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NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to absolute maximum conditions for extended periods may de- grade device reliability. (2) Input terminals are diode-clamped to the power supply rails. Input signals that can swing more than 0.3V beyond the supply rails should be current-limited to 10mA or less. (3) Short circuit to ground, one amplifier per package.
The THB08S10CTHB08S1094 are available in 6-pin 3mm x 3mm TDFN and tiny space-saving 4-pin SOT143 pack- ages. The THB08S10/THB08S1091/THB08S1093 are also avail- able in a tiny 5-pin SOT23 package. For lower current current-limiting switches, refer to the THB08S1085CTHB08S1088 data sheet.
The THB08S10 ACPI CardBus controller provides a high performance, synchronous, 32-bit, bus master/target interface between computers and plug in PC Cards. CardBus is the new 32-bit interface standard of Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, PCMCIA. The CardBus provides 32-bit interface with multiplexed address and data lines. This will allow the addition of high performance computer system enhancements and new functions in a user-friendly way. Further, the expansion capability of the CardBus will provide benefits to the end user. CardBus is intended to
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
THB08S10   THB08S10 THB08S10 PDF Download DELTA 95    Please be aware that an important n
THB16J03   THB16J03 THB16J03 PDF Download AELTA 95+ DIP/模块/16
THB16J04   THB16J04 THB16J04 PDF Download DELTA DIP-16 95+ Min. Typ. Max. UnitsConditions  30CCC CCCVV
THB16J04A   THB16J04A THB16J04A PDF Download DELTA DIP-16 95+ • Drives N-channel High-Side and Low-Side
THB16J13   THB16J13 THB16J13 PDF Download This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
THB16J15   THB16J15 THB16J15 PDF Download 98 DIP Guaranteed by design. Regulation is measured at
THB16J15A   THB16J15A THB16J15A PDF Download AELTA MODEL 00+ Notes: 1. Rise and fall times for the L3_CLK ou
THB16J15DEL   THB16J15DEL THB16J15DEL PDF Download Loop enable. When LOOPENx is active high, the in
THB16K05   THB16K05 THB16K05 PDF Download DELTA DIP-16P 1999 ParameterSymbolConditions  26, 10I C INTERF
THB16K06   THB16K06 THB16K06 PDF Download DELTA DIP-16P 1999 The Hynix HYM71V8655AT6 Series are 8Mx64bits Sync
THB32415   THB32415 THB32415 PDF Download An intelligent collision arbitration function all
THB32423   THB32423 THB32423 PDF Download Wide RF Frequency Range: 0.7GHz to 1.4GHz 17.1dB
THBT15011D   THBT15011D THBT15011D PDF Download sgs sgs dc0448 • Feature • Precision Voltage Monito
THBT15011DRL   THBT15011DRL THBT15011DRL PDF Download STMicroelectronics SOP-8 99(og stok)) SOT-89 ------------------------------------------
THBT15011NRL   THBT15011NRL THBT15011NRL PDF Download sgs sgs dc96 The PT4494 is a 20-A Current Booster module des
THBT15012   THBT15012 THBT15012 PDF Download 24 Bits, No Missing Codes Fixed-Channel or Autom
THBT20011D   THBT20011D THBT20011D PDF Download STMicroelectronics CASE: Hermetically sealed glass DO-213AA (SOD80
THBT20011DARL   THBT20011DARL THBT20011DARL PDF Download XILINX 02+ If the voltage on the output pin rises above the
THBT20011DRL   THBT20011DRL THBT20011DRL PDF Download ST(hot sell) SOP-8 99(og stok)) Operating Voltage, VDD Input High Voltage, VIH,
THBT20011RL   THBT20011RL THBT20011RL PDF Download sgs sgs dc96 Please retain the carton and packing materials, a
THBT200S   THBT200S THBT200S PDF Download ST Information in this document is provided in conne
THBT200S(01)   THBT200S(01) THBT200S(01) PDF Download EA VPP External Access enable EA must be strappe
THBT27011D   THBT27011D THBT27011D PDF Download STMicroelectronics SOP-8 99 Hynix HYMD564G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
T.RA1270   T.RA1270 T.RA1270 PDF Download
T.RC2878   T.RC2878 T.RC2878 PDF Download Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed wi
T.T-8821A   T.T-8821A T.T-8821A PDF Download DIP 94 ParametersMin. Typ. Max. Units Conditions AC Ele
T/N/TN80C196KC16   T/N/TN80C196KC16 T/N/TN80C196KC16 PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
T/N/TNC-50KJ   T/N/TNC-50KJ T/N/TNC-50KJ PDF Download The RM3183 contains two discrete ARINC 429 recei
T/T/T0.22/35   T/T/T0.22/35 T/T/T0.22/35 PDF Download EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
T/T/T10/10   T/T/T10/10 T/T/T10/10 PDF Download STORAGE • Condition : 5C~35C,R.H.60% •
T/T/T10/6.3   T/T/T10/6.3 T/T/T10/6.3 PDF Download Overcharge detection output pin NPN transistor o
T/T/T10UF10V   T/T/T10UF10V T/T/T10UF10V PDF Download
T/T/T10UF16V   T/T/T10UF16V T/T/T10UF16V PDF Download   The microchip is essentially the high eff
T/T/T10UF20V   T/T/T10UF20V T/T/T10UF20V PDF Download This document is a general product description an
T/T/T10UF25V   T/T/T10UF25V T/T/T10UF25V PDF Download Recommended Application: VIA PM133 chipset Out
T/T/T2.2/16   T/T/T2.2/16 T/T/T2.2/16 PDF Download s 60/75 MHz (LPC2210/2220) maximum CPU clock ava
T/T/T2.2/16V   T/T/T2.2/16V T/T/T2.2/16V PDF Download  V ds,clamp Drain to source clamp voltage
T/T/T2.2/35   T/T/T2.2/35 T/T/T2.2/35 PDF Download This input coupling capacitor blocks DC voltage
T/T/T22/20   T/T/T22/20 T/T/T22/20 PDF Download The output consists of a PNP current source and
T/T/T22UF16V   T/T/T22UF16V T/T/T22UF16V PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE   T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE PDF Download   Operating temperature range is C40C to +8
T/T/T22UF20V   T/T/T22UF20V T/T/T22UF20V PDF Download • Data mask (DM) for write data. •
T/T/T27UF15V   T/T/T27UF15V T/T/T27UF15V PDF Download The LTC ®2439-1 is a 16-channel (8-differenti
T/T/T3316   T/T/T3316 T/T/T3316 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
T/T/T4.7/10   T/T/T4.7/10 T/T/T4.7/10 PDF Download Data Rates up to 10.709Gb/s Typical Rise/Fall Ti
T/T/T4.7/16   T/T/T4.7/16 T/T/T4.7/16 PDF Download   The T/T/T4.7/16/C0504 has seven I/O ports
T/T/T4.7UF16V   T/T/T4.7UF16V T/T/T4.7UF16V PDF Download 160-MHz Clock Support LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible In
T/T/T4.7UF6.3V   T/T/T4.7UF6.3V T/T/T4.7UF6.3V PDF Download Notes:  9. No input may exceed VCC + 0.3V.
T/T/T47/6.3   T/T/T47/6.3 T/T/T47/6.3 PDF Download The SN74LVC2G157 features a common strobe (G) in
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