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In DPSK mode the 73K322L modulates a serial bit stream into di-bit pairs that are represented by four possible phase shifts as prescribed by the V.22 standards. The base-band signal is then filtered to reduce intersymbol interference on the bandlimited 2-wire telephone line. Transmission occurs using either a 1200 Hz (Originate mode) or 2400 Hz carrier (Answer mode). Demodulation is the reverse of the modulation process, with the incoming analog signal eventually decoded into di-bits and converted back to a serial bit stream. The demodulator also recovers the clock which was encoded into the analog signal during modulation. Demodulation occurs using either a 1200 Hz carrier (Answer mode or ALB Originate mode) or a 2400 Hz carrier (Originate mode or ALB Answer mode). The 73K322L uses a phase locked loop coherent demodulation technique for optimum receiver performance.
Detector Circuits When DC bias is available, Schottky diode detector circuits can be used to create low cost RF and microwave receivers with a sensitivity of -55 dBm to -57 dBm.[1] Moreover, since external DC bias sets the video impedance of such circuits, they display classic square law response over a wide range of input power levels[2,3]. These circuits can take a variety of forms, but in the most simple case they appear as shown in Figure 12. This is the basic detector circuit used with the HSMS-286X family of diodes.
TDUHC124 is a precision isolation amplifier incorporating an uncommitted operational amplifier for input condi- tioning, a novel duty cycle modulation-demodulation technique and excellent accuracy. Internal input pro- tection can withstand up to 30V differential without damage. The signal is transmitted digitally across a differential capacitive barrier. With digital modulation the barrier characteristics do not affect signal integrity. This results in excellent reliability and good high frequency transient immunity across the barrier. Both the amplifier and barrier capacitors are housed in a plastic DIP.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
TDUHC124   TDUHC124 TDUHC124 PDF Download TDI TQFP64 04+ † The input-to-output differential across
TDUHC124B   TDUHC124B TDUHC124B PDF Download TDI QFP 0143+ The sensor can be operated in its default mode o
TDUHC124B(56579A)   TDUHC124B(56579A) TDUHC124B(56579A) PDF Download TDI QFP 02+ The XC4000E family is a superset of the popular
TDUHC124B56579A   TDUHC124B56579A TDUHC124B56579A PDF Download TDI O7+ Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
TDUHC124BF   TDUHC124BF TDUHC124BF PDF Download 14 There is an internal diode from each pin to VEE.
TDUHC124BF/56579A   TDUHC124BF/56579A TDUHC124BF/56579A PDF Download The Texas Instruments (TI) translation v
TDUHP112   TDUHP112 TDUHP112 PDF Download 07+ Storage Temperature−40C to +150C (1) Stre
TDUHP112-00TC   TDUHP112-00TC TDUHP112-00TC PDF Download The ADM2486 driver has an active-high enable fea
TDUXB515MAL74   TDUXB515MAL74 TDUXB515MAL74 PDF Download The Microchip Technology Inc. 24AA32A/24LC32A (
T/N/TN80C196KC16   T/N/TN80C196KC16 T/N/TN80C196KC16 PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
T/N/TNC-50KJ   T/N/TNC-50KJ T/N/TNC-50KJ PDF Download The RM3183 contains two discrete ARINC 429 recei
T01M3000   T01M3000 T01M3000 PDF Download † Package drawings, standard packing quant
T01M3232   T01M3232 T01M3232 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
T/T/T0.22/35   T/T/T0.22/35 T/T/T0.22/35 PDF Download EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
T.RA1270   T.RA1270 T.RA1270 PDF Download
T.RC2878   T.RC2878 T.RC2878 PDF Download Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed wi
T0202220   T0202220 T0202220 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collecto
T0202S   T0202S T0202S PDF Download INNET SO 98+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
T.T-8821A   T.T-8821A T.T-8821A PDF Download DIP 94 ParametersMin. Typ. Max. Units Conditions AC Ele
T01M3232MA   T01M3232MA T01M3232MA PDF Download TFK 0114+ When operated in its default mode, the sensor ge
T01M3232-MA   T01M3232-MA T01M3232-MA PDF Download TFK SMD SMD   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
T02   T02 T02 PDF Download Oscillation Equations for the Dual Inverter Osci
T/T/T10/10   T/T/T10/10 T/T/T10/10 PDF Download STORAGE • Condition : 5C~35C,R.H.60% •
T/T/T22UF20V   T/T/T22UF20V T/T/T22UF20V PDF Download • Data mask (DM) for write data. •
T/T/T27UF15V   T/T/T27UF15V T/T/T27UF15V PDF Download The LTC ®2439-1 is a 16-channel (8-differenti
T/T/T3316   T/T/T3316 T/T/T3316 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
T/T/T4.7/10   T/T/T4.7/10 T/T/T4.7/10 PDF Download Data Rates up to 10.709Gb/s Typical Rise/Fall Ti
T/T/T4.7/16   T/T/T4.7/16 T/T/T4.7/16 PDF Download   The T/T/T4.7/16/C0504 has seven I/O ports
T/T/T4.7UF16V   T/T/T4.7UF16V T/T/T4.7UF16V PDF Download 160-MHz Clock Support LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible In
T/T/T4.7UF6.3V   T/T/T4.7UF6.3V T/T/T4.7UF6.3V PDF Download Notes:  9. No input may exceed VCC + 0.3V.
T0007008   T0007008 T0007008 PDF Download   The IS22_ Series are optically coupled i
T0008   T0008 T0008 PDF Download N/A SMD 98+ GaAs (-2.0V) ICs from an existing +5.0V or +3.3
T001   T001 T001 PDF Download program or erase functions are being executed in
T001P12   T001P12 T001P12 PDF Download MT 04+ Broadcom®, the pulse logo and Connecting ever
T001R   T001R T001R PDF Download KSS 06+ 500 NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
T-002   T-002 T-002 PDF Download NS SOP-20 9948/SX The transmission of ADSL/HDSL signals requires v
T0023   T0023 T0023 PDF Download Atmel has successfully translated dozens of exis
T003   T003 T003 PDF Download SSOP † Typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA = 25
T003M   T003M T003M PDF Download KSS SOP-8P 2000 Input Pin for Overvoltage and Undervoltage Detec
T003R   T003R T003R PDF Download   PAGE operations allow faster data operati
T0046-1   T0046-1 T0046-1 PDF Download The output pull-up structure can be globally con
T0046-2   T0046-2 T0046-2 PDF Download • Supply of instruction fetch memory addre
T0048-1   T0048-1 T0048-1 PDF Download California Micro Devices CM3513 is a USB overcur
T03428DS-LCD   T03428DS-LCD T03428DS-LCD PDF Download Figure 1: Figure 2: Figure 3: Figure 4: Figur
T034PWR   T034PWR T034PWR PDF Download TI TSSOP16 01+   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
T0354   T0354 T0354 PDF Download QFN 05+ The input and output matching resistors attenuat
T0358C   T0358C T0358C PDF Download . . 03+ 1. StarTech PPI Card memiliki konektor DB25 Femal
T038   T038 T038 PDF Download SC SOP-8 01+ Timer counter 4 : 8-bit 1   (square-wave/8
T03812   T03812 T03812 PDF Download 4. Accesses to registers other than CHIPCTL0 are
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