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The improvements in the DG411/883 series are made possi- ble by using a high voltage silicon-gate process. An epitaxial layer prevents the latch-up associated with older CMOS technologies. The 44V maximum voltage range permits con- trolling 40VP-P signals. Power supplies may be single-ended from +5V to +34V, or split from 5V to 20V.
The SL-3100-30 offers precise gains from 1 to 5 with a true 0.1% linearity and provides stable, oscillation-free operation across the entire gain range without external compensation. The SL-3100-30, a pin compatible enhanced version of the SPT231, reduces 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion to an extremely low -69dBc at 20MHz (2Vpp, RL = 100Ω). Additional features provided by the SL-3100-30 include a small signal bandwidth of 270MHz, a large signal bandwidth of 95MHz and a 3000V/µs slew rate. The input offset voltage is typically 1mV with an input offset drift of 10µV/C.
SL-3100-30 supports either the interleaved burst sequence used by the Intel Pentium processor or a linear burst sequence used by processors such as the PowerPC®. The burst sequence is selected through the MODE pin. Accesses can be initiated by asserting either the Address Strobe from Processor (ADSP) or the Address Strobe from Controller (ADSC) at clock rise. Address advancement through the burst sequence is controlled by the ADV input. A 2-bit on-chip wraparound burst counter captures the first address in a burst sequence and automatically increments the address for the rest of the burst access.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
SL-0522   SL-0522 SL-0522 PDF Download 0327+ The output data format is twos complement if TCO
SL-1042-30T   SL-1042-30T SL-1042-30T PDF Download PHI 03+ The chip supports an optional start and stop bit
SL-104-G-12   SL-104-G-12 SL-104-G-12 PDF Download Samtec Inc (VA) The VSP2232 is a complete mixed-signal IC that c
SL-106-G-12   SL-106-G-12 SL-106-G-12 PDF Download Samtec Inc (VA) • Solid state potentiometer • 2-wire
SL-107-T-19   SL-107-T-19 SL-107-T-19 PDF Download Data flow in each direction is controlled by clo
SL-107-T-30   SL-107-T-30 SL-107-T-30 PDF Download * 3.2 Qualification. Devices furnished under thi
SL-108-T-19   SL-108-T-19 SL-108-T-19 PDF Download One or more of the following United States patent
SL-109-T-19   SL-109-T-19 SL-109-T-19 PDF Download The Atmel cell libraries and megacell compilers
SL-1100   SL-1100 SL-1100 PDF Download SANYO N/A Direct interface to TRIPLEX LCD Low power dissip
SL-1149   SL-1149 SL-1149 PDF Download SANYO N/A Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
SL-1149-30-AB   SL-1149-30-AB SL-1149-30-AB PDF Download SANYO N/A
SL-115-G-10   SL-115-G-10 SL-115-G-10 PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
SL-1170   SL-1170 SL-1170 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
SL-1170-30   SL-1170-30 SL-1170-30 PDF Download SANYO 04+ Notes   1. Exceeding these limits may caus
SL-1179-28   SL-1179-28 SL-1179-28 PDF Download SANYO N/A The LM117 adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage
SL-1179-30   SL-1179-30 SL-1179-30 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The evaluation fixture includes a Centronics con
SL-1179-60   SL-1179-60 SL-1179-60 PDF Download SANYO N/A The GS8320Z18/36T is a 36Mbit Synchronous Static
SL-1179-70   SL-1179-70 SL-1179-70 PDF Download SANYO N/A In the absence of confirmation by device specifi
SL-1179-70/60   SL-1179-70/60 SL-1179-70/60 PDF Download SANYO N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
SL-120-G-19   SL-120-G-19 SL-120-G-19 PDF Download • Selectable 150 Ω and 100 Ω ter
SL-1222   SL-1222 SL-1222 PDF Download SANYO 04+ Power supply: 3V /5V LCD driving voltage  
SL-1255   SL-1255 SL-1255 PDF Download SANYO PB-FREE 06+ The PCI subsystem is a bus master interface that
SL-1255-05   SL-1255-05 SL-1255-05 PDF Download respective output channel will be enabled after O
SL-1255-30S   SL-1255-30S SL-1255-30S PDF Download SANYO N/A Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no loa
SL-1256-30H   SL-1256-30H SL-1256-30H PDF Download SANYO N/A Also useful for RS-232 transceivers is the capab
SL-1263-30   SL-1263-30 SL-1263-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A The 74HC245; 74HCT245 is an octal transceiver fe
SL-1263HS   SL-1263HS SL-1263HS PDF Download SANYO N/A In the receive path, the input amplifier sums th
SL-1265-50   SL-1265-50 SL-1265-50 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The USB specification defines the following five
SL-1273S   SL-1273S SL-1273S PDF Download SANYO N/A The B9948 is a low-voltage clock distribution bu
SL-1274   SL-1274 SL-1274 PDF Download SANYO N/A
SL-1283   SL-1283 SL-1283 PDF Download SANYO N/A   The MC10/100EP05 is a 2−input differ
SL-1283-20F   SL-1283-20F SL-1283-20F PDF Download ASYNCHRONOUS READ: There are two types of asynchr
SL-1283-22F   SL-1283-22F SL-1283-22F PDF Download Notes: 5. Distribution data sample size is 500 s
SL-1283-22H   SL-1283-22H SL-1283-22H PDF Download SANYO N/A output is latched precisely at the logic level o
SL-1284-22H   SL-1284-22H SL-1284-22H PDF Download SANYO N/A Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which da
SL-1285H   SL-1285H SL-1285H PDF Download SANYO N/A AutoShutdown is a trademark of Maxim Integrated P
SL-1321-08   SL-1321-08 SL-1321-08 PDF Download SANYO 04+ Changed format of register names to enable reuse
SL-132-G-10   SL-132-G-10 SL-132-G-10 PDF Download Samtec Inc   These devices are a synchronous (clocked)
SL-132-T-19   SL-132-T-19 SL-132-T-19 PDF Download SAMTEC 08+ The 74HC/HCT193 are 4-bit synchronous binary up/
SL-132-TT-10   SL-132-TT-10 SL-132-TT-10 PDF Download Samtec Inc LO IN=-4dBm See note 1. Mixer Preamp ON Mixer
SL-1342-20   SL-1342-20 SL-1342-20 PDF Download SANYO N/A 16-bit programmable input frequency divider (incl
SL-1342-22   SL-1342-22 SL-1342-22 PDF Download SANYO N/A The SSM2275 and SSM2475 use the Butler Amplifier
SL-1352   SL-1352 SL-1352 PDF Download SANYO N/A Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
SL-160   SL-160 SL-160 PDF Download SANYO 01+ DESCRIPTION The 74VHC08 is an advanced high-spe
SL-1994-54   SL-1994-54 SL-1994-54 PDF Download SANYO N/A SPI Serial Memory The memory portion of the dev
SL-203B005IG-S   SL-203B005IG-S SL-203B005IG-S PDF Download • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
SL-2149-30   SL-2149-30 SL-2149-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A Power supply noise and clock output loading are t
SL-2179   SL-2179 SL-2179 PDF Download SANYO N/A   The transmitter and receiver channels con
SL-2179-01H   SL-2179-01H SL-2179-01H PDF Download SANYO 04+ • Miniature package   C Height: 3.90
SL-2179-33H   SL-2179-33H SL-2179-33H PDF Download SANYO N/A Notes: 1. Load and Line Regulation are specifie
SL-2179-34   SL-2179-34 SL-2179-34 PDF Download SANYO N/A Through dynamic, symmetric-mutual authentication
SL-2179-35   SL-2179-35 SL-2179-35 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The electrode can be prevented from sensing in u
SL-2179-36   SL-2179-36 SL-2179-36 PDF Download SANYO 04+ Notes:  1. TA is the instant on case tempe
SL-2189-01H   SL-2189-01H SL-2189-01H PDF Download SANYO 04+ If desired ALE operation can be disabled by sett
SL-2199   SL-2199 SL-2199 PDF Download SANYO N/A The PRECHARGE command is used to deactivate the
SL-2199-30-B   SL-2199-30-B SL-2199-30-B PDF Download SANYO N/A The Clock Generator provides the switching frequ
SL-2205H   SL-2205H SL-2205H PDF Download
SL-2225H   SL-2225H SL-2225H PDF Download Three Input Channels for 3D Antennas 2.8 mVPP Se
SL-2255-05   SL-2255-05 SL-2255-05 PDF Download RSENSE B - Is the connection for the bottom of t
SL-2273-22   SL-2273-22 SL-2273-22 PDF Download SANYO N/A The MCP1701 is a family of CMOS low dropout (LDO)
SL-2283-20   SL-2283-20 SL-2283-20 PDF Download SANYO N/A Brooktree is a registered trademark of Brooktree
SL-2351-30   SL-2351-30 SL-2351-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A The HYB/E 25L128160AC Mobile-RAMs are a new gene
SL-3100-30   SL-3100-30 SL-3100-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A Jumpers JU1, JU2, and JU3 are provided to set the
SL-3149-30   SL-3149-30 SL-3149-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND IMAX1
SL-3149-32   SL-3149-32 SL-3149-32 PDF Download SANYO N/A The two-chip combination of a DSP and a DSM dev
SL-3149-34H   SL-3149-34H SL-3149-34H PDF Download SANYO N/A   belonging to Dolby Laboratories. Licenses
SL-3172   SL-3172 SL-3172 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The Serializer outputs remain in TRI-STATE while
SL-3190-30-SA   SL-3190-30-SA SL-3190-30-SA PDF Download SANYO N/A   Parameter Forward Transconductance Tota
SL-3255-30   SL-3255-30 SL-3255-30 PDF Download SANYO  ICCMaximum Quiescent Supply Current5.58.080
SL-3263-22U   SL-3263-22U SL-3263-22U PDF Download SANYO N/A - Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, R
SL-3263-30-SA   SL-3263-30-SA SL-3263-30-SA PDF Download In conjunction with the V103 transmitter, the V10
SL-3263-SA   SL-3263-SA SL-3263-SA PDF Download The bq2085 contains 512 bytes of internal data f
SL-3263-UA   SL-3263-UA SL-3263-UA PDF Download   The IDT70V631 is a high-speed 256K x 18 A
SL-3264D   SL-3264D SL-3264D PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
SL-3264H   SL-3264H SL-3264H PDF Download SANYO N/A While numerous ATE systems are available and are
SL-3264-SA   SL-3264-SA SL-3264-SA PDF Download (1) This data was taken using the JEDEC standard
SL-3264-UA   SL-3264-UA SL-3264-UA PDF Download SANYO PB-FREE The SL-3264-UA is an IRQSER interrupt deserializ
SL-3274   SL-3274 SL-3274 PDF Download SANYO N/A CNTRL1 and CNTRL0 select the transmit modes. CNTR
SL-3283-26H   SL-3283-26H SL-3283-26H PDF Download SANYO N/A NOTES: 1) Maximum package power dissipation lim
SL-3284-22   SL-3284-22 SL-3284-22 PDF Download SANYO N/A Composite type with a PNP transistor and an NPN
SL-3284-30S   SL-3284-30S SL-3284-30S PDF Download SANYO N/A Cr ystal input, has inter nal load cap (33pF) an
SL-340   SL-340 SL-340 PDF Download TADIRAN na Device Addressing Following a start condition t
SL-3965T   SL-3965T SL-3965T PDF Download Cycle Time=Min,100% duty, II/O = 0mA, /CS = VIL,
SL-3965T-11   SL-3965T-11 SL-3965T-11 PDF Download The SL-3965T-11P signal isolation amplifier is a
SL-3965T-13   SL-3965T-13 SL-3965T-13 PDF Download Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
SL-3G112-11   SL-3G112-11 SL-3G112-11 PDF Download (2) If the AIC26 is used to drive high power lev
SL-5287   SL-5287 SL-5287 PDF Download These devices feature 3-state outputs designed s
SL-5387   SL-5387 SL-5387 PDF Download 93 Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage
SL-562A   SL-562A SL-562A PDF Download XL TSOP-8 00+ Several register bits (Bit 0 to Bit 145) are use
SL-5683B   SL-5683B SL-5683B PDF Download SANYO 03+ RL/VL. The low (VL/RL) terminals of the X9C102/10
SL-601-06N4CM   SL-601-06N4CM SL-601-06N4CM PDF Download Data is written during a write or a read-modify-
SL-6102MCU   SL-6102MCU SL-6102MCU PDF Download ST 07+  The Hynix SL-6102MCU Series are Dual In-li
SL-6-2064-002   SL-6-2064-002 SL-6-2064-002 PDF Download verification High speed (tPD = 25 ns, fMAX = 33
SL-6264-30S   SL-6264-30S SL-6264-30S PDF Download These dual N- and P-Channel enhancement mode pow
SL-80719AL-AG-T1   SL-80719AL-AG-T1 SL-80719AL-AG-T1 PDF Download On the next clock rise the data presented to DQs
SL-8110   SL-8110 SL-8110 PDF Download SANYO N/A 500 MHz Gain Noise Figure Output IP3 Output P
SL-8111-11   SL-8111-11 SL-8111-11 PDF Download SANYO N/A Real-Time Sensing Quantitative Analysis†
SL-8130-01   SL-8130-01 SL-8130-01 PDF Download SANYO NA Notes: 1. Effective Carrier Lifetime () for all
SL-8170   SL-8170 SL-8170 PDF Download SANYO 04+ The SL-8170 has been optimized for all parameter
SL-8179-30H   SL-8179-30H SL-8179-30H PDF Download SANYO 04+ Acknowledge is a software convention used to ind
SL-8199   SL-8199 SL-8199 PDF Download SANYO N/A Four package terminals are used as inputs to set
SL-8264-30   SL-8264-30 SL-8264-30 PDF Download SANYO N/A q NEW DMOS TOPOLOGY:   Ultra Low Dropout Vo
SL-8967   SL-8967 SL-8967 PDF Download SANYO 00  tsk(pp)Part-to-part skew3ns ‡ Output
SL-9149-30H   SL-9149-30H SL-9149-30H PDF Download The HYM5321600A M-Series is a 16Mx32-bit Fast Pag
SL-9170   SL-9170 SL-9170 PDF Download SANYO 04+ Unicorn II is an evolution of the field-proven a
SL-9170-32H   SL-9170-32H SL-9170-32H PDF Download SANYO 04+ Precision Fixed Operating Frequency KA1M0265R
SL-9190-30-AB   SL-9190-30-AB SL-9190-30-AB PDF Download The HC21 and CD74HCT21 logic gates utilize silic
SL-9263   SL-9263 SL-9263 PDF Download SANYO 0304+ The most effective combination of external I/O ca
SL-9263H   SL-9263H SL-9263H PDF Download SANYO N/A NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in inches. 2. Metric
SL-9263-L01   SL-9263-L01 SL-9263-L01 PDF Download SANYO N/A Ground for the digital part. 0 volts. Receive Lo
SL-9264   SL-9264 SL-9264 PDF Download SANYO N/A To set the new VTRIP voltage, start by setting t
SL-9283-30-AB   SL-9283-30-AB SL-9283-30-AB PDF Download SANYO N/A The M divider divides the VCSO output frequency,
SL-9283T   SL-9283T SL-9283T PDF Download SANYO 04+   Inspection of equations (2) and (3) revea
SL-9351-60   SL-9351-60 SL-9351-60 PDF Download This new test method represents the state-of-the
SL-9351S   SL-9351S SL-9351S PDF Download SANYO N/A The nominal value of the RF choke L1 is 100 nH.
SL-9352-60   SL-9352-60 SL-9352-60 PDF Download SANYO N/A System designers have the option of embedding Pow
SL-9926T   SL-9926T SL-9926T PDF Download SANYO N/A FUNCTION The M63800FP has seven circuits, which
SL-9G352   SL-9G352 SL-9G352 PDF Download The advanced circuit design of the IF system inc
SL-SH3851-64VC   SL-SH3851-64VC SL-SH3851-64VC PDF Download The amplitude of the triangle waveform decreases
SL-SH7655-240L-B1   SL-SH7655-240L-B1 SL-SH7655-240L-B1 PDF Download SUPPLY VOLTAGE, +VS to CVS OUTPUT CURRENT, wit
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