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The STC5NF20VA/STC5NF20V75A/STC5NF20V76A ensure that the output voltage does not swing negative when the input power is removed or when EN is driven low. The STC5NF20V75A/STC5NF20V76A also allow prebias startup with- out discharging the output. The STC5NF20VA/STC5NF20V75A/STC5NF20V76A are available in a 24-pin QSOP package. Use the STC5NF20V75 evaluation kit or the STC5NF20V evaluation kit to evaluate the STC5NF20VA/STC5NF20V75A/STC5NF20V76A.
The STC5NF20V is organized as two 1-of-4 multiplexers/demultiplexers with separate output-enable (1OE, 2OE) inputs. The select (S0, S1) inputs control the data path of each multiplexer/demultiplexer. When OE is low, the associated multiplexer/demultiplexer is enabled, and the A port is connected to the B port, allowing bidirectional data flow between ports. When OE is high, the associated multiplexer/demultiplexer is disabled, and a high-impedance state exists between the A and B ports.
STC5NF20VAE40 Pin PDIPTubes STC5NF20VAP44 Pin PLCCTubes STC5NF20VAL44 Pin MQFP Trays STC5NF20VAPR 44 Pin PLCCTape & Reel STC5NF20VAP1 44 Pin PLCC* Tubes STC5NF20VAPR1 44 Pin PLCC* Tape & Reel STC5NF20VAE1 40 Pin PDIP*Tubes STC5NF20VAL1 44 Pin MQFP* Trays   *Pb Free Matte Tin
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
STC002   STC002 STC002 PDF Download  The NJM2591 is a wide - operating voltage,
STC-002C   STC-002C STC-002C PDF Download GaAs powder and vapor are hazardous to human hea
STC-01-10.0   STC-01-10.0 STC-01-10.0 PDF Download N/A #N/A 04+ 5V TOLERANT INPUTS HIGH SPEED : tPD = 5.0ns (
STC-01-50.0   STC-01-50.0 STC-01-50.0 PDF Download N/A #N/A 04+ The maximum ratings denote the absolute maximum
STC02SYAN   STC02SYAN STC02SYAN PDF Download Sullins Connector Solutions Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
STC038329NP6B-10   STC038329NP6B-10 STC038329NP6B-10 PDF Download STC QFP100 Features Include: Ideal for 1U High / Low Profi
STC03B100A   STC03B100A STC03B100A PDF Download N/A 3X4 The HT24LC04 is a 4K-bit serial read/write non-vo
STC03DE150   STC03DE150 STC03DE150 PDF Download STMicroelectronics Information Storage Devices ISD1000A Chip- Corde
STC03DE170   STC03DE170 STC03DE170 PDF Download STMicroelectronics LED backlight modules are combination modules
STC03DE170HV   STC03DE170HV STC03DE170HV PDF Download STMicroelectronics CVBS1, 2 Y and C outputs - NTSC (pedestal enable
STC03DE220HV   STC03DE220HV STC03DE220HV PDF Download Bus timing data is shown in Figure 4 and Figure
STC04IE170HV   STC04IE170HV STC04IE170HV PDF Download   3.0   TJ ,TSTGOperating and Storag
STC05DE150   STC05DE150 STC05DE150 PDF Download sgs sgs dc0442 STC05DE150 series pressure sensor operating char
STC06M1   STC06M1 STC06M1 PDF Download N/A SMD 94+ NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
STC072S016   STC072S016 STC072S016 PDF Download The transmitter sections utilize 1310nm Surface
STC072S028   STC072S028 STC072S028 PDF Download Remarks: If special sorting is required (e.g. b
STC08DE150HP   STC08DE150HP STC08DE150HP PDF Download STMicroelectronics Pin Compatible with IRFT001 P and N Channel MOSF
STC08DE150HV   STC08DE150HV STC08DE150HV PDF Download • AC97 Rev 2.2 compatible stereo codec &nb
STC1.035C2RM   STC1.035C2RM STC1.035C2RM PDF Download Computer-Operating Properly (COP) watchdog timer
STC101A   STC101A STC101A PDF Download SELMAC 1206-101 05+ To assure the output tracibility, the SRAM provid
STC1024-55I-SOP   STC1024-55I-SOP STC1024-55I-SOP PDF Download (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
STC102B   STC102B STC102B PDF Download N/A If the external master has initiated a register
STC103B   STC103B STC103B PDF Download Sirenza Microdevices SVG-2066 is an IC based 6-bi
STC104931   STC104931 STC104931 PDF Download TEMIC This Hynix 512Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchrono
STC-104931LF   STC-104931LF STC-104931LF PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values, to
STC-10493ILF   STC-10493ILF STC-10493ILF PDF Download   Low profile 0.047" [1.19mm] maximum
STC104B   STC104B STC104B PDF Download The series employs double-sided surface mount co
STC-104B   STC-104B STC-104B PDF Download SELMAC(niigata) The devices also have 64 I/O cells, each of whic
STC-104B(STC104B)   STC-104B(STC104B) STC-104B(STC104B) PDF Download SELMAC(niigata) CLOCK INPUT: The Clock Input is used to generate
STC104-F10S   STC104-F10S STC104-F10S PDF Download ST QFP渡金 15. I2C-bus   When power is first applied,
STC106A   STC106A STC106A PDF Download 50 Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not r
STC107S035   STC107S035 STC107S035 PDF Download are integrated on-chip. At 60 fps, the sensor di
STC107S140   STC107S140 STC107S140 PDF Download The STC107S140 has separate Output Enable ( OE )
STC123SF   STC123SF STC123SF PDF Download AUK SOT 05+ The STC123SF is a high dynamic range driver ampl
STC128   STC128 STC128 PDF Download TO92 The CKE input determines whether the CLK input i
STC128M   STC128M STC128M PDF Download AUK TO-92 06+ Figure 2 shows a typical test circuit for evalua
STC12C1052   STC12C1052 STC12C1052 PDF Download STC 07+ Description The 3.3 V HCMS-39xx family is simi
STC12C1052-20I-PDIP   STC12C1052-20I-PDIP STC12C1052-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ A 0.1 µF capacitor is placed between this
STC12C1052-20I-SOP   STC12C1052-20I-SOP STC12C1052-20I-SOP PDF Download STCmicro SOP 05/ in. The FWH could hold multiple certificates, ea
STC12C1052-351-SOP   STC12C1052-351-SOP STC12C1052-351-SOP PDF Download The input stage design of the LM6682/83 enables
STC12C1052-35I-PDIP   STC12C1052-35I-PDIP STC12C1052-35I-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP 08+ Ruotare il selettore su OC . Quando lalimentazi
STC12C1052-35I-SOP   STC12C1052-35I-SOP STC12C1052-35I-SOP PDF Download Description Clock input Gate for outputs Q1 thr
STC12C1052AD   STC12C1052AD STC12C1052AD PDF Download STC特价长 08+ • LDO with Integrated Microcontroller Reset
STC12C1052AD-20I-PDIP   STC12C1052AD-20I-PDIP STC12C1052AD-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ The ACT138 decoders/demultiplexers are designed
STC12C1052AD-20I-SOP   STC12C1052AD-20I-SOP STC12C1052AD-20I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ The HCPL-7510 isolated linear current sensing IC
STC12C1052AD-351-PDIP   STC12C1052AD-351-PDIP STC12C1052AD-351-PDIP PDF Download PRELIMINARY INFORMATION describes products that a
STC12C2052   STC12C2052 STC12C2052 PDF Download STC 07+ Port 2: Port 2 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user-c
STC12C2052-20I-PDIP   STC12C2052-20I-PDIP STC12C2052-20I-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP 06+ Supply Voltage Operating (VCC) Supply Voltage
STC12C2052-20I-SOP   STC12C2052-20I-SOP STC12C2052-20I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ • Two processing elements, each made up of
STC12C2052-351-SOP   STC12C2052-351-SOP STC12C2052-351-SOP PDF Download The CS8920A implements Plug and Play in ac- cor
STC12C2052-35I-PDIP   STC12C2052-35I-PDIP STC12C2052-35I-PDIP PDF Download STC 08+ The ISL6526 makes simple work out of implementing
STC12C2052-35I-SOP   STC12C2052-35I-SOP STC12C2052-35I-SOP PDF Download og stock SOP-20 Functional Description Architecture of the DPL
STC12C2052AD   STC12C2052AD STC12C2052AD PDF Download Several inductors that work well with the STC12C2
STC12C2052AD-20I-PDIP   STC12C2052AD-20I-PDIP STC12C2052AD-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ 28F3208W30 product references removed (product w
STC12C2052AD-20I-SOP   STC12C2052AD-20I-SOP STC12C2052AD-20I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
STC12C2052AD-35   STC12C2052AD-35 STC12C2052AD-35 PDF Download High-Speed 8051 Architecture One Clock-Per-Machi
STC12C2052AD-35I-PDIP   STC12C2052AD-35I-PDIP STC12C2052AD-35I-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP20 O7+ The HCPL-7510 isolated linear current sensing IC
STC12C2052DA-351-SOP   STC12C2052DA-351-SOP STC12C2052DA-351-SOP PDF Download TI DIP 08+   4.3 Screening (JANS, JAN, JANTX, and JANT
STC12C3052-20I-PDIP   STC12C3052-20I-PDIP STC12C3052-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ The input/output pins (I/O0 through I/O31) are p
STC12C3052-20I-SOP   STC12C3052-20I-SOP STC12C3052-20I-SOP PDF Download STCmicro SOP 05/ The ML9266 is a small, high efficiency, and low
STC12C3052AD-20I-PDIP   STC12C3052AD-20I-PDIP STC12C3052AD-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge. SCL
STC12C3052AD-20I-SOP   STC12C3052AD-20I-SOP STC12C3052AD-20I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
STC12C4052   STC12C4052 STC12C4052 PDF Download STC 07+ Edition 09.97 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich
STC12C4052-20I-PDIP   STC12C4052-20I-PDIP STC12C4052-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/   The absolute maximum ratings are values w
STC12C4052-20I-SOP   STC12C4052-20I-SOP STC12C4052-20I-SOP PDF Download STCmicro SOP 05/ Depending on the level on EXTFIFO, the asserted
STC12C4052-351-SOP   STC12C4052-351-SOP STC12C4052-351-SOP PDF Download STC DIP/SOP 08+ Remark: Reference level for the relative attenua
STC12C4052AD   STC12C4052AD STC12C4052AD PDF Download HIT DIP 08+ For proper compare operation the expander inputs
STC12C4052AD-20I-PDIP   STC12C4052AD-20I-PDIP STC12C4052AD-20I-PDIP PDF Download STCmicro DIP 05/ The STC12C4052AD-20I-PDIP is available in the 6-p
STC12C4052AD-20I-SOP   STC12C4052AD-20I-SOP STC12C4052AD-20I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ The chip enable-controlled access is initiated b
STC12C4052AD-351-PDIP   STC12C4052AD-351-PDIP STC12C4052AD-351-PDIP PDF Download The PCM codec has many programming features that
STC12C4052AD-35I-SOP20   STC12C4052AD-35I-SOP20 STC12C4052AD-35I-SOP20 PDF Download STC 07+   Eight edge-triggered D flip-flops  
STC12C4052AD-35I-TSSOP   STC12C4052AD-35I-TSSOP STC12C4052AD-35I-TSSOP PDF Download STC TSSOP 06+ MOSFET gates can be efficiently switched up to 2M
STC12C5052   STC12C5052 STC12C5052 PDF Download STC 07+ product and manage inventory by rapidly pro- gr
STC12C5052-35I-PDIP   STC12C5052-35I-PDIP STC12C5052-35I-PDIP PDF Download ture. Once the end of a byte program cycle has b
STC12C5052AD   STC12C5052AD STC12C5052AD PDF Download STC 07+ 1. - T - = Seating Plane and Datum Surface. 2.
STC12C5402   STC12C5402 STC12C5402 PDF Download Power ThyristorModule AK90GB series are designed
STC12C5404   STC12C5404 STC12C5404 PDF Download STC特价长 08+ external components Burst operation under seco
STC12C5404-35I   STC12C5404-35I STC12C5404-35I PDF Download STC 无铅.4K PDIP28 4. Values for two Turn-On loss conditions are sh
STC12C5404AD   STC12C5404AD STC12C5404AD PDF Download STC特价长 08+ There is a 2-pin header for the MUTE (J16) contro
STC12C5406   STC12C5406 STC12C5406 PDF Download STC特价长 08+ Operation With 3.3 V I/Os and Supplies2 Reduced
STC12C5406AD   STC12C5406AD STC12C5406AD PDF Download STC特价长 08+ n Internal 254 character OSD ROM usable as eithe
STC12C5408   STC12C5408 STC12C5408 PDF Download STC特价长 08+   Conceptually, the port clocks CKA and CKB
STC12C5408AD   STC12C5408AD STC12C5408AD PDF Download STC特价长 08+ The Hynix HYM7V75AS801B H-Series are 8Mx72bits EC
STC12C5410   STC12C5410 STC12C5410 PDF Download STC 07+ • HiPerFET TM technology   C low RDS
STC12C5410-35I-SOP28   STC12C5410-35I-SOP28 STC12C5410-35I-SOP28 PDF Download STC 08+ Peak RF input level, pin RFIN, to overload the d
STC12C5410AD   STC12C5410AD STC12C5410AD PDF Download STC 07+ 8-bit Resolution 1 Gsps (Min.) Sampling Rate AD
STC12C5410AD-35I-PLCC   STC12C5410AD-35I-PLCC STC12C5410AD-35I-PLCC PDF Download og stock PLCC32 The quiescent current increases only slightly at
STC12C5412   STC12C5412 STC12C5412 PDF Download STC特价长 08+ Description   The STC12C5412AKE is an inte
STC12C5412AD   STC12C5412AD STC12C5412AD PDF Download STC DIP-20 08+   The TH50VSF2580/2581AASB is a mixed multi-
STC12C5412AD-35I-P   STC12C5412AD-35I-P STC12C5412AD-35I-P PDF Download STC 06+ DIP The amplitude demodulator of the transceiver dete
STC12E5410AD   STC12E5410AD STC12E5410AD PDF Download The maximum ratings denote the absolute maximum
STC12LE1052   STC12LE1052 STC12LE1052 PDF Download STC 07+ Port selection is accomplished on a first-come, f
STC12LE2052   STC12LE2052 STC12LE2052 PDF Download STC 08+ Each MMU provides read-only and supervisor-only
STC12LE2052AD   STC12LE2052AD STC12LE2052AD PDF Download STC 08+ The 1-wire bus and CPP can provide sufficient pa
STC12LE4052   STC12LE4052 STC12LE4052 PDF Download STC 08+ Note 4: For a power supply of 5V 10% the worst ca
STC12LE4052AD   STC12LE4052AD STC12LE4052AD PDF Download STC TSSOP 07+ the network The ENDEC section detects this when
STC12LE5052   STC12LE5052 STC12LE5052 PDF Download Short Circuit Protective Function (SC) : SC pro
STC12LE5052AD   STC12LE5052AD STC12LE5052AD PDF Download STC 08+ Offerings include ball grid array (BGA) packages
STC12LE5402   STC12LE5402 STC12LE5402 PDF Download T2EX (P1.1): Timer/Counter 2 Reload/Capture/Direc
STC12LE5404   STC12LE5404 STC12LE5404 PDF Download STC 08+ NOTES:   1. Dimension are in inches.  
STC12LE5404AD   STC12LE5404AD STC12LE5404AD PDF Download STC 08+  The Hyundai HYM72V16M636AT6 Series are Dua
STC12LE5406   STC12LE5406 STC12LE5406 PDF Download STC 08+ Hardware data protection measures include a low
STC12LE5406AD   STC12LE5406AD STC12LE5406AD PDF Download STC 08+ • High-speed access time: 55, 70, 100 ns
STC12LE5408   STC12LE5408 STC12LE5408 PDF Download STC 08+ The bq26220 is an advanced battery monitoring d
STC12LE5408AD   STC12LE5408AD STC12LE5408AD PDF Download STC 08+ externally arbitrated or withstand contention whe
STC12LE5410AD   STC12LE5410AD STC12LE5410AD PDF Download STC 08+ Protection from switching transients and induced
STC12LE5412   STC12LE5412 STC12LE5412 PDF Download Output current pulses are enabled when an L sign
STC12LE5412AD   STC12LE5412AD STC12LE5412AD PDF Download * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
STC12LE5412AD-35I-SOP20   STC12LE5412AD-35I-SOP20 STC12LE5412AD-35I-SOP20 PDF Download STC 06+ SOP20 Begin analysis at the VOL (quiescent) point. This
STC1740   STC1740 STC1740 PDF Download ST TO-92 00+ • "Slim" and "Flat" typ
STC1740G   STC1740G STC1740G PDF Download The MTV230M micro-controller is an 8051 CPU core
STC1740Y   STC1740Y STC1740Y PDF Download This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
STC1740-Y   STC1740-Y STC1740-Y PDF Download In conjunction with monitoring VSR for charge/dis
STC1740-Y/BU   STC1740-Y/BU STC1740-Y/BU PDF Download 4-bit I/O ports. Port 6 pins are individually so
STC1740-Y/TA   STC1740-Y/TA STC1740-Y/TA PDF Download These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
STC1741Y   STC1741Y STC1741Y PDF Download Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connectio
STC1741Y-AT   STC1741Y-AT STC1741Y-AT PDF Download The regulated voltage output. An output capacito
STC185   STC185 STC185 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxim
STC185B   STC185B STC185B PDF Download ST 00+ SSOP * Specifications will vary with foreign st
STC185C   STC185C STC185C PDF Download ST SSOP20 02+ • Pout>18W, çT>20% @ VDD=12.5
STC1918SF   STC1918SF STC1918SF PDF Download The Start Circuitry generates the output signal
STC1A   STC1A STC1A PDF Download Surface-mount technology can be applied to the C
STC2059   STC2059 STC2059 PDF Download AUK SOT23 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
STC2059O   STC2059O STC2059O PDF Download AUK SOT-23 05+ The PowerInfo 2 board is a simple, easy to use h
STC2059Y   STC2059Y STC2059Y PDF Download AUK SOT-23 05+ Unidirectional low-capacitance TVS series for fle
STC2059Y/   STC2059Y/ STC2059Y/ PDF Download AUK SOT-23 1% output voltage accuracy Low noise Only 90&mi
STC2201   STC2201 STC2201 PDF Download 07+/08+ The UV erasable version can be erased and repro-
STC2203   STC2203 STC2203 PDF Download 07+/08+ The MAX1737 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembl
STC222B   STC222B STC222B PDF Download NIIGATA 1206 Notes   1. Output current rating may be li
STC222D   STC222D STC222D PDF Download NIIGATA 1812-222 05+ The four Ports (IR, COM, AUX, and General Purpos
STC22NF10   STC22NF10 STC22NF10 PDF Download ST 05+ Notes:  1. Stresses greater than those lis
STC232EEP   STC232EEP STC232EEP PDF Download STC SOP 06+ Description: The NTE5452 through NTE5458 are sen
STC232EEPE   STC232EEPE STC232EEPE PDF Download PCI Controller Compatible with PCI 2.1 specific
STC232EESE   STC232EESE STC232EESE PDF Download STC 08+ SmartVoltagetechnology provides a choice of Voc
STC232ESE   STC232ESE STC232ESE PDF Download STC SOP 06+ before the first Serration pulse occurs, the int
STC2411Y   STC2411Y STC2411Y PDF Download AUK SOT-23 For specific information on E86 products, access
STC2412AG   STC2412AG STC2412AG PDF Download AUK SOT-23 05+ As load current is reduced, the energy required
STC2412G   STC2412G STC2412G PDF Download KEC SOT-23 05+ * This device is protected by U.S. patent number
STC2412L   STC2412L STC2412L PDF Download AUK Note 6: The limits are based on bench characteriz
STC2412Y   STC2412Y STC2412Y PDF Download AUK SOT-23 05+ The phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer is comple
STC2412-Y   STC2412-Y STC2412-Y PDF Download AUK 01 The DS1265W provides full functional capability f
STC250   STC250 STC250 PDF Download AUK TO-92 The Texas Instruments (TI) translation v
STC2500A   STC2500A STC2500A PDF Download ST BGA 05+ • Lead-free packaging (Pb-free) • Lo
STC2500C4   STC2500C4 STC2500C4 PDF Download ST BGA 06+ Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
STC2506C   STC2506C STC2506C PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
STC250AT   STC250AT STC250AT PDF Download The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are p
STC2560   STC2560 STC2560 PDF Download EPSON SOP 06+ These high intensity blue and green LEDs are b
STC2560C   STC2560C STC2560C PDF Download STC DIP NOTES 1. The difference between the measured and
STC2560COB   STC2560COB STC2560COB PDF Download EPSON. 93 The VTV 300 is a COMMON EMITTER transistor capab
STC2560LOB   STC2560LOB STC2560LOB PDF Download 25 stream. EEPROM emulation (bit or byte alterabili
STC2565C   STC2565C STC2565C PDF Download The ICL8052 or ICL8068/lCL71C03 chip pairs with
STC2583COC   STC2583COC STC2583COC PDF Download N/A 1996 DIP Combined enable and digital output voltage progra
STC2585C0A   STC2585C0A STC2585C0A PDF Download EPSON The SN74LVC16373A is particularly suitable for
STC2585C0C   STC2585C0C STC2585C0C PDF Download N/A DIP BiFET operational amplifiers offer the inherentl
STC2585COA   STC2585COA STC2585COA PDF Download EPSON NOTES 1Sample tested. 2Input bias current is sp
STC2585COC   STC2585COC STC2585COC PDF Download DIP-22 02+ Note 1. Test voltage must be applied within dv/d
STC2586   STC2586 STC2586 PDF Download ST 05+/06+ Low-power dissipation Operating: 9 mW/MHz (typic
STC2586C   STC2586C STC2586C PDF Download ST 95+ DIP- This protection function is splitted in 2 stages
STC2586C0C   STC2586C0C STC2586C0C PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
STC2586COC   STC2586COC STC2586COC PDF Download EPSON 04+ One factor affecting the quality of the CIDCW ser
STC2588   STC2588 STC2588 PDF Download Mechanical Characteristics: • Case: Epoxy,
STC2588C0A   STC2588C0A STC2588C0A PDF Download VP - Pin voltage measured with conditions as show
STC2588COA   STC2588COA STC2588COA PDF Download An IIC interface allows full programmability of
STC2588MIB   STC2588MIB STC2588MIB PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ The power supply operating range of the EL2244 a
STC2G15R   STC2G15R STC2G15R PDF Download   Non-inverting 3-state outputs   2-wa
STC3121S   STC3121S STC3121S PDF Download The UPC2721 and UPC2722 are L-Band frequency con
STC31B   STC31B STC31B PDF Download 30ms Pulse, Vin-Vo=3V, Io=1.5A f=120Hz, Co=25&mi
STC3203Y   STC3203Y STC3203Y PDF Download   Unidirectional zener diode transient supp
STC3232ESE   STC3232ESE STC3232ESE PDF Download STC SOP 06+ These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcei
STC3265   STC3265 STC3265 PDF Download AUK SOT-23 05+ In order to saturate the power switch and reduce
STC32650   STC32650 STC32650 PDF Download Designed utilizing CMOS process technology, the
STC3265Y   STC3265Y STC3265Y PDF Download AUK 23 Notes: 1. VBR measured after IT applied for 300u
STC32AB   STC32AB STC32AB PDF Download These TTL hex buffers/drivers feature high-volt
STC32-W6   STC32-W6 STC32-W6 PDF Download ST SMD 97+ The HSMF-C15x series of bicolor chip-type LEDs
STC332B   STC332B STC332B PDF Download N/A 1206 The XC5200 family has been benchmarked with many
STC342   STC342 STC342 PDF Download Low power-loss(Dropout voltage:Max.0.5 V@ IO=1A)
STC3485EESA   STC3485EESA STC3485EESA PDF Download STC SOP 06+ The IRU1015 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
STC352   STC352 STC352 PDF Download Table 1 and Figure 2 help illustrate the output
STC352Y   STC352Y STC352Y PDF Download AUK TO-126 04+ (VDD = 3.3V; OVDD = 2V; 0.1µF and 1.0µ
STC352-Y/BU   STC352-Y/BU STC352-Y/BU PDF Download 202 or CCITT V.23 FSK format and transmitted at
STC3M30-T1   STC3M30-T1 STC3M30-T1 PDF Download STD 07/08+ s Standard asynchronous error and framing bits (
STC401P   STC401P STC401P PDF Download AUK SOT-223 The 82C37A is designed to be used with an extern
STC4054GR   STC4054GR STC4054GR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) 07+/08+   The input/output differential at which th
STC4081   STC4081 STC4081 PDF Download KEC SOT-323 05+ The dual ADC core features a multistage differen
STC4081G   STC4081G STC4081G PDF Download AUK SOT-70
STC4081L   STC4081L STC4081L PDF Download The HYM72V32M736B(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Me
STC4081Y   STC4081Y STC4081Y PDF Download Equivalent circuits for the twelve macrocell conf
STC4097   STC4097 STC4097 PDF Download AUK SOT323 Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
STC4116   STC4116 STC4116 PDF Download
STC4116-2D   STC4116-2D STC4116-2D PDF Download CS: Current Sense. This is the inverting input of
STC41163N   STC41163N STC41163N PDF Download   The NL17SV00 is an ultra−high perfor
STC415376   STC415376 STC415376 PDF Download The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the outputs
STC4216050   STC4216050 STC4216050 PDF Download STC Two individual input channels o MIC+/MIC-: diffe
STC432   STC432 STC432 PDF Download N/A N/A 2004 The variance in output pulse duration from devic
STC46   STC46 STC46 PDF Download ST 97 12000 The IC operates in a wide input voltage range up
STC46C1   STC46C1 STC46C1 PDF Download ST SMD 92+ To ensure good thermal conductivity, the backsid
STC46CM1   STC46CM1 STC46CM1 PDF Download After a power-on reset, the output is inactive f
STC46CM3   STC46CM3 STC46CM3 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ Features  NPT IGBT technology  low sa
STC46CM6   STC46CM6 STC46CM6 PDF Download   The SP1404 operates as a power amplifier
STC46M1   STC46M1 STC46M1 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ DATA AND CONNECTION MEMORY   All data that
STC46T1   STC46T1 STC46T1 PDF Download 94+ ST 167 The LTC®3700 is a constant frequency current
STC46T6   STC46T6 STC46T6 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ address spaces, and I/O control registers, occup
STC46W6   STC46W6 STC46W6 PDF Download ST MSOP8 An integrated ADSL-compatible line driver is use
STC470A   STC470A STC470A PDF Download N/A 1206 AL2O3 (ceramic). Examples of such construction t
STC471D   STC471D STC471D PDF Download N/A 1812 DESCRIPTION The LF00 series are very Low Drop r
STC485EESA   STC485EESA STC485EESA PDF Download STC 2008 LOW BATTERY THRESHOLD   The low battery vo
STC5005   STC5005 STC5005 PDF Download 86+ DIP-40 Device programming occurs by executing the progr
STC502   STC502 STC502 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+PBF The EL5420 is available in the space-saving 14-pi
STC5081   STC5081 STC5081 PDF Download .   Maskable Interrupts on all I/O pins 8-bi
STC5089L   STC5089L STC5089L PDF Download VCC (chip supply voltage): The supply voltage of
STC5344SF   STC5344SF STC5344SF PDF Download C Glueless Interface to Synchronous   Memor
STC5344-Y   STC5344-Y STC5344-Y PDF Download The SN74CB3T3245 is an 8-bit bus switch with a s
STC534-8   STC534-8 STC534-8 PDF Download There are two modes both for read and write. Th
STC56CM6   STC56CM6 STC56CM6 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ Input pin of the regulator. Typically a large sto
STC56M1   STC56M1 STC56M1 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ On-chip thermal limiting simplifies PC board layo
STC56M3   STC56M3 STC56M3 PDF Download ST 97 3000 IF-Compensation Demodulator Chrominance Filter
STC56M6   STC56M6 STC56M6 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ Dynamic-VID technology allows on-the-fly V
STC56MI   STC56MI STC56MI PDF Download ST 06+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
STC5DNF30V   STC5DNF30V STC5DNF30V PDF Download STMicroelectronics Layout 50 ps Channel-to-Channel Skew (Typ) 200
STC5NF20V   STC5NF20V STC5NF20V PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) TSSOP8 08 • Complete Shutdown   C TxD, RxD, PIN
STC5NF20V(E)   STC5NF20V(E) STC5NF20V(E) PDF Download STM These full reels are individually barcode labele
STC5NF30V   STC5NF30V STC5NF30V PDF Download ST TSSOP-8 04+ use in common rectifier circuits, Table 1 indica
STC60NF30VSY   STC60NF30VSY STC60NF30VSY PDF Download Note 11: If the product is in shutdown mode and V
STC6116L-45TP   STC6116L-45TP STC6116L-45TP PDF Download The IS41LV32256 is compatible with JEDEC standar
STC62WV1024   STC62WV1024 STC62WV1024 PDF Download STC TSSOP 1) tAC/tDQSCK, tRCD/tRP parameters each speed cha
STC62WV1024-55I-SOP   STC62WV1024-55I-SOP STC62WV1024-55I-SOP PDF Download  This evaluation board is designed to have
STC62WV1024-55I-STSOP   STC62WV1024-55I-STSOP STC62WV1024-55I-STSOP PDF Download The TLC156 series is a family of low-cost, high s
STC62WV1024-55I-TSOP   STC62WV1024-55I-TSOP STC62WV1024-55I-TSOP PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
STC62WV1024-70I-SOP   STC62WV1024-70I-SOP STC62WV1024-70I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP-32 06+   The IDT70V657 is a high-speed 32K x 36 As
STC62WV1024-70I-STSOP   STC62WV1024-70I-STSOP STC62WV1024-70I-STSOP PDF Download STC STSOP-32 08+ Wafer Lot Acceptance Non-destructive Bond Pull
STC62WV1024-70I-TSOP   STC62WV1024-70I-TSOP STC62WV1024-70I-TSOP PDF Download STC TSOP-32 08+ Fault (Open-Drain Output/Input): This active-low
STC62WV1024SI   STC62WV1024SI STC62WV1024SI PDF Download STC 0515 Widebus  Family State-of-the-Art Advance
STC62WV12816-55I-TSOP2   STC62WV12816-55I-TSOP2 STC62WV12816-55I-TSOP2 PDF Download STC TSOP2-44 06+ APPLICATIONS lTelephone ring detector lDigital
STC62WV256   STC62WV256 STC62WV256 PDF Download STC SOP 07+ Reference Voltage: This output biases to VCCC1.2V
STC62WV25616-55I-TSOP2   STC62WV25616-55I-TSOP2 STC62WV25616-55I-TSOP2 PDF Download STC TSOP2-44 06+ • Three differential CPU clock pairs R
STC62WV256-70C   STC62WV256-70C STC62WV256-70C PDF Download STC TSOP 06+ When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
STC62WV256-70C-SOP   STC62WV256-70C-SOP STC62WV256-70C-SOP PDF Download  The signal/pin assignments are listed in T
STC62WV256-70C-TSOP   STC62WV256-70C-TSOP STC62WV256-70C-TSOP PDF Download STC TSOP-32 06+ 22811-009-DTS Rev ADQ# 2010 All technical info
STC62WV256-70I   STC62WV256-70I STC62WV256-70I PDF Download STC TSOP 05+   One or more of the following United State
STC62WV256-70I-PDIP   STC62WV256-70I-PDIP STC62WV256-70I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-32 06+ ALERT alarm is an open drain, active-LOW output
STC62WV256-70I-SOP   STC62WV256-70I-SOP STC62WV256-70I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP-32 06+ Auto-shutdown devices have Force on/force off co
STC62WV256-70I-TSOP   STC62WV256-70I-TSOP STC62WV256-70I-TSOP PDF Download STC TSOP-32 06+ Read Command The device is in read mode after w
STC62WV2568-55I-STSOP   STC62WV2568-55I-STSOP STC62WV2568-55I-STSOP PDF Download STC STSOP-32 06+ Table 1. Electrical Specifications ItemSpec. In
STC62WV51216-55I-TSOP2   STC62WV51216-55I-TSOP2 STC62WV51216-55I-TSOP2 PDF Download STC TSOP2-44 06+ Can Be Used in Three Combinations: C OR-AND Gate
STC62WV5128-55I-SOP   STC62WV5128-55I-SOP STC62WV5128-55I-SOP PDF Download STC SOP-32 06+ • 5.0V and 3.3V Versions at 100mA Output &
STC62WV5128-55I-STSOP   STC62WV5128-55I-STSOP STC62WV5128-55I-STSOP PDF Download STC STSOP-32 06+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
STC62WV6416-55I-TSOP2   STC62WV6416-55I-TSOP2 STC62WV6416-55I-TSOP2 PDF Download STC TSOP2-44 06+ When operating properly with 5V in (for example)
STC6311   STC6311 STC6311 PDF Download  The HYM72V32C736T8 Series are Dual In-line
STC6311(KS57C7002-06)   STC6311(KS57C7002-06) STC6311(KS57C7002-06) PDF Download Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user c
STC6342M   STC6342M STC6342M PDF Download STC SOT23-5 08+ The AC533 devices are octal transparent D-type
STC6342S   STC6342S STC6342S PDF Download STC SOT23-5 06+
STC6344M   STC6344M STC6344M PDF Download STC SOT23-5 06+ level) and while OE is in high level the outputs
STC6344S   STC6344S STC6344S PDF Download STC SOT23-5 06+ (3) LUMINANCE SENSOR CONTROL   The luminanc
STC6345M   STC6345M STC6345M PDF Download STC SOT23-5 06+
STC6345S   STC6345S STC6345S PDF Download STC SOT23-5 06+
STC66C1   STC66C1 STC66C1 PDF Download ST SMD 93+ Cypresss EZ-USB FX2 is the worlds first
STC66CM1   STC66CM1 STC66CM1 PDF Download The low-cost ADS-930 is a high-performance, 16-b
STC66CM3   STC66CM3 STC66CM3 PDF Download SMD • Fully asynchronous operation • Aut
STC66CM6   STC66CM6 STC66CM6 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ The LCX541 is designed for low voltage (2.5V or
STC682D   STC682D STC682D PDF Download SELMAC 682-1812-4P 04+ The DS1270 devices execute a read cycle whenever
STC6NF30V   STC6NF30V STC6NF30V PDF Download STMicroelectronics TSSOP-8 04+ SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M68AF511AL is a 4 Mbit
STC6NF30V(E)   STC6NF30V(E) STC6NF30V(E) PDF Download STM The ADSP-21262 features an enhanced Harvard arch
STC706PEPA   STC706PEPA STC706PEPA PDF Download sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V &
STC752-F   STC752-F STC752-F PDF Download 2. Short-circuits from the output to VCC can cau
STC752-Y   STC752-Y STC752-Y PDF Download The device requires an input clock at half the D
STC7546   STC7546 STC7546 PDF Download QFP44 Address Latch Enable: Output pulse for latching t
STC7778   STC7778 STC7778 PDF Download 04+ The Radiation Hardened IS-2100ARH is a high freq
STC80815AA9-F61811.1   STC80815AA9-F61811.1 STC80815AA9-F61811.1 PDF Download When the outputs of two or more TMS27C512s or TM
STC809   STC809 STC809 PDF Download Verify that the temperature measured in step one
STC809JEUR-T   STC809JEUR-T STC809JEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 The STC809JEUR-T is a low voltage Transmitter IC
STC809LEUR-T   STC809LEUR-T STC809LEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 The FAN5240 is a single output 2-Phase synchrono
STC809MEUR-T   STC809MEUR-T STC809MEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 Once activated, the link-on output will continue
STC809REUR-T   STC809REUR-T STC809REUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23  22I C is a 2-wire communications bus/proto
STC809S   STC809S STC809S PDF Download Referring to the block diagram, the current moni
STC809SEUR-T   STC809SEUR-T STC809SEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 The LM3502 is a white LED driver for lighting ap
STC809TEUR-T   STC809TEUR-T STC809TEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 Note 3: Operating Ratings indicate conditions for
STC810   STC810 STC810 PDF Download The AT91X40 Series Microcontrollers integrate se
STC810JEUR-T   STC810JEUR-T STC810JEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23   Output Current   Output Balance Erro
STC810L   STC810L STC810L PDF Download EPROM For Storage Of User-Programmable Configura
STC810LEUR-T   STC810LEUR-T STC810LEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 NOTES 1Measured single-ended into 50 W load. 2O
STC810M   STC810M STC810M PDF Download A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
STC810MEUR-T   STC810MEUR-T STC810MEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23   The SY10/100EL11V are 1:2 differential fa
STC810REUR-T   STC810REUR-T STC810REUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 • Molded epoxy package meets UL94V-0 R
STC810SEUR-T   STC810SEUR-T STC810SEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 Zener Voltage Range − 3.3 V to 200 V ESD
STC810TEUR-T   STC810TEUR-T STC810TEUR-T PDF Download STC SOT23 SOT23 For applications where sensitivity changes of a
STC811JEUS-T   STC811JEUS-T STC811JEUS-T PDF Download STC 06无铅 Data flow in each direction is controlled by out
STC811LEUS-T   STC811LEUS-T STC811LEUS-T PDF Download STC 06无铅 These specifications apply for 2V VIN 40V (2.2
STC811MEUS-T   STC811MEUS-T STC811MEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 Note: 1. For DIP package: Soldering temperature
STC811REUS-T   STC811REUS-T STC811REUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 VCC2 is the positive supply voltage pin for the t
STC811SEUS-T   STC811SEUS-T STC811SEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 • Interfaces directly to a single-scan pan
STC811TEUS-T   STC811TEUS-T STC811TEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 Figure 1 shows a Block Diagram of the P8xC591. T
STC812JEUS-T   STC812JEUS-T STC812JEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ab
STC812LEUS-T   STC812LEUS-T STC812LEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® pack
STC812MEUS-T   STC812MEUS-T STC812MEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 When used as a position Auto Shut-Off module, se
STC812REUS-T   STC812REUS-T STC812REUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 The HYM72V32C736T8 Series are 32Mx72bits ECC Sync
STC812SEUS-T   STC812SEUS-T STC812SEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
STC812TEUS-T   STC812TEUS-T STC812TEUS-T PDF Download STC SOT143 SOT143 The ISL3871 has on-board A/Ds and D/A for analog
STC813LEPA   STC813LEPA STC813LEPA PDF Download STC DIP 06+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
STC813LESA   STC813LESA STC813LESA PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches. Metric
STC8404   STC8404 STC8404 PDF Download • Low-power CMOS technology:   - Max
STC88317F02G000   STC88317F02G000 STC88317F02G000 PDF Download VCC, GND - DC power is provided to the device on
STC8846   STC8846 STC8846 PDF Download STC . I2C is a two-wire communications bus/protocol de
STC89C51   STC89C51 STC89C51 PDF Download ST DIP 08+ COL A, COL B (Pins 3, 14): These are the open col
STC89C516RD   STC89C516RD STC89C516RD PDF Download STC 06+ 500 NOTES  1Temperature range as follows: A Ver
STC89C516RD40C   STC89C516RD40C STC89C516RD40C PDF Download STC PLCC . pins 1 & 5 connected See application schemat
STC89C516RD40C-PDIP   STC89C516RD40C-PDIP STC89C516RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ operating temperature range are assured by design
STC89C516RD40C-PLCC   STC89C516RD40C-PLCC STC89C516RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The output clocks from this pad cell are able to
STC89C516RD40C-PQFP   STC89C516RD40C-PQFP STC89C516RD40C-PQFP PDF Download STC 0 Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
STC89C516RD40I   STC89C516RD40I STC89C516RD40I PDF Download STC 无铅.64K PLCC † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
STC89C516RD40I-PDIP   STC89C516RD40I-PDIP STC89C516RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ JA values shown are typical for standard test PC
STC89C516RD-40-I-PI   STC89C516RD-40-I-PI STC89C516RD-40-I-PI PDF Download Broadcom®, the pulse logo, and Connecting eve
STC89C516RD40I-PLCC   STC89C516RD40I-PLCC STC89C516RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings. Str
STC89C516RD40I-PQFP   STC89C516RD40I-PQFP STC89C516RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
STC89C516RD50-C-NJ   STC89C516RD50-C-NJ STC89C516RD50-C-NJ PDF Download The GS4882 and GS4982 differentiate between valid
STC89C51RC   STC89C51RC STC89C51RC PDF Download stc dip 07+ A line termination output with current capabilit
STC89C51RC-40C   STC89C51RC-40C STC89C51RC-40C PDF Download STC PLCC 05+   (layout including place & route, timin
STC89C51RC-40C-PDIP   STC89C51RC-40C-PDIP STC89C51RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP-40 07+ • Categorized for Luminous   Intensi
STC89C51RC-40C-PLCC   STC89C51RC-40C-PLCC STC89C51RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ Input a luminance signal as shown in Figure 1 to
STC89C51RC-40C-PQFP   STC89C51RC-40C-PQFP STC89C51RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC QFP 06+(regular supply) Their combination of very low RDS(on) and faster
STC89C51RC-40I   STC89C51RC-40I STC89C51RC-40I PDF Download STC PQFP44 06+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
STC89C51RC-40I-PDIP   STC89C51RC-40I-PDIP STC89C51RC-40I-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP-40 07+ • Robust High Voltage Termination • A
STC89C51RC-40I-PLCC   STC89C51RC-40I-PLCC STC89C51RC-40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC 07+ direction of data transmission is determined by
STC89C51RC-40I-PQFP   STC89C51RC-40I-PQFP STC89C51RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Output Swing Includes Both Supply Rails Low Nois
STC89C52   STC89C52 STC89C52 PDF Download Experimental Results   The operating charac
STC89C52RC   STC89C52RC STC89C52RC PDF Download 型号是:W78E052C40DL DIP 6 This is the Main output control pin. An opto iso
STC89C52RC-40C   STC89C52RC-40C STC89C52RC-40C PDF Download STC PLCC-44P 0726+ The quiescent current increases only slightly at
STC89C52RC-40C-PDIP   STC89C52RC-40C-PDIP STC89C52RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP-40 07+ The attached spice model describes the typical el
STC89C52RC-40C-PLCC   STC89C52RC-40C-PLCC STC89C52RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The high-bandwidth digital content protection sy
STC89C52RC-40C-PQFP   STC89C52RC-40C-PQFP STC89C52RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ 3. The AD581 can also be operated in a two-termi
STC89C52RC-40I   STC89C52RC-40I STC89C52RC-40I PDF Download STC 05+ NOTES: 1. tPLH and tPHL are production tested.
STC89C52RC-40I-LQFP   STC89C52RC-40I-LQFP STC89C52RC-40I-LQFP PDF Download STC 08+ The 128/144-Mbit Direct Rambus DRAMs (RDRAM®
STC89C52RC-40I-PDIP   STC89C52RC-40I-PDIP STC89C52RC-40I-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP-40 07+ addressed to this node is received, or condition
STC89C52RC-40I-PLCC   STC89C52RC-40I-PLCC STC89C52RC-40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC 07+ The STC89C52RC-40I-PLCC has an on-chip burst coun
STC89C52RC-40I-PQFP   STC89C52RC-40I-PQFP STC89C52RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The CY7C1350G is a 3.3V, 128K x 36 synchronous-pi
STC89C53RC   STC89C53RC STC89C53RC PDF Download The following figure provides a graphical repre-
STC89C53RC-40C   STC89C53RC-40C STC89C53RC-40C PDF Download STC QFP 06+ Acknowledge Polling Since the device will not ac
STC89C53RC-40C-PDIP   STC89C53RC-40C-PDIP STC89C53RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
STC89C53RC-40C-PLCC   STC89C53RC-40C-PLCC STC89C53RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ • The use of twin crossbar contacts en- su
STC89C53RC40C-PLCC   STC89C53RC40C-PLCC STC89C53RC40C-PLCC PDF Download stc plcc 06+
STC89C53RC-40C-PQFP   STC89C53RC-40C-PQFP STC89C53RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 08+   The first character of the part number su
STC89C53RC-40I-PDIP   STC89C53RC-40I-PDIP STC89C53RC-40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ H6 The sixth harmonic should not be a problem and
STC89C53RC-40I-PLCC   STC89C53RC-40I-PLCC STC89C53RC-40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
STC89C53RC-40I-PQFP   STC89C53RC-40I-PQFP STC89C53RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The device is entirely command set compatible wi
STC89C54   STC89C54 STC89C54 PDF Download STC DIP 07+ ISM Band 902-MHz to 928-MHz Operation FM/FSK Op
STC89C54RC-40C-PLCC   STC89C54RC-40C-PLCC STC89C54RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download Low Supply Current: 1.5µA Max Rail-to-Rail
STC89C54RD   STC89C54RD STC89C54RD PDF Download - - - 1. No purposefully added lead. 2. Part mounted
STC89C54RD25-I-NJ   STC89C54RD25-I-NJ STC89C54RD25-I-NJ PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
STC89C54RD25-I-PQJ   STC89C54RD25-I-PQJ STC89C54RD25-I-PQJ PDF Download When executing a jump instruction, conditional sk
STC89C54RD40C   STC89C54RD40C STC89C54RD40C PDF Download STC PLCC 0721+ Following a period of activity in the powered-up
STC89C54RD-40C-PDIP   STC89C54RD-40C-PDIP STC89C54RD-40C-PDIP PDF Download Note 3: The linearity error is calculated by the
STC89C54RD40C-PDIP   STC89C54RD40C-PDIP STC89C54RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC DIP 06+ Integrated PLL Loop Filter ESD Protection (4 kV
STC89C54RD40C-PLCC   STC89C54RD40C-PLCC STC89C54RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ Test conditions unless otherwise noted 1. T = 25
STC89C54RD40I   STC89C54RD40I STC89C54RD40I PDF Download Controller (host) will send start bit. Controll
STC89C54RD40I-PLCC   STC89C54RD40I-PLCC STC89C54RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ HOTLink II devices are ideal for a variety of app
STC89C54RD40I-PQFP   STC89C54RD40I-PQFP STC89C54RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ 3. Maximum power dissipation, for the SOT223 and
STC89C55RD   STC89C55RD STC89C55RD PDF Download • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • ESD &
STC89C55RD40C   STC89C55RD40C STC89C55RD40C PDF Download Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig
STC89C55RD40C-PDIP   STC89C55RD40C-PDIP STC89C55RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ For any system connected to the bus, the isolati
STC89C55RD40C-PLCC   STC89C55RD40C-PLCC STC89C55RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The 401CNQ center tap Schottky rectifier module s
STC89C55RD40I-PDIP   STC89C55RD40I-PDIP STC89C55RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ The MAX8550/MAX8551 integrate a synchronous-buck
STC89C55RD40I-PLCC   STC89C55RD40I-PLCC STC89C55RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 60V 1.5A Peak Switch C
STC89C58   STC89C58 STC89C58 PDF Download After each 24-hour period has elapsed, the batter
STC89C58RD   STC89C58RD STC89C58RD PDF Download ST SOP 05+ The standard STC89C58RD offers access times of 9
STC89C58RD40C   STC89C58RD40C STC89C58RD40C PDF Download STC PLCC 07+ The traditional procedure for providing hold-up
STC89C58RD40C-PDIP   STC89C58RD40C-PDIP STC89C58RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ For the system/MAC interface, seamless support i
STC89C58RD-40C-PLCC   STC89C58RD-40C-PLCC STC89C58RD-40C-PLCC PDF Download • 8/10-bit A/D converter : 15 channels &nb
STC89C58RD40C-PLCC   STC89C58RD40C-PLCC STC89C58RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ NOTES: 1. A17 is a NC for IDT70V3399. 2. VDD, O
STC89C58RD40C-PQFP   STC89C58RD40C-PQFP STC89C58RD40C-PQFP PDF Download STC SOP 629 the improvement in linearity of the transfer cha
STC89C58RD40I   STC89C58RD40I STC89C58RD40I PDF Download READ ENABLE (R)   A read cycle is initiated
STC89C58RD40I-PDIP   STC89C58RD40I-PDIP STC89C58RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Features Ÿ International standard package
STC89C58RD40I-PLCC   STC89C58RD40I-PLCC STC89C58RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ <0.8 V at VCC = 3.3 V, TA = 25C Typical VOHV
STC89C58RD40I-PQFP   STC89C58RD40I-PQFP STC89C58RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC TQFP 08+ ISO165 and ISO175 are precision isolated instrum
STC89LE516AD   STC89LE516AD STC89LE516AD PDF Download four-port coupler wideband, 800-1600 MHz exce
STC89LE516AD-90-C-PI   STC89LE516AD-90-C-PI STC89LE516AD-90-C-PI PDF Download STC DIP 04+ Between t7 and t8, the converter reaches its pea
STC89LE516AD-90-C-PQJ   STC89LE516AD-90-C-PQJ STC89LE516AD-90-C-PQJ PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ As stated earlier, the DS1809 provides for two me
STC89LE516RD   STC89LE516RD STC89LE516RD PDF Download STC 08+ The architecture of the Direct RDRAM allows the
STC89LE516RD40C-PDIP   STC89LE516RD40C-PDIP STC89LE516RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+   The LH28F016SU is a high performance 16M
STC89LE516RD40C-PLCC   STC89LE516RD40C-PLCC STC89LE516RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The DAC7811 offers excellent 4-quadrant multipli
STC89LE516RD40C-PQFP   STC89LE516RD40C-PQFP STC89LE516RD40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Note 2: This IC contains a zener clamp structure
STC89LE516RD40I-PDIP   STC89LE516RD40I-PDIP STC89LE516RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ To blink LEDs at periods greater than 1.6 second
STC89LE516RD40I-PLCC   STC89LE516RD40I-PLCC STC89LE516RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The LMP7711 is a low noise, low offset, CMOS inp
STC89LE516RD40I-PQFP   STC89LE516RD40I-PQFP STC89LE516RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
STC89LE516X2-90-C-NJ   STC89LE516X2-90-C-NJ STC89LE516X2-90-C-NJ PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+   For propagation delays, tpdh refers to the
STC89LE516X2-90-C-PI   STC89LE516X2-90-C-PI STC89LE516X2-90-C-PI PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Built-in wideband video amp85MHz @ -3dB (4VP-P ou
STC89LE516X2-90-C-PQJ   STC89LE516X2-90-C-PQJ STC89LE516X2-90-C-PQJ PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
STC89LE51RC   STC89LE51RC STC89LE51RC PDF Download STC 08+ These octal D-type edge-triggered flip-flops fe
STC89LE51RC-40C-PDIP   STC89LE51RC-40C-PDIP STC89LE51RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ 12bit input, Black Level, White Balance Filter
STC89LE51RC-40C-PLCC   STC89LE51RC-40C-PLCC STC89LE51RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ /RCS0 -->/CS : SDRAMs D0-D8 /RCS1 -->/CS :
STC89LE51RC-40C-PQFP   STC89LE51RC-40C-PQFP STC89LE51RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ High-speed consumer electronic ports ESD protec
STC89LE51RC-40I-PQFP   STC89LE51RC-40I-PQFP STC89LE51RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download Both drivers incorporate adaptive shoot-through
STC89LE52AD-90-C-NJ   STC89LE52AD-90-C-NJ STC89LE52AD-90-C-NJ PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ UART channel A Receive Data or infrared receive
STC89LE52AD-90-C-PI   STC89LE52AD-90-C-PI STC89LE52AD-90-C-PI PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ This is the supply voltage for the regulator con
STC89LE52AD-90-C-PQJ   STC89LE52AD-90-C-PQJ STC89LE52AD-90-C-PQJ PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The push-pull converter achieves high efficiency
STC89LE52RC   STC89LE52RC STC89LE52RC PDF Download STC 08+ Because it is a synchronous device, address, dat
STC89LE52RC-40C   STC89LE52RC-40C STC89LE52RC-40C PDF Download Note that the level 7 interrupt is also level se
STC89LE52RC-40C-PDIP   STC89LE52RC-40C-PDIP STC89LE52RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 08+ Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 5.0V Continuou
STC89LE52RC-40C-PLCC   STC89LE52RC-40C-PLCC STC89LE52RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ CS falling edge to first DCLK rising edge DCLK
STC89LE52RC-40C-PQFP   STC89LE52RC-40C-PQFP STC89LE52RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 08+ Notes:  1. Stresses greater than those lis
STC89LE52RC-40I   STC89LE52RC-40I STC89LE52RC-40I PDF Download Table 3.1 - LAN91C100FD Pin Requirements Table 5
STC89LE52RC-40I-PDIP   STC89LE52RC-40I-PDIP STC89LE52RC-40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ UCC283−3 and UCC283−5 versions are i
STC89LE52RC-40I-PLCC   STC89LE52RC-40I-PLCC STC89LE52RC-40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ An on-chip PLL multiplies the 24-MHz oscillator
STC89LE52RC-40I-PQFP   STC89LE52RC-40I-PQFP STC89LE52RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The TINIm400 must be seated correctly into the DS
STC89LE53RC   STC89LE53RC STC89LE53RC PDF Download STC 08+ The Modem Control Software runs entirely on the
STC89LE53RC-40C-PDIP   STC89LE53RC-40C-PDIP STC89LE53RC-40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Outputs of the STC89LE53RC-40C-PDIP to the digit
STC89LE53RC-40C-PLCC   STC89LE53RC-40C-PLCC STC89LE53RC-40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ The Spartan™ and the Spartan-XL families a
STC89LE53RC-40C-PQFP   STC89LE53RC-40C-PQFP STC89LE53RC-40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The 2 decoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for re
STC89LE53RC-40I-PDIP   STC89LE53RC-40I-PDIP STC89LE53RC-40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Note 5: Receiver Skew Margin is defined as the va
STC89LE53RC-40I-PLCC   STC89LE53RC-40I-PLCC STC89LE53RC-40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ To fully enhance the external N-channel switches,
STC89LE53RC-40I-PQFP   STC89LE53RC-40I-PQFP STC89LE53RC-40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The STC89LE53RC-40I-PQFP incorporates nonvolatil
STC89LE54AD   STC89LE54AD STC89LE54AD PDF Download STC DIP40 To complement the embedded control sequences a d
STC89LE54AD-90-C-NJ   STC89LE54AD-90-C-NJ STC89LE54AD-90-C-NJ PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+   The Processor Enable bit (bit 6) places e
STC89LE54AD-90-C-PI   STC89LE54AD-90-C-PI STC89LE54AD-90-C-PI PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ The device provides ultrastable +4.096V output w
STC89LE54AD-90-C-PQJ   STC89LE54AD-90-C-PQJ STC89LE54AD-90-C-PQJ PDF Download STC PQFP-44 08+ The power FETs are protected from inadequate gat
STC89LE54RD   STC89LE54RD STC89LE54RD PDF Download STC 08+ Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
STC89LE54RD40C   STC89LE54RD40C STC89LE54RD40C PDF Download - 10, 8, 6 or 4bit up/down counting - Parallel
STC89LE54RD40C-PDIP   STC89LE54RD40C-PDIP STC89LE54RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ >400 Mbps (200 MHz) Signaling Rates Flow-Thro
STC89LE54RD40C-PLCC   STC89LE54RD40C-PLCC STC89LE54RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ • Low power CMOS technology   - Maxi
STC89LE54RD40C-PQFP   STC89LE54RD40C-PQFP STC89LE54RD40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ These display devices are designed to provide
STC89LE54RD40I-PDIP   STC89LE54RD40I-PDIP STC89LE54RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ When the FPGA is in Master Serial mode, it gener
STC89LE54RD40I-PLCC   STC89LE54RD40I-PLCC STC89LE54RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 08+ The VHC14 is an advanced high speed CMOS Hex Sc
STC89LE54RD40I-PQFP   STC89LE54RD40I-PQFP STC89LE54RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The ISP2200 FPM supports the following: s Suppor
STC89LE58AD-90-C-NJ   STC89LE58AD-90-C-NJ STC89LE58AD-90-C-NJ PDF Download STC PLCC-44 08+ All four clock outputs of the FS6011 may be tris
STC89LE58AD-90-C-PI   STC89LE58AD-90-C-PI STC89LE58AD-90-C-PI PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+   The QS3VH861 HotSwitch with 10-bit flow-th
STC89LE58AD-90-C-PQJ   STC89LE58AD-90-C-PQJ STC89LE58AD-90-C-PQJ PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
STC89LE58RD   STC89LE58RD STC89LE58RD PDF Download STC QFP 0542+ dualoct received from the DQA/DQB data pins of t
STC89LE58RD40C   STC89LE58RD40C STC89LE58RD40C PDF Download  − Provides 22 kbits dedicated melody
STC89LE58RD40C-PDIP   STC89LE58RD40C-PDIP STC89LE58RD40C-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ The STC89LE58RD40C-PDIPX family of devices are hi
STC89LE58RD40C-PLCC   STC89LE58RD40C-PLCC STC89LE58RD40C-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+ Notes: 1. CX1 must be placed within 0.7 cm of t
STC89LE58RD40C-PQFP   STC89LE58RD40C-PQFP STC89LE58RD40C-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ The TL594 contains two error amplifiers, an on-c
STC89LE58RD40I-PDIP   STC89LE58RD40I-PDIP STC89LE58RD40I-PDIP PDF Download STC PDIP-40 06+ Fabricated in high-density CMOS with 5V-tolerant
STC89LE58RD40I-PLCC   STC89LE58RD40I-PLCC STC89LE58RD40I-PLCC PDF Download STC PLCC-44 06+   2 MHz (typ.) PWM Switching Frequency &nbs
STC89LE58RD40I-PQFP   STC89LE58RD40I-PQFP STC89LE58RD40I-PQFP PDF Download STC PQFP-44 06+ Reduced Power Consumption C 1.8 V Core Operation
STC89LE58RD40RI   STC89LE58RD40RI STC89LE58RD40RI PDF Download STC 06+ PLCC The ADS8509 is specified at a 250-kHz sampling r
STC89LE89DR   STC89LE89DR STC89LE89DR PDF Download STC 07+ A read operation begins on the falling edge of /
STC9120C   STC9120C STC9120C PDF Download Maximum Sample Rate: 50MSPS 12-Bit Resolution N
STC9120M   STC9120M STC9120M PDF Download 00 The eight latches of the HCT373 devices are tra
STC9140F   STC9140F STC9140F PDF Download STC QFP 2000 n 17 to 40 VDC Input Range (28 VDC Nominal) n 5
STC918E   STC918E STC918E PDF Download VCC IOUT Short Circuit protected to ground. M
STC918K   STC918K STC918K PDF Download KEC SOT-523 05+ All data memory areas can handle arithmetic, logi
STC918U   STC918U STC918U PDF Download 3: Regulation is measured at a constant junction
STC9423COA   STC9423COA STC9423COA PDF Download SFIKOEPSON DIP/24 06+ Preliminary product information describes produc
STC9423MOA   STC9423MOA STC9423MOA PDF Download RTC SOP24W 2007+ 0VSEN (Pin 3): Overvoltage Sense Pin. Protects th
STC9424   STC9424 STC9424 PDF Download 98 A complete power amplifier using the CA309
STC9424MOA   STC9424MOA STC9424MOA PDF Download RTC SOP24W 2007+ Dimensions (Mechanical Data) Important dimensio
STC9435MAA   STC9435MAA STC9435MAA PDF Download ST SOP24 04/05+ in a low state on their next high-to-low transit
STC9435MOA   STC9435MOA STC9435MOA PDF Download Dual Channel (LH1501) Isolation test Voltage 3
STC945   STC945 STC945 PDF Download AUK TO-92 Input (Control) Characteristics TTL Configuratio
STC945C-YTA   STC945C-YTA STC945C-YTA PDF Download AUK 2002   Another alternative would be to use a cera
STC945G   STC945G STC945G PDF Download TO92   With a low output impedance (12Ω),
STC945GAT   STC945GAT STC945GAT PDF Download AUK 1. Ultra-small and thin size achieved through use
STC9471C   STC9471C STC9471C PDF Download 06+ • Power supply : Vdd: 2.6V 0.1V, Vddq: 2.6
STC9492C1D   STC9492C1D STC9492C1D PDF Download EPSON 2008 Ruotare il selettore su FL . Quando lalimentazi
STC9492M   STC9492M STC9492M PDF Download SOP28W 2007+ The LM4980 is a stereo headphone audio amplifier
STC9492M1B   STC9492M1B STC9492M1B PDF Download EPSON SOP 93+ The chip is built around an ARM946ES RISC proces
STC9492M1D   STC9492M1D STC9492M1D PDF Download EPSON SOP28 03+/04 SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1 and Table 1.
STC9492MD   STC9492MD STC9492MD PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
STC9492MID   STC9492MID STC9492MID PDF Download EPSON SOP For latest specifications, technical questions a
STC9492MID-F75   STC9492MID-F75 STC9492MID-F75 PDF Download STM 01+ SOP/28   When the BLANKING input is high, the out
STC9492S1D   STC9492S1D STC9492S1D PDF Download EPSON DIP The MAX202ECMAX213E, MAX232E/MAX241E line driver
STC9603MOA   STC9603MOA STC9603MOA PDF Download • 5 Ω switch connection between two p
STC9605F0A   STC9605F0A STC9605F0A PDF Download EPSON 2008 This is the timing reference frequency which is
STC9605FOA   STC9605FOA STC9605FOA PDF Download 98 The Hitachi HM5112805F, HM5113805F are 128M-bit
STC9610F0B   STC9610F0B STC9610F0B PDF Download EPSON PLCC-80 Figure 2 illustrates the logic block architectur
STC9630   STC9630 STC9630 PDF Download SOP Six programmable control and timing signals supp
STC9630M0A   STC9630M0A STC9630M0A PDF Download EPSON SOP24 98+ This converter uses proven circuit techniques to
STC9630MOA   STC9630MOA STC9630MOA PDF Download EPSON 06+
STC9630MOA-F82A   STC9630MOA-F82A STC9630MOA-F82A PDF Download STM 01+ SOP/24 The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drive
STC9630OA   STC9630OA STC9630OA PDF Download EPSON 00+ 2.0V to 6.3V operation Three switch inputs: S2
STCA9721T   STCA9721T STCA9721T PDF Download SIGMATEL QFP 00+ Notes: b. The composite sync output reproduces
STCARLL001   STCARLL001 STCARLL001 PDF Download For DC coupled single supply operation, it is re
STC-A-S01   STC-A-S01 STC-A-S01 PDF Download SCM SOIC 01+ Digital Servo (DSSP) Block • Microcomputer
STC-A-S01(A8C0583A   STC-A-S01(A8C0583A STC-A-S01(A8C0583A PDF Download The TPS6210x family of low-power high-efficiency
STC-A-S011B0817B   STC-A-S011B0817B STC-A-S011B0817B PDF Download The new generation CoolSET™-F3 provides Ac
STC-A-SO1   STC-A-SO1 STC-A-SO1 PDF Download 01   Pin 16 is the (-) clamp input pin. This p
STCB0100106KNT   STCB0100106KNT STCB0100106KNT PDF Download The FPD33684 Column Driver is a direct drive, 64
STCB1MR16V4R7UF20   STCB1MR16V4R7UF20 STCB1MR16V4R7UF20 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
STCBMR16V2R2UF20   STCBMR16V2R2UF20 STCBMR16V2R2UF20 PDF Download Using the first two interface options outlined a
STCC02-B   STCC02-B STCC02-B PDF Download ST DIP16 N/A   The MSK 3017 is an all N-Channel three ph
STCC05-B   STCC05-B STCC05-B PDF Download The tuning fork type quartz crystal provides ult
STCC05-BD4   STCC05-BD4 STCC05-BD4 PDF Download ST DIP-20 06+
STCD-0200156KNT   STCD-0200156KNT STCD-0200156KNT PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
STCDM-01   STCDM-01 STCDM-01 PDF Download In Loopback mode Only one output drive pin per
STCDM2-16   STCDM2-16 STCDM2-16 PDF Download SOP 04+ The final output of channel I is an index puls
STCDM4-16/62134   STCDM4-16/62134 STCDM4-16/62134 PDF Download FLEX SOP16 0502+ The AME8801/8840 family of positive, linear regu
STCDM4-16/FLEX62134   STCDM4-16/FLEX62134 STCDM4-16/FLEX62134 PDF Download STCD SOP-16P 05+ Please read the EVM Users Guide and, specificall
STCF01/DEMO   STCF01/DEMO STCF01/DEMO PDF Download C Language Compiler. A C language compiler is ava
STCF01PMR   STCF01PMR STCF01PMR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) The system clock inputs. All adress an commands l
STCF02/DEMO   STCF02/DEMO STCF02/DEMO PDF Download The STCF02/DEMO is a low-power, single channel,
STCF02PNR   STCF02PNR STCF02PNR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) QFN 06+ Hynix HYMD564726(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
STCF02QNR   STCF02QNR STCF02QNR PDF Download ST 05+ Description The 14.22 mm (0.56 inch) LED dual d
STCF03ITBR   STCF03ITBR STCF03ITBR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA)   The heat sink in this example must have a
STCF03PNR   STCF03PNR STCF03PNR PDF Download STMicroelectronics QFN 06+
STCF03TBR   STCF03TBR STCF03TBR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) Hynix HYMD116M645B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series is design
STCF06TBR   STCF06TBR STCF06TBR PDF Download STMicroelectronics Edition 02.97 This edition was realized using th
STCLE5402   STCLE5402 STCLE5402 PDF Download
STCMR16V10UF20   STCMR16V10UF20 STCMR16V10UF20 PDF Download   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
STCN75DS2F   STCN75DS2F STCN75DS2F PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) VOUT: Regulated negative-output voltage. A single
STCN75M2E   STCN75M2E STCN75M2E PDF Download STMicroelectronics
STCN75M2F   STCN75M2F STCN75M2F PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) 08+ The test set described in this paper allows comp
STCP151   STCP151 STCP151 PDF Download ST 06+ The product can also be used for general analog
STCP3121   STCP3121 STCP3121 PDF Download N/A N/A 97+ The STCP3121 is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma
STCS05ADR   STCS05ADR STCS05ADR PDF Download STMicroelectronics FEATURES Complete Microphone Conditioner in an
STCS05DR   STCS05DR STCS05DR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) The modem can connect to a host system serially
STCS1DEMO1   STCS1DEMO1 STCS1DEMO1 PDF Download STMicroelectronics Being a member of the switch family provides a n
STCS1PHR   STCS1PHR STCS1PHR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
STCS1PUR   STCS1PUR STCS1PUR PDF Download STMicroelectronics To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage betw
STCS2ASPR   STCS2ASPR STCS2ASPR PDF Download STMicroelectronics (VA) Notes: 1. Typical specification for reference o
STCS2SPR   STCS2SPR STCS2SPR PDF Download STMicroelectronics   The attached datasheets are provided by S
STCS461   STCS461 STCS461 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ CT: The oscillator-programming pin. Only two comp
STCS466   STCS466 STCS466 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ • DLL aligns DQ and DQS transitions with CK
STCS476   STCS476 STCS476 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ Parameter Positive Supply Voltage (VCC to GND)
STCS561   STCS561 STCS561 PDF Download ST SMD 94+ During reference input rearrangement, such as dur
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