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The UTC1031, UTC1031B, UTC1031, and UTC1031 devices are part of the TMS320C62x fixed-point DSP family in the TMS320C6000 platform. The C62x devices are based on the high-performance, advanced VelociTI very-long-instruction-word (VLIW) architecture developed by Texas Instruments (TI), making these DSPs an excellent choice for multichannel and multifunction applications.
  The UTC1031 is a 8,388,608-bit static random access memory (SRAM) organized as 524,288 words by 16 bits. Fabricated using Toshiba's CMOS Silicon gate process technology, this device operates from a single 2.3 to 3.6 V power supply. Advanced circuit technology provides both high speed and low power at an operating current of 3 mA/MHz and a minimum cycle time of 40 ns. It is automatically placed in low-power mode at 0.7 µA standby current (at VDD = 3 V, Ta = 25C, typical) when chip enable ( CE1 ) is asserted high or (CE2) is asserted low. There are three control inputs. CE1 and CE2 are used to select the device and for data retention control, and output enable ( OE ) provides fast memory access. Data byte control pin ( LB , UB ) provides lower and upper byte access. This device is well suited to various microprocessor system applications where high speed, low power and battery backup are required. And, with a guaranteed operating extreme temperature range of −40 to 85C, the UTC1031 can be used in environments exhibiting extreme temperature conditions. The UTC1031 is available in a plastic 48-ball BGA.
This series of fixed negative-voltage integrated-circuit   SOT-89 voltage regulators is designed for a wide range of   UTC1031CPK COMMON INPUT OUTPUTapplications. These include on-card regulation for elimination of noise and distribution problems associated with single-point regulation. In addition, they can be used to control series pass elements to make high-current voltage-regulator circuits. One of these regulators can deliver up to 100 mA of output current. The internal current-limiting and thermal-shutdown features make them essentially immune to overload. When used as a replacement for a zener-diode and resistor combination, these devices can provide ef fective improvement in output iimpedance of two orders of magnitude, with lower bias current.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
UTC1031   UTC1031 UTC1031 PDF Download UTC DIP 87   Please be aware that an important notice
UTC1062   UTC1062 UTC1062 PDF Download DIP Catalog Symbol: JJS Current-Limiting Very Fast-
UTC1062A   UTC1062A UTC1062A PDF Download YW DIP-16 2003 Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
UTC1084-ADJ   UTC1084-ADJ UTC1084-ADJ PDF Download max. This allows a value of 2.19 ms for tQUIET, s
UTC1084-ADJ-2L   UTC1084-ADJ-2L UTC1084-ADJ-2L PDF Download The q denotes the specifications which apply over
UTC1117   UTC1117 UTC1117 PDF Download (6) When designing your equipment, comply with t
UTC1117-1.8   UTC1117-1.8 UTC1117-1.8 PDF Download UTC 06+ 3000 Write Software command accomplishes program and
UTC1117-3.3   UTC1117-3.3 UTC1117-3.3 PDF Download UTC 2005 SOT-252
UTC1117-3.3(SOP-223)   UTC1117-3.3(SOP-223) UTC1117-3.3(SOP-223) PDF Download Hynix HYMD116M725B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
UTC1117-3.3(SOP-252)   UTC1117-3.3(SOP-252) UTC1117-3.3(SOP-252) PDF Download 1. Test conditions: T = 25º C, Supply Volta
UTC1117-ADJ   UTC1117-ADJ UTC1117-ADJ PDF Download The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
UTC1117B3.3   UTC1117B3.3 UTC1117B3.3 PDF Download The MAX7447 filters and buffers video-encoder DAC
UTC1161   UTC1161 UTC1161 PDF Download The new damper diodes have been optimized for h
UTC1197C   UTC1197C UTC1197C PDF Download CAS Detection Early Steering (CMOS Output). Acti
UTC1204   UTC1204 UTC1204 PDF Download   for this lower supply voltage operation,
UTC1233   UTC1233 UTC1233 PDF Download ∗1 Period Jitter 1: This value is the stan
UTC1240   UTC1240 UTC1240 PDF Download UTC SMD-8 N/A 3.5 nV//Hz Unity-Gain Bandwidth . . . 10 MHz Typ
UTC1240A   UTC1240A UTC1240A PDF Download 00 Each sense amp consists of 512 bytes of fast sto
UTC1316   UTC1316 UTC1316 PDF Download !Features 1) Built-in overvoltage protection cir
UTC1353   UTC1353 UTC1353 PDF Download DIP The output modulation current can be controlled
UTC1366   UTC1366 UTC1366 PDF Download DIP Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
UTC1379   UTC1379 UTC1379 PDF Download Each filter is a throughpath for the desired fre
UTC1403   UTC1403 UTC1403 PDF Download YW SIL-9 99+ Note 9: Vpperr is defined as the error in peak-t
UTC1600   UTC1600 UTC1600 PDF Download YW SIP-9P 08+ 1. Externally detect a write to the low-power ad
UTC1641   UTC1641 UTC1641 PDF Download The preamble, SFD, and FLI are parsed and used t
UTC1800   UTC1800 UTC1800 PDF Download UTC/YW N/A N/A • Space saver Flat series and vertical ser
UTC1800S   UTC1800S UTC1800S PDF Download A HIGH on this pin when BM is HIGH selects byte b
UTC1802   UTC1802 UTC1802 PDF Download UTC 05+ <0.8 V at VCC = 3.3 V, TA = 25C Typical VOHV
UTC1819   UTC1819 UTC1819 PDF Download YH DIP-14 The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an e
UTC1875   UTC1875 UTC1875 PDF Download The UTC1875 operates over a wide supply range (2
UTC2002   UTC2002 UTC2002 PDF Download YW DIP 98 Clocks in the ispLSI 2032VE device are selected
UTC2003   UTC2003 UTC2003 PDF Download UTC 07+;9518 As shown in Figure 2, the three internal memory
UTC2024   UTC2024 UTC2024 PDF Download YW 652 Compatible With PC 99 Desktop Line-Out Into 10-k
UTC2025   UTC2025 UTC2025 PDF Download YW DIP 01+ • Undervoltage Lockout • Low Profile
UTC2025B   UTC2025B UTC2025B PDF Download UTC 98.01+ The SPT5230 is a 10-bit, 36 MWPS triple video di
UTC2025H   UTC2025H UTC2025H PDF Download YW 05/06+ DIP/16   When the amplifier is current limiting, t
UTC2027   UTC2027 UTC2027 PDF Download YW DIP 98 The IP4001S has a thermal protection against the
UTC2030   UTC2030 UTC2030 PDF Download UTC TO-220 04+   The MI-MV13 is a 1280H x 1024V (1.31 mega
UTC2030A   UTC2030A UTC2030A PDF Download 07/08+   The output or compensation capacitor help
UTC215   UTC215 UTC215 PDF Download Internal Timing C With external components as ind
UTC2184   UTC2184 UTC2184 PDF Download • 10-bit, up to 8 channel Analog-to-Digita
UTC2206H   UTC2206H UTC2206H PDF Download YD 07+ IN, FB, SHDN to AGND OUT to AGND, LX to PGND AG
UTC2210   UTC2210 UTC2210 PDF Download The HR120 Series™ of DC/DC converters offe
UTC2218   UTC2218 UTC2218 PDF Download UTC 96+ The primary application of this device is to pro
UTC22241   UTC22241 UTC22241 PDF Download YW SIL-9 00+ L0, L1, L2Low-End Terminals of the Potentiometers
UTC225   UTC225 UTC225 PDF Download YW DIP-8 98+ Notes: 1. ∆VF for diodes in pairs and quad
UTC2284   UTC2284 UTC2284 PDF Download YW 2003 DIP-9 Data is latched into input registers and remains
UTC2303   UTC2303 UTC2303 PDF Download YW 652 Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Max
UTC2410   UTC2410 UTC2410 PDF Download UTC DIP The UV erasable version can be erased and repro-
UTC2411   UTC2411 UTC2411 PDF Download UTC DIP-8 04+ SAMPLE CLOCKS   DATACLK, SHP, SHD Clock Per
UTC2611   UTC2611 UTC2611 PDF Download CHINA SIP9 O2 N-channel enhancement mode logic level field-e
UTC2803   UTC2803 UTC2803 PDF Download The INT5130 IC is an integrated powerline MAC/PHY
UTC2822   UTC2822 UTC2822 PDF Download 友旺 07+/08+ Diffusion & Thin Films Well (field) Sheet R
UTC2822D   UTC2822D UTC2822D PDF Download The on-board oscillator supplies the signal for
UTC2822E   UTC2822E UTC2822E PDF Download SOP-8 06+ 4 channel UART 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
UTC2822H   UTC2822H UTC2822H PDF Download YW 06+ SOP8 The IRU1050 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
UTC2822M   UTC2822M UTC2822M PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
UTC2822MB   UTC2822MB UTC2822MB PDF Download • Undervoltage conditions on VREG (UVREG)
UTC2907A   UTC2907A UTC2907A PDF Download UTC TO-92 91+ Description: The NTE5826 thru NTE5829 are silico
UTC2910   UTC2910 UTC2910 PDF Download Reduced Power Consumption C 1.8 V Core Operation
UTC2933   UTC2933 UTC2933 PDF Download The evaluation fixture includes a Centronics con
UTC2933T   UTC2933T UTC2933T PDF Download Note 1: The power rating is based on a printed c
UTC2950-5.0   UTC2950-5.0 UTC2950-5.0 PDF Download Hynix HYMD116M645B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
UTC2950T/B   UTC2950T/B UTC2950T/B PDF Download Chapter 3 - Description of Pin Functions, page 12
UTC2951   UTC2951 UTC2951 PDF Download UTC DIP DIP precision LCD panel display can be assembled usin
UTC2954   UTC2954 UTC2954 PDF Download UNISONIC Battery voltage is monitored by a comparator via
UTC2954-3.3   UTC2954-3.3 UTC2954-3.3 PDF Download NOTES 1. The difference between the measured and
UTC2954-5.0   UTC2954-5.0 UTC2954-5.0 PDF Download UTC
UTC2SC4672   UTC2SC4672 UTC2SC4672 PDF Download UNISONIC SOT-89 05+ This family is a 1M bit dynamic RAM organized 1,0
UTC2SC945   UTC2SC945 UTC2SC945 PDF Download SSCG uses a patented technology of modulating th
UTC2SD1802   UTC2SD1802 UTC2SD1802 PDF Download N/A   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
UTC2SD882   UTC2SD882 UTC2SD882 PDF Download UNISONIC/02+ N/A 2 Required electrolytic capacitor; 220 µF (3
UTC3016   UTC3016 UTC3016 PDF Download The 32 registered macrocells in the GLB are driv
UTC3100   UTC3100 UTC3100 PDF Download   When the BLANKING input is high, the out
UTC31001   UTC31001 UTC31001 PDF Download UTC DIP-8 98 Diagonal 3mm (Type 1/6) 768 (H) 494 (V) appro
UTC31002   UTC31002 UTC31002 PDF Download UTC DIP 00+ CBR refresh is utilized by bringing CAS low earl
UTC31002A   UTC31002A UTC31002A PDF Download 98 Compatible with Microsoft WinXP, WinME, Win2K SP
UTC31002AL   UTC31002AL UTC31002AL PDF Download UTC 05+ The FCT138T is a 1-of-8 decoder. The FCT138T acc
UTC31002P   UTC31002P UTC31002P PDF Download UTC DIP 98+ to program the ADC into the desired mode. The U
UTC3161   UTC3161 UTC3161 PDF Download † The bus-hold circuit can sink at least t
UTC317   UTC317 UTC317 PDF Download UTC TO-252 The UPC2721 and UPC2722 are L-Band frequency con
UTC324   UTC324 UTC324 PDF Download UTC Communication Interfaces C 2 Serial Communicati
UTC324D   UTC324D UTC324D PDF Download UTC 06+ 3186 Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
UTC324E   UTC324E UTC324E PDF Download As the HFBR-5710L is inserted, first contact i
UTC324H/D   UTC324H/D UTC324H/D PDF Download Begin analysis at the VOL (quiescent) point. This
UTC324N   UTC324N UTC324N PDF Download UTC 06+ 1042   This CMOS device is designed for switchin
UTC324S   UTC324S UTC324S PDF Download UTC SOP-14 04+   The IDT octal buffer/line drivers are bui
UTC3301   UTC3301 UTC3301 PDF Download N/A SOP-16 Notes: 1. Only under quienscent conditionsno RF
UTC3302   UTC3302 UTC3302 PDF Download Most functions of the FM25L16 either are control
UTC3308   UTC3308 UTC3308 PDF Download UTC SOP8 RDOA CML outputs have a common-mode voltage near VCC.
UTC3308JD   UTC3308JD UTC3308JD PDF Download UCC SOP-8 N/A DC ACCURACY Integral Linearity Error Different
UTC3308L   UTC3308L UTC3308L PDF Download UTC 05+ The PCF8591 is a single-chip, single-supply low
UTC3308SOP-8   UTC3308SOP-8 UTC3308SOP-8 PDF Download SOP This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
UTC3361   UTC3361 UTC3361 PDF Download UTC 06+ 4000 (For a single-phase input unit) An example of t
UTC3361BP   UTC3361BP UTC3361BP PDF Download YW SMD 01+ Edition 07.96 This edition was realized using th
UTC3361D   UTC3361D UTC3361D PDF Download UTC SOP-8 04+ 1. All dimensions are in millimeters. 2. True po
UTC3361E   UTC3361E UTC3361E PDF Download YW SOP16 05+ The ISL6118 is a dual channel, fully independent
UTC339   UTC339 UTC339 PDF Download UTC SOP   Figure 7 shows the timing of the decoder
UTC34018   UTC34018 UTC34018 PDF Download UTC DIP 1997 Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
UTC34018P   UTC34018P UTC34018P PDF Download OUT (Pin 5): Oscillator Output. This pin can driv
UTC34063   UTC34063 UTC34063 PDF Download UTC SOP-8 98+ Test 2 Pin(Internal pull-down pin) Receiver Inp
UTC34063A   UTC34063A UTC34063A PDF Download UTC Sop8 Self-synchronization to main channel output Fre
UTC34063JA   UTC34063JA UTC34063JA PDF Download UCC SOP-8 N/A
UTC34063N   UTC34063N UTC34063N PDF Download Low output skew: <270ps Switching frequency o
UTC34088   UTC34088 UTC34088 PDF Download YW DIP-16 01+ *There is also an option for anAnti Reflection C
UTC34118   UTC34118 UTC34118 PDF Download The KA431/KA431A/KA431L are three-terminal adjus
UTC34119   UTC34119 UTC34119 PDF Download UTC SMD 06+ Power up State Programming At power up in serial
UTC34119E   UTC34119E UTC34119E PDF Download ON-CHIP VOLTAGE REFERENCE Output Voltage Power-
UTC34119JA   UTC34119JA UTC34119JA PDF Download UNITROD 08+  Lead temperature, Tsol, 1,6 mm (1/16 inch)
UTC3414   UTC3414 UTC3414 PDF Download UTC SDM 06+ During steady-state operation for a typical swit
UTC3414L   UTC3414L UTC3414L PDF Download UTC 05+ Unless otherwise specified VCC=15VDC AV=-1, meas
UTC3482   UTC3482 UTC3482 PDF Download • Decodes MPEG2, MPEG1 Audio (layer 1, 2)
UTC3563   UTC3563 UTC3563 PDF Download UTC SDM 06+ The device will support SVHS mode for three enco
UTC358   UTC358 UTC358 PDF Download N/A N/A
UTC358D   UTC358D UTC358D PDF Download Data to be output on the serial streams may come
UTC358YW   UTC358YW UTC358YW PDF Download UTC The TSB41AB3 provides the digital and analog tra
UTC3842   UTC3842 UTC3842 PDF Download 08+ When used as a movement Auto Shut-Off module, se
UTC3842A   UTC3842A UTC3842A PDF Download Note 6: Parameter measured at trip point of latc
UTC3842AN   UTC3842AN UTC3842AN PDF Download The loop is stabilized by a PID compensation amp
UTC3842JB   UTC3842JB UTC3842JB PDF Download UNITROD 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
UTC3843A   UTC3843A UTC3843A PDF Download UTC DIP DIP   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspect
UTC3844B   UTC3844B UTC3844B PDF Download 2003 DIP-8 NOTES: 1. There are four mailbox locations per p
UTC386   UTC386 UTC386 PDF Download NEC SOP8 A multiplier block is associated with each Selec
UTC386-DIP8   UTC386-DIP8 UTC386-DIP8 PDF Download The Write-In-Progress (WIP) bit is a volatile, r
UTC386L   UTC386L UTC386L PDF Download An external sense resistor limits the maximum cha
UTC386-SOP   UTC386-SOP UTC386-SOP PDF Download The CDMA transmit chains provide excellent Adjac
UTC393   UTC393 UTC393 PDF Download N/A 100 the device has a Sector Protect function which
UTC393D   UTC393D UTC393D PDF Download Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
UTC4053L   UTC4053L UTC4053L PDF Download UTC 05+ To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply at least 3V to
UTC4213   UTC4213 UTC4213 PDF Download The EEPROM has a capacity of 256 bits and is org
UTC431   UTC431 UTC431 PDF Download UTC TO-92 08+ Minimum time between read command (i.e., a write
UTC4558   UTC4558 UTC4558 PDF Download YW DIP-8 98   A PCM CodecCFilter is used for digitizing
UTC4558BE   UTC4558BE UTC4558BE PDF Download Honeywell reserves the right to make changes to i
UTC4558E   UTC4558E UTC4558E PDF Download YW The on-board Flash program memory is accessible
UTC4558L   UTC4558L UTC4558L PDF Download The PC is not incremented when a REF instruction
UTC4672   UTC4672 UTC4672 PDF Download The two independent ADCs (primary and auxiliary)
UTC494   UTC494 UTC494 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Write accesses to the RTICNTR register will clea
UTC51494   UTC51494 UTC51494 PDF Download DIP 96 Accesses can be initiated by asserting all three
UTC51494A   UTC51494A UTC51494A PDF Download YW 91 These pins along with the HKS form a 4´4 ke
UTC5265   UTC5265 UTC5265 PDF Download The MAX7447 processes S-Video and CVBS video sig-
UTC54123   UTC54123 UTC54123 PDF Download Each of the 32 macrocells generates a buried fee
UTC555   UTC555 UTC555 PDF Download 08+ All Ports Fast Switching High On-Off Output-Vol
UTC571   UTC571 UTC571 PDF Download VOUT: Main output voltage (3.3V, 5V or adjustable
UTC571N   UTC571N UTC571N PDF Download YW DIP-16 2003 HIGH SPEED: tPD = 11ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V LOW
UTC583   UTC583 UTC583 PDF Download Parameter is tested as part of design characteri
UTC584   UTC584 UTC584 PDF Download 07+ TO-220F Right channel serial data input. Both LDATA and
UTC589   UTC589 UTC589 PDF Download 100% production tested at the specified temperat
UTC601JA   UTC601JA UTC601JA PDF Download SOP-8 05+ Synchronous byte write enables. Each 9-bit byte h
UTC6220   UTC6220 UTC6220 PDF Download XW DIP 99+ 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC. 2.
UTC62256SC-70L   UTC62256SC-70L UTC62256SC-70L PDF Download   The SY89328L is a differential LVPECL-to-L
UTC6264SC-70LL   UTC6264SC-70LL UTC6264SC-70LL PDF Download 00C SOP Crystal input, has internal load cap (36pF) and
UTC665   UTC665 UTC665 PDF Download YW SMD 02+ Available in 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5.0V an
UTC6650   UTC6650 UTC6650 PDF Download YW 06+ 3900 An incoming data burst (Figure 2, top) is retran
UTC6651   UTC6651 UTC6651 PDF Download YW TO126 03+ The B9946 is capable of generating 1X and 1/2X s
UTC668   UTC668 UTC668 PDF Download
UTC7112   UTC7112 UTC7112 PDF Download RMC 2500 01+ The LM2678 series of regulators are monolithic i
UTC723   UTC723 UTC723 PDF Download UTC 03+ Note: Both regulators can be bypassed if external
UTC7312   UTC7312 UTC7312 PDF Download Programmable for 13-Bit Linear Data or 8-Bit Com
UTC7343   UTC7343 UTC7343 PDF Download YW N/A 3 When an overflow or underflow of the
UTC7368   UTC7368 UTC7368 PDF Download YW SIL-9 99+ 1. In addition to lower output capaci- tance bet
UTC7496   UTC7496 UTC7496 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxim
UTC75185   UTC75185 UTC75185 PDF Download
UTC75185L   UTC75185L UTC75185L PDF Download UTC 05+ The SST39VF160Q/VF160 devices are suited for app
UTC75232   UTC75232 UTC75232 PDF Download DRAM Interface • 2-bank individual contro
UTC75232L   UTC75232L UTC75232L PDF Download UTC TSSOP20 Figure 2 shows the waveforms of the circuit of F
UTC7611   UTC7611 UTC7611 PDF Download We constantly strive to improve the quality of a
UTC7613   UTC7613 UTC7613 PDF Download YW DIP 03+ • Adjust the contrast in LCD displays 
UTC7613AP   UTC7613AP UTC7613AP PDF Download 99 When the transformer has supplied its energy to
UTC7613CP   UTC7613CP UTC7613CP PDF Download CHMC 1465 I Dual-Mode Pin. Cascaded C Connected to XO of pr
UTC7613PD   UTC7613PD UTC7613PD PDF Download UTC1/W DIP 04+ Code protection is constantly evolving. We at Mi
UTC7640   UTC7640 UTC7640 PDF Download YW DIP 00+ • Super bright LED for optical fiber commun
UTC7640AP   UTC7640AP UTC7640AP PDF Download UTC DIP 01+ Clock output traces should use series terminatio
UTC7640P   UTC7640P UTC7640P PDF Download YU DIP-16 1. When UB and LB are in select mode (low), I/O 0
UTC7642   UTC7642 UTC7642 PDF Download UTC TO-92 0312+   The UTC7642 performs the CODEC/filter fun
UTC7668   UTC7668 UTC7668 PDF Download The device includes an 8x digital interpolation
UTC7668BP   UTC7668BP UTC7668BP PDF Download The HY62256B is a high-speed, low power and 32,7
UTC7698   UTC7698 UTC7698 PDF Download YH DIP14   The Freescale MPXHZ6400A series sensor in
UTC7738   UTC7738 UTC7738 PDF Download UTC DIP The device contains two operational amplifiers a
UTC7805   UTC7805 UTC7805 PDF Download utc • Performance Guaranteed   over Full
UTC7808   UTC7808 UTC7808 PDF Download YU TO220 00+ Temperature Sensor Output   The temperatur
UTC7808CT   UTC7808CT UTC7808CT PDF Download Figure 4 shows the waveforms of the circuit of F
UTC7812   UTC7812 UTC7812 PDF Download UTC TO-220 05+   LVDS Recommendations for Differential Rou
UTC78D05   UTC78D05 UTC78D05 PDF Download UTC SOT252 05+ The ADC124S021 is a low-power, four-channel CMOS
UTC78D05A   UTC78D05A UTC78D05A PDF Download UTC 00+ The ZiLOG ZHX1010 SIR transceiver provides an eff
UTC78D05AL   UTC78D05AL UTC78D05AL PDF Download UTC 07/08+ CVBS1, 2 Y and C outputs - NTSC (pedestal enable
UTC78D05L   UTC78D05L UTC78D05L PDF Download UTC 07/08+ The UC1524, UC2524 and UC3524 incorporate on a s
UTC78D06   UTC78D06 UTC78D06 PDF Download UTC TO-252 2004 Compliance with PCI Local Bus Specification rev
UTC78D07A   UTC78D07A UTC78D07A PDF Download UTC TO-252 Control input to the VCO. This voltage determine
UTC78D08   UTC78D08 UTC78D08 PDF Download UTC 05+ GENERAL DESCRIPTION The LM2650 evaluation board
UTC78D08L   UTC78D08L UTC78D08L PDF Download UTC 07/08+ Replaces SN74AS305 Maximum Output Skew of 1 ns
UTC78D08NK   UTC78D08NK UTC78D08NK PDF Download • NBT (No Bus Turn Around) functionality a
UTC78D09   UTC78D09 UTC78D09 PDF Download UTC 00+ Notes: 1. These displays are recommended for hi
UTC78D09A   UTC78D09A UTC78D09A PDF Download UTC 04+ These devices are mounted on an JEDEC low-k boar
UTC78D12   UTC78D12 UTC78D12 PDF Download UTC TO252 2002 • Complete Shutdown   C TxD, RxD, PIN
UTC78D12A   UTC78D12A UTC78D12A PDF Download . . . In addition to data polling, the W29EE512 provide
UTC78DO5WL   UTC78DO5WL UTC78DO5WL PDF Download The FPD33684 Column Driver is a direct drive, 64
UTC78L05   UTC78L05 UTC78L05 PDF Download UTC SOT-89 05+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
UTC78L05M   UTC78L05M UTC78L05M PDF Download UTC
UTC78L05PE   UTC78L05PE UTC78L05PE PDF Download C-BUS is MX-COMs proprietary standard for the tra
UTC78L06   UTC78L06 UTC78L06 PDF Download UTC SOT-89 05+ These are single-chip 16-bit microcomputers desi
UTC78L08   UTC78L08 UTC78L08 PDF Download UTC 06+ TO92/ZIP-3 The AEDS-8300 series offers options of either si
UTC78L09   UTC78L09 UTC78L09 PDF Download UTC SOT-89 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
UTC78L12   UTC78L12 UTC78L12 PDF Download UTC SOIC/3.9mm/Reel The BCP Series is equipped with Thermal Shutdown
UTC78L15   UTC78L15 UTC78L15 PDF Download UTC 04+   Auto & self refresh capability (8192
UTC78L15L   UTC78L15L UTC78L15L PDF Download 08+ (2) Operating method   The LD shall change
UTC78T05   UTC78T05 UTC78T05 PDF Download UTC TO-263 07+
UTC79D05   UTC79D05 UTC79D05 PDF Download UTC 04+ The KM68V1000B and KM68U1000B families are fabric
UTC79D12   UTC79D12 UTC79D12 PDF Download UTC 04+ The Hynix HYM76V8735HGT8 Series are 8Mx72bits ECC
UTC79L05   UTC79L05 UTC79L05 PDF Download UTC The BA178!!T and BA178!!FP series are 3pin fixed
UTC79L08   UTC79L08 UTC79L08 PDF Download TO89   Applications • Rugged with UltraFas
UTC79L09   UTC79L09 UTC79L09 PDF Download SOT89 Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
UTC79L12   UTC79L12 UTC79L12 PDF Download Notes : 1. * Checked No Connect(NC) pins are rese
UTC8050   UTC8050 UTC8050 PDF Download UTC 04+ TO-92 Note: Access to undefined or reserved addresses
UTC8050S   UTC8050S UTC8050S PDF Download 华昕 SOT-23 room temperature. For a complete description of f
UTC8050SECB   UTC8050SECB UTC8050SECB PDF Download UTC SOT-23 04+ The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT8 Series are 16Mx64bits S
UTC8050SL   UTC8050SL UTC8050SL PDF Download 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
UTC810   UTC810 UTC810 PDF Download YW DIP 98   C High-performance 32-bit RISC Architectu
UTC8118-5   UTC8118-5 UTC8118-5 PDF Download UTC Notes: (1) If the remote sense feature is not be
UTC8118-5/1DMA   UTC8118-5/1DMA UTC8118-5/1DMA PDF Download The MAX7314 I2C™-compatible serial interfa
UTC8120-3   UTC8120-3 UTC8120-3 PDF Download System level features - Available in both 5V a
UTC8128   UTC8128 UTC8128 PDF Download Flexible mapping of MUXselx to MUXx allows the
UTC8128-2   UTC8128-2 UTC8128-2 PDF Download UTC systems with output voltages below 7V, a 10µ
UTC8128L-2   UTC8128L-2 UTC8128L-2 PDF Download Notice to Readers: The Advance Information status
UTC8145-5   UTC8145-5 UTC8145-5 PDF Download UTC SOT-23 Thermocouple: 0.5% of indicated value or 1_C, w
UTC820   UTC820 UTC820 PDF Download YW DIP 97+ The HR120 converters are switching regulators wh
UTC8207   UTC8207 UTC8207 PDF Download UTC ZIP-12 N/A A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
UTC820M   UTC820M UTC820M PDF Download UTC 06+ 1100 Ruotare il selettore su OC . Quando lalimentazi
UTC8227   UTC8227 UTC8227 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The AMC5902 contains a direct PWM control system
UTC822AO   UTC822AO UTC822AO PDF Download 06+ The MATCH ROM command, 55h, is used by the host
UTC8550S   UTC8550S UTC8550S PDF Download SOT-23 04+ † Notice: Stresses above those listed under
UTC8550SEC   UTC8550SEC UTC8550SEC PDF Download UTC 05+ Intrinsic deterministic device jitter is a measu
UTC8550SECB   UTC8550SECB UTC8550SECB PDF Download UTC SOT-23 04+ The C-channel provides a means for the system to
UTC8550SECB-D   UTC8550SECB-D UTC8550SECB-D PDF Download UTC LL34 04+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
UTC8602   UTC8602 UTC8602 PDF Download YW 06+ SOP8 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
UTC8602JA   UTC8602JA UTC8602JA PDF Download UNITROD 08+   Designed for PCN and PCS base station appl
UTC9014   UTC9014 UTC9014 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Industrial temperature range product f
UTC9106   UTC9106 UTC9106 PDF Download RS is the parasitic series resistance of the dio
UTC9106A   UTC9106A UTC9106A PDF Download YW DIP-8 99+ TSO Transmit ADPCM TRI-STATE ® serial data
UTCB772-P   UTCB772-P UTCB772-P PDF Download This pin is used to control an external switchab
UTCB772-P/BU   UTCB772-P/BU UTCB772-P/BU PDF Download   Guaranteed Low Skew < 25ps (max)  
UTCB772SS   UTCB772SS UTCB772SS PDF Download UNISONIC SOT-23 05+ The HYB/E 25L256160AC Mobile-RAMs are a new gene
UTCD882SS   UTCD882SS UTCD882SS PDF Download  IC = 12 Adc, VCE = 5.0 Vdc  IC = 10
UTCLD1117-3.3V-A   UTCLD1117-3.3V-A UTCLD1117-3.3V-A PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
UTCLD1117-3.3V-A-GOI   UTCLD1117-3.3V-A-GOI UTCLD1117-3.3V-A-GOI PDF Download UTC 00+ 1. Obtaining fully specified performance from th
UTCLD1117A-1.8V-A   UTCLD1117A-1.8V-A UTCLD1117A-1.8V-A PDF Download The MAX5069A EV kit is a 120W, isolated, push-pul
UTCLM358   UTCLM358 UTCLM358 PDF Download UTC • TOSHIBA is continually working to improv
UTCLM35M   UTCLM35M UTCLM35M PDF Download UTCLM35M is a digital signal processor LSI with
UTCLM386   UTCLM386 UTCLM386 PDF Download UTC SMD Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
UTCLM393   UTCLM393 UTCLM393 PDF Download Characteristics, Switching Characteristics Under
UTCLM7805   UTCLM7805 UTCLM7805 PDF Download Sleep mode. Applying a voltage greater than 2 V t
UTCLP2951   UTCLP2951 UTCLP2951 PDF Download When hign, the PLL outputs are always driven when
UTCLP2951L   UTCLP2951L UTCLP2951L PDF Download Diode protected input stage for power OFF condit
UTCLS1240   UTCLS1240 UTCLS1240 PDF Download UTC DIP-8 01+ This document contains device specific informati
UTCM2107   UTCM2107 UTCM2107 PDF Download • Horizontal SYNC input up to 150 KHz. 
UTCMC3361   UTCMC3361 UTCMC3361 PDF Download Note 10: The given JA is for an HWD2119 package i
UTCMC34072   UTCMC34072 UTCMC34072 PDF Download UTC Data Inputs/Outputs: Inputs array data during pr
UTCMC34119   UTCMC34119 UTCMC34119 PDF Download  S1M8662A is fabricated on the Samsung's 0.
UTCMCR100-6   UTCMCR100-6 UTCMCR100-6 PDF Download UNISONIC SOT-89 05+ Very High FEC performance : Hamming and "BCH
UTCMPSA42   UTCMPSA42 UTCMPSA42 PDF Download   The PT4410 series of power modules are si
UTCMPSA92   UTCMPSA92 UTCMPSA92 PDF Download SOT-23 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
UTCNFOB   UTCNFOB UTCNFOB PDF Download UTC 00+ SOP8 NOTES:    1. Dimension are in inches.
UTCNFOD   UTCNFOD UTCNFOD PDF Download UTC 00+ SOP8 Figure 1 shows the equivalent circuit for the OT
UTC-P15X-C1GR   UTC-P15X-C1GR UTC-P15X-C1GR PDF Download Reception output H voltageVroH Reception output
UTCTDA2822   UTCTDA2822 UTCTDA2822 PDF Download • These diodes are also available in other
UTCTL1451   UTCTL1451 UTCTL1451 PDF Download The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
UTCTL431   UTCTL431 UTCTL431 PDF Download UTC SOT-89 The 82C37A is designed to be used with an extern
UTCTL432   UTCTL432 UTCTL432 PDF Download DIP The DG534A is a digitally selectable 4-channel o
UTCTL5001   UTCTL5001 UTCTL5001 PDF Download NOTES: H = HIGH voltage level L = LOW voltage
UTCTL5001TA   UTCTL5001TA UTCTL5001TA PDF Download UCC SOP-8 N/A Description Agilent Technologies MGA-52543 is a
UTCU585IA   UTCU585IA UTCU585IA PDF Download UTC N/A TO220 Serial Interface The UTCU585IA supports a bidir
UTCUR133A-2.5   UTCUR133A-2.5 UTCUR133A-2.5 PDF Download UTC 02+ The conversion process and data acquisition are
UTCUR133A-3.3V   UTCUR133A-3.3V UTCUR133A-3.3V PDF Download UTC 00+ The DM9801 uses a low-power and high-performance
UTCUR133A-33.V   UTCUR133A-33.V UTCUR133A-33.V PDF Download UTC 05+ Hynix HYMD525G726(L)S4M-K/H/L series is Low Profi
UTCWAA2   UTCWAA2 UTCWAA2 PDF Download UTC 00+ SOP8 For the system/MAC interface, seamless support i
UTCWLF8   UTCWLF8 UTCWLF8 PDF Download UTC SOP8 00+   Parameter Supply current Idle Traffic
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