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  When the frequency of V is less than that of R the 12140 behaves in a similar fashion as above. Again the signal on U indicates that the VCO frequency must be decreased to bring the loop into lock.   From Figure 2 when V and R are at the same frequency and in phase the value of U − D is zero thus providing a zero error voltage to the VCO. This situation indicates the loop is in lock and the 12140 action will maintain the loop in its locked state.
The AUTO PRECHARGE function ensures that the precharge is initiated at the earliest valid stage within a burst. This function allows for individual-bank precharge without requiring an explicit command. A10 to enables the AUTO PRECHARGE function in conjunction with a spe- cific READ or WRITE command. For each individual READ or WRITE command, auto precharge is either
The COP87L88FH OTP (One Time Programmable) micro- controllers are highly integrated COP8™ Feature core de- vices with 16k memory and advanced features including Analog comparators, and Hardware Multiply/Divide. These multi-chip CMOS devices are suited for applications requir- ing a full featured controller with comparators, a full-duplex USART, and hardware multiply/divide functions, and as pre-production devices for a masked ROM design. Lower cost pin and software compatible 12k ROM versions are available (COP888FH), as well as a range of COP8 software and hardware development tools.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
TL8006   TL8006 TL8006 PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
TL8006V5   TL8006V5 TL8006V5 PDF Download Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus
TL800-7SS   TL800-7SS TL800-7SS PDF Download The synchronous start-stop character, TDI (trans
TL810   TL810 TL810 PDF Download MUTE Operation The MUTE input is active high. W
TL8100BL   TL8100BL TL8100BL PDF Download HR700 Series DC/DC converters are designed to pr
TL8100CL-LF   TL8100CL-LF TL8100CL-LF PDF Download REALTEK SOP 534 This device is particularly well suited for port
TL810B   TL810B TL810B PDF Download TERALOGIC BGA 02+ Glueless Interface Between the Peripheral Compon
TL810CJG   TL810CJG TL810CJG PDF Download TI CDIP-8 03+ The SM/SMJ320VC33 can perform parallel multiply
TL810CL   TL810CL TL810CL PDF Download TOSHIBA CAN 03+ This data sheet identifies products, their speci
TL810CN   TL810CN TL810CN PDF Download Dual Channel 1 Form A Extremely Low Operating
TL810CP   TL810CP TL810CP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A PROPAGATION DELAY TIME: tPD = 40ns (TYP.) at V
TL810N   TL810N TL810N PDF Download TI 97+ 1200 The Hyundai HYM71V73C3201 N-Series are 32Mx72bits
TL811   TL811 TL811 PDF Download BGA 0127+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
TL811-A3   TL811-A3 TL811-A3 PDF Download TI BGA The leadless chip carrier (LCC) package represen
TL811CN   TL811CN TL811CN PDF Download TI 06+ NOTES: 1. Measured with outputs open. 2. Refres
TL811ML/883B   TL811ML/883B TL811ML/883B PDF Download True current sensing and over current protection
TL811N   TL811N TL811N PDF Download TI DIP14 CMOS transistor switch. Only one tap point for e
TL8188P   TL8188P TL8188P PDF Download TI 06+ 3000   Although the Motorola accelerometers cont
TL820   TL820 TL820 PDF Download TI 06+ 5000   (16bit format, serial interface) - Long F
TL820CN   TL820CN TL820CN PDF Download N/A N/A N/A G.703 2048kHz Synchronization Interface Complian
TL820CNS   TL820CNS TL820CNS PDF Download TI 98+ 1780 Automatic Step-Up and Step-Down Conversion Uses
TL820M   TL820M TL820M PDF Download n OSD Window Fade In/Fade Out n OSD Half Tone Tr
TL820MJ/883B   TL820MJ/883B TL820MJ/883B PDF Download TI These signal conditioners are designed to provid
TL820MJ/R   TL820MJ/R TL820MJ/R PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to be
TL820MJB   TL820MJB TL820MJB PDF Download MOT DIP 01+ The CATTL820MJB is a low voltage, low power, CMO
TL82543GC   TL82543GC TL82543GC PDF Download INTEI QFP QFP CIS AC; INT VDCREF Config Reg => XXX010XX
TL82543GCBGA66MHZMS-3   TL82543GCBGA66MHZMS-3 TL82543GCBGA66MHZMS-3 PDF Download Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) The SST39VF1
TL82543GCSL4AC   TL82543GCSL4AC TL82543GCSL4AC PDF Download Intel int dc0514 When using the FOD2741, power supply designers c
TL82C   TL82C TL82C PDF Download MOT 06+ 539
TL8337P   TL8337P TL8337P PDF Download Fabricated in high-density CMOS with 5V-tolerant
TL8401   TL8401 TL8401 PDF Download Notes: 1. Ris determined with the device mounted
TL842   TL842 TL842 PDF Download In the MAX4455 there are two outputs involved in
TL8493N   TL8493N TL8493N PDF Download TFK DIP-14 97+
TL8505   TL8505 TL8505 PDF Download When a BASE TIMER overflow occurs, it will set th
TL8505P   TL8505P TL8505P PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP-22P 1981   The SY89833L is a 3.3V, high-speed 2GHz d
TL8506   TL8506 TL8506 PDF Download Toshiba 84 These three terminal fixed voltage regulators ar
TL8506P   TL8506P TL8506P PDF Download DIP 84 The SG117A Series are 3-terminal positive adjust
TL850C   TL850C TL850C PDF Download 07+ NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
TL850-D1   TL850-D1 TL850-D1 PDF Download TERALOGIC BGA2727 00+ The TO-220 is offered in a 3-pin is universally
TL851   TL851 TL851 PDF Download TI 00+ Provides up to 8K-Address Matching System Provi
TL851A   TL851A TL851A PDF Download These diodes are optimized to reduce losses and
TL851-A1   TL851-A1 TL851-A1 PDF Download Furthermore, this circuit block compares the inp
TL851-A3   TL851-A3 TL851-A3 PDF Download TERALOGIC BGA 0233/0238+ 8-Bit Resolution 20 MHz Sampling Rate DNL = +1/
TL851-B1   TL851-B1 TL851-B1 PDF Download TI BGA 03+   The temperature is measured by a diffused
TL851-B2   TL851-B2 TL851-B2 PDF Download BGA TERALOGIC 03+ Address, data inputs, and write controls are regi
TL851C   TL851C TL851C PDF Download TI SOP16   The K4M51323LE is 536,870,912 bits synchr
TL851CD   TL851CD TL851CD PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ The host system can detect whether a program or
TL851CDR   TL851CDR TL851CDR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 07+   This deadtime should allow for the turn o
TL851CN   TL851CN TL851CN PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ PARAMETER VCC Turn On Voltage VCC Turn Off Volt
TL852   TL852 TL852 PDF Download ZORAN BGA 01+ components. Extreme temperature conditions can be
TL852B2   TL852B2 TL852B2 PDF Download Battery voltage is monitored by a comparator via
TL852C   TL852C TL852C PDF Download TI SOP16 02+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
TL852CDR   TL852CDR TL852CDR PDF Download Texas Instruments (VA) 07+ w High speed 800,711 and 600 MHz RDRAM storage
TL852CN   TL852CN TL852CN PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ This fast rise pulse, characterized in IEC 61000
TL8593T   TL8593T TL8593T PDF Download PHILIPS DIP 01+ • Superior noise characteristics (C/N, S/N
TL8601   TL8601 TL8601 PDF Download The 'LS502 is an 8-bit register with the interch
TL8601P   TL8601P TL8601P PDF Download 94   The MC74HC1G02 is a high−speed CMOS
TL8605   TL8605 TL8605 PDF Download   The current source provides a closely reg
TL8605P   TL8605P TL8605P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP
TL8608   TL8608 TL8608 PDF Download The MAX1737 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembl
TL8608AP   TL8608AP TL8608AP PDF Download TOSHIBA NEW 90+ International Rectifiers RAD-Hard HEXFETTM techn
TL8608P   TL8608P TL8608P PDF Download 7500 TOSHIBA 06+ • Internal or External Reference Voltage Se
TL8609P   TL8609P TL8609P PDF Download TOSHIBA 1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum effo
TL8610   TL8610 TL8610 PDF Download TI DIP 00+ A record cycle is completed when REC is pulled L
TL8610CN   TL8610CN TL8610CN PDF Download
TL8610P   TL8610P TL8610P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP Read and write accesses to the DDR SDRAM are bur
TL8614P   TL8614P TL8614P PDF Download The Hyundai TL8614P Series are 32Mx64bits Synchro
TL864I   TL864I TL864I PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ These bits are for programming the PLLs internal
TL8701N   TL8701N TL8701N PDF Download   The NCP5314 provides full−featured
TL8702P   TL8702P TL8702P PDF Download TC Designing for Microprocessor Applications As it
TL8703   TL8703 TL8703 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 108000   External compensation is only necessary a
TL8703CN   TL8703CN TL8703CN PDF Download   If any input pin (S1, S0, DATA, or CLK) i
TL8703P   TL8703P TL8703P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP16 Unusual current waveforms can be estimated with
TL8704   TL8704 TL8704 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 450 FEATURES D 11-Bit Resolution D 65-MSPS Maximum
TL8704P   TL8704P TL8704P PDF Download Hynix HYMD264M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
TL8705   TL8705 TL8705 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 5000 High density internet E1 or T1 / J1 interface fo
TL8705P   TL8705P TL8705P PDF Download Description The HYS 64V64220GU and HYS 72V64220
TL8707   TL8707 TL8707 PDF Download CS/WDI Chip Select Input. CS HIGH, deselects the
TL8707P   TL8707P TL8707P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP22 Drop-in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/ca
TL8708   TL8708 TL8708 PDF Download TI DIP 00+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
TL8708CN   TL8708CN TL8708CN PDF Download CASE: Double slug type, hermetically sealed glass
TL8708P   TL8708P TL8708P PDF Download TOS DIP 00+ This device contains circuitry to protect the inp
TL8709   TL8709 TL8709 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 2900 Serial data input. The 4-bit serial data can be
TL8709CN   TL8709CN TL8709CN PDF Download The HYM5V72A804A F-Series is a 8Mx72-bit EDO mode
TL8709P   TL8709P TL8709P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP16 Low-power dissipation Operating: 10.8 mW/MHz (ty
TL8710N   TL8710N TL8710N PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP28 The UC3825A and UC3825B have dual alternating ou
TL8721   TL8721 TL8721 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Selectable error correction coding allows storag
TL8721A   TL8721A TL8721A PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP 02+ Deviation Limiter In: Input to the on-chip deviat
TL8721AP   TL8721AP TL8721AP PDF Download TOSHIBA . • Multi-carrier, Multi-standard cellular i
TL8721P   TL8721P TL8721P PDF Download TOS 99 ON-CHIP VOLTAGE REFERENCE Output Voltage Power-
TL8722   TL8722 TL8722 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 7500 The CY7B9950 RoboClock is a low-voltage,
TL8722P   TL8722P TL8722P PDF Download 94 The potentiometers of the DS1267 can be connected
TL8723   TL8723 TL8723 PDF Download DESCRIPTION Using the well consolidated high vo
TL8723N   TL8723N TL8723N PDF Download TOSHIBA . 4-bit CMOS I/O ports. These ports can be set for
TL8761   TL8761 TL8761 PDF Download TI SMD28 • Single positive-supply operation and low
TL880   TL880 TL880 PDF Download TERALOGIC 00+ BGA27*27 Signals an interrupt when overflowing Supports
TL8801   TL8801 TL8801 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 2000 NOTES ** Note that the Test Output pins on the
TL88013P   TL88013P TL88013P PDF Download TI 600 00+ This datasheet contains new product inform9903268
TL8801F   TL8801F TL8801F PDF Download 90 Description Thermopile detector with on-chip PTC
TL8801P   TL8801P TL8801P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP16   The MSK 5115 series voltage regulators ar
TL8803   TL8803 TL8803 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES: (1) Test levels: (A) 100% tested at 25C.
TL8803F   TL8803F TL8803F PDF Download 93
TL8803P   TL8803P TL8803P PDF Download LT DIP-8 The transmitter contains a laser driver circuit
TL8804   TL8804 TL8804 PDF Download T SOP 03/+04+ 1.1 Greece has waited for long for character 10/
TL8804F   TL8804F TL8804F PDF Download TOSHIBA 2008 Detection current: 10mA Excluding contact boun
TL8804P   TL8804P TL8804P PDF Download TOSHIBA The On/Off Control (pin 3) may be used for remote
TL8808P   TL8808P TL8808P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A GTLP is the Texas Instruments derivative of the
TL8809F   TL8809F TL8809F PDF Download TOS 3 SOP-8 This new generation of Trench MOSFETs from Zetex
TL8809P   TL8809P TL8809P PDF Download TI 04+ Connect a resistor from this pin to the drain of
TL880-B3   TL880-B3 TL880-B3 PDF Download The TL880-B3 is a single-supply, low-power, 12-b
TL8810P   TL8810P TL8810P PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP 91 Global AutoRS485 half-duplex direction control e
TL8811P   TL8811P TL8811P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500 The Si3056 is an integrated direct access arrange
TL8812P   TL8812P TL8812P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500 Asynchronous output enable. OE must be low to rea
TL8813   TL8813 TL8813 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 3000 The serial audio port consists of a shift clock
TL8813P   TL8813P TL8813P PDF Download TI 2100 00+ The MX98715A contains a PCI local bus glueless i
TL8814   TL8814 TL8814 PDF Download PANASONI 04+ Game boxes are using more powerful processors to
TL8814P   TL8814P TL8814P PDF Download TOSHIBA VCO tank VCO tank Internally connected Lock-de
TL8818P   TL8818P TL8818P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500 Serial programming I2C interface allows changing
TL8819   TL8819 TL8819 PDF Download TI DIP8 08+ This device also features a sector erase archite
TL8819F   TL8819F TL8819F PDF Download TI The ADN2820 is a compact, high performance, 3.3
TL8819F/EL   TL8819F/EL TL8819F/EL PDF Download TOS SOP/8 96+ Watchdog Timer The watchdog timer circuit monit
TL8819P   TL8819P TL8819P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 12000 Memory interface  Can address up to 64 K by
TL8820   TL8820 TL8820 PDF Download Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
TL8820N   TL8820N TL8820N PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP 97+ Notes: 1. Please do not use the soldering iron d
TL8821   TL8821 TL8821 PDF Download *1 Recommendable value : 1.3 to 1.7 Nm (M4) *2 A
TL8822F   TL8822F TL8822F PDF Download TOSHIBA SOP SMT Assembly Reliable assembly of surface mount
TL8823   TL8823 TL8823 PDF Download   Reel Options: 3,000 per 7 inch reel/8 mm
TL8825   TL8825 TL8825 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 9: Shutdown current is measured in a normal
TL8825CN   TL8825CN TL8825CN PDF Download The ZL5011x is capable of assembling user-defined
TL8825F   TL8825F TL8825F PDF Download 97 The MCF5249 is also an excellent general purpose
TL8825P   TL8825P TL8825P PDF Download TOS DIP DIP The MAX2309 is an IF receiver designed for the si
TL8827   TL8827 TL8827 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 3000   Temperature measuring is performed by RTE
TL8827F   TL8827F TL8827F PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a
TL8827P   TL8827P TL8827P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP16 The second contributor to the constantly varying
TL8828P   TL8828P TL8828P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500   Operating free-air temperature, TA−4
TL8832F   TL8832F TL8832F PDF Download   External gain-setting capability   A
TL8833   TL8833 TL8833 PDF Download Voltage Reference for all the PWM section. Vref2
TL8833F   TL8833F TL8833F PDF Download TOSHIBA 05+ Note 1: In the typical PECL 100K logic output V
TL8837P   TL8837P TL8837P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500 The UC3823A,B/3825A,B performs fixed frequency
TL8838   TL8838 TL8838 PDF Download 94+   The current source provides a closely reg
TL8838F   TL8838F TL8838F PDF Download TOSHIBA 9613
TL8838P   TL8838P TL8838P PDF Download TOS has a pull down resistor to force the part into
TL8839P   TL8839P TL8839P PDF Download TOS
TL8843   TL8843 TL8843 PDF Download PANASONI 04+ The phase detector compares its two inputs. It t
TL8843P   TL8843P TL8843P PDF Download TOSHIBA NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3
TL8844P   TL8844P TL8844P PDF Download TOS
TL8846   TL8846 TL8846 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 1300 When the Transmit FIFO is bypassed (FIFOBYP is L
TL8846CN   TL8846CN TL8846CN PDF Download System requirement. Maximum instantaneous pulldo
TL8846P   TL8846P TL8846P PDF Download TDSHIBA DIP16 DESCRIPTION The HCC40192B, HCC40193B, (extended
TL8847   TL8847 TL8847 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 24000 Note: There is another US / Canada contribution
TL8847P   TL8847P TL8847P PDF Download TI The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2096VL dev
TL8848   TL8848 TL8848 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 8900 Refer to Table 2, Intel Pentium II Processor Pow
TL8848AF   TL8848AF TL8848AF PDF Download TOSIHBA SOP SOP   The first character of the part number su
TL8848P   TL8848P TL8848P PDF Download TEXAS The bq2050H measures the voltage differential bet
TL8849   TL8849 TL8849 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 2800 BENEFITS EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter
TL8849AP   TL8849AP TL8849AP PDF Download 98 Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
TL8849P   TL8849P TL8849P PDF Download TOS DIP 1996 DESCRIPTION The LS256 is a monolithic integrate
TL8850   TL8850 TL8850 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This simple measurement arrangement is suited to
TL8850AF   TL8850AF TL8850AF PDF Download TOS SOP16 96 Input. This input is not considered active unless
TL8850AP   TL8850AP TL8850AP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MCP1252/3 are inductorless, positive-regulate
TL8850F   TL8850F TL8850F PDF Download Toshiba SOIC-16 07+/08+ The Serializer outputs remain in TRI-STATE while
TL8850P   TL8850P TL8850P PDF Download DIP NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
TL8851F   TL8851F TL8851F PDF Download TOS Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
TL8852F   TL8852F TL8852F PDF Download 8042 Software Compatible 8 Bit Microcomputer 2k
TL8855   TL8855 TL8855 PDF Download 3.3V 10% Receive Input Power Supply. Bypass with
TL8855FS   TL8855FS TL8855FS PDF Download TOSHIBA TSSOP16 04+ The format for all instructions sent to the devi
TL8856FS   TL8856FS TL8856FS PDF Download TOS 99+ The Spartan-IIE family is a superior alternative
TL8856FS-1   TL8856FS-1 TL8856FS-1 PDF Download SOP-16 99+ The CD4009UB and CD4010B types are supplied in 1
TL8857F   TL8857F TL8857F PDF Download PHI SOP 05+ The ispLSI 8000V Family of Register-Intensive, 3
TL8862P   TL8862P TL8862P PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP-16P 6+ Hynix HYMD232646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
TL89101P   TL89101P TL89101P PDF Download DIP-8 99+ AV+,BV+,CV+ - Are the power connections from the
TL8919P   TL8919P TL8919P PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 500 Typical system performance parameters for the re
TL891PP   TL891PP TL891PP PDF Download Choose among the following memory organizations:
TL8LT82   TL8LT82 TL8LT82 PDF Download CASE: Hermetically sealed voidless hard glass &n
TL8P1603P-001   TL8P1603P-001 TL8P1603P-001 PDF Download TL DIP/18   Typical values represent average readings
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