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This pin is active only when the chip transmits tone dialing signals. Otherwise, it al- ways outputs a low. The pin outputs tone signals to drive the external transmitter amplifier circuit. The load resistor (to VSS) should not be less than 5kW and any DC load connected to VDD is not allowed.
Organization . . . 512K 16 2 Banks 3.3-V Power Supply ( 10% Tolerance) Two Banks for On-Chip Interleaving (Gapless Accesses) High Bandwidth C Up to 83-MHz Data Rates CAS Latency (CL) Programmable to 2 or 3 Cycles From Column-Address Entry Burst Sequence Programmable to Serial or Interleave Burst Length Programmable to 1, 2, 4, 8, or Full Page Chip Select and Clock Enable for Enhanced-System Interfacing Cycle-by-Cycle DQ-Bus Mask Capability With Upper and Lower Byte Control Auto-Refresh and Self-Refresh Capability 4K Refresh (Total for Both Banks) High-Speed, Low-Noise, Low-Voltage TTL (LVTTL) Interface Power-Down Mode Compatible With JEDEC Standards Pipeline Architecture Temperature Ranges:   Operating, 0C to 70C   Storage, C 55C to 150C
  The SC33003LB01 is a driver for a small-to-medium-sized scale dot matrix graphic LCD. It includes the functions of the T9841B (column driver) and the T9842B (row driver). It has an 8-bit interface circuit and can be operated with an 80-Series MPU. It generates all the timing signals for the display with an on-chip oscillator. It receives 8-bit data from an MPU, latches the data to an on-chip RAM, and displays the image on the LCD (the data in the display RAM correspond to the dots on the display). The device has 120 column driver outputs and 64 row driver outputs enabling it to drive a 120-dot by 64-dot LCD. In addition, there are resistors to divide the bias voltage, a power supply op-amp, DC-DC converter (+5 V −5 V) and contrast control circuit, enabling the LCD to be driven by a single power supply. The device can be connected to another SC33003LB01 to drive a 240-dot by 64-dot LCD.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
SC3.3   SC3.3 SC3.3 PDF Download HN58X25xxx Series is the Serial Peripheral Inter
SC30   SC30 SC30 PDF Download n 17 to 40 VDC Input Range (28 VDC Nominal) n 5
SC300   SC300 SC300 PDF Download 98 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
SC300023DR2   SC300023DR2 SC300023DR2 PDF Download By driving the load differentially through outpu
SC300023P   SC300023P SC300023P PDF Download The 256/288-Mbit Direct Rambus DRAMs (RDRAM)are
SC300062D14ADR2   SC300062D14ADR2 SC300062D14ADR2 PDF Download 2.5V or 3.3V operation Split output bank power s
SC3001/00601C104KE   SC3001/00601C104KE SC3001/00601C104KE PDF Download Load current passes through the external current
SC300-25VC   SC300-25VC SC300-25VC PDF Download AMD TQFP208 01+/02+/03+/04+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
SC3003   SC3003 SC3003 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 3. The input bias and offset currents are essent
SC300-33KC   SC300-33KC SC300-33KC PDF Download AMD QFP208 01+/02+/03+/04+ The 74HC/HCT75 have four bistable latches. The t
SC3004   SC3004 SC3004 PDF Download DIP/SOP 08+   The NCS2002 is an industry first sub−
SC3004S   SC3004S SC3004S PDF Download SILAN 06+ 500 •Specimen : Paraformaldehyde-fixed, paraffi
SC300AT   SC300AT SC300AT PDF Download JAT 2512 05+ There are four devices (PIC16F873, PIC16F874, P
SC300C120   SC300C120 SC300C120 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD =5.8 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.3 V
SC300C-120   SC300C-120 SC300C-120 PDF Download N/A
SC300C-80   SC300C-80 SC300C-80 PDF Download SanRex PulseGuard ESD Suppressors help protect sensitiv
SC3010   SC3010 SC3010 PDF Download SOP N/A n Low cost 8-bit OTP microcontroller n OTP prog
SC30-10-2514-10   SC30-10-2514-10 SC30-10-2514-10 PDF Download Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
SC30102530   SC30102530 SC30102530 PDF Download When VCC is between 0 and 1.2 V, the device is i
SC3010CS   SC3010CS SC3010CS PDF Download SL 03+ Calibration Delay, Dual Edge Sampling and Serial
SC3010S   SC3010S SC3010S PDF Download SL SOP28 04+ Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
SC30132   SC30132 SC30132 PDF Download SEMTECH SOP8 01+ Note: The input pads of the RC32355 do not conta
SC3015   SC3015 SC3015 PDF Download DIP/SOP 08+ This IC detects battery voltage and displays the
SC3015B   SC3015B SC3015B PDF Download N/A DIP 98+ Output Drivers Each output driver is capable of
SC3015Q   SC3015Q SC3015Q PDF Download AMCC 06+ A0, A1, A2, A3 (Pins 2, 3, 21, 22)   Addres
SC3019B-500.00MHZ   SC3019B-500.00MHZ SC3019B-500.00MHZ PDF Download The numeric devices decode positive BCD logic
SC30200F2   SC30200F2 SC30200F2 PDF Download * 3.2 Qualification. Devices furnished under thi
SC30202F2   SC30202F2 SC30202F2 PDF Download The ISP1521 has seven downstream facing ports. I
SC3020-50   SC3020-50 SC3020-50 PDF Download Following the hold time interval, data at the D
SC30205F2   SC30205F2 SC30205F2 PDF Download Serial operation occurs when nP_LOAD is HIGH and
SC30206F2   SC30206F2 SC30206F2 PDF Download The extremely low operating power along with the
SC30207F2   SC30207F2 SC30207F2 PDF Download The SPT1175 is an 8-bit analog-to-digital conver
SC30208F2   SC30208F2 SC30208F2 PDF Download 1/ Stresses above the absolute maximum rating ma
SC30209F2   SC30209F2 SC30209F2 PDF Download Low crystal current oscillator Up to 40MHz opera
SC30210F2   SC30210F2 SC30210F2 PDF Download Ÿ Miniature, cost-effective switching solut
SC30211F2   SC30211F2 SC30211F2 PDF Download A decoupling capacitor of 0.01µF must be c
SC30212F2   SC30212F2 SC30212F2 PDF Download • SuperFAST HIGH DENSITY IN-SYSTEM  
SC30213F2   SC30213F2 SC30213F2 PDF Download (13) Interrupts: 14 sources, 10 vectors  
SC30214F2   SC30214F2 SC30214F2 PDF Download The AT431 is low-voltage three-terminal adjusta
SC30215F2   SC30215F2 SC30215F2 PDF Download Two on-chip current limit comparators provide dua
SC30216F2   SC30216F2 SC30216F2 PDF Download The bq2050H determines battery capacity by moni-
SC30217F2   SC30217F2 SC30217F2 PDF Download - 2.1GB/s sustained data transfer rate - Separa
SC30229F2   SC30229F2 SC30229F2 PDF Download Note 1: All currents into the device are positive
SC30281   SC30281 SC30281 PDF Download SEMTECH SOP8 01+ Working Peak Reverse Voltage Range C 5.8 to 171
SC3029B-360.00MHZ   SC3029B-360.00MHZ SC3029B-360.00MHZ PDF Download For Schottky barrier diodes thermal run-away has
SC302IML   SC302IML SC302IML PDF Download SEMTECH 05+ Used as a high-side switch, a p-channel MOSFET i
SC30328   SC30328 SC30328 PDF Download  DVDD is the power supply for the I/O pins
SC3042   SC3042 SC3042 PDF Download NPC 1997 DIP I/O lines with pull-high resistors (bit option).
SC3043   SC3043 SC3043 PDF Download 30 NULL NULL Min Typ Max Min Typ Max UnitsTest Conditions 32
SC3044   SC3044 SC3044 PDF Download NPC 1981 DIP The IRU1050 is a low dropout three-terminal adjus
SC3047UH10   SC3047UH10 SC3047UH10 PDF Download The shutdown circuitry consists of a quad compara
SC30505   SC30505 SC30505 PDF Download ZIP-9P DESCRIPTION The STV5346 decoder is a computer-c
SC30506   SC30506 SC30506 PDF Download   The IDT71V2576/78 are high-speed SRAMs or
SC30595ADR2   SC30595ADR2 SC30595ADR2 PDF Download Flexibly organized as 32k x 32, 64k x 16 or 128
SC3064   SC3064 SC3064 PDF Download CS DIP 96
SC3073C   SC3073C SC3073C PDF Download 680 MOT Description negative analog output, left channe
SC30C-120   SC30C-120 SC30C-120 PDF Download The first step in choosing the right product is
SC30C60   SC30C60 SC30C60 PDF Download SAK . N/A with A10 defining auto precharge) to select one
SC310   SC310 SC310 PDF Download ZOWIE 07+ The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
SC310001P   SC310001P SC310001P PDF Download Expand/Store: A common output that can be used as
SC31002   SC31002 SC31002 PDF Download DIP DIP The Simtek STK15C88 is a fast static RAM with a
SC310044D   SC310044D SC310044D PDF Download The HCPL- 5120 contains a GaAsP LED optically co
SC310-25KC   SC310-25KC SC310-25KC PDF Download AMD QFP208 01+/02+/03+/04+ VIN and IIN refer to control inputs. VI, VO, II,
SC310-25KI   SC310-25KI SC310-25KI PDF Download QFP208 08+ Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
SC310-25VC   SC310-25VC SC310-25VC PDF Download AMD QFP 05+ The intended application of this device and sign
SC310-33KC   SC310-33KC SC310-33KC PDF Download AMD QFP208 01+/02+/03+/04+   The Build-in oscillator circuitry of SC31
SC31033KI   SC31033KI SC31033KI PDF Download This 32-bit noninverting bus transceiver uses tw
SC310-33KI   SC310-33KI SC310-33KI PDF Download QFP208 08+   HyperPHY transceiver technology includes
SC310ASKTRT   SC310ASKTRT SC310ASKTRT PDF Download Semtech † For execution of these commands, A0 C A1
SC310BSKTRT   SC310BSKTRT SC310BSKTRT PDF Download Semtech (VA) NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
SC310CSKTRT   SC310CSKTRT SC310CSKTRT PDF Download Semtech A fixed precision resistor from this pin to groun
SC311-06   SC311-06 SC311-06 PDF Download FUJI SMA-2 05+ Note 14: A 40% to 60% duty cycle range insures pr
SC311-4-TE12RA   SC311-4-TE12RA SC311-4-TE12RA PDF Download N/A Notes: 1. The luminous intensity, I V, is measu
SC311-4-TE12RA(HC)   SC311-4-TE12RA(HC) SC311-4-TE12RA(HC) PDF Download This pin is used to monitor the status of the ho
SC311-4-TE12RA/   SC311-4-TE12RA/ SC311-4-TE12RA/ PDF Download Fuji 08+
SC311-6   SC311-6 SC311-6 PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
SC311-6TE12R   SC311-6TE12R SC311-6TE12R PDF Download FUJI 08+ This device combines four popular functions, Pow
SC311-6-TE12RA   SC311-6-TE12RA SC311-6-TE12RA PDF Download FUJI 04+ For enhanced performance, the VRE304 has an exte
SC31205   SC31205 SC31205 PDF Download ZIP-9P NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
SC3120A   SC3120A SC3120A PDF Download NPC 1983 DIP   The transfer of information from the inpu
SC3130A   SC3130A SC3130A PDF Download NPC 1983 DIP WRITE PROTECT: Erase blocks can be locked by writ
SC3132   SC3132 SC3132 PDF Download NPC 1988 DIP
SC3133   SC3133 SC3133 PDF Download NPC 1988 DIP Ratiometry: The quiescent voltage output and sens
SC3134   SC3134 SC3134 PDF Download NPC 1985 DIP 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range 8 MHz Maximu
SC31459/BPA   SC31459/BPA SC31459/BPA PDF Download   The transmit portion of this device inclu
SC31549/BPA   SC31549/BPA SC31549/BPA PDF Download MOTOROLA CDIP-8 03+ Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability Single +
SC3162   SC3162 SC3162 PDF Download NPC 1988 DIP   At any given temperature and voltage cond
SC3198N   SC3198N SC3198N PDF Download 9,937 The TPS752xx and TPS754xx are low dropout regula
SC31AM28   SC31AM28 SC31AM28 PDF Download Meet ANSI standard RS-485 and RS-422 Data rate
SC32   SC32 SC32 PDF Download ZOWIE 07+ Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
SC3200UCL-233   SC3200UCL-233 SC3200UCL-233 PDF Download CURRENT MONITOR- is a pin providing a current vie
SC3200UCL-266   SC3200UCL-266 SC3200UCL-266 PDF Download NS BGA 02+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
SC3200UFH-233F33   SC3200UFH-233F33 SC3200UFH-233F33 PDF Download Full I2C multiple Master/Slave Interface suppor
SC3200UFH-266   SC3200UFH-266 SC3200UFH-266 PDF Download BGA 08+ Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
SC3200UFH-266F   SC3200UFH-266F SC3200UFH-266F PDF Download NSC BGA † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
SC32-11GWA   SC32-11GWA SC32-11GWA PDF Download N/A KINGBRIGHT 04+ C Free High performance Development environment
SC321-2-TE12RA   SC321-2-TE12RA SC321-2-TE12RA PDF Download FUJI SOT   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier prin
SC32141SEA11   SC32141SEA11 SC32141SEA11 PDF Download The Parallel Input/Output Controller (PIO) contr
SC32156/BPA   SC32156/BPA SC32156/BPA PDF Download   The gel die coat and durable polymer pack
SC32200-03   SC32200-03 SC32200-03 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
SC32200LB02   SC32200LB02 SC32200LB02 PDF Download   The MC100ES6139 is a low skew 2/4, 4/5/6
SC32201LB   SC32201LB SC32201LB PDF Download MOT CDIP40 (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
SC32201LB02   SC32201LB02 SC32201LB02 PDF Download MOT CDDIP40 Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
SC32201LB08   SC32201LB08 SC32201LB08 PDF Download MOT CDDIP40 Low-power CMOS technology ORG pin to select wo
SC32201LB11   SC32201LB11 SC32201LB11 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The device operation is controlled by instructio
SC32201LB12   SC32201LB12 SC32201LB12 PDF Download MOT CDDIP40 • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
SC32201LB16   SC32201LB16 SC32201LB16 PDF Download MOT CDDIP40 The following circuit shows a charged monitor for
SC32204LB02   SC32204LB02 SC32204LB02 PDF Download MOTOROLA CERDIP-40 88+ where N is the number of cells, RB1 is connected
SC32204LB04   SC32204LB04 SC32204LB04 PDF Download The TLV262x single supply operational amplifiers
SC32204LB04B   SC32204LB04B SC32204LB04B PDF Download MOT CDIP40 89+ Figure 4 shows the connection scheme used to pro
SC32204LB05B   SC32204LB05B SC32204LB05B PDF Download MOT CDIP40 89+ Setting up a password is done essentially in the
SC32204LB06B   SC32204LB06B SC32204LB06B PDF Download MOT CDIP40 89+ The RC5051 Power Good function is designed in ac
SC32205LB04   SC32205LB04 SC32205LB04 PDF Download MOTOROLA CERDIP-40 90+ This pin is the ground pin for the entire chip.
SC32208LA02   SC32208LA02 SC32208LA02 PDF Download MOT DIP 03+ The crystal traces should include pads for small
SC32208LA06   SC32208LA06 SC32208LA06 PDF Download MOT DIP 03+   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) G
SC32208LB05   SC32208LB05 SC32208LB05 PDF Download MOT 陶瓷DIP-40 05+ This monolithic integrated circuit is an adjusta
SC32209LB01   SC32209LB01 SC32209LB01 PDF Download MOTOROLA CERDIP-40 91+ Min. Typ. Max. UnitsConditions  55CCC CCCVV
SC32211LB01(111465-01)   SC32211LB01(111465-01) SC32211LB01(111465-01) PDF Download MOT 9032+ 1200 High efficiency Surge overload rating - 300 amp
SC32211LB02   SC32211LB02 SC32211LB02 PDF Download MOTOROLA CDIP-40 90+ The MTC50150 is a low cost ADSL bridge and LAN r
SC32220LA01   SC32220LA01 SC32220LA01 PDF Download DIP This document is a general product description an
SC3223CA   SC3223CA SC3223CA PDF Download A flow through pin out has been adopted to allow
SC3223ECA   SC3223ECA SC3223ECA PDF Download The H34063A Series is a monolithic control circui
SC3232EC   SC3232EC SC3232EC PDF Download The user should note there is a significan
SC32405   SC32405 SC32405 PDF Download ZIP-9P HIGH SPEED: tPD = 0.3ns (TYP.) at VCC = 3.0V t
SC32442A33-7080   SC32442A33-7080 SC32442A33-7080 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ The Hynix HYM71V16735AT8 Series are 16Mx72bits EC
SC32442AL-33   SC32442AL-33 SC32442AL-33 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06+ †Purchase of I2C components from Maxim Inte
SC32442AL-43S   SC32442AL-43S SC32442AL-43S PDF Download SAMSUNG BGA 0616+   The IRPT1053A Power Module, shown in figu
SC32442AL-45   SC32442AL-45 SC32442AL-45 PDF Download
SC32442X31-7080   SC32442X31-7080 SC32442X31-7080 PDF Download SAMSUNG 06 Thermal Resistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SC32442X33-7080   SC32442X33-7080 SC32442X33-7080 PDF Download SAMSUNG 08+ layout, a frequency counter capable of less than
SC32442XL-31   SC32442XL-31 SC32442XL-31 PDF Download SANSUNG 0631+ BGA Positive driver supply pin for the SC32442XL-31s
SC3268R15F   SC3268R15F SC3268R15F PDF Download SHARP BEST/96/97 1200 For packing material that is returned to us unsor
SC3268R16F   SC3268R16F SC3268R16F PDF Download SHARP 1997 This three terminal positive regulator is suppli
SC33   SC33 SC33 PDF Download SC TSSOP 04+ Time taken for PLL lock voltage to achieve 90% t
SC330   SC330 SC330 PDF Download In addition, the temperature compensation of the
SC33002LB01   SC33002LB01 SC33002LB01 PDF Download The second amplifier, RFA2, provides 51 dB of gai
SC33002LB02   SC33002LB02 SC33002LB02 PDF Download MOT CDDIP40 NOTES: (1) Junction temperature = ambient for 25
SC33003LB01   SC33003LB01 SC33003LB01 PDF Download MOTOROLA 83+ CDIP40 The CY7B9950 features split power supply buses f
SC33003PB01   SC33003PB01 SC33003PB01 PDF Download A low-to-high transition on the CS pin will term
SC33009PC02   SC33009PC02 SC33009PC02 PDF Download Disable mode places the device in a sleep state,
SC3306Q   SC3306Q SC3306Q PDF Download AMCC QFP QFP The TP3054, TP3057 family consists of µ-la
SC3306Q1   SC3306Q1 SC3306Q1 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ Reset: A low on this pin resets the microcontroll
SC3306Q-1   SC3306Q-1 SC3306Q-1 PDF Download QFP52 08+ These voltage regulators are monolithic integrate
SC33071AP   SC33071AP SC33071AP PDF Download The SDRAM employs state-of-the-art technology fo
SC3308Q   SC3308Q SC3308Q PDF Download AMCC QFP For more information on Hewlett-Packard Test &am
SC3308Q1   SC3308Q1 SC3308Q1 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ This chip, when properly assembled, display char
SC3308Q-1   SC3308Q-1 SC3308Q-1 PDF Download QFP52 08+
SC3318   SC3318 SC3318 PDF Download AMCC SOP28 N/A Chip Select (CS) The device is selected when th
SC33182D   SC33182D SC33182D PDF Download The detected signal is full-wave rectified and i
SC33182DR2   SC33182DR2 SC33182DR2 PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
SC3318S   SC3318S SC3318S PDF Download CS SOP   Ratiometricity simply means the output of
SC3318S1   SC3318S1 SC3318S1 PDF Download MOT BGA 98 The gate drive ready pin (GDR) is used to indicat
SC3318S-1   SC3318S-1 SC3318S-1 PDF Download AMCC SOP 03+ When WEN1 is LOW and WEN2/LD is HIGH, data is wr
SC3318S-1-   SC3318S-1- SC3318S-1- PDF Download
SC3318S-1/TD   SC3318S-1/TD SC3318S-1/TD PDF Download AMCC 06+ 500 This applies to SAA7120 only. The device is prot
SC33262DR2   SC33262DR2 SC33262DR2 PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP 2003 Hynix HYMD18M725A(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered
SC33262DR2G   SC33262DR2G SC33262DR2G PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP-8P 2005 The HYM72V16M656T6 -Series are gold plated socket
SC3327S   SC3327S SC3327S PDF Download AMCC 28/SOP 07+/08+ Signal Processors (DSPs) − TMS320C62xᣤ
SC3336FN   SC3336FN SC3336FN PDF Download The R-C values are selected by matching the time
SC33399ADR2   SC33399ADR2 SC33399ADR2 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 05+/06+;05+ The 74LVC(H)162245A features two output enable (
SC3360   SC3360 SC3360 PDF Download NEC SOT-23 05+ Data received or transmitted on the SDA line mus
SC3368   SC3368 SC3368 PDF Download Notes: 1. Due to the Cypress implementation of
SC3368C/T   SC3368C/T SC3368C/T PDF Download AMCC 2008   C Stand-alone MP3 decoder   C 48, 44
SC3368S   SC3368S SC3368S PDF Download AMCC SMD 03/+04+ Digital decimation and filtering circuitry is em
SC3368S001   SC3368S001 SC3368S001 PDF Download 95 Figure 5 is a photograph of the output of the tes
SC3368S001/TD   SC3368S001/TD SC3368S001/TD PDF Download 22000 Register File based 8/16 bit Core Architecture
SC337-25   SC337-25 SC337-25 PDF Download   Linear Mixer with integrated LO-Buffer &n
SC338   SC338 SC338 PDF Download SEMTECH MSOP-10 06+
SC338(AK00)   SC338(AK00) SC338(AK00) PDF Download (1) This data was taken using the JEDEC standard
SC33861KDES   SC33861KDES SC33861KDES PDF Download Converts a High-level analog input voltage into
SC33886VWR2   SC33886VWR2 SC33886VWR2 PDF Download SOP-20 2004+ The NE5532, NE5532A, SA5532, and SA5532A are hig
SC338A   SC338A SC338A PDF Download SEMTECH MSOP-10 06+ When ENABLE is low, the DATA and CLOCK inputs ar
SC338AIMS   SC338AIMS SC338AIMS PDF Download SEMTECH 06+ 3000   The MSK 3020 is an H-bridge power circuit
SC338AIMSTR   SC338AIMSTR SC338AIMSTR PDF Download SEMTECH MSOP-10 2003 AGC and low-pass filtered video should be brough
SC338AIMSTRT   SC338AIMSTRT SC338AIMSTRT PDF Download Semtech (VA) MSOP10 05+ When programming the SC338AIMSTRT, the device pr
SC338AMISTR   SC338AMISTR SC338AMISTR PDF Download Semtech 2008 DIGITAL OUTPUTS(6) Logic Family Logic Coding L
SC338IMS   SC338IMS SC338IMS PDF Download SEMTECH 08+ The SC338IMS is a high-performance 10/100/1000BAS
SC338IMSTR   SC338IMSTR SC338IMSTR PDF Download SC 05+ NOTE 4: Unused Rext/Cext terminals should be lef
SC338IMSTRT   SC338IMSTRT SC338IMSTRT PDF Download SEMTECH MSOP 06+ 2. The maximum rated output power for this serie
SC338IMTRT   SC338IMTRT SC338IMTRT PDF Download SEMTECH TSSOP-8 06+ Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current . 375
SC339DR2G   SC339DR2G SC339DR2G PDF Download ON Semiconductor Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
SC339SKTRT   SC339SKTRT SC339SKTRT PDF Download SEM SOT23 05+ Drain-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage C
SC33E6003   SC33E6003 SC33E6003 PDF Download SIEMENS QFP160 Core C ARM7TDMI 32-bit RISC CPU C 32 MIPS @ 3
SC33E6003-LAUGA   SC33E6003-LAUGA SC33E6003-LAUGA PDF Download The high-bandwidth digital content protection sy
SC33E6006   SC33E6006 SC33E6006 PDF Download simultaneous composite and S-video output, and i
SC33EZ55Z3L   SC33EZ55Z3L SC33EZ55Z3L PDF Download The INH inhibit input can be used to cut off the
SC34   SC34 SC34 PDF Download ZOWIE 07+ Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series incorporates S
SC34018   SC34018 SC34018 PDF Download HuaJin 01+ Random-Lock Synchronization: The deserializer can
SC34022LB01   SC34022LB01 SC34022LB01 PDF Download MOTOROLA 05+  This IC is 1 chip driv er IC f or spindle
SC34026LB01   SC34026LB01 SC34026LB01 PDF Download MOTOROLA CERDIP-40 93+ This pin adjusts the threshold level and the def
SC34026LB01B   SC34026LB01B SC34026LB01B PDF Download MOTOROLA CERDIP-40 91+ The SC34026LB01B is in the write mode whenever th
SC34182D   SC34182D SC34182D PDF Download The AMI signal first enters a selectable fixed 20
SC34203M4-103SP   SC34203M4-103SP SC34203M4-103SP PDF Download Guaranteed by design and characterization. Image
SC34205M4-504SP   SC34205M4-504SP SC34205M4-504SP PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A DIP Operation above maximum ratings may cause perman
SC34320CT   SC34320CT SC34320CT PDF Download SC 96+ QFP 2. Stand-by SW function (pin(2))   By means
SC34321CM   SC34321CM SC34321CM PDF Download SIERRA SOP 99+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
SC34321CMTR   SC34321CMTR SC34321CMTR PDF Download These devices are fully specified for hot-insert
SC34322CTB   SC34322CTB SC34322CTB PDF Download Sierra 96 Notes: 3. CPD is defined as the value of the in
SC34323CQ   SC34323CQ SC34323CQ PDF Download QFP44 101A9102A8 103 VSS 104 VSS 105A7106A6 107A510
SC34350CQ   SC34350CQ SC34350CQ PDF Download   The 0.057 OHM term takes into account any
SC34380CQA   SC34380CQA SC34380CQA PDF Download SER QFP144 Store the devices out of direct sunlight, at a st
SC34380CQB   SC34380CQB SC34380CQB PDF Download SER QFP120  JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply  LVT
SC343S1191-AN   SC343S1191-AN SC343S1191-AN PDF Download SOP 05+   As the beams attached to the central mass
SC3442   SC3442 SC3442 PDF Download N/A N/A 08+ The UC1854s high reference voltage and high osci
SC3450   SC3450 SC3450 PDF Download SL DIP 99 drift, guarantees lower maximum supply current t
SC3450AEA0GGU   SC3450AEA0GGU SC3450AEA0GGU PDF Download The waveform of the maximum DC applied voltage is
SC3451ABA0GGW   SC3451ABA0GGW SC3451ABA0GGW PDF Download Note A: All data listed in the above graphs has
SC3500Q   SC3500Q SC3500Q PDF Download AMCC QFP52 The HAL 57x, HAL 58x two-wire sensors are monoli
SC3500Q1   SC3500Q1 SC3500Q1 PDF Download This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
SC3502Q   SC3502Q SC3502Q PDF Download AMCC QFP 05+ VCC IOUT Short Circuit protected to ground. M
SC3506Q   SC3506Q SC3506Q PDF Download 94 The four documents listed in Table 1 are required
SC3506Q1   SC3506Q1 SC3506Q1 PDF Download   The fixed off-time pulse duration is set
SC3506Q-1   SC3506Q-1 SC3506Q-1 PDF Download AMCC QFP1414-52 99+ The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are 128Mx72bits ECC
SC3507Q-1   SC3507Q-1 SC3507Q-1 PDF Download QFP52 08+ Active Low Control Input. This is the frame sync
SC3507Q-1A   SC3507Q-1A SC3507Q-1A PDF Download AMCC QFP 05+ The variable gain is controlled by an analog vol
SC3507Q-I   SC3507Q-I SC3507Q-I PDF Download AMCC QFP52 QFP52 Ready/Busy status is indicated using bit 7 of th
SC3508Q   SC3508Q SC3508Q PDF Download 128 AMCC 99+   Use of the above model permits junction t
SC3508Q-1   SC3508Q-1 SC3508Q-1 PDF Download AMCC QFP Description SS2 Spread Spectrum control bit (0=
SC3508Q2   SC3508Q2 SC3508Q2 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ When the JTAG interface in MAX 7000S devices is
SC3508Q-2   SC3508Q-2 SC3508Q-2 PDF Download AMCC PQFP52-1414 A constant 500nA current source ramps up the swit
SC3517S-1   SC3517S-1 SC3517S-1 PDF Download AMCC N/A SOP28 Each ISL6118 incorporates in a single 8-lead SOIC
SC351851   SC351851 SC351851 PDF Download The IC operates from a 3V regu- lated supply, ma
SC3518S   SC3518S SC3518S PDF Download CS SOP Even Parity. Parity is even parity across AD31-0
SC3518S-1   SC3518S-1 SC3518S-1 PDF Download 8 AMCC 95+ BUS HIGH ENABLE/STATUS: During T1 the bus high e
SC3524   SC3524 SC3524 PDF Download TEXAS O7+   Pin 16 is the (-) clamp input pin. This p
SC3524N   SC3524N SC3524N PDF Download 25 TI 96 • P1 C Serial (RS-232) • J1 C USB
SC3525ADW   SC3525ADW SC3525ADW PDF Download LINFINITY SOP16 04+ The EWEN/EWDS instruction will enable or disable
SC3526S   SC3526S SC3526S PDF Download To obtain the lowest jitter clock drive, a low-p
SC3527   SC3527 SC3527 PDF Download AMCC SMD 03/+04+ Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
SC3527S   SC3527S SC3527S PDF Download AMCC 95 The GS4882 and GS4982 determine odd/even field in
SC3528   SC3528 SC3528 PDF Download AMCC SMD 03/+04+ The FCT240T devices are octal buffers and line
SC35285   SC35285 SC35285 PDF Download AMCC 7.2mm A permanently enabled Watch-Dog Timer ensures op
SC3528F   SC3528F SC3528F PDF Download AMCC SOP28 03+ The MIC5158 produces a brief logic-low error-fla
SC3528S   SC3528S SC3528S PDF Download AMCC SOP 03+ The DS1543 has a lithium power source that is de
SC35STC   SC35STC SC35STC PDF Download The 16TTS.. SAFEIR series of silicon controlled
SC36   SC36 SC36 PDF Download ZOWIE 07+ Specular Reflectance (Rf): The amount of inciden
SC3610   SC3610 SC3610 PDF Download 台湾 SOP 03+ This addendum to the initial release of the MC68
SC3610D   SC3610D SC3610D PDF Download SL 邦定芯片 07+   The entire series has Underwriters Laborat
SC3611GS-E1   SC3611GS-E1 SC3611GS-E1 PDF Download JAPAN 98 The HT6026 is a CMOS LSI encoder designed for r
SC36-11GWALED1XWK   SC36-11GWALED1XWK SC36-11GWALED1XWK PDF Download One external resistor sets the oscillator freque
SC36-11HDB   SC36-11HDB SC36-11HDB PDF Download The MAX1533/MAX1537 are dual step-down, switch-
SC36179GW01   SC36179GW01 SC36179GW01 PDF Download capacitors C1 and C2 charge up to VI. On the se
SC3620   SC3620 SC3620 PDF Download SL DIP 07+
SC3688S   SC3688S SC3688S PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M68AF511AL is a 4 Mbit
SC3700L101   SC3700L101 SC3700L101 PDF Download MOT DIP 96+ Inside 5B45 & 5B46 Modules C The 5B45/46 in
SC37013LA01   SC37013LA01 SC37013LA01 PDF Download Block check character is transmitted/received as
SC370182PH   SC370182PH SC370182PH PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
SC370522P1   SC370522P1 SC370522P1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Figure 2 illustrates the Differential/Gaug
SC370526   SC370526 SC370526 PDF Download MOT DIP The LTC®1730 is a complete pulse charger for
SC370526DW   SC370526DW SC370526DW PDF Download MOTOROLA SOP ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating conditions
SC370526P   SC370526P SC370526P PDF Download DIP
SC370547PK   SC370547PK SC370547PK PDF Download FREESCALE O7+ The SCENIC C620 is built with specially selected
SC370569DWR2   SC370569DWR2 SC370569DWR2 PDF Download MOT 08+ The Hyundai HYM72V16M656TU6 Series are 8Mx64bits
SC370605D   SC370605D SC370605D PDF Download MOT SOP14S 2007+ Designed for space critical applications, the AD
SC370606   SC370606 SC370606 PDF Download SOP N/A Description Agilents ABA-31563 is an economical
SC370606DW   SC370606DW SC370606DW PDF Download N/A N/A N/A FEATURES • Four 8-Bit DACS   Differ
SC370608DWR2   SC370608DWR2 SC370608DWR2 PDF Download FREESCALE O7+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
SC370613DW   SC370613DW SC370613DW PDF Download MOT SOP24W 2007+ The VSX60 Series are dual output converters with
SC370621FN   SC370621FN SC370621FN PDF Download 94 In burst mode the A/D converter does repeated con
SC3706280DW   SC3706280DW SC3706280DW PDF Download MOTOROLA 08+ The AD9949 is a highly integrated CCD signal pro
SC370628DW   SC370628DW SC370628DW PDF Download MOT   Swap Drives A and B   Non-Burst Mo
SC370632DR2   SC370632DR2 SC370632DR2 PDF Download FREESCALE O7+ The codewheel rotates between the emitter and
SC370652DW   SC370652DW SC370652DW PDF Download SOP16 03+/04+ Note 1: Specifications at -40C are guaranteed by
SC370656DW   SC370656DW SC370656DW PDF Download * 1.1 Scope. This specification covers the perfo
SC370657P   SC370657P SC370657P PDF Download A family of products offers 3-line, 2-line, and
SC37065DW   SC37065DW SC37065DW PDF Download Up to 10MHz Center Frequency on a Single 3V Supp
SC370667FN   SC370667FN SC370667FN PDF Download ON 415
SC370673FN   SC370673FN SC370673FN PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC68 06+   We reserve the right to make changes to i
SC370673FNR2   SC370673FNR2 SC370673FNR2 PDF Download MOTORO PLCC 99 • PI74FCT827/828/2827/2828T are pin compatib
SC370677   SC370677 SC370677 PDF Download MOT PLCC28 00+ Features International standard packages  
SC370677FN   SC370677FN SC370677FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-28 06+ 5-V/3.3-V CMOS Outputs Ioff Supports Partial-Pow
SC370677FNR2   SC370677FNR2 SC370677FNR2 PDF Download The SaiLAhead for QuickMIPS co-verification plat
SC370677N   SC370677N SC370677N PDF Download MOT PLCC 03+/04+ Note 1: This parameter is periodically sampled a
SC370680DW   SC370680DW SC370680DW PDF Download MOT SOIC/7.2mm The varistors consist of a disc of low-â c
SC370686FU1   SC370686FU1 SC370686FU1 PDF Download MOTOROLA 2006+ The information provided herein is believed to be
SC370696P   SC370696P SC370696P PDF Download MOT DIP   The MAX8546 successfully meets the qualit
SC370697DW   SC370697DW SC370697DW PDF Download MOT 01+ SOP-7.2-16P Unique, factory-lasered and tested 64-bit  
SC370704FN   SC370704FN SC370704FN PDF Download The amplifier input is optimally matched to 50 oh
SC370704FN1   SC370704FN1 SC370704FN1 PDF Download MOT PLCC68 06+
SC370705FN1   SC370705FN1 SC370705FN1 PDF Download MOT PLCC68 07+ Cntrl (Bump A1): Shutdown control pin. When VCntr
SC370705FNR2   SC370705FNR2 SC370705FNR2 PDF Download MOTORO PLCC 01+ inputs and outputs and 0 to 7V can be accepted
SC370712DW   SC370712DW SC370712DW PDF Download MOT SOP/28 01+   tPHZBus disable time17.5   ns &nb
SC370713P   SC370713P SC370713P PDF Download MOT DIP x IFAVM rating includes reverse blocking losses
SC370719FN1   SC370719FN1 SC370719FN1 PDF Download MOT 00/02+ PLCC68 The SC370719FN1 is capable of an 8-byte page writ
SC370738FU   SC370738FU SC370738FU PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The LS160 and LS162 are high speed synchronous d
SC370739FU   SC370739FU SC370739FU PDF Download MOTOROLA O7+ The test set described in this paper allows comp
SC370740DW   SC370740DW SC370740DW PDF Download N/A N/A N/A For example, the part may be programmed to use S0
SC370740DWR2   SC370740DWR2 SC370740DWR2 PDF Download MOT SOP-24 02+ Circuit connectivity is as follows: ✔ Li
SC370741DW   SC370741DW SC370741DW PDF Download N/A N/A N/A ICS reserves the right to make changes in the de
SC370743DW   SC370743DW SC370743DW PDF Download The SIR Decode block is driven by the IR_RCV sign
SC370744FU   SC370744FU SC370744FU PDF Download Power Diode Module DD30GB series are designed fo
SC370752FN   SC370752FN SC370752FN PDF Download MOT PLCC68 04+ The X9269 is a integrated microcircuit incorpora
SC370753FN   SC370753FN SC370753FN PDF Download MOT PLCC68 06+ NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
SC370754FN   SC370754FN SC370754FN PDF Download MOT 03/05+ PLCC44 Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
SC370756FN   SC370756FN SC370756FN PDF Download MOT PLCC68 06+
SC370758DW   SC370758DW SC370758DW PDF Download MOT Ground pin. Complement clock of differential PC
SC370758DWR2   SC370758DWR2 SC370758DWR2 PDF Download hardware operation mode can be used by an extern
SC370759DW   SC370759DW SC370759DW PDF Download ON SOP-16 05+ The LPC47M14x implements the LPC interface, a pin
SC370759DWR2   SC370759DWR2 SC370759DWR2 PDF Download Low Battery Detection - An internal reference is
SC370760EFR   SC370760EFR SC370760EFR PDF Download The high common-mode input voltage range and th
SC370762FU   SC370762FU SC370762FU PDF Download MOT TQFP/144 06+ The device is controlled via a 2 or 3 wire serial
SC370764FU   SC370764FU SC370764FU PDF Download MOT QFP-128 06+ This document is a general product description an
SC370900P   SC370900P SC370900P PDF Download MOT 04+ DIP supply operating voltage). During this time the
SC371004   SC371004 SC371004 PDF Download 99 Note: 1. These modes limit to 15 bits (SO14-0)
SC371004FL2   SC371004FL2 SC371004FL2 PDF Download 95 This document contains information on a product
SC371004P   SC371004P SC371004P PDF Download MOTOROLA DIP-16P 1995 Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of thi
SC371004PR2   SC371004PR2 SC371004PR2 PDF Download The narrow tuning range of the VCSO requires tha
SC371004SMD   SC371004SMD SC371004SMD PDF Download The mixer has a balanced input and is capable o
SC371013FEL   SC371013FEL SC371013FEL PDF Download MOT SOP8L 95+ Pin-for-Pin compatible with AMD® Am186ES/188E
SC371013FER   SC371013FER SC371013FER PDF Download MOT This chip, when properly assembled, displays cha
SC371015FU   SC371015FU SC371015FU PDF Download MOT 99+ QFP The SC371015FU is a low-power, single channel, 1
SC371016F   SC371016F SC371016F PDF Download A thermally enhanced large pad leadframe has bee
SC371018FU-JJAS546C   SC371018FU-JJAS546C SC371018FU-JJAS546C PDF Download 2.5V or 3.3V operation Split output bank power s
SC371025AVFU   SC371025AVFU SC371025AVFU PDF Download MOT 03+ QFP Two order forms are included at the back of this
SC371031AFU   SC371031AFU SC371031AFU PDF Download MOT QFP128 9523+ The SRAM will meet all stated functional and ele
SC371033BFU   SC371033BFU SC371033BFU PDF Download MOT Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
SC371037FU   SC371037FU SC371037FU PDF Download MOT
SC371040FW   SC371040FW SC371040FW PDF Download MOTOROLA SMD 99+ SS (Pin 10): Soft Start. Connect a capacitor (CSS
SC371040FWEL   SC371040FWEL SC371040FWEL PDF Download ADVANTERK 98 POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD
SC371043PB   SC371043PB SC371043PB PDF Download MOT 06+ 500 The LM4980 is a stereo headphone audio amplifier
SC371053AFTA   SC371053AFTA SC371053AFTA PDF Download Used as external reference input when internal r
SC371072FEL   SC371072FEL SC371072FEL PDF Download MOT 9439 The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC pow
SC371080VFEL   SC371080VFEL SC371080VFEL PDF Download MOT 99 Edition 01.2001 Published by Infineon AG , Mark
SC371102P   SC371102P SC371102P PDF Download Bild / Fig. 7 W1C - Einphasen-Wechselwegschaltun
SC371-10A   SC371-10A SC371-10A PDF Download FUJI SMA-2 05+ • AS6UA5128 • Intelliwatt™ act
SC37122I   SC37122I SC37122I PDF Download SC TSSOP 05+ The devices feature VDRV to PGND shoot- through
SC37122IC   SC37122IC SC37122IC PDF Download SEMTECH SSOP16 2006 The standard Xilinx Foundation Series™ and
SC37122Q   SC37122Q SC37122Q PDF Download SC TSSOP 05+ This link option selects the source of the CS in
SC37122QC   SC37122QC SC37122QC PDF Download SEMTECH The WRSR instruction also allows the user to ena
SC37127I   SC37127I SC37127I PDF Download SEMTECH SSOP 06+ Mode 1 allows the transceiver logic to support a
SC371AEFA   SC371AEFA SC371AEFA PDF Download SEMTECH 2004 *All outputs loaded; thresholds on input associa
SC37D4007   SC37D4007 SC37D4007 PDF Download • 3V, single power supply operation - Ful
SC3800   SC3800 SC3800 PDF Download The LT®4220 16-pin dual voltage Hot Swap cont
SC380000FN   SC380000FN SC380000FN PDF Download MOT This series of 500 W Transient Voltage Suppressor
SC380001FN   SC380001FN SC380001FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-68 07+ To reset the new VTRIP voltage, apply the desire
SC380002FN   SC380002FN SC380002FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-28 06+ 1. If the VID pins are driven high by an external
SC380002FNR2   SC380002FNR2 SC380002FNR2 PDF Download A positive voltage source is required to be conne
SC380002GCR2   SC380002GCR2 SC380002GCR2 PDF Download NOTE: (1) Stresses above these ratings may cause
SC380005Z1   SC380005Z1 SC380005Z1 PDF Download MOTOROLA O7+ Ultra compact package. Wide frequency range in
SC38000FN   SC38000FN SC38000FN PDF Download MOT SOP The voltage range of the CPU has shown a downwar
SC380011Z   SC380011Z SC380011Z PDF Download MOT PBGA The OXCF950 also incorporates a bridge to an 8 b
SC380013FB   SC380013FB SC380013FB PDF Download MOT QFP 95+ Chip Enable, Output Enable and Write Enable sig-
SC380013FN   SC380013FN SC380013FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-68 05+ • Auto-Track™ Sequencing • Out
SC380014   SC380014 SC380014 PDF Download 17 MOTOROLA 93+ The DVI processor includes a low jitter PLL for
SC380018FB   SC380018FB SC380018FB PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP result of the assumptions that VOH = VCC and VTH
SC380019FB1   SC380019FB1 SC380019FB1 PDF Download MOTO QFP 06+ NEC's NR7800 Series are InGaAs PIN photo diode (
SC380025ZPR2   SC380025ZPR2 SC380025ZPR2 PDF Download Typical active current 400 mA Typical standby cur
SC380025ZPR2/5105835U11   SC380025ZPR2/5105835U11 SC380025ZPR2/5105835U11 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
SC380026FB   SC380026FB SC380026FB PDF Download MOTOROLA N/A 04+ The HYM72V16M736BFU6 Series are Dual In-line Memo
SC380026FU   SC380026FU SC380026FU PDF Download MOT QFP 94 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
SC380033   SC380033 SC380033 PDF Download Guaranteed Logic HIGH Level Guaranteed Logic LOW
SC380036FB   SC380036FB SC380036FB PDF Download 2008 For the most current package and ordering inform
SC380036FBR   SC380036FBR SC380036FBR PDF Download 4421 0002+ MOTOROLA These octal D-type transparent latches feature
SC380036FBR2   SC380036FBR2 SC380036FBR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA 2007 The periphery consists of five 8-bit wide genera
SC38004   SC38004 SC38004 PDF Download 1000
SC380044   SC380044 SC380044 PDF Download MOT BGA The ADV7183A has a 5-line, superadaptive, 2D com
SC380044(35U79)   SC380044(35U79) SC380044(35U79) PDF Download MOTOROLA BGA 06+ A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
SC38004435U79   SC38004435U79 SC38004435U79 PDF Download MOT BGA 4 † Stresses beyond those listed under "
SC380044VFR2   SC380044VFR2 SC380044VFR2 PDF Download MOTO BGA 0141+ GTLP is the Texas Instruments derivative of the
SC380050   SC380050 SC380050 PDF Download MOT 2008 Any commands written to the chip during the embe
SC380050EUR2   SC380050EUR2 SC380050EUR2 PDF Download MOT QFP-32 01+ The SC380050EUR2 is powered by a supply voltage
SC380050FUR2   SC380050FUR2 SC380050FUR2 PDF Download MOT QFP 2002 Note 3: Typical values are determined with TA = T
SC380050FVR2   SC380050FVR2 SC380050FVR2 PDF Download MOT 2008 The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
SC38122   SC38122 SC38122 PDF Download Transistor The SC38122 employs state-of-the-art 16M-bit com
SC38139   SC38139 SC38139 PDF Download  Received Data Output, push-pull CMOS driver
SC38140EF05C   SC38140EF05C SC38140EF05C PDF Download MOT TQFP/80 06+ Amplifier-sequenced receiver operation has severa
SC38157FD01   SC38157FD01 SC38157FD01 PDF Download Note 2: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are t
SC38172BLF   SC38172BLF SC38172BLF PDF Download MOT QFP Can Be Used in Three Combinations: C OR-AND Gate
SC3824P2   SC3824P2 SC3824P2 PDF Download MOT DIP24 04+ standard for high-speed system bus running at h
SC3825P2   SC3825P2 SC3825P2 PDF Download MOT 221 They utilize a versatile 3-wire interface that i
SC3844   SC3844 SC3844 PDF Download In addition to the data sheet changes made above
SC3844N   SC3844N SC3844N PDF Download Receiver Loss of Signal, logic high, open collec
SC3845   SC3845 SC3845 PDF Download A low level on the reset (RESET) resets the inte
SC3845M   SC3845M SC3845M PDF Download The positive charging current is determined by R
SC385-ADJ   SC385-ADJ SC385-ADJ PDF Download SEMTECH SMD 9509 <Common> • Operating Temperature :
SC388A   SC388A SC388A PDF Download SEMTECH SOP 2004 When using the FOD2741, power supply designers c
SC3899-E2   SC3899-E2 SC3899-E2 PDF Download All rights reserved. Copyright ©1998 Elm El
SC38G018PR01   SC38G018PR01 SC38G018PR01 PDF Download NOTES 1. Data, Clock and Enable inputs are high
SC38G019PR01   SC38G019PR01 SC38G019PR01 PDF Download CASE: Hermetically sealed voidless hard glass &n
SC38GG010PK01   SC38GG010PK01 SC38GG010PK01 PDF Download N-channel enhancement mode standard level fiel
SC38GG011PK01   SC38GG011PK01 SC38GG011PK01 PDF Download MOT PLCC-44 07+ B ild / Fig. 9 G renzstrom je Zweig (OV)M . Bel
SC38GG013   SC38GG013 SC38GG013 PDF Download The device supports two main configurations as f
SC38GG013PG03   SC38GG013PG03 SC38GG013PG03 PDF Download MOT 98+ PLCC68 In addition to the Voltage Identification, there
SC38GG013PR01   SC38GG013PR01 SC38GG013PR01 PDF Download NS 04+ DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
SC38GG013PR01R2   SC38GG013PR01R2 SC38GG013PR01R2 PDF Download L = LOW voltage levels H = HIGH voltage levels
SC38GG013PR02   SC38GG013PR02 SC38GG013PR02 PDF Download MOT PLCC28 03/+04+ The HC4059 are high-speed silicon-gate devices t
SC38GG013PR02R2   SC38GG013PR02R2 SC38GG013PR02R2 PDF Download • The reference divider divisor is calcula
SC38GG013PR04   SC38GG013PR04 SC38GG013PR04 PDF Download MOT 00+ NOTES 1Sample tested at 25C to ensure compliance
SC38GG019PR01   SC38GG019PR01 SC38GG019PR01 PDF Download MOTOROLA O7+ Case: SOD-123, Plastic Plastic Material: UL Flam
SC38GG021PG01R   SC38GG021PG01R SC38GG021PG01R PDF Download MOT 03+   The maximum power that can be safely dissi
SC38GG021PG02R   SC38GG021PG02R SC38GG021PG02R PDF Download MOTOROLA • Array Format: 1,280H x 1,024 V (1,310,72
SC38GG024CL01   SC38GG024CL01 SC38GG024CL01 PDF Download MOT QFP-64 06+ 0.3V, the internal NMOS FET switch turns on and
SC38GG027KP01R   SC38GG027KP01R SC38GG027KP01R PDF Download MOT PLCC44 n/a International Rectifier Radiation Hardened MOSFE
SC38GG027PK01   SC38GG027PK01 SC38GG027PK01 PDF Download MOT PLCC 00+ Low temperature coefficient Wide operating cur
SC38GG027PK01R   SC38GG027PK01R SC38GG027PK01R PDF Download MOT PLCC-44 05+
SC38KG003PG01   SC38KG003PG01 SC38KG003PG01 PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
SC38KG019PG02   SC38KG019PG02 SC38KG019PG02 PDF Download MOTOROLA O7+ Each arbitrary length of data packet consists of
SC38KG019PG02R2   SC38KG019PG02R2 SC38KG019PG02R2 PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC N/A CPU output type select latch input pin 0= K7, 1=
SC38KG031CE01   SC38KG031CE01 SC38KG031CE01 PDF Download MOTOROLA DIP
SC38KG034PG02   SC38KG034PG02 SC38KG034PG02 PDF Download MOT PLCC-68 05+ NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
SC38KG036CD02   SC38KG036CD02 SC38KG036CD02 PDF Download MOT QFP-64 06+ Power ground. High current return for the low-si
SC38KG037P101   SC38KG037P101 SC38KG037P101 PDF Download 104 The Micron® Imaging MT9M001 is an SXGA-format
SC38KG037PI01   SC38KG037PI01 SC38KG037PI01 PDF Download MOT 95 PLCC Bidirectional Address/Data Bus: electrically and
SC38KG037PI06   SC38KG037PI06 SC38KG037PI06 PDF Download MOT 97 PLCC Chapter 4, "Control Registers," contain
SC38LG002PR01   SC38LG002PR01 SC38LG002PR01 PDF Download During the turn−on and turn−off dela
SC38LG004PG01   SC38LG004PG01 SC38LG004PG01 PDF Download MOT PLCC The information furnished by Micrel in this data
SC38LG006P102   SC38LG006P102 SC38LG006P102 PDF Download Overvoltage Sense. When VOUT is greater than 38V
SC38LG006PI02   SC38LG006PI02 SC38LG006PI02 PDF Download When the WEN is asserted LOW and FF is HIGH, dat
SC38LG010PI01   SC38LG010PI01 SC38LG010PI01 PDF Download Reset (RSTN) C Used for testing and verification,
SC38LG018PG02   SC38LG018PG02 SC38LG018PG02 PDF Download MOT 05+ Note 5 This specification tests ICC with all powe
SC38LG031CD01   SC38LG031CD01 SC38LG031CD01 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP Exceeding these limits may cause malfunction or p
SC38LG032PK01   SC38LG032PK01 SC38LG032PK01 PDF Download AMI PLCC 00+ (2) JC data values stated are derived from MIL-S
SC38LG31CD01   SC38LG31CD01 SC38LG31CD01 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: fMAX = 180MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 5V t
SC38PG006GS02   SC38PG006GS02 SC38PG006GS02 PDF Download PGA The TURBOTRANSCEIVER is designed for use in very
SC38PG008PG01   SC38PG008PG01 SC38PG008PG01 PDF Download MOT 92+ PLCC68 Power Good indicator Load independent, ultralo
SC38PG008PG02   SC38PG008PG02 SC38PG008PG02 PDF Download MOTO PLCC 05+ The HIP6601B drives the lower gate in a synchron
SC38PG009CF02   SC38PG009CF02 SC38PG009CF02 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP Two different sections control the operation of
SC38PG018CF02   SC38PG018CF02 SC38PG018CF02 PDF Download MOT PQFP 94 1. Corrected the errataJan. 10, 2005 2. Revised
SC38PG019CG01   SC38PG019CG01 SC38PG019CG01 PDF Download MOT PQFP 93 Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND Maximum
SC38PG028CG01   SC38PG028CG01 SC38PG028CG01 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP160 Bild / Fig. 9 Grenzstrom je Zweig IT(OV)M. Belas
SC38PG028G01   SC38PG028G01 SC38PG028G01 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
SC38PG028G02   SC38PG028G02 SC38PG028G02 PDF Download These devices are adjustable high-precision shun
SC38PG037CF01   SC38PG037CF01 SC38PG037CF01 PDF Download MOT QFP-120 06+ Notes:   1. The Si3056 specifications are
SC38PG041CE02   SC38PG041CE02 SC38PG041CE02 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP DESCRIPTION The ST24/25E64 are 64K bit electric
SC38QG003   SC38QG003 SC38QG003 PDF Download MOT QFP 03/+04+ DS1330 devices have the ability to monitor the ex
SC38QG003C101   SC38QG003C101 SC38QG003C101 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP On-chip registers can be programmed with high an
SC38QG003CI01   SC38QG003CI01 SC38QG003CI01 PDF Download MOTO QFP 06+ Memory Security • ROM code not visible due
SC38QG011C101   SC38QG011C101 SC38QG011C101 PDF Download ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
SC38QG011CI01   SC38QG011CI01 SC38QG011CI01 PDF Download MOT QFP 03/+04+ The specifications on this data book are only gi
SC38QG018CI01   SC38QG018CI01 SC38QG018CI01 PDF Download The SC38QG018CI01 dual-band PA controller is des
SC38QG018CI02   SC38QG018CI02 SC38QG018CI02 PDF Download MOTOROLA 05+ Bank Select Address (BA0 and BA1) defines which
SC38QG018CI03   SC38QG018CI03 SC38QG018CI03 PDF Download NSC Both pairs of switches have over-current protect
SC38RG010KB01   SC38RG010KB01 SC38RG010KB01 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
SC38RG012CI01   SC38RG012CI01 SC38RG012CI01 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP160 Sustained One Instruction/Clock   Execution
SC38RG024C106   SC38RG024C106 SC38RG024C106 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP The sensor turns to high current consumption wit
SC38RG024CI06   SC38RG024CI06 SC38RG024CI06 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The STTH2R06 is using ST Turbo 2 600V planar Pt
SC38SG002CI02   SC38SG002CI02 SC38SG002CI02 PDF Download
SC38SG007C103   SC38SG007C103 SC38SG007C103 PDF Download These devices do not normally require heat sinks
SC38SG007CI02   SC38SG007CI02 SC38SG007CI02 PDF Download When applying signals to RECIN (rectifier input)
SC38SG012CI02   SC38SG012CI02 SC38SG012CI02 PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP LA is the lead-to-ambient thermal resistance (C/
SC39   SC39 SC39 PDF Download The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages (2
SC390019FN   SC390019FN SC390019FN PDF Download MOT The PI74LPT573 is an 8-bit transparent latch des
SC390020FN   SC390020FN SC390020FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-52 04+ The Media Access Control function, provided by t
SC390020FU   SC390020FU SC390020FU PDF Download MOTOROLA 2007 Notice: This document contains information on new
SC390022FBR2   SC390022FBR2 SC390022FBR2 PDF Download MOT 03+ Functional Description   The internal cryst
SC390022FN   SC390022FN SC390022FN PDF Download MOT PLCC-44 07+ An external resistor between Vin and this pin ad
SC390022FNR2   SC390022FNR2 SC390022FNR2 PDF Download All values listed below are tested directly, and
SC390074FU1   SC390074FU1 SC390074FU1 PDF Download MOT QFP64   The MC144898 is a flexible light-emitting
SC390101FU   SC390101FU SC390101FU PDF Download MOT 94-96 1650 2. Regularly and continuously improve the perfor
SC390101FU1   SC390101FU1 SC390101FU1 PDF Download MOT QFP64 NOTES: 1. All voltage values, except differentia
SC390128-D64W-5   SC390128-D64W-5 SC390128-D64W-5 PDF Download 2000 The external clock input for the ISD5008 product
SC390129FUR2   SC390129FUR2 SC390129FUR2 PDF Download   This is not an extensive capacitor list.
SC390135FB   SC390135FB SC390135FB PDF Download Jack(Available) (4) The products described in this material are
SC390135FBR2   SC390135FBR2 SC390135FBR2 PDF Download MOT 03+ The host system can detect whether a program or
SC390138FB   SC390138FB SC390138FB PDF Download MOTOROLA QFP Note 2: The analog outputs can swing to within 2.
SC390138ZPR2   SC390138ZPR2 SC390138ZPR2 PDF Download MOT 97 The two banks have their own dedicated frequency
SC39013FB   SC39013FB SC39013FB PDF Download For output ports when in "ON" conditio
SC390141   SC390141 SC390141 PDF Download MOT QFP-48 96+ To correct for this type of error, we can indivi
SC390143PB   SC390143PB SC390143PB PDF Download MOT 08+ other possibility: VREF = VregLogic, VGND = VregL
SC390143PBR2   SC390143PBR2 SC390143PBR2 PDF Download MOT QFP 98+ Parameter SENSOR INPUT   Measurement Range
SC390144FU   SC390144FU SC390144FU PDF Download MOT QFP64 board, minimum creepage and clearance requiremen
SC390168DW   SC390168DW SC390168DW PDF Download MOT SOP/16 97+ The SLIC performs 2 wire to 4 wire conversion by
SC390169FB   SC390169FB SC390169FB PDF Download 2008 Data transfer starts with the falling edge of th
SC39016PFB   SC39016PFB SC39016PFB PDF Download MOT QFP-52 00+ 2.5V or 3.3V operation Split output bank power s
SC390207FB   SC390207FB SC390207FB PDF Download QFP44 ISOUT (Current Sense Amplifier Output): This pin
SC390207FBR2   SC390207FBR2 SC390207FBR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA 2007 † TPS3106E09 and TPS3110K33 will be availa
SC39020FN   SC39020FN SC39020FN PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTD32211 provides up to 48
SC390213   SC390213 SC390213 PDF Download MOT TQFP N/A Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 400 Gate Thre
SC390213BR2   SC390213BR2 SC390213BR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA 96 5500  4.3 Screening (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV lev
SC390213FB   SC390213FB SC390213FB PDF Download MOT QFP52 98+ Regular supply bypassing techniques are recommen
SC390213PBR2   SC390213PBR2 SC390213PBR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA   C Master Mode Support Only, All Two-wire
SC390214   SC390214 SC390214 PDF Download If the boot loader revision in the device is prev
SC390214FU   SC390214FU SC390214FU PDF Download MOT QFP-64 The SM5302A is a 3-channel video buffer with bui
SC390215   SC390215 SC390215 PDF Download MOT QFP-48 98 • Dual Silicon Planar Zener Diodes with Co
SC390215FB   SC390215FB SC390215FB PDF Download 99 PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The product identifica-
SC390215FBR2   SC390215FBR2 SC390215FBR2 PDF Download MOT QFP/48 98+ In Figure 1, the IC's switch-mode controller ope
SC39021PBR2   SC39021PBR2 SC39021PBR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA 96 TQFP †These options are available on some devic
SC390220PB1   SC390220PB1 SC390220PB1 PDF Download MOT   The MC100EP139 is a low skew 2/4, 4/5/6 cl
SC390222SD   SC390222SD SC390222SD PDF Download SSOP 03+/04   Programmable Baud Rate Generator  
SC390231PU1   SC390231PU1 SC390231PU1 PDF Download MOT FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION   The LX1991 is des
SC390231PU2   SC390231PU2 SC390231PU2 PDF Download MOTOROLA TQFP80 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
SC390234PU   SC390234PU SC390234PU PDF Download MOT QFP80 Each Dallas iButton is uniquely serialized with
SC390234PU1   SC390234PU1 SC390234PU1 PDF Download MOTOROLA LQFP80 Clock output traces should use series terminatio
SC390234PUR2   SC390234PUR2 SC390234PUR2 PDF Download The SC390234PUR20 maintains fast transient respo
SC390234PUR2(81C03)   SC390234PUR2(81C03) SC390234PUR2(81C03) PDF Download MOT QFP A problem arises in a CPE where the CAS detector
SC390236PU1   SC390236PU1 SC390236PU1 PDF Download MOTOROLA TQFP100 If DC remains valid, the bq2902 suspends all char
SC390236PU2   SC390236PU2 SC390236PU2 PDF Download 24 MOTOROLA 99+ The information provided herein is believed to b
SC390236VF   SC390236VF SC390236VF PDF Download Note 5: For a power supply of 5V 10% the worst ca
SC390236VFR2   SC390236VFR2 SC390236VFR2 PDF Download MOT 08+ Thermal Design The IRU1011-33 incorporates an in
SC390237PU1   SC390237PU1 SC390237PU1 PDF Download MOT TQFP100 9 * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
SC390237PU148C023H2   SC390237PU148C023H2 SC390237PU148C023H2 PDF Download MOT These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
SC390237PU1R2   SC390237PU1R2 SC390237PU1R2 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The line connections are made to the six RJ-11
SC390237VF1   SC390237VF1 SC390237VF1 PDF Download MOTOROLA 06+ BGA The AT29LV1024 is a 3-volt-only in-system Flash
SC390237VF1R2   SC390237VF1R2 SC390237VF1R2 PDF Download This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
SC390237VFR2   SC390237VFR2 SC390237VFR2 PDF Download Format Adjust Control. A full 32-bit product is
SC390246PB   SC390246PB SC390246PB PDF Download MOT Once the feature is enabled, the data in the boo
SC390254   SC390254 SC390254 PDF Download MOT BGA 99+ For use on any of the products, please contact y
SC390254PB   SC390254PB SC390254PB PDF Download 2008 The ADS8381 is an 18-bit, 580 kHz A/D converter.
SC390254PB(J43M)   SC390254PB(J43M) SC390254PB(J43M) PDF Download MOT BGA 2 Resolution10 bits DNL+0.15, -0.05 LSB (typ) O
SC390254PBR2   SC390254PBR2 SC390254PBR2 PDF Download The optimal design of Current Source Inverters r
SC390254VFR2   SC390254VFR2 SC390254VFR2 PDF Download MOT 07+ The ispLSI 2192VE is a High Density Programmable
SC390254VFR2(32D95)   SC390254VFR2(32D95) SC390254VFR2(32D95) PDF Download MOT BGA 0 3A Switch in a Thermally Enhanced 16-Lead TSSOP
SC390263   SC390263 SC390263 PDF Download 2008 Information in this document is provided solely
SC390263(817F09)   SC390263(817F09) SC390263(817F09) PDF Download 2008 Resale of TIs products or services with statemen
SC390263817F09   SC390263817F09 SC390263817F09 PDF Download The completely integrated PLL allows zero delay
SC390263PBR2   SC390263PBR2 SC390263PBR2 PDF Download 00+ structed as a multi-chip hybrid device. Actuatio
SC390264PB   SC390264PB SC390264PB PDF Download QFP44 08+ components. Extreme temperature conditions can be
SC390270PB/QMV937CF5   SC390270PB/QMV937CF5 SC390270PB/QMV937CF5 PDF Download MOT QFP 02+ The JTAG translator ability to interface JTAG to
SC390274VF   SC390274VF SC390274VF PDF Download MOT . 1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum eff
SC3902T3PBR2   SC3902T3PBR2 SC3902T3PBR2 PDF Download Leads are Readily Solderable Lead and Mounting S
SC39064PB   SC39064PB SC39064PB PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
SC390772FNR2   SC390772FNR2 SC390772FNR2 PDF Download MOTOROLA PLCC44 All data following is valid between 4.5V and 5.5
SC3B005   SC3B005 SC3B005 PDF Download SIEMENS 06+ Multimedia systems Video capture or editing syst
SC3B010   SC3B010 SC3B010 PDF Download 13 SIEMENS 93+ NOTES: (1) All values referred to VIHMIN and VIL
SC3B013   SC3B013 SC3B013 PDF Download SIEMENS PLCC68 03/+04+ This is an internally modified SOIC−8 pack
SC3BA1   SC3BA1 SC3BA1 PDF Download N/A   To ensure that the tight skew specificatio
SC3BA2   SC3BA2 SC3BA2 PDF Download N/A Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
SC3BRG010KB01   SC3BRG010KB01 SC3BRG010KB01 PDF Download The MX841 is specifically designed to be operate
SC3C1003   SC3C1003 SC3C1003 PDF Download SIEMENS 627
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