/F2 PCF84C81AP/128/F2 PDF Download PHI DIP 93+ System Considerations The power switching chara
PCF84C81AP/128/F2TD9230   PCF84C81AP/128/F2TD9230 PCF84C81AP/128/F2TD9230 PDF Download PHI 93 In personal computer (PC) architecture, there ar
PCF84C81AP/129/F2   PCF84C81AP/129/F2 PCF84C81AP/129/F2 PDF Download PHI 1995 DIP The UC3854A/B products improve upon the UC3854 b
PCF84C81AP/144   PCF84C81AP/144 PCF84C81AP/144 PDF Download (1) Signal Output   The OUT1/1X and OUT2/2X
PCF84C81AP/146   PCF84C81AP/146 PCF84C81AP/146 PDF Download NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
PCF84C81AP/146.144.97EE   PCF84C81AP/146.144.97EE PCF84C81AP/146.144.97EE PDF Download PHI DIP28 06+ Figure 2 implements both the current-limit capab
PCF84C81AP/146/F2   PCF84C81AP/146/F2 PCF84C81AP/146/F2 PDF Download "Uncertainty" refers to the uncertainty
PCF84C81AP/157   PCF84C81AP/157 PCF84C81AP/157 PDF Download PHI DIP-28 93+ HEDS-5500/5600 and HEDM- 5500/ 5600 are two sq
PCF84C81AP/97EE   PCF84C81AP/97EE PCF84C81AP/97EE PDF Download Full Compliance with T1.413 Issue-2, ITU-T G.992.
PCF84C81AP049   PCF84C81AP049 PCF84C81AP049 PDF Download The PCF84C81AP049 is offering fully synchronous o
PCF84C81AP049F2   PCF84C81AP049F2 PCF84C81AP049F2 PDF Download Tripler Voltage stepup is performed by charging
PCF84C81AP052   PCF84C81AP052 PCF84C81AP052 PDF Download 3. Flexible Power/Serial Clock Speed Management.
PCF84C81AP117   PCF84C81AP117 PCF84C81AP117 PDF Download Measured using analog input circuit in Figure 51
PCF84C81AP122   PCF84C81AP122 PCF84C81AP122 PDF Download
PCF84C81AP123   PCF84C81AP123 PCF84C81AP123 PDF Download These octal flip-flops are designed for low-volt
PCF84C81AP-128   PCF84C81AP-128 PCF84C81AP-128 PDF Download   The VP5313/VP5513 converts digital Y Cr C
PCF84C81AP-157   PCF84C81AP-157 PCF84C81AP-157 PDF Download • Silicon epitaxial planar capacitance dio
PCF84C81AT   PCF84C81AT PCF84C81AT PDF Download 0 0 Receive master clock. Must be 1.536 MHz, 1.544
PCF84C81AT/147/F2   PCF84C81AT/147/F2 PCF84C81AT/147/F2 PDF Download The receiver would fail to acknowledge for two
PCF84C81P   PCF84C81P PCF84C81P PDF Download PHILIPS DIP N/A CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Device M
PCF84C81P/039/1   PCF84C81P/039/1 PCF84C81P/039/1 PDF Download
PCF84C81P/049-1   PCF84C81P/049-1 PCF84C81P/049-1 PDF Download   Table 1a shows various values of C1 and t
PCF84C81P/064   PCF84C81P/064 PCF84C81P/064 PDF Download   With the boost feature the small signal s
PCF84C81P/075-1   PCF84C81P/075-1 PCF84C81P/075-1 PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
PCF84C81P/076   PCF84C81P/076 PCF84C81P/076 PDF Download PHL QFP 2000 Notes:  8. Per TTL driven input (VIN=3.4V)
PCF84C81P/079   PCF84C81P/079 PCF84C81P/079 PDF Download PHI IC This INFINEON module is an industry standard 144
PCF84C81P0491   PCF84C81P0491 PCF84C81P0491 PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
PCF84C81P052   PCF84C81P052 PCF84C81P052 PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
PCF84C81P079   PCF84C81P079 PCF84C81P079 PDF Download One of the more exacting configurations fo
PCF84C81P0791   PCF84C81P0791 PCF84C81P0791 PDF Download The SPI protocol is controlled by op-codes. Thes
PCF84C81T017   PCF84C81T017 PCF84C81T017 PDF Download • Multiple-pole configurations • Fin
PCF84C81T0171   PCF84C81T0171 PCF84C81T0171 PDF Download The type of modulation profile used impacts track
PCF84C85/017C486US05   PCF84C85/017C486US05 PCF84C85/017C486US05 PDF Download DESCRIPTION These I 2C-compatible electrically
PCF84C85AP   PCF84C85AP PCF84C85AP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP Fixed regulator output (Regulator #2) C It is rec
PCF84C85AP/030   PCF84C85AP/030 PCF84C85AP/030 PDF Download PHI 04+ 433-MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz Industrial, Scient
PCF84C85AP/037   PCF84C85AP/037 PCF84C85AP/037 PDF Download The KESRX05 is an ideal receiver for difficult r
PCF84C85AP-030   PCF84C85AP-030 PCF84C85AP-030 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 96+ To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage betw
PCF84C85F/012   PCF84C85F/012 PCF84C85F/012 PDF Download Complex signal data is input with I data driving
PCF84C85P/009   PCF84C85P/009 PCF84C85P/009 PDF Download Notes 1. Current Transfer Ratio is define
PCF84C85P/022   PCF84C85P/022 PCF84C85P/022 PDF Download (The following conditions apply to all the follo
PCF84C882P   PCF84C882P PCF84C882P PDF Download PHI DIP 2000 Notes: a. Room = 25_C, Full = as determined by
PCF84C886P   PCF84C886P PCF84C886P PDF Download PHI DIP Figure 1 shows the basic architecture of the STA1
PCF8500B   PCF8500B PCF8500B PDF Download ph ph dc95 The NetPHY™ 4LP devices on-chip input filte
PCF85102   PCF85102 PCF85102 PDF Download Interrupt. This open drain output signal is used
PCF85102C2   PCF85102C2 PCF85102C2 PDF Download PHI DIP-8 01+  No. SymbolI/O DescriptionNo. Symbol I/O De
PCF85102C-2   PCF85102C-2 PCF85102C-2 PDF Download Additionally, the 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash
PCF85102C2D   PCF85102C2D PCF85102C2D PDF Download In most applications, the ML6428's input couplin
PCF85102C-2P/03   PCF85102C-2P/03 PCF85102C-2P/03 PDF Download PHI DIP 2 Note 3: Without a heat sink, the thermal resistan
PCF85102C-2T   PCF85102C-2T PCF85102C-2T PDF Download PHILIPS Thereareadditionalprovisionsfor demonstrating DD
PCF85102C-2T/03   PCF85102C-2T/03 PCF85102C-2T/03 PDF Download Note 6: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
PCF85102C-2T-03   PCF85102C-2T-03 PCF85102C-2T-03 PDF Download PHI SSOP 01+ At time t3, the VGD supply has dropped below its
PCF85103   PCF85103 PCF85103 PDF Download PHILIPS 2002 1650 Note 2 Do not design with this parameter unless C
PCF85103C/2T   PCF85103C/2T PCF85103C/2T PDF Download PHI 01+ DC input range: 180 - 375V Input surge withstand
PCF85103C2   PCF85103C2 PCF85103C2 PDF Download PHILIPS -1774.50 -1779.30 -1779.30 -1779.30 -1779.30
PCF85103C-2   PCF85103C-2 PCF85103C-2 PDF Download   The melting temperature of solder is highe
PCF85103C-2P   PCF85103C-2P PCF85103C-2P PDF Download PHI 00+ 2. JC is measured in free air with the component
PCF85103C-2P/00   PCF85103C-2P/00 PCF85103C-2P/00 PDF Download PHI 00+ DIP/8 True clock of differential pair CPU outputs. The
PCF85103C-2T   PCF85103C-2T PCF85103C-2T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP8 2002   The Build-in oscillator circuitry of PCF8
PCF85103C-2T/00   PCF85103C-2T/00 PCF85103C-2T/00 PDF Download philips 04+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under MA
PCF85103C-2T/G   PCF85103C-2T/G PCF85103C-2T/G PDF Download Zener Voltage (VZ) is measured with junction in
PCF8510C2   PCF8510C2 PCF8510C2 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ DATA Pin   The DATA pin is the serial data
PCF85116   PCF85116 PCF85116 PDF Download PHI 06+ The chip is a fixed frequency Pulse Width Modula
PCF85116-3   PCF85116-3 PCF85116-3 PDF Download PHILIPS 01 Integrating a wireless audio link in a home thea
PCF85116-3D   PCF85116-3D PCF85116-3D PDF Download   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
PCF85116-3N   PCF85116-3N PCF85116-3N PDF Download PHI 03+ DIP/8 The MIC5031 MOSFET driver is designed to switch
PCF85116-3P   PCF85116-3P PCF85116-3P PDF Download 1. The mercury wetted relay provides a high spee
PCF85116-3P/01   PCF85116-3P/01 PCF85116-3P/01 PDF Download Philips 97 The crystal is the frequency reference of the VC
PCF851163T   PCF851163T PCF851163T PDF Download LED Oscillation Frequency   The time period
PCF85116-3T   PCF85116-3T PCF85116-3T PDF Download PHI SOP-8 05+ Industry Standard MICROWIRE Bus Single Supply
PCF85116-3T/01   PCF85116-3T/01 PCF85116-3T/01 PDF Download PHI 02+ SOP/8 Low Loss Replacement for ORing Diode in Multiple
PCF85116-3T/01118   PCF85116-3T/01118 PCF85116-3T/01118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ This Guide contains the companys copyright and k
PCF85166-3T/01   PCF85166-3T/01 PCF85166-3T/01 PDF Download PHI 03+ CPU_STOP# is an input signal used to turn off the
PCF8517/003   PCF8517/003 PCF8517/003 PDF Download The EM78860 is an 8-bit RISC type microprocessor
PCF8517/005   PCF8517/005 PCF8517/005 PDF Download STMicroelectronics 32-bit, ARM core-based microc
PCF8518MD   PCF8518MD PCF8518MD PDF Download Design, and specifications are each subject to c
PCF8519T   PCF8519T PCF8519T PDF Download The MPC7455 is the third implementation of the f
PCF8521   PCF8521 PCF8521 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 02+   LVDS Recommendations for Differential Rou
PCF8522   PCF8522 PCF8522 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP8 96+
PCF8522EP   PCF8522EP PCF8522EP PDF Download 94 The DACs utilize a segmented current source arch
PCF8522EP2   PCF8522EP2 PCF8522EP2 PDF Download PHI DIP-8 96+   The AH25Z-2Z die type has been found to h
PCF8522FP2   PCF8522FP2 PCF8522FP2 PDF Download 2008 The Radiation Hardened ISL4422ARH is a non-inver
PCF8524EP   PCF8524EP PCF8524EP PDF Download PHI DIP8 08+ Input HIGH Voltage Input LOW Voltage Input HIGH
PCF8528AP   PCF8528AP PCF8528AP PDF Download DIP-8 PHI 94+ Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
PCF8531U   PCF8531U PCF8531U PDF Download PHILIPS The B-port drivers are Low-capacitance open coll
PCF8531U/2/F1   PCF8531U/2/F1 PCF8531U/2/F1 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ 54- to 166-MHz operating frequency range Wide (9
PCF8531U/2/F1026   PCF8531U/2/F1026 PCF8531U/2/F1026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The window comparator stage generates two serial
PCF8533   PCF8533 PCF8533 PDF Download The CM3016-48 is a CMOS linear voltage regulator
PCF8533U   PCF8533U PCF8533U PDF Download The HT86XXX series are 8-bit high performance mi
PCF8533U/2/F2   PCF8533U/2/F2 PCF8533U/2/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS 6912 With its outstanding high-speed performance, the
PCF8533U/2/F2026   PCF8533U/2/F2026 PCF8533U/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF • +3.3 V DC power supply • Industry
PCF8533U/2E/F2   PCF8533U/2E/F2 PCF8533U/2E/F2 PDF Download NXP "Preliminary" product information desc
PCF8534H   PCF8534H PCF8534H PDF Download Sensitivity can often be increased by using a bi
PCF8535U/2/F1   PCF8535U/2/F1 PCF8535U/2/F1 PDF Download The PCF8535U/2/F1C/PCF8535U/2/F1 consists of two
PCF8535U/2/F1026   PCF8535U/2/F1026 PCF8535U/2/F1026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit c
PCF8537T   PCF8537T PCF8537T PDF Download All outputs are capable of driving 2Vpp, AC or D
PCF8540   PCF8540 PCF8540 PDF Download The Digital Receiver Front-end DRX 3960A perform
PCF8542TS   PCF8542TS PCF8542TS PDF Download PHILIPS TSOP 2002   outputs, input capture and output compare
PCF8547T   PCF8547T PCF8547T PDF Download PHI SOP-16 01+ Note m: HSB STORE operation occurs only if an SRA
PCF8547TS   PCF8547TS PCF8547TS PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP-20 01+ Note 1: The power rating is based on a printed c
PCF8548U/2/F1   PCF8548U/2/F1 PCF8548U/2/F1 PDF Download PHI 04 (AVIN = 12V, PVIN = 12V, VUVLO = VSTT = 3V, VCON
PCF8548U/2DA/3   PCF8548U/2DA/3 PCF8548U/2DA/3 PDF Download PHI CHIP 08+ In the areas of strategic focus and in the wake o
PCF8548U/2DA/3026   PCF8548U/2DA/3026 PCF8548U/2DA/3026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ The Microwire/SPI (MWSPI) interface module suppo
PCF8548U/2DB/1   PCF8548U/2DB/1 PCF8548U/2DB/1 PDF Download Note: 1. Except for the rating Operating Temperat
PCF8548U/2F1   PCF8548U/2F1 PCF8548U/2F1 PDF Download PHILIPS 0342+ Peripheral Features D 34 I/O Pins D Additional
PCF8549U/2/F1   PCF8549U/2/F1 PCF8549U/2/F1 PDF Download PHI 04+ Operating Frequency up to 150 MHz Low-Noise Ph
PCF854AP   PCF854AP PCF854AP PDF Download Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
PCF8562DTT/2518   PCF8562DTT/2518 PCF8562DTT/2518 PDF Download NXP 07+   The NLAS44599 is an advanced dual−in
PCF8562T   PCF8562T PCF8562T PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Once fired, the outputs are independent of furth
PCF8562TT   PCF8562TT PCF8562TT PDF Download NXP/PHI 08+ Data must be set up for a duration of tSD before
PCF8562TT/2   PCF8562TT/2 PCF8562TT/2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The MAX5069A evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully a
PCF8562TT/2518   PCF8562TT/2518 PCF8562TT/2518 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF These pins accept the 12 data inputs from a digi
PCF8562TT/2-T   PCF8562TT/2-T PCF8562TT/2-T PDF Download NXP Parameter SENSOR INPUT   Measurement Range
PCF8563   PCF8563 PCF8563 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-8 05+ Note 4 In all applications transient segment outp
PCF8563AP   PCF8563AP PCF8563AP PDF Download   For propagation delays, tpdh refers to the
PCF8563AT   PCF8563AT PCF8563AT PDF Download Vcc = 1.7V~2.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C(I),
PCF8563BS/4-T   PCF8563BS/4-T PCF8563BS/4-T PDF Download Case: SOD-123, Plastic UL Flammability Classific
PCF8563D   PCF8563D PCF8563D PDF Download PHI 07+ SOP/8 The On/Off Control (pin 3) may be used for remote
PCF8563F   PCF8563F PCF8563F PDF Download The address space is divided into eight areas. T
PCF8563F4   PCF8563F4 PCF8563F4 PDF Download
PCF8563M   PCF8563M PCF8563M PDF Download VBIAS (VCC , VBS1,2,3) = 15V, VS0,1,2,3 = VSS an
PCF8563N   PCF8563N PCF8563N PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-8 07+  The HYM72V12C756B(L)S4 Series are Dual In-
PCF8563P   PCF8563P PCF8563P PDF Download PHI N/A 06+ The SN74AVCH8T245 is designed for asynchronous c
PCF8563P/F/F4   PCF8563P/F/F4 PCF8563P/F/F4 PDF Download See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
PCF8563P/F4   PCF8563P/F4 PCF8563P/F4 PDF Download N/A 2000/盒 03+ The DE-SERIES SPICE Model is illustrated in Figur
PCF8563P/F4112   PCF8563P/F4112 PCF8563P/F4112 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
PCF8563P/T   PCF8563P/T PCF8563P/T PDF Download PHILIPS 05+ After the OTG Host detects one of the above pulsi
PCF8563PDIP   PCF8563PDIP PCF8563PDIP PDF Download The PCF8563PDIP, PCF8563PDIP and PCF8563PDIP ha
PCF8563PF4.112   PCF8563PF4.112 PCF8563PF4.112 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collecto
PCF8563PN   PCF8563PN PCF8563PN PDF Download PH 07+ 1. Ultra-small and thin size achieved through use
PCF8563T   PCF8563T PCF8563T PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ used for the high-side switch. The high-side dri
PCF8563T/F4   PCF8563T/F4 PCF8563T/F4 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 04+ Inside 5B45 & 5B46 Modules C The 5B45/46 in
PCF8563T/F4(PB)   PCF8563T/F4(PB) PCF8563T/F4(PB) PDF Download Thermal Design The IRU1261 incorporates an inter
PCF8563T/F4.118   PCF8563T/F4.118 PCF8563T/F4.118 PDF Download   The integration time is pre-programmed vi
PCF8563T/F4/T3   PCF8563T/F4/T3 PCF8563T/F4/T3 PDF Download NOTES:  Add a -1 suffix for internal metal
PCF8563T/F4/T3PBF   PCF8563T/F4/T3PBF PCF8563T/F4/T3PBF PDF Download - Logic controlled 1-CH DC motor driver - 4-CH B
PCF8563T/F4112   PCF8563T/F4112 PCF8563T/F4112 PDF Download PHIL 08+PBF The data written during the Write operation is co
PCF8563T/F4118   PCF8563T/F4118 PCF8563T/F4118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The ÉlanSC300 microcontroller does this b
PCF8563T/F5   PCF8563T/F5 PCF8563T/F5 PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
PCF8563T/P   PCF8563T/P PCF8563T/P PDF Download NXP 07+ SOP/DIP NOTES 1All limits at temperature extremes are gu
PCF8563TD   PCF8563TD PCF8563TD PDF Download PHI SOP-8 08+ The HY29F040As sector erase architecture allows
PCF8563TD-T   PCF8563TD-T PCF8563TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The F1, F2 and F3 Series were developed as timin
PCF8563TF4   PCF8563TF4 PCF8563TF4 PDF Download ph ph dc03 The MSC III is a component of the TV-SAM Feature
PCF8563TS   PCF8563TS PCF8563TS PDF Download NXP 07+ Features • International standard package
PCF8563TS/4   PCF8563TS/4 PCF8563TS/4 PDF Download PHILIPS TSSOP 0531+ These octal transparent D-type latches feature 3
PCF8563TS/4.118   PCF8563TS/4.118 PCF8563TS/4.118 PDF Download nxp 07+ NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
PCF8563TS/4118   PCF8563TS/4118 PCF8563TS/4118 PDF Download PH 07+ PCF8563TS/4118 has successfully completed 168 hou
PCF8563TS/F4   PCF8563TS/F4 PCF8563TS/F4 PDF Download PHILIPS TSSOP 01 But, problems arise if you must connect two comp
PCF8563TS/T4   PCF8563TS/T4 PCF8563TS/T4 PDF Download Devices with a date code prior to 0425 (manufactu
PCF8563TS-4   PCF8563TS-4 PCF8563TS-4 PDF Download As a committed partner to the community and the
PCF8563TSOP8   PCF8563TSOP8 PCF8563TSOP8 PDF Download The 3803/3804 group is the 8-bit microcomputer b
PCF8563T--SOP8   PCF8563T--SOP8 PCF8563T--SOP8 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-8 07+ Only five small 1-µF ceramic capacitors ar
PCF8563TST   PCF8563TST PCF8563TST PDF Download NXP *Part Numbers listed are for units with outer pl
PCF8563TS-T   PCF8563TS-T PCF8563TS-T PDF Download Differential output pair. LVPECL interface level
PCF8564T   PCF8564T PCF8564T PDF Download Throughout this document, the term 2.7 V refers
PCF8566   PCF8566 PCF8566 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A GENNUM CORPORATION P.O. Box 489, Stn A, Burlingt
PCF8566H/S420/1   PCF8566H/S420/1 PCF8566H/S420/1 PDF Download For the most current specification and package i
PCF8566P   PCF8566P PCF8566P PDF Download PHI DIP 95+
PCF8566P.112   PCF8566P.112 PCF8566P.112 PDF Download PHILIPS D/S 07/08+ The HS-80C85RH is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor
PCF8566P-1   PCF8566P-1 PCF8566P-1 PDF Download PHILIPS 94+  TAOperating free-air temperatureC40125C NO
PCF8566P112   PCF8566P112 PCF8566P112 PDF Download PH 07+ VREF (Voltage Reference Output): This pin provide
PCF8566PN   PCF8566PN PCF8566PN PDF Download PH 07+
PCF8566PPB   PCF8566PPB PCF8566PPB PDF Download This link option selects the source of the CLKIN
PCF8566T   PCF8566T PCF8566T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
PCF8566T/1   PCF8566T/1 PCF8566T/1 PDF Download NXP 08+ In the Burst Read Waveform as shown on page 31,
PCF8566T/1.118   PCF8566T/1.118 PCF8566T/1.118 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+   Linear Mixer with integrated LO-Buffer &n
PCF8566T/1112   PCF8566T/1112 PCF8566T/1112 PDF Download PH 07+ The Multi-Input Wake-Up (MIWU) module can be use
PCF8566T/1118   PCF8566T/1118 PCF8566T/1118 PDF Download PHIL 08+PBF Software Architecture Overview: I Embedded Secur
PCF8566T/S48   PCF8566T/S48 PCF8566T/S48 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ SOP Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
PCF8566T/S480   PCF8566T/S480 PCF8566T/S480 PDF Download PHI SOP40 If Autovectoring is enabled (AV2EN = 1 in the IN
PCF8566T/S480/T   PCF8566T/S480/T PCF8566T/S480/T PDF Download PHI SOP40W 2007+ Conditions/Comments1 Maximum clock frequency SC
PCF8566T/T3   PCF8566T/T3 PCF8566T/T3 PDF Download CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge. SCL
PCF8566T-1   PCF8566T-1 PCF8566T-1 PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 The MBM29DL16XTE/BE are a 16M-bit, 3.0 V-only Fl
PCF8566T112   PCF8566T112 PCF8566T112 PDF Download PH 07+ The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. In
PCF8566T118   PCF8566T118 PCF8566T118 PDF Download PH 07+   The MPX53/MPXV53GC series silicon piezores
PCF8566T-5BM4   PCF8566T-5BM4 PCF8566T-5BM4 PDF Download eight CAT24FC02 may be individually addressed by
PCF8566TD   PCF8566TD PCF8566TD PDF Download PH 07+ − Provide software confirmation of complet
PCF8566TD-T   PCF8566TD-T PCF8566TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ Detector Circuits When DC bias is available, Sc
PCF8566TDTR   PCF8566TDTR PCF8566TDTR PDF Download   DigitalClarity™ Image Sensor Technol
PCF8566U/F1   PCF8566U/F1 PCF8566U/F1 PDF Download where frequency is in Hz, resistance in Ohms, an
PCF8566UF1   PCF8566UF1 PCF8566UF1 PDF Download 0 0 The AHCT126 devices are quadruple bus buffer ga
PCF8567CH   PCF8567CH PCF8567CH PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ • The Core Logic module includes: PC/AT fun
PCF8567CT   PCF8567CT PCF8567CT PDF Download The LM3502 is a white LED driver for lighting ap
PCF8567T   PCF8567T PCF8567T PDF Download PHI SMD 95+ (1) S/N can be improved for common mode noise on
PCF8568T   PCF8568T PCF8568T PDF Download PHI SOP-28 1996 P43P42/SBT4P41/SBI4/RXD4P40/SBO4/TXD4P87/LED7/D7P
PCF8569   PCF8569 PCF8569 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Software design support and automatic place-and-
PCF8569T   PCF8569T PCF8569T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A  The Hynix HYM71V16C735AT8 Series are Dual
PCF8570   PCF8570 PCF8570 PDF Download The ispGAL22LV10 is fully function/fuse map comp
PCF8570CT   PCF8570CT PCF8570CT PDF Download PHN 06+ Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® pack
PCF8570P   PCF8570P PCF8570P PDF Download PHIL DIP These monolithic converters are derived from the
PCF8570P/F5   PCF8570P/F5 PCF8570P/F5 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 0352+ The MC68302 Integrated Multiprotocol Processor Us
PCF8570P/F5112   PCF8570P/F5112 PCF8570P/F5112 PDF Download PH 07+ Positive supply voltage input. Although connected
PCF8570P/F5PB   PCF8570P/F5PB PCF8570P/F5PB PDF Download During Master Reset, LD selects one of two parti
PCF8570PF5   PCF8570PF5 PCF8570PF5 PDF Download ph ph dc92 The LT®1765 is a 1.25MHz monolithic buck swit
PCF8570PN   PCF8570PN PCF8570PN PDF Download PH 07+ (MAX2338 EV kit, VCC = +2.7V to +3.3V, fPLNAIN =
PCF8570T   PCF8570T PCF8570T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP8 Microchip offers a QTP Programming Service for
PCF8570T/F5   PCF8570T/F5 PCF8570T/F5 PDF Download PHI SOP 04+ • QuadCFour separate potentiometers •
PCF8570T/F5.518   PCF8570T/F5.518 PCF8570T/F5.518 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ 275MSPS maximum conversion rate 64 interpixel sa
PCF8570T/F5518   PCF8570T/F5518 PCF8570T/F5518 PDF Download PH 07+ Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(Vil or Vih)
PCF8570TD-T   PCF8570TD-T PCF8570TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ • SOP (Small Outline Package) • Iso
PCF8571   PCF8571 PCF8571 PDF Download PHILIPS 05+/06+ B ild / Fig. 7 W1C - E inpha sen -We ch selweg s
PCF8571P   PCF8571P PCF8571P PDF Download 00+ An instruction set controls the operation of the
PCF8571T   PCF8571T PCF8571T PDF Download PHILIPS Positive excursions of input voltage may exceed
PCF8572   PCF8572 PCF8572 PDF Download Transmitter Underrun: TxU is asserted during a tr
PCF8572/P   PCF8572/P PCF8572/P PDF Download Feedback. Input to the error amplifier. For the A
PCF8572I   PCF8572I PCF8572I PDF Download This document describes how to implement a switc
PCF8572I/P   PCF8572I/P PCF8572I/P PDF Download The AT431 is low-voltage three-terminal adjusta
PCF8572IP   PCF8572IP PCF8572IP PDF Download The HSMS-270x series of clipping/clamping diodes
PCF8573   PCF8573 PCF8573 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP16 03+ Solderability: 90% coverage after 5 second dip in
PCF8573P   PCF8573P PCF8573P PDF Download PHI DIP 05+   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
PCF8573P112   PCF8573P112 PCF8573P112 PDF Download SCLK Frequency SCLK Cycle Time SCLK Low Time S
PCF8573P3   PCF8573P3 PCF8573P3 PDF Download FEATURES • Few external parts • Lo
PCF8573P-3   PCF8573P-3 PCF8573P-3 PDF Download PHI DIP16 9801+ NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
PCF8573T   PCF8573T PCF8573T PDF Download PHILPS SMD 93+ 1. The mercury wetted relay provides a high spee
PCF8573T3   PCF8573T3 PCF8573T3 PDF Download • Access time: 45, 70 ns • Low acti
PCF8573T-3   PCF8573T-3 PCF8573T-3 PDF Download PHI SOP/16 01+ For applications requiring On/Off control of the
PCF8573TD   PCF8573TD PCF8573TD PDF Download The CD4047B-Series types are supplied in 14-lead
PCF8574   PCF8574 PCF8574 PDF Download PHI SOP16 04/05+ ON Semiconductor andare registered trademarks of
PCF857412C-IO   PCF857412C-IO PCF857412C-IO PDF Download PHILIS 01+ • Other features   • Internal os
PCF85743   PCF85743 PCF85743 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ This series of fixed-voltage monolithic integrat
PCF8574-3   PCF8574-3 PCF8574-3 PDF Download ERASURE: Before a byte/word can be reprogrammed,
PCF8574A   PCF8574A PCF8574A PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, the Intel bus int
PCF8574A1   PCF8574A1 PCF8574A1 PDF Download HN58X25xxx Series is the Serial Peripheral Inter
PCF8574AD   PCF8574AD PCF8574AD PDF Download PHILIPS SMD 06+ The Mini-ACE Plus* can optionally boot-up as a R
PCF8574ADGVR   PCF8574ADGVR PCF8574ADGVR PDF Download Texas Instruments 08+ Outputs of the data comparators are connected to
PCF8574ADGVRE4   PCF8574ADGVRE4 PCF8574ADGVRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments An applied PWM signal reduces the LED current as
PCF8574ADGVRG4   PCF8574ADGVRG4 PCF8574ADGVRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The SDA 9254-2 is a combination of the TV-SAM SD
PCF8574ADGYR   PCF8574ADGYR PCF8574ADGYR PDF Download TI QFN-20 05+ 3. Load regulation and output voltage are measur
PCF8574ADR   PCF8574ADR PCF8574ADR PDF Download TI DCD2#/GP62 SIN2/GP63 GND RI2#/GP10 CTS2#/GP11
PCF8574ADW   PCF8574ADW PCF8574ADW PDF Download Texas Instruments N/A 04+ Selected and Unselected refers to the state of t
PCF8574ADWE4   PCF8574ADWE4 PCF8574ADWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The conditional skip is activated by instruction
PCF8574ADWG4   PCF8574ADWG4 PCF8574ADWG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments
PCF8574ADWR   PCF8574ADWR PCF8574ADWR PDF Download Texas Instruments 0244+ NOTES: (1) Over-scale and under-scale complies w
PCF8574ADWRE4   PCF8574ADWRE4 PCF8574ADWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ Ground Supply voltage for logic Input voltage f
PCF8574ADWRG4   PCF8574ADWRG4 PCF8574ADWRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments Note 1: Dice are designed to operate with junctio
PCF8574AN   PCF8574AN PCF8574AN PDF Download Texas Instruments DIP 06+ priate Clock Inputs (CPABn CPBAn) regardless of t
PCF8574AN(P/B)   PCF8574AN(P/B) PCF8574AN(P/B) PDF Download TI DIP-16 04+ The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
PCF8574ANE4   PCF8574ANE4 PCF8574ANE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments • Timer Module   Dual channel 16-bit
PCF8574ANPBF   PCF8574ANPBF PCF8574ANPBF PDF Download The ZA2030 is a fully integrated 30W bridged Cla
PCF8574AP   PCF8574AP PCF8574AP PDF Download Philip 08+PBF AutoSwitch (AUTO pin) - automatic (non-revertive)
PCF8574AP.112   PCF8574AP.112 PCF8574AP.112 PDF Download The MAX1661/MAX1662/MAX1663 serial-to-parallel/
PCF8574AP112   PCF8574AP112 PCF8574AP112 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The MAX7314 I2C™-compatible serial interfa
PCF8574APN   PCF8574APN PCF8574APN PDF Download PH 07+ Selectable bias modes that optimize efficiency f
PCF8574APPBF   PCF8574APPBF PCF8574APPBF PDF Download When operating as a receiver, the serial data inp
PCF8574APW   PCF8574APW PCF8574APW PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ TSSOP-20 This is an input pin to the device and is genera
PCF8574APWE4   PCF8574APWE4 PCF8574APWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments   2.1.1 Specifications, standards and handb
PCF8574APWG4   PCF8574APWG4 PCF8574APWG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments † All typical values are at VCC = 2.5 V, T
PCF8574APWR   PCF8574APWR PCF8574APWR PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ Stress above those listed under absolute maximum
PCF8574APWRE4   PCF8574APWRE4 PCF8574APWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The entire family features JTAG for ISR and bound
PCF8574APWRG4   PCF8574APWRG4 PCF8574APWRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments These parameters, although guaranteed over the r
PCF8574AR   PCF8574AR PCF8574AR PDF Download PHIL 07+/08+ ITEMS Input range Output Voltage Adj. Range Li
PCF8574ARGYR   PCF8574ARGYR PCF8574ARGYR PDF Download Texas Instruments QFN 03+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
PCF8574ARGYRG4   PCF8574ARGYRG4 PCF8574ARGYRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments Ultra low dropout voltage (270 mV @ 3A typ) Low
PCF8574AT   PCF8574AT PCF8574AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ 0.75dB per step/32step AGC Control Interface Au
PCF8574AT.T   PCF8574AT.T PCF8574AT.T PDF Download 4000 PHILIPS   PARAMETERS Supply Voltage Operating Tem
PCF8574AT/3   PCF8574AT/3 PCF8574AT/3 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ROSH SOP A primary concern is the location of the watchdog
PCF8574AT/3(P/B)   PCF8574AT/3(P/B) PCF8574AT/3(P/B) PDF Download   PARAMETER Oscillator Switching Frequency
PCF8574AT/3(PBF)   PCF8574AT/3(PBF) PCF8574AT/3(PBF) PDF Download Hynix HYMD564M646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered
PCF8574AT/3512   PCF8574AT/3512 PCF8574AT/3512 PDF Download PH 07+ Features lIXYS advanced low Qg process lLow g
PCF8574AT/3518   PCF8574AT/3518 PCF8574AT/3518 PDF Download PH 07+   The pressure is monitored by a voltage co
PCF8574AT/T   PCF8574AT/T PCF8574AT/T PDF Download 9469 PHILIPS The tag requires no internal power supply. Its co
PCF8574AT112   PCF8574AT112 PCF8574AT112 PDF Download PH 07+ A number of considerations must go into any desig
PCF8574AT118   PCF8574AT118 PCF8574AT118 PDF Download When an amplifier is operated from a single supp
PCF8574AT3   PCF8574AT3 PCF8574AT3 PDF Download For jacketed cable or wires protected by tubing.
PCF8574AT-3   PCF8574AT-3 PCF8574AT-3 PDF Download 99 General description Quad channel Low-Side Switc
PCF8574AT933851660118   PCF8574AT933851660118 PCF8574AT933851660118 PDF Download The capacitance (Ciss) is read from the capacitan
PCF8574ATD   PCF8574ATD PCF8574ATD PDF Download PHILIPS SOP16 00+ Notes: 1. Isolation voltage shall be measured u
PCF8574ATDK-T   PCF8574ATDK-T PCF8574ATDK-T PDF Download The HSMP-386X series of general purpose PIN diod
PCF8574ATDT   PCF8574ATDT PCF8574ATDT PDF Download Superior to Battery-backed SRAM • No batter
PCF8574ATD-T   PCF8574ATD-T PCF8574ATD-T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 3 tHAE is specd for case with HLD falling ed
PCF8574ATS   PCF8574ATS PCF8574ATS PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ All devices are manufactured and tested on a M
PCF8574ATS/3   PCF8574ATS/3 PCF8574ATS/3 PDF Download Drain- Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current
PCF8574ATS/3118   PCF8574ATS/3118 PCF8574ATS/3118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The DM9601 is a fully integrated and cost-effecti
PCF8574ATSOP   PCF8574ATSOP PCF8574ATSOP PDF Download 2.9V to 14V input voltage range 400kHz oscillat
PCF8574D   PCF8574D PCF8574D PDF Download When used as a position sensor, the output of the
PCF8574DD   PCF8574DD PCF8574DD PDF Download P-doped, Schottky-barrier diodes excel at appli
PCF8574DGV   PCF8574DGV PCF8574DGV PDF Download Stresses above the ratings listed below can caus
PCF8574DGVR   PCF8574DGVR PCF8574DGVR PDF Download Texas Instruments SOP20 04+ Low crystal current oscillator Up to 40MHz opera
PCF8574DGVRE4   PCF8574DGVRE4 PCF8574DGVRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/
PCF8574DW   PCF8574DW PCF8574DW PDF Download Texas Instruments ISM Band 902-MHz to 928-MHz Operation FM/FSK Op
PCF8574DWE4   PCF8574DWE4 PCF8574DWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The ISL9G1260EG3, ISL9G1260EP3 and ISL9G1260ES3
PCF8574DWR   PCF8574DWR PCF8574DWR PDF Download Texas Instruments The MAX7314 I2C™-compatible serial interfa
PCF8574DWRE4   PCF8574DWRE4 PCF8574DWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The MD1810 has four inputs which individually con
PCF8574DWRG4   PCF8574DWRG4 PCF8574DWRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The digital source input, D, was designed for mi
PCF8574F   PCF8574F PCF8574F PDF Download Maximum ratings applied to the device are indivi
PCF8574F-3   PCF8574F-3 PCF8574F-3 PDF Download Factory locked parts provide several options. Th
PCF8574I   PCF8574I PCF8574I PDF Download Receiver Loss of Signal, logic high, open collec
PCF8574N   PCF8574N PCF8574N PDF Download Texas Instruments DIP16 04+ They utilize a versatile 3-wire interface that i
PCF8574NE4   PCF8574NE4 PCF8574NE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The bq2060 does not measure charge or discharge
PCF8574NPBF   PCF8574NPBF PCF8574NPBF PDF Download Interrupt Select (active high, input with intern
PCF8574P   PCF8574P PCF8574P PDF Download PHI DIP 05+ AC Types Feature 1.5-V to 5.5-V Operation and Ba
PCF8574P.112   PCF8574P.112 PCF8574P.112 PDF Download   3.5 Marking. The part shall be marked wit
PCF8574P/AP   PCF8574P/AP PCF8574P/AP PDF Download The SDA 9188-3X Picture-in-Picture (PIP) process
PCF8574P/T   PCF8574P/T PCF8574P/T PDF Download 07+ The TDA8931 is a switching power stage for high
PCF8574P112   PCF8574P112 PCF8574P112 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Clock period: 8.34ns; see Typical Operating Char
PCF8574P-3   PCF8574P-3 PCF8574P-3 PDF Download PHI DIP16 9805+ † Not more than one output should be teste
PCF8574PMSM   PCF8574PMSM PCF8574PMSM PDF Download NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
PCF8574PN   PCF8574PN PCF8574PN PDF Download PH 07+ CHANNEL SELECT (F/R) Highest Logic Low Level L
PCF8574PN-LF   PCF8574PN-LF PCF8574PN-LF PDF Download Hynix HYMD232M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
PCF8574PPBF   PCF8574PPBF PCF8574PPBF PDF Download • Molded epoxy package meets UL94V-0 R
PCF8574PTH7223.1   PCF8574PTH7223.1 PCF8574PTH7223.1 PDF Download
PCF8574PW   PCF8574PW PCF8574PW PDF Download Texas Instruments 20TSSOP 06+ TRANSMIT SECTION The transmit section input is
PCF8574PWE4   PCF8574PWE4 PCF8574PWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments   PCF8574PWE4he PCF8574PWE4/829 charge pump
PCF8574PWR   PCF8574PWR PCF8574PWR PDF Download Texas Instruments O7+ Good PC board layout is an essential part of an R
PCF8574PWR/PF574   PCF8574PWR/PF574 PCF8574PWR/PF574 PDF Download TI TSSOP 04+ Wireless local networks Frequency hopping high s
PCF8574PWRE4   PCF8574PWRE4 PCF8574PWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments
PCF8574RGTR   PCF8574RGTR PCF8574RGTR PDF Download Texas Instruments STK 06+/07+ Figure 2 shows the basic transmission specificati
PCF8574RGTRG4   PCF8574RGTRG4 PCF8574RGTRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments   The charge pump circuit converts the vari
PCF8574RGYR   PCF8574RGYR PCF8574RGYR PDF Download Texas Instruments The Hynix HY5DU28422D(L)T, HY5DU28822D(L)T and HY
PCF8574RGYRG4   PCF8574RGYRG4 PCF8574RGYRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The operational overview diagram in Figure 2 illu
PCF8574T   PCF8574T PCF8574T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ The output of a standard 40KHz infrared receiver
PCF8574T.AT   PCF8574T.AT PCF8574T.AT PDF Download PHI SOP16W 06+ Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding
PCF8574T/1   PCF8574T/1 PCF8574T/1 PDF Download After the 5 minute incubation, combine the dilut
PCF8574T/3   PCF8574T/3 PCF8574T/3 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP16 05+ Command Line Editing - A backspace can be used to
PCF8574T/3(PB-FREE)   PCF8574T/3(PB-FREE) PCF8574T/3(PB-FREE) PDF Download Description Clock output from VCO. Output frequ
PCF8574T/3.518   PCF8574T/3.518 PCF8574T/3.518 PDF Download As shown in Figure 1, for 6A output, only two 121
PCF8574T/3512   PCF8574T/3512 PCF8574T/3512 PDF Download PH 07+ 4.1 This Agreement is effective upon initial del
PCF8574T/3518   PCF8574T/3518 PCF8574T/3518 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
PCF8574T/AT   PCF8574T/AT PCF8574T/AT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The LTC®3901 is a secondary side synchronous
PCF8574T/F3   PCF8574T/F3 PCF8574T/F3 PDF Download 飞利浦 08+ SOP-16 1. Set the heater block temperature to 260C +/-
PCF8574T/TS   PCF8574T/TS PCF8574T/TS PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 00+ The VHC14 is an advanced high speed CMOS Hex Sc
PCF8574T118   PCF8574T118 PCF8574T118 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ CURRENT LIMIT COMPARATOR  Output Voltage &
PCF8574T3   PCF8574T3 PCF8574T3 PDF Download ph ph dc00 • Direct, indirect and relative addressing
PCF8574T-3   PCF8574T-3 PCF8574T-3 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-16 01+ NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
PCF8574T3.512   PCF8574T3.512 PCF8574T3.512 PDF Download The PCF8574T3.512 is a dual Y/C 5th order Butter
PCF8574T3.518   PCF8574T3.518 PCF8574T3.518 PDF Download
PCF8574T3933728080118   PCF8574T3933728080118 PCF8574T3933728080118 PDF Download  The HY62SF16404C is a high speed, super lo
PCF8574TAT   PCF8574TAT PCF8574TAT PDF Download Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 15 µA for
PCF8574TD   PCF8574TD PCF8574TD PDF Download PHILIPS SMD20 03+ Hynix HYMD264G726(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
PCF8574TDK   PCF8574TDK PCF8574TDK PDF Download PH 07+ When the least significant byte of the timer ove
PCF8574TDK-T   PCF8574TDK-T PCF8574TDK-T PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP 02+ It can be configured to emulate the SAA4990H as
PCF8574TDT   PCF8574TDT PCF8574TDT PDF Download Reflects the current value of the internal PCI_ST
PCF8574TD-T   PCF8574TD-T PCF8574TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ Six 24-bit D/A, two 24-bit A/D converters 110 dB
PCF8574T-F3   PCF8574T-F3 PCF8574T-F3 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ in the modem is the best in its class. With a lo
PCF8574TK   PCF8574TK PCF8574TK PDF Download Undervoltage Lockout UVLO (undervoltage lockout)
PCF8574TK91761   PCF8574TK91761 PCF8574TK91761 PDF Download ∗1 Maximum input voltage at steady mode is
PCF8574TK92441   PCF8574TK92441 PCF8574TK92441 PDF Download Notes: 1. Effective Carrier Lifetime () for all
PCF8574TS   PCF8574TS PCF8574TS PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond w
PCF8574TS/3   PCF8574TS/3 PCF8574TS/3 PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP20 0524+ • LPC Interface Flash   C SST49LF080A
PCF8574TS/3112   PCF8574TS/3112 PCF8574TS/3112 PDF Download PH 07+   Temperature range is −15C to +105C,
PCF8574TS/3118   PCF8574TS/3118 PCF8574TS/3118 PDF Download PHIL 08+PBF !IMPORTANT! AC power must be disconnected from TB
PCF8574TS/F3   PCF8574TS/F3 PCF8574TS/F3 PDF Download PHILIPS 00 Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
PCF8574TS/F3(SSOP2.5K/RL)00   PCF8574TS/F3(SSOP2.5K/RL)00 PCF8574TS/F3(SSOP2.5K/RL)00 PDF Download PHI 0 Notes: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under Ab
PCF8574TS/F3118   PCF8574TS/F3118 PCF8574TS/F3118 PDF Download PH 07+ • Instruction set to optimize controller a
PCF8574TSF3   PCF8574TSF3 PCF8574TSF3 PDF Download ph ph dc00 Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
PCF8574TSI.C   PCF8574TSI.C PCF8574TSI.C PDF Download The programmable interval timer generates period
PCF8574T-T   PCF8574T-T PCF8574T-T PDF Download PCF SMD 01+ Interrupt. This open drain weak pullup, output si
PCF8575   PCF8575 PCF8575 PDF Download PHILPS SOP 03/+04+ (2) The technical information described in this
PCF8575CDB   PCF8575CDB PCF8575CDB PDF Download Texas Instruments Applications include point-to-point (single term
PCF8575CDBE4   PCF8575CDBE4 PCF8575CDBE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments When expander logic is used in the data path, add
PCF8575CDBQR   PCF8575CDBQR PCF8575CDBQR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 08+ Audio amplifier   AstheSL6310 is an operat
PCF8575CDBQRE4   PCF8575CDBQRE4 PCF8575CDBQRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The equalizer improves the cable-induced jitter;
PCF8575CDBQRG4   PCF8575CDBQRG4 PCF8575CDBQRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments When the IEEE Std. 1149.1 (JTAG) interface is us
PCF8575CDBR   PCF8575CDBR PCF8575CDBR PDF Download Texas Instruments The FIFO has a programmable Almost Empty flag (A
PCF8575CDBRE4   PCF8575CDBRE4 PCF8575CDBRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments No external component required. Programmable out
PCF8575CDGVR   PCF8575CDGVR PCF8575CDGVR PDF Download Texas Instruments 08+   Device types identified as current may no
PCF8575CDGVRE4   PCF8575CDGVRE4 PCF8575CDGVRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments 60µV Maximum Offset Voltage 300pA Maximum
PCF8575CDW   PCF8575CDW PCF8575CDW PDF Download Texas Instruments 24Soic 06+ The Discrete Products Operation of Fairchild Cor
PCF8575CDWE4   PCF8575CDWE4 PCF8575CDWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments • World's Smallest Hermetic SIC Centertap
PCF8575CDWR   PCF8575CDWR PCF8575CDWR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 24Soic 06+ Crystals can be made to resonate either at the
PCF8575CDWRE4   PCF8575CDWRE4 PCF8575CDWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
PCF8575CPW   PCF8575CPW PCF8575CPW PDF Download Texas Instruments   The devices described in this document ar
PCF8575CPWE4   PCF8575CPWE4 PCF8575CPWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The actual completion of the nonvolatile write is
PCF8575CPWR   PCF8575CPWR PCF8575CPWR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 08+ EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
PCF8575CPWRE4   PCF8575CPWRE4 PCF8575CPWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The TMS551xx devices offer a split-register-tran
PCF8575CRGER   PCF8575CRGER PCF8575CRGER PDF Download Texas Instruments 08+ System clock divider • Low power consumptio
PCF8575CTS   PCF8575CTS PCF8575CTS PDF Download IC SOP To drive the device from an external clock sourc
PCF8575CTS/1118   PCF8575CTS/1118 PCF8575CTS/1118 PDF Download Internal, dual, high-performance phase locked loo
PCF8575CTS/F1   PCF8575CTS/F1 PCF8575CTS/F1 PDF Download NXP
PCF8575CTSDB   PCF8575CTSDB PCF8575CTSDB PDF Download NXP Note: 10. Test Conditions of Harmonic Intermodul
PCF8575DB   PCF8575DB PCF8575DB PDF Download 06+ TI 3200 PLL synthesizer (PLL SYNTH) for generation of the
PCF8575DBQR   PCF8575DBQR PCF8575DBQR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 08+ Power Supply VoltageVCC1.8-15V Error amplifier
PCF8575DBQRE4   PCF8575DBQRE4 PCF8575DBQRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments Note 9: The 1µA limit is based on a testing
PCF8575DBQRG4   PCF8575DBQRG4 PCF8575DBQRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments A charge of over 2000 volts can accumulate on th
PCF8575DBR   PCF8575DBR PCF8575DBR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 08+ Floppy Disk Available on Parallel Port Pins Enha
PCF8575DBRE4   PCF8575DBRE4 PCF8575DBRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ The LCD product described in this specification
PCF8575DBRG4   PCF8575DBRG4 PCF8575DBRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments A refresh operation must be performed at least o
PCF8575DGVR   PCF8575DGVR PCF8575DGVR PDF Download Texas Instruments 08+ SelfCTest   The sensor provides a selfCtes
PCF8575DGVRE4   PCF8575DGVRE4 PCF8575DGVRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The two-wire bus is defined as a Serial Data lin
PCF8575DW   PCF8575DW PCF8575DW PDF Download Texas Instruments D/S 07/08+ Regulates voltage over a broad operating current
PCF8575DWR   PCF8575DWR PCF8575DWR PDF Download Texas Instruments 24Soic 07+ * Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values, t
PCF8575PW   PCF8575PW PCF8575PW PDF Download Texas Instruments 06 These regulators feature a dedicated control inp
PCF8575PWE4   PCF8575PWE4 PCF8575PWE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments Note 8: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
PCF8575PWG4   PCF8575PWG4 PCF8575PWG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments TSSOP-24 07+ The pre-bias control loop may be used to make a
PCF8575PWR   PCF8575PWR PCF8575PWR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) SOP Notes:   12341. Solder pads must not be pe
PCF8575PWRE4   PCF8575PWRE4 PCF8575PWRE4 PDF Download Texas Instruments • 25ns, 35ns, 45ns and 55ns Access Times
PCF8575PWRG4   PCF8575PWRG4 PCF8575PWRG4 PDF Download Texas Instruments The HYM72V16M656H(L)T6 -Series are gold plated so
PCF8575RGER   PCF8575RGER PCF8575RGER PDF Download Texas Instruments O7+ Subminiature size for high density packaging DIL
PCF8575RHLR   PCF8575RHLR PCF8575RHLR PDF Download TI 06+ QFN-24 NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on V
PCF8575T   PCF8575T PCF8575T PDF Download PHI SOP This monolithic device contains a sawtooth oscil
PCF8575TC   PCF8575TC PCF8575TC PDF Download The graphs and tables provided following this no
PCF8575TS   PCF8575TS PCF8575TS PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Control information and data are written into or
PCF8575TS/1   PCF8575TS/1 PCF8575TS/1 PDF Download PHL 04+ TSOP (1) Measured under pulsed conditions. Width=300&
PCF8575TS/1112   PCF8575TS/1112 PCF8575TS/1112 PDF Download PH 07+ Important Information and Disclaimer: Informatio
PCF8575TS/1118   PCF8575TS/1118 PCF8575TS/1118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The AD7877 also has an on-board reference of 2.5
PCF8575TS/F1   PCF8575TS/F1 PCF8575TS/F1 PDF Download This P-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate pow
PCF8575TS/F1/T3   PCF8575TS/F1/T3 PCF8575TS/F1/T3 PDF Download ML9xx37 series are high power DFB (Distributed F
PCF8575TS/F1112   PCF8575TS/F1112 PCF8575TS/F1112 PDF Download PH 07+ The 74HC/HCT139 are high-speed, dual 2-to-4 line
PCF8575TS/F1118   PCF8575TS/F1118 PCF8575TS/F1118 PDF Download PH 07+ The AHCT126 devices are quadruple bus buffer ga
PCF8575TS/FI   PCF8575TS/FI PCF8575TS/FI PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP 99+ Typical values contained in this datasheet are b
PCF8575TS1.118   PCF8575TS1.118 PCF8575TS1.118 PDF Download Information furnished is believed to be accurate
PCF8575TSD   PCF8575TSD PCF8575TSD PDF Download Fast Function Blocks (FFB) The XC7336 provides
PCF8575TSDB   PCF8575TSDB PCF8575TSDB PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The UARTs   Software compatible with the PC
PCF8575TSDB-T   PCF8575TSDB-T PCF8575TSDB-T PDF Download These lamps are made with an advanced optical gr
PCF8576   PCF8576 PCF8576 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Source Current Sink Current VID Input Threshold
PCF85760H   PCF85760H PCF85760H PDF Download PHI QFP 2005 • Multiple output clocks at different frequ
PCF8576C   PCF8576C PCF8576C PDF Download • Fast access time: 7, 8, 10, 12 ns ̶
PCF8576CH   PCF8576CH PCF8576CH PDF Download PHILPS 04+ RMX_OUTP and RMX_OUTN (Pin 58 and Pin 57) First
PCF8576CH/1   PCF8576CH/1 PCF8576CH/1 PDF Download PHILIPS TQFP64 06+ Floating Pin 4 divides the master oscillator by 1
PCF8576CH/1157   PCF8576CH/1157 PCF8576CH/1157 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Notes:   12341. Solder pads must not be pe
PCF8576CH/F1   PCF8576CH/F1 PCF8576CH/F1 PDF Download PHILIPS 00 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC. 2.
PCF8576CH/F1557   PCF8576CH/F1557 PCF8576CH/F1557 PDF Download PH 07+ SO-8 package with over 1A continuous output curr
PCF8576CH/P1   PCF8576CH/P1 PCF8576CH/P1 PDF Download PHI QFP 98
PCF8576CHBD   PCF8576CHBD PCF8576CHBD PDF Download 100% production tested at the specified temperat
PCF8576CHF1   PCF8576CHF1 PCF8576CHF1 PDF Download ph ph dc0219  TAOperating free-air temperature−4012
PCF8576CT   PCF8576CT PCF8576CT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ Any and all SANYO products described or contained
PCF8576CT/1   PCF8576CT/1 PCF8576CT/1 PDF Download NXP 08+ Software selectable I O options (TRI-STATE outpu
PCF8576CT/1112   PCF8576CT/1112 PCF8576CT/1112 PDF Download For the clock signal, use the crystal connected
PCF8576CT/1118   PCF8576CT/1118 PCF8576CT/1118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF
PCF8576CT/F1   PCF8576CT/F1 PCF8576CT/F1 PDF Download PHI SSOPP 03+ Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
PCF8576CT/F1(I2C-BUS)   PCF8576CT/F1(I2C-BUS) PCF8576CT/F1(I2C-BUS) PDF Download The receiver accepts serial, CMI coded data, at
PCF8576CT/F1(ROHS)   PCF8576CT/F1(ROHS) PCF8576CT/F1(ROHS) PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
PCF8576CT/F1118   PCF8576CT/F1118 PCF8576CT/F1118 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Note 4: Regulation is measured at constant juncti
PCF8576CT/FI   PCF8576CT/FI PCF8576CT/FI PDF Download PHI SOP 02+ The output signal of the input buffer is monitor
PCF8576CT/S4807458   PCF8576CT/S4807458 PCF8576CT/S4807458 PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP56 General Notes: • All measurements are made
PCF8576CT/T   PCF8576CT/T PCF8576CT/T PDF Download PHI 99/0 9985 optimized for use in many industrial and com- me
PCF8576CT1.118   PCF8576CT1.118 PCF8576CT1.118 PDF Download Added 32-Mbit density Added 98H as a reserved
PCF8576CTD   PCF8576CTD PCF8576CTD PDF Download PH 07+ RXD_14[0]CRSDV_14TXEN_14TXD_14[0]TXD_14[1]RXD_13[
PCF8576CTD-T   PCF8576CTD-T PCF8576CTD-T PDF Download PH 07+ This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
PCF8576CTF1   PCF8576CTF1 PCF8576CTF1 PDF Download ph ph dc0550   Features 1) Built-in bias resistors enabl
PCF8576CT-F1   PCF8576CT-F1 PCF8576CT-F1 PDF Download PHI SOP 03+ The HY29F040A is automatically set for reading
PCF8576CU   PCF8576CU PCF8576CU PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ See the Terminology section. These specification
PCF8576CU/2/F2   PCF8576CU/2/F2 PCF8576CU/2/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP/SMD 08+PBF When setting LB at the high level and other contr
PCF8576CU/2/F2026   PCF8576CU/2/F2026 PCF8576CU/2/F2026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF
PCF8576CU/F1   PCF8576CU/F1 PCF8576CU/F1 PDF Download NXP/PHI 08+ to 30 Mbps Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds 12 kV
PCF8576CU/F1026   PCF8576CU/F1026 PCF8576CU/F1026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF This document is a general product description an
PCF8576DH   PCF8576DH PCF8576DH PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ QFP Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus
PCF8576DH/1   PCF8576DH/1 PCF8576DH/1 PDF Download This processor integrates two important peripher
PCF8576DH/2518   PCF8576DH/2518 PCF8576DH/2518 PDF Download PHILIPS The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
PCF8576DH/2-T   PCF8576DH/2-T PCF8576DH/2-T PDF Download NXP 07+ 16500 480 Address, Up to 15 IRQ and Three DMA Options
PCF8576DT   PCF8576DT PCF8576DT PDF Download PHILIPS DIP/SMD 08+PBF 10.1 All payments required under Section 4.0 or
PCF8576DT/1   PCF8576DT/1 PCF8576DT/1 PDF Download PHILIPS TSSOP56 06+ Ripple Rejection Ripple rejection can be improv
PCF8576DT/2   PCF8576DT/2 PCF8576DT/2 PDF Download NXP/PHI 08+ IMPORTANT INFORMATION The LM2462 performance is
PCF8576DT/2.118   PCF8576DT/2.118 PCF8576DT/2.118 PDF Download NXP 08+ 1000 All parameters characterized at 1GHz unless ot
PCF8576DT/2-T   PCF8576DT/2-T PCF8576DT/2-T PDF Download NXP   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
PCF8576DU/2DA/2   PCF8576DU/2DA/2 PCF8576DU/2DA/2 PDF Download PHILIPS 05+ • All parameters specified for +5V single
PCF8576DU/2DA/2026   PCF8576DU/2DA/2026 PCF8576DU/2DA/2026 PDF Download 14560 PARAMETER Supply Voltage VCC Supply Current VC
PCF8576H   PCF8576H PCF8576H PDF Download Data Output Control The usual state of the data
PCF8576P/T   PCF8576P/T PCF8576P/T PDF Download The PCF8576P/T combines a 32-bit hopping code ge
PCF8576T   PCF8576T PCF8576T PDF Download PHI SSOP 95/96   The SN74LS245 is an Octal Bus Transmitter/
PCF8576T.112   PCF8576T.112 PCF8576T.112 PDF Download The DS1258 devices execute a write cycle whenever
PCF8576T/1112   PCF8576T/1112 PCF8576T/1112 PDF Download The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for era
PCF8576T/2   PCF8576T/2 PCF8576T/2 PDF Download PHI 93+ 3000 Peak Pulse Power dissipation at 25ºC: 30,000
PCF8576T/T3   PCF8576T/T3 PCF8576T/T3 PDF Download CIS signal is level shifted to VRB in order to u
PCF8576T112   PCF8576T112 PCF8576T112 PDF Download PH 07+
PCF8576T118   PCF8576T118 PCF8576T118 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The chipset employs Discrete Multi-Tone modulati
PCF8576T-2   PCF8576T-2 PCF8576T-2 PDF Download PHIL 94 An Intel 8254 timer-counter (or functionally equi
PCF8576TD   PCF8576TD PCF8576TD PDF Download NXP Also See: • HEDS-9000/HEDS-9100  
PCF8576TD-T   PCF8576TD-T PCF8576TD-T PDF Download   Another common application of the PCF8576
PCF8577   PCF8577 PCF8577 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MuxIt is a family of general-purpose, multiple-c
PCF8577AP   PCF8577AP PCF8577AP PDF Download During a memory read cycle the 7-bit check word
PCF8577AT   PCF8577AT PCF8577AT PDF Download ment of strain gauges. The measurement channel h
PCF8577C   PCF8577C PCF8577C PDF Download To measure a refractive index, the LED must be i
PCF8577CF   PCF8577CF PCF8577CF PDF Download PHI SSOP-40 Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by design a
PCF8577CP   PCF8577CP PCF8577CP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP DESCRIPTION The Honeywell HODxxxx series of dua
PCF8577CP/F3   PCF8577CP/F3 PCF8577CP/F3 PDF Download PHI DIP-40 1997 Gain Bandwidth Product at VCE = 2 V, IC = 20 m
PCF8577CP/F3112   PCF8577CP/F3112 PCF8577CP/F3112 PDF Download The ULN2001A is a general-purpose array and can
PCF8577CPF2   PCF8577CPF2 PCF8577CPF2 PDF Download ph ph dc95  The PCF8577CPF2 is a high speed, super low
PCF8577CPF3   PCF8577CPF3 PCF8577CPF3 PDF Download ph ph dc99 Active Voltage Programming: Special precautions
PCF8577CPF3.112   PCF8577CPF3.112 PCF8577CPF3.112 PDF Download Controller (MAC) for Supporting Standard Rates up
PCF8577CPN   PCF8577CPN PCF8577CPN PDF Download PH 07+ The FMS6346 Low Cost Video Filter (LCVF) provide
PCF8577CT   PCF8577CT PCF8577CT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 00+ Features   • Especially suited for use
PCF8577CT/1   PCF8577CT/1 PCF8577CT/1 PDF Download The DAC101S101 is a full-featured, general purpo
PCF8577CT/3   PCF8577CT/3 PCF8577CT/3 PDF Download nxp 07+ 35000 * Stresses above those listed under "Absolu
PCF8577CT/3112   PCF8577CT/3112 PCF8577CT/3112 PDF Download PH 07+ A switching regulator is incorporated for the vol
PCF8577CT/3118   PCF8577CT/3118 PCF8577CT/3118 PDF Download PH 07+ Input to configure for DDR-ONLY mode or STANDARD
PCF8577CT/F3   PCF8577CT/F3 PCF8577CT/F3 PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP 0515+ The HY51V(S)17403HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
PCF8577CT/F3/T3   PCF8577CT/F3/T3 PCF8577CT/F3/T3 PDF Download Feedback Reference Voltage Switching Frequency
PCF8577CT/F3112   PCF8577CT/F3112 PCF8577CT/F3112 PDF Download Note: 5. This input level is calculated from th
PCF8577CT/F3118   PCF8577CT/F3118 PCF8577CT/F3118 PDF Download PH 07+ TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
PCF8577CTD   PCF8577CTD PCF8577CTD PDF Download PH 07+ NOTES (a) For a device surface mounted on 52mm
PCF8577CTD-T   PCF8577CTD-T PCF8577CTD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
PCF8577CT-F3   PCF8577CT-F3 PCF8577CT-F3 PDF Download PHI 00+  EPCOS AG 2001. All Rights Reserved. Rep
PCF8577CTF3.112   PCF8577CTF3.112 PCF8577CTF3.112 PDF Download PHILIPS D/S 07/08+ After the switch-over mode the watchdog operates
PCF8577CU   PCF8577CU PCF8577CU PDF Download INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is receive
PCF8577CU/F3   PCF8577CU/F3 PCF8577CU/F3 PDF Download NXP N/A 08+ ICC1 , ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 are dependent on outpu
PCF8577CU/F3026   PCF8577CU/F3026 PCF8577CU/F3026 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+   The 5T929 will lock to, and track, a valid
PCF8577P   PCF8577P PCF8577P PDF Download PHILIPS 98 For optimal DSP program execution, programmers m
PCF8577T   PCF8577T PCF8577T PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Characteristics The listed characteristics are
PCF8578   PCF8578 PCF8578 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HCT245 devices allow data transmission from
PCF8578H   PCF8578H PCF8578H PDF Download PHILIPS TQFP1010-64 04+ • External interrupt circuit (8 channels)
PCF8578H/1   PCF8578H/1 PCF8578H/1 PDF Download The external crystal must be connected as close
PCF8578HF1   PCF8578HF1 PCF8578HF1 PDF Download The TICPAL22V10Z has internal electrostatic disc
PCF8578T   PCF8578T PCF8578T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PCF8578T/1   PCF8578T/1 PCF8578T/1 PDF Download ★Original and new, Special price! ★Original and new, Special price! 06+ 2. TOLERANCE AND TYPE NUMBER DESIGNATION The type
PCF8578T/1112   PCF8578T/1112 PCF8578T/1112 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Each channel of the XRD9814/9816 includes a Corr
PCF8578T/1118   PCF8578T/1118 PCF8578T/1118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
PCF8578T-1   PCF8578T-1 PCF8578T-1 PDF Download PHI VSO 4 Options :- 10mm lead spread - add G after part
PCF8578TD   PCF8578TD PCF8578TD PDF Download PHILIPS TSOP- 07+/08+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 4.3 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW
PCF8578U/10   PCF8578U/10 PCF8578U/10 PDF Download PHILIPS 1997 The 82091AA Advanced Integrated Peripheral (AIP)
PCF8578U10CA   PCF8578U10CA PCF8578U10CA PDF Download This new generation of trench MOSFETs from Zetex
PCF8579   PCF8579 PCF8579 PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ Even though absolute integral and differential l
PCF8579H   PCF8579H PCF8579H PDF Download 9 PHILIPS 06+
PCF8579H/1   PCF8579H/1 PCF8579H/1 PDF Download The ballast control section consists of R18, R19,
PCF8579H/F1   PCF8579H/F1 PCF8579H/F1 PDF Download   01   1 (or tie to0   nRST)
PCF8579H1   PCF8579H1 PCF8579H1 PDF Download The VSP2232 is a complete mixed-signal IC that c
PCF8579HF1   PCF8579HF1 PCF8579HF1 PDF Download ISOPLUS247 package with DCB Base - Electrical
PCF8579T   PCF8579T PCF8579T PDF Download PHI SOP 03+/04+ The phase detector and the M divider force the V
PCF8579T/1118   PCF8579T/1118 PCF8579T/1118 PDF Download • Decodes MPEG2 MP@ML, MPEG1 video bitstrea
PCF8579T-1   PCF8579T-1 PCF8579T-1 PDF Download PHI 00+ SSOP/56 Pin for pin equivalent displays are also availab
PCF8579T118   PCF8579T118 PCF8579T118 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ The AHC138 decoders/demultiplexers are designed
PCF8579TD   PCF8579TD PCF8579TD PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP 2004 An incoming RF signal is first filtered by a narr
PCF8579U10CA   PCF8579U10CA PCF8579U10CA PDF Download 0s to 1s. Programming is accomplished via the in
PCF857AP   PCF857AP PCF857AP PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
PCF857AT   PCF857AT PCF857AT PDF Download • 1.25 (31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
PCF857CAT   PCF857CAT PCF857CAT PDF Download Temperature Sensor Output   The temperature
PCF857CCT   PCF857CCT PCF857CCT PDF Download PHI SSOP-7.2-54P 06+ Only few external Components required Input Und
PCF857T   PCF857T PCF857T PDF Download FEATURES Precision 1.200 V Voltage Reference Ul
PCF857TS   PCF857TS PCF857TS PDF Download PHILIPS TSOP24 The relay control output is protected via the in
PCF8581   PCF8581 PCF8581 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Low cost, general duty, non-environmental MIL-C-
PCF8581CP   PCF8581CP PCF8581CP PDF Download PHI DIP8 91+ - 2.4GB/s sustained data transfer rate - Separa
PCF8581CT   PCF8581CT PCF8581CT PDF Download PHI SOP 06+ 12-bit resolution 10MHz minimum sampling rate F
PCF8581P   PCF8581P PCF8581P PDF Download PHI DIP8 91+ Supply Current 1 Supply Current 2 R Output Volt
PCF8581PF4   PCF8581PF4 PCF8581PF4 PDF Download ph ph dc91 The ROHM Diode Manufacturing Department has deve
PCF8581T   PCF8581T PCF8581T PDF Download PHILPS SMD 96+   This pin is controlled by FST and BCLKT a
PCF8581T/F5   PCF8581T/F5 PCF8581T/F5 PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ This octal buffer or line driver is designed sp
PCF8582   PCF8582 PCF8582 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 525 The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the outputs
PCF85821AT   PCF85821AT PCF85821AT PDF Download 0 0
PCF8582A   PCF8582A PCF8582A PDF Download IC SOP The HR120 converters are switching regulators wh
PCF8582A/PCF8582C-2P/   PCF8582A/PCF8582C-2P/ PCF8582A/PCF8582C-2P/ PDF Download
PCF8582AP   PCF8582AP PCF8582AP PDF Download PHI DIP8 91+ Dual pushbutton operation is only available when
PCF8582AT   PCF8582AT PCF8582AT PDF Download PHILIPS SOP The IC41C8512 and IC41LV8512 is a CMOS DRAM opt
PCF8582BPB   PCF8582BPB PCF8582BPB PDF Download The SN74AVC20T245 is designed for asynchronous c
PCF8582C   PCF8582C PCF8582C PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 04+ The device is designed to operate with 2.7 to 3.
PCF8582C2   PCF8582C2 PCF8582C2 PDF Download PHILIPS PDIP-8 00+ ACPI-PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specifi
PCF8582C-2   PCF8582C-2 PCF8582C-2 PDF Download PHI DIP 94+ For packing material that is returned to us uns
PCF8582C2D   PCF8582C2D PCF8582C2D PDF Download PH 07+   Although the Motorola accelerometers conta
PCF8582C-2D   PCF8582C-2D PCF8582C-2D PDF Download NOTE : 1. Samsung are not designed or manufactur
PCF8582C-2DIP   PCF8582C-2DIP PCF8582C-2DIP PDF Download BB 04+ • Low VCC detection and reset assertion &n
PCF8582C2D-T   PCF8582C2D-T PCF8582C2D-T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 97+ The CPU core can use on-chip rather than external
PCF8582C2N   PCF8582C2N PCF8582C2N PDF Download PH 07+ BPMODE (TPS2074) or BPMODE (TPS2075) is an outpu
PCF8582C-2N   PCF8582C-2N PCF8582C-2N PDF Download NXP   The ULx2803A/LW and ULx2804A/LW are the s
PCF8582C2P   PCF8582C2P PCF8582C2P PDF Download Reset: A low on this pin resets the microcontroll
PCF8582C-2P   PCF8582C-2P PCF8582C-2P PDF Download PHI DIP/8 02+ It is possible to choose from the four different
PCF8582C-2P/03   PCF8582C-2P/03 PCF8582C-2P/03 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP/8 01+   PIN DESCRIPTION No connection. This pin
PCF8582C-2P/03112   PCF8582C-2P/03112 PCF8582C-2P/03112 PDF Download PH 07+ The LCX16373 contains sixteen D-type latches wit
PCF8582C-2P/3   PCF8582C-2P/3 PCF8582C-2P/3 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP8 06+ Other features include pulse-by-pulse current li
PCF8582C2T   PCF8582C2T PCF8582C2T PDF Download Electrical Characteristics Absolute Maximum Rat
PCF8582C-2T   PCF8582C-2T PCF8582C-2T PDF Download Only four external components are needed for oper
PCF8582C-2T/03   PCF8582C-2T/03 PCF8582C-2T/03 PDF Download PHI SOP-3.9-8P 6+
PCF8582C-2T/03112   PCF8582C-2T/03112 PCF8582C-2T/03112 PDF Download PHILIPS Case: JEDEC TO-220AB, ITO-220AB & TO-263AB mo
PCF8582C-2T/03118   PCF8582C-2T/03118 PCF8582C-2T/03118 PDF Download PH 07+ Cable Length Indication. Provides a voltage outp
PCF8582C-2T/3   PCF8582C-2T/3 PCF8582C-2T/3 PDF Download PHL SOP 04+ Power dissipation at 25ºC: 2.0 watts (also
PCF8582C2T03   PCF8582C2T03 PCF8582C2T03 PDF Download ★Original and new, Special price! ★Original and new, Special price! 06+ The serializer outputs (DO) can drive point-to-p
PCF8582C-2T-03   PCF8582C-2T-03 PCF8582C-2T-03 PDF Download
PCF8582C2T03.112   PCF8582C2T03.112 PCF8582C2T03.112 PDF Download The 'LVTH16373 devices are 16-bit transparent D-
PCF8582C2TS   PCF8582C2TS PCF8582C2TS PDF Download This is the timing reference frequency which is
PCF8582C2Y   PCF8582C2Y PCF8582C2Y PDF Download Hynix HYMD564M646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
PCF8582C-2Y   PCF8582C-2Y PCF8582C-2Y PDF Download sFEATURES qLow Offset VoltageVIO=4mV max qSing
PCF8582CD   PCF8582CD PCF8582CD PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
PCF8582CP   PCF8582CP PCF8582CP PDF Download PHI There are four function commands to address the
PCF8582C-S1504D8333   PCF8582C-S1504D8333 PCF8582C-S1504D8333 PDF Download   Can use external RAM as additional FIFO
PCF8582CT   PCF8582CT PCF8582CT PDF Download PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ Notes:  1. The volatge on any input or I/O
PCF8582CT/06   PCF8582CT/06 PCF8582CT/06 PDF Download Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
PCF8582CTR   PCF8582CTR PCF8582CTR PDF Download ph ph dc92
PCF8582D   PCF8582D PCF8582D PDF Download The STM1403 family of security supervisors are a
PCF8582D-2   PCF8582D-2 PCF8582D-2 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 500 Chapter 2, "Address Spaces," describes
PCF8582D2X   PCF8582D2X PCF8582D2X PDF Download Each resistor array and comparator has associate
PCF8582D2Y   PCF8582D2Y PCF8582D2Y PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ DESCRIPTION   The PCF8582D2Y is a 45-watt
PCF8582D-2Y   PCF8582D-2Y PCF8582D-2Y PDF Download The system clock inputs. All adress an commands l
PCF8582DIP   PCF8582DIP PCF8582DIP PDF Download PHILIPS DIP8 Hynix HYMD216646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed for
PCF8582E   PCF8582E PCF8582E PDF Download PHI 06+ 7812   These Schottky barrier diodes are designed
PCF8582E2   PCF8582E2 PCF8582E2 PDF Download PHILIPS 00+ DIP-8 HOTLink-II devices are ideal for a variety of ap
PCF8582E-2   PCF8582E-2 PCF8582E-2 PDF Download PH DIP DIP-8   4.3 Screening. Screening shall be in acco
PCF8582E--2   PCF8582E--2 PCF8582E--2 PDF Download The DC/DC converter is a programmable topology
PCF8582E-2.C-2   PCF8582E-2.C-2 PCF8582E-2.C-2 PDF Download PHI DIP8 2007+ The Microchip PowerInfo 2 interface facilitates
PCF8582E-2P   PCF8582E-2P PCF8582E-2P PDF Download PHILIPS 00+ The attached spice model describes the typical el
PCF8582E-2P/03   PCF8582E-2P/03 PCF8582E-2P/03 PDF Download PHILIPS Do not apply stress to the resin at high tempera
PCF8582E2P03   PCF8582E2P03 PCF8582E2P03 PDF Download PHI IC (DIP-8) The PCF8582E2P03/201A supports display resolutio
PCF8582E2T   PCF8582E2T PCF8582E2T PDF Download ph ph dc94 From Detect Command or Application of PD to Port
PCF8582E-2T   PCF8582E-2T PCF8582E-2T PDF Download PHI SOP 97 NOTES ** Note that the Test Output pins on the
PCF8582E-2T/03   PCF8582E-2T/03 PCF8582E-2T/03 PDF Download When VCC is greater than 1V and less than the UV
PCF8582E2TR   PCF8582E2TR PCF8582E2TR PDF Download ph ph dc94 Four 16C950 High performance UART channels 8/32
PCF8582E2TS   PCF8582E2TS PCF8582E2TS PDF Download ph ph dc94   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
PCF8582E2Y   PCF8582E2Y PCF8582E2Y PDF Download PHILPS SMD 95+ TGENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJW1303 is a syn
PCF8582E-2Y   PCF8582E-2Y PCF8582E-2Y PDF Download In AM mode the AM mixer, the AM RF-AGC and the 1
PCF8582EIY   PCF8582EIY PCF8582EIY PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ The SDRAM employs state-of-the-art technology fo
PCF8582EP   PCF8582EP PCF8582EP PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 220 Note 2: Tantalum, electrolytic or low cost ceram
PCF8582E-P   PCF8582E-P PCF8582E-P PDF Download PCI Bus VIO: This pin should be connected to the
PCF8582EP-2P   PCF8582EP-2P PCF8582EP-2P PDF Download PH 02+ The 80C186XL has two major modes of operation C
PCF8582ET   PCF8582ET PCF8582ET PDF Download Eighteen configurable outputs each drive termina
PCF8582ET2Y   PCF8582ET2Y PCF8582ET2Y PDF Download ph ph dc95  ICS reserves the right to make changes in
PCF8582F-2   PCF8582F-2 PCF8582F-2 PDF Download † All parameters are measured under open-l
PCF8582F-2T/03   PCF8582F-2T/03 PCF8582F-2T/03 PDF Download PHI 97+ SOP/8 Note that all UV erasable devices will erase wit
PCF8582F2Y   PCF8582F2Y PCF8582F2Y PDF Download There are two main external memory interfaces. T
PCF8582P   PCF8582P PCF8582P PDF Download PHI DIP-8 0729+ R1,R2=15W, 1/2 watt R3,R4=15W, 1 watt L1,L3=1 1
PCF8582PBS   PCF8582PBS PCF8582PBS PDF Download Pin-for-Pin compatible with AMD® Am186ES/188E
PCF8582S   PCF8582S PCF8582S PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2.
PCF8582S-SMDD/C91   PCF8582S-SMDD/C91 PCF8582S-SMDD/C91 PDF Download MBM29DL16XTE/BE are organized into two banks, Ba
PCF8582S-SMDD/C92   PCF8582S-SMDD/C92 PCF8582S-SMDD/C92 PDF Download • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one-
PCF8582T   PCF8582T PCF8582T PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 03+ The TPS3820/3/5/8 devices incorporate a manual r
PCF8583   PCF8583 PCF8583 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP8 N/A Wafer Lot Acceptance Non-destructive Bond Pull
PCF8583P   PCF8583P PCF8583P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES: 2. When the differential input voltage (V
PCF8583P/F5   PCF8583P/F5 PCF8583P/F5 PDF Download NXP 07+ Information furnished is believed to be accurate
PCF8583P/F5112   PCF8583P/F5112 PCF8583P/F5112 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF A watchdog timer is a simple countdown timer whic
PCF8583P/F5PBF   PCF8583P/F5PBF PCF8583P/F5PBF PDF Download   Output Noise Voltage C The rms ac voltage
PCF8583P/T   PCF8583P/T PCF8583P/T PDF Download PHILIPS 05+ The fractional-N PLL and VCO with external induc
PCF8583PDIP   PCF8583PDIP PCF8583PDIP PDF Download BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
PCF8583P-F5   PCF8583P-F5 PCF8583P-F5 PDF Download To make Flash memories interchangeable and to e
PCF8583PF5.112   PCF8583PF5.112 PCF8583PF5.112 PDF Download PWM Signal Input C Connects to the internal refe
PCF8583PIF5   PCF8583PIF5 PCF8583PIF5 PDF Download PHI ORG PACKING 08+ Guaranteed by design and characterization. Image
PCF8583PN   PCF8583PN PCF8583PN PDF Download PH 07+ Run: CPU on, peripherals on Idle: CPU off, per
PCF8583PN-LF   PCF8583PN-LF PCF8583PN-LF PDF Download These programmable array logic devices feature h
PCF8583T   PCF8583T PCF8583T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 05+ Note The data output functions may be enabled or
PCF8583T/5   PCF8583T/5 PCF8583T/5 PDF Download NXP 08+ The On/Off to VOUT start-up time assumes the conv
PCF8583T/5512   PCF8583T/5512 PCF8583T/5512 PDF Download PH 07+ One or more of the following United States patent
PCF8583T/5518   PCF8583T/5518 PCF8583T/5518 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The TPS712xx family of low-dropout (LDO) voltage
PCF8583T/5T   PCF8583T/5T PCF8583T/5T PDF Download PHI ORG PACKING 08+ Upon power-up, the synchronous enable (ES) flip-f
PCF8583T/5T/SMD   PCF8583T/5T/SMD PCF8583T/5T/SMD PDF Download
PCF8583T/F4   PCF8583T/F4 PCF8583T/F4 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The device supports two main configurations as f
PCF8583T/F5   PCF8583T/F5 PCF8583T/F5 PDF Download PHILIPS 3000 The LVTH16543 devices are 16-bit registered tran
PCF8583T/F5112   PCF8583T/F5112 PCF8583T/F5112 PDF Download The TPS6021x circuits consist of an oscillator,
PCF8583T/F5118   PCF8583T/F5118 PCF8583T/F5118 PDF Download PH 07+ * Static-sensitive device. Unused devices must b
PCF8583T5   PCF8583T5 PCF8583T5 PDF Download NXP 07+ Low Noise Constant Frequency Operation 25% Less
PCF8583T5.512   PCF8583T5.512 PCF8583T5.512 PDF Download Although the data (bits) in the command is consid
PCF8583TD   PCF8583TD PCF8583TD PDF Download PHI SOP 02/03+ SMSC's COM20019I is a member of the family of Emb
PCF8583TD-LF   PCF8583TD-LF PCF8583TD-LF PDF Download The 80C186EB is a second generation CHMOS High-I
PCF8583TDT   PCF8583TDT PCF8583TDT PDF Download   This device represents a series of Power
PCF8583TD-T   PCF8583TD-T PCF8583TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ With the Hold input held High - Figure 4.  
PCF8583TF5   PCF8583TF5 PCF8583TF5 PDF Download ph ph dc04 The memory, internal to the device, is organized
PCF8583T-F5   PCF8583T-F5 PCF8583T-F5 PDF Download Description The HSDL-3612 is a low-profile inf
PCF8583TS   PCF8583TS PCF8583TS PDF Download PHILIP 02+ Operating and Storage temperature: -65ºC to
PCF8583TSMD   PCF8583TSMD PCF8583TSMD PDF Download LDQM and UDQM control the lower and upper bytes
PCF8583TTF16   PCF8583TTF16 PCF8583TTF16 PDF Download ph ph dc97 Note 5: Supply current in normal operation is dom
PCF8584   PCF8584 PCF8584 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The high speed charge pump consists of a switcha
PCF8584AF   PCF8584AF PCF8584AF PDF Download 5. Output clip detection function (pin(1))  
PCF8584AP   PCF8584AP PCF8584AP PDF Download 14.318 MHz reference clock. 14.318 MHz referen
PCF8584AT   PCF8584AT PCF8584AT PDF Download PHLIPS 96+ In all modes, this regulator is current-limited.
PCF8584F   PCF8584F PCF8584F PDF Download PHI SOP This is the active high output drive signal for
PCF8584P   PCF8584P PCF8584P PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-20 04+ Outputs of the analog signal ground voltage. SGT
PCF8584P.112   PCF8584P.112 PCF8584P.112 PDF Download Ground Key Detection - A low active LS TTL - com
PCF8584P/T   PCF8584P/T PCF8584P/T PDF Download The IA186ES/188ES microcontrollers are an upgrad
PCF8584P112   PCF8584P112 PCF8584P112 PDF Download PH 07+ Programmable High-Speed Synchronous Communicatio
PCF8584P-2   PCF8584P-2 PCF8584P-2 PDF Download PHI DIP20 9801/05+ The modulation format is chosen by the state of t
PCF8584PN   PCF8584PN PCF8584PN PDF Download PH 07+   The IN74HCT20 is identical in pinout to t
PCF8584PN-LF   PCF8584PN-LF PCF8584PN-LF PDF Download Testing - By holding pin 12 (OSCAP) low the inter
PCF8584T   PCF8584T PCF8584T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 04+ These multiplexers are monolithic complementary
PCF8584T/2   PCF8584T/2 PCF8584T/2 PDF Download PHILIPS 9340 As shown in the block diagram, the TV-SAM compri
PCF8584T/2512   PCF8584T/2512 PCF8584T/2512 PDF Download PH 07+ Three 16-bit general-purpose timers are included
PCF8584T/2518   PCF8584T/2518 PCF8584T/2518 PDF Download PH 07+ Therefore, it should not be a problem to achieve
PCF8584T112   PCF8584T112 PCF8584T112 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Chip Select (CS is an active low input. Whenever
PCF8584T2   PCF8584T2 PCF8584T2 PDF Download ph ph dc93 † Stresses beyond those listed under "
PCF8584T-2   PCF8584T-2 PCF8584T-2 PDF Download PHILIPS 9418 SDP is enabled by the host system issuing a seri
PCF8584T-2(935069310112)   PCF8584T-2(935069310112) PCF8584T-2(935069310112) PDF Download All devices present a 1/8 unit load to the RS-485
PCF8584TD   PCF8584TD PCF8584TD PDF Download Philip 02+ Refer to Measuring Circuit Refer to Measuring Ci
PCF8584TD-T   PCF8584TD-T PCF8584TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed f
PCF8587   PCF8587 PCF8587 PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
PCF8590T   PCF8590T PCF8590T PDF Download PHILIPS SMD 03+ Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
PCF8591   PCF8591 PCF8591 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A DC PERFORMANCE(5) Open-Loop Transimpedance Gain
PCF8591D   PCF8591D PCF8591D PDF Download 0 0 Notes: 1. Pulsed measurement, pulse width 350 &
PCF8591F   PCF8591F PCF8591F PDF Download Hynix HYMD564646(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SP
PCF8591H   PCF8591H PCF8591H PDF Download PHILIPS SMD 00+ Notes: 1. Derate above 91C at 0.53 mA/C. 2. S
PCF8591P   PCF8591P PCF8591P PDF Download PHI DIP 07+ The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family offers a var
PCF8591P.112   PCF8591P.112 PCF8591P.112 PDF Download In Discontinuous mode, when the inductor current
PCF8591P112   PCF8591P112 PCF8591P112 PDF Download PH 07+ A continuous pulse input (push and hold) is defin
PCF8591P-2   PCF8591P-2 PCF8591P-2 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-16 04+ The RC5051 is a programmable synchronous DC-DC
PCF8591PN   PCF8591PN PCF8591PN PDF Download PH 07+ Built-in oscillator with variable sample rate S
PCF8591PT   PCF8591PT PCF8591PT PDF Download The CM3016-48 is a CMOS linear voltage regulator
PCF8591T   PCF8591T PCF8591T PDF Download PHILPS SOP SOP Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PCF8591T/2   PCF8591T/2 PCF8591T/2 PDF Download NPX SO-16 06+
PCF8591T/2512   PCF8591T/2512 PCF8591T/2512 PDF Download PH 07+ NOTES: VZ is programmable from -2V to +7V. IOL
PCF8591T/2518   PCF8591T/2518 PCF8591T/2518 PDF Download PH 07+   There are two limitations on the power ha
PCF8591T/T3   PCF8591T/T3 PCF8591T/T3 PDF Download N/A The software protection is a register based read
PCF8591T112   PCF8591T112 PCF8591T112 PDF Download ©Atmel Corporation 2004. All rights reserved
PCF8591T2   PCF8591T2 PCF8591T2 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ 1 Form C (1C) AgCuNi 5A 14VDC (Motor Load) M
PCF8591T-2   PCF8591T-2 PCF8591T-2 PDF Download PHI SOP/16 00+ Parameter REFERENCE INPUTS   REFIN(+) to R
PCF8591TD   PCF8591TD PCF8591TD PDF Download N/A N/A N/A VI TELEFILTERVectron International, Inc. Potsda
PCF8591TD-T   PCF8591TD-T PCF8591TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ The two address buses (PMA and DMA) share a sing
PCF8591TK   PCF8591TK PCF8591TK PDF Download PHILIPS 02+ SOP16 Freescale Semiconductor reserves the right to ma
PCF8592EPZ   PCF8592EPZ PCF8592EPZ PDF Download PHIL 169 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under A
PCF8593   PCF8593 PCF8593 PDF Download PHI 06+ The device features simultaneous read/write op-
PCF8593C-2   PCF8593C-2 PCF8593C-2 PDF Download The HSDL-3610 can be completely shut down to a
PCF8593N   PCF8593N PCF8593N PDF Download The MM74HC04 is a triple buffered inverter. It h
PCF8593P   PCF8593P PCF8593P PDF Download Philip 05+ The iris function is implemented by forming a ne
PCF8593P1   PCF8593P1 PCF8593P1 PDF Download The ADSP-21991 architecture is code compatible w
PCF8593P112   PCF8593P112 PCF8593P112 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+   At high switching speeds, parasitic circu
PCF8593T   PCF8593T PCF8593T PDF Download NXP 07+PBF Programmable output voltage to 20 volts Sink cur
PCF8593T/1   PCF8593T/1 PCF8593T/1 PDF Download nxp 07+ 16800
PCF8593T/1112   PCF8593T/1112 PCF8593T/1112 PDF Download PH 07+   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
PCF8593T/1118   PCF8593T/1118 PCF8593T/1118 PDF Download PH 07+   The EM785830AD is an 8-bit RISC type micr
PCF8593T/1PBF   PCF8593T/1PBF PCF8593T/1PBF PDF Download 256K x 36 Synchronous Bank-Switchable Dual-ported
PCF8593T1   PCF8593T1 PCF8593T1 PDF Download Applications The AEDR-8300 series provides moti
PCF8593T-1   PCF8593T-1 PCF8593T-1 PDF Download PHI n/a 98 An on-board temperature sensor protects the modu
PCF8593T118   PCF8593T118 PCF8593T118 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF NOTES 1Temperature range is as follows: B Versio
PCF8593TD   PCF8593TD PCF8593TD PDF Download PH 07+ Margin Dn*: When this open-collector (open-drain)
PCF8593TD-T   PCF8593TD-T PCF8593TD-T PDF Download PH 07+ Thus when the voltage across the inductor is pos
PCF8594   PCF8594 PCF8594 PDF Download • State-of-the-art architecture   N
PCF8594-2   PCF8594-2 PCF8594-2 PDF Download total dose tolerance. This device uses advanced C
PCF8594C   PCF8594C PCF8594C PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 02+   and Class C (Exceeding 400 V) per Machine
PCF8594C2   PCF8594C2 PCF8594C2 PDF Download PHI 860 The EC000 core offers sixteen 32-bit registers a
PCF8594C-2   PCF8594C-2 PCF8594C-2 PDF Download PHI DIP 02+ • High speed   tAA = 15 ns •
PCF8594C-260   PCF8594C-260 PCF8594C-260 PDF Download All of the bytes in the chip must be verified to
PCF8594C2D   PCF8594C2D PCF8594C2D PDF Download The LM74A is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma a
PCF8594C2N   PCF8594C2N PCF8594C2N PDF Download The SN65C3223 and SN75C3223 consist of two line
PCF8594C2P   PCF8594C2P PCF8594C2P PDF Download • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
PCF8594C-2P/02   PCF8594C-2P/02 PCF8594C-2P/02 PDF Download PHI DIP8 0110/12+   The PT8000 series is a 60 A high- perform
PCF8594C-2P/2   PCF8594C-2P/2 PCF8594C-2P/2 PDF Download VSW = 18.0V(Max.), IOUT = 60mA Built-in PWM Di
PCF8594C-2T   PCF8594C-2T PCF8594C-2T PDF Download PHI 02+ Compliance with ANSI SCSI standards for class 1
PCF8594C-2T/02   PCF8594C-2T/02 PCF8594C-2T/02 PDF Download PHI SMD-8 02+ Figure 6. Block diagram of the 2 GHz production
PCF8594C-2T/02(SOT96)   PCF8594C-2T/02(SOT96) PCF8594C-2T/02(SOT96) PDF Download The OPA342 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational
PCF8594C-2T/02112   PCF8594C-2T/02112 PCF8594C-2T/02112 PDF Download The PCF8594C-2T/02112E is a special-purpose kara
PCF8594C-2T/02118   PCF8594C-2T/02118 PCF8594C-2T/02118 PDF Download PHILIPS/NXP The eight latches of the BCT373 devices are tran
PCF8594C2X   PCF8594C2X PCF8594C2X PDF Download The pulse-skip regulation mode minimizes operati
PCF8594C-3   PCF8594C-3 PCF8594C-3 PDF Download PHI DIP-8P 06+ The postprocessor permits the signal conditionin
PCF8594D2Y   PCF8594D2Y PCF8594D2Y PDF Download PHILIPS Forward Voltage Reverse Current Junction Capaci
PCF8594E2   PCF8594E2 PCF8594E2 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
PCF8594E-2   PCF8594E-2 PCF8594E-2 PDF Download 03+ The CPU030 employed in the PCF8594E-2 is compose
PCF8594E2DT   PCF8594E2DT PCF8594E2DT PDF Download embedded web servers  Wireless LAN and Blu
PCF8594E2P   PCF8594E2P PCF8594E2P PDF Download
PCF8594E-2P   PCF8594E-2P PCF8594E-2P PDF Download PHI DIP 91+ Voltage gain Upper cut-off frequency (Fig. 3)
PCF8594E-2T/02   PCF8594E-2T/02 PCF8594E-2T/02 PDF Download PHI SSOP/24   Available in standoff voltage range of 6.
PCF8594E2Y   PCF8594E2Y PCF8594E2Y PDF Download The QDMM provides dedicated data storage resourc
PCF8594E-IP   PCF8594E-IP PCF8594E-IP PDF Download DIGITAL INPUTS  Logic 1 Voltage @ DVDD = +5
PCF8594F-2   PCF8594F-2 PCF8594F-2 PDF Download Description Power Dissipation Segment Forward C
PCF8594T/V0A   PCF8594T/V0A PCF8594T/V0A PDF Download The LM45 series are precision integrated-circuit
PCF8594T/V0B   PCF8594T/V0B PCF8594T/V0B PDF Download This document contains information which is prot
PCF8597T   PCF8597T PCF8597T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP16 n Input frequency range from 30 MHz to 95 MHz n
PCF8598   PCF8598 PCF8598 PDF Download PHI 06+ The V104 10 Bit LVDS Receiver for Video is design
PCF8598C   PCF8598C PCF8598C PDF Download PHILIPS DIP   5V CMOS and TTL Compatible   Fast Sw
PCF8598C/2P/02   PCF8598C/2P/02 PCF8598C/2P/02 PDF Download PHI DIP/8 00+ True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simulta
PCF8598C2   PCF8598C2 PCF8598C2 PDF Download 1-Phase, Full-Wave, Linear DC Motor Driver Buil
PCF8598C-2   PCF8598C-2 PCF8598C-2 PDF Download PHI DIP/8 01+ FEATURES Wide 8 V to 50 V Input Range Adjusta
PCF8598C2D   PCF8598C2D PCF8598C2D PDF Download These 8-bit latches feature 3-state outputs desi
PCF8598C2D-T   PCF8598C2D-T PCF8598C2D-T PDF Download PH 07+ Buffered clock output. Bank B Buffered clock out
PCF8598C2N   PCF8598C2N PCF8598C2N PDF Download   The first example (Figure 1) is designed
PCF8598C-2N   PCF8598C-2N PCF8598C-2N PDF Download High Efficiency: Up to 96% 600mA Output Current
PCF8598C-2P   PCF8598C-2P PCF8598C-2P PDF Download PHI DIP-8 06+ Noninverting Input Channel A No Internal Conne
PCF8598C-2P/02   PCF8598C-2P/02 PCF8598C-2P/02 PDF Download PHI DIP8 01/00+ (7) Standby Control Function   By setting
PCF8598C2P02.112   PCF8598C2P02.112 PCF8598C2P02.112 PDF Download The receive (RX) section of the CYP(V)15G0401DXB
PCF8598C2T   PCF8598C2T PCF8598C2T PDF Download NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
PCF8598C-2T   PCF8598C-2T PCF8598C-2T PDF Download PHILIPS 8482 Serial Data/Call Progress Output. This pin serve
PCF8598C-2T/02   PCF8598C-2T/02 PCF8598C-2T/02 PDF Download NXP SOT 08+ Note: _ _ represents the two number suffix needed
PCF8598C2T02   PCF8598C2T02 PCF8598C2T02 PDF Download Ultra Low Quiescent Current - 12mA for High Volt
PCF8598C-2T102   PCF8598C-2T102 PCF8598C-2T102 PDF Download PHI SOP-8 06+ The transceiver uses a 2.5-V supply. The I/O sec
PCF8598C2Y   PCF8598C2Y PCF8598C2Y PDF Download PHILIPS SOP8 1994 The CMY 211 is an all port single ended general
PCF8598C2Y/E2Y   PCF8598C2Y/E2Y PCF8598C2Y/E2Y PDF Download The M95040 is a 4 Kbit (512 x 8) electrically er
PCF8598D2X   PCF8598D2X PCF8598D2X PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
PCF8598E   PCF8598E PCF8598E PDF Download PHILIPS DIP Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
PCF8598E2   PCF8598E2 PCF8598E2 PDF Download ph ph dc93 A HIGH on this pin when BM is HIGH selects byte b
PCF8598E-2   PCF8598E-2 PCF8598E-2 PDF Download The input circuit of the receiver consists of a
PCF8598E2P   PCF8598E2P PCF8598E2P PDF Download Short Ferrite Beads 10 pF Chip Capacitors, B C
PCF8598E2Y   PCF8598E2Y PCF8598E2Y PDF Download 0 0 FEATURES High Slew Rate: 10 V/ s Min Fast Settl
PCF8599C-3   PCF8599C-3 PCF8599C-3 PDF Download The C0 input controls the pinout configuration o
PCF85C82C-2   PCF85C82C-2 PCF85C82C-2 PDF Download PHILIPS 00+ Posistive excursions of input voltage may exceed
PCF8613   PCF8613 PCF8613 PDF Download PHI 06+ For systems currently using a static RAM battery
PCF8613A   PCF8613A PCF8613A PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-8 00+ The PKEU is capable of performing many advanced
PCF8613AA   PCF8613AA PCF8613AA PDF Download PHILIPS SOP (6) When designing your equipment, comply with t
PCF8666T   PCF8666T PCF8666T PDF Download Thispreliminarydatasheetcontainsthe specificatio
PCF8674T   PCF8674T PCF8674T PDF Download PHILIPS DIP/SMD 08+PBF Reading from the device is accomplished by taking
PCF8704T/S   PCF8704T/S PCF8704T/S PDF Download PHI SMD 01+ All Data I/O Ports − 5-V Input Down To 3.3
PCF8715T   PCF8715T PCF8715T PDF Download As stated earlier, the DS1809 provides for two me
PCF87520   PCF87520 PCF87520 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ BGA
PCF8754   PCF8754 PCF8754 PDF Download N/A SOP/16   In the EDO page mode, read (data out) and
PCF8754T   PCF8754T PCF8754T PDF Download MAX 3000A devices are lowCcost, highCperformance
PCF8756DH   PCF8756DH PCF8756DH PDF Download In order for Xinger surface mount components to w
PCF87750   PCF87750 PCF87750 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 01+ The Read operation outputs the data in order from
PCF87750E   PCF87750E PCF87750E PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ The M27W400 has two control functions, both of
PCF87750E/03/C1   PCF87750E/03/C1 PCF87750E/03/C1 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA-M 6+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
PCF87750E/2/S002   PCF87750E/2/S002 PCF87750E/2/S002 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA-M 6+ Note 9: Junction to ambient thermal resistance fo
PCF87750E/3   PCF87750E/3 PCF87750E/3 PDF Download PHI BGA 6+
PCF87750E/F2   PCF87750E/F2 PCF87750E/F2 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA-M 6+ PA0~PA7 constitute an 8-bit bidirectional input/o
PCF87750E/F3   PCF87750E/F3 PCF87750E/F3 PDF Download PHI BGA 03+ For questions on technology, delivery and prices
PCF87750E03/C1   PCF87750E03/C1 PCF87750E03/C1 PDF Download PHI BGA 2003 The SDRAM employs state-of-the-art technology fo
PCF87750E1F3   PCF87750E1F3 PCF87750E1F3 PDF Download PHI 90 Certain applications using semiconductor product
PCF87750E2S100   PCF87750E2S100 PCF87750E2S100 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 02+ After the receipt of each data byte, the four lo
PCF87750E-F2   PCF87750E-F2 PCF87750E-F2 PDF Download PHIL 06+ 5.1 In consideration of the materials provided a
PCF87750OE   PCF87750OE PCF87750OE PDF Download This document is a general product description an
PCF87752E   PCF87752E PCF87752E PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+   Figure 2 shows another typical circuit. T
PCF87752E/02/S004   PCF87752E/02/S004 PCF87752E/02/S004 PDF Download PHI BGA 2004 EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
PCF87752E/2   PCF87752E/2 PCF87752E/2 PDF Download PHI 4 BGA Unless otherwise noted, these specifications app
PCF87752E1   PCF87752E1 PCF87752E1 PDF Download PHILIPS 04 Maximum gain setpoint Maximum gain setpoint, no
PCF87752ES   PCF87752ES PCF87752ES PDF Download PHILIPS 04 The power switch is an N-channel MOSFET with a m
PCF87757/HN   PCF87757/HN PCF87757/HN PDF Download PHILIPS 03 When the FPGA is in Master Serial mode, it gener
PCF87757HN/2B   PCF87757HN/2B PCF87757HN/2B PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Continuo
PCF87852   PCF87852 PCF87852 PDF Download PHILIPS QFN 0440+ In burst mode the A/D converter does repeated con
PCF87852E   PCF87852E PCF87852E PDF Download The 0.25 µm 3 Volt Advanced+ Boot Block, m
PCF87852E/2/S003   PCF87852E/2/S003 PCF87852E/2/S003 PDF Download The PCF87852E/2/S003 microcontroller integrates
PCF87852ES   PCF87852ES PCF87852ES PDF Download PHILIPS 04 The SN74CB3T3245 is an 8-bit bus switch with a s
PCF87852ES001   PCF87852ES001 PCF87852ES001 PDF Download PHILIPS BGA 03+ The PT5100 modules are a series of economical,
PCF87852EV109   PCF87852EV109 PCF87852EV109 PDF Download PHI 05+ BGA/7*7 The DS1270 devices execute a write cycle whenever
PCF8811MU/2DA/1   PCF8811MU/2DA/1 PCF8811MU/2DA/1 PDF Download NXP 07+ These are single-chip 16-bit microcomputers desi
PCF8811MU/2DA/1026   PCF8811MU/2DA/1026 PCF8811MU/2DA/1026 PDF Download Available in Two Configurations - Internal 25mW
PCF8811U/2DA/1   PCF8811U/2DA/1 PCF8811U/2DA/1 PDF Download 2.88MB Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller −
PCF8812U/2/F1   PCF8812U/2/F1 PCF8812U/2/F1 PDF Download The C67x CPU executes all C62x instructions. In
PCF8812U/2/F1.026   PCF8812U/2/F1.026 PCF8812U/2/F1.026 PDF Download PHI N/A 03+ Multi-channel Rch input A Multi-channel Cch inpu
PCF8812U/2/F1026   PCF8812U/2/F1026 PCF8812U/2/F1026 PDF Download The PCF8812U/2/F1026 dual RF detector is designe
PCF8812U/2DA/2   PCF8812U/2DA/2 PCF8812U/2DA/2 PDF Download Pixel Clock Input To operate in a pure master mo
PCF8812U/2DA/2026   PCF8812U/2DA/2026 PCF8812U/2DA/2026 PDF Download n Supports high-efficiency PowerWise Technology
PCF8813U/2DA/1   PCF8813U/2DA/1 PCF8813U/2DA/1 PDF Download PHILIPS 229 Note 1: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
PCF8813U/2DA/2   PCF8813U/2DA/2 PCF8813U/2DA/2 PDF Download The HCPL-7850/7851 is an isolation amplifier t
PCF8813U/2DA/2026   PCF8813U/2DA/2026 PCF8813U/2DA/2026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+   The MC74VHC1G04 is an advanced high speed
PCF8820   PCF8820 PCF8820 PDF Download PHI ★Original and new, Special price! 07+ Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
PCF8820U/2/F1   PCF8820U/2/F1 PCF8820U/2/F1 PDF Download PHI DICE 2 Switching Rates up to 32 MHz Operates from a Sin
PCF8833   PCF8833 PCF8833 PDF Download PHI ★Original and new, Special price! 07+ RDY/BUSY: An open drain READY/BUSY output pin pro
PCF8833U/2DA/1   PCF8833U/2DA/1 PCF8833U/2DA/1 PDF Download This data sheet identifies products, their speci
PCF8833U/2DC/1   PCF8833U/2DC/1 PCF8833U/2DC/1 PDF Download Vcc = 5.0V10%, TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) unless oth
PCF8833U/2DC/1026   PCF8833U/2DC/1026 PCF8833U/2DC/1026 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
PCF8833U/2DD/1   PCF8833U/2DD/1 PCF8833U/2DD/1 PDF Download PHILIPS
PCF8833U/2DD/1026   PCF8833U/2DD/1026 PCF8833U/2DD/1026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Shift clock signal input for the PCMIN and PCMOUT
PCF8835AU/2DB/2   PCF8835AU/2DB/2 PCF8835AU/2DB/2 PDF Download The software protection is a register based read
PCF8835AU/2DC/2   PCF8835AU/2DC/2 PCF8835AU/2DC/2 PDF Download Leads are Readily Solderable Lead and Mounting S
PCF8835AU/2DD/2   PCF8835AU/2DD/2 PCF8835AU/2DD/2 PDF Download Note 4: For the purpose of specifying deserialize
PCF8835AU/2DD/2026   PCF8835AU/2DD/2026 PCF8835AU/2DD/2026 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Atmels ATPCF8835AU/2DD/2026B has additional feat
PCF8837U/2DA/1   PCF8837U/2DA/1 PCF8837U/2DA/1 PDF Download DATASHEET Note: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolut
PCF8837U/2DB/1   PCF8837U/2DB/1 PCF8837U/2DB/1 PDF Download PHI DICE 4 Please note: The signals and voltages at the Pi
PCF8839AU/2DB/2   PCF8839AU/2DB/2 PCF8839AU/2DB/2 PDF Download PHI DICE 4 The following tests are supported:    
PCF9370   PCF9370 PCF9370 PDF Download PH -- Three synchronous Chip Selects (CE1, CE2, CE3) an
PCF9555   PCF9555 PCF9555 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ MOSFET gates can be efficiently switched up to 2M
PCF9582P   PCF9582P PCF9582P PDF Download PHI 89+
PCFB109   PCFB109 PCFB109 PDF Download The constant-frequency, current-mode PWM architec
PCFB591P   PCFB591P PCFB591P PDF Download The PCF8591 is a single-chip, single-supply low
PCFMJ001   PCFMJ001 PCFMJ001 PDF Download toko toko dc03 The TAP controller is fully synchronous to the T
PCFS0732C   PCFS0732C PCFS0732C PDF Download PHI QFP 2005 Synchronizes to clock-and-sync-pair to maintain
PCF-W0603R-02-1101-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-1101-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-1101-D-P-LT PDF Download NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
PCF-W0603R-02-1961-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-1961-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-1961-D-P-LT PDF Download The PKF series of DC/DC power modules are manufac
PCF-W0603R-02-2001-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-2001-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-2001-D-P-LT PDF Download (1) An export permit needs to be obtained from t
PCF-W0603R-02-2551-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-2551-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-2551-D-P-LT PDF Download NOTES: (1) Calibration can minimize these errors
PCF-W0603R-02-2741-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-2741-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-2741-D-P-LT PDF Download Note 1: For the force-sense versions, FB_ is conn
PCFW0603R027321DPLT   PCFW0603R027321DPLT PCFW0603R027321DPLT PDF Download Up to 37 general-purpose I/O pins (shared with o
PCF-W0603R-02-8450-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-8450-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-8450-D-P-LT PDF Download These P-Channel MOSFETs from International Rect
PCF-W0603R-02-8871-D-P-LT   PCF-W0603R-02-8871-D-P-LT PCF-W0603R-02-8871-D-P-LT PDF Download • 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter modul
PCF-W0603R-03-2000-B   PCF-W0603R-03-2000-B PCF-W0603R-03-2000-B PDF Download N/A Firmware implements the full IEEE 802.11 Wireles
PCF-W0603R-03-4120-B   PCF-W0603R-03-4120-B PCF-W0603R-03-4120-B PDF Download N/A A common ground is required between the input an
PCF-W0603R-03-4642-B   PCF-W0603R-03-4642-B PCF-W0603R-03-4642-B PDF Download N/A The IS41C4400x and IS41LV4400x are CMOS DRAMs o
PCF-W0805LF-03-1004-B   PCF-W0805LF-03-1004-B PCF-W0805LF-03-1004-B PDF Download IR 07+ iButtons are used with port adapters as a hardwa
PCFW0805R   PCFW0805R PCFW0805R PDF Download Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
PCF-W0805R-02-2700-B   PCF-W0805R-02-2700-B PCF-W0805R-02-2700-B PDF Download N/A The DS600 analog temperature sensor measures it o
PCF-W0805R-03-4221-BP   PCF-W0805R-03-4221-BP PCF-W0805R-03-4221-BP PDF Download 600V Half Bridge Driver Integrated Bootstrap FET
PCFW0805R034990B   PCFW0805R034990B PCFW0805R034990B PDF Download  tpZLEnable time, high-impedance-to-low-leve
PCFW0805R036981B   PCFW0805R036981B PCFW0805R036981B PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PCF-W0805R-03-8451B   PCF-W0805R-03-8451B PCF-W0805R-03-8451B PDF Download The HIP6017 provides the power control and prote
PCFW0805R122001B   PCFW0805R122001B PCFW0805R122001B PDF Download Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
PCF-W1206LF-03-1210-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-1210-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-1210-B-E-LT PDF Download The HT95C200/20P/300/30P are 8-bit high perfor-
PCF-W1206LF-03-1623-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-1623-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-1623-B-E-LT PDF Download The MAX1927/MAX1928 800mA step-down converters p
PCF-W1206LF-03-2001-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-2001-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-2001-B-E-LT PDF Download Note 4: The absolute maximum junction temperature
PCF-W1206LF-03-2211-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-2211-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-2211-B-E-LT PDF Download (1) An export permit needs to be obtained from t
PCF-W1206LF-03-2403-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-2403-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-2403-B-E-LT PDF Download Hynix HYMD216M726A(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is design
PCF-W1206LF-03-2431-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-2431-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-2431-B-E-LT PDF Download The pulse engineering inductor is a custom part d
PCF-W1206LF-03-3482-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-3482-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-3482-B-E-LT PDF Download Clocks in the ispLSI 2096 and 2096A devices are
PCF-W1206LF-03-3650-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-3650-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-3650-B-E-LT PDF Download These Microsemi 30 kW Transient Voltage Suppresso
PCF-W1206LF-03-4993-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-4993-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-4993-B-E-LT PDF Download Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
PCF-W1206LF-03-5113-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-5113-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-5113-B-E-LT PDF Download Hold: An input to control the Output Latch condit
PCF-W1206LF-03-5620-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-5620-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-5620-B-E-LT PDF Download The ADS5553 is a high-performance, dual channel,
PCF-W1206LF-03-68R1-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-68R1-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-68R1-B-E-LT PDF Download • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
PCF-W1206LF-03-7321-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-7321-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-7321-B-E-LT PDF Download Introduction The IRU1261 is a dual fixed output
PCF-W1206LF-03-8452-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-8452-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-8452-B-E-LT PDF Download
PCF-W1206LF-03-9091-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-9091-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-9091-B-E-LT PDF Download   The melting temperature of solder is high
PCF-W1206LF-03-9312-B-E-LT   PCF-W1206LF-03-9312-B-E-LT PCF-W1206LF-03-9312-B-E-LT PDF Download
PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPL   PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPL PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPL PDF Download The AC/ACT161 are high-speed synchronous modulo-
PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLBROKEN   PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLBROKEN PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLBROKEN PDF Download Only partials of the memory array can be selecte
PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLT   PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLT PCF-W1206R-03-1302BPLT PDF Download The AS4C1M16F5 features high speed page mode ope
PCF-W1206R-03-B-1059   PCF-W1206R-03-B-1059 PCF-W1206R-03-B-1059 PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
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