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The HY51V(S)16163HG/HGL is the new generation dynamic RAM organized 1,048,576 words x 16bit. HY51V(S)16163HG/HGL has realized higher density, higher performance and various functions by utiliz- ing advanced CMOS process technology. The HY51V(S)16163HG/HGL offers Extended Data Out Page- Mode as a high speed access mode. Multiplexed address inputs permit the HY51V(S)16163HG/HGL to be packaged in standard 400mil 42pin SOJ and 44(50) pin TSOP-II. The package size provides high system bit densities and is compatible with widely available automated testing and insertion equipment.
The SRS5250S-F2 supervisory circuitry provides the signalling status outputs which are monitored by the system controller. The supervisory circuitry is capable of detecting: Ringing Voltage; Forward and Reverse loop battery; Forward and Reverse loop current; and Switch Hook.
The SRS5250S-F2 is a highly integrated power controller which provides a complete power management solution for mobile CPUs. The IC integrates two PWM controllers and a linear regulator as well as monitoring and protection circuitry into a single 28-lead plastic SSOP package. The two PWM controllers regulate the microprocessor core and I/O voltages with synchronous-rectified buck converters, while the linear regulator powers the CPU clock.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
SRS-0512PBF   SRS-0512PBF SRS-0512PBF PDF Download FIGURES Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure
SRS-0515   SRS-0515 SRS-0515 PDF Download Specifications are for the output (OUTA or OUTB)
SRS1040T/R   SRS1040T/R SRS1040T/R PDF Download   The pressure is monitored by a voltage co
SRS1040-TR   SRS1040-TR SRS1040-TR PDF Download Digital ground reference. Connected to externa
SRS1060   SRS1060 SRS1060 PDF Download The KA278RXXC is a low-dropout voltage regulator
SRS1060-TR   SRS1060-TR SRS1060-TR PDF Download UART channel B Receive Data or infrared receive
SRS-1200   SRS-1200 SRS-1200 PDF Download Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) rese
SRS-1205   SRS-1205 SRS-1205 PDF Download  The HYM72V32656H(L)T8 Series are Dual In-l
SRS-1212   SRS-1212 SRS-1212 PDF Download Make sure the decoder MFBAH/L0 and MFBAH/L1 regi
SRS-1215   SRS-1215 SRS-1215 PDF Download The received signal strength indicator provides
SRS1620   SRS1620 SRS1620 PDF Download The demodulator demodulates the I and Q channel
SRS1630   SRS1630 SRS1630 PDF Download The third step is the internal Program operation
SRS1640   SRS1640 SRS1640 PDF Download Features selectable via special function registe
SRS1640-TR   SRS1640-TR SRS1640-TR PDF Download CELSIUS workstations are equipped with the very
SRS1650   SRS1650 SRS1650 PDF Download (1) Stresses in excess of those listed above may
SRS1660   SRS1660 SRS1660 PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
SRS1660-TR   SRS1660-TR SRS1660-TR PDF Download For a DAC, linearity is measured between zero-in
SRS1A01   SRS1A01 SRS1A01 PDF Download ALCATEL Sync separation Pin 7 threshold voltage VTH7H, V
SRS-1A01   SRS-1A01 SRS-1A01 PDF Download ML9xx37 series are high power DFB (Distributed F
SRS1R003F   SRS1R003F SRS1R003F PDF Download N/A MOSFET gates can be efficiently switched up to 2M
SRS1R004F   SRS1R004F SRS1R004F PDF Download SEMITEC Data Output Bit 10 Data Output Bit9 Data Outp
SRS1R040F   SRS1R040F SRS1R040F PDF Download N/A Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
SRS2020   SRS2020 SRS2020 PDF Download TAIWAN 00+ The device is available with an access time of 5
SRS2040-TR   SRS2040-TR SRS2040-TR PDF Download Note 4 WS (tWAIT) c (number of preprogrammed wait
SRS2060-TR   SRS2060-TR SRS2060-TR PDF Download These drivers achieve a total harmonic distortion
SRS2098   SRS2098 SRS2098 PDF Download   When the amplifier is current limiting, t
SRS2178   SRS2178 SRS2178 PDF Download JRC SOPP 97+ While the information on weight percent is belie
SRS2190   SRS2190 SRS2190 PDF Download JRC SOP 04+ FIN and OSC IN input level Max. operating freque
SRS2198   SRS2198 SRS2198 PDF Download JRC *Stresses above those listed under "Absolut
SRS2198L   SRS2198L SRS2198L PDF Download DIP22 99 Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
SRS-2405   SRS-2405 SRS-2405 PDF Download In the normal mode, these devices are 18-bit uni
SRS-2409   SRS-2409 SRS-2409 PDF Download   This low-cost accessory board provides an
SRS-2412   SRS-2412 SRS-2412 PDF Download The controller uses a timer to limit fast charge
SRS-2415   SRS-2415 SRS-2415 PDF Download Notice: The information contained in this data s
SRS2525   SRS2525 SRS2525 PDF Download NS/GS TO-263 02+ The TL750L, TL751L series are low-dropout regula
SRS2525L   SRS2525L SRS2525L PDF Download S T210 T212 Notes:3. Pulsed measurement, PW 350 µs, d
SRS2545S   SRS2545S SRS2545S PDF Download Acknowledge Acknowledge is a software conventio
SRS3D2SW   SRS3D2SW SRS3D2SW PDF Download b Shift right examine and correct after each shi
SRS-4805   SRS-4805 SRS-4805 PDF Download The HSDL-3201 is one of a new generation of lo
SRS-4809   SRS-4809 SRS-4809 PDF Download (VCC = +3.0V to +3.6V, CL = 10pF, differential in
SRS-4812   SRS-4812 SRS-4812 PDF Download LCD COM/SEG output driving voltage. If internal s
SRS-4815   SRS-4815 SRS-4815 PDF Download • Low power CMOS technology   - Maxi
SRS5250   SRS5250 SRS5250 PDF Download JRC SMD Agilent Technologies offers a wide variety of
SRS5250AS   SRS5250AS SRS5250AS PDF Download SMD 1998 Stanford Microdevices SRS5250AS series is a high
SRS5250AS-E2   SRS5250AS-E2 SRS5250AS-E2 PDF Download SRS SOP 99+ • TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
SRS5250S   SRS5250S SRS5250S PDF Download SMD 9818 also be used independent of the HALT or IDLE mod
SRS5250S-E2   SRS5250S-E2 SRS5250S-E2 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M4Txx-BR12SH SNAPHAT top is a d
SRS5250S-F2   SRS5250S-F2 SRS5250S-F2 PDF Download 97 Device programming occurs by executing the progr
SRS5250S-TEL   SRS5250S-TEL SRS5250S-TEL PDF Download SO 99+ • High-speed access time: 10, 12, 15, and
SRS6401   SRS6401 SRS6401 PDF Download When the internal low voltage detect circuitry s
SRS6-8-01   SRS6-8-01 SRS6-8-01 PDF Download Richco Plastic Co The bq2050H determines battery capacity by moni-
SRS8401   SRS8401 SRS8401 PDF Download The AD8027/AD80281 is a high speed amplifier wit
SRS90E0   SRS90E0 SRS90E0 PDF Download VCC, GND - DC power is provided to the device on
SRS91H   SRS91H SRS91H PDF Download The SRS91H is a low density, low cost, high perfo
SRS91H1   SRS91H1 SRS91H1 PDF Download The DSP is a 20x20 bit core audio processor perf
SRSA-OAA   SRSA-OAA SRSA-OAA PDF Download The four documents listed in Table 1 are required
SRSG60401   SRSG60401 SRSG60401 PDF Download Note - If an of the identified ranges include co
SRSTS103C1Q   SRSTS103C1Q SRSTS103C1Q PDF Download The CAT24FC02 supports the I2C Bus data transmis
SRS-TS-10-3C1Q   SRS-TS-10-3C1Q SRS-TS-10-3C1Q PDF Download When the transceiver is placed in power-down (sle
SRSWM1   SRSWM1 SRSWM1 PDF Download JEC N/A 98+   These Hall-effect switches are designed f
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