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  Single LEDs are often driven using either a high side or low side switch. The conventional LED interface circuit consists of an open collector/drain driver to sink the LED current as shown in Figure 3. The brightness of the LED is proportional to the current (If) through the diode. The current through the LED for a current sinking configuration is calculated using VCC, Vf, R, and the voltage drop across the driver (VSwitch) as shown below.
The SAR00085-AAV is a 27 MHz master clock, 5-system output clock generator for MPEG2 system. It has 2 built- in PLLs that, with the addition of a single crystal oscillator element, can generate 384fs, 512fs and 768fs clocks which are necessary for MPEG2 system, plus independent fixed-frequency 27 MHz and 33.8688 MHz output clocks. Each output can stop unused output by using disable function, therefore, unnecessary radiation can be suppressed. Also, visual and audio synchronous is not disrupted since each output frequency is kept in the normal ratio. Supported sampling frequencies (fs) include 44.1 or 48 kHz.
With delay bounded, strict priority, and/or WFQ transmission scheduling, and WRED dropping schemes, the SAR00085-A provides powerful QoS functions for various multimedia and mission-critical applications. The chip provides 4 transmission priorities (8 priorities per Gigabit port) and 2 levels of dropping precedence. Each packet is assigned a transmission priority and dropping precedence based on the VLAN priority field in a VLAN tagged frame, or the DS/TOS field, or the UDP/TCP logical port fields in IP packets. The SAR00085-A recognizes a total of 16 UDP/TCP logical ports, 8 hard-wired and 8 programmable (including one programmable range).
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
SAR00085-A   SAR00085-A SAR00085-A PDF Download QFP208 1. Super low consumption current 2. Super low co
SAR01   SAR01 SAR01 PDF Download TFK 2007 You can determine the version of a data sheet by
SAR01/57267   SAR01/57267 SAR01/57267 PDF Download The TMS320C80 is a single chip, MIMD parallel pr
SAR10   SAR10 SAR10 PDF Download
SAR1180914   SAR1180914 SAR1180914 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Operating voltage : 2.4V~5.2V Built-in 256kHz RC
SAR118091A   SAR118091A SAR118091A PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Use NC Relays for power control up to 5 A or T
SAR118-091-A   SAR118-091-A SAR118-091-A PDF Download N/A QFP- NOTE: 1. The device can be destroyed, if the app
SAR2000   SAR2000 SAR2000 PDF Download The AD8353 is fabricated on Analog Devices propr
SAR2000.A/SUP2000.V.2.0   SAR2000.A/SUP2000.V.2.0 SAR2000.A/SUP2000.V.2.0 PDF Download SMD28 00+
SAR2000B/SAT121.V0.1   SAR2000B/SAT121.V0.1 SAR2000B/SAT121.V0.1 PDF Download SMD28 00+ • Switchable organization   524,288 x
SAR2000B/SATI2I-V0.1   SAR2000B/SATI2I-V0.1 SAR2000B/SATI2I-V0.1 PDF Download ZILOG 00+ 117 The TELUX™ series is a clear, non diffused
SAR629/AVN   SAR629/AVN SAR629/AVN PDF Download AMIS 05+ MQFP208 1. One million cycle repeatability data is based
SAR629883   SAR629883 SAR629883 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The SAR629883 provides an over-range indicator f
SARA-X3   SARA-X3 SARA-X3 PDF Download AMIS 06+
SAR-C167CS-LM   SAR-C167CS-LM SAR-C167CS-LM PDF Download SIEMENS QFP performance in a 50 Ω system. Minimal ext
SARCC314M35BXL1R05   SARCC314M35BXL1R05 SARCC314M35BXL1R05 PDF Download MURATA 7.3.1 ILMI Embedded software provides an ILMI 4
SARM75A   SARM75A SARM75A PDF Download 6. The analog input signal is sampled on the pos
SARS01   SARS01 SARS01 PDF Download The Am29DL640H is a 64 megabit, 3.0 volt-only fl
SARS01V1   SARS01V1 SARS01V1 PDF Download SamKen 05+ DIP
SARS03   SARS03 SARS03 PDF Download TO-220 07+ SUBCARRIER: The output of the encoder stage (Man
SAR-STD-1A   SAR-STD-1A SAR-STD-1A PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 Description These chip-type LEDs utilize Alu-
SAR-STD-4A   SAR-STD-4A SAR-STD-4A PDF Download PHILIPS 2008 Statistical information for SNMP and the Remote M
SAR-STDIA   SAR-STDIA SAR-STDIA PDF Download SOP24W 38503 N/A The HYM72V64C736(L)T4 Series are 64Mx72bits ECC S
SARUM403M50DXP0R11   SARUM403M50DXP0R11 SARUM403M50DXP0R11 PDF Download The DS1668 and DS1669 differ in the type package
S/B/S/HENHV3024   S/B/S/HENHV3024 S/B/S/HENHV3024 PDF Download Power rating is determined with a junction tempe
S/B/S/HME10   S/B/S/HME10 S/B/S/HME10 PDF Download DETAILED FEATURES High Definition Programmable
S0103R   S0103R S0103R PDF Download the inputs a set-up time preceding the HIGH-to-L
S.E.K.12A2/85/21   S.E.K.12A2/85/21 S.E.K.12A2/85/21 PDF Download The PowerInfo 2 board is a simple, easy to use h
S.FLZ-R-SMT(10)   S.FLZ-R-SMT(10) S.FLZ-R-SMT(10) PDF Download Additionally, the 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash
S01-05-R   S01-05-R S01-05-R PDF Download EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
S010FAAOOOORXXXX   S010FAAOOOORXXXX S010FAAOOOORXXXX PDF Download stock A logic input control to enable the regulator ou
S010G338G   S010G338G S010G338G PDF Download N/A QFP-32 00 The S010G338G is a dual MOSFET driver optimized
S.M.BEAD   S.M.BEAD S.M.BEAD PDF Download JAT 2W 05+ SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VDD = 2.7V to 3.6V Core Power
S.M.BEAD853025   S.M.BEAD853025 S.M.BEAD853025 PDF Download N/A   Guaranteed by design. Not production teste
S.T2222A   S.T2222A S.T2222A PDF Download The S.T2222A has a hardware JPEG compression/dec
S.X50C06   S.X50C06 S.X50C06 PDF Download MOT SOP16S 2007+ Each Peppermint board has a special touch pad bu
S0104T   S0104T S0104T PDF Download The ISP1521 is a full hardware USB hub controlle
S0104R   S0104R S0104R PDF Download The MAX1165/MAX1166 16-bit, low-power, successive
S/B/S/HME10E   S/B/S/HME10E S/B/S/HME10E PDF Download sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V &
S/B/S/HME10J   S/B/S/HME10J S/B/S/HME10J PDF Download Two individual input channels o MIC+/MIC-: diffe
S/B/S/HME10K   S/B/S/HME10K S/B/S/HME10K PDF Download This link option selects the source of the CLKIN
S/B/S/HPE10   S/B/S/HPE10 S/B/S/HPE10 PDF Download The format for all instructions sent to the devi
S/B/S/HPE10A   S/B/S/HPE10A S/B/S/HPE10A PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
S/C/ST-R39   S/C/ST-R39 S/C/ST-R39 PDF Download The ILC7071 is an 100mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout
S/C/SUM0223F   S/C/SUM0223F S/C/SUM0223F PDF Download No Connection A logic I/O port. External encode
S/H/S-DES-TECH-HDBK   S/H/S-DES-TECH-HDBK S/H/S-DES-TECH-HDBK PDF Download SUBCARRIER: The output of the encoder stage (Man
S/P/SC87C51CCA44   S/P/SC87C51CCA44 S/P/SC87C51CCA44 PDF Download Flame-resistant   Suppress combustion and s
S/S/SW1390   S/S/SW1390 S/S/SW1390 PDF Download   The state of the Boot Block lockout can b
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