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 Typ. Max. UnitsConditions   CCC CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = -250µA -0.013 CCC V/C Reference to 25C, ID = -1mA   CCC 0.042VGS = -4.5V, ID = -12A „   CCC 0.062WVGS = -2.7V, ID = -10A „   CCC 0.075VGS = -2.5V, ID = -10A „   CCC -1.0VVDS = VGS, ID = -250µA   CCC CCCSVDS = -15V, ID = -12A   CCC -25VDS = -20V, VGS = 0V   µA   CCC -250VDS = -16V, VGS = 0V, TJ = 150C   CCC 500VGS = -8.0V   nA   CCC -500VGS = 8.0V   CCC 44ID = -12A   CCC 8.7nC VDS = -16V   CCC 19VGS = -4.5V, See Fig. 6 and 13 „   9.7 CCCVDD = -10 V   73 CCCID = -12A   ns   53 CCCRG = 6.0W, VGS = 4.5V   84 CCCRD = 0.8W, See Fig. 10„   Between lead,   7.5CCCnH   and center of die contact  1460 CCCVGS = 0V   790 CCCpFVDS = -15V   370 CCCƒ = 1.0MHz, See Fig. 5
Selections for 5.0 to 170 volts standoff voltages (VWM) Protection from switching transients and induced RF Protection from ESD, and EFT per IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 61000-4-4 Secondary lightning protection per IEC61000-4-5 with 42 Ohms source impedance:   Class 1: SMC 5.0 to SMC 170A or CA   Class 2: SMC 5.0 to SMC 150A or CA   Class 3: SMC 5.0 to SMC 75A or CA   Class 4: SMC 5.0 to SMC 36A or CA Secondary lightning protection per IEC61000-4-5 with 12 Ohms source impedance:   Class 1 : SMC 5.0 to SMC 90A or CA   Class 2: SMC 5.0 to SMC 45A or CA   Class 3: SMC 5.0 to SMC 24A or CA   Class 4: SMC 5.0 to SMC 11A or CA Secondary lightning protection per IEC61000-4-5 with 2 Ohms source impedance:   Class 2: SMC 5.0 to SMC 22A or CA   Class 3: SMC 5.0 to SMC 10A or CA
Functional Description   The PM1800HCE170 uses an internal PLL and an external feedback path to lock its low-skew clock output phase to the reference clock phase, providing virtually zero propagation delay. This enables nested clock designs with near-zero insertion delay. Designs using the PM1800HCE170 as PLL fanout buffer will show significantly lower clock skew than clock distributions developed from traditional fanout buffers. The device offers one reference clock input and two banks of 5 outputs for clock fanout. The input frequency and phase is reproduced by the PLL and provided at the outputs. A selectable frequency divider sets the bank B outputs to generate either an identical copy of the bank A clocks or one half of the bank A clock frequency. Both output banks remain syn- chronized to the input reference for both bank B configurations.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
PM10(15)CZF120   PM10(15)CZF120 PM10(15)CZF120 PDF Download MIT IPM Internal Organization When ORG is connected to V
PM10(15)RHB120   PM10(15)RHB120 PM10(15)RHB120 PDF Download MIT IPM Applicable to input signals: Sel100/133, Sel(A:B)
PM1000   PM1000 PM1000 PDF Download QUALCOMM QFN Designed specifically for use in 3.3V microcompu
PM1000(WL92210FGGVR)   PM1000(WL92210FGGVR) PM1000(WL92210FGGVR) PDF Download 16 Channels 12-bit (4096 Steps) Grayscale PWM Co
PM1000-2AA3EXJFFP   PM1000-2AA3EXJFFP PM1000-2AA3EXJFFP PDF Download QUALCOMM 2002   Two 4-bit registers store address values
PM10002F64FBGA-TR   PM10002F64FBGA-TR PM10002F64FBGA-TR PDF Download QUALCOMM BGA 2000 High Drive External Buffer Output Enable. These
PM1000-2R   PM1000-2R PM1000-2R PDF Download QUAL BGA 2000   The NJU6048 is a high-efficiency white LED
PM1000-64FBGA-MT   PM1000-64FBGA-MT PM1000-64FBGA-MT PDF Download QUALCOMM 00+  The Hynix HYM71V8M635HC(L)T6 Series are Du
PM100064FBGA-MT   PM100064FBGA-MT PM100064FBGA-MT PDF Download QUALCOMM N/A   Output Noise Voltage C The rms ac voltage
PM1000F64FBGA   PM1000F64FBGA PM1000F64FBGA PDF Download QUALCOMM 01+ The time periods t1 (low) and t2 (high) are value
PM1000F64FBGA-MT   PM1000F64FBGA-MT PM1000F64FBGA-MT PDF Download QUALCOMM 01+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
PM1008AJ   PM1008AJ PM1008AJ PDF Download PMI 95+ This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 4,
PM1008AJ/883   PM1008AJ/883 PM1008AJ/883 PDF Download PMI 95+ Character type dot matrix LCD driver & contr
PM1008AZ   PM1008AZ PM1008AZ PDF Download PMI 04+ The JTAG translator ability to interface JTAG to
PM1008AZ/883C   PM1008AZ/883C PM1008AZ/883C PDF Download In the absence of con f!rmotlon by dev{ce spsctft
PM1008BIGP   PM1008BIGP PM1008BIGP PDF Download A 1.5 MΩ value of RREF from log average to
PM1008CJ   PM1008CJ PM1008CJ PDF Download PMI 2008 Sck C The standard product is delivered with an i
PM1008EJ   PM1008EJ PM1008EJ PDF Download PMI 2008 The set-up and hold times are a measure of the t
PM1008G   PM1008G PM1008G PDF Download PMI SSOP8 —— The F157A is a high-speed quad 2-Input multiplex
PM1008GJ   PM1008GJ PM1008GJ PDF Download PMI 2008 Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(VIH or VIL)
PM1008GP   PM1008GP PM1008GP PDF Download PMI 06+ 500 Note 1: TA=25C unless otherwise specified. Note
PM1008GS   PM1008GS PM1008GS PDF Download AD/PMI   The 10-bit ROW_ADDR (row address) input b
PM1008GZ   PM1008GZ PM1008GZ PDF Download AD/PMI When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
PM1008J   PM1008J PM1008J PDF Download PMI 2008 Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
PM1008J/883   PM1008J/883 PM1008J/883 PDF Download PMI 2008 The CCR-33 Switch is a broadband, SPDT, electrome
PM1008Z/883   PM1008Z/883 PM1008Z/883 PDF Download PMI The 3-wire serial interface operates at clock ra
PM100CA-12F   PM100CA-12F PM100CA-12F PDF Download N/A The DSP56824 is a member of the DSP56800 core-ba
PM100CAS060   PM100CAS060 PM100CAS060 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 The modem operates at 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200,
PM100CAS120   PM100CAS120 PM100CAS120 PDF Download The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for era
PM100CBS060   PM100CBS060 PM100CBS060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 100A600V The Serializer outputs remain in TRI-STATE while
PM100CBS120   PM100CBS120 PM100CBS120 PDF Download MIT MODULE The HT24LC04 uses the A2 and A1 inputs for hard
PM100CBS60   PM100CBS60 PM100CBS60 PDF Download 1850 Figure 1 presents a simplified, conceptual overv
PM100CEA060   PM100CEA060 PM100CEA060 PDF Download N/A The ADV7183A has a 5-line, superadaptive, 2D com
PM100CEF060   PM100CEF060 PM100CEF060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP The main applications of the PM100CEF060 are in
PM100CES060   PM100CES060 PM100CES060 PDF Download During the current-regulation phase, the bq2000
PM100CFE060   PM100CFE060 PM100CFE060 PDF Download MITSUBIS 02+
PM100CHA060   PM100CHA060 PM100CHA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 100A600V The PM100CHA060 is a member of the 56800E core-b
PM100CHS060   PM100CHS060 PM100CHS060 PDF Download MIT 00+   This miniature surface mount MOSFET featur
PM100CJA060   PM100CJA060 PM100CJA060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ The TLV238x single supply operational amplifiers
PM100CLA060   PM100CLA060 PM100CLA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 100A600V
PM100CLA120   PM100CLA120 PM100CLA120 PDF Download MIT 02+ The host system can detect whether a program or
PM100CLB060   PM100CLB060 PM100CLB060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI IPM ADC data outputs are internally connected direct
PM100CLS060   PM100CLS060 PM100CLS060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI External memory is accessed via the External Bus
PM100CLS120   PM100CLS120 PM100CLS120 PDF Download MIT MODULE n Internal comparator with pin selectable 2˚
PM100CSA(CVA)060   PM100CSA(CVA)060 PM100CSA(CVA)060 PDF Download MIT IPM Add to the Interrupt Acknowledge Bus Cycles sect
PM100CSA060   PM100CSA060 PM100CSA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A Driver (Tx) outputs are short circuit protected,
PM100CSA120   PM100CSA120 PM100CSA120 PDF Download MIT 05+ CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
PM100CSA-120   PM100CSA-120 PM100CSA-120 PDF Download 1850 Widebus+  Family State-of-the-Art Advanc
PM100CSD060   PM100CSD060 PM100CSD060 PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A The PI6C104 is a high-speed low-noise clock gener
PM100CSD-060   PM100CSD-060 PM100CSD-060 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 maintaining the circuit density and reliability.
PM100CSD120   PM100CSD120 PM100CSD120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A n Fourteen multi-source vectored interrupts serv
PM100CSE060   PM100CSE060 PM100CSE060 PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A The HT27LC020 chip family is a low-power, 2048K
PM100CSE120   PM100CSE120 PM100CSE120 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ 6(8)-bit video data (RGB) is input to the Datapa
PM100CV060   PM100CV060 PM100CV060 PDF Download The ISSI IS41C82002 and IS41LV82002 are 2,097,15
PM100CVA060   PM100CVA060 PM100CVA060 PDF Download N/A
PM100CVA-120   PM100CVA-120 PM100CVA-120 PDF Download 1850 The ICS601-01 requires a minimum number of exter
PM100CVA120-2   PM100CVA120-2 PM100CVA120-2 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A By driving the load differentially through outpu
PM100CV-EV060   PM100CV-EV060 PM100CV-EV060 PDF Download Power MOSFET or IGBT overcurrent sensing utili
PM100CXA120   PM100CXA120 PM100CXA120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI *5 Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11 ms; detectio
PM100D1   PM100D1 PM100D1 PDF Download MITSUBISHI stock
PM100DHA060   PM100DHA060 PM100DHA060 PDF Download MIT MODULE N/A Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
PM100DHA060-1   PM100DHA060-1 PM100DHA060-1 PDF Download MIT 模块 Stress above those listed under Absolute Maximum
PM100DHA120   PM100DHA120 PM100DHA120 PDF Download MITSUBIS MOUDLE N/A Refer to Fig. 12 evaluation amplifier assembly d
PM100DHA120-1   PM100DHA120-1 PM100DHA120-1 PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
PM100DKA060   PM100DKA060 PM100DKA060 PDF Download N/A The HT815D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synt
PM100DSA060   PM100DSA060 PM100DSA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 1) Mount the 0.01µF decoupling capacitor o
PM100DSA120   PM100DSA120 PM100DSA120 PDF Download N/A 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
PM100DSA-24H   PM100DSA-24H PM100DSA-24H PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP All byte write is done by GW(regaedless of BW and
PM100DZ-H   PM100DZ-H PM100DZ-H PDF Download 1850 5 V Tolerant Inputs TTL Compatible Outputs Hig
PM100EHS060   PM100EHS060 PM100EHS060 PDF Download N/A Software compilers support the three different g
PM100MA060   PM100MA060 PM100MA060 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 3. Power consumption figures assume device is dr
PM100RHA060   PM100RHA060 PM100RHA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
PM100RLA060   PM100RLA060 PM100RLA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 100A600V The UCC28510 family also features leading-edge m
PM100RLA120   PM100RLA120 PM100RLA120 PDF Download MIT MODULE to the load side, the effective resistance betwee
PM100RLB060   PM100RLB060 PM100RLB060 PDF Download MIT MODULE Notes: 1. Junction capacitance is determined by
PM100RRA060   PM100RRA060 PM100RRA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP
PM100RRD060   PM100RRD060 PM100RRD060 PDF Download N/A 2. These devices are generally used in systems to
PM100RRS060   PM100RRS060 PM100RRS060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A Recordings are stored in on-chip nonvolatile me
PM100RSA(RVA)060   PM100RSA(RVA)060 PM100RSA(RVA)060 PDF Download MIT IPM freedom from amplifier bandwidth interaction. Th
PM100RSA060   PM100RSA060 PM100RSA060 PDF Download N/A
PM100RSA120   PM100RSA120 PM100RSA120 PDF Download 1850 Figure 2 shows the basic transmission specificati
PM100RSD(RSE)120   PM100RSD(RSE)120 PM100RSD(RSE)120 PDF Download MIT IPM   External gain-setting capability   A
PM100RSD060   PM100RSD060 PM100RSD060 PDF Download N/A The following figure provides a graphical repre-
PM100RSD120   PM100RSD120 PM100RSD120 PDF Download MIT MOUDLE N/A   The PT3660 Excalibur™ Series is a 3
PM100RSE060   PM100RSE060 PM100RSE060 PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may caus
PM100RSE120   PM100RSE120 PM100RSE120 PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE 05+  All KS57-series microcontrollers have the
PM100RSH120   PM100RSH120 PM100RSH120 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The HCF4555B is a monolithic integr
PM100RVA060   PM100RVA060 PM100RVA060 PDF Download MIT MODULE By taking advantage of Analog Devices high-perfo
PM100VHA060   PM100VHA060 PM100VHA060 PDF Download   The second mechanism controls the replace
PM1012   PM1012 PM1012 PDF Download N/A DIP 06+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
PM1012AJ   PM1012AJ PM1012AJ PDF Download AD Fast, High-Density 1.8 V FPGA Family - Densitie
PM1012AJ/883   PM1012AJ/883 PM1012AJ/883 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
PM1012AJ/883C   PM1012AJ/883C PM1012AJ/883C PDF Download In addition, the devices are static designs whic
PM1012AZ   PM1012AZ PM1012AZ PDF Download A D 00+ Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 25
PM1012AZ/883C   PM1012AZ/883C PM1012AZ/883C PDF Download Pb−Free Package is Available* VOUT Fixed @
PM1012BIFP   PM1012BIFP PM1012BIFP PDF Download PMI DIP-8 9301 The Ultra37000™ family of CMOS CPLDs provid
PM1012BIGP   PM1012BIGP PM1012BIGP PDF Download AD 04+ The CZ80CPU is designed to run at frequencies up
PM1012BIGP/GP   PM1012BIGP/GP PM1012BIGP/GP PDF Download PMI 04+ The ispGAL22LV10 is fully function/fuse map comp
PM10-12D12   PM10-12D12 PM10-12D12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The AT84CS001 DMUX is started by the ASYNCRST co
PM10-12D15   PM10-12D15 PM10-12D15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The PALCE22V10 is executed in a 24-pin 300-mil mo
PM1012DP   PM1012DP PM1012DP PDF Download AD DIP Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
PM1012G   PM1012G PM1012G PDF Download AD 06+ Requires no external microcontroller External pa
PM1012GJ   PM1012GJ PM1012GJ PDF Download PMI 金属帽 92年93年 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
PM1012GP   PM1012GP PM1012GP PDF Download PMI DIP8 95+ The ADSP-21262 continues SHARCs industry leading
PM1012GP/BIGP   PM1012GP/BIGP PM1012GP/BIGP PDF Download PMI 04+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
PM1012GS   PM1012GS PM1012GS PDF Download AD 04+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
PM1012GZ   PM1012GZ PM1012GZ PDF Download The MAX3873A is implemented in Maxim's second-gen
PM1012J   PM1012J PM1012J PDF Download AD 04+ Additional features of the Cypress PALCE22V10 inc
PM1012J/883   PM1012J/883 PM1012J/883 PDF Download AD 04+ TI assumes no liability for applications assista
PM1012P   PM1012P PM1012P PDF Download PMI 06+ • Two Channel Quadrature   Output wi
PM10-12S03   PM10-12S03 PM10-12S03 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP The Customer should ensure that it has the most
PM10-12S05   PM10-12S05 PM10-12S05 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP
PM10-12S12   PM10-12S12 PM10-12S12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP
PM10-12S15   PM10-12S15 PM10-12S15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP WARNING: The recommended operating conditions ar
PM101G   PM101G PM101G PDF Download AD 1450 Port 3 pins P3.0 to P3.5, P3.7 are seven bi-dire
PM102   PM102 PM102 PDF Download There is one variable gain amplifier in each cha
PM10-24D12   PM10-24D12 PM10-24D12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Leads are Readily Solderable Lead and Mounting S
PM10-24D15   PM10-24D15 PM10-24D15 PDF Download N/A Undervoltage Lockout Adjust (Input): With this p
PM10-24S03   PM10-24S03 PM10-24S03 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
PM1024S05   PM1024S05 PM1024S05 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A where VDEL is in Volts, and RDEL is in Ohms and
PM10-24S05   PM10-24S05 PM10-24S05 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Fast throughput rate: 100 kSPS Specified for VDD
PM10-24S12   PM10-24S12 PM10-24S12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Hynix HYMD232M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
PM10-24S15   PM10-24S15 PM10-24S15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Jitter-free operation is maintained over the ful
PM10288R20   PM10288R20 PM10288R20 PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
PM10-48D12   PM10-48D12 PM10-48D12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP (1) If any of the products or technical informat
PM10-48D15   PM10-48D15 PM10-48D15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP •This catalog has only typical specificati
PM10-48S03   PM10-48S03 PM10-48S03 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M68AW128ML is a 2 Mbit
PM10-48S03-2158   PM10-48S03-2158 PM10-48S03-2158 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A PSoC GPIOs provide connection to the CPU, digita
PM1048S03-2158   PM1048S03-2158 PM1048S03-2158 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A  − Communication Receivers  W
PM10-48S05   PM10-48S05 PM10-48S05 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP When operating properly with 5V in (for example)
PM10-48S05-07   PM10-48S05-07 PM10-48S05-07 PDF Download LAMBDA   The MC10/100EP29 is a dual masterCslave f
PM1048S05-2164   PM1048S05-2164 PM1048S05-2164 PDF Download LAMBDA N/A The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drive
PM10-48S12   PM10-48S12 PM10-48S12 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP Note 2: Unless otherwise noted, specifications ap
PM10-48S15   PM10-48S15 PM10-48S15 PDF Download LAMBDA SOP 5. This product is not designed to be radiation
PM104SH101   PM104SH101 PM104SH101 PDF Download These converters are manufactured in a facility
PM104SH120   PM104SH120 PM104SH120 PDF Download The initial set-up sequence programs the two bli
PM105-100M   PM105-100M PM105-100M PDF Download NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
PM105-121K   PM105-121K PM105-121K PDF Download N/A * Internal Constructure with GPRC (Glass Passivat
PM105-181K   PM105-181K PM105-181K PDF Download 1. Test conditions: T = 25º C, Supply Volta
PM105RSD060   PM105RSD060 PM105RSD060 PDF Download Two order forms are included at the back of this
PM105S-220M   PM105S-220M PM105S-220M PDF Download functional operation of the device at these or a
PM105S-471M   PM105S-471M PM105S-471M PDF Download MAGNETICS 10M-471 05+ Additionally, the 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash
PM108AJ   PM108AJ PM108AJ PDF Download AD/PMI CAN8
PM108AJ/883   PM108AJ/883 PM108AJ/883 PDF Download AD/PMI CAN8 In NORMAL mode, DPLL #2 provides the CEPT/ST-BUS
PM108AJ/883C   PM108AJ/883C PM108AJ/883C PDF Download The ADSP-21991 supports an additional external m
PM108ARC/883C   PM108ARC/883C PM108ARC/883C PDF Download
PM108AZ   PM108AZ PM108AZ PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The PM108AZC is a monolithic integrated circuit
PM108AZ/883   PM108AZ/883 PM108AZ/883 PDF Download PMI DIP 04+ Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplie
PM108J   PM108J PM108J PDF Download AD/PMI CAN8 A LOW signal on MR overrides the Select and CP i
PM108J/883   PM108J/883 PM108J/883 PDF Download PMI CAN8 tively near distance as shown in Fig. 1, a spot
PM108Z   PM108Z PM108Z PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 Depending on the type of information to be switch
PM108Z/883   PM108Z/883 PM108Z/883 PDF Download   Schottky barrier diodes are having large-r
PM10CEA060   PM10CEA060 PM10CEA060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ If this clock is applied to the Xin/CLK pin of t
PM10CEE060   PM10CEE060 PM10CEE060 PDF Download MOBULE MITSUBISHI 04+ The high-speed data signal is applied to the dat
PM10CEF120   PM10CEF120 PM10CEF120 PDF Download 1850 The M37281MAHCXXXSP, M37281MFHCXXXSP and M37281M
PM10CHA060   PM10CHA060 PM10CHA060 PDF Download Device is in shutdown due to fault condition, no
PM10CHA-060   PM10CHA-060 PM10CHA-060 PDF Download 1850 Vertical Sync Input/Output The vertical sync out
PM10CHA060-1   PM10CHA060-1 PM10CHA060-1 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A • Photo detector and preamplifier in one
PM10CHA-060-5   PM10CHA-060-5 PM10CHA-060-5 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生   The PM10CHA-060-5/829 charge pump converte
PM10CHA060-5   PM10CHA060-5 PM10CHA060-5 PDF Download MITSUBIS • Fully Compliant to IrDA   1.0/1.1
PM10CLA120   PM10CLA120 PM10CLA120 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
PM10CMA060   PM10CMA060 PM10CMA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A At the moment the supply voltage on pin VDD or H
PM10CMA060-8   PM10CMA060-8 PM10CMA060-8 PDF Download MITSUBISHI stock Near zero propagation delay 5Ω switches co
PM10CNA060   PM10CNA060 PM10CNA060 PDF Download MIT 00+ Nessuna parte del presente manuale pu essere rip
PM10CNA060-12   PM10CNA060-12 PM10CNA060-12 PDF Download MITSUBISHI stock Current Output, Sourcing Current Output, Sinki
PM10CNJ060   PM10CNJ060 PM10CNJ060 PDF Download N/A Peak Reverse CurrentIRMTj= 25C, VRM= VRRM Peak F
PM10CSJ060   PM10CSJ060 PM10CSJ060 PDF Download MIT MODULE N/A The DS2404 EconoRAM Time Chip offers a simple sol
PM10CTM060   PM10CTM060 PM10CTM060 PDF Download N/A N/A 00+ If CS2 exceeds 0.5V the outputs will be disabled
PM10CZF120   PM10CZF120 PM10CZF120 PDF Download N/A • Access times of 70, 85 ns • CMOS
PM10CZF120-7   PM10CZF120-7 PM10CZF120-7 PDF Download The LM129 and LM329 family are precision multi-c
PM10DHA120-1   PM10DHA120-1 PM10DHA120-1 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 • Low-voltage operation • Full-range
PM10P   PM10P PM10P PDF Download Notes:  1. NC pins are not connected to th
PM10P215   PM10P215 PM10P215 PDF Download NOTES:   1. Maximum Ratings apply to Case 8
PM10QAA050   PM10QAA050 PM10QAA050 PDF Download MIT MOUDLE N/A Power-Up Time from Rising Edge of CONVST Conver
PM10RHB120   PM10RHB120 PM10RHB120 PDF Download N/A Data sheet information is generally presented in
PM10RHB-120-2   PM10RHB-120-2 PM10RHB-120-2 PDF Download ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
PM10RHB120-2   PM10RHB120-2 PM10RHB120-2 PDF Download MOBULE MITSUBISHI 04+ Reset: A low on this pin resets the microcontroll
PM10RHH120   PM10RHH120 PM10RHH120 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ Test enabler and status links. This is a dual-pur
PM10RHP120   PM10RHP120 PM10RHP120 PDF Download 1850 The Hyundai HYM71V653201 H-Series are 32Mx64bits
PM10RSH120   PM10RSH120 PM10RSH120 PDF Download MIT 02+ Theseversatile devices are usefulfor driving a w
PM10VMA060   PM10VMA060 PM10VMA060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ SmartVoltagetechnology provides a choice of Voc
PM11-02   PM11-02 PM11-02 PDF Download DTMF/Pulse switchable dialer 32 digits for redia
PM111AJ   PM111AJ PM111AJ PDF Download PMI active provided that care is taken with the data
PM111AJ/883   PM111AJ/883 PM111AJ/883 PDF Download A D 99 The XC5200 family has been benchmarked with many
PM111AZ   PM111AZ PM111AZ PDF Download PMI CDIP8 95+   DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush c
PM111CJ   PM111CJ PM111CJ PDF Download PMI For the most efficientuse of thesetwo control li
PM111E   PM111E PM111E PDF Download Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11ms; detection ti
PM111J   PM111J PM111J PDF Download   3.3V power supply   Clock frequency:
PM111J/883   PM111J/883 PM111J/883 PDF Download Pin Function Supply Input. (VIN1 and VIN2 are i
PM111J/883C   PM111J/883C PM111J/883C PDF Download CUSTOM). Zero suppression can exceed 100% of the
PM111Y   PM111Y PM111Y PDF Download PMI DIP 95+ Ruotare il selettore su SF . Quando lalimentazi
PM111Y/883C   PM111Y/883C PM111Y/883C PDF Download The transient conduction of charge during and af
PM111Z   PM111Z PM111Z PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 Ground reference to LVDS and CMOS circuitry. Fo
PM111Z/883   PM111Z/883 PM111Z/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This module generates a slow System Clock (32.76
PM111Z/883C   PM111Z/883C PM111Z/883C PDF Download The WRITE instruction includes 8 or 16 bits of d
PM119   PM119 PM119 PDF Download The device is entirely command set compatible wi
PM119/883   PM119/883 PM119/883 PDF Download N/A DIP 06+ Circuit Description This integrated circuit per
PM119Y   PM119Y PM119Y PDF Download PMI DIP 95+   The K4S280432F / K4S280832F / K4S281632F
PM119Y/883   PM119Y/883 PM119Y/883 PDF Download PMI 91 BURN-IN SCREENING Burn-in screening is an option
PM119Y/883C   PM119Y/883C PM119Y/883C PDF Download 95 Power mode: Normal, Slow, Idle, Stop mode and SL
PM1200433   PM1200433 PM1200433 PDF Download SOP16S 2007+ To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308, the F
PM1200HCA330   PM1200HCA330 PM1200HCA330 PDF Download N/A The disk drive adapter functions of W83877TF incl
PM1200HCB250-1   PM1200HCB250-1 PM1200HCB250-1 PDF Download N/A E1 is the hexadecimal address for the CMX866 Tran
PM1200HCB250-2   PM1200HCB250-2 PM1200HCB250-2 PDF Download MITSUBISHI stock LDQM and UDQM control the lower and upper bytes
PM1200HCC250-2   PM1200HCC250-2 PM1200HCC250-2 PDF Download MITSUBISHI stock Note 1: All units are 100% production tested at T
PM1200HCE330   PM1200HCE330 PM1200HCE330 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are
PM1200HCE330-1   PM1200HCE330-1 PM1200HCE330-1 PDF Download MIT MODULE Because peak currents are limited to Ipeak, pract
PM1200HD-55H   PM1200HD-55H PM1200HD-55H PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Note) *1: Pulse repetition rate = 100 pps. Pulse
PM1204   PM1204 PM1204 PDF Download Clare 07+ Three types of memory are provided on the DS2751
PM1204CP   PM1204CP PM1204CP PDF Download CPCLARE DIP 00+ The RF2498 is a high performance CDMA tri-band/q
PM1204X1   PM1204X1 PM1204X1 PDF Download CPClare 2007 8 4 1 PCI Timing Specifications 8 4 2 ATA IDE Ti
PM1204XI   PM1204XI PM1204XI PDF Download The Z893XX products are high-performance Digital
PM1205   PM1205 PM1205 PDF Download CLARE DIP-6 03 ♦ Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
PM1205C   PM1205C PM1205C PDF Download CPClare DIP-4P 1997 If the instruction preceding the REF has a redun
PM1205CP   PM1205CP PM1205CP PDF Download CPCLARE The PM1205CP operates in tandem with Sensory Spee
PM1205S   PM1205S PM1205S PDF Download Bidirectional 4-bit input/output ports. Schmitt
PM1206   PM1206 PM1206 PDF Download Clare DIP/6 00+ Guaranteed monotonic INL error: 4 LSB max On-ch
PM1206C   PM1206C PM1206C PDF Download CPClare DIP-4P The DS90CR217 (see DS90CR217/218A datasheet) tra
PM1208S-200CC   PM1208S-200CC PM1208S-200CC PDF Download DRIVER-OUTPUT ENABLE/DISABLE TIMES Driver-Output
PM120CTM060   PM120CTM060 PM120CTM060 PDF Download 1850 Application Support Information The Application
PM120RSD120   PM120RSD120 PM120RSD120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE 00+ Ultra compact package. Wide frequency range in
PM12108   PM12108 PM12108 PDF Download The U4256BM is a single chip PLL circuit, design
PM1210B   PM1210B PM1210B PDF Download N/A  C 16-bit CPU with 4-stage pipeline  C
PM1210G-1R0K-RC   PM1210G-1R0K-RC PM1210G-1R0K-RC PDF Download U.S.A.: Hamamatsu Corporation: 360 Foothill Road
PM1230   PM1230 PM1230 PDF Download Master/Slave Synchronization. When it is open, a
PM125RHB120   PM125RHB120 PM125RHB120 PDF Download The DAC5687 includes several input options: sing
PM125S-100M   PM125S-100M PM125S-100M PDF Download Bild / Fig. 7 Transienter innerer Wärmewide
PM125S181M   PM125S181M PM125S181M PDF Download JWMILLER JWMILLER dc96 Two data address generators (DAGs) provide addre
PM125SH-390M   PM125SH-390M PM125SH-390M PDF Download Propagation delay time, high-to-low  level
PM133   PM133 PM133 PDF Download S3 BGA 00+ Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
PM133(8605)   PM133(8605) PM133(8605) PDF Download S3 BGA 06+ Dual Gate Inverter Oscillator Circuit   The
PM133/8605   PM133/8605 PM133/8605 PDF Download PROSOVOGE BGA 0111+ The HYM72V16M736BFU6 Series are Dual In-line Memo
PM1338605   PM1338605 PM1338605 PDF Download BGA VIA 03+ Signal data can be provided in binary or 2s comp
PM133-8605   PM133-8605 PM133-8605 PDF Download The Mini-ACE contains internal address latches a
PM133T   PM133T PM133T PDF Download VIA BGA 02+ NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
PM139   PM139 PM139 PDF Download PMI DIP 06+ [POWIRTRAIN specifications and ratings are given
PM139ARC/883   PM139ARC/883 PM139ARC/883 PDF Download PMI LCC20 8745 • SEVEN AUDIO OUTPUT DRIVERS   •
PM139ARC/883C   PM139ARC/883C PM139ARC/883C PDF Download NOTE: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
PM139AY   PM139AY PM139AY PDF Download The SoftStart charge eases batteries into the fas
PM139AY/883   PM139AY/883 PM139AY/883 PDF Download PMI CDIP The second bubble-through condition occurs when
PM139AY/883C   PM139AY/883C PM139AY/883C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Copyright © 2001 Epson Research and Develop
PM139Y   PM139Y PM139Y PDF Download AD CDIP Current setting resistor (band-gap sense voltage
PM139Y/883C   PM139Y/883C PM139Y/883C PDF Download optimized for use in many industrial and com- me
PM1401   PM1401 PM1401 PDF Download N/A SOP3.9mm SHORT FRAME SYNC OPERATION The COMBO can utiliz
PM1419   PM1419 PM1419 PDF Download Receive Ready A-B (active low) - This function i
PM144174   PM144174 PM144174 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 13ns (TYP.) at VCC = 4.5V LO
PM1458AJ   PM1458AJ PM1458AJ PDF Download PMI CAN 06+ Exceeding these limits may cause malfunction or p
PM146001   PM146001 PM146001 PDF Download 97 NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
PM146004   PM146004 PM146004 PDF Download YCL 98 Zener Voltage (VZ) is measured with junction in
PM146501   PM146501 PM146501 PDF Download YCL 02 Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
PM147   PM147 PM147 PDF Download The MK1491-06 requires some inexpensive external
PM148   PM148 PM148 PDF Download PMI DIP 06+ Stability The IRU1015 requires the use of an out
PM148Y   PM148Y PM148Y PDF Download PMI 93 BENEFITS  4 lines low-pass-filter  Hi
PM148Y/883   PM148Y/883 PM148Y/883 PDF Download PMI CDIP 06+ This center tap Schottky rectifier has been optim
PM148Y/883C   PM148Y/883C PM148Y/883C PDF Download The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
PM148Y883C   PM148Y883C PM148Y883C PDF Download PMI DIP 95+ The MX98715A controller is an IEEE802.3u complia
PM150   PM150 PM150 PDF Download MITSUBSH N/A Operating Range In the operating range the func
PM150BVA060   PM150BVA060 PM150BVA060 PDF Download N/A The PCA9544A is a quad bidirectional translating
PM150CBS060   PM150CBS060 PM150CBS060 PDF Download MIT MODULE N/A • Possible to assert random column address
PM150CBS120   PM150CBS120 PM150CBS120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP The AT25080A/160A/320A/640A is enabled through t
PM150CEF060   PM150CEF060 PM150CEF060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP Note 5: Limits are 100% production tested at 25&#
PM150CFE060   PM150CFE060 PM150CFE060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI Circuit design is enhanced by the addition of a
PM150CLA060   PM150CLA060 PM150CLA060 PDF Download MITS MODULE N/A (internally connected). When in lock, these freq
PM150CLA120   PM150CLA120 PM150CLA120 PDF Download 三菱 07+ Two clock sources are used to drive the microcon
PM150CLB060   PM150CLB060 PM150CLB060 PDF Download The MSM7578 and MSM7579 are single-channel CODEC
PM150CLS120   PM150CLS120 PM150CLS120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP and define which device the Master is accessing.
PM150CSA(CVA)060   PM150CSA(CVA)060 PM150CSA(CVA)060 PDF Download MIT IPM Fast Function Blocks (FFB) The XC7336 provides
PM150CSA060   PM150CSA060 PM150CSA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A Notes:  4. Test conditions assume signal t
PM150CSA120   PM150CSA120 PM150CSA120 PDF Download - Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, R
PM150CSB120   PM150CSB120 PM150CSB120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI Note 9: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
PM150CSBS060   PM150CSBS060 PM150CSBS060 PDF Download 1850 Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
PM150CSD060   PM150CSD060 PM150CSD060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ The ADN2847 uses a unique control algorithm to c
PM150CSD120   PM150CSD120 PM150CSD120 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+
PM150CSE060   PM150CSE060 PM150CSE060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP
PM150CSE-060   PM150CSE-060 PM150CSE-060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 28 This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
PM150CSE120   PM150CSE120 PM150CSE120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP C672x: 32-/64-Bit 300-MHz Floating-Point DSPs Up
PM150CSJ060   PM150CSJ060 PM150CSJ060 PDF Download MITSUBIS 04+ Turn-On Time: The converter typically produces a
PM150CVA060   PM150CVA060 PM150CVA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP The actual completion of the nonvolatile write i
PM150CVA120   PM150CVA120 PM150CVA120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
PM150CVA120-2   PM150CVA120-2 PM150CVA120-2 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Bridge or stereo configuration. Few External c
PM150DHA060   PM150DHA060 PM150DHA060 PDF Download MIT 06+ If an object or material obstructs the sense pad
PM150DHA060-1   PM150DHA060-1 PM150DHA060-1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
PM150DHA120   PM150DHA120 PM150DHA120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A An operating mode select pin (FCB) can be used to
PM150DHA120-1   PM150DHA120-1 PM150DHA120-1 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 Caution: Stresses beyond those listed under Abso
PM150DKA060   PM150DKA060 PM150DKA060 PDF Download IPM N/A Internally generated bias voltage of approximate
PM150DSA060   PM150DSA060 PM150DSA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI The digital blocks can be connected to any GPIO
PM150DSA120   PM150DSA120 PM150DSA120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A The 4-bit analog channel-select address for the
PM150DSA-120   PM150DSA-120 PM150DSA-120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP Tilt Applications: One of the most popular applic
PM150DSA120-2   PM150DSA120-2 PM150DSA120-2 PDF Download The ADM666A has an additional comparator, C4, th
PM150DVA120   PM150DVA120 PM150DVA120 PDF Download FEATURES • Compliant with ATM, SONET OC-3
PM150RLA060   PM150RLA060 PM150RLA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 150A600V From Detect Command or Application of PD to Port
PM150RLA120   PM150RLA120 PM150RLA120 PDF Download MIT MODULE This device contains circuitry to protect the in
PM150RLB060   PM150RLB060 PM150RLB060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP   The specified voltage (VS) applies for a
PM150RRA060   PM150RRA060 PM150RRA060 PDF Download MIT moudle  Output current while on 1  Output cur
PM150RRA060-1   PM150RRA060-1 PM150RRA060-1 PDF Download (25-MHz through 165-MHz Pixel Rates) Universal G
PM150RRS060   PM150RRS060 PM150RRS060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ Any and all SANYO products described or contained
PM150RSA(RVA)060   PM150RSA(RVA)060 PM150RSA(RVA)060 PDF Download MIT IPM Instruction fetching and execution are pipelined
PM150RSA060   PM150RSA060 PM150RSA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A Single chip transmit and receive interface for E
PM150RSD(RSE)120   PM150RSD(RSE)120 PM150RSD(RSE)120 PDF Download MIT IPM The processor communicates with these modules ov
PM150RSD060   PM150RSD060 PM150RSD060 PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A An internal 100-kHz charge pump supplies power t
PM150RSD-060   PM150RSD-060 PM150RSD-060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 07+ AppleTalk Universal asynchronous receiver tran
PM150RSD060-16   PM150RSD060-16 PM150RSD060-16 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 07+ 130 • Linear Regulator   − 3.3 V 2%
PM150RSD120   PM150RSD120 PM150RSD120 PDF Download Powerex Inc 150A1200V Digital VGA I & Q Demodulators Active Low P
PM150RSE060   PM150RSE060 PM150RSE060 PDF Download N/A Note 4: All characteristics are measured with a 0
PM150RSE120   PM150RSE120 PM150RSE120 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE 00+ The SNAP! Pulse programming algorithm uses an in
PM150RSH120   PM150RSH120 PM150RSH120 PDF Download 1850 The XRT59L91 is an optimized single-chip analog
PM150RSW120   PM150RSW120 PM150RSW120 PDF Download 1850 Low power CMOS: 350mW 9 ADC clock latency for d
PM150RVA060   PM150RVA060 PM150RVA060 PDF Download MIT MODULE FXL translators offer an advantage in that eithe
PM150SA060   PM150SA060 PM150SA060 PDF Download
PM150VBS060   PM150VBS060 PM150VBS060 PDF Download MITSUBIHI ON state resistance ON state resistance Tj = 1
PM150VCA060   PM150VCA060 PM150VCA060 PDF Download 1.1 EMI REDUCTION The COP8SAx family of devices
PM150VCA120   PM150VCA120 PM150VCA120 PDF Download NOTES: 1. H = HIGH Voltage Level   L = LOW
PM1527   PM1527 PM1527 PDF Download 97 • This catalog has only typical specificat
PM1530   PM1530 PM1530 PDF Download   This Logic Level Vertical Power MOSFET is
PM1541   PM1541 PM1541 PDF Download On a single 5V supply, the LT1990 has an adjustab
PM155   PM155 PM155 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Industrial operating temperature range:
PM155/883   PM155/883 PM155/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When the voltage of RT/GT changes from 0 to VTRT
PM1557J/883   PM1557J/883 PM1557J/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Ultra Low RDS(on) Higher Efficiency Extending Ba
PM155AJ   PM155AJ PM155AJ PDF Download PMI CAN8 The device contains a write enable latch. This l
PM155AJ/883   PM155AJ/883 PM155AJ/883 PDF Download AD CAN CAN The PM155AJ/883 is a hetero-junction bipolar tra
PM155AJ/883B   PM155AJ/883B PM155AJ/883B PDF Download PMI 2008 Notes: 1. Please do not use the soldering iron d
PM155AZ   PM155AZ PM155AZ PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 WE is used for data write enable/disable control.
PM155AZ/883   PM155AZ/883 PM155AZ/883 PDF Download PMI A picture signal with reduced noise and cross-co
PM155AZ/883C   PM155AZ/883C PM155AZ/883C PDF Download • Cellular phone battery charger •
PM155J   PM155J PM155J PDF Download CAN CAN As seen in the block diagram, these modules co
PM155J/883   PM155J/883 PM155J/883 PDF Download a. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
PM155J/883C   PM155J/883C PM155J/883C PDF Download PMI 2008 These EMI filters are hermetically packaged in a
PM155XZ   PM155XZ PM155XZ PDF Download Reset RP is used to reset all the memory circuit
PM155Z   PM155Z PM155Z PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8   The MC10/100EP31 is a D flipCflop with se
PM155Z/883   PM155Z/883 PM155Z/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Setting the transceiver to FIR (4.0 Mbit/s) Mode
PM155Z/883C   PM155Z/883C PM155Z/883C PDF Download The Hynix HYM7V65401B Q-Series are 4Mx64bits Sync
PM156   PM156 PM156 PDF Download DIP DIP   Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelvin
PM156/883   PM156/883 PM156/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Transmitter Differential Variable Swing Output. O
PM1560064J   PM1560064J PM1560064J PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporate
PM1560171Z   PM1560171Z PM1560171Z PDF Download Interfacing to combined audio/video decoders In
PM1560189Z   PM1560189Z PM1560189Z PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
PM156-189Z   PM156-189Z PM156-189Z PDF Download PMI CDIP8 9602+ Note 4: For single supply operation, the followin
PM1562/883C   PM1562/883C PM1562/883C PDF Download AD CDIP-8 94 ISENSE (Pin 4) (current sense minus): This is the
PM1563CD   PM1563CD PM1563CD PDF Download The CY7C1353F has an on-chip burst counter that a
PM156AJ   PM156AJ PM156AJ PDF Download PMI/AD CAN8 Circuit Board Material: .014 Getek, 4 - layer, 1
PM156AJ/883   PM156AJ/883 PM156AJ/883 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A There are also a number of backplanes and mounti
PM156AJ/883B   PM156AJ/883B PM156AJ/883B PDF Download AD CAN-8 02+ The information contained herein is the exclusive
PM156AJ/883C   PM156AJ/883C PM156AJ/883C PDF Download At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked.
PM156ARC/883   PM156ARC/883 PM156ARC/883 PDF Download PMI CLCC 95 The LXT974 and LXT975 are four-port PHY Fast Eth
PM156ARC/883C   PM156ARC/883C PM156ARC/883C PDF Download The SSM2120 contains two independent level detec
PM156AZ   PM156AZ PM156AZ PDF Download AD CDIP8 7. The input bias currents are junction leakage
PM156AZ/883   PM156AZ/883 PM156AZ/883 PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 DESCRIPTION The ST485E is al low power transcei
PM156AZ/883C   PM156AZ/883C PM156AZ/883C PDF Download During normal operation, power consumption may b
PM156AZ883C   PM156AZ883C PM156AZ883C PDF Download Since the device switches continuously, the outp
PM156J   PM156J PM156J PDF Download The semiflash architecture reduces power consum
PM156J/883   PM156J/883 PM156J/883 PDF Download PMI CAN8 If the password mode is enabled with PW_ON, read
PM156J/883C   PM156J/883C PM156J/883C PDF Download PMI 2008 Channel Select - UART channel A or B is selected
PM156Z   PM156Z PM156Z PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 To perform a practical return loss measurement, i
PM156Z/883   PM156Z/883 PM156Z/883 PDF Download
PM157   PM157 PM157 PDF Download PMI Input /output clock. I/O CLOCK receives the seri
PM157AJ   PM157AJ PM157AJ PDF Download PMI 2008 Serial-test information is conveyed by means of
PM157AJ/883   PM157AJ/883 PM157AJ/883 PDF Download PMI 2008 Slew rate limited drivers on the ISL8487E and ISL
PM157AJ/883C   PM157AJ/883C PM157AJ/883C PDF Download Technology: high performance SiGe Bandwidth: 9
PM157AZ   PM157AZ PM157AZ PDF Download AD CDIP8 02+ FEAST provides a flexible slave interface for eas
PM157AZ/883   PM157AZ/883 PM157AZ/883 PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 Power Supply Input. These parts can be operated
PM157AZ/883C   PM157AZ/883C PM157AZ/883C PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
PM157J   PM157J PM157J PDF Download 125 kHz RFID Chip for Cards and Tags 256 Read/Wr
PM157J/883   PM157J/883 PM157J/883 PDF Download PMI 2008 The AT command AT@Rxx=yy<CR> should be used
PM157Z   PM157Z PM157Z PDF Download AD CDIP8 CDIP8 The DSP56F801 incorporates an 8 input, 12-bit An
PM157Z/883   PM157Z/883 PM157Z/883 PDF Download PMI CDIP 06+ The result of the coercive field of the magnetic
PM157Z/883C   PM157Z/883C PM157Z/883C PDF Download AD CDIP8 96/98 After the password sequence, there is always a n
PM15CEA060   PM15CEA060 PM15CEA060 PDF Download FUJI 15A600V   4.5.3 Coil selection for safe operating a
PM15CEA060-3   PM15CEA060-3 PM15CEA060-3 PDF Download 1850   The RC32355 is built around the RC32300 3
PM15CEB060   PM15CEB060 PM15CEB060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V   Maskable Interrupts on all I/O pins 8-bi
PM15CEE060   PM15CEE060 PM15CEE060 PDF Download N/A 3-wire FSK Interface Data (CMOS Output). Mark fr
PM15CEE-060   PM15CEE-060 PM15CEE-060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 618 Note 6: All characteristics are measured with a 0
PM15CEE060-11   PM15CEE060-11 PM15CEE060-11 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 6U15A600V Application Support Information The Application
PM15CEE060-6   PM15CEE060-6 PM15CEE060-6 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V • Low-noise power supplies (these are recom
PM15CEE060-8   PM15CEE060-8 PM15CEE060-8 PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A Unlike other devices, the error amplifier in the
PM15CEE060-9   PM15CEE060-9 PM15CEE060-9 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
PM15CEF060   PM15CEF060 PM15CEF060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
PM15CEF120   PM15CEF120 PM15CEF120 PDF Download 1850 PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
PM15CEG060   PM15CEG060 PM15CEG060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V The AM93LC86 is the 16384-bit non-volatile serial
PM15CFA-060   PM15CFA-060 PM15CFA-060 PDF Download The MCP1701 is capable of delivering 250 mA with
PM15CHA(CMA)   PM15CHA(CMA) PM15CHA(CMA) PDF Download This device is fully specified for hot-insertion
PM15CHA(CMA)060   PM15CHA(CMA)060 PM15CHA(CMA)060 PDF Download MIT MODULE Output voltage set internally to 1.5% on SG7800A
PM15CHA060   PM15CHA060 PM15CHA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V • Linear mode operation with input voltage
PM15CHA060-1   PM15CHA060-1 PM15CHA060-1 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V The LT ®1014 is the first precision quad oper
PM15CHA060-5   PM15CHA060-5 PM15CHA060-5 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   This 16-bit edge-triggered D-type flip-fl
PM15CHS060   PM15CHS060 PM15CHS060 PDF Download The intended application of this device is to pr
PM15CKF120   PM15CKF120 PM15CKF120 PDF Download N/A In order to coexist with parallel port printers,
PM15CKF-120   PM15CKF-120 PM15CKF-120 PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 efficiency minimizes the requirement for heat-s
PM15CKT120   PM15CKT120 PM15CKT120 PDF Download The RF3315 is a high-efficiency GaAs Heterojunct
PM15CMA060   PM15CMA060 PM15CMA060 PDF Download MIT MODULE N/A Basically an 8-bit DAC with input latches, the A
PM15CMA060-8   PM15CMA060-8 PM15CMA060-8 PDF Download
PM15CNA060   PM15CNA060 PM15CNA060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A The bus controller is responsible for generating
PM15CNA060-12   PM15CNA060-12 PM15CNA060-12 PDF Download N/A The Simtek PM15CNA060-12 DIP module houses 64Kb
PM15CNJ060   PM15CNJ060 PM15CNJ060 PDF Download MITDUBIS MOUDLE N/A The HMJ1 is a high dynamic range, GaAs FET mixe
PM15CSA060   PM15CSA060 PM15CSA060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ Dual/Quad Low Cost Precision Op Amp No External
PM15CSJ060   PM15CSJ060 PM15CSJ060 PDF Download Powerex Inc MODULE N/A Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI Standa
PM15CSL060   PM15CSL060 PM15CSL060 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ Up to 6.25 Mbps at 5 Volt, 4 Mbps at 3.3 Volt,
PM15CTJ060   PM15CTJ060 PM15CTJ060 PDF Download The Altera enhanced configuration device is a si
PM15CTM060   PM15CTM060 PM15CTM060 PDF Download MITSUBISHI MODULE 2000 Delivers industry leading output power:   +
PM15CTM-060   PM15CTM-060 PM15CTM-060 PDF Download Network Systems Programmable Current Slew Rate
PM15CTM060-11   PM15CTM060-11 PM15CTM060-11 PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A Address, data inputs, and write controls are regi
PM15CTM060-3   PM15CTM060-3 PM15CTM060-3 PDF Download N/A A 1µF (min) capacitor from Vout to ground
PM15CTM060-36   PM15CTM060-36 PM15CTM060-36 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V The purchase of this product conveys to the buye
PM15CTM060-37   PM15CTM060-37 PM15CTM060-37 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V  This data sheet has been carefullyAPEX MICR
PM15CTM060-5   PM15CTM060-5 PM15CTM060-5 PDF Download The TFP513 provides a universal interface to all
PM15CTM060-6   PM15CTM060-6 PM15CTM060-6 PDF Download MITSUBISHI 15A600V Receiver Differential Output. Output is CML compa
PM15CTM060-8   PM15CTM060-8 PM15CTM060-8 PDF Download N/A The wide bandwidth, truly differential SHA allow
PM15CTM060PM20CTM060PM15CEE060   PM15CTM060PM20CTM060PM15CEE060 PM15CTM060PM20CTM060PM15CEE060 PDF Download IrDA Data Features • Fully compliant to Ir
PM15CZF120   PM15CZF120 PM15CZF120 PDF Download Powerex Inc MODULE N/A This Infineon module family are industry standar
PM15CZF-120   PM15CZF-120 PM15CZF-120 PDF Download 1850 VDETDetection Voltage Compliance RDETMINMinimum
PM15CZF120-P   PM15CZF120-P PM15CZF120-P PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生 s FEATURES   q Supply Voltage5V   q Y
PM15MD-12H   PM15MD-12H PM15MD-12H PDF Download 1850 SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29F080D is a 8 Mbit (1
PM15ODSA120   PM15ODSA120 PM15ODSA120 PDF Download The PM15ODSA120 contains an 8-bit ADC (Analog-to-
PM15QAA050   PM15QAA050 PM15QAA050 PDF Download N/A There is a 108-line embedded internal tristate b
PM15RHB120-1   PM15RHB120-1 PM15RHB120-1 PDF Download MOBULE MITSUBISHI 04+ This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
PM15RSB120   PM15RSB120 PM15RSB120 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
PM15RSF060   PM15RSF060 PM15RSF060 PDF Download N/A asynchronous communications. The 73K322L is desi
PM15RSH120   PM15RSH120 PM15RSH120 PDF Download Powerex Inc 00+ CEL certifies, to its knowledge, that semiconduc
PM15RSH-120   PM15RSH-120 PM15RSH-120 PDF Download 1850 Power Diode Module DD30GB series are designed fo
PM163409   PM163409 PM163409 PDF Download 99 The SDA 525x contains a slicer for TTX, VPS and
PM16A   PM16A PM16A PDF Download   The SY88813V generates a chatter-free PEC
PM16AJ   PM16AJ PM16AJ PDF Download NS 0013 If VPBDIV is non-zero, write all zeroes to VPBDIV
PM16CD100   PM16CD100 PM16CD100 PDF Download • HiPerFREDTM Epitaxial Diodes   - f
PM1712U   PM1712U PM1712U PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Miniature,cost-effective switching solution. Mol
PM1800HCE170   PM1800HCE170 PM1800HCE170 PDF Download MITSUBSH 04+ Port 2, Output. Port 2 serves as the MSB for exte
PM1800HCE1700   PM1800HCE1700 PM1800HCE1700 PDF Download MIT MODULE Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
PM1808-120-P   PM1808-120-P PM1808-120-P PDF Download THERMAL PERFORMANCE The 24-lead SO package is a
PM180HCE170   PM180HCE170 PM180HCE170 PDF Download High Efficiency: Up to 96% 600mA Output Current
PM1812H-4R7K-RC   PM1812H-4R7K-RC PM1812H-4R7K-RC PDF Download BOU/JW 2008+ Battery-Powered Devices Battery-Powered Alarm Ci
PM1826-3441   PM1826-3441 PM1826-3441 PDF Download NS 05+ For fundamental considerations on capacitors, re
PM18425   PM18425 PM18425 PDF Download PMI N/A 06+ The block diagram in Figure 1 shows the relation
PM195150   PM195150 PM195150 PDF Download C Data input, address, byte enable and control re
PM195440   PM195440 PM195440 PDF Download 94 The EWEN/EWDS instruction will enable or disabl
PM196010   PM196010 PM196010 PDF Download The MAX5051 power-supply controller is primary as
PM19T2RHB501GDE-DT   PM19T2RHB501GDE-DT PM19T2RHB501GDE-DT PDF Download LUCENT QFP   When setting S1 at a high level or S2 at
PM19T2RHB50IGDE-DT   PM19T2RHB50IGDE-DT PM19T2RHB50IGDE-DT PDF Download LUCENT N/A 01+ BC should be connected to a 3V backup cell for R
PM19T2RKC50IGNE-DT   PM19T2RKC50IGNE-DT PM19T2RKC50IGNE-DT PDF Download AGERE O7+ Programmable EE cells S4 and S5 allow the user
PM19T3REH501GNE-DT   PM19T3REH501GNE-DT PM19T3REH501GNE-DT PDF Download AGERE TQFP 2000 THA-2400/04/05 comprise a series of four-channel
PM19T3REH501GNE-OT   PM19T3REH501GNE-OT PM19T3REH501GNE-OT PDF Download LUCENT QFP 2001 Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
PM19T3REH50IGNE-DT   PM19T3REH50IGNE-DT PM19T3REH50IGNE-DT PDF Download Note 4 In all applications transient segment outp
PM19T3RFD501GNE-DT   PM19T3RFD501GNE-DT PM19T3RFD501GNE-DT PDF Download AGERE TQFP 2002 The EL2141 is a very high bandwidth amplifier wh
PM19T3RFF50IGNE-DT   PM19T3RFF50IGNE-DT PM19T3RFF50IGNE-DT PDF Download AGERE 02+ TQFP   The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing ci
PM1DAC8408FS   PM1DAC8408FS PM1DAC8408FS PDF Download The LMH6714/6720/6722 series combine Nationals
PM1F050N1A   PM1F050N1A PM1F050N1A PDF Download LINE BUILD-OUT: The Line Build-Out function cont
PM1F050N1AE   PM1F050N1AE PM1F050N1AE PDF Download JAE Electronics Two on-chip current limit comparators provide dua
PM1F050V1A   PM1F050V1A PM1F050V1A PDF Download • Wide supply voltage range: Vcc = 2.2 to 5
PM1FS781BZB   PM1FS781BZB PM1FS781BZB PDF Download   Pin 13 is the positive power supply pin.
PM1M050H1AR1000E   PM1M050H1AR1000E PM1M050H1AR1000E PDF Download The ICL7136 brings together a combination of high
PM1M050H1BR1000   PM1M050H1BR1000 PM1M050H1BR1000 PDF Download Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
PM1PM7628   PM1PM7628 PM1PM7628 PDF Download The receive ATM clock from the ATM layer <= 4
PM1REF01   PM1REF01 PM1REF01 PDF Download The HAL5xx family consists of different Hall swi
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