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Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
V5.0   V5.0 V5.0 PDF Download minimum lead lengths and placing the suppressor
V5.0G   V5.0G V5.0G PDF Download JET DIP − Provide software confirmation of complet
V5.14502   V5.14502 V5.14502 PDF Download Infineon In addition to its masked-ROM versions, the H8/3
V5.3   V5.3 V5.3 PDF Download PHILIPS QFP1010-44 00+ Two RF input ports offer the possibility of hand
V5.3SBBB   V5.3SBBB V5.3SBBB PDF Download QFP-44P 38503 PHI Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
V5.5MLA0402NH   V5.5MLA0402NH V5.5MLA0402NH PDF Download LITTELFUSE An optional feedback resistor can be placed betwe
V5.5MLA0402NR   V5.5MLA0402NR V5.5MLA0402NR PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) Information in this document is provided solely
V5.5MLA0603AXH   V5.5MLA0603AXH V5.5MLA0603AXH PDF Download
V5.5MLA0603H   V5.5MLA0603H V5.5MLA0603H PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) The flexible architecture supports different medi
V5.5MLA0603NH   V5.5MLA0603NH V5.5MLA0603NH PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) 0603-5.5V 04+ Hardware data protection measures include a low
V5.5MLA0603NH-LF   V5.5MLA0603NH-LF V5.5MLA0603NH-LF PDF Download
V5.5MLA0805H   V5.5MLA0805H V5.5MLA0805H PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA)  The uPG2158T5K is a GaAs MMIC for L,S-band
V5.5MLA0805LH   V5.5MLA0805LH V5.5MLA0805LH PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) The LTC6900 operates with a single 2.7V to 5.5V p
V5.5MLA0805LNH   V5.5MLA0805LNH V5.5MLA0805LNH PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) From Detect Command or Application of PD to Port
V5.5MLA0805LT23X1832   V5.5MLA0805LT23X1832 V5.5MLA0805LT23X1832 PDF Download The FAN4174 is designed on a CMOS process and pro
V5.5MLA0805NHX1998   V5.5MLA0805NHX1998 V5.5MLA0805NHX1998 PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity, I V, is measu
V5.5MLA1206H   V5.5MLA1206H V5.5MLA1206H PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) We Listen to Your Comments Any information with
V5.5MLA1206H23   V5.5MLA1206H23 V5.5MLA1206H23 PDF Download NOTES: 1. A17 is a NC for IDT70V3399. 2. All VD
V5.5MLA1206NH   V5.5MLA1206NH V5.5MLA1206NH PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) The NC7SZ08 is a single 2-Input AND Gate from Fa
V5.5MLA1206T   V5.5MLA1206T V5.5MLA1206T PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The Spansion Flash technology combines years of
V5.5MLA1206T23   V5.5MLA1206T23 V5.5MLA1206T23 PDF Download The B9948 is a low-voltage clock distribution bu
V5/001C   V5/001C V5/001C PDF Download Layout Consideration The IRU1261 like all other
V50001A1016A220   V50001A1016A220 V50001A1016A220 PDF Download 256 x 256 channel non-blocking switch Automatic
V50001-B1006-A220   V50001-B1006-A220 V50001-B1006-A220 PDF Download SMD 9830 Note 1. Stresses greater than those listed under
V50004   V50004 V50004 PDF Download LSI .   This device contains protection circuitry
V50004-5203-T200   V50004-5203-T200 V50004-5203-T200 PDF Download NULL . 50 Category voltage UC: The maximum direct voltage,
V50004-C49-T210   V50004-C49-T210 V50004-C49-T210 PDF Download A0-A11 are address inputs sampled during the ACT
V50004-G9012-T200   V50004-G9012-T200 V50004-G9012-T200 PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
V50004S121T220   V50004S121T220 V50004S121T220 PDF Download • 35ns, 45ns and 55ns Access Times •
V50004-S148-T210   V50004-S148-T210 V50004-S148-T210 PDF Download SIEMENS BGA After the output signal has been recorded, the f
V50004-S203-T200   V50004-S203-T200 V50004-S203-T200 PDF Download NULL . 4 Bipolar Violation Count Register 2. LSW of a 16-b
V50004-S203-T200EF12   V50004-S203-T200EF12 V50004-S203-T200EF12 PDF Download SIEMENS 07+   An internal loop filter moderates the res
V50004-S203-T200EF12/V50004-S203-T200   V50004-S203-T200EF12/V50004-S203-T200 V50004-S203-T200EF12/V50004-S203-T200 PDF Download - On-chip Hall plate - Operating voltage: 3.5V~2
V50004-S205-T200   V50004-S205-T200 V50004-S205-T200 PDF Download LSI TQFP-144 99 (Unless otherwise specified, these specification
V50004-S21-T210   V50004-S21-T210 V50004-S21-T210 PDF Download SIEMENS QFP100 00+   The SSTV16857 is a 14-bit registered buffe
V50004S232T200   V50004S232T200 V50004S232T200 PDF Download NULL . 5 When the AVDD pin is pulled low, the reference cl
V50004-S55-T210   V50004-S55-T210 V50004-S55-T210 PDF Download The HYM7V75A1601B F-Series are Dual In-line Memor
V50004-S61-T220   V50004-S61-T220 V50004-S61-T220 PDF Download Analog ground These pins provide the ground refe
V50004-S83-T210   V50004-S83-T210 V50004-S83-T210 PDF Download N/A PQFP-160 01 In the test mode, the normal operation of the SC
V50004-S84-T210   V50004-S84-T210 V50004-S84-T210 PDF Download N/A PQFP-160 01 The DS1666 Digital Audio Resistor is uniquely de
V50004-S85-T210   V50004-S85-T210 V50004-S85-T210 PDF Download N/A PQFP-160 02 Power-On Reset (POR) Prevents Printer Errors Whe
V50004S93T210   V50004S93T210 V50004S93T210 PDF Download General description Quad channel Low-Side Switc
V50004S93T210BEC2   V50004S93T210BEC2 V50004S93T210BEC2 PDF Download ♦ Four Regulators in One Package ♦
V50004-S96-T210   V50004-S96-T210 V50004-S96-T210 PDF Download ECOS2TA560AA ECOS2TA680AA ECOS2TA820AA ECOS2TA
V5000-50P0-B   V5000-50P0-B V5000-50P0-B PDF Download QFP 2002 Output frequency range: 2050 MHz to 2450 MHz Di
V50007F3334A201   V50007F3334A201 V50007F3334A201 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
V50010-B162-A   V50010-B162-A V50010-B162-A PDF Download SOP 614 Dual pins: OUTPUTA, OUTPUTB, PVDDA1 and PVDDB1 m
V50010-K31-A   V50010-K31-A V50010-K31-A PDF Download SOP 105 *Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maximu
V50017-L1009-A220   V50017-L1009-A220 V50017-L1009-A220 PDF Download SAPMO 05+ • Four T1/E1 short haul line interfaces &n
V50017-L2009-A220   V50017-L2009-A220 V50017-L2009-A220 PDF Download SAPMO 08+ In the absence of con f!rmotlon by dev{ce spsctft
V50017-Q210-K800   V50017-Q210-K800 V50017-Q210-K800 PDF Download FEATURES Bidirectional crowbar protection Vo
V50017-Q8240-K800   V50017-Q8240-K800 V50017-Q8240-K800 PDF Download This model provides a more precise description of
V50017-T120-K812   V50017-T120-K812 V50017-T120-K812 PDF Download ARM720T MCU  C 32-bit RISC MCU with 3-stag
V50017-T120-K892   V50017-T120-K892 V50017-T120-K892 PDF Download Wide supply voltage range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V
V50017-T90-K802   V50017-T90-K802 V50017-T90-K802 PDF Download Spartan series FPGAs can be used where hardware
V5-001B   V5-001B V5-001B PDF Download OMRON • Flexible architecture with abundant rout
V5-001C   V5-001C V5-001C PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The RF5189 has primarily been characterized with
V5004-S21-T210   V5004-S21-T210 V5004-S21-T210 PDF Download NEC QFP 05+ Multi-channel SRch input B Multi-channel SWch in
V5004S93T210   V5004S93T210 V5004S93T210 PDF Download CAOUT: (current amplifier output) This is the out
V50-0643   V50-0643 V50-0643 PDF Download 223 02+ QFP1420-100 No license, express or implied, by estoppel or o
V500-SE01   V500-SE01 V500-SE01 PDF Download NOTES 1Oversampling disabled. Static DAC perform
V5010A   V5010A V5010A PDF Download PHI 00+ DIP-S16P *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
V5027   V5027 V5027 PDF Download Hynix HYMD216646A(L)6J-J series incorporates SPD(
V5036S   V5036S V5036S PDF Download FAI TO-263 The varistors consist of a disc of low-â c
V5042F   V5042F V5042F PDF Download
V505   V505 V505 PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V32C735AT4 Series are 32Mx72bits E
V50500-A1-B10   V50500-A1-B10 V50500-A1-B10 PDF Download 1000 1.56 V@VDD=3.3 V). The design of proper sense ci
V50500-C33-K/SSMC300018740   V50500-C33-K/SSMC300018740 V50500-C33-K/SSMC300018740 PDF Download N/A 05+ A fixed precision resistor from this pin to groun
V5066   V5066 V5066 PDF Download Four of the nine instructions end with the trans
V510LA10   V510LA10 V510LA10 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The oscillator frequency (fosc) can be set betwe
V510LA10P   V510LA10P V510LA10P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc This device contains circuits to protect its inp
V510LA40A   V510LA40A V510LA40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc IOSShort-circuit output currentC 15C 85mA ICCSu
V510LA40AP   V510LA40AP V510LA40AP PDF Download Littelfuse Inc International Rectifiers MEGA RAD HARD technolog
V510LA80B   V510LA80B V510LA80B PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Surface-mount technology can be applied to the C
V510LA80BP   V510LA80BP V510LA80BP PDF Download Littelfuse Inc This block provides a stable regulated output vol
V510LA80BPX10   V510LA80BPX10 V510LA80BPX10 PDF Download Simultaneous Read/Write operations   Data
V510LA80BX10   V510LA80BX10 V510LA80BX10 PDF Download * All specs and applications shown above subject
V510LC40A   V510LC40A V510LC40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The test set described in this paper allows comp
V510LC40AX1931   V510LC40AX1931 V510LC40AX1931 PDF Download har har dc00 NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
V510LS40A   V510LS40A V510LS40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc har dc99 Control Interface I2C Bus Interface Device and
V511DA40   V511DA40 V511DA40 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
V511HA32   V511HA32 V511HA32 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc har dc98 Description MULT0 (Pin 43) Value. This bit is Re
V512008.192M   V512008.192M V512008.192M PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
V512PB/N   V512PB/N V512PB/N PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
V51500S   V51500S V51500S PDF Download PHI DIP-S16P 6+ f1 This value can change due to the switching fr
V515ME01   V515ME01 V515ME01 PDF Download The 6502 is an 8-bit CPU that provides 56 instruc
V5160   V5160 V5160 PDF Download PHI 98+ DIP-S16P The 150CMQ isolated, center tap Schottky rectifi
V5160V1   V5160V1 V5160V1 PDF Download PHI 00+ DIP-S16P High surge capacity. For use in low voltage, hig
V51C259P12L   V51C259P12L V51C259P12L PDF Download The ZA2030 is a fully integrated 30W bridged Cla
V51C518256-15T   V51C518256-15T V51C518256-15T PDF Download 1000 00+ A read operation begins on the falling edge of /
V520B   V520B V520B PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP 00+ Two Buck Controllers Providing up to 3A and One
V52-200-27MHZ   V52-200-27MHZ V52-200-27MHZ PDF Download The SSM2120 contains two independent level detec
V523C664HK30   V523C664HK30 V523C664HK30 PDF Download V523C664HK30 is an OLED Driver/Controller IC util
V526D   V526D V526D PDF Download HONEY SOT-89 06+ • PC100 functionality • Fully synchr
V52709   V52709 V52709 PDF Download har har dc75+ The power input for the core logic is designated
V52C16128HK45   V52C16128HK45 V52C16128HK45 PDF Download N/A EPSON 04+ One or several SCn/SDn downstream pairs, or chan
V52C18258K60   V52C18258K60 V52C18258K60 PDF Download Third Order Intermodulation Distortion   (
V52C4256K80   V52C4256K80 V52C4256K80 PDF Download 1000 NEW This document is a general product description an
V52C4256Z80   V52C4256Z80 V52C4256Z80 PDF Download DIP28 System integration unit (SIU) Bus monitor
V52C4258K60   V52C4258K60 V52C4258K60 PDF Download VCC = 5V ; VPLUSD = 0V (unless otherwise specifi
V52C4258K80   V52C4258K80 V52C4258K80 PDF Download N/A MOSELVITE 04+ VCC = 3V, VBATT = 2.8V, IOUT = 100mA   MAX
V52C4258Z60   V52C4258Z60 V52C4258Z60 PDF Download ZIP28 Notes 1. Device is considered as a two terminal
V52C4258Z70   V52C4258Z70 V52C4258Z70 PDF Download MOSEL 93 s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
V52C8126K80   V52C8126K80 V52C8126K80 PDF Download The programmable single-chip multichannel cordle
V52C8128K70   V52C8128K70 V52C8128K70 PDF Download MOSEL 1999+ SOJ/40   The IDT72V205/72V215/72V225/72V235/72V245
V52C8128K80   V52C8128K80 V52C8128K80 PDF Download © 1997 MX•COM Inc.www.mxcom.com Tele:
V52C8256HK45   V52C8256HK45 V52C8256HK45 PDF Download Depending on your PSoC device characteristics, t
V52C8256K-60   V52C8256K-60 V52C8256K-60 PDF Download • Frequencies Available from 4.8 MHz to 61.
V52C8258K60   V52C8258K60 V52C8258K60 PDF Download If CS2 exceeds 0.5V the outputs will be disabled
V5308256HK45   V5308256HK45 V5308256HK45 PDF Download N/A SOJ24 06+ The 3803/3804 group is the 8-bit microcomputer b
V530AE   V530AE V530AE PDF Download • high frequency rectifiers, output  
V533   V533 V533 PDF Download 0701+ The information contained herein is the exclusive
V5346126HK40   V5346126HK40 V5346126HK40 PDF Download    This low failure rate represents dat
V5346258HK   V5346258HK V5346258HK PDF Download Input Filter: To facilitate the high output fast
V535134511   V535134511 V535134511 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 On-chip communications peripherals include: USB
V536133871   V536133871 V536133871 PDF Download [H] PLCC Hardware Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware m
V537133571   V537133571 V537133571 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 Set the wait states in each bank by writing to t
V537133591   V537133591 V537133591 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28   Low power loss, high efficiency   Lo
V5377C   V5377C V5377C PDF Download Block Protect Bits - BP2, BP1, BP0 - (Nonvolatile
V538133081   V538133081 V538133081 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 Each FAST data sheet spells out the test circuit
V539132692   V539132692 V539132692 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which da
V53C100AK70   V53C100AK70 V53C100AK70 PDF Download SOJ20 Ordering Information continued at end of data she
V53C100AP80   V53C100AP80 V53C100AP80 PDF Download The CH7009 is a Display controller device which
V53C100HK45   V53C100HK45 V53C100HK45 PDF Download VITELIC SOJ 95+ The internal circuit is composed of 2 stages in
V53C104AK70   V53C104AK70 V53C104AK70 PDF Download
V53C104AK80   V53C104AK80 V53C104AK80 PDF Download Interrupt select mode. The external -ACK can be
V53C104AP70   V53C104AP70 V53C104AP70 PDF Download VTL DIP20P 91+ AT49BV/LV001NT pin 1 for the DIP and PLCC packag
V53C104AP80   V53C104AP80 V53C104AP80 PDF Download MOSEL DIP 93+ A measurement is initiated when the supply is ap
V53C104BK50   V53C104BK50 V53C104BK50 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
V53C104BK60   V53C104BK60 V53C104BK60 PDF Download MOSEL The MAX 3000A architecture includes four dedicat
V53C104BK60L   V53C104BK60L V53C104BK60L PDF Download The reset cycle continues for the first 18 clock
V53C104BK70   V53C104BK70 V53C104BK70 PDF Download MOSEL Note 2: Limits are 100% production tested at TA =
V53C104BK-70   V53C104BK-70 V53C104BK-70 PDF Download   The UC62LV2008 is a high performance, ver
V53C104BK70L   V53C104BK70L V53C104BK70L PDF Download The UCC3808A is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, hi
V53C104BP60   V53C104BP60 V53C104BP60 PDF Download 5 bit or 6 bit VID with 0.5% overall system accu
V53C104BP60L   V53C104BP60L V53C104BP60L PDF Download When RESET goes active as a result of a low volt
V53C104BP70   V53C104BP70 V53C104BP70 PDF Download TW DIP 94+ Place component C3 0.080 inches from the package
V53C104BP70L   V53C104BP70L V53C104BP70L PDF Download MOSEL DIP20 1992 Step-Down Controller s Out-of-Phase Controllers
V53C104BP-70L   V53C104BP-70L V53C104BP-70L PDF Download 07+ GS 702 replaces most of the original transmitter
V53C104BP80   V53C104BP80 V53C104BP80 PDF Download DIP20 2007+ Equivalent circuits for the twelve macrocell conf
V53C104DK60   V53C104DK60 V53C104DK60 PDF Download N/A MOSELVITE 04+  The attached data, sheets are provided by
V53C104DK-60   V53C104DK-60 V53C104DK-60 PDF Download The Standard Space Vector Modulation C 3 outputs
V53C104DK70   V53C104DK70 V53C104DK70 PDF Download VITESSE 600 01+   The serial I/O circuit can be set to tran
V53C104DP-6   V53C104DP-6 V53C104DP-6 PDF Download 07+ The high common-mode input voltage range and the
V53C104FK60   V53C104FK60 V53C104FK60 PDF Download First stage collector supply. A low frequency de
V53C104FK60L   V53C104FK60L V53C104FK60L PDF Download VITESSE 1000 01+ (DVDD = AVDD = +2.7V to +3.6V (MAX1233), DVDD = A
V53C104FK70   V53C104FK70 V53C104FK70 PDF Download N/A Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
V53C104FK70L   V53C104FK70L V53C104FK70L PDF Download 3 channels of ESD protection for RGB output pins
V53C104FP60   V53C104FP60 V53C104FP60 PDF Download   This advanced TMOS power FET is designed
V53C104FP-60   V53C104FP-60 V53C104FP-60 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
V53C104FP60L   V53C104FP60L V53C104FP60L PDF Download ERICSSON DIP 94+ The LTC1051/LTC1053 have an offset voltage of 0.5
V53C104FP70   V53C104FP70 V53C104FP70 PDF Download Packaged in space saving MSOP-10, the V53C104FP7
V53C104HK45   V53C104HK45 V53C104HK45 PDF Download MOSEL VITELIC SOJ 1993 These quadruple bus transceivers are designed f
V53C104HK50   V53C104HK50 V53C104HK50 PDF Download
V53C104HK60   V53C104HK60 V53C104HK60 PDF Download N/A MOSELVITE 04+ The V53C104HK60M has a 16-bit Host port with DMA
V53C104HP45   V53C104HP45 V53C104HP45 PDF Download The second amplifier, RFA2, provides 51 dB of gai
V53C104HP45L   V53C104HP45L V53C104HP45L PDF Download Output voltage can be programmed using the on-chi
V53C104HP60   V53C104HP60 V53C104HP60 PDF Download Using C4 = 8.2 pF 5%, C5 = 10 pF 5%, a switch
V53C104HP70L   V53C104HP70L V53C104HP70L PDF Download Differential linearity error of a D/A converter
V53C104HR45   V53C104HR45 V53C104HR45 PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
V53C104NK60L   V53C104NK60L V53C104NK60L PDF Download Quickly pulling and holding any of these pins ab
V53C104NK70   V53C104NK70 V53C104NK70 PDF Download Minimum Dielectric Strength, Input-Output Minimu
V53C104NK70L   V53C104NK70L V53C104NK70L PDF Download
V53C104P10   V53C104P10 V53C104P10 PDF Download    CAUTION: These devices are sensiti
V53C104P10L   V53C104P10L V53C104P10L PDF Download Notes 1 Pk/pk voltage at Pins 6 and 7 of a 1MHz
V53C104P12   V53C104P12 V53C104P12 PDF Download VITELRC DIP DIP   The current source provides a closely reg
V53C104P12L   V53C104P12L V53C104P12L PDF Download NOTES: 11. Measured using Eastman Kodak neutral
V53C104PPTO   V53C104PPTO V53C104PPTO PDF Download The Hynix HYM7V75A801B F-Series are 8Mx72bits ECC
V53C1-3997-02   V53C1-3997-02 V53C1-3997-02 PDF Download   In addition, there is a function below as
V53C14FP60L   V53C14FP60L V53C14FP60L PDF Download Only five small 1-µF ceramic capacitors ar
V53C161256HK40   V53C161256HK40 V53C161256HK40 PDF Download MOSEL FEATURES Complete Microphone Conditioner in an
V53C16125HK40   V53C16125HK40 V53C16125HK40 PDF Download MOSEL 97+   Please be aware that an important notice
V53C16125HK40TP   V53C16125HK40TP V53C16125HK40TP PDF Download SOJ40 98+ Ambient Temperature under Bias Storage Temperat
V53C16125HK50   V53C16125HK50 V53C16125HK50 PDF Download Typical values contained in this datasheet are b
V53C16126H50   V53C16126H50 V53C16126H50 PDF Download The quad consists of eight differential low nois
V53C16126HK30   V53C16126HK30 V53C16126HK30 PDF Download MOSEL The RC2207 is designed to operate over a power s
V53C16126HK40   V53C16126HK40 V53C16126HK40 PDF Download These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
V53C16126HK45   V53C16126HK45 V53C16126HK45 PDF Download
V53C16126HK50   V53C16126HK50 V53C16126HK50 PDF Download IAC=100µA, RSET=10k, VRMS=1.25V IAC=0&mic
V53C16128HK30   V53C16128HK30 V53C16128HK30 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 03+ The V53C16128HK30G is a passive miniature freque
V53C16128HK40   V53C16128HK40 V53C16128HK40 PDF Download SOJ40 99+ Maxim is the only RS-232 IC manufacturer to spec
V53C16128HK45   V53C16128HK45 V53C16128HK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 03+ Data sheet information is generally presented in
V53C16128HK45TP   V53C16128HK45TP V53C16128HK45TP PDF Download MOSEL 97 <1mV/mA (see Figure 1) Low Crosstalk Between
V53C16128HK50   V53C16128HK50 V53C16128HK50 PDF Download 1 ms instruction cycle time Three multi-source v
V53C16128HT35TP   V53C16128HT35TP V53C16128HT35TP PDF Download MOSEL VITELIC TSOP-II40/44L 00+ Each of the 8-bit planes has separate serial writ
V53C16128HT45   V53C16128HT45 V53C16128HT45 PDF Download Normally, no capacitors are needed unless the de
V53C16129HK40   V53C16129HK40 V53C16129HK40 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 03+ Serial address. A 4-bit serial address selects t
V53C16129HK45   V53C16129HK45 V53C16129HK45 PDF Download The PVN013 Series Photovoltaic Relay at 100 mil
V53C16129HK45TP   V53C16129HK45TP V53C16129HK45TP PDF Download VITELIC 98+ SOJ/40 The RC2211 is a monolithic phase-locked loop (PL
V53C16129HK50   V53C16129HK50 V53C16129HK50 PDF Download 96 These EMI filters are hermetically packaged in a
V53C16129HR45   V53C16129HR45 V53C16129HR45 PDF Download
V53C16256HK25   V53C16256HK25 V53C16256HK25 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 03+ This pin is programmable to 24MHz or 48 MHz cloc
V53C16256HK30   V53C16256HK30 V53C16256HK30 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Binary Twos Complement coding. (2) Ra
V53C16256HK45   V53C16256HK45 V53C16256HK45 PDF Download 80C51 based architecture 4K x 8 ROM (IS80C51 o
V53C16256HK50   V53C16256HK50 V53C16256HK50 PDF Download 98+ 600 The ispLSI 2096 and 2096A are High Density Progr
V53C16256HK50TP   V53C16256HK50TP V53C16256HK50TP PDF Download These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
V53C16256HK60   V53C16256HK60 V53C16256HK60 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ-40 PCM input C 102 dB of Stopband Attenuation C Su
V53C16256HK-60   V53C16256HK-60 V53C16256HK-60 PDF Download TI warrants performance of its products to the s
V53C16256HT45   V53C16256HT45 V53C16256HT45 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP The buried macrocell also supports input register
V53C16256HT45I   V53C16256HT45I V53C16256HT45I PDF Download 97 TSOP40 When low, "A" and "B" data i
V53C16256HT50   V53C16256HT50 V53C16256HT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP Dual pins: OUTPUTA, OUTPUTB, PVDDA1 and PVDDB1 m
V53C16256LT45   V53C16256LT45 V53C16256LT45 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP44 Quiescent current consumption for the device und
V53C16256LT50   V53C16256LT50 V53C16256LT50 PDF Download
V53C16258   V53C16258 V53C16258 PDF Download TSOP40 2007+ The V53C16258 is a high frequency, high efficienc
V53C1625811K35   V53C1625811K35 V53C1625811K35 PDF Download Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
V53C16258H50   V53C16258H50 V53C16258H50 PDF Download ICC1 , ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 are dependent on outpu
V53C16258HK   V53C16258HK V53C16258HK PDF Download MOSEL-V 07+;98+ 3.1 The END USER shall have the right to transfe
V53C16258HK/LK50   V53C16258HK/LK50 V53C16258HK/LK50 PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
V53C16258HK25   V53C16258HK25 V53C16258HK25 PDF Download ANTISTAIC SOJ40 9902+ A level high on this input puts the chip into the
V53C16258HK-25   V53C16258HK-25 V53C16258HK-25 PDF Download • UART   • Full duplex double bu
V53C16258HK25(100MHZ)   V53C16258HK25(100MHZ) V53C16258HK25(100MHZ) PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 13ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V LOW
V53C16258HK27   V53C16258HK27 V53C16258HK27 PDF Download MOSEL 98+ SOJ/40 600V Half Bridge Driver Integrated Bootstrap FET
V53C16258HK28   V53C16258HK28 V53C16258HK28 PDF Download The reference level is sampled during SHP active
V53C16258HK30   V53C16258HK30 V53C16258HK30 PDF Download SOJ SOJ   Figure 2 shows the clock, enable, and dat
V53C16258HK35   V53C16258HK35 V53C16258HK35 PDF Download SOJ SOJ Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. reserves the right to
V53C16258HK-35   V53C16258HK-35 V53C16258HK-35 PDF Download V 98+ Controls the 3-color LED Separately (ILED=10mA x
V53C16258HK35TP   V53C16258HK35TP V53C16258HK35TP PDF Download MOSEL 99+ Built-in Transparent Arbitration for Slave Sequen
V53C16258HK40   V53C16258HK40 V53C16258HK40 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ/40 97+ 1. Stresses beyond those listed under absolute ma
V53C16258HK45   V53C16258HK45 V53C16258HK45 PDF Download The purpose of this paper is to define the terms
V53C16258HK5   V53C16258HK5 V53C16258HK5 PDF Download Direction of Rotation: When the codewheel rota
V53C16258HK50   V53C16258HK50 V53C16258HK50 PDF Download SOJ40 Important notice: This document contains informa
V53C16258HK-50   V53C16258HK-50 V53C16258HK-50 PDF Download Optimized for 2.5V LVTTL Guaranteed Low Skew <
V53C16258H-K50(512KB)   V53C16258H-K50(512KB) V53C16258H-K50(512KB) PDF Download put, namely; mechanical and optomechanical. It re
V53C16258HK60   V53C16258HK60 V53C16258HK60 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 03+ The H6061 is a combined initialiser, watchdog an
V53C16258HT28   V53C16258HT28 V53C16258HT28 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-40 1998+ • Especially suitable for applications fro
V53C16258HT35   V53C16258HT35 V53C16258HT35 PDF Download MOSEL The SuperFlash technology provides fixed Erase a
V53C16258HT-35   V53C16258HT-35 V53C16258HT-35 PDF Download The three decades of the intermediate counter ca
V53C16258HT40   V53C16258HT40 V53C16258HT40 PDF Download TOSHIBA 05+ TSOP The V53C16258HT40 dual differential line driver
V53C16258HT40TP   V53C16258HT40TP V53C16258HT40TP PDF Download A calibration phase is provided to set the two D
V53C16258HT45   V53C16258HT45 V53C16258HT45 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 99+ The DAC8551 requires an external reference volta
V53C16258HT45TP   V53C16258HT45TP V53C16258HT45TP PDF Download The bq2050H determines battery capacity by moni-
V53C16258HT50   V53C16258HT50 V53C16258HT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-40 1999+ The DS2751 multichemistry battery fuel gauge is a
V53C16258LK35   V53C16258LK35 V53C16258LK35 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40   This device is an advanced direct convers
V53C16258LK40   V53C16258LK40 V53C16258LK40 PDF Download • One chip ATM User Network Interface for
V53C16258LK45   V53C16258LK45 V53C16258LK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40 In addition, the L1 instruction memory and L1 da
V53C16258LK50   V53C16258LK50 V53C16258LK50 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ/40 99+
V53C16258LT20   V53C16258LT20 V53C16258LT20 PDF Download The ISD5008 device is designed for use in a micr
V53C16258LT35   V53C16258LT35 V53C16258LT35 PDF Download MOSEL 04+ Parameter VDD to GND VA, VB, VW to GND Digital
V53C16258LT40   V53C16258LT40 V53C16258LT40 PDF Download MOSEL 1998+ TSOP-40 For proper activation of the output stages, it i
V53C16258LT-40   V53C16258LT-40 V53C16258LT-40 PDF Download  C Correlated Double Sampling (CDS)  
V53C16258LT45   V53C16258LT45 V53C16258LT45 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP44 The HSMP-381A series is specifi- cally designed
V53C16258LT50   V53C16258LT50 V53C16258LT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 99+ A common use of the F157A is the moving of data
V53C16258LT-50   V53C16258LT-50 V53C16258LT-50 PDF Download The FSK comparator is used to determine if the V
V53C16258LT50TP   V53C16258LT50TP V53C16258LT50TP PDF Download tection for the output transistors is provided t
V53C16258SHK50   V53C16258SHK50 V53C16258SHK50 PDF Download 99 transmitted to the silicon diaphragm. The MPXHZ64
V53C16258SHT50   V53C16258SHT50 V53C16258SHT50 PDF Download MVC TSOP44 04+ Figure 1 shows an LM136 with a 10k potentiometer
V53C16258SILT40   V53C16258SILT40 V53C16258SILT40 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-40 1997+ AH276 are integrated Hall sensors with output dr
V53C16258SILT50   V53C16258SILT50 V53C16258SILT50 PDF Download 9828+ 1000   PARAMETER Oscillator Switching Frequency
V53C16258SK   V53C16258SK V53C16258SK PDF Download SOJ 98+ 4. Multiple-Message Playback, Controller Interfa
V53C16258SLK35   V53C16258SLK35 V53C16258SLK35 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40 TI warrants pe rformance of its se miconductor p
V53C16258SLK40   V53C16258SLK40 V53C16258SLK40 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40 The products described herein are TTL compatible
V53C16258SLK45   V53C16258SLK45 V53C16258SLK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40 Hynix HYMD116M645A(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered
V53C16258SLK50   V53C16258SLK50 V53C16258SLK50 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ40 This datasheet contains new product information.
V53C16258SLT35   V53C16258SLT35 V53C16258SLT35 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP44 The HT95C200/20P/300/30P are 8-bit high perfor-
V53C16258SLT40   V53C16258SLT40 V53C16258SLT40 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP44 2Mbit of Page-Erasable Flash Memory Page Write
V53C16258SLT45   V53C16258SLT45 V53C16258SLT45 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP44 Similar to its analog input structure, the MAX10
V53C16258SLT50   V53C16258SLT50 V53C16258SLT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-40 1997+ n −40˚C to +85˚C operation n Co
V53C1628HK45   V53C1628HK45 V53C1628HK45 PDF Download q Electrical characteristics of power circuit (T
V53C1664HK   V53C1664HK V53C1664HK PDF Download MOSEL-V 07+ NOTES:  7. The hi and lo frequencies can be
V53C1664HK30   V53C1664HK30 V53C1664HK30 PDF Download MOSEL-V 07+ The DM9601 provides USB transceiver which is comp
V53C1668HK30   V53C1668HK30 V53C1668HK30 PDF Download • Third Generation Field-Programmable Gate
V53C181608K60   V53C181608K60 V53C181608K60 PDF Download NOTE: The 100-µF capacitor has: ESL = 3 nH
V53C1-998.5-02   V53C1-998.5-02 V53C1-998.5-02 PDF Download Member of Texas Instruments Widebus Fami
V53C256   V53C256 V53C256 PDF Download JRC DIP • High-speed operation 7 ns typ in transitio
V53C256AJ80   V53C256AJ80 V53C256AJ80 PDF Download PLCC 07+ • Guaranteed temperature   performanc
V53C256BP10   V53C256BP10 V53C256BP10 PDF Download MOSEL DIP/16 1991 The SC16C654B/654DB is pin compatible with the S
V53C256BP10(DRAM256K1)   V53C256BP10(DRAM256K1) V53C256BP10(DRAM256K1) PDF Download Reset conditions Input formatter RGB LUT Curso
V53C256J80   V53C256J80 V53C256J80 PDF Download Data flow from A to Y is controlled by the outp
V53C256J-80   V53C256J-80 V53C256J-80 PDF Download   The deflection amplifier circuit of Figur
V53C256J80L   V53C256J80L V53C256J80L PDF Download 2 The V53C256J80L incorporates SMSC's true CMOS 76
V53C256P10   V53C256P10 V53C256P10 PDF Download V DIP 90+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
V53C256P70   V53C256P70 V53C256P70 PDF Download VITELIC 8838 Trigger Voltage: The measured peak voltage across
V53C256P80   V53C256P80 V53C256P80 PDF Download The SDA pin is bidirectional for serial data tra
V53C256P80L   V53C256P80L V53C256P80L PDF Download VHK DIP 89+ current requirement makes the usage of MAS9162
V53C256P-80L   V53C256P-80L V53C256P-80L PDF Download 1. 1.4V to 1.4V. Ta = 2 0 C . The characteristics
V53C258J70   V53C258J70 V53C258J70 PDF Download VITELIC PLCC 9335+ Gold diffused for low forward voltage Epitaxial
V53C258P10   V53C258P10 V53C258P10 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ab
V53C258P70   V53C258P70 V53C258P70 PDF Download FEATURES Wide 8 V to 50 V Input Range Adjusta
V53C258P80   V53C258P80 V53C258P80 PDF Download Programming features contain 208 bits of read/wr
V53C261K10   V53C261K10 V53C261K10 PDF Download The V53C261K10 includes an 8 x 8 dither table, w
V53C261K50   V53C261K50 V53C261K50 PDF Download Red Negative Analog Input No Connect, (Note 5)
V53C261P10   V53C261P10 V53C261P10 PDF Download N-channel enhancement mode standard level fiel
V53C261P12   V53C261P12 V53C261P12 PDF Download MOSEL DIP 1993
V53C261-P12   V53C261-P12 V53C261-P12 PDF Download VITELIC DIP/24 93+9 sFEATURES qLow Offset VoltageVIO=4mV max qSing
V53C261Z10   V53C261Z10 V53C261Z10 PDF Download When the DRAIN pin of the LT4250H is above VEE by
V53C316162VT6   V53C316162VT6 V53C316162VT6 PDF Download V TSOP 99+/04+ D/A Converter Sampling Clock For Y Signal (PCK)
V53C318160AT50   V53C318160AT50 V53C318160AT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP/44 1998 Common Mode Voltage. The voltage output at this
V53C318165AK50   V53C318165AK50 V53C318165AK50 PDF Download   The received serial data is internally co
V53C318165AT50   V53C318165AT50 V53C318165AT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-50 Test mode (open or VSS) Test mode (LSB) (open
V53C318165AT60   V53C318165AT60 V53C318165AT60 PDF Download N/A TSSOP-44 98   The ON Semiconductor V53C318165AT60 is a d
V53C365165AT50   V53C365165AT50 V53C365165AT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 03+   The IDT5T907 2.5V single data rate (SDR)
V53C365405AT50   V53C365405AT50 V53C365405AT50 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 03+ This pin is programmable to 24MHz or 48 MHz cloc
V53C365805AT50   V53C365805AT50 V53C365805AT50 PDF Download All voltages are relative to VSS = 0V reference.
V53C365805AT-50   V53C365805AT-50 V53C365805AT-50 PDF Download CONNECTION MODE   In Connection Mode, the a
V53C400HK60   V53C400HK60 V53C400HK60 PDF Download 1.2MHz Switching Frequency Low VCESAT Switches:
V53C400K80   V53C400K80 V53C400K80 PDF Download systems where system integrity must be ensured o
V53C400Z80   V53C400Z80 V53C400Z80 PDF Download MOSEL JIP/20 06+ The CS42416 integrated PLL provides a low-jitter
V53C404BK60   V53C404BK60 V53C404BK60 PDF Download AMD is a trademark of Advanced Micro Devices, In
V53C404FK70   V53C404FK70 V53C404FK70 PDF Download
V53C404H60   V53C404H60 V53C404H60 PDF Download SOJ 98+ Power Diode Module DD60GB series are designed fo
V53C404HK45   V53C404HK45 V53C404HK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 07+ Power Supply Voltage When the power supply vol
V53C404HK60   V53C404HK60 V53C404HK60 PDF Download MOSEL DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
V53C404K60L   V53C404K60L V53C404K60L PDF Download NMOS linear image sensors are self-scanning phot
V53C404K70   V53C404K70 V53C404K70 PDF Download   Features 1) Triple chord can be generate
V53C408HK45   V53C408HK45 V53C408HK45 PDF Download SOZ Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
V53C408HK60   V53C408HK60 V53C408HK60 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ/20 1997 Intels second generation Series 2 Flash Memory
V53C40HK40   V53C40HK40 V53C40HK40 PDF Download The L-Series of DC/DC converters are radiation t
V53C454AJ80L   V53C454AJ80L V53C454AJ80L PDF Download 1) tAC/tDQSCK, tRCD/tRP parameters each speed cha
V53C464AJ10L   V53C464AJ10L V53C464AJ10L PDF Download
V53C464AJ10LI   V53C464AJ10LI V53C464AJ10LI PDF Download   External compensation is only necessary a
V53C464AJ-10LI-TER   V53C464AJ-10LI-TER V53C464AJ-10LI-TER PDF Download PIONEER 05+/06+ ‡ This is the inverse of the junction-to-a
V53C464AJ70   V53C464AJ70 V53C464AJ70 PDF Download 1240 93+ In the CCD configuration the input signal is AC
V53C464AJ80   V53C464AJ80 V53C464AJ80 PDF Download MOSEL • High Brightness AlInGaP   Material
V53C464AJ80L   V53C464AJ80L V53C464AJ80L PDF Download MOSEL 9419 Any existing analog speaker set can easily be u
V53C464AJ-80L   V53C464AJ-80L V53C464AJ-80L PDF Download • Eight Independent 12-Bit DACs with Output
V53C464AP10   V53C464AP10 V53C464AP10 PDF Download DIP 9214 Notes: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
V53C464AP70   V53C464AP70 V53C464AP70 PDF Download rial Data (SDA) to VCC. (Figure 4. indicates ho
V53C464AP80   V53C464AP80 V53C464AP80 PDF Download 1. Increase the baud rate of the device by &nbs
V53C464AP80L   V53C464AP80L V53C464AP80L PDF Download The VCXO may be coarse tuned by a programmable a
V53C464AP-80L   V53C464AP-80L V53C464AP-80L PDF Download MOSEL Power supply, nominal 3.3V 0.7 V Differential
V53C464J10   V53C464J10 V53C464J10 PDF Download The LVT16373 and LVTH16373 contain sixteen D-typ
V53C464J10L   V53C464J10L V53C464J10L PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
V53C464J80L   V53C464J80L V53C464J80L PDF Download Bidirectional Data I/O Lines. As inputs, they fe
V53C464P10   V53C464P10 V53C464P10 PDF Download Bursts can be synchronized to external noise sou
V53C464P10L   V53C464P10L V53C464P10L PDF Download Micrel Products are not designed or authorized f
V53C464P10L0   V53C464P10L0 V53C464P10L0 PDF Download The FSK modulator/demodulator produces a frequen
V53C464P10LQ   V53C464P10LQ V53C464P10LQ PDF Download The SG2000 series integrates seven NPN Darlingto
V53C464P80   V53C464P80 V53C464P80 PDF Download The receive (RX) section of the CYP(V)15G0401DXB
V53C464P80L   V53C464P80L V53C464P80L PDF Download READ: The AT49BV/LV040 is accessed like an EPROM.
V53C464PIOLQ   V53C464PIOLQ V53C464PIOLQ PDF Download NOTES 1Oversampling disabled. Static DAC perform
V53C466J10   V53C466J10 V53C466J10 PDF Download 2008
V53C466J80   V53C466J80 V53C466J80 PDF Download Recordings are stored in on-chip nonvolatile me
V53C466P10   V53C466P10 V53C466P10 PDF Download 12 Bit Resolution 1.3 GS/s Sampling Rate 4:1 In
V53C466P80   V53C466P80 V53C466P80 PDF Download 5V TOLERANT INPUTS HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5.2ns (MA
V53C511740502K50   V53C511740502K50 V53C511740502K50 PDF Download SOZ 97 * Permanent device damage may occur if "ABSO
V53C51174050K50   V53C51174050K50 V53C51174050K50 PDF Download 97 The MAX3873 is a compact, low-power 2.488Gbps/ 2.
V53C511816500K60   V53C511816500K60 V53C511816500K60 PDF Download 7. The CH1817 DAA as is meets or exceeds the &nb
V53C511816-500K60   V53C511816-500K60 V53C511816-500K60 PDF Download The main screen for the NIST TCP Time Client is s
V53C511816502K60   V53C511816502K60 V53C511816502K60 PDF Download At any time, the FIFO can be reset to an empty s
V53C518160AK50   V53C518160AK50 V53C518160AK50 PDF Download SMD NEW 98 The TS302x comparators are featuring high speed
V53C518160AK-50   V53C518160AK-50 V53C518160AK-50 PDF Download Mosel-Vitelic STK 2003+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
V53C518160AT50   V53C518160AT50 V53C518160AT50 PDF Download
V53C518165AK50   V53C518165AK50 V53C518165AK50 PDF Download MOS SOJ 02 The MC-7856 is a GaAs hybrid integrated circuit
V53C518165AK-50   V53C518165AK-50 V53C518165AK-50 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ-42 1998+ • Controller Overhead Command to DRQ  
V53C664AK80   V53C664AK80 V53C664AK80 PDF Download SOJ-40 9526 Controlled slew rate reduces EMI Over temperatu
V53C664AK-80   V53C664AK-80 V53C664AK-80 PDF Download 1000 95 The input clock frequency, Fin, and the internal
V53C664HK50   V53C664HK50 V53C664HK50 PDF Download MOSEL Design, and specifications are each subject to c
V53C664HK55   V53C664HK55 V53C664HK55 PDF Download NPT IGBT technology low saturation voltage low
V53C664K10   V53C664K10 V53C664K10 PDF Download SOJ36 (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
V53C664K10L   V53C664K10L V53C664K10L PDF Download Notes: 1. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
V53C664K80   V53C664K80 V53C664K80 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
V53C664K80L   V53C664K80L V53C664K80L PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C 
V53C665K80   V53C665K80 V53C665K80 PDF Download MIT 93 The V53C665K80 also features Nationals 3D Sound
V53C665K-80   V53C665K-80 V53C665K-80 PDF Download Out (pin 7)  The output pin assumes a logic
V53C806HK45   V53C806HK45 V53C806HK45 PDF Download This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
V53C806HK45TP   V53C806HK45TP V53C806HK45TP PDF Download N/A SMD 03+ Fast charge and top-off may be inhibited by using
V53C808HK50   V53C808HK50 V53C808HK50 PDF Download SOJ 1997 • Power-on Reset (POR) • Power-up
V53C808SHK(TP)   V53C808SHK(TP) V53C808SHK(TP) PDF Download Charge current can be monitored via the voltage o
V53C808SHK40   V53C808SHK40 V53C808SHK40 PDF Download Low Side Driver Output. This pin must be connect
V53C808SHK409(TP)   V53C808SHK409(TP) V53C808SHK409(TP) PDF Download SOJ 97+ OSCILLATOR The UC3823A,B/3825A,B oscillator is
V53C808SHK40TP   V53C808SHK40TP V53C808SHK40TP PDF Download MOSEL 97+ Functional I/O The HFBR-5710L accepts industry
V53C8125HK30   V53C8125HK30 V53C8125HK30 PDF Download   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
V53C8125HK35   V53C8125HK35 V53C8125HK35 PDF Download RAMP: A resistor (R4) from RAMP to the input volt
V53C8125HK35TP   V53C8125HK35TP V53C8125HK35TP PDF Download MOSEL The IS93C56-3 is controlled by seven 9-bit instr
V53C8125HK35TR   V53C8125HK35TR V53C8125HK35TR PDF Download in Battery-Powered Applications Like: − Tw
V53C8125HK40   V53C8125HK40 V53C8125HK40 PDF Download 1000 01+ Sequencing. Auto-Track simplifies the task of s
V53C8125HK40TP   V53C8125HK40TP V53C8125HK40TP PDF Download MVI SOJ 97 Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
V53C8125HK45   V53C8125HK45 V53C8125HK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 95+ The 6N137, HCPL-2601/2611 single-channel and HCP
V53C8125HK-45   V53C8125HK-45 V53C8125HK-45 PDF Download MOSEL VITELIC SOJ 1995 The perimeter of configurable IOBs provides a pr
V53C8125HK45TP   V53C8125HK45TP V53C8125HK45TP PDF Download 4. Space Certain disadvantages of battery-backe
V53C8125HK45TR   V53C8125HK45TR V53C8125HK45TR PDF Download   The Motorola accelerometers contain an on
V53C8125HT40   V53C8125HT40 V53C8125HT40 PDF Download MOSEL When accessing the FM25L16, the user addresses
V53C8125MK35   V53C8125MK35 V53C8125MK35 PDF Download 98 35µV Maximum Offset Voltage 110pA Maximum
V53C8126   V53C8126 V53C8126 PDF Download TSOP28 Supply Voltage (V+ = AVCC = DVCC) Voltage at A
V53C8126HK40   V53C8126HK40 V53C8126HK40 PDF Download SOP 99+ This 32-bit noninverting bus transceiver uses tw
V53C8126HK45   V53C8126HK45 V53C8126HK45 PDF Download
V53C8126HT   V53C8126HT V53C8126HT PDF Download SSOP The SPS product family is specially designed for
V53C8126HT45   V53C8126HT45 V53C8126HT45 PDF Download GND - is the low voltage supply return for the +1
V53C8128HK40   V53C8128HK40 V53C8128HK40 PDF Download MOSEL 96+ SOJ The 318 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for
V53C818HK35   V53C818HK35 V53C818HK35 PDF Download SOJ 99+ • Four Crystal modes, up to 40 MHz •
V53C818HK40   V53C818HK40 V53C818HK40 PDF Download 99 The analog input pin transfers its signal to the
V53C818HK40TP   V53C818HK40TP V53C818HK40TP PDF Download   This advanced TMOS power FET is designed
V53C818HK45   V53C818HK45 V53C818HK45 PDF Download an Mode where in Linear Addressing mode true 32
V53C818HK50   V53C818HK50 V53C818HK50 PDF Download CHIP ERASE: If the boot block lockout has been en
V53C818LT50   V53C818LT50 V53C818LT50 PDF Download Packets received from the packet interfaces are p
V53C819HK27   V53C819HK27 V53C819HK27 PDF Download SOJ 1999 CT: For UCC381-3 and UCC381-5 versions, this is t
V53C82125HK   V53C82125HK V53C82125HK PDF Download Devices with a date code prior to 0425 (manufactu
V53C8256   V53C8256 V53C8256 PDF Download 2000 01+ To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308A, the
V53C8256HK35   V53C8256HK35 V53C8256HK35 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 1997+ LOGIC INPUTS (CLK, PDWN)   High Level Input
V53C8256HK40   V53C8256HK40 V53C8256HK40 PDF Download
V53C8256HK45   V53C8256HK45 V53C8256HK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ © 1997 MX•COM Inc.www.mxcom.com Tele:
V53C8256HK-45   V53C8256HK-45 V53C8256HK-45 PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load
V53C8256HK45L   V53C8256HK45L V53C8256HK45L PDF Download 1. The symbols CE# and OE# and WE# are revised as
V53C8256HK45TP   V53C8256HK45TP V53C8256HK45TP PDF Download 98 V53C8256HK45TPLV431 Precision Programmable Refere
V53C8256HK60   V53C8256HK60 V53C8256HK60 PDF Download N/A MOSELVITE 04+ The UCC3580 family of PWM controllers is designe
V53C8256HP   V53C8256HP V53C8256HP PDF Download Discontinuous mode operation provides high effici
V53C8256HP45   V53C8256HP45 V53C8256HP45 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The Samsung M390S2858DT1 is a 128M bit x
V53C8256HP-45   V53C8256HP-45 V53C8256HP-45 PDF Download ♦ 640kHz/1.2MHz Current-Mode Step-Up Regul
V53C8256HT   V53C8256HT V53C8256HT PDF Download MOSEL TSOP Restart, Latching, or Cycle-by-Cycle Current Lim
V53C8258HK40   V53C8258HK40 V53C8258HK40 PDF Download This is the high impedance input to the FSK volt
V53C8258HK45   V53C8258HK45 V53C8258HK45 PDF Download MOSEL SOJ 95+ • Categorized for Luminous   Intensi
V53C8258K60   V53C8258K60 V53C8258K60 PDF Download The special built-in green functions allow the e
V53C832HQ35   V53C832HQ35 V53C832HQ35 PDF Download GALVANTECH QFP100 Dual Output Regulator in Tiny 10-Pin MSOP High E
V53C832HQ40   V53C832HQ40 V53C832HQ40 PDF Download GALVANTECH n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
V53C864K10   V53C864K10 V53C864K10 PDF Download • Ultra-miniature size with universal termi
V53C864K10L   V53C864K10L V53C864K10L PDF Download IAC: (current proportional to input voltage) This
V53C864K80L   V53C864K80L V53C864K80L PDF Download MOSELVITELIC 94+ The outputs are fully protected against shorts t
V53C864P10ES   V53C864P10ES V53C864P10ES PDF Download NOTES:2911 tbl 09 1. "X" in part numb
V53C864P10L   V53C864P10L V53C864P10L PDF Download 07+ eight-pin, hermetic, dual-in-line, ceramic pac
V53V16256HK50   V53V16256HK50 V53V16256HK50 PDF Download *Very low external component required. *High cu
V53V16258HK25   V53V16258HK25 V53V16258HK25 PDF Download The information herein is given to describe cert
V541   V541 V541 PDF Download FDS TSSOP-20 05+ The PKEU is capable of performing many advanced
V54ACT245D   V54ACT245D V54ACT245D PDF Download Due to their tiny size and low power consumption
V54ACT573D   V54ACT573D V54ACT573D PDF Download VTC DIP Notes:  6. Parameters are guaranteed by de
V54B26C225BL   V54B26C225BL V54B26C225BL PDF Download N/A
V54C3128164VAT6   V54C3128164VAT6 V54C3128164VAT6 PDF Download V TSOP 00+ The TPS5140 is a dc/dc controller that incorpora
V54C3128164VAT7   V54C3128164VAT7 V54C3128164VAT7 PDF Download SOP 0350+ The information in this document is preliminary
V54C3128164VBI7   V54C3128164VBI7 V54C3128164VBI7 PDF Download MOSEL   The safe operating area curve is a graphic
V54C31612VCT6   V54C31612VCT6 V54C31612VCT6 PDF Download MOSEL SOP 0410+
V54C3161612VBT10   V54C3161612VBT10 V54C3161612VBT10 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 98+ count in the count-down mode. Cascading of mult
V54C316162VCT6   V54C316162VCT6 V54C316162VCT6 PDF Download TSOP 0337+ SmartVoltage technology provides a choice of VDD
V54C316162VCT-6   V54C316162VCT-6 V54C316162VCT-6 PDF Download   +s ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (V =3.0V,RL
V54C316162VT6   V54C316162VT6 V54C316162VT6 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP-50 2000+ OPERATION OF STEP-UP CONVERTER A step-up convert
V54C31616VCT6   V54C31616VCT6 V54C31616VCT6 PDF Download As with all shunt voltage references, an externa
V54C3256164VBT6   V54C3256164VBT6 V54C3256164VBT6 PDF Download When READ is LOW, data can be read from the RAM
V54C3256164VBT7   V54C3256164VBT7 V54C3256164VBT7 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 06+ OSC1 and OSC2 are connected to an RC network or a
V54C3256164VBUC7   V54C3256164VBUC7 V54C3256164VBUC7 PDF Download BGA 0342+ 4-multiplier configuration Single phase-locked l
V54C3256164VDI6   V54C3256164VDI6 V54C3256164VDI6 PDF Download - - - By means of controlling pin 2 (Stand-by terminal
V54C3256164VDI-7   V54C3256164VDI-7 V54C3256164VDI-7 PDF Download MOSEL TSOP 08+ The serial number is divided into three parts (s
V54C3256404VBS7   V54C3256404VBS7 V54C3256404VBS7 PDF Download MOSEL BGA 02+ Two data address generators (DAGs) provide addre
V54C3256804VBT-7   V54C3256804VBT-7 V54C3256804VBT-7 PDF Download TSOP Full Scale Range (FSR) is 10V. Guaranteed but
V54C333322VTQ55   V54C333322VTQ55 V54C333322VTQ55 PDF Download MOSEL TQFP/100 00+ The LM135, LM235, LM335 are precision tempera-
V54C333322VTQ6   V54C333322VTQ6 V54C333322VTQ6 PDF Download MOSEL 00+ The MAX3221 consists of one line driver, one lin
V54C365164VBT8   V54C365164VBT8 V54C365164VBT8 PDF Download The bq2050H measures the voltage differential bet
V54C365164VBT8PC   V54C365164VBT8PC V54C365164VBT8PC PDF Download MOSEL VITELIC 9922 Performance Motion Devices, Inc. assumes no liab
V54C365164VC17   V54C365164VC17 V54C365164VC17 PDF Download MOSEL OP2* (interrupt enable), BAUDOUT* and RXRDY* out
V54C365164VCT7   V54C365164VCT7 V54C365164VCT7 PDF Download 02+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where the m
V54C365164VCT-7   V54C365164VCT-7 V54C365164VCT-7 PDF Download into a threaded hole in a tank As with any IC th
V54C365164VCT8PC   V54C365164VCT8PC V54C365164VCT8PC PDF Download MOSELVITEL TSOP-54 Junction CapacitancepF Test Conditions: f = 1 GH
V54C365164VD75   V54C365164VD75 V54C365164VD75 PDF Download 13 MOSTE Lowest power 384 macrocell CPLD 7.5 ns pin-to-p
V54C365164VDT45   V54C365164VDT45 V54C365164VDT45 PDF Download
V54C365164VDT5   V54C365164VDT5 V54C365164VDT5 PDF Download The 7.6 mm (0.3 inch) and 10.9 mm (0.43 inch)
V54C365164VDT-5   V54C365164VDT-5 V54C365164VDT-5 PDF Download   . . . designed for line operated audio ou
V54C365164VDT6   V54C365164VDT6 V54C365164VDT6 PDF Download Regulation is measured at constant junction temp
V54C365164VDT7   V54C365164VDT7 V54C365164VDT7 PDF Download MOSEL 00+ PCI Compliance The FLASH370i family of CMOS CPLD
V54C365164VDT-7   V54C365164VDT-7 V54C365164VDT-7 PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
V54C36516G4VCT7   V54C36516G4VCT7 V54C36516G4VCT7 PDF Download TI assumes no liability for applications assista
V54C365804VBT8PC   V54C365804VBT8PC V54C365804VBT8PC PDF Download TSOP 99+ The 256K bytes of Flash program memory are used
V54C365804VCT8PC   V54C365804VCT8PC V54C365804VCT8PC PDF Download HEXFET technology is the key to International Re
V54C366164VCT8PC   V54C366164VCT8PC V54C366164VCT8PC PDF Download 01 The HC4066 and CD74HCT4066 contain four independ
V54FCT245D   V54FCT245D V54FCT245D PDF Download CDIP
V5-500   V5-500 V5-500 PDF Download
V5541B7512   V5541B7512 V5541B7512 PDF Download PLCC 04+ • 24-Bit SPI for Control and Fault Reportin
V5571B3981   V5571B3981 V5571B3981 PDF Download PLCC 04+ In multi-drop scan systems, a scan tester can se
V5591B7171   V5591B7171 V5591B7171 PDF Download PLCC 04+ A bidirectional data strobe (DQS) is transmitted
V560   V560 V560 PDF Download DIP NOTES: (1) Referred to output in unity-gain diff
V56060IP1   V56060IP1 V56060IP1 PDF Download WRITE PROTECT: When the WP pin is low, program an
V562K   V562K V562K PDF Download The HT812L0 is a single chip PCM voice and sound
V568   V568 V568 PDF Download UART channel A Receive Data or infrared receive
V56C664AK80   V56C664AK80 V56C664AK80 PDF Download Each channel has a request bit associated with it
V56CH8T   V56CH8T V56CH8T PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) Standard Definition Programmable Features  
V56MA2A   V56MA2A V56MA2A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc • All inputs and outputs referenced to posi
V56MA2S   V56MA2S V56MA2S PDF Download Littelfuse Inc   Three-phase bipolar drive   Direct P
V56MLA1206H   V56MLA1206H V56MLA1206H PDF Download Littelfuse Inc (VA) DESCRIPTION This high performance Transil serie
V56MLA1206H23   V56MLA1206H23 V56MLA1206H23 PDF Download JAT 1206 05+ The Bay Linear n-channel power field effect tran
V56MLA126H23   V56MLA126H23 V56MLA126H23 PDF Download 1206 05+
V56ZA05P   V56ZA05P V56ZA05P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc littelfuse dc0607 Instructions, addresses, and data are clocked in
V56ZA2   V56ZA2 V56ZA2 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc 1999 N/A † Package drawings, standard packing quant
V56ZA20X10   V56ZA20X10 V56ZA20X10 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The Z86C84 has two 8-bit 1/2 LSB D/A converters
V56ZA2P   V56ZA2P V56ZA2P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc • 5-Pin SOT-23A • Factory-programmed
V56ZA3   V56ZA3 V56ZA3 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc • IN-SYSTEM PROGRAMMABLE   3.3V In-S
V56ZA3P   V56ZA3P V56ZA3P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The speakerphone algorithm constantly adjusts it
V56ZA8   V56ZA8 V56ZA8 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc   Using charts above to adjust A/D conversi
V56ZA8P   V56ZA8P V56ZA8P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Multi-channel Rch input A Multi-channel Cch inpu
V56ZAB   V56ZAB V56ZAB PDF Download connected to common Ports Dn) when the IN input
V56ZS2   V56ZS2 V56ZS2 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus
V56ZS2P   V56ZS2P V56ZS2P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc A pull-up resistor (RBE, installed between the b
V56ZS3   V56ZS3 V56ZS3 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Note 5: Stresses in excess of the absolute maximu
V56ZT2   V56ZT2 V56ZT2 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc To assure the output tracibility, the SRAM provid
V56ZT2P   V56ZT2P V56ZT2P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc   Designed for PCN and PCS base station appl
V56ZT3   V56ZT3 V56ZT3 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc
V56ZT8P   V56ZT8P V56ZT8P PDF Download Littelfuse Inc These LCA functions are established by a configu
V571DA40   V571DA40 V571DA40 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc har dc99 When designing with FRAM for the first time, use
V571DB40   V571DB40 V571DB40 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc Calibrated directly in degrees Fahrenheit Linear
V571HA32   V571HA32 V571HA32 PDF Download Littelfuse Inc INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE OFFSET VOLTAGE vs. tempera
V573   V573 V573 PDF Download NS This signal is used internally as part of the I
V574   V574 V574 PDF Download FDS TSSOP-20 05+ SECTOR LOCKDOWN DETECTION: A software method is a
V575LA40A   V575LA40A V575LA40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc The device is fully accessible and data can be wr
V575LA40AP   V575LA40AP V575LA40AP PDF Download Littelfuse Inc 12-bit Resolution ADC 20MHz Sampling Rate 10-
V575LA80B   V575LA80B V575LA80B PDF Download Littelfuse Inc   This schottky-clamped TTL MSI circuit is
V575LA80BP   V575LA80BP V575LA80BP PDF Download Littelfuse Inc National Semiconductor B.V reserves the right to
V575LC40A   V575LC40A V575LC40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc †For information on tape and reel specific
V575LS40A   V575LS40A V575LS40A PDF Download Littelfuse Inc OBDIn (pin11)  The OBD data is input to thi
V580ME02   V580ME02 V580ME02 PDF Download Quasi Resonant Converter Controller Internal Bu
V580ME04   V580ME04 V580ME04 PDF Download The MIC49300 is a high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 3
V584ME08   V584ME08 V584ME08 PDF Download The pre-bias control loop may be used to make a
V585ME06   V585ME06 V585ME06 PDF Download <Mobile SDRAM> • Power Supply Volta
V585ME08-LF   V585ME08-LF V585ME08-LF PDF Download Store the devices out of direct sunlight, at a st
V585ME12   V585ME12 V585ME12 PDF Download ZCI 0 The HT1204 monolithic quad analog switch consist
V585ME12(MINI-14S)   V585ME12(MINI-14S) V585ME12(MINI-14S) PDF Download Buffered Clock Output This pin provides a buffer
V585ME30   V585ME30 V585ME30 PDF Download Package Description 100-Lead LQFP 100-Lead LQFP
V585ME30-LF   V585ME30-LF V585ME30-LF PDF Download In this mode the bridge commutating frequency is
V585ME66-LF   V585ME66-LF V585ME66-LF PDF Download The SCAN18541T is a high speed, low-power line d
V586ME04   V586ME04 V586ME04 PDF Download Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
V5888   V5888 V5888 PDF Download 台产 06+ The Hitachi HM628100I Series is 8-Mbit static RA
V5888S   V5888S V5888S PDF Download The V5888S is a dual bridge-connected audio powe
V5888SL/F   V5888SL/F V5888SL/F PDF Download N/A SSOP N/A Information contained in this publication regard
V58C2128164SAT7   V58C2128164SAT7 V58C2128164SAT7 PDF Download The IRU3072 controller IC is designed to provide
V58C2128164SBT5B   V58C2128164SBT5B V58C2128164SBT5B PDF Download TSOP-66 0406+ • Ultra-miniature size with universal termi
V58C2256164SAT5   V58C2256164SAT5 V58C2256164SAT5 PDF Download Description The CE pin is used for interfacing w
V58C2256164SBT5   V58C2256164SBT5 V58C2256164SBT5 PDF Download MOSEL 06+ TSOP Note 1: Specifications are production tested at T
V58C2256164SC15   V58C2256164SC15 V58C2256164SC15 PDF Download
V58C2256164SCI5   V58C2256164SCI5 V58C2256164SCI5 PDF Download PROMOS 2005 bit or any arbitrary channels in ESF mode. The s
V58C2256804SAT-5   V58C2256804SAT-5 V58C2256804SAT-5 PDF Download To retain data, 1024 refresh cycles are required
V58C2256804SAT-5B   V58C2256804SAT-5B V58C2256804SAT-5B PDF Download +Denotes lead-free package. *I2C is a trademark
V58C2256804SAT-6   V58C2256804SAT-6 V58C2256804SAT-6 PDF Download Sirenza Microdevices SVG-2066 is an IC based 6-bi
V58C2512164SAI5   V58C2512164SAI5 V58C2512164SAI5 PDF Download   The MP7652 is ideal for digital gain cont
V58C2512164SB15   V58C2512164SB15 V58C2512164SB15 PDF Download SYMBOL PARAMETER Gate Driver IGONGATE Pin Curre
V58C365164SBT4   V58C365164SBT4 V58C365164SBT4 PDF Download 56 MOSEL 03+ High Capacitive-Drive Capability Typical Delay T
V58C5C100AL   V58C5C100AL V58C5C100AL PDF Download Assuming that the sync separator is in steady sta
V59029   V59029 V59029 PDF Download PRINCE CORP 20PIN-SOP 06+ In most applications, the chip address inputs A0
V59029REVA   V59029REVA V59029REVA PDF Download PRINCE SOP-20 The fixed OR array allows up to eight data produ
V5904300   V5904300 V5904300 PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage ∆B
V5904300(GW00-DB1635-CB)   V5904300(GW00-DB1635-CB) V5904300(GW00-DB1635-CB) PDF Download   The CS5204−x family of linear regula
V5905103   V5905103 V5905103 PDF Download The above equations assume that VCC equals 9V. T
V5905103(GW00-GA-0967-AC)   V5905103(GW00-GA-0967-AC) V5905103(GW00-GA-0967-AC) PDF Download The TLV2252/4 also make great upgrades to the TL
V5905103/GW00-GA-0967-AC   V5905103/GW00-GA-0967-AC V5905103/GW00-GA-0967-AC PDF Download NOTES  1Temperature range as follows: A Ver
V595   V595 V595 PDF Download FAIRCHILD TSSOP-16 05+ In addition to a high-speed A /D converter and
V59707A120A62   V59707A120A62 V59707A120A62 PDF Download EPCOS 05+ Notes: 1. EI C received in band light intensity
V599133601   V599133601 V599133601 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 Designers must have two documents to fully use al
V5F7733312   V5F7733312 V5F7733312 PDF Download The MQ photoelectric sensor area reflective ty
V5NA8O   V5NA8O V5NA8O PDF Download STM SOP-10 05+ It features a preamplifier module with adjustable
V5R5   V5R5 V5R5 PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
V5R5V-PACK   V5R5V-PACK V5R5V-PACK PDF Download   For any given circuit board, there will b
V5RB   V5RB V5RB PDF Download The VHC164 is an edge-triggered 8-bit shift regi
V5SA   V5SA V5SA PDF Download 500 2003
V5VA   V5VA V5VA PDF Download 1LC3 Stop Condition. STOPis identified by a low to hig
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