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A recommended PCB pad layout for the miniature SOT-323 (SC-70) package is shown in Figure 6 (dimensions are in inches). This layout provides ample allowance for package placement by auto- mated assembly equipment without adding parasitics that could impair the performance.
Internal filters in all HR300 converters provide low noise on both the input and outputs. On HR301 models, two-section L-C filters limit output ripple voltage and reflected input ripple current. On HR302 models, single-section L-C filters perform the same function.
The MAX3747/MAX3747A multirate limiting amplifiers function as data quantizers for OC-3 through OC-48 syn- chronous optical network (SONET), Fibre-Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet optical receivers. They are pin-for-pin compatible with the SY88993V from Micrel Semiconductor, Inc. The amplifiers accept a wide range of input voltages and provide constant-level, current- mode logic (CML) output voltages with controlled edge speeds. The MAX3747 output voltage level is 500mVp-p and the MAX3747A output voltage is 800mVp-p. The MAX3747/MAX3747A limiting amplifiers feature a programmable loss-of-signal detect (LOS) and an optional disable function (DISABLE). Output disable can be used to implement squelch. The MAX3747/MAX3747A are available in a 3mm, 10-pin µMAX® package ideal for small form-factor receivers.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
STK0010II   STK0010II STK0010II PDF Download SANYO 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
STK0025   STK0025 STK0025 PDF Download SANYO Signal Processor (DSP) C SMJ320C62x C 5-
STK0029   STK0029 STK0029 PDF Download SANYO These lamps are made with an advanced optical
STK0029N   STK0029N STK0029N PDF Download Notes ; Repetitive Rating : Pulse Width Limited
STK0030   STK0030 STK0030 PDF Download The lamp current is monitored by means of an ext
STK0035   STK0035 STK0035 PDF Download SANYO Information furnished by Analog Devices is believ
STK0039   STK0039 STK0039 PDF Download SANYO ZIP 03+ 5V power supply 5V power supply 5V LNA power s
STK0040   STK0040 STK0040 PDF Download The ADF4007 is a high frequency divider/PLL synt
STK0040II   STK0040II STK0040II PDF Download SANYO HYB 01+   Figure 1 shows the proper connection of t
STK0049   STK0049 STK0049 PDF Download Darlington Hybrid The HS-0546RH and HS-0547RH are radiation harden
STK0050   STK0050 STK0050 PDF Download SANYO MODULE 00+ DESCRIPTION Positive power supply for the chip
STK-0050   STK-0050 STK-0050 PDF Download SANYO 模块 Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
STK0050II   STK0050II STK0050II PDF Download SANYO Notes a. The algebraic convention whereby the m
STK0050MK2   STK0050MK2 STK0050MK2 PDF Download s Two serial (I2S-bus/Japanese) digital audio in
STK0055   STK0055 STK0055 PDF Download Device programming and erasure are initiated thr
STK0059   STK0059 STK0059 PDF Download moudle 5) Next, a heat sink with lower SA than the one
STK0060   STK0060 STK0060 PDF Download SANYO † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
STK0060II   STK0060II STK0060II PDF Download SANYO The STK0060II/2/3/4 family of non-unity gain stab
STK0060MK2   STK0060MK2 STK0060MK2 PDF Download The three manuals listed in Table 1 are require
STK0070   STK0070 STK0070 PDF Download DIP 05+
STK0070II   STK0070II STK0070II PDF Download DIP 05+ 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
STK0070MK2   STK0070MK2 STK0070MK2 PDF Download   The DMS-EB-AC/DC board includes provision
STK0080   STK0080 STK0080 PDF Download SANYO MODULE N/A Activity LED polarity/operation/blink rate Full
STK0080A   STK0080A STK0080A PDF Download H - High-Terminal Potentiometer. This is the high
STK0080II   STK0080II STK0080II PDF Download SANYO Sound volume, tone and balance controls for car
STK0080-II   STK0080-II STK0080-II PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
STK0080MK2   STK0080MK2 STK0080MK2 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
STK0100   STK0100 STK0100 PDF Download Vcc = 2.7V~3.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C unle
STK0100II   STK0100II STK0100II PDF Download SANYO STK 2004+ (i.e. Ground) output voltage. In contrast, an un
STK0105   STK0105 STK0105 PDF Download DIP 05+ Freescales semiconductor products are classified
STK011   STK011 STK011 PDF Download SANYO 模块 • Control and safety devices for airplanes,
STK-011   STK-011 STK-011 PDF Download SANYO 模块 The IC also includes 4 readable input (I1..I4) p
STK012   STK012 STK012 PDF Download SANYO The IRU1261, using a proprietary process, combine
STK013   STK013 STK013 PDF Download SANYO The on-board oscillator supplies the signal for
STK014   STK014 STK014 PDF Download SANYO 652 • Integrated Adaptive Receive Equalization
STK015   STK015 STK015 PDF Download SANYO MODULE N/A The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to &
STK-015   STK-015 STK-015 PDF Download SANYO SIP 00+ The ICC supply current is reduced by applying a
STK016   STK016 STK016 PDF Download SANYO