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NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V power supply. 2. All VDDQ pins must be connected to appropriate power supply: 3.3V if OPT pin for that port is set to VIH (3.3V), and 2.5V if OPT pin for that port is   set to VIL (0V). 3. All VSS pins must be connected to ground supply. 4. Package body is approximately 17mm x 17mm x 1.4mm, with 1.0mm ball-pitch. 5. This package code is used to reference the package diagram. 6. This text does not indicate orientation of the actual part-marking.
Copies of documents which have an ordering number and are referenced in this document, or other Intel literature may be obtained by calling 1-800- 548-4725 or by visiting Intel's website at http://www.intel.com. Additional information on this product family can be obtained by accessing the Intel® Flash website: http://www.intel.com/design/flash.
This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice. Hyundai Electronics does not assume any responsibility for use of circuits described. No patent licenses are implied. Rev.10 /Jan2002Hynix Semiconductor
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
VB921ZV   VB921ZV VB921ZV PDF Download ST TO220F   This device represents a series of Power
VB921ZVFI   VB921ZVFI VB921ZVFI PDF Download STMicroelectronics 07+ The contents of latch A are transferred to shift
VB921ZVSP   VB921ZVSP VB921ZVSP PDF Download ST SOP 2001 Three-phase bipolar drive Direct PWM drive (cont
VB923   VB923 VB923 PDF Download ST TO-247 01 Each channel is identical, featuring symmetrical
VB927   VB927 VB927 PDF Download ST TO-218 99 Low-power dissipation Operating: 9 mW/MHz (typic
VB927T   VB927T VB927T PDF Download For M74HC4020 twelve kind of divided output are
VB9314-000-4-02   VB9314-000-4-02 VB9314-000-4-02 PDF Download 6. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
VB935022   VB935022 VB935022 PDF Download These devices feature 3-state outputs designed s
VB939072   VB939072 VB939072 PDF Download The design incorporates an input stage that simu
VB9MBSM2   VB9MBSM2 VB9MBSM2 PDF Download The FDC10 and FDC10-W series offer 10 watts of ou
V.32-INTFC-F   V.32-INTFC-F V.32-INTFC-F PDF Download Device operations are selected by writing specifi
V.32-INTFC-F-DB   V.32-INTFC-F-DB V.32-INTFC-F-DB PDF Download AT&T QFP 1993
V/3/V80H   V/3/V80H V/3/V80H PDF Download With CS Low - Figure 3.   After initial po
V001232P   V001232P V001232P PDF Download National 00+ QFP1420-100 NOTES: 1. VCC = 5V, TA = +25C for Typ., and are
V001S   V001S V001S PDF Download Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk Controller Core
V002(F70285)   V002(F70285) V002(F70285) PDF Download The HUMMER module and two external components (a
V0-03-0023   V0-03-0023 V0-03-0023 PDF Download N/A PLCC-44 00 This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 8,
V003706125   V003706125 V003706125 PDF Download Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits beyond w
V006   V006 V006 PDF Download 97 TMIN = -40C and TMAX = +85C. Typical values are
V006T07898   V006T07898 V006T07898 PDF Download TMP Macrocell registers can be clocked from one of s
V00804N30AT1   V00804N30AT1 V00804N30AT1 PDF Download 02+ programmed without affecting the data contents
V00804N30ATI   V00804N30ATI V00804N30ATI PDF Download 98 The V00804N30ATIB(L) keeps network maintenance c
V00974   V00974 V00974 PDF Download SPI Serial Memory The memory portion of the dev
V-009A   V-009A V-009A PDF Download AMI 08+ The LMS1585A and LMS1587 are low dropout positiv
V-009AREVNC   V-009AREVNC V-009AREVNC PDF Download AMI 05+ QtyDescription Resistors 610KΩ, 5% 1/4W,
V01.06   V01.06 V01.06 PDF Download ST SOP-16 06+ With their compact 64 pin package, low power con
V01/161003   V01/161003 V01/161003 PDF Download • 3.3V operation for low power consumption
V01004J   V01004J V01004J PDF Download 2008 Stresses above those listed under "Absolute
V0106   V0106 V0106 PDF Download 2.1 Subject to the conditions herein and upon in
V01091420165   V01091420165 V01091420165 PDF Download CyClocksRT is our second-generation software appl
V013CS7332   V013CS7332 V013CS7332 PDF Download 07+/08+ BUS OPERATIONS There are five standard bus oper
V015   V015 V015 PDF Download 90 For applications where board space is critical t
V016CAGA   V016CAGA V016CAGA PDF Download YAMAHA MQFP2828 02+ The on-chip 264-bit EEPROM (8 block, 33 bits eac
V017228981   V017228981 V017228981 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 A collision occurs when two or more transmitters
V017229371   V017229371 V017229371 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 • IDT54/74FCT240/241/244/540/541 equivalen
V019219U-001SERVERUPGRADE   V019219U-001SERVERUPGRADE V019219U-001SERVERUPGRADE PDF Download Read cycles are initiated with ADSP(or ADSC) usin
V020   V020 V020 PDF Download ERICSSON DIP The ISD5116 ChipCorder Product provides h
V-025   V-025 V-025 PDF Download AS6UA25616 Intelliwatt™ active power circu
V03008000BDGB   V03008000BDGB V03008000BDGB PDF Download TOS BGA BGA   4.3. Screening (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV l
V03120AC1638MHZ   V03120AC1638MHZ V03120AC1638MHZ PDF Download Figure 1 and Table 2 show the maximum board dim
V-033   V-033 V-033 PDF Download
V037132671   V037132671 V037132671 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 n Provides constant and proper gate drive to pow
V037132971   V037132971 V037132971 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 † Not more than one output should be teste
V-039   V-039 V-039 PDF Download SERIAL DATA (SDA) SDA is a bidirection pin used
V03C   V03C V03C PDF Download Hitachi The 153 can be used to move data to a common o
V03D   V03D V03D PDF Download N/A H10P 2004 The DVI processor includes a low jitter PLL for
V03E   V03E V03E PDF Download Hitachi These counters are fully programmable; that is,
V-03G   V-03G V-03G PDF Download Ripple Rejection Ripple rejection can be improv
V0402MHS03NH   V0402MHS03NH V0402MHS03NH PDF Download N/A   This low failure rate represents data col
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