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NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  2. Metric equivalents are given for general information only.  3. The physical characteristics of the die are:   Thickness: .006 inch (0.15 mm) to .012 inch (0.30 mm).   Top metal: Aluminum 50,000 Å nominal, 37,500 Å minimum.   Back metal: Gold 3,000 Å nominal.   Back side: Collector.   Bonding pad: B = .015 inch (0.38 mm) x .072 inch (1.83 mm).   E = .015 inch (0.38 mm) x .060 inch (1.52 mm).  4. Junctions passivated with thermal silicon dioxide.
  The TDA12009H/N1A7FOBC is a high voltage, high current amplifier designed to provide voltage and current gain for a small signal, general purpose op amp. Including the power booster within the feed- back loop of the driver amplifier results in a composite amplifier with the accuracy of the driver and the extended output voltage range and current capability of the booster. The TDA12009H/N1A7FOBC can also be used without a driver in some applications, requiring only an external current limit resistor to function properly.   The output stage utilizes complementary MOSFETs, provid- ing symmetrical output impedance and eliminating second breakdown limitations imposed by Bipolar Transistors. Internal feedback and gainset resistors are provided for a pin-strapable gain of 3. Additional gain can be achieved with a single external resistor. Compensation is not required for most driver/gain configurations, but can be accomplished with a single external capacitor. Enormous flexibility is provided through the choice of driver amplifier, current limit, supply voltage, voltage gain, and compensation.   This hybrid circuit utilizes a beryllia (BeO) substrate, thick film resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maxi- mize reliability, minimize size and give top performance. Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable inter- connections at all operating temperatures. The 8-pin TO-3 package is electrically isolated and hermetically sealed using one-shot resistance welding. The use of compressible isolation washers voids the warranty.    Figure 1. Inverting TYPICAL APPLICATION   composite amplifier.   C
The TDA12009H/N1A7FOBC 4096k NV SRAM with Phantom Clock is a fully static nonvolatile RAM (organized as 512k words by 8 bits) with a built-in real-time clock. The TDA12009H/N1A7FOBCY has a self-contained lithium energy source and control circuitry, which constantly monitors VCC for an out-of-tolerance condition. When such a condition occurs, the lithium energy source is automatically switched on and write protection is unconditionally enabled to prevent garbled data in both the memory and real-time clock.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
TDA001GM   TDA001GM TDA001GM PDF Download Note 12: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
TDA001GM-TRM   TDA001GM-TRM TDA001GM-TRM PDF Download 93 The SCENIC C620 is built with specially selected
TDA005BB   TDA005BB TDA005BB PDF Download ST N/A 95+ Class A operation Internally matched to 50(ohm)
TDA0126   TDA0126 TDA0126 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP8 00+ U/ D - Up/Down Control. This input sets the dire
TDA0160FP   TDA0160FP TDA0160FP PDF Download ST • Dual Voltage Detection and Reset Assertio
TDA0161   TDA0161 TDA0161 PDF Download N/A DIP 05+ Stacked Multi-Chip Product (MCP) CODE Flash, pSR
TDA0161B   TDA0161B TDA0161B PDF Download
TDA0161CM   TDA0161CM TDA0161CM PDF Download 铁帽 n/a IAC=100µA, RSET=10k, VRMS=1.25V IAC=0&mic
TDA0161DB   TDA0161DB TDA0161DB PDF Download STM signal Once the input exceeds the squelch requir
TDA0161DP   TDA0161DP TDA0161DP PDF Download STMicroelectronics 06+ 8500 As a member of the 51LPC microcontroller family,
TDA0161FP   TDA0161FP TDA0161FP PDF Download STMicroelectronics VIN (Pin 4): Input Power Supply. This pin supplie
TDA0161FPT   TDA0161FPT TDA0161FPT PDF Download STMicroelectronics SOP 1999 VREFR− Rch Negative Voltage Reference Out
TDA0200SP   TDA0200SP TDA0200SP PDF Download STM ZIP 04+ • Built-in low-voltage detection circuit.
TDA02H0SB1   TDA02H0SB1 TDA02H0SB1 PDF Download C&K Components Der dargestellte Berechnungsmodus stellt eine N&
TDA02H0SB1R   TDA02H0SB1R TDA02H0SB1R PDF Download C&K Components (VA) Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rect
TDA02H0SK1   TDA02H0SK1 TDA02H0SK1 PDF Download The TH7899M sensor is a 2048 x 2048 full frame C
TDA02H0SK1R   TDA02H0SK1R TDA02H0SK1R PDF Download 16 Channels 12-bit (4096 Steps) Grayscale PWM Co
TDA0372DP2   TDA0372DP2 TDA0372DP2 PDF Download MOT DIP 1999 The Hyundai HYM71V631601 H-Series are 16Mx64bits
TDA0388   TDA0388 TDA0388 PDF Download ST The TDA0388 provides extended gain and attenuat
TDA0388FP   TDA0388FP TDA0388FP PDF Download ST The LM78LXX is available in the plastic TO-92 (Z
TDA0470   TDA0470 TDA0470 PDF Download ITT IC   The serial interface centers on a fourtee
TDA0470D   TDA0470D TDA0470D PDF Download itt itt dc80 Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus™ F
TDA0470DPULLS   TDA0470DPULLS TDA0470DPULLS PDF Download itt itt dc79 Electrical Characteristics, TA=25C Minimum and
TDA04H05K1R   TDA04H05K1R TDA04H05K1R PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
TDA04H0SB1   TDA04H0SB1 TDA04H0SB1 PDF Download C&K Components Description: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPTA13,
TDA04H0SB1R   TDA04H0SB1R TDA04H0SB1R PDF Download C&K Components (VA) Any integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. Bu
TDA04H0SK1   TDA04H0SK1 TDA04H0SK1 PDF Download The UCC3808A is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, hi
TDA04H0SK1R   TDA04H0SK1R TDA04H0SK1R PDF Download
TDA04HOSK1   TDA04HOSK1 TDA04HOSK1 PDF Download The PAL22V10Z contains a programmable design sec
TDA06H0SB1   TDA06H0SB1 TDA06H0SB1 PDF Download C&K Components Register Set Compatible to 16C550 Data rates o
TDA06H0SB1R   TDA06H0SB1R TDA06H0SB1R PDF Download C&K Components (VA) The ISSI IS41C82052 and IS41LV82052 are 2,097,15
TDA06H0SK1   TDA06H0SK1 TDA06H0SK1 PDF Download ATM Adaptation Layer Functions   AAL1 mode
TDA06H0SK1R   TDA06H0SK1R TDA06H0SK1R PDF Download C&K SMD 4 The accuracy of the DAC/reference combination is
TDA0820T   TDA0820T TDA0820T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 03+ Configurations or a Single Bidirectional Configu
TDA08H0SB1   TDA08H0SB1 TDA08H0SB1 PDF Download C&K Components Host HCI Transport (3-Wire UART) To reduce the
TDA08H0SB1R   TDA08H0SB1R TDA08H0SB1R PDF Download C&K Components (VA) The APW7004 provides a complete control and mul-
TDA08H0SK1   TDA08H0SK1 TDA08H0SK1 PDF Download High speed 8-bit ADC up to 110MHz conversion r
TDA08H0SK1R   TDA08H0SK1R TDA08H0SK1R PDF Download CK 06+ SMD Positive driver supply pin for the ADC12DL065s o
TDA1000   TDA1000 TDA1000 PDF Download tfk tfk dc83 Note 2: The algebraic convention, where the most
TDA1000T   TDA1000T TDA1000T PDF Download Read cycle time Address access time Chip select
TDA1001   TDA1001 TDA1001 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 2000 The HS-22620RH is a radiation hardened, dual bip
TDA100113T   TDA100113T TDA100113T PDF Download All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
TDA1001B   TDA1001B TDA1001B PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-16 00+ Propagation delay time high-to-low  level o
TDA1001BT   TDA1001BT TDA1001BT PDF Download N/A N/A 03+ Note : 1. * : These pins are not used in this mo
TDA1002   TDA1002 TDA1002 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 2000 The first generation of LCA devices, the XC2000
TDA10020HT   TDA10020HT TDA10020HT PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ QFP Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus
TDA10021   TDA10021 TDA10021 PDF Download -1600.00 -1558.30 -1600.00 -1600.00 -1600.00
TDA10021HT   TDA10021HT TDA10021HT PDF Download PHI N/A Low Dropout with >99.5% Duty Cycle Lossless H
TDA10021HT/B1   TDA10021HT/B1 TDA10021HT/B1 PDF Download FEATURES lOptions :-   10mm lead spread -
TDA10021HT/B2   TDA10021HT/B2 TDA10021HT/B2 PDF Download PHI TQFP/64 01+ Provides up to 8K-Address Matching System Provi
TDA10021HT/B3   TDA10021HT/B3 TDA10021HT/B3 PDF Download 614 QFP
TDA10021HT-2   TDA10021HT-2 TDA10021HT-2 PDF Download PHI QFP/64 01+ † Stresses beyond those listed under "
TDA10021HT83   TDA10021HT83 TDA10021HT83 PDF Download 402 Case: JEDEC DO-214BA, molded plastic over glass b
TDA10021HTB3   TDA10021HTB3 TDA10021HTB3 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ DESCRIPTION The ST24/25E64 are 64K bit electric
TDA10023   TDA10023 TDA10023 PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
TDA10023HT   TDA10023HT TDA10023HT PDF Download PHILIPS QFP N/A   Data of C1 , C2 and C3 code bit become 1
TDA10023HT/C1   TDA10023HT/C1 TDA10023HT/C1 PDF Download NXP N/A 08+ I , Q = 1 Vp-p implies that themagnitude of the
TDA10023HT/C1551   TDA10023HT/C1551 TDA10023HT/C1551 PDF Download The US member body, Canada and some other member
TDA10023HT/C21ROHS   TDA10023HT/C21ROHS TDA10023HT/C21ROHS PDF Download Programmable low and high gain (<2 dB resolut
TDA10023HTC1   TDA10023HTC1 TDA10023HTC1 PDF Download PHILIPS 03+ TQFP1010-64 Available in 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5.0V an
TDA1002A   TDA1002A TDA1002A PDF Download PHI IC External Memory Interface C Contains mem- ory ac
TDA1002HTB3   TDA1002HTB3 TDA1002HTB3 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ TQFP1010-64 Power supply voltage Power supply current (inc
TDA1003   TDA1003 TDA1003 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 3000 Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
TDA1003A   TDA1003A TDA1003A PDF Download PHI IC (DIP-16)
TDA10045/4   TDA10045/4 TDA10045/4 PDF Download PHI QFP 0218+ Inputs to VID D to A Converter Inputs to VID D
TDA10045/5   TDA10045/5 TDA10045/5 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 2002 Input Voltage Range Quiescent Current Soft St
TDA100454B   TDA100454B TDA100454B PDF Download ph ph dc01 The APA2020A is a stereo bridge-tied audio power
TDA10045H   TDA10045H TDA10045H PDF Download PHI QFP QFP Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
TDA10045H/2   TDA10045H/2 TDA10045H/2 PDF Download Segment resistors are desirable to minimize powe
TDA10045H/B1   TDA10045H/B1 TDA10045H/B1 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 2001 NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
TDA10045H/B3   TDA10045H/B3 TDA10045H/B3 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ Information Input Concerning Secondary Voltage. B
TDA10046   TDA10046 TDA10046 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ The parallel I/O interface may be configured for
TDA10046A   TDA10046A TDA10046A PDF Download PHILIPS TQFP1010-64 04+ Peak amplifier dissipation occurs at an output v
TDA10046AHT   TDA10046AHT TDA10046AHT PDF Download PHILIPS These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
TDA10046AHT/C1   TDA10046AHT/C1 TDA10046AHT/C1 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 0704+PB-FREE The driver is designed for up to 60 mA of sink o
TDA10046AHT/C1551   TDA10046AHT/C1551 TDA10046AHT/C1551 PDF Download A common ground is required between the input and
TDA10046AHT/C1557   TDA10046AHT/C1557 TDA10046AHT/C1557 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF   This new series of digital transistors is
TDA10046AHT/C1ROHS   TDA10046AHT/C1ROHS TDA10046AHT/C1ROHS PDF Download pins appear in the upper center of Figure 2:. Th
TDA10046AHT/CI   TDA10046AHT/CI TDA10046AHT/CI PDF Download
TDA10046HT   TDA10046HT TDA10046HT PDF Download PHILIPS TQFP1010-64 04+ • Sixteen line receivers meet or exceed th
TDA10046HT/C   TDA10046HT/C TDA10046HT/C PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ ASYNCHRONOUS READ: There are two types of asynchr
TDA10046HT/C1   TDA10046HT/C1 TDA10046HT/C1 PDF Download PHI 07+ A novel gate-to-drain feedback capacitance networ
TDA10046HT/C1557   TDA10046HT/C1557 TDA10046HT/C1557 PDF Download 800 Note 2 The specified limits represent the worst c
TDA10048HN   TDA10048HN TDA10048HN PDF Download 05+ 10 QFN The MIC863 is a dual low power operational ampli
TDA10048HN/C200551   TDA10048HN/C200551 TDA10048HN/C200551 PDF Download Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
TDA1005   TDA1005 TDA1005 PDF Download PHI ♦ PCI Express Compliant ♦ Hot Swaps
TDA10050HTC1   TDA10050HTC1 TDA10050HTC1 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP Dual-Port RAM for 32-bit-or-more word systems. U
TDA1005A   TDA1005A TDA1005A PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-16 98+ The circuit in Figure 4 uses the MAX5160 (a 32-ta
TDA1005-AS1   TDA1005-AS1 TDA1005-AS1 PDF Download N/A DIP 06+ The LM4953 contains advanced pop & click cir
TDA1005AT   TDA1005AT TDA1005AT PDF Download PHI IC Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar T
TDA1006   TDA1006 TDA1006 PDF Download TO-220B 06+ The S-Bus is a four wire, full duplex, time divis
TDA10060HL/C1   TDA10060HL/C1 TDA10060HL/C1 PDF Download PHILIPS 99+ I/O port with Schmitt trigger input (P2.0C P2.3
TDA1008   TDA1008 TDA1008 PDF Download N/A DIP C672x: 32-/64-Bit 300-MHz Floating-Point DSPs Up
TDA10085-2   TDA10085-2 TDA10085-2 PDF Download PHI 01+ The device is organized as a 16-bit switch. Ther
TDA100852-2   TDA100852-2 TDA100852-2 PDF Download PHI QFP/64 01+   The TC55V400AFT is a 4,194,304-bit static
TDA10085HT   TDA10085HT TDA10085HT PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 02+ Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient   &#
TDA10085HT/B1   TDA10085HT/B1 TDA10085HT/B1 PDF Download CS3 CS0 Valid to RD Falling Edge CS3 CS0 Valid t
TDA10085HT/B2   TDA10085HT/B2 TDA10085HT/B2 PDF Download PHILIPS Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
TDA10085HTB3   TDA10085HTB3 TDA10085HTB3 PDF Download PHILIPS 03/04+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
TDA10086   TDA10086 TDA10086 PDF Download 32 PHILIPS 06+ In order to specify each device for true worst c
TDA10086GHT   TDA10086GHT TDA10086GHT PDF Download PHILIPS QFP44   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
TDA10086H   TDA10086H TDA10086H PDF Download The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 1032EA dev
TDA10086HT   TDA10086HT TDA10086HT PDF Download PHI TQFP/64 04+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
TDA10086HT/C1   TDA10086HT/C1 TDA10086HT/C1 PDF Download PHI 05P/B The SDA is a Bi-directional pin used to transfer
TDA10086HT/C2   TDA10086HT/C2 TDA10086HT/C2 PDF Download PHILIPS TQFP-64 2004 The Fairchild Switch FSTU6800 provides 10-bits o
TDA10086HT/C2557   TDA10086HT/C2557 TDA10086HT/C2557 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Exceptionally low dG/dP (0.01%/0.03) supports lo
TDA10086HT/C2ROHS   TDA10086HT/C2ROHS TDA10086HT/C2ROHS PDF Download The ADR380 and ADR381 are precision 2.048 V and
TDA10086HTC1   TDA10086HTC1 TDA10086HTC1 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+
TDA10086HTC2   TDA10086HTC2 TDA10086HTC2 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ • High performance ferrite core is used in
TDA1009   TDA1009 TDA1009 PDF Download PHIL   The HYM72V64C756T8 H-Series are high spee
TDA10093HT   TDA10093HT TDA10093HT PDF Download PHI QFP 05+ Broadcom®, the pulse logo, MIB AutocastTM and
TDA10093HT/B1   TDA10093HT/B1 TDA10093HT/B1 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+/08+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
TDA10093HT/B2   TDA10093HT/B2 TDA10093HT/B2 PDF Download 05+ 139 QFP-100 LCD panel VCOM adjustment LCD panel brightness a
TDA10093HTB2   TDA10093HTB2 TDA10093HTB2 PDF Download PHI QFP The 1-Wire bus and CPP can provide sufficient pa
TDA1009A   TDA1009A TDA1009A PDF Download PHILIPS SOP  This data sheet has been carefully checked
TDA1010   TDA1010 TDA1010 PDF Download Systems calibration Electronics level setting M
TDA1010A   TDA1010A TDA1010A PDF Download PHILIPS ZIP9 03+ Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
TDA1011   TDA1011 TDA1011 PDF Download ST ZIP l Built-in a watchdog timer l Time period for mo
TDA1011A   TDA1011A TDA1011A PDF Download PHIL SIL-9 03+ PALCE22V10 features a variable product term archi
TDA1011F   TDA1011F TDA1011F PDF Download
TDA1012   TDA1012 TDA1012 PDF Download 2. This specification must be met in order to en
TDA1013   TDA1013 TDA1013 PDF Download The MAX3781 EV kit has 100Ω differential re
TDA1013A   TDA1013A TDA1013A PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ The K5D5657ACM is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
TDA1013A/B   TDA1013A/B TDA1013A/B PDF Download
TDA1013A/N4   TDA1013A/N4 TDA1013A/N4 PDF Download SIP9 Synchronization. During interpolation, the chip a
TDA1013B   TDA1013B TDA1013B PDF Download PHI SIP SIP Note 3 The maximum absolute allowable voltage whi
TDA1013B/N2   TDA1013B/N2 TDA1013B/N2 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ • Less current drain. • Accept 16
TDA1013B/N2112   TDA1013B/N2112 TDA1013B/N2112 PDF Download 3. This input current only exists when the volta
TDA1013BN2   TDA1013BN2 TDA1013BN2 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ A HIGH level on MBB chooses a mailbox register fo
TDA1013BN2.112   TDA1013BN2.112 TDA1013BN2.112 PDF Download Expansion header J7 is provided to monitor or ap
TDA1013BT   TDA1013BT TDA1013BT PDF Download Ring provides half of the two-wire connection to
TDA1013BU   TDA1013BU TDA1013BU PDF Download • High speed   tAA = 15 ns •
TDA1015   TDA1015 TDA1015 PDF Download PHILIP 00+   This series of Zener diodes is packaged i
TDA1015A   TDA1015A TDA1015A PDF Download Philip 05+ Up to 6.384 Gbps throughput 66MHz to 133MHz in
TDA1015T   TDA1015T TDA1015T PDF Download SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1 and Table 1.
TDA1016   TDA1016 TDA1016 PDF Download DIP The MAX1165/MAX1166 are ideal for high-perfor- m
TDA1016/N4   TDA1016/N4 TDA1016/N4 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 00+ Programmable Features (525p/625p)   8 Overs
TDA1019B   TDA1019B TDA1019B PDF Download PHI 00+ SSOP Figure 3. Input/Output Block. Each IOB includes
TDA1020   TDA1020 TDA1020 PDF Download PHILIP SIP 97+/99+ Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig
TDA1020/N4   TDA1020/N4 TDA1020/N4 PDF Download The AUDOUT pin is always at 1.2 volts when the
TDA1022   TDA1022 TDA1022 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 108000 Note 4: Regulation is measured at constant juncti
TDA1022P   TDA1022P TDA1022P PDF Download PHI IC (DIP-16) Most Significant Data Bit (MSB) Data Bits 10C1
TDA1023   TDA1023 TDA1023 PDF Download PHI 03+ The MK2049-34 accepts an external 8 kHz clock an
TDA1023T   TDA1023T TDA1023T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-16 98+ 62 Kbytes of nonvolatile Flash/EE program memory
TDA1024   TDA1024 TDA1024 PDF Download PH Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximu
TDA1025   TDA1025 TDA1025 PDF Download Connect control terminal to VIN terminal The qui
TDA1025Q   TDA1025Q TDA1025Q PDF Download PHILIPS 99+ PDIP16 After a successful ATR, the Protocol and Paramet
TDA1026   TDA1026 TDA1026 PDF Download PHI Immediately following initiation, the IC enters a
TDA1028   TDA1028 TDA1028 PDF Download PHI BGA The Hardware Integrity function uses transmissio
TDA1029   TDA1029 TDA1029 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 06+ Receive synchronizing signal input. Eight requir
TDA102DGNR   TDA102DGNR TDA102DGNR PDF Download TSOP8 2007+ The DVI processor includes a low jitter PLL for
TDA1030   TDA1030 TDA1030 PDF Download Hynix HYMD116725A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
TDA1031   TDA1031 TDA1031 PDF Download FUNCTION Input pin for oscillator. It can be con
TDA10311   TDA10311 TDA10311 PDF Download PHILIPS 98+ VCXO parts from ICS require that locations be p
TDA1033   TDA1033 TDA1033 PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conne
TDA1034   TDA1034 TDA1034 PDF Download 01+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
TDA1034B   TDA1034B TDA1034B PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load
TDA1034NB   TDA1034NB TDA1034NB PDF Download DIP8 07+ Memory encompasses 16 KB of Flash for program st
TDA1035   TDA1035 TDA1035 PDF Download The CAT64LC10/20/40 is a 1K/2K/4K-bit Serial EEP
TDA1035-7   TDA1035-7 TDA1035-7 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ Conexant products are not intended for use in me
TDA1035B   TDA1035B TDA1035B PDF Download  Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
TDA1035S   TDA1035S TDA1035S PDF Download The boost-converter operating frequency can be se
TDA1035SB   TDA1035SB TDA1035SB PDF Download T 1. CPD is used to determine the dynamic power di
TDA1035T   TDA1035T TDA1035T PDF Download DIP The user may calculate the Number of Pulses to fa
TDA1037   TDA1037 TDA1037 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
TDA1037D   TDA1037D TDA1037D PDF Download SIEMENS DIP N/A   and Extends Battery Life   RDS(on) =
TDA1038   TDA1038 TDA1038 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
TDA1038P   TDA1038P TDA1038P PDF Download SIEMENS DIP Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
TDA1039   TDA1039 TDA1039 PDF Download PHI device is updated. This feature does not have to
TDA1039P   TDA1039P TDA1039P PDF Download Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
TDA1041   TDA1041 TDA1041 PDF Download Philips 06+ 500 Four different schemes are shown in Figures 2, 3
TDA1044   TDA1044 TDA1044 PDF Download DIP Automatic erase-before-write operation Word/chi
TDA1045   TDA1045 TDA1045 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 2900   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
TDA1046   TDA1046 TDA1046 PDF Download SIEMENS DIP The ISL84521/ISL84522/ISL84523 are quad single-p
TDA1047   TDA1047 TDA1047 PDF Download TDA
TDA1047RFT   TDA1047RFT TDA1047RFT PDF Download   The ZN409CE is a precision monolithic int
TDA1048   TDA1048 TDA1048 PDF Download SIEMENS DIP Note 1: Tested at VDD = 5.0V; VSS = 0V; unipolar
TDA1048G   TDA1048G TDA1048G PDF Download SIEMENS The MT9T001 produces extraordinarily clear, shar
TDA1050   TDA1050 TDA1050 PDF Download PHI DIP-16 98+ Important Note: All parameters having Min/Max sp
TDA1054   TDA1054 TDA1054 PDF Download PHI
TDA1054A   TDA1054A TDA1054A PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ Output Enable (active High) and RESET (active Lo
TDA1054M   TDA1054M TDA1054M PDF Download DIP Life Support Applications These NEC products a
TDA1054M2   TDA1054M2 TDA1054M2 PDF Download sgs sgs dc80 The devices also have 96 I/O cells, each of whic
TDA1057   TDA1057 TDA1057 PDF Download Separate 16-Bit Data Memory Buses and One Progra
TDA1059   TDA1059 TDA1059 PDF Download This Application Brief exists as a supplement to
TDA1059B   TDA1059B TDA1059B PDF Download PHI IC (TO-126-3) Mentor is a registered trademark and NETED, Desi
TDA1059C   TDA1059C TDA1059C PDF Download 2 sequentially selectable RF inputs Low power
TDA1060   TDA1060 TDA1060 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ These display devices are designed to provide
TDA1060/N9   TDA1060/N9 TDA1060/N9 PDF Download PHILIPS 0120+ For more details on UniqueWare and how to set up
TDA1060-01   TDA1060-01 TDA1060-01 PDF Download SOP20 SOP 2.5.9Process critical and key parameters 007
TDA1060A   TDA1060A TDA1060A PDF Download • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
TDA1060B   TDA1060B TDA1060B PDF Download PHI DIP 06+ Pulse-width Modulation up to 2 kHz Clock Frequenc
TDA1060DIP-16   TDA1060DIP-16 TDA1060DIP-16 PDF Download This encapsulated power module can be used in a
TDA1060N   TDA1060N TDA1060N PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ (1) MDO pin (2) Dynamic performance and DC acc
TDA1060N9   TDA1060N9 TDA1060N9 PDF Download PHILIPS 04+ 1~4 Cell Alkaline Battery Operating Range Outpu
TDA1060T   TDA1060T TDA1060T PDF Download Philip 04+ The MAX3760 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies ev
TDA1061   TDA1061 TDA1061 PDF Download PHI DIP 00+ The MAX9384 fully differential dual 2:1 multiplex
TDA1062   TDA1062 TDA1062 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP-16 N/A equal to 1.6V with sustained operation as low
TDA1062A   TDA1062A TDA1062A PDF Download PHI DIP N/A HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 80 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
TDA1062AT   TDA1062AT TDA1062AT PDF Download PHILIPS SSOP16 1) Measurement conditions are as follows: T = 25C
TDA1062S   TDA1062S TDA1062S PDF Download 40 DIP The application circuit examples are only to exp
TDA1066T   TDA1066T TDA1066T PDF Download PHILIPS These pins accept the 12 data inputs from a digi
TDA1067   TDA1067 TDA1067 PDF Download The 163CMQ isolated center tap Schottky rectifier
TDA1067AT   TDA1067AT TDA1067AT PDF Download PHILIPS 2000 VRWM Crest working reverse voltage VSSupply vol
TDA1067T   TDA1067T TDA1067T PDF Download PHILIPS 98+ s Negligible Differential Gain and Phase Errors
TDA1068   TDA1068 TDA1068 PDF Download N/A DIP  The attached datasheets are prepared and a
TDA1070T   TDA1070T TDA1070T PDF Download ph ph dc95 An integrated soft-start feature brings all outpu
TDA1071   TDA1071 TDA1071 PDF Download The HYS64(72)16300GU and HYS64(72)32220 are indu
TDA1072   TDA1072 TDA1072 PDF Download TEMIC SOP 00+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
TDA1072A   TDA1072A TDA1072A PDF Download TFK SMD SMD Separate program and data spaces allow simultane
TDA1072A/V3   TDA1072A/V3 TDA1072A/V3 PDF Download   With the boost feature the small signal s
TDA1072AFP   TDA1072AFP TDA1072AFP PDF Download tfk tfk dc00 Input and output signals to and from the interna
TDA1072AT   TDA1072AT TDA1072AT PDF Download PHILPS SMD 95+ The AT8xC5112 has 3 software-selectable modes of
TDA1072AT/N   TDA1072AT/N TDA1072AT/N PDF Download PHI SMD 2005 • Wide frequency rangeC80.0MHz to 135.0MHz
TDA1072AT/U4   TDA1072AT/U4 TDA1072AT/U4 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-16P 01+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
TDA1072AT/V4   TDA1072AT/V4 TDA1072AT/V4 PDF Download PHI SOP-16 06+ SYNCHRONOUS OPERATION For synchronous operation
TDA1072AT/V4112   TDA1072AT/V4112 TDA1072AT/V4112 PDF Download rial Data (SDA) to VCC. (Figure 4. indicates ho
TDA1072B   TDA1072B TDA1072B PDF Download TFK The HY51V(S)17400HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
TDA1072T   TDA1072T TDA1072T PDF Download PHILIPS SMD 00+ LDO# The longdog timer output is an active-low o
TDA1074   TDA1074 TDA1074 PDF Download PHI Notes:   1. All minimum and maximum specif
TDA1074A   TDA1074A TDA1074A PDF Download PHILIPS DIP18 2000 The PHY uses the C/LKON terminal to notify the L
TDA1074A/V6   TDA1074A/V6 TDA1074A/V6 PDF Download PHILIPS 2000 3000 Many rail-to-rail input amplifiers have an input
TDA1074AN   TDA1074AN TDA1074AN PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
TDA1077   TDA1077 TDA1077 PDF Download PHILIPS DIP Many systems have been designed using an external
TDA1077P   TDA1077P TDA1077P PDF Download PHILIPS DIP The information provided herein is believed to b
TDA1078   TDA1078 TDA1078 PDF Download PHI DIP   2.2 Order of precedence. In the event of
TDA1078C   TDA1078C TDA1078C PDF Download TDA N/A 4. Flexible Power/Serial Clock Speed Management.
TDA107Q   TDA107Q TDA107Q PDF Download 27 MHz master clock (internal PLL reference clo
TDA1080T   TDA1080T TDA1080T PDF Download PHILIPS SOP-16 93+   The internal decoupling capacitors help p
TDA1081T/C2   TDA1081T/C2 TDA1081T/C2 PDF Download PHI SOP-8 06+ Port 1 is an 8 bit bi-directional I/O port with
TDA1082   TDA1082 TDA1082 PDF Download PHILIPS SOP 07+ In addition, this family is immune to the effect
TDA1082/V6   TDA1082/V6 TDA1082/V6 PDF Download This link is used to provide a clock signal path
TDA1082V6   TDA1082V6 TDA1082V6 PDF Download For 51.84 Mbit/s STS-1 application the transmitte
TDA1083   TDA1083 TDA1083 PDF Download 00+ Reference Voltage Input or Output. This pin can b
TDA1083/2   TDA1083/2 TDA1083/2 PDF Download TFK DIP N/A Internally, an actual memory write occurs after
TDA1083A   TDA1083A TDA1083A PDF Download   The MI-MV13 is a 1280H x 1024V (1.31 mega
TDA1083-A2B   TDA1083-A2B TDA1083-A2B PDF Download N/A 1992 DIP unless otherwise noted, minimum and maximum limit
TDA1083-A3B   TDA1083-A3B TDA1083-A3B PDF Download TFK 02+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
TDA1084   TDA1084 TDA1084 PDF Download When set into the bypass mode, both input and ou
TDA1085   TDA1085 TDA1085 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Low Jitter • MECL 10K and 10KH ser
TDA1085A   TDA1085A TDA1085A PDF Download MOT DIP 04+   The PTHxx050Y are a series of ready- to-u
TDA1085C   TDA1085C TDA1085C PDF Download ON Semiconductor DIP-16P 05+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
TDA1085CD   TDA1085CD TDA1085CD PDF Download MOT
TDA1085CG   TDA1085CG TDA1085CG PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ The product identification mode identifies the d
TDA1085D   TDA1085D TDA1085D PDF Download GPS DIP 10-Year Minimum Data Retention in the Absence of
TDA1085P   TDA1085P TDA1085P PDF Download MOT The RDRAM architecture enables the highest susta
TDA1086   TDA1086 TDA1086 PDF Download VISHAY 00+ 15870
TDA1089   TDA1089 TDA1089 PDF Download • 5 Ω typical ron • Pull-up on B
TDA108S   TDA108S TDA108S PDF Download Synchronous detect. SYNC is asserted high upon d
TDA1093   TDA1093 TDA1093 PDF Download Philips 06+ 500   The IN74HCT20 is identical in pinout to t
TDA1094   TDA1094 TDA1094 PDF Download ST 16/DIP 07+/08+ 7.4.4 NAT: RFC1631, 2663 The Network Address Tr
TDA1095   TDA1095 TDA1095 PDF Download ST 88+
TDA1097P   TDA1097P TDA1097P PDF Download High Speed: tPD = 3.5 ns (Typ) at VCC = 5 V Low
TDA10H0SB1   TDA10H0SB1 TDA10H0SB1 PDF Download C&K Components 768 Bytes of internal SRAM for general purpose &
TDA10H0SK1R   TDA10H0SK1R TDA10H0SK1R PDF Download C&R SMD 6  The attached data sheets are prepared and
TDA11001H   TDA11001H TDA11001H PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 03+ Small Size Surface Mount DPAK Package Passivate
TDA11001H/N1B000PE   TDA11001H/N1B000PE TDA11001H/N1B000PE PDF Download (2) Operating method   The LD shall change
TDA11001H/N1B000PF   TDA11001H/N1B000PF TDA11001H/N1B000PF PDF Download The PCA9548A is an octal bi-directional translat
TDA11001H/N1B000PT   TDA11001H/N1B000PT TDA11001H/N1B000PT PDF Download
TDA11001H/N1B000QF   TDA11001H/N1B000QF TDA11001H/N1B000QF PDF Download PHI QFP-L128P 06+ ER (error signal) is low when normal operation i
TDA11001H/N1BOOOPF   TDA11001H/N1BOOOPF TDA11001H/N1BOOOPF PDF Download PHI QFP-128 2003 Notes 1. All voltages referenced to Vss. 2. An
TDA11001H/N1E00   TDA11001H/N1E00 TDA11001H/N1E00 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP128 DC/0629 Data is first written to the scratchpad from wher
TDA11010/N1F00   TDA11010/N1F00 TDA11010/N1F00 PDF Download PHI QFP 06+ The information provided herein is believed to b
TDA11010H   TDA11010H TDA11010H PDF Download PHILIPS 03+ The TPS2400 overvoltage protection controller is
TDA11010H/N1   TDA11010H/N1 TDA11010H/N1 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+
TDA11010H/N10D00   TDA11010H/N10D00 TDA11010H/N10D00 PDF Download QFP-L128P 38503 PHI Introduced in 1987/88, XC3000 is the industrys m
TDA11010H/N1B00   TDA11010H/N1B00 TDA11010H/N1B00 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP2828-128 04+ The next two product terms in each logic block ar
TDA11010H/N1B000PL   TDA11010H/N1B000PL TDA11010H/N1B000PL PDF Download   The K6F2016U4E families are fabricated by
TDA11010H/N1B000PN   TDA11010H/N1B000PN TDA11010H/N1B000PN PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The TDA11010H/N1B000PN is a fully integrated pro
TDA11010H/N1B000QL   TDA11010H/N1B000QL TDA11010H/N1B000QL PDF Download PHI QFP-L128P 6+ The AT89S2051/S4051 is a low-voltage, high-perfo
TDA11010H/N1B000QN   TDA11010H/N1B000QN TDA11010H/N1B000QN PDF Download The Hynix HYM7V75A1601B F-Series are 16Mx72bits E